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[1:01] <bajanistheman> :O
[1:01] <bajanistheman> Hi
[1:01] <Dengar708> hey :P
[1:01] <bajanistheman> :P
[1:03] <bajanistheman> Sooooo
[1:03] <Dengar708> magic plugins was removed
[1:03] <bajanistheman> Magic?
[1:03] <Dengar708> ye
[1:03] <bajanistheman> Which kind?
[1:03] <Dengar708> the me launching high
[1:03] <Dengar708> and shooting arrows out of face
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[2:15] <Regox> Hey
[2:17] <Regox> Works fine
[2:26] <Regox> Gah
[2:26] <Regox> Wooden roofs
[2:27] <bajanistheman> Oh
[2:27] <bajanistheman> Sorry
[2:28] <bajanistheman> I was watching a movie xD
[2:28] <Regox> That's OK
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[3:41] <DjDarkenoid> hey hey'
[3:41] <Regox> Hey
[3:41] <DjDarkenoid> are you a skyrim fan reg?
[3:42] <Regox> It's a giant moddable freeroam sandbox game
[3:42] <Regox> So yes
[3:42] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[3:42] <DjDarkenoid> well today i found the best mod for it
[3:43] <DjDarkenoid> it is a weapon pack
[3:43] <DjDarkenoid> it adds, Shortswords, mauls, clubs, spears, shortspears, halberds, quater stafs, hatchets and much m
[3:43] <DjDarkenoid> more*
[3:43] <DjDarkenoid> best mod ever :D
[3:44] <Regox> Eh
[3:44] <DjDarkenoid> SO AWESOME
[3:44] <Regox> I just have my absurdly enchanted weapons and armour
[3:44] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha, same
[3:44] <DjDarkenoid> what race and lv are you :3
[3:44] <Regox> This runthrough, level 45
[3:45] <DjDarkenoid> and race :D
[3:45] <Regox> With a sword so powerful, it no longer displays the actual damage
[3:45] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[3:45] <DjDarkenoid> wow
[3:45] <DjDarkenoid> reg enables hax
[3:45] <Regox> http://imgur.com/t1I8fbv
[3:46] <DjDarkenoid> a blades sword??
[3:46] <Regox> You betcha
[3:46] <DjDarkenoid> why you no dragon/daedric
[3:46] <Regox> You look at the damage on that sword
[3:46] <DjDarkenoid> and what race are youuu
[3:46] <DjDarkenoid> and ok
[3:46] <Regox> And tell me if it's necessary to go daedric
[3:47] <DjDarkenoid> yeah that can't be legit
[3:47] <DjDarkenoid> wtf
[3:47] <Regox> Simple mod that alters one value only
[3:47] <DjDarkenoid> ahhhh there was a catch
[3:47] <Regox> Always
[3:47] <DjDarkenoid> well still that's impressive
[3:48] <DjDarkenoid> well im a level 200 imperial, :3 and my weaps need some modding now too
[3:49] <DjDarkenoid> brb ughhh chores :(
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[16:42] * bajanistheman (bajanistheman@bajanistheman) has joined #main
[16:42] <ejano> hey!
[16:42] <bajanistheman> Hey!
[16:42] <ejano> bajaaaaaan
[16:43] <ejano> yey I haven't seen you in ages
[16:43] <bajanistheman> ejaaaaaaaano
[16:43] <bajanistheman> ikr
[16:44] <ejano> how have ya been
[16:44] <bajanistheman> Alright
[16:44] <bajanistheman> School
[16:44] <ejano> yeah
[16:44] <ejano> school
[16:45] <bajanistheman> finishing grade 6
[16:45] <ejano> woah
[16:45] <ejano> really!
[16:45] <bajanistheman> Yeah
[16:45] <ejano> \shoot does that mean highschool?
[16:45] <bajanistheman> Yup
[16:45] <ejano> dundun duun
[16:46] <bajanistheman> xD
[16:46] <ejano> yeah we have to be welcoming to our new grade 8's AND grade 7's since the
[16:46] <ejano> change over is happening next year
[16:46] <bajanistheman> YEah
[16:48] <bajanistheman> Big change
[16:48] <ejano> indeed
[16:49] <bajanistheman> I cant find red dye :/
[16:49] <ejano> you get roses?
[16:49] <bajanistheman> Ye i cant find any :(
[16:50] <ejano> oh! I know where some are
[16:50] <bajanistheman> :o
[16:50] <ejano> are you at a Terran town?>
[16:50] <bajanistheman> oh my
[16:50] <ejano> I think this is somewhere now the capital
[16:52] <bajanistheman> Thanks
[16:52] <ejano> np
[16:52] <ejano> this is SE of misten peak
[16:52] <bajanistheman> alright thanks
[16:52] <ejano> if that helps
[16:57] <bajanistheman> Sooo
[17:00] <ejano> ?
[17:00] <ejano> soooooo
[17:00] <bajanistheman> I dunno
[17:00] <ejano> Do you live in a terran town?
[17:00] <bajanistheman> No
[17:00] <bajanistheman> I live out
[17:00] <ejano> Im currently spicing up Marina aqua
[17:00] <bajanistheman> Whats that mean, lol
[17:01] <ejano> I
[17:01] <ejano> 'm,
[17:01] <ejano> making it more towney
[17:01] <ejano> by adding buildings and making it look nicer
[17:01] <bajanistheman> Oh
[17:01] <bajanistheman> lol
[17:02] <bajanistheman> Well i am building a small castle
[17:02] <ejano> noice!
[17:03] <bajanistheman> I am just doing the towers atm
[17:04] <bajanistheman> ./mctop unarmed
[17:04] <bajanistheman> :D
[17:04] <bajanistheman> Find me
[17:04] <ejano> :O
[17:04] <ejano> wowz
[17:04] <bajanistheman> I could disarm u
[17:05] <ejano> ./mctop swords
[17:05] <ejano> :o
[17:05] <bajanistheman> :O
[17:05] <ejano> darn then that could be useless
[17:05] <bajanistheman> Yeah xD
[17:05] <bajanistheman> Keep extra swords on you when battling me ;)
[17:05] <ejano> xD
[17:06] <bajanistheman> Other wise you will get wrecked xD
[17:07] <bajanistheman> Gawd
[17:07] <bajanistheman> This is going to take a while
[17:07] <ejano> mmm some builds do that
[17:08] <bajanistheman> Need more clay
[17:08] <bajanistheman> :I
[17:08] <ejano> you're using clay too?
[17:08] <bajanistheman> yup
[17:09] <ejano> ah I see
[17:09] <bajanistheman> The towers are the hard part
[17:09] <ejano> I heard a zombie o.O
[17:09] <ejano> :o
[17:09] <ejano> lol
[17:10] <bajanistheman> Got any clay you can spare me?
[17:10] <ejano> 6
[17:10] <ejano> lol
[17:10] <bajanistheman> no thanks xD
[17:10] <ejano> naw keep it
[17:10] <bajanistheman> i am already getting 2 dubs of stone from regox
[17:11] <ejano> I gave u 6 blocks xD
[17:11] <bajanistheman> I live in that house down there with Go_Gabba_Gabba1
[17:11] <bajanistheman> Skele built it
[17:11] <ejano> ah nice
[17:11] <bajanistheman> and the cobble thing next to it
[17:11] <bajanistheman> is a automatic fisher
[17:11] <ejano> o.O
[17:11] <bajanistheman> xD
[17:11] <bajanistheman> youtube ;)
[17:12] <ejano> saywhat
[17:12] <bajanistheman> Got a fishing rod on ya?
[17:12] <ejano> no
[17:13] <ejano> how does it work
[17:13] <bajanistheman> Stand on the carpet
[17:13] <bajanistheman> Now hold right click on the door
[17:13] <bajanistheman> bottom of it
[17:13] <bajanistheman> Now wait
[17:13] <bajanistheman> When a fish comes it pulls the rod in and it resets
[17:14] <ejano> do I reel it in?
[17:14] <bajanistheman> Just hold right click
[17:14] <bajanistheman> See
[17:14] <bajanistheman> Pretty cool
[17:14] <ejano> :o
[17:14] <ejano> holy
[17:15] <ejano> moly
[17:15] <ejano> what is this sorcery
[17:15] <bajanistheman> haha!
[17:20] <bajanistheman> :O
[17:27] <bajanistheman> 25 tnt :O
[17:29] <ejano> woah
[17:29] <ejano> tnt!?
[17:41] <bajanistheman> wb
[17:41] <ejano> ah thanks
[17:41] <bajanistheman> do u happen to be in the town?
[17:41] <ejano> yes
[17:41] <ejano> and its full of spiders
[17:41] <bajanistheman> ./tpahere?
[17:42] <bajanistheman> looks really nice
[17:42] <bajanistheman> I need more clay
[17:42] <bajanistheman> xD
[17:42] <ejano> lel
[17:42] <bajanistheman> I am goin got the storage house
[17:43] <bajanistheman> I have one more tower to go
[17:43] <bajanistheman> and then i do the tower details!
[17:43] <ejano> we'll there's not much here, I've just been digging from a swamp
[17:43] <ejano> then cooking the clay
[17:43] <bajanistheman> is there much clay in the swamp?
[17:44] <ejano> er I think so
[17:44] <ejano> actually, its not that big a swamp but there should still be more there
[17:44] <bajanistheman> can u direct me
[17:45] <bajanistheman> thanks :3
[17:45] <ejano> so, this way about 100 blocks
[17:45] <bajanistheman> Horses :D
[17:45] <ejano> and a bit diagonal that wy
[17:45] <bajanistheman> Found it
[17:48] <bajanistheman> Go enough
[17:48] <bajanistheman> For now
[17:48] <bajanistheman> I still need like 5 stacks
[17:48] <bajanistheman> but not until the end
[17:48] <bajanistheman> xD
[17:48] <ejano> there should be some more there
[17:48] <ejano> in the southish end
[17:49] <bajanistheman> Soo much clay
[17:49] <bajanistheman> xD
[17:49] <bajanistheman> brb
[18:16] * bajanistheman was kicked from #main by Server
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[19:34] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180) has joined #main
[19:34] <Kagey180> hey dengar
[19:35] <Dengar708> Hey
[19:35] <Kagey180> howve u been
[19:35] <Dengar708> not bad
[19:35] <Dengar708> I don't know what to do
[19:35] <Kagey180> ?
[19:36] <Dengar708> I am bored q-q
[19:36] <Kagey180> oh
[19:37] <Kagey180> when i get bored i usually go mining lol
[19:40] <Dengar708> I am sad there is no more magic plugin
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[20:01] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@?2Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
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[22:39] * bajanistheman (bajanistheman@bajanistheman) has joined #main
[22:53] <bajanistheman> Hello?
[23:02] * bajanistheman (bajanistheman@?9bajanistheman?r) Quit (?ebajanistheman left the game.)
[23:04] * bajanistheman (bajanistheman@bajanistheman) has joined #main
[23:06] <Regox> Hey
[23:06] <bajanistheman> :O
[23:06] <bajanistheman> Hello
[23:07] <bajanistheman> What are you doing?
[23:07] <Regox> Eh
[23:07] <Regox> Same as usual
[23:07] <Regox> Mining, working on projects
[23:07] <bajanistheman> I am working on project :P
[23:07] <bajanistheman> On and do you still have that stone?
[23:07] <Regox> Yep
[23:08] <bajanistheman> How many chests?
[23:08] <Regox> Almost 4 double full
[23:08] <bajanistheman> Can i buy 2?
[23:08] <Regox> Sure
[23:08] <Regox> What're you offering?
[23:08] <bajanistheman> What do u need?
[23:08] <Regox> Leather, iron, gold
[23:08] <Regox> Always good commodities
[23:08] <bajanistheman> How much iron for 2
[23:09] <Regox> What do you think is fair?
[23:09] <bajanistheman> 2 and a half stacks of iron?
[23:09] <Regox> Done
[23:09] <bajanistheman> Okay let me grab the iron
[23:10] <bajanistheman> Dont put it here :P
[23:10] <bajanistheman> I need it at my castle :P
[23:11] <Regox> Righto, let me know when you're at castle
[23:11] <Regox> Back in a tick
[23:11] <bajanistheman> Okay]
[23:13] <bajanistheman> alrighty
[23:15] <bajanistheman> Oh yes
[23:15] <bajanistheman> Oh yes
[23:15] <bajanistheman> Can i grab them signs
[23:15] <bajanistheman> never mind
[23:15] <bajanistheman> your already gone, :P
[23:16] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[23:16] <bajanistheman> :O
[23:16] <bajanistheman> Ejaaaaaaano
[23:17] <ejano> Bajaaaaaan
[23:17] <bajanistheman> :D
[23:17] <bajanistheman> regox
[23:17] <Regox> ?
[23:17] <bajanistheman> I am wondering
[23:18] <bajanistheman> If someone were to take my stone
[23:18] <bajanistheman> Cause i am not going to claim the chests
[23:18] <bajanistheman> and a admin core checks it
[23:18] <bajanistheman> when they come on the server would i be alowwed to tpa to them and kill them and take it back?
[23:18] <ejano> just
[23:18] <ejano> stick the box in the ground
[23:19] <ejano> and cover it up ;P
[23:19] <bajanistheman> :P
[23:19] <ejano> Good question though
[23:19] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:19] <bajanistheman> If that does happen i am going to :P
[23:19] <ejano> since they would be allowed to steal it
[23:19] <Regox> Well
[23:19] <Regox> Horleggor definitely shouldn't
[23:20] <Regox> Terran seems kinda pointless
[23:20] <bajanistheman> If terran takes it
[23:20] <Regox> Abbadon's your best bet for thieves, and tell me the last time
[23:20] <bajanistheman> I will just ask for it back
[23:20] <Regox> You saw a member of that faction apart from DJ, smiley or bench
[23:20] <bajanistheman> If it is Horelogger
[23:20] <bajanistheman> I will ask for it
[23:20] <bajanistheman> and if they say no
[23:20] <bajanistheman> I will kill them :P
[23:21] <Regox> *Horleggor
[23:21] <bajanistheman> and if it is Abbadon
[23:21] <bajanistheman> I will ask and if no, they die :P
[23:21] <ejano> oooh! Regox can I show you something
[23:21] <bajanistheman> Cause i am quite friendly with abbadon
[23:21] <ejano> you might have already seen it
[23:22] <bajanistheman> xD What
[23:22] <bajanistheman> wb
[23:22] <ejano> back
[23:22] <ejano> thx :p
[23:22] <Regox> Neato
[23:22] <bajanistheman> everytime i walk into my house
[23:22] <bajanistheman> my villager
[23:22] <bajanistheman> makes the weirdest sound
[23:23] <ejano> like
[23:23] <ejano> hawh?
[23:23] <bajanistheman> Yeah
[23:23] <bajanistheman> Wait
[23:23] <bajanistheman> hmm
[23:23] <bajanistheman> Yeah
[23:24] <bajanistheman> Now, that it interesting
[23:25] <bajanistheman> Torch light comes through stairs
[23:25] <bajanistheman> hmmm
[23:25] <ejano> and yes
[23:25] <ejano> ah*
[23:25] <ejano> magical stairs
[23:26] <bajanistheman> I am going to use this to my advantage
[23:26] <bajanistheman> on a different server
[23:26] <bajanistheman> Hmmm
[23:26] <bajanistheman> Good to know
[23:27] <bajanistheman> I cant 3 shot a zombie with my fist
[23:27] <bajanistheman> :D
[23:30] <bajanistheman> My house is on LOCKDOWN
[23:30] <bajanistheman> my villager escaped
[23:31] <bajanistheman> Oh yes
[23:31] <bajanistheman> OMG
[23:31] <bajanistheman> OMG
[23:31] <bajanistheman> Nametage anybody?
[23:31] <ejano> ??
[23:31] <bajanistheman> Pls
[23:31] <Regox> I think I have one
[23:32] <ejano> Uh I'll check my house!
[23:32] <bajanistheman> I have a baby zombie on a chicked
[23:32] <Regox> What're you offering?
[23:32] <bajanistheman> I have a baby zombie on a chicken
[23:32] <ejano> ohgod
[23:32] <ejano> kill it!
[23:32] <bajanistheman> with a shovel
[23:32] <bajanistheman> Noooo
[23:32] <bajanistheman> This is sooo rare
[23:32] <bajanistheman> It is staring at my villager
[23:32] <bajanistheman> this is like a 1% chance of spawning
[23:32] <ejano> I have some!
[23:33] <bajanistheman> What do u want regox?
[23:33] <bajanistheman> :O
[23:33] <Regox> Same as always
[23:33] <bajanistheman> ej
[23:33] <Regox> Iron, gold, leather
[23:33] <ejano> er
[23:33] <ejano> got any food I can trade you for it?
[23:33] <bajanistheman> Carrots?
[23:33] <Regox> I have... 8
[23:34] <ejano> aaaaaaah
[23:34] <ejano> noooo I gtg I'll be back
[23:34] <bajanistheman> tp reg
[23:34] <bajanistheman> Gold
[23:35] <bajanistheman> Oh my
[23:35] <bajanistheman> This is my 3rd
[23:35] <bajanistheman> finally got one
[23:38] <bajanistheman> Oh njo
[23:39] <Regox> ?
[23:40] <bajanistheman> Oh geeeeesseee
[23:40] <bajanistheman> Zombie Chicken alomost killed me
[23:40] <bajanistheman> I cant do anything
[23:40] <bajanistheman> he is crazy
[23:40] <ejano> back
[23:40] <bajanistheman> dont come
[23:40] <Regox> Ye don't muck with zombie jockeys
[23:40] <ejano> ooh but I wanna see
[23:41] <bajanistheman> He just kileed himself.......
[23:41] <Regox> Aw
[23:41] <ejano> :OO
[23:41] <bajanistheman> Waste of golda
[23:41] <ejano> aw indeed
[23:41] <ejano> :C
[23:41] <ejano> I was about to get a lead
[23:41] <Regox> SPAWN 50 OF THEM IN THE HOUSE
[23:41] <ejano> xD
[23:41] <bajanistheman> No
[23:41] <bajanistheman> pls
[23:41] <Regox> OK
[23:41] <bajanistheman> i fan
[23:41] <Regox> SPAWN 100 INSTEAD
[23:42] <ejano> xD
[23:42] <bajanistheman> Oh geese
[23:42] <bajanistheman> Dont let him kill my villager xD
[23:42] <Regox> He can't move
[23:43] <bajanistheman> Can u spawn one named Greg in here xD
[23:43] <ejano> I don't see it
[23:43] <Regox> Nope, naming most hostile mobs is a pain
[23:43] <bajanistheman> Yeah it died
[23:44] <bajanistheman> Killed himself
[23:44] <bajanistheman> There is the chicken
[23:45] <ejano> can I have fence post
[23:45] <bajanistheman> BUt i have a villager
[23:45] <Regox> I
[23:45] <Regox> Happen to have some fencing for sale
[23:45] <ejano> all good, I just needed the 1 :P
[23:45] <bajanistheman> Bring this chicken in?
[23:46] <ejano> ?ffus
[23:48] <ejano> hang on, I might have to move this downstairs
[23:49] <bajanistheman> Sorry
[23:49] <bajanistheman> Lol
[23:49] <bajanistheman> wot
[23:50] <bajanistheman> Oh gawd
[23:50] <ejano> got that other fence?
[23:51] <bajanistheman> Oh wot
[23:52] <bajanistheman> I have three in here :P
[23:53] <ejano> didn't work
[23:53] <bajanistheman> Hahah!
[23:53] <bajanistheman> ment to be baby zombie
[23:53] <bajanistheman> ./spawnmob baby_zombie,chicken
[23:53] <bajanistheman> I think
[23:54] <bajanistheman> :o
[23:55] <bajanistheman> close
[23:56] <bajanistheman> did u try my command?
[23:56] <ejano> no
[23:56] <bajanistheman> want to try?
[23:56] <ejano> its another one lol
[23:58] <ejano> godammit why wont you just wear pink armour
[23:58] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:59] <ejano> huh

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