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[10:32] <Firefighter0701> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[10:50] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[10:50] <Firefighter0701> Hi Trise!
[10:51] <Trisemigistus> Hello!
[10:51] <Trisemigistus> i got woken up by some great news this morning
[10:51] <Firefighter0701> That is?
[10:51] <Trisemigistus> I got a new and it's at a doggy daycare center :D
[10:51] <Trisemigistus> new job*
[10:51] <Firefighter0701> COOL! CONGRATZ!
[10:52] <Firefighter0701> That is awesome! I'm actually happy for you :D
[10:52] <Trisemigistus> Thanks, lol. I'm so excited to be working with dogs
[10:52] <Firefighter0701> Still be careful though
[10:52] <Firefighter0701> Especially with chihuahuas and dachshunds
[10:52] <Trisemigistus> From what icould tell when i was there yesterday, it's mostly bigger dogs.
[10:53] <Trisemigistus> lol
[10:53] <Trisemigistus> im kiinda sad, assuming starmade is going to be our new thing after we test it out
[10:54] <Firefighter0701> iF WE FIND IT TO BE GOOD
[10:54] <Firefighter0701> Whoops caps
[10:54] <Trisemigistus> minecraft might go away. so ive stopped working on my castle and ive been building stuff
[10:54] <Trisemigistus> behind my castle.
[10:55] <Firefighter0701> In a sec
[10:55] <Firefighter0701> I'm building a fence
[10:55] <Trisemigistus> k, times up
[10:56] <Firefighter0701> Sorry, but I gtg for a few minutes. I'll be back
[10:56] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[10:56] <Trisemigistus> okay
[11:01] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[11:01] <Firefighter0701> TADAAA!
[11:01] <Trisemigistus> banans
[11:01] <Firefighter0701> What do you do if a dog is "sleigh riding"?
[11:06] <Trisemigistus> i dont even know what that means
[11:06] <Firefighter0701> A dog sitting on something and sliding on his ass
[11:06] <Firefighter0701> Pulling himself forwards with his front paws
[11:07] <Trisemigistus> oh, I know what that is, never heard it called 'sleigh riding'
[11:07] <Trisemigistus> ill probably get it wrong under your scrutining eye so just tell me
[11:07] <Trisemigistus> what do i do
[11:08] <Firefighter0701> Have a guess. I won't decapitate you if you get it wrong
[11:08] <Trisemigistus> i really dont know
[11:09] <Firefighter0701> YOu do nothinga and tell the one who talks to the owner
[11:09] <Firefighter0701> THat behaviour is caused by itching of the ass.
[11:09] <Firefighter0701> Which can be caused by thwo things. 1: Worms. 2: Full anal glands
[11:09] <Firefighter0701> You know what anal glands are?
[11:11] <Firefighter0701> Trise?
[11:11] <Trisemigistus> no i dont
[11:11] <Trisemigistus> well, ive heard of them but idk what they are specifically.
[11:12] <Firefighter0701> The most annoying part of the dog. And one of the easiest ways for a vet to earn money
[11:12] <Firefighter0701> They are two glands right in fornt of the Anus
[11:12] <Firefighter0701> Their secretions are supposed to give the shit a specific smell
[11:13] <Firefighter0701> But due to the food we give to our dogs they don't empty themselves as they should which causes
[11:13] <Firefighter0701> itching or even an inflammation
[11:13] <Trisemigistus> right, ive seen peoeple squeeze them
[11:13] <Firefighter0701> The dogs will either bite their ass and back open or do that sleigh riding
[11:13] <Trisemigistus> now remember im not working at a vets office, it's a doggy day care :P
[11:13] <Firefighter0701> I know
[11:13] <Firefighter0701> But it's a VERY common problem
[11:14] <Firefighter0701> And one with VERY smelly consequences
[11:14] <Firefighter0701> You don#t want to clean up anal gland secrete on a daily basis
[11:14] <Firefighter0701> How do you apply bandages to an injured dog paw?
[11:17] <Trisemigistus> idk
[11:17] <Firefighter0701> There's only one very important thing
[11:17] <Firefighter0701> Put cotton or something similar between the toes
[11:17] <Firefighter0701> Then proceed like you would with a human
[11:18] <Firefighter0701> BUt that cotton is important so the toes don't rub on each other and irritate the skin
[11:18] <Trisemigistus> yeah.
[11:18] <Trisemigistus> I'm really liking this new texture pack ive got
[11:19] <Firefighter0701> A dog suddenly gets small circle-round spots with no fur. The skin gets very dry
[11:19] <Firefighter0701> Oh hiQ
[11:19] <Firefighter0701> !*
[11:19] <Trisemigistus> shh, im not here
[11:19] <Firefighter0701> OK.... oh not HI!
[11:19] <Trisemigistus> prison yard?
[11:20] <Firefighter0701> Yup
[11:20] <Trisemigistus> ooh that's new
[11:20] <Firefighter0701> Guess what that thing back here is
[11:20] <Trisemigistus> hm.
[11:20] <Firefighter0701> Other way
[11:20] <Firefighter0701> Or wait
[11:20] <Trisemigistus> offices and admin stuff?
[11:20] <Trisemigistus> or cafeteria?
[11:20] <Firefighter0701> DO you want to see it from a visitor's or a prisoner's perspective?
[11:20] <Trisemigistus> or showers
[11:20] <Trisemigistus> oh
[11:20] <Trisemigistus> visitation
[11:21] <Firefighter0701> Uuum....
[11:21] <Trisemigistus> this texture pack makes these fences look fancy
[11:21] <Firefighter0701> Somehow... visitation...
[11:21] <Trisemigistus> that was my last guess
[11:21] <Trisemigistus> execution chamber
[11:21] <Firefighter0701> And death row
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> CUz merica
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> BTW
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> IRL I am an opponent of death penalty
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> Want to see the other side?
[11:23] <Firefighter0701> Trise?
[11:24] <Trisemigistus> sorry
[11:24] <Firefighter0701> For what?
[11:24] <Trisemigistus> im talking to a couple people and the convo keep distracting me
[11:25] <Firefighter0701> You can actually lie down on the guerney
[11:25] <Trisemigistus> allo
[11:25] <Trisemigistus> looks like we're death buddies
[11:25] <Firefighter0701> lol
[11:25] <Firefighter0701> For that we'd need a shooting squad
[11:26] <Firefighter0701> Back here is the mortuary
[11:26] <Firefighter0701> The two cell rows are exactly hte same
[11:26] <Firefighter0701> It's time, Trise
[11:28] <Trisemigistus> now does it actually kill
[11:28] <Firefighter0701> It does
[11:28] <Firefighter0701> With a few technical flaws
[11:28] <Trisemigistus> whats it do D:
[11:28] <Firefighter0701> That.
[11:28] <Trisemigistus> lol
[11:28] <Firefighter0701> Two stages
[11:29] <Trisemigistus> it only took like two hearts
[11:29] <Firefighter0701> What?
[11:29] <Firefighter0701> The poison?
[11:30] <Firefighter0701> Psst, Trise
[11:30] <Firefighter0701> Pick up your items before they despawn
[11:31] <Trisemigistus> i dont really care about my item
[11:31] <Trisemigistus> s/
[11:31] <Firefighter0701> Ah...
[11:31] <Trisemigistus> but ill clean up my mess anyway
[11:31] <Firefighter0701> :D
[11:31] <Trisemigistus> any of my items i deem important or rare i keep held in a chest somewhere
[11:31] <Trisemigistus> unless i need it
[11:32] <Trisemigistus> but once im done with it, it goes back in the chest.,
[11:32] <Trisemigistus> hahahaha
[11:32] <Trisemigistus> greifer
[11:32] <Firefighter0701> I'm the guard
[11:32] <Firefighter0701> What I'm doing is legal
[11:32] <Trisemigistus> well, you could never hold me in here
[11:33] <Firefighter0701> Back there will be a port for prison transport ships
[11:33] <Trisemigistus> even if im not in creative, i could escape easy peasy
[11:33] <Firefighter0701> I'll have to think of a way to make it escape-safe
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> Well...
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> With admin righta
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> s*
[11:34] <Trisemigistus> mhm
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> You know whatß
[11:34] <Trisemigistus> hm?
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> ?*
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> In that case I could try to shoot you xD
[11:35] <Trisemigistus> true
[11:35] <Trisemigistus> but ii could run really fast
[11:35] <Trisemigistus> like watch this
[11:35] <Firefighter0701> I can sill shoot you
[11:35] <Trisemigistus> ill sigsag next time
[11:35] <Trisemigistus> zigzag*
[11:36] <Firefighter0701> Try
[11:36] <Trisemigistus> what
[11:36] <Firefighter0701> zigzagging
[11:36] <Trisemigistus> my fov is extremely small now
[11:36] <Firefighter0701> Y?
[11:36] <Trisemigistus> idk
[11:36] <Trisemigistus> HWAT DID I DO d:
[11:36] <Firefighter0701> Cu you got swiftness perhaps?
[11:36] <Trisemigistus> what?
[11:37] <Firefighter0701> The effect
[11:37] <Firefighter0701> try
[11:37] <Trisemigistus> i cant move quickly
[11:37] <Firefighter0701> ./effect Trisemigistus clear
[11:37] <Trisemigistus> test
[11:37] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[11:37] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[11:37] <Firefighter0701> WB
[11:37] <Trisemigistus> there we go
[11:37] <Firefighter0701> Now try zigzagging
[11:38] <Firefighter0701> xD
[11:38] <Trisemigistus> ill need a sec to calibrate something
[11:38] <Trisemigistus> again with the fov D:
[11:38] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[11:38] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[11:38] <Firefighter0701> lol
[11:39] <Trisemigistus> just testing something
[11:39] <Trisemigistus> okaythen
[11:39] <Firefighter0701> HAX!!!!
[11:40] <Firefighter0701> BTW
[11:40] <Firefighter0701> Underwater you should be safe
[11:40] <Firefighter0701> At least from plasma rifles
[11:41] <Firefighter0701> INTRUDER ALERT
[11:41] <Firefighter0701> RED ALERT
[11:41] <Trisemigistus> 'he's got a bomb'
[11:42] <Firefighter0701> Where dafuq are you?
[11:42] <Firefighter0701> Are you in admin mode?
[11:42] <Trisemigistus> im jsut courching
[11:42] <Trisemigistus> crouching*
[11:42] <Trisemigistus> which hides my name
[11:43] <Firefighter0701> YOU ARE UNDER ARREST
[11:43] <Firefighter0701> Stop or I will pepperspray you
[11:44] <Trisemigistus> a death under the sea is better than that place
[11:44] <Firefighter0701> lol
[11:44] * Trisemigistus was kicked from #main by Server
[11:44] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[11:44] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[11:45] <Firefighter0701> Where are you now?
[11:45] <Trisemigistus> psawn
[11:45] <Trisemigistus> also i figured something out
[11:45] <Firefighter0701> That is?
[11:46] <Trisemigistus> bahaha
[11:46] <Trisemigistus> i could do that and run forever
[11:46] <Firefighter0701> For whatever reason my WASD is not working
[11:46] <Firefighter0701> Now it is
[11:47] <Trisemigistus> i set your flying and walking speed to 0
[11:47] <Trisemigistus> meaning you cant move
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> Ah
[11:47] <Trisemigistus> nie boat btw.
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> BOAT?!
[11:47] <Trisemigistus> ;3
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> DID YOU JUST CALL THIS A FUCKING BOAT?!
[11:47] <Trisemigistus> its not big enough to be a ship
[11:48] <Firefighter0701> THIS IS A FREGATE!!!
[11:48] <Trisemigistus> frigate*
[11:48] <Firefighter0701> Frigate then
[11:48] <Firefighter0701> BUt it is a damn ship
[11:48] <Trisemigistus> lol, im just givin ya shit
[11:49] <Trisemigistus> i know the difference.
[11:49] <Trisemigistus> when i was in school in oregon, i rid on our schools seamnship programs ship
[11:49] <Trisemigistus> rode*
[11:49] <Firefighter0701> NO ENTRY
[11:49] <Trisemigistus> it's very nice though
[11:49] <Firefighter0701> Thanks
[11:49] <Trisemigistus> aw, i was going to go below deck and admire the interior
[11:50] <Trisemigistus> plus its raining ;-;
[11:50] <Firefighter0701> Illegal
[11:50] <Firefighter0701> 001 military stuff
[11:50] <Firefighter0701> It's classified
[11:50] <Firefighter0701> There is only one ship I could show you
[11:50] <Firefighter0701> Which is the SAR ship
[11:50] <Trisemigistus> man overboard
[11:51] <Trisemigistus> sure
[11:51] <Firefighter0701> Put one on your head
[11:51] <Firefighter0701> And go to survival
[11:51] <Trisemigistus> but im fine
[11:51] <Firefighter0701> Then clear your effects
[11:52] <Firefighter0701> ./effect Trisemigistus clear
[11:53] <Firefighter0701> Or drink milk
[11:53] <Firefighter0701> Then watch your breathing bar
[11:53] <Trisemigistus> but now i cant see
[11:54] <Trisemigistus> also ive known about pumkins before i knew about you
[11:54] <Firefighter0701> ANyways
[11:54] <Firefighter0701> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[11:55] <Firefighter0701> I can only show you the ship with the red cross
[11:55] <Firefighter0701> It is a search and rescue ship
[11:55] <Trisemigistus> I've already seen that one
[11:55] <Firefighter0701> Oh have you?
[11:55] <Trisemigistus> you toured this one to me when you had your german nation
[11:55] <Trisemigistus> i watched you build it
[11:56] <Firefighter0701> Nope
[11:56] <Firefighter0701> This is not PB01-01
[11:56] <Firefighter0701> That one is on the ground of the Berlin Harbor
[11:56] <Trisemigistus> well, looks similar.
[11:56] <Firefighter0701> It never beared a red cross
[11:56] <Firefighter0701> It does
[11:56] <Firefighter0701> It's construction is similar to PB01-01
[11:57] <Firefighter0701> it is a coast guard ship, just like PB01-01
[11:57] <Trisemigistus> goodnight
[11:57] <Trisemigistus> yknow i could just explore these while you're not around
[11:57] <Trisemigistus> are you jack, then?
[11:57] <Firefighter0701> Well...
[11:58] <Trisemigistus> that means you die, man
[11:58] <Firefighter0701> Given that I have got long blond hair
[11:58] <Firefighter0701> that should be the other way round
[11:58] <Firefighter0701> Although she wasn't blonde, rightß
[11:58] <Firefighter0701> ?*
[11:58] <Trisemigistus> but i have probably even longer brown hair, which is more in line with Rose.
[11:58] <Firefighter0701> How long? (In inches or centimetres)
[11:58] <Trisemigistus> approximately 25 inches.
[11:59] <Firefighter0701> ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
[11:59] <Trisemigistus> no
[11:59] <Trisemigistus> I haven't had a haircut in like 4 years
[11:59] <Firefighter0701> I only got about 15 inches
[11:59] <Firefighter0701> YOu won
[11:59] <Firefighter0701> I'll die for you
[11:59] <Trisemigistus> lol
[11:59] <Trisemigistus> you should build the titanic
[11:59] <Firefighter0701> Nah...
[12:00] <Trisemigistus> i used to be obsessed with it when i was younger
[12:00] <Firefighter0701> BTW
[12:00] <Firefighter0701> look at the SAR ship
[12:00] <Firefighter0701> I switched a thing on
[12:00] <Firefighter0701> On the roof
[12:00] <Trisemigistus> ooh nice
[12:00] <Trisemigistus> got some lights
[12:00] <Firefighter0701> CU after the restart
[12:00] <Trisemigistus> ye
[12:01] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[12:01] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[12:01] <Trisemigistus> oh, did yo uwant to see what ive been making behind my castle?
[12:02] <Firefighter0701> Sorry, gtg
[12:02] <Firefighter0701> See you tomorrow probs
[12:02] <Trisemigistus> kk
[12:02] <Firefighter0701> Bye!
[12:02] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[12:02] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
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[19:24] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[20:34] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[21:52] <Firefighter0701> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[22:02] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[23:02] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[23:29] <Trisemigistus> ah, this ol tower...
[23:36] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)

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