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[1:56] <Firefighter0701> Hi!
[1:56] <Arberax> hi\
[1:56] <Arberax> I've got so much stuff to do
[1:57] <Arberax> I wonder if Peppy will let me take my horses with me
[1:57] <Firefighter0701> FUCK FUCK FUCK!
[1:57] <Arberax> What>>
[1:57] <Arberax> ??*
[1:57] <Firefighter0701> I lost the flying thing!
[1:58] <Arberax> Shite
[1:58] <Arberax> You what's good though?
[1:58] <Arberax> know what's*
[1:58] <Arberax> On the new map we will be neighbours
[2:00] <Arberax> Oh m
[2:00] <Arberax> my*
[2:01] <Firefighter0701> Please come to spawn and search with me.
[2:01] <Arberax> It's been hours though...
[2:04] <Arberax> I just went around the whole thing
[2:04] <Arberax> I couldn't find it\
[2:04] <Arberax> You still have the recipe though
[2:06] <Firefighter0701> Yes but it's REAAALLYY expensive
[2:06] <Arberax> What does it need?
[2:06] <Firefighter0701> Nice try.
[2:07] <Arberax> Oh lol I actually didnt realise
[2:07] <Arberax> I heard something about enderpearls yesterday
[2:07] <Arberax> IF it is needed I have 3
[2:11] <Firefighter0701> You know when Regox would be coming online?
[2:12] <Arberax> Not a clue sorry
[2:14] <Arberax> There goes my diamond pic
[2:21] <Arberax> Ore is so rich on this map
[2:22] <Firefighter0701> Are you doing this on purpose?
[2:22] <Arberax> What?
[2:22] <Arberax> No because of cleared nearly 3 stacks of iron
[2:22] <Arberax> I've cleared*
[2:22] <Arberax> This is in one cave
[2:23] <Firefighter0701> Well... if you would have diamonds I'd exchange them for emeralds....
[2:23] <Arberax> I've got nine diamonds but I need those for next map
[2:23] <Firefighter0701> DIamonds or diamond blocks?
[2:23] <Arberax> Diamonds
[2:28] <Firefighter0701> Oooops...
[2:28] <Arberax> What?
[2:28] <Firefighter0701> I just accidentally set on my mouse (I'm still lying in bed) and broke one of the signs in spawn.
[2:29] <Arberax> oops
[2:29] <Firefighter0701> And now the sign has been restored but not the text on it.
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[2:30] <Arberax> Well I better be off
[2:30] <Arberax> Um hello
[2:30] <Firefighter0701> Hello!
[2:30] <Arberax> This wouldnt be Jack would it?
[2:31] <Firefighter0701> Sorry for the awful look of this.
[2:31] <scorpion9000> Lag -.-
[2:31] <scorpion9000> Who'd jack?
[2:31] <Arberax> No one
[2:31] <Firefighter0701> We're just about to have a map reset.
[2:32] <scorpion9000> :/
[2:32] <Arberax> No touch
[2:32] <Firefighter0701> ?
[2:32] <scorpion9000> Map reset?
[2:32] <scorpion9000> Why map reset?
[2:32] <Arberax> It's being changed to the actual worl
[2:32] <Arberax> world*
[2:32] <scorpion9000> What do you mean?
[2:32] <Arberax> i.e. America, France, Germany and all other countries and continents
[2:33] <scorpion9000> Oh?
[2:33] <scorpion9000> Wont you all lose your stuff?
[2:33] <Arberax> Yeah it's been in development for a while
[2:33] <Arberax> No
[2:33] <scorpion9000> No?
[2:33] <Arberax> Peppy (Owner) is letting us take our chests and inventory with us
[2:34] <Arberax> He might be on soon actually
[2:34] <scorpion9000> How do we take chests with us?
[2:34] <Firefighter0701> He copies one building.
[2:34] <Arberax> They use like worldedit to copy it
[2:34] <Firefighter0701> Per faction.
[2:34] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach) has joined #main
[2:34] <Arberax> I'm leader of the French Federation so I take control of France
[2:34] <Arberax> Hey
[2:34] <Firefighter0701> Death, you got diamonds, I can buy?
[2:34] <Death_Drach> Well, im not happy about that -.-
[2:35] <Arberax> What?
[2:35] <Arberax> Did you want France?
[2:35] <Death_Drach> Losing my perfect land.
[2:35] <Arberax> Ah so am I
[2:35] <Firefighter0701> Go to switzerland.
[2:35] <Firefighter0701> You'll have enough hills there.
[2:35] <Arberax> I've asked if this map can be put up for download because the last one didn't work properly
[2:35] <Death_Drach> Crap...
[2:36] * scorpion9000 (scorpion9000@scorpion9000§r) Quit (§escorpion9000 left the game.)
[2:36] <Death_Drach> Test
[2:36] <Arberax> Lol bye
[2:36] <Death_Drach> ffs.
[2:36] <Death_Drach> No i dont fire
[2:36] <Firefighter0701> THat's bad.
[2:37] <Arberax> Well I need to go
[2:37] <Arberax> See you all later
[2:37] * Arberax (Arberax@§3Arberax§r) Quit (§eArberax left the game.)
[2:37] <Firefighter0701> Still not if I offer emeralds for them?
[2:37] <Death_Drach> No, ive got to decide what im taking with me....
[2:38] <Firefighter0701> You can take everything with you.
[2:38] <Death_Drach> Even my entire continent?
[2:38] <Firefighter0701> Peppy'll copy one building.
[2:38] <Death_Drach> "One building"
[2:38] <Death_Drach> Great.
[2:38] <Firefighter0701> So you can just put all you stuff in chests in that building.
[2:38] <Death_Drach> My faction is spread over 200 x 300 blocks.....
[2:38] <Firefighter0701> MIne is as well.
[2:39] <Firefighter0701> Actually mine is spread over like 1000 x 1000 blocks.
[2:40] <Firefighter0701> NOw it would be good to have an admin online.
[2:40] <Death_Drach> Why?
[2:40] <Firefighter0701> I los an item due to buggy non-pvp zone in spawn.
[2:40] <Firefighter0701> A VERY VALUABLE item.
[2:44] <Firefighter0701> And how many diamonds could I buy for a dragon egg?
[2:44] <Death_Drach> Dunno
[2:44] <Firefighter0701> Well... do you have any diamonds?
[2:44] <Death_Drach> Thank you for reminding me
[2:48] <Firefighter0701> Death, do you have any diamonds?
[2:48] <Death_Drach> Yes.
[2:48] <Firefighter0701> How many?
[2:48] <Death_Drach> A few, not enough to trade away
[2:48] <Firefighter0701> More then ten blocks?
[2:49] <Firefighter0701> Oh.
[2:51] <Death_Drach> Bit busy fussing over my land....
[2:52] <Firefighter0701> My problems are a bit worse than that...
[2:52] <Firefighter0701> Right now I could have an admin online.
[2:53] <Firefighter0701> Why are there never admins coming online if you need them most?
[3:05] <Firefighter0701> Is there ANY admin having the map open on dynmap?
[3:05] <Death_Drach> Nope
[3:05] <Firefighter0701> That's bad...
[3:05] <Firefighter0701> Cause I need this item back.
[3:05] <Death_Drach> Just wait?
[3:05] <Death_Drach> What was it anyway?
[3:06] <Firefighter0701> Th item that enabled me to fly.
[3:06] <Death_Drach> Hax item....?
[3:06] <Firefighter0701> No.
[3:06] <Firefighter0701> Custom recipe.
[3:06] <Firefighter0701> Had been forgotten for quite a while.
[3:06] <Death_Drach> We have too many OP ones of those....
[3:07] <Firefighter0701> And I just accidentally found a flying item.
[3:07] <Death_Drach> Where?
[3:07] <Firefighter0701> I found the recipe.
[3:07] <Death_Drach> Ooooo, care to share? And maybe i can make you one as well :3
[3:08] <Firefighter0701> If you have twenty diamond blocks...
[3:08] <Firefighter0701> Otherwise you can't make it.
[3:08] <Death_Drach> Tell me anyway?
[3:08] <Firefighter0701> Guess why I wanted to buy diamonds.
[3:08] <Firefighter0701> Nope.
[3:09] <Firefighter0701> THe recipe is already sold.
[3:09] <Firefighter0701> FOr two dragon eggs.
[3:09] <Death_Drach> Too?
[3:09] <Death_Drach> You want dragon eggs....?
[3:09] <Firefighter0701> A person who won't tell you either.
[3:09] <Firefighter0701> How many do you have?
[3:09] <Death_Drach> A few i think....
[3:10] <Firefighter0701> That won't make me give you the recipe either.
[3:10] <Death_Drach> You could loan my the recipe and then i give it back?
[3:10] <Firefighter0701> Ha.
[3:10] <Firefighter0701> Ha.
[3:10] <Firefighter0701> Ha.
[3:10] <Death_Drach> Two sales in one.
[3:10] <Death_Drach> Im serious....
[3:11] <Firefighter0701> However it is in my contract I won't tell anyone the recipe.
[3:11] <Firefighter0701> So even if I wanted...
[3:12] <Firefighter0701> I wasn't allowed.
[3:13] <Firefighter0701> For twenty diamond blocks I'd make you one.
[3:13] <Death_Drach> Ah, found the bloody thing
[3:13] <Firefighter0701> What bloody thing?
[3:14] <Death_Drach> Chest
[3:14] <Death_Drach> Ok, so i have 28 dragon eggs here.
[3:14] <Death_Drach> Smuggled over from the previous map
[3:14] <Firefighter0701> But I need frickin' diamonds. They are part of the recipe.
[3:15] <Firefighter0701> THey are one ingredient of many.
[3:15] <Death_Drach> I will give you 12 to let me read the recipe.
[3:15] <Death_Drach> Then i will give it back
[3:15] <Firefighter0701> 12 Blocks?
[3:15] <Death_Drach> And you can sell it for 2 dragon eggs
[3:15] <Death_Drach> 12 dragon eggs
[3:15] <Death_Drach> For you to keep in exchange for reading the recip
[3:15] <Death_Drach> He doesnt have to know i read it
[3:15] <Firefighter0701> But Death THAT WON'T HELP ME!
[3:16] <Firefighter0701> I NEED DI-A-MUNDZ!
[3:16] <Death_Drach> Yu want dragon eggs dont you....?
[3:16] <Death_Drach> Only diamonds....?
[3:16] <Death_Drach> How many?
[3:16] <Firefighter0701> If I had any diamonds I would take your dragon eggs.
[3:17] <Death_Drach> I dont like parting with my stores :/ But for a look at that recipe i'll see...
[3:17] <Death_Drach> How many blocks
[3:17] <Firefighter0701> How many do you have?
[3:17] <Death_Drach> Enough ;)
[3:18] <Death_Drach> I dont want to empty out my stores too much, but im after a look at the recipe :0
[3:18] <Firefighter0701> Twenty plus 10 dragon eggs is my offer.
[3:18] <Death_Drach> To look at the recipe?
[3:18] <Firefighter0701> Uh-huh.
[3:18] <Death_Drach> Done.
[3:19] <Firefighter0701> I'll first need to write it down.
[3:19] <Death_Drach> Write it down?
[3:19] <Firefighter0701> You wanted to have a look?
[3:19] <Death_Drach> Oh? I thought it was already written down? :p
[3:19] <Firefighter0701> No, not yet :)
[3:20] <Firefighter0701> HOwever some more terms and conditions: YOu must ONLY use the recipe for you own need.
[3:20] <Firefighter0701> YOu must not tell anyone.
[3:20] <Death_Drach> I have no intention of selling it.
[3:20] <Firefighter0701> You must neither use it against me nor against Baivo.
[3:20] <Death_Drach> I dont sell, i collect :3
[3:20] <Death_Drach> And im after it for mining.
[3:20] <Death_Drach> So, deal.
[3:20] <Firefighter0701> You must not use it against anyone. Only for civil purposes.
[3:21] <Death_Drach> Let me know when to tp
[3:22] <Firefighter0701> K, I'm ready.
[3:22] <Death_Drach> tele lag
[3:22] <Death_Drach> Gimme a sex
[3:22] <Death_Drach> sec****
[3:23] <Firefighter0701> the diamonds, please.
[3:23] <Death_Drach> Test
[3:23] <Death_Drach> Test
[3:23] <Death_Drach> Better
[3:23] <Firefighter0701> Now click on the crafting table.
[3:24] <Death_Drach> Where?
[3:24] <Firefighter0701> I'll make one in frint of your eyes.
[3:24] <Death_Drach> Here?
[3:24] <Firefighter0701> Saw it?
[3:24] <Death_Drach> Dude, i cant see anything....
[3:24] <Firefighter0701> Hmmm.
[3:24] <Death_Drach> You cant see other peoples tabes
[3:24] <Death_Drach> Thats part of a mod. Not vanilla.
[3:24] <Firefighter0701> THat must be new....
[3:25] <Death_Drach> Or part of your previous server you were on.
[3:25] <Death_Drach> Written book?
[3:27] <Death_Drach> Is that it?
[3:27] <Firefighter0701> UH-huh.
[3:27] <Death_Drach> Doesnt need 20 diamond blocks :p
[3:27] <Firefighter0701> CAn I have it back, please?
[3:28] <Firefighter0701> Don't try kidding me, you copied it!
[3:28] <Death_Drach> ;D
[3:28] <Firefighter0701> Death?!
[3:29] <Death_Drach> Tele Lag >.<
[3:29] <Firefighter0701> Give it back!
[3:29] <Death_Drach> You got the book back?
[3:29] <Death_Drach> Test
[3:29] <Death_Drach> Tele lag gone
[3:30] <Firefighter0701> I will come and kill you if you want.
[3:30] <Death_Drach> You never said i couldn't copy it ;D
[3:30] <Firefighter0701> YOu said it yourself.
[3:30] <Death_Drach> And i dont see the overal harm? Im just adding it to the library.....
[3:30] <Firefighter0701> "THe recipe" is not the item it is the information.
[3:30] <Firefighter0701> I did not allow you.
[3:31] <Death_Drach> Ok, so you want me to give the book back?
[3:31] <Firefighter0701> "The recipe" is the information on how to craft it.
[3:31] <Firefighter0701> ALL books containing the information.
[3:31] <Firefighter0701> ALL items in some way containing the information.
[3:31] <Death_Drach> Which only i will see :/
[3:31] <Death_Drach> I can give it back if you really want...
[3:32] <Death_Drach> Once tele timers wear off
[3:32] <Firefighter0701> No need. I'm on my way to you.
[3:32] <Death_Drach> Really?
[3:32] <Death_Drach> How?
[3:33] <Death_Drach> im at spawn doe?
[3:33] <Firefighter0701> What did I just sell you?
[3:33] <Death_Drach> The ability to craft a flying item?
[3:33] <Firefighter0701> But I'll see you at your home.
[3:34] <Death_Drach> Im not at my home?
[3:34] <Death_Drach> Im at spawn
[3:34] <Firefighter0701> Then go back to your home.
[3:34] <Death_Drach> Why.....?
[3:35] <Death_Drach> Dude, just type /spawn?
[3:35] <Firefighter0701> Because I want to see you there.
[3:35] <Death_Drach> Well, i aint home atm....
[3:35] <Death_Drach> And im not going to be home for awhile.
[3:36] <Death_Drach> So if you want the book just come to spawn?
[3:36] <Death_Drach> I have no intention of selling it dude, the copy of the book was only so i could remember how to mak
[3:37] <Death_Drach> make it myself
[3:37] <Death_Drach> You're far too paranoid :3
[3:37] <Firefighter0701> Well you gave the copy to me....a w
[3:37] <Death_Drach> Yea, threw you the wrong book -.-
[3:38] <Death_Drach> Are you worried im gonna sell it or something?
[3:38] <Firefighter0701> I'm worried that you have it.
[3:38] <Death_Drach> Haha, why? :p
[3:39] <Death_Drach> Just type /spawn dude....
[3:40] <Death_Drach> I'd like to just point out, that in all seriousness i take enteringmy land as an act of war....
[3:41] <Firefighter0701> I take stealing of items as an act of war if you want.
[3:41] <Death_Drach> You're a very grumpy soul you know that....
[3:42] <Firefighter0701> >:)
[3:42] <Death_Drach> It wasn't stealing, it was copying.
[3:42] <Death_Drach> And if you want the book it's in a chest at spawn, unlocked.
[3:42] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§4Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[3:42] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[3:42] <Death_Drach> Rage quit?
[3:42] <Death_Drach> :p
[3:42] <Firefighter0701> Stealing information is stealing.
[3:43] <Firefighter0701> No timeout exception.
[3:43] <Death_Drach> Just before you dc'd i said the books in the chest at spawn.
[3:43] <Death_Drach> But the chests unlocked.
[3:43] <Death_Drach> And information should be common knowledge for all.
[3:43] <Firefighter0701> Nope.
[3:43] <Firefighter0701> Information is a valuable good.
[3:43] <Death_Drach> Tbh, im done arguing with you.
[3:44] <Death_Drach> If you want the book its there.
[3:44] <Firefighter0701> Did you make any more copies?!
[3:44] <Death_Drach> If i say no you wont believe me. So we'll just have to find out in the future....
[3:44] <Firefighter0701> If you'd swear under oath I would...
[3:45] <Death_Drach> And what does my oath mean to you? :p
[3:45] <Death_Drach> Cross my heart and hope to die if i were to tell but one lie?
[3:45] <Firefighter0701> Enough not to blow anything up.
[3:45] <Death_Drach> I dont blow things up?
[3:45] <Death_Drach> I recover rare knowledge and artifacts to store in my library :3
[3:45] <Firefighter0701> NO it would mean enough to me that I wouldn't blow tings up.
[3:46] <Death_Drach> Well, blowing up my land wouldnt be very wise...
[3:47] <Firefighter0701> However it was in our contract that you would not keep any piece of information written down.
[3:48] <Death_Drach> And i havent.
[3:48] <Death_Drach> Yet you still fly for me. When i dropped the book in the chest.
[3:48] <Death_Drach> If some newbie logs in right now they can take it.
[3:48] <Death_Drach> Its unprotected
[3:48] <Firefighter0701> THen protect it.
[3:48] <Death_Drach> Nope. That's your job. Tele to spawn and get it.
[3:49] <Death_Drach> Im no longer at spawn anyhow
[3:49] <Firefighter0701> It's not my job.
[3:51] <Death_Drach> Still flying towards me.
[3:51] <Death_Drach> Im sure my allied factions wouldnt be too happy about this :)
[3:51] <Firefighter0701> If I see a marked border, I won't cross it. If I don't...
[3:51] <Firefighter0701> Then you missed out on marking them.
[3:52] <Death_Drach> Well, thats too bad....
[3:53] <Firefighter0701> You want me to bring my passport?
[3:53] <Death_Drach> No, but if you intend to fight, valuables would be nice.
[3:53] <Death_Drach> Because the books at spawn.
[3:53] <Firefighter0701> I was not intending to fight.
[3:53] <Death_Drach> So coming to me can only mean one thing.
[3:53] <Firefighter0701> That Iwant to visit you :D
[3:54] <Death_Drach> Nope.
[3:54] <Death_Drach> I will shoot you down out of the sy with the guns i bought.
[3:54] <Death_Drach> Sky*
[3:54] <Firefighter0701> WOuld you be so kind to wait with that until i 1. arrive and 2. stop to lag?
[3:55] <Death_Drach> Nope, I see you on my borders. You're close to my village.
[3:55] <Death_Drach> And that irritates me greatly.
[3:55] <Death_Drach> One of the reasons i chose the north west corner was to NOT be visited.
[3:55] <Firefighter0701> I unfortunately can't see a border-ish thing.
[3:56] <Death_Drach> Well, let me put it to you like this then.
[3:56] <Death_Drach> Turn around and head east.
[3:56] <Firefighter0701> Oh, there is a village.
[3:56] <Firefighter0701> Search me if you want. I'll happily give you my weapons for the time of my stay.
[3:57] <Death_Drach> This isnt some happy little country with a wall, out here there is no passport control.
[3:58] <Firefighter0701> However without you having marked you borders so that I can nitoce when I cross them you will
[3:58] <Firefighter0701> have no base to call an attack defense.
[3:58] <Death_Drach> It's simple. I tell you to turn around.
[3:58] <Death_Drach> You don't.
[3:58] <Death_Drach> = you die.
[3:59] <Firefighter0701> Interflug 1158 for flight control. We have engine failure MAYDAY!
[3:59] <Death_Drach> Ah ha?
[4:00] <Firefighter0701> Fligth control I'm awaiting instructions for emergency landing.
[4:01] <Death_Drach> Turn AROUND.
[4:01] <Death_Drach> Go crash in the ocean.
[4:01] <Firefighter0701> That is unfortunately no option in international flight law.
[4:01] <Death_Drach> To hell with your laws.
[4:01] <Death_Drach> You aren't in international airspace or in real life.
[4:02] <Firefighter0701> It doesn't count whether I'm in international airspace or not.
[4:03] <Death_Drach> It doe if the country hasnt agreed to those rules
[4:03] <Firefighter0701> Well... you have no country. Therefore...
[4:04] <Firefighter0701> FLight control, I've lost navigation systems Fuel is 02.
[4:05] <Death_Drach> Good, crash.
[4:05] <Death_Drach> Do those things actually need fuel? or run out?
[4:05] <Firefighter0701> However I'm so dammedly far away from what you call your lands.
[4:06] <Firefighter0701> COurse is 332.
[4:07] <Firefighter0701> THey take a hell lot of food.
[4:07] <Death_Drach> Interesting.
[4:07] <Death_Drach> You hid on the dynmap.
[4:08] <Firefighter0701> I'm on a medium sized isle-ish thing in the middle of an ocean.
[4:08] <Death_Drach> And the bookle still be at spawn....
[4:09] <Death_Drach> I hope you plan on protecting it...
[4:09] <Death_Drach> Cause im sure Baivo will be upset if it gets ou.
[4:09] <Death_Drach> out*
[4:11] <Firefighter0701> Well, I'm like 1500 Blocks away from what I consider to be your home.
[4:11] <Death_Drach> If you're on the dynmap then the entire continent is considered mine.
[4:11] <Death_Drach> And i have my Mg-001 out and ready ^.^
[4:12] <Firefighter0701> And also... You saying I'd prepare an act of war? CAn you remember where my nether warts went?
[4:12] <Death_Drach> No *innocent voice*
[4:12] <Firefighter0701> Exactly.
[4:12] <Firefighter0701> SO you don't need to be afraid of me visiting your place.
[4:12] <Death_Drach> Yes i do :3
[4:13] <Firefighter0701> I'm a civil aircraft.
[4:13] <Death_Drach> Anyone coming univited is an unfriendly.
[4:13] <Death_Drach> I run a dictatorship.
[4:13] <Death_Drach> Civilians are enemies.
[4:13] <Firefighter0701> However you are nto a faction having competence of competence.
[4:13] <Death_Drach> nto?
[4:13] <Firefighter0701> not.
[4:14] <Death_Drach> competence of competence? Explain what you mean?
[4:14] <Firefighter0701> it is the right to distribute administrative powers to persons.
[4:14] <Death_Drach> Who's doing that?
[4:15] <Firefighter0701> Factions.
[4:15] <Firefighter0701> Do you mind about a creeper more or less?
[4:15] <Death_Drach> What does that even have to do with the current situation?
[4:15] <Death_Drach> Yes, you blow up land its an offence.
[4:16] <Firefighter0701> creepers don't do block damage...
[4:16] <Death_Drach> Good, i dont let them blow up, so i wouldnt know.
[4:17] <Firefighter0701> It is because following tht there is no way you have the competence to attack combattants.
[4:17] <Firefighter0701> Or even civilians.
[4:17] <Firefighter0701> As you don't have the right tu put up borders.
[4:17] <Firefighter0701> You could indeed defend your private property.
[4:17] <Firefighter0701> As well as your life.
[4:17] <Death_Drach> Which is what im doing.
[4:17] <Firefighter0701> But no land.
[4:18] <Death_Drach> And i consider you coming onto my continent a threat to my way of life
[4:18] <Death_Drach> Which you have recieved a good 20 warnings for.
[4:18] <Firefighter0701> I gave out a massive amounts of warnings to Smiley. In the end ROb would have almost banned me.
[4:19] <Firefighter0701> And no, only if I'd attack you, you could consider me as a thret to you rlife.
[4:19] <Death_Drach> Why dont you just turn around and go home....?
[4:19] <Death_Drach> You're doing exactly what smiley did.
[4:20] <Firefighter0701> And also... I told you like 20 times I'm not a threat to your life.
[4:20] <Firefighter0701> No, Smiley threw eggs.
[4:20] <Firefighter0701> If she just would have stood there I would have been fine.
[4:20] <Firefighter0701> Following that I shot one arrow for every egg.
[4:20] <Death_Drach> A terrorist tells a plane pilot that theyre not a threat, does that make them less of a threat?
[4:21] <Firefighter0701> WIth the difference that I am a plane and you are the chines who copied it saying he wouldn't.
[4:21] <Firefighter0701> *chinese
[4:21] <Death_Drach> Now now, lets not be racist....
[4:21] <Firefighter0701> *Nationalist
[4:21] <Death_Drach> I returned your book anyhow, so i dont see what you're still making a big deal over.
[4:23] <Death_Drach> And you've ruined my map area by loading your stupid pathway too it.
[4:23] <Firefighter0701> YOu're welcome.
[4:23] <Death_Drach> Nope.
[4:24] * Robere_Starkk (Robere_Starkk@Robere_Starkk) has joined #main
[4:24] <Firefighter0701> Hi ROb!
[4:24] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§4Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[4:24] <Robere_Starkk> ping
[4:25] <Robere_Starkk> boop
[4:25] <Death_Drach> ?
[4:25] <Death_Drach> Been watching chat from Dynmap?
[4:25] <Robere_Starkk> Oh Hi Fire
[4:25] <Death_Drach> Fire dc'd
[4:25] <Robere_Starkk> Oh
[4:25] <Robere_Starkk> Hi Death
[4:25] <Death_Drach> Hello
[4:25] <Robere_Starkk> woo I'm caught up
[4:25] <Robere_Starkk> Now all I gotta do is not move
[4:25] <Death_Drach> Ben watching chat from dynmap?
[4:26] <Robere_Starkk> not particularly
[4:26] <Death_Drach> Fire and I had a trade disagreement, and he's coming near my land and im threatening him on pain of
[4:26] <Death_Drach> of death to go away.
[4:26] <Death_Drach> But he keeps spouting stupid law nonsense. Both server and irl stuff.
[4:26] <Robere_Starkk> He does tend to do that
[4:27] <Death_Drach> Can i kill him in anyway?
[4:27] <Robere_Starkk> Lolno
[4:27] <Death_Drach> From tresspassing or whatev's?
[4:27] <Robere_Starkk> Server rules trump all dat
[4:27] <Death_Drach> What about if i said i was at war with him?
[4:27] <Death_Drach> Because if he comes near me i plan to kill him.
[4:27] <Death_Drach> I gave him a bagillion warnings to go home and stay out of my land.
[4:28] <Robere_Starkk> And what authority do you have to enforce such a thing?
[4:29] <Death_Drach> My own :3
[4:29] <Robere_Starkk> gl;hf
[4:29] <Robere_Starkk> see you after your ban period
[4:29] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[4:29] <Death_Drach> Cosequences (too late to spell) be damned.
[4:29] <Firefighter0701> Sorry guys, wondows crashed.
[4:29] <Firefighter0701> *windows
[4:30] <Death_Drach> Ok, what if he attacks me first Rob?
[4:30] <Firefighter0701> I was not going to do that.
[4:30] <Death_Drach> So you say.
[4:30] <Robere_Starkk> tell him to stop
[4:30] <Robere_Starkk> remove yourself from harm
[4:30] <Death_Drach> But you headed here with a purpose.
[4:30] <Robere_Starkk> and report him
[4:30] <Firefighter0701> If he would kill me if I attacked him that would be absolutely fine.
[4:30] <Robere_Starkk> not necessarily in that order
[4:31] <Death_Drach> i aint gonna stand around while he hits me to say "stop"
[4:31] <Robere_Starkk> not necessarily in that order
[4:31] <Robere_Starkk> not necessarily in that order
[4:31] <Death_Drach> Im going to hit back to defend my life and my gear.
[4:31] <Firefighter0701> And I'm not expecting him to do that.
[4:32] <Robere_Starkk> If it were me, and I were more vulnerable than I really am, I would remove myself from harm first
[4:32] <Firefighter0701> If I would grief anything (which I won't) he could kill me as well.
[4:32] <Robere_Starkk> lolno
[4:32] <Firefighter0701> Following Peppy, yes.
[4:33] <Robere_Starkk> Dammit Peppy, stop corrupting the server with your freedom
[4:33] <Death_Drach> Never!!!
[4:33] <Robere_Starkk> Trust me, it's much better to take the matter to a higher power rather than duke it out and escalate
[4:33] <Robere_Starkk> the inter-personal conflict
[4:33] <Firefighter0701> Ou are right with that...
[4:33] <Death_Drach> Bleh, authorities -.-
[4:34] <Firefighter0701> But I wasn't talking 'bout vengeance but about immediate self-defense.
[4:34] <Robere_Starkk> I Iz Supah Fun Happeh Auforiteh
[4:34] <Firefighter0701> And Death wasn'T either.
[4:34] <Robere_Starkk> I would classify immediate self defence under what I said when I said "remove self from harm"
[4:34] <Death_Drach> I prefer to do things my way, and not bother the authorities with their busy busy lives.... *innocen
[4:34] <Death_Drach> *innocent voice*
[4:34] <Robere_Starkk> u-huh
[4:35] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@Cuppinator) has joined #main
[4:35] <Firefighter0701> Hey Cuppeh!
[4:35] <Death_Drach> Uh oh.
[4:35] <Robere_Starkk> Woo admin party!
[4:35] <Death_Drach> Jitsuya?
[4:35] <Robere_Starkk> ./powertool ban
[4:35] <Cuppinator> hiyas*
[4:35] <Firefighter0701> "./powertool ban"?
[4:35] <Robere_Starkk> Jitsuya is what those Jitsuya guys in Fairy Tail say when they mean 'actually'
[4:35] <Death_Drach> Fire if you'd just come collect your damn book from spawn and get out of my lands then there'd be NO
[4:36] <Death_Drach> problems....
[4:36] <Robere_Starkk> Which is hilarious and as close as I could think of to 'suure sure' on short notice
[4:36] <Robere_Starkk> ./powertool allows you to assign commands to items
[4:36] <Firefighter0701> If you would have done what our agreement would have asked you to do I wouldn't be in your lands.
[4:36] <Robere_Starkk> and ban does super fun stuff that I'm not allowed to describe
[4:36] <Firefighter0701> Ha.
[4:36] <Firefighter0701> Ha.
[4:36] <Robere_Starkk> STOP FIGHTING! :'(
[4:37] <Death_Drach> As far as i was concerned ,copying the book wasnt against any agreement.
[4:37] <Death_Drach> This is literally about a bloody ook.
[4:37] <Death_Drach> Book*
[4:37] <Firefighter0701> You wanted to borrow the resipe which is the Information. Not the item it is written on.
[4:37] <Firefighter0701> *recipe
[4:37] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@§6Cuppinator§r) Quit (§eCuppinator left the game.)
[4:37] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@Cuppinator) has joined #main
[4:37] <Firefighter0701> You swore to return all information you recieved.
[4:37] <Death_Drach> And so whats to stop me writing it down after? I my own book?
[4:37] <Firefighter0701> It is the information I gave you.
[4:38] <Firefighter0701> THe recipe.
[4:38] <Death_Drach> I never swore to "Return all information"
[4:38] <Firefighter0701> So you are not allowed to reproduce it.
[4:38] <Robere_Starkk> Fire if you're trying to enforce some sort of copyright law on the server
[4:38] <Death_Drach> ^
[4:38] <Firefighter0701> OK, you promised, you didn't swear.
[4:38] <Cuppinator> When historians write about today, they shall write of the Great Word Stealing
[4:38] <Robere_Starkk> I say this with all due respect "You moron, go away"
[4:38] <Firefighter0701> I'm not enforcing copyright law.
[4:38] <Firefighter0701> I'm enforcing contracts.
[4:38] <Robere_Starkk> mkay good
[4:38] <Robere_Starkk> lol
[4:39] <Death_Drach> Im even trying to give back both books, original and copied.
[4:39] <Robere_Starkk> contracts involving the disposition of information?
[4:39] <Firefighter0701> In that case the contract between Death and me.
[4:39] <Death_Drach> Fuck it, im going to look at the records.
[4:41] <Death_Drach> Ok, we ready?
[4:41] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@§6Cuppinator§r) Quit (§eCuppinator left the game.)
[4:42] <Death_Drach> "you must not tell anyone"
[4:42] <Firefighter0701> Death, the jungle biome is nice.
[4:42] <Death_Drach> "you must neither use it against baivo or me. Only for civil purposes
[4:43] <Robere_Starkk> wait wait wait
[4:43] <Robere_Starkk> What are we talking about again?
[4:43] <Death_Drach> a reciepe
[4:43] <Death_Drach> He wrote it in a book
[4:43] <Robere_Starkk> for?
[4:43] <Death_Drach> Secret
[4:43] <Death_Drach> Im told im not allowed to tell.
[4:43] <Robere_Starkk> in general?
[4:43] <Robere_Starkk> Like what sort of a thing is it?
[4:43] <Death_Drach> I do honour my agreements.
[4:43] <Robere_Starkk> Brewery? CrackShot?
[4:44] <Death_Drach> "You must not tell anyone"
[4:44] <Death_Drach> It is both a weapon and a tool.
[4:44] <Robere_Starkk> Ahk
[4:44] <Firefighter0701> Weapon?
[4:44] <Firefighter0701> Why is it a weapon?
[4:44] <Death_Drach> Can be used in combat can it not?
[4:44] <Robere_Starkk> So it's not just information, it's the ability to reproduce a thing
[4:44] <Death_Drach> To give the upper hand?
[4:44] <Robere_Starkk> Sounds like copyright to me
[4:44] <Death_Drach> Yes rob
[4:44] <Firefighter0701> A plane is not a weapon.
[4:44] <Firefighter0701> Only if it has guns.
[4:45] <Firefighter0701> THis one hasn't.
[4:45] <Robere_Starkk> Tell that to the World Trade Centre
[4:45] <Death_Drach> ^
[4:45] <Firefighter0701> And I can't even use it to bomb stuff.
[4:45] <Death_Drach> You're missing the point fire....
[4:45] <Death_Drach> It can be used to aid in combat.
[4:45] <Firefighter0701> Because if I fly and swap to another item then I'll drop down and die.
[4:45] <Death_Drach> Not to directly fight, but help give the upper hand.
[4:45] <Firefighter0701> You can also use a potion of regeneration in combat. Is it a weapon? No.
[4:45] <Death_Drach> Well, now you just gave it away.
[4:46] <Death_Drach> Yes, in a way it can be considered as such.
[4:46] <Firefighter0701> What did I give away.
[4:46] <Death_Drach> Anyway, i have come to the conclusion that you just like to argue for the sake of arguing
[4:46] <Firefighter0701> hey, only the pistol is the weapon, not the bulletproof vest.
[4:46] <Death_Drach> So, im done here.
[4:46] <Death_Drach> First smiley, now me.
[4:47] <Death_Drach> He just likes to pick fights with people.
[4:47] <Robere_Starkk> Ohlol
[4:47] <Firefighter0701> No, not actually...
[4:47] <Robere_Starkk> I was wondering what you meant by smooloo
[4:47] <Death_Drach> Seems like it.
[4:47] <Firefighter0701> I just don't like people abusing what I trade with them.
[4:47] <Robere_Starkk> Then I would suggest in future
[4:47] <Robere_Starkk> You not put restrictions on trade that you cannot possibly enforce
[4:47] <Death_Drach> Ive offered to give the book back! you have 1/2. Im offering to give bck
[4:47] <Death_Drach> the second one.
[4:48] <Firefighter0701> What the? Death what did you de here?
[4:48] <Death_Drach> Yet rather than just take it you continue to complain.
[4:48] <Firefighter0701> Funny...
[4:48] <Death_Drach> Where?
[4:48] <Firefighter0701> One emerald ore in the air.
[4:49] <Death_Drach> Dude, you're over the border.
[4:49] <Firefighter0701> Unfortunately there was nothing that let me identify the border.
[4:49] <Death_Drach> Get out of my mineshaft!
[4:50] <Firefighter0701> Hmmmm, that actually looks like somthing out of a plugin or a hack.
[4:50] <Firefighter0701> Just joking.
[4:50] <Death_Drach> Im waiting on a fortune pick
[4:51] <Firefighter0701> i have a fortune enchantment.
[4:51] <Death_Drach> Yea, thats right.
[4:51] <Death_Drach> I fired a shot.
[4:51] <Firefighter0701> May I ask what offended you?
[4:51] <Death_Drach> You snooping.
[4:51] <Death_Drach> And digging up snow.
[4:51] <Firefighter0701> I dog up snow?
[4:52] <Firefighter0701> *dug
[4:52] <Death_Drach> And leaving a horrid path on the dynmap to my clean area.
[4:52] <Firefighter0701> I'm sorry if I should accidenally have removed a snow bock.
[4:52] <Firefighter0701> I will do everything to replace it.
[4:52] <Death_Drach> You're holding snow in your hand
[4:52] <Death_Drach> Dont touch any bloody thing else.
[4:52] <Firefighter0701> No?
[4:52] <Death_Drach> Just get out.
[4:52] <Firefighter0701> I got the flying?
[4:52] <Firefighter0701> THe flying item?
[4:53] <Death_Drach> This is why i defending you against smiley.
[4:53] <Death_Drach> Defended*
[4:53] <Robere_Starkk> weird
[4:53] <Death_Drach> ?
[4:53] <Robere_Starkk> lightning must've struck spawn
[4:53] <Death_Drach> Yea, it was earlier
[4:54] <Firefighter0701> So it burned down?
[4:54] <Robere_Starkk> partly
[4:54] <Firefighter0701> Oh sorry about that wood thing.
[4:54] <Firefighter0701> I lost my flying item up there and needed to get on top of spawn. I forgot to remove it.
[4:56] <Firefighter0701> Now seriously... How did that borehole come there?
[4:56] <Death_Drach> I dug it
[4:56] <Death_Drach> Hence the ladder
[4:56] <Firefighter0701> Just curious...
[4:56] <Firefighter0701> ANd why did ou leave out the emerald ore?
[4:56] <Death_Drach> Fortune pick.
[4:56] <Death_Drach> Gets better yeild.
[4:56] <Death_Drach> Duh.
[4:57] <Death_Drach> Are you trying to imply its a hack.
[4:57] <Robere_Starkk> Fire what's with the ugly-arse pillar at spawn?
[4:57] <Firefighter0701> No, that was ust a joke.
[4:57] <Firefighter0701> I jsut told you.
[4:58] <Death_Drach> Dynmap's fucking hideos in my corner now.
[4:59] <Firefighter0701> CAlm down I did the same to rob's place.
[4:59] <Robere_Starkk> ?
[4:59] <Firefighter0701> Going there.
[4:59] <Firefighter0701> And now you can see a path to it on dynmap.
[5:00] <Robere_Starkk> That doesn't even slightly affect my place...
[5:00] <Robere_Starkk> also, what's with LastAss's ugly-arse pillar also?
[5:00] <Firefighter0701> I played fire brigade and climbed it with ladders.
[5:01] <Robere_Starkk> Going off that 'answer' I'm going to assume it's pointless
[5:02] <Firefighter0701> Then I chopped it away.
[5:02] <Firefighter0701> And rob, I have to aks you to remove the last remaining planks.
[5:02] <Firefighter0701> THey are protected.
[5:02] <Robere_Starkk> ?
[5:02] <Firefighter0701> THose over here.
[5:03] <Robere_Starkk> You placed them...
[5:03] <Firefighter0701> I know but I can't destroy them.
[5:04] <Firefighter0701> They somehow got into the spawn-no-pvp area.
[5:04] <Firefighter0701> WHich is BTW the reason for me to build this.
[5:04] <Firefighter0701> I lost he flying item when flying from spawn to France.
[5:04] <Robere_Starkk> Oh you were circumventing the build protection
[5:04] <Firefighter0701> How that?
[5:04] <Robere_Starkk> -.-
[5:05] <Firefighter0701> Oh and that.
[5:05] <Firefighter0701> Oh, you repaired it?
[5:06] <Robere_Starkk> no?
[5:06] <Firefighter0701> I accidentally broke the sign up there.
[5:06] <Robere_Starkk> but it's build protected
[5:06] <Firefighter0701> I know.
[5:06] <Firefighter0701> I restored the sign.
[5:06] <Firefighter0701> But without text.
[5:06] <Robere_Starkk> No.... It never broke in the first place :P
[5:07] <Firefighter0701> SO why was the text gone?
[5:07] <Robere_Starkk> Your client just thought it did, so when the server said 'no' your client assumed it was
[5:07] <Robere_Starkk> a new one
[5:07] <Firefighter0701> Ah, OK?
[5:08] <Firefighter0701> I wonder when the new map will work...
[5:09] <Firefighter0701> Death, where are you planning to go?
[5:09] <Death_Drach> For?
[5:10] <Firefighter0701> New map.
[5:10] <Death_Drach> As far away as possible.
[5:10] <Death_Drach> Probably Antartica.
[5:10] <Firefighter0701> There will be no far away with Interflug Arilines.
[5:10] <Death_Drach> I will make it very clearly maked out that i will shoot down any "Interflug arilines" On my side of
[5:10] <Death_Drach> the border.
[5:11] <Firefighter0701> Calm down, I was kidding you.
[5:11] <Death_Drach> Hmph.
[5:11] <Firefighter0701> It is actually quite fun not to be the one who is wound up but be the one who winds up :)
[5:11] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach§r) Quit (§eDeath_Drach left the game.)
[5:12] <Firefighter0701> "Rage quit."
[5:14] <Firefighter0701> BTW ROb, that aircraft carreir ship looks nice.
[5:14] <Firefighter0701> Or the battleship (Although it would be fairly ineffective).
[5:17] <Robere_Starkk> It's minecraft...
[5:17] <Robere_Starkk> Everything is ineffective except the things specifically put in
[5:23] * Robere_Starkk (Robere_Starkk@§bRobere_Starkk§r) Quit (§eRobere_Starkk left the game.)
[5:24] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§4Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[5:27] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[5:43] * Regox (Regox@§2Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[7:58] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[8:42] * Firefighter0701 was kicked from #main by Server
[8:42] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§4Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[12:08] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[12:30] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§4Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[13:00] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach) has joined #main
[13:12] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[13:12] <Firefighter0701> Hi.
[13:12] <Death_Drach> Hi.
[13:13] <Firefighter0701> May I just ask why you consider isolated areas to be a good home?
[13:14] <Death_Drach> Privacy.
[13:17] <Firefighter0701> I still wonder when the new map's gonna be up.
[13:21] <Death_Drach> ?
[13:21] <Firefighter0701> What?
[13:21] <Death_Drach> The achievement.
[13:22] <Firefighter0701> I made a notch apple.
[13:22] <Death_Drach> Ah, righ
[13:25] <Firefighter0701> In what language did you read the message?
[13:25] <Death_Drach> English.
[13:25] <Death_Drach> It was just purple is all.
[13:26] <Firefighter0701> Wait... why do you get so many achievements at once?
[13:26] <Death_Drach> Cause im unlocking them?
[13:27] <Death_Drach> I threw fish and iron in a furnace, mined a diamond built an enchantment table.
[13:27] <Firefighter0701> You never did that before?
[13:27] <Death_Drach> I did, but i hadn't done the early ones roperly
[13:27] <Death_Drach> properly*
[13:28] <Firefighter0701> Ah.
[13:28] <Death_Drach> So i thought i'd just go unlock them for fun
[13:30] <Firefighter0701> I literally can't wait for the new map to come...
[13:31] <Death_Drach> Hmmmm, ill be bak later
[13:31] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach§r) Quit (§eDeath_Drach left the game.)
[13:32] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@§4Firefighter0701§r) Quit (§eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[13:40] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach) has joined #main
[13:42] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach§r) Quit (§eDeath_Drach left the game.)
[17:06] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main
[17:08] * Arberax (Arberax@§3Arberax§r) Quit (§eArberax left the game.)
[19:27] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@Cuppinator) has joined #main
[19:33] * Cuppinator (Cuppinator@§6Cuppinator§r) Quit (§eCuppinator left the game.)
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[23:05] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
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[23:21] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main

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