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IRC Log for #main.2015-02-01

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[0:12] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[0:12] <StartMining> hello server again
[0:12] <StartMining> just you and me
[0:12] <StartMining> again...
[0:18] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[0:19] <StartMining> hey ella
[0:19] <EllaA2013> hey time to build?
[0:19] <StartMining> yeah :D
[0:19] <EllaA2013> lets me get ready
[0:19] <StartMining> use up your xp
[0:19] <StartMining> and dont bring expensive stuff
[0:19] <StartMining> its going to be dangerous
[0:19] <EllaA2013> shit NOOOOOO
[0:20] <EllaA2013> so like iron armour?
[0:20] <StartMining> basically
[0:20] <StartMining> if you fall
[0:20] <StartMining> you die
[0:20] <StartMining> im building floating platforms
[0:21] <StartMining> bring cobble and dirt if you can spare
[0:22] <StartMining> a silk touch pick may help too
[0:23] <EllaA2013> im not gonna wear any armour
[0:23] <StartMining> aaaaannnndd im out of dirt
[0:23] <EllaA2013> ill bring mine
[0:23] <StartMining> thx :D
[0:24] <EllaA2013> only got 32
[0:24] <StartMining> hm
[0:24] <StartMining> careful
[0:24] <EllaA2013> i forgot to use my xp
[0:24] <StartMining> oh well
[0:24] <StartMining> just dont die
[0:24] <EllaA2013> u got enchantment table?
[0:24] <StartMining> yeah
[0:25] <EllaA2013> XD
[0:25] <StartMining> well
[0:25] <StartMining> um
[0:25] <EllaA2013> TADDAAAAA
[0:25] <EllaA2013> tpa me there plz
[0:25] <EllaA2013> i was an idiot
[0:27] <StartMining> so um, still want to enchant?
[0:27] <StartMining> and now for a small tour
[0:27] <StartMining> various floors
[0:27] <StartMining> potion floor
[0:27] <StartMining> enchant spire
[0:27] <EllaA2013> ANY LAPIS?
[0:27] <StartMining> yeah
[0:27] <EllaA2013> opps caps
[0:27] <StartMining> how many u want?
[0:28] <EllaA2013> stf it
[0:28] <EllaA2013> not enough levels sooozz
[0:28] <StartMining> :/
[0:29] <EllaA2013> can i sleep and set spawn?
[0:29] <StartMining> so the plan is to make natural looking floating landmasses
[0:29] <StartMining> sure
[0:29] <EllaA2013> can u go afk?
[0:29] <EllaA2013> THX
[0:29] <EllaA2013> omg cap
[0:29] <EllaA2013> me got tuns of cobble
[0:29] <StartMining> thats stone
[0:30] <EllaA2013> so what shall i do?
[0:30] <StartMining> so do you want to try and make something natural
[0:30] <EllaA2013> um i could try
[0:30] <StartMining> so this looks like a landmass floating
[0:30] <StartMining> i just need a general outline done
[0:30] <StartMining> i can smooth it out later
[0:30] <EllaA2013> ohhhh um i suck at that but ill try
[0:31] <StartMining> just go a little bit towards the centre each time you go down
[0:31] <EllaA2013> with dirt or stone?
[0:31] <StartMining> stone
[0:31] <StartMining> dirt for top 3 layers
[0:31] <StartMining> which ive started
[0:31] <EllaA2013> where do i start XD
[0:31] <EllaA2013> oh i got it
[0:31] <StartMining> you might need this
[0:32] <EllaA2013> thx
[0:35] <StartMining> never thought id hunt down dirt as an important resource...
[0:36] <EllaA2013> XD
[0:39] <StartMining> that looks pretty good
[0:39] <StartMining> infact really good
[0:40] <EllaA2013> wow i did make it look amazing
[0:40] <EllaA2013> brb afk i got to have dinner
[0:47] <StartMining> oh your not afk
[0:47] <EllaA2013> lel
[0:48] <StartMining> when your done over there could you finish off this new one
[0:49] <StartMining> i gotta make about 2 or 3 more
[0:49] <EllaA2013> if i must
[0:49] <StartMining> this will be my sky gardens :D
[0:49] <StartMining> (purely optional)
[0:49] <EllaA2013> but fist lemme take a selfie
[0:49] <EllaA2013> just kidden first lemme get dirt
[0:49] <StartMining> i got some
[0:50] <EllaA2013> i bet u cant get to me quick enough
[0:50] <EllaA2013> oh god
[0:50] <StartMining> this is hillarious how im afraid of lava but not this xD
[0:50] <EllaA2013> yeah ur all like AAAHHH LAVA
[0:50] <EllaA2013> and im all like eh lava
[0:50] <EllaA2013> and then im all like AAAHHHH FALLING
[0:51] <EllaA2013> and ur all like eh falling
[0:51] <StartMining> im used to building in these conditions
[0:51] <StartMining> loved mountain homes
[0:53] <StartMining> tbh your doing a better job then what i could do
[0:54] <EllaA2013> omg thx
[0:55] <EllaA2013> done
[0:55] <StartMining> with that new one
[0:56] <EllaA2013> yep
[0:56] <StartMining> you might want to go longer down
[0:56] <StartMining> and a bit more on the outer areas
[0:56] <EllaA2013> i think it looks good like that but ok
[0:56] <StartMining> or maybe remove some dirt
[1:00] <StartMining> first time building something like this?
[1:03] <StartMining> oh small q
[1:03] <StartMining> you going for trusted or master?
[1:03] <EllaA2013> what?
[1:03] <StartMining> your rank up
[1:03] <EllaA2013> i dunno
[1:03] <EllaA2013> whats better
[1:03] <StartMining> would you like to be a mod some day?
[1:03] <EllaA2013> i guess so
[1:03] <StartMining> go trusted
[1:04] <StartMining> you get a taste of some of the commands :D
[1:04] <EllaA2013> XXDDD
[1:04] <StartMining> there goes 27 xp
[1:05] <EllaA2013> OMG SORRY
[1:05] <StartMining> tp used up
[1:05] <StartMining> and now we're both stuck :s
[1:05] <EllaA2013> me to
[1:05] <EllaA2013> im sorry
[1:05] <StartMining> its ok
[1:06] <EllaA2013> follow
[1:07] <StartMining> sprint and shift keys xD
[1:07] <StartMining> pressed sprint instead of shift
[1:08] <EllaA2013> how u go fast
[1:08] <StartMining> dont jump
[1:09] <StartMining> dont jump
[1:09] <StartMining> 1min 30
[1:10] <StartMining> where in marunaqua are we
[1:11] <StartMining> i got tp up
[1:11] <StartMining> tp to
[1:11] <StartMining> me
[1:12] <StartMining> brb
[1:12] <StartMining> very soon
[1:12] <EllaA2013> im so sorry bout that man
[1:12] * StartMining (StartMining@?9StartMining?r) Quit (?eStartMining left the game.)
[1:13] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@?9EllaA2013?r) Quit (?eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[1:14] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[1:15] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[1:16] <StartMining> hey rob
[1:20] * StartMining (StartMining@?9StartMining?r) Quit (?eStartMining left the game.)
[1:22] * Manalishi (Manalishi@Manalishi) has joined #main
[1:23] <Manalishi> Howdy rob
[1:23] <roberestarkk> Howdy!
[1:23] <roberestarkk> Everyone joins and says Hi and then leaves without waiting for me to notice :(
[1:24] <roberestarkk> and by everyone I mean Start
[1:24] <Manalishi> I'm here for you
[1:24] <Manalishi> lol
[1:24] <roberestarkk> Awwweh <3
[1:24] <roberestarkk> So what's new?
[1:24] <Manalishi> Not much really
[1:24] <Manalishi> still trying to make my own house
[1:24] <Manalishi> haven't started yet
[1:25] <roberestarkk> Ah nice
[1:25] <roberestarkk> Picked out a nice spot?
[1:25] <Manalishi> Not yet
[1:25] <Manalishi> Whenever I log in it's night time
[1:25] <roberestarkk> :P
[1:25] <Manalishi> And night seems to last longer than day on this server -.-
[1:26] <roberestarkk> looks like you need a bed!
[1:26] <Manalishi> I have one
[1:26] <Manalishi> But i cant seem to sleep in it
[1:26] <Manalishi> nevermind...
[1:26] <roberestarkk> weird...
[1:26] <Manalishi> lol
[1:26] <Manalishi> I wasn;t close enough
[1:26] <roberestarkk> :P
[1:27] <Manalishi> do you have one?
[1:27] <roberestarkk> nah
[1:27] <Manalishi> odang
[1:27] <Manalishi> forgot food bar
[1:27] <Manalishi> I might be dying
[1:27] <Manalishi> give me a moment
[1:28] <Manalishi> I can't kill myself?
[1:28] <Manalishi> darn
[1:28] <roberestarkk> :P
[1:28] <roberestarkk> just gotta be creative about it is all
[1:30] <Manalishi> Wait, sleeping doesn't set your spawn point?
[1:30] <Manalishi> :I
[1:30] <roberestarkk> Nope
[1:30] <roberestarkk> sets a home
[1:30] <Manalishi> ooooh
[1:30] <Manalishi> well
[1:32] <Manalishi> Can I have multiple homes?
[1:32] <roberestarkk> errr
[1:32] <roberestarkk> probably
[1:32] <Manalishi> I see you have approximate knowledge of many things
[1:32] <roberestarkk> :P
[1:32] <Manalishi> But absolute knowledge of very little
[1:32] <roberestarkk> you have access to essentials.sethome.elite
[1:33] <Manalishi> Uh
[1:33] <roberestarkk> but as to what number of homes is set for the 'elite' variable in the Essentials config, I've no ide
[1:33] <roberestarkk> a
[1:33] <roberestarkk> I'd assume it's about 3
[1:33] <Manalishi> Awwww yis
[1:33] <Manalishi> Oh jesus christ they added bunnies?
[1:33] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180) has joined #main
[1:34] <roberestarkk> You betcha
[1:34] <Manalishi> Howdy
[1:34] <Kagey180> hey
[1:35] <Manalishi> I think i found a naturally floating tree
[1:36] <Manalishi> You know how you can sometimes find blocks floating in the air due to the seed for the map being
[1:36] <Manalishi> strange?
[1:36] <Manalishi> Well a tree grew on one of them
[1:38] * Manalishi (Manalishi@?2Manalishi?r) Quit (?eManalishi left the game.)
[2:03] * Manalishi (Manalishi@Manalishi) has joined #main
[2:04] <roberestarkk> wb
[2:04] <Manalishi> ty bbcakes
[2:04] <roberestarkk> lok vak koor
[2:04] <roberestarkk> Bah
[2:04] <roberestarkk> ?flok vah koor
[2:05] <roberestarkk> protip: If you use that particular dragon shout, the weather will clear up
[2:17] * Manalishi was kicked from #main by Server
[2:17] * Manalishi (Manalishi@?2Manalishi?r) Quit (?eManalishi left the game.)
[2:26] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[2:26] <Firefighter0701> Hey!
[2:27] <Firefighter0701> Someone of you wanna change diamonds for emeralds?
[2:28] <Kagey180> can i grow a tree indoors?
[2:28] <Firefighter0701> You can.
[2:28] <Firefighter0701> As long as you got enough space and light.
[2:28] <Kagey180> how much space
[2:28] <Firefighter0701> Depends on the tree.
[2:29] <Kagey180> oak
[2:29] <Firefighter0701> at least 7x7x9 meters.
[2:30] <Kagey180> what?
[2:30] <Kagey180> thats huge
[2:30] <Firefighter0701> 1block=1meter
[2:30] <Kagey180> yes
[2:30] <Firefighter0701> Ah you meant that.
[2:30] <Kagey180> i know that
[2:30] <Firefighter0701> Sorry.
[2:30] <Firefighter0701> I misinterpreted your "What?".
[2:31] <Kagey180> oh too much effort
[2:35] <Firefighter0701> Rob?
[2:36] <roberestarkk> ?
[2:36] <Firefighter0701> Did I already annoy you with my new skin?
[2:37] <roberestarkk> also oak only really needs to be like 5-6 high tops
[2:37] <roberestarkk> I don't know
[2:37] <roberestarkk> What is it?
[2:37] <Firefighter0701> I have an 8 block oak right in front of my house.
[2:37] <Firefighter0701> Oh, CD.
[2:38] <roberestarkk> that's nice
[2:38] <Firefighter0701> ANd CD is not for Compact DIsk.
[2:38] <roberestarkk> but they don't have to be that tall
[2:38] <Firefighter0701> I have to correct myself: THere WAS an 8 block tall oak.
[2:46] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[2:49] * Kagey180 was kicked from #main by Server
[2:49] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@?2Kagey180?r) Quit (?eKagey180 left the game.)
[2:49] <Baivo> Rekt
[2:52] <roberestarkk> :P
[3:05] * Baivo was kicked from #main by Server
[3:05] * Baivo (Baivo@?9Baivo?r) Quit (?eBaivo left the game.)
[3:15] <Firefighter0701> Just hearing a ghast and immediately after it's first sound, this [censored] already shoots!
[3:18] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[3:19] * Baivo (Baivo@?9Baivo?r) Quit (?eBaivo left the game.)
[3:24] <Firefighter0701> Can someone switch off the rain?
[3:24] <Firefighter0701> Please?
[3:25] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@?9Firefighter0701?r) Quit (?eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[3:25] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[3:29] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@?9roberestarkk?r) Quit (null)
[3:36] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[3:37] <Firefighter0701> Hi!
[3:37] <roberestarkk> lo
[3:38] <Firefighter0701> Rob, will you stay in the Terran federation or make your own faction?
[3:39] <roberestarkk> I cba running my own faction again, I'll stick with Terran
[3:39] <Firefighter0701> May I show you my new skin now?
[3:39] <roberestarkk> sure I guess
[3:40] <Firefighter0701> Oh, cooldown.
[3:41] <Firefighter0701> Just been in Misten Peak to enchant some stuff.
[3:41] <roberestarkk> sounds fun
[3:41] <Firefighter0701> I have been in the nether for quarter an hour to get the xp...
[3:42] <Firefighter0701> And there was a [censored] ghast which I didn't hear until he shot.
[3:42] <roberestarkk> Heh
[3:42] <Firefighter0701> Let's see whether my cooldown's over...
[3:44] <Firefighter0701> Let me guess... tp lag?
[3:44] <roberestarkk> Not especially
[3:46] <Firefighter0701> And? WHat do you think about it?
[4:05] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@?9Firefighter0701?r) Quit (?eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[4:17] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[4:18] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@?9Firefighter0701?r) Quit (?eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[4:18] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[4:18] <Firefighter0701> Help?
[4:18] <Firefighter0701> WHAT THE?!
[4:19] <Firefighter0701> I AM BURIED ALIVE?
[4:52] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@?9roberestarkk?r) Quit (null)
[5:01] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[5:30] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@?9Firefighter0701?r) Quit (?eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[5:43] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[5:44] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@?9Firefighter0701?r) Quit (?eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[5:44] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[6:48] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@?9Firefighter0701?r) Quit (?eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[11:18] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[12:42] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[12:42] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[12:43] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[12:45] <Firefighter0701> Hey.
[12:45] <Peppy2006> Howdy
[12:45] <Firefighter0701> YOu just scared me!
[12:45] <Peppy2006> lol
[12:45] <Firefighter0701> Oh TY!
[12:46] <Peppy2006> You're welcome. :P
[12:46] <Peppy2006> And
[12:46] <Peppy2006> A few Terran flags
[12:46] <Firefighter0701> Oh, Thanks as well!
[12:46] <Peppy2006> Bitte, is "you're welcome" isn't it? :P
[12:46] <Firefighter0701> It is in that context.
[12:47] <Peppy2006> Excellent
[12:47] <Firefighter0701> It can also be "Please".
[12:47] <Peppy2006> Ooh
[12:47] <Peppy2006> I didn't know that!
[12:47] <Peppy2006> "Danke" and "Bitte" are easy
[12:47] <Peppy2006> Beyond that I couldn't say much else in Germany. lol
[12:47] <Firefighter0701> Es war mir ein Vergn?gen, dir meine Sprache n?her zu bringen.
[12:47] <Peppy2006> At least, not in German
[12:48] <Firefighter0701> It was a pleasure to explain my language o you.
[12:48] <Firefighter0701> *to
[12:48] <Peppy2006> Hot damn
[12:48] <Peppy2006> lol
[12:48] <Peppy2006> I always wanted to learn German
[12:48] <Peppy2006> Frankly I still do. My family came from Germany.
[12:49] <Firefighter0701> Ooooh!
[12:49] <Firefighter0701> Nice!
[12:49] <Peppy2006> I'm fourth generation American, but
[12:49] <Peppy2006> I've still got the heritage, and that's what matters most to me. lol
[12:50] <Firefighter0701> Well, it is especially good to have your own language, when confroned with idiots in school...
[12:50] <Peppy2006> Though I've been told recently my name "doesn't sound German"
[12:50] <Peppy2006> Yes, there's that too. lol
[12:50] <Firefighter0701> I once told someone he wouldn't have "all his cups in the cupboard".
[12:50] <Firefighter0701> Actually it means, he has not the most powerful brain...
[12:51] <Firefighter0701> Now he thinks it would be something good not to have all his cups in the cupboard...
[12:51] <Firefighter0701> Hehe...
[12:51] <Peppy2006> lol
[12:51] <Peppy2006> So I do have a question now :P
[12:51] <Firefighter0701> THat is?
[12:51] <Peppy2006> So the other day, I was standing watch
[12:52] <Peppy2006> My partner told me
[12:52] <Peppy2006> "Your name doesn't sound German"
[12:52] <Firefighter0701> ?
[12:52] <Peppy2006> His name is Pohlmann
[12:52] <Peppy2006> Or something like that
[12:52] <Peppy2006> Mine is Pernsteiner
[12:52] <Firefighter0701> Well, that DOES sound German.
[12:52] <Peppy2006> Since you're full-blooded German, does my name not sound German?
[12:53] <Firefighter0701> TO be honest, I am especially proud of being a full-brained German :D
[12:53] <Peppy2006> As you should be. haha
[12:54] <Firefighter0701> BTW...
[12:54] <Firefighter0701> I got one chest full of foodstuff ready for delivery.
[12:54] <Peppy2006> I got your message about that!
[12:54] <Firefighter0701> That's great.
[12:54] <Peppy2006> Presently I lack the storage area for it
[12:54] <Peppy2006> Well
[12:54] <Peppy2006> I can store it
[12:55] <Peppy2006> But I'll be moving it right away
[12:55] <Firefighter0701> I dedicated an extra chest for it.
[12:55] <Peppy2006> Awesome
[12:55] <Peppy2006> I will start transporting it
[12:55] <Firefighter0701> Everything in there is now property of the Federation.
[12:56] <Peppy2006> Sweet!
[12:56] <Peppy2006> Thanks
[12:56] <Firefighter0701> It's me to say "Thanks." For being useful although incapable of fighting.
[12:57] <Peppy2006> I've got a use for everyone in the Federation
[12:57] <Peppy2006> Everyone plays a part
[12:59] <Firefighter0701> As already stated in the message, I also got quite a lot of charcoal.
[12:59] <Firefighter0701> One chest you can have right now.
[13:05] <Firefighter0701> Just a sec.
[13:05] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@?9Firefighter0701?r) Quit (?eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[13:20] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[13:21] <Firefighter0701> Hmmm, didn't work. Can't send attachments in PM's.
[13:21] <Firefighter0701> BTW: I added a raply to the anthem. THanks for posting it, but there's a little isssue.
[13:21] <Firefighter0701> *reply
[13:22] <Peppy2006> Hmm?
[13:28] <Firefighter0701> Aaaaaah, has it been you to place the German anthem player in the capital?
[13:37] <Firefighter0701> GTG now.
[13:38] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@?9Firefighter0701?r) Quit (?eFirefighter0701 left the game.)
[14:08] * Coolboy5256 (Coolboy5256@Coolboy5256) has joined #main
[14:08] <Coolboy5256> hi Peppy2006
[14:12] * Coolboy5256 (Coolboy5256@?9Coolboy5256?r) Quit (?eCoolboy5256 left the game.)
[14:53] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[15:50] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[16:00] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@?9roberestarkk?r) Quit (null)
[16:03] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[19:35] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[19:56] <roberestarkk> woopsadaisy
[20:04] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[20:05] <Peppy2006> Interesting
[20:05] <Peppy2006> So!
[20:05] <Peppy2006> Do show
[20:06] <Peppy2006> I see
[20:06] <roberestarkk> it's not very focussed, admittedly
[20:06] <roberestarkk> But still fun :)
[20:06] <Peppy2006> Indeed!
[20:06] <Peppy2006> It works
[20:06] <Peppy2006> lol
[20:09] <roberestarkk> I wonder...
[20:11] <roberestarkk> woops
[20:14] <Peppy2006> Alright
[20:14] <Peppy2006> I need to go now
[20:14] <roberestarkk> A'ight!
[20:14] <Peppy2006> Night Sammeh
[20:14] <Peppy2006> :P
[20:14] <roberestarkk> G'night
[20:14] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[20:18] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@?9roberestarkk?r) Quit (null)
[20:41] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[22:09] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[22:10] <Baivo> Reg
[22:14] <Regox> ?
[22:14] <Baivo> Would you be interested in buying a large stock of ender pearls?
[22:14] <Regox> I don't use them much at all, but what were you wanting in return?
[22:14] <Baivo> Perhaps just some gems and ingots
[22:15] <Regox> Last time I offered you gems and ingots, you turned it down
[22:15] <Baivo> I know
[22:15] <Baivo> The offer was quite low
[22:16] <Regox> Well, tell me what exactly you want in return for the amount of enderpearls, I'll say if I'm interes
[22:16] <Regox> ted
[22:16] <Baivo> I have something like 700 ender pearls
[22:16] <Baivo> Andi don't know what you have
[22:17] <Regox> I'd only be interested in a stack or so, just for convinience
[22:17] <Regox> And I tend to have decent stocks of most gems/minerals
[22:17] <Baivo> VEry well then
[22:18] <Baivo> I'll see if i can get some interest elsewhere
[22:18] <Regox> Righto
[22:35] * Baivo (Baivo@?9Baivo?r) Quit (?eBaivo left the game.)
[22:44] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[22:46] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[23:03] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[23:05] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main
[23:05] <Arberax> Hi
[23:29] * Arberax (Arberax@?2Arberax?r) Quit (?eArberax left the game.)

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