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[0:08] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[0:09] <roberestarkk> wb
[0:10] <roberestarkk> I'm nearly ready to start assembling my citadel and it's walls and killing zones :D
[0:10] <roberestarkk> A more colossal monument to defensive overkill I have ne'er constructed :D
[0:12] <cwp_aus> ;P
[0:12] <cwp_aus> this one may hurt
[0:12] <roberestarkk> Which one?
[0:12] <cwp_aus> all good
[0:12] <roberestarkk> :P
[0:12] <cwp_aus> however the water fixing might
[0:13] <roberestarkk> ./fixwater ?
[0:13] <cwp_aus> aye
[0:14] <cwp_aus> durnit
[0:16] <cwp_aus> hanving just worledit back the water for the canal
[0:16] <cwp_aus> having*
[0:16] <roberestarkk> fair cop
[0:16] <cwp_aus> fixwater didn't work oddly enough
[0:16] <roberestarkk> were you on the level above the water and within a couple blocks of a source block?
[0:17] <cwp_aus> ayup
[0:17] <roberestarkk> weird
[0:17] <cwp_aus> indeed
[0:18] <cwp_aus> and then the water was done
[0:19] <cwp_aus> now to clear room for this wall
[0:44] <cwp_aus> ?flok vah koor
[0:44] <roberestarkk> ^
[0:45] * Superwoman95 (Superwoman95@Superwoman95) has joined #main
[0:45] <cwp_aus> hiya
[0:45] <roberestarkk> ^
[0:50] <Superwoman95> ok so Im new so I am still Steve D:
[0:50] <roberestarkk> Welcome!
[0:50] <Superwoman95> Thanks
[0:51] <Superwoman95> So is this like a RPG type of game?
[0:51] <roberestarkk> Sorta!
[0:51] <Superwoman95> wait are you the creator?
[0:52] <cwp_aus> Nah, were both just admins
[0:52] <cwp_aus> I simply put the add up, :P
[0:52] <Superwoman95> Oh, cooly
[0:53] <Superwoman95> WOW! This place is amazing
[0:53] <cwp_aus> Hah. Fraid we didn't build it
[0:54] <cwp_aus> Also, welcome to the Federation
[0:54] <roberestarkk> ^
[0:54] <Superwoman95> Oh well it counts, and thank you very much
[0:54] <cwp_aus> psssstt, type /kit starter in chat
[0:55] <cwp_aus> it'll give you a few things to get you going
[0:55] <Superwoman95> why?
[0:55] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[0:55] <cwp_aus> hi reg
[0:55] <roberestarkk> wb reg
[0:55] <cwp_aus> some food and whatnot
[0:55] <Regox> Hey
[0:55] <Superwoman95> Oh okay
[0:55] <Regox> New person?
[0:55] <cwp_aus> yup!
[0:55] <Regox> Welcome
[0:56] <Superwoman95> Hello! Dont make fun I havent got around to making a skin :P
[0:56] <cwp_aus> Just let us know if you want tour round
[0:56] <Superwoman95> So.. Boring old Steve here
[0:56] <cwp_aus> and reg merely meant new to the server, :P
[0:57] <Superwoman95> Okay right now would be awesome, I think I'm lost...
[0:57] <cwp_aus> give us a sec then
[0:57] <cwp_aus> hiya
[0:57] <Superwoman95> Okay
[0:57] <Superwoman95> It must be weird talking to a steve
[0:57] <roberestarkk> PARTY AT SUPERWOMAN!
[0:57] <Regox> Pfff, yeah
[0:57] <cwp_aus> So here we have Aquila City, the capital of the federation
[0:58] <cwp_aus> really more of a fortress than a city
[0:58] <cwp_aus> over here we have the map room
[0:58] <Regox> And the Inn of General Fantasticness
[0:59] <Superwoman95> wow
[0:59] <roberestarkk> with no rooms to stay in
[0:59] <Superwoman95> Im so laggy
[0:59] <cwp_aus> Shows the capital along with the two main towns of the federation
[0:59] <cwp_aus> Misten peak and Marinaqua cove
[0:59] <Superwoman95> oh
[1:00] <Superwoman95> wow
[1:00] <roberestarkk> ooh the path goes all the way to Marinaqua now!
[1:00] <roberestarkk> neat
[1:00] <cwp_aus> it does indeed rob
[1:00] <cwp_aus> now, as for your accomodation
[1:00] <cwp_aus> you can live in either towns or just out in the wild
[1:00] <cwp_aus> purely up to you
[1:00] <Superwoman95> hmm
[1:01] <cwp_aus> you could even rent one of the rooms in the misten inn until you've got some gear together
[1:01] <Superwoman95> Am I aloud to go to the wild then come back??
[1:01] <cwp_aus> of course
[1:01] <Superwoman95> Oh okay, then that shall be my choice.
[1:01] <cwp_aus> fair o
[1:02] <cwp_aus> brb a mo
[1:02] <Regox> If you need to buy things, go for green
[1:02] <cwp_aus> and back
[1:02] <cwp_aus> Indeed, green or Horleggor is the trader faction
[1:03] <Superwoman95> is it me or is everything gone?
[1:03] <cwp_aus> reg has most anything you could ever want
[1:03] <cwp_aus> and just you
[1:03] <Superwoman95> oh wait
[1:03] <Superwoman95> ok Im back
[1:03] <cwp_aus> perhaps turn your render dist down
[1:04] <Superwoman95> its my computer its super old
[1:04] <cwp_aus> mmm, thats why I suggested turning down the render dist
[1:04] <Superwoman95> shall we carry on with the tour
[1:04] <cwp_aus> aye
[1:05] <cwp_aus> would you rather go by rail or on foot?
[1:05] <Superwoman95> rail please
[1:05] <cwp_aus> rightio
[1:05] <cwp_aus> hop in
[1:06] <Superwoman95> ok well im laggy so I will be slow
[1:06] <cwp_aus> just press w now
[1:06] <cwp_aus> while facing the exit
[1:06] <cwp_aus> eg this way, :P
[1:06] <Superwoman95> wait oh now
[1:07] <cwp_aus> jump back in the cart
[1:07] <cwp_aus> there ye are
[1:07] <Superwoman95> I can be retarded at sometimes
[1:07] <cwp_aus> eh
[1:08] <cwp_aus> and welcome to Misten Peak
[1:08] <Superwoman95> ok
[1:09] <Superwoman95> wow the veiw
[1:09] <cwp_aus> A quaint village nestled against the mountains and the coast
[1:09] <Superwoman95> or view
[1:09] <Superwoman95> im tired and suck at spelling xD
[1:09] <Superwoman95> D;
[1:09] <cwp_aus> I feel the same way sometimes, :P
[1:10] <cwp_aus> feel free to harvest this all
[1:10] <Superwoman95> was that the way?
[1:10] <Regox> Sleep deprivation is fun
[1:10] <cwp_aus> just replant, :)
[1:10] <cwp_aus> I will note this, :P
[1:12] <cwp_aus> smithy over here
[1:12] <Superwoman95> o.o
[1:12] <cwp_aus> and then shrine to our glorious leader
[1:12] <Superwoman95> its an older me :O
[1:12] <Regox> The escalation in that is hilarious
[1:13] <Superwoman95> lol jk
[1:13] <Regox> "This is the farm"
[1:13] <Regox> "This is the smithy"
[1:13] <cwp_aus> hah reg
[1:13] <cwp_aus> ober here is the inn
[1:14] <Superwoman95> shall we continue in the morning?
[1:14] <Superwoman95> I sleepy :P
[1:14] <cwp_aus> sure, :P
[1:14] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach) has joined #main
[1:14] <Regox> Hey
[1:15] <Death_Drach> "GLORIOUS LEADER"
[1:15] <Death_Drach> Hey reg
[1:15] <cwp_aus> rooms are ere
[1:15] <Superwoman95> thanks
[1:15] <Superwoman95> night night :P
[1:15] <Death_Drach> Superwoman with a man's head O_o
[1:15] <Superwoman95> yes?
[1:16] <Death_Drach> nothing -.-
[1:16] <Superwoman95> look I havent gotten around to my morph
[1:16] <Superwoman95> so Im 2,0
[1:17] <Death_Drach> Oh, reg, i added sugar cane's to the farm.
[1:18] <Regox> Good-o
[1:18] <cwp_aus> it be dawn super
[1:19] <Superwoman95> I shall be waiting at the thing
[1:19] <Superwoman95> ok
[1:19] <cwp_aus> on to marinaqua
[1:20] <cwp_aus> I would hasten to add
[1:20] <Death_Drach> where'd the name for that come from?
[1:20] <cwp_aus> don't just press w straight away this time
[1:20] <Superwoman95> so laggy idk where you are
[1:20] <cwp_aus> ask baivo
[1:20] <Death_Drach> marine-aqua.
[1:20] <Superwoman95> im laggy so idk where you are..
[1:21] * Superwoman95 (Superwoman95@?9Superwoman95?r) Quit (?eSuperwoman95 left the game.)
[1:21] <cwp_aus> I rather like the name
[1:31] <Death_Drach> that half a heart fall.....
[1:31] <cwp_aus> welp, they don't appear to be coming back
[1:31] <Death_Drach> they did say they were tired...
[1:31] <cwp_aus> eh true
[1:34] <cwp_aus> wonder wether they've noticed the flag
[1:34] <Death_Drach> what about it?
[1:34] <Regox> Dohohoho
[1:34] <Regox> Nice
[1:34] * hotcreeper123 (hotcreeper123@hotcreeper123) has joined #main
[1:34] <Death_Drach> ?
[1:35] <Regox> Welcome
[1:35] <cwp_aus> a warning of war
[1:35] <cwp_aus> hiya
[1:35] <hotcreeper123> hello
[1:35] <Death_Drach> hot sexy creeper?
[1:35] <hotcreeper123> what else
[1:35] <Death_Drach> *disturbing mental images*
[1:36] <Death_Drach> *Everybody on edge waiting to see who you pick*
[1:36] <cwp_aus> Hah
[1:36] * hotcreeper123 (hotcreeper123@hotcreeper123?r) Quit (?ehotcreeper123 left the game.)
[1:36] <Death_Drach> :(
[1:36] <Death_Drach> roode.
[1:36] <Regox> He apparently picks nothing
[1:37] <cwp_aus> ^
[1:37] <Death_Drach> Reg, is there anywhere i can find an image of what this building is supposed to look like?
[1:37] <Regox> Sure, there's a complete one in Solitude
[1:38] <Death_Drach> Oh, is it an exact copy?
[1:38] <Regox> Yes
[1:38] <cwp_aus> bbl
[1:38] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[1:38] <Death_Drach> Awwww :/ I thought this was an original :p
[1:38] <Regox> Nope
[1:38] <Regox> Well, technically it is
[1:38] <Death_Drach> Is now.
[1:38] <Regox> It was pasted in before the other one
[1:38] <roberestarkk> lol
[1:39] <Death_Drach> S'cuse the mess...
[1:39] <Regox> Dohoho
[1:39] <Regox> You've not seen my island
[1:39] <Regox> Pure mess
[1:39] <Death_Drach> My ocd dislikes mess though...
[1:40] <Regox> My labs are impossible to organise
[1:41] <Death_Drach> Oh, i see, this is the one winterway took. Out by the combat training area.
[1:41] <Regox> There's ticking clocks, water escalators, tele-grids, auto smelters, clothes lines
[1:43] <Death_Drach> i dont even know where your place is
[1:43] <Death_Drach> Is it the island close to me?
[1:45] <Regox> It's nowhere near anyone
[1:46] <Death_Drach> 3000, 2000 or -7700, -8000?
[1:47] <Regox> The second one
[1:47] <Death_Drach> You're kinda near me.
[1:47] <Death_Drach> About 3k blocks away.
[1:48] <Death_Drach> i got kinda half way there but then turned back :p
[1:51] <Death_Drach> You wouldn't happen to have any bricks for sale....?
[1:51] <roberestarkk> updated the State of the Server thread
[1:51] <Death_Drach> ?
[1:53] <Regox> What type of bricks?
[1:53] <Death_Drach> Like, brick bricks.
[1:53] <Death_Drach> Actually, brick stairs preferably.
[1:54] <Death_Drach> A stack maybe.
[1:54] <Regox> Don't think I have many if at all, clay's a pain to get in quantity
[1:55] <Death_Drach> Yea, got myself a few, but idt it'll be enough.
[1:58] <roberestarkk> Nyanta-san!
[1:59] <roberestarkk> w
[1:59] <roberestarkk> DAMMIT
[1:59] <roberestarkk> Who leaves a minecart on the tracks?
[2:00] <Death_Drach> Really wish you could build a scaffold that you could move....
[2:00] <Death_Drach> Would help so much with survival building.
[2:02] <roberestarkk> gravel!
[2:03] <Death_Drach> -.-
[2:03] <Death_Drach> that's so bad at heights...
[2:04] <Regox> Rather irritating that fortune doesn't work on clay
[2:06] <Death_Drach> ^
[2:06] <Regox> OK, your stack of brick blocks are currently under construction
[2:06] <Death_Drach> :o
[2:06] <Death_Drach> rob!
[2:06] <Regox> *is
[2:06] <roberestarkk> yes?
[2:06] <Death_Drach> Breaking open containers... tut tut....
[2:06] <roberestarkk> ohlol
[2:06] <Death_Drach> ty Reg :)
[2:06] <roberestarkk> I was trying to add a timer to the door
[2:07] <roberestarkk> It's supposed to be a secure area and the door didn't even auto-close behind you :P
[2:08] <Death_Drach> Mmmm, theres also locked iron doors that ive been able to just push open....
[2:08] <roberestarkk> wat?
[2:08] <Death_Drach> Ik! i dont get it either.
[2:10] <Regox> The mk.1 autosmelters are 50% completed
[2:10] <Death_Drach> My roof is a snow generator! :o
[2:11] <Regox> Dohoho
[2:11] <Death_Drach> whats up with that ^
[2:11] <Regox> I can make a 3x3 infinite, hispeed snow generator
[2:14] <Regox> Good thing about my smelters
[2:14] <Regox> Once they're loaded, I can leave them
[2:14] <Regox> And they'll smelt 310 stacks before they need reloading or cleaning
[2:15] <roberestarkk> .
[2:16] <Regox> 1 stack brick blocks completed
[2:19] <Death_Drach> ok
[2:38] <roberestarkk> ,
[2:45] <roberestarkk> wb
[2:45] <Regox> ty
[2:46] <roberestarkk> So what thinkest thou of mine most fearsome of defensive structures?
[2:46] <Regox> Good combo of layers and choke points
[2:46] <roberestarkk> :)
[2:47] <roberestarkk> notice how the stairs work? :P
[2:47] <Regox> With piston fences
[2:47] <roberestarkk> Sorta :P
[2:47] <roberestarkk> every level when sealed off will also automatically seal the lower levels as well
[2:47] <Regox> Can you still operate the lower ones manually?
[2:48] <roberestarkk> not if the command to seal them has been issued from higher up
[2:48] * Death_Drach was kicked from #main by Server
[2:48] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@?2Death_Drach?r) Quit (?eDeath_Drach left the game.)
[2:48] <roberestarkk> but otherwise, yes
[2:48] <Regox> Nice
[2:49] <Regox> I really need to finish my fortress
[2:49] <roberestarkk> They're handy things to have :P
[2:49] <roberestarkk> And if you're meaning those towers in Terran land, you may wish to reconsider their location ;)
[2:50] <Regox> Not a chance
[2:50] <Regox> I put them there long before this border was invented
[2:52] <Regox> It's very creatively called newcastle
[2:52] <roberestarkk> heh, I love a good English naming scheme!
[2:52] <roberestarkk> Mine (as with all my major fortifications) is called Armengar
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[16:18] <roberestarkk> ?flok vah koor
[16:18] * Hedriod (Hedriod@Hedriod) has joined #main
[16:18] <Hedriod> hey
[16:18] <roberestarkk> Howdydoodly
[16:21] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:21] <Hedriod> hey
[16:21] <cwp_aus> morning all
[16:21] <roberestarkk> Ahoy
[16:24] <cwp_aus> now for the wall
[16:31] <Hedriod> can you dye sea lanterns?
[16:31] <cwp_aus> don't think so
[16:31] <cwp_aus> nope
[16:38] <Hedriod> how is the tench going?
[16:38] <cwp_aus> quite well, mostly because I gave into the fact I'd be here for months digging it
[16:39] <cwp_aus> and in the interests of creating a few battlefields for the 'hopefully' coming war
[16:40] <cwp_aus> begginings of the wall
[16:40] <Hedriod> this new block is sorta nice
[16:40] <Hedriod> just hard to use
[16:41] <cwp_aus> the andesite
[16:41] <Hedriod> yeah
[16:41] <cwp_aus> and your are right, needs a good white contrast
[16:41] <cwp_aus> like clay blocks or somethin
[16:41] <cwp_aus> however, with clay having butt all explosion resistance, it ain't going here
[16:42] <cwp_aus> hmmmmm
[16:42] <cwp_aus> ah there we are
[16:43] <Hedriod> i watched the hobbit yesterday and now i want to build all the places in it
[16:43] <cwp_aus> :P
[16:44] <Hedriod> did you want these ovals?
[16:44] <cwp_aus> tis odd how only myself and rach have actually voted on that thread
[16:44] <roberestarkk> lies
[16:44] <cwp_aus> aye, they'll be the towers
[16:44] <Hedriod> what thread?
[16:45] <cwp_aus> his petition
[16:45] <Hedriod> i will have a look
[16:45] <cwp_aus> oh fair call rob, :P
[16:46] <Hedriod> should try and use stairs
[16:47] <cwp_aus> I dis-like how they stick out
[16:47] <Hedriod> try one the right
[16:47] <cwp_aus> having more the smoothstone texture on their tops
[16:47] <Hedriod> to
[16:47] <roberestarkk> Neat!
[16:48] * Hedriod (Hedriod@?2Hedriod?r) Quit (?eHedriod left the game.)
[16:49] <cwp_aus> obsidian core for good measure
[16:49] <roberestarkk> :P
[16:50] <cwp_aus> I'm unsure how to translate this once I get to the un-flat terrain it'll be crossing as it goes alon
[16:50] <cwp_aus> ?flok vah koor
[16:51] <roberestarkk> yeah that's the major drawback with patterns :/
[16:51] <cwp_aus> yup...
[16:51] <roberestarkk> Ah well, I've faith in ye
[17:00] <cwp_aus> bbs then
[17:00] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[17:02] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[17:02] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[17:02] <cwp_aus> wb
[17:03] <roberestarkk> ty
[17:03] <cwp_aus> scrapped the current design, it was basically an upsized version fo what i use in my castle
[17:03] <roberestarkk> :O
[17:03] <cwp_aus> but I failed to correctly proportion the length
[17:04] <cwp_aus> so it looked odd
[17:06] <cwp_aus> I tend to use a lot of depth in the design, so it easily looks out of proportion
[17:11] <cwp_aus> ahhh, much better
[17:15] <cwp_aus> now to add the third layer of depth....
[17:16] <roberestarkk> oh dear :P
[17:16] <cwp_aus> ?
[17:18] <roberestarkk> Depth annoys me :P
[17:18] <cwp_aus> not having depth annoys me, :P
[17:20] <cwp_aus> Woo
[17:20] <cwp_aus> got the design!
[17:21] <cwp_aus> I'll be back later rob, :I
[17:21] <cwp_aus> seya
[17:21] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[17:39] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@?9roberestarkk?r) Quit (?eroberestarkk left the game.)
[19:08] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[19:10] <roberestarkk> ?fLOK VAH KOOR
[19:50] <roberestarkk> ?fLOK VAH KOOR
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[21:21] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[21:43] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach) has joined #main
[22:01] * ErectionProblems (ErectionProblems@ErectionProblems) has joined #main
[22:01] <Death_Drach> hey hey
[22:02] <ErectionProblems> yo
[22:06] * ErectionProblems (ErectionProblems@?cErectionProblems?r) Quit (?eErectionProblems left the game.)
[22:06] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[22:07] <cwp_aus> hiya
[22:07] <cwp_aus> welp, no buildcomp then it seems
[22:07] <Death_Drach> ?
[22:07] <Regox> Yep
[22:07] <cwp_aus> I scheduled a buildcomp for now
[22:07] <Death_Drach> "buildcomp"
[22:08] <Death_Drach> im down to build something :p
[22:08] <cwp_aus> ain't happening with one player
[22:08] <Death_Drach> -.-
[22:08] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[22:08] <cwp_aus> hi deng
[22:08] <Dengar708> NO NEED TO FEAR DENGAR IS HERE!
[22:08] <cwp_aus> xD
[22:08] <Dengar708> and you forgot to bump it 1 hour early
[22:08] <Regox> I SHALL FEAR MORE
[22:09] <cwp_aus> still, two isn't much competition
[22:09] <Death_Drach> better than none...
[22:09] <Dengar708> plus i just finished moving everything within the room I am sitting in
[22:09] <Regox> Eh, do it anyway
[22:09] <Death_Drach> ^
[22:09] <Dengar708> how many do we need?
[22:09] <Death_Drach> 2 ^.^
[22:09] <cwp_aus> I've been babysitting up until just before I joined so I couldn't exactly come on
[22:09] <cwp_aus> I usually prefer 4...
[22:09] <Dengar708> I can try and get hj and cozzer on
[22:09] <Regox> Run it anyway cwp, it'll annoy/guilt the people that didn't turn up
[22:09] <Death_Drach> cwp, regox, deng and death = 4 ^.^
[22:10] <cwp_aus> Hah, true
[22:10] <Regox> I can't build fast for diddly
[22:10] <cwp_aus> I can't judge something I enter...
[22:10] <Regox> City has been under construction for 2 years now, only 3 interiors done
[22:10] <Dengar708> I told hj and cozzer in the most inaccurate but technically correct way possible
[22:11] <Dengar708> cozzer is on his way
[22:11] <Dengar708> apparently
[22:11] <cwp_aus> Mmk, give me a minute or two to flatten some land
[22:11] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[22:11] <Dengar708> he will be abit
[22:11] <cwp_aus> hi smiley
[22:12] <Smiley864> Hey
[22:12] <Dengar708> all my rabbits stopped existing
[22:12] <Smiley864> can i join
[22:12] <Smiley864> the comp
[22:12] <Dengar708> I am disgruntled
[22:12] <Smiley864> :D
[22:12] <Smiley864> with cozzer
[22:12] <Regox> Did you name said rabbits?
[22:12] <Dengar708> nope
[22:12] <Dengar708> I was using them for the feet
[22:12] * cozzer619 (cozzer619@cozzer619) has joined #main
[22:12] <Dengar708> RABBITS GET IN THE PEN
[22:13] <cwp_aus> ofc, anyone can enter
[22:13] <cwp_aus> I'm just flattenting the land
[22:13] <Regox> cozzer logs in, dies
[22:13] <cwp_aus> give us 10 minutes to mark out the spaces
[22:13] <cwp_aus> those are a pain eh cozzer
[22:13] <cozzer619> it was
[22:13] <Regox> Yeah, baby jockeys are evil
[22:13] <cozzer619> AMAZING
[22:13] <Dengar708> is it groups or no?
[22:14] <Dengar708> I once made cwp ride a cwp
[22:14] <cozzer619> :O
[22:14] <cwp_aus> He did ^
[22:14] <cwp_aus> also no deng, 1v1v1v1
[22:14] <Dengar708> k
[22:14] <Dengar708> there was also the cwp vs cwp duel
[22:15] <cwp_aus> Indeed
[22:15] <cwp_aus> Safe to say Cwp won
[22:15] <Regox> I've got screenies from when riding pigs was implemeted and it was the dopest thing ever
[22:15] <Dengar708> mm
[22:16] <cwp_aus> 40x40 squares sound fine?
[22:16] <cwp_aus> cause if not too bad, ;)
[22:16] <Dengar708> can we hear the topic?
[22:16] <Dengar708> also I assume we leave our stuff
[22:17] <Regox> The theme is tradtional origami constructs, the more accurate the better
[22:17] <Dengar708> brb letting padmay make origami structures
[22:17] <cwp_aus> xD
[22:17] <Regox> Honestly, no idea
[22:17] <Dengar708> she can origami
[22:17] <Dengar708> it is okay
[22:17] <cwp_aus> Honestly I'm not too sure myself
[22:17] <Smiley864> meep
[22:17] <cwp_aus> I'm half ass tempted to say build whatever
[22:17] <Regox> DO EET
[22:18] <Dengar708> New Years?
[22:18] <cwp_aus> and so i did
[22:18] <Dengar708> okay
[22:18] <Regox> Wait
[22:18] <Dengar708> time for some festive explosions
[22:18] <Regox> Make the theme Tudor
[22:18] <cwp_aus> oh god
[22:18] <Regox> I want some ideas for the city
[22:18] <cwp_aus> In before IWHORD Mk:2
[22:18] <Dengar708> IWHORD?
[22:18] <Dengar708> what is that
[22:18] <cwp_aus> IHORD*
[22:18] <cwp_aus> Infact, no, R
[22:19] <Dengar708> IHOD?
[22:19] <Regox> IHORD: The last collaboration of Peppy and I
[22:19] <Regox> And yes, there's an R
[22:19] <cwp_aus> Reg has the right idea. Without a theme thi'sll be a pain
[22:19] <Dengar708> I know what IHORD is
[22:19] <Dengar708> damn rape dungeon
[22:19] <cwp_aus> Tudor it is, :I
[22:19] <Regox> GLORIOUS
[22:19] <Dengar708> and kiwi options
[22:19] <Dengar708> q-q
[22:19] <cwp_aus> or is it
[22:19] <cwp_aus> I could continue to change the theme until we start
[22:19] <cwp_aus> who knows
[22:19] <Dengar708> good thing I speicialise in tudor basically
[22:19] <cozzer619> ARE WE MAKING RAPE DUNGEONS!??!??!
[22:20] <Regox> 40x40 space ships
[22:20] <Dengar708> you know how many space ships I have made for Peppy
[22:20] <Dengar708> A good 3
[22:20] <cozzer619> 2
[22:20] <cozzer619> close
[22:20] <Dengar708> I was going to say 2
[22:20] <Dengar708> but i also did some other minor one
[22:20] <Regox> Well then
[22:20] <Regox> The solution is obvious
[22:21] <Dengar708> 40x40 nuclear powerplants
[22:21] <Dengar708> have to work too
[22:21] <cwp_aus> ok, get your butts down here
[22:21] <Regox> Warships to commemerate Peppy joining the navy
[22:21] <cwp_aus> empty invs first tho
[22:21] <Dengar708> I have never built a war ship
[22:21] <Regox> EXCELLENT
[22:21] <Dengar708> can I have a tp cwp
[22:21] <Regox> New territory for everyone then
[22:21] <cwp_aus> Peppy could be on in a few weeks too, said he may be graduatin early
[22:22] <Regox> So
[22:22] <Death_Drach> So, whats happening?
[22:22] <Regox> Warships to commemorate?
[22:22] <Dengar708> that creeper looks sus
[22:22] <cwp_aus> pick a square
[22:23] <Death_Drach> hehe
[22:23] <Death_Drach> 3 in one
[22:23] <Death_Drach> oops
[22:23] <Smiley864> whurt
[22:23] <cwp_aus> Now folks
[22:23] <Death_Drach> we
[22:23] <cwp_aus> i do believe cozz/smiley have a question
[22:23] <cozzer619> oh yeh
[22:23] <Smiley864> i do?
[22:23] <cozzer619> cos we are retarted
[22:23] <cozzer619> can we be on team
[22:24] <Smiley864> ohhh!
[22:24] <cwp_aus> sup to you two wether this is ok with yas
[22:24] <Dengar708> Also cwp can we ask you to worldedit the floors?
[22:24] <cwp_aus> nope deng
[22:24] <Dengar708> 2v1v1?
[22:24] <Smiley864> 2v2?
[22:24] <Dengar708> they just have to build better xD
[22:24] <Death_Drach> they're a team?
[22:24] <Regox> State ze theme
[22:24] <cwp_aus> not unless you two agree
[22:24] <cwp_aus> hold on cozz
[22:24] <Death_Drach> idc really....
[22:24] <Dengar708> itbh don't care just means I have to work together and have to discuss because that takes time
[22:25] <cwp_aus> rightio
[22:25] <Death_Drach> ^
[22:25] <cwp_aus> 2v1v1 it is
[22:25] <Death_Drach> or we could 2 v 1 v 1?
[22:25] <Smiley864> is there a theme we have to build to?
[22:25] <Dengar708> yes
[22:25] <Dengar708> maybe
[22:25] <cwp_aus> Aye
[22:25] <Regox> Just waiting for cwp to announce
[22:25] <Dengar708> Can I fill my house with cwps?
[22:25] <Dengar708> which shoot fire
[22:26] <cwp_aus> it will indeed be tudor
[22:26] <cwp_aus> because lately I'm lazy
[22:26] <Death_Drach> whats tudor...?
[22:26] <Death_Drach> -.-
[22:26] <cwp_aus> google it quickly, :P
[22:26] <Death_Drach> i mean, i know its history stuff.
[22:26] <cwp_aus> It's a period in british history
[22:26] <Death_Drach> but idk exactly.
[22:26] <Regox> http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/homework/houses/tudors/new/pand.jpg
[22:26] <Death_Drach> what it looks like
[22:26] <Regox> Basic example
[22:26] <Death_Drach> oh, so like medieval stuff?
[22:26] <Dengar708> yes
[22:26] <cwp_aus> somewhat yes
[22:27] <Death_Drach> could have just said "medieval" unless they're totally different...
[22:27] <Regox> Henry 8th sort of period
[22:27] <Dengar708> can we build
[22:27] <Dengar708> and what is the timelimit
[22:27] <cwp_aus> Hah, I'll allow that drach
[22:27] <Regox> Are all parties ready?
[22:27] <cwp_aus> also 1 hour
[22:27] <cwp_aus> 321go
[22:27] <Death_Drach> So, castles and villager houses, windmills and such
[22:27] <cozzer619> wait so no theme?
[22:27] <Death_Drach> tudor
[22:27] <Dengar708> tudor
[22:27] <Regox> "Tudor"
[22:28] <Dengar708> or medieval
[22:28] <Smiley864> whats tgat?
[22:28] <Smiley864> that*
[22:28] <Death_Drach> medieval.
[22:28] <cwp_aus> just go with medieval, :P
[22:28] <Regox> http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/homework/houses/tudors/new/pand.jpg
[22:28] <Smiley864> OH
[22:28] <Regox> Read chat pls
[22:28] <Dengar708> can also be castles yes?
[22:28] <Death_Drach> old english style.
[22:28] <cwp_aus> technically, yes
[22:28] * cozzer619 (cozzer619@?9cozzer619?r) Quit (?ecozzer619 left the game.)
[22:29] <Death_Drach> i forgot to ask the timer?
[22:29] <Dengar708> 1h
[22:29] <Regox> 1hr
[22:29] <Death_Drach> y
[22:29] <Death_Drach> ty*
[22:29] <Dengar708> I like it more when I have WE
[22:30] <cwp_aus> *Shrugs*
[22:30] * cozzer619 (cozzer619@cozzer619) has joined #main
[22:30] <cwp_aus> Meanwhile
[22:30] <Dengar708> wb
[22:30] <cwp_aus> I shall abnoxiously fly around and likely infront of you
[22:31] <cwp_aus> yay!
[22:31] <Smiley864> wow
[22:31] <Smiley864> we suk
[22:32] <Death_Drach> not suck, just different skill level?
[22:33] <Regox> I'll set up a patch to wait
[22:33] <cwp_aus> ahhh... Shame there is no call in which chatter to degrade in
[22:33] <Smiley864> hmmm?
[22:33] <cwp_aus> remember the last major buildcomp deng, xD
[22:34] <Dengar708> who was there?
[22:34] <Dengar708> was it the last medieval one?
[22:34] <Smiley864> do you guys want to make a skype call?
[22:34] <cwp_aus> Peppy you me lm smiley asp stalking and a few others
[22:34] <Dengar708> that is looooong ago
[22:34] <cwp_aus> it's the one where Peppy offered bonus points for people who incorporated meth labs into their build
[22:35] <Dengar708> that was great
[22:35] <cwp_aus> Aye it was
[22:35] <Dengar708> Regox gradeur v detail?
[22:37] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[22:37] <cwp_aus> hi riob
[22:37] <Dengar708> hey rob
[22:37] <cwp_aus> rob*
[22:37] <Smiley864> HAYYYYYYYYYY
[22:37] <roberestarkk> Ahoy
[22:37] <roberestarkk> SMOOLOO!
[22:37] <Smiley864> ROOOOBBB
[22:38] <roberestarkk> What's erryone doon?
[22:38] <Dengar708> build comp
[22:38] <roberestarkk> Ah I was wondering why so many people were on
[22:38] <cwp_aus> :P
[22:39] <Smiley864> would any of yous want to join our call?
[22:39] <Death_Drach> no ty
[22:40] <cwp_aus> hah, sure
[22:40] <cwp_aus> let me plug me headset in
[22:40] <Smiley864> do i have you on skype? :P
[22:40] <Smiley864> forgot name :P
[22:40] <cwp_aus> ye do smiley
[22:41] <cozzer619> .
[22:41] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@?cSmiley864?r) Quit (?eSmiley864 left the game.)
[22:42] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[22:42] <Smiley864> lost connection
[22:43] <cwp_aus> actually no you don't smiley
[22:43] <Smiley864> uhhh
[22:43] <cwp_aus> thought ye did, :I
[22:43] <Smiley864> phew
[22:43] <Smiley864> i was like
[22:43] <Smiley864> SIMON?!
[22:43] <Smiley864> anyways
[22:43] <Smiley864> whats ur skype user then :P
[22:48] <Death_Drach> aquaduct?
[22:48] <Death_Drach> or is that a wall?
[22:48] <Dengar708> moat?
[22:48] <Death_Drach> no, waht reg is doing
[22:48] <Dengar708> oh okay
[22:49] <Dengar708> aquaduct
[22:51] <Death_Drach> eh...
[22:51] <Death_Drach> too tall...
[22:53] <Dengar708> "tudor"
[22:53] <Death_Drach> ?
[22:53] <Death_Drach> oh..
[22:55] <cwp_aus> 32 mins
[22:56] <Death_Drach> Panic!
[22:57] <Death_Drach> does inside decor count?
[22:57] <Regox> Yes
[22:57] <cwp_aus> yes
[22:57] <Death_Drach> just checking
[23:00] <Regox> WHY
[23:00] <Death_Drach> sigh...
[23:00] <roberestarkk> It does that at this time every day :P
[23:00] <cwp_aus> DAgnit rob
[23:00] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[23:00] <Regox> Tools down
[23:00] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@?2Death_Drach?r) Quit (?eDeath_Drach left the game.)
[23:01] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[23:01] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[23:01] * cozzer619 (cozzer619@cozzer619) has joined #main
[23:01] * Death_Drach (Death_Drach@Death_Drach) has joined #main
[23:01] <cozzer619> vinne
[23:01] <Death_Drach> pause?
[23:02] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[23:02] <Death_Drach> or keep going?
[23:02] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[23:02] <cozzer619> vinne
[23:02] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[23:03] <cwp_aus> keep a goin
[23:04] <Smiley864> YAS
[23:04] <cwp_aus> dangit net
[23:04] <Smiley864> idk
[23:04] <Death_Drach> had to be in the bloody desert....
[23:04] <Smiley864> idk
[23:04] <Smiley864> who cares
[23:04] <Smiley864> 8D
[23:04] <cwp_aus> y u be so bad internet
[23:04] <cozzer619> u have to cumfort it
[23:06] <Smiley864> YA
[23:06] <Dengar708> my build it eh
[23:06] <Smiley864> wtf
[23:07] <Regox> ?
[23:07] <Smiley864> how
[23:07] <Smiley864> to make
[23:07] <Smiley864> circle
[23:07] <cwp_aus> gg
[23:08] <cwp_aus> 20 mins
[23:08] <Dengar708> wanted to make mine different to Death_Drach
[23:09] <Death_Drach> eh, so much more i'd like to do :/
[23:09] <Dengar708> mine is a generic house for regox to use if he wants
[23:09] <Death_Drach> mines way to tall :/
[23:09] <Dengar708> look at mine
[23:09] <Death_Drach> feels weird
[23:11] <Dengar708> may have to leave
[23:11] <Dengar708> storm
[23:12] <Smiley864> in here
[23:12] <Smiley864> D:
[23:12] <Smiley864> Wrong one
[23:12] <cwp_aus> *Shrugs*
[23:13] <cwp_aus> oh my
[23:14] <cwp_aus> damn internet
[23:14] <cwp_aus> also, 14 mins
[23:14] <Dengar708> I lose q-q
[23:14] <Smiley864> REALLY!?
[23:15] <cwp_aus> eh
[23:15] <cwp_aus> winning this doesn't count for a lot, only gives you more points in the holiday compathon
[23:15] <cwp_aus> speaking of which, spleef tommorow or the day after, not sure yet
[23:16] <Death_Drach> i screwed up my roof height
[23:17] <Death_Drach> I hate roofs...
[23:18] <Dengar708> g2g
[23:18] <Dengar708> storm
[23:18] <Dengar708> literally over my house
[23:18] <cwp_aus> seya
[23:18] <Dengar708> Just pretend I had built the innards or something
[23:18] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@?2Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[23:19] <Death_Drach> im disappointed with myself :(
[23:20] * cozzer619 (cozzer619@?9cozzer619?r) Quit (?ecozzer619 left the game.)
[23:20] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@?9roberestarkk?r) Quit (?eroberestarkk left the game.)
[23:20] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@?cSmiley864?r) Quit (?eSmiley864 left the game.)
[23:20] <cwp_aus> :?
[23:20] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[23:20] * cozzer619 (cozzer619@cozzer619) has joined #main
[23:20] <Death_Drach> ?
[23:20] <Death_Drach> weird.
[23:20] <Smiley864> .
[23:21] <cwp_aus> quite
[23:21] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[23:22] <cwp_aus> Shame no-one is joining in on the xcom thingy, :I
[23:22] <cozzer619> whats that
[23:22] <cwp_aus> *Gets link*
[23:23] <cwp_aus> https://forum.lawsofminecraft.com/Thread-X-COM-TheLoM-Edition
[23:26] <cwp_aus> well then
[23:26] <cwp_aus> Oh, forgot to mention
[23:26] <cwp_aus> 2 more mins
[23:27] <Death_Drach> i kinda gave up on the house :/
[23:27] <cwp_aus> :P
[23:27] <Regox> Whelp, I'm doe
[23:27] <Regox> *done
[23:27] <Death_Drach> i woulda torn off the roof and restarted the second floor, but i didnt have the time.
[23:28] <cwp_aus> annd time
[23:29] <cwp_aus> the winners are as follows
[23:29] <cwp_aus> drach, deng, smiley/cozz, reg
[23:29] <Regox> GLORIOUS
[23:29] <Smiley864> #yay
[23:30] <cozzer619> how did we beat reg?
[23:30] <cwp_aus> reg wasn't even entered
[23:30] <Regox> Da
[23:30] <cozzer619> oh
[23:30] <Smiley864> oh
[23:30] <Smiley864> lol
[23:31] <Regox> Also because I cheat
[23:31] <Death_Drach> :/
[23:31] <Regox> This time around, I used worldedit on the land to save time in grass and trees
[23:31] <Smiley864> awww i lost my carrots =(
[23:31] <Death_Drach> i was still building :p
[23:31] <Death_Drach> im now stuck up a tower.
[23:31] <Regox> Also went outside of boundaries with the aqueduct
[23:31] <Smiley864> god
[23:31] <Death_Drach> im stuck in my tower.
[23:31] <Smiley864> cwp
[23:32] <cwp_aus> ?
[23:32] <Smiley864> we got a angry cwp
[23:32] <Death_Drach> i dont wanna jump :/
[23:32] <Smiley864> running around
[23:32] <Smiley864> D:
[23:32] <cwp_aus> oh god
[23:32] <Smiley864> it ate
[23:32] <Smiley864> the bunny!
[23:33] <cwp_aus> now
[23:33] <cwp_aus> off I go because of my shitty net
[23:33] <cwp_aus> also
[23:33] <cwp_aus> check that thread I posted erlier, ;)
[23:33] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[23:33] <Death_Drach> So, does the land get restored?
[23:33] <Regox> I hope not
[23:33] <Smiley864> cwp
[23:33] <Smiley864> stop eating
[23:34] <Smiley864> all teh buniies
[23:34] <Smiley864> DDD:
[23:34] <Death_Drach> but doesnt that mean people can get these bricks?
[23:34] <Regox> That would count as grief
[23:34] <Death_Drach> unnaturally spawns in bricks...
[23:34] <Regox> Well, I'm happy with my tiny lakeside cottage
[23:35] <Death_Drach> i screwed up the roof, i suck at rooves :/
[23:35] <Regox> Same here
[23:35] <Regox> Nice touch using trapdoors as armrests
[23:35] <Death_Drach> I wish i could have finished the tower :/
[23:35] <Death_Drach> thnx :p
[23:36] <Death_Drach> i love my chairs.
[23:36] <Regox> They're quite nice
[23:36] <Death_Drach> copyrighted of course...
[23:36] <Death_Drach> so dont get any ideas :p
[23:36] <roberestarkk> That's not quite how copyright works I'm afraid...
[23:36] <Death_Drach> haha :p
[23:37] <Death_Drach> am i allowed to grief my own building?
[23:37] <roberestarkk> No...
[23:37] <Regox> Not this one, because the resources weren't legitimately obtained
[23:37] <roberestarkk> The definition of the word 'Grief' prohibits it
[23:37] <Death_Drach> such nice blocks though....
[23:37] <Regox> Also liking the anvil as a chimney cap
[23:38] <Death_Drach> it was either that or a half slab cover
[23:38] <Death_Drach> with fences in between
[23:38] <Smiley864> oo
[23:38] <Smiley864> nice chairs :3
[23:38] <Death_Drach> i wish item frames went up and down...
[23:38] <Death_Drach> cause i'd place them on the table with food on top.
[23:39] <Regox> I wish slabs did the same
[23:39] <Regox> And that decent sized rope was a thing
[23:39] <Death_Drach> "rope"
[23:39] <Death_Drach> ^
[23:39] <Death_Drach> whats going on therre?
[23:39] <Regox> They do it quite often
[23:40] <Death_Drach> why is the bards college out here?
[23:40] <Regox> Ejano wanted a copy
[23:42] <Regox> Also death, I still have that stack of bricks
[23:42] <Death_Drach> yes please
[23:42] <Regox> What're you offering?
[23:43] <Death_Drach> um.... idk. what are you missing?
[23:43] <Regox> Same as usual
[23:43] <Regox> Iron, gold, leather, prismarine
[23:44] <Regox> Prismarine currently holds highest value
[23:44] <Death_Drach> which i dont have...
[23:45] <Regox> So leather, gold and iron
[23:45] <Death_Drach> yup, looking at stores now.
[23:45] <Death_Drach> how many stacks of bricks are you able to make
[23:45] <Regox> Just the 1, didn't have much clay
[23:46] <Regox> I can make more, it'll just take a while
[23:46] <Death_Drach> is it a stack of stairs or bricks?
[23:46] <Regox> Bricks
[23:46] <Regox> As in a solid brick block
[23:46] <Death_Drach> Ok, well if you can get me 3 stacks of stairs, ill give you 6 stacks of iron ingots?
[23:47] <Death_Drach> *moment of contemplation*
[23:48] <Smiley864> cyassssssssss
[23:48] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@?cSmiley864?r) Quit (?eSmiley864 left the game.)
[23:52] <Regox> That's a 20 stacks of clay investment, not counting time
[23:52] <Regox> So nope
[23:52] <Death_Drach> I didnt do the math :p I just know i need 3 stacks roughly.
[23:53] <Death_Drach> Ok, two stacks of iron for your stack of bricks?
[23:53] <Regox> Already made them into stairs
[23:53] <Death_Drach> well, stairs then
[23:53] <Regox> Full stack of brick blocks made 40stair, 4 leftorver
[23:53] <Regox> And sounds good
[23:54] <Death_Drach> why do you only ever wear that...?
[23:54] <Regox> Wear what?
[23:54] <Death_Drach> the chestplate
[23:54] <Regox> Because why would I wear other armour?
[23:54] <Death_Drach> idk?
[23:54] <Death_Drach> more protection?
[23:54] <roberestarkk> lol
[23:54] <Regox> Thorns 1000 and protection 1000 on a chestplate is not enough?
[23:54] <Death_Drach> -.-
[23:54] <Death_Drach> that's cheating :p
[23:54] * cozzer619 was kicked from #main by Server
[23:54] * cozzer619 (cozzer619@?9cozzer619?r) Quit (?ecozzer619 left the game.)
[23:56] <Regox> It's so people can still assassinate me if they're clever, but they will need to be clever
[23:56] <Death_Drach> arrows dont deal back thorn damage right?
[23:56] <roberestarkk> Have you tested it?
[23:56] <Death_Drach> Also, who'd assassinate a Horleggor? Plus purple faction is disbanded?
[23:56] <Death_Drach> No i havent rob.
[23:56] <roberestarkk> Because protection higher than 9 grants total damage immunity
[23:57] <roberestarkk> so unless they manage to break the armour before getting thorns'd...
[23:57] <Regox> Arrows are still affected by thorns
[23:57] <Death_Drach> So he's immune to all damage then?
[23:57] <Regox> And not complete immunity
[23:57] <Death_Drach> do they not get thorn damage if they hit your legs or something?
[23:57] <Regox> A couple mobs, traps and clever tricks can still take me out
[23:57] <Death_Drach> Ah, right.
[23:58] <Death_Drach> Hypothetically asking of course...
[23:58] <Death_Drach> Totally hypothetical...
[23:58] <Regox> The only clue I'm prepared to give is that while the armour is good, it's not indestructable
[23:58] <Death_Drach> But that'd take 10,000 hits first :/
[23:59] <Death_Drach> lag?
[23:59] <Death_Drach> idk what to do atm...

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