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[8:40] * _Acornz_ (_Acornz_@_Acornz_) has joined #main
[8:40] <_Acornz_> hi
[8:40] <Firefighter0701> Hiya!
[8:40] <_Acornz_> sry :P
[8:41] <_Acornz_> try again
[8:41] <Firefighter0701> WHAT THE?
[8:41] <_Acornz_> lel
[8:41] <_Acornz_> this?
[8:41] <_Acornz_> XD
[8:41] <Firefighter0701> Go inside...
[8:41] <_Acornz_> look at it
[8:41] <Firefighter0701> Through the tail
[8:41] <Firefighter0701> That's why I said What the
[8:42] <_Acornz_> XD
[8:42] <_Acornz_> coo
[8:42] <_Acornz_> i lost my broomstick again
[8:42] <Firefighter0701> You are hereby appointed as commanding officer of this vessel
[8:42] <_Acornz_> :D
[8:42] <Firefighter0701> (for the next 30 minutes)
[8:42] <_Acornz_> XD
[8:43] <Firefighter0701> OI!
[8:43] <Firefighter0701> Wait for my orders
[8:43] <_Acornz_> ?
[8:43] <_Acornz_> o
[8:43] <Firefighter0701> I'm still the admiral
[8:43] <_Acornz_> :P
[8:43] <Firefighter0701> of the 001 navy
[8:43] <Firefighter0701> Change course to 180
[8:43] <_Acornz_> i forgot to close the door :P
[8:44] <Firefighter0701> ONE EIGHT ZERO
[8:44] <_Acornz_> o
[8:44] <Firefighter0701> (south)
[8:44] <Firefighter0701> (north is 0 degrees)
[8:45] <Firefighter0701> Well done
[8:45] <Firefighter0701> Oh wait
[8:45] <_Acornz_> ?
[8:45] <Firefighter0701> I'll borrow you this one
[8:45] <Firefighter0701> For looking throughthe water
[8:45] <_Acornz_> thx
[8:45] <Firefighter0701> STOP
[8:45] <_Acornz_> :P
[8:45] <Firefighter0701> Two blocks to the left
[8:46] <Firefighter0701> Lemme look
[8:46] <Firefighter0701> Great
[8:46] <Firefighter0701> STOP
[8:46] <_Acornz_> ;/
[8:46] <Firefighter0701> Did you have an order to activate cruise?
[8:46] <_Acornz_> :P no
[8:46] <Firefighter0701> GO back
[8:47] <Firefighter0701> Stop
[8:47] <Firefighter0701> READY TORPEDO R
[8:47] <_Acornz_> kk
[8:47] <Firefighter0701> FIRE!
[8:47] <_Acornz_> holy
[8:48] <Firefighter0701> THat#s why you should keep distance
[8:48] <_Acornz_> i see
[8:48] <Firefighter0701> it#s a new generation of torpedoes
[8:48] <_Acornz_> lol
[8:48] <Firefighter0701> THe old ones somehow stopped working underwater
[8:48] <_Acornz_> really?
[8:48] <_Acornz_> hmm
[8:48] <Firefighter0701> Strangely
[8:48] <Firefighter0701> Rise
[8:48] <Firefighter0701> No wiat
[8:48] <Firefighter0701> Wrong command
[8:48] <_Acornz_> :P
[8:48] <_Acornz_> XD
[8:48] <Firefighter0701> Surface
[8:49] <Firefighter0701> WHich is
[8:49] <Firefighter0701> Stop
[8:49] <Firefighter0701> One too high
[8:49] <Firefighter0701> Perfect
[8:50] <Firefighter0701> And yup, that test was sucessful :D
[8:50] <_Acornz_> XD
[8:51] <_Acornz_> ok
[8:52] <_Acornz_> does this move???
[8:52] <Firefighter0701> Yes.
[8:52] <_Acornz_> its kinda big
[8:52] <Firefighter0701> Kinda....
[8:52] <_Acornz_> lel
[8:52] <_Acornz_> whats this?
[8:53] <Firefighter0701> It is a battleship combined with an aircraft carrier
[8:53] <Firefighter0701> It is a fighter jet
[8:53] <_Acornz_> how does it get out of here?
[8:53] <Firefighter0701> Look
[8:54] <_Acornz_> o
[8:54] <Firefighter0701> Got off htere
[8:54] <Firefighter0701> That#s the catapult
[8:54] <_Acornz_> what does it do
[8:54] <Firefighter0701> Nothing
[8:54] <Firefighter0701> Just deco
[8:54] <_Acornz_> o
[8:54] <_Acornz_> lol
[8:55] <Firefighter0701> but on real CV it would catapult a fighter et into the air
[8:55] <_Acornz_> o
[8:55] <Firefighter0701> Come back
[8:55] <Firefighter0701> Wrong way
[8:55] <Firefighter0701> WRONG WAY
[8:55] <_Acornz_> o
[8:55] <Firefighter0701> gtg
[8:55] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[8:55] * _Acornz_ (_Acornz_@§9_Acornz_§r) Quit (§e_Acornz_ left the game.)
[8:58] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[8:58] <Firefighter0701> Damn.
[8:58] <Firefighter0701> COME BACK ACORN!
[8:58] <Firefighter0701> PLEEEAAAASE!
[8:59] <Firefighter0701> ;-;
[9:01] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
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[19:16] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[19:21] <ejano> §ffus
[19:29] * ejano (ejano@§e§oCoS§7:§8ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[23:19] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[23:31] <ejano> Hai!
[23:31] <ejano> Peppy!
[23:32] <ejano> Robbeh!
[23:32] <ejano> ??!?!?
[23:33] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[23:33] <ejano> :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[23:33] <ejano> OHMAGERD PEPPY
[23:33] <Peppy2006> Since when is CoS and 001 at war?
[23:33] <Peppy2006> :\
[23:33] <ejano> o.O they are?
[23:33] <Peppy2006> I have a mail message from Rob stating so
[23:34] <ejano> o.o
[23:34] <ejano> well I haven't heard of this
[23:34] <Peppy2006> Apparently he didn't know either
[23:34] <ejano> lol..
[23:34] <ejano> Saah Peppy howya been
[23:35] <Peppy2006> Well
[23:35] <Peppy2006> ALMOST got to respond to a suicide the other day
[23:35] <Peppy2006> I missed my chance by pure... Chance.
[23:35] <ejano> wowsers
[23:36] <Peppy2006> And last week earned the nickname of "Gunnery Sergeant" for being "too loud" during a training drill
[23:36] <ejano> xD lol
[23:36] <ejano> wait thats a goodish thing right?
[23:36] <ejano> well a not-bad thing
[23:36] <Peppy2006> Apparently you can be "too loud" when you're commanding someone to listen during high risk traffic
[23:36] <Peppy2006> stops
[23:37] <Peppy2006> It's good in my book!!
[23:37] <Peppy2006> lol
[23:38] <ejano> ermagerd pepy
[23:39] <ejano> so much has happened
[23:39] <ejano> aaaaaah life looks scary
[23:39] <ejano> so I'd kinda given up on the pilot idea, because I didn't want to go back to defence force
[23:40] <ejano> and then this lady was like, oh you can do a gap year, yeah and you can be a flight attendant for
[23:40] <ejano> a year and get paid to fly around australia
[23:40] <ejano> and I was liek
[23:40] <ejano> hell yea
[23:40] <ejano> but they were already shut
[23:40] <ejano> the application things shut in Febuary
[23:41] <ejano> which I told her, but she said they were still available
[23:41] <ejano> but I couldn't find it
[23:41] <ejano> then, I was mucking around and reading my friend's school Newsletter
[23:41] <ejano> (a different school)
[23:41] <ejano> and I found this ad
[23:41] <ejano> for Aviation careers expo
[23:42] <ejano> so I was like, ye its free lets go
[23:42] <Peppy2006> :o
[23:42] <ejano> and they had all these planes and awesome stuff
[23:42] <ejano> and people from different companies talking about everything
[23:42] <ejano> aaaaah
[23:42] <ejano> and then I was like, Yeah Im gonna do it!
[23:42] <ejano> so now Im thinking of commercial
[23:43] <ejano> and you can literally do a course of Bachelor of Aviation, where you learn to fly the plane
[23:43] <ejano> at Griffith
[23:43] <ejano> which isn't as great as UQ but UQ didn't ahve the course
[23:44] <Peppy2006> Oooh
[23:44] <ejano> and I put my thing into QTAC, which is Queensland's application thing to uni
[23:44] <Peppy2006> That's pretty badass
[23:44] <ejano> aaaah
[23:44] <Peppy2006> :D
[23:44] <ejano> I dont wanna leave schoool
[23:44] <ejano> xD
[23:44] <ejano> and
[23:44] <Peppy2006> So why'd you stop with the ADF?
[23:44] <ejano> the only reason Im worried is
[23:44] <ejano> well
[23:44] <Peppy2006> Well finish telling me why you're worried, too
[23:44] <ejano> I couldn't find out
[23:45] <ejano> how to get over the killing part..
[23:45] <ejano> because at first I was like, yeah they are killing way more people than I would be
[23:45] <ejano> Im stopping the bad peopel
[23:45] <ejano> ect
[23:45] <ejano> but then after that stupid interview I was just left feeling uneasy about it
[23:46] <ejano> also for this course
[23:46] <ejano> in QLD we have 'OP' which is the ranking system
[23:46] <ejano> 1 to 25
[23:46] <ejano> with 1 being the best
[23:46] <ejano> this is for grades and stuff, and results from the QCS test combined
[23:47] <ejano> 1 is like top 0.1% of the state
[23:47] <ejano> or something
[23:47] <Peppy2006> Good lord :|
[23:47] <Peppy2006> Okay
[23:47] <ejano> and this course right
[23:47] <ejano> is OP 14
[23:47] <ejano> and Im like
[23:47] <ejano> um
[23:47] <ejano> ummmmmm??? Why so low!?
[23:47] <ejano> xD
[23:47] <Peppy2006> ... I was gonna say :P
[23:48] <Peppy2006> That's a good question though
[23:48] <ejano> but I asked the teacher and he said it could be because they want more people in
[23:48] <Peppy2006> Why're you worried about leaving school?!
[23:48] <ejano> cause then I have to pay for everythign'
[23:48] <ejano> lol
[23:48] <Peppy2006> Financial aid!
[23:48] <Peppy2006> lol
[23:48] <ejano> well probably not dinner, I'll still stay at home for a bit..
[23:49] <ejano> I'll stay in the nest forever
[23:49] <ejano> like my brother
[23:49] <ejano> c;
[23:49] <ejano> although I think he is saving up or something..
[23:50] <Peppy2006> lol
[23:50] <ejano> I saw this accomadation thing for USQ
[23:50] <ejano> and its about 270 a week
[23:50] <ejano> I was like wows I cant afford that
[23:51] <Peppy2006> Eeeeeeek
[23:51] <Peppy2006> That's a lot
[23:51] <ejano> thats for 7 meals a week
[23:51] <ejano> otherwise 350 for 21 meals
[23:51] <Peppy2006> ...
[23:51] <Peppy2006> One meal a day
[23:51] <ejano> I: mm
[23:51] <Peppy2006> Hell nah
[23:51] <ejano> its this college thing like a boarding house, next to the Uni
[23:52] <Peppy2006> Kind of like barracks
[23:52] <ejano> ye!
[23:52] <Peppy2006> (Except I don't get any meals)
[23:52] <ejano> :/ er
[23:52] <Peppy2006> (and it's free, but kinda shit so)
[23:52] <Peppy2006> Oh and there's no cooking appliances allowed
[23:53] <Peppy2006> But I can pay for food at this little... buffet...thing
[23:53] <Peppy2006> I thought they'd have a mess hall but whatever...
[23:53] <Peppy2006> Dammit
[23:53] <Peppy2006> Speaking of
[23:53] <Peppy2006> My buddy wants breakfast so I'm gonna be AFK for a while
[23:53] <Peppy2006> Tell me more on Skype
[23:53] <ejano> k
[23:54] <Peppy2006> Think I'll just log off here
[23:54] <ejano> if I think of more
[23:54] <Peppy2006> Okay
[23:54] <Peppy2006> lol
[23:54] <ejano> =P
[23:54] <Peppy2006> Well tell me more on how your boards went
[23:54] <ejano> boards?
[23:54] <Peppy2006> Last I heard you were going back to the ADF for another one, now you're not going there so XD
[23:54] <ejano> ooh
[23:54] <Peppy2006> ... Interview
[23:54] <Peppy2006> XD
[23:54] <ejano> ok
[23:55] <Peppy2006> I mixed up my own stuff :\
[23:55] <Peppy2006> Alrigh
[23:55] <Peppy2006> t
[23:55] <Peppy2006> I'm out
[23:55] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@§9Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)

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