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IRC Log for #main.2014-12-02

Timestamps are in GMT/BST.

[0:00] <Hedriod> you guys got teamspeak?
[0:00] <DjDarkenoid> no i do have skye though
[0:00] <DjDarkenoid> skype*
[0:00] <bajanistheman> I have team speak
[0:00] <bajanistheman> and skype
[0:00] <DjDarkenoid> do you want to add me on skype
[0:01] <DjDarkenoid> my name is rosesredwafflesblue
[0:01] <DjDarkenoid> my name should be joel jon kroon
[0:01] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:01] <Hedriod> why dont you have ts?
[0:01] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:01] <DjDarkenoid> because i just never got around to it, i might get it soonish
[0:01] <Hedriod> k
[0:02] <DjDarkenoid> ok hedroid sounds like a really bad migrain now
[0:02] * Hedriod was kicked from #main by Server
[0:02] * Hedriod (Hedriod@?2Hedriod?r) Quit (?eHedriod left the game.)
[0:02] * Hedriod (Hedriod@Hedriod) has joined #main
[0:04] * Hedriod (Hedriod@?2Hedriod?r) Quit (?eHedriod left the game.)
[0:04] <DjDarkenoid> bye steroid <3
[0:05] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:05] * Hedriod (Hedriod@Hedriod) has joined #main
[0:05] <DjDarkenoid> welcome back
[0:06] <bajanistheman> wb
[0:06] <Hedriod> wb
[0:06] <bajanistheman> erm
[0:06] <DjDarkenoid> thanks...... -_-
[0:06] <bajanistheman> Why did u say it?
[0:06] <Hedriod> why not?
[0:07] <DjDarkenoid> did you find me on skype??
[0:07] <bajanistheman> Oh
[0:07] <bajanistheman> Whoops
[0:07] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[0:07] <Hedriod> i am waiting for you to get ts
[0:07] <DjDarkenoid> ypi don't have to add me
[0:07] <DjDarkenoid> i'll get it in a sec lmao
[0:10] <DjDarkenoid> looks like kanga walla fox has griefed
[0:10] <bajanistheman> really
[0:10] <DjDarkenoid> yep i just core protected my castle
[0:10] <Hedriod> he did that trying to escape
[0:10] <DjDarkenoid> looked at block data
[0:11] <DjDarkenoid> and he broke a few
[0:11] <bajanistheman> report
[0:11] <bajanistheman> ?
[0:11] <bajanistheman> or cwp
[0:12] <DjDarkenoid> well if your gonna grief, cover the evidence
[0:12] <DjDarkenoid> onthing gets past me
[0:12] <bajanistheman> lol
[0:12] <DjDarkenoid> it may be a massive castle but i know everything
[0:12] <bajanistheman> too slick for u
[0:12] <Hedriod> wow reported for breaking a couple blocks
[0:12] <bajanistheman> Yes
[0:12] <bajanistheman> Hedriod
[0:12] <bajanistheman> I got banned for breaking 1 glowstone
[0:12] <DjDarkenoid> no i havent reported anyone
[0:12] <bajanistheman> Its a think
[0:12] <DjDarkenoid> but now i have something against him
[0:12] <bajanistheman> thing*
[0:13] <Hedriod> wow baj that is the gayest thing i have every heard of
[0:13] <Hedriod> who banned you for that?
[0:13] <bajanistheman> More than u?
[0:13] <Hedriod> i wasnt affending you no need to be defensive
[0:13] <bajanistheman> Hyperaxe
[0:13] <DjDarkenoid> woah steroid there are homosexuals on the server
[0:14] <DjDarkenoid> i love being trusted
[0:14] <Hedriod> i dont believe in gay people
[0:14] <DjDarkenoid> my permissions touch me in special places
[0:14] <bajanistheman> Well Hedriod
[0:14] <DjDarkenoid> well gay people exist so why don't you believe in them
[0:15] <Hedriod> because i have never seen them
[0:15] <DjDarkenoid> they aren't like santa
[0:15] <bajanistheman> You are offically my worst enemy
[0:15] <DjDarkenoid> well infact one of the admins is a homosexual
[0:15] <DjDarkenoid> trise
[0:15] <bajanistheman> Dj
[0:15] <DjDarkenoid> yeah
[0:15] <bajanistheman> Personal
[0:15] <bajanistheman> No need to go telling people
[0:15] <bajanistheman> Just saying
[0:15] <Hedriod> stop giving out personal information
[0:16] <DjDarkenoid> he told everyone baj its ok
[0:16] <bajanistheman> Oh oky
[0:16] <DjDarkenoid> he let everyone know ages ago
[0:16] <bajanistheman> Hedriod 1v1
[0:16] <bajanistheman> Right now
[0:16] <DjDarkenoid> because of that reason that everyone kept offending him without knowing
[0:17] <Hedriod> fair enough dj i apologise to trise and all the homosexauls out there
[0:17] <DjDarkenoid> hahahaha
[0:17] <bajanistheman> Better
[0:17] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:17] <DjDarkenoid> dude we are just being pushy
[0:17] <DjDarkenoid> no need to apologise
[0:17] <bajanistheman> Cool kids
[0:17] <Hedriod> i am just being annoying
[0:17] <DjDarkenoid> we are kinda being mean ourselves
[0:17] <DjDarkenoid> so thats fine dude
[0:18] <Hedriod> ia
[0:18] <DjDarkenoid> we are all being mean to eachother because o have the lamest name here
[0:18] <DjDarkenoid> hedroid sounds like steroid
[0:18] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:18] <DjDarkenoid> and baj sounds like bajina
[0:18] <DjDarkenoid> so we are all even now
[0:18] <Hedriod> baj sounds like vaj
[0:18] <DjDarkenoid> like cumon
[0:18] <bajanistheman> To far
[0:18] <DjDarkenoid> djdarkenoid
[0:18] <DjDarkenoid> what am i trying to say
[0:18] <bajanistheman> 1v1 me right now
[0:19] <DjDarkenoid> my name is so unfathomably stupid
[0:19] <Hedriod> same\
[0:19] <DjDarkenoid> hedroid isn't that bad
[0:19] <DjDarkenoid> it just sounds like a bad headache
[0:19] <DjDarkenoid> like
[0:19] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:19] <DjDarkenoid> "mum can you give me some steroid to fix my massive hedroid
[0:20] <bajanistheman> Hahaha!
[0:20] <bajanistheman> I am dying ehre
[0:20] * Hedriod (Hedriod@?2Hedriod?r) Quit (?eHedriod left the game.)
[0:20] * Hedriod (Hedriod@Hedriod) has joined #main
[0:20] <DjDarkenoid> darkeNOID, hedROID
[0:20] <DjDarkenoid> rhymes
[0:20] <DjDarkenoid> we are brothers headache
[0:21] <DjDarkenoid> brb
[0:21] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[0:21] <Hedriod> i gotta fix my place gimme a sec and ill one v one
[0:22] <Hedriod> do you have a gapple?
[0:22] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[0:22] <bajanistheman> Why would i waste a gapple on a 1v1?
[0:22] <DjDarkenoid> back
[0:22] <Hedriod> do you have prot 4 armor?
[0:22] <bajanistheman> Maybe
[0:23] <Hedriod> do you have a sharp 5 sword?
[0:23] <bajanistheman> Pfft no
[0:24] <bajanistheman> Why?
[0:24] <Hedriod> i just want to fight someone with max gear
[0:25] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[0:25] <DjDarkenoid> ok i will
[0:25] <DjDarkenoid> hey reg
[0:25] <Regox> Fight someone with max gear y'say
[0:25] <bajanistheman> Regox
[0:25] <DjDarkenoid> i will prepare some stuff
[0:25] <DjDarkenoid> ohhhh admin fight
[0:27] <DjDarkenoid> like my new skin
[0:27] <DjDarkenoid> made it myself
[0:27] <Regox> Nice
[0:27] <DjDarkenoid> thankyou
[0:27] <Hedriod> hey
[0:28] <Regox> You wanted to fight someone in max gear?
[0:28] <DjDarkenoid> reg will rip your buthole and tear you a new onw
[0:28] <DjDarkenoid> one*
[0:29] <DjDarkenoid> reg is one war crazed mofo running a neutral fac
[0:29] <DjDarkenoid> insanity
[0:29] <Hedriod> wait up i am fixing my place to many mobs spawn
[0:30] <Hedriod> need slime?
[0:34] <bajanistheman> Dj
[0:34] <bajanistheman> you got books?
[0:34] <DjDarkenoid> yeas possum
[0:34] <bajanistheman> or leather?
[0:34] <DjDarkenoid> and i sure do
[0:34] <bajanistheman> How many?
[0:34] <DjDarkenoid> we are about to find out
[0:34] <bajanistheman> ;o
[0:35] <DjDarkenoid> are you maiing bookshelves
[0:35] <bajanistheman> No
[0:35] <bajanistheman> enchanting books
[0:35] <DjDarkenoid> ahhhh
[0:35] <DjDarkenoid> ok tp to me
[0:35] <bajanistheman> are regox and Hedriod in battle?
[0:36] <bajanistheman> brb
[0:36] <DjDarkenoid> all g
[0:36] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:36] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[0:36] <Hedriod> gg
[0:36] <bajanistheman> get wrekt
[0:36] <DjDarkenoid> so saw that comming
[0:36] <DjDarkenoid> as i said about reg
[0:36] <bajanistheman> can u do a tpahere DjDarkenoid
[0:36] <DjDarkenoid> he is a thumper
[0:37] <Hedriod> mighty regox has defeated me
[0:37] <DjDarkenoid> 2 mins weow
[0:37] <Regox> Armour didn't survive?
[0:37] <Hedriod> muched deserved win by regox
[0:37] <Hedriod> nah they didnt have unbreaking
[0:37] <bajanistheman> I just got 100 followers on instagram today :D
[0:38] <bajanistheman> 11 sec
[0:38] <Hedriod> see you lads
[0:38] <DjDarkenoid> byee
[0:38] * Hedriod (Hedriod@?2Hedriod?r) Quit (?eHedriod left the game.)
[0:38] <bajanistheman> Bye
[0:38] <DjDarkenoid> rage quit
[0:38] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[0:38] <bajanistheman> Wow
[0:39] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:39] <bajanistheman> :D
[0:39] <bajanistheman> Dam
[0:39] <DjDarkenoid> all g
[0:39] <bajanistheman> Have to wait 5 min now xD
[0:39] <DjDarkenoid> well you can sit in the thrown and eat beef now :3
[0:39] <bajanistheman> Got some spare carrots?
[0:39] <DjDarkenoid> sure do
[0:40] <DjDarkenoid> im going for a mine wanna come
[0:40] <bajanistheman> Sure
[0:40] <DjDarkenoid> got tools
[0:40] <bajanistheman> Yup
[0:40] <DjDarkenoid> ok awesome
[0:40] <bajanistheman> Can i get a quick dump chest
[0:40] <DjDarkenoid> ill enchant mine and we shall gpo
[0:40] <DjDarkenoid> go*
[0:41] <DjDarkenoid> anfd sure
[0:41] <DjDarkenoid> lock it up too
[0:41] <DjDarkenoid> dude
[0:41] <DjDarkenoid> good :3
[0:41] <bajanistheman> U bringing torches?
[0:42] <DjDarkenoid> sure
[0:42] <bajanistheman> I dont need them
[0:42] <bajanistheman> Just wondering if u do
[0:42] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[0:42] <DjDarkenoid> normally i dont
[0:42] <DjDarkenoid> hey elldog
[0:42] <bajanistheman> I have my gamma at like 20000000000000000000000
[0:42] <EllaA2013> elldog?
[0:42] <bajanistheman> Hello
[0:42] <bajanistheman> xD
[0:42] <DjDarkenoid> same
[0:42] <DjDarkenoid> yeah elldawg
[0:42] <DjDarkenoid> sorry
[0:43] <DjDarkenoid> anyway baj lets mine
[0:43] <EllaA2013> ok um...... akward
[0:43] <bajanistheman> Wait a sec
[0:43] <bajanistheman> lol
[0:43] <DjDarkenoid> sure
[0:43] <bajanistheman> soz
[0:43] <DjDarkenoid> all g :
[0:43] <DjDarkenoid> :D*
[0:44] <DjDarkenoid> ellaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[0:44] <EllaA2013> yeah?
[0:44] <DjDarkenoid> nothing
[0:44] <DjDarkenoid> just wanted to say elldawg again XD
[0:47] <EllaA2013> really?
[0:47] <bajanistheman> Raw
[0:47] <bajanistheman> Did i scare u?
[0:51] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[0:53] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@?9EllaA2013?r) Quit (?eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[0:58] <DjDarkenoid> reg
[0:58] <DjDarkenoid> IM SCARED
[0:58] <DjDarkenoid> everytime we mine coal there are diamonds behind it
[0:58] <Regox> I stopped mining coal
[0:58] <DjDarkenoid> ahahaha
[0:58] <DjDarkenoid> why its easy exp
[0:58] <bajanistheman> I would start mining it again
[0:58] <bajanistheman> tooo cooolll
[0:58] <DjDarkenoid> and apparently diamonds hide next to coal
[0:59] <Regox> I have way too much
[0:59] <DjDarkenoid> well i might buys some off you
[0:59] <Regox> 16 double chests of coal blocks
[0:59] <DjDarkenoid> WHAT
[0:59] <DjDarkenoid> WHATTTT
[0:59] <bajanistheman> xD
[1:00] <DjDarkenoid> adminHAXX
[1:00] <Regox> "I stopped mining coal"
[1:00] <DjDarkenoid> jesus fucking christ thaT IS SO MANJNY DIAMONDS
[1:00] <DjDarkenoid> many*
[1:00] <DjDarkenoid> wait so much coal*
[1:00] <DjDarkenoid> 16 chests wtf
[1:00] <DjDarkenoid> why do you have so much coal reg
[1:00] <Regox> Because coal
[1:01] <Regox> I also have a 17th partially filled that I use for smelting
[1:02] <Regox> I do have a decent stockpile of diamonds
[1:02] <bajanistheman> 12 diamond blocks right here
[1:02] <bajanistheman> hcadh
[1:03] <Regox> Only 12?
[1:03] <bajanistheman> Yup
[1:05] <bajanistheman> Super breaker Op!
[1:09] <bajanistheman> Hey REg
[1:10] <Regox> ?
[1:10] <bajanistheman> I found out something
[1:10] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[1:10] <DjDarkenoid> HEY ROB
[1:10] <bajanistheman> :o rob
[1:10] <Regox> Hey rob
[1:10] <bajanistheman> Well
[1:10] <DjDarkenoid> caps sorry
[1:10] <roberestarkk> Ola
[1:10] <bajanistheman> If you get 100 lvls
[1:10] <roberestarkk> ooh, snapshots are working :D
[1:10] <bajanistheman> ur cool
[1:11] <roberestarkk> Wow, Peppy is a better archer than I am :/
[1:12] <bajanistheman> Hehe
[1:12] <DjDarkenoid> well you are a god of the consol
[1:12] <roberestarkk> by almost double!
[1:12] <DjDarkenoid> code yourself a bow that shoots ghast balls
[1:12] <roberestarkk> I don't need to do that, there's already /powertool fireball
[1:12] <Regox> As it so happens, I do have an OP bow
[1:13] <roberestarkk> As do I :P
[1:13] <roberestarkk> Wait no, I lost that...
[1:15] <Regox> Power and Flame 100
[1:15] * bajanistheman (bajanistheman@?9bajanistheman?r) Quit (?ebajanistheman left the game.)
[1:15] <DjDarkenoid> two admins 1 cup
[1:15] <DjDarkenoid> sorry
[1:15] <Regox> cwp's offline
[1:16] <DjDarkenoid> i meant cup
[1:16] <DjDarkenoid> you know
[1:16] <DjDarkenoid> two girls one cup
[1:16] <Regox> Then you missed out on a good joke
[1:16] <Regox> Two admins one cwp
[1:16] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[1:16] <DjDarkenoid> damn why didn't i say that'
[1:17] <DjDarkenoid> wow just got the shittest sword
[1:18] <DjDarkenoid> waste of 20 levels
[1:18] <DjDarkenoid> smite three and unbreaking
[1:18] <DjDarkenoid> three
[1:22] <DjDarkenoid> aaaaahhh the nether, my home
[1:26] <DjDarkenoid> welcome back
[1:26] <DjDarkenoid> rob with your admin powers
[1:26] <roberestarkk> ty
[1:26] <roberestarkk> Just about to leaf tho
[1:26] <DjDarkenoid> can you nicknameyourself
[1:26] <DjDarkenoid> tooo
[1:26] <DjDarkenoid> SirAfkAlot
[1:26] <DjDarkenoid> please
[1:26] <DjDarkenoid> i will do anything
[1:26] <roberestarkk> Maybe but I doubt it
[1:26] <roberestarkk> test
[1:26] <roberestarkk> Yeah nope
[1:27] <DjDarkenoid> ./nick robberstark hdbshbhebwh
[1:27] <DjDarkenoid> isnt it
[1:27] <roberestarkk> Yeah nope
[1:27] <roberestarkk> the nick command is disabled
[1:27] <DjDarkenoid> wow that sucks :3
[1:27] <roberestarkk> I'd have to log into the console to undisable it and I'm too lazy
[1:27] <DjDarkenoid> hahahaha
[1:27] <roberestarkk> But I could probably jigger it into the front of my name
[1:28] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[1:28] <DjDarkenoid> totally HAHAHA
[1:28] <roberestarkk> Test
[1:28] <DjDarkenoid> well atleast some admins have a sense of humour
[1:28] <DjDarkenoid> XDD
[1:28] <DjDarkenoid> im dyeing
[1:28] <roberestarkk> Test
[1:28] <roberestarkk> That's better
[1:29] <DjDarkenoid> LMAOOO
[1:29] <DjDarkenoid> im laughing so hard XD
[1:29] <roberestarkk> :)
[1:29] <roberestarkk> Happy to help
[1:29] <roberestarkk> Ciao!
[1:29] <DjDarkenoid> OH MY GOD
[1:29] <DjDarkenoid> hahahaha
[1:29] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@?3[SirAfkALot]?9roberestarkk?r) Quit (?eroberestarkk left the game.)
[1:29] <DjDarkenoid> X'D
[1:32] <DjDarkenoid> this is going to sound stupid, but i hope oneday i become a mod :3
[1:32] <DjDarkenoid> just oneday
[1:32] <DjDarkenoid> that would be awesome
[1:33] <DjDarkenoid> well i just have to keep working hard
[1:53] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[1:53] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[2:07] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[2:08] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[2:19] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[2:19] <DjDarkenoid> hey cwp
[2:19] <cwp_aus> :'). Dangit dj, you missed the chance
[2:19] <DjDarkenoid> what XD
[2:20] <cwp_aus> dangit brb
[2:20] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[2:21] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[2:21] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[2:29] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[2:37] * Regox (Regox@?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[2:58] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz) has joined #main
[3:14] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@?2dogwateroz?r) Quit (?edogwateroz left the game.)
[4:07] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[4:36] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180) has joined #main
[4:37] <DjDarkenoid> hey kag :3
[4:37] <Kagey180> hey
[4:37] <DjDarkenoid> well i have just found places in my castle where people griefed their way in
[4:38] <DjDarkenoid> good old core protect
[4:50] * Kagey180 was kicked from #main by Server
[4:50] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180?r) Quit (?eKagey180 left the game.)
[4:52] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180) has joined #main
[4:52] <DjDarkenoid> welcome back
[4:53] <DjDarkenoid> lol just join to go adk
[4:58] <Kagey180> lol sorry wazs lookin for a song
[4:58] <Kagey180> finally found it
[4:59] <DjDarkenoid> hahha
[4:59] <Kagey180> its a good song
[5:00] <Kagey180> thing that threw me off its a bloke named kim haha
[5:00] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[5:00] <DjDarkenoid> im doing some hardcore wiring right now
[5:00] <Kagey180> O.o
[5:00] <Kagey180> IRL or redstone?
[5:00] <DjDarkenoid> want to see
[5:00] <DjDarkenoid> redstone
[5:01] <DjDarkenoid> tp i want to show you
[5:01] <Kagey180> erm hang on just tpd so have to wait
[5:01] <DjDarkenoid> what i thought donator had no wait time
[5:01] <Kagey180> ok nvm
[5:01] <Kagey180> holy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
[5:01] <DjDarkenoid> ok im making a piston gate
[5:01] <Kagey180> lol
[5:02] <DjDarkenoid> check it out up here
[5:02] <Kagey180> big wall
[5:02] <DjDarkenoid> press it :3
[5:02] <DjDarkenoid> yeah it has taken me 5 months to build this
[5:02] <DjDarkenoid> remeber how you were helping me clear land a while ago
[5:02] <DjDarkenoid> well this is what i have built
[5:02] <Kagey180> yeah you and me are probs the only ones doing things legit
[5:03] <DjDarkenoid> yeah :3
[5:03] <Kagey180> im on an island so no real need for a wall
[5:03] <DjDarkenoid> well also you are horlegor
[5:03] <DjDarkenoid> who would want to hurt you
[5:03] <DjDarkenoid> you offer dough n stuff
[5:04] <Kagey180> i am nothing i was just given this as i was moriaris i think
[5:04] <Kagey180> anything u need?
[5:04] <DjDarkenoid> hmmm well i am in need of wood
[5:04] <Kagey180> lol
[5:04] <DjDarkenoid> the door is nearly done
[5:05] <Kagey180> the one thing
[5:05] <Kagey180> i live on a mesa island
[5:05] <DjDarkenoid> REALLY :3
[5:05] <Kagey180> haha yes
[5:05] <DjDarkenoid> i must visit later
[5:05] <Kagey180> so if u need sand or clay
[5:05] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[5:05] <Kagey180> haha you must not much construction done but yeah
[5:05] <DjDarkenoid> i no the person to go to
[5:05] <Kagey180> certainly
[5:06] <DjDarkenoid> well im glad you like this
[5:06] <DjDarkenoid> it is hard to believe that you were just helping me clear land n now this is the end result
[5:06] <DjDarkenoid> take a look around
[5:06] <Kagey180> yeah looks good
[5:06] <Kagey180> im back home now
[5:06] <DjDarkenoid> all good :D
[5:07] <DjDarkenoid> SHIT i forgot to re invert the circuit
[5:07] <DjDarkenoid> UGHHHHHH
[5:07] <DjDarkenoid> nvm that was an easy fic
[5:07] <DjDarkenoid> fix*
[5:12] <DjDarkenoid> YES
[5:12] <DjDarkenoid> the door works first try
[5:22] <DjDarkenoid> what
[5:22] <DjDarkenoid> i aint afk mofo
[5:22] <DjDarkenoid> im just looking at the sun
[5:33] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[5:34] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[6:11] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180?r) Quit (?eKagey180 left the game.)
[6:15] * _KangaWallaFox_ (_KangaWallaFox_@_KangaWallaFox_) has joined #main
[6:16] <DjDarkenoid> hey kanga
[6:18] * _KangaWallaFox_ (_KangaWallaFox_@?2_KangaWallaFox_?r) Quit (?e_KangaWallaFox_ left the game.)
[6:37] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[6:37] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[6:38] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[6:38] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[6:58] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[6:58] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[7:03] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[7:08] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[7:09] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[11:03] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy) has joined #main
[11:13] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[11:13] <VashTheStampy> hallo
[11:13] <roberestarkk> Ahoythere!
[11:14] <VashTheStampy> lol indeed afkalot
[11:14] <roberestarkk> Heh yeah, I was convinced to set it as my 'title' of sorts by Dj I thing
[11:14] <roberestarkk> think*
[11:14] <roberestarkk> stupid 'ing' reflex
[11:14] <VashTheStampy> lol noice
[11:15] <VashTheStampy> yeah im just finishing up my latest creation :P
[11:15] <roberestarkk> Ooh neat! Wossat!?
[11:15] <VashTheStampy> you'll see
[11:15] <roberestarkk> Also, I was randomly browsing through Anime and saw one called Trigun...
[11:15] <VashTheStampy> :DDDDDD
[11:17] <VashTheStampy> do you watch anime or nah?
[11:17] <roberestarkk> I watch certain ones, but not many...
[11:18] <VashTheStampy> yeah same
[11:18] <roberestarkk> atm I'm watching Fairy Tail S2 and Log Horizon S2
[11:18] <VashTheStampy> ah
[11:18] <roberestarkk> Plus I have a bunch on my 'plan to watch' list
[11:18] <VashTheStampy> indeed
[11:18] <VashTheStampy> yeah a couple of my favorites are trigun, cowboy bebop, and samurai champloo
[11:19] <VashTheStampy> plan to watch gungrave pretty soon
[11:19] <roberestarkk> Haven't heard of that one
[11:19] <VashTheStampy> theyre sorta like trigun
[11:19] <roberestarkk> I like ones with Magic and Space in them and that's pretty much it :P
[11:21] <VashTheStampy> yeah idk I sorta like the ones from early 2000s/late 90s because my bro only watched those
[11:21] <VashTheStampy> when I was a kid
[11:21] <roberestarkk> Ah nice, I don't particularly care how old they are as long as they're enjoyable to watch
[11:21] <roberestarkk> But the newer ones are definitely objectively prettier 99% of the time
[11:21] <VashTheStampy> indeed
[11:28] <roberestarkk> Ooh this'll be interesting
[11:28] <VashTheStampy> hmmm?
[11:28] <roberestarkk> in about a half hour there should be a notification of an automated world backup running
[11:28] <roberestarkk> I wanna watch it :P
[11:28] <VashTheStampy> ohhh noice
[11:35] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@?cVashTheStampy?r) Quit (?eVashTheStampy left the game.)
[11:36] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy) has joined #main
[11:38] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@?cVashTheStampy?r) Quit (?eVashTheStampy left the game.)
[11:39] * shpadoinkler1223 (shpadoinkler1223@shpadoinkler1223) has joined #main
[11:39] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy) has joined #main
[11:54] <VashTheStampy> rob
[11:54] <shpadoinkler1223> robb
[11:54] <VashTheStampy> my wand is broke
[11:54] <VashTheStampy> he's my friend btw
[11:54] <shpadoinkler1223> HI ROB :D
[11:56] <roberestarkk> I see
[11:56] <roberestarkk> Your wand is supposed to be broken
[11:56] <VashTheStampy> why?
[11:57] <VashTheStampy> I wanted to show it off T.T
[11:57] <roberestarkk> Magic is too dangerous when useful and too pointless when not dangerous
[11:57] <VashTheStampy> ...
[11:58] <roberestarkk> WOO!
[11:59] <roberestarkk> Wooplah!
[11:59] <roberestarkk> That's worrying
[12:01] <roberestarkk> HAMAKAVOOLAH!
[12:01] <roberestarkk> curses
[12:02] <roberestarkk> AHA
[12:02] <roberestarkk> Well that's interesting
[12:04] <VashTheStampy> you like?
[12:04] <roberestarkk> I like the mona lisa
[12:04] <roberestarkk> and I think I know what this one is...
[12:04] <roberestarkk> But the other one...
[12:05] <VashTheStampy> the shining
[12:05] <roberestarkk> Aha, thought so!
[12:05] <shpadoinkler1223> can you make me fly pl :D
[12:05] <roberestarkk> Crazyeyesdude!
[12:05] <VashTheStampy> thanks :D
[12:05] <roberestarkk> I can make you fall with style!
[12:05] <VashTheStampy> and the other one is abbey road
[12:05] <roberestarkk> Ah yes, now I remember
[12:05] <shpadoinkler1223> Do it :d
[12:06] <roberestarkk> that was odd
[12:06] <shpadoinkler1223> tp me onto the tower :D
[12:07] <roberestarkk> I just got vash instead of sh didn't I...
[12:07] <shpadoinkler1223> yea
[12:07] <shpadoinkler1223> lol
[12:07] <VashTheStampy> lol
[12:07] <roberestarkk> curses
[12:07] <VashTheStampy> gg
[12:07] <roberestarkk> to be fair, you'd think sh would come before vash in the list of people whose names contain 'sh'
[12:08] <shpadoinkler1223> yea
[12:08] <roberestarkk> though he did join first, and why bother sorting alphabetically when you've already got join order?
[12:08] * shpadoinkler1223 (shpadoinkler1223@?cshpadoinkler1223?r) Quit (?eshpadoinkler1223 left the game.)
[12:08] <VashTheStampy> alright we're gonna play csgo
[12:08] <VashTheStampy> so see yeah
[12:09] <roberestarkk> Ciao
[12:09] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@?cVashTheStampy?r) Quit (?eVashTheStampy left the game.)
[12:09] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@?3[SirAfkALot]?9roberestarkk?r) Quit (?eroberestarkk left the game.)
[13:16] * _KangaWallaFox_ (_KangaWallaFox_@_KangaWallaFox_) has joined #main
[13:17] * _KangaWallaFox_ (_KangaWallaFox_@?2_KangaWallaFox_?r) Quit (?e_KangaWallaFox_ left the game.)
[14:15] * CUBE075 (CUBE075@CUBE075) has joined #main
[14:20] <CUBE075> .
[14:28] * CUBE075 (CUBE075@?2CUBE075?r) Quit (?eCUBE075 left the game.)
[14:52] * aithusapi (aithusapi@aithusapi) has joined #main
[14:53] * aithusapi (aithusapi@?2aithusapi?r) Quit (?eaithusapi left the game.)
[16:04] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[16:29] * Hedriod (Hedriod@Hedriod) has joined #main
[16:29] * Hedriod (Hedriod@?2Hedriod?r) Quit (?eHedriod left the game.)
[16:36] * CUBE075 (CUBE075@CUBE075) has joined #main
[16:36] <CUBE075> hi
[16:41] * CUBE075 (CUBE075@?2CUBE075?r) Quit (?eCUBE075 left the game.)
[17:56] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180) has joined #main
[18:35] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180?r) Quit (?eKagey180 left the game.)
[19:07] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[19:07] <ejano> hey!
[19:07] <ejano> o.O
[19:09] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[19:09] <DjDarkenoid> hello everyone
[19:10] <DjDarkenoid> hey ejano haven't seen you on in ages
[19:10] <DjDarkenoid> guys...
[19:11] <ejano> Hey!
[19:11] <DjDarkenoid> hey ejano :D
[19:11] <DjDarkenoid> i haven't seen you on in so long
[19:11] <ejano> yay people
[19:11] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[19:11] <ejano> yeah I haven't seen me on in ages too
[19:11] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:11] <ejano> darn school
[19:11] <DjDarkenoid> hey are you able to tp to me and help me finish my stalker wall please :D
[19:12] <DjDarkenoid> and yeah i agree XD
[19:12] <ejano> um maybeh
[19:12] <DjDarkenoid> i was lucky though i only had two exams
[19:12] <ejano> you'll have to update me on all the rules between factions and stuff
[19:12] <DjDarkenoid> ok sure
[19:12] <ejano> its fine if I come over? I wont get killed and stuff?>
[19:12] <DjDarkenoid> ofcourse not
[19:12] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:13] <ejano> ok :P
[19:13] <DjDarkenoid> you will see when you get here
[19:13] <ejano> ok, let me get some tools
[19:13] <DjDarkenoid> and as if i can kill anyone with no good stuff anyway
[19:13] <DjDarkenoid> i attempted to enchant my sword and i got smite
[19:13] <DjDarkenoid> wait ejano you do know who i am right
[19:14] <ejano> uuuuuuuh
[19:14] <ejano> maaybe...
[19:14] <DjDarkenoid> TurtleTanX
[19:14] <DjDarkenoid> i just got a new name
[19:14] <ejano> ah!
[19:14] <DjDarkenoid> so you know i won't kil you
[19:14] <ejano> Well howdy :P
[19:14] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha thanks
[19:14] <DjDarkenoid> why are all the admins terran XD
[19:14] <ejano> no idea
[19:15] <DjDarkenoid> did you hear about trise leaving
[19:15] <ejano> yeah
[19:15] <DjDarkenoid> well because of that smiley and bench were put in charge of abaddon
[19:15] <DjDarkenoid> but since they are never on i was left to co-run abaddon
[19:15] <DjDarkenoid> now im crying
[19:16] <ejano> rightio
[19:16] <DjDarkenoid> but it isnt that bad seeing as no abaddon members are ever online
[19:17] <DjDarkenoid> oh yeah this is my castle
[19:17] <ejano> rightiooo
[19:17] <DjDarkenoid> has taken my 5 months to build
[19:17] <ejano> wow
[19:17] <DjDarkenoid> it is so big
[19:17] <DjDarkenoid> anyway this is my stalker wall
[19:18] <DjDarkenoid> i went to every lil town and found these photos
[19:18] <ejano> I can't see them
[19:18] <ejano> lol xD
[19:18] <DjDarkenoid> neither wtf
[19:18] <DjDarkenoid> i thought it was only me
[19:18] <ejano> hmm I'll look around
[19:18] <DjDarkenoid> hmm you look blank in that photo XD
[19:18] <DjDarkenoid> sorry dad joke
[19:19] <ejano> haha
[19:19] <DjDarkenoid> im so glad to see you all on again though
[19:19] <DjDarkenoid> no one is ever on
[19:19] <ejano> :/
[19:20] <DjDarkenoid> and im in lack of a life so im on all the tome
[19:20] <DjDarkenoid> time*
[19:21] <ejano> er
[19:21] <DjDarkenoid> yeah??
[19:21] <ejano> ok that was weird
[19:21] <DjDarkenoid> what was?
[19:21] <ejano> this thingo
[19:21] <ejano> dw
[19:21] <ejano> do you have more item frames
[19:21] <DjDarkenoid> no <(
[19:21] <DjDarkenoid> :(*
[19:22] <DjDarkenoid> i used my leather to make books for baj
[19:22] <ejano> ah
[19:22] <DjDarkenoid> i love my piston gate :3
[19:23] <DjDarkenoid> its so brutahl
[19:23] <DjDarkenoid> OH MY GOD
[19:23] <ejano> wat
[19:23] <DjDarkenoid> you scared the S**** out of me
[19:24] <ejano> xD lol
[19:24] <DjDarkenoid> ejano door sanwhich
[19:24] <ejano> yes
[19:24] <DjDarkenoid> with a layer of ejano the bread spread
[19:24] <DjDarkenoid> remeber that
[19:25] <DjDarkenoid> a ejarno
[19:25] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:25] <ejano> :O
[19:25] <ejano> ohyes
[19:25] <ejano> xD
[19:25] <DjDarkenoid> you are a mix of plum jam and strawberry jam
[19:25] <DjDarkenoid> = ejarno
[19:25] <ejano> ejamo
[19:25] <DjDarkenoid> OHHH thats it
[19:25] <DjDarkenoid> lol
[19:25] <ejano> weird, these photos look kinda like maps
[19:26] <DjDarkenoid> yeah i get that too
[19:26] <ejano> sry
[19:26] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:26] <ejano> dont know how to work
[19:26] <ejano> that
[19:26] <DjDarkenoid> i don't want that hoe
[19:26] <DjDarkenoid> its been used
[19:26] <DjDarkenoid> dun dun ssss
[19:26] <DjDarkenoid> sorry
[19:26] <ejano> tsk tsk
[19:26] <ejano> :P
[19:26] <DjDarkenoid> i can hear katy perry
[19:27] <DjDarkenoid> hey do you remeber when we were clearing that land last holidays
[19:27] <ejano> not really
[19:28] <DjDarkenoid> hmm yeah i don't think you saw it
[19:28] <DjDarkenoid> my fault i never invited you
[19:28] <DjDarkenoid> rob saw it so many times
[19:29] <DjDarkenoid> ok im gonna enchant another sword
[19:29] <DjDarkenoid> i swear if it is bad
[19:30] <DjDarkenoid> ok moment of truth
[19:30] <DjDarkenoid> WOWOWOWOWOOWt
[19:30] <DjDarkenoid> I HATE MY LIFE
[19:30] <ejano> good?
[19:30] <ejano> oh
[19:30] <DjDarkenoid> bane of arthropods two
[19:31] <ejano> lol, how many levels for that?
[19:31] <DjDarkenoid> 20
[19:31] <ejano> mmmm I:
[19:31] <ejano> wow
[19:31] <DjDarkenoid> :'(
[19:32] <DjDarkenoid> great well i suppose i can mic it with my smite sword to make a mob hunter
[19:32] <DjDarkenoid> and they won't even mix
[19:32] <DjDarkenoid> wow, sometimes this server hates me
[19:33] <DjDarkenoid> well want to come mining with me, i need to get some exp
[19:33] <ejano> ok
[19:33] <DjDarkenoid> yey :d
[19:33] <ejano> also I do have a pic of 1 more person
[19:33] <ejano> for that wall
[19:33] <DjDarkenoid> ok awesome :D
[19:34] <DjDarkenoid> might aswell start my collection
[19:34] <ejano> but last I remember it was actually just a black picture when it was working
[19:34] <ejano> xD
[19:34] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:34] <DjDarkenoid> oh hey i do have one leather
[19:34] <DjDarkenoid> i can make a frame
[19:35] <DjDarkenoid> who is the pic of
[19:35] <ejano> pep
[19:35] <DjDarkenoid> i whill whack his frame there
[19:36] <DjDarkenoid> you know how when singers sing XD, they like shake their mouths
[19:36] <DjDarkenoid> like they are laughing silently
[19:36] <DjDarkenoid> and it looks so retarted
[19:36] <DjDarkenoid> retarded*
[19:37] <ejano> er okay xD
[19:37] <DjDarkenoid> ill find a video
[19:37] <DjDarkenoid> its so annoying
[19:40] <DjDarkenoid> dammit i cant find one
[19:41] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[19:41] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[19:41] <DjDarkenoid> sorry my phone rung
[19:41] <DjDarkenoid> it was a tele-marketer
[19:42] <DjDarkenoid> i pranked him
[19:42] <ejano> wb
[19:42] <ejano> lol
[19:42] <DjDarkenoid> i was asking him if he wanted to have dinner n stuff
[19:42] <ejano> xD
[19:42] <ejano> did he start abusing you
[19:42] <DjDarkenoid> im like, hey bub want to go and meet up for dinner
[19:42] <DjDarkenoid> no he just muttered a few words and hung up
[19:42] <DjDarkenoid> i coulden't understand his accent
[19:43] <ejano> lol, I just tell em my parents aren't home
[19:43] <DjDarkenoid> but he said at one point he does want to go out for dinner
[19:43] <ejano> xD
[19:43] <DjDarkenoid> IM SO HAPPY i have a date
[19:43] <DjDarkenoid> with some hindu tele-marketer
[19:43] <DjDarkenoid> who is from melbourne apparently
[19:44] <DjDarkenoid> i win
[19:44] <ejano> check out my pro
[19:44] <ejano> shovel
[19:44] <ejano> spade
[19:44] <ejano> thign
[19:44] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:44] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:44] <ejano> fished it up
[19:44] <DjDarkenoid> YOU FISHED THAT
[19:44] <DjDarkenoid> not bad
[19:44] <DjDarkenoid> i thought that was just an admin shovel/spade/plough
[19:45] <ejano> lol
[19:45] <DjDarkenoid> the beautiful blocky minecraft view
[19:45] <DjDarkenoid> oh brb phone ringing
[19:47] <DjDarkenoid> back
[19:47] <DjDarkenoid> it was the same guy XD
[19:47] <ejano> gawsh
[19:47] <DjDarkenoid> he had to check my number with me as if i didn't know it
[19:47] <DjDarkenoid> 32******
[19:47] <DjDarkenoid> like what and idiot
[19:47] <DjDarkenoid> as if i don't know my own number
[19:48] <DjDarkenoid> so i just asked what his moblie is and asl XD
[19:48] <ejano> asl?
[19:48] <DjDarkenoid> Age,Sex,Location
[19:48] <DjDarkenoid> and internet thing
[19:48] <DjDarkenoid> used on omeagle
[19:49] <DjDarkenoid> then he just hung up on me that jerk
[19:49] <DjDarkenoid> god men are pigs
[19:49] <ejano> xD
[19:49] <DjDarkenoid> hang up on me
[19:49] <DjDarkenoid> i bet he won't even call me back
[19:49] <DjDarkenoid> he just wanted to use me
[19:49] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:49] <ejano> ?ffus
[19:50] <DjDarkenoid> hey there
[19:50] <ejano> cant find any puddles
[19:50] <DjDarkenoid> oh what??
[19:50] <DjDarkenoid> of*
[19:50] <ejano> to jump into *water
[19:50] <DjDarkenoid> ohhh
[19:50] <ejano> :OOOOOOOOOOO!
[19:51] <ejano> I MADE IT
[19:51] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:51] <ejano> 1/2 a heart drop
[19:51] <ejano> lol
[19:51] <DjDarkenoid> how high is your acrobatics
[19:51] <ejano> >.>
[19:51] <ejano> 124
[19:51] <DjDarkenoid> damn
[19:51] <DjDarkenoid> mine is only 110 or something
[19:52] <DjDarkenoid> so you try to kill yourself alot
[19:52] <ejano> and I think if you crouch when falling theres a chance of
[19:52] <DjDarkenoid> good to know
[19:52] <ejano> having a graceful landing
[19:52] <DjDarkenoid> yeah baj told me
[19:52] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[19:52] <DjDarkenoid> i tried for the first time and i died LMAO
[19:52] <ejano> lol
[19:52] <ejano> how do these work
[19:52] <DjDarkenoid> sorry
[19:53] <DjDarkenoid> these
[19:53] <ejano> :O
[19:53] <ejano> it goes sideways?
[19:53] <DjDarkenoid> well hoppers suck up the eggs and dump em in chests
[19:53] <DjDarkenoid> i am pretty good with redstone
[19:53] <DjDarkenoid> in my spare time i just build redstone stuff
[19:53] <DjDarkenoid> like i can build quicksand traps
[19:53] <DjDarkenoid> with no mods
[19:54] <ejano> mm I need to make some animal farms lol
[19:54] <ejano> were we going mob hunting?
[19:54] <DjDarkenoid> i can make some that auto kill them and cook the beef
[19:54] <DjDarkenoid> :3
[19:55] <ejano> ah I meant more just pens :P back at the town there are none lol
[19:55] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[19:55] <DjDarkenoid> i need some here too
[19:55] <DjDarkenoid> i want to get people to live here soon
[19:56] <DjDarkenoid> all the space around the keep is free space
[19:57] <ejano> :o found you
[19:57] <DjDarkenoid> :3
[19:58] <ejano> no idea what song Im listening to, but somehow I like it
[19:58] <DjDarkenoid> XD what is it?
[19:58] <ejano> I have no idea
[19:58] <ejano> xD
[19:58] <ejano> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSb9CUmTg6
[19:58] <ejano> literly
[19:58] <DjDarkenoid> the mix from guardians of the galaxy again
[19:58] <ejano> xD naw
[19:58] <ejano> I listened to that on sunday
[19:58] <DjDarkenoid> HAHAHA
[19:58] <DjDarkenoid> you must have your fix
[19:59] <DjDarkenoid> OHHHH mining is 299
[19:59] <ejano> ?ffus
[19:59] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[19:59] <DjDarkenoid> scared the heck out of me
[20:00] <DjDarkenoid> this is what im listening too
[20:00] <DjDarkenoid> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auIy9YNxFDk
[20:00] <ejano> er
[20:00] <ejano> I have a diamond pick?
[20:01] <DjDarkenoid> i gave it to you
[20:01] <ejano> aw
[20:02] <ejano> there goes all my stuff
[20:02] <DjDarkenoid> caps sorry
[20:02] <DjDarkenoid> no i got your stuff
[20:02] <ejano> :o
[20:02] <ejano> yay
[20:02] <DjDarkenoid> :3
[20:03] <DjDarkenoid> best part of abaddon
[20:03] <DjDarkenoid> LAVA IS FOR THE WEAK
[20:03] <DjDarkenoid> oh and do you like my new skin ?
[20:03] <DjDarkenoid> i made it mehself
[20:03] <ejano> interesting
[20:04] <DjDarkenoid> its my real life costume
[20:04] <DjDarkenoid> 30000000000
[20:04] <ejano> eh
[20:04] <DjDarkenoid> YEAHHHHJH
[20:04] <DjDarkenoid> YEYEYEYEYE
[20:04] <ejano> ey*
[20:04] <DjDarkenoid> drink some lava time
[20:05] <DjDarkenoid> OMG LAVA
[20:06] <DjDarkenoid> OMG EVERYWHERE I MINE
[20:06] <DjDarkenoid> i just can't win
[20:07] <ejano> its so deep down here
[20:07] <DjDarkenoid> yeah :D
[20:08] <DjDarkenoid> FOUND A CAVE' :DD
[20:08] <ejano> :o
[20:08] <DjDarkenoid> wait its just another mine passage nvm
[20:09] <ejano> found a cave
[20:10] <DjDarkenoid> well i have found a skeleton orgy
[20:10] <DjDarkenoid> AND YEY
[20:10] <ejano> gadammit
[20:10] <DjDarkenoid> ?
[20:10] <ejano> zombies keep spawning behind me
[20:10] <ejano> I just dug around
[20:10] <ejano> the lava
[20:10] <ejano> are u here>
[20:10] <ejano> ?"*
[20:10] <DjDarkenoid> no i am running to yo
[20:10] <DjDarkenoid> you*
[20:10] <DjDarkenoid> found you :3
[20:11] <DjDarkenoid> awesome find :D
[20:11] <DjDarkenoid> wait where did i get these torches
[20:11] <ejano> lava always hides somethin
[20:11] <DjDarkenoid> these must be yours
[20:11] <ejano> ah
[20:11] <ejano> thx
[20:11] <DjDarkenoid> tok ill swim in there to see
[20:12] <ejano> lapi over here
[20:13] <DjDarkenoid> ok nothing in the lava but there is a cave here
[20:13] <DjDarkenoid> ill make a path for you
[20:13] <ejano> its ok
[20:13] <ejano> Im searching the toher way
[20:13] <ejano> other*
[20:13] <DjDarkenoid> you are rejecting my path :'(
[20:14] <DjDarkenoid> its ok there is nothing here anyway
[20:14] <ejano> we no want to buy yo gunpowerder
[20:14] <ejano> powder*
[20:14] <DjDarkenoid> what??
[20:14] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:14] <ejano> seriously so many mobs
[20:15] <ejano> no potatoes for u
[20:15] <DjDarkenoid> wow i found that spiders shroom farm
[20:16] <DjDarkenoid> ravine
[20:16] <ejano> water!
[20:16] <ejano> yes
[20:16] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:17] <ejano> ooh a slime
[20:18] <DjDarkenoid> from the underground
[20:18] <DjDarkenoid> he is
[20:18] <DjDarkenoid> *drumroll
[20:18] <DjDarkenoid> THE UNDERSLIME XDDDD
[20:18] <DjDarkenoid> DIAMONDSSSSSSSS
[20:19] <DjDarkenoid> come here
[20:19] <ejano> dun dun duun
[20:19] <ejano> which way is here
[20:19] <DjDarkenoid> i know eher you ar
[20:19] <DjDarkenoid> e\
[20:20] <DjDarkenoid> ejano :d
[20:20] <DjDarkenoid> hahah he is your pet
[20:20] <ejano> yey
[20:21] <DjDarkenoid> they are yours :d
[20:21] <ejano> I dont have a good pick though
[20:21] <ejano> fortune
[20:21] <ejano> or
[20:21] <ejano> anything
[20:21] <DjDarkenoid> wait whoops
[20:21] <ejano> :O
[20:21] <DjDarkenoid> i gave you my pick XD
[20:21] <ejano> that traitor
[20:21] <ejano> it chose u
[20:21] <ejano> k nvm
[20:21] <ejano> :P
[20:22] <DjDarkenoid> hahah and your skins face as he wenty back to his real mum
[20:22] <ejano> you should mine it
[20:22] <DjDarkenoid> ejano can i have my pick please i accdentially gave it to you XD
[20:22] <ejano> ah my cat is on my laptop
[20:22] <DjDarkenoid> that one is yours
[20:23] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:23] <ejano> and the last time that happened he called half the people in my contacts
[20:23] <ejano> on skype
[20:23] <DjDarkenoid> XDD
[20:25] <DjDarkenoid> ohhh secret tunnel
[20:25] <DjDarkenoid> athis is cosy
[20:26] <ejano> ahah I got to go to SupaNova last weekend
[20:26] <ejano> :D
[20:26] <ejano> it was so fun
[20:27] <DjDarkenoid> that would have been so awesome
[20:27] <DjDarkenoid> what did you do :d
[20:27] <ejano> bit of an adventure getting there xD
[20:27] * aithusapi (aithusapi@aithusapi) has joined #main
[20:27] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:27] <ejano> hey!
[20:27] <DjDarkenoid> hey athiest
[20:27] <DjDarkenoid> anyway continu ejano :D
[20:28] <DjDarkenoid> i have always wanted to go to supanova
[20:28] <ejano> well, firstly we finished school early (just our grade) at 11.20
[20:28] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[20:28] <DjDarkenoid> joyes of being in g 11
[20:28] <ejano> and I went with my friend Jazz (who is actually grade 8 lol) and her brother
[20:28] <ejano> so we go to the train station
[20:29] <ejano> trains are down from that station
[20:29] <DjDarkenoid> and someone vomited XD
[20:29] <ejano> xD no
[20:29] <DjDarkenoid> and wow thats annoying
[20:29] <ejano> ^trains were down so we were like hmmm better find a bus...
[20:29] <ejano> but we'd never really riden public busses before and we were asking this security guy
[20:30] <ejano> who was being really helpful but realistically we still had no idea
[20:30] <DjDarkenoid> OMG
[20:30] <DjDarkenoid> i hate public buses
[20:30] <ejano> so we were contemplating going out to the bus stop and we see this chick walk in with
[20:30] <DjDarkenoid> i hate to admit it but im scared i am going to the wrong place
[20:30] <ejano> fabulous blue hair, and snazzy outfit with goggles
[20:30] <ejano> yea
[20:31] <DjDarkenoid> she must work at eb gamews
[20:31] <ejano> xD
[20:31] <DjDarkenoid> girls with blue hair always work at ebgames
[20:31] <ejano> well the thing was SupaNova was in brissie an hours trainride away but I knew
[20:31] <ejano> I was like :OOO! SHe's going to supanova
[20:31] <ejano> lets just ask her
[20:32] <DjDarkenoid> wait how far are you from brisbane
[20:32] <DjDarkenoid> hour wise
[20:32] <ejano> well from school an hour
[20:32] <DjDarkenoid> not stalking XD
[20:32] <ejano> xD
[20:32] <DjDarkenoid> anyway sounds fun so far continue XD
[20:32] <ejano> anyway so she finds out trains are down and is like 'hmm okay guys just follow me then'
[20:33] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[20:33] <ejano> and Im like 'yes, Follow the strange lady and we'll be fine'
[20:33] <ejano> only time in your life that will ever be sensible
[20:33] <DjDarkenoid> she wont touch you
[20:33] <ejano> xD
[20:33] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:33] <ejano> well she was only about 18 anyway
[20:33] <DjDarkenoid> still wrids
[20:33] <DjDarkenoid> weird*
[20:33] <DjDarkenoid> well she works at eb's so it can't be that bad
[20:34] <ejano> so she shows us what bus to catch to where, we get on with her
[20:34] <ejano> xD nono
[20:34] <ejano> she was cosplaying geeze
[20:34] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:34] <DjDarkenoid> did she give you an eb world card
[20:34] <ejano> anyway cut out the boring stuff we eventually get off at redbank and run to the platform so we dont
[20:34] <ejano> miss the train
[20:34] <ejano> xD no
[20:35] <DjDarkenoid> and lemme guess you missed anyway
[20:35] <ejano> and a few people give her the weird look
[20:35] <ejano> no we got it
[20:35] <ejano> :P
[20:35] <DjDarkenoid> lucky
[20:35] <DjDarkenoid> and ofcourse its ironic
[20:35] <ejano> was very grateful
[20:35] <DjDarkenoid> hat the gamer girl that works at eb's is heading to supanova
[20:35] <DjDarkenoid> that*
[20:36] <DjDarkenoid> ejano your creeping me out
[20:36] <DjDarkenoid> you are like slender
[20:36] <ejano> yes, well anyway jazz was putting on some weird guantlet things for her costume
[20:36] <ejano> (she was bellatrix from harry potter)
[20:36] <DjDarkenoid> every time i turn around you have teleported behind me
[20:36] <DjDarkenoid> and hahahaha
[20:36] <ejano> lol
[20:36] <ejano> and we stop at this station and I see this guy sitting down out the window
[20:36] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:37] <ejano> brownish, tanned clothes, utility belt, red blood looking stuff over his face, mud all over his arms
[20:37] <ejano> and clothes
[20:37] <ejano> and im like
[20:37] <ejano> ':OOO :D yes yes another person
[20:37] <DjDarkenoid> XDDD
[20:37] <ejano> '
[20:37] <DjDarkenoid> geeze they are taking over
[20:37] <DjDarkenoid> cosplayers EVERYWHERE
[20:38] <ejano> xD so he gets on, doesn't see us though, turns the other way and sits down and then smiles when he
[20:38] <ejano> does
[20:38] <ejano> see us
[20:38] <ejano> *im just like loool*
[20:38] <ejano> but I had to turn around cause my seat was one of those backwards ones
[20:38] <ejano> then nek minut!
[20:38] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[20:38] <DjDarkenoid> here we go
[20:38] <ejano> (well next second)
[20:38] <DjDarkenoid> he is a ped
[20:39] <ejano> he comes over, sits down behind april, the other chick, and say
[20:39] <ejano> s
[20:39] <ejano> "this seems to be where all the cool kids are at'
[20:39] <DjDarkenoid> WHAT THE FUCK
[20:39] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[20:39] <ejano> no xD i dont think so he was only 23
[20:40] <ejano> anyway yes, that led to a very funny train ride
[20:40] <ejano> the girl was some character from an Anime 'Ruby' or soemthing
[20:40] <DjDarkenoid> hahahaa
[20:40] <DjDarkenoid> why does this stuff never happend to me
[20:40] <ejano> and we were all like, ah never watch anime
[20:41] * DjDarkenoid was kicked from #main by Server
[20:41] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[20:41] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[20:41] <DjDarkenoid> internet
[20:41] <ejano> but then that guy was like Ah ruby! yeah that's the only good anime only one I've watched
[20:41] <ejano> wb
[20:41] <DjDarkenoid> XDD
[20:41] <DjDarkenoid> why do these adventures never happen to me
[20:41] <ejano> yeah they were having a great ol' chat I thought they'd start dating or something XD
[20:41] <DjDarkenoid> its like you are being creeped out and entertained at the same time
[20:42] <ejano> xD
[20:42] <DjDarkenoid> just mixed emotions
[20:42] <ejano> well you should have seen the looks he got from everyone else who got on
[20:42] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:42] <DjDarkenoid> geeze you should of filmed it
[20:42] <ejano> well you can usually tell what sort they are, normally at supanova everyone is cool with everyone
[20:42] <ejano> just stay away from the neckbeards and smokers
[20:43] <DjDarkenoid> HAHAHAHAt
[20:43] <DjDarkenoid> so true
[20:43] <DjDarkenoid> i can't even walk to maccas without walking past satan's toe
[20:43] <ejano> yeah but we basically just followed them there then went our seperate ways
[20:43] <DjDarkenoid> hairy, fat and drug stuffed
[20:43] <ejano> ohgod
[20:43] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha well it sounds like you had a good time :D
[20:44] <ejano> ohyeah! and highlight of the trip there
[20:44] <ejano> we were walking past the museum
[20:44] <ejano> it was only about 2
[20:44] <DjDarkenoid> OH GAWD XD
[20:44] <ejano> and this bus full of school kids was just pulling out into traffic
[20:44] <ejano> and the guy had his sheath of arrows on his back
[20:44] <ejano> AALL of them were staring
[20:44] <ejano> XD
[20:44] <ejano> so funny
[20:44] <DjDarkenoid> HAHAHA
[20:45] <DjDarkenoid> i know why are school kids suddenly entertained by the stupidest things
[20:45] <DjDarkenoid> like you are normal outside of uniform
[20:46] <DjDarkenoid> but as soon as you dress up in uniform, you are entertained by a strand of grass that is pointing
[20:46] <DjDarkenoid> another direction
[20:46] <ejano> lol
[20:46] <DjDarkenoid> but yeah i wish i went to supanova it sounds like you had an awesome time
[20:47] <ejano> but yeah, any tips for if you do go, go with some friends
[20:47] <DjDarkenoid> yeah i would never go by myself
[20:47] <ejano> I went with my dad another time, it was still good but its alot funnier
[20:47] <ejano> with friends
[20:48] <ejano> yeah
[20:48] <DjDarkenoid> yeah it seems like one of those things that you would just bring your friends too
[20:49] <DjDarkenoid> thankyou :d
[20:49] <DjDarkenoid> :D*
[20:50] <DjDarkenoid> well i love it how you didn't even arribe at the place and the fun allready started
[20:50] <DjDarkenoid> so much more enticing
[20:50] <ejano> lol ye
[20:50] <DjDarkenoid> SO MUCH IRON
[20:51] <ejano> I was actually surprised I didn't have any stressing panic moments
[20:51] <DjDarkenoid> yeah i get those going to places that are populated and i have no idea what i am doing
[20:51] <ejano> if you take it step by step you can enjoy it more and also
[20:51] <ejano> I thought realistically, we dont have to be there a specific time,
[20:52] <DjDarkenoid> but i know what you mean, you stress because you don't want to get lost or miss out on the full time
[20:52] <DjDarkenoid> i know the deeling
[20:52] <ejano> yeah
[20:52] <DjDarkenoid> well worring about everything just runs in my family
[20:53] <ejano> have you every been to supanova before?
[20:53] <DjDarkenoid> no :(
[20:53] <ejano> ah
[20:53] <DjDarkenoid> all my friends just take their gf's
[20:54] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:54] <ejano> I:
[20:54] <ejano> laame
[20:54] <DjDarkenoid> so i never go
[20:54] <DjDarkenoid> yeah
[20:54] <ejano> do you watch game of thrones?
[20:54] <DjDarkenoid> well i have only watched the first season
[20:54] <DjDarkenoid> im to hooked on lom
[20:54] <ejano> ahk, xD
[20:54] <DjDarkenoid> but yes i am watching it
[20:55] <DjDarkenoid> sorry im not awesome enough yet
[20:55] <ejano> we'll I haven't actually watched it but there was that gofery guy
[20:55] <ejano> there
[20:55] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:55] <ejano> xD
[20:55] <ejano> I think i've seen the first episode? and read the first 3 chapters in the book
[20:55] <ejano> but no I don't plan on watching any more >.>
[20:55] <DjDarkenoid> didn't like it
[20:55] <DjDarkenoid> ??
[20:55] <ejano> just too much there really
[20:56] <DjDarkenoid> yeah
[20:56] <DjDarkenoid> amen to that
[20:56] <ejano> hmm I;ll look up that guy's name
[20:56] <DjDarkenoid> hahahah
[20:56] <ejano> Jack!
[20:56] <ejano> yes
[20:56] <ejano> Jack gleeson
[20:56] <DjDarkenoid> GLEEson
[20:56] <DjDarkenoid> i take it he likes musicals
[20:56] <ejano> xD
[20:57] <ejano> no idea
[20:57] <DjDarkenoid> sorry XD
[20:57] <DjDarkenoid> man i have terrible dad joke syndrome
[20:57] <ejano> But yeah there was this massive hail storm in Brisbane on thursday night, alot of
[20:57] <ejano> south bank smashed up
[20:57] <DjDarkenoid> i saw it on the news
[20:57] <ejano> all my friend kept saying was 'imagine the car dealers'
[20:57] <DjDarkenoid> so sad that :(
[20:57] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:57] <ejano> yeah xD
[20:58] <DjDarkenoid> why do they call them car DEALERS
[20:58] <DjDarkenoid> like is car retail illegal
[20:58] <DjDarkenoid> like cars are drugs
[20:58] <ejano> xD lol ahaha
[20:58] <DjDarkenoid> so they dealk cars on alleys
[20:58] <DjDarkenoid> deal*
[20:58] <ejano> 'Hey buddy wanna buy this porsche?"
[20:58] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[20:58] <DjDarkenoid> hahahah
[20:58] <DjDarkenoid> X'D
[20:59] <DjDarkenoid> and fords are the weak shit
[20:59] * aithusapi (aithusapi@?2aithusapi?r) Quit (?eaithusapi left the game.)
[20:59] <ejano> lel, yeah so we saw the panel thingo where jack answers questions
[20:59] <DjDarkenoid> hhhaha go on
[20:59] <ejano> one of the first thigns he says
[20:59] <ejano> 'Ah yeah so brisbane'
[20:59] <ejano> 'Love the softball sized hail stones'
[20:59] <ejano> *everyone laughs*
[21:00] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[21:00] * CUBE075 (CUBE075@CUBE075) has joined #main
[21:00] <ejano> funeh guy
[21:00] <ejano> funny guy
[21:00] <DjDarkenoid> hey cube
[21:00] <ejano> hey!
[21:00] <CUBE075> hi
[21:00] <DjDarkenoid> cube322t275563478623458762485697398756394562349857639485764329587456
[21:00] <CUBE075> righty oh then
[21:00] <DjDarkenoid> sorry
[21:00] <ejano> :O
[21:00] <DjDarkenoid> today is international terrible joke day
[21:00] <ejano> another rightio person!
[21:02] <DjDarkenoid> wow im getting so much hate on my youtube channel XD
[21:02] <DjDarkenoid> everone loves me
[21:02] <DjDarkenoid> yey
[21:02] <ejano> tsktsk-wait
[21:02] <ejano> hate, love?
[21:02] <DjDarkenoid> bittersweet
[21:02] <ejano> wat
[21:02] <DjDarkenoid> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpTQe2IY2nc&list=UUMHdVignCnN47RYk3a6vghA
[21:02] <DjDarkenoid> look at the comments XD
[21:03] <ejano> wow
[21:03] <DjDarkenoid> yeah XD
[21:03] <DjDarkenoid> something is telling me that those people know who i am and they are trolling me
[21:04] <ejano> probably
[21:04] <CUBE075> i love the second comment you reply to
[21:04] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha
[21:04] <DjDarkenoid> i try to be smartass and show that i don't care
[21:04] <DjDarkenoid> yey im home
[21:05] <DjDarkenoid> ok ejano
[21:05] <DjDarkenoid> moment of truth
[21:05] <DjDarkenoid> im going to enchant a forth sword
[21:05] <DjDarkenoid> if it is crap
[21:05] <ejano> lol
[21:05] <DjDarkenoid> ohhhhhhh
[21:05] <ejano> wait, how many levels?
[21:05] <DjDarkenoid> 20 again
[21:05] <ejano> I: you need 30
[21:06] <CUBE075> here's my crappy channel
[21:06] <CUBE075> https://www youtube com/watch?v=BOm8LvdUMo8
[21:06] <ejano> ah
[21:06] <ejano> cant
[21:06] <ejano> click
[21:06] <DjDarkenoid> ill sub to you :D
[21:06] <CUBE075> thanks
[21:06] <CUBE075> that'll be 2 subs
[21:06] <DjDarkenoid> haha same as me
[21:06] <CUBE075> i've got 307 views on that 1 video
[21:07] <DjDarkenoid> my old turtleTanX channel
[21:07] <CUBE075> and 4 likes
[21:07] <CUBE075> 2 dislikes
[21:07] <DjDarkenoid> i have 576 subbs
[21:07] <DjDarkenoid> on my old turtletanx channel
[21:07] <CUBE075> wow nice
[21:07] <ejano> I have 1 sub
[21:07] <ejano> c:
[21:07] <DjDarkenoid> :3
[21:07] <ejano> its my friend xD I don't even have vids
[21:07] <DjDarkenoid> i regret closing turtletanx
[21:07] <DjDarkenoid> awwww
[21:08] <CUBE075> ohh, with the link i put up you have to add the dots
[21:08] <ejano> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOm8LvdUMo8
[21:08] <ejano> same link^
[21:08] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[21:08] <DjDarkenoid> omfg
[21:08] <DjDarkenoid> train simulator
[21:08] * CUBE075 (CUBE075@?2CUBE075?r) Quit (?eCUBE075 left the game.)
[21:09] <DjDarkenoid> ejano you can renact your afventure
[21:09] <ejano> xD ahaha
[21:09] <ejano> ohgod lol
[21:09] <ejano> with that
[21:09] * CUBE075 (CUBE075@CUBE075) has joined #main
[21:09] <DjDarkenoid> welcome back
[21:09] <ejano> wb
[21:09] <CUBE075> ty
[21:09] <DjDarkenoid> ejano i'll sub to you :3
[21:09] <CUBE075> accidently clicked x
[21:09] <ejano> na
[21:09] <ejano> :P
[21:09] <DjDarkenoid> haha ok
[21:10] <ejano> you don't want to see all the pony vids I click 'like' ojn
[21:10] <ejano> on*
[21:10] <ejano> XD
[21:10] <CUBE075> my older brother makes music, ViralSilenc3
[21:10] <ejano> wow that backup took awhile
[21:10] <CUBE075> youtube him
[21:10] <DjDarkenoid> well my cousin is the biggest pony girl so its no supprise
[21:11] <ejano> omg! I watched that scary move that was on the other night
[21:11] <ejano> 'The Ring'
[21:11] <ejano> or something
[21:11] <ejano> Ring
[21:11] <ejano> maybe
[21:11] <DjDarkenoid> I HATE THE RING
[21:11] <ejano> aaaaaaaah tooscaryforme
[21:11] <DjDarkenoid> that is by far the scariest movie i have ever seen
[21:11] <ejano> eventhoughI watched it all alone
[21:11] <ejano> yes
[21:11] <DjDarkenoid> awwww poor ejano
[21:11] <ejano> I had my cat on the lounge though
[21:11] <DjDarkenoid> hahaha nawww
[21:12] <DjDarkenoid> ok im gonna enchant my sword now
[21:12] <DjDarkenoid> fingers crossed
[21:13] <CUBE075> okay my brothers Youtube channel is Distibiant
[21:13] <CUBE075> he makes music
[21:13] <ejano> oooh musica
[21:13] <DjDarkenoid> musica XD
[21:13] <CUBE075> just click his channel and listen to the music on his frontpage
[21:13] * aithusapi (aithusapi@aithusapi) has joined #main
[21:13] <CUBE075> wb
[21:13] <DjDarkenoid> welcome back
[21:13] <ejano> wb!
[21:14] <DjDarkenoid> WHAYYYYY
[21:14] <DjDarkenoid> WHYY MEEE
[21:14] <DjDarkenoid> WHAT THE FICK IS THIS
[21:14] <DjDarkenoid> CUMOIN
[21:14] <ejano> you need the 30
[21:14] <DjDarkenoid> i got bane of arthropods AGAIN
[21:14] <DjDarkenoid> but i enchanted a level 18 sword and i got sharpness three and knockback 1 and fireaspect 2
[21:14] <DjDarkenoid> ejano tp yo me check this out
[21:14] <ejano> o.O
[21:15] <DjDarkenoid> UGHHH
[21:15] <DjDarkenoid> AGAIN
[21:15] <ejano> lol
[21:15] <DjDarkenoid> total i have wasted like 80 levels trying to make those
[21:15] <DjDarkenoid> ugh keep them
[21:15] <DjDarkenoid> they are disgusting
[21:16] <ejano> Bass invaders
[21:16] <ejano> hmm
[21:16] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[21:17] <ejano> http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/21/eb/84/21eb8443e3acb410314b0e551ee04fd8.jpg
[21:17] <ejano> er
[21:17] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[21:17] <ejano> does that work
[21:17] <DjDarkenoid> rebel base
[21:17] <DjDarkenoid> im so saving that
[21:18] <DjDarkenoid> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=283169725206960&set=pb.100005418044113.-2207520000.141758385
[21:18] <ejano> xD
[21:18] <ejano> *middle of science* Uh oh, Miss! I just dropped the bass
[21:18] <CUBE075> lel
[21:18] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[21:18] <DjDarkenoid> skrillex's favorite ride at dreamworld
[21:18] <ejano> ahaha smileypoo
[21:18] <DjDarkenoid> the giant drop
[21:18] <ejano> xD
[21:19] <DjDarkenoid> ejano the cat girl
[21:19] <DjDarkenoid> no shoes
[21:19] <ejano> yes
[21:19] <DjDarkenoid> just funny how you are jumping around with no shoes XD
[21:20] * aithusapi (aithusapi@?2aithusapi?r) Quit (?eaithusapi left the game.)
[21:20] <DjDarkenoid> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=280136752176924&set=pb.100005418044113.-2207520000.141758399
[21:20] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[21:21] <ejano> o.O
[21:21] <DjDarkenoid> i love it so much
[21:21] <DjDarkenoid> i made a scale model of the planets too
[21:21] <DjDarkenoid> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=279775268879739&set=pb.100005418044113.-2207520000.141758407
[21:22] <DjDarkenoid> 5 months to make
[21:22] <ejano> unavailable
[21:22] <DjDarkenoid> oh lol ill fix that
[21:23] <DjDarkenoid> nevermind i cant change the setting on that one for somereason
[21:23] <DjDarkenoid> oh well only friends can see it and i can't change it
[21:23] <DjDarkenoid> DAMMI
[21:23] <DjDarkenoid> T
[21:24] <ejano> ah I gtg
[21:24] <ejano> :c byes
[21:24] <CUBE075> cya
[21:24] <DjDarkenoid> awwww bye ejano
[21:24] * ejano (ejano@?9ejano?r) Quit (?eejano left the game.)
[21:25] <DjDarkenoid> well im gonna fly some planes in my server
[21:25] <DjDarkenoid> so ill brb later
[21:25] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[21:26] * CUBE075 (CUBE075@?2CUBE075?r) Quit (?eCUBE075 left the game.)
[21:28] * aithusapi (aithusapi@aithusapi) has joined #main
[21:29] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[21:30] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@?2jrr5556?r) Quit (?ejrr5556 left the game.)
[21:34] * aithusapi (aithusapi@?2aithusapi?r) Quit (?eaithusapi left the game.)
[21:40] * Regox (Regox@?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[21:42] * DS1234 (DS1234@DS1234) has joined #main
[22:22] * Aidyontheraido (Aidyontheraido@Aidyontheraido) has joined #main
[22:22] * Muddymanny777 (Muddymanny777@Muddymanny777) has joined #main
[22:22] * gabby730 (gabby730@gabby730) has joined #main
[22:38] * Redude5994 (Redude5994@Redude5994) has joined #main
[22:39] * Aidyontheraido (Aidyontheraido@?9Aidyontheraido?r) Quit (?eAidyontheraido left the game.)
[22:39] * Redude5994 (Redude5994@?9Redude5994?r) Quit (?eRedude5994 left the game.)
[22:39] * Muddymanny777 (Muddymanny777@?9Muddymanny777?r) Quit (?eMuddymanny777 left the game.)
[22:40] * gabby730 (gabby730@?9gabby730?r) Quit (?egabby730 left the game.)
[22:45] * DS1234 (DS1234@?2DS1234?r) Quit (?eDS1234 left the game.)
[22:48] * bajanistheman (bajanistheman@bajanistheman) has joined #main
[22:50] <bajanistheman> somebody watching the console or map
[22:50] <bajanistheman> ????
[22:50] <bajanistheman> If so come on the server pls
[22:55] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[22:55] <DjDarkenoid> hey baj
[22:58] <bajanistheman> :O
[22:58] <bajanistheman> Hello
[22:58] <DjDarkenoid> hey
[22:58] <bajanistheman> Why not at Horelogger
[22:58] <DjDarkenoid> i did do one at horleggor
[22:59] <bajanistheman> Good :P
[22:59] <DjDarkenoid> tp to me
[22:59] <DjDarkenoid> this is tazenda
[22:59] <bajanistheman> Hmm whats this place
[22:59] <DjDarkenoid> tazenda
[22:59] <bajanistheman> Hmm
[22:59] <bajanistheman> Never Heard of it
[22:59] <DjDarkenoid> this portal will take us to another one
[23:00] <DjDarkenoid> at ejano's kit thing
[23:00] <DjDarkenoid> but yeah there are so many
[23:01] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:01] <DjDarkenoid> at all of the terran places there is one
[23:01] <bajanistheman> Do you have weakness potions?
[23:01] <DjDarkenoid> i can brew some
[23:02] <bajanistheman> That would be nice
[23:02] <DjDarkenoid> SO MANY MOBS
[23:02] <DjDarkenoid> ahhhhh im home
[23:03] <DjDarkenoid> btw this is an abaddon mine for nether brick
[23:03] <DjDarkenoid> oh you are here too
[23:04] <DjDarkenoid> OHHHH i have an idea
[23:04] <bajanistheman> What?
[23:04] <DjDarkenoid> if i can find my old portal we can open up a gate somewhere and see where we spawn
[23:04] <bajanistheman> :O
[23:04] <DjDarkenoid> it somewhere in the nether
[23:05] <DjDarkenoid> reg closed the overworld gate but the nether gate is open here
[23:05] <bajanistheman> Oh um DjDarkenoid when u get some weakness potions splash
[23:05] <bajanistheman> Can u pass
[23:05] <DjDarkenoid> sure can :d
[23:05] <bajanistheman> So i can get some villagers
[23:05] <DjDarkenoid> :D*
[23:05] <DjDarkenoid> no problem
[23:05] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[23:05] <bajanistheman> :O
[23:05] <DjDarkenoid> hey cwp
[23:05] <bajanistheman> cwp
[23:05] <bajanistheman> Hi
[23:05] <cwp_aus> Psssttt there is an exasier way
[23:06] <bajanistheman> for what?
[23:06] <cwp_aus> getting villagers
[23:06] <bajanistheman> :o tell me pls
[23:06] <cwp_aus> literally far simpler
[23:06] <cwp_aus> For this to make sense I need to explain how villages work
[23:06] <bajanistheman> I know how villagers work
[23:06] <DjDarkenoid> just ask cwp for villager eggs XD
[23:07] <DjDarkenoid> easiest way
[23:07] <DjDarkenoid> may not be a good way
[23:07] <cwp_aus> Villages, not villagers
[23:07] <bajanistheman> ./gamemode 1
[23:07] <DjDarkenoid> he might cut your limbs off
[23:07] <bajanistheman> Yeah but i want them in my house
[23:07] <cwp_aus> But basically
[23:07] <cwp_aus> mc defnines a village as something like 10 doors
[23:07] <cwp_aus> I think it's higher than that
[23:07] <cwp_aus> defines*
[23:08] <cwp_aus> Technically speaking, you should be bale to replace the doors in a village
[23:08] <cwp_aus> and have them eventually start spawning again
[23:08] <cwp_aus> because zombies break doors, they inherintely break the 'village' itself
[23:09] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:09] <cwp_aus> which is why they are all deserted, :I
[23:09] <DjDarkenoid> NO WAY
[23:09] <cwp_aus> I really should try it myself
[23:09] <DjDarkenoid> i found my old gate from tazenda
[23:09] <cwp_aus> but i've seen it done
[23:09] <DjDarkenoid> i wander what happends when i go through this gate
[23:09] <cwp_aus> so
[23:10] <cwp_aus> Dafaw is with this portal in Misten
[23:10] <cwp_aus> dafaq*
[23:10] <bajanistheman> Dj
[23:10] <DjDarkenoid> :3
[23:10] <bajanistheman> talk to him
[23:10] <bajanistheman> Lel
[23:10] <cwp_aus> god dangit dj
[23:10] <DjDarkenoid> they are everywhere btw
[23:10] <bajanistheman> There is another in the town
[23:10] <cwp_aus> -.-
[23:11] <DjDarkenoid> abaddon is on the come back :3
[23:11] <cwp_aus> great, more that I have to rid of
[23:11] <cwp_aus> some might find it humorous, i do not...
[23:12] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[23:12] <DjDarkenoid> same
[23:12] <DjDarkenoid> there are like 7462345639 of them too
[23:12] <cwp_aus> oh ffs
[23:12] <bajanistheman> No totally
[23:12] <bajanistheman> I agree
[23:12] <bajanistheman> ffs
[23:13] <cwp_aus> Soemthing tells me you were in on it with him baj, so don't try to play innocent
[23:13] <DjDarkenoid> he wasn't
[23:13] <bajanistheman> No i wan't
[23:13] <DjDarkenoid> i promise you no one on the server was on when i did it
[23:13] <bajanistheman> I just msged him on skype
[23:13] <bajanistheman> asking him what he had done
[23:13] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main
[23:13] <cwp_aus> hiya
[23:14] <bajanistheman> :O
[23:14] <DjDarkenoid> helloe
[23:14] <bajanistheman> Shh
[23:14] <bajanistheman> Shhh
[23:14] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax?r) Quit (?eArberax left the game.)
[23:14] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[23:14] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:14] <cwp_aus> dangit baj
[23:14] <DjDarkenoid> <3
[23:14] <DjDarkenoid> yeah cwp
[23:14] <bajanistheman> Everybody says it is me
[23:14] <DjDarkenoid> there is one in each terran town except the jungle one
[23:14] <DjDarkenoid> and there is one near spawn, like ejano's kit pvp thing
[23:15] <bajanistheman> banter
[23:15] <DjDarkenoid> i just kept going through the one portal and it spawned me there
[23:15] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main
[23:15] <cwp_aus> wb
[23:15] <Arberax> back
[23:15] <DjDarkenoid> welcome back
[23:15] <bajanistheman> wb
[23:15] <Arberax> Hey Joel
[23:15] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:15] <DjDarkenoid> ??
[23:15] <Arberax> Its Jack
[23:15] <bajanistheman> Me
[23:15] <cwp_aus> Hah
[23:15] <bajanistheman> Its me
[23:15] <DjDarkenoid> oh new account
[23:15] <DjDarkenoid> go away jack
[23:15] <bajanistheman> No
[23:16] <bajanistheman> I need that potion
[23:16] <DjDarkenoid> no that jack baj
[23:16] <DjDarkenoid> the new guy is jack irl too
[23:16] <bajanistheman> pls dj
[23:16] <bajanistheman> potion
[23:16] <DjDarkenoid> baj = jack, the new guy = baj IRL
[23:16] <Arberax> Cwp, Reg said that I would have my rank set back from the previous account
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> noo you don't deserve it
[23:17] <bajanistheman> Dj
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> baj tp to me
[23:17] <bajanistheman> potion of weakness
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> baj tp to me
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> baj tp to me
[23:17] <bajanistheman> tp to me
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> XXDDDD
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> nooo
[23:17] <cwp_aus> remind me, what was the rank on the other account?
[23:17] <bajanistheman> Quick
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> i just used my tp to get home
[23:17] <bajanistheman> Pls
[23:17] <Arberax> unknownghostkid
[23:17] <bajanistheman> Splash?
[23:17] <cwp_aus> I mean the rank
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> he was an advanced builder
[23:17] <Arberax> It was Trusted
[23:17] <DjDarkenoid> XD
[23:17] <cwp_aus> Ah yes, yes it was
[23:18] <Arberax> Lurdel
[23:18] <bajanistheman> That dog
[23:18] <bajanistheman> Now to wait 4mins
[23:18] <bajanistheman> -.-
[23:18] <DjDarkenoid> good i can start to make the potions
[23:18] <bajanistheman> Splash Weakness pls
[23:19] <Arberax> Thanls
[23:19] <DjDarkenoid> yeah they are just nether warts and spider eye right
[23:19] * Arberax (Arberax@?2Arberax?r) Quit (?eArberax left the game.)
[23:19] <DjDarkenoid> good noy stay off fag
[23:19] <bajanistheman> Fermented spider eye?
[23:19] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main
[23:19] <DjDarkenoid> dammit
[23:19] <cwp_aus> freind or not dj, don't
[23:20] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[23:21] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[23:21] <bajanistheman> Yeah Fermented Spider eye
[23:21] <bajanistheman> and then gun powder
[23:21] <DjDarkenoid> its ok im allready doing it
[23:22] <bajanistheman> Thanks :3
[23:22] * Arberax (Arberax@?2Arberax?r) Quit (?eArberax left the game.)
[23:22] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main
[23:22] <DjDarkenoid> anyone want to skype
[23:22] <DjDarkenoid> baj
[23:22] <DjDarkenoid> scre it i will anyway
[23:22] <bajanistheman> JUst a sec
[23:22] <DjDarkenoid> alll g
[23:25] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[23:25] <cwp_aus> Now that I've cleaned up your mess dj, I shall leave
[23:25] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[23:25] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:25] <Arberax> Hey Reg
[23:25] <DjDarkenoid> hey reg
[23:25] * Zacko98cool (Zacko98cool@Zacko98cool) has joined #main
[23:25] <DjDarkenoid> hey zac
[23:25] <Regox> DJ, might I ask why you're building military installations near Horleggor facilities?
[23:25] <Zacko98cool> HIIII
[23:25] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:25] <DjDarkenoid> no
[23:26] <DjDarkenoid> :3
[23:26] <Regox> I see
[23:26] * SaltyD1998 (SaltyD1998@SaltyD1998) has joined #main
[23:26] <Zacko98cool> How is everyone
[23:26] <Regox> You are aware I lead the Horleggor Alliance correct?
[23:26] <DjDarkenoid> i know :3
[23:26] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:27] <Regox> One of the largest and the most active of the 3 factions?
[23:27] <SaltyD1998> everyone is good zachary
[23:27] <Regox> That can dump massive amounts of war material at cheap as chips prices to either
[23:27] <Regox> Terran or Abbadon?
[23:28] <Arberax> Deathwish
[23:28] <Regox> So I'd like to know
[23:28] <Regox> Is your building of military installations at Horleggor facilities an act of war?
[23:28] <DjDarkenoid> no i just built them everywhere
[23:29] <Arberax> Act of war
[23:29] <DjDarkenoid> no
[23:29] <DjDarkenoid> just for the hell of it essentially
[23:29] <Arberax> #LoM2k14
[23:29] <bajanistheman> Erm
[23:29] <SaltyD1998> lololoololooloolo
[23:29] <bajanistheman> Does this mean you will be doing an assault on his castle
[23:30] <SaltyD1998> im on 1 hunger, i feel african
[23:30] <Regox> A large portal with firey netherrack right next to a Horleggor town doesn't fill me with
[23:30] <Regox> Confidence as to your peaceful intentions
[23:30] <bajanistheman> Erm
[23:30] <DjDarkenoid> ww=ll reg i only di it
[23:30] <DjDarkenoid> well*
[23:30] <DjDarkenoid> mearly cus i still have a home set there when i was in horleggor
[23:31] <DjDarkenoid> so no act of war
[23:31] <DjDarkenoid> just as an awarness thing
[23:31] <DjDarkenoid> that no matter what happens to abaddon\
[23:31] <DjDarkenoid> we still stand strong
[23:31] * Arberax (Arberax@?2Arberax?r) Quit (?eArberax left the game.)
[23:31] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[23:31] <cwp_aus> Last I checked
[23:32] <Regox> Eh, all it's cost is me obtaining some new obsidian and netherrack for cheap
[23:32] <cwp_aus> You shouldn't have a home in any of the two towns or the capital of the Federation
[23:32] <bajanistheman> He TurtleTanx account
[23:32] <cwp_aus> If anything
[23:32] <cwp_aus> I should be taking it moreso that reg
[23:32] <cwp_aus> than*
[23:33] <Regox> No, I'm still clinging to neutrality, and will remove portals at Horleggor sites wherever
[23:33] <Regox> I find them
[23:33] <Regox> However, once that's done
[23:33] <Regox> If I find them there again without prior approval
[23:33] <DjDarkenoid> sure all good
[23:33] <Regox> There'll be a reckoning
[23:33] <DjDarkenoid> i only built it cus i had leftover obby
[23:33] <DjDarkenoid> but no reg i promise seeing as i was a former horleggor
[23:33] <bajanistheman> Well war be declared
[23:33] <cwp_aus> --.--
[23:33] <Regox> A 28-double-chests-of-TNT recking
[23:34] <bajanistheman> Hey Dan
[23:34] <Regox> Right, that's my serious piece said
[23:34] <Regox> So, how is everyone?
[23:34] <DjDarkenoid> secret
[23:34] <cwp_aus> alright, I guess
[23:34] <SaltyD1998> hello there i am good
[23:34] <cwp_aus> not the greatest of days at work
[23:34] <bajanistheman> You said you were in a bad mood
[23:34] <SaltyD1998> yes i am very good you guys wanna go skateboards?
[23:35] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[23:35] <bajanistheman> 1v1's maybe?
[23:40] <DjDarkenoid> why is it when i press ctrl Q it sais i don't have access to that command
[23:41] * DjDarkenoid was kicked from #main by Server
[23:41] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@?cDjDarkenoid?r) Quit (?eDjDarkenoid left the game.)
[23:41] * DjDarkenoid (DjDarkenoid@DjDarkenoid) has joined #main
[23:41] <DjDarkenoid> internet
[23:42] <bajanistheman> Rego
[23:42] <Regox> ?
[23:42] <bajanistheman> Whoops
[23:42] <DjDarkenoid> car rego
[23:42] <DjDarkenoid> sorry
[23:42] <Regox> Always fun
[23:42] <bajanistheman> Are u allowed to to make automatic villager wheat farms?
[23:43] <Regox> What do you mean?
[23:43] <bajanistheman> You have a villager
[23:43] <bajanistheman> And it harvest and plants wheat bye itself
[23:43] <Regox> Huh
[23:43] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:43] <Regox> Never seen them do that
[23:44] <bajanistheman> Well
[23:44] <SaltyD1998> missed the frickin waterrrrrrr
[23:44] <bajanistheman> Its a thing
[23:44] <bajanistheman> w
[23:44] <Regox> Villagers still count as a mob
[23:44] <Regox> Standard mob grinder rules apply
[23:44] <DjDarkenoid> greg
[23:44] <bajanistheman> Its not a grinder
[23:44] <bajanistheman> 1 villager
[23:44] <bajanistheman> In a 10x10
[23:44] <bajanistheman> Wheat farm
[23:45] <DjDarkenoid> well what else should i add to my castle
[23:45] <Regox> So long as it stays at 1, should be fine
[23:45] <bajanistheman> Harvesting and replanting wheat
[23:45] <bajanistheman> Cool
[23:46] <SaltyD1998> gregorygregson@gregmail greg
[23:46] <bajanistheman> Not cool xD....
[23:46] <DjDarkenoid> GREG WILL SUCK MY GREG
[23:46] <bajanistheman> Xx_Billy66_xX
[23:47] <Regox> Finally, aged to Hundreds of years
[23:47] <SaltyD1998> Dbl Bacon Gregburger
[23:47] <Regox> Sweet Golden Apple Mead
[23:47] <DjDarkenoid> XxX_SOMKESweedERRYday_XxX1998
[23:47] <DjDarkenoid> lmao
[23:47] <bajanistheman> lmfao
[23:47] * Arberax (Arberax@Arberax) has joined #main
[23:47] <SaltyD1998> spelling/10
[23:47] <Regox> Test of druouhnkenness
[23:48] <Regox> Not tohoh bad
[23:48] <Arberax> I had to let Thomas have a turn
[23:48] <SaltyD1998> thomas the tank engine
[23:48] <DjDarkenoid> THOMO
[23:48] <DjDarkenoid> JACKO
[23:48] <DjDarkenoid> COOPO
[23:48] <Arberax> HEY JOELO
[23:48] <DjDarkenoid> JACKO
[23:49] <DjDarkenoid> IO WILLO KILLO YOUO
[23:49] <DjDarkenoid> lmao
[23:49] <Arberax> Hey Jacko, could youo let Thomo have a turno?
[23:49] <DjDarkenoid> HAHHAA
[23:49] <DjDarkenoid> im dyeing
[23:49] <Zacko98cool> k
[23:50] <Arberax> Not even an hour into playing the computer and I already had to turn it over to someone else
[23:50] <SaltyD1998> such spelling, much /10
[23:50] <bajanistheman> Lol u mad bro
[23:50] <DjDarkenoid> YEY i have my first citizen in my town
[23:51] <Arberax> did anyone drop a night vision potion at Horleggor>
[23:51] <SaltyD1998> was daddo like, jacko, give thomo a turn before my snaggo goes uppo your recto
[23:51] <bajanistheman> Yeah Stop now
[23:51] * Arberax (Arberax@?2Arberax?r) Quit (?eArberax left the game.)
[23:52] <bajanistheman> Lol u mad bro
[23:52] <bajanistheman> Lol u mad bro
[23:52] <bajanistheman> Lol u mad bro
[23:52] <bajanistheman> Lol u mad bro
[23:52] <DjDarkenoid> arber is gonee
[23:52] <bajanistheman> xD
[23:53] <SaltyD1998> jack has to give harry a turn now
[23:53] <bajanistheman> Lol
[23:53] <DjDarkenoid> he said he was getting a new pc
[23:53] <DjDarkenoid> and he keeps spending his money and never getting it
[23:53] <SaltyD1998> hes got it right now
[23:53] <DjDarkenoid> its december and he started saving in june
[23:54] <DjDarkenoid> hahah and ofcourse he has to let others use it XD
[23:54] <SaltyD1998> well daddo was gonna stick his snaggo up jacks recto if he didnt let his brothos use it
[23:58] <DjDarkenoid> reg?
[23:58] <DjDarkenoid> why isn't my stalker wall working
[23:58] <DjDarkenoid> if you tp you can see it
[23:59] <DjDarkenoid> but all of the photos are blank
[23:59] <bajanistheman> Lol
[23:59] <bajanistheman> Lol u mad bro

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