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IRC Log for #main.2015-06-29

Timestamps are in GMT/BST.

[0:00] <ejano> aw
[0:00] <Dengar708> rip
[0:00] <Trisemigistus> dammit
[0:00] <Trisemigistus> ejano make sure you come back
[0:00] <Trisemigistus> this rooms almost done
[0:00] <ejano> Woo!
[0:00] <ejano> I made an enderchest for the very first time
[0:00] <Dengar708> gg
[0:00] <Dengar708> but /ec
[0:00] <Trisemigistus> noice
[0:00] <Trisemigistus> i dont think i ever have
[0:00] <ejano> ec?
[0:00] <Dengar708> do it
[0:00] <Trisemigistus> NOICE
[0:01] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[0:01] <Trisemigistus> FIRST
[0:01] <Trisemigistus> not that it matters.
[0:03] <Trisemigistus> damnit ejano
[0:03] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[0:03] <Trisemigistus> yay
[0:03] <Trisemigistus> your back
[0:04] <Trisemigistus> wat
[0:04] <ejano> I feel like, /ec is cheatsidoodles
[0:04] <Trisemigistus> hm
[0:04] <Trisemigistus> a little
[0:04] <Trisemigistus> it's like extre inventory.
[0:05] <ejano> instead of carrying the box tho
[0:07] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main
[0:07] <ejano> hey!
[0:07] <Trisemigistus> hi server
[0:07] <Arberax> Hello
[0:08] <ejano> =P
[0:08] <ejano> is this rob?
[0:08] <Trisemigistus> there's a ladder down there
[0:08] <ejano> :o
[0:08] <ejano> bunnies
[0:08] <ejano> hang on im lagging
[0:09] <Trisemigistus> go say hi to the bunnies
[0:09] * RobereStarkk (RobereStarkk@RobereStarkk) has joined #main
[0:09] <ejano> let me just
[0:09] <ejano> eat these eyes
[0:09] <RobereStarkk> creepy
[0:09] <ejano> :O
[0:09] <ejano> they're all called
[0:09] <ejano> ejano
[0:09] <Trisemigistus> mhm
[0:09] <ejano> I need a yellow
[0:09] <ejano> bunny
[0:09] <RobereStarkk> double-creepy
[0:10] <Trisemigistus> go flip the switch, gives them treats
[0:10] <ejano> is this the part I get squished?
[0:10] <ejano> ok
[0:10] <ejano> flipping switch
[0:10] <ejano> to
[0:10] <ejano> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvglqc3QYq8&index=5
[0:10] <ejano> this song
[0:10] <ejano> 3
[0:10] <ejano> 2
[0:10] <ejano> 1
[0:10] <ejano> D:
[0:11] <ejano> how did I know
[0:11] <ejano> §ffus
[0:11] <ejano> NO
[0:11] <ejano> dangit
[0:11] <Trisemigistus> :3
[0:11] <ejano> I fooled around and fell
[0:11] <ejano> in loooove
[0:11] <Trisemigistus> this is in the mountains, so now you have a lava torture room
[0:11] <Trisemigistus> enjoy
[0:12] <ejano> rightio
[0:12] <ejano> is fire spread on:
[0:12] <ejano> ?
[0:12] <Trisemigistus> yes
[0:12] <ejano> soo will the ladders die?
[0:12] <Trisemigistus> uhm
[0:12] <Trisemigistus> idk
[0:12] <Trisemigistus> but its late here
[0:12] <Trisemigistus> and im off to sleepy time
[0:12] <ejano> k byes
[0:12] <Trisemigistus> oh
[0:12] <Trisemigistus> before i go
[0:13] <Trisemigistus> what do you want on a nametag
[0:13] <ejano> uh
[0:14] * Arberax (Arberax@§3Arberax§r) Quit (§eArberax left the game.)
[0:14] <ejano> Rocinante
[0:14] <ejano> that one
[0:14] <ejano> couldn't find the spelling
[0:15] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[0:15] <RobereStarkk> 'lo Denny-chan
[0:15] <ejano> :D
[0:15] <ejano> thxx
[0:15] <Trisemigistus> and two with your name.
[0:15] <ejano> lol
[0:15] <Trisemigistus> gnight everyone.
[0:15] <Dengar708> hey
[0:15] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[0:15] <ejano> ohai
[0:15] <Dengar708> what is happening ejano
[0:16] <ejano> adventure time
[0:16] <ejano> dem skittles
[0:16] <Dengar708> don't touch rob
[0:16] <RobereStarkk> ^
[0:16] <Dengar708> he is a porcupine
[0:16] <RobereStarkk> I love skittles
[0:16] <Dengar708> so where we adventure to?
[0:16] <ejano> north east
[0:17] <ejano> but out of this area first
[0:17] <Dengar708> I am in a desert
[0:17] <ejano> yes
[0:17] <Dengar708> ejano hates rabbits
[0:17] <ejano> noo D:
[0:17] <RobereStarkk> Oh
[0:17] <RobereStarkk> I'll kill it then
[0:17] <Dengar708> you keep hitting them with skittles
[0:18] <ejano> I need dis one
[0:18] <Dengar708> into the rabbit pit it goes
[0:18] <ejano> si
[0:18] <Dengar708> spanish?
[0:19] <ejano> ye
[0:19] <Dengar708> should of said si there
[0:19] <ejano> si
[0:19] <ejano> =P
[0:19] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[0:19] <RobereStarkk> ohwow
[0:19] <RobereStarkk> this is a nice cave
[0:20] <ejano> I hear splosions
[0:20] <ejano> rob you're not blowing up my land are you -.O
[0:20] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[0:20] <RobereStarkk> Technically I'm blowing up the holes that already exist underneath it
[0:20] <ejano> but, are you making the holes bigger?
[0:20] <RobereStarkk> nah
[0:20] <Dengar708> ??
[0:20] <ejano> ok goodo
[0:21] <Dengar708> I am a transformer
[0:22] <ejano> o.o
[0:22] <ejano> lol
[0:23] <ejano> here
[0:23] <RobereStarkk> ooh
[0:23] <RobereStarkk> You're very fast
[0:23] <Dengar708> there is so much desert q-q
[0:23] <ejano> yup
[0:23] <ejano> savannah on the other side
[0:24] <Dengar708> then plains
[0:24] <Dengar708> I am at the plains
[0:24] <Dengar708> then forest
[0:24] <ejano> woah look at taht
[0:24] <ejano> cave
[0:24] <ejano> and this
[0:24] <ejano> this is new
[0:26] <Dengar708> what are we looking for
[0:26] <ejano> just going in this general direction
[0:26] <ejano> =P
[0:27] <Dengar708> any end goal?
[0:27] <ejano> to
[0:27] <ejano> kill stuff
[0:27] <ejano> ;P
[0:27] <ejano> and find a donkey
[0:28] <ejano> is that
[0:29] <ejano> high-pitch tink
[0:29] <ejano> your gun thing>
[0:29] <ejano> ?
[0:29] <RobereStarkk> Ay
[0:29] <RobereStarkk> e
[0:29] <Dengar708> lmao?
[0:29] <RobereStarkk> Guns are dangerous :P
[0:30] <Dengar708> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[0:30] <Dengar708> ejano
[0:30] <Dengar708> I reached a swamp
[0:31] <ejano> ye
[0:31] <ejano> we gotta get there
[0:31] <Dengar708> I think I went
[0:31] <Dengar708> too far
[0:33] <Dengar708> I am at some plains
[0:33] <Dengar708> why is this bunny yellowy
[0:34] <Dengar708> did someone pee on it
[0:34] <ejano> :o
[0:34] <RobereStarkk> Guilty
[0:34] <ejano> I need a yellow bunny
[0:34] <Dengar708> I best put it out of its misery then
[0:34] <Dengar708> rob how many did you pee on
[0:34] <Dengar708> I can see at least 3
[0:34] <RobereStarkk> erm
[0:34] <Dengar708> including 2 babies
[0:34] <ejano> D:
[0:34] <RobereStarkk> I dunno I was kinda drunk
[0:34] <RobereStarkk> But I'd say between 20 and 30
[0:35] <ejano> I like this swamp setup
[0:36] <ejano> more like an actual swamp
[0:36] <RobereStarkk> MAH SCHWARMP
[0:37] <ejano> can you put horse armour on donkeys yet>
[0:37] <Dengar708> back
[0:37] <ejano> wb
[0:37] <Dengar708> no you can't
[0:37] <Dengar708> because the donkeys are a pack animal
[0:37] <Dengar708> and you put chests on them
[0:37] <Dengar708> and they carry things
[0:37] <ejano> ye
[0:38] <ejano> but
[0:38] <ejano> :C
[0:38] <ejano> lol
[0:38] <ejano> xD
[0:38] <ejano> for a second there
[0:38] <ejano> I thought you'd done that earlier and I just hadn't noticed
[0:38] <RobereStarkk> lolnah
[0:38] <RobereStarkk> I got tired of waiting for an answer and checked your file
[0:39] <RobereStarkk> and it turns out you were still in CoS from the last time it existed
[0:39] <RobereStarkk> So I gave you a prefix
[0:39] <ejano> rightio
[0:39] <Dengar708> can I get a prefix c:
[0:39] <ejano> what type of things do Cos peoples do
[0:39] <Dengar708> nothing
[0:39] <RobereStarkk> Run around being overpowered and having fun
[0:39] <RobereStarkk> Also what Denny said
[0:40] <ejano> rightio
[0:40] <RobereStarkk> And it's quite possible you can Dengar, but it relies on the results of the poll
[0:41] <RobereStarkk> Which I haven't checked
[0:41] <Dengar708> you were like 1.3 ks from where I walked back from
[0:41] <Dengar708> after I walked for like 2ks
[0:42] <ejano> you mean skittled
[0:42] <ejano> ;P
[0:42] <Dengar708> wow
[0:42] <Dengar708> I am so fast
[0:42] <Dengar708> I can jump this ravine
[0:42] <ejano> 'to skittle along'
[0:42] <ejano> that is a new thing
[0:43] <ejano> :O yellooow
[0:43] <Dengar708> ?
[0:43] <RobereStarkk> Oh great, the poll tied
[0:43] <ejano> bunny
[0:43] <Dengar708> I vote the title things
[0:43] <Dengar708> as I didn't vote
[0:43] <Dengar708> as i can't log on forums q-q
[0:43] <RobereStarkk> lolwat?
[0:43] <RobereStarkk> Why?
[0:44] <Dengar708> black and white blurry bunny?
[0:44] <Dengar708> forgot password
[0:44] <Dengar708> can't reset it
[0:44] <RobereStarkk> Why not?
[0:44] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[0:44] <ejano> ohwait
[0:44] <ejano> how do you
[0:45] <ejano> pick up an enderchest
[0:45] <RobereStarkk> Err, pickaxe?
[0:45] <ejano> but, does it have to be a special pickaxe
[0:45] <ejano> or somethin
[0:45] <RobereStarkk> Dunno, mc wiki it!
[0:45] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[0:45] <ejano> wb
[0:45] <Dengar708> internet went nope
[0:45] <Dengar708> did you get what I said
[0:46] <ejano> I:
[0:46] <ejano> dammit I need a silktouch pick
[0:46] <Dengar708> I got this
[0:46] <ejano> C:
[0:46] <ejano> plz
[0:46] <ejano> can u pick this up
[0:46] <ejano> :D thanks
[0:46] <RobereStarkk> I did not
[0:46] <RobereStarkk> Why can't you reset it?
[0:47] <RobereStarkk> And why don't people tell me these things?
[0:47] <Dengar708> Forgot password and can't reset because captcha is broken
[0:47] <Dengar708> and by broken I mean it doesn't exist
[0:47] <RobereStarkk> define: captcha is broken
[0:47] <RobereStarkk> Ah ty
[0:47] <RobereStarkk> Waitwhat?
[0:47] <Dengar708> doesn't appear
[0:47] <ejano> do slimes still spawnin swamps?
[0:47] <Dengar708> therefor cannot do captcha
[0:47] <Dengar708> yes
[0:48] <RobereStarkk> that's insane
[0:48] <Dengar708> where is the slime
[0:48] <RobereStarkk> You just click 'forgot password'
[0:48] <RobereStarkk> and then put in your email address
[0:48] <RobereStarkk> and it sends you an email
[0:48] <ejano> lol
[0:48] <ejano> accepts any ol email?
[0:48] <Dengar708> before wasn't sending :L
[0:49] <RobereStarkk> ^I fixed that
[0:49] <RobereStarkk> But that's not the error you were complaining about
[0:49] <RobereStarkk> And it does accept any ol email
[0:49] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[0:49] <RobereStarkk> but I imagine it only sends the reset email to an address that is linked to an account it
[0:49] <RobereStarkk> knows about
[0:52] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[0:52] <Dengar708> k got to the problem with there being nocaptcha
[0:52] <Dengar708> can't log in with temp password
[0:52] <Dengar708> as it requires captcha q-q
[0:53] <RobereStarkk> curious
[0:54] <RobereStarkk> I've just successfully reset my password without needing a captcha
[0:54] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[0:54] <ejano> Hey
[0:55] <Dengar708> Hey
[0:55] <RobereStarkk> Ahoy Baiv
[0:55] <RobereStarkk> Dengar, what did you do once you'd gotten the e-mail?
[0:56] <RobereStarkk> Click the link and gotten a randomised password sent to you?
[0:56] <Dengar708> yes
[0:56] <Dengar708> then gone to the side
[0:56] <Dengar708> site*
[0:56] <Dengar708> put in name and the password
[0:57] <Dengar708> then it redirects me
[0:57] <ejano> can someone help me find zombies
[0:57] <Dengar708> to this
[0:57] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iGITP/35e7eeb6b4.png
[0:57] <ejano> I can hear them
[0:57] <Dengar708> and there is no captcha
[0:57] <ejano> but cant find them
[0:57] <Baivo> >//butcher
[0:57] <Dengar708> want to kill or find?
[0:57] <Baivo> Removes dem
[0:57] <ejano> nnooo
[0:57] <ejano> I want to know where they are
[0:57] <RobereStarkk> huh... that's weird
[0:58] <Baivo> I dun have ma headphones on
[0:58] <Baivo> SO i'm sorry, i can't
[0:58] <Dengar708> D:
[0:58] <RobereStarkk> Tried loggin in with the popup box?
[0:58] <Dengar708> yay for entity count in F3
[0:58] <Dengar708> I do that rob
[0:58] <Dengar708> it redirects me there
[0:58] <RobereStarkk> super-weird
[0:58] <ejano> but its getting quieter
[0:58] <ejano> o.o
[0:58] <ejano> or not
[0:59] <ejano> its weird
[0:59] <Dengar708> hmm
[1:00] <RobereStarkk> try again now
[1:00] <ejano> found
[1:00] <ejano> it
[1:00] <RobereStarkk> refresh the cache though
[1:00] <RobereStarkk> just in case
[1:00] <Dengar708> yay it exists
[1:00] <RobereStarkk> wossit look like?
[1:01] <Baivo> idk how i want to do this :/
[1:01] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iGJ4a/295296b8be.png
[1:01] <RobereStarkk> dang
[1:01] <Baivo> Lost your forum password?? lel
[1:02] <Dengar708> I just do w/e
[1:02] <Dengar708> as I usually never log out
[1:03] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@Cuppinator) has joined #main
[1:03] <Baivo> Eyo
[1:03] <ejano> CUPPEH
[1:03] <ejano> :D
[1:03] <ejano> hai
[1:03] <Dengar708> hey cuppeh
[1:03] <Cuppinator> aaaah it's that ejaner kid
[1:04] <Dengar708> why are you bopping mobs ejano
[1:04] <Cuppinator> why not
[1:04] <ejano> its for my new business
[1:04] <Dengar708> k
[1:04] <ejano> as soon as I get a donkey
[1:04] <ejano> it will be all a go
[1:05] <Cuppinator> where've you been ejano, :I
[1:05] <Dengar708> Regox can give you
[1:05] <Dengar708> a mega donkey
[1:05] <ejano> schooool D:
[1:05] <Dengar708> well mule
[1:05] <Dengar708> baivo
[1:05] <Baivo> Da
[1:05] <Dengar708> do you happen to be near the ocean
[1:05] <Dengar708> or a large body of water
[1:05] <Baivo> As a matter of fact i am
[1:06] <Cuppinator> pssstt baiv, if you still wanna help with the buildcomp arena I'd love a hand, :P
[1:06] <Dengar708> I am now able to be a motor boat
[1:06] <Baivo> I'm actually on something else at the moment, but i can show you my concept
[1:06] <Baivo> Regarding the buildcomp plots that is
[1:07] <Dengar708> I got depth strider
[1:07] <Dengar708> so I am now super speedy
[1:07] <Dengar708> in water
[1:07] <Dengar708> Rob
[1:07] <Dengar708> If i send you something in console to test something can you run it?
[1:07] <Dengar708> wend you something to put in console*
[1:07] <Baivo> inb4 op dengar
[1:07] <Dengar708> nah
[1:08] <Dengar708> just want to see what happens with like depth strider 10 or something
[1:08] <Dengar708> if you increase speed
[1:08] <Baivo> You wuld most likely get rubber banded
[1:08] <Cuppinator> y'know I just remember I promised i'd let people build on proper terrain not in plots...
[1:08] <Baivo> oh
[1:08] <Baivo> But like
[1:08] <Baivo> Wouldn't tjhat create advantages and disadvantages?
[1:08] <Dengar708> maybe just
[1:08] <Dengar708> copy pasta land for people
[1:08] <Dengar708> if they want
[1:09] <Cuppinator> Eh, I'm more than willnig to try it atleast once
[1:09] <Dengar708> I should never
[1:09] <Dengar708> have that on hotbar
[1:09] <Dengar708> unless in water
[1:09] <Cuppinator> oh my
[1:09] <Baivo> SO yes, welcome to the location of ma new city
[1:09] <Cuppinator> dammit dengar
[1:10] <Cuppinator> brb se c
[1:10] <Dengar708> being super speedy in water
[1:10] <Dengar708> is so much better than on land
[1:11] <Dengar708> I do not believe cuppeh was impressed
[1:11] <Dengar708> by me doing water "burnouts"
[1:11] <Baivo> Tp lag D:
[1:12] <Baivo> OK
[1:12] <Dengar708> what is your town called baivo
[1:12] <Baivo> Cuppeh
[1:12] <Dengar708> and brb door
[1:12] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[1:12] <Baivo> C'mere and go gm 0
[1:12] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[1:12] <Baivo> Now
[1:12] <ejano> hey!
[1:12] <Baivo> Here's how the game works
[1:12] <Baivo> We all start on the top level
[1:12] <Baivo> games goes until i say stop
[1:12] <Baivo> You have to either knock me off the top
[1:12] <Firefighter0701> Hello everyone!
[1:12] <Baivo> or down to the lower layers
[1:13] <Baivo> If you are on the top layer when i say stop, you are DQ'd
[1:13] <Cuppinator> dq?
[1:13] <Baivo> Disqualified
[1:13] <Baivo> Player on the highest layer below wins
[1:13] <Baivo> And 2nd third so on
[1:13] <Baivo> If there's a tie, the two go on the roof and duke it out there till one dies
[1:13] <Baivo> SO
[1:14] <Firefighter0701> What, Baivo is doing a game?
[1:14] <Baivo> And if i see something like this
[1:14] <Baivo> With 2 or more players not budging
[1:14] <Baivo> I do this from outside
[1:15] <Cuppinator> nice
[1:15] <Baivo> And if i called stop
[1:15] <Baivo> I would win
[1:15] * RobereStarkk (RobereStarkk@§e§oCoS§7:§8RobereStarkk§r) Quit (§eRobereStarkk left the game.)
[1:15] * ktah (ktah@ktah) has joined #main
[1:15] <ejano> Hai!
[1:15] <Cuppinator> hiya
[1:15] * ktah (ktah@ktah§r) Quit (§ektah left the game.)
[1:15] <Baivo> lel
[1:15] <ejano> aw
[1:15] <Cuppinator> bye
[1:16] <Cuppinator> brb, sorting out first comp thread
[1:16] <Baivo> me too
[1:16] <Baivo> GUys help me think of a cool name for this game
[1:16] <Firefighter0701> Kick Baivo
[1:17] <Baivo> I GOT IT
[1:18] <Baivo> SNOWBRAWL
[1:18] <Baivo> IT'S BRILLIANT!
[1:18] <Cuppinator> right, first thread is up
[1:18] <Cuppinator> hope to see a bunch of yas there
[1:18] <ejano> what day is it?
[1:18] <Cuppinator> thursday
[1:19] <Cuppinator> school holidays now ain't it?
[1:19] <Firefighter0701> Stop lying! It is wednesday.
[1:19] <ejano> ye
[1:19] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[1:19] <ejano> wb
[1:19] <Baivo> Cup
[1:19] <Firefighter0701> Not fuh me though...
[1:19] <Baivo> 1st is 3 points, second 2 and 3rd 1?
[1:19] <ejano> :/
[1:19] <Baivo> Or should we do 1st is 5
[1:19] <Cuppinator> yes
[1:19] <Baivo> 2nd is 3
[1:19] <Baivo> 3rd is 2
[1:19] <Baivo> And all people get 1 for participation
[1:19] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[1:19] <Cuppinator> Hmmmm
[1:20] <Cuppinator> I do like the idea of the participation pointsd
[1:20] <Baivo> I'll write it up
[1:20] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[1:20] <Cuppinator> wb
[1:20] <Dengar708> danke
[1:20] <Dengar708> I vote snowbrawl is a good game name
[1:21] <Dengar708> if you are killing each other with snowballs
[1:21] <ejano> yis
[1:21] <Dengar708> and fists
[1:22] <ejano> wait
[1:22] <ejano> the 25th of june?
[1:22] <Dengar708> that was 4 days ago
[1:22] <ejano> I:
[1:22] <ejano> cuppeh
[1:22] <ejano> how much have you had to drink eh o.O
[1:22] <Firefighter0701> Cuppeh, wanna see dat thing firing
[1:22] <ejano> unless
[1:22] <ejano> thats an old threaad
[1:22] <ejano> thread >.>
[1:22] <ejano> it said 3mins ago so idk
[1:22] <ejano> D:
[1:23] <Dengar708> everyone is just getting GM c
[1:23] <Dengar708> what in the actual hell
[1:23] <Cuppinator> protip I don't drink
[1:23] <Dengar708> cuppeh
[1:23] <Dengar708> aren't we a SMP server
[1:23] <Dengar708> not CMP
[1:23] <Cuppinator> ?.....
[1:23] <Firefighter0701> This thing is gonna be my new home.
[1:23] <Firefighter0701> WHen it's ready I'll be back in Survival.
[1:24] <Dengar708> Noone else got to creative their house
[1:24] <Cuppinator> Don't blame me, I haven't been handing it out....
[1:24] <Firefighter0701> Tis is because my house was destroyed under mysterious circumstances.
[1:24] <Baivo> Peppy gave him creative
[1:24] <Baivo> After i nuked his town
[1:24] <Baivo> TO build a submarine
[1:24] <Firefighter0701> To live in.
[1:24] <Dengar708> :L
[1:24] <Firefighter0701> But the sub no worky
[1:24] <Cuppinator> annnnnd
[1:24] <Cuppinator> I must be off folks
[1:24] <Dengar708> cya
[1:24] <Baivo> D:
[1:24] <Firefighter0701> CU!
[1:24] <ejano> byee
[1:24] <Dengar708> I know why ._.
[1:25] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@§9Cuppinator§r) Quit (§eCuppinator left the game.)
[1:25] <Dengar708> well I know why probably
[1:25] <Firefighter0701> Why the sub no worky?
[1:25] <Dengar708> where is the steering wheel
[1:25] <Firefighter0701> Here.
[1:25] <Firefighter0701> Try it.
[1:25] <Dengar708> A.
[1:26] <Dengar708> you can't just do that
[1:26] <Dengar708> you need OP to make the signs
[1:26] <Firefighter0701> I accidentally had the fullstop.
[1:26] <Firefighter0701> Nope.
[1:26] <Firefighter0701> I got perms for most vehicles.
[1:26] <Dengar708> B. You don't just write what it is
[1:26] <Dengar708> you write a line of code
[1:26] <Dengar708> which changes to what it is
[1:26] <Firefighter0701> Nope, you just write what it is.
[1:26] <Firefighter0701> Deng, let me explain..
[1:27] <Firefighter0701> The problem is not in piloting or creating.
[1:27] <Firefighter0701> I can pilot the craft but when trying to move it...
[1:27] <Firefighter0701> Whoops, caps.
[1:28] <Dengar708> comparators more than likely
[1:28] <Firefighter0701> Nope.
[1:28] <Firefighter0701> Comparators work perfectly fine.
[1:28] <Dengar708> iron trapdoors
[1:28] <Firefighter0701> None onboard.
[1:28] <Dengar708> are you lying to my face
[1:28] <Firefighter0701> THe strange thing is...
[1:28] <Dengar708> I see
[1:28] <Dengar708> Iron trapdoors
[1:28] <Firefighter0701> Where it pretends to have its path blocked..
[1:28] <Firefighter0701> There is nothing.
[1:29] <Firefighter0701> Oh wait, there I have iron trapdoors.
[1:29] <Firefighter0701> I forgot.
[1:30] <Dengar708> why is there not a slab here
[1:30] <Firefighter0701> Lemme show u.
[1:30] <Dengar708> symmetry
[1:30] <Firefighter0701> Symetry is not important.
[1:30] <Firefighter0701> Give me one ping vassily, one ping only.
[1:30] <Dengar708> where does it say the problem is
[1:30] <Firefighter0701> SONAR :D
[1:30] <Dengar708> or
[1:31] <Dengar708> I can just use
[1:31] <Dengar708> my radar system
[1:31] <Firefighter0701> Try.
[1:31] <Dengar708> I have sound off
[1:31] <Dengar708> I listen to music as I play
[1:31] <Dengar708> try flying it now
[1:31] <Dengar708> well moving it
[1:31] <Dengar708> Iron trapdoors
[1:31] <Firefighter0701> WOW
[1:32] <Dengar708> told you
[1:32] <ejano> lol in a submarine
[1:32] <Firefighter0701> WHAT THE HELL?!
[1:32] <ejano> "alrighty captain we're ready for liftoff"
[1:32] <Dengar708> ocean*
[1:32] <Dengar708> right 10/10 times
[1:32] <Firefighter0701> SOMEONE PLAY RED OCTOBER!!!
[1:32] <ejano> :o
[1:32] <Firefighter0701> Wait, client change, I need minimap mod.
[1:32] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[1:32] <Dengar708> still pretty sure
[1:32] <Dengar708> I can outrun the ship
[1:33] <ejano> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEt41bYQBgE&index=6
[1:33] <Dengar708> ejano watch me
[1:33] <Dengar708> do laps
[1:33] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[1:33] <ejano> lel
[1:33] <ejano> this is quite epic with music
[1:34] <ejano> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEt41bYQBgE&index=6
[1:34] * Dengar708 was kicked from #main by Server
[1:34] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[1:34] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[1:34] <ejano> wb
[1:34] <ejano> wb
[1:34] <ejano> wb
[1:34] <Dengar708> hit edge of ship
[1:34] <Dengar708> going too fast
[1:34] <ejano> full speed ahead
[1:34] <ejano> except
[1:34] <Firefighter0701> U not my superior officer!
[1:34] <ejano> carefully around that ship
[1:34] <ejano> xD
[1:34] <Firefighter0701> Wait I need uniform.
[1:35] <ejano> git off spider
[1:35] <Dengar708> dengar confirmed fasted ship in sea
[1:35] <ejano> §ffus
[1:35] <Dengar708> fast4est*
[1:35] <Dengar708> fastest**
[1:35] <Dengar708> I only have 2 speeds
[1:35] <Dengar708> fas t
[1:35] <Dengar708> fast*
[1:35] <Dengar708> and sanic
[1:35] <ejano> got the music firefighter?
[1:35] <ejano> =P
[1:36] <Dengar708> I am
[1:36] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[1:36] <Dengar708> a one many submarine
[1:36] <ejano> KINa
[1:36] <Dengar708> hey john
[1:36] <ejano> Kima*
[1:36] <ejano> looooooong time
[1:36] * johnkima (johnkima@§bjohnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[1:36] <ejano> aw
[1:36] <Baivo> You scard him off D:
[1:37] <ejano> dammit
[1:37] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[1:37] <johnkima> fek
[1:37] <ejano> wb
[1:37] <johnkima> fucking love the internet
[1:37] <Dengar708> stah
[1:37] <Dengar708> p
[1:37] <ejano> whats with all teh unable to locate signs
[1:37] <johnkima> oh HOLYSHIT
[1:37] <Dengar708> FIRE STOP THE SHIP
[1:37] <johnkima> ITS CROW
[1:37] <johnkima> WHAT FAKKK
[1:37] <Firefighter0701> Oh...
[1:37] <ejano> HAI
[1:37] <johnkima> ITS BEEN LIKE A YEAR!
[1:37] <ejano> SAH LONG
[1:37] <johnkima> IKR RIGHT?
[1:37] <johnkima> FAKKKK
[1:38] <Firefighter0701> Forgot to reload Torpedoes.
[1:38] <johnkima> well dent
[1:38] <johnkima> whats been happening crow?
[1:39] <ejano> school stuffs
[1:39] <ejano> yr 12 is hard work :C
[1:39] <johnkima> oh lol
[1:39] <johnkima> i forgot youre in school still
[1:39] <ejano> ima twelvie
[1:40] <ejano> still in school
[1:40] <ejano> =P
[1:40] <johnkima> god dammit
[1:40] <Dengar708> fire it is time to move the ship from others
[1:40] <Dengar708> signs again q-q
[1:40] <Firefighter0701> I'm redoig em all.
[1:40] <Dengar708> I am going to give a tip
[1:40] <Dengar708> put them on the iron
[1:41] <Dengar708> otherwise anyone mod+ is just going to kill you eventually
[1:41] <Dengar708> when you fly this around
[1:41] <Dengar708> well move this
[1:41] <johnkima> O_O
[1:41] <Firefighter0701> On another ship it worked like that.
[1:41] <Firefighter0701> ejano -_-
[1:41] <Firefighter0701> Get out of my storage room.
[1:41] <ejano> >.>
[1:41] <johnkima> god dammit crow
[1:41] <ejano> sorry
[1:42] <Dengar708> mate
[1:42] <Dengar708> I fixed your ship
[1:42] <johnkima> its cause youre 17?
[1:42] <johnkima> thinking youre turning 18
[1:42] <Dengar708> I am making sure I don't have to deal with any more spam in chat
[1:42] <ejano> I am turning 18
[1:42] <ejano> =PP
[1:42] <johnkima> and thinking that you could do anything
[1:42] <johnkima> kek
[1:42] <johnkima> pls
[1:42] <johnkima> woman
[1:42] <johnkima> stahp
[1:42] <ejano> birthday is 1 week from end of the year so I was kept back a yr in preschool
[1:43] <johnkima> OH LOLLLL
[1:43] <Dengar708> john you realise there are stairs
[1:43] <johnkima> k so your bday is like december?
[1:43] <ejano> yis
[1:43] <johnkima> dengar
[1:43] <johnkima> pls
[1:43] <johnkima> im making a tower
[1:43] <johnkima> D:
[1:43] <Firefighter0701> DAMN
[1:44] <ejano> 145 and 151
[1:44] <johnkima> crow you should live in my house Kappa
[1:44] <Firefighter0701> Tubes LO and RO
[1:44] <Firefighter0701> Dongar, you wanna try?
[1:44] <ejano> na I got a little random place
[1:44] <Dengar708> ?
[1:44] <Firefighter0701> Relocating da signs?
[1:44] <johnkima> crap
[1:44] <johnkima> i dont have light
[1:44] <johnkima> D:
[1:44] <Firefighter0701> Theoretically they should wirk like this.
[1:44] <johnkima> dengar you got torches ?
[1:44] <johnkima> D:
[1:44] <Firefighter0701> But in practise they don't.
[1:44] <Dengar708> are blaze rods
[1:44] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@ShinyHobo_) has joined #main
[1:44] <Dengar708> like torches
[1:45] <johnkima> no lel
[1:45] <johnkima> if only
[1:45] <ejano> Hey!!
[1:45] <Dengar708> I can get some
[1:45] <Dengar708> hey shiny
[1:45] <johnkima> hurro hobo?
[1:45] <johnkima> who are these people ?t
[1:45] <Dengar708> it is smileh
[1:45] <ShinyHobo_> Hii
[1:45] <johnkima> WIT
[1:45] <johnkima> thats smiley?
[1:45] <johnkima> serious?
[1:45] <Dengar708> yis
[1:45] <Firefighter0701> Shiny, come here!
[1:46] <Dengar708> 110% srs
[1:46] <Firefighter0701> pls
[1:46] <Firefighter0701> Stay there.
[1:46] <Dengar708> WHY WOULD YOU SHOOT THAT D:
[1:46] <Dengar708> WHAT DID IT DO TO YOU
[1:46] <Firefighter0701> You mean the isle?
[1:46] <Dengar708> npo
[1:47] <Dengar708> no*
[1:47] <Dengar708> the salute
[1:47] <Firefighter0701> Cause it called me a girl for my hair.
[1:47] <Dengar708> baivo
[1:47] <Dengar708> can I test something on you
[1:47] <ejano> :O
[1:47] <Dengar708> may involve
[1:47] <ejano> Horses
[1:47] <ejano> FINALLY
[1:47] <Dengar708> a falcon punch
[1:47] * Baivo (Baivo@§bBaivo§r) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[1:47] <Firefighter0701> Sounds like no.
[1:48] <Dengar708> k perfect
[1:48] <johnkima> k guys
[1:48] <Dengar708> now I know Baivo is afraid of falcons
[1:48] <johnkima> well i got an exam on wednesday
[1:48] <Dengar708> or punches
[1:48] <johnkima> D:
[1:48] <johnkima> exams
[1:48] <johnkima> hurt
[1:48] <Dengar708> cya D:
[1:48] <johnkima> a lot
[1:48] <ejano> oooh exam
[1:48] <johnkima> cya guys
[1:48] <ejano> byes
[1:48] <johnkima> ciao caiot
[1:48] <johnkima> ill be back wednesday this time
[1:48] <johnkima> YOU GUYS BETTER BE HERE
[1:48] <johnkima> FAKKK
[1:48] <johnkima> PLS
[1:48] <johnkima> KK
[1:48] <johnkima> now ciaossu
[1:48] <Dengar708> what if I die
[1:48] <Dengar708> on tuesday
[1:49] * johnkima (johnkima@§bjohnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[1:50] <Dengar708> brb
[1:50] <Dengar708> soup
[1:50] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[1:58] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[1:58] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[1:58] <ejano> wb
[1:58] <Firefighter0701> Thanks.
[1:59] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[2:00] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[2:00] <Firefighter0701> Damn you, school wifi.
[2:00] <ejano> lol
[2:01] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[2:02] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[2:04] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[2:04] <Dengar708> bloop
[2:04] <Firefighter0701> WB
[2:04] <Firefighter0701> Deng, could you try fixing the signs, pls?
[2:04] <Firefighter0701> I'm failing
[2:05] <Firefighter0701> SHiny is still sitting on my bridge, lol
[2:05] <ejano> like a pro
[2:05] <Dengar708> what if
[2:05] <Dengar708> I don't want to
[2:05] <Firefighter0701> Then I'll hypnotise you until you want to.
[2:06] <Dengar708> I dare you to try
[2:07] <Dengar708> psst ejano
[2:07] <Dengar708> day pls
[2:07] <Dengar708> damnit ejano
[2:09] <Firefighter0701> Deng, look deep into my eyes.
[2:09] <Dengar708> what if
[2:09] <Dengar708> I don't want to
[2:10] <Firefighter0701> Then you'll do it anyways.
[2:10] <Dengar708> nah
[2:10] <Firefighter0701> DENGAR JUST RELAX!
[2:10] <Dengar708> what do I do
[2:10] <Dengar708> if there is a person with a knife
[2:10] <Dengar708> behind me ot my left
[2:10] <Firefighter0701> Then you relax and dream of a submrine.
[2:10] <Firefighter0701> It is moving.
[2:11] <Firefighter0701> And every meter it moves it doesthis...
[2:11] <Firefighter0701> See?
[2:11] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iGLW1/bf00e9f427.png
[2:11] <Dengar708> that is what I see
[2:11] <Dengar708> cI
[2:11] <Dengar708> c:*
[2:11] <Firefighter0701> Is it unable to locate sign at?
[2:12] <Dengar708> nope
[2:12] <Dengar708> I just print screened
[2:12] <Firefighter0701> I can't see that.
[2:12] <Dengar708> and cut that bit of chat
[2:12] <Firefighter0701> filtered in school internet.
[2:12] <Firefighter0701> Just tell me what it say.
[2:12] <Firefighter0701> says*
[2:12] <Dengar708> it says nothing
[2:12] <Dengar708> there is no spam c:
[2:12] <Firefighter0701> AH!
[2:12] <Firefighter0701> Noice!
[2:13] <Dengar708> just remember
[2:13] <Firefighter0701> Shut up, sonar.
[2:13] <Dengar708> your sub can be taken down by me swimming
[2:13] <Firefighter0701> swimming where?
[2:13] <Dengar708> in water
[2:13] <Firefighter0701> How that?
[2:13] <Dengar708> I out swim your ship
[2:13] <Dengar708> and can just swim around it and plant explosives
[2:14] <Dengar708> only I have designed near unbeatable ships
[2:14] <Dengar708> of flying and under water kind
[2:14] <Firefighter0701> Sorry for interrupting you.
[2:14] <Firefighter0701> But I gotta concentrate.
[2:14] <Dengar708> on
[2:15] <Firefighter0701> My first submerged trip.
[2:15] <Dengar708> psst shiny
[2:15] <Dengar708> we should blow up fire's submarine
[2:16] <Firefighter0701> You would probably start a war with that, Deng.
[2:16] <Dengar708> pssh
[2:16] <Firefighter0701> BTW, I'm having my chat spammed xD
[2:16] <Dengar708> Peppy would be okay with that I am sure
[2:16] <Firefighter0701> But I don't care xD
[2:17] <ejano> imaback
[2:18] <Firefighter0701> Deng, how can I set the height limit higher?
[2:18] <Firefighter0701> Because I would like to rise a little more.
[2:19] <Firefighter0701> So that peopel can see the 4.a
[2:19] <Dengar708> wb ejano
[2:19] <Dengar708> I have no idea what you are on about fire
[2:19] <Firefighter0701> Come here.
[2:19] <Dengar708> doing stuff
[2:20] <Firefighter0701> -_-
[2:20] <Dengar708> time to test
[2:21] <Dengar708> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[2:22] <Dengar708> oh cool
[2:22] <Dengar708> so I can do that
[2:22] <Dengar708> well time to make my ace of the skies then
[2:22] <ejano> what does gore chance mean
[2:22] <ejano> for taming
[2:22] <Dengar708> bleed
[2:22] <Dengar708> and stuff I think
[2:23] <ejano> o.O
[2:23] <ejano> wat
[2:24] <Dengar708> psst ejano
[2:24] <ejano> yes
[2:24] <Dengar708> do you have a tp to the spider spawners?
[2:24] <ejano> hangon lag
[2:24] * ejano was kicked from #main by Server
[2:24] * ejano (ejano@§e§oCoS§7:§8ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[2:24] <Dengar708> hmm
[2:24] <Dengar708> this should be it
[2:25] <Dengar708> aha!
[2:25] <Dengar708> perfect tp location finding
[2:25] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[2:25] <ejano> um
[2:25] <ejano> just a sec I can't see anything
[2:25] <Dengar708> I found it
[2:25] <Dengar708> dw
[2:26] <Dengar708> Just getting wool for hj
[2:26] * ejano (ejano@§e§oCoS§7:§8ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[2:26] <Firefighter0701> You assisting his flying castle or what?
[2:27] <Dengar708> ye
[2:27] <Dengar708> because it is my flying bomber's docking station
[2:28] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[2:28] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[2:28] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[2:29] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[2:29] <ejano> *grabs onto server*
[2:29] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[2:29] <ejano> PHEW
[2:29] <Dengar708> game pls
[2:29] <ejano> almost didn't make it back on again
[2:30] <Dengar708> ?
[2:30] <ejano> I dont even know
[2:31] <ejano> I found anice little valley thing
[2:31] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[2:32] <ejano> hey
[2:32] <Firefighter0701> Hi Baivo!
[2:32] <Firefighter0701> Deng fixed my sub!
[2:32] <Dengar708> hey baivo
[2:32] <Baivo> sup
[2:32] <Dengar708> I think I broke my minecraft
[2:33] <ejano> o.O
[2:33] <Dengar708> I can read stuff happening on chat on another server
[2:33] <ejano> um
[2:33] <Dengar708> lemme see if it is still going
[2:33] <ejano> yes that is definitely not normal
[2:33] <Dengar708> need to wait for someone on there to say somethinfg
[2:33] <Dengar708> something*
[2:33] <Dengar708> okay definitely broken q-q
[2:33] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[2:34] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[2:35] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[2:35] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[2:35] <Dengar708> lemme see if it is now fixed
[2:35] <ejano> :/
[2:35] <Dengar708> I think it is okay
[2:36] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iGMPK/8200003a56.png
[2:36] <Dengar708> that is what happened pretty much
[2:36] <Dengar708> other people from another server in my chat
[2:36] <Dengar708> and I was talking in theirs as well presumably
[2:36] <Dengar708> did not
[2:36] <ejano> welp I gotta go to dinner
[2:36] <Dengar708> expect that
[2:36] <ejano> =P
[2:36] <Dengar708> cya
[2:36] <ejano> byes
[2:36] * ejano (ejano@§e§oCoS§7:§8ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[2:37] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach) has joined #main
[2:37] <Dengar708> hey death
[2:37] <Firefighter0701> Hey Death!
[2:38] <Dengar708> Spiders spawn faster q-q
[2:38] <Death_Drach> Hey noobs?
[2:38] <Dengar708> q-q
[2:38] <Dengar708> Death you wanna fight me
[2:39] <Dengar708> I dare you to go in survival and fight me
[2:39] <Death_Drach> yea, nah...
[2:39] <Dengar708> that is what I thought
[2:40] <Death_Drach> Fire, is that you?
[2:40] <Firefighter0701> What is me?
[2:41] <Death_Drach> Spamming me with numbers.
[2:41] <Firefighter0701> WOOT?
[2:41] <Firefighter0701> I WAS spamming Dengar...
[2:41] <Death_Drach> "unble to locate sign at ########"
[2:41] <Firefighter0701> But I don't anymore...
[2:41] <Firefighter0701> I am getting this spam.
[2:41] <Firefighter0701> But that you get it...
[2:41] <Death_Drach> i started getting it when i went close to you
[2:41] <Firefighter0701> LAWL, I ran out of fuel already.
[2:41] <Death_Drach> still getting it way up here.
[2:42] <Dengar708> I am farming string q-q
[2:42] <Firefighter0701> WTF? YOU HAD 6 STACKS OF COAL BLOCKS!!!
[2:42] <Firefighter0701> IN EACH FURNACE:
[2:42] <Firefighter0701> AND I GOT 6 FURNACES IN TOTAL:
[2:42] <Firefighter0701> SO YOU HAD 36 COAL BLOCKS!!!
[2:43] <Firefighter0701> I guess I'll review my fuel storage.
[2:49] <Firefighter0701> Welp, gtg now.
[2:49] <Dengar708> Cya
[2:49] <Firefighter0701> Helping my school's PE department with lower year swimming lessons.
[2:50] <Firefighter0701> CU all!
[2:50] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[2:51] <Dengar708> wb
[2:52] <Death_Drach> ty
[2:55] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[2:56] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[2:57] <Dengar708> so what is everyone up to?
[2:57] <Baivo> Making preperations for the compathon
[2:57] <Baivo> Currently making an item dispensing system for the arena
[2:58] <Dengar708> What items?
[2:59] <Baivo> Pvp items
[2:59] <Baivo> Duh
[2:59] <Dengar708> like?
[3:00] <Dengar708> nice
[3:02] <Dengar708> uhhh enchanted?
[3:02] <Baivo> They can only have 4 items
[3:02] <Dengar708> ah
[3:02] <Dengar708> do they have to be different?
[3:02] <Baivo> If they choose to take 1 of those, they may be at a disadvantage to someone else
[3:02] <Baivo> NO
[3:02] <Baivo> Caps D:
[3:02] <Dengar708> oh
[3:03] <Baivo> SO i give them the currency
[3:03] <Dengar708> I know what I would choose c:
[3:03] <Baivo> THey choose what they want
[3:03] <Baivo> I screen their inventories, then send them in
[3:04] <Dengar708> mm
[3:05] <Dengar708> I don't see why you would take flint and steel or fishing rod
[3:05] <Dengar708> tbh
[3:05] <Dengar708> also splash heal would be better
[3:12] <Baivo> A drinking take slonger to use
[3:12] <Baivo> Which is good
[3:12] <Baivo> For challenge and balance
[3:12] <Baivo> Fishing rod is unlimited knockback
[3:13] <Baivo> Fling and steel makes them run to the water
[3:13] <Baivo> Leading to a trap
[3:13] <Dengar708> not really unlimited
[3:13] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@§eShinyHobo_§r) Quit (§eShinyHobo_ left the game.)
[3:13] * TheGameCrasher (TheGameCrasher@TheGameCrasher) has joined #main
[3:13] <Dengar708> hey TGC
[3:13] <TheGameCrasher> Hey everyone ;)
[3:14] <TheGameCrasher> Hey deng ;)
[3:14] <Baivo> Hi
[3:14] * RobereStarkk (RobereStarkk@RobereStarkk) has joined #main
[3:14] <TheGameCrasher> Hey baiv ;)
[3:14] <TheGameCrasher> Hey rob ;)
[3:14] <RobereStarkk> Ahoyhoy!
[3:14] <TheGameCrasher> Soz about leaving yesterday deng
[3:14] <RobereStarkk> Where'd Hooboo gooo? D:
[3:15] <Dengar708> tis okay
[3:15] <TheGameCrasher> D;
[3:16] <Death_Drach> died.
[3:16] <Death_Drach> wut?
[3:16] <TheGameCrasher> Hey death ;)
[3:16] <Death_Drach> hey, i hear the parks open now, gratz-ies!
[3:17] <TheGameCrasher> It is?
[3:17] <Death_Drach> um.... is it?
[3:17] <TheGameCrasher> Since when :P
[3:17] <Death_Drach> damnit....
[3:17] <TheGameCrasher> Still needs the rest of it's rides brah
[3:17] <Death_Drach> Gotta train those Purple bastards in the way of getting correct information....
[3:18] <Death_Drach> wait....
[3:18] <Death_Drach> no. the ferris wheels done/.
[3:18] <Death_Drach> that was it.
[3:18] <Death_Drach> not the whole park
[3:18] <TheGameCrasher> Nearly done, timing is off
[3:18] <TheGameCrasher> Unless deng corrected it while I was gone
[3:18] <TheGameCrasher> It's basically ready
[3:19] <TheGameCrasher> rip
[3:19] <Dengar708> I have things I want to do q-q
[3:19] <Dengar708> back to making wool
[3:19] <RobereStarkk> poor dear
[3:20] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[3:20] <RobereStarkk> ejano!
[3:20] <ejano> heeey
[3:20] <RobereStarkk> woss crackalackin?
[3:20] <Baivo> Such lag
[3:20] <Baivo> wow
[3:20] <Dengar708> Hey ejano
[3:24] <RobereStarkk> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[3:24] <TheGameCrasher> Danke
[3:24] <RobereStarkk> lol GC
[3:24] <RobereStarkk> You can do that too
[3:24] <Death_Drach> nuuuu!!
[3:24] <TheGameCrasher> I forgot ;P
[3:24] <Death_Drach> the snow?!
[3:24] <TheGameCrasher> rip snow
[3:24] <Death_Drach> the glorious snow!!
[3:25] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[3:25] <Death_Drach> §fLOK!
[3:25] <Death_Drach> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[3:25] <Death_Drach> :(
[3:25] <RobereStarkk> nyan
[3:25] <Death_Drach> how come mod has no perms....?
[3:25] <RobereStarkk> nyan ta saaaaan
[3:25] <RobereStarkk> Mod have plenty of perms
[3:26] <Death_Drach> I meant snow perms...
[3:26] <Death_Drach> beautiful snow perms...
[3:26] <Baivo> snow perms?
[3:26] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[3:26] <RobereStarkk> What Baivo said
[3:26] <ejano> wb
[3:26] <Dengar708> .//snow I assume
[3:26] <Death_Drach> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[3:26] <Dengar708> danke ejano
[3:26] <Death_Drach> no, lok
[3:26] <RobereStarkk> Ooh that actually works
[3:26] <Death_Drach> and i know //snow
[3:26] <Death_Drach> theres also //pumpkins
[3:26] <Death_Drach> which i made a huge mess with once..... :/
[3:27] <Death_Drach> good times.
[3:27] <Baivo> So what do you mean by snow perms?
[3:27] <Dengar708> Just going to have minecraft open on the side as I do some work
[3:27] <Death_Drach> making it weather baiv.
[3:27] <TheGameCrasher> rip deng
[3:27] <Baivo> Why would we need it to moderate the server?
[3:27] <Baivo> That's the question you should be asking
[3:28] <RobereStarkk> Even I'm not allowed to make it rain
[3:28] <Death_Drach> we wouldnt.
[3:28] <Dengar708> pssh
[3:28] <Death_Drach> im not saying we would need it anyway?
[3:28] <Baivo> You asked why we didn't have it
[3:28] <Baivo> I nswered your question with a question
[3:28] <Dengar708> is it day anyone D:
[3:28] <Baivo> A rhetorical one at that
[3:29] <RobereStarkk> it is night
[3:29] <Baivo> No deng
[3:29] <Baivo> D:
[3:29] <Dengar708> damnit
[3:29] <Dengar708> say when it is day
[3:29] <Baivo> Midnight too
[3:29] <Baivo> kk
[3:29] <Dengar708> I have something to do with some villagers and don't want zombies there
[3:29] <Dengar708> zombies ruin the fun
[3:29] <Death_Drach> rape?
[3:29] <RobereStarkk> y'know that afk thing still works right?
[3:29] <Dengar708> got 2 stacks of wool for hj now q-q
[3:29] <Dengar708> ?
[3:29] <Dengar708> the everyone goes afk?
[3:30] <RobereStarkk> Yeah that
[3:30] <Dengar708> then we would have to coordinate that
[3:30] <Dengar708> that requires me doing things
[3:30] <Baivo> It's day
[3:30] <RobereStarkk> Lies
[3:30] <Baivo> ;-;
[3:30] <Death_Drach> i sowwy rob :/
[3:30] <RobereStarkk> ./broadcast 'Everyone go afk till it's daytime'
[3:31] <RobereStarkk> How hard is that Denny? :P
[3:31] <Death_Drach> deng.... dont be roode? ;D
[3:31] <TheGameCrasher> Hey Server, long time no see D;
[3:31] <Dengar708> wasn't me
[3:31] <Death_Drach> O_o
[3:31] <TheGameCrasher> Lol
[3:31] <Death_Drach> stahp!!
[3:31] <Death_Drach> im in a bed
[3:32] <Death_Drach> game and ejan, afk's plos?
[3:32] <TheGameCrasher> ZZZZZZzzzzz, there happy?
[3:32] <Death_Drach> wooo!
[3:32] <RobereStarkk> ejano doesn't have to
[3:32] <Baivo> Ejano didn't need to afk
[3:32] <Baivo> lel
[3:32] <Death_Drach> teamwork!
[3:32] <RobereStarkk> She's special
[3:32] <Death_Drach> better safe than sorry....
[3:32] <ejano> :D
[3:33] <Dengar708> bleh tp lag shoo
[3:34] <Baivo> brb
[3:35] <Dengar708> villager sparkle
[3:35] <Dengar708> go
[3:35] <Dengar708> let me trade you my carrots
[3:36] <Death_Drach> fml....
[3:36] <Dengar708> ?
[3:36] <Death_Drach> this walls proving to be awkward.
[3:37] <Death_Drach> this new lag system for W/E is great ^.^
[3:37] <RobereStarkk> It's actually not new :P
[3:38] <RobereStarkk> It was just broken for a while
[3:38] <Death_Drach> old unused?
[3:41] <Death_Drach> gah, wtf
[3:41] <Baivo> Bakk
[3:41] <Death_Drach> thats better!
[3:41] <Baivo> Async has existed for ages
[3:42] <RobereStarkk> I wouldn't say 'ages'
[3:42] <Baivo> It's not new
[3:42] <Dengar708> Baivo
[3:42] <Dengar708> why not replace the normal flint and steels with unbreakable ones c:
[3:42] <Baivo> dongar
[3:43] <Baivo> I don't want people spamming them
[3:43] <Baivo> is why
[3:43] <Dengar708> but if you have gg apples then it doesn't matter
[3:43] <Dengar708> because fire resistance
[3:43] <Dengar708> I like that name
[3:43] <Dengar708> gg apples
[3:43] <Baivo> Like i said
[3:43] <Baivo> half of the people won't take them
[3:44] <Baivo> I would rather a diamond chestplate or a bow then a gg apple
[3:44] <RobereStarkk> 'then'
[3:44] <RobereStarkk> smooth :P
[3:44] <Baivo> I'm hungry
[3:44] <Baivo> Leav em alone
[3:44] <Baivo> me
[3:44] <Death_Drach> well thats no fun...
[3:45] <RobereStarkk> Oh it's fine
[3:45] <Baivo> ROB
[3:45] <RobereStarkk> I'ma go annoy ejano
[3:45] <Dengar708> are the items for all the rounds?
[3:45] <Baivo> Rob please
[3:45] <Baivo> I totally forgot to ask
[3:45] <Baivo> peppy and i were having issues with perms
[3:45] <Baivo> We needed yo help
[3:45] <Death_Drach> bloody heck. night already.
[3:45] <RobereStarkk> cute mini-horse ejano
[3:46] <ejano> mini-horse?
[3:46] <ejano> lol
[3:46] <RobereStarkk> :P
[3:46] <RobereStarkk> it looks smaller than normal horses
[3:46] <Death_Drach> foal?
[3:46] <ejano> but you can't ride foals
[3:46] <Dengar708> this one just isn't as fat as a normal horse
[3:47] <Dengar708> but that can be solved
[3:47] <RobereStarkk> it's probably because my texturepack is a higher resolution than normal
[3:47] <ejano> ye that's what I've been doing deng
[3:47] <ejano> xD
[3:47] <Dengar708> gg
[3:47] <Dengar708> taming allows you to summon wolves which are not as dumb
[3:48] <RobereStarkk> ooh that sounds pretty cool
[3:48] <Dengar708> which is useful
[3:48] <Dengar708> rob give yourself some bones
[3:48] <RobereStarkk> what about...
[3:48] <Dengar708> can also summon horses and ocelots
[3:48] <RobereStarkk> §fHUN KAAL ZOOR!
[3:48] <ejano> lol
[3:48] <Dengar708> I thought we already confired
[3:48] <RobereStarkk> No mybad
[3:48] <ejano> §fHUN KAAL
[3:48] <Dengar708> half hte shouts do nothing
[3:48] <RobereStarkk> Yes that
[3:48] <Dengar708> what did that do?
[3:48] <RobereStarkk> §fHUN KAAL!
[3:48] * Dengar708 was kicked from #main by Server
[3:48] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[3:49] <RobereStarkk> spawns a wolf
[3:49] <ejano> §fhun
[3:49] <ejano> c:
[3:49] <ejano> aw
[3:49] <RobereStarkk> LOL
[3:49] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[3:49] <RobereStarkk> Well that failed
[3:49] <Dengar708> that was weird
[3:49] <ejano> D:
[3:49] <RobereStarkk> whoops
[3:49] <ejano> wat
[3:49] <ejano> a bunch of hearts
[3:49] <ejano> wat
[3:49] <Death_Drach> hun kaal means kick noobs?
[3:49] <Dengar708> game just noped on me
[3:50] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[3:50] <RobereStarkk> Anyways
[3:50] <RobereStarkk> ejano, you should totally free up some inv space
[3:50] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[3:52] <Dengar708> game pls
[3:52] <TheGameCrasher> Ferris wheel complete ;0
[3:52] <Dengar708> gg
[3:52] <TheGameCrasher> ;)*
[3:52] <RobereStarkk> Dengar, is it an NVidia OpenGL issue?
[3:52] <Dengar708> idk
[3:52] <RobereStarkk> Cos I'm getting that a lot too, and apparently it's a graphics card driver issue :/
[3:53] <Death_Drach> cities nearly enclosed ^.^
[3:53] * ejano (ejano@§e§oCoS§7:§8ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[3:53] <Death_Drach> Rooooobbbb~!!!
[3:55] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[3:56] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@ShinyHobo_) has joined #main
[3:56] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[3:56] <RobereStarkk> HOOBOO'S BACK!
[3:56] <ShinyHobo_> Hai
[3:56] <RobereStarkk> yes Drach?
[3:56] <ShinyHobo_> ROOOBB!
[3:56] <Death_Drach> i had a question :/ but i forgots....
[3:57] <RobereStarkk> k
[4:00] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@§eShinyHobo_§r) Quit (§eShinyHobo_ left the game.)
[4:02] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@ShinyHobo_) has joined #main
[4:02] <RobereStarkk> BABY BUNNIES
[4:02] <Dengar708> kill em
[4:02] * ShinyHobo_ was kicked from #main by Server
[4:02] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@§eShinyHobo_§r) Quit (§eShinyHobo_ left the game.)
[4:03] <Death_Drach> -.-
[4:03] <Dengar708> they are eating food
[4:03] <Dengar708> that slows economic growth
[4:03] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@ShinyHobo_) has joined #main
[4:03] <Death_Drach> -.-.-.-.-.-
[4:03] <RobereStarkk> THEY JUST KEEP SPAWNING!!!
[4:03] <RobereStarkk> AIRSTRIKE AWAY!
[4:03] <Dengar708> KEEP KILLING THEM
[4:03] <Dengar708> LIKE IN AUSTRALIA
[4:04] <Dengar708> wb
[4:04] <Dengar708> baivo why did you tp to me
[4:05] <Dengar708> do you have some bones
[4:05] <Dengar708> so I can summon a wolf
[4:05] <Dengar708> to kill the horses
[4:05] <Dengar708> for exps
[4:05] <RobereStarkk> Okay I think I've killed all the bunnies
[4:05] * ShinyHobo_ was kicked from #main by Server
[4:05] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@§eShinyHobo_§r) Quit (§eShinyHobo_ left the game.)
[4:05] <Dengar708> there is probably like 100 more
[4:05] <TheGameCrasher> rip
[4:05] <Death_Drach> oh yea.
[4:05] <RobereStarkk> Probably :/
[4:05] <Death_Drach> Rob.
[4:06] <Death_Drach> I remembered.
[4:06] <RobereStarkk> Yep, found more
[4:06] <Death_Drach> can we at some point set the dynmap to reload chunks? Cause fire's ships are making a mess.
[4:06] <Baivo> I want to kill the horses
[4:06] <Baivo> can o
[4:06] <Dengar708> fold go
[4:07] <Baivo> rip in paprika horsies
[4:07] <Dengar708> *horse explodes*
[4:07] <Dengar708> really baivo
[4:07] <Baivo> I missed one
[4:07] <Dengar708> I go to grind exp and you ruin it
[4:08] <Baivo> I can refund
[4:08] <RobereStarkk> Right. NOW I think I've got them all
[4:08] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@ShinyHobo_) has joined #main
[4:08] <Death_Drach> Psst, rob?
[4:08] <RobereStarkk> and I'm tp-ing away so I don't find more
[4:08] <RobereStarkk> wat?
[4:08] <Death_Drach> can we at some point set the dynmap to reload chunks? Cause fire's ships are making a mess.
[4:08] <Dengar708> rob there are 3 behind you
[4:08] * ShinyHobo_ was kicked from #main by Server
[4:08] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@§eShinyHobo_§r) Quit (§eShinyHobo_ left the game.)
[4:08] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@ShinyHobo_) has joined #main
[4:08] <RobereStarkk> Dynmap already reloads chunks
[4:08] <RobereStarkk> Fire's ships make a mess because Movecraft doesn't play nicely with vanilla block updating
[4:09] <Baivo> I think he wanta a full render
[4:09] <Death_Drach> i meant force it to reload
[4:09] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:09] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:09] <TheGameCrasher> Any chance someone could spawn me a peppy head?
[4:09] * ShinyHobo_ (ShinyHobo_@§eShinyHobo_§r) Quit (§eShinyHobo_ left the game.)
[4:09] <Baivo> HEY ROB
[4:09] <RobereStarkk> Seems like a lot of extra serverside processing just to make temporarily ugly areas prettier quicker
[4:09] <RobereStarkk> But I suppose it's possible, yes
[4:10] <Baivo> Rob do u want some nachos
[4:10] <Baivo> Deng you can have some too
[4:10] <Baivo> We all have to share
[4:10] <Dengar708> oh
[4:10] <Death_Drach> if it cant handle it then thats fine, i was just thinking it'd be nice to be able to see up to date
[4:10] <Death_Drach> where everyones at.
[4:10] <Dengar708> I forgot that has that
[4:10] <Dengar708> that makes sense
[4:10] <RobereStarkk> Player locations update much quicker than blocks
[4:11] <Death_Drach> sigh -.- i meant where everyones at building wise.
[4:11] <RobereStarkk> In-fact, player locations almost constantly update
[4:11] <Death_Drach> cause i think i see fires buildings are all gone?>
[4:11] <RobereStarkk> If they're actually building instead of using movecraft, it should update fine
[4:11] <Death_Drach> but idk if i can trust dynmap atm
[4:11] <RobereStarkk> Sounds like the aftermath of the Civil War
[4:11] <Death_Drach> W/E also shows up badly.
[4:11] <RobereStarkk> I vaguely recall Baivo saying something about killing them
[4:12] <RobereStarkk> That it does
[4:12] <Dengar708> I can just do locations with a command c:
[4:12] <Dengar708> so many useful commands
[4:12] <Baivo> I uh
[4:12] <Baivo> Nuked berlin
[4:12] <TheGameCrasher> rip
[4:12] <Dengar708> want to know where someone logged out
[4:12] <Dengar708> there is a command for that
[4:13] <Death_Drach> there is?
[4:13] <Dengar708> want to know where someone logged in
[4:13] <Dengar708> there is a command for that
[4:13] <Dengar708> want to know where someone is right now
[4:13] <Dengar708> there is a command for that
[4:13] <Dengar708> like you are currently at -11540 -11751
[4:13] <RobereStarkk> How long ago did you nuke Berlin, Baiv?
[4:13] <Dengar708> or there abouts
[4:13] <Death_Drach> shush deng -.-
[4:13] <Dengar708> c:
[4:13] * RobereStarkk (RobereStarkk@§e§oCoS§7:§8RobereStarkk§r) Quit (§eRobereStarkk left the game.)
[4:14] * RobereStarkk (RobereStarkk@RobereStarkk) has joined #main
[4:14] <Baivo> Uh
[4:14] <Baivo> Few days ago
[4:14] <Death_Drach> ?
[4:14] <Dengar708> I can also track commands
[4:14] <Dengar708> and also chat
[4:14] <RobereStarkk> frigging Nvidia
[4:14] <RobereStarkk> There you go Drach, dynmap is accurate to within a few days
[4:15] <Death_Drach> ty
[4:15] <RobereStarkk> even with WorldEdit being super buggy interactions-wise
[4:15] <RobereStarkk> So there's no real need to force updates
[4:15] <Baivo> The dynmap is accurate at berlins location
[4:15] <Baivo> has been for days as well
[4:16] <Dengar708> §fHUN!
[4:16] <Dengar708> hmm
[4:16] <Dengar708> so that is what that was
[4:16] <Dengar708> saw /hun by rob
[4:16] <Dengar708> k
[4:16] <Baivo> §fHUN!
[4:16] <Baivo> §fHUN KAAL ZOOR!
[4:16] <Dengar708> I just see commands and try them out
[4:16] <Dengar708> like when ejano did /tp ejano
[4:16] <Baivo> protip
[4:16] <RobereStarkk> That's a great way to break things
[4:16] <Baivo> If you want some intensive reading
[4:16] <Death_Drach> ^^
[4:16] <Dengar708> self tp has some nice uses
[4:16] <Baivo> Put a / in chat
[4:17] <Baivo> Then press tab
[4:17] <Baivo> Go to your MC launcher and read ALL commands available on the server
[4:17] <Death_Drach> You just said that to spam me....
[4:17] <Dengar708> except
[4:17] <Dengar708> I can't do 90% of them
[4:17] <Dengar708> more like 99%
[4:17] <Dengar708> if you include world edit
[4:17] <Dengar708> and its //s
[4:17] <Baivo> Good way to find commands you didn't know you had access too
[4:17] <Baivo> *to
[4:17] <Baivo> eh
[4:17] <RobereStarkk> lol
[4:17] <Dengar708> or just /help
[4:17] <RobereStarkk> ^
[4:18] <Baivo> ble
[4:18] <Baivo> Wel
[4:18] <Baivo> a LOT of commands aren't listed in help
[4:18] <Dengar708> or just finding a prefix to plugins
[4:18] <Dengar708> and testing
[4:18] <Baivo> You'd be surprised
[4:18] <Baivo> But i mean
[4:18] <Dengar708> i am using commands not in /help to be able to see what everyone is doing
[4:18] <RobereStarkk> really?
[4:18] <TheGameCrasher> Can anyone spawn me a peppy head?
[4:18] <RobereStarkk> Like what?
[4:18] <Baivo> I just tp to them in spectator mode xD
[4:18] <Dengar708> rob send someone a private message c:
[4:18] <Dengar708> and I will read it
[4:19] <Dengar708> preferably not me
[4:19] <Baivo> We have social spy!?
[4:19] <Dengar708> because that kind of ruins the point
[4:19] <Dengar708> we always have
[4:19] <RobereStarkk> ofc we do
[4:19] <RobereStarkk> it's in Essentials
[4:19] <Dengar708> but I don't need social spy
[4:19] <Baivo> I mean
[4:19] <Baivo> Mods
[4:19] <Dengar708> damnit rob do the thing
[4:19] <Baivo> Cos we don't
[4:19] <Baivo> of course the server has it
[4:19] <Baivo> It's an essentials thing
[4:19] <Death_Drach> idk how to game :(
[4:20] <TheGameCrasher> D;
[4:20] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:20] <Death_Drach> dont think i even have /give
[4:20] <TheGameCrasher> Rob pls
[4:20] <RobereStarkk> wat?
[4:20] <TheGameCrasher> Peppy head brah
[4:20] <RobereStarkk> You're not supposed to have /give
[4:20] <Death_Drach> ik
[4:20] <Death_Drach> but he was asking for a peppy head
[4:20] <RobereStarkk> I'm not giving you a Peppy head
[4:20] <RobereStarkk> that's mean
[4:20] <Baivo> Rekt
[4:20] <TheGameCrasher> But I need it D;
[4:21] <Death_Drach> -.-
[4:21] <TheGameCrasher> Pls rob D;:
[4:21] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:22] <Dengar708> :o I wonder if this works
[4:22] <TheGameCrasher> How can I have the Peppy coaster without Peppy heads D;
[4:22] <Dengar708> you dun need anything
[4:22] <RobereStarkk> Ask Peppy for them :P
[4:22] <Dengar708> just set a bounty on Peppy
[4:22] <TheGameCrasher> Aight
[4:22] <Dengar708> then kill him
[4:22] <Dengar708> geez
[4:22] <RobereStarkk> Psst Dengar
[4:22] <TheGameCrasher> 0.o
[4:22] <Dengar708> yes rob
[4:22] <Baivo> This is why we need the bounties back
[4:22] <RobereStarkk> I did the thing
[4:22] <Dengar708> ./a Howdy y'all
[4:23] <Dengar708> oh hey
[4:23] <Dengar708> I can just monitor all commands at once
[4:23] <Dengar708> kewl
[4:23] <RobereStarkk> Someone did bring back the bounties plugin
[4:23] <RobereStarkk> gods only know why
[4:23] <Baivo> We don;t have perms for it doe
[4:23] <Baivo> D:
[4:23] <Dengar708> Just make so anyone can set them rob
[4:23] <Baivo> I dun think it's configured peoperly
[4:23] <Baivo> my spelling D:
[4:24] <Dengar708> Wow baivo
[4:24] <Dengar708> so rood
[4:24] <Dengar708> and that was a shit insult anyways c:
[4:24] <Dengar708> mm rob
[4:25] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:25] <TheGameCrasher> rip
[4:25] <RobereStarkk> SAYS THE GAME CRASHER!
[4:25] <RobereStarkk> I'M ONTO YOU BUDDY!
[4:25] <TheGameCrasher> 0.o
[4:25] <Baivo> YEAH FUCK YOU
[4:25] <Baivo> lel
[4:25] <Baivo> jk bby
[4:25] <RobereStarkk> :P
[4:25] <RobereStarkk> Not a great choice of name there :P
[4:25] <RobereStarkk> Instantly sus
[4:26] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:26] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[4:26] <acornboy1937> hi
[4:26] <TheGameCrasher> Wb acornboy ;)
[4:26] <Dengar708> I think I just thought of something amazing
[4:26] <TheGameCrasher> I promise I ain't crashing anyone's game but my own D;
[4:27] <RobereStarkk> :P
[4:27] <RobereStarkk> dw I believe you
[4:27] <TheGameCrasher> Just ask cwp when we tried playing planetside 2
[4:27] <TheGameCrasher> *Joins* Hey cwp! *Crashes* Welp
[4:28] <TheGameCrasher> Rinse and repeat
[4:28] <TheGameCrasher> Fixed it doe
[4:28] <Dengar708> rob y u do dis
[4:28] <Baivo> BS
[4:28] <Dengar708> that was my way to do easier checks of areas
[4:28] <RobereStarkk> I'm a killjoy
[4:28] <Dengar708> because checking a 50 block area for random mob murders is a pain
[4:29] <RobereStarkk> ./co lookup r:50 a:kill is difficult?
[4:29] <Dengar708> geez rob
[4:29] <Dengar708> can't do the base command at all now
[4:29] <Dengar708> nvm
[4:29] <Dengar708> you just ruined a part of it q-q
[4:30] <Dengar708> don't ruin that one
[4:30] <Dengar708> that one is for if I dc and want to see what happened
[4:30] <RobereStarkk> I just nerfed your ability to see everyone's commands :P
[4:30] <Dengar708> q-q
[4:30] <Dengar708> but why
[4:30] <Dengar708> it makes for fun things to read
[4:30] <RobereStarkk> I have trust issues
[4:30] <Dengar708> I am trust worthy
[4:30] <Dengar708> and only i know how to do it
[4:30] <RobereStarkk> I like to be able to make fun of you without you seeing
[4:30] <Baivo> This is why i use skyp and stem
[4:31] <Dengar708> so it doesn;t matter
[4:31] <TheGameCrasher> You can trust me rob Q-Q
[4:31] <Dengar708> you can't do it anyways
[4:31] <Dengar708> so it doesn't matter
[4:31] <Dengar708> pretty much only a few of us know how I do it
[4:31] <Dengar708> which is to say 4 people
[4:31] <Baivo> I don't want anyone to have it
[4:31] <Baivo> Rob, kill it
[4:32] <Baivo> Kill it with fire
[4:32] <Dengar708> because they were around when i was checking what people were doing
[4:32] <Dengar708> that would require destroying the server practically
[4:32] <Dengar708> because he would remove hte plugin
[4:32] <Dengar708> and rip server
[4:32] <TheGameCrasher> rip
[4:32] <Dengar708> anyways best I can do now is just read chat after I crashed
[4:33] <RobereStarkk> That's what everyone else does :P
[4:33] <RobereStarkk> Some people even use dynmap
[4:33] <Dengar708> ?
[4:33] <Dengar708> that doesn;t work
[4:33] <Dengar708> if your internet connection is destroyed
[4:33] <Dengar708> it shows no things inbetween when it went out and when it went back on
[4:33] <RobereStarkk> Depends how long it's out for
[4:33] <Dengar708> more that about 20 seconds and it gives up
[4:33] <RobereStarkk> When you load it up it shows the most recent stuff
[4:33] <Dengar708> not for me
[4:34] <Baivo> Ladies stop arguing
[4:34] <RobereStarkk> And there's always the chatlogs if you REALLY wanna know... Though I forget how often they're update
[4:34] <RobereStarkk> d
[4:34] <Baivo> Hourly
[4:34] <Dengar708> then I have to wait like 15 minutes
[4:34] <Baivo> On the dot
[4:34] <RobereStarkk> Baivo, this is the Internet, you don't honestly expect there to be ladies here do you?
[4:34] <Dengar708> to find what happened 15 minutes ago
[4:34] <Dengar708> rob has you there baivo
[4:34] <Baivo> I could get one for you
[4:34] <TheGameCrasher> Rekt
[4:34] <Dengar708> Rob
[4:34] <Baivo> In like 5 minutes
[4:34] <Death_Drach> wut?
[4:34] <Baivo> If we want to go there
[4:35] <Dengar708> can we have access to setting bonuties then c:
[4:35] <Dengar708> I think that is fair now that we have a working economy
[4:35] <Dengar708> kind of
[4:35] <RobereStarkk> Anyone you can 'get' in 5 minutes can't possibly be a proper lady
[4:35] <Dengar708> they need to put makeup
[4:35] <RobereStarkk> they need like an hour and a half at LEAST to get ready
[4:35] <Dengar708> and stuff on or something
[4:36] <Dengar708> I could get shiny
[4:36] <Dengar708> but it would take 5 mins to get to her house
[4:36] <Dengar708> to tell her to get on
[4:36] <RobereStarkk> Just skype her
[4:36] <RobereStarkk> She's online
[4:36] <Baivo> Give me 5 minutes
[4:36] <Baivo> From now
[4:37] <RobereStarkk> She'd probably see it in less than 5 minutes
[4:37] <Dengar708> time started
[4:37] <Dengar708> 9:37 lets say
[4:37] <Dengar708> and you have to be able to prove they are female
[4:37] * Riri4213 (Riri4213@Riri4213) has joined #main
[4:37] <Dengar708> obviously Baivo's alt kappa
[4:37] <RobereStarkk> not just female, but a legitimate lady
[4:37] <Riri4213> someone called?
[4:38] <Baivo> Check and mate
[4:38] <Death_Drach> riri's BLIUE!!!
[4:38] <Dengar708> need to prove it
[4:38] <RobereStarkk> Riri, do you own land in Scotland?
[4:38] <Baivo> Can you heal her rob
[4:38] <Baivo> Her game glitched
[4:38] <RobereStarkk> I can
[4:38] <Dengar708> damnit rob
[4:38] <Dengar708> since you removed it
[4:38] <Dengar708> I can't check who was faster q-q
[4:39] <RobereStarkk> Who was faster to do what?
[4:39] <Death_Drach> heal her?
[4:39] <Dengar708> between you healing or me checking to see if they were getting damaged
[4:39] <RobereStarkk> I'm the only one who healed her
[4:39] <RobereStarkk> Ah
[4:39] <RobereStarkk> Did you do that via whois?
[4:39] <Dengar708> yes
[4:40] <RobereStarkk> You were first
[4:40] <Riri4213> thanks rob
[4:40] <RobereStarkk> Np
[4:40] <Dengar708> they weren't getting hurt then?
[4:40] <RobereStarkk> But are you a lady?
[4:40] <Death_Drach> night guys!!!
[4:40] <Dengar708> and own land in scotland
[4:40] <Dengar708> cya
[4:40] <RobereStarkk> Well that's the easiest way to become a lady
[4:40] <TheGameCrasher> Night death
[4:40] <RobereStarkk> or a lord if you're male
[4:40] <RobereStarkk> But there are other ways
[4:40] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@§5Death_Drach§r) Quit (§eDeath_Drach left the game.)
[4:41] <TheGameCrasher> *Deep Questions* with your hosts Dengar708 and RobereStarkk
[4:41] <RobereStarkk> My Lordship certificate was mailed to me earlier this morning
[4:41] <TheGameCrasher> Tonights topic - Ladies
[4:41] <RobereStarkk> So I am now Legally Entitled to be referred to as a Lord
[4:41] <RobereStarkk> The big question is...
[4:42] <RobereStarkk> Can Riri say the same thing about being a Lady?
[4:42] <Dengar708> waggles is a weird word q-q
[4:42] <Baivo> Riri
[4:42] <RobereStarkk> It is
[4:42] <Baivo> Answer te man
[4:42] <RobereStarkk> Fun though!
[4:42] <Riri4213> if you question the fact that im a lady, you are hardly a gentleman, let alone a lord
[4:42] <Baivo> REKT
[4:42] <TheGameCrasher> Rekt
[4:43] <Dengar708> we are on the internet
[4:43] <Dengar708> there is no such thing as being too careful
[4:43] <Dengar708> like in Thailand apparently
[4:43] <RobereStarkk> Indeed, it is most certainly not in any way evident, it would be rude of me to make such assumptions
[4:44] <Dengar708> Baivo
[4:44] <Baivo> Wa
[4:44] <Baivo> t
[4:44] <Dengar708> why is the island having non increased slabs
[4:44] <Baivo> What
[4:44] <Dengar708> where everything else does
[4:44] <Baivo> i didn't build
[4:44] <Baivo> it
[4:44] <RobereStarkk> Were you standing before me, resplendent in a finely crafted gown, all aglow with the graceful
[4:45] <Dengar708> cuppeh pls
[4:45] <RobereStarkk> poise that only womanhood can bestow, I would not dare to question
[4:45] <Baivo> Rob i swear to god if you're hitting on her
[4:45] <RobereStarkk> But you are not, and so it falls to thee to render proof
[4:45] <Baivo> Selfie proof time
[4:45] <RobereStarkk> Ohno
[4:45] <Dengar708> need a selfie
[4:45] <RobereStarkk> I need a certificate
[4:45] <Dengar708> with the certificate
[4:45] <Dengar708> Rob and I think alike
[4:46] <Baivo> On behalf of the beautiful Lady
[4:46] <Baivo> http://gyazo.com/12481052a61ca55e8ec4e1669e09c810
[4:46] <RobereStarkk> Standing digitally before me, and standing before me are two very different things
[4:46] <Dengar708> that baivo flirting
[4:46] <Dengar708> gg
[4:46] <Dengar708> I see no cerificate
[4:46] <Dengar708> do you Rob?
[4:46] <RobereStarkk> I do not
[4:46] * acornboy1937 was kicked from #main by Server
[4:46] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[4:46] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[4:47] <Dengar708> wb
[4:47] <RobereStarkk> I don't even see any evidence that this young woman is even the same person as the one
[4:47] <RobereStarkk> controlling the Riri character
[4:47] <Baivo> Ok
[4:47] <Baivo> What proof do you want
[4:47] * acornboy1937 was kicked from #main by Server
[4:47] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[4:47] <Baivo> We will oblige
[4:47] <Dengar708> the certificate
[4:47] <Dengar708> geez
[4:47] <RobereStarkk> ^
[4:47] <Baivo> There is no certificate
[4:47] <Dengar708> anything else rob?
[4:47] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[4:47] <Baivo> m8
[4:47] <Baivo> Ok i have a way
[4:47] <RobereStarkk> A sign saying 'I am riri' would also be helpful
[4:47] <Baivo> Let me dig through my photos
[4:48] <RobereStarkk> Otherwise it could just be Baivo
[4:48] * acornboy1937 was kicked from #main by Server
[4:48] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[4:48] <Baivo> Ok
[4:48] <Baivo> She afk
[4:48] <Baivo> Taking a photo
[4:48] <Baivo> With a piece of paper
[4:48] <RobereStarkk> lol
[4:48] <Baivo> Saying she's riri
[4:48] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[4:48] <acornboy1937> stupid internet
[4:48] <Baivo> Also she says she hates us all
[4:48] <RobereStarkk> Hatred is unbecoming of a lady
[4:48] <TheGameCrasher> Even me D;
[4:48] <RobereStarkk> ESPECIALLY YOU
[4:49] <RobereStarkk> CRASHER OF GAMES!
[4:49] <RobereStarkk> It's okay
[4:49] <RobereStarkk> Just because you're universally hated doesn't mean it's your fault
[4:49] <TheGameCrasher> D;
[4:49] <Baivo> It's your fault because you didn't
[4:49] <Baivo> Correlation =/= causation
[4:49] <Baivo> *did it
[4:49] <Baivo> Not didn't
[4:49] <RobereStarkk> Wat?
[4:49] <Baivo> I'm out of it today
[4:49] <TheGameCrasher> You make everything so much better rob Q_Q
[4:50] <Baivo> Why can't i grief spawn
[4:50] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:50] <Baivo> This is some heavy BS
[4:50] <RobereStarkk> Verily I am much gladdened to hear that GC!
[4:50] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:50] <RobereStarkk> Forsooth Knave! Thou canst not despoil our fair spawn for inasmuch as it is protected from such abus
[4:50] <Dengar708> you see rob
[4:51] <Dengar708> I can go what did I miss
[4:51] <Dengar708> or jsut
[4:51] <RobereStarkk> es by a most resplendent plugin
[4:51] <Baivo> Your plugin can eat gravel
[4:51] <RobereStarkk> I'm afraid that is not included in it's functions
[4:51] <Baivo> My superior stone schlong shall reign supreme!
[4:51] <Baivo> Such alliteration D:
[4:52] <RobereStarkk> Betwixt us menfolk, thy 'stone schlong' shall wither and perish afore it reaches such heights
[4:52] <RobereStarkk> as to challenge my supremacy
[4:52] <Baivo> yeh wel ur mum is fat
[4:52] <TheGameCrasher> Rekt
[4:52] <TheGameCrasher> rip riri
[4:53] <RobereStarkk> And thy father smells of eldeberry
[4:53] <Dengar708> riri is taking her time
[4:53] <Dengar708> as anticipated
[4:53] <TheGameCrasher> Nice reference rob ;)
[4:53] <Baivo> You have no idea how lng it takes for a girl to take a picture
[4:53] <TheGameCrasher> Grill*
[4:53] <Dengar708> me taking pics with friends
[4:53] <Dengar708> 5 seconds
[4:53] <Baivo> Plus i'll have to post it as a gyazo link
[4:53] <Baivo> DOn't want you creeps stalking her facebook eyy
[4:53] <Dengar708> why can't people just
[4:53] <Dengar708> get puush
[4:54] <Dengar708> I can just
[4:54] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iGSxD/c4c43ce1d7.png
[4:54] <Dengar708> done
[4:54] <RobereStarkk> Ooh cool
[4:54] <Baivo> Well
[4:54] <Baivo> I can just
[4:54] <Baivo> http://gyazo.com/e6c82dffcaab48e0f66d2553c414d7ba
[4:54] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iGSzo/91b7e0d7e1.png
[4:55] <Baivo> here's your proof peasants
[4:55] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:55] <Baivo> http://gyazo.com/8a458189d63a794fa111a39e28b3ee3b
[4:55] <Baivo> None can doubt her beauty
[4:55] <RobereStarkk> Okay great
[4:55] <RobereStarkk> halfway there
[4:55] <Baivo> now what do you want
[4:55] <RobereStarkk> Still the Certificate
[4:56] <Baivo> There
[4:56] <TheGameCrasher> I'm sorry about all this Riri D;
[4:57] <Riri4213> you all owe me photos so i know what you look like
[4:57] <RobereStarkk> Yes, I do apologise for Baivo's Temerity
[4:57] <RobereStarkk> Alrighty
[4:57] <Baivo> Bite me
[4:57] <RobereStarkk> I'll include my certificate to show Baivo what it looks like
[4:57] <Baivo> I'm exempt from this, right?
[4:57] <acornboy1937> do i have to D:
[4:57] <Riri4213> :D nup
[4:57] <Baivo> Wow
[4:57] <Riri4213> <3
[4:58] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[4:58] <TheGameCrasher> wb
[4:58] <RobereStarkk> but before I do
[4:58] <RobereStarkk> Explain to me how puush works
[4:58] <RobereStarkk> Just in case I want to use it
[4:59] <Baivo> Snipping tool which uploads to a shareable link
[4:59] <Dengar708> I can also do full screen
[4:59] <Dengar708> just bind the options to keys
[4:59] <Dengar708> I have snip to alt shift 8
[4:59] <RobereStarkk> interdasting
[4:59] <Dengar708> and full screen to alt shift 9
[4:59] <Dengar708> also able to capture the window
[4:59] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[4:59] <Riri4213> waiting...
[5:00] <Dengar708> he hasn't got a fast way to upload things
[5:00] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[5:00] <Firefighter0701> Hey everyone!
[5:00] <TheGameCrasher> wb fire
[5:00] <Baivo> Here's my photo
[5:00] <Riri4213> hey
[5:00] <Baivo> Note: I'm fat
[5:00] <Dengar708> hey fire
[5:00] <Baivo> And have a baby face
[5:00] <Baivo> http://gyazo.com/588012bcc6acc01a4f7f9f80bd035819
[5:01] <Baivo> Fire we're doing selfies again
[5:01] <Dengar708> Baivo don't put yourself down
[5:01] <Baivo> I'm not
[5:01] <Dengar708> you are only fat if you think you are fat
[5:01] <TheGameCrasher> Hey bud ;)
[5:01] <Baivo> Riri tells me i'm fat all the time
[5:01] <Riri4213> the hell i do
[5:01] <Dengar708> if you want
[5:01] <Dengar708> we can find your BMI
[5:01] <Dengar708> and see
[5:01] <Baivo> I know my BMI
[5:01] <TheGameCrasher> Drop chest and legs, Ill copy
[5:01] <Dengar708> and then compare that to the amount of exercise you do
[5:01] <TheGameCrasher> I'm in creative
[5:01] <Firefighter0701> Me too.
[5:02] <TheGameCrasher> Good o
[5:02] <TheGameCrasher> Nice setup
[5:02] <Firefighter0701> THX!
[5:02] <Baivo> My BMI is 26
[5:02] <Firefighter0701> I'm doing my cabin now.
[5:02] <Baivo> And i do no exercise
[5:02] <Firefighter0701> Biv ca bookshelves be part of subs?
[5:03] <Baivo> idk if they can
[5:03] <TheGameCrasher> Yeah
[5:03] <Riri4213> im 25
[5:03] <TheGameCrasher> They can have them
[5:03] <Dengar708> I am around 24ish
[5:03] <Baivo> Don't lie, you're 17
[5:03] <Dengar708> I don't know my exact height
[5:03] <Riri4213> :D
[5:03] <TheGameCrasher> Usually they don't
[5:03] <Baivo> Your birthday was a few months back
[5:03] <Baivo> Actually let me go measure myself
[5:03] <Riri4213> and i got a lovely present for something under my age
[5:04] <TheGameCrasher> One of these?
[5:04] <Firefighter0701> Can they be part of subs?
[5:04] <Firefighter0701> BTW, come here...
[5:04] <Riri4213> GTA 5 btw (R18+)
[5:04] <TheGameCrasher> Mmmh, It's a stretch but yeah I guess
[5:04] <Firefighter0701> Give me a ping, DS, one ping only.
[5:05] <Firefighter0701> :D
[5:05] <TheGameCrasher> ;)
[5:05] <Firefighter0701> I still gottta number the tubes.
[5:06] <TheGameCrasher> I suggest adding a few computer terminals around
[5:06] <Dengar708> I want to make an anti submarine ship
[5:06] <Dengar708> but that seems silly
[5:06] <TheGameCrasher> Adds that bit of realism
[5:06] <Firefighter0701> Nah, this is purely manua.
[5:06] <Firefighter0701> manual.
[5:06] <Dengar708> when I can do that without a ship
[5:06] <TheGameCrasher> Ah
[5:06] <TheGameCrasher> Ol' fashioned eh?
[5:06] <Firefighter0701> And Dengar, PB01-01 was exactly that.
[5:06] <Firefighter0701> It could eliminate the crew of a sub within seconds.
[5:06] <TheGameCrasher> Although, radar was still a thing, those should work
[5:07] <Riri4213> still waiting for photos bruh
[5:07] <Dengar708> I didn't aim to kill the crew
[5:07] <Dengar708> hostages are great
[5:07] <Firefighter0701> Well then...
[5:07] <Firefighter0701> You should just get a new type of torpedo to block its way.
[5:07] <TheGameCrasher> I'll try one thing
[5:07] <Firefighter0701> And the enter it.
[5:07] <RobereStarkk> aww man, no puush for android?
[5:07] <RobereStarkk> poor form
[5:07] <TheGameCrasher> Lol
[5:08] <Firefighter0701> And will it actualyl show me a thing?
[5:08] <TheGameCrasher> Er, no ;D
[5:08] <Firefighter0701> :(
[5:08] <TheGameCrasher> Just for show ;(
[5:08] <Firefighter0701> Back here dining rooms...
[5:08] <Riri4213> P-H-O-T-O-S
[5:08] <Firefighter0701> Normal crew
[5:08] <Firefighter0701> officers.
[5:09] <RobereStarkk> You're gonna have to wait a day or two Riri
[5:09] <Firefighter0701> Kitchen.
[5:09] <RobereStarkk> damned if I can find my certificate
[5:09] <Dengar708> damnit rob
[5:09] <Firefighter0701> This one is the toilet.
[5:09] <Dengar708> everytime
[5:09] <Riri4213> without it will be fine, but you'll owe me for late
[5:09] <Baivo> Deng, DS, i provided, you two step up too
[5:09] <Dengar708> ?
[5:09] <TheGameCrasher> Mmmh?
[5:09] <RobereStarkk> owe you? O.o
[5:09] <TheGameCrasher> Oh yeah, um
[5:10] <Firefighter0701> Back here da engine room.
[5:10] <Dengar708> what do i have to step up to
[5:10] <TheGameCrasher> Can I just say sorry D;
[5:10] <Riri4213> photo of the certificate later on, jsut phtos of face right now
[5:10] <Riri4213> no?
[5:10] <TheGameCrasher> Sorry Riri D;
[5:10] <Riri4213> no!
[5:10] <TheGameCrasher> But D;
[5:11] <Baivo> You craven bastards
[5:11] <Riri4213> *cough!*
[5:11] <Firefighter0701> And down here just storage.
[5:11] <Dengar708> why would
[5:11] <Dengar708> you hurt my dog
[5:11] <Riri4213> cuz i see no photos
[5:11] <Dengar708> I never said I would post photos
[5:11] <Dengar708> plus I can't even get any :L
[5:12] <Dengar708> literally no cameras in the house
[5:12] <Baivo> Ask the NSA
[5:12] <Baivo> lel
[5:12] <Dengar708> Family took them over seas
[5:12] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[5:12] <Dengar708> my phone is around 20 years old
[5:12] <Firefighter0701> Hey acorn!
[5:12] <acornboy1937> hi
[5:12] <RobereStarkk> https://goo.gl/ufrALD
[5:12] <Dengar708> and has only black on it
[5:12] <RobereStarkk> Photo of me from January
[5:12] <Dengar708> doesn't even go white
[5:12] <Baivo> What the shit
[5:12] <Baivo> You never told me you were a drag queen
[5:12] <Firefighter0701> TGC, go out and watch em firing.
[5:12] <acornboy1937> hi
[5:12] <RobereStarkk> I'm not
[5:12] <Dengar708> he has hobbies
[5:12] <Dengar708> I am sure you do too
[5:12] <Riri4213> lolol
[5:13] <TheGameCrasher> You've been busy 'avent ya fire?
[5:13] <Baivo> I have a mickey mouse onesie
[5:13] <Baivo> We all have troubles
[5:13] <Dengar708> why
[5:13] <Baivo> Why not
[5:13] <RobereStarkk> I was slightly drunk and borrowed a few bits and pieces from some random chick to take an
[5:13] <Firefighter0701> Come here and watch.
[5:13] <RobereStarkk> amusing picture
[5:13] <RobereStarkk> As you do
[5:13] <Firefighter0701> Stay htere.
[5:13] <Dengar708> rip wolf
[5:13] <TheGameCrasher> Kablewm
[5:13] <Dengar708> riri if you want i will fight you
[5:14] <Dengar708> I will only use fists
[5:14] <TheGameCrasher> That was sweet
[5:14] <Firefighter0701> See where it fired?
[5:14] <TheGameCrasher> Ya
[5:14] <Baivo> You have your jesus beanie
[5:14] <Baivo> That's no fair
[5:14] <Firefighter0701> See how it looks where it fired?
[5:14] <Dengar708> I won't use that
[5:14] <Dengar708> jesus beanie overrated
[5:14] <Dengar708> I will just use what I have on now
[5:15] <Firefighter0701> I wanted to build in that size...
[5:15] <Riri4213> all you guys check out this handsome man
[5:15] <Riri4213> http://imgur com/IY7gIY0
[5:15] <Firefighter0701> But movecraft says it's too large.
[5:15] <RobereStarkk> Deenied
[5:15] <Dengar708> lel
[5:15] <Dengar708> can;t
[5:15] <Baivo> Denied
[5:15] <Dengar708> can't*
[5:15] <Riri4213> f*ck'
[5:15] <Firefighter0701> I don't even know why O.Ow
[5:15] <TheGameCrasher> I can imagine why 0.o
[5:15] <Baivo> Riri
[5:15] <Riri4213> cuz im a GIRL?
[5:15] <Baivo> Send me the link
[5:15] <Baivo> i wil pos
[5:15] <Dengar708> I got this
[5:15] <Dengar708> I am a specialist
[5:15] <Dengar708> at things
[5:15] <Baivo> k deng
[5:15] <RobereStarkk> It's because you're < Trusted
[5:15] <Firefighter0701> So because you are a girl, this ship can't swim?
[5:16] <Dengar708> maybe
[5:16] <TheGameCrasher> This moving = instant server crash
[5:16] <RobereStarkk> How is Fire Elite?
[5:16] <Baivo> Promotion
[5:16] <RobereStarkk> When?
[5:16] <Firefighter0701> THis thing would have three of the diaognal cannons in a row.
[5:16] <Baivo> Uh
[5:16] <Baivo> Last night i think
[5:16] <Firefighter0701> And two forwards cannons.
[5:16] <Baivo> My menory is hazy
[5:16] <TheGameCrasher> Welp, I gotsta go
[5:16] <RobereStarkk> Ooh
[5:16] <Dengar708> I swear elite required to build in survival
[5:16] <RobereStarkk> Grats Fire
[5:16] <RobereStarkk> It does?
[5:16] <Firefighter0701> And on top of the two forwards cannons another forward cannon.
[5:16] <Firefighter0701> Thank you, ROb.
[5:16] <Dengar708> what type of boat is this?
[5:16] <TheGameCrasher> Soz fire, I gotta go
[5:17] <TheGameCrasher> rip me
[5:17] <Dengar708> fire
[5:17] <Firefighter0701> THis would have been a heavy cruiser.
[5:17] <Dengar708> I mean the type for movecraft
[5:17] <Firefighter0701> Ship.
[5:17] <TheGameCrasher> Bai erybody
[5:17] <Dengar708> cya
[5:17] <Firefighter0701> But too large.
[5:17] <TheGameCrasher> Baiii
[5:17] <RobereStarkk> Bai GC
[5:17] * TheGameCrasher (TheGameCrasher@§9TheGameCrasher§r) Quit (§eTheGameCrasher left the game.)
[5:17] <Dengar708> what is length and width?
[5:18] <Firefighter0701> t60 meters.
[5:18] <Firefighter0701> 160*
[5:18] <Riri4213> chickens, cant send photos
[5:18] <Firefighter0701> times 19 meters.
[5:18] <RobereStarkk> Ugh
[5:18] <RobereStarkk> Fine I'll send another one
[5:18] <RobereStarkk> So needy
[5:18] <acornboy1937> can someone give me the link to the dynamap again?
[5:18] <Riri4213> no, not you rob
[5:18] <Baivo> earth.stoneburnergaming.com
[5:18] <acornboy1937> thx
[5:18] <RobereStarkk> https://goo.gl/vHzp2H
[5:19] <Baivo> http://earth.stoneburnergaming.com
[5:19] <RobereStarkk> There
[5:19] <RobereStarkk> One without the mask
[5:19] <Firefighter0701> stoneburnergaming doesn't work.
[5:19] <Dengar708> so like 140x20
[5:19] <Dengar708> for ease
[5:19] <Baivo> Wait
[5:19] <Baivo> yeah
[5:19] <Dengar708> so that is 28k
[5:19] <Firefighter0701> Try earth.lawsofminecraft.com
[5:19] <Baivo> http://earth.lawsofminecraft.com
[5:19] <Dengar708> 2.8k*
[5:19] <Dengar708> for 1 layer
[5:19] <Dengar708> there is equivalent of 4
[5:19] <RobereStarkk> Oh that reminds me, I haven't set up dynmap
[5:19] <Dengar708> 2.8x4 > 10k
[5:19] <acornboy1937> thank you
[5:19] <Baivo> Rob
[5:19] <acornboy1937> 1 of them was right :P
[5:19] <Baivo> One of your eyes is going on vacation in that photo
[5:19] <Baivo> lel
[5:19] <RobereStarkk> I'm lazy okay?
[5:19] <Dengar708> the problem is
[5:19] <Dengar708> it is too huge
[5:19] <RobereStarkk> wait what?
[5:19] <Dengar708> just make it smaller
[5:19] <RobereStarkk> Oh no, it's a face I'm pulling
[5:20] <Firefighter0701> Adn that's the point, Deng.
[5:20] <Firefighter0701> I don't want it to be smaller.
[5:20] <Dengar708> There are limits for a reason
[5:20] <Firefighter0701> Instead I build a completely ew ship.
[5:20] <Dengar708> deal with it
[5:20] <Dengar708> smaller or no ship
[5:20] <Riri4213> nice rob
[5:20] <Dengar708> pretty much only choices
[5:20] <RobereStarkk> lolthanks
[5:21] <RobereStarkk> That's Ryde Hospital Emergency Room in the background
[5:21] <RobereStarkk> @theMoreYouKnow
[5:21] <RobereStarkk> Whoops
[5:21] <Baivo> Riri and i are criminals
[5:21] <RobereStarkk> Hashtagfail
[5:21] <RobereStarkk> Are you rearry!?
[5:21] <RobereStarkk> Gadzooks!
[5:21] <acornboy1937> no my marine boots broke D:
[5:22] <Baivo> http://gyazo.com/e1a924448e65da085e09a951c7f370f8
[5:22] <RobereStarkk> wow, even console isn't allowed to jail baivo
[5:22] <RobereStarkk> Pfft
[5:22] <RobereStarkk> There's not even a reward posted
[5:22] <RobereStarkk> Mustn't be very good criminals
[5:23] <Baivo> There was
[5:23] <Baivo> In the original
[5:23] <Baivo> I can grab it actually
[5:23] <Baivo> Up on my wall cabinet thing
[5:24] <RobereStarkk> lol
[5:24] <Baivo> http://gyazo.com/89e8037680366cf98ed51834ade30039
[5:24] <RobereStarkk> Wow, eighty whole dollars
[5:25] <Firefighter0701> Can someone give me perms for airskiffs, pls?
[5:25] <Firefighter0701> I want to have one or two onboard this fregate.
[5:25] <Baivo> Ok so let me get this straight
[5:25] <RobereStarkk> I wonder if that's for the both of you, or if it's each
[5:25] <Baivo> You want a massive ass ship that's over movecraft limits
[5:25] <Firefighter0701> This one isn't over limits.
[5:25] <Baivo> THen you want 2 more aircraft to slam on top??
[5:26] <Firefighter0701> The old one was.
[5:26] <Firefighter0701> THis one is fine.
[5:26] <RobereStarkk> Yes Baivo, that's exactly what he wants
[5:26] <RobereStarkk> Who wouldn't?
[5:26] <Dengar708> I must go
[5:26] <Dengar708> cyas
[5:26] <RobereStarkk> Hell I'm tempted to go make one!
[5:26] <RobereStarkk> Ciao Denny!
[5:26] <Firefighter0701> Also I will unpilot the ship before I could pilot airskiffs.
[5:26] <Dengar708> I think we need a limit to the amount of things you can have
[5:26] <Baivo> Let me just put an airskiff sign on my floating islands and have the whole lot of them move
[5:26] <Dengar708> like 1 ship
[5:26] <Firefighter0701> For obvious reasus.
[5:26] <Baivo> Put some tnt cannons on the bitches
[5:26] <Dengar708> I called dibs
[5:26] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iGTIU/7f60076b45.jpg
[5:26] <Dengar708> on this island
[5:26] <RobereStarkk> Why is Riri staring atme?
[5:26] <Dengar708> as my floating island
[5:26] <RobereStarkk> Am I really that pretty?
[5:26] <Firefighter0701> Your islands would need wool...
[5:26] <Baivo> Yes
[5:26] <Dengar708> it is only like 1k x 1k
[5:27] <Dengar708> should be okay
[5:27] <Dengar708> only 1m blocks
[5:27] <Dengar708> x maybe 50
[5:27] <RobereStarkk> Well, can't argue with that!
[5:27] <Dengar708> 50 million blocks should be fine right rob?
[5:27] <Dengar708> head
[5:27] <Dengar708> yeah*
[5:27] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[5:27] <Riri4213> :D
[5:27] <Dengar708> can't crash the server
[5:27] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[5:27] <RobereStarkk> Yeah, 50Mil is about average
[5:28] <RobereStarkk> I once did 200Mil and it only latency kicked me once
[5:28] <Dengar708> anyways cya
[5:28] <Riri4213> byee
[5:28] <Dengar708> I call this continent then
[5:29] <RobereStarkk> Are we talking about WorldEdit or claiming
[5:29] <Dengar708> hasn't been fu.lly explored
[5:29] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iGU3e/5f9ee305a4.jpg
[5:29] <Dengar708> uhh
[5:29] <RobereStarkk> Cos claiming isn't nearly as intesive as WE
[5:29] <Dengar708> turning into movecraft ships
[5:29] <RobereStarkk> Oh
[5:29] <Dengar708> and flying them
[5:29] <RobereStarkk> Shit son, Movecraft
[5:29] <RobereStarkk> You'd be lucky to get 1Mil
[5:29] <Dengar708> so a 1 block thick 1kx1k
[5:29] <Dengar708> should be okay then
[5:30] <RobereStarkk> Actually no
[5:30] <Dengar708> damnit
[5:30] <RobereStarkk> It's also probably gotta be within the loaded chunks area
[5:30] <RobereStarkk> Which is massive
[5:30] <Dengar708> fine
[5:30] <RobereStarkk> but I don't think it's that massive
[5:30] <Dengar708> a 100x10x10 tower
[5:30] <Dengar708> or larger
[5:30] <Dengar708> like 100x100x100
[5:30] <Dengar708> I will be the borg leader
[5:30] <Dengar708> I got this
[5:30] <RobereStarkk> You'd wanna watch out for mountains
[5:30] <Dengar708> pssh
[5:30] <Dengar708> it is a ship
[5:31] <Dengar708> on water
[5:31] <Dengar708> ram people
[5:31] <Dengar708> I would move
[5:31] <RobereStarkk> My point stands :P
[5:31] <Dengar708> and they would crash
[5:31] <Dengar708> then I would eat their ship
[5:31] <RobereStarkk> Riri is still staring at me...
[5:31] <Firefighter0701> Ramming ships no worky.
[5:31] <Dengar708> I made a ship to stop other ships
[5:31] <acornboy1937> lol
[5:31] <Dengar708> worked 10/10
[5:31] <Dengar708> stopped hyper's mega airship
[5:31] <Dengar708> literally made it broken
[5:31] <Dengar708> and unfixable
[5:31] <Firefighter0701> Does 001 already have a Fregate?
[5:31] <Firefighter0701> Or did it ever have one?
[5:32] <Dengar708> Fire you are allowed 1 ship
[5:32] <Firefighter0701> THis one isn't mine.
[5:32] <Dengar708> you are wanting a ton of ships
[5:32] <Dengar708> not everyone can have a ship
[5:32] <Baivo> Let me clarify
[5:32] <Dengar708> because the server will crash
[5:32] <Baivo> You are allowed one movecraft entity
[5:32] <Baivo> And one only
[5:32] <RobereStarkk> @Dengar, what does it matter, he can only pilot one at a time anyways
[5:32] <Firefighter0701> Mine is the submarine.
[5:32] <Dengar708> he will just get others
[5:32] <Baivo> He can get friends to pilot a bunch
[5:32] <Firefighter0701> But now that I started the fregate, I will finish it.
[5:33] <Dengar708> I can get maybe 5 people flying ships
[5:33] <Dengar708> on my command
[5:33] <Dengar708> with no hassle
[5:33] <Firefighter0701> It will be purely 001 property.
[5:33] <RobereStarkk> kgo
[5:33] <Dengar708> 2 of them are overseas
[5:33] <Baivo> You have my axe
[5:33] <Dengar708> and those in australia are asleep
[5:33] <RobereStarkk> Sounds like a hassle
[5:33] <RobereStarkk> Specially if you've gotta wake them up
[5:33] <Dengar708> dreamy and xardian are overseas
[5:33] <Dengar708> padmay is overseas as well
[5:33] <Dengar708> Hyper doesn't give a shit
[5:33] <Dengar708> Shiny is probably asleep
[5:33] <Baivo> Hyper has never given a shit lel
[5:34] <Dengar708> ganning is overseas
[5:34] <Baivo> Rob ur invisible
[5:34] <Baivo> now ur not
[5:34] <Dengar708> hj is asleep
[5:34] <Dengar708> I could get ninja
[5:34] <Dengar708> and cozzer
[5:34] <acornboy1937> hello
[5:34] <Dengar708> anyways I must sleep cyas
[5:34] <Firefighter0701> Now, does 001 already have a frigate or did it ever have one?
[5:34] <Dengar708> though I provewd my point
[5:34] <Dengar708> it did have one
[5:34] <Baivo> Yes fire
[5:34] <RobereStarkk> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[5:34] <Firefighter0701> Only one?
[5:34] <Dengar708> 001 has had many ships
[5:34] <Firefighter0701> Or more?
[5:34] <Baivo> We have a whole fleet of mega ships saved
[5:34] <Baivo> Literallt
[5:34] <Baivo> ike, they're massive
[5:34] <Dengar708> Peppy was taking me back through some
[5:34] <Firefighter0701> And how many of them are frigates?
[5:34] <Baivo> I can demonstrate
[5:34] <Dengar708> ages ago
[5:35] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[5:36] <acornboy1937> im bored
[5:36] <Firefighter0701> In a sec we can continue our contest with da torpedoes.
[5:36] <acornboy1937> lol ok
[5:36] <acornboy1937> i added a few to my ship
[5:37] <RobereStarkk> Anyone seen the first couple episodes of Killjoys yet?
[5:37] <acornboy1937> i dont have enough resourses to make tnt cannons though
[5:38] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[5:38] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[5:38] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[5:40] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[5:40] <RobereStarkk> aaaaand she's staring again
[5:40] <Baivo> Who is
[5:40] <acornboy1937> lagggg
[5:40] <RobereStarkk> Riri :P
[5:40] <Baivo> oh lol
[5:40] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[5:40] <RobereStarkk> Who else?
[5:40] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[5:40] <Firefighter0701> LAAAAWL
[5:40] <Firefighter0701> Dat German signs...
[5:41] * acornboy1937 was kicked from #main by Server
[5:41] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[5:41] <Firefighter0701> Google Translate I guess.
[5:41] <Baivo> AHGA
[5:41] <Baivo> Found it
[5:41] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[5:41] <Baivo> I think
[5:41] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[5:41] <acornboy1937> brb gonna restart minecraft
[5:41] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[5:41] <RobereStarkk> What're you looking for?
[5:42] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[5:42] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[5:42] <Firefighter0701> Damn you, school internet.
[5:43] <Firefighter0701> I think i already know that one, Biv.
[5:43] <acornboy1937> im getting frame lag and server lag
[5:43] <Firefighter0701> Yes, I do.
[5:43] <RobereStarkk> No server lag
[5:43] <RobereStarkk> Probably network lag
[5:43] <acornboy1937> o
[5:43] <Firefighter0701> So many German signs...
[5:43] <acornboy1937> when i go to my house i dont get any lag
[5:43] <Firefighter0701> But that one is correct :D
[5:44] <acornboy1937> o nvm
[5:44] <acornboy1937> ok now im good
[5:44] <Firefighter0701> Isn't that the one that blew itself up when Peppy fired the cannons?
[5:44] <Firefighter0701> because TNT and redstone mechanisms have been changed?
[5:44] <Baivo> possibly
[5:45] <acornboy1937> anyone wanna pvp?
[5:46] <Baivo> lel
[5:46] <RobereStarkk> Sure
[5:46] <Firefighter0701> lol
[5:46] <Baivo> TO the arena!
[5:46] <acornboy1937> ok
[5:46] <Firefighter0701> Where is the arena?
[5:46] <acornboy1937> at my place?
[5:46] <acornboy1937> i have a small one
[5:46] <acornboy1937> not the best
[5:47] <Baivo> Spawn
[5:47] <Baivo> THe one i built
[5:47] <Baivo> For the compathon
[5:47] <acornboy1937> ok what kind of battle?
[5:47] <acornboy1937> i have marine armor
[5:47] <acornboy1937> so
[5:47] <Baivo> Level ground
[5:47] <acornboy1937> yea
[5:47] <Baivo> I supply the gear
[5:47] <Firefighter0701> Rob has Rob armor.
[5:47] <acornboy1937> ok
[5:47] <acornboy1937> lol
[5:49] <acornboy1937> can i get a heal?
[5:49] <Baivo> psst
[5:49] <acornboy1937> omg no
[5:49] <acornboy1937> XD
[5:49] <Baivo> Use that
[5:50] <acornboy1937> my dogs
[5:50] <acornboy1937> no
[5:50] <acornboy1937> ok
[5:50] <acornboy1937> welp
[5:50] <Firefighter0701> Someone gonna try this helicopter?
[5:50] <acornboy1937> one sec
[5:50] <acornboy1937> um
[5:50] <acornboy1937> oh
[5:51] <acornboy1937> the dogs will attack
[5:51] <Baivo> Not if they're sitting
[5:51] <acornboy1937> yea if they do run away
[5:51] <acornboy1937> no kill
[5:51] <acornboy1937> the stuf just despawned XD
[5:51] <acornboy1937> i saw it
[5:52] <Baivo> Welp
[5:52] <Baivo> Apparently
[5:52] <Baivo> This is in spawn's region
[5:52] <acornboy1937> no pvp XD
[5:52] <acornboy1937> ok tp
[5:52] <Baivo> A no pvp area
[5:52] <Baivo> God damnit
[5:53] <Baivo> robbb
[5:53] * Riri4213 was kicked from #main by Server
[5:53] * Riri4213 (Riri4213@§9Riri4213§r) Quit (§eRiri4213 left the game.)
[5:53] <Baivo> Tp lag
[5:53] <acornboy1937> hi
[5:53] <acornboy1937> come
[5:54] <Baivo> Tell me when
[5:54] <acornboy1937> 3
[5:54] <acornboy1937> 2
[5:54] <acornboy1937> 1
[5:54] <acornboy1937> go!
[5:54] <Baivo> rekt
[5:54] <acornboy1937> oh
[5:54] <Baivo> 2 hearts done to me
[5:54] <Baivo> lel
[5:54] <acornboy1937> i lagged?
[5:55] <acornboy1937> XD
[5:55] <acornboy1937> again?
[5:55] <Baivo> Someone is here
[5:55] <acornboy1937> no
[5:55] <acornboy1937> tp plz?
[5:56] <acornboy1937> where?
[5:56] <Baivo> dunno
[5:56] <acornboy1937> 3
[5:56] <acornboy1937> 2
[5:56] <acornboy1937> 1
[5:56] <acornboy1937> go
[5:56] <acornboy1937> gg
[5:57] <acornboy1937> lol
[5:57] <Baivo> gg no re
[5:57] <acornboy1937> bows?
[5:57] * Baivo (Baivo@§bBaivo§r) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[5:57] <acornboy1937> now?
[5:57] <acornboy1937> oh
[5:58] <acornboy1937> fire u ready to continue our torpedo battle?
[5:58] <Firefighter0701> Five minutes.
[5:58] <acornboy1937> kk
[5:58] * RobereStarkk (RobereStarkk@§e§oCoS§7:§8RobereStarkk§r) Quit (§eRobereStarkk left the game.)
[5:59] <acornboy1937> can i get a tp to spawn i left my dogs there :P
[6:00] <Firefighter0701> ./spawn
[6:00] <Firefighter0701> GG, server
[6:00] <acornboy1937> yea but then i cant tp back
[6:01] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[6:01] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[6:06] <acornboy1937> so what happens if my ship gets obbleterated
[6:06] <Firefighter0701> What?
[6:06] <acornboy1937> i think i spelled that wrong XD
[6:07] <acornboy1937> no one can copy my ship so what happens if you win
[6:07] <Firefighter0701> I'll rebuild it.
[6:07] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:11] <acornboy1937> redy?
[6:11] <acornboy1937> its been 5 mins
[6:12] <Firefighter0701> Ready, tp me.
[6:12] <acornboy1937> hi
[6:13] <Firefighter0701> This should really be the civil sea flag.
[6:13] <acornboy1937> i reloaded for you
[6:14] <Firefighter0701> A sec.
[6:14] <acornboy1937> can i get more coal blocks
[6:15] <acornboy1937> thx
[6:16] <Firefighter0701> Here we go!
[6:17] <acornboy1937> o deer
[6:17] <Firefighter0701> U ready?
[6:17] <acornboy1937> yup
[6:18] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:18] <acornboy1937> u won
[6:18] <Firefighter0701> I won.
[6:18] <acornboy1937> wood plz
[6:19] <Firefighter0701> Wait, reloading.
[6:19] <acornboy1937> and my side
[6:19] <Firefighter0701> u hit yourself?
[6:19] <acornboy1937> i need a sign
[6:19] <Firefighter0701> BTW, better have the topedoes underwater.
[6:19] <acornboy1937> thx
[6:20] <Firefighter0701> So nobody sees them.
[6:20] <Firefighter0701> Not now but.
[6:20] <acornboy1937> ik
[6:20] <acornboy1937> i have 1
[6:20] <Firefighter0701> For the future.
[6:20] <acornboy1937> more wood?
[6:20] <acornboy1937> plz?
[6:21] <acornboy1937> ok go wherever and we'll start
[6:22] <Firefighter0701> U ready?
[6:22] <acornboy1937> yup
[6:22] <Firefighter0701> Yours hit first.
[6:22] <Firefighter0701> YOu win.
[6:22] <acornboy1937> mine didnt hit!!
[6:22] <acornboy1937> oh
[6:24] <acornboy1937> perfect
[6:25] <acornboy1937> wait i cant move
[6:25] <Firefighter0701> Ready for next round.
[6:25] <Firefighter0701> What?
[6:25] <acornboy1937> my ship
[6:25] <Firefighter0701> What does it sayß
[6:25] <acornboy1937> u try
[6:25] <Firefighter0701> You released it?
[6:25] <Firefighter0701> Do /release
[6:26] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:26] <Firefighter0701> Works
[6:26] <acornboy1937> redy?
[6:26] <Firefighter0701> Ready.
[6:27] <Firefighter0701> I won.
[6:27] <acornboy1937> oh
[6:27] <acornboy1937> welp
[6:28] <acornboy1937> 2 fire 1 me
[6:28] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:28] <Firefighter0701> YOu won one yesterday.
[6:28] <Firefighter0701> It's 2:2
[6:28] <acornboy1937> true
[6:28] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:29] <Firefighter0701> New round.
[6:29] <Firefighter0701> Ready?
[6:29] <acornboy1937> yup
[6:30] <acornboy1937> gg!!
[6:30] <Firefighter0701> WTF? Why didn't da ship MOVE?
[6:30] <acornboy1937> lol
[6:31] <Firefighter0701> 3:2 you.
[6:31] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:31] <acornboy1937> brb in 5 mins
[6:31] <Firefighter0701> I wanted you to fire and then flee from the torpedo.
[6:31] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:31] <acornboy1937> lol
[6:31] <Firefighter0701> Then reattack from the back.
[6:31] <acornboy1937> welp
[6:31] <acornboy1937> brb
[6:31] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[6:34] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[6:35] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:35] <acornboy1937> im back
[6:35] <Firefighter0701> Yay, the fregate works.
[6:36] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[6:36] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[6:36] <acornboy1937> ready to continue?
[6:36] <acornboy1937> lol
[6:37] * Firefighter0701 was kicked from #main by Server
[6:37] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[6:37] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[6:39] <acornboy1937> :D
[6:39] <Firefighter0701> For obvious reasons I can#t build the for you :(
[6:39] <acornboy1937> ik
[6:39] <Firefighter0701> However if you give me resources I can.
[6:40] <Firefighter0701> acorn, you can't drive this ship unless...
[6:40] <acornboy1937> ik
[6:40] <Firefighter0701> YOu wear proper unifurm.
[6:40] <Firefighter0701> uniform*
[6:40] <acornboy1937> im not trying to
[6:40] <acornboy1937> nice heli
[6:40] <Firefighter0701> THX!
[6:40] <Firefighter0701> It will fly as well.
[6:40] <acornboy1937> coo
[6:41] <Firefighter0701> As long as this plank block is there it will swim with the ship.
[6:41] <acornboy1937> can i fly it?
[6:41] <Firefighter0701> But if I remove itsomeone can fly it.
[6:41] <Firefighter0701> I don't think so.
[6:41] <Firefighter0701> Not even I got airship perms.
[6:41] <acornboy1937> oh
[6:41] <Firefighter0701> I would allow you.
[6:41] <Firefighter0701> But I guess you can't.
[6:41] <acornboy1937> lemme try
[6:41] <Firefighter0701> Do so.
[6:41] <acornboy1937> oh
[6:41] <acornboy1937> nvm
[6:42] <acornboy1937> lol
[6:42] <acornboy1937> ik
[6:42] <acornboy1937> ok
[6:42] <Firefighter0701> Say a number between 0 and 100.
[6:42] <acornboy1937> you know in our battles u can use tnt cannons
[6:42] <acornboy1937> ok 53
[6:43] <acornboy1937> lol
[6:44] <acornboy1937> brb im going to test a design in singleplayer
[6:44] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[6:55] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[7:07] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[7:13] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[7:14] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[7:14] <Firefighter0701> Damn you school wifi!!!
[7:26] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[8:53] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[8:58] <Firefighter0701> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[9:45] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[10:07] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[10:07] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[10:08] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[10:11] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[10:11] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[10:29] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[11:03] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[11:20] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[11:20] <Firefighter0701> Hey acorn!
[11:21] <Firefighter0701> That's log on problems.
[11:21] <acornboy1937> hi
[11:21] <Firefighter0701> You just gotta wait a few seconds.
[11:21] <acornboy1937> ik
[11:21] <acornboy1937> :P
[11:22] <acornboy1937> wow
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> Normal crew cabin.
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> Come here to see my cabin!
[11:22] <acornboy1937> wow
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> Desk :D
[11:22] <acornboy1937> fancy
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> Own bathroom.
[11:22] <acornboy1937> lol
[11:22] <Firefighter0701> As the only person onboard.
[11:23] <Firefighter0701> This is the medical officer's rom.
[11:23] <acornboy1937> wow how long did this take
[11:23] <Firefighter0701> Only the doc and the co have own cabins.
[11:23] <Firefighter0701> This is the sickbay.
[11:23] <acornboy1937> oh
[11:23] <Firefighter0701> With a furnace to sterilize equipment.
[11:24] <Firefighter0701> xD
[11:24] <acornboy1937> lol
[11:24] <Firefighter0701> Ammunition storage.
[11:24] <Firefighter0701> Normal crew quarters.
[11:24] <Firefighter0701> Toilet.
[11:24] <acornboy1937> u really need to make a smaller timer for your guns
[11:25] <Firefighter0701> One is with shower.
[11:25] <Firefighter0701> Dining hall.
[11:25] <acornboy1937> much privacy
[11:25] <Firefighter0701> Ths one for normal crew.
[11:25] <acornboy1937> for the shower
[11:25] <acornboy1937> lol
[11:25] <Firefighter0701> THis one for officers.
[11:25] <Firefighter0701> And here the kitchen.
[11:26] <Firefighter0701> Storage rooms.
[11:26] <Firefighter0701> Engine room with anti sub bomb launchers.
[11:26] <acornboy1937> woah
[11:26] <acornboy1937> omg
[11:27] <Firefighter0701> Central firing control.
[11:27] <Firefighter0701> Three main guns cn be fired from here.
[11:27] <acornboy1937> fire them
[11:27] <acornboy1937> can i?
[11:27] <Firefighter0701> You can fire em. But only click once.
[11:27] <acornboy1937> k
[11:27] <acornboy1937> cool
[11:27] <Firefighter0701> you can press each button once.
[11:28] <acornboy1937> u wanna continue our war?
[11:28] <Firefighter0701> Wanna drive this lady?
[11:28] <acornboy1937> lol ok
[11:28] <Firefighter0701> First of all right uniform.
[11:28] <Firefighter0701> WAAAIIIIIT!!
[11:28] <acornboy1937> XD
[11:28] <Firefighter0701> I'm still the commanding officer!
[11:28] <acornboy1937> oh
[11:29] <Firefighter0701> Startup engines.
[11:29] <Firefighter0701> STOP!
[11:29] <acornboy1937> this is slower than mine
[11:29] <Firefighter0701> I said start the engines up, not flank ahaed.
[11:29] <acornboy1937> oh
[11:29] <Firefighter0701> Move backwards 5 blocks.
[11:30] <Firefighter0701> You can see almost the entire ship from the bridge.
[11:30] <Firefighter0701> These extensions are essential when docking.
[11:31] <Firefighter0701> All engines full stop.
[11:31] <Firefighter0701> Shut down engines.
[11:31] <acornboy1937> how?
[11:31] <Firefighter0701> ./release
[11:31] <acornboy1937> ok
[11:32] <Firefighter0701> And some more missile launchers.
[11:32] <Firefighter0701> acorn, look...
[11:33] <acornboy1937> ?
[11:33] <Firefighter0701> Not amazing but funny.
[11:33] <acornboy1937> what did it do
[11:33] <Firefighter0701> Da torch.
[11:33] <acornboy1937> o
[11:33] <acornboy1937> lol
[11:33] <Firefighter0701> SAme at the front.
[11:33] <Firefighter0701> Of course you don't wanna be seen in enemy territory.
[11:33] <Firefighter0701> And now we can continue our battle.
[11:33] <acornboy1937> yay
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> But me with this ship LOL
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> Joke xD
[11:34] <acornboy1937> thats fine
[11:34] <acornboy1937> really
[11:34] <acornboy1937> that would be fun
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> Nah.
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> THis one is too slow.
[11:34] <acornboy1937> true
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> It would do MORE damage.
[11:34] <acornboy1937> ok ill tp u
[11:34] <Firefighter0701> But not earlier than you.
[11:35] <Firefighter0701> The missiles are rather made to keep your enemy busy.
[11:35] <acornboy1937> ok
[11:35] <Firefighter0701> NOt to destroy him.
[11:35] <Firefighter0701> But once I would target you with the main cannon...
[11:35] <Firefighter0701> YOur entire ship would be sawmeal.
[11:35] <acornboy1937> XD
[11:35] <acornboy1937> u cant tp?
[11:35] <Firefighter0701> I can...
[11:35] <acornboy1937> try now
[11:36] <acornboy1937> ?????
[11:36] <Firefighter0701> Your cooldown?
[11:36] <acornboy1937> yea
[11:36] <acornboy1937> tp to me
[11:36] <Firefighter0701> Oh yeah.
[11:36] <Firefighter0701> BTW, why 1937?
[11:36] <acornboy1937> idk XD
[11:37] <acornboy1937> i hate those things
[11:37] <acornboy1937> run!!
[11:37] <Firefighter0701> Well that's the neighbours you get in a monument.
[11:37] <Firefighter0701> And why should I run?
[11:37] <acornboy1937> lol
[11:37] <acornboy1937> oh
[11:37] <acornboy1937> yea
[11:37] <Firefighter0701> THey won't attack me right now.
[11:37] <acornboy1937> creative
[11:38] <Firefighter0701> I guess I'm ready
[11:38] <acornboy1937> ok
[11:38] <Firefighter0701> You?
[11:38] <acornboy1937> yup
[11:40] <acornboy1937> u won
[11:40] <Firefighter0701> I hit first.
[11:40] <acornboy1937> yea
[11:40] <Firefighter0701> i knew you wouldn#t fire that bad.
[11:40] <acornboy1937> oh my ship
[11:40] <Firefighter0701> Which is why I hurried with getting my torpedoes armed.
[11:40] <acornboy1937> lol
[11:40] <acornboy1937> i missed
[11:40] <acornboy1937> and i had to reload
[11:40] <Firefighter0701> No you didn't.
[11:40] <acornboy1937> yea
[11:40] <acornboy1937> i did
[11:41] <Firefighter0701> YOu didn't miss.
[11:41] <acornboy1937> no my chair
[11:41] <acornboy1937> i shot and u turned
[11:41] <acornboy1937> u didnt see
[11:41] <acornboy1937> XD
[11:41] <Firefighter0701> You missed the first one, I know.
[11:41] <acornboy1937> yea
[11:41] <acornboy1937> then i hit
[11:41] <acornboy1937> but u hit first
[11:41] <acornboy1937> i need to add glass :P
[11:42] <acornboy1937> thx :D
[11:43] <acornboy1937> ok redy?
[11:43] <Firefighter0701> Need a heal?
[11:43] <acornboy1937> no
[11:44] <Firefighter0701> Now I am.
[11:45] <Firefighter0701> i won.
[11:45] <acornboy1937> no
[11:45] <acornboy1937> the hull is fine
[11:45] <acornboy1937> its the deck
[11:45] <Firefighter0701> Nope.w
[11:45] <Firefighter0701> Look here.
[11:45] <Firefighter0701> This block
[11:45] <Firefighter0701> On my head
[11:46] <acornboy1937> its still sealed
[11:46] <Firefighter0701> but damaged.
[11:46] <Firefighter0701> It is about damaging the hull, not how much damage.
[11:46] <acornboy1937> yes but it wouldnt sink
[11:46] <acornboy1937> its not open!
[11:46] <Firefighter0701> It wouldn't sink if I fired all torpedoes on it.
[11:46] <acornboy1937> yes but u didnt
[11:46] <Firefighter0701> But the criterium isn't wheter it is sealed or now.
[11:46] <Firefighter0701> not*
[11:47] <acornboy1937> ok fine
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> It is whether it is hit or not.
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> dmaaged.
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> damaged*
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> Otherwise you probably wouldn't have one a single time.
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> You mainly hit my bow.
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> And it still was sealed.
[11:47] <acornboy1937> ok restart
[11:47] <Firefighter0701> Wait.
[11:48] <acornboy1937> ?
[11:48] <Firefighter0701> Starting positions should be further away.
[11:48] <acornboy1937> yea
[11:48] <Firefighter0701> Ready
[11:48] <Firefighter0701> You?
[11:48] <acornboy1937> we need to build starting islands
[11:48] <acornboy1937> yea
[11:48] <Firefighter0701> GO!
[11:49] <acornboy1937> did i hit u?>
[11:49] <Firefighter0701> YOu win.
[11:50] <acornboy1937> :D
[11:50] <Firefighter0701> Damn ship.s
[11:50] <acornboy1937> XD
[11:50] <Firefighter0701> WHy u no move, SHIP?
[11:51] <Firefighter0701> Ready.
[11:51] <acornboy1937> redy
[11:52] <acornboy1937> lag
[11:52] <acornboy1937> oh
[11:52] <acornboy1937> wait
[11:52] <Firefighter0701> YOu said you're ready
[11:52] <acornboy1937> ik
[11:52] <acornboy1937> i was
[11:53] <acornboy1937> ok u won
[11:53] <acornboy1937> i had really bad lag
[11:53] <Firefighter0701> Protip: Don't say you're ready when you're not.
[11:53] <acornboy1937> lol
[11:53] <acornboy1937> i was
[11:53] <Firefighter0701> I was no count
[11:53] <Firefighter0701> Once you're ready there's no going back..
[11:55] <Firefighter0701> Wanna do dem starting islands?
[11:55] <acornboy1937> yea
[11:55] <Firefighter0701> Tell me where.
[11:55] <acornboy1937> ok
[11:55] <acornboy1937> lemme find some
[11:56] <acornboy1937> dynamap
[11:56] <Firefighter0701> dynmap*
[11:57] <Firefighter0701> Acorn, where are you?
[11:57] <acornboy1937> looking for an island
[11:57] <acornboy1937> or two
[11:58] <Firefighter0701> I'd say here...
[11:58] <acornboy1937> darn moved
[11:58] <acornboy1937> gurdians
[11:59] <acornboy1937> safe
[11:59] <acornboy1937> wheres another
[12:00] <acornboy1937> dar
[12:00] <acornboy1937> n
[12:01] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[12:01] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[12:02] <Firefighter0701> You having fun?
[12:02] <acornboy1937> lol
[12:03] <acornboy1937> we need another island
[12:05] <acornboy1937> we goin to the island?
[12:05] <Firefighter0701> You goin to blue.
[12:06] <acornboy1937> where is that
[12:06] <Firefighter0701> Follow me.
[12:06] <acornboy1937> k
[12:06] <Firefighter0701> Come here, shippy!
[12:07] <Firefighter0701> Good ship.
[12:07] <acornboy1937> lol
[12:08] <Firefighter0701> R U READY!
[12:08] <acornboy1937> to rumble
[12:08] <acornboy1937> yes
[12:08] <Firefighter0701> GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:08] <acornboy1937> ill let u come to me
[12:08] <acornboy1937> idk where u r XD
[12:08] <Firefighter0701> On yellow island
[12:08] <Firefighter0701> I can see blue island from here.
[12:09] <acornboy1937> i cant
[12:10] <acornboy1937> noooooooooo u won :(
[12:10] <Firefighter0701> I need to place my torpedoes deeper.
[12:11] <Firefighter0701> To hit your torpedoes.
[12:11] <acornboy1937> yes
[12:12] <Firefighter0701> LOL
[12:13] <acornboy1937> what
[12:13] <Firefighter0701> Nuffin.
[12:13] <acornboy1937> o i see yellow
[12:14] <Firefighter0701> I'm going back to yellow now.
[12:14] <acornboy1937> k
[12:15] <Firefighter0701> Are you ready?
[12:15] <acornboy1937> yea
[12:15] <Firefighter0701> GOOOOOO!!!!
[12:16] <acornboy1937> brb hold up
[12:16] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[12:18] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@acornboy1937) has joined #main
[12:18] <acornboy1937> ok
[12:18] <Firefighter0701> WB.
[12:18] <acornboy1937> continue
[12:18] <Firefighter0701> I stopped in the moment oyu left.
[12:19] <Firefighter0701> And didn't move since then.
[12:19] <Firefighter0701> Ready?
[12:19] <acornboy1937> lol
[12:19] <acornboy1937> yup
[12:20] <Firefighter0701> Damn lag...
[12:20] <acornboy1937> im at ur island
[12:20] <acornboy1937> i see u
[12:20] <Firefighter0701> That was the lol
[12:20] <acornboy1937> omg
[12:20] <Firefighter0701> Due to some kind of construction error they all fire at once.
[12:20] <acornboy1937> my poor ship D:
[12:21] <acornboy1937> XD
[12:21] <Firefighter0701> Shotgun, you know?
[12:21] <Firefighter0701> LAAAAWL
[12:21] <acornboy1937> welp i think u won
[12:22] <Firefighter0701> I think that too c:
[12:22] <acornboy1937> lol
[12:22] <acornboy1937> i need stronger walls
[12:22] <acornboy1937> so a torpedo wont peirce my hull
[12:23] <Firefighter0701> A torpedo will always pierce your hull.
[12:24] <Firefighter0701> Demo?
[12:24] <acornboy1937> um the bow doesnt look right
[12:25] <acornboy1937> make it out 1 block more so its onlt 2 blocks of flat
[12:25] <acornboy1937> yea
[12:26] <acornboy1937> outa signs
[12:26] <acornboy1937> thx
[12:27] <Firefighter0701> acorn, watch this.
[12:27] <acornboy1937> k
[12:27] <Firefighter0701> 3 blocks of iron, best armor you can put on a ship.
[12:28] <Firefighter0701> Almost went through.
[12:28] <acornboy1937> didnt pierce thouh
[12:28] <Firefighter0701> now a way longer torpedo.
[12:28] <acornboy1937> though*
[12:28] <acornboy1937> XD
[12:28] <acornboy1937> that was random
[12:29] <acornboy1937> oh
[12:29] <Firefighter0701> The last one exploded behind the armor.
[12:29] <acornboy1937> i see
[12:29] <Firefighter0701> There is nothing to save you from torpedoes.
[12:30] <Firefighter0701> Sorry.
[12:32] <Firefighter0701> I'm using three meter long torpedoes.
[12:33] <acornboy1937> oh deer
[12:33] <Firefighter0701> Far better penetration.
[12:33] <Firefighter0701> I wonder how long torps can be...
[12:33] <acornboy1937> ??
[12:33] <acornboy1937> what is that
[12:33] <acornboy1937> o torpedoes
[12:34] <Firefighter0701> Torpedoes.
[12:34] <acornboy1937> pretty long
[12:35] <acornboy1937> redy to fight
[12:35] <acornboy1937> im goin to my island
[12:37] <Firefighter0701> I'm ready
[12:45] <acornboy1937> XD
[12:45] <acornboy1937> really
[12:46] <acornboy1937> very mature
[12:46] <acornboy1937> lol
[12:46] <Firefighter0701> I know.
[12:46] <acornboy1937> u built a sub?
[12:46] <Firefighter0701> I got tombed in pink glass.
[12:46] <acornboy1937> XD
[12:46] <Firefighter0701> That's worse...
[12:47] <Firefighter0701> Oh sorry.
[12:47] <acornboy1937> lol
[12:47] <Firefighter0701> I forgot you are survivalist.
[12:47] <acornboy1937> XD
[12:48] <Firefighter0701> Get off my submarine.
[12:48] <acornboy1937> lol
[12:48] <Firefighter0701> Whoops...
[12:48] <acornboy1937> omg
[12:48] <Firefighter0701> LOL
[12:48] <acornboy1937> XDXD
[12:48] <Firefighter0701> Wrong direction xD
[12:49] <acornboy1937> r u gonna attack me in that?
[12:49] <Firefighter0701> If you want?
[12:49] <acornboy1937> 1 round
[12:49] <Firefighter0701> Well...
[12:49] <Firefighter0701> I only got two shots.
[12:49] <Firefighter0701> And I can only shoot forwards.
[12:49] <acornboy1937> u can reload
[12:49] <Firefighter0701> Nope.
[12:50] <Firefighter0701> I'm diving.
[12:51] <acornboy1937> redy?
[12:51] <Firefighter0701> Nope.
[12:51] <acornboy1937> k
[12:52] <Firefighter0701> STAAHP!
[12:52] <Firefighter0701> I tested da torpedo first.
[12:52] <acornboy1937> what?
[12:52] <Firefighter0701> I almost hit u.
[12:52] <acornboy1937> oh
[12:53] <acornboy1937> redy now?
[12:53] <Firefighter0701> Nope, need fuel
[12:53] <Firefighter0701> And redsotne block.
[12:53] <acornboy1937> fuel?
[12:53] <Firefighter0701> Coal blocks.
[12:54] <acornboy1937> i need tnt to take u out D:
[12:54] <Firefighter0701> If ou want some...
[12:54] <acornboy1937> nah
[12:54] <acornboy1937> ok
[12:54] <acornboy1937> thats good
[12:54] <acornboy1937> lol
[12:55] <Firefighter0701> Dafuq?
[12:55] <acornboy1937> wait nvm tnt doesnt blow up underwater :P
[12:55] <acornboy1937> redy?
[12:55] <Firefighter0701> I am surprisingly slow...
[12:55] <acornboy1937> yes
[12:56] <acornboy1937> can i fire
[12:56] <Firefighter0701> Not yet.
[12:56] <acornboy1937> k
[12:56] <Firefighter0701> I'm trying to get faster.
[12:57] <acornboy1937> tell me when i can fire
[12:57] <Firefighter0701> From now on.
[12:57] <acornboy1937> uh oh
[12:57] <acornboy1937> i cant shoot
[12:57] <acornboy1937> ur to low
[12:57] <Firefighter0701> Why not?
[12:58] <acornboy1937> XD
[12:59] <Firefighter0701> DAMN YOU I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!
[12:59] <acornboy1937> XD
[12:59] <acornboy1937> it worked
[12:59] <acornboy1937> they move with u
[12:59] <Firefighter0701> Uh-huh.
[12:59] <acornboy1937> cause there entitys
[13:00] <acornboy1937> gg
[13:00] <Firefighter0701> Come on, blind me again...
[13:00] <acornboy1937> come up
[13:00] <Firefighter0701> Your arrows are lagging me.
[13:01] <acornboy1937> theyll despawn
[13:01] <acornboy1937> someday
[13:02] <Firefighter0701> >:D
[13:02] <acornboy1937> hey!!
[13:02] <acornboy1937> i cant move!
[13:02] <Firefighter0701> DAMN
[13:02] <Firefighter0701> I immobilized your ship.
[13:02] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:03] <acornboy1937> move away
[13:03] <Firefighter0701> I can't.
[13:03] <acornboy1937> no
[13:03] <Firefighter0701> TNT works as well, eh?
[13:03] <acornboy1937> cheater
[13:03] <acornboy1937> yea
[13:03] <acornboy1937> :(
[13:03] <Firefighter0701> >:D
[13:04] <acornboy1937> ok back to ships
[13:05] <Firefighter0701> You said TNT cannons right?
[13:05] <acornboy1937> yea.....
[13:05] <acornboy1937> uh oh
[13:05] <Firefighter0701> Do you really want that?
[13:05] <Firefighter0701> You know what my TNT cannons do...
[13:05] <acornboy1937> I want that
[13:05] <acornboy1937> not u >:)
[13:05] <acornboy1937> lemme see what u did
[13:05] <Firefighter0701> THen build your own cannon.
[13:05] <Firefighter0701> YOu can have whatever you need.
[13:06] <Firefighter0701> Where is this?
[13:06] <acornboy1937> ?
[13:06] <Firefighter0701> Thsi place?
[13:07] <Firefighter0701> Cause you could move to the bay I got my ship in.
[13:07] <Firefighter0701> And we could do a TNT cannon battle.
[13:07] <acornboy1937> oh
[13:07] <acornboy1937> nah im not that good at building them
[13:07] <Firefighter0701> I would get you diagonally where none of oyur weapons can reach me...
[13:07] <Firefighter0701> And take you out with the side cannon.
[13:07] <acornboy1937> oh
[13:07] <Firefighter0701> 5 TNT at once.
[13:08] <Firefighter0701> WOudln't look nice.
[13:08] <acornboy1937> wheres your ship?
[13:08] <Firefighter0701> And if your ship is disabled then...
[13:08] <Firefighter0701> Or at least your weapons don't work...
[13:08] <Firefighter0701> I can calmly aim the main cannon.
[13:08] <Firefighter0701> WHich shoots 20 TNT
[13:08] <acornboy1937> omg
[13:08] <Firefighter0701> And PULVERIZE your ship.
[13:09] <acornboy1937> well do it tomorrow
[13:09] <acornboy1937> lets do a few more torpedo battles
[13:09] <Firefighter0701> Yup.
[13:09] <acornboy1937> also im out of food
[13:09] <acornboy1937> 1 pie left
[13:10] <acornboy1937> thx
[13:10] <Firefighter0701> yw
[13:10] <acornboy1937> ok get in your ship
[13:11] <Firefighter0701> Ever seen a shipwreck?
[13:11] <acornboy1937> no
[13:11] <Firefighter0701> I'm ready BTW.
[13:11] <acornboy1937> ok
[13:11] <Firefighter0701> I gut one near that place.
[13:11] <Firefighter0701> GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
[13:12] <acornboy1937> oh
[13:12] <acornboy1937> incoming!
[13:12] <Firefighter0701> A torpedo sinking, lol
[13:13] <Firefighter0701> Well..
[13:13] <Firefighter0701> And air bubble.
[13:13] <Firefighter0701> an*
[13:13] <Firefighter0701> LAWL
[13:13] <acornboy1937> it stopped
[13:13] <acornboy1937> wow
[13:13] <Firefighter0701> Too long distance.
[13:13] <Firefighter0701> I made mine longar than normal.
[13:13] <Firefighter0701> Probably why they hit u.
[13:15] <acornboy1937> these torpedos are really long :P
[13:16] <Firefighter0701> W...T....F.....?
[13:16] <acornboy1937> ?
[13:17] <acornboy1937> XD
[13:17] <Firefighter0701> Y?!
[13:17] <acornboy1937> cause
[13:17] <Firefighter0701> >.<
[13:17] <acornboy1937> XD
[13:17] <acornboy1937> ill make um shorter
[13:18] <acornboy1937> if a torpedo hits a sign will it blow
[13:18] <Firefighter0701> Come one deck.
[13:19] <acornboy1937> ??
[13:19] <Firefighter0701> Wanna bet this thing would pierce through five block iron?
[13:19] <acornboy1937> yea
[13:20] <acornboy1937> ok?
[13:20] <acornboy1937> can i fire it?
[13:20] <Firefighter0701> No!
[13:20] <acornboy1937> ok
[13:21] <Firefighter0701> Now you can.
[13:21] <acornboy1937> 3
[13:21] <acornboy1937> 2
[13:21] <acornboy1937> 1
[13:21] <acornboy1937> fire!
[13:21] <acornboy1937> o
[13:21] <acornboy1937> to big
[13:21] <Firefighter0701> Too large :(
[13:21] <Firefighter0701> Try again.
[13:21] <acornboy1937> nope
[13:22] <Firefighter0701> Again.
[13:22] <acornboy1937> omg
[13:22] <Firefighter0701> It didn#t pierce through it...
[13:22] <acornboy1937> that was AWESOME!!
[13:22] <Firefighter0701> It destroyed it.
[13:23] <acornboy1937> ok get in ur ship
[13:23] <Firefighter0701> I gotta reload.
[13:23] <acornboy1937> kk
[13:23] <acornboy1937> if a torpedo hits a sign will it blow
[13:23] <Firefighter0701> Ig it hits any block.
[13:23] <acornboy1937> k
[13:24] <Firefighter0701> I have built a sub with recharging torps. I know that now.
[13:24] <acornboy1937> redy?
[13:24] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:25] <Firefighter0701> Now I am.
[13:25] <Firefighter0701> GO!
[13:26] <acornboy1937> nooooooo
[13:26] <Firefighter0701> You missed.
[13:26] <acornboy1937> ik
[13:26] <acornboy1937> the hull isnt pierced
[13:26] <Firefighter0701> Lawl, this torpedo was 5 blocks ling this time.
[13:26] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:26] <Firefighter0701> it is damaged.
[13:26] <Firefighter0701> Here.
[13:26] <acornboy1937> but that wouldnt sink it
[13:27] <Firefighter0701> WHAT DID WE SAY?
[13:27] <acornboy1937> meh
[13:27] <Firefighter0701> YOu would have two wins less if we had that rule.
[13:27] <acornboy1937> oh
[13:27] <acornboy1937> o it went through here too
[13:28] <Firefighter0701> It went straight through your ship.
[13:28] <acornboy1937> XD
[13:28] <Firefighter0701> Here it is
[13:28] <Firefighter0701> It stopped behind you.
[13:28] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:29] <acornboy1937> ok man your ship
[13:29] <acornboy1937> thx
[13:30] <Firefighter0701> If I would have made the side torpedoes five blocks long I would probably had sunk your ship.
[13:30] <Firefighter0701> have sunk*
[13:30] <acornboy1937> maybe
[13:30] <Firefighter0701> What happened to the three copies of the ship?
[13:31] <acornboy1937> trise got rid of them
[13:31] <Firefighter0701> Y that?
[13:31] <acornboy1937> i asked him to
[13:31] <acornboy1937> i didnt want 3 copys
[13:31] <acornboy1937> copies*
[13:31] <Firefighter0701> -_-
[13:32] <Firefighter0701> I wanted to see what it takes to sink it...
[13:32] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:32] <Firefighter0701> That would be irreversible.
[13:32] <acornboy1937> once in chat it said i was sinking
[13:32] <Firefighter0701> Well then you were sinking.
[13:32] <acornboy1937> yes
[13:32] <acornboy1937> but i didnt sink
[13:32] <Firefighter0701> Wanna sink once?
[13:32] <acornboy1937> no
[13:33] <Firefighter0701> I'll do another ship.
[13:33] <acornboy1937> i dont wann lose my ship
[13:33] <Firefighter0701> And sink it for you.
[13:33] <acornboy1937> ok
[13:33] <acornboy1937> u love gray clay dont u
[13:33] <Firefighter0701> This is turquise clay xD
[13:33] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:34] <Firefighter0701> This is gray clay
[13:34] <acornboy1937> does it actually sink?
[13:34] <acornboy1937> oh
[13:34] <Firefighter0701> It actually does.
[13:34] <acornboy1937> cool
[13:34] <acornboy1937> i think i might be getting a server :D
[13:34] <Firefighter0701> Btu you are mine!!!
[13:34] <acornboy1937> ?
[13:35] <Firefighter0701> You are my private property.
[13:35] <acornboy1937> XD
[13:35] <acornboy1937> what does it take to sink it?
[13:35] <Firefighter0701> Destroy the wood.
[13:35] <acornboy1937> oooooooo
[13:36] <acornboy1937> how much of the wood?
[13:36] <Firefighter0701> Therefore boats made of wood are almost unsinkable.
[13:36] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:36] <acornboy1937> u have to have wood on your ship?
[13:36] <Firefighter0701> Yup.
[13:36] <acornboy1937> oh
[13:36] <Firefighter0701> planks to be exact.
[13:36] <acornboy1937> ok
[13:37] <Firefighter0701> At least 15% of it.
[13:37] <acornboy1937> ok
[13:37] <acornboy1937> what does the shipwreak look like?
[13:37] <acornboy1937> spelled that wrong :P
[13:37] <Firefighter0701> Yuo will see in a minute.
[13:38] <acornboy1937> k
[13:38] <acornboy1937> TIP: u can use sponge to get the water out
[13:38] <Firefighter0701> I know.
[13:38] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:38] <Firefighter0701> How do you think I got the water out of the fregate?
[13:38] <acornboy1937> true
[13:43] <acornboy1937> dont make it to detailed
[13:45] <Firefighter0701> Here you are.
[13:46] <acornboy1937> ok
[13:46] <acornboy1937> now?
[13:46] <acornboy1937> oh
[13:46] <acornboy1937> 4%
[13:46] <acornboy1937> 5
[13:47] <acornboy1937> 6
[13:47] <acornboy1937> 7
[13:47] <acornboy1937> 8
[13:47] <acornboy1937> 9
[13:47] <acornboy1937> 9.92
[13:47] <acornboy1937> ok ur good
[13:47] <acornboy1937> now how do i sink
[13:48] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:48] <Firefighter0701> release
[13:48] <acornboy1937> ok
[13:48] <Firefighter0701> I want to see sthg.
[13:48] <acornboy1937> i did
[13:48] <acornboy1937> sthg?
[13:48] <Firefighter0701> short for something
[13:48] <acornboy1937> oh
[13:48] <Firefighter0701> What country don't you like?
[13:49] <Firefighter0701> Wait...
[13:49] <Firefighter0701> easier...
[13:49] <Firefighter0701> Let's let it look like a TPRP ship
[13:49] <acornboy1937> idk
[13:49] <acornboy1937> ummm
[13:49] <acornboy1937> idk
[13:49] <acornboy1937> XD
[13:49] <Firefighter0701> Racing stripe.
[13:49] <acornboy1937> k
[13:50] <acornboy1937> ok sink t
[13:50] <acornboy1937> it*
[13:50] <Firefighter0701> ONE SECOND
[13:50] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:50] <Firefighter0701> BE PATIENT GO DAMMIT
[13:50] <Firefighter0701> GOD*
[13:50] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:51] <Firefighter0701> Now, pilot it!
[13:52] <acornboy1937> k
[13:52] <Firefighter0701> MOve it around a bit if you want.
[13:53] <acornboy1937> o deer
[13:53] <acornboy1937> sinking!!
[13:53] <acornboy1937> XD
[13:53] <Firefighter0701> Did I promise Too much?
[13:53] <acornboy1937> uh oh
[13:53] <acornboy1937> wow
[13:53] <acornboy1937> thats cool
[13:54] <acornboy1937> thats cool
[13:54] <acornboy1937> o sry
[13:54] <Firefighter0701> :)
[13:54] <Firefighter0701> Np
[13:55] <acornboy1937> ok wanna continue torpedo-ing?
[13:55] <Firefighter0701> Lemme look at the clock...
[13:55] <Firefighter0701> One round
[13:55] <acornboy1937> kk
[13:55] <acornboy1937> for all the marbles
[13:55] <acornboy1937> XD
[13:56] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[13:56] <Firefighter0701> Ready?
[13:56] <acornboy1937> yup
[13:56] <Firefighter0701> Hey Trise!
[13:56] <acornboy1937> hi
[13:56] <Firefighter0701> GOOOOO!
[13:56] <acornboy1937> ill be waiting
[13:56] <Trisemigistus> Hello
[13:57] <acornboy1937> where r u....
[13:57] <acornboy1937> lol
[13:57] <Firefighter0701> behind you...
[13:57] <acornboy1937> n ur not
[13:57] <acornboy1937> no*
[13:57] <acornboy1937> o i see u
[13:58] <Trisemigistus> ill be back in a few
[13:58] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[13:58] <acornboy1937> wait
[13:59] <acornboy1937> i blew myself up XD
[13:59] <Firefighter0701> Good for me.
[13:59] <Firefighter0701> Try to fix it in time.
[13:59] <acornboy1937> kk
[14:00] <acornboy1937> omg
[14:00] <acornboy1937> welp
[14:00] <Firefighter0701> Lel
[14:00] <acornboy1937> i shot and i hit myself
[14:01] <Firefighter0701> You want me to shoot until you no move?
[14:01] <acornboy1937> no
[14:01] <Firefighter0701> DonÄt move then!
[14:01] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:01] <Firefighter0701> Moving after you've been hit...
[14:02] <Firefighter0701> Will in most cases result in more shots being fired.
[14:02] <acornboy1937> ok :(
[14:02] <Firefighter0701> Want a five meter torpedo?
[14:02] <acornboy1937> no
[14:02] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:02] <Firefighter0701> Aaaaw...
[14:03] <acornboy1937> gimme some wood ill help
[14:03] <acornboy1937> wow
[14:03] <acornboy1937> o thx
[14:07] <acornboy1937> ok u redy?
[14:07] <Firefighter0701> The question is... are you?
[14:08] <acornboy1937> yes
[14:08] <Firefighter0701> Sure?
[14:08] <acornboy1937> indeed
[14:08] <acornboy1937> yea
[14:08] <Firefighter0701> Well then...
[14:08] <acornboy1937> wait!
[14:08] <acornboy1937> XD
[14:09] <acornboy1937> theres a "forbidden" block on my craft
[14:09] <Firefighter0701> How can thaaaaaaat be?
[14:09] <acornboy1937> idk
[14:09] <acornboy1937> what block is that?
[14:09] <Firefighter0701> me either... *cough*
[14:10] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:10] <acornboy1937> ok nvm
[14:10] <Firefighter0701> ó.ó
[14:10] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:10] <Firefighter0701> It was bedrock.
[14:10] <acornboy1937> o
[14:10] <Firefighter0701> I put it below your...
[14:10] <acornboy1937> ok lets goooooo
[14:11] <acornboy1937> o
[14:11] <Firefighter0701> thingy that holds the sail.
[14:11] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:11] <acornboy1937> XD
[14:11] <acornboy1937> ok 3
[14:11] <acornboy1937> 2
[14:11] <acornboy1937> 1
[14:11] <acornboy1937> goooooo
[14:11] <Firefighter0701> WOOT?!
[14:11] <acornboy1937> dodged
[14:12] <acornboy1937> #rekt
[14:12] <Firefighter0701> O.O
[14:12] <acornboy1937> o camon!
[14:12] <acornboy1937> wait
[14:13] <acornboy1937> ok im good
[14:13] <acornboy1937> ok resume
[14:14] <Firefighter0701> Dodge that.
[14:14] <acornboy1937> omg
[14:15] <acornboy1937> poor me
[14:15] <Firefighter0701> Lel
[14:15] <acornboy1937> fix THAT
[14:15] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:15] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:15] <acornboy1937> its 5 pm
[14:16] <Firefighter0701> It's quarter past ten...
[14:16] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:16] <acornboy1937> o sry
[14:16] <acornboy1937> there
[14:16] <acornboy1937> stoped um
[14:16] <acornboy1937> i need more wood
[14:16] <Firefighter0701> YOur first one stopped.
[14:16] <Firefighter0701> The second one WAS stopped.
[14:16] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:17] <acornboy1937> wood plz
[14:17] <acornboy1937> ahh nvm
[14:17] <acornboy1937> u might wanna sponge
[14:17] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[14:17] <acornboy1937> ello
[14:17] <Firefighter0701> Trise comeere
[14:17] <Firefighter0701> Torpedo battle.
[14:18] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:18] <Firefighter0701> He dodged my first torpedo so I send him an indodgable.
[14:18] <Trisemigistus> cool.
[14:18] <Trisemigistus> oh, btw.
[14:18] <Trisemigistus> Trise Hotels first branch is now open.
[14:19] <acornboy1937> XD
[14:19] <Firefighter0701> I like the name.
[14:19] <acornboy1937> sponge in here
[14:19] <Firefighter0701> NOOOO"
[14:19] <Firefighter0701> !*
[14:19] <acornboy1937> y
[14:19] <Firefighter0701> Cuz it messes up water outside teh ship.
[14:19] <acornboy1937> o
[14:20] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:21] <Trisemigistus> idk why lockette deosn't recognize me.
[14:21] <acornboy1937> XD
[14:21] <Trisemigistus> fire, do you think you could survive a lightning strike?
[14:22] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:22] <Firefighter0701> In creative yes.
[14:22] <Firefighter0701> You missed.
[14:22] <Firefighter0701> Try again.
[14:22] <Firefighter0701> Survived.
[14:22] <acornboy1937> u goin burn me ship down!
[14:22] <Firefighter0701> AAAAAAAHHH, A living diamond armor is chasing me!
[14:23] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:23] <acornboy1937> ok get in ur ship
[14:23] <Firefighter0701> Nah..
[14:23] <acornboy1937> y
[14:23] <Firefighter0701> Imma do some more work on my other ships and then I'm off for today.
[14:23] <Trisemigistus> apparently i gained invsibility when i tp'd there.
[14:23] <acornboy1937> kk
[14:23] <acornboy1937> trise u wanna try to torpedo me?
[14:23] <Firefighter0701> MYSTERIES...
[14:23] <Trisemigistus> no thanks.
[14:23] <acornboy1937> k
[14:24] <Firefighter0701> C'mon, TRISE!!!
[14:24] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:24] <Trisemigistus> I've got plenty of projects to work on, almost always busy
[14:24] <Firefighter0701> TRIIISEEE! TRIIISEEEE!
[14:24] <Firefighter0701> YOu need a break from work.
[14:24] <Trisemigistus> pfft, i come here to take a break a from
[14:24] <Trisemigistus> take a break from work*
[14:25] <Firefighter0701> I AM A VET ASSISTANT! DON'T ARGUE WITH ME!!!
[14:25] <Trisemigistus> I'm not a very social person, outside of chatting.
[14:25] <Trisemigistus> besides im invisible, you wouldn't even know I was there with you
[14:25] <acornboy1937> its shooting torpedoes not making a speech
[14:25] <acornboy1937> lol
[14:25] <Trisemigistus> exactly, I said i am good at chatting, not so good at socialising.
[14:25] <acornboy1937> :P
[14:25] <Firefighter0701> I ain#t good at socialising either.
[14:26] <Firefighter0701> And now I am trying to help you improve socialisation skill!!!
[14:26] <acornboy1937> welp see u later by
[14:26] * acornboy1937 (acornboy1937@§9acornboy1937§r) Quit (§eacornboy1937 left the game.)
[14:26] <Trisemigistus> plus im drunk irl right now, so i'm even more anti-social >_>
[14:26] <Trisemigistus> see what you did, fire, he left.
[14:26] <Trisemigistus> it's all your fault.
[14:26] <Firefighter0701> BECAUSE YOU WERE SO ANTISOCIAL!!!
[14:26] <Trisemigistus> oh, I've been meaning to say, nice new skin.
[14:27] <Firefighter0701> O.ö
[14:27] <Firefighter0701> I no has new skin?
[14:27] <Trisemigistus> looks different to me.
[14:27] <Trisemigistus> Since baivo kicked you off your land.
[14:27] <Firefighter0701> Probably due to unifomr.
[14:27] <Firefighter0701> It is only my fireman's skin.
[14:28] <Trisemigistus> you wanna come stay a while in my hotel :D
[14:28] <Firefighter0701> K
[14:28] <Firefighter0701> Does it have a restaurant?
[14:28] <Trisemigistus> it has a cafe, but that's still under construction
[14:28] <Trisemigistus> there is a swimming hole though, and a dive board.
[14:28] <Trisemigistus> damn it!
[14:28] <Trisemigistus> I was going to see if acorn wanted to run my cafe.
[14:29] <Trisemigistus> i'm building a city on this giant island.
[14:29] <Trisemigistus> figured a hotel near the mainland side would be a good place to start.
[14:30] <Firefighter0701> Can I look into rooms?
[14:30] <Firefighter0701> (means mining my way into them)
[14:30] <Trisemigistus> no mining
[14:30] <Trisemigistus> that's griefing
[14:30] <Firefighter0701> And replacing hte afterwards?
[14:30] <Trisemigistus> There's ways you can fly into each if you really must.
[14:30] <Firefighter0701> That's why I asked.
[14:30] <Trisemigistus> NO MINING
[14:30] <Firefighter0701> Oh.
[14:30] <Firefighter0701> I can fly...
[14:31] <Firefighter0701> Damn...
[14:31] <Trisemigistus> When people mine, they may accidentally remove a painting or torch or wall hanging
[14:31] <Firefighter0701> I hate it when I accidentally lock a chest.
[14:31] <Trisemigistus> so keep that in mind
[14:31] <Firefighter0701> Ah, OK.
[14:31] <Firefighter0701> You should use something different for da balcony.
[14:31] <Firefighter0701> Looks like a prison.
[14:31] <Trisemigistus> plus I HATE when people look at something with a lockette and say
[14:32] <Trisemigistus> "oh, ill just mine around it'
[14:32] <Trisemigistus> i wasnt sure what to do with the balconies...
[14:33] <Trisemigistus> Hello, sir! Welcome to Trise Hotels, how may I serve you?
[14:33] <Firefighter0701> Good evening. I would like to rent a room for three days.
[14:33] <Trisemigistus> Are you interested in the Loft or one of our basic rooms?
[14:33] <Firefighter0701> ONe of the basic rooms only.
[14:34] <Trisemigistus> Alright, for three days in real life time, that will be $15.
[14:34] <Trisemigistus> Excellent, funds have been recieved.
[14:34] <Trisemigistus> Right this way, sir.
[14:34] <Trisemigistus> youll have this room.
[14:34] <Firefighter0701> Uuum...
[14:35] <Trisemigistus> no worries, the lockette will be edited.
[14:35] <Firefighter0701> Is there a bathroom?
[14:35] <Trisemigistus> Unfortunately, no, sir. At the current time, we are plotting land for a lavatory.
[14:35] <Trisemigistus> Our customers are urged to use the river out back.
[14:36] <Firefighter0701> Will my room be cleaned?
[14:36] <Trisemigistus> Enjoy your stay! And please, if there's anything you need let me know.
[14:36] <Trisemigistus> Rooms are cleaned after tenants depart.
[14:36] <Firefighter0701> Psst, trise, that's even below requirements for one star...
[14:37] <Trisemigistus> A change in procedure, rooms are cleaned twice a day or upon customer request.
[14:37] <Trisemigistus> You just gave me an idea t o write a guide book and place it in each room chest.
[14:38] <Firefighter0701> Fro one star you need...
[14:38] <Firefighter0701> WC/shower on each room (let's make an exception on that one)
[14:38] <Firefighter0701> Phone (obviously impossible)
[14:39] <Firefighter0701> Every rome with color TV (obviousl impossible as well)
[14:39] <Firefighter0701> room*
[14:39] <Firefighter0701> Soap
[14:39] <Firefighter0701> Bed, Table and a chair
[14:39] <Trisemigistus> how would i make soap
[14:39] <Firefighter0701> Fat with sodium hydroxide.
[14:39] <Trisemigistus> impossible
[14:40] <Firefighter0701> Rename a water bottle.
[14:40] <Firefighter0701> And there must be breakfast in the hotel.
[14:40] <Trisemigistus> IF you don't like our facilities, sir, you may leave.
[14:40] <Firefighter0701> I am just telling you the requirements for one star.
[14:41] <Firefighter0701> (I am an inkognito tester)
[14:41] <Trisemigistus> incognito
[14:41] <Trisemigistus> c not k
[14:41] <Firefighter0701> I AM WRITING IT IN GERMAN!!!
[14:41] <Trisemigistus> NO
[14:41] <Firefighter0701> And I found a health and safety risk.
[14:41] <Trisemigistus> what
[14:42] <Firefighter0701> :D
[14:42] <Trisemigistus> LAvatory now available.
[14:43] <Firefighter0701> Perhaps put a...
[14:43] <Firefighter0701> ironabars in?
[14:43] <Firefighter0701> So people can't fall in?
[14:43] <Trisemigistus> okay.
[14:44] <Firefighter0701> And a basin, pls.
[14:44] <Firefighter0701> And paper
[14:44] <Firefighter0701> Want me to make a firehouse?
[14:44] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[14:45] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[14:45] <Firefighter0701> Want me to make a firehouse?
[14:45] <Trisemigistus> bloody lag
[14:46] <Trisemigistus> You need a build permit before you may begin construction around here.
[14:46] <Firefighter0701> That's why I asked whether you wanted one -_-
[14:46] <Trisemigistus> Sure.
[14:46] <Trisemigistus> But you need a build permit first.
[14:46] <Firefighter0701> You mean worldguard build permit?
[14:47] <Trisemigistus> A what?
[14:47] <Firefighter0701> I thought it would be related to worldguard.
[14:47] <Firefighter0701> Dat plugin that rob loves to use.
[14:47] <Trisemigistus> good idea.
[14:47] <Trisemigistus> but no, im not talking about that, however, since you brought it up, one will be under review
[14:47] <Trisemigistus> by the city council next session.
[14:48] <Trisemigistus> Weed is legal within our city.
[14:48] <Firefighter0701> Wait what?
[14:48] <Firefighter0701> YAAAAYYY!
[14:48] <Trisemigistus> irl, i do hail from one of the few US States where Weed is legal.
[14:49] <Firefighter0701> AS long as you don't let people smoke and drive that's fine in my opinion.
[14:49] <Firefighter0701> Tobacco and alcohol are just as bad.
[14:50] <Firefighter0701> Trise, you need a lifeguard here.
[14:50] <Trisemigistus> The city council has gathered to deilberate your reuqest for a permit.
[14:51] <Trisemigistus> Permit has been unanimously granted.
[14:51] <Firefighter0701> Where is the book gone?
[14:51] <Firefighter0701> §flok vah koor
[14:51] <Trisemigistus> The city council suggests you build here, however this is only a reccomendation.
[14:51] <Firefighter0701> Quite small tbj
[14:51] <Firefighter0701> tbh*
[14:52] <Trisemigistus> In that case you have also been granted to build anywhere on the island.
[14:52] <Trisemigistus> It is reccomended you view dynmap to view the size of the island and to find a proper location
[14:52] <Firefighter0701> Trise now oyu also got a lifeguard.
[14:52] <Trisemigistus> Ecxellent.
[14:53] <Trisemigistus> As an empoyee of the City of Plainsview, we would like to offer you residence here.
[14:53] <Trisemigistus> employee*
[14:53] <Firefighter0701> I will have to clear that with the ministry of foreign affairs of my nation.
[14:54] <Trisemigistus> I should begin work in the city borders.
[14:54] <Trisemigistus> tis nearly dawn.
[14:54] <Firefighter0701> Lel, somehow I knew someone was gonna take that island...
[14:54] <Firefighter0701> Doing it here would be strategically smart.
[14:54] <Firefighter0701> So you can reach the most crowded place (hotel)
[14:54] <Firefighter0701> but also every other place quickly.
[14:55] <Trisemigistus> Excellent
[14:57] <Firefighter0701> I hope you can fly airskiffs?
[14:57] <Trisemigistus> what?
[14:57] <Firefighter0701> Cause that's what fire engines will be.
[14:58] <Trisemigistus> The city council will need a description of the vehicle submitted.
[15:02] <Trisemigistus> damn these caves.
[15:03] <Firefighter0701> That's the fire engine.
[15:03] <Trisemigistus> what is the response time for one of these.
[15:03] <Firefighter0701> Depends on the skil of the driver.
[15:03] <Firefighter0701> skill*
[15:04] <Trisemigistus> what if you were driving
[15:04] <Firefighter0701> They can come form over there to here in less than a minute
[15:04] <Firefighter0701> Less thatn half a minute*
[15:04] <Firefighter0701> Theproblem is...
[15:04] <Firefighter0701> I don't have perms for airskiffs.
[15:05] <Trisemigistus> i wouldnt know how to get any
[15:06] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[15:06] <Trisemigistus> hey cor
[15:06] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[15:08] <Trisemigistus> pesky forests...
[15:09] <Cor_Kaitos> Thanks, Obama.
[15:10] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[15:13] <Firefighter0701> OH DAMN!
[15:13] <Cor_Kaitos> What.
[15:13] <Firefighter0701> I totally forgot the time!
[15:14] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[15:14] <Cor_Kaitos> Welcome back.
[15:14] <Firefighter0701> Sorry Trise but it's too late for me to continue.
[15:14] <Trisemigistus> thanks, got disconnected, then the server refused my connection
[15:14] <Trisemigistus> goodnight fire, don't ignore your morning wood ;D
[15:14] <Firefighter0701> BTW, the flashing lights can be switched on and off.
[15:14] <Cor_Kaitos> Abstain for ~7 days for peak testosterone levels.
[15:15] <Firefighter0701> FIIIIIRRREEEEEE!
[15:15] <Trisemigistus> It's a controlled forest fire.
[15:15] <Trisemigistus> Fire...
[15:15] <Trisemigistus> This fire is intended
[15:15] <Firefighter0701> And I like controlled explosions to tackle forest fires.
[15:16] <Trisemigistus> try not to destroy the terrain please.
[15:16] <Trisemigistus> I'm just clearing the trees.
[15:18] <Firefighter0701> OH SHIT
[15:18] * Firefighter0701 was kicked from #main by Server
[15:18] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[15:18] <Cor_Kaitos> Ha.
[15:18] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[15:18] <Firefighter0701> Lol
[15:18] <Firefighter0701> Night everyone!
[15:18] <Trisemigistus> night
[15:18] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§9Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[15:19] <Trisemigistus> that does give me an idea, though >_>
[15:21] <Trisemigistus> I'll be back in a few.
[15:21] <Cor_Kaitos> Ok.
[15:24] <Trisemigistus> back
[15:26] <Trisemigistus> i gtg for a bit.
[15:26] <Cor_Kaitos> Ok.
[15:26] <Trisemigistus> need anything before I go
[15:26] <Trisemigistus> ?
[15:26] <Cor_Kaitos> Gotta fill some stuff.
[15:26] <Cor_Kaitos> Where I'm filling in with sandstone.
[15:26] <Cor_Kaitos> I just want it to be a solid floor of sandstone.
[15:27] <Cor_Kaitos> At that level.
[15:27] <Cor_Kaitos> Then.
[15:27] <Cor_Kaitos> Two quick ones.
[15:28] <Trisemigistus> where at
[15:28] <Cor_Kaitos> From here.
[15:28] <Cor_Kaitos> To the corner up there.
[15:29] <Cor_Kaitos> Above that dirt block.
[15:29] <Cor_Kaitos> But to the ceiling.
[15:29] <Cor_Kaitos> Yup.
[15:29] <Cor_Kaitos> And same idea on other side.
[15:29] <Cor_Kaitos> That's good, thanks.
[15:30] <Trisemigistus> you're welcome.
[15:30] <Trisemigistus> good on supplies?
[15:30] <Cor_Kaitos> Gonna need quartz blocks eventually.
[15:30] <Cor_Kaitos> For the lines on the road.
[15:30] <Trisemigistus> hows your tools
[15:30] <Cor_Kaitos> As well as stone slabs.
[15:31] <Cor_Kaitos> Their almost perfect.
[15:31] <Cor_Kaitos> They're
[15:31] <Cor_Kaitos> I forgot how to English.
[15:31] <Trisemigistus> slabs and quartz will be in the second chest.
[15:31] <Cor_Kaitos> Thanks.
[15:32] <Cor_Kaitos> Oh, and maybe a few stacks of dirt.
[15:34] <Trisemigistus> want me to take some of this snow you've collected?
[15:34] <Cor_Kaitos> Yeah.
[15:34] <Cor_Kaitos> I used it to push mobs off the bridge when I didn't have lighting yet.
[15:34] <Cor_Kaitos> But it's all good now.
[15:35] <Trisemigistus> alright, im off.
[15:35] <Trisemigistus> cya around
[15:35] <Cor_Kaitos> Cya.
[15:35] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@§7§oTrisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[15:58] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[17:38] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[18:01] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[18:28] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[19:36] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[19:44] * RobereStarkk (RobereStarkk@RobereStarkk) has joined #main
[19:45] <ejano> hey!
[19:45] <RobereStarkk> Ahoy!
[19:46] <ejano> wow that villager has a steep price
[19:46] <ejano> 1 book and 35 emeralds for an enchanted bok
[19:46] <ejano> book*
[19:47] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[19:47] <ejano> hey@
[19:47] <ejano> !*
[19:47] <Baivo> Hi hi
[19:48] <RobereStarkk> OOOOOKAYDAEN
[19:48] <Baivo> ?
[19:48] <ejano> ?
[19:48] <RobereStarkk> Oh I'm fiddling with the server
[19:48] <RobereStarkk> Don't mind me
[19:48] <Baivo> Kinky
[19:49] <Baivo> I wpuld expect you two to join in on the comp today
[19:49] <Baivo> *would
[19:49] <RobereStarkk> What comp?
[19:50] <Baivo> http://stoneburnergaming.com/showthread.php?tid=6058
[19:50] <ejano> wait
[19:50] <ejano> today!?
[19:50] <ejano> what times?
[19:50] <ejano> time*
[19:50] <RobereStarkk> Not enough info provided
[19:50] <ejano> >:C
[19:50] <ejano> rob
[19:50] <ejano> gee]
[19:50] <Baivo> I gave all the info
[19:51] <Baivo> It's literally all there
[19:51] <RobereStarkk> What: I ain't telling unless you come
[19:51] <Baivo> Ah lol
[19:51] <ejano> so
[19:51] <ejano> what time is it where you are?
[19:51] <Baivo> I literally can't explain the game unless i provide demonstration
[19:51] <RobereStarkk> There's some sort of competition on
[19:51] <Baivo> What time is it where YOU are
[19:51] <ejano> is it the same as qld time?
[19:51] <RobereStarkk> But I've no idea what it's gonna be
[19:51] <ejano> 12:51 right now
[19:51] <RobereStarkk> ^
[19:51] <Baivo> THen yes, 4PM for you
[19:51] <ejano> okidoki
[19:52] <Baivo> THe essence of the game is in the title
[19:52] <Baivo> We throw snowballs at each other until one or all of us die
[19:52] <RobereStarkk> Ooh
[19:52] <Baivo> Or get humiliated and knocked down
[19:52] <RobereStarkk> That's weird
[19:52] <RobereStarkk> I coulda sworn snowballs didn't deal damage
[19:53] <Baivo> They don't
[19:53] <ejano> maybe these are iceballs
[19:53] <Baivo> Falling 50 blocks does
[19:53] <ejano> o
[19:53] <ejano> k
[19:53] <ejano> lol
[19:54] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[19:54] <Dengar708> hey
[19:54] <ejano> herro
[19:54] <Baivo> I made a weapon for this event rob, you'll have to join with your inv stripped
[19:55] <RobereStarkk> That's fine, I have /echest
[19:55] <RobereStarkk> I can swap them out and you'll never notice
[19:55] <ejano> xD
[19:56] <Dengar708> When is the event c:
[19:56] <Baivo> I have invsee
[19:56] <Baivo> I'll be watching
[19:56] <Baivo> he
[19:56] <RobereStarkk> And I have console access, so I can literally look at all the stuff you've configured and
[19:56] <RobereStarkk> copy it onto my own weapon
[19:56] <RobereStarkk> It'll look identical
[19:56] <RobereStarkk> ;)
[19:56] <ejano> I:
[19:57] <Baivo> I mean
[19:57] <Baivo> If you wantd to waste time
[19:57] <Baivo> Sure
[19:57] <Baivo> But we're competing for actual prizes so i'm not going to dick around with ensuring people aren't
[19:57] <Baivo> cheating
[19:59] <Dengar708> or we can just
[19:59] <Dengar708> ban rob from the tournament c:
[19:59] <Baivo> Possibly
[19:59] <Dengar708> and not have to deal with his shenanigans
[19:59] <RobereStarkk> I'm still not intending to compete :P
[20:03] <ejano> how many bookcases do you need
[20:03] <ejano> for a full enchant table
[20:03] <Dengar708> 15
[20:04] <ejano> ok
[20:04] <Dengar708> so 45 boks
[20:04] <Dengar708> books*
[20:04] <Dengar708> and 90 planks
[20:05] * TheGameCrasher (TheGameCrasher@TheGameCrasher) has joined #main
[20:05] <ejano> hai!
[20:05] <TheGameCrasher> Hey all ;)
[20:05] <RobereStarkk> Ahoy!
[20:05] <TheGameCrasher> Got the news bout' the event
[20:06] <Dengar708> hey TGC
[20:06] <TheGameCrasher> Hey deng ;)
[20:06] <RobereStarkk> And you've logged on just in time to see me possibly break the server :D
[20:06] <TheGameCrasher> Noice
[20:06] <ejano> aah
[20:06] <Dengar708> I assume the "Exclusive"
[20:07] <Dengar708> item is the snowball shooter
[20:07] <TheGameCrasher> I'm going to make an enchantment table w/ shelves and drop my exp
[20:08] <RobereStarkk> Nyaha
[20:08] <RobereStarkk> It hasn't broken so far
[20:08] <ejano> §ffus
[20:08] <Dengar708> if anyone needs one
[20:08] <Dengar708> I have one
[20:09] <TheGameCrasher> Also, someones removed some stuff from the inn
[20:09] <Dengar708> are we going to be trying to knock eachother off the place baivo?
[20:09] <TheGameCrasher> Can I get someone to quickly investigate?
[20:10] <Dengar708> sure?
[20:11] <Baivo> What
[20:11] <Baivo> I'm semi-afk
[20:11] <Dengar708> what is missing
[20:11] <TheGameCrasher> Both tables have missing things
[20:12] <TheGameCrasher> These doors were removed
[20:12] <TheGameCrasher> And
[20:12] <TheGameCrasher> My animals were all killed
[20:12] <Dengar708> animals are easier to find c:
[20:12] <ejano> o.o
[20:12] <TheGameCrasher> But still, is there a culprit?
[20:12] <TheGameCrasher> Hey ej ;)
[20:13] <ejano> Hellloo
[20:13] <ejano> wait
[20:13] <ejano> did you change your name -.o
[20:13] <TheGameCrasher> Yus
[20:13] <ejano> newit
[20:13] <TheGameCrasher> I was DS
[20:13] <Dengar708> what were in the pens?
[20:13] <ejano> rightio
[20:13] <TheGameCrasher> Chickens there
[20:13] <TheGameCrasher> Couple pigs in ere'
[20:14] <TheGameCrasher> It's not the animals that actually matter, it's whoever did it
[20:14] <Dengar708> seems like you killed chickens hereish
[20:14] <TheGameCrasher> Check ere'
[20:14] <Dengar708> all I can find is "Primed TNT"
[20:14] <TheGameCrasher> 0.0
[20:14] <TheGameCrasher> That ain't me
[20:14] <Dengar708> which would be a lot of things
[20:14] <ejano> why u flying
[20:14] <Dengar708> I am just going to
[20:14] <TheGameCrasher> I'm working on the 001 theme park
[20:15] <TheGameCrasher> Wanna look?
[20:15] <ejano> sure
[20:15] <TheGameCrasher> Thisa way
[20:15] <Dengar708> appears nothing was in here
[20:15] <Dengar708> within one week
[20:15] <TheGameCrasher> Really?
[20:15] <Dengar708> only thing I can see with chickens dying was you killing them
[20:15] <TheGameCrasher> Interesting, that is really weird
[20:16] <TheGameCrasher> What about the tables?
[20:16] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[20:16] <TheGameCrasher> Wb
[20:16] <ejano> hey!
[20:16] <Dengar708> hey
[20:16] <Cor_Kaitos> Hello.
[20:17] <ejano> o.O lol I thought those were slimes
[20:18] <TheGameCrasher> Hop in
[20:18] <TheGameCrasher> ;p
[20:18] <TheGameCrasher> Oh ey' rob
[20:18] <RobereStarkk> Ahoy!
[20:19] <RobereStarkk> ejano
[20:19] <TheGameCrasher> Can't get in?
[20:19] <RobereStarkk> c'mere
[20:19] <TheGameCrasher> 0.o
[20:19] <ejano> sssssh
[20:19] <RobereStarkk> ;)
[20:19] <ejano> wasntme
[20:19] <RobereStarkk> YOU BROKE IT!
[20:20] <TheGameCrasher> Ugh
[20:20] <TheGameCrasher> Move pls
[20:20] <Baivo> ow
[20:20] <Baivo> god has forsaken me
[20:20] <RobereStarkk> §ffus
[20:20] <TheGameCrasher> No!
[20:22] <TheGameCrasher> How did you miss it :p
[20:22] <ejano> I cant get in
[20:22] <ejano> cause im in survival
[20:22] <ejano> GIT UT
[20:22] <ejano> Got it*
[20:22] <Dengar708> what did you guys do
[20:22] <ejano> wew
[20:23] <ejano> it hurts
[20:23] <ejano> CAKE
[20:23] <ejano> :O
[20:23] <Dengar708> gg
[20:23] <ejano> IM SO SORRY
[20:23] <Dengar708> broke
[20:23] <TheGameCrasher> gg
[20:23] <Baivo> :c
[20:23] <Dengar708> all of baivo
[20:23] <Dengar708> at once
[20:23] <ejano> what xp did you lose
[20:23] <ejano> D:
[20:23] <RobereStarkk> lol ejano
[20:24] <Dengar708> you got in the way of ejano and cake
[20:24] <Dengar708> what did you expect
[20:24] <Dengar708> would happen
[20:24] <RobereStarkk> Wow, brutal
[20:24] <Dengar708> she jumped off the ferris wheel
[20:24] <RobereStarkk> ejano issued server command: /give baivo cookie 100
[20:24] <Dengar708> when i put it down
[20:24] <RobereStarkk> Baivo issued server command: /ci
[20:24] <Dengar708> lel
[20:25] <ejano> dammit
[20:25] <Dengar708> do more cookies
[20:25] <Dengar708> like 1000000
[20:25] <ejano> but there are bunnies starving in the savannah
[20:25] <TheGameCrasher> wtf
[20:26] <TheGameCrasher> Pls no
[20:26] <Dengar708> so 2 and a half hours till the game baivo
[20:26] <Baivo> Yes
[20:26] <Dengar708> can you explain rules to those here c:
[20:26] <TheGameCrasher> Is that you rob?
[20:26] <Baivo> No
[20:26] <Dengar708> :c
[20:26] <RobereStarkk> ?
[20:26] <TheGameCrasher> Stop it!
[20:26] <ejano> dammit
[20:27] <Baivo> §ffus
[20:27] <ejano> dynmap no worky
[20:27] <Cor_Kaitos> Agreed.
[20:27] <RobereStarkk> It won't work for a while
[20:27] <RobereStarkk> Then it will start
[20:28] <RobereStarkk> And by a while I mean until Peppy does a thing
[20:28] <RobereStarkk> Is what me Gc?
[20:28] <TheGameCrasher> No!
[20:28] <TheGameCrasher> Enough!
[20:28] <RobereStarkk> Are you feeling okay?
[20:28] <Baivo> lel
[20:28] <TheGameCrasher> It's baiv
[20:28] <Baivo> lelel
[20:28] <RobereStarkk> ah
[20:28] <TheGameCrasher> For f**ks sake
[20:28] <Baivo> ok ok i'm done
[20:29] <Baivo> I'll go troll someone else
[20:29] <Baivo> Dengy c'mere
[20:29] <TheGameCrasher> Why can't a man just craft a banner in peace D;
[20:29] <RobereStarkk> Go for it GC :)
[20:29] <TheGameCrasher> Every time I'm just off and then the table is broken D;
[20:31] <Dengar708> What if I say no Baivo
[20:31] <RobereStarkk> P PP?
[20:31] <TheGameCrasher> Peppy Coaster
[20:31] <Dengar708> ???
[20:31] <RobereStarkk> Oooooh
[20:31] <TheGameCrasher> The Peppy Coaster I should day
[20:31] <TheGameCrasher> say*
[20:32] <TheGameCrasher> I can't a single f**cking banner though with Baivo around D;
[20:32] <RobereStarkk> There we go
[20:32] <TheGameCrasher> Craft*
[20:32] <RobereStarkk> He's gone now
[20:33] <Dengar708> why are there
[20:33] <Dengar708> random holes
[20:33] <Dengar708> in the water
[20:33] <RobereStarkk> If I had to guess
[20:33] <RobereStarkk> I'd say explosions
[20:33] <RobereStarkk> What size are the holes?
[20:34] <Dengar708> someone undid the water fixing itself it appears
[20:34] <RobereStarkk> wat?
[20:34] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iHNou/12b44cd74e.png
[20:35] <RobereStarkk> weird
[20:35] <Dengar708> Also Baivo
[20:35] <Dengar708> I would appreciate if you deleted that copy of a faction item of mine
[20:35] <Dengar708> which you created without my permission
[20:39] <Dengar708> there is going to be like 4 from the edge on this side
[20:39] <Dengar708> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[20:40] <TheGameCrasher> I'll fix that later
[20:40] <TheGameCrasher> I need to make the banners first
[20:42] <Dengar708> wb ejano
[20:42] <ejano> thx
[20:42] <Baivo> huh
[20:45] <Dengar708> ejano were you cooking bunnies D:
[20:45] <ejano> no
[20:46] <ejano> >.>
[20:46] <ejano> wew
[20:46] <ejano> that was close
[20:46] <Dengar708> I see you got a hose
[20:46] <Dengar708> horse*
[20:46] <ejano> ye but still no donkey
[20:46] <ejano> :C
[20:47] <Dengar708> zoom
[20:47] <RobereStarkk> Dude, you're an Admin
[20:47] <ejano> =P
[20:47] <RobereStarkk> I'm not saying you can spawn a donkey
[20:47] <RobereStarkk> But you can totally spawn a donkey
[20:47] <ejano> >.>
[20:47] <Dengar708> you could spawn
[20:47] <Dengar708> a super donkey
[20:47] <Dengar708> and coat it in super soldier serum
[20:48] <RobereStarkk> You could spawn a Donkey Riding a Donkey Riding a Donkey Riding a Donkey
[20:48] <ejano> I:
[20:48] <Dengar708> and then ride that
[20:48] <RobereStarkk> But not control it sadly
[20:48] <Dengar708> or have a minecart on a bat on a pig
[20:48] <Dengar708> and control it
[20:48] <Dengar708> with a carrot on a stick
[20:48] <RobereStarkk> Nope
[20:48] <RobereStarkk> Almost certain that wouldn't work
[20:49] <RobereStarkk> Unless...
[20:49] <Dengar708> rob can you spawn that stack in so I can test c:
[20:49] <RobereStarkk> Ugh, I could, but then I'd have to re-learn how to spawn stacks
[20:49] <RobereStarkk> Which is effort
[20:49] <Dengar708> ./spawnmob minecart,bat,pig?
[20:50] <ejano> ^
[20:50] <ejano> that one
[20:50] <RobereStarkk> That seems too easy
[20:50] <Dengar708> found a thing maybe
[20:50] <RobereStarkk> huh, I'll be damned
[20:51] <Dengar708> ow
[20:51] <Dengar708> why would you
[20:51] <Dengar708> shoot me
[20:51] <RobereStarkk> I shot the pig
[20:51] <RobereStarkk> you were next to it
[20:51] <Dengar708> so it worked?
[20:51] <RobereStarkk> Sorta
[20:51] <Dengar708> what happened
[20:51] <Dengar708> I was getting the correct code
[20:51] <RobereStarkk> it was a pig riding a bat riding a minecart
[20:51] <Dengar708> then we just
[20:51] <Dengar708> do it in the other order
[20:51] <Dengar708> problem soved
[20:52] <RobereStarkk> goforit!
[20:52] <Dengar708> I can't q-q
[20:52] <RobereStarkk> ah
[20:52] <Dengar708> ./spawnmob pig,bat,minecart
[20:52] <Dengar708> there you go rob c:
[20:52] <Baivo> wat
[20:52] <RobereStarkk> that's hilarious
[20:52] <Baivo> Um rob
[20:53] <Dengar708> lemme craft it
[20:53] <Baivo> Rob...?
[20:53] <RobereStarkk> Yeah yeah
[20:53] <RobereStarkk> I won't let him keep it
[20:53] <Dengar708> I forgot we can't super easily craft them q-q
[20:53] <RobereStarkk> But it's interesting!
[20:53] <Baivo> What happened to my world edit perms?
[20:53] <RobereStarkk> Oh
[20:53] <Dengar708> can you create a carrot on a stick for me q-q
[20:53] <RobereStarkk> You were abusing them to torment GC so I removed them
[20:53] <Dengar708> I think this would make a good riding pet
[20:54] <Dengar708> with like 7 bats
[20:54] <Baivo> I..
[20:54] <Baivo> used one command
[20:54] * Putinator (Putinator@Putinator) has joined #main
[20:54] <ejano> Hello
[20:54] <Dengar708> Hello
[20:54] <Putinator> Hello
[20:54] <RobereStarkk> really? Cos he was complaining a lot...
[20:55] <Baivo> I made a hsphere of crafting tables and removed it within 10 seconds
[20:55] <Dengar708> ejano come see c:
[20:55] <Dengar708> the monstrocity
[20:55] <Dengar708> that is this
[20:56] <Dengar708> Baivo can you pass me a carrot on a stick
[20:56] <Dengar708> because I can't craft them q-q
[20:56] <TheGameCrasher> I need a good 'R'
[20:56] <TheGameCrasher> Found one nvm
[20:57] <Dengar708> Baivo pls
[20:57] <Dengar708> I want to see it this works
[20:57] <Dengar708> TGC
[20:57] <Dengar708> can i have a carrot on a stick q-q
[20:57] <TheGameCrasher> Ere'
[20:57] <Dengar708> danke
[20:57] <Dengar708> does not appear to work
[20:57] <Dengar708> ejano has master the self defence
[20:58] <Dengar708> of being a porcupine
[20:58] <Baivo> Going to need to call the event off for now guys, until i can find an alternative
[20:59] <TheGameCrasher> Someone give me this ./give @p minecraft:banner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Base:0,Patterns:[{Pattern:rs,Co
[20:59] <TheGameCrasher> F**k
[20:59] <Dengar708> will need to send it through console
[20:59] <TheGameCrasher> Too long D;
[20:59] <Dengar708> well to someone
[20:59] <Dengar708> to run it through console
[20:59] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@silverdrakon1797) has joined #main
[20:59] <Dengar708> you could do
[20:59] <Dengar708> http://puu.sh/iHOxA/e7a1ea6a2e.png
[20:59] <ejano> hey
[20:59] <Dengar708> this
[21:00] <Dengar708> hey
[21:00] <silverdrakon1797> *sneezes*
[21:00] <silverdrakon1797> hello
[21:00] <TheGameCrasher> Someone put 1 command block down
[21:00] <Dengar708> escape bat
[21:00] <Dengar708> go
[21:00] <Dengar708> bat pls
[21:00] * silverdrakon1797 (silverdrakon1797@§9silverdrakon1797§r) Quit (§esilverdrakon1797 left the game.)
[21:01] * Putinator (Putinator@Putinator§r) Quit (§ePutinator left the game.)
[21:01] <Dengar708> psst ejano
[21:01] <Dengar708> want to try a fun mount c:
[21:01] * Baivo (Baivo@§bBaivo§r) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[21:01] <ejano> um
[21:01] <TheGameCrasher> Rob?
[21:01] <ejano> what does it entail
[21:02] <Dengar708> ./spawnmob pig,bat,bat,bat,bat,bat,bat,bat,minecart
[21:02] <Dengar708> that should be enough
[21:02] <Dengar708> I ride the pig and make it move
[21:02] <Dengar708> you sit in minecart c:
[21:04] * Putinator (Putinator@Putinator) has joined #main
[21:04] <Dengar708> wb
[21:04] <ejano> wb
[21:05] <TheGameCrasher> Rob?
[21:06] <Dengar708> rob is ded
[21:06] <TheGameCrasher> rip
[21:07] <TheGameCrasher> I just want 'R' D;
[21:07] <ejano> §ffus
[21:07] <TheGameCrasher> Ej
[21:08] <ejano> yas
[21:08] <TheGameCrasher> Cmere'
[21:08] <ejano> just
[21:08] <ejano> 'R'
[21:08] <Cor_Kaitos> DO IT!
[21:08] <ejano> this looks very confusing
[21:08] <Cor_Kaitos> JUST DO IT!
[21:09] <TheGameCrasher> It summons a banner with a pattern
[21:09] <TheGameCrasher> That looks like R
[21:09] <ejano> is it similar to these other ones
[21:10] <TheGameCrasher> Yes
[21:10] <RobereStarkk> Wozzaaaaaaaap?
[21:11] <TheGameCrasher> Getting ej to get me the letter 'R' banner
[21:11] <RobereStarkk> Ah fun
[21:11] <ejano> rob can you have a look at this too
[21:11] <TheGameCrasher> Cus it has too many patterns, it has to be spawned in
[21:11] <RobereStarkk> what'm I lookin at?
[21:11] <TheGameCrasher> The limit is 6
[21:11] <ejano> the book in my inv,
[21:11] <RobereStarkk> ahk
[21:11] <TheGameCrasher> But you can spawn in banners with way more than 6
[21:12] <RobereStarkk> It's title is 'R' and it's by TGC
[21:12] <RobereStarkk> I know, my CoS banner is like 8
[21:12] <RobereStarkk> http://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner
[21:12] <RobereStarkk> create it there and send me the link
[21:13] <RobereStarkk> I'll paste the command into console from that
[21:13] <ejano> that sounds way easier
[21:13] <ejano> xD
[21:14] <TheGameCrasher> http://www.planetminecraft.com/banner/gagnesterlol---r/
[21:14] <TheGameCrasher> Change '@p' to DS1234
[21:15] <RobereStarkk> That won't work :P
[21:15] <TheGameCrasher> Woot
[21:16] <TheGameCrasher> ty guiz
[21:16] <RobereStarkk> np
[21:16] <RobereStarkk> btw, Coreprotect has an absolute spaz whenever you place a banner, so I wouldn't rely on their safet
[21:16] <RobereStarkk> y
[21:16] <TheGameCrasher> K
[21:17] <ejano> §ffus
[21:18] <RobereStarkk> C-C-C-COASTERRRRRRR
[21:18] <TheGameCrasher> Lol
[21:19] <RobereStarkk> lol putin
[21:19] <Putinator> Needed to die
[21:19] <ejano> yes
[21:19] <ejano> you did
[21:19] <RobereStarkk> Not what I'm laughing at :P
[21:19] <ejano> ;P
[21:20] <ejano> is dynmap broken for you guys too?
[21:20] <RobereStarkk> Yep!
[21:20] <RobereStarkk> I should probably forum post about it
[21:20] <TheGameCrasher> Yus
[21:20] <RobereStarkk> But I'm lazy
[21:21] <RobereStarkk> Long story short: earth.lawsofminecraft.com is dead
[21:21] <RobereStarkk> Long live earth.stoneburnergaming.com
[21:21] <RobereStarkk> Once Peppy configures the address to point at the server
[21:24] <Dengar708> I think you need
[21:24] <Dengar708> custom minecarts c:
[21:24] <TheGameCrasher> Plugin?
[21:24] <Dengar708> no
[21:24] <TheGameCrasher> Or idea?
[21:24] <Dengar708> just have stacks
[21:24] <Dengar708> have like
[21:24] <Dengar708> a horse in a minecart
[21:24] <Dengar708> with a minecart
[21:24] <Dengar708> ontop
[21:24] <TheGameCrasher> ;P
[21:24] <Dengar708> or something
[21:24] <TheGameCrasher> Ooooooh
[21:25] <TheGameCrasher> Like you're riding a mech horse
[21:25] <Dengar708> or maybe skip the top minecart
[21:25] <Dengar708> and you ride the horse
[21:25] <TheGameCrasher> Oh yeah
[21:25] <Dengar708> or a pig
[21:25] <Dengar708> or something
[21:25] <TheGameCrasher> You can help me with that when the ride itself is ready
[21:27] <Dengar708> I am going to do some work
[21:27] <Dengar708> so afkish
[21:28] <ejano> I:
[21:31] * dland1234 (dland1234@dland1234) has joined #main
[21:31] <ejano> hey!
[21:31] <RobereStarkk> Ahoy
[21:31] <dland1234> hi
[21:31] <RobereStarkk> More mateys of Ejano?
[21:31] <ejano> no
[21:31] <ejano> dunno mr dland
[21:32] <dland1234> lol Ive been on before
[21:32] <ejano> ^
[21:32] <ejano> xD
[21:32] <RobereStarkk> We can tell, don't worry
[21:32] <RobereStarkk> I just thought you might be another RL friend of ejano
[21:32] <dland1234> Can I join a faction im ready to actully play
[21:33] <RobereStarkk> Seeing as the instant you joined she shouted hey at you :P
[21:33] <RobereStarkk> Sure you can!
[21:33] <dland1234> how?
[21:33] <RobereStarkk> Follow the spawn sign-quest thing till you get to the massive underground hall
[21:34] <RobereStarkk> then browse the factions mentioned in there
[21:35] <dland1234> My food /:
[21:38] * Putinator (Putinator@Putinator§r) Quit (§ePutinator left the game.)
[21:38] * Putinator (Putinator@Putinator) has joined #main
[21:38] <ejano> wb
[21:38] <Putinator> ty
[21:38] * dland1234 (dland1234@dland1234§r) Quit (§edland1234 left the game.)
[21:39] * Putinator (Putinator@Putinator§r) Quit (§ePutinator left the game.)
[21:40] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@Cuppinator) has joined #main
[21:40] <TheGameCrasher> Hey
[21:40] <Cuppinator> hiya
[21:40] <ejano> Hey cuppeh!
[21:41] <Dengar708> hey cuppeh
[21:41] <Dengar708> §fLOK VAH KOOR!
[21:41] <Cuppinator> wow
[21:41] <Cuppinator> well that did more than neccesary
[21:41] <Dengar708> ?
[21:42] <Cuppinator> did a small regen
[21:42] <Cuppinator> apparently effect 181426 blocks
[21:42] <Dengar708> flatten too much?
[21:42] * Dengar708 was kicked from #main by Server
[21:42] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[21:42] <Cuppinator> naah
[21:42] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[21:42] <ejano> wb
[21:42] <Cuppinator> just fixing this bit seeing as this is no-loger going to a buildcomp thing
[21:42] <Dengar708> danke
[21:42] <RobereStarkk> awlroighty
[21:43] <RobereStarkk> Done the forum post
[21:43] <Cuppinator> ?
[21:43] <RobereStarkk> About Dynmap and some other stuff
[21:43] <Cuppinator> ah, the whole full domain switch
[21:43] <RobereStarkk> mmmm
[21:43] <Cuppinator> huzzah
[21:43] <RobereStarkk> soonTM
[21:44] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[21:44] <Dengar708> cuppeh
[21:44] <Cuppinator> ye?
[21:44] <Dengar708> why not just //replace fence air
[21:45] <Cuppinator> meh
[21:45] <Cuppinator> whats two mins?
[21:45] * Katyusha (Katyusha@Katyusha) has joined #main
[21:45] <TheGameCrasher> So cwp, the park is going well
[21:45] <Cuppinator> hiya
[21:45] <Dengar708> 2 minutes is 2 minutes
[21:45] <RobereStarkk> Lol wb
[21:45] <Dengar708> wb
[21:45] <RobereStarkk> Good name, much better than Putinator
[21:45] <Katyusha> mhm
[21:45] <RobereStarkk> Do you like Stalin's Singing Schoolgirls?
[21:46] <TheGameCrasher> Woah, didn't realise it added the (formerly known as) tag
[21:46] <Katyusha> Can't say I do
[21:46] <RobereStarkk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgweofjxZCU
[21:46] <RobereStarkk> You should give them a go
[21:46] <RobereStarkk> They're adorable
[21:46] <RobereStarkk> @GC I think it only does it on their first login
[21:46] <Dengar708> I helped c:
[21:46] <Katyusha> Is that from Girls und Panzer?
[21:46] <TheGameCrasher> I know, but it's cool
[21:47] <Katyusha> xD
[21:47] <Cuppinator> Now what stuff can I put here
[21:47] <Dengar708> missile silo
[21:47] <RobereStarkk> It is!
[21:47] <Cuppinator> oh gawd ^
[21:47] <Dengar708> IHORD
[21:47] <Dengar708> uhhh
[21:47] <Dengar708> weapon factory
[21:47] <Dengar708> food factory
[21:47] <Cuppinator> no comp related
[21:47] <Dengar708> ?
[21:47] <Cuppinator> this area is for competition stuff
[21:48] <Dengar708> oh
[21:48] <Cuppinator> so, question is what to build here
[21:48] <ejano> hey deng, is there a way to tp mobs?
[21:48] <Dengar708> missile silo arena
[21:48] <Dengar708> nope
[21:48] <Dengar708> not that I know of
[21:48] <Dengar708> have an arena
[21:48] <RobereStarkk> There sorta is I think
[21:48] <Dengar708> in a working missile silo
[21:48] <Dengar708> wi nwin
[21:48] <RobereStarkk> How do you want to tp them?
[21:48] <Dengar708> win win*
[21:48] <ejano> ah its fine, just tp a donkey or something
[21:49] <RobereStarkk> Yeah but how?
[21:49] <ejano> i don't know
[21:49] <RobereStarkk> Like across half the map, or like 10 blocks west?
[21:49] <Dengar708> you could airlift it over
[21:49] <Cuppinator> ^
[21:49] <ejano> oh a long distance
[21:49] <RobereStarkk> Hmmn, tricky
[21:49] <Dengar708> I vote movecraft ship it
[21:49] <Dengar708> I can do this
[21:49] <Cuppinator> Dw I know what I can do
[21:49] <Dengar708> maybe
[21:49] <ejano> its fine I don't need to
[21:49] <RobereStarkk> Dengar, Movecrafting something over a long distance...
[21:50] <RobereStarkk> Painful
[21:50] <RobereStarkk> So painful
[21:50] <Dengar708> only like 1k blocks
[21:50] <Dengar708> is fine
[21:51] <Dengar708> I just had
[21:51] <Dengar708> the best idea
[21:51] <Dengar708> for a game
[21:51] <Dengar708> involving mob stacks
[21:51] <Dengar708> and PvP
[21:51] <Dengar708> at the same time
[21:51] <RobereStarkk> @ejano, yes! I can edit the position co-ords of a mob
[21:51] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@Cor_Kaitos) has joined #main
[21:51] <ejano> hey
[21:52] * Cor_Kaitos (Cor_Kaitos@§9Cor_Kaitos§r) Quit (§eCor_Kaitos left the game.)
[21:52] <RobereStarkk> But you have to know the exact destination co-ordinates
[21:52] <Dengar708> probably would be to house
[21:52] <Dengar708> ejano does though
[21:52] <RobereStarkk> Creepy
[21:53] <Dengar708> around
[21:53] <ejano> 3050
[21:53] <ejano> and
[21:53] <ejano> 5650
[21:53] <RobereStarkk> and y?
[21:53] <Dengar708> 3024 66 -5652 would be nice
[21:53] <Dengar708> would land about here
[21:53] <ejano> 65
[21:53] <RobereStarkk> Are you getting that from dynmap
[21:53] <RobereStarkk> because it lies
[21:53] <Dengar708> - z
[21:53] <ejano> no by F3 magic
[21:54] <RobereStarkk> Ahk gude
[21:54] <Dengar708> as in you didn't say the z was negative ejano
[21:54] <RobereStarkk> So where's the mob?
[21:54] <ejano> sorry
[21:54] <ejano> uh
[21:55] <ejano> here
[21:56] <RobereStarkk> Which?
[21:56] <ejano> this one
[21:56] <RobereStarkk> mkay
[21:57] <RobereStarkk> gerroff :P
[21:57] <RobereStarkk> okay got it
[21:57] <Dengar708> Guys I have a question
[21:57] <Dengar708> for probably the most amazing and ridiculous minigame ever
[21:58] <TheGameCrasher> Mmmh?
[21:58] <Dengar708> I am going to say it involves riding horses and shooting mobs from said horse
[21:58] <Katyusha> Why hello there
[21:58] <Dengar708> with a few dozen animals above you
[21:58] <ejano> totally not here
[22:00] <RobereStarkk> Oh good it works
[22:00] <Dengar708> cuppeh
[22:00] <Cuppinator> wha?
[22:00] <RobereStarkk> what were those co-ords again?
[22:00] <Dengar708> can I get you to run a command so I can test something?
[22:01] <Cuppinator> uuuuuuhhhh I guess?.....
[22:01] * Katyusha (Katyusha@Katyusha§r) Quit (§eKatyusha left the game.)
[22:01] <Dengar708> I will send on steam for ease I guess
[22:01] * Katyusha (Katyusha@Katyusha) has joined #main
[22:01] <ejano> wb
[22:01] <Katyusha> Is the call back up?
[22:02] <RobereStarkk> 3050 65 5650 ?
[22:02] <ejano> maybe
[22:02] <ejano> yes
[22:02] <ejano> yes that one
[22:02] <ejano> rob
[22:02] <RobereStarkk> Ahk gud
[22:02] * ejano (ejano@§e§oCoS§7:§8ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[22:03] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[22:03] <Dengar708> cuppeh
[22:03] <Dengar708> pls
[22:03] <Katyusha> wb
[22:03] <Dengar708> this will be great
[22:03] <Dengar708> and may make a great game if it works
[22:03] <Dengar708> damnit horse
[22:03] <Dengar708> why would you do that
[22:03] <Dengar708> it kicked off the bat
[22:03] <Cuppinator> oh my
[22:03] <ejano> deed it work
[22:03] <RobereStarkk> Okay he's here
[22:03] <Dengar708> got it
[22:03] <RobereStarkk> He -was- here
[22:04] <Dengar708> had one job horse
[22:04] <Dengar708> guess pigs it is
[22:04] <Dengar708> I may also need a saddle
[22:05] <Dengar708> can I have a saddle?
[22:05] <Dengar708> going to need to saddle up the pig
[22:05] <ejano> where'd my other horses go
[22:05] <ejano> D:
[22:06] <Dengar708> hmm
[22:06] <Dengar708> so that doesn't work q-q
[22:06] <Dengar708> would need to sit at the top of the stack I guess
[22:06] <RobereStarkk> Hmmn, probably should've had someone here to keep the chunk loaded in hindsight
[22:07] <Dengar708> this is become more ridiculous the more it goes on it appears
[22:08] <Katyusha> Diamonds
[22:08] <Dengar708> however science
[22:08] <Katyusha> And I haven't even seen iron yet
[22:08] <Katyusha> :c
[22:08] <ejano> derp
[22:09] <Dengar708> cuppeh
[22:09] <Dengar708> did you de
[22:09] <Dengar708> d
[22:09] <Dengar708> hmm
[22:09] <Dengar708> so the golem doesn'tsee the spider
[22:09] <Dengar708> or something
[22:10] <Dengar708> I can't get up q-q
[22:10] <Dengar708> danke
[22:10] <Dengar708> hmm
[22:10] <Cuppinator> gg
[22:10] <Dengar708> can you spawn another stack?
[22:10] <Cuppinator> hah
[22:10] <Dengar708> so it can't see the spider in its stack I guess
[22:11] <Dengar708> hmm
[22:12] <Dengar708> what is a mob which randomly moves along the ground constantly?
[22:12] <Katyusha> silverfish?
[22:12] <Dengar708> :o
[22:12] <Dengar708> that might work
[22:13] <Dengar708> also cuppeh you can copy paste from steam
[22:14] <Dengar708> q-q
[22:15] <Dengar708> Is it possible to stack mobs on a player?
[22:15] <Dengar708> c:
[22:15] <ejano> er
[22:15] <ejano> no...?
[22:15] <Katyusha> you can make mobs rideable
[22:15] <Katyusha> But that's about it
[22:15] <ejano> lol
[22:15] <ejano> rob remember the spiders =P
[22:19] <Cuppinator> WOOO
[22:19] <Cuppinator> missing book arrived
[22:21] <Dengar708> back
[22:22] <Dengar708> cuppeh
[22:22] <Dengar708> is that
[22:22] <Dengar708> a race track
[22:22] <Cuppinator> yes
[22:22] <Dengar708> can I race on foot c:
[22:23] <Cuppinator> also, that book I just got was the last copy they had in the US, none in Aus, xD
[22:23] <Cuppinator> Recalled while reprinting
[22:24] <Cuppinator> Halfway through the series to so I was screwed otherwise
[22:24] <Cuppinator> oi deng move
[22:24] <Cuppinator> :P
[22:24] <Dengar708> too fast
[22:25] <Dengar708> I see an issue
[22:25] <Cuppinator> ah yes
[22:25] <Dengar708> could just do slabs
[22:26] <Cuppinator> fixed, :P
[22:31] <Cuppinator> oi ej, cm'here a sec
[22:31] <Cuppinator> looky
[22:31] <ejano> ow
[22:31] <Dengar708> poke
[22:31] <Cuppinator> race-course, :P
[22:32] <ejano> :D
[22:32] <Dengar708> a tad small tbh
[22:32] <Cuppinator> thats not the full leangth
[22:32] <Cuppinator> length*
[22:32] <Dengar708> oh okay
[22:32] <Cuppinator> thats just temp
[22:32] <Cuppinator> so I get a better look at things
[22:32] <Dengar708> I am like a race car
[22:32] <Dengar708> speeds up
[22:33] <ejano> yah!
[22:33] <ejano> §ffus
[22:33] <ejano> I:
[22:33] <Cuppinator> ?
[22:34] <ejano> this pig wont go
[22:34] <ejano> :C
[22:34] <Dengar708> game load pls
[22:34] <ejano> hes not moving
[22:34] <ejano> :C
[22:34] <Dengar708> rip pig
[22:35] <ejano> §ffus
[22:35] <Dengar708> fat pig
[22:35] <ejano> with a neck
[22:35] <ejano> somehow eats the carrot
[22:35] <ejano> :O
[22:36] <ejano> nmy turn
[22:36] <Dengar708> so phat and slow
[22:36] <ejano> deeng
[22:37] <Dengar708> I think I can out run you on here
[22:37] <TheGameCrasher> I'm gonna take a 10-20 min break before the comp
[22:37] <Dengar708> in reverse
[22:37] <ejano> dammit
[22:37] <ejano> that was unfortunate
[22:37] <Dengar708> spawn new one
[22:37] <ejano> YAH
[22:39] <Cuppinator> dat pig tho
[22:39] <ejano> ye
[22:41] <ejano> lag
[22:41] <ejano> sorry
[22:41] <Katyusha> xD
[22:41] <Dengar708> is there any nice enclosed arenas?
[22:41] <Cuppinator> ?
[22:42] <Dengar708> wanted to make
[22:42] <Dengar708> an army of pigs on bats
[22:42] <Dengar708> and have a shooting thing
[22:44] <Cuppinator> bbs
[22:44] <Dengar708> cuppeh
[22:44] <Dengar708> I have apet
[22:50] * TheGameCrasher was kicked from #main by Server
[22:50] * TheGameCrasher (TheGameCrasher@§9TheGameCrasher§r) Quit (§eTheGameCrasher left the game.)
[22:50] <Dengar708> bbl
[22:50] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@§8Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[22:51] * ejano (ejano@§e§oCoS§7:§8ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[22:51] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[22:51] <Katyusha> wb
[22:51] <Cuppinator> ^
[22:51] <ejano> thxx
[22:52] <Katyusha> I really should have though twice before I named myself katherine
[22:52] <Cuppinator> ?
[22:52] <RobereStarkk> ^
[22:52] <ejano> xD
[22:52] <ejano> XDD
[22:52] <Katyusha> Oh
[22:52] * zacjack90 (zacjack90@zacjack90) has joined #main
[22:52] <Katyusha> Katusha means Katherine
[22:52] <ejano> Katiusha
[22:52] <ejano> hello
[22:52] <Katyusha> Hey zac
[22:52] <Cuppinator> hiya ej's friend
[22:52] <Katyusha> Tis Isaac
[22:54] <RobereStarkk> HOOEY!
[22:54] <RobereStarkk> I'm so excited for what Killjoys could become
[22:54] <RobereStarkk> Isn't it though!?
[22:55] <RobereStarkk> Only two episodes, but still very exciting! :D
[22:55] <ejano> Hey server!
[22:55] <zacjack90> hi
[22:55] <ejano> did they close firefighter's faction?
[22:55] <RobereStarkk> There was a civil war in 001 and Fire lost it
[22:56] <RobereStarkk> so his faction collapsed
[22:56] <RobereStarkk> and was absorbed into Peppy's
[22:56] <Cuppinator> Ye
[22:56] * TheGameCrasher (TheGameCrasher@TheGameCrasher) has joined #main
[22:56] <RobereStarkk> Well
[22:56] <RobereStarkk> Civil Kerfuffle
[22:56] <Cuppinator> hiya
[22:56] <RobereStarkk> not really a war
[22:56] <Cuppinator> fair call^
[22:57] <zacjack90> how does one faction
[22:58] <Katyusha> Not simply
[22:58] <Katyusha> I don't think they have the plugin
[22:58] <Katyusha> ?help
[22:58] <Katyusha> xD
[22:58] <ejano> we do
[22:58] <ejano> I:
[22:58] <RobereStarkk> Nah we don't
[22:58] <Cuppinator> we don't
[22:58] <zacjack90> yeah we do
[22:58] <Cuppinator> Robs got it wired up to use other stuff
[22:58] <RobereStarkk> ^
[22:58] <ejano> o
[22:58] <Cuppinator> aaaaahh 001 newguy
[22:59] <RobereStarkk> Gotta pay to use the plugin
[22:59] <Cuppinator> Is he staying with you ej?
[22:59] <ejano> not sure
[22:59] <Katyusha> Hey!
[23:00] <zacjack90> hero
[23:00] <RobereStarkk> Anyway
[23:00] <zacjack90> thanks
[23:00] <Cuppinator> just need to know wether I'm fully indoctrinating him or not
[23:00] <RobereStarkk> You seem to have discovered how to faction zac
[23:00] <RobereStarkk> Did you want to explain it to Kat?
[23:00] <ejano> ye could you show him around
[23:00] <ejano> to zac
[23:01] <ejano> and ms kat
[23:01] <ejano> what are you doing
[23:01] <ejano> were you gonna join a fac
[23:01] <ejano> t
[23:01] <Cuppinator> pro
[23:02] <Cuppinator> I'll wait until a response from kat, :P
[23:02] <RobereStarkk> Oh ejano, are you wearing your CoS Gear?
[23:02] <ejano> I was yea
[23:02] <RobereStarkk> I forgot to explain it to you
[23:02] <ejano> no wit
[23:02] <Katyusha> xD
[23:02] <ejano> wait*
[23:02] <ejano> I was wearing deng's stuff
[23:02] <RobereStarkk> Ah
[23:02] <zacjack90> ejano is a cheat
[23:02] <ejano> is baivo coming back?
[23:02] <ejano> >:C
[23:02] <RobereStarkk> She's not a cheat
[23:02] <RobereStarkk> she's special
[23:02] <ejano> ^
[23:03] <zacjack90> she killed me without hitting me
[23:03] <RobereStarkk> You hit her
[23:03] <zacjack90> ban her
[23:03] <ejano> cause u r noob
[23:03] <RobereStarkk> Her armour had thorns
[23:03] <zacjack90> :C
[23:03] <Cuppinator> So uhhh kat, will you be joining a faction too perchance?
[23:03] <Katyusha> I found that out the hard way also
[23:03] <ejano> theres a storyline thing at spawn
[23:04] <ejano> that you can follow
[23:04] <ejano> and join a faction
[23:04] <ejano> Cup is in 001
[23:04] <Cuppinator> ^
[23:04] <ejano> Im in CoS
[23:04] <zacjack90> so
[23:04] <RobereStarkk> The one with all the coolest toys
[23:05] <RobereStarkk> ouch
[23:05] <ejano> lol
[23:06] <RobereStarkk> Hmmn, actually
[23:06] <RobereStarkk> ejano, can I have the laser back?
[23:06] <zacjack90> Cap can i join your faction
[23:06] <ejano> ok
[23:07] <Cuppinator> dat tp lag
[23:07] <RobereStarkk> q is reload
[23:07] <RobereStarkk> you've gotta drag it out of the inv screen
[23:07] <RobereStarkk> danke
[23:07] <ejano> uh somehow i threw it with q
[23:07] <RobereStarkk> I'll give you the new one when it's finished :)
[23:07] <RobereStarkk> Oh right
[23:07] <RobereStarkk> I disabled reloading
[23:07] <RobereStarkk> Never mind :P
[23:08] <ejano> soo, wasn't baivo running a game right about now?
[23:08] <Cuppinator> yes
[23:08] <Cuppinator> he's away on skype so
[23:08] <RobereStarkk> He did say something about postponing it I think
[23:09] <Cuppinator> welcome
[23:09] <Katyusha> I could have sworn that this was a brothel
[23:09] <Cuppinator> all of the infos
[23:09] <Cuppinator> it is
[23:09] <ejano> definitely not
[23:10] <RobereStarkk> It is a brothel
[23:10] <zacjack90> issac
[23:10] <RobereStarkk> That's the best place to hide things
[23:10] <ejano> sssh
[23:10] <zacjack90> did you get a new username
[23:10] <Katyusha> I have 3 different accounts
[23:10] <RobereStarkk> Yep!
[23:10] <Katyusha> :c
[23:10] <RobereStarkk> Just today
[23:10] <Katyusha> But yeah
[23:10] <Katyusha> On this one I did
[23:10] <zacjack90> kewl
[23:10] <ejano> hurry up you russian girl scout
[23:11] <RobereStarkk> schoolgirl*
[23:11] <Cuppinator> lel
[23:11] <Cuppinator> ^
[23:11] <Cuppinator> They're school-girls whose schools are on battleships, get it right, xD
[23:12] <ejano> ok cwp we're here
[23:12] <Cuppinator> here?
[23:12] <Cuppinator> no you don't kat
[23:12] <zacjack90> so
[23:12] <zacjack90> can i join faction
[23:12] <Cuppinator> This is our capital
[23:12] <Cuppinator> you have, :P
[23:12] <zacjack90> oh
[23:13] <Katyusha> xD
[23:13] <zacjack90> point witdrwn
[23:13] <Cuppinator> Welcome to the glorious 001 Empire
[23:13] <zacjack90> nice capital
[23:13] <Katyusha> ty
[23:13] <Cuppinator> farms up ere
[23:13] <TheGameCrasher> Very glorious*
[23:13] <Cuppinator> houses are able to go in this 'general' direction
[23:14] <Cuppinator> don't make 'em too big tho
[23:14] <Cuppinator> but like was mentioned before, you aren't obligated to build here
[23:14] <Katyusha> That's good, I've already started a house a bit out
[23:14] <Cuppinator> gun shop is thisa way
[23:14] <Cuppinator> where you cuy all the glorious weapons
[23:15] <TheGameCrasher> Very glorious*
[23:15] <ejano> there are guns and stuff
[23:15] <Cuppinator> :P
[23:15] <Cuppinator> armour too
[23:16] <Katyusha> Through what way do we gain money?
[23:16] <zacjack90> so theres some shears
[23:16] <ejano> >.>
[23:16] <ejano> \P
[23:16] <ejano> =P
[23:16] <Cuppinator> by selling blocks in the black market
[23:16] <Cuppinator> I can show you if you'd like
[23:16] <Katyusha> xD
[23:16] <Katyusha> I'd appreciate that
[23:17] <ejano> but I did close it!
[23:17] <Cuppinator> back to the brothel!
[23:17] <zacjack90> nice
[23:18] <Katyusha> I'd love to hear that song someday
[23:18] <ejano> -.-
[23:18] <ejano> derp
[23:18] <Cuppinator> :o
[23:18] <Cuppinator> this is baivo's stuff
[23:19] <Cuppinator> your bette off with 001 equipment
[23:19] <Cuppinator> better*
[23:19] <Katyusha> mhm
[23:19] <ejano> who is server
[23:19] <Cuppinator> any questions?
[23:19] <ejano> lol
[23:19] <ejano> xD
[23:19] <Katyusha> None atm
[23:20] <zacjack90> is there faction wars?
[23:20] <Katyusha> Thanks for showing us around
[23:20] <Cuppinator> Some, yes
[23:20] <zacjack90> nice
[23:20] <zacjack90> thanks for showinf us around
[23:20] <Cuppinator> We have our little military troop you can sign up for too
[23:20] <RobereStarkk> Hmmn... I wonder...
[23:21] <ejano> §ffus
[23:21] <Katyusha> c:
[23:21] <ejano> dammit where is baivo
[23:21] <Cuppinator> ^
[23:22] <RobereStarkk> He said it's postponed
[23:22] <TheGameCrasher> Nuuuuuu
[23:22] <RobereStarkk> Hmmn
[23:23] <ejano> §ffus ro
[23:23] <Katyusha> dah
[23:23] <RobereStarkk> Lol
[23:23] <Katyusha> Is that the only shout?
[23:23] <ejano> no
[23:23] <RobereStarkk> The brothel now features a sing-along link
[23:23] <ejano> fiem
[23:24] <Katyusha> on 2 hp
[23:24] <ejano> whats that fire one
[23:24] <Katyusha> so gimme a sec
[23:24] <RobereStarkk> ejano
[23:24] <ejano> ye
[23:24] <RobereStarkk> I have the new laser
[23:24] <Cuppinator> §fYOL TOOR SHUL
[23:25] <Cuppinator> FIEM ZII GRON
[23:25] <zacjack90> can you controll the airship
[23:25] <Cuppinator> §fLOK VAH KOOR
[23:25] <ejano> um, lol zac wants to see this thing move
[23:25] <ejano> but
[23:25] <ejano> uh
[23:25] <Cuppinator> and I think there are a few more. sure!
[23:25] <ejano> no entiendo movecraft
[23:25] <RobereStarkk> This one can't move, no
[23:25] <RobereStarkk> it's too big
[23:25] <zacjack90> drat
[23:25] <ejano> xD
[23:25] <Cuppinator> how rob?
[23:26] <RobereStarkk> ?
[23:26] <Cuppinator> wrong shiptype
[23:26] * Katyusha (Katyusha@§9Katyusha§r) Quit (§eKatyusha left the game.)
[23:26] <Cuppinator> I see why it was airskiff
[23:26] <Cuppinator> airship requires butt tonnes of wool
[23:26] <RobereStarkk> lol
[23:26] <Cuppinator> airskiff doesn't but is meant for tiny ones
[23:27] <Cuppinator> Don't blame me they were default
[23:27] <RobereStarkk> ow
[23:27] <RobereStarkk> I lost 17.5 hearts falling that far :/
[23:27] <zacjack90> so
[23:28] <zacjack90> can this ship thing fly
[23:28] <Cuppinator> cmhere zack
[23:28] <ejano> cleanup on isle
[23:28] <RobereStarkk> Oh right
[23:28] <ejano> fire ship
[23:28] <Cuppinator> hold on k
[23:28] <RobereStarkk> mybad
[23:28] <ejano> yeah hold on zac
[23:28] <Cuppinator> hmmm
[23:29] <Cuppinator> lol it's not counting these blocks
[23:29] <RobereStarkk> actually
[23:30] <Cuppinator> wwoo
[23:30] <RobereStarkk> LOL
[23:30] <RobereStarkk> denied
[23:30] <Cuppinator> move into the middle
[23:30] <ejano> xD
[23:30] <ejano> I was like
[23:30] <ejano> NOooooooooo
[23:30] <zacjack90> this is amaing
[23:31] <RobereStarkk> I'm still laughing
[23:31] <zacjack90> amazing*
[23:31] <Cuppinator> wwops
[23:31] <Cuppinator> so yeh
[23:31] <zacjack90> thats cool
[23:32] <Cuppinator> might wanna jump off
[23:32] <zacjack90> i will die
[23:32] <Cuppinator> jump into the water
[23:34] * RobereStarkk (RobereStarkk@§e§oCoS§7:§8RobereStarkk§r) Quit (§eRobereStarkk left the game.)
[23:35] <Cuppinator> right I'ma head off for a bit
[23:35] <Cuppinator> seyas
[23:35] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@§9Cuppinator§r) Quit (§eCuppinator left the game.)
[23:35] <ejano> cyaa
[23:35] <zacjack90> byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[23:35] <TheGameCrasher> Bai
[23:35] <TheGameCrasher> D;
[23:36] <ejano> isn't baivo doing that snow game?
[23:36] <TheGameCrasher> I'm sorry almighty server D;
[23:36] <ejano> D"
[23:36] <ejano> D:
[23:36] <ejano> oh
[23:36] <ejano> sorry
[23:36] <ejano> I was always distracted
[23:36] <ejano> right!
[23:36] <ejano> rightio
[23:36] <ejano> thanks xD sorry bout that
[23:37] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[23:37] <ejano> hey!
[23:38] <TheGameCrasher> Hey deng
[23:38] <Dengar708> blep
[23:38] <TheGameCrasher> The coaster is done
[23:38] <TheGameCrasher> Fireworks and all
[23:38] <TheGameCrasher> Just needs a gimmicky horse thing like you said earlier
[23:39] <Dengar708> Ejano can i borrow you for a second
[23:39] <ejano> uh sure
[23:40] <Dengar708> roof might be too low TGC
[23:40] <TheGameCrasher> Press 'W' when you get in
[23:40] <Dengar708> lejano
[23:40] <TheGameCrasher> I'll work that out, first try it out
[23:40] <Dengar708> can you look at the rails
[23:40] <Dengar708> and type /spawnmob minecart,horse,minecart
[23:41] <ejano> lol
[23:41] <Dengar708> need the horsecart c:
[23:41] <TheGameCrasher> Are you in surv ejano?
[23:41] <ejano> yes
[23:41] <Dengar708> le
[23:41] <TheGameCrasher> We'll test it with you ;)
[23:41] <ejano> can zacjack come look?
[23:41] <Dengar708> lel*
[23:41] <Dengar708> it kicked off the minecart D:
[23:41] <TheGameCrasher> Yus
[23:42] <Dengar708> D:
[23:42] <TheGameCrasher> Cmere' zaccy boy
[23:42] <Dengar708> maybe just do a horse in a minecart
[23:42] <Dengar708> and I can tame the horse
[23:42] <Dengar708> this needs to be solid
[23:43] <TheGameCrasher> Lol
[23:43] <TheGameCrasher> Only tested it with humans
[23:43] <TheGameCrasher> Look
[23:43] <Dengar708> maybe pig one :L
[23:44] <Dengar708> fancy
[23:44] <Dengar708> need a pig in minecart
[23:44] <TheGameCrasher> I think it only will work with humans deng D;
[23:44] <TheGameCrasher> Watch meh
[23:44] <Dengar708> can I have 1 spruce plank?
[23:45] <TheGameCrasher> There
[23:45] <Dengar708> need one there
[23:45] <Dengar708> oh that is dark oak
[23:46] <Dengar708> ejano
[23:46] <Dengar708> we need
[23:46] <ejano> ye
[23:46] <Dengar708> a pigminecart
[23:46] <Dengar708> yay
[23:47] <Dengar708> all the lag D"
[23:47] <TheGameCrasher> Ikr
[23:47] <TheGameCrasher> Still
[23:47] <Dengar708> people like
[23:48] <Dengar708> punching ejano
[23:48] <TheGameCrasher> Hop in
[23:48] <TheGameCrasher> Zac
[23:49] <TheGameCrasher> Oops
[23:50] <Dengar708> hey robbeh I assume
[23:50] <Dengar708> ejano
[23:50] <Dengar708> you should ride the pig
[23:50] <ejano> §ffus
[23:50] <ejano> §ffus
[23:51] <ejano> §ffus
[23:51] <ejano> §ffus
[23:51] <TheGameCrasher> Alright, try now
[23:51] <Dengar708> just make a script
[23:51] <Dengar708> to spam fus
[23:51] <Dengar708> so you can move
[23:51] <ejano> §ffus
[23:51] <Dengar708> gg
[23:51] * Katyusha (Katyusha@Katyusha) has joined #main
[23:51] <Dengar708> hey
[23:52] <Katyusha> Hello
[23:52] * zacjack90 (zacjack90@§9zacjack90§r) Quit (§ezacjack90 left the game.)
[23:52] <ejano> hello
[23:52] <Dengar708> I should be fine
[23:52] <Dengar708> right TGC
[23:53] <TheGameCrasher> Right?
[23:53] <TheGameCrasher> ;P
[23:54] <ejano> zac had to go
[23:54] <Katyusha> Dinner?
[23:54] <ejano> dunno
[23:54] <ejano> "I gotta go"
[23:54] <ejano> *dissapears*
[23:54] <TheGameCrasher> So deng, time for the stalls
[23:55] <TheGameCrasher> A merch stall would be cool
[23:55] <TheGameCrasher> Official 001 merch

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