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[0:01] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
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[0:40] <Cuppinator> hiya trise
[0:40] <Trisemigistus> oh, hello.
[0:40] <Trisemigistus> didn't even see you come in
[0:40] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@TheStrelok) has joined #main
[0:40] <Cuppinator> literally just joined, :
[0:40] <Cuppinator> :P
[0:40] <Trisemigistus> well :P
[0:40] <TheStrelok> Hallo
[0:40] <Trisemigistus> come look at what I'm doing
[0:40] <Cuppinator> hiya stre
[0:40] <Trisemigistus> Hey Strelok
[0:40] <Trisemigistus> just built all this in the last few hours.
[0:41] <Cuppinator> Ahhh, so this is you. Wondered whose it was
[0:41] <Trisemigistus> and the endermite in the middle is named Gregor.
[0:41] <Cuppinator> whaaaaaaaaaa
[0:41] <Trisemigistus> endermite, a new mob apparently.
[0:41] <Cuppinator> Well there you go
[0:42] <Trisemigistus> they're like silverfish, so they attack on site.
[0:42] <Trisemigistus> that truck is firefighters.
[0:42] <Cuppinator> aye
[0:42] <Trisemigistus> i commissioned him to build a firehouse here on the island
[0:42] <Trisemigistus> he made that...
[0:43] <Trisemigistus> BTW
[0:43] <Cuppinator> He'd be pre-occupied with his battleship still
[0:43] <Cuppinator> ye?
[0:43] <Trisemigistus> 001 is urged to build an embassy here on the island.
[0:43] <Cuppinator> righto, any spot in particular?
[0:43] <Trisemigistus> Any you like.
[0:43] <Trisemigistus> The further away from other buildings the better, but there's really no limitations
[0:44] <Trisemigistus> I want an embassy from each faction to be on this island.
[0:44] <Trisemigistus> being in different areas is preferred so I could maybe theme sections to their faction
[0:44] <Trisemigistus> embassy.
[0:44] <Trisemigistus> This city that will encompass this island is going to be a neutral ground.
[0:45] <Trisemigistus> All factions are welcome here, and fighting/espionage, etc. will be outlawed within the city limits.
[0:46] * _Remington (_Remington@_Remington) has joined #main
[0:46] <Cuppinator> hiya
[0:46] <_Remington> Hello
[0:46] <Trisemigistus> hey
[0:47] <Trisemigistus> the odd rainbow tower on the other side is Skymages embassy.
[0:48] <Cuppinator> Figured it might be when you mentioned the embassies
[0:48] <Trisemigistus> rightio, it's mighty late here and i am tired.
[0:48] <Trisemigistus> so goodnight.
[0:48] <Cuppinator> night
[0:48] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[0:48] <TheStrelok> Byes
[1:03] <Cuppinator> back
[1:03] <TheStrelok> wb
[1:03] <Cuppinator> thanks
[1:03] <TheStrelok> how should i make these bunkers
[1:12] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@§9TheStrelok§r) Quit (§eTheStrelok left the game.)
[1:12] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@TheStrelok) has joined #main
[1:16] <TheStrelok> i need sand
[1:16] <TheStrelok> must collect sand
[1:26] <TheStrelok> Cuppinator
[1:26] <Cuppinator> ye?
[1:27] <TheStrelok> which faction has a banner with yellow base and a black object in the middle
[1:27] <TheStrelok> looks like a sun in the middle
[1:27] <Cuppinator> The one real close by you? if so then The PROP
[1:27] <Cuppinator> the peoples republic of people
[1:27] <TheStrelok> they friendly
[1:28] <Cuppinator> Aye
[1:28] <TheStrelok> oo pufferfish
[1:29] <_Remington> Cwp, can you steal anyones stuff or does it have to be in a war situation?
[1:30] <Cuppinator> Technically speaking you can steal from someone whom has unlocked chests, however -
[1:30] <Cuppinator> you must be able to get to said chests without breaking anything
[1:30] <TheStrelok> so if its in the middle of the town
[1:30] <TheStrelok> for eg
[1:30] <TheStrelok> i would be
[1:30] <TheStrelok> which i wont anyways
[1:30] <Cuppinator> But be wary about the consequences of doing so
[1:30] <Cuppinator> oh ye, you 'could'
[1:35] <_Remington> Cwp, got any spare slime?
[1:36] <Cuppinator> fraid not
[1:36] <Cuppinator> I've spent very little to no time in survival because of the stuff I've been doin'
[1:36] <Cuppinator> which reminds me I need to post about that pvp comp....
[1:37] <_Remington> lol
[1:43] <Cuppinator> well, I shall bbl
[1:43] <Cuppinator> seyas
[1:43] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@§9Cuppinator§r) Quit (§eCuppinator left the game.)
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[2:07] <TheStrelok> test
[2:10] * TheStrelok was kicked from #main by Server
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[2:26] <_Remington> Jux box
[2:27] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@§9TheStrelok§r) Quit (§eTheStrelok left the game.)
[2:29] * TurtleThrower (TurtleThrower@TurtleThrower) has joined #main
[2:29] <_Remington> Hey!
[2:29] <TurtleThrower> hii
[2:30] <_Remington> Turtle, do you have spare slime?
[2:30] <TurtleThrower> nahh sorry
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[5:12] <TheStrelok> shhh
[5:12] <TheStrelok> ima blow tracks for matt
[5:32] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@§9TheStrelok§r) Quit (§eTheStrelok left the game.)
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[12:56] <Firefighter0701> §flok vah koor
[13:15] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
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[15:47] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[16:39] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[16:39] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[16:40] <Trisemigistus> your mother was a hamster
[16:40] <Trisemigistus> also hi
[16:40] <Cor_Kaitos> And your father smelled of Elderberries.
[16:40] <Trisemigistus> Lies and Slander!
[16:40] <Trisemigistus> He prefered to smell like prunes.
[16:40] <Cor_Kaitos> The tower is nearly finished.
[16:40] <Cor_Kaitos> I'm thinking about if I want to add some additional stuff.
[16:40] <Cor_Kaitos> To pretty it up.
[16:41] <Cor_Kaitos> Maybe better lighting.
[16:41] <Trisemigistus> kinky. It'll need to be copied I assume?
[16:41] <Cor_Kaitos> Yes.
[16:41] <Trisemigistus> Also how are we doing on your, uh, cut-off date.
[16:41] <Cor_Kaitos> Still got a month.
[16:41] <Trisemigistus> you said that a month ago
[16:41] <Cor_Kaitos> Till the end of July.
[16:42] <Trisemigistus> oh, alrighty then.
[16:42] <Trisemigistus> so my friend gave me a gift copy of a game called Mount your Friends.
[16:42] <Trisemigistus> it's not quite what you think, but... well, close enough.
[16:42] <Cor_Kaitos> Friends with benefits in that case.
[16:43] <Trisemigistus> You play a character and move his limbs around to climb on top of a goat
[16:43] <Trisemigistus> when you reach as high as you can on the goat, that guy freezes in place and another appear
[16:43] <Trisemigistus> s
[16:43] <Trisemigistus> you just keep climbing until the timer runs out
[16:43] <Trisemigistus> i got like 10 guys on the first try.
[16:44] <Trisemigistus> oh, and they're all muscley jocks with thongs on and a floppy member.
[16:44] <Cor_Kaitos> I'll pass.
[16:44] <Trisemigistus> lol
[16:44] <Trisemigistus> yeah, i tried it once just for the hell of it
[16:44] <Trisemigistus> dont think ill be playing it again
[16:45] <Cor_Kaitos> Are there lighting blocks like sea lanterns etc which don't require
[16:45] <Cor_Kaitos> a switch or redstone to power?
[16:45] <Trisemigistus> Sea lanters, glowstone.
[16:45] <Trisemigistus> that's pretty much it.
[16:45] <Trisemigistus> everything else requires redstone.
[16:45] <Cor_Kaitos> Got sea lanterns?
[16:45] <Trisemigistus> into your inv. fine?
[16:46] <Cor_Kaitos> Yeah.
[16:46] <Trisemigistus> how many stacks
[16:46] <Cor_Kaitos> 5
[16:46] <Trisemigistus> there ye be
[16:46] <Cor_Kaitos> Thanks.
[16:47] <Trisemigistus> you're welcome, puddin cakes.
[16:51] <Trisemigistus> is there a potion that makes visibility underwater more clear?
[16:51] <Cor_Kaitos> Not sure.
[16:53] <Trisemigistus> don't you hate it when you thought of something awesome then later when you have time
[16:54] <Trisemigistus> to do it, you forgot what it was.
[16:54] <Cor_Kaitos> Yes.
[16:54] <Trisemigistus> i just had one of those moments ;-;
[16:55] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[16:55] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[16:56] <Firefighter0701> Hey Katie!
[16:56] <Firefighter0701> Hey Trise!
[16:56] <Trisemigistus> wheres your construction site
[16:56] <Trisemigistus> lame
[16:56] <Firefighter0701> I actually wondered what construction site you were talking about.
[16:57] <Trisemigistus> its in your skype tagline
[16:57] <Trisemigistus> "get off my construction site!"
[16:57] <Trisemigistus> it says.
[16:57] <Firefighter0701> Ah.
[16:58] <Firefighter0701> That was the construction site of Baivo's house in FTB
[16:58] <Trisemigistus> oh
[16:58] <Trisemigistus> is FTB even up anymore?
[16:58] <Firefighter0701> I've been watching documentaries for hours.
[16:58] <Cor_Kaitos> About what?
[16:58] <Firefighter0701> German submarines.
[16:58] <Trisemigistus> eheheh
[16:59] <Trisemigistus> sounds like fun
[16:59] <Firefighter0701> U33 is said to be the best uboat in the world.
[16:59] <Firefighter0701> Well I am actually trying to get tired :P
[17:00] <Trisemigistus> hey fire.
[17:00] <Trisemigistus> come here
[17:00] <Trisemigistus> light it
[17:00] <Trisemigistus> Also I have a video for you.
[17:01] <Trisemigistus> ill look it up in a minute
[17:01] <Trisemigistus> now there's a hole in the lake :D
[17:01] <Firefighter0701> OOooh, a drilling mine :D
[17:01] <Trisemigistus> its nothing custom, was just a bunch of tnt.
[17:01] <Firefighter0701> Ah.
[17:02] <Firefighter0701> These cobwebs break my cannons :(
[17:02] <Firefighter0701> Forget it.
[17:03] <Trisemigistus> what
[17:03] <Trisemigistus> ;-;
[17:03] <Trisemigistus> you don't want to see it?
[17:04] <Firefighter0701> Remember last time I went to see a video of you?
[17:04] <Firefighter0701> Or was it Baivo?
[17:04] <Firefighter0701> Anyways.
[17:04] <Trisemigistus> I've never shown you a video of me.
[17:04] <Trisemigistus> nor will I ever.
[17:04] <Firefighter0701> It's the middle of the night and I wouldn't want to wake everyone up here.
[17:05] <Cor_Kaitos> Video of or video from?
[17:05] <Firefighter0701> From*
[17:05] <Firefighter0701> Sorry.
[17:05] <Firefighter0701> My English is starting to get bad again.
[17:05] <Firefighter0701> I am changing to German now.
[17:05] <Cor_Kaitos> Well, in spanish the same word is used for both.
[17:06] <Firefighter0701> Same in German.
[17:06] <Firefighter0701> "von"
[17:06] <Cor_Kaitos> "de"
[17:06] <Firefighter0701> In Spanish "de
[17:06] <Firefighter0701> "*
[17:06] <Cor_Kaitos> Aye.
[17:06] <Firefighter0701> Same in French.
[17:06] <Firefighter0701> And latin
[17:07] <Firefighter0701> Also I am tired but not tired.
[17:07] <Firefighter0701> It is as if I was tired in one level but not in the other level of my consciousness.
[17:07] <Firefighter0701> But I need both levels to be tired ot enable me to sleep.
[17:08] <Trisemigistus> you probably don't want to hear my suggestion.
[17:08] <Firefighter0701> That is?
[17:08] <Firefighter0701> Going to bed?
[17:08] <Firefighter0701> I am in bed :P
[17:08] <Trisemigistus> nah, something to make you tired.
[17:08] <Cor_Kaitos> Wank it.
[17:08] <Firefighter0701> You are disgusting
[17:08] <Trisemigistus> That's why I didn't say it.
[17:08] <Cor_Kaitos> Yes.
[17:08] <Cor_Kaitos> Yes I am.
[17:09] <Firefighter0701> I am one of probably very few individuals that never have masturbated in their life.
[17:09] <Cor_Kaitos> Prostate health doe.
[17:09] <Trisemigistus> There's more than you think.
[17:10] <Firefighter0701> Katie, stop pseudosciencing around.
[17:10] <Trisemigistus> Anyone who's a-sexual probably doesn't.
[17:10] <Firefighter0701> I am a vet assistant, so you don't need to tell me science tales.
[17:10] <Firefighter0701> Especially not medicine.
[17:10] <Trisemigistus> You get your masturbation science from a vets office?
[17:10] <Firefighter0701> Well...
[17:10] <Firefighter0701> Partially yes.
[17:11] <Firefighter0701> Dogs are not castrated to stop them from reproducing.
[17:11] <Firefighter0701> They are castrated to change their behaviour.
[17:11] <Firefighter0701> E.g. constant masturbation.
[17:11] <Firefighter0701> So yes.
[17:11] <Firefighter0701> YOu can learn a lot about stuff there.
[17:11] <Firefighter0701> And you can apply most on humans.
[17:12] <Firefighter0701> And vets learn more about humans than you'd think.
[17:12] <Firefighter0701> Not directly...
[17:12] <Firefighter0701> BUt they learn about so many species...
[17:12] <Firefighter0701> And humans are also just one species out of many.
[17:13] <Trisemigistus> im bored again
[17:13] <Cor_Kaitos> Wanna help light this thing up?
[17:13] <Firefighter0701> Try to think of something to keep my busy.
[17:13] <Firefighter0701> So that I get tired.
[17:13] <Firefighter0701> And can sleep.
[17:13] <Trisemigistus> I did, but you wouldn't want to hear it, which was proven when cor gave his suggestion.
[17:14] <Trisemigistus> and not really, cor.
[17:14] <Firefighter0701> Masturbation doesn't keep me busy...
[17:14] <Trisemigistus> I think i might hop off soon.
[17:14] <Cor_Kaitos> Alright.
[17:14] <Firefighter0701> It is not a mental challenge
[17:14] <Firefighter0701> Not at all.
[17:14] <Trisemigistus> but it makes you tired enough to fall asleep.
[17:14] <Firefighter0701> -_-
[17:14] <Trisemigistus> Just sayin.
[17:15] <Trisemigistus> I'll bugger off before I offend you anymore.
[17:15] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[17:15] <Firefighter0701> ;-;
[17:15] <Firefighter0701> i actually liked the discussion.
[17:16] <Cor_Kaitos> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[17:16] <Firefighter0701> O.ö
[17:17] <Cor_Kaitos> Melatonin.
[17:17] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[17:17] <Cor_Kaitos> Welcome back.
[17:17] <Trisemigistus> This 'outside' place sucks.
[17:17] <Firefighter0701> Sorry, I didn't want to scare you off.
[17:18] <Firefighter0701> Katie, how old are you again?
[17:18] <Cor_Kaitos> 25
[17:18] <Trisemigistus> same age as me.
[17:18] <Firefighter0701> Ah.
[17:19] <Firefighter0701> What are you doing for a living?
[17:19] <Trisemigistus> Fire, were you born in the year 2000?
[17:19] <Firefighter0701> Yes, why?
[17:19] <Cor_Kaitos> I cannot share details, but it involves scientific programming.
[17:19] <Firefighter0701> For civil or military purposes?
[17:19] <Trisemigistus> Is that one of the influencing things to why you don't stick around long?
[17:20] <Trisemigistus> that'll be my only question
[17:20] <Cor_Kaitos> The source of the data is considered a defence article.
[17:20] <Cor_Kaitos> But it's for purely scientific purposes.
[17:21] <Firefighter0701> And the science is for military or civil purposes?
[17:21] <Firefighter0701> §fLok vah koor
[17:21] <Cor_Kaitos> Well, it's not military, so I'd call it civil.
[17:21] <Firefighter0701> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[17:21] <Firefighter0701> What the hell is going on?
[17:22] <Firefighter0701> Rain y u no stahp?
[17:22] <Firefighter0701> Ah.
[17:22] <Trisemigistus> Because there's an admin on
[17:22] <Cor_Kaitos> I can tell you that it pertains to atmospheric physics.
[17:23] <Firefighter0701> So it is civil but might be abused for military purposes. No further questions.
[17:23] <Trisemigistus> they're making a bomb out of the sun
[17:24] <Firefighter0701> Trise, come here.
[17:24] <Firefighter0701> ARe you seeing the same thing as me?
[17:24] <Trisemigistus> i see a bunch of trees and a hill
[17:24] <Firefighter0701> Lemme send u a screenshot.
[17:24] <Trisemigistus> if it's a missing chunk, a simple reload would fix it.
[17:24] <Firefighter0701> Ah wait, my skype just crashed.
[17:25] <Trisemigistus> i didnt know skype could crash..
[17:25] <Firefighter0701> It can.
[17:26] <Trisemigistus> oh your on a laptop arent you
[17:26] <Trisemigistus> that explains it
[17:26] <Firefighter0701> If your computer has 8 GB RAM but is too stupid to use it.
[17:26] <Firefighter0701> And yes, laptop.
[17:26] <Firefighter0701> It is going worse and worse.
[17:26] <Trisemigistus> I have 16GB of ram
[17:26] <Firefighter0701> And I don't know why.
[17:27] <Firefighter0701> BTW, Trise, did you already see my rescue ship?
[17:27] <Trisemigistus> the one with the helicopter on it?
[17:27] <Firefighter0701> Nah, that's a fregate.
[17:27] <Trisemigistus> frigate*
[17:28] <Firefighter0701> THX
[17:28] <Trisemigistus> YW
[17:28] <Trisemigistus> LETS TALK IN ALL CAPS NOW
[17:28] <Firefighter0701> IF YOU WANT..
[17:28] <Firefighter0701> DOES THIS APPLY TO DOTS AND STUFF?
[17:28] <Firefighter0701> SO A . WOULD TURN INTO A : ON MY KEYBOARD.
[17:28] <Trisemigistus> I'm about to mine again
[17:28] <Trisemigistus> lol no
[17:29] <Trisemigistus> just letters.
[17:29] <Trisemigistus> also come here.
[17:29] <Trisemigistus> por favor
[17:29] <Firefighter0701> You gotta tp me.
[17:29] <Firefighter0701> Cooldown.
[17:29] <Trisemigistus> this ones a bit bigger.
[17:29] <Firefighter0701> PULL THE LEVER; KRONK!
[17:30] <Trisemigistus> my god
[17:30] <Trisemigistus> that lag
[17:30] <Firefighter0701> "a bit bigger"
[17:30] <Trisemigistus> :#
[17:30] <Trisemigistus> someone could make a city in here.
[17:31] <Trisemigistus> lol, imagine someone just randomly strolling through here
[17:31] <Trisemigistus> finding this
[17:31] <Firefighter0701> Lel
[17:31] <Trisemigistus> where is this anyway
[17:32] <Trisemigistus> fire, how come your a crotchity old man but you're only 15
[17:32] <Cor_Kaitos> Ahead of the game.
[17:32] <Cor_Kaitos> of life.
[17:32] <Firefighter0701> huh?
[17:33] <Trisemigistus> crotchity. I dont know if i even spelled it right
[17:33] <Trisemigistus> but it's slang for someone who's mean and angry and grumpy all the time
[17:34] <Firefighter0701> But I'm not mean?
[17:34] <Firefighter0701> grumpy perhaps...
[17:34] <Firefighter0701> But not mean.
[17:34] <Trisemigistus> I'm kidding :P
[17:35] <Trisemigistus> that's a huge tree.
[17:35] <Trisemigistus> and now it's set ablaze.
[17:35] <Trisemigistus> do you play any other games than minecraft?
[17:36] <Firefighter0701> Airport fire service simulator :P
[17:36] <Trisemigistus> lol
[17:36] <Firefighter0701> Sound worse than it is.
[17:36] <Cor_Kaitos> I play flight simulators.
[17:36] <Cor_Kaitos> We could team up.
[17:36] <Trisemigistus> i didnt even know that existed
[17:36] <Firefighter0701> It is actually pretty cool
[17:36] <Firefighter0701> Driving around on an airfield in a panther...
[17:37] <Trisemigistus> between console and pc, i have over 200 games.
[17:37] <Firefighter0701> Yay, an AA gun
[17:38] <Trisemigistus> you going to restart skype or leave it dead?
[17:38] <Firefighter0701> Well is there anything important?
[17:38] <Firefighter0701> So I would probably leave it dead.
[17:38] <Trisemigistus> no i guess not >_>
[17:38] <Firefighter0701> i wonder whether I can get on tomorrow on the airport.
[17:39] <Firefighter0701> I'm spending arond three to four hours in heathrow.
[17:39] <Trisemigistus> most airports have wifi
[17:39] <Firefighter0701> Yeah...
[17:39] <Trisemigistus> i dont know if itll support a game connection though
[17:39] <Cor_Kaitos> Busy airport, so they say.
[17:39] <Firefighter0701> Heathrow has free wifi for two hours.
[17:39] <Firefighter0701> But it fails and kicks you out all the time.
[17:39] <Firefighter0701> At least that's what it did to me last time.
[17:39] <Firefighter0701> Which was in December.
[17:40] <Trisemigistus> oh, great, it's back.
[17:41] <Trisemigistus> hm
[17:41] <Trisemigistus> i wonder if mobs on fire at night light up the area around them
[17:41] <Firefighter0701> Nope.
[17:41] <Firefighter0701> Obects can't emit light.
[17:41] <Firefighter0701> Only blocks.
[17:41] <Firefighter0701> You might get them to do it with a shader...
[17:41] <Trisemigistus> Entities, not objects.
[17:41] <Firefighter0701> Well the same thing, or not?
[17:42] <Trisemigistus> Yes, but also no.
[17:42] <Firefighter0701> In German they are all called "Objekt"
[17:42] <Trisemigistus> An object can be anything, an entity usually shows some kind of sentience.
[17:42] <Firefighter0701> Anyways.
[17:42] <Firefighter0701> I KNOW.
[17:42] <Firefighter0701> But a snowball doesn't show sentience.
[17:42] <Trisemigistus> so a snowball isnt an entity.
[17:42] <Firefighter0701> I was talking about the difference for the game mechanism.
[17:42] <Firefighter0701> Not hte word.
[17:43] <Firefighter0701> Btu thrown snowballs are game entities.
[17:43] <Trisemigistus> ill just shut up then.
[17:43] <Firefighter0701> Nah, continue.
[17:43] <Firefighter0701> Perhaps that'll get me tired.
[17:43] <Trisemigistus> why
[17:44] <Firefighter0701> I like some of Baivo's civil weapons.
[17:44] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[17:44] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[17:44] <Firefighter0701> Hey ejano!
[17:44] <ejano> allo!
[17:44] <Trisemigistus> oh god
[17:44] <Trisemigistus> you joined rob
[17:44] <ejano> lol
[17:44] <Firefighter0701> lel
[17:45] <Trisemigistus> I'm half tempted to tnt my castle and everything else ive done.
[17:45] <Trisemigistus> thats just the mood im in right now.
[17:45] <ejano> apparently I was already in the CoS group but the name name was added on
[17:45] <Firefighter0701> I can do that fro you if oyu want
[17:45] <ejano> or something xD
[17:45] <ejano> :o
[17:45] <Cor_Kaitos> Your future self will not be in that mood, and will regret it.
[17:45] <Cor_Kaitos> Putting yourself into another bad mood.
[17:45] <ejano> nooo dont trise
[17:45] <Trisemigistus> thus the cycle continues.
[17:46] <Cor_Kaitos> Solution: alcohol
[17:46] <ejano> but then again I did go and blow up my ship because it wasn't working..
[17:46] <Cor_Kaitos> :p
[17:46] <ejano> >.>
[17:46] <Trisemigistus> lol alcohol isnt the solution
[17:46] <ejano> just make sure you save a copy ;P
[17:46] <Firefighter0701> That's what I did as well.
[17:46] <Trisemigistus> i have the will to NOT tnt my stuff, even if it sounds fun
[17:46] <Trisemigistus> alcohol removes that will
[17:46] <ejano> alcohol is baad
[17:46] <Firefighter0701> Now the lighthouse near the 001 capital has a shipwreck.
[17:46] <Cor_Kaitos> In large quantities.
[17:47] <Cor_Kaitos> In with high frequency.
[17:47] <Firefighter0701> You in creative, ejano?
[17:47] <ejano> nope
[17:47] <Firefighter0701> K.
[17:47] <Trisemigistus> oh i know what to do to satisfy that mood
[17:47] <ejano> :o
[17:47] <Firefighter0701> I gotta protect you from the monster sheep.
[17:47] <ejano> uh
[17:47] <ejano> xD
[17:47] <ejano> dunno about that..
[17:48] <ejano> :o
[17:48] <Firefighter0701> But... WHY?
[17:48] <Firefighter0701> 64 compasses...
[17:48] <ejano> =P
[17:48] <Firefighter0701> There.
[17:49] <Firefighter0701> YOur lever.
[17:49] <ejano> aaah.. think I'll pass
[17:50] <Firefighter0701> The sheep are attacking again.
[17:50] <Firefighter0701> Want a pressure plate to activate the door?
[17:50] <ejano> xD um
[17:50] <ejano> no thx
[17:50] <Trisemigistus> nice house
[17:50] <ejano> apparently its supposed to keep me save
[17:50] <ejano> safe*
[17:50] <Trisemigistus> seems legit
[17:51] <ejano> xD ohgod
[17:51] <ejano> better than blowing up my stuff
[17:51] <Trisemigistus> the game wont let me drown
[17:52] <Firefighter0701> Want me to help with that?
[17:52] <Trisemigistus> oh nvm
[17:52] <Firefighter0701> Looks nice though.
[17:52] <ejano> §ffus
[17:53] <ejano> do you like my
[17:53] <ejano> collar
[17:53] <Firefighter0701> Lol, a stifneck
[17:53] <ejano> :o it looks more like a cast
[17:53] <ejano> dammit
[17:54] <Trisemigistus> I'm currently at level -6.
[17:54] <ejano> o.O
[17:54] <Firefighter0701> This looks like a stiffneck as well.
[17:54] <Firefighter0701> And BTW this is not a cast.
[17:54] <Trisemigistus> wanna see ejano?
[17:54] <ejano> ok
[17:54] <Firefighter0701> I am seeing ejano.
[17:54] <ejano> I dont
[17:54] <ejano> see u
[17:54] <Trisemigistus> did you even tp?
[17:55] <ejano> ye
[17:55] <Trisemigistus> or did it put you on the surface
[17:55] <Cor_Kaitos> He's Jon Cena
[17:55] <ejano> are you underground?
[17:55] <Trisemigistus> I'm below the world
[17:55] <Cor_Kaitos> brb
[17:55] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[17:55] <ejano> :o
[17:55] <Trisemigistus> hence level -6.
[17:55] <Trisemigistus> gg
[17:55] <ejano> *sigh*
[17:55] <Trisemigistus> now im at level -53
[17:55] <ejano> o.O
[17:55] <Trisemigistus> i wonder how low before the world eats me
[17:56] <Firefighter0701> What other coords?
[17:56] <ejano> was there a command to get inventory back>
[17:56] <Trisemigistus> ./gm 1
[17:56] <ejano> hmmm
[17:56] <Trisemigistus> and the world starts to eat you at level -64.
[17:56] <ejano> whats the
[17:56] <ejano> hmm
[17:56] <ejano> undo command
[17:57] <ejano> *fetches laptop*
[17:57] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[17:57] <Trisemigistus> undo what command
[17:57] <Trisemigistus> fire
[17:57] <ejano> hey
[17:57] <Firefighter0701> Yes?
[17:57] <ejano> im not sure, but I think there was some undo command so it gives back inventories?
[17:57] <Trisemigistus> fire
[17:57] <Trisemigistus> not that im aware of.
[17:58] <Trisemigistus> ejano
[17:58] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[17:58] <Trisemigistus> ./?
[17:58] <Trisemigistus> all commands
[17:58] <Firefighter0701> Yes, Trise?
[17:58] <ejano> undo everything I've done in last 6 minutes?
[17:58] <ejano> ok
[17:58] <Trisemigistus> that wont bring back your inventory
[17:58] <Trisemigistus> FIRE
[17:58] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[17:58] <Firefighter0701> Where?
[17:58] <Trisemigistus> in your bum.
[17:58] <Firefighter0701> -_
[17:58] <Firefighter0701> -_-*
[17:59] <Cor_Kaitos> You're disgusting.
[17:59] <Trisemigistus> ikr
[17:59] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[17:59] <Trisemigistus> You know i could kill you with a single command
[17:59] <Firefighter0701> i know.
[17:59] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[17:59] <Trisemigistus> it's tempting when you;re firing your guns at me.
[18:00] <Firefighter0701> Well you were making lame jokes again.
[18:00] <Firefighter0701> Justifying my use of fireamrs.
[18:00] <Trisemigistus> who said they were jokes
[18:00] <Firefighter0701> Your lawyer.
[18:00] <ejano> noo
[18:00] <ejano> plzzzzzznoo
[18:00] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[18:00] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[18:00] <ejano> CURSEs
[18:01] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[18:01] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[18:01] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[18:01] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[18:01] <Trisemigistus> FIRST
[18:01] <Cor_Kaitos> (Worst)
[18:02] <Trisemigistus> go fuck a duck
[18:02] <Firefighter0701> TRISE
[18:02] <Cor_Kaitos> I will and I'll enjoy it.
[18:02] <Firefighter0701> NO ANIMAL ABUSE
[18:02] <ejano> ssssssssh
[18:02] <ejano> ssshh
[18:02] <ejano> there there
[18:02] <ejano> no need to
[18:02] <Firefighter0701> And get out of this frigate!
[18:02] <ejano> hurt ducks
[18:02] <Firefighter0701> CLASSIFIED!
[18:02] <Cor_Kaitos> Don't worry, I use lubrication.
[18:02] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[18:02] <Cor_Kaitos> It's consensual.
[18:03] <ejano> I:
[18:03] <ejano> most unlikely
[18:03] <Firefighter0701> No the duck is under age.
[18:03] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[18:03] <Cor_Kaitos> Welcome back.
[18:03] <Firefighter0701> WB
[18:03] <Trisemigistus> thanks
[18:04] <Trisemigistus> im assuming my last message didnt send
[18:04] <Trisemigistus> can I blow up the shipp
[18:04] <Firefighter0701> NO!
[18:04] <Firefighter0701> Not even if you copy it.
[18:04] <Trisemigistus> That's a wonderful idea.
[18:04] <Trisemigistus> I think ill copy it.
[18:04] <Firefighter0701> Don't you dare.
[18:04] <Firefighter0701> i have something to blow up.
[18:05] <Firefighter0701> An old submarine design.
[18:05] <Firefighter0701> You can copy it as many times as you want.
[18:05] <Trisemigistus> why cant i copy the ship?
[18:05] <Firefighter0701> Because you'd destroy faction roleplay.
[18:05] <Firefighter0701> By finding weak points (not saying that there are any)
[18:06] <Trisemigistus> like im ever going to war.
[18:06] <Firefighter0701> Trise, no!
[18:06] <Firefighter0701> Naughty!
[18:06] <Firefighter0701> GRIIIIEEEEEF!!!
[18:06] <Trisemigistus> oh shut it, ill remove it.
[18:06] <Firefighter0701> ejano, stop him, pls.
[18:06] <Firefighter0701> NO!
[18:06] <ejano> triiise
[18:06] <Firefighter0701> STOP IT NOW
[18:06] <ejano> he doesn't want you to copy it
[18:07] <Firefighter0701> Trise, delete it immediately.
[18:07] <Trisemigistus> i dont see why it matters.
[18:07] <Trisemigistus> and i didnt copy it, i only got one point of two.
[18:07] <Firefighter0701> You are exposing what I built.
[18:07] <Firefighter0701> Apart form it being humiliating...
[18:07] <Firefighter0701> Others can search the wreck.
[18:07] <Trisemigistus> how am I exposing it? Id just copy it out into the middle of the ocean and blow it to smitherenes.
[18:07] <Firefighter0701> I can't accept it.
[18:07] <Trisemigistus> there would be no remains
[18:07] <Trisemigistus> and even if there were, id remove them
[18:07] <Firefighter0701> There would be for sure.
[18:08] <Firefighter0701> And still I do not allow you to copy 001 property.
[18:08] <ejano> I think trise just wants to blow up something big, I doubt he'll 'sell the secrets' of the ship
[18:08] <Trisemigistus> fine, whatever. im done talking.
[18:08] <Firefighter0701> this fregate design has my copyright on it.
[18:08] <Firefighter0701> As I said...
[18:08] <Firefighter0701> I got an old design that you can blow up.
[18:08] <Firefighter0701> But not this fregate.
[18:08] <Trisemigistus> dont give a shit.
[18:08] <Cor_Kaitos> You can blow up my bridge, Dark Knight style.
[18:09] <Firefighter0701> Trise? You don't want me to get a report on that.
[18:09] <Trisemigistus> on what, swearing?
[18:09] <Trisemigistus> read the rules.
[18:09] <Firefighter0701> On copying and destroying.
[18:09] <Trisemigistus> I haven't copied anything, so drop it.
[18:09] <Firefighter0701> OK.
[18:09] <Firefighter0701> I really wouldn't like to do it but you can be assured I will if I have to.
[18:10] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[18:10] <Cor_Kaitos> Reason is the first victim of strong emotion.
[18:10] <ejano> when in a fury
[18:10] <ejano> listen to
[18:10] <ejano> two steps from hell
[18:11] <ejano> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clZDnXeJxY4
[18:11] <ejano> fixes
[18:11] <ejano> everything
[18:11] <Firefighter0701> What a shame I can't blow this copied fail up.
[18:11] <Firefighter0701> Roy copied a failed design attempt for a training vessel.
[18:12] <Firefighter0701> And made it a yacht or whatever.
[18:12] <Firefighter0701> The original is now by the foot of the lighthouse.
[18:12] <Firefighter0701> LOOOOL
[18:12] <Firefighter0701> The nameplate on the bow is still here :D
[18:13] <Cor_Kaitos> Good song, ejano.
[18:14] <Firefighter0701> Come over here... wreckdiving :D
[18:18] <Firefighter0701> Aaaah, now I'm finally starting to get tired.
[18:18] <ejano> :o
[18:18] <ejano> lol
[18:18] <ejano> go to bed mr
[18:19] <Firefighter0701> I am in bed :P
[18:19] <Firefighter0701> I was all the time.
[18:19] <ejano> dammit
[18:19] <Firefighter0701> But I can't sleep...
[18:19] <Firefighter0701> Till now.
[18:19] <Firefighter0701> Well...
[18:19] <Firefighter0701> I'll go then
[18:19] <ejano> goo
[18:19] <ejano> tooo
[18:19] <Firefighter0701> I got a long day tomorrow.
[18:19] <ejano> sleeep
[18:19] <ejano> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sme8N2pzRx8
[18:20] <Firefighter0701> That'swhat I tried all the time -_-
[18:20] <Cor_Kaitos> Advice I was once given:
[18:20] <Firefighter0701> Well, CU all!
[18:20] <ejano> byyes
[18:20] <Firefighter0701> DON'T EVEN START!
[18:20] <Cor_Kaitos> Don't try to fall asleep, try to stay awake, till your body gives up.
[18:20] <ejano> xD
[18:20] <ejano> let the music make you sleepy
[18:20] <Firefighter0701> I always listen to music but surely not to what you just sent.
[18:20] <Firefighter0701> I can't sleep in silence.
[18:21] <ejano> just wait for the bass to come in ;)
[18:21] <Firefighter0701> Currently I am listening to a mixture of Star Trek scores and national anthems.
[18:21] <Firefighter0701> I can identify almost every national anthem by now.
[18:21] <ejano> ok, nighty night
[18:21] <Firefighter0701> i don't always know what country...
[18:21] <ejano> =P
[18:21] <Cor_Kaitos> 10's of millions of years hominids of slept and only the last century
[18:21] <Cor_Kaitos> do we have the luxury of headphones or speakers.
[18:21] <Firefighter0701> But I could continue it.
[18:22] <Cor_Kaitos> have*
[18:22] <Firefighter0701> I don't use headphones in bed.
[18:22] <ejano> ok
[18:22] <ejano> time to go
[18:22] <ejano> c:
[18:22] <Firefighter0701> It is also enough if there is a busy road outside.
[18:22] <Firefighter0701> But I need a cintinoous sound.
[18:22] <Firefighter0701> A sound that I know.
[18:22] <Cor_Kaitos> And Star Trek is excellent.
[18:22] <Firefighter0701> Such as engine sounds or music.
[18:23] <Cor_Kaitos> The scores and the franchise.
[18:23] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[18:23] <Cor_Kaitos> Welcome back.
[18:23] <Firefighter0701> Also if it is someone else breathing that's fine.
[18:23] <Firefighter0701> WB
[18:23] <Firefighter0701> But I gotta have smoething to listen to otherwise I'll listen to my own heartbeat which drives me cr
[18:23] <Firefighter0701> azy
[18:24] <ejano> if you like
[18:24] <ejano> rock
[18:24] <ejano> then
[18:24] <ejano> https://youtu.be/gHbwAd5gkMM?t=35s
[18:24] <ejano> now get some sleep! =P
[18:24] <Firefighter0701> I only like few kinds of rock.
[18:24] <Firefighter0701> But not to sleep to.
[18:25] <Firefighter0701> For that it should be orchestral music.
[18:25] <ejano> theres no lyrics in that
[18:25] <Firefighter0701> Well rock always got the same order of harmonies.
[18:27] <Trisemigistus> https://youtu.be/e4dT8FJ2GE0
[18:27] <Trisemigistus> give that a listen
[18:27] <Firefighter0701> You know what I'll give a listen to now?
[18:27] <ejano> oye I remember this
[18:28] <ejano> I think you/someone sent this in mc once
[18:28] <ejano> =P <3
[18:28] <Trisemigistus> I probably have before.
[18:28] <Firefighter0701> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzuv4VKo6Og
[18:28] <Firefighter0701> Now.
[18:28] <Firefighter0701> Everyone have a good whatever.
[18:29] <Firefighter0701> Bye!
[18:29] <Cor_Kaitos> First Contact's a good one.
[18:29] <Cor_Kaitos> Bye.
[18:29] <ejano> byee
[18:29] <Firefighter0701> See you on... Sunday perhaps.
[18:29] <Firefighter0701> And yes, ST VIII is the best title score ever.
[18:29] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[18:29] <Cor_Kaitos> We're homies now.
[18:29] <Trisemigistus> gl with that
[18:31] <Trisemigistus> you like rock, ejano?
[18:32] <Cor_Kaitos> Bout a million legions of mobs on this bridge.
[18:33] <ejano> eh
[18:33] <ejano> if its on cello or violin
[18:33] <ejano> but not really into the full
[18:33] <ejano> rock
[18:33] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[18:34] <ejano> hey!
[18:34] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[18:34] <EllaA2013> Hey!
[18:34] <EllaA2013> Ejano I havent seen you in so long!
[18:34] <ejano> =P
[18:36] <ejano> :O
[18:36] <EllaA2013> XD
[18:36] <EllaA2013> Oh i have a broom stick!
[18:36] <EllaA2013> Its so good!
[18:36] <ejano> :o
[18:36] <ejano> how do I buy
[18:36] <ejano> or must I be a magical perosn
[18:36] <ejano> person(
[18:36] <EllaA2013> Right click the slab
[18:36] <ejano> *
[18:36] <ejano> :C
[18:37] <ejano> not enough money
[18:37] <EllaA2013> Do you know what the Mana storm does?
[18:37] <ejano> I have a cupcake!
[18:37] <EllaA2013> What does it do?
[18:37] <ejano> back at my home somewhere
[18:37] <ejano> magical things
[18:37] <EllaA2013> hahahahha thats awesome!
[18:37] <ejano> here
[18:38] <ejano> ={
[18:38] <ejano> =P*
[18:38] <Cor_Kaitos> brb
[18:38] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[18:38] <EllaA2013> what does that do?
[18:39] <ejano> makes you go berserk?
[18:39] <EllaA2013> hah Maybe
[18:39] <ejano> i dont have enough maybe
[18:39] <ejano> money*
[18:39] <ejano> I:
[18:39] <ejano> derp
[18:39] <Trisemigistus> i come back to a creeper up in my face, staring at m
[18:39] <EllaA2013> Wanna earn some money with me ejano?
[18:39] <ejano> omh
[18:39] <ejano> omg*
[18:39] <ejano> whatever made the lightning
[18:39] <ejano> was perfect xD
[18:40] <ejano> it thundered just as my song ended
[18:40] <Trisemigistus> That was me, killing aformentioned creeper
[18:40] <ejano> giving it a dramatic ending
[18:40] <ejano> xd
[18:40] <ejano> ye ella?
[18:40] <EllaA2013> Cool
[18:40] <Trisemigistus> you ladies have fun.
[18:40] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[18:41] <EllaA2013> Ok to mine!
[18:41] <EllaA2013> oh i cant
[18:41] <EllaA2013> im in creative
[18:41] <ejano> I dont have proper stuff lol
[18:41] <ejano> why u in creative? xD
[18:41] <EllaA2013> what ever i find ill get from creative
[18:41] <EllaA2013> I was helping build a 001 spawn
[18:42] <ejano> ahk, want me to remove it? or are you still building
[18:42] <EllaA2013> hold on
[18:43] <EllaA2013> Yeah U can
[18:43] <EllaA2013> oh wait!
[18:43] <EllaA2013> i need to find a place to mine
[18:43] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[18:43] <ejano> hallo
[18:43] <Cor_Kaitos> Hey.
[18:43] <ejano> again
[18:43] <EllaA2013> Hey
[18:44] <Cor_Kaitos> Trying to determine the layout of the Sydney Harbour Bridge having never been there.
[18:44] <ejano> :/
[18:44] <EllaA2013> IVE BEEN THERE!
[18:44] <ejano> Mee too
[18:44] <EllaA2013> I live in Australia!
[18:44] <ejano> :o
[18:44] <ejano> mee tooo
[18:44] <ejano> xD
[18:44] <Cor_Kaitos> Me four.
[18:44] <EllaA2013> I live in SA
[18:44] <ejano> ouch
[18:44] <EllaA2013> ?
[18:44] <ejano> I hear the sun burns down there
[18:45] <ejano> up in Queensland its more just humid and hot
[18:45] <EllaA2013> The best is 40 degrees
[18:45] <ejano> but someone told me it just burns
[18:45] <EllaA2013> I live next to the beach so
[18:45] <ejano> :o niice
[18:45] <EllaA2013> when im hot i just go for a swim!
[18:45] <ejano> D:
[18:45] <ejano> jelly
[18:46] <EllaA2013> Ok i found a cave for us!
[18:46] <EllaA2013> U can put me in survival
[18:46] <EllaA2013> WAIT!
[18:47] <EllaA2013> Its not good enough
[18:47] <EllaA2013> Is it?
[18:47] <ejano> I know of some
[18:47] <ejano> =P
[18:47] <ejano> hang on brb
[18:48] <EllaA2013> Smiley!
[18:48] <EllaA2013> She lives here!
[18:48] <Cor_Kaitos> Who dat.
[18:48] <EllaA2013> A player
[18:48] <Cor_Kaitos> Ah.
[18:51] <ejano> back
[18:51] <EllaA2013> cool
[18:51] <EllaA2013> ok wheres the mine!
[18:51] <ejano> downy
[18:51] <EllaA2013> Can i be out of creative?
[18:51] <ejano> yes
[18:51] <ejano> no
[18:51] <EllaA2013> ?
[18:51] <ejano> I: o.O
[18:51] <EllaA2013> ???
[18:52] <ejano> 2 a's
[18:52] <ejano> right
[18:52] <ejano> this way
[18:52] <EllaA2013> um yeah?
[18:52] <ejano> no wait
[18:52] <ejano> thats unsafe
[18:53] <ejano> see near the water over there
[18:53] <ejano> if we follow this it leads to more caves
[18:53] <ejano> but did you want ot dig the ores here first?
[18:53] <EllaA2013> yeah
[18:57] <ejano> ;o witch
[18:58] <EllaA2013> Got it
[18:58] <ejano> huh
[18:58] <ejano> this goes on lol
[19:01] <ejano> yeah these caves connect
[19:01] <ejano> did that spider have speed?
[19:01] <EllaA2013> I didnt look
[19:01] <ejano> little swirls were coming off it
[19:02] <ejano> I see daylight
[19:03] <ejano> ye this is where I got to last time
[19:04] <ejano> creeper down there
[19:04] <EllaA2013> brb
[19:05] <EllaA2013> i'm back
[19:05] <ejano> wb
[19:05] <EllaA2013> Do u have wood?
[19:05] <ejano> uh
[19:05] <ejano> I have sticks?
[19:05] <EllaA2013> ??
[19:05] <EllaA2013> Nope
[19:06] <Cor_Kaitos> What kind you need?
[19:06] <Cor_Kaitos> Any?
[19:06] <EllaA2013> yeah
[19:06] <ejano> I can go up and get some
[19:06] <EllaA2013> ok
[19:06] <EllaA2013> becasue i just need a crafting table
[19:06] <ejano> oh!
[19:06] <ejano> I have one
[19:06] <ejano> =P
[19:11] <ejano> :o
[19:11] <ejano> lucky
[19:11] <ejano> :o gold
[19:12] <ejano> did you want some?
[19:12] <ejano> there were 10
[19:12] <EllaA2013> NAh im ok
[19:15] <ejano> there was a mineshaft somewhere around here
[19:15] <EllaA2013> if u find it ill tpa!
[19:15] <ejano> ok
[19:17] <Cor_Kaitos> gtg.
[19:17] <EllaA2013> K Bye!
[19:17] <Cor_Kaitos> Bye.
[19:17] <ejano> byes
[19:17] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[19:17] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[19:17] <ejano> allo
[19:17] <EllaA2013> wb!
[19:18] <Trisemigistus> hi
[19:19] <ejano> :O
[19:19] <EllaA2013> ?
[19:19] <ejano> found
[19:19] <ejano> it
[19:19] <ejano> eeep
[19:19] <ejano> nearly died
[19:19] <ejano> all good
[19:19] <EllaA2013> ill tpa in a minute just found another cave system
[19:19] <ejano> ok
[19:21] <ejano> where are u
[19:22] <EllaA2013> oimm not usre
[19:22] <ejano> ye this way
[19:22] <EllaA2013> oh here it is
[19:22] <ejano> spider thingo
[19:22] * Katyusha (Katyusha@Katyusha) has joined #main
[19:22] <EllaA2013> ooohhh
[19:22] <EllaA2013> nooooo
[19:22] <ejano> ;_;
[19:22] <EllaA2013> im soorrryyyy
[19:22] <ejano> lol
[19:22] <ejano> just as katy gets on
[19:22] <ejano> ;P
[19:23] <EllaA2013> i was aiming for the spider
[19:23] <EllaA2013> an then u jumped at it
[19:23] <EllaA2013> and i hit u
[19:23] <ejano> right
[19:23] <ejano> sorry
[19:23] * Katyusha (Katyusha@§9Katyusha§r) Quit (§eKatyusha left the game.)
[19:23] <EllaA2013> its gone
[19:25] <ejano> :D wew 100
[19:25] * Katyusha (Katyusha@Katyusha) has joined #main
[19:25] <ejano> hey again isaac!
[19:25] <Katyusha> Hey
[19:34] <ejano> wows
[19:34] <Trisemigistus> figured you might like the contents of that chest
[19:34] <ejano> lol xD
[19:34] <ejano> thx
[19:34] <Trisemigistus> yw
[19:35] <ejano> gotta love mc physics
[19:35] <Trisemigistus> its a 700x700x50 area.
[19:36] <Trisemigistus> i meant 57 not 50.
[19:36] <Trisemigistus> 7*
[19:37] <ejano> no idea where I am ella
[19:37] <ejano> xD
[19:37] <EllaA2013> i just got a lead
[19:37] <EllaA2013> is that urs?
[19:37] <ejano> oye
[19:37] <ejano> it was from when i was in creative
[19:43] * Katyusha (Katyusha@§9Katyusha§r) Quit (§eKatyusha left the game.)
[19:48] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@§9EllaA2013§r) Quit (§eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[19:48] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[19:55] <ejano> ooh wb!
[19:55] <ejano> I didn't realise you came back
[19:55] <ejano> lol
[19:55] <EllaA2013> lol
[19:55] <Trisemigistus> gg ejano
[19:56] <EllaA2013> .
[19:56] <ejano> im getting bad lag for some reason
[19:56] <Trisemigistus> might be me.
[19:56] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@silverdrakon1797) has joined #main
[19:56] <silverdrakon1797> shhh
[19:56] <Trisemigistus> Was rendering unrendered areas by flying over them
[19:57] <Trisemigistus> ill stop tho
[19:57] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@§9silverdrakon1797§r) Quit (§esilverdrakon1797 left the game.)
[19:57] <ejano> o:
[19:57] <EllaA2013> ...
[19:58] <Trisemigistus> you scared him off.
[19:58] <ejano> :C
[19:58] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@silverdrakon1797) has joined #main
[19:58] <ejano> :D
[19:58] <silverdrakon1797> haii
[19:58] <EllaA2013> Gtg might be back might not Byyee
[19:58] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@§9EllaA2013§r) Quit (§eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[19:58] <ejano> hai
[19:58] <silverdrakon1797> hai
[19:59] <Trisemigistus> why is everyone 001.
[19:59] <Trisemigistus> 001 sucks.
[19:59] <ejano> caUSE
[19:59] <ejano> cause*
[19:59] <ejano> 001
[19:59] <Trisemigistus> god, after flying at speed 10, speed 1 feels so sluggish
[19:59] <silverdrakon1797> lolz
[20:02] * silverdrakon1797 was kicked from #main by Server
[20:02] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@§9silverdrakon1797§r) Quit (§esilverdrakon1797 left the game.)
[20:03] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@silverdrakon1797) has joined #main
[20:04] <Trisemigistus> oh i know what i can burn
[20:05] <Trisemigistus> up in flames it goes.
[20:05] * silverdrakon1797 was kicked from #main by Server
[20:05] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@§9silverdrakon1797§r) Quit (§esilverdrakon1797 left the game.)
[20:05] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@silverdrakon1797) has joined #main
[20:05] <silverdrakon1797> haiiiii
[20:06] <Trisemigistus> hey buttmunch
[20:06] <Trisemigistus> sup
[20:10] <silverdrakon1797> ahhhg
[20:10] <silverdrakon1797> i lost meh broom
[20:10] <Trisemigistus> that sucks...
[20:10] <ejano> ;o
[20:10] <ejano> i lost my skittles
[20:10] <silverdrakon1797> :0
[20:10] <silverdrakon1797> so sad..
[20:10] <Trisemigistus> I lost my virginity.
[20:11] <silverdrakon1797> wooooooaaahhh
[20:11] <ejano> I:
[20:11] <ejano> That esculated quickly!
[20:11] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@§9silverdrakon1797§r) Quit (§esilverdrakon1797 left the game.)
[20:11] <ejano> :C you scared him off
[20:11] <Trisemigistus> i did not
[20:12] <Trisemigistus> oh my
[20:14] <Trisemigistus> hey ejano
[20:14] <ejano> ya
[20:14] <Trisemigistus> wanna see something cool
[20:14] <ejano> will I die?
[20:14] <Trisemigistus> uhm
[20:14] <Trisemigistus> not if you go creative mode while here.
[20:14] <ejano> ok
[20:15] <Trisemigistus> enabled?
[20:15] <ejano> ye
[20:15] <Trisemigistus> give it a minute.
[20:15] <Trisemigistus> there it is
[20:16] <ejano> my oh my
[20:17] <ejano> I found a empty spot
[20:17] <Trisemigistus> hopefully this cleanses my lighting bugs.
[20:17] <Trisemigistus> it despawns.
[20:17] <ejano> §ffus
[20:17] <ejano> §ffus
[20:17] <Trisemigistus> its just fun watching a wall of fire spread and consume the mobs.
[20:18] <ejano> lol
[20:18] <Trisemigistus> already processed over half a million blocks and going
[20:18] <Trisemigistus> now lets see if that did solve my lighting bug issue or not
[20:19] <Trisemigistus> looks like it :D
[20:19] <ejano> A SLIME
[20:19] <Trisemigistus> .tp ejano
[20:19] <ejano> c:
[20:19] <Trisemigistus> lel
[20:19] <Trisemigistus> so cute
[20:19] <Trisemigistus> you can kill em if you want.
[20:20] <Trisemigistus> lol, no hesitation
[20:20] <ejano> I need the slime
[20:20] <ejano> >.>
[20:20] <Trisemigistus> alrighty, well im going for now.
[20:20] <Trisemigistus> may bbl
[20:20] <Trisemigistus> but idk
[20:20] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[20:42] * ejano (ejano@§e§oCoS§7:§8ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[20:59] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[21:03] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[21:09] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[21:10] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[21:12] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[21:17] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[21:17] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[21:22] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[21:33] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[21:35] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[21:43] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[21:52] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[21:52] <Trisemigistus> OH
[21:52] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[21:52] <Trisemigistus> MY
[21:52] <Trisemigistus> GOD
[21:52] <Trisemigistus> BECKY WOULD LOK AT HER ASS
[21:52] <Trisemigistus> also hi
[21:52] <Trisemigistus> I am le drunk so don't mind my antics.
[21:53] <Cor_Kaitos> I want to be drunk.
[21:53] <Cor_Kaitos> I have the means of getting drunk.
[21:53] <Cor_Kaitos> But I'd be drunk alone.
[21:53] <Trisemigistus> i've had cognac and vodka so far.
[21:54] <Cor_Kaitos> Is your face numb?
[21:54] <Trisemigistus> not that im aware of.
[21:54] <Cor_Kaitos> That's always the first effect on me.
[21:55] <Trisemigistus> so
[21:55] <Trisemigistus> drunk trise is here
[21:55] <Trisemigistus> what will you do now
[21:55] <Cor_Kaitos> but my experience with marijuana always seems to differ from that of other people
[21:55] <Cor_Kaitos> as well.
[21:55] <Trisemigistus> Oh? Do tell.
[21:55] <Trisemigistus> I smoke on a regular basis.
[21:55] <Cor_Kaitos> Do you have memory lapses?
[21:56] <Trisemigistus> yes and no
[21:56] <Cor_Kaitos> Like ~15 - 30 minutes of your life just goes by in an instant.
[21:56] <Trisemigistus> I can remember things fine, although since I began smoking I have noticed my overall
[21:56] <Trisemigistus> memory has degraded.
[21:56] <Cor_Kaitos> Leaving me wondering how I got where I am.
[21:56] <Trisemigistus> I did pass out once and hallucinate only to be woken up by my head hitting the floor.
[21:57] <Cor_Kaitos> My eyes are able to follow moving objects effortlessly, like flying bugs.
[21:57] <Cor_Kaitos> And birds.
[21:57] <Cor_Kaitos> Almost automatic.
[21:57] <Cor_Kaitos> Ha I'd hope hitting your head on the floor wakes you up.
[21:57] <Baivo> wat
[21:57] <Trisemigistus> a few things ive noticed while smoking pot
[21:57] <Cor_Kaitos> Also, you've played skyrim, yes?
[21:57] <Trisemigistus> memory degrades over time
[21:57] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@silverdrakon1797) has joined #main
[21:57] <Trisemigistus> yes i have.
[21:58] <Cor_Kaitos> Cause skyrim provides the best example for this experience.
[21:58] <silverdrakon1797> hai
[21:58] <Cor_Kaitos> You know how when you're talking to people, you can move the cursor to either side.
[21:58] <Trisemigistus> i love getting high and playing that, becuase the high allows me to almost 100% immerse myself
[21:58] <Trisemigistus> into the game
[21:58] <Cor_Kaitos> And it kind of slowly drifts slower and slower?
[21:58] <Trisemigistus> ye
[21:58] <silverdrakon1797> haii
[21:58] <Trisemigistus> bavio stfu,
[21:58] <Cor_Kaitos> Alright, well pot does that to my vision.
[21:58] <Trisemigistus> hai silver
[21:58] <Cor_Kaitos> When I shift my eyes back and forth.
[21:58] <Trisemigistus> kinky.
[21:59] <Cor_Kaitos> That's the only thing I can liken it to.
[21:59] <silverdrakon1797> baivos gay azz
[21:59] <Cor_Kaitos> I get slightly uncoordinated but not to the same degree as when I'm drunk.
[21:59] <Trisemigistus> he is.
[21:59] <Cor_Kaitos> So there you go.
[21:59] <silverdrakon1797> a=yas
[21:59] <silverdrakon1797> yas
[21:59] <Trisemigistus> ramen is the shit when drunk
[21:59] <Trisemigistus> just sayin
[21:59] <silverdrakon1797> yes
[21:59] <silverdrakon1797> 100%
[22:00] <silverdrakon1797> i lost my broomstick :(
[22:00] <Trisemigistus> some southern Creole seasoning for flavor and BAM
[22:00] <Trisemigistus> you should totes get him another.
[22:00] <Cor_Kaitos> Once, when about 8 beers in, I just ate a whole bowl of carrots.
[22:00] <Cor_Kaitos> Threw up on the side of my friends car on the way home.
[22:00] <Trisemigistus> lol.
[22:00] <Cor_Kaitos> Sobered up and helped clean it.
[22:00] <Cor_Kaitos> Orange, just solid orange, caked to the side of the car.
[22:00] <Cor_Kaitos> I felt so bad about it.
[22:01] <silverdrakon1797> baivo
[22:01] <Trisemigistus> he's at the bottom of a lava lake right now
[22:02] <Cor_Kaitos> Have you blacked out, Trise?
[22:02] <Trisemigistus> while drunk? once
[22:02] <Trisemigistus> while high? once
[22:02] <Trisemigistus> I learn from it and avoid it in the future.
[22:03] <Trisemigistus> gg
[22:03] <Cor_Kaitos> I used to have an aversion to any kind of mind-alterning drug.
[22:03] <silverdrakon1797> fuck
[22:03] <Cor_Kaitos> But now I find it fascinating (not abusively)
[22:03] <Trisemigistus> where were you?
[22:03] <Trisemigistus> I want to try DMT.
[22:03] <Trisemigistus> that's it, though.
[22:04] <silverdrakon1797> tp me to the ground under islands plz
[22:05] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[22:05] <Trisemigistus> you remind me of my old friend jeem
[22:06] <Cor_Kaitos> How so?
[22:06] <Trisemigistus> Are you jeem?
[22:06] <Cor_Kaitos> ?
[22:06] <Trisemigistus> no i guess not.
[22:06] <Trisemigistus> He was in college for astronomy.
[22:06] <Trisemigistus> liked big builds and technical stuff.
[22:06] <Trisemigistus> smart guy
[22:07] <Trisemigistus> that's one thing I hate about this game, is the loss of friends
[22:07] <Trisemigistus> I apologize if I don't get to know you too well.
[22:07] <Trisemigistus> with you leaving at some point i dont want to get too close and then lose another.
[22:08] <Baivo> Alex shut ur whore mouth
[22:08] <Trisemigistus> FUCK A DUCK BAIVO
[22:08] <Cor_Kaitos> I got close to someone online before.
[22:08] <Cor_Kaitos> Didn't end well.
[22:08] <silverdrakon1797> no
[22:08] <silverdrakon1797> no
[22:08] <Cor_Kaitos> By the way, I thought of a way to prevent my bridge from getting covered in snow.
[22:08] <Trisemigistus> oh?
[22:09] <Baivo> §fFUS RO DAH!
[22:09] <Cor_Kaitos> Replacing the gray wool on the road with carpet only slightly raises its height,
[22:09] <Cor_Kaitos> but retains the texture and snow can't fall on it.
[22:09] <Trisemigistus> gray carpet?
[22:09] <Cor_Kaitos> Yes.
[22:09] <Baivo> Trise do me a flavour
[22:09] <Trisemigistus> no
[22:09] <Baivo> k
[22:09] <Trisemigistus> wat do you want women
[22:09] <Baivo> My Tesla blaster
[22:09] <silverdrakon1797> no
[22:09] <Baivo> I need another copy
[22:09] <silverdrakon1797> no
[22:09] <silverdrakon1797> plz
[22:09] <Baivo> My main got deleted
[22:10] <Trisemigistus> alright
[22:10] <silverdrakon1797> dont hurt me
[22:10] <Trisemigistus> let me do this
[22:10] <Trisemigistus> then ill be over.
[22:10] <Trisemigistus> 171:7
[22:11] <Baivo> >/crackshot give baivo tesla_blaster 1
[22:11] <Baivo> ithink
[22:11] <Trisemigistus> "no weapon matches 'tesla_blaster'"
[22:11] <Baivo> One sec
[22:12] <Cor_Kaitos> :D
[22:12] <Baivo> >/crackshot give baivo tesla_blast 1
[22:12] <Baivo> Cheers bby
[22:12] <Trisemigistus> did you just want the middle section?
[22:12] <Cor_Kaitos> The sides as well.
[22:13] <Baivo> Also i need an admin task done when you're done hel;ing katie if u can pls
[22:13] <Baivo> Alex we're going to war
[22:13] <Trisemigistus> maybe
[22:13] <silverdrakon1797> wat
[22:13] <silverdrakon1797> wot
[22:13] <silverdrakon1797> 0.o
[22:14] <Trisemigistus> What is thine bidding, Bivio
[22:14] <Baivo> >/manuaddv silverdrakon1797 prefix §b
[22:14] <Baivo> He's a skymage
[22:14] <Baivo> Should have the colour of one
[22:14] <silverdrakon1797> umm
[22:14] <silverdrakon1797> what is hapining?
[22:14] <Cor_Kaitos> Summon the fleet to the far side of the forest moon.
[22:14] <Baivo> Ur getting ur colors
[22:15] <Cor_Kaitos> There it will stay..
[22:15] <Cor_Kaitos> Until called upon.
[22:15] <Trisemigistus> command faile
[22:15] <Trisemigistus> d
[22:15] <Baivo> Wait
[22:15] <Trisemigistus> review your arguments
[22:15] <Baivo> Tits
[22:15] <Baivo> >/manuaddv silverdrakon1797 prefix &b
[22:15] <Baivo> Color codes dissapeared
[22:15] <Baivo> Forgot the extra &
[22:15] <silverdrakon1797> *runs to corner and hides*
[22:15] <Trisemigistus> 'prefix group does not exist'
[22:15] <Baivo> What
[22:15] <silverdrakon1797> what is going on?
[22:16] <Trisemigistus> death
[22:16] <Trisemigistus> thats what
[22:16] <Trisemigistus> done
[22:16] <Trisemigistus> silver?
[22:16] <silverdrakon1797> ye?
[22:16] <Trisemigistus> ye
[22:16] <Baivo> gg no re
[22:16] <Trisemigistus> what an abominable place
[22:16] <silverdrakon1797> im so confusled
[22:16] <Baivo> Truly ugly
[22:16] <Trisemigistus> using netherrack in such a disgusting manner
[22:17] <Baivo> I have plan
[22:17] <Trisemigistus> fill it with tnt?
[22:17] <Baivo> Done
[22:17] <Baivo> dun touch
[22:17] <Baivo> It's the troll TNT
[22:17] <Baivo> brb
[22:17] <Trisemigistus> ahaha
[22:17] <Trisemigistus> yes that glorious stuff
[22:17] <Trisemigistus> Knowing the prude, he'll fall for it.
[22:18] <Cor_Kaitos> Who's the prude?
[22:18] <Trisemigistus> xXXaeroscytheXx
[22:18] <Trisemigistus> or whatever his name is
[22:20] * _Remington (_Remington@_Remington) has joined #main
[22:20] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[22:20] <Trisemigistus> O.o
[22:20] <_Remington> Hey!
[22:20] <Trisemigistus> this forest is on fire, baivo
[22:20] <Trisemigistus> also hi
[22:22] * _Remington (_Remington@§9_Remington§r) Quit (§e_Remington left the game.)
[22:22] * _Remington (_Remington@_Remington) has joined #main
[22:23] <silverdrakon1797> um hai
[22:23] <Trisemigistus> hi
[22:23] <Baivo> I had a shower
[22:23] <Trisemigistus> and you didnt tell me?
[22:23] <Trisemigistus> rude
[22:23] <Baivo> Also, what is it with grandparents and fresh air
[22:23] <Baivo> The air is fresh enough in my bedroom
[22:23] <Trisemigistus> they dont like robots
[22:23] <Cor_Kaitos> In my experience grandparents maintain their house temperature at approximately
[22:24] <Cor_Kaitos> 1 million degrees.
[22:24] <Cor_Kaitos> With windows closed.
[22:24] <_Remington> Lol
[22:24] <Baivo> Alex no
[22:24] <Baivo> I'm naked
[22:24] <_Remington> Thanks m9
[22:24] <Trisemigistus> I WANNA SEE
[22:24] <Trisemigistus> uh
[22:24] <Trisemigistus> i mean
[22:24] <Trisemigistus> uh
[22:24] <Trisemigistus> yeah
[22:24] <_Remington> Ha gay!
[22:24] <Baivo> Riri has the nudes, i told you that
[22:24] <Baivo> Go bother her
[22:24] <Trisemigistus> give me her skype
[22:24] <Baivo> Also alex, what's with the skype profile pic
[22:24] <Baivo> ar u a fury
[22:25] <Cor_Kaitos> This got... homoerotic.
[22:25] <Baivo> Skype name is literally cutierhiannon
[22:25] <Baivo> At least one person on this server right now is homosexual
[22:26] <Baivo> What do you expect
[22:26] <Trisemigistus> HES DEAD
[22:26] <Trisemigistus> deal with it
[22:26] <Baivo> han shit first
[22:26] <Baivo> 7/11 was a part time job
[22:26] <Baivo> Imperial blasters can't melt steel beams
[22:27] <Trisemigistus> your dick is so small its needs a microscope.
[22:27] <Cor_Kaitos> http://i.imgur com/JXKRh jpg
[22:27] <Baivo> You jerk it with an electron microscope and a pair of tweezers
[22:27] <Cor_Kaitos> Don't think that worked.
[22:27] <Cor_Kaitos> I give up.
[22:27] <_Remington> Kinky
[22:27] <Baivo> ur dic is so small ant man would have to squint
[22:27] <Baivo> ayyyy lmso
[22:27] <Baivo> lmao
[22:28] <Trisemigistus> yo mama so fat she jumped and the earth flew out of orbit
[22:29] <Trisemigistus> im reaching that point.
[22:29] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@TheStrelok) has joined #main
[22:29] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[22:29] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[22:29] <TheStrelok> hallo
[22:33] <Baivo> I'M BACK I PROMISE
[22:34] <Baivo> u guys love melons
[22:34] <Cor_Kaitos> In a sense, yes.
[22:34] <Baivo> lel
[22:36] <Baivo> SO it's like 24 minutes until snowbrawl is supposed to start
[22:36] <Baivo> Y'all partaking?
[22:36] <Baivo> There's prizes
[22:37] <Baivo> You know you want to
[22:37] <Cor_Kaitos> What kinds of prizes?
[22:37] * _Remington (_Remington@§9_Remington§r) Quit (§e_Remington left the game.)
[22:37] <Baivo> magic stuff
[22:43] * _Remington (_Remington@_Remington) has joined #main
[22:43] <Baivo> Aaaaand we're officially at war
[22:43] <TheStrelok> who is
[22:43] <TheStrelok> which factions
[22:43] <Baivo> Skymages Vs. Valekye
[22:43] <TheStrelok> ok
[22:45] * _Remington (_Remington@§9_Remington§r) Quit (§e_Remington left the game.)
[22:45] <Baivo> rip
[22:45] * _Remington (_Remington@_Remington) has joined #main
[22:47] <Baivo> brb
[22:48] <TheStrelok> brb
[22:48] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@§9TheStrelok§r) Quit (§eTheStrelok left the game.)
[22:50] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@TheStrelok) has joined #main
[22:51] * TheStrelok (TheStrelok@§9TheStrelok§r) Quit (§eTheStrelok left the game.)
[22:53] * silverdrakon1797 was kicked from #main by Server
[22:53] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@§bsilverdrakon1797§r) Quit (§esilverdrakon1797 left the game.)
[22:54] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[22:54] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[22:55] <Dengar708> bloop
[22:55] <Baivo> 5 minutes
[22:55] <Baivo> And we have 3 people
[22:56] <Dengar708> also baivo for hits just do /bounty
[22:56] <Baivo> Looks like you may win by default again deng :/
[22:56] <Baivo> Can we do that now?
[22:56] <Dengar708> for hiring my faction just tell me
[22:56] <Dengar708> yeah
[22:57] <Dengar708> damnit hj
[22:57] <Baivo> HOly shit fire
[22:57] <Baivo> Calm down
[22:57] <Dengar708> ?
[22:57] <Baivo> >/baltop
[22:57] <Dengar708> I doubt that was all legitimate
[22:58] <Baivo> What i was thinking
[22:58] <Baivo> Does he still have creatice?
[22:58] <Baivo> *creative
[22:58] <Dengar708> no idea as of current
[22:58] <Dengar708> I have made all my money off Peppy
[22:59] <Dengar708> because Peppy keeps paying me from things
[22:59] <Baivo> I'm in the process of moving bavk to survival now actually
[22:59] <Baivo> Too many peeps have creative
[22:59] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[22:59] <Baivo> wb
[22:59] <Cor_Kaitos> Thanks.
[23:01] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[23:02] <Dengar708> Baivo can you give me a hand for a second?
[23:02] <Baivo> With?
[23:02] <Dengar708> fixing a river
[23:02] <Baivo> Uno momento
[23:02] <Dengar708> because hj randomly placed sponge in it
[23:03] <Baivo> tp lag
[23:03] <Baivo> One sec
[23:03] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[23:03] <hjmck123> poo
[23:03] <Dengar708> hj pls
[23:04] <hjmck123> its bootiful
[23:04] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[23:04] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[23:04] <Baivo> You need to update the sponge water
[23:04] <Baivo> Give me some blocks
[23:05] <Baivo> Give me some blocks
[23:05] <Baivo> oops
[23:05] <Baivo> lel
[23:05] <hjmck123> but le art
[23:06] <Dengar708> hj grizz will hurt you
[23:06] <hjmck123> ill bite her
[23:06] <Baivo> Good nuff
[23:06] <Dengar708> she has
[23:06] <Dengar708> a flamethrower
[23:06] <Dengar708> maybe
[23:06] <hjmck123> i have
[23:06] <hjmck123> teeth
[23:06] <Baivo> hj
[23:06] <Baivo> take this
[23:07] <Baivo> i dun want it
[23:07] <Cor_Kaitos> I have teeth too.
[23:07] <Cor_Kaitos> What are the chances.
[23:07] <Dengar708> 23.5%
[23:07] <hjmck123> teeth shooter
[23:07] <hjmck123> gg
[23:07] <Dengar708> baivo we going to start soon?
[23:07] <Baivo> We dun have people
[23:07] <hjmck123> Q. wut is the snow thingy
[23:07] <Baivo> Anyone here want to do the snowbrawl
[23:08] <Dengar708> o/
[23:08] <Baivo> Say chickun
[23:08] <hjmck123> bok
[23:08] <Dengar708> chickun
[23:08] <hjmck123> ^
[23:08] <Baivo> u 2 can duke it out
[23:08] <Dengar708> hj if you hit me
[23:08] <Dengar708> you will asplode
[23:08] <Dengar708> oh
[23:08] <Dengar708> I dun have right hat on
[23:08] <hjmck123> gg
[23:09] <Baivo> Empty all inv and use all levels
[23:09] <Baivo> One of you will die
[23:09] <Dengar708> hit meh
[23:09] <Dengar708> I dare you
[23:09] <hjmck123> 1 sec
[23:09] * Baivo was kicked from #main by Server
[23:09] * Baivo (Baivo@§bBaivo§r) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[23:10] <Dengar708> also hj
[23:10] <Dengar708> we have an enchantment table
[23:10] <hjmck123> 2lazy2everUse
[23:10] <hjmck123> bam1
[23:10] <hjmck123> shrekd
[23:11] <Dengar708> I got
[23:11] <Dengar708> an unarmed level
[23:11] <Dengar708> from you hitting me
[23:11] <hjmck123> gg
[23:11] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iMHvi/7a247fba0a.png
[23:13] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[23:13] <Baivo> stoopid
[23:13] <Dengar708> ninjafied
[23:13] <Dengar708> will be here
[23:13] <Dengar708> in 7mins
[23:13] <hjmck123> is a hotdog
[23:13] <Dengar708> or something
[23:13] <Dengar708> damnit
[23:13] <Dengar708> perma not speed is slow
[23:13] <Baivo> Katie, want to join?
[23:14] <Baivo> Remington, want to join?
[23:14] <Dengar708> baivo do you have foods
[23:14] <_Remington> join what?
[23:14] <Baivo> Yes
[23:14] <Baivo> The snowbrawl
[23:14] <Cor_Kaitos> Orgy?
[23:14] <Cor_Kaitos> Oh.
[23:14] <hjmck123> how 2 play snowbrawl
[23:14] <_Remington> ^
[23:14] <Baivo> I wil tech
[23:14] <Baivo> just get here
[23:14] <Dengar708> we try to beat eachother
[23:14] <Dengar708> off a tower
[23:14] <Dengar708> it seems
[23:15] <Baivo> We can do this the long way or the sudden death way
[23:15] <Baivo> Long way is more fun
[23:15] <Baivo> But sudden death is intense
[23:15] <Cor_Kaitos> Or we try to beat eachother's towers off.
[23:15] <Baivo> ^
[23:15] <hjmck123> ;P
[23:15] <_Remington> Gr8 banter m8
[23:15] <Baivo> You've been hanging around trise too long
[23:15] <Baivo> SO WHICH IS IT
[23:15] <Baivo> Long way or sudden death way
[23:15] <Dengar708> why not both
[23:15] <Dengar708> one round of each
[23:15] <Baivo> Because it dun work like that
[23:16] <Dengar708> can't we get someone to copypasta
[23:16] <Dengar708> and have a second one c:
[23:16] <Dengar708> also just explain how this works
[23:16] <Dengar708> and feed us q-q
[23:16] <Baivo> Everyone get in
[23:16] <Cor_Kaitos> Have fun.
[23:16] <Baivo> Stay on top floor
[23:16] <Cor_Kaitos> I gtg.
[23:16] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[23:17] <Baivo> out
[23:17] <hjmck123> shrekd
[23:17] <Baivo> That was my survival inv
[23:17] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[23:17] <Baivo> lel
[23:17] <Baivo> You'll get that back
[23:17] <Baivo> We wait for deng
[23:17] <Baivo> Here's some food
[23:18] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[23:18] <Baivo> Food in the unlocked chest deng
[23:18] <Baivo> So this is how snowbrawl works
[23:18] <Baivo> Listen up
[23:18] <Dengar708> mm
[23:18] <Baivo> The game starts on the top floor, which is here
[23:19] <Baivo> When i say pepperoni, you will begin
[23:19] <Baivo> Basically, you have a few aims
[23:19] <Dengar708> I see this has anti drop
[23:19] <Baivo> Knock other people to the lower levels or off the tower
[23:19] <Baivo> Do not use fists, you must use snowballs
[23:19] <hjmck123> wut u mean few aims
[23:19] <Dengar708> we do a few things
[23:19] <Baivo> Objectives
[23:19] <Baivo> Missions
[23:19] <Baivo> Goals
[23:19] <hjmck123> oh
[23:19] <Dengar708> do snowballs do any damage?
[23:19] <Baivo> You must stay on a high level of the tower
[23:19] <Baivo> No
[23:20] <Baivo> When i call cheeseburger, the game ends
[23:20] <Baivo> If you are on the top level, this level, at the end, you lose
[23:20] <Dengar708> so we aim to be on second floor?
[23:20] <Baivo> The person last standing, and on the highest level of the tower besides htis one, wins
[23:20] <hjmck123> so
[23:20] <Baivo> Aim for the floor below me
[23:20] <Dengar708> or be not dead
[23:20] <hjmck123> can we just
[23:20] <Baivo> Right
[23:20] <hjmck123> walk down
[23:21] <Baivo> Deng did you get ur food
[23:21] <Dengar708> ye
[23:21] <Baivo> Stand on a redstone block
[23:21] <Baivo> Your own one
[23:21] <Dengar708> can i take it home
[23:21] <Dengar708> later
[23:21] <Baivo> You all get how this works?
[23:21] <Dengar708> so what mode are we doing?
[23:21] <Baivo> Standard
[23:21] <Dengar708> mmk
[23:21] <hjmck123> but
[23:21] <hjmck123> how do we
[23:21] <Dengar708> any other limitations?
[23:21] <Baivo> This will last for 10-15 minutes
[23:21] <hjmck123> go down floors
[23:21] <Dengar708> might need
[23:21] <Baivo> Hj, jump
[23:21] <Dengar708> more food then
[23:22] <Dengar708> I was under the assumptio nit would be like 5mins
[23:22] <Dengar708> assumption it*
[23:22] <Baivo> There will be environmental hazards added
[23:22] <Baivo> It may go shorter
[23:22] <Baivo> Depends
[23:22] <Dengar708> mmk
[23:22] <Baivo> We ready?
[23:22] <Baivo> ANy other questions?
[23:22] <Dengar708> sure
[23:22] <Baivo> 3
[23:22] <Baivo> 2
[23:22] <_Remington> Great banter
[23:22] <Baivo> 1
[23:22] <Baivo> pepperoni
[23:23] <hjmck123> will there b timer till end
[23:23] <Baivo> yes
[23:23] <Baivo> Me
[23:23] <Baivo> I am timer
[23:24] <Dengar708> dat lag
[23:24] <hjmck123> :O
[23:24] <Baivo> Rekt
[23:25] <Dengar708> I call BAS
[23:25] <Dengar708> BS*
[23:25] <Dengar708> I was literally lagging to the point he wasn't moving :L
[23:25] <Dengar708> and he was just camping a wall
[23:25] <Dengar708> should of just started without walls baivo
[23:25] <Baivo> Maybe
[23:25] <hjmck123> lol
[23:25] <Baivo> CHEESEBURGER
[23:25] <Dengar708> and you directly targeted me baivo
[23:26] <Baivo> OI
[23:26] <Dengar708> you pretty much removed the whole area I was
[23:26] <Baivo> No i gave both of you holes in ur walls
[23:26] <Dengar708> I had no floor or wall
[23:26] <Dengar708> he had a hole half way up the wall
[23:26] <Baivo> You both had floor and wall holes
[23:27] <Baivo> Oi
[23:27] <Baivo> Both stand on the middle block
[23:27] <hjmck123> r we do final thigy?
[23:27] <Baivo> Redstone now
[23:27] <Baivo> One each
[23:27] <Baivo> Sudden death
[23:27] <Dengar708> lag is so bad :L
[23:27] <Baivo> May you rip in pepperoni
[23:27] <Baivo> 3
[23:27] <Baivo> 2
[23:27] <Baivo> 1
[23:27] <Baivo> GO
[23:27] <Dengar708> Baivo the difference was this
[23:27] <Dengar708> his hole is on wall
[23:27] <Dengar708> mine is at the edge
[23:27] <Baivo> i saw deng
[23:28] <_Remington> Gg wp
[23:28] <hjmck123> do get cookie?
[23:28] <Dengar708> and you also WEed it out from under me
[23:28] <hjmck123> yey
[23:28] <Baivo> Life in unfair i'm afraid
[23:28] <hjmck123> kookay
[23:28] <Baivo> Ee can do best out of 3
[23:28] <Dengar708> that is favouritism in a game
[23:28] <Baivo> Or do a sudden death round as wll
[23:29] <_Remington> Ty mlg m8
[23:29] <Baivo> Ok, that was a practice round
[23:29] <Baivo> lel
[23:29] <Baivo> We'll do sudden death to determine rankings
[23:29] <Dengar708> I would suggest if you want to do the traps
[23:29] <Baivo> Do them before
[23:29] <Baivo> ik
[23:29] <Dengar708> change wall parts to different blocks
[23:29] <Dengar708> then just change them with world edit
[23:30] <hjmck123> or decayin leaves
[23:30] <Dengar708> then you can remove chunks instantly
[23:30] <Baivo> uguysredy
[23:30] <Dengar708> I see an issue here
[23:30] <Dengar708> we have ot punch to start
[23:30] <Baivo> Sudden death
[23:30] <_Remington> Ready!
[23:30] <Baivo> 3
[23:30] <Baivo> 2
[23:30] <Baivo> melon
[23:30] <Baivo> GO
[23:31] <_Remington> Really hard not to melee
[23:31] <Baivo> Sudden death
[23:31] <Baivo> It's allowed during normal game as well
[23:31] <Baivo> But you have bandages
[23:31] <_Remington> Wow
[23:31] <Baivo> In normal game that is
[23:32] <Dengar708> I am technically still alive?
[23:32] <Baivo> Yes
[23:32] <hjmck123> im higher tho
[23:32] <Baivo> Continue fighting
[23:32] <Dengar708> that is top floor
[23:32] <Baivo> Duke it hj
[23:33] <Baivo> lel
[23:33] <Baivo> get duked
[23:34] <Baivo> Those recoveries deng
[23:34] <Baivo> Noice
[23:34] <Baivo> REKT
[23:34] <Dengar708> damn
[23:34] <hjmck123> lel
[23:34] <Dengar708> down the whole pit
[23:34] <Baivo> You literally fell through all 4 holes
[23:34] <Dengar708> I did not
[23:34] <Dengar708> expect that far
[23:34] <hjmck123> they all same spot
[23:34] <Baivo> They really aren't
[23:34] <Dengar708> they move out about 4 blocks
[23:34] <Dengar708> gg hj
[23:35] <Baivo> So rem gets 2 points
[23:35] <Baivo> Hj 3
[23:35] <Baivo> Deng 4
[23:35] <Baivo> You all get to keep your snowball launchers
[23:35] <Dengar708> so I am on like 10 points then?
[23:35] <Dengar708> :L
[23:35] <hjmck123> gg
[23:35] <Baivo> My PvP thing couldnt have counted
[23:35] <Dengar708> I think I have the compatheon in the bag atm
[23:35] <hjmck123> wut did i get 4 buildcomp
[23:35] <Dengar708> aww
[23:35] <Baivo> Sorry
[23:35] <_Remington> Nice one, We'll meme'd hjmck
[23:35] <Dengar708> you got 2 hj
[23:36] <hjmck123> memed?
[23:36] <_Remington> I tip my hat to you Sir
[23:36] <hjmck123> :O
[23:36] <Dengar708> acutually 3
[23:36] <hjmck123> fancy language
[23:36] <Dengar708> actually*
[23:36] <Baivo> hj got 3
[23:36] <hjmck123> fancy fedora
[23:36] <Baivo> Wait
[23:36] <Baivo> Oh
[23:36] <Baivo> nvm
[23:36] <Baivo> I stop
[23:37] <Baivo> cuppeh has added it to the totals
[23:37] <Dengar708> hmm that is interesting
[23:37] <Dengar708> anyways Baivo
[23:37] <_Remington> Is the game over?
[23:37] <Baivo> Yes
[23:37] <Dengar708> you should put the bounty up
[23:37] <Dengar708> e/ec
[23:37] <Dengar708> my fingers are freezing
[23:37] <hjmck123> same
[23:37] <_Remington> Baivo can I have my items back please?
[23:38] <Dengar708> do you know where you landed?
[23:38] <Dengar708> or did you give to him?
[23:39] <Baivo> He has it all
[23:39] <Dengar708> no sneaky hj tarps
[23:39] <Dengar708> hj can has prize c:
[23:39] <Baivo> So deng, if you do win, what chu gunna claim as prize
[23:39] <hjmck123> is it
[23:39] <hjmck123> a keyboard
[23:39] <hjmck123> with a heater
[23:39] <hjmck123> in it
[23:40] <Dengar708> where is the prize list
[23:40] <Baivo> On the thing, but i can list here
[23:40] <Baivo> OI
[23:41] <_Remington> i didn't know sir!@
[23:41] <Dengar708> rip
[23:41] <Baivo> get fisted
[23:41] <Baivo> R.I.P fluffykins
[23:41] <hjmck123> :0
[23:42] <Baivo> wat u doin in my crak den
[23:42] <_Remington> You're a wizard! You can recreate Flufflykins into a war machine!
[23:42] <hjmck123> sittin
[23:42] <Baivo> He was a war machine
[23:42] <Baivo> Let's play strip poker
[23:42] <hjmck123> i already got no clothes
[23:42] <Baivo> ohyeah
[23:42] <Dengar708> gg
[23:42] <_Remington> He won
[23:42] <Baivo> i win
[23:42] <hjmck123> i got armour tho
[23:43] <Baivo> magic
[23:43] <Dengar708> Where do I find the list baivo D:
[23:43] <Baivo> Magic diamomd
[23:43] <hjmck123> burn it
[23:43] <Baivo> http://stoneburnergaming.com/Thread-The-story-comp-and-additional-info-about-the-compathon
[23:43] <Dengar708> steam
[23:43] <_Remington> That's no magic! It's a shop!
[23:44] <Dengar708> dun have use for others
[23:44] <Baivo> Shiz
[23:44] <hjmck123> oh
[23:44] <Baivo> That costs me extra lel
[23:44] <Baivo> All g
[23:44] <hjmck123> do i need write a story
[23:44] <Baivo> no
[23:44] <_Remington> He's a fraud!
[23:44] <Baivo> That comp is over
[23:44] <hjmck123> oh
[23:44] <hjmck123> gg
[23:44] <hjmck123> who won dat
[23:44] <Baivo> Trise
[23:44] <Dengar708> I dun use google play or itunes
[23:44] <Dengar708> so basically I can't use either
[23:44] <Baivo> I could give you paypal $$
[23:44] <Baivo> if u wan
[23:44] <Baivo> Or steam
[23:44] <Baivo> ur choice
[23:44] <Dengar708> dun have paypal q-q
[23:44] <Baivo> rood
[23:45] <hjmck123> tldr
[23:46] <Baivo> lel
[23:46] <Dengar708> baivo you may want these c:
[23:46] <Baivo> dukes
[23:46] <hjmck123> y is dongar
[23:46] <Dengar708> considering you won't be using 001 armour for the war
[23:46] <hjmck123> is the floor
[23:46] <hjmck123> in
[23:47] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[23:47] <hjmck123> gg
[23:47] <Baivo> We broke him
[23:47] <hjmck123> when pvp
[23:48] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[23:48] <hjmck123> meow meow
[23:48] <Trisemigistus> ohmagerd, it's hj
[23:48] <Baivo> http://gyazo.com/02593d9bb9f04dad6f86c8862f1cfe44
[23:49] <hjmck123> yay upside down
[23:49] <Baivo> Oh wow
[23:49] <Trisemigistus> allo
[23:49] <Baivo> If you make your screen negative, cobble looks like endstone
[23:50] <Trisemigistus> cheap bastards.
[23:50] <Baivo> Trise play strip poker with me
[23:50] <Baivo> C'mere
[23:51] <Trisemigistus> only irl
[23:51] <Baivo> Play your hand
[23:51] <Trisemigistus> what do i do
[23:51] <Baivo> Play your hand
[23:51] <Baivo> You sunk my battleship
[23:52] <Baivo> Also i came up with an idea for a new game
[23:52] <Trisemigistus> yeah?
[23:52] <Baivo> Yes
[23:52] <hjmck123> pokemon?
[23:52] <Trisemigistus> that reminds me of the old chess set i had on classic.
[23:52] <Trisemigistus> i should make one here.
[23:53] <Trisemigistus> so what's this game and how do we play.
[23:53] <Trisemigistus> shhh lockette
[23:53] <Baivo> Tp to me
[23:53] <Baivo> And get out of my chest
[23:53] <Trisemigistus> nou
[23:53] <Baivo> Sit on the stairs
[23:53] <Baivo> Ok
[23:53] <Trisemigistus> is this musical chairs
[23:53] <Baivo> We're going to pkay five questions
[23:53] <Baivo> You have 5 questions to guess the item inside these stairs
[23:53] <Baivo> Go
[23:54] <Baivo> Same rules as 20 questions
[23:54] <Trisemigistus> hm
[23:54] <Trisemigistus> is it a tool
[23:54] <Baivo> No
[23:54] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[23:54] <hjmck123> dongars dying
[23:55] <Trisemigistus> is it an ore
[23:55] <Baivo> No
[23:55] <Trisemigistus> is it a custom item
[23:55] <Baivo> No
[23:55] <Dengar708> can I try after c:
[23:55] <Trisemigistus> is it nothing
[23:55] <Baivo> No
[23:55] <Trisemigistus> is it cake
[23:55] <Baivo> No
[23:55] <Trisemigistus> thats 5
[23:55] <Baivo> Last guess as to what it is
[23:56] <Trisemigistus> hm
[23:56] <Trisemigistus> idk
[23:56] <Dengar708> mm
[23:56] <Dengar708> I want to play this c:
[23:56] <Trisemigistus> 5 is too short imo
[23:56] <Baivo> it was redstone dust
[23:56] <Trisemigistus> im gonna go make a chess set.
[23:56] <Dengar708> I think 10 would be best
[23:56] <Dengar708> baivo catch
[23:56] <Baivo> Sounds good
[23:56] <hjmck123> ynot21
[23:57] <Baivo> Kinky!
[23:57] <Dengar708> will be useful for your survival
[23:57] <Dengar708> and by that I mean being in survival
[23:57] <Baivo> Cheers m8!
[23:57] <Dengar708> they are just left overs
[23:57] <Dengar708> from when I was testing
[23:57] <Dengar708> and advancing
[23:58] <Dengar708> hat is 2.5x weaker
[23:58] <Dengar708> than what is used normally
[23:58] <Dengar708> but allows you to do most things fine
[23:58] <Dengar708> I would also suggest getting some prot 4 stuff
[23:58] <Dengar708> and the boost only works on non weapons
[23:59] <Dengar708> and fists
[23:59] <Trisemigistus> so, rook, bishop, knight, king and queen

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