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[0:21] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[1:11] <Dengar708> people pls where are you
[1:12] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[1:13] <EllaA2013> Hey Dengar
[1:22] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@§9EllaA2013§r) Quit (§eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[1:27] <Dengar708> damnit ella
[1:28] <Dengar708> q-q
[1:28] <Dengar708> I was eating
[1:28] <Dengar708> and doing maths
[1:37] <Dengar708> rip server
[1:39] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[1:41] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[1:52] <Dengar708> next person to get on gets free item
[1:52] <Dengar708> or something
[1:52] <Dengar708> I guess
[1:52] <Dengar708> idk
[1:52] <Dengar708> I am bored q-q
[2:04] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[2:23] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[3:10] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[3:35] * Shibo_aisu (Shibo_aisu@Shibo_aisu) has joined #main
[3:42] * TheGameCrasher (TheGameCrasher@TheGameCrasher) has joined #main
[3:42] <TheGameCrasher> Hello there, are you new on the server?
[3:43] <TheGameCrasher> :P
[3:43] <Shibo_aisu> nah i just got a name change
[3:43] <TheGameCrasher> And you were?
[3:43] <Shibo_aisu> aeroscythe i join a few weeks age
[3:44] <TheGameCrasher> Ah, well, have you seen the glorious 001 capital?
[3:44] <TheGameCrasher> ;)
[3:44] <Shibo_aisu> not yet
[3:44] <TheGameCrasher> I could you give you the tour! (tours are sorta my thing)
[3:44] <Shibo_aisu> ok
[3:45] <TheGameCrasher> Welcome to the capital friend!
[3:45] <TheGameCrasher> Don't mind those little buggers
[3:45] <TheGameCrasher> It's trises thing ;P
[3:45] <TheGameCrasher> Anyways, onwards!
[3:46] <TheGameCrasher> Our animal farms
[3:46] <TheGameCrasher> Small, so far
[3:46] <TheGameCrasher> To be expanded
[3:47] <TheGameCrasher> Our farms, admittedly not quite as big as the old Horleggor farm, but that's another story
[3:47] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[3:47] <TheGameCrasher> Theme park entrance, coming VERY soon
[3:47] <TheGameCrasher> Hey ella!
[3:48] <TheGameCrasher> Ella is one our 001 residents
[3:48] <Shibo_aisu> cool
[3:48] <EllaA2013> Hello!
[3:48] <TheGameCrasher> I believe this is her house
[3:48] <Shibo_aisu> hi
[3:48] <EllaA2013> I do have another secret job that i do for Peppy
[3:48] <TheGameCrasher> Of course, but that's secret ;0
[3:48] <TheGameCrasher> ;)*
[3:49] <EllaA2013> Sure is .,;,;,.
[3:49] <TheGameCrasher> Ah, that new face
[3:49] <EllaA2013> Yeah!!
[3:49] <TheGameCrasher> This is the 001 story
[3:49] <TheGameCrasher> I built this about a week ago or so
[3:50] <TheGameCrasher> The hotel
[3:50] <TheGameCrasher> Stables
[3:50] <TheGameCrasher> Fishing outpost
[3:51] <TheGameCrasher> Over there is the docks
[3:52] <TheGameCrasher> The Inn
[3:53] <TheGameCrasher> The 001 Theme Park
[3:54] <TheGameCrasher> This is the Freedom Wheel
[3:54] <TheGameCrasher> Hop in, and enjoy
[3:55] <TheGameCrasher> You'll die if you stay in too long
[3:56] <Shibo_aisu> thats awesome
[3:56] <TheGameCrasher> Took aaaages
[3:56] <EllaA2013> You built one on the old lom as well
[3:56] <TheGameCrasher> Afaik there aren't any others out there
[3:56] <TheGameCrasher> Indeed, I built one way back
[3:56] <TheGameCrasher> That one did take longer
[3:57] <TheGameCrasher> The Peppy Coaster, (Peppy is the leader of the 001)
[3:57] <TheGameCrasher> Hop in
[3:57] <TheGameCrasher> Look out for the fireworks
[3:57] <EllaA2013> Its really fun and it shoots fireworks!!|
[3:58] <TheGameCrasher> The park isn't done yet, still needs stalls
[3:59] <TheGameCrasher> Residential
[4:00] <TheGameCrasher> And that concludes the tour
[4:00] <TheGameCrasher> Hope you enjoyed it ;)
[4:00] <Shibo_aisu> i like this place
[4:00] <TheGameCrasher> Actually, wanna see the docks real quick?
[4:00] <Shibo_aisu> ok
[4:00] <TheGameCrasher> I have to go soon, I'll just tp you there
[4:01] <TheGameCrasher> Behind and in-front of you are structures, tanks ships and other such things
[4:02] <TheGameCrasher> I'll be off now, have fun ;)
[4:02] <Shibo_aisu> ok cya
[4:02] <TheGameCrasher> Bai ;)
[4:02] * TheGameCrasher (TheGameCrasher@§9TheGameCrasher§r) Quit (§eTheGameCrasher left the game.)
[4:02] <EllaA2013> Bye
[4:02] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:02] <EllaA2013> Hello
[4:03] <EllaA2013> .,;,;,.
[4:03] <Dengar708> hey
[4:03] <Dengar708> damnit TGC left
[4:03] <Dengar708> I was going to give him a free thing
[4:03] <EllaA2013> I want a free thing xD
[4:03] <Dengar708> because he was first person on after I said whoever gets on next gets a free thing q-q
[4:03] <EllaA2013> lol
[4:05] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:10] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:10] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:12] * Shibo_aisu (Shibo_aisu@§5Shibo_aisu§r) Quit (§eShibo_aisu left the game.)
[4:14] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:14] <EllaA2013> Wb
[4:14] <Dengar708> bleh
[4:14] <Dengar708> internet pls
[4:15] <Dengar708> doing maths for like 2 hours
[4:15] <Dengar708> on a white board
[4:15] <Dengar708> has made me physically tired
[4:16] <EllaA2013> lol
[4:16] <Dengar708> pew
[4:17] <EllaA2013> Its awesome! And Unbreakable!
[4:18] <Dengar708> I have no idea how my teacher is able to do maths for like 4 hours a day q-q
[4:18] <Dengar708> you also get hp
[4:18] <Dengar708> if you wear it
[4:18] <EllaA2013> Ty!!!
[4:18] <Dengar708> doesn't give same protection as 001
[4:18] <Dengar708> but gives more hp c:
[4:18] <Dengar708> that was the balance between my armour and 001
[4:18] <EllaA2013> .,;,;,.
[4:19] <Dengar708> mine gets more odd bonuses
[4:19] <Dengar708> like punching damage bonus
[4:19] <Dengar708> but less defence
[4:19] <EllaA2013> I think its worth it
[4:19] <Dengar708> like i can die
[4:19] <Dengar708> but if I hit you you will asplode
[4:19] <EllaA2013> wow
[4:19] <Dengar708> I have already asploded rob a few times
[4:20] <EllaA2013> lol
[4:20] <Dengar708> I have like 12% less defence than 001
[4:20] <Dengar708> but I can deal multiple times the damage of it
[4:20] <Dengar708> 12% is a lot of defence lost in a relative sense
[4:20] <EllaA2013> hhmm..
[4:20] <Dengar708> lel
[4:20] <Dengar708> why are there slime blocks
[4:21] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:21] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:22] <Dengar708> internet pls
[4:22] <Dengar708> oh god
[4:22] <Dengar708> I am in the water
[4:22] <Dengar708> send help
[4:22] <Dengar708> I can't swim
[4:22] <Dengar708> I was going to afk in there
[4:22] <Dengar708> I am like 3% fish
[4:23] <EllaA2013> I have a pet dengar
[4:23] <Dengar708> I can sit here for like 10 minutes or something maybe
[4:23] <EllaA2013> Awesome
[4:23] <Dengar708> my boots give me respiration
[4:23] <Dengar708> because I over enchanted them
[4:23] <Dengar708> and like the rest of my armour doesn't
[4:23] <Dengar708> can I test soemthing on your 001 armour
[4:23] <Dengar708> assuming it is relatively fixed
[4:24] <Dengar708> and if it isn't I can fix it c:
[4:24] <EllaA2013> Its fully fixed
[4:24] <EllaA2013> But
[4:24] <EllaA2013> this may effect it
[4:24] <EllaA2013> Creative.
[4:24] <Dengar708> ah
[4:24] <Dengar708> I swear like half the people are creative
[4:24] <EllaA2013> Are u?
[4:24] <Dengar708> nope
[4:25] <EllaA2013> Good
[4:25] <Dengar708> I dun need creative
[4:25] <EllaA2013> Ill lend u my armour,
[4:25] <Dengar708> I do all things in survival
[4:25] <EllaA2013> I was helping make spawn then i cant get out of it so yeah
[4:25] <Dengar708> I need to hit someone with 001 armour
[4:25] <Dengar708> so I can test damage
[4:25] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:25] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:25] <EllaA2013> Yeah ill lend you my armour then ill hit u
[4:25] <Dengar708> time out issue pls
[4:26] <Dengar708> I will cri if I die q-q
[4:26] <Dengar708> 67 levels
[4:26] <EllaA2013> Well i could have died!!
[4:26] <Dengar708> I killed the ender dragon with my mind
[4:26] <Dengar708> and stole its eggs
[4:26] <Dengar708> egg*
[4:26] <EllaA2013> Ill use bottle of enchantment on u until u get to 67 again
[4:26] <Dengar708> I is give people stuff who die during my testing >_>
[4:27] <Dengar708> usually a copy of something I am testing
[4:27] <Dengar708> like I give hj weapons after I beat him in the face with them
[4:27] <EllaA2013> It really hard to use.
[4:27] <Dengar708> I have speedy
[4:27] <Dengar708> and I can't do it q-q
[4:27] <EllaA2013> Did it
[4:28] <Dengar708> I would maybe make it further away and then have a delay
[4:28] <EllaA2013> I suck at red stone thou
[4:28] <EllaA2013> gh
[4:28] <Dengar708> I replicated one able to launch like 50 blocks up
[4:28] <EllaA2013> U could help?
[4:28] <Dengar708> using client side bugs
[4:28] <Dengar708> but it kicks for flying q-q
[4:29] <Dengar708> I just need some redstone and a few repeaters
[4:29] <Dengar708> and a pickaxe
[4:29] <Dengar708> as i don't have one q-q
[4:29] <Dengar708> you could use a button
[4:29] <Dengar708> pretty sure you can put buttons on top of things now
[4:29] <EllaA2013> U can
[4:30] <Dengar708> unbreakable axe is amazing
[4:30] <EllaA2013> U have an unbreakable axe???
[4:30] <Dengar708> is a weapon
[4:30] <Dengar708> but and axe
[4:32] <Dengar708> dat lag
[4:32] <Dengar708> place some pressure plates around
[4:32] <EllaA2013> Weighted or?
[4:32] <Dengar708> normal
[4:32] <Dengar708> you can also replace furnaces with obsidian
[4:33] <EllaA2013> On furnace or wood?
[4:33] <Dengar708> wood
[4:33] <Dengar708> there is a 1 second delay
[4:33] <Dengar708> assming it works
[4:33] <Dengar708> I know the issue q-q
[4:33] <Dengar708> rookie mistake q-q
[4:34] <Dengar708> could also be much neater
[4:34] <Dengar708> but eh
[4:35] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:36] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:36] <EllaA2013> Wb
[4:36] <Dengar708> internet went ded
[4:37] <EllaA2013> Awesome!
[4:37] <Dengar708> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[4:37] <Dengar708> it has 20 tick delay
[4:37] <Dengar708> so around 1 second
[4:38] <EllaA2013> ok ready for testing?
[4:39] <Dengar708> not atm going to have shower c:
[4:39] <Dengar708> that will take like 2 minutes
[4:39] <EllaA2013> K
[4:40] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:43] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@§9EllaA2013§r) Quit (§eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[4:47] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[5:05] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[11:02] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[11:05] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[11:20] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[11:20] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[13:21] * Shibo_aisu (Shibo_aisu@Shibo_aisu) has joined #main
[13:24] * Shibo_aisu (Shibo_aisu@§5Shibo_aisu§r) Quit (§eShibo_aisu left the game.)

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