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IRC Log for #main.2014-09-27

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[0:01] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[0:01] <TurtleTanX> back
[0:01] <ejano> wb
[0:01] <TurtleTanX> had to restart my pc
[0:01] <nogardd> wb
[0:01] <TurtleTanX> thanks :D
[0:01] <nogardd> brb
[0:01] <ejano> oops
[0:01] <Peppy2006> lol
[0:02] <Peppy2006> Come check this out though!
[0:02] <Peppy2006> Who's the resident assassin?
[0:03] <Peppy2006> ...oh
[0:04] <ejano> o.o
[0:04] <ejano> o
[0:04] <ejano> boy
[0:04] <TurtleTanX> what?
[0:04] <ejano> just
[0:04] <ejano> mobs
[0:04] <ejano> dw
[0:04] * Regox (Regox@?4@?7|?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[0:04] <TurtleTanX> lets make it 13
[0:06] * dreamyeuropa (dreamyeuropa@dreamyeuropa) has joined #main
[0:06] <ejano> hey
[0:06] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[0:06] <TurtleTanX> hey dreamy
[0:10] <dreamyeuropa> so, how is everyone?
[0:10] <ejano> tired
[0:10] <Peppy2006> Also tired
[0:10] <Peppy2006> Also tired
[0:10] <dreamyeuropa> shoul i ask?
[0:11] <Peppy2006> Well
[0:11] <Peppy2006> It's 12AM
[0:11] <nogardd> back
[0:11] <dreamyeuropa> ah well
[0:11] <Peppy2006> That could have something to do with it
[0:11] <Peppy2006> :P
[0:11] <dreamyeuropa> okay, how bout you ejano?
[0:11] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[0:12] <ejano> just
[0:12] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[0:12] <ejano> been sitting down all day
[0:12] <ejano> makes me tired
[0:12] <ejano> :P
[0:12] <ejano> hello!
[0:12] <Peppy2006> lmao
[0:12] <Padmay> poop
[0:12] <Peppy2006> Howdy Padmay!
[0:12] <Padmay> was watching game of thrones
[0:12] <dreamyeuropa> ...
[0:12] <TurtleTanX> brb getting texture pack
[0:12] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[0:15] <nogardd> ill be back soon guys, gotta go wash dishes
[0:15] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd?r) Quit (?enogardd left the game.)
[0:21] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[0:21] <dreamyeuropa> wb
[0:21] <ejano> hey
[0:21] <TurtleTanX> back :D
[0:21] <TurtleTanX> hey
[0:22] <Peppy2006> Welcome back!
[0:22] <TurtleTanX> thankyou
[0:23] <TurtleTanX> darn the pack didnt work
[0:23] <TurtleTanX> ugh brb again
[0:23] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[0:31] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[0:31] <TurtleTanX> hey back again
[0:31] <dreamyeuropa> wb
[0:31] <ejano> hey
[0:33] <dreamyeuropa> lagg
[0:38] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk?r) Quit (?eroberestarkk left the game.)
[0:39] <ejano> love how it only rains in the ocean, even at the very edge of the savannah
[0:39] <dreamyeuropa> ....
[0:39] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[0:40] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[0:40] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[0:40] <ejano> wbwb
[0:40] <dreamyeuropa> wbwb
[0:40] <TurtleTanX> hey
[0:40] <roberestarkk> tyty
[0:40] <TurtleTanX> XD
[0:41] <ejano> ?ffus
[0:41] <ejano> ?ffus
[0:41] <dreamyeuropa> ro
[0:42] <roberestarkk> koor!
[0:42] <roberestarkk> Wait no...
[0:42] <ejano> lol
[0:42] <dreamyeuropa> ?
[0:42] <ejano> ?flok vah koor
[0:42] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[0:42] <roberestarkk> ?flok vah koor
[0:42] <ejano> :D
[0:42] <Padmay> horleggor is so boring qq
[0:42] <dreamyeuropa> ???
[0:42] <roberestarkk> Quest over to the Nether and swap sides then
[0:43] <Padmay> nah
[0:43] <Padmay> then i feel confined to the nether
[0:43] <Padmay> it would have been nicer if horleggor wasn't so far away
[0:43] <Padmay> there's no livestock here either
[0:43] <dreamyeuropa> tahn wander the plaisn..
[0:44] <dreamyeuropa> is anyone lese lagging?
[0:44] <ejano> nope
[0:44] <roberestarkk> not since I reset my router just now
[0:44] <roberestarkk> It's a good idea, I'd recommend it
[0:44] <dreamyeuropa> ...
[0:44] <Padmay> is the red border on dynmap the map limit?
[0:45] <roberestarkk> Yup
[0:45] <ejano> yep
[0:45] <Padmay> eugh
[0:45] <Padmay> why is horleggor stuck in a bloody corner
[0:45] <roberestarkk> It isn't... It's the least bloody of all the factions, so their corner is remarkably unbloody
[0:45] <dreamyeuropa> ...
[0:46] <ejano> xD
[0:46] <Padmay> it's surrounded by ocean
[0:46] <Padmay> girt by goddamn sea
[0:46] <roberestarkk> It's beautiful!
[0:46] <dreamyeuropa> ?
[0:47] <Padmay> what's most annoying is that if you fall off the side of the horleggor mountainy thing you die
[0:47] <Padmay> and when you go to fetch your items, you will probably die too
[0:47] <roberestarkk> Well that seems like a pretty good reason to not to do that then
[0:48] <Padmay> there's no mob protection either so just walking around the capital can get you killed at night
[0:48] <ejano> stick some torches around?
[0:48] <Padmay> have done so, doesn't stop the mobs
[0:48] <dreamyeuropa> blow up the place?
[0:48] <ejano> lol..
[0:48] <Padmay> ...
[0:48] <dreamyeuropa> it works!
[0:48] <ejano> :I
[0:49] <Padmay> i'll be sure to drop by your house some day soon and blow it up darren
[0:49] <dreamyeuropa> thers just other... minor problems
[0:49] <dreamyeuropa> ist a suggestion!
[0:50] <Padmay> ist a terrible one too
[0:50] <dreamyeuropa> well, it isn't for everyone...
[0:51] <dreamyeuropa> er, is fire spread on?
[0:51] <ejano> yep
[0:51] <dreamyeuropa> k
[0:52] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[0:52] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[0:52] <ejano> hallo
[0:52] <Dengar708> Hey
[0:52] <Dengar708> psst ejano skype
[0:52] <ejano> aah
[0:52] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[0:52] <TurtleTanX> back
[0:52] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[0:52] <dreamyeuropa> er, why dengar?
[0:52] <TurtleTanX> i swear if my texturepack dosen't work ffs
[0:52] <Dengar708> spooky
[0:52] <ejano> :o
[0:52] <dreamyeuropa> can i join?
[0:52] <dreamyeuropa> or is it private?
[0:53] <ejano> its not a call xD
[0:53] <Padmay> private
[0:53] <Dengar708> private because I didn't find
[0:53] <dreamyeuropa> ah
[0:53] <TurtleTanX> YES IS WORKED
[0:53] <Dengar708> my rule is whoever finds gets choice
[0:53] <TurtleTanX> i have an awesome pack now
[0:53] <dreamyeuropa> is thsi about artefacts?>
[0:54] <dreamyeuropa> why do ineed a water bucket?
[0:56] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?4@?7|?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[0:57] <dreamyeuropa> laggg
[0:57] <dreamyeuropa> ?
[0:57] <ejano> meeep
[0:58] <Dengar708> durnit rob
[0:58] <dreamyeuropa> ????
[0:58] <dreamyeuropa> ????
[0:58] <roberestarkk> test
[0:58] <roberestarkk> Hmmn
[0:58] <roberestarkk> weird
[0:59] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[0:59] <ejano> hey!
[1:00] <dreamyeuropa> internet
[1:00] <ejano> xD
[1:00] <dreamyeuropa> hey!
[1:00] <EllaA2013> hi TurtleTanX im back
[1:00] <ejano> Hello
[1:00] <ejano> too
[1:01] <dreamyeuropa> er, do sheep pigs, etc spawn in a taigia?
[1:01] <Dengar708> yes
[1:01] <dreamyeuropa> then why am i not seeing any?
[1:02] <Padmay> ejano we are heading off now
[1:03] <ejano> ok, you guys can check it out
[1:03] <dreamyeuropa> ?
[1:03] <ejano> im just building
[1:03] <dreamyeuropa> ....
[1:03] <ejano> you should take dreamy with u :p
[1:03] <Padmay> no
[1:03] <dreamyeuropa> ???????????
[1:03] <ejano> okay
[1:03] <dreamyeuropa> ??????
[1:03] <dreamyeuropa> okay, wahts this about?
[1:03] <Padmay> none of your business
[1:03] <ejano> spooky
[1:03] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[1:04] <ejano> hey!
[1:04] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[1:04] <Padmay> hai baivo
[1:04] <TurtleTanX> hey baivo
[1:04] <EllaA2013> hi
[1:04] <Baivo> hiya
[1:04] <dreamyeuropa> BURN!!!
[1:04] <EllaA2013> hi TurtleTanX
[1:04] <dreamyeuropa> wait, bavio switched?
[1:04] <Baivo> Indeed
[1:04] <TurtleTanX> HEY ELLA
[1:04] <TurtleTanX> i got the wood btw
[1:04] <TurtleTanX> 6 stacks
[1:04] <ejano> he is puuuurple now
[1:04] <Baivo> Purdy
[1:05] <ejano> prrrruuuty
[1:05] <TurtleTanX> it's just here
[1:05] <Baivo> Turtle
[1:05] <Baivo> Skype?
[1:05] <TurtleTanX> yes and yes
[1:05] <dreamyeuropa> ok wahts going on
[1:06] <ejano> no idea what they're doing
[1:06] <ejano> I only know what padmay is doign
[1:06] <ejano> doing*
[1:06] <ejano> +deng
[1:06] <TurtleTanX> ella the wood is in this chest
[1:06] <TurtleTanX> top one
[1:08] <TurtleTanX> want to come to the nether with me ella
[1:09] <dreamyeuropa> i want to come
[1:09] <EllaA2013> ok
[1:09] <Baivo> Ew
[1:09] <TurtleTanX> ok sure XD
[1:09] <dreamyeuropa> um can you wait up for a sec then?
[1:09] <TurtleTanX> whoops
[1:10] <dreamyeuropa> er, i've cooldown
[1:10] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[1:10] <Baivo> Trying to find a fortress
[1:10] <Baivo> Wanna help?
[1:10] <dreamyeuropa> er, i;m a newb here...
[1:10] <Padmay> spooky
[1:11] <EllaA2013> Baivo a nether fortreess?
[1:11] <Baivo> Yah
[1:11] <EllaA2013> i have a nether portal that spawns u in to one
[1:11] <TurtleTanX> ok ella ill swim to the top you can tp to mw
[1:11] <EllaA2013> not kidding
[1:11] <ejano> o.O
[1:11] <Baivo> Wow really? Can i use it?
[1:11] <dreamyeuropa> really?
[1:11] <ejano> oh!
[1:11] <EllaA2013> sure but not now
[1:11] <Baivo> Well, ok
[1:12] <ejano> lol I thought you were saying, I have a nether portal that spawns you into a nether portal
[1:12] <Baivo> I'll try to find one in the meantime
[1:12] <Baivo> I have one of those ajano
[1:12] <Baivo> *ejano
[1:12] <ejano> lel
[1:12] <Baivo> The other portal takes you to benchka's underground base
[1:12] <Baivo> Or what'
[1:12] <Baivo> 's left of it...
[1:12] <dreamyeuropa> should i ask?
[1:13] <TurtleTanX> sorry i didnt accept i was in lava
[1:13] <roberestarkk> Baivo!
[1:14] <EllaA2013> why are we here
[1:14] <TurtleTanX> to get blaze rods
[1:15] <ejano> oooh could I buy one off you guys if you get any?
[1:15] <Baivo> Sure
[1:15] <ejano> yay
[1:15] <dreamyeuropa> er, i need another telprot guys...
[1:15] <ejano> I need to make a bar thingy
[1:15] <ejano> drink stand :p
[1:15] <EllaA2013> where did you go?
[1:15] <Baivo> Brewing stansd
[1:15] <dreamyeuropa> somewher....
[1:15] <Baivo> *stand
[1:15] <dreamyeuropa> all i knwo, thers and 'curious' gahst somewhere...
[1:16] <dreamyeuropa> seriusly, can someone tp me to them?
[1:16] <ejano> to baivo?
[1:16] <dreamyeuropa> yep
[1:16] <TurtleTanX> wFOUND OINE
[1:16] <dreamyeuropa> or turtle or ella
[1:16] <dreamyeuropa> preferably turtkle
[1:17] <dreamyeuropa> since he found one
[1:17] <TurtleTanX> YUSS
[1:17] <dreamyeuropa> ok thx
[1:17] <TurtleTanX> lrts do this
[1:17] <ejano> ya'll take care now
[1:17] <dreamyeuropa> who has a bow?
[1:17] <Baivo> I do
[1:17] <Baivo> I'm on ghast duty
[1:17] <dreamyeuropa> keep the gahst busying
[1:18] <dreamyeuropa> i hre balezes
[1:18] <TurtleTanX> i just remebered im indestructable to blazes
[1:19] <ejano> to their fire ye
[1:19] <ejano> do they do anything else?
[1:19] <dreamyeuropa> dound the blazes
[1:19] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[1:19] <ejano> :/
[1:19] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[1:19] <TurtleTanX> 54 secs
[1:20] <dreamyeuropa> why are ther slekes???
[1:20] <TurtleTanX> XD
[1:20] <TurtleTanX> do you guys want to join the skype call
[1:20] <ejano> na im good
[1:20] <ejano> or
[1:20] <TurtleTanX> owww
[1:20] <ejano> taht wasnt
[1:20] <ejano> to me
[1:20] <ejano> xD
[1:20] <TurtleTanX> no you are invited
[1:20] <TurtleTanX> everyone is
[1:21] <dreamyeuropa> got a rod
[1:21] <TurtleTanX> YUS
[1:21] <ejano> na im good c:
[1:21] <ejano> thx anyway!
[1:21] <TurtleTanX> dreamy want to join the call
[1:21] <TurtleTanX> or ella
[1:21] <dreamyeuropa> maybve
[1:21] <TurtleTanX> thanks
[1:22] <dreamyeuropa> camp here?
[1:22] <Baivo> Yeah
[1:22] <TurtleTanX> FUUUUU
[1:22] <TurtleTanX> XD
[1:22] <dreamyeuropa> am i the worse prepared?
[1:22] <TurtleTanX> no i am
[1:22] <Baivo> We're out
[1:23] <dreamyeuropa> k
[1:23] <dreamyeuropa> okk, i'm immune
[1:23] <TurtleTanX> ella can you tp me to you
[1:24] <TurtleTanX> thanks ella
[1:24] <dreamyeuropa> turtle you should be fine
[1:25] <roberestarkk> wellp, nearly burned down Terran HQ just now... best not try that again :P
[1:25] <dreamyeuropa> ....
[1:25] <dreamyeuropa> gahst!
[1:25] <Baivo> Or you could try it again. See if you can not burn it down
[1:25] <Baivo> Or do
[1:25] <TurtleTanX> WOAHHH
[1:25] <dreamyeuropa> ?
[1:25] <TurtleTanX> found the nether base
[1:25] <dreamyeuropa> ?
[1:26] <dreamyeuropa> who's hitting me?
[1:26] <ejano> hunger
[1:26] <ejano> idk
[1:26] <dreamyeuropa> how many rods?
[1:26] <Baivo> K got 7w
[1:26] <dreamyeuropa> ive got 6
[1:26] <Baivo> *I
[1:26] <Baivo> Jesus my keyboard
[1:26] <TurtleTanX> CHEST
[1:27] <TurtleTanX> 3 CHESTS
[1:27] * ejano (ejano@?4@?7|?9ejano?r) Quit (?eejano left the game.)
[1:28] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[1:28] <dreamyeuropa> next time, we bing bows
[1:28] <dreamyeuropa> er, is that for anyone?
[1:28] <dreamyeuropa> ok, thx...
[1:28] <Baivo> ?
[1:29] <dreamyeuropa> talking to ella
[1:29] <Baivo> May want to use /r
[1:29] <dreamyeuropa> Bavio, we can use you now..
[1:29] <Baivo> ?
[1:29] <Baivo> and it's Baivo
[1:29] <dreamyeuropa> gasht
[1:29] <Baivo> I got out of there
[1:30] <Baivo> You guys are immune to fire and lava
[1:30] <Baivo> I'm not :I
[1:30] <dreamyeuropa> ok, we'e screed
[1:30] <dreamyeuropa> we're not immune to explosions...
[1:30] <Baivo> tp out of there
[1:30] <TurtleTanX> he dropped the rod in lava
[1:30] <Baivo> Padmay, where do you live?
[1:31] <Padmay> in horleggor
[1:31] <Baivo> Oh i saw your house
[1:31] <Padmay> how?
[1:31] <dreamyeuropa> they;re horrible shots...
[1:31] <Baivo> I was ther earlier
[1:31] <Padmay> oh
[1:31] <Baivo> I've been to all the capitals
[1:31] <Padmay> good on ya
[1:32] <Baivo> Padmay
[1:32] <Padmay> Yes?
[1:32] <Baivo> I havebeen hired to kill you
[1:32] <Baivo> I'm sorry in advance
[1:32] <Padmay> Why?
[1:33] <Baivo> It's not personal
[1:33] <Padmay> By who?
[1:33] <Baivo> I don't ask why when making a contract
[1:33] <Baivo> Just who
[1:33] <Padmay> Tell me who.
[1:33] <Baivo> Confidentiality doesn't allow me to give up personal information
[1:33] <Padmay> ...
[1:33] <Baivo> The person can tell you if they wish to
[1:33] <dreamyeuropa> batter up!
[1:33] <Padmay> You won't be able to find me you realise.
[1:33] <Baivo> I do not tp
[1:33] <Baivo> I transport myself by foot
[1:33] <Baivo> YOu have a fair fighting chance
[1:34] <Padmay> I know.
[1:34] <Padmay> You can't find me though, I'm not in Horleggor.
[1:34] <EllaA2013> hahaha when we leaving?
[1:34] <TurtleTanX> do you want to
[1:34] <Baivo> there are... other... parts to thsi contract...
[1:34] <dreamyeuropa> how many rods you gusy have?
[1:34] <Padmay> Like?
[1:34] <EllaA2013> mabey?.......
[1:34] <TurtleTanX> now XD
[1:34] <dreamyeuropa> yes
[1:34] <Baivo> The client has specified for an "accident" to happen to your belonging
[1:34] <Baivo> s
[1:35] <Padmay> Are you serious?
[1:35] <Baivo> The nature of which i'm yet to decide
[1:35] <Baivo> I'll try to make it minimal
[1:35] <Padmay> Don't touch my hay bales though.
[1:35] <dreamyeuropa> wher did turtle go?
[1:35] <Padmay> I like my hay bales.
[1:35] <dreamyeuropa> ok, nvm
[1:36] <dreamyeuropa> farwdwaw
[1:36] <TurtleTanX> ok you can tp to me ella
[1:36] <dreamyeuropa> can you guys get my styuff?
[1:37] <EllaA2013> where is everyone...?
[1:37] <dreamyeuropa> er, i deid
[1:37] <TurtleTanX> tp to me
[1:37] <TurtleTanX> :D
[1:37] <TurtleTanX> tp to me
[1:37] <dreamyeuropa> i lst my stuf...
[1:38] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1) has joined #main
[1:38] <Hyperaxe1> hello
[1:38] <TurtleTanX> hey hyper
[1:38] <Baivo> Greetings
[1:39] <Hyperaxe1> mr baivo
[1:39] <Hyperaxe1> I must inquire into who hired you :^)
[1:39] <EllaA2013> where is everyone...?
[1:39] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[1:39] <dreamyeuropa> er, can you pass me some stuff?
[1:39] <Hyperaxe1> hmmm
[1:39] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk?r) Quit (?eroberestarkk left the game.)
[1:39] <dreamyeuropa> just one balze rod
[1:39] <dreamyeuropa> then ui'll be on my way
[1:41] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[1:41] <TurtleTanX> hey rob
[1:41] <dreamyeuropa> why is there a tnt here?
[1:41] <dreamyeuropa> hey
[1:41] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@?5Hyperaxe1?r) Quit (?eHyperaxe1 left the game.)
[1:41] <roberestarkk> Allo
[1:43] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[1:43] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[1:43] <Dengar708> hey
[1:43] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[1:44] <dreamyeuropa> dam lag
[1:44] <Regox> Due to an attack on a NEUTRAL faction, all trade between Horleggor and Abbadon
[1:44] <Regox> Is hereby suspended until further notice
[1:44] <dreamyeuropa> er, why?
[1:44] <dreamyeuropa> who attacked?
[1:45] <Regox> There was a raid on padmay
[1:45] <TurtleTanX> yyeyeyey you can be our town alchemist ella
[1:45] <Regox> The other details other than that are insignificant
[1:45] <roberestarkk> what did she do now?
[1:45] <dreamyeuropa> is it unknwo who conducted tyhe raid?
[1:45] <Dengar708> some know some don't
[1:45] <Regox> A member of Moraris Norma
[1:46] <roberestarkk> that's hilarious
[1:46] <EllaA2013> did u just get 7 more blaze rods because there mmine
[1:46] <roberestarkk> there's only one member :P
[1:46] <Dengar708> though than narrows it town to about 4
[1:46] <Regox> Yep
[1:46] <TurtleTanX> yess
[1:46] <TurtleTanX> here sorry
[1:46] <Dengar708> which 3 don't play
[1:46] <dreamyeuropa> hmmm
[1:46] <dreamyeuropa> looks at bavio
[1:46] <Baivo> You people are quite ignorant, considering i literally posted in chat i was going to do it
[1:46] <Baivo> And don't blame me
[1:46] <Regox> Any members of Horleggor caught trading illicitly with Abbadon members will be dealt with harshly
[1:46] <Baivo> I am paid to do it
[1:46] <dreamyeuropa> ah
[1:46] <roberestarkk> wait, how do you know it was commissioned by Abaddon though?
[1:46] <Baivo> Not my business what goes on between them
[1:46] <Regox> Sources
[1:46] <Baivo> I am obliged to tell my leader
[1:47] <dreamyeuropa> hmm
[1:47] <TurtleTanX> ella you dropped your stuff
[1:47] <Baivo> And obviously they converse
[1:47] <dreamyeuropa> hmmm
[1:47] <roberestarkk> You have a leader?
[1:47] <dreamyeuropa> hyper
[1:47] <roberestarkk> Ooh
[1:47] <Dengar708> technically roy
[1:47] <Regox> Who said the knowledge came from hyper?
[1:47] <Dengar708> hyper is co-owner
[1:47] <dreamyeuropa> we're guessing thats all
[1:47] <TurtleTanX> so ella help ypurself to anything here
[1:47] <TurtleTanX> this is your home XD
[1:47] <Padmay> Isn't Ella a part of Horleggor.
[1:47] <Regox> Yes
[1:48] <dreamyeuropa> they arn't trading , yet
[1:48] <TurtleTanX> guys what does abaddon have to do with friggin moralis and horlegger
[1:48] <TurtleTanX> seriously
[1:48] <Dengar708> I don't know
[1:48] <dreamyeuropa> haven't you been listening?
[1:48] <Regox> I was told it was a member of Abbadon who hired Moriaris
[1:48] <Dengar708> maybe because someone abaddon hired moriaris norma
[1:49] <EllaA2013> gtg bye
[1:49] <dreamyeuropa> ok, anyone one, who commisoned bavio?
[1:49] <EllaA2013> lolololol
[1:49] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013?r) Quit (?eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[1:49] <TurtleTanX> so we entitle to
[1:49] <Baivo> Baivo
[1:49] <Baivo> The v comes after
[1:49] <dreamyeuropa> ...
[1:49] <Dengar708> Dreamy lets look at this logically
[1:49] <TurtleTanX> we can hire anyone
[1:49] <Dengar708> there are 2 Abaddon on
[1:49] <TurtleTanX> and i havent paid anyone yet
[1:49] <dreamyeuropa> sigh
[1:49] <TurtleTanX> nothing has been done
[1:49] <Dengar708> and I don't think you are currently bluffing yourself Dreamy
[1:50] <Regox> Neutral faction MEANS neutral faction
[1:50] <Regox> It was designed for people who don't want anything to do with the war
[1:50] <dreamyeuropa> i'm just trying to think here....
[1:50] <Baivo> This has nothing to do with war
[1:50] <TurtleTanX> there are no contracts so why is this massive fuss occuring
[1:50] <Dengar708> Eh Moriaris is more paid to do things
[1:50] <Baivo> This is a personal vendetta
[1:50] <dreamyeuropa> WAIT WAHT!!!
[1:50] <Baivo> I try to exclude myself from the war
[1:51] <Regox> It's an attack on a neutral faction nonetheless
[1:51] <Dengar708> as part of Moriaris that is an impossibilty
[1:51] <TurtleTanX> THERE IS NO ATTACK
[1:51] <TurtleTanX> WTF
[1:51] <TurtleTanX> ARE WE RETARTED
[1:51] <Baivo> I do not have to accept a contract
[1:51] <Dengar708> it is up to the leader whom they join
[1:51] <Baivo> I do not have tio follow my leader into war
[1:51] <Dengar708> Baivo it was specified on the forums you follow the leader
[1:51] <Baivo> However i must run all contracts through him
[1:51] <Dengar708> You do not have choice on whom you join
[1:52] <TurtleTanX> my gawd there is no contract. no assult
[1:52] <Regox> So padmay, is your house damaged?
[1:52] <Padmay> Nope.
[1:52] <Padmay> None that I can find.
[1:52] <Baivo> Nothing has been done
[1:52] <dreamyeuropa> so....
[1:52] <Regox> Were you killed by baivo?
[1:52] <Baivo> Not by myself
[1:52] <TurtleTanX> oh and there must be unicorns flying around seeing as we eare making shit up
[1:52] <Padmay> No, I was far away.
[1:52] <Padmay> It's not shit Turtle, I have screenshots of what was said.
[1:52] <Baivo> I have not made an attack
[1:52] <Regox> M'kay, trade returns to normal, apologies folks
[1:53] <dreamyeuropa> ...
[1:53] <TurtleTanX> apologies for my shit thankyou
[1:53] <TurtleTanX> i would hate to lose you reg
[1:53] <TurtleTanX> your service is epic
[1:53] <dreamyeuropa> i'm with you turle in regards to REgox
[1:54] * dreamyeuropa (dreamyeuropa@dreamyeuropa?r) Quit (?edreamyeuropa left the game.)
[1:54] <Dengar708> is it rob?
[1:54] * dreamyeuropa (dreamyeuropa@dreamyeuropa) has joined #main
[1:54] <roberestarkk> Sure was!
[1:54] <Dengar708> is it truely flawless
[1:54] <roberestarkk> Indeed!
[1:54] <Dengar708> because dreamy crashed
[1:54] <dreamyeuropa> damit pinky, you and your uploads...
[1:55] <roberestarkk> dreamy could not possibly have crashed and rejoined that quickly
[1:55] <roberestarkk> most likely they just timed out
[1:55] <dreamyeuropa> no, ivluntary quit and rejoined
[1:55] <roberestarkk> which is a perfectly normal thing to happen
[1:55] <roberestarkk> ahlol
[1:55] <dreamyeuropa> please not mass hysteria yet
[1:55] <roberestarkk> ^
[1:55] <Baivo> That comes later
[1:55] <roberestarkk> also, now there are reasonably somewhat functional Apprentice and Journeyman level Mage groups!
[1:55] * Regox (Regox@?4@?7|?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[1:55] <Dengar708> dreamy I am not playing Valkyr so that isn't happening
[1:56] <roberestarkk> Next stop, adding the actual quests to implement them!
[1:56] <dreamyeuropa> Wromng game dengar
[1:56] <Dengar708> whole point of injokes
[1:56] <dreamyeuropa> ah yes
[1:56] <dreamyeuropa> althoug i wish i had a danuil to hel around
[1:57] <Baivo> man this is a long trek
[1:57] <Dengar708> Rob
[1:57] <Dengar708> did you do something to cause a 10TPS drop?
[1:57] <Baivo> He did
[1:57] <dreamyeuropa> what the
[1:57] <roberestarkk> temporary drop or permanant?
[1:57] <dreamyeuropa> ok now mass hysteria
[1:57] <Dengar708> give it a minute
[1:57] <Dengar708> may go back up
[1:57] <roberestarkk> yes to the first, no to the second
[1:58] <Dengar708> at 16 so seems okay
[1:58] <Dengar708> Rob is playing Nyx obv Dreamy
[1:59] <dreamyeuropa> .....
[1:59] <dreamyeuropa> waht am i then?
[1:59] <Dengar708> maybe nyx prime
[1:59] <Dengar708> valkyr
[2:00] <roberestarkk> hmmn that's weird, MC is taking up masses of processing for no apparent reason
[2:00] <Dengar708> wow 8
[2:00] <dreamyeuropa> wait, tps is at 8 now...
[2:00] <roberestarkk> ^
[2:00] <Baivo> MC eats up resources like popcorn
[2:00] <Baivo> Jesus
[2:00] <Baivo> ReloaD!
[2:00] <Dengar708> It has been 4 days
[2:00] <Dengar708> that is nothing
[2:01] <Dengar708> uptime says 4 days
[2:01] <Baivo> ^
[2:01] <dreamyeuropa> restarte then?
[2:01] <TurtleTanX> fare enough
[2:01] <Dengar708> ours is when people complain then?
[2:01] <TurtleTanX> im happy to restart
[2:01] <dreamyeuropa> i'm not jan, i'm insane!
[2:01] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[2:01] <Dengar708> okay
[2:02] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[2:02] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[2:02] <TurtleTanX> hey hey
[2:02] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[2:02] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[2:03] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu) has joined #main
[2:03] <TurtleTanX> wb
[2:03] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[2:03] <TurtleTanX> wb
[2:03] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd) has joined #main
[2:03] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[2:03] <nogardd> hey yo
[2:03] <nogardd> what's up?
[2:03] <nogardd> and what's down?
[2:03] <Morizu> Morning
[2:04] <nogardd> hey turtle? i heard you wanted texture pack. tried Forgotten Realms?
[2:04] <TurtleTanX> ok sure :D
[2:04] <nogardd> dokucraft Forgotten Realms
[2:04] <TurtleTanX> tthankyou i need a good omne
[2:04] <nogardd> try and tell me whatcha think
[2:04] <Morizu> Dokucraft light is also great
[2:05] <Padmay> flowerss ouo
[2:08] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[2:09] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[2:09] <TurtleTanX> wb
[2:10] <nogardd> wb
[2:11] <Dengar708> so Morizu what are you up to
[2:11] <Dengar708> you seem to be quiet alot
[2:12] <Morizu> Going to gym :P Byee
[2:12] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu?r) Quit (?eMorizu left the game.)
[2:12] <Baivo> lool
[2:21] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[2:22] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[2:23] <nogardd> wb
[2:23] <TurtleTanX> wb
[2:24] <Padmay> wtf
[2:24] <TurtleTanX> wow wtf
[2:24] <Padmay> did you grief in my house
[2:24] <Padmay> you ass
[2:24] <Dengar708> Rob I believe you are up
[2:25] <Padmay> stole my shit too you ass
[2:25] <Dengar708> Baivo you do realise that is grief and ban
[2:25] <Padmay> WHAT THE FUCK
[2:25] <Padmay> get out
[2:25] <Baivo> Nope
[2:25] <TurtleTanX> BAIVO
[2:25] <TurtleTanX> WTF
[2:25] <Baivo> I was given consent
[2:25] <Dengar708> Did Padmay say you can go and kill her?
[2:25] <Baivo> I used enderpearls to get in too
[2:26] <Dengar708> then why is padmay saying you griefed in
[2:26] <Baivo> I was hired as part of a contract
[2:26] <Baivo> The contract was approved
[2:26] <Padmay> BY WHO
[2:26] <Baivo> Hyper
[2:26] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[2:26] <nogardd> hey reg
[2:26] <Regox> All trade is hereby suspended
[2:26] <TurtleTanX> hey reg
[2:26] <nogardd> peopleare killing themselves here
[2:26] <TurtleTanX> WHAT
[2:27] <TurtleTanX> WHO WANTED HER DEAD
[2:27] <Regox> Until the safety of Horleggor residents can be secured, due to griefing/theft/murder
[2:27] <Dengar708> Regox grief is still ban anyways
[2:27] <Padmay> you griefed too
[2:27] <Dengar708> yes?
[2:27] <Padmay> you set fire to my stuff
[2:27] <Padmay> i have fucking /co i
[2:27] <Baivo> Slight property damage through controlled fire
[2:27] <Regox> The borders of Horleggor will be sealed until all security matters are addressed
[2:27] <Dengar708> only situation where it is fine is war yes?
[2:27] <Baivo> All mya ctions were approved
[2:27] <Baivo> However, the contract is fulfilled
[2:27] <Padmay> YOU STOLE MY STUFF\
[2:27] <Dengar708> Hyper says burning was no
[2:27] <Baivo> No furthr hostile action wil be taken
[2:27] <Padmay> WHAT THE FUCK
[2:28] <TurtleTanX> pad what did you lose ill give you stuff
[2:28] <Regox> Inns are hereby sealed, all Horleggor residents are not to tp anyone to the Capital
[2:28] <Dengar708> if you want to talk to hyper he is next to me
[2:28] <Baivo> Hello hyper
[2:28] <Dengar708> no I was saying it is an option
[2:28] <Padmay> You realise Baivo your leader is my older brother
[2:28] <Baivo> I said property damage was to happen, but it was minimal
[2:28] <Dengar708> not that he needs to talk you you
[2:28] <Padmay> you stole my stuff too
[2:28] <Dengar708> to you*
[2:28] <Baivo> You can have your stuff back
[2:28] <Baivo> I have no need of it
[2:28] <Baivo> I'll leave it for you to collect t a travellers rest
[2:29] <Padmay> that could EASILY be a trap
[2:29] <Baivo> I believe it was some diamond tools and flowers?
[2:29] <Baivo> I have no ill feelings towards you, and the contract has been fulfilled
[2:29] <Baivo> I will not take any hostile action towards you unless another contract is taken out,
[2:30] <Baivo> or you take action towards me
[2:30] <Dengar708> So "Controlled Fire" and "Mild Grief" are burning a house down and tping away?
[2:30] <Baivo> Nope
[2:30] <Baivo> I burnt around 6 hay bales
[2:30] <Dengar708> sure sure
[2:30] <Baivo> I used enderpearls to get in
[2:30] <nogardd> so contracting someone to kill a trader is not forbidden? who would want to kill a trader if traders
[2:30] <Baivo> go take a look for yourself
[2:30] <nogardd> are here to help
[2:30] <Regox> Not anymore nogardd
[2:30] <nogardd> they ae not enemies, none of them
[2:31] <Baivo> Askmy client
[2:31] <Baivo> I don't ask why
[2:31] <Regox> We're not trading till the issue is sorted
[2:31] <Dengar708> They shouldn't be allowed in the circumstances
[2:31] <Baivo> I ask who and name a price
[2:31] <Regox> Even the mule caravan is on suspension
[2:31] <Padmay> i haven't even done anything to anyone other than sit and cut trees
[2:31] <Dengar708> Well then Baivo who is the contractor?
[2:31] <nogardd> like... woah... killing a trader. rofl
[2:31] <Baivo> Not my business to disclose
[2:31] <Regox> Baivo, NAME YOUR PRICE
[2:31] <Baivo> My price?
[2:31] <Baivo> What i recieved?
[2:31] <Dengar708> you say ask my client
[2:31] <Dengar708> then don't want to do that
[2:31] <Baivo> Well
[2:31] <Baivo> If they feel the need or want to speak to you
[2:31] <Baivo> They will
[2:32] <Regox> Name your price, to name your contractor
[2:32] <Baivo> Not my business
[2:32] <Baivo> I do not name my clients
[2:32] <Baivo> Confidentiality is aprt of the contract
[2:32] <Padmay> about 13 blocks removed
[2:32] <Regox> M'kay, fair enough
[2:32] <Dengar708> Regox just jump through logs on console?
[2:32] <Regox> That said, trade is still off pending security upgrades
[2:32] <Regox> No, that would be cheating
[2:32] <Baivo> The only person with the knowledge other than the two of us, is Hyper
[2:32] <Baivo> He may be able to enlighten you
[2:32] <Dengar708> He just went to have a shower
[2:32] <Baivo> I hope you don't have any ill feelings towards me
[2:33] <Baivo> It's strictly business
[2:33] <Dengar708> or watch Doctor Who upstairs
[2:33] <Baivo> It's what i do to get by
[2:33] <Padmay> i will develop MANY ill feelings
[2:33] <Regox> Burning the capital of a neutral faction is not business
[2:33] <Regox> Kill? Yes
[2:33] <Regox> Burn? No
[2:33] <Baivo> 6-10 hay bales
[2:33] <Padmay> over 10
[2:33] <Baivo> I can replace those also
[2:33] <Padmay> i counted
[2:33] <Regox> Half the city is made of wood
[2:33] <Baivo> I was careful with the fire
[2:33] <Baivo> Extinguished where encessary
[2:33] <Baivo> And didn't let it burn everything down
[2:33] <Baivo> I'm good at what i do
[2:33] <Baivo> AND
[2:34] <Baivo> I didn't use Tp's to get there
[2:34] <Baivo> I walked my ass over 10,000 blocks
[2:34] <Baivo> To make it fair
[2:34] <Baivo> AND
[2:34] <Baivo> I told her i was going to
[2:34] <Padmay> i hope you burn in seven hells
[2:34] <Baivo> Before i even departed
[2:34] <Padmay> And I told your leader of it
[2:34] <Baivo> Fine by me
[2:34] <Baivo> I did everythign right
[2:35] <Regox> Not too angry at you Baivo, if someone ordered you to burn part of their home, that's their business
[2:35] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[2:35] <Baivo> I'm always cautious to do things the right way
[2:35] <Regox> And as the owner of the largest TNT stockpiles on the server, I shall be happy to return the favout
[2:35] <Regox> When I discover who it was
[2:35] <Baivo> hehe
[2:35] <Dengar708> And i also happen to hold the 2nd largest
[2:35] <Baivo> I've got a few stacks, enough to get things done
[2:35] <Dengar708> I hold abit short on Regox I believe
[2:35] <Padmay> there was no way he could have gotten in
[2:36] <Baivo> Padmay
[2:36] <Padmay> all the entries into my house are locketted
[2:36] <Regox> Den, you have no idea
[2:36] <Dengar708> He "Enderpearled" in
[2:36] <Baivo> When you spam enderpearls at a wall
[2:36] <Baivo> You glitch through
[2:36] <Regox> Den, you able to tp?
[2:36] <Dengar708> sure
[2:36] <Baivo> Try it
[2:36] <Dengar708> just at home xD
[2:36] <Dengar708> all tnt or something?
[2:36] <Regox> Yes
[2:36] <Dengar708> touche
[2:36] <Dengar708> touch?*
[2:37] <Padmay> I'll make sure to castrate you next time I see you, Baivo.
[2:37] <Dengar708> need the e-
[2:37] <Baivo> <3
[2:37] <Regox> Don't get angry at Baivo, he was just the one hired to do the killing/burning
[2:37] <Baivo> any hostile action taken against me will be returned witha cart of TNT
[2:37] <Dengar708> Regox want the recipe to make some nice griefing hand grenades?
[2:37] <Baivo> Be angry at my client
[2:37] <nogardd> take revenge on the contractor
[2:37] <Baivo> Exactly
[2:37] <nogardd> not the contracted
[2:37] <Padmay> I'll take revenge on both.
[2:38] <Baivo> You'll be killed
[2:38] <nogardd> well, that is up to you my friend
[2:38] <Baivo> I killed you twice when you were in your own home with full diamond
[2:38] <Baivo> You stand no chance against me
[2:38] <Padmay> I was AFK
[2:38] <Baivo> Not my problem
[2:38] <Baivo> I did as i was paid to do
[2:38] <Baivo> However we may be able to come to an arrangement
[2:39] <Baivo> One you might like
[2:39] <nogardd> padmay, contract him to kill his client XD
[2:39] <Baivo> Exactly
[2:39] <Padmay> and himself
[2:39] <Baivo> Get him back
[2:39] <Dengar708> guess what happens then
[2:39] <Padmay> I'd rather kill them myself
[2:39] <Dengar708> we are back to where we started
[2:39] <Padmay> over and over.
[2:39] <Baivo> Good luck
[2:39] <Baivo> try to hit me and consider your house a crater
[2:39] <nogardd> whoops. apologies for leeking the suggestion.
[2:39] <Baivo> I know wher eyou live now
[2:40] <Baivo> Took me two hours to track down
[2:40] <nogardd> or, guessing the right option?
[2:40] <Regox> Baivo, pad, leave it for now
[2:40] <Padmay> I want my stuff back thank you very much
[2:40] <Baivo> Sure
[2:40] <Regox> Pad, because we don't know who contracted it
[2:40] <Padmay> thieving isn't allowed.
[2:40] <Baivo> Where would you like it delivered?
[2:40] <Dengar708> though I believe attacking the neutral faction which is meant to be no fighting is kind of against g
[2:40] <Baivo> it is
[2:40] <Regox> Baivo, because I can level your entire faction base with TNT
[2:40] <Dengar708> eneral idea of it
[2:40] <Baivo> Read the /rules
[2:40] <Baivo> I don't have a base
[2:40] <Padmay> Yes you do.
[2:40] <Baivo> I travel like a nomad
[2:40] <Baivo> Safer that way
[2:40] <Regox> The entire Moriaris base
[2:40] <Padmay> My brother runs the faction you belong to.
[2:40] <Baivo> Not my base
[2:40] <Dengar708> I don't think Hyper and Roy will like it much if you cause their whole base to be leveled
[2:41] <Regox> So we'll cool down for now
[2:41] <Baivo> You're exagerating the situation
[2:41] <Regox> And work towards finding out who hired Baivo
[2:41] <Baivo> ^
[2:41] <Padmay> He owes me all my stuff.
[2:41] <Regox> Then we remove their house
[2:41] <Baivo> I can give back what i picked up
[2:41] <nogardd> with tnt
[2:41] <Baivo> If you cool down and stop threatening me
[2:41] <nogardd> would love to watch if its tnt involved
[2:41] <Baivo> I don't need your stuff
[2:41] <Baivo> My payment was a large sum
[2:42] <Regox> Baivo, I will tp to you, pick up the stuff, then return it to padmay
[2:42] <Baivo> I'm nowhere near it
[2:42] <Baivo> I'm at misten
[2:42] <Baivo> gathering some food
[2:43] <Dengar708> Pretty sure that is not allowed
[2:43] <Baivo> I have permission
[2:43] <Regox> Let me know when you're at the stuff, please make it ASAP
[2:43] <Baivo> I'm more than welcome to use there facilities
[2:43] <Baivo> give me 10 minutes or so Reg
[2:46] <Dengar708> brb
[2:46] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[2:47] <Regox> Unsealing borders, caravan remains on suspension, major trading commodity of the day is
[2:47] <Regox> Information
[2:47] <Baivo> lol
[2:48] <Baivo> I would be interested in knowing the recipe for the before mentioned grenades
[2:48] <Baivo> Could come in handy
[2:48] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[2:48] <Baivo> And here's the man i need
[2:48] <Baivo> Dengar
[2:48] <Dengar708> that would be limited to about 2 people currently
[2:49] <Regox> You're not an option though Baivo, would breach your contract, which while
[2:49] <Baivo> My contract?
[2:49] <Dengar708> which will be released to the faction when an actual war happens
[2:49] <Baivo> I have no withstanding contracts
[2:49] <Regox> With whomever hired you
[2:49] <nogardd> reg, is all the wool the same for you?
[2:49] <Baivo> I have no contracts
[2:49] <Dengar708> because y'know if everyone knew how to make grief grenades then bad things would happen
[2:49] <Baivo> The one regarding padmay is sealed
[2:49] <Baivo> I have recieved payment
[2:49] <Baivo> As far as i'm concerned it never happened
[2:49] <Regox> That's the one I'm trading massive resources for information on
[2:50] <Dengar708> and he won't spill
[2:50] <Regox> That's what I meant
[2:50] <Dengar708> so save the resources until later Regox
[2:50] <Regox> I am
[2:50] <Baivo> I can disclose the payment i recieved for the services
[2:50] <Regox> I'm opening it to everyone, from every faction
[2:50] <Baivo> That may aid in determinin who exactly it was
[2:50] <Dengar708> whoever it was to make said contract did a bad job drawing it up if they left that big of a hole to
[2:50] <Dengar708> slip through
[2:51] <Baivo> and what would that be?
[2:51] <Dengar708> me being me
[2:51] <Baivo> Care to elaborate?
[2:51] <Dengar708> would of main a condition everything said is client confidentiality
[2:51] <Dengar708> and that via breaking it all assets would be seized
[2:52] <Baivo> My payment is my information to disclose
[2:52] <Dengar708> something along those lines
[2:52] <Dengar708> well that is a very silly thing in my opinion
[2:52] <Baivo> I only work for these people so long as the contract stands and i have someone to destroy
[2:53] <Dengar708> so you are purely being Moriaris as you get joy out of destroying people's buildings
[2:53] <Baivo> Not particularly
[2:53] <Baivo> Killing? yes
[2:53] <nogardd> reg?
[2:53] <Padmay> Go on to a bloody PVP server then.
[2:53] <Dengar708> then go on a PvP server
[2:53] <Regox> Eh, leave it. The contract apparently stated to damage the property
[2:53] <Baivo> I had alot of fun hunting her down
[2:53] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk?r) Quit (?eroberestarkk left the game.)
[2:54] <Baivo> Worth bearing in mind it was a verbal contract
[2:54] <Padmay> And I'll have a lot of fun killing you and your client.
[2:54] <Dengar708> go play actual factions
[2:54] <Baivo> Nothing written down
[2:54] <Regox> Moriaris exists to kill for hire, that's why we implemented it
[2:54] <Baivo> Dengar
[2:54] <Baivo> ^^
[2:54] <Baivo> The level of destruction was not specified
[2:54] <Dengar708> Regox Horleggor was made for those who didn't want part in any conflict yes?
[2:54] <Baivo> I could have easily compeltely leveled her house
[2:54] <Baivo> No
[2:54] <Regox> It's a dedicated neutral faction, yes
[2:54] <nogardd> there should be a rule for contracts to be emmited through written way. book and quill
[2:54] <Baivo> Horleggor was made for those wanting exclusion fromt he war
[2:54] <Dengar708> and hte Baivo Regox would level your whole faction
[2:55] <Baivo> This was not war
[2:55] <nogardd> in case of major misunderstandings it has their name
[2:55] <Dengar708> because Regox's only town rule is don't touch the house structures
[2:55] <Baivo> I didn't
[2:55] <Dengar708> well exteriors
[2:55] <Baivo> I touched the contents
[2:55] <Regox> So we aren't taking faction-wide repercussions
[2:55] <Baivo> And barely
[2:55] <Padmay> nogardd's idea is good.
[2:55] <Dengar708> I was saying if you leveled her house
[2:55] <Dengar708> Regox wouldn
[2:55] <Regox> But the individual responsible will face incredible repercussions
[2:55] <Dengar708> 't be in a particularly good mood right?
[2:55] <Baivo> Hence the need for secrecy
[2:55] <Baivo> I kept it minmal for a reason
[2:55] <Regox> And massive rewards for anyone who can point to the contractor
[2:56] <Dengar708> well we all have our suspicions
[2:56] <Dengar708> and they all seem to be reasonable
[2:56] <nogardd> reg, is it possible to make a rule for contracting only through book and quill
[2:56] <Baivo> Can't act on them until you rpovide evidence
[2:56] <nogardd> already signed
[2:56] <Baivo> Nog
[2:56] <Baivo> That would be unreasonable
[2:56] <Baivo> Too much evidence to be found
[2:56] <nogardd> it contains their name. and they cannot point to a different person
[2:56] <Baivo> Nog
[2:56] <Baivo> All contracts go through Hyper
[2:56] <nogardd> that way it would be legal
[2:56] <Baivo> He is the book and quill
[2:56] <nogardd> yes baivo?
[2:56] <Baivo> he has to approve them all first
[2:56] <Padmay> Then I will interrogate my brother.
[2:57] <Baivo> If he discloses information he in breach of duty'
[2:57] <Baivo> and i will kill him as well
[2:57] <Padmay> He is your leader, idiot.
[2:57] <Baivo> If he betrays us, he is no leader
[2:57] <nogardd> thats not how it should be. signed book has author's name. meaning, contractor and his specific ord
[2:57] <nogardd> orders
[2:57] <Baivo> Nog, it is what it is
[2:57] <nogardd> oh well. its just a suggestion
[2:58] <Padmay> A good suggestion though.
[2:58] <Dengar708> Though I am sure most people who joined Horleggor wanted to build freely without having their work d
[2:58] <Dengar708> damaged
[2:58] <Regox> Indeed
[2:58] <Baivo> Why i kept it minimal
[2:58] <Padmay> Or STUFF STOLEN thank you very much.
[2:58] <Baivo> I was contracted to grief, i did as little as possible to still fulfill orders
[2:58] <Baivo> Onthat niote padmay
[2:58] <Baivo> I have your stuff i took
[2:58] <Baivo> And reg can come pick it up
[2:59] <Padmay> you damaged my armour, I want compensation.
[2:59] <Baivo> That's what i got
[2:59] <Dengar708> Contracted to grief I don't think should be allowed
[2:59] <Baivo> Reg
[2:59] <Dengar708> as in saying you are to grief the person's work
[2:59] <Dengar708> pretty much as much as you deem nessecary
[2:59] <Baivo> It was approved by Hyper
[2:59] <Padmay> If the client wants you to grief, it should be they can go to another server and grief.
[2:59] <Baivo> Take it up with him
[2:59] <Regox> Padmay, toss me the armour
[2:59] <Padmay> he destroyed two pieces of armour
[2:59] <Padmay> doesn't matter
[3:00] <Regox> He's correct, ultimately Hyper is responsible for the signing off
[3:00] <Padmay> and took 10 of my diamonds
[3:00] <Baivo> I took no diamonds
[3:00] <Padmay> i had 10 diamonds on me
[3:00] <Dengar708> She had diamonds on her
[3:00] <Dengar708> you killed her and took stuff
[3:00] <Padmay> exactly ten
[3:00] <Dengar708> now tell me what do you think happened
[3:00] <Dengar708> where do you think her diamonds went?
[3:00] <Baivo> My inventory was enarly full from the trip
[3:01] <Baivo> I will return you 20 diamonds to compensate for the armor and ones you lost
[3:01] <Baivo> Does that sound agreeable?
[3:01] <Dengar708> she lost legs and feet
[3:01] <Dengar708> and you almost smashed rest
[3:01] <Dengar708> legs and feet are 11 diamonds
[3:01] <Dengar708> you also made her lose 10
[3:01] <Baivo> I didn't destroy them from scratch
[3:01] <Baivo> I simplyfinished them off
[3:01] <Baivo> So i'm not paying for the whole lot
[3:02] <Dengar708> also you killed her twice
[3:02] <Padmay> they were hardly damaged before you attacked me
[3:02] <Baivo> Correct
[3:02] <Dengar708> I believe that is out of contract?
[3:02] <Baivo> Nope
[3:02] <Dengar708> did they say kill twice
[3:02] <Baivo> Exactly twice
[3:02] <Dengar708> or however many times?
[3:02] <Baivo> Once to send a message
[3:02] <Baivo> The other to scare her off
[3:02] <Padmay> I'm not scared.
[3:02] <Baivo> Otherwise i would have been out of there
[3:02] <Padmay> It just gives me incentive to castrate them.
[3:03] <Regox> And we will
[3:03] <Padmay> also missing a diamond spade
[3:03] <Baivo> didn't pick one up
[3:04] <Padmay> Com. pen. sa. tion.
[3:04] <Baivo> You're not entitled to it
[3:04] <Baivo> I could have easily kept your things
[3:04] <Baivo> And i've kindly offered to add 20 diamonds
[3:04] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu) has joined #main
[3:04] <Padmay> And I would accuse you of thievery and hopefully you would be banned.
[3:04] <Baivo> Yet you demand more
[3:04] <Baivo> Can't
[3:04] <Baivo> I covered my ass
[3:05] <Regox> Here padmay, take this, and let the issue cool till we find out who took out contract
[3:05] <Morizu> Hello again
[3:05] <Padmay> Thank you reg.
[3:05] <Dengar708> wb Morizu
[3:05] <Padmay> Dismantling my house and moving.
[3:05] <Dengar708> how was gym?
[3:05] <Morizu> sweaty :P
[3:05] <Regox> Caravan operations remain suspended, but trade is back to relatively normal
[3:05] <Dengar708> how much do you lift
[3:05] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[3:06] <Baivo> I shall return
[3:06] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo?r) Quit (?eBaivo left the game.)
[3:07] <Dengar708> Morizu do you even lift? c:
[3:07] <roberestarkk> Why lift when you can cast Levitate?
[3:07] <Morizu> I could squat your grandma :P
[3:07] <Dengar708> he went to the gym
[3:07] <Padmay> Our grandma is dead.
[3:07] <Morizu> she!
[3:07] <Dengar708> my grandparents are dead D;
[3:07] <Morizu> oh, I'm sorry
[3:07] <Dengar708> all but like 1
[3:07] <nogardd> then she could squat couple of dead grandma's
[3:07] <nogardd> that was prolly bad joke
[3:07] <nogardd> apologies
[3:08] <Morizu> I squat around 65 kilos, at least did still a while back
[3:08] <Regox> If it's any consolation nogardd, I'm imagining an entire gym where all the equipment
[3:08] <Regox> Has been replaced with some sort of amusing corpse contraption
[3:08] <nogardd> XD
[3:08] <roberestarkk> that does sound interesting
[3:08] <nogardd> that would be too undead...y
[3:08] <Dengar708> Anyways to Regox's question I think that may cause an actual witch hunt
[3:09] <Dengar708> robs*
[3:09] <Dengar708> Rob's**
[3:09] <roberestarkk> Heh
[3:09] <roberestarkk> Male witches are not witches though
[3:09] <Morizu> Really depends if your grandparents were cremated or not.. if yes, I could probably lift all your an
[3:09] <nogardd> witchers!!!
[3:09] <Morizu> cestors in one go...
[3:09] <Dengar708> Morizu is female >_>
[3:09] <Dengar708> female =/= male
[3:09] <Dengar708> just saying
[3:09] <Dengar708> normally
[3:09] <roberestarkk> Are you sure Mori? Some of those urns are pretty heavy so's they don't fall off stuff
[3:10] <Padmay> our ancestors are buried in coffins.
[3:10] <roberestarkk> Oh those are even heavier!
[3:10] <Regox> I was so sad when I found out what I wanted to do my corpse was illegal basically everywhere
[3:10] <Padmay> dunno about the asian side but the white side is buried in coffins.
[3:10] <Regox> One word:
[3:10] <roberestarkk> Did you want to turn it into Steam Engine Fuel?
[3:10] <Regox> Nope
[3:10] <Regox> TAXIDERMY
[3:10] <Morizu> I wasnt gonna lift the urns! Just the grandmother...
[3:10] <roberestarkk> Ohlord
[3:10] <Regox> I want to be stuffed and placed in a chair, passed down through generations
[3:11] <Morizu> or what's left of her
[3:11] <roberestarkk> You would desecrate the ashes of a (probably) beloved grandmother!?
[3:11] <Regox> So I may continue to traumatise future generations
[3:11] <Padmay> She was only buried in 2009, and the grandfather in like 1997 or 1998
[3:11] <Regox> "LET'S GO SEE GRANPA KIDS"
[3:11] <Regox> -Dead stare-
[3:11] <nogardd> reg, i think what happened to chinese volunteers is that they stand in museums
[3:11] <roberestarkk> Reg, I am concerned by the fact you said that was illegale ALMOST everywhere...
[3:11] <nogardd> with their insides out
[3:11] <Morizu> Can my future kids come see you too?
[3:11] <Regox> Sadly, it won't happen, because illegal
[3:11] <Dengar708> touche Regox
[3:11] <Morizu> Damn
[3:12] <Regox> And rob, pretty sure I could get away with it in some third world nation or china
[3:12] <nogardd> and reg? id want something ALMOST like that. id want to be dead somewhere in the very very very far
[3:12] <nogardd> island, sitting in a throne
[3:12] <nogardd> XD
[3:12] <Morizu> you can sit on the toilet
[3:12] <nogardd> so noone can find me... ever
[3:12] <nogardd> -.-
[3:12] <roberestarkk> Reg, why not get a life-size replica of yourself made with an urn built in?
[3:12] <nogardd> horrible jokes from mori's part, as usual
[3:13] <Morizu> I'm sorry, I cant help it
[3:13] <Regox> Not fussed on cremation
[3:13] <Regox> I've burned too many animals in my time
[3:13] <Regox> It's not a pretty sight
[3:13] <roberestarkk> Are you using not fussed to mean you don't care or to mean you don't like it?
[3:13] <nogardd> reg, contract someone to wax you up. noone will know you're real or not
[3:13] <roberestarkk> because if the latter you should be ashamed
[3:13] <nogardd> like the horror movie house of wax
[3:14] <Regox> Eh, we stick with tradition here
[3:14] <Morizu> Are we talking about waxing as body hair removal? That's horrifying indeed
[3:14] <Regox> Family members get buried locally, with a jar of dirt in the coffin
[3:14] <nogardd> but your waxed corpse would be passed to generations. you'd have to mention it in your will though
[3:14] <nogardd> XD
[3:14] <Padmay> I got a jar of diiiirt, I got a jar of diiirt.
[3:14] <Regox> Dirt comes from family property founded in 1860's
[3:15] <Padmay> oooh
[3:15] <Padmay> that's pretty cool
[3:15] <nogardd> brb
[3:16] <Regox> It was hilarious a few months back
[3:16] <Regox> Lady came to the desk for info
[3:17] <Regox> Explained she'd moved to town a couple years back
[3:17] <Regox> But had heard the local saying
[3:17] <Regox> "You're not a local till you have family in the cemetary"
[3:17] <Morizu> ugh
[3:17] <Regox> I responded "Which cemetary you mean?"
[3:17] <Regox> She didn't know about the old one
[3:18] <Regox> So old it's heritage listed, no new internments allowed
[3:18] <Dengar708> Where we live you aren't local till you have been here for over 25 years xD
[3:18] <nogardd> back
[3:18] <Dengar708> Padmay has lived here her whole life
[3:18] <Dengar708> still not local c:
[3:18] <roberestarkk> Reg when's the hilarious bit? :/
[3:18] <Regox> That was it
[3:18] <nogardd> XD
[3:19] <Morizu> waiting for that too :P
[3:19] <Regox> Around here, that's hilarious
[3:19] <roberestarkk> Oh you T-Towners
[3:19] <Regox> We're an exciting town
[3:22] <roberestarkk> lol, the quacken
[3:35] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[3:35] <TurtleTanX> hey im back
[3:35] <Morizu> wb
[3:35] <TurtleTanX> how is everything
[3:35] <TurtleTanX> padmay how are you
[3:35] <Dengar708> My eyes are itchy
[3:36] <Dengar708> I might go to sleep soon >_<
[3:36] <Morizu> I'm hungry
[3:36] <TurtleTanX> and do you need supplies i know you need stuff
[3:36] <Padmay> I'm fine.
[3:36] <TurtleTanX> ok good. i hate losing stuff. well if you need armour or anything jus tlet me know :D
[3:36] <Padmay> But Regox says there is a big reward for anyone who knows anything about the "client"
[3:36] <TurtleTanX> hmmmm
[3:36] <TurtleTanX> im in
[3:37] <TurtleTanX> im in
[3:37] <TurtleTanX> hmmm im going to do some reasearch
[3:37] <roberestarkk> That's weird... He could just search the logs...
[3:38] <Padmay> No
[3:38] <Dengar708> He says that is "Cheating"
[3:38] <Dengar708> I suggested that too rob xD
[3:38] <roberestarkk> Ah yes, fair enough
[3:38] <TurtleTanX> he apparently used enderpearls anyway
[3:39] <Morizu> What
[3:39] <Morizu> Are you talking about?
[3:39] <TurtleTanX> i wander who is the client
[3:39] * reeceyboyz6969 (reeceyboyz6969@reeceyboyz6969) has joined #main
[3:39] <roberestarkk> I blame reece
[3:39] <Dengar708> okay sure
[3:39] <TurtleTanX> the person who paid baivo to kill padmay
[3:39] <reeceyboyz6969> wait what
[3:39] <Dengar708> WITCH HUNT GO ROB
[3:39] <Dengar708> USE MAGE
[3:39] <Dengar708> MAGIC*
[3:39] <Morizu> Why would anyone want to kill a trader?
[3:39] <roberestarkk> :P
[3:39] <Dengar708> I cannot english when I cannot see
[3:39] <Padmay> I'm a harmless innocent child :c
[3:39] * reeceyboyz6969 (reeceyboyz6969@reeceyboyz6969?r) Quit (?ereeceyboyz6969 left the game.)
[3:39] <TurtleTanX> hmmm i know
[3:39] <roberestarkk> People mostly kill traders when they're annoying or secretly a spie
[3:40] <Dengar708> gg rob
[3:40] <roberestarkk> spy*
[3:40] <roberestarkk> mmm pie
[3:40] <Dengar708> scare away the person
[3:40] <roberestarkk> Oh woops
[3:40] <TurtleTanX> padmay are you a spy XD
[3:40] <Morizu> I thought traders were off limits for pvp anyways
[3:40] <Padmay> Who would I be a spy for?
[3:40] <roberestarkk> Nothing is off limits to assassins, they're outside the law
[3:40] <TurtleTanX> exactly XD
[3:40] <Morizu> oh okay
[3:40] <TurtleTanX> well it is weird what have you done padmay poor thing
[3:40] <TurtleTanX> you haven't done anything
[3:41] <roberestarkk> wait, was she actually killed?
[3:41] <Padmay> Yes
[3:41] <TurtleTanX> twice
[3:41] <Padmay> twice
[3:41] <Morizu> it's probably another female. These things tend to be jealousy issues
[3:41] <TurtleTanX> a hired asssassin
[3:41] <Padmay> ^ what Morizu said LOL
[3:41] <roberestarkk> Ah yes, friggin women
[3:41] <TurtleTanX> im with morizu
[3:41] <Morizu> Seriously :P
[3:41] <Dengar708> :O
[3:41] <Dengar708> MORIZU ADMITTED IT
[3:41] <Dengar708> :OOOOOO
[3:41] <Morizu> Hey come on, I'm not 13 anymore :P
[3:42] <roberestarkk> And she's probably not the only woman
[3:42] <Padmay> I'm not 13 either... wait what
[3:42] <Dengar708> Well who are the commonly on females?
[3:42] <Dengar708> ejano
[3:42] <Dengar708> uhh
[3:42] <Dengar708> uhh
[3:42] <Dengar708> I am stuck
[3:42] <roberestarkk> Padmay and Mori
[3:42] <roberestarkk> are the other two I know
[3:42] <Morizu> Not ven sure, but we have plenty :P
[3:42] <roberestarkk> BUT
[3:42] <Padmay> Ella
[3:42] <Dengar708> well I don't think padmay would hit on self
[3:42] <roberestarkk> doesn't mean there aren't others
[3:42] <Dengar708> and we were suspecting Morizu
[3:43] <Padmay> I like to hit on myself, i am QUITE the ATTRACTIVE person
[3:43] <Dengar708> hnng
[3:43] <TurtleTanX> ella is new i don't think she even knows you
[3:43] <Morizu> I'm not into pvp at all, dont worry
[3:43] <Dengar708> damnit for choosing the non symetrical house
[3:43] <roberestarkk> So Turtle, it would be impossible for someone to go "Psst Ella, you know what would be funny?"
[3:43] <roberestarkk> "Here's some money, go tell Baivo you want Padmay killed"
[3:43] <TurtleTanX> i know it isn't morizu
[3:45] <TurtleTanX> it would be weird if the client was on now though o_O
[3:45] <Dengar708> hmm
[3:45] <Dengar708> I know
[3:45] <TurtleTanX> who?
[3:45] <Dengar708> there are only like
[3:45] <Padmay> I will castrate you, client.
[3:45] <Dengar708> 3 people who it could be
[3:45] <TurtleTanX> castrating a girl may be hard
[3:45] <Morizu> Or 7. Could be anyone. Even you, me or herself XD
[3:46] <Padmay> If it's a girl, chop the boobs off.
[3:46] <Dengar708> you tell that to all the people who have done that
[3:46] <TurtleTanX> who are they den
[3:46] <Padmay> It's not like they would need it.
[3:46] <Dengar708> Well there is Morizu, nogardd and you
[3:46] <TurtleTanX> ME
[3:46] <TurtleTanX> WHAT
[3:46] <Morizu> And why are the rest not suspicious?
[3:46] <Dengar708> Lets look at it like this
[3:46] <Dengar708> I didn't do it
[3:46] <TurtleTanX> after i just became friends with padmay again
[3:47] <Dengar708> because well I achieve nothing
[3:47] <Padmay> I am Rob's paddy-chan apparently
[3:47] <Morizu> "again"?
[3:47] <Dengar708> and I don't do things which don't benefit myself
[3:47] <Padmay> "Paddy-chan!"
[3:47] <Dengar708> Rob wouldn't do that
[3:47] <TurtleTanX> padmay and i are finally at some sort of peace atleast
[3:47] <Padmay> plus me and Dengar and Hyper are all related
[3:47] <Dengar708> he is playing around with plugins
[3:47] <Dengar708> Padmay wouldn't do that because that is silly
[3:47] <nogardd> well, i definitely didnt do any contracting for sure
[3:47] <Dengar708> would be funny but would cause problems
[3:47] <nogardd> why would i want a trader dead?
[3:47] <Padmay> thank you nogardd, i love you ouo
[3:47] <Dengar708> and Rergox wouldn't do it because he is paying money for the information
[3:47] <nogardd> makes no sense at all
[3:48] <TurtleTanX> and why would i ruin the peace
[3:48] <Dengar708> nobody else has w/e the word is saying you wouldn't do it assuming it is from people on
[3:48] <TurtleTanX> padmay and i are atleast talking now :3
[3:48] <Dengar708> if it was from everyone i could write a half page list
[3:48] <Dengar708> maybe
[3:48] <TurtleTanX> unless this has been planned for a while
[3:48] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[3:48] <Padmay> Satan spawn.
[3:48] <TurtleTanX> hey baivo
[3:48] <Baivo> Hola
[3:48] <Dengar708> wb Baivo
[3:48] <TurtleTanX> skype b
[3:49] <Morizu> Well, I didnt do it. Whether someone believes or not doesn't really concern me.
[3:49] <Baivo> What's going on?
[3:49] <Padmay> People walking into booby
[3:49] <Padmay> traps
[3:50] <Morizu> Someone got contracted and suddenly everybody's accused
[3:50] <Baivo> ahhh
[3:50] <Padmay> yum
[3:50] <Morizu> If it makes you feel better, please feel free to blame me though
[3:50] <nogardd> baivo
[3:50] <TurtleTanX> sus
[3:50] <TurtleTanX> XD
[3:50] <Baivo> Yes?
[3:50] <Padmay> yuu remind me of weavy though, morizu
[3:51] <nogardd> you wanted that rum and stuff right?
[3:51] <Padmay> you*
[3:51] <Morizu> A what?
[3:51] <Padmay> ex-admin
[3:51] <nogardd> ill give you 20 bottles of rum and 20 of mead if you sell me the contractor
[3:51] <Padmay> who i was really close to
[3:51] <Morizu> Ah
[3:51] <Padmay> and a female player
[3:51] <Morizu> Never met
[3:51] <Baivo> haha no
[3:51] <TurtleTanX> baivo you can tell reg who the client is and get the reward
[3:51] <nogardd> you sure?
[3:51] <nogardd> its the best mead and the best rum youll ever taste
[3:51] <Baivo> I don't reveal my client info
[3:51] <Baivo> Ever
[3:52] <Padmay> *whispers* booby's trap
[3:52] <nogardd> im not asking to reveal. but trade for a good price
[3:52] <Baivo> No
[3:52] <nogardd> think again
[3:52] <Baivo> I did
[3:52] <Baivo> No
[3:52] <Dengar708> I love how you say that
[3:52] <nogardd> oke
[3:52] <Dengar708> but you were willing to do it before
[3:52] <Morizu> I could add some to that price too, to get those peeps off my back
[3:52] <Baivo> I was not
[3:52] <Dengar708> because you said your pay was the information you could sell
[3:52] <Morizu> like a stack of diamond or something
[3:52] <Baivo> I was willing to release what my payment was for the deed
[3:52] <Padmay> i <3 morizu
[3:52] <nogardd> mori didnt do it
[3:53] <TurtleTanX> why would mori do it
[3:53] <TurtleTanX> give a good explanation
[3:53] <nogardd> i said she didnt
[3:53] <Morizu> Maybe it was Baivo! Would explain why he doesnt want to sell the info :P
[3:53] <Padmay> carrying 18 buckets of lava, don't mess with me
[3:53] <Baivo> I told hyper who the client was
[3:54] <Baivo> Everything goes through him
[3:54] <Morizu> What's a hyper?
[3:54] <Baivo> Hyperaxe1
[3:54] <Morizu> oh that thing
[3:54] <Padmay> Hyperaxe1, my older brother and co-leader of moriaris.
[3:54] <nogardd> padmay, ask him who the contractor is
[3:54] <Morizu> wait, your older brother told it's fine to kill you?
[3:54] <Padmay> will interogate
[3:55] <Padmay> yeah
[3:55] <Baivo> he agreed to the contract
[3:55] <Baivo> He can't reveal the informatin
[3:55] <Padmay> he's loved me for 14 years, he'll continue to ono
[3:55] <Baivo> *information
[3:55] <Morizu> This is going weird
[3:55] <Dengar708> However Baivo
[3:55] <Dengar708> you went off the contract you told hyper
[3:55] <Baivo> If he does we'll remove his leadership
[3:55] <Dengar708> in actuality
[3:55] <Baivo> I did not
[3:55] <Dengar708> Did you say 2 killings?
[3:55] <Baivo> however to make things more clear next tiem i will switch to writing
[3:55] <Dengar708> because hyper says you didn't
[3:56] <Baivo> he didn't ask me how many times
[3:56] <Baivo> I wasn't aware i had to
[3:56] <Dengar708> general logic dictates 1
[3:56] <Baivo> I am now, and i willf om now on
[3:56] <Dengar708> Because in real life
[3:56] <Dengar708> you can only die once
[3:56] <Baivo> I don't see what difference it makes here
[3:56] <Padmay> the difference is
[3:56] <Dengar708> excluding certain circumstances
[3:56] <Baivo> This is not real life Dengar
[3:56] <Padmay> i still hate you ouo
[3:56] <Morizu> Maybe we can buy off the gender of the contractor from you Baivo?
[3:56] <Baivo> Don't hate me
[3:56] <Baivo> hate the Client
[3:56] <Padmay> hate both
[3:56] <Baivo> I didn't start it
[3:56] <Dengar708> Baivo she will hate on you full stop
[3:56] <Padmay> paddy-chan is full of hate
[3:56] <Baivo> I understand that
[3:56] <Dengar708> Baivo you finished it though
[3:57] <nogardd> baivo, was it guy or girl?
[3:57] <Baivo> It's what i do
[3:57] <nogardd> sell us this little info
[3:57] <Baivo> People aren't going to like me for it
[3:57] <nogardd> whats your price for gender?
[3:57] <Baivo> It's what i do to get by
[3:57] <Baivo> You all have your duties
[3:57] <Padmay> what duty
[3:57] <Dengar708> Technically speaking I shouldn't be part of any group
[3:57] <Dengar708> but eh
[3:57] <Baivo> You are a trader are you not?
[3:57] <Padmay> no
[3:57] <Morizu> I'm still willling to pay that stack of diamonds for the gender
[3:57] <Padmay> I'm a lazy asshole
[3:58] <nogardd> baivo listen to her
[3:58] <Baivo> I will not disclose any information
[3:58] <nogardd> take the stack of diamonds
[3:58] <Baivo> I don't need diamonds
[3:58] <Morizu> Thought you said you need to come by :P
[3:58] <Morizu> Dirt?
[3:58] <Padmay> the great dirt famine
[3:58] <Padmay> i remember that
[3:58] <Morizu> Rotten flesh?
[3:58] <Baivo> I earn my living through contracts
[3:58] <Padmay> this is why you need police
[3:59] * Regox (Regox@?4@?7|?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[3:59] <Baivo> On a side note
[3:59] <Dengar708> WE NEED A JUDGE SYSTEM!
[3:59] <Baivo> This is an excellent demonstration of my skills
[3:59] <Dengar708> lemme just go make that court
[3:59] <Dengar708> you ability to kill her while she was afk
[4:00] <Dengar708> congratulations
[4:00] <Baivo> To track her down over 10,000 blocks and kill her in her own house
[4:00] <Padmay> jon snow
[4:00] <nogardd> dont think anyone is going to hire you baivo.
[4:00] <Baivo> Yet no-one knows who paid me to do it
[4:00] <Padmay> and grief in my house
[4:00] <Dengar708> I am sure we all know Baivo
[4:00] <nogardd> i dont
[4:00] <Padmay> castration
[4:00] <Dengar708> well all of use in the loop
[4:00] <nogardd> but i feel like a do
[4:01] <Dengar708> I have spent the last few days watching poker
[4:01] <Padmay> game of thrones is a good way to learn ALL the torture techniques
[4:01] <Dengar708> I think I know some obvious tells
[4:01] <Baivo> Is it not the duty of my group to do these kinds of things?
[4:01] <Baivo> You people need to get over it
[4:01] <Padmay> no
[4:01] <Padmay> never
[4:01] <Padmay> << professional grudge-holder here
[4:01] <Baivo> keeping hate is like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die
[4:01] <TurtleTanX> GRUDGES
[4:01] <TurtleTanX> THATS IT PADMAY
[4:01] <Dengar708> Baivo
[4:02] <Dengar708> you don't know the spooky shit people do
[4:02] <Dengar708> y'know
[4:02] <Dengar708> just saying
[4:02] <Padmay> like the hound in GoT said, Hate is what keeps most people going
[4:02] <nogardd> what if turtle did it?
[4:02] <nogardd> :O
[4:02] <Dengar708> :O
[4:02] <TurtleTanX> who ever the client is muct have a grudge for some reason
[4:02] <nogardd> he acts like it wasnt him but he knows it wasnt anyone
[4:02] <Baivo> Your basis of this assumption is...?
[4:02] <Padmay> walking in to a booby's trap
[4:02] <Dengar708> I don't know about this nogardd person
[4:03] <Dengar708> he seems to be throwing suspicions around
[4:03] <Baivo> How do we not know it isn't you nog?
[4:03] <nogardd> i was joikign XD
[4:03] <Dengar708> *cough cough*
[4:03] <TurtleTanX> remeber baivo could get banned for straight out nyrder
[4:03] <Padmay> cos nogg loves me ouo
[4:03] <Baivo> I could not get banned
[4:03] <TurtleTanX> murder*
[4:03] <nogardd> well, i could volunteer as main suspect
[4:03] <Baivo> I did everything right
[4:03] <Dengar708> his defence is "It was allowed"
[4:03] <Morizu> There's only one thing we can do to solve this mystery. KILL EVERYBODY!
[4:03] <Dengar708> the grief shouldn't be technically
[4:03] <nogardd> but then all of the ones who suspected me would be wrong
[4:03] <Dengar708> and the glitching
[4:03] <Morizu> That way we can be sure the right person is punished
[4:03] <Dengar708> :OOOOOOOOO
[4:04] <Baivo> grief and PvP is permitted in "wars". The basis of my group is that we do nto participate in wars
[4:04] <Morizu> Denagr uses too many smileys, he's guilty!
[4:04] <Padmay> nogardd is cool though
[4:04] <Baivo> We are mercenaries
[4:04] <Baivo> Assassins
[4:04] <Dengar708> Morizu I already explained my innocence
[4:04] <nogardd> yes, maybe the guilty would say it. and the NOT guilty would try and defend hiself
[4:04] <Padmay> ASS-ASSins
[4:04] <Padmay> asses ouo
[4:04] <Morizu> !
[4:04] <TurtleTanX> XD
[4:04] <Dengar708> If I wanted to kill someone I can easily do it enough without making any evidence
[4:04] <TurtleTanX> its dat ass assins
[4:04] <Baivo> However dengar
[4:04] <Baivo> You are in a neutral faction
[4:05] <Padmay> SO AM I
[4:05] <Morizu> Your names have colors, you're all guilty!
[4:05] <Baivo> You didn't kill
[4:05] <Baivo> You were kilels
[4:05] <Dengar708> Technically Baivo Peppy threw me in Horleggor
[4:05] <Baivo> My job is to kill for people like you
[4:05] <TurtleTanX> Dengar sure is going to the extra effort to blame others
[4:05] <Padmay> Dengar is my brother
[4:05] <Baivo> %^
[4:05] <TurtleTanX> could it be a brotherly prank
[4:05] <Padmay> he's suffocated me enough times with pillows
[4:05] <Dengar708> What would I achieve by killing her
[4:05] <TurtleTanX> HAHAH
[4:05] <Padmay> doesn't need the minecraft kill
[4:05] <Dengar708> Heck I practically gave her stacks of materials
[4:05] <TurtleTanX> maybe just a joke i don't know i don't have a sister
[4:06] <Dengar708> mainly because I am lazy and moving around 50 stacks of ores takes too long
[4:06] <Dengar708> but anyways
[4:06] <Morizu> Enough of accusations guys, or I'mma hire Baivo to kill you all :P
[4:06] <Padmay> pls no
[4:06] <Baivo> I'm intersted
[4:06] <Morizu> Really now :P
[4:06] <Padmay> i just drink boba tea and eat korean junk food
[4:06] <Padmay> innocent
[4:06] <Dengar708> Morizu you really want to go there?
[4:06] <Dengar708> c:
[4:06] <Morizu> Dont drink poopa tea :/
[4:06] <Padmay> boba = boob
[4:06] <Padmay> but it's bubble tea
[4:06] <Padmay> delicious
[4:07] <nogardd> deng. prntscr.com is a lot better
[4:07] <Morizu> uhhh
[4:07] <Baivo> or gyazo
[4:07] <Dengar708> you don't know what Regox will do if another Horleggorian is killed
[4:07] <Morizu> sounds suspicious
[4:07] <nogardd> takes insta screenshot and uploads it instantly generating the ling
[4:07] <nogardd> link
[4:07] <Dengar708> nogardd I am refering to the application paint.net
[4:07] <Padmay> CTRL+SHIFT+4 thank you puush
[4:07] <Dengar708> I prefer it over photoshop
[4:07] <nogardd> application, prntscr
[4:07] <Dengar708> The simplicity is nice
[4:07] <roberestarkk> woo paint.net!
[4:07] <nogardd> http://prntscr.com/4qr6jj
[4:08] <Padmay> robbu-senpai!
[4:08] <nogardd> super simple, uploads in seconds and you dont have to open seperate tabs
[4:08] <Baivo> What's your stance on all this rob?
[4:08] <Dengar708> Rob likes trains
[4:08] <roberestarkk> what's all this?
[4:08] <Dengar708> that is his stance
[4:08] <Padmay> baivo is a boba
[4:08] <roberestarkk> He does!
[4:08] <Baivo> People are pissed becaise i did my job
[4:08] <roberestarkk> Aww poor people
[4:08] <Padmay> boba
[4:08] <roberestarkk> I'm sure they'll get over it
[4:08] <Dengar708> Rob
[4:09] <Dengar708> Is the point of Horleggor for those who don't want to fight?
[4:09] <Dengar708> yes or no
[4:09] <Baivo> No
[4:09] <roberestarkk> No
[4:09] <Baivo> It is for those who don'
[4:09] <Dengar708> so what is it for then
[4:09] <Baivo> t want to fight int he waer
[4:09] <roberestarkk> Trading
[4:09] <Morizu> Well, that's assassin's destiny. I' pissed at the tax collectors too.
[4:09] <TurtleTanX> trading
[4:09] <Baivo> Jesus baivo
[4:09] <TurtleTanX> not getting into wars
[4:09] <Baivo> It is for those who don't want to fight in the war
[4:09] <Dengar708> Rob does that mean I am allowed to go and kill people?
[4:09] <Baivo> Doesn'
[4:09] <roberestarkk> What Turtle Said
[4:09] <Baivo> Doesn't give immunity
[4:09] <Padmay> i'd rather not be assassinated but ok
[4:09] <Baivo> Nod engar
[4:09] <Dengar708> What
[4:09] <Dengar708> so we can't kill but people have free reign to kill us?
[4:09] <Baivo> Rules state PvP isn't just allowed because you feel like it
[4:09] <Dengar708> seems fair
[4:09] <Dengar708> not
[4:10] <Baivo> My group exists for this reason
[4:10] <Morizu> brb
[4:10] <roberestarkk> No, only Assassins can kill people without provocation
[4:10] <roberestarkk> and only at the behest of others
[4:10] <Baivo> ^^
[4:10] <Baivo> I was hired by another player to kill padmay
[4:10] <Padmay> boba
[4:10] <Baivo> The contract went through Hyper
[4:10] <Baivo> It was compeltely legit
[4:10] <Padmay> bobaface
[4:10] <Dengar708> Where you specified basically nothing
[4:10] <Baivo> When you want someone dead there isn't much to specify'
[4:10] <nogardd> bobbafett?
[4:11] <Padmay> boba
[4:11] <Dengar708> Turtle seems very defensive on this topic
[4:11] <Padmay> i have a jango fett toy
[4:11] <Baivo> So do you
[4:11] <Padmay> it's really cool
[4:11] <nogardd> turtle defending baivo and baivo defending turtle
[4:11] <nogardd> XD
[4:11] <Baivo> Actually
[4:11] <Padmay> it's true love
[4:11] <Baivo> I defended nog too
[4:11] <Baivo> And morizu
[4:11] <Padmay> cc of september 2014 bairtle
[4:11] <Baivo> Because i don't want my client info being leaked
[4:12] <Padmay> boooobbbbaaaaa
[4:17] <Padmay> rape alert
[4:17] <TurtleTanX> XDD
[4:19] <Baivo> Dengar
[4:19] <Dengar708> yes?
[4:19] <Dengar708> I don't know what to add to my house
[4:19] <Baivo> Can you get hyper to check his PM's if he isn't busy? If he is, let him know i sent one please?
[4:19] <Dengar708> damn
[4:19] <Dengar708> He is currently doing some stuff
[4:19] <Baivo> Leave him be then
[4:19] <Dengar708> I will tell him but he may get back to you later
[4:19] <roberestarkk> Pfft, he's playing Half Life isn't he?
[4:20] <Dengar708> yep
[4:20] <Baivo> Who wouldn't
[4:20] <Dengar708> map making I believe
[4:20] <roberestarkk> Ah
[4:20] <Dengar708> and other stuff
[4:20] <Baivo> Reminds me
[4:20] <Padmay> boba
[4:20] <Baivo> I'm thinking of buying a replica Gravity gun
[4:20] <Dengar708> mmm
[4:20] <Dengar708> that would be cool
[4:20] <nogardd> half life is awesome
[4:20] <Baivo> $250
[4:20] <Padmay> runescape is gud
[4:20] <nogardd> nope
[4:20] <Dengar708> Currently I want a replica Dakra Prime from Warframe
[4:20] <roberestarkk> ^
[4:20] <Padmay> league of legends is shit
[4:20] <Dengar708> that would be cool
[4:21] <Padmay> dota 2 is better
[4:21] <Dengar708> y'know put on my bed head or something
[4:21] <Padmay> why does everyone hate runescape qq
[4:21] <Dengar708> Though I doubt that will happen any time soon
[4:21] <roberestarkk> Because it's legitimately terrible
[4:21] <Dengar708> also a picture of dakra prime incase anyone wants to see
[4:22] <nogardd> i tried runescape.. like.... 10 years ago.
[4:22] <Padmay> I've played runescape since 2007
[4:22] <nogardd> never tried after that
[4:22] <Padmay> it was the first game i played other than those little kiddy games
[4:22] <nogardd> and not interested in it
[4:22] <nogardd> 1st game i played was tetris XD
[4:23] <Dengar708> http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130914111405/warframe/images/8/86/SwordPrime.png
[4:23] <TurtleTanX> first game i played was twisted metal 2
[4:23] <nogardd> then one of the graphically enhanced games i played was robocop on nintendo
[4:23] <nogardd> and home alone
[4:23] <Dengar708> the skana replica one of the people made was great
[4:23] <nogardd> then i played carmageddon 1 on PC around 2003-2004
[4:23] <Dengar708> they sent it to DE
[4:24] <roberestarkk> Allo guv
[4:24] <roberestarkk> Got a contract on me?
[4:24] <Baivo> Nuuu
[4:24] <Baivo> I tell people when i do
[4:24] <roberestarkk> lol suuure :P
[4:24] <Baivo> Give them fair warning
[4:24] <Baivo> I did with padmay
[4:24] <roberestarkk> Aww that's no fun
[4:24] <roberestarkk> What if they beat you?
[4:24] <Baivo> Actually
[4:24] <Baivo> makes it more interesting
[4:24] <roberestarkk> Do you just keep coming after them?
[4:24] <Baivo> They know it's coming
[4:24] <Dengar708> Rob the problem there
[4:24] <Baivo> I persist until i fulfill the contract
[4:24] <roberestarkk> Ahh, good effort!
[4:24] <Padmay> bobaface
[4:24] <Dengar708> is that if he doesn't say it would be unfair to Horleggorians
[4:25] <Dengar708> or w/e
[4:25] <Dengar708> Because he could do some BS and say that he wasn't
[4:25] <Baivo> Me telling them is a personal thing
[4:25] <nogardd> so lemme say one little thing
[4:25] <Dengar708> and it becomes ones word against another
[4:25] <Padmay> bobaface
[4:25] <nogardd> one thing about baivo is good, he doesnt leek info. another is very bad
[4:25] <nogardd> he killed a trader
[4:25] <Baivo> I didn't
[4:25] <roberestarkk> Actually I like the idea of telling them they have a contract against them...
[4:25] <Baivo> My client did
[4:25] <roberestarkk> Baivo is but a tool
[4:25] <Dengar708> I think it makes it fair tbh
[4:26] <Baivo> Don't blame me
[4:26] <Morizu> Are we still talking about this? :P
[4:26] <Baivo> I didn;t want them dead
[4:26] <Padmay> tool
[4:26] <Dengar708> Baivo people will still blame you
[4:26] <Baivo> Why don't you people understant that
[4:26] <Baivo> You could just as easily hire me to kill rob right now
[4:26] <Baivo> OR kill morizu
[4:26] <Dengar708> "Don't shoot the messenger"
[4:26] <Baivo> Or anyone
[4:26] <Padmay> why would i kill robbu-senpai
[4:26] <Dengar708> *Shoots Messenger*
[4:26] <Baivo> So long as you have reason to
[4:26] <nogardd> i still dont know why would anyone have any reason to have a trader killed
[4:26] <Morizu> Kill me, and loot my sticks :P
[4:26] <nogardd> ridiculous
[4:26] <roberestarkk> Of course we are Mori, it's the most interesting thing to happen in ever
[4:26] <Dengar708> you can't kill rob
[4:26] <Padmay> rob is life
[4:26] <Morizu> Can I hire an assassin to kill another assassin btw?
[4:26] <Dengar708> he would permanently kill you or something
[4:26] <Baivo> Yes
[4:27] <Dengar708> Morizu the problem there is
[4:27] <roberestarkk> You could try to kill me, but I'm magic
[4:27] <Baivo> If i was contracted to kill rob i would stop at nothing to try
[4:27] <Dengar708> Baivo is the only assassian who even gets on
[4:27] <Dengar708> He would literally
[4:27] <Morizu> Hah true
[4:27] <Dengar708> sit on your face
[4:27] <Baivo> Hence why i will be n essential player in this game
[4:27] <Dengar708> in god mode or something
[4:27] <Dengar708> or with blessing
[4:27] <Baivo> I'll make him fall in the void
[4:27] <Dengar708> sit on your face slapping you around
[4:27] <Morizu> My terrible ex is an assassin too though. I could surprise him if he ever logs in again :P
[4:27] <Dengar708> that would be fun
[4:27] <Dengar708> Blink, escape done
[4:27] <Padmay> bobaface
[4:27] <roberestarkk> In-fact, Baivo, how much would it take to hire you to kill me?
[4:27] <Baivo> I don't want to kill rob
[4:28] <Baivo> I can deny contracts
[4:28] <Baivo> Besides]
[4:28] <roberestarkk> I wanna see if you can do it!
[4:28] <Baivo> I don't like killing Terrans much
[4:28] <Baivo> I need them as allies
[4:28] <Baivo> godmode yo
[4:28] <roberestarkk> Nope...
[4:28] <Padmay> i will make sure they aren't your allies ouo
[4:28] <Dengar708> just magic
[4:28] <Baivo> Creative?
[4:28] <Dengar708> We should do this
[4:28] <roberestarkk> try now
[4:28] <Dengar708> Baivo vs rob
[4:28] <roberestarkk> that's weird
[4:28] <Padmay> peppy-senpai to cwp-senpai wa sugoi desu
[4:29] <roberestarkk> must be a safe zone
[4:29] <Dengar708> and rob you aren't part of any faction ys?
[4:29] <Baivo> Wait can terrans kill other terrans?
[4:29] <Dengar708> yes?*
[4:29] <roberestarkk> not really :P
[4:29] <Padmay> pls join horleggor rob <3
[4:29] <Dengar708> he roams free
[4:29] <TurtleTanX> join the assassins they need people
[4:29] <Dengar708> like a horse
[4:29] <Dengar708> or a bear
[4:29] <Dengar708> or a Rob
[4:29] <TurtleTanX> OR JOIN ABADDON
[4:29] <roberestarkk> I'm so tempted! I'd be a great assassin
[4:29] <roberestarkk> #magic
[4:29] <Baivo> Can terrans kill other terrans?
[4:29] <TurtleTanX> i need an admin at my town
[4:29] <Padmay> nu
[4:29] <Padmay> join horleggor
[4:29] <Baivo> rob?
[4:30] <Dengar708> Rob would magic the crap out of everyone
[4:30] <roberestarkk> I think if we leave town far enough
[4:30] <Dengar708> fireball here
[4:30] <Dengar708> fireball there
[4:30] <Dengar708> whole map is on fire
[4:30] <TurtleTanX> ROB JOIN ABADDON
[4:30] <Dengar708> server crash
[4:30] <TurtleTanX> i need an admin here
[4:30] <Morizu> WTB a stack of cheese
[4:30] <roberestarkk> ok, now try!
[4:30] <TurtleTanX> plus you are way to awesome to not go un wanted here
[4:30] <nogardd> make it 5
[4:30] <roberestarkk> ?
[4:30] <Baivo> I believe i'm in both groups
[4:31] <TurtleTanX> rob you have to join abaddon
[4:31] <Baivo> I can open Terran locked chests
[4:31] <TurtleTanX> you would kick ass
[4:31] <TurtleTanX> plus all the other teams have 2 admins nether has only
[4:31] <TurtleTanX> 1
[4:31] <Baivo> and doors ans such
[4:31] <Padmay> excuse me
[4:31] <Dengar708> Rob maybe drop him out of the Terran sub group
[4:31] <Padmay> regox is our only admin
[4:31] <Baivo> lol
[4:31] <nogardd> turtle.. he is all and he is none
[4:31] <Baivo> I wasn;t op
[4:31] <Baivo> xD
[4:31] <roberestarkk> He's not in the terran sub group
[4:31] <Dengar708> well that is interesting
[4:31] <TurtleTanX> oh i thought horlegger hat two
[4:31] <roberestarkk> He's only in Moriaris
[4:32] <TurtleTanX> sorry
[4:32] <Baivo> strange
[4:32] <Dengar708> Rob make a door or chest with the Abaddon sub group
[4:32] <Dengar708> and see if he can open that
[4:32] <Baivo> I can't
[4:32] <Baivo> I tested it earlier
[4:32] <Dengar708> that is odd
[4:32] <Dengar708> will have to check that with Peppy or something
[4:32] <Baivo> See?
[4:32] <roberestarkk> wat?
[4:32] <roberestarkk> that's blatantly OP
[4:32] <Baivo> ikr
[4:32] <Dengar708> ???
[4:33] <roberestarkk> I've probably messed up the inheritance
[4:33] <Dengar708> Why can't he see if you can do something
[4:33] <Padmay> would have been nice of regox to make a thread about the reward for anyone who knows anything about
[4:33] <Dengar708> seeing is believeing
[4:33] <Padmay> the contract and client
[4:33] <Baivo> Let me etst
[4:33] <Baivo> *test
[4:34] <Baivo> :P
[4:34] <Baivo> LOL
[4:34] <Padmay> omg
[4:34] <Padmay> rob :c
[4:34] <roberestarkk> lol smooth
[4:34] <Baivo> BAHAHA
[4:34] <Baivo> I WIN
[4:34] <Padmay> rob-senpai
[4:34] <Padmay> pls join horleggor
[4:34] <TurtleTanX> HOLY FUCK
[4:34] <TurtleTanX> skilled assassin
[4:34] <TurtleTanX> killing an admin
[4:34] <roberestarkk> ugh I forgot how laggy dying was :/
[4:34] <TurtleTanX> WHAT
[4:34] <TurtleTanX> HOW
[4:34] <roberestarkk> ping
[4:35] <Morizu> pong
[4:35] <Dengar708> Rob did you use kamakazi?
[4:35] <roberestarkk> test
[4:35] <TurtleTanX> you just killed an admin
[4:35] <Baivo> I blew him up with remote detonating tnt
[4:35] <TurtleTanX> man you are one freaky assassin
[4:35] <Baivo> After setting him on fire
[4:35] <roberestarkk> allon
[4:35] <Padmay> sy
[4:35] <roberestarkk> ah I'm caught up
[4:35] <Dengar708> the thing is
[4:35] <Dengar708> that in an actual fight rob would still win
[4:35] <roberestarkk> Maybe
[4:35] <Baivo> No doubt
[4:36] <Padmay> robbu-senpai join horleggor for rich rum fun ouo
[4:36] <Baivo> In a fight that is
[4:36] <Dengar708> summon a hunter servant or something
[4:36] <Baivo> assassins don't straight out fight
[4:36] <Baivo> I would lay out some form of trap
[4:36] <Dengar708> if he knew you were attacking him
[4:36] <roberestarkk> Assassin's who get in fights have already lost
[4:36] <Baivo> Exactly
[4:36] <roberestarkk> Baivo can I test my most powerful hotbar spell on you?
[4:36] <Padmay> *whispers* horleggorrrr
[4:36] <Baivo> Nope
[4:36] <roberestarkk> It probably won't kill you
[4:36] <Baivo> I have stuff on me
[4:36] <Baivo> Ok, go
[4:36] <Dengar708> Rob why not summon a diamond worm?
[4:36] <Baivo> amazing
[4:36] <Dengar708> or emerald worm
[4:36] <roberestarkk> Yeah see :P
[4:36] <Padmay> *whispers* horleggorrrrrrr
[4:37] <Baivo> What is that book
[4:37] <roberestarkk> Ultimate list of all spells
[4:37] <Baivo> Want it?
[4:37] <Dengar708> Rob why not just summon a familiar
[4:37] <roberestarkk> nah
[4:37] <Baivo> :#
[4:37] <roberestarkk> That spell doesn't work
[4:37] <Baivo> ;3
[4:37] <Dengar708> no automata?
[4:37] <roberestarkk> spells which cause any kind of mob to spawn do not work
[4:37] <roberestarkk> automata would work
[4:38] <Dengar708> just use that
[4:38] <roberestarkk> but wouldn't be allied to me specifically
[4:38] <Dengar708> and go for a walk
[4:38] <Dengar708> Baivo would have fun fighting that
[4:38] <roberestarkk> lol
[4:38] <Baivo> I don't fight
[4:38] <Baivo> I assassinate
[4:38] <Dengar708> like ejano against the 4 leaf snakes
[4:38] <Dengar708> assassinate the giant worm
[4:38] <Padmay> not assassinate
[4:38] <Baivo> Rob can you roll back the Terran's path? xD
[4:38] <Padmay> ASS-ASSinate
[4:38] <roberestarkk> da
[4:38] <roberestarkk> maybe
[4:39] <Dengar708> Rob how hard are automata to beat?
[4:39] <roberestarkk> depends which one it is
[4:39] <roberestarkk> and how laggy the server is
[4:39] <Dengar708> how hard were the ones Regox was fighting?
[4:40] <Baivo> Nog we're not gay xD
[4:40] <Baivo> omfg
[4:41] <roberestarkk> yeah I think actual pvp is disabled here for some reason
[4:41] <Padmay> you know who is most kawaii
[4:41] <Baivo> me
[4:41] <roberestarkk> so I'm going to go with "Only massive explosions will decide who lives and who dies"
[4:41] <Padmay> no
[4:41] <Padmay> never
[4:41] <Baivo> That is my life motto rob
[4:41] <roberestarkk> lol
[4:41] <Baivo> On that note i want ice cream
[4:42] <Padmay> finally he's gone qq
[4:42] <TurtleTanX> XD
[4:42] <roberestarkk> how rude
[4:42] <TurtleTanX> amen
[4:42] <TurtleTanX> i swear im next
[4:42] <Padmay> i dislike those who attack me in my own home
[4:42] <roberestarkk> Did he blow up your home?
[4:42] <Padmay> he burnt my haybales
[4:42] <Padmay> ;c
[4:42] <Morizu> XD
[4:42] <Padmay> they're like
[4:43] <Padmay> the fruit of rowraft and i's labour
[4:43] <Padmay> i can't even open up my shop due to the threat
[4:44] <roberestarkk> Oh he hasn't told you the contract is over?
[4:44] <Padmay> it is over
[4:44] <Padmay> but the client could possibly want me to die again
[4:44] <Padmay> why don't they just fight me themselves, i can throw pumpkins at them
[4:45] <roberestarkk> That's not allowed
[4:45] <Dengar708> anyways I feel tired
[4:45] <Dengar708> I am going to go sleep I guess
[4:45] <TurtleTanX> well goodnight den
[4:45] <Dengar708> Why isn't she allowed ot throw pumpkins?
[4:45] <Morizu> Sleep well
[4:45] <nogardd> nn deng
[4:45] <roberestarkk> She's not allowed to directly engage in PVP
[4:45] <Baivo> Little does she know i'm on her roof
[4:46] <Padmay> Little do you know where I live.
[4:46] <Baivo> I literally killed you in your house earlier today
[4:46] <TurtleTanX> welll be scared baivo knows
[4:46] <Dengar708> She is allowed to defend her self I assume Rob?
[4:46] <Padmay> anything could have happened since then
[4:46] <Baivo> Yes
[4:46] <roberestarkk> Yes of course
[4:46] <Baivo> In the immediate circumstance
[4:46] <Baivo> She can't exact revenge
[4:46] <Dengar708> If they attack her she can fight back
[4:46] <roberestarkk> But not pre-emptively
[4:47] <Dengar708> by throwing pumpkins or w/e
[4:47] <Baivo> ^
[4:47] <TurtleTanX> plus if she wants revenge she may want to get the client
[4:47] <TurtleTanX> baivo is just doing his job not having a thing against padmay
[4:47] <Baivo> For 32 diamonds i'll let you torture me Padmay
[4:47] <Padmay> why would i give you anything
[4:47] <Padmay> you are worth NOTHING to me
[4:47] <Baivo> Revenge
[4:48] <Baivo> Oh that horse i was giving you?
[4:48] <Baivo> I killed it
[4:48] <Dengar708> anyways night, don't touch my house or I wil lcall hj
[4:48] <Padmay> good
[4:48] <Dengar708> will call*
[4:48] <Baivo> It screamed
[4:48] <roberestarkk> Hey Baivo... Can she hire a revenge killing against the client without having to know who it was?
[4:48] <Padmay> I found other horses
[4:48] <nogardd> sadistic baivo
[4:48] <Baivo> Yes she can
[4:48] <Dengar708> and hj will eat the crap out of you
[4:48] <nogardd> wants to be tortured for a price
[4:48] <Dengar708> hj likes the taste of people
[4:48] <Dengar708> I think
[4:48] <Dengar708> idk what he eats
[4:48] <Baivo> I offered that rob
[4:48] <Padmay> no you didn't.
[4:49] <Baivo> I did
[4:49] <Dengar708> and he would obviously offer the same back
[4:49] <Baivo> Twixe
[4:49] <Baivo> So did nog
[4:49] <Padmay> mmm nope.
[4:49] <Dengar708> and nothing would happen
[4:49] <Dengar708> it would be pointless
[4:49] <Dengar708> tbh there are a lot of things you could do and result in a favourable outcome
[4:49] <TurtleTanX> well if he wanted to kill the client dead without anyone knowing thats impossiblke
[4:49] <Baivo> Padmay is not a reasonable person so i don't bother
[4:49] <TurtleTanX> the chat always sais who dies
[4:49] <Padmay> ryde
[4:49] <Dengar708> anyways night, enough of me and my screwing everyone else over via the easiest method
[4:49] <Padmay> rude*
[4:49] <Padmay> bullying
[4:49] <Padmay> harassment
[4:49] <Baivo> I'll blow them up turtle
[4:50] <Padmay> i am reasonable
[4:50] <Padmay> just not to you
[4:50] <Dengar708> anyways have fun
[4:50] <Baivo> We tried reasoning with you
[4:50] <Dengar708> don't crash the server
[4:50] <Baivo> You screamed at me
[4:50] <Dengar708> or damage my house
[4:50] <Padmay> because you took my stuff
[4:50] <Padmay> and didn't compensate
[4:50] <Dengar708> I will do something very hasty and bad for everyone
[4:50] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[4:50] <Padmay> thank regox for covering your compensations
[4:50] <Baivo> I gave the stuff back i took
[4:50] <Baivo> Because it wasn't in the contract to steal
[4:51] <Baivo> The items Reg gave you came from me
[4:51] <Padmay> 50 diamonds.. yeah no you said you wouldn't pay 21
[4:52] <Baivo> i said 20
[4:52] <Baivo> You demanded more
[4:52] <Padmay> 1 more
[4:52] <Baivo> 20 was double what you lost
[4:52] <Padmay> cause of my shovel
[4:52] <Baivo> I didn't have to give you anything
[4:52] <Padmay> boom banned for stealing if you didn't
[4:52] <Padmay> according to your logic
[4:52] <Baivo> How so?
[4:52] <Padmay> boom bang time to sleep
[4:52] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[4:53] <Baivo> Exactly
[4:53] <Baivo> I wonder if i can hire myself to kill her :/
[4:53] <Baivo> if only
[4:53] <TurtleTanX> XD
[4:53] <nogardd> maybe thats what you did
[4:53] <Baivo> i didn't
[4:53] <Baivo> We can't
[4:54] <nogardd> hired yourself to kill padmay? XD
[4:54] <TurtleTanX> he would get banned
[4:54] <roberestarkk> I'd hire you to kill her except I'm broke
[4:54] <Baivo> I'd do it for free
[4:54] <Morizu> Can we hire you to kill yourself? :P
[4:54] <Baivo> Yes
[4:54] <Morizu> aha
[4:54] <Baivo> In the msot imaginative way you can think of
[4:54] <TurtleTanX> im gonna do it
[4:54] <Baivo> Hump a cactus? sure
[4:54] <Morizu> :P
[4:54] <nogardd> then you would have to jump into lava with payment
[4:54] <Baivo> Drink lava? Sure
[4:55] <Morizu> There's only one way of death I'm satisfied with
[4:55] <Morizu> explosion after too much of rotten flesh
[4:55] <Baivo> For 20 diamonds i'll dry hump rob until he got sick of me and slit my throat
[4:55] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[4:55] <Morizu> XD
[4:55] <TurtleTanX> wb pad
[4:55] <Padmay> still here you know
[4:55] <Padmay> and saw what you said
[4:55] <Baivo> That's nice
[4:55] <Morizu> Wb
[4:55] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[4:55] <TurtleTanX> uh ohhh you guysss
[4:55] <roberestarkk> Aww Baivo don't say that! sometimes I go afk for hours!
[4:56] <Baivo> Once i'm hired i'll see a contrac through
[4:56] <nogardd> he likes talking dirty behind rob's back
[4:56] <nogardd> XD
[4:56] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[4:56] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[4:56] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[4:57] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[4:57] <Morizu> I blame Peppy though
[4:57] <Morizu> he's like, the most suspicious
[4:58] <Morizu> Or are we done with this subject? Good
[4:58] <Baivo> I like cookies
[4:58] <Morizu> I like dairy sweets
[4:59] <Baivo> I'm dairy sweet
[4:59] <Morizu> I...
[4:59] <Baivo> Don't worry, i won't kill you
[4:59] <TurtleTanX> SUGAR dun dun dun duuu dun dun
[4:59] <Baivo> xD
[4:59] <TurtleTanX> awwww honey honey
[4:59] <Baivo> I wanna show you somefing
[4:59] <TurtleTanX> dun dun dun duuuu dun dun
[4:59] <Morizu> I'm .. somewhere :P Exploring
[4:59] <TurtleTanX> you are my candy giiiiiiiirl
[4:59] <TurtleTanX> and ya got me wanting youuuu
[4:59] <TurtleTanX> baaa baaa baa
[4:59] <TurtleTanX> aww HONEY
[5:00] <Morizu> XD
[5:00] <TurtleTanX> duuu duuu dddddduuuuu dun dun dun
[5:00] <TurtleTanX> AWWWM SUGAR SUGAY
[5:00] <TurtleTanX> dun dun duuuu dundundun
[5:00] <Baivo> Wait can i test something on you?
[5:00] <Morizu> Just dont kill me :P
[5:01] <Baivo> Damn you guys are far out
[5:01] <Morizu> just running aimlessly
[5:01] <nogardd> ill be back later guys
[5:01] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd?r) Quit (?enogardd left the game.)
[5:01] <TurtleTanX> bye nogardd
[5:02] <Baivo> Wait
[5:02] <Baivo> Let me repay this creeper
[5:02] <Baivo> hehehe
[5:02] <Morizu> poor creature
[5:02] <Baivo> :P
[5:05] <Morizu> what on earth are you doing? :P
[5:06] <Baivo> I have no idea
[5:06] <Morizu> rofl
[5:07] <Morizu> well, I'm gonna head south, dont die
[5:07] <Morizu> and dont waste all your tnt XD
[5:07] <Baivo> You can't tell me what to do
[5:07] <Baivo> I wasted all my TNT
[5:07] <Morizu> I can try
[5:07] <Baivo> #rebelswag
[5:11] <Morizu> well that was worth it :P
[5:11] <Morizu> Gotta run, back later! Have fun
[5:11] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu?r) Quit (?eMorizu left the game.)
[5:23] <Baivo> What no
[5:23] <TurtleTanX> what
[5:23] <Baivo> I need to play tf2
[5:23] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo?r) Quit (?eBaivo left the game.)
[5:23] <TurtleTanX> XD
[5:31] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[5:32] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[5:54] <TurtleTanX> hey rob are you there'
[5:56] <TurtleTanX> rob?
[6:05] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[6:14] <roberestarkk> I am?
[6:14] <TurtleTanX> hahaha awesome
[6:14] <TurtleTanX> thank god
[6:14] <TurtleTanX> can i have your help please
[6:15] <roberestarkk> depends... how much effort does it involve on my part?
[6:15] <TurtleTanX> well im not sure how hard it it to mak something on dyn map
[6:15] <TurtleTanX> mark*
[6:15] <roberestarkk> not particularly
[6:15] <roberestarkk> whaddya want marked?
[6:16] <TurtleTanX> another Abaddon rown
[6:16] <TurtleTanX> town*
[6:16] <TurtleTanX> thankyou so much Rob i really appreciate ity
[6:16] <TurtleTanX> it*
[6:16] <roberestarkk> Wossit called?
[6:16] <TurtleTanX> Farrend
[6:16] <Baivo> lol
[6:16] <Baivo> Foudn the egde then?
[6:16] <TurtleTanX> im at where it is going to be now
[6:16] <Baivo> *found
[6:16] <TurtleTanX> XD
[6:17] <roberestarkk> Nah, it's gotta be here before the marker
[6:17] <TurtleTanX> wait what
[6:17] <Baivo> You have to build it]
[6:17] <roberestarkk> it doesn't make sense otherwise
[6:17] <TurtleTanX> i am XD
[6:17] <TurtleTanX> the wall will be up in a few hours
[6:18] <TurtleTanX> well iw won't argue
[6:18] <TurtleTanX> but this is Farrend
[6:18] <roberestarkk> mkay, lemme know when I can actually see it :P
[6:18] <TurtleTanX> sure
[6:19] <TurtleTanX> but yeah this will be the mega base for the Abaddon
[6:20] <roberestarkk> oh another one?
[6:20] <TurtleTanX> well terran has many more towns than us
[6:20] <TurtleTanX> so i am building a war base for the Abaddon
[6:20] <roberestarkk> my last count was at 2 towns and a Capital
[6:21] <Baivo> They have more
[6:21] <TurtleTanX> 3
[6:21] <TurtleTanX> 4 sorry
[6:21] <Baivo> I build marinaqua cove
[6:21] <roberestarkk> I was counting that
[6:21] <TurtleTanX> look on dynmap they have 4 flags
[6:21] <roberestarkk> Mori's place doesn't count :P
[6:21] <TurtleTanX> XD
[6:21] <Baivo> There's rithori
[6:21] <roberestarkk> Mori's place doesn't count
[6:22] <Baivo> Ah
[6:27] <roberestarkk> Actually I should totally visit it
[6:27] <TurtleTanX> visit what
[6:27] <roberestarkk> Mori's place
[6:28] <roberestarkk> such a long flight
[6:31] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[6:31] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[6:31] <Baivo> Nice
[6:31] <roberestarkk> woops, outpaced worldgen
[6:31] <Baivo> We noticed
[6:32] <Baivo> You're lagging the server out something shocking
[6:32] <roberestarkk> very well, I shall fly slower!
[6:35] <roberestarkk> I wish I had a key-size weight :P
[7:06] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo?r) Quit (?eBaivo left the game.)
[7:08] <TurtleTanX> hey rob can i get you to help me please :D
[7:13] <TurtleTanX> robbbbb
[7:15] <roberestarkk> mebbe
[7:15] <TurtleTanX> i just need you to mesure distances for me pls
[7:15] <TurtleTanX> the disnances are too great with just hand
[7:15] <TurtleTanX> distances*
[7:16] <TurtleTanX> well you know in worldedit you can select one point and then select the other it then tells you the
[7:16] <TurtleTanX> distance
[7:16] <TurtleTanX> i just need to make sure my mesurements are accurate
[7:17] <TurtleTanX> please :D
[7:17] <roberestarkk> Why not just grab a calculator, hit f3 and then stand at each point?
[7:17] <TurtleTanX> oh wow why didn't i just do that XD
[7:17] <TurtleTanX> thanks rob
[7:18] <roberestarkk> Np, anything to get me out of doing things!
[7:18] <roberestarkk> plus I'm nearly there, I can feel it in my bones!
[7:18] <TurtleTanX> XD
[7:24] <TurtleTanX> zHOLY FUCK
[7:24] <TurtleTanX> i made a biggie
[7:24] <TurtleTanX> check out this rob (facepalm*
[7:26] <TurtleTanX> wow
[7:26] <roberestarkk> wha?
[7:26] <TurtleTanX> i think i bit off more than i can chew
[7:26] <roberestarkk> lol
[7:27] <TurtleTanX> this square is 140 X 140
[7:27] <TurtleTanX> clearing out the land is gonna take a while XD
[7:27] <TurtleTanX> FUUUUU
[7:27] <roberestarkk> heh
[7:27] <roberestarkk> it's not so bad
[7:27] <TurtleTanX> WHAT
[7:27] <TurtleTanX> ITS MASSIVE
[7:29] <TurtleTanX> hey want to join my digging XD
[7:29] <roberestarkk> lol, no thanks
[7:29] <roberestarkk> my days of building big things by hand are over :P
[7:29] <TurtleTanX> owww
[7:29] <TurtleTanX> well you can world edit XD
[7:29] <TurtleTanX> im kiddin
[7:29] <roberestarkk> my point exactly :P
[7:30] <TurtleTanX> im going to need help from others tomorrow though mann
[7:30] <TurtleTanX> this is so big
[7:31] <roberestarkk> I found Mori's place, it's pretty cool
[7:31] <TurtleTanX> hahah
[7:31] <roberestarkk> wouldn't call it a town though
[7:31] <TurtleTanX> what is it
[7:31] <roberestarkk> it's a ruin
[7:31] <TurtleTanX> i haven't been there
[7:32] <TurtleTanX> i have been to one of mori's bases
[7:33] <roberestarkk> she's good I'll give her that
[7:33] <TurtleTanX> hahahahah she is
[7:33] <TurtleTanX> well once my massive castle is done
[7:35] <roberestarkk> and she loves her cats :P
[7:35] <TurtleTanX> she sure does lmao
[7:35] <TurtleTanX> she bought them to xiraxarfel once
[7:35] <roberestarkk> there are 16 in this room alone
[7:38] <TurtleTanX> man im about to give up allready this is so big]
[7:42] <roberestarkk> remember when I said Mori's place doesn't count?
[7:42] <TurtleTanX> yeah
[7:42] <roberestarkk> I lied it totally counts!
[7:42] <TurtleTanX> XD
[7:42] <TurtleTanX> hahah
[7:42] <TurtleTanX> hey rob are you allowed to world edit for people
[7:42] <roberestarkk> dude, I would legitimately live here if it weren't a ruin
[7:42] <TurtleTanX> i hate to ask honestly
[7:42] <roberestarkk> she's got talent
[7:42] <roberestarkk> and no, not really
[7:42] <TurtleTanX> hahaa
[7:44] <roberestarkk> What I can do is shout encouragement and shoot the occasional thing that comes near you with
[7:45] <roberestarkk> murderous intent... Assuming I don't get bored and wander off
[7:45] <roberestarkk> But that's pretty much it
[7:45] <TurtleTanX> XD
[7:48] <roberestarkk> I need to make myself a house, but I really don't want to because I know I'll get attached to it
[7:48] <roberestarkk> and it'll be wiped eventually
[7:48] <TurtleTanX> ok build your house in this city im building :3
[7:48] <TurtleTanX> pls
[7:49] <TurtleTanX> we can start a project
[7:49] <TurtleTanX> cumon
[7:49] <roberestarkk> Nah, I'm also terrible at building
[7:49] <TurtleTanX> what do you say
[7:49] <roberestarkk> also we're enemies
[7:49] <TurtleTanX> :'(
[7:51] <TurtleTanX> why are all the admins terran XD
[7:51] <TurtleTanX> ejano, you kyle
[7:52] <roberestarkk> I'm only an admin in the literal sense really
[7:52] <TurtleTanX> XD oh
[7:53] <TurtleTanX> i have been wondering what you are
[7:53] <roberestarkk> I am a Wizard, why won't people listen to me? :(
[7:53] <TurtleTanX> well i was never told XD
[7:54] <roberestarkk> hmmn
[7:54] <roberestarkk> test
[7:54] <TurtleTanX> WOAH
[7:54] <roberestarkk> hmmn nearly
[7:54] <TurtleTanX> underscore
[7:55] <roberestarkk> test
[7:55] <roberestarkk> well that didn't work at all
[7:55] <TurtleTanX> OHHHHH
[7:55] <TurtleTanX> AWESOME
[7:55] <roberestarkk> test
[7:56] <TurtleTanX> dang
[7:56] <roberestarkk> test
[7:56] <TurtleTanX> YEY
[7:56] <roberestarkk> lol
[7:56] <TurtleTanX> can you do that to me :3
[7:56] <TurtleTanX> please
[7:56] <TurtleTanX> or aren't you allowed
[7:57] <roberestarkk> I probably won't even be allowed to leave myself like this :P
[7:57] <TurtleTanX> ohh. thats ok. :D
[7:57] <TurtleTanX> thanks anyway
[7:57] <roberestarkk> in fact...
[7:57] <roberestarkk> test
[7:57] <roberestarkk> mmm
[8:05] <roberestarkk> test
[8:05] <roberestarkk> Oh good I didn't break it
[8:06] <roberestarkk> test
[8:06] <roberestarkk> Oh good I broke it
[8:06] <roberestarkk> wait that's weird
[8:07] <roberestarkk> blargh
[8:07] <roberestarkk> curious
[8:07] <roberestarkk> testagain
[8:08] <roberestarkk> testagain
[8:08] <roberestarkk> fascinating
[8:10] <roberestarkk> test
[8:11] <roberestarkk> oh that's not better
[8:11] <roberestarkk> wait yes it is, that's what I told it to do
[8:11] <roberestarkk> Excellent!
[8:11] <roberestarkk> sorta
[8:11] <roberestarkk> wait no
[8:12] <TurtleTanX> lol
[8:12] <roberestarkk> test
[8:12] <roberestarkk> beautiful
[8:12] <TurtleTanX> what the fuck is this XD
[8:12] <roberestarkk> I am fiddling with the config files for my own personal amusement to see if I can figure out how to
[8:13] <roberestarkk> allow for more cusomisation
[8:13] <roberestarkk> so far it's not looking positive
[8:13] <roberestarkk> On the other hand, it's extremely fun
[8:14] <roberestarkk> test
[8:14] <roberestarkk> that's just so rigid
[8:14] <TurtleTanX> XDDD
[8:14] <roberestarkk> okay in all seriousness now!
[8:14] <roberestarkk> I'm bored
[8:15] <TurtleTanX> help meeeee
[8:15] <roberestarkk> that sounds like it would bore me more...
[8:15] <TurtleTanX> ow ok :(
[8:16] <roberestarkk> lol, by which I mean the thing you want me to help you do is extremely tedious
[8:16] <TurtleTanX> how do you make public posts on the forums
[8:16] <TurtleTanX> no just digging
[8:16] <roberestarkk> I hate digging
[8:16] <roberestarkk> I've been playing this game long enough to not have to dig anymore dammit!
[8:16] <roberestarkk> and I don't know, mine just appear when I hit post
[8:16] <TurtleTanX> XD
[8:16] <roberestarkk> Is there a new-person-post-moderation thing?
[8:17] <TurtleTanX> oh ok
[8:17] <TurtleTanX> il check it out
[8:17] <TurtleTanX> brb
[8:19] <TurtleTanX> how is horleggor spelt
[8:19] <TurtleTanX> isd that right
[8:19] <roberestarkk> just like that :P
[8:19] <TurtleTanX> ok awesome :D
[8:23] <TurtleTanX> ok done
[8:23] <roberestarkk> I wonder if group prefix and user prefix can co-exist...
[8:23] <roberestarkk> What've you done?
[8:23] <TurtleTanX> what
[8:24] <roberestarkk> 'ok done'
[8:24] <roberestarkk> What've you done?
[8:24] <TurtleTanX> a post on the forums
[8:24] <TurtleTanX> about help
[8:24] <roberestarkk> ah
[8:24] <roberestarkk> ahlol, of course :P
[8:24] <TurtleTanX> XD anyway im really tired so i will catch you later
[8:24] <TurtleTanX> bye rob :D
[8:24] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[8:32] <roberestarkk> test
[8:32] <roberestarkk> alsotest
[8:32] <roberestarkk> ohmygoodness
[8:32] <roberestarkk> mkay ten
[8:33] <roberestarkk> test
[8:33] <roberestarkk> curious
[8:46] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk?r) Quit (?eroberestarkk left the game.)
[11:01] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[11:08] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo?r) Quit (?eBaivo left the game.)
[13:34] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[13:36] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[13:36] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[13:36] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[15:11] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[15:24] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[16:24] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[16:34] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[16:41] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[16:42] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[17:12] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[17:19] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[17:19] <EllaA2013> YAY
[17:19] <TurtleTanX> hey ella :D
[17:19] <TurtleTanX> :D
[17:20] <TurtleTanX> i was looking foward to you comming back
[17:20] <TurtleTanX> hey want to join me
[17:20] <TurtleTanX> im digging
[17:20] <TurtleTanX> i know it's boring but if you want you can join me :D
[17:20] <EllaA2013> well i might be a while wait could u hellp me build a umm what it call a brewing room?
[17:20] <TurtleTanX> sure :D
[17:20] <TurtleTanX> ill get my stuff
[17:22] <EllaA2013> can u bring cobble?
[17:23] <EllaA2013> ready?
[17:23] <TurtleTanX> nearly :D
[17:24] <TurtleTanX> ok can you tp me to you :D
[17:25] <EllaA2013> can u be on monster killing juty while i build
[17:25] <TurtleTanX> sure
[17:26] <TurtleTanX> man where is this place :D
[17:27] <EllaA2013> i dont know ill take ya on a tour after
[17:27] <TurtleTanX> hahaha
[17:27] <TurtleTanX> sorry
[17:28] <TurtleTanX> fuck these baby zombies
[17:28] <EllaA2013> lol
[17:29] <EllaA2013> behind u
[17:29] <TurtleTanX> thanks :D
[17:31] <TurtleTanX> i can get recources for you too :D
[17:32] <EllaA2013> ok i need uh some birch the whity wood
[17:32] <TurtleTanX> sure
[17:32] <TurtleTanX> ill get more
[17:36] <TurtleTanX> just some stuff
[17:38] <TurtleTanX> i just made something for you
[17:38] <EllaA2013> ohh
[17:38] <TurtleTanX> its in the same chest as the blaze rods
[17:38] <EllaA2013> ok
[17:39] <EllaA2013> thx
[17:39] <TurtleTanX> all good
[17:39] <TurtleTanX> gotta need it for brewing
[17:39] <EllaA2013> yeah
[17:39] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[17:39] <EllaA2013> hi
[17:39] <TurtleTanX> hey den
[17:39] <Dengar708> Hey
[17:39] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[17:39] <TurtleTanX> hey padmay
[17:39] <EllaA2013> hi
[17:40] <Padmay> Hello.
[17:42] <TurtleTanX> sorry i was killing a creeper :D
[17:44] <Dengar708> Well baivo will be getting a ban/major warning
[17:44] <EllaA2013> dam
[17:44] <TurtleTanX> he will for lyeing that maggot
[17:44] <EllaA2013> ran out of soul sand
[17:44] <TurtleTanX> he said it was approved
[17:44] <TurtleTanX> ill get some ella
[17:45] <Dengar708> He has pilliared up my land
[17:45] <Dengar708> which has been ban worthy before
[17:45] <TurtleTanX> ella can yoy tp me back
[17:46] <EllaA2013> im laggin so i cant see u yet i can just here u eating
[17:47] <TurtleTanX> XD
[17:47] <EllaA2013> all good
[17:47] <EllaA2013> omg perfect amount
[17:47] <TurtleTanX> awesome :D
[17:48] <EllaA2013> come with me
[17:48] <TurtleTanX> sure :D
[17:48] <EllaA2013> PS this is were mejoey and molsen live
[17:49] <TurtleTanX> do you guys know who the client is
[17:49] <TurtleTanX> thankyou
[17:51] <EllaA2013> tadar
[17:52] <TurtleTanX> holy shit this is awesome :D
[17:52] <EllaA2013> the nether portal is AWESOME it spawns u IN a nether fortress
[17:52] <TurtleTanX> WHAT
[17:52] <TurtleTanX> luck
[17:52] <TurtleTanX> eee
[17:52] <TurtleTanX> my nether portal spawns me underground :D
[17:52] <TurtleTanX> yeyeyeye
[17:52] <EllaA2013> i know right ive done three in this area and they all go to the same place!
[17:53] <TurtleTanX> it's so frustrating
[17:53] <EllaA2013> lol go the long way
[17:53] <TurtleTanX> ok im tping to my construction site
[17:53] <TurtleTanX> do you still need me
[17:53] <EllaA2013> no
[17:53] <EllaA2013> i mean yes
[17:53] <TurtleTanX> ok sure
[17:54] <EllaA2013> help place these?
[17:54] <TurtleTanX> sure
[17:55] <TurtleTanX> they aren't fully grown yet
[17:55] <EllaA2013> i know
[17:55] <TurtleTanX> :3
[17:55] <TurtleTanX> i wish blaze powder was like bonemeal
[17:55] <TurtleTanX> you can grow nether warts with it
[17:55] <EllaA2013> ?
[17:55] <Dengar708> it works like coal
[17:55] <Dengar708> cook things
[17:56] <TurtleTanX> yeah
[17:57] <EllaA2013> stay there
[17:57] <TurtleTanX> sure
[17:57] <EllaA2013> lol
[17:59] <EllaA2013> u can leave if u want but will u come to the nether with me? with other to mabye like yesterday
[17:59] <TurtleTanX> sure
[17:59] <TurtleTanX> why do we need to go ? :D
[18:00] <EllaA2013> i need uh nether wart blaze rod and magma cream
[18:00] <TurtleTanX> ok sure :D
[18:00] <TurtleTanX> well i can give you magma cream and warts
[18:00] <EllaA2013> nah id rather get um its funner
[18:00] <TurtleTanX> lets get blaze rods
[18:00] <TurtleTanX> it is :D
[18:01] <TurtleTanX> can you tp me back i just had to get food :D
[18:02] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[18:02] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[18:03] <TurtleTanX> wb
[18:03] <Dengar708> danke
[18:03] <Padmay> dankeshuuuuun
[18:03] <TurtleTanX> ellaaaaa
[18:03] <TurtleTanX> can you tp me to you please
[18:04] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[18:04] <ejano> hay
[18:04] <Dengar708> hey ejano
[18:04] <EllaA2013> uh can we go through ur nether portal?
[18:04] <TurtleTanX> hey ejano
[18:04] <EllaA2013> plus i need to enchant and hey
[18:04] <TurtleTanX> ok sure tp to me
[18:04] <Dengar708> ejano can i get some help maybe?
[18:04] <ejano> possibly
[18:05] <ejano> what with>
[18:05] <ejano> ?*
[18:05] <Dengar708> pop on skype so I can make a big message explaining
[18:05] <TurtleTanX> there the ones i grew
[18:05] <ejano> hmm ok in a tick
[18:05] <EllaA2013> look at this
[18:05] <TurtleTanX> ok
[18:05] <TurtleTanX> HOLY SHIT
[18:05] <EllaA2013> nice huh?
[18:05] <TurtleTanX> that is the creeper flogger 3000
[18:05] <TurtleTanX> XD
[18:05] <EllaA2013> ?
[18:05] <EllaA2013> lol
[18:06] <TurtleTanX> thats an awesome sword
[18:06] <TurtleTanX> i have to enchant my panties
[18:06] <EllaA2013> hope i dont die with it now does any one wanna come to the nether with me and TurtletanX
[18:06] <ejano> Na Im fine thanks
[18:06] <EllaA2013> anyone else?
[18:07] <TurtleTanX> WOWOWOW i got shit pants
[18:07] <TurtleTanX> 30 levels for nothing
[18:07] <EllaA2013> show me them
[18:07] <ejano> fire protect?
[18:07] <EllaA2013> even if there bad
[18:07] <TurtleTanX> yes lmao
[18:07] <TurtleTanX> XD
[18:07] <ejano> xD
[18:07] <TurtleTanX> AGAIN
[18:07] <TurtleTanX> whyyy
[18:07] <TurtleTanX> im abaddon i honestly dont
[18:07] <ejano> you could always sell them or something
[18:07] <TurtleTanX> who wants fp
[18:08] <TurtleTanX> noone
[18:08] <TurtleTanX> ella do you want free pants
[18:08] <TurtleTanX> they are good for the nether
[18:08] <EllaA2013> ok then!
[18:09] <TurtleTanX> fireprotection will help you more than me
[18:09] <EllaA2013> wait how do u make a bow again i always get mixed up
[18:09] <ejano> strait string
[18:09] <ejano> curved sticks
[18:09] <EllaA2013> oh i got it'
[18:10] <Dengar708> bane of arthropods 4 knockback 2 sword
[18:10] <Dengar708> complete crap
[18:10] <TurtleTanX> i have so many bown from skeletal systems
[18:10] <EllaA2013> do u have 1 string?
[18:10] <TurtleTanX> WOW
[18:10] <TurtleTanX> i have loads of string
[18:10] <EllaA2013> thats why i couldnt open it! my name was speellt wrong
[18:10] <TurtleTanX> yeah
[18:11] <EllaA2013> im gonna put my old pants in this chest till we get back kk?
[18:11] <TurtleTanX> ok sure :D
[18:12] <TurtleTanX> ok are you ready
[18:12] <EllaA2013> yep ARG im scared
[18:12] <EllaA2013> have u got fire resistance potion or something?
[18:12] <ejano> hai there
[18:12] <TurtleTanX> its ok stand behind im a fire resistant meat shield
[18:13] <Dengar708> hey
[18:13] <TurtleTanX> i fixed my path'
[18:13] <ejano> sup
[18:13] <EllaA2013> i hate the sound ghasts make
[18:13] <TurtleTanX> same
[18:14] <TurtleTanX> BLAAAAAA HEEEEEE
[18:14] <TurtleTanX> stupid ghatstssts
[18:14] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[18:16] <ejano> waaaah
[18:16] <Dengar708> ?
[18:16] <ejano> *imitating ghast*
[18:16] <Dengar708> I like this fishing spot
[18:17] <ejano> ye
[18:17] <ejano> wait
[18:17] <EllaA2013> that was me yesterday!
[18:17] <TurtleTanX> XD
[18:17] <EllaA2013> owe i hit a zombie pig man opps
[18:19] <Dengar708> I should make binoculars a thing
[18:19] <Dengar708> that would be cool
[18:19] <Dengar708> or a hand telescope thing
[18:21] <Dengar708> Anyone got ghast tears for sale?
[18:21] <TurtleTanX> porions of regen suck anyway
[18:21] <Dengar708> now with the shields they don't
[18:21] <TurtleTanX> they take time to heal when instant health is better
[18:22] <TurtleTanX> and only take melons
[18:22] <Dengar708> still personal preference
[18:22] <Dengar708> I rather have regen when I have access to shields
[18:22] <TurtleTanX> true
[18:22] <Dengar708> because I can stop all damage whilst healing
[18:22] <Dengar708> and with 2 or more people you can face tank well
[18:23] <ejano> I don't really see the point of this pillar
[18:23] <ejano> it doesn't look like he could have reached your house
[18:23] <Dengar708> enderpearls
[18:23] <Dengar708> he literally enderpearl glitches through walls to break into housing
[18:24] <Dengar708> the main problem there is my housing doesn't have walls or a roof really
[18:24] <TurtleTanX> is this baivo
[18:24] <Dengar708> and there is an open staircase to walk up
[18:24] <TurtleTanX> he used enderpearls
[18:24] <Dengar708> as in come on
[18:24] <TurtleTanX> i was in a call when he was doing it
[18:24] <Dengar708> why were you in a call with Baivo?
[18:25] <TurtleTanX> well i occaisonally talk to lom players XD
[18:25] <Dengar708> this is how you know he doesn't really know what he was doing
[18:25] <TurtleTanX> tori kyle
[18:25] <TurtleTanX> everyone
[18:25] <Dengar708> I have a lit up staircase to my tower
[18:25] <Dengar708> with no privates
[18:25] <Dengar708> like come on
[18:25] <Dengar708> do I need a staircase up to the staircase or something
[18:25] <Dengar708> fireworks
[18:26] <Dengar708> a large neon sign
[18:26] <ejano> xD
[18:26] <ejano> yes
[18:26] <ejano> with music playing
[18:26] <ejano> saying
[18:26] <ejano> 'comeandgetyourlove comeandgetyourlove comeandgetyourlovenow'
[18:26] <ejano> c:
[18:26] <Dengar708> can't happen ejano
[18:27] <ejano> ok
[18:27] <Dengar708> because server doesn't have a custom texture pack
[18:27] <Dengar708> and I am not allowed command blocks
[18:27] <Dengar708> otherwise I would make a scrolling glowstone sign saying that
[18:27] <ejano> lol
[18:29] <TurtleTanX> im using netherbtick for my castle
[18:30] <TurtleTanX> and what there coulden't be a better time and place than now ":D
[18:30] <TurtleTanX> plus you are here soo
[18:30] <EllaA2013> yeah!
[18:30] <TurtleTanX> its better :D
[18:32] <TurtleTanX> make it 14 times
[18:34] <ejano> hmm I really want to see the ship in this dock
[18:34] <EllaA2013> have u got spare wood iron diamonds gold or anything or a spare pick?
[18:34] <TurtleTanX> hmmm not on me but if you stau=y here i will get some
[18:35] <TurtleTanX> ok send a request for me to you pls ella :D
[18:36] <TurtleTanX> thanks
[18:36] <TurtleTanX> thankyou
[18:37] <TurtleTanX> there you are
[18:37] <EllaA2013> thx
[18:38] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[18:38] <TurtleTanX> hey reg :D
[18:38] <EllaA2013> HI!
[18:38] <Regox> Hey
[18:38] <Dengar708> hey Regox
[18:38] <ejano> REGOX
[18:38] <ejano> help
[18:38] <Regox> Help with what
[18:39] <Dengar708> lemme get there quickly
[18:39] <Regox> If it's not a Horleggor matter, I'm not interested
[18:40] <ejano> its about dengar's place
[18:40] <Dengar708> and I am part of Horleggor last time i checked
[18:40] <Regox> Indeed, on my way there now
[18:40] <Dengar708> I am there now basically
[18:41] <Dengar708> I don't know about you but I say that is abit pillary
[18:41] <Regox> He wasted dark oak?
[18:41] <ejano> yep
[18:41] <Dengar708> he has a diamond axe probably
[18:41] <Dengar708> doesn't take long to cut wood
[18:42] <Dengar708> and the stupid thing is I literally have a staircase to my house
[18:42] <EllaA2013> there on the roof
[18:42] <Dengar708> which has no privates on it because that is annoying and stuff
[18:42] <Regox> Move slightly ejano
[18:43] <Dengar708> :L
[18:43] <ejano> maybe it was a present
[18:43] <ejano> free wood
[18:43] <Dengar708> so basically what you are saying is that it isn't grief unless it is breaking blocks or in the capit
[18:43] <Dengar708> so I can flood houses with obsidian
[18:43] <ejano> ?ffus
[18:43] <Regox> Interiors? No
[18:43] <ejano> ?ffus
[18:43] <Dengar708> So i can go all around someones house with obsidian
[18:44] <Dengar708> and then lava
[18:44] <Regox> If you find baivo's house? Pillar away
[18:44] <Dengar708> and it is fine
[18:44] <Dengar708> as it isn't the capital
[18:44] <Dengar708> and isn't breaking blocks
[18:44] <Dengar708> and he doesn't have a house
[18:44] <Dengar708> padmay would of burnt it to the ground already if he did
[18:44] <ejano> well that would be grief..
[18:45] <Dengar708> fine she would coat the area around hte house with lava
[18:45] <Dengar708> as that isn't grief
[18:45] <Dengar708> and if it happens to combust so be iyt
[18:45] <Dengar708> it*
[18:45] <Regox> Durnit, I wish someone would just come forward and claim the reward
[18:45] <Regox> So I can get back to caravanning
[18:45] <Dengar708> Baivo won't
[18:45] <Regox> Baivo can't
[18:45] <Dengar708> and Hyper won't because he is perma creative and can spawn materials
[18:46] <Dengar708> and is practically never on
[18:46] <ejano> Did baivo say anything?
[18:46] <Regox> Hyper is already under more intense scrutiny than we can imagine
[18:46] <EllaA2013> i killed a ghast and see its ghast tear can we go get it?
[18:46] <Dengar708> he doesn't care
[18:46] <Regox> You really think he doesn't care about facing an enraged sister?
[18:47] <Regox> Where's tear?
[18:47] <TurtleTanX> hey reg
[18:47] <Dengar708> she can't do anything against him without getting in deep trouble
[18:47] <Dengar708> he literally doesn't give 1 shit
[18:47] <EllaA2013> got it
[18:47] <Regox> Good-o
[18:47] <Regox> Dammit
[18:48] <Regox> I take one week off
[18:48] <Regox> 1
[18:48] <Regox> To go explore
[18:48] <Regox> And someone takes out a contract to ruin it
[18:48] <TurtleTanX> reg it is one person
[18:48] <Dengar708> Also can I buy the sharp 3 book?
[18:49] <EllaA2013> i ran out of food got any turtle
[18:49] <TurtleTanX> and it has allready been confirmed that it won't happen again
[18:49] <Regox> I don't care
[18:49] <TurtleTanX> there ella :D
[18:49] <Regox> Caravan is over until I found out who has taken out contracts on 2 Horleggor members
[18:49] <EllaA2013> wow thx
[18:49] <ejano> ah I might have to go soon we're having people over at 12
[18:50] <ejano> luckily they're not here yet
[18:53] <Regox> Since it seems to be the most popular standard currency, the reward currently sits at
[18:53] <Regox> A double chest of TNT
[18:53] <TurtleTanX> ok this is the last round
[18:53] <EllaA2013> kk
[18:54] <EllaA2013> i got 9 stacks u?
[18:54] <TurtleTanX> 11
[18:54] <TurtleTanX> 9/11 XD
[18:54] <EllaA2013> oh nice
[18:54] <TurtleTanX> sorry
[18:54] <ejano> :/
[18:54] <TurtleTanX> i keep thinking that ejano is like a breakfast jam
[18:54] <TurtleTanX> "hey mum can i have a jar of ejano pls
[18:54] <ejano> jam?
[18:54] <ejano> xD
[18:55] <TurtleTanX> yeah like strawberry jam n stuff
[18:55] <TurtleTanX> you are made of mangoes and strawberries
[18:55] <ejano> yum
[18:55] <TurtleTanX> but no your name sounds like a jam
[18:55] <ejano> dont eat me
[18:55] <Dengar708> "Can I have ejano on toast?"
[18:55] <TurtleTanX> XDDD
[18:55] <TurtleTanX> great this is going to be the new joke of the server
[18:55] <EllaA2013> lol
[18:56] <TurtleTanX> X'D
[18:56] <ejano> then one day, someone will typo
[18:56] <ejano> and say ejamo
[18:56] <TurtleTanX> XDD
[18:56] <TurtleTanX> HAHAHA
[18:56] <ejano> IT COULD HAPPEn, the M and N are right next to each other
[18:56] <TurtleTanX> im actually going to photoshop a brand label for Kellogs ejano jam
[18:56] <ejano> on the keyboard
[18:57] <ejano> ohgod
[18:57] <TurtleTanX> hehehehe
[18:58] <EllaA2013> now i got 12 stacks i gone up 3
[18:58] <TurtleTanX> ok i have/.....
[18:58] <TurtleTanX> 13
[18:58] <Regox> Excellent
[18:58] <EllaA2013> oh you went up 2
[18:58] <TurtleTanX> yeah :D
[18:58] <Regox> New evidence has come to light about the contractor
[18:59] <TurtleTanX> who
[18:59] <Regox> Whomever they may be, we're getting closer
[18:59] <TurtleTanX> i thought all the admins allready knew who it was
[18:59] <Regox> Will have 2 confirming questions later for someone, then retribution will be meted out
[18:59] <Dengar708> in the form of a storm of bombs?
[18:59] <EllaA2013> i need magma!
[18:59] <Regox> Holawdy yes
[19:00] <TurtleTanX> ok lets do it
[19:00] <TurtleTanX> i need food
[19:00] <TurtleTanX> brb
[19:00] <Regox> If they didn't want to own up by now, they're trying to get away with it
[19:00] <Regox> So they deserve the retibution they get
[19:00] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:00] <EllaA2013> ill follow u and just saying it may sould stupid, but im scared of wither skeletons......
[19:00] <TurtleTanX> awwww
[19:00] <EllaA2013> dont awwwww me
[19:00] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:01] <EllaA2013> u are seriously going to go there?
[19:01] <TurtleTanX> go where
[19:01] <EllaA2013> i mean u are seriously gonna say that uno the saying?
[19:02] <TurtleTanX> whatttt
[19:02] <Dengar708> easy way to be wither skeletons
[19:02] <Dengar708> 2 high doors
[19:02] <EllaA2013> oh nether mind get it nether?
[19:02] <Dengar708> no
[19:02] <EllaA2013> lol soz had to
[19:03] <Dengar708> You don't have to do anything D;
[19:03] <TurtleTanX> ella can you tp me to you pls
[19:03] <TurtleTanX> NPOOOOOOOOOO
[19:03] <EllaA2013> POOP
[19:03] <ejano> reka
[19:03] <ejano> rej
[19:03] <ejano> Im not afk >:C
[19:03] <ejano> ok.. maybe i was
[19:03] <TurtleTanX> tp to me
[19:03] <TurtleTanX> we can get it
[19:03] <ejano> pentatonix gets me distracted :C
[19:05] <EllaA2013> i need food QUICKLY
[19:05] <Regox> Access to Horleggor is now sealed due to threats on multiple members
[19:06] <Regox> Any members of other factions below admin level found north of the boundary wall
[19:06] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:06] <Regox> Will be assumed hostile and killed without warning
[19:06] <TurtleTanX> why are you so worked about the assassination
[19:06] <ejano> :I
[19:06] <ejano> cause they're nuetral
[19:06] <Regox> Because it's an attack on my faction, which is neutral
[19:07] <Regox> So, access to Horleggor is closed
[19:07] <TurtleTanX> it wasnt even a fac attack it was a hired assassination for personal reasons
[19:07] <Regox> Doesn't matter
[19:07] <TurtleTanX> i paied the assassin
[19:07] <Dengar708> it is an attack on the faction
[19:07] <TurtleTanX> ok it was me
[19:07] <Regox> wut
[19:07] <TurtleTanX> yeah
[19:07] <TurtleTanX> ask baivo
[19:07] <Dengar708> Surprise Twist :O
[19:07] <TurtleTanX> i did it beacuse padmay treated me like shit at the start so i did it
[19:07] <TurtleTanX> no the search is over ffs
[19:08] <TurtleTanX> i did it personally
[19:08] <TurtleTanX> nothing to do with factions
[19:08] <TurtleTanX> i have no harm against Horleggor just padmay
[19:08] <EllaA2013> WHY? WHY?
[19:08] <TurtleTanX> cumon i know im not the only one who was sick of her moodyness
[19:08] <Dengar708> yes you are
[19:08] <TurtleTanX> well tell that to the assassin
[19:08] <Dengar708> that is how she is
[19:08] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[19:08] <Dengar708> Hey Peppy
[19:08] <TurtleTanX> hey kyle
[19:08] <ejano> dahell the skele just tried to kill itself
[19:08] <ejano> hey
[19:09] <Regox> Hmm
[19:09] * Regox (Regox@?4@?7|?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[19:09] <Peppy2006> Howdy
[19:09] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[19:09] <Padmay> bobaface
[19:09] <ejano> ahshoot the peopleare here I gotta go :C
[19:09] <TurtleTanX> hey :D
[19:09] <Padmay> fk off mate
[19:09] <ejano> 10 minutes late too, sheesh
[19:09] <Dengar708> cya ejano
[19:09] <ejano> bye
[19:09] <TurtleTanX> however we are nice niw
[19:09] <Padmay> bai ejano
[19:09] * ejano (ejano@?4@?7|?9ejano?r) Quit (?eejano left the game.)
[19:09] <Padmay> no we are not
[19:09] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:09] <Padmay> I hated you the whole time, still hate you
[19:10] <TurtleTanX> that's ok Padmay
[19:10] <EllaA2013> turtle can we find magma cream now :]
[19:10] <TurtleTanX> sure :D
[19:10] <Dengar708> Baivo is still hunting me
[19:10] <Dengar708> or he griefed
[19:10] <Dengar708> so eh
[19:10] <Padmay> I have permission from regox to blow you and your house to smithereens.
[19:10] <TurtleTanX> well i was gonna pay him to kill you too
[19:10] <TurtleTanX> for trying to get me banned last map
[19:11] <Padmay> You deserve to be anyways, honestly.
[19:11] <Padmay> Kissass.
[19:11] <Peppy2006> Folks seem to be forgetting Moriaris is a far cry from assassins
[19:11] <Dengar708> they are hired guns yes?
[19:11] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[19:11] <Peppy2006> Yes. An "Army for Hire"
[19:11] <Dengar708> well meant to be more hired guns
[19:11] <Dengar708> Baivo thinks he is an assassian
[19:11] <Peppy2006> Not "a bunch of people who can individually be contracted at any time"
[19:11] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX) has joined #main
[19:11] <Dengar708> Biavo seems to think that
[19:11] <Peppy2006> Then I'm gonna shove him into Horleggor.
[19:11] <TurtleTanX> my game crashed
[19:12] <Padmay> don't shove baivo in horleggor...
[19:12] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:12] <Peppy2006> That way he can't kill anyone
[19:12] <TurtleTanX> well the reason i paid him is because i know padmay hates me so well i did it
[19:12] <Peppy2006> I know for a fact if Moriaris' leaders were active, they wouldn't stand for him
[19:12] <Padmay> He'd just kill the people in his own faction.
[19:12] <TurtleTanX> nothing against horleggor just people who treat me like shit
[19:12] <Dengar708> Hyper assumed it was fine
[19:12] <Dengar708> I am next to him
[19:13] <TurtleTanX> ok lets get cream
[19:13] <Padmay> kissass, pabo, bak por
[19:13] <EllaA2013> wait
[19:13] <EllaA2013> were are u
[19:14] <TurtleTanX> tp to meee
[19:14] <Dengar708> can we make a criminal justice system?
[19:14] <TurtleTanX> there you are :D
[19:14] <Padmay> kiss ass
[19:14] <TurtleTanX> or a fee
[19:14] <Dengar708> technically criminal prosecution justice system
[19:14] <Padmay> kiss ass.
[19:14] <TurtleTanX> padmay listen what i did was about the past i will try to make peace with you because i hate hating
[19:15] <Padmay> Sure, sure
[19:15] <Padmay> Complete bs.
[19:15] <TurtleTanX> padmay i wouldent be trying to be nice to you for no reason
[19:15] <Padmay> So you become a kissass whilst trying to get me killed.
[19:15] <Padmay> Lovely.
[19:15] <TurtleTanX> honestly i would rather be friends than enemies
[19:15] <Padmay> All in a day's work.
[19:15] <TurtleTanX> common sense
[19:15] <Peppy2006> Everyone
[19:15] <TurtleTanX> look i understand if you hate me fair enough
[19:16] <Padmay> Why would I want to be friends with a person who would stab me in the back at any chance.
[19:16] <Peppy2006> I don't have the time to deal with this right now
[19:16] <Peppy2006> So unless you all calm down for a bit, I'm just gonna stop the server until further notice.
[19:16] <TurtleTanX> ok
[19:16] <TurtleTanX> ohhhhh
[19:16] <TurtleTanX> portal
[19:16] <Peppy2006> I'll be back, and I'll fix this
[19:16] <Peppy2006> Moriaris isn't operating how they should be, and I'm tired of it.
[19:17] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?4@?7|?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[19:17] <EllaA2013> turtle im going through this portal
[19:17] <EllaA2013> see where i go
[19:17] <TurtleTanX> same
[19:17] <EllaA2013> where are you
[19:18] <TurtleTanX> shit
[19:18] <TurtleTanX> i know ehere we are
[19:18] <TurtleTanX> this is the terran storage room
[19:18] <EllaA2013> shit
[19:18] <TurtleTanX> i have been here before
[19:20] <TurtleTanX> great another one
[19:20] <TurtleTanX> shit im out of food
[19:21] <Padmay> I wish there was /jail on here like Classic.
[19:21] <TurtleTanX> i agree
[19:21] <Padmay> ...
[19:21] <EllaA2013> me too
[19:21] <Padmay> I wasn't talking to you.
[19:21] <EllaA2013> i dont care
[19:21] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:21] <Padmay> Not you Ella, Turtle.
[19:21] <TurtleTanX> awww padmay. im just trying to be nice
[19:21] <EllaA2013> oooooooohhhhh
[19:21] <Padmay> No.
[19:22] <Padmay> I refuse your attempts at being "nice"
[19:22] <Padmay> Cause they aren't nice. They're ANNOYING.
[19:22] <TurtleTanX> ok then ignore me again
[19:22] <EllaA2013> excuse me Padmay stop being plane RUDE to turtle and yes ignorence is on now!
[19:22] <TurtleTanX> ./ignore TurtleTanX
[19:23] <EllaA2013> hhmp
[19:23] <TurtleTanX> awwww sassy ela
[19:23] <TurtleTanX> ella*
[19:23] <EllaA2013> HHMMP
[19:23] <Padmay> Wtf.
[19:23] <TurtleTanX> thanks ella. well atleast i have a friend :D
[19:23] <Padmay> That's disgusting how Turtle hits on Ella.
[19:23] <Padmay> Ew.
[19:23] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[19:23] <TurtleTanX> hits on XD
[19:24] <TurtleTanX> thanking her for sticking up for me is so hitting on XD
[19:24] <EllaA2013> seya evil bunny rabbit called padmay
[19:24] <TurtleTanX> padmay
[19:24] <TurtleTanX> p is for PMS
[19:24] <TurtleTanX> a is for angry
[19:24] <TurtleTanX> d is for definitly insane
[19:24] <EllaA2013> oooh yeah
[19:24] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[19:24] <Padmay> Your English is real shit.
[19:24] <TurtleTanX> m is for murdurer
[19:24] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[19:24] <EllaA2013> eeww u again
[19:24] <Dengar708> Turtle you realise that is bullying and gets you banned
[19:24] <EllaA2013> yay!
[19:24] <TurtleTanX> and her connection is real shit
[19:25] <TurtleTanX> and her temper
[19:25] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[19:25] <Padmay> No it isn't.
[19:25] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[19:25] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:25] <EllaA2013> lol
[19:25] <EllaA2013> hurry up pls
[19:26] <TurtleTanX> i ran out of blocks
[19:26] <EllaA2013> oh
[19:27] <EllaA2013> lets go to that nether fortress back there
[19:27] <TurtleTanX> ok sure
[19:27] <Dengar708> EllaA2013
[19:27] <EllaA2013> yes?
[19:27] <Dengar708> why are you part of Horleggor, you seem to be doing everything with Abaddon
[19:27] <Dengar708> so wouldn't joining Abaddon be more suiting
[19:28] <EllaA2013> i dont know
[19:28] <TurtleTanX> JOIN
[19:28] <TurtleTanX> no one would let her transfer
[19:28] <EllaA2013> hhhmm my best friend in real life plays on here and she is in Horleggor but i dont know/........
[19:28] <TurtleTanX> well if we are going to the journey is MASSIVE
[19:28] <Dengar708> the point of Horleggor is for trading so generally anything which disadvantages Horleggor as a group
[19:28] <Dengar708> isn't really good
[19:28] <EllaA2013> oh well i dont know
[19:29] <TurtleTanX> plus she is just getting stuff with me it dosen't mean she is helping abaddon
[19:29] <Dengar708> you don't have to be on the same group as your friends
[19:29] <Dengar708> dreamy is Abaddon
[19:30] <EllaA2013> i know
[19:30] <Dengar708> Thingy is abaddon too I think
[19:30] <Dengar708> Hyper is Moriaris
[19:32] <EllaA2013> i think i would love to be in Abaddon
[19:32] <EllaA2013> but how do i change?
[19:32] <TurtleTanX> it is so awesome
[19:32] <TurtleTanX> hmm well we have to go to the end
[19:32] <TurtleTanX> or nag peppy
[19:32] <TurtleTanX> which isn't reccomended
[19:32] <EllaA2013> AAHAHH the end?????
[19:32] <Dengar708> You can't go to the end
[19:32] <Dengar708> you have to get an admin to change youy
[19:32] <Dengar708> you*
[19:33] <Dengar708> the only people who can go to the end are admins through /warp
[19:33] <TurtleTanX> hmmm just ask trise ans reg
[19:33] <EllaA2013> well that sound easy not
[19:33] <Dengar708> as the end still takes you to the ender dragon
[19:33] <Dengar708> and the island which you change ranks is far away from that
[19:33] <TurtleTanX> the ender dragon is dead
[19:33] <Dengar708> Did you kill it?
[19:33] <EllaA2013> thank god but i hate enders
[19:33] <TurtleTanX> kykle did
[19:33] <Dengar708> kykle?
[19:34] <TurtleTanX> kyle*
[19:34] <Dengar708> durnit Peppy
[19:34] <Dengar708> I wanted to kill it latwer
[19:34] <Dengar708> later*
[19:34] <TurtleTanX> same
[19:34] <TurtleTanX> the exp
[19:34] <TurtleTanX> abaddon is so good
[19:34] <TurtleTanX> and you seem to like the nether
[19:35] <TurtleTanX> being invincible to blazes is epic
[19:35] <EllaA2013> i know and everyone is nice :]
[19:35] <TurtleTanX> hahaha awww
[19:35] <TurtleTanX> well if you want to join i suppose you can help me with my nether mega castle
[19:35] <EllaA2013> YES YES YES!
[19:36] <TurtleTanX> awesome :D
[19:36] <TurtleTanX> i like your enthusiasm :DDD
[19:36] <TurtleTanX> ok i can make you magma cream lets go
[19:36] <Dengar708> brb
[19:36] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[19:37] <TurtleTanX> ok you can tp to me if you want
[19:37] <EllaA2013> im going to my home kk
[19:37] <TurtleTanX> all good
[19:38] <TurtleTanX> ill give you my magma cream
[19:38] <EllaA2013> PS i found chests and got diamond gold horse armour 2 saddles and iron and gold
[19:38] <TurtleTanX> good find
[19:38] * reeceyboyz6969 (reeceyboyz6969@reeceyboyz6969) has joined #main
[19:39] * reeceyboyz6969 (reeceyboyz6969@reeceyboyz6969?r) Quit (?ereeceyboyz6969 left the game.)
[19:39] <EllaA2013> and i wasnt even done its just i got scared of the skeles the nether one the um whats it caleed
[19:39] <TurtleTanX> hey greesey boy
[19:39] <TurtleTanX> wither skeles
[19:39] <EllaA2013> yep thats it
[19:41] <EllaA2013> where are u?
[19:41] <TurtleTanX> at my base
[19:41] <TurtleTanX> not at the mega castle
[19:41] <EllaA2013> stay there im at mine
[19:41] <TurtleTanX> oh ok
[19:42] <TurtleTanX> ill leave the magma cream here for you soon
[19:42] <TurtleTanX> uhhhhh dengar fish
[19:42] <EllaA2013> omg u can go to the end?
[19:42] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:43] <TurtleTanX> thats what you told me XD
[19:44] <EllaA2013> oh holy server, [not sure which player] can i move fractions or clans or what ever u call it?
[19:44] <EllaA2013> ??
[19:44] <TurtleTanX> she is more committed to abaddon than she is horleggor
[19:44] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[19:44] <TurtleTanX> wb
[19:44] <EllaA2013> wb
[19:44] <Padmay> ...
[19:46] <EllaA2013> oh well ok :/
[19:46] <EllaA2013> so we can or cant turtle?
[19:47] <TurtleTanX> we can
[19:47] <EllaA2013> yay
[19:47] <TurtleTanX> you arent terran so ofcourse you are
[19:47] <EllaA2013> im resady
[19:47] <EllaA2013> arg
[19:47] <TurtleTanX> plus if you act more committed to abaddon then horleggod then you will be moved
[19:47] <EllaA2013> *ready*
[19:47] <TurtleTanX> XD
[19:47] <TurtleTanX> ill tp to there now
[19:48] <TurtleTanX> ok you are safe to tp
[19:48] <EllaA2013> so is terran ur enemy
[19:48] <TurtleTanX> bring your netherbrick
[19:48] <TurtleTanX> and yes
[19:48] <EllaA2013> yes i ve got it ready
[19:48] <EllaA2013> wait
[19:48] <EllaA2013> glass?
[19:49] <TurtleTanX> naaaa
[19:49] <EllaA2013> kk ready
[19:49] <TurtleTanX> for now we are just clearing out the space for the castle
[19:49] <EllaA2013> oh
[19:49] <EllaA2013> waiy
[19:49] <TurtleTanX> which mind you is MASSIVE
[19:49] <TurtleTanX> 140x140 blocks
[19:49] <EllaA2013> wait let me do something
[19:49] <EllaA2013> oh my
[19:49] <TurtleTanX> sure
[19:50] <EllaA2013> ready
[19:50] <TurtleTanX> ok awesome :D
[19:50] <EllaA2013> in the snow?
[19:50] <TurtleTanX> hell yeah :D
[19:51] <EllaA2013> ok then!
[19:51] <TurtleTanX> its nice, flat and far FARR away from anything
[19:51] <EllaA2013> look in the nether brick chest
[19:51] <EllaA2013> i added on too it
[19:51] <TurtleTanX> sweet
[19:51] <EllaA2013> bom
[19:51] <TurtleTanX> ok ill show you how big the square is
[19:52] <TurtleTanX> this is all i have cleared out so far
[19:52] <TurtleTanX> so it is this way and that way
[19:52] <EllaA2013> well um is it in open air or under ground
[19:52] <TurtleTanX> open air
[19:53] <EllaA2013> tNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOoooooo...........oh my god
[19:53] <TurtleTanX> yeah mu reaction yesterday
[19:53] <EllaA2013> lol
[19:53] <TurtleTanX> i made a post on the forum asking for help
[19:54] <TurtleTanX> but this is a massive project
[19:54] <EllaA2013> OOOHHH yeah what is it going to be used for?
[19:54] <TurtleTanX> war base
[19:55] <TurtleTanX> or because it is so far away
[19:55] <TurtleTanX> a training place or a sub capital
[19:55] <EllaA2013> oh so if i build it i would definitly want to swap clans or fractions or uno
[19:55] <TurtleTanX> most likley :D
[19:55] <EllaA2013> um also tnt cannons?
[19:56] <EllaA2013> good or bad idea?
[19:56] <TurtleTanX> yes there will be many of those
[19:56] <EllaA2013> YES
[19:56] <TurtleTanX> this base will be able to destroy Terran before they even get close
[19:56] <TurtleTanX> terran maggots
[19:56] <EllaA2013> wow u really hate them
[19:57] <TurtleTanX> all abaddon does
[19:57] <EllaA2013> who is in terran how do u know?
[19:57] <TurtleTanX> you should of seen the present i left outside their capital
[19:57] <TurtleTanX> ejano. peppy
[19:57] <TurtleTanX> anyone with a blue name
[19:57] <EllaA2013> can u get up a list?
[19:57] <TurtleTanX> no idea
[19:57] <TurtleTanX> admins might though
[19:58] <EllaA2013> because i think Molsen19 is in there but he is a friend'
[19:58] <EllaA2013> omg noooooo
[19:58] <TurtleTanX> what?
[19:58] <EllaA2013> we need more helpers
[19:58] <TurtleTanX> we sure do
[19:59] <TurtleTanX> they wil come
[19:59] <EllaA2013> who is on that could help?
[19:59] <TurtleTanX> noone now
[19:59] <TurtleTanX> unless padmay wants to but i doubt that
[20:01] <TurtleTanX> i so hope you make it into abaddon
[20:01] <EllaA2013> oh yeah
[20:01] <Padmay> It means you have to rip down your house in the Horleggor district
[20:02] <EllaA2013> no way
[20:02] <TurtleTanX> you may hve too
[20:02] <Padmay> And if you don't do it when you move over to Abaddon, Regox probably would.
[20:02] <TurtleTanX> or we get it moved to abaddon turf
[20:02] <EllaA2013> that aint sound good either
[20:02] <Padmay> That's not allowed.
[20:04] <EllaA2013> can we use tnt to blow it up?
[20:04] <TurtleTanX> sure can
[20:05] <EllaA2013> this here?
[20:05] <EllaA2013> ok well shoulfd we?
[20:05] <TurtleTanX> i may have some at home
[20:05] <EllaA2013> stay here kk
[20:06] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[20:06] <TurtleTanX> hey den
[20:06] <Dengar708> Hello
[20:07] <EllaA2013> can u tpa me to u
[20:10] <TurtleTanX> wait you can't skype can't you ella
[20:11] <EllaA2013> no my mum says no ARG
[20:11] <TurtleTanX> XD
[20:11] <EllaA2013> i got tnt and flint an steel
[20:11] <EllaA2013> MWWAHAHA
[20:11] <TurtleTanX> awesome blow shot up
[20:12] <TurtleTanX> man you are truley abaddon material :D
[20:12] <EllaA2013> where are yyou?
[20:12] <TurtleTanX> im framing the wall
[20:12] <Dengar708> ./ban EllaA2013 OMG FLINT AND STEAL OBV GRIFER
[20:12] <EllaA2013> um im trying to get rid of land for a big castle
[20:12] <TurtleTanX> lol den
[20:12] <EllaA2013> its 140x140 give me a breack
[20:12] <Dengar708> tis sarcasm EllaA2013
[20:12] <Dengar708> if I type in all caps means I am being not serious
[20:13] <EllaA2013> oh oopps
[20:13] <EllaA2013> kk
[20:14] <EllaA2013> help meeeeee
[20:14] <TurtleTanX> whatt where are you
[20:14] <EllaA2013> in main cave
[20:14] <EllaA2013> well done
[20:14] <TurtleTanX> XD
[20:15] <EllaA2013> were should it be put???
[20:15] <EllaA2013> tMWHAHAHHA
[20:15] <EllaA2013> dude i gave u tnt
[20:15] <TurtleTanX> i know im placing it up here
[20:15] <EllaA2013> i got flint
[20:18] <EllaA2013> u got tnt at ur home?
[20:18] <TurtleTanX> i sure do ill get it once my tp cools down
[20:18] <EllaA2013> coolies
[20:20] <EllaA2013> how do u delete homes?
[20:20] <Padmay> You jump off a cliff and it magically deletes itself.
[20:20] <EllaA2013> sure u idiot
[20:20] <TurtleTanX> ./delhome {homename}
[20:20] <Padmay> How am I an idiot, sarcasm exists you know ffs.
[20:21] <Dengar708> my sarcasm is caps
[20:21] <Dengar708> Hers is more obvious in words
[20:21] <TurtleTanX> man this is massive
[20:22] <EllaA2013> tnt?
[20:22] <TurtleTanX> yep ill get it now
[20:22] <EllaA2013> thx
[20:23] <TurtleTanX> turtle thx
[20:23] <TurtleTanX> XD
[20:23] <TurtleTanX> sorry
[20:23] <EllaA2013> tpa back when ready
[20:24] <TurtleTanX> sure :D
[20:24] <TurtleTanX> i just need sand
[20:24] <TurtleTanX> i thought i had tnt but i have heaps of gp
[20:24] <EllaA2013> how much sand?
[20:24] <TurtleTanX> mehh
[20:24] <TurtleTanX> two stacks
[20:25] <TurtleTanX> man you will get into the abaddon so easily once this is done
[20:25] <TurtleTanX> you will please trise
[20:25] <EllaA2013> trise?
[20:25] <Dengar708> She will be swapped assuming someone wants to leave Abaddon
[20:26] <EllaA2013> oh no
[20:26] <TurtleTanX> trise is our leader
[20:26] <Dengar708> the other exception is to even numbers
[20:26] <Dengar708> doesn't matter if Trise wants her
[20:26] <Dengar708> so that it doesn't have piles of people in a team and keep evenish like now
[20:26] <Dengar708> someone has to be traded over
[20:26] <EllaA2013> got them
[20:27] <TurtleTanX> well thats so stupid a new member could join abaddon any minute
[20:27] <EllaA2013> oh yeah
[20:28] <TurtleTanX> ok here
[20:28] <EllaA2013> u come with and help place
[20:28] <EllaA2013> ????
[20:28] <TurtleTanX> sure :D
[20:29] <TurtleTanX> up here
[20:29] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[20:29] <TurtleTanX> hey kyle :D
[20:29] <Dengar708> Hey Peppy
[20:29] <TurtleTanX> basically just wipe out these hills\s
[20:30] <Dengar708> Peppy
[20:30] <Dengar708> can I make binoculars?
[20:30] <EllaA2013> hiya
[20:31] <Peppy2006> Go for it
[20:31] <Dengar708> woosh
[20:31] <Peppy2006> No, no she can't
[20:31] <TurtleTanX> oh XD
[20:31] <Peppy2006> That is strictly and entirely between the two factions involved
[20:32] <TurtleTanX> oh ok
[20:32] <Peppy2006> All swaps need consent and agreement on both sides
[20:32] <Peppy2006> Moriaris members cannot attack Horleggors
[20:32] <TurtleTanX> ok sounds good
[20:32] <Peppy2006> Same applies for Terrans, and Abaddons
[20:32] <Padmay> Final fucking ly.
[20:33] <Peppy2006> It's stated at spawn, when you first join
[20:33] <Peppy2006> "Horleggors are respected by all factions and enjoy full-neutrality, with no combat."
[20:33] <Dengar708> and page 2 on the factions page too
[20:33] <EllaA2013> tadar thats it
[20:33] <TurtleTanX> awesome
[20:34] <Padmay> Which means Baivo did unconsented PVP, thievery and grief.
[20:34] <Dengar708> However I will note to the "Assassins", you're not free-willed mercs. Tongue You're part of a factio
[20:34] <Padmay> On Turtle's behalf.
[20:34] <TurtleTanX> padmay pipe the fuck down no one wants to hear it
[20:34] <Peppy2006> If any harm falls upon them, the offender will have to answer to both Terrans, and Abaddons
[20:34] <Peppy2006> This Baivo stuff started with him being UNKNOWINGLY swapped to Moriaris
[20:35] <Peppy2006> Turtle
[20:35] <EllaA2013> bad news
[20:35] <Padmay> And he said he still had the ability to access Terran stuff too.
[20:35] <Dengar708> and he didn't read the faction pages either
[20:35] <TurtleTanX> yes and yes
[20:35] <EllaA2013> i gtg bye
[20:35] <Dengar708> page 2 said no "Free-Willed Mercs"
[20:35] <Dengar708> cya
[20:35] <TurtleTanX> byeee
[20:35] <Peppy2006> See ya Ella
[20:35] <EllaA2013> ive had fun bye
[20:35] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013?r) Quit (?eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[20:36] <Dengar708> hyper wants binoculars on his knife
[20:36] <Peppy2006> Alright, that's done
[20:36] <Dengar708> we are discussing how you would put the binoculars on the knife
[20:36] <Peppy2006> Now...
[20:36] <Dengar708> bi-knife-ulars
[20:36] <Dengar708> perfect
[20:36] <Peppy2006> All things that have happened with Baivo are to be put in the past
[20:37] <Dengar708> Can i kill him if he attacks me?
[20:37] <Peppy2006> I'm going to see if the Moriaris leaders will actually do something to clarify things with him
[20:37] <Peppy2006> If not, then I will
[20:37] <Dengar708> Pretty sure Hyper msged him
[20:37] <Peppy2006> Okay
[20:37] <Peppy2006> I'll still be clarifying the rules of engagement
[20:38] <TurtleTanX> XDDD
[20:38] <Peppy2006> Because currently, yeah, I can see them being individually contracted
[20:38] <Dengar708> He told him that he can't do individual contracts but not he can't attack Horleggorians
[20:38] <Peppy2006> However
[20:38] <Peppy2006> Not to attack Horleggors.
[20:38] <Peppy2006> That's bullshit
[20:38] <Peppy2006> Horleggor was created as a faction for people who don't want to deal with combat
[20:38] <Dengar708> Which is what I have been saying and everyone is all
[20:39] <Dengar708> "Just means you can't fight in wars"
[20:39] <Peppy2006> lol
[20:39] <Peppy2006> That's it!
[20:39] <Dengar708> and that we are practically free to be killed
[20:39] <Peppy2006> Nope
[20:39] <Peppy2006> All PvP is to be done against rival factions
[20:39] <Dengar708> and we are not even allowed ot defend ourselves whilst being hunted
[20:39] <Peppy2006> They're wrong
[20:39] <Peppy2006> Self defense is something I totally and wholeheartedly support
[20:39] <Dengar708> which is why I was asking everyone if I can attack on sight Baivo within my own land
[20:39] <Dengar708> because he was obviously hunting me
[20:40] <Peppy2006> Hell, I'll send in Terrans to kill people who're hunting Horleggors.
[20:40] <Padmay> I want to rebuild the Wall from Game of Thrones, considering Solitude is in the North and the Wall
[20:40] <Padmay> is 700 feet high.
[20:41] <Dengar708> that is around 213m tall
[20:41] <Dengar708> which is taller than the hill my tower is on
[20:41] <Dengar708> from bedrock
[20:45] <Dengar708> brb
[20:45] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[20:46] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180) has joined #main
[20:48] <Peppy2006> Howdy Kagey!
[20:48] <Kagey180> howdy
[20:53] <TurtleTanX> hey kyle what rank do you unlock world edit
[20:54] <Peppy2006> Admin :p
[20:54] <TurtleTanX> oh. thanks
[20:57] <TurtleTanX> do any of you guys have tnt i can trade of you
[20:57] <Kagey180> sorry
[20:57] <TurtleTanX> this escavation is too much
[20:57] <TurtleTanX> oh that's ok
[20:57] <Peppy2006> I just have nothing to trade :P
[20:57] <TurtleTanX> XD
[20:57] <TurtleTanX> that's all g
[20:57] <Kagey180> however can help you dig out somthing if u like?
[20:58] <TurtleTanX> YESSSSSSSSS
[20:58] <TurtleTanX> OMFG YES
[20:58] <TurtleTanX> all the land in the boarder needs to be cleared
[20:58] <TurtleTanX> i can't thank you enough for this kagey
[21:00] <Kagey180> all the way so theres clear sky?
[21:00] <TurtleTanX> yes sorry XD
[21:00] <TurtleTanX> i know it's too big
[21:04] <TurtleTanX> if you need tools i have supplies here help yourself
[21:05] <Kagey180> where
[21:05] <TurtleTanX> in the centre roughly
[21:06] <Kagey180> erm
[21:06] <Kagey180> OH THAT BORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:06] <TurtleTanX> yeah XD
[21:06] <TurtleTanX> thats why i need help
[21:06] <Kagey180> lol
[21:06] <TurtleTanX> this place is massive
[21:06] <TurtleTanX> It's an abaddon mega castle
[21:08] <Kagey180> is it just me or does smelting take ages now
[21:08] <TurtleTanX> i think they upped the time
[21:10] <Kagey180> run witch
[21:15] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[21:15] <ejano> hey
[21:15] <TurtleTanX> hey ejano :D
[21:15] <Peppy2006> Welcome back, ejano
[21:15] <ejano> yay
[21:15] <TurtleTanX> hey do you guys want to join in on digging
[21:16] <ejano> diggin?
[21:16] <TurtleTanX> yes i REALLY REALLY need help
[21:16] <TurtleTanX> anything
[21:16] <ejano> watcha digging
[21:16] <TurtleTanX> i will do anything
[21:16] <TurtleTanX> we are clearing out land
[21:17] <TurtleTanX> you will see when you get here why i need your help
[21:18] <ejano> hmm well at the moment I'm building but if I get the chance I'll come over to help :P
[21:18] <TurtleTanX> do you want to join?
[21:18] <TurtleTanX> ok all good
[21:26] <TurtleTanX> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_fpzKoHyw8
[21:27] <Kagey180> spare a shovel?
[21:27] <TurtleTanX> ill go make one for you
[21:28] <Padmay> Is it day or night?
[21:28] <Peppy2006> Night
[21:28] <Padmay> kay then
[21:28] <TurtleTanX> bye
[21:29] <TurtleTanX> ok kagey i have you a spade
[21:29] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[21:30] <TurtleTanX> hey baivo
[21:30] <Peppy2006> Baivo!
[21:30] <Baivo> Hello
[21:30] <ejano> hai
[21:30] <TurtleTanX> kagey your shovel
[21:30] <Kagey180> ta
[21:31] <TurtleTanX> hey baivo want to help us dig
[21:31] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[21:31] <Dengar708> Baivo just a notice
[21:31] <Dengar708> you aren't allowed to kill Horleggorians
[21:31] <Dengar708> or will be killed
[21:32] <Dengar708> by the Terrans
[21:32] <ejano> helo
[21:32] <Dengar708> you also aren't allowed to solo contracts
[21:32] <Peppy2006> He knows, Den
[21:32] <Dengar708> that was said by Peppy
[21:32] <Dengar708> okay
[21:32] <Baivo> Dengar slow down
[21:32] <ejano> hello*
[21:32] <Baivo> I'm aware
[21:32] <Dengar708> also if I see you on my house premesis I will kill you no hold back
[21:32] <Padmay> twtf
[21:32] <Baivo> Why is that dengar?
[21:32] <TurtleTanX> because he has a large log up his arse
[21:33] <Baivo> Indeed
[21:33] <Dengar708> You pillared up to my house
[21:33] <Dengar708> that in itself is grief
[21:33] <Baivo> Awhile back
[21:33] <Baivo> And no
[21:33] <Dengar708> a while back?
[21:33] <Baivo> Your property was nto touched
[21:33] <Dengar708> it was under 24 hours
[21:33] <Baivo> An i didn't know it was yours
[21:33] <Dengar708> sure sure
[21:33] <Baivo> I had intentions of removing it, however a skeleton knocked me off and killed me
[21:33] <Dengar708> that is why you also happened to be hunting me
[21:33] <Baivo> Hunting you?
[21:33] <Dengar708> I know you had a contract on me from Turtle
[21:33] <Baivo> Wrong
[21:34] <TurtleTanX> XD
[21:34] <Dengar708> Well why were you pillaring
[21:34] <Padmay> FOR FUCKS SAKE
[21:34] <Baivo> If i have a contract for someone i tell them
[21:34] <Baivo> And i was in Terran when i did that pillar
[21:34] <Kagey180> O.o
[21:34] <TurtleTanX> this was before he was an assassin
[21:34] <Dengar708> You can see my house from at the base
[21:34] <Dengar708> wasn't there yesterday
[21:34] <Baivo> I think you'll find it was
[21:34] <Baivo> >/co i
[21:34] <Padmay> omfgw
[21:35] <ejano> WOW
[21:35] <ejano> have you guys ever realsied
[21:35] <ejano> realised*
[21:35] <ejano> how important beards can be
[21:35] <Baivo> Yes
[21:35] <ejano> my god I just saw a picture of my favourite singer from pentatonix without his beard
[21:35] <Padmay> FUCK
[21:35] <Peppy2006> Padmay
[21:35] <ejano> It's just no right..
[21:36] <Peppy2006> Do you need help
[21:36] <Kagey180> damn snow lags me
[21:36] <Dengar708> zombie got her armour
[21:36] <Padmay> it's fine
[21:36] <Dengar708> I kileld it
[21:36] <Padmay> just a fucking diamond zombie
[21:36] <Dengar708> Well Baivo why did you not even bother to remove it
[21:36] <Baivo> I explained that
[21:36] <Dengar708> if it has been there for "Days"
[21:36] <Peppy2006> He got killed
[21:36] <Baivo> If you removed the silver spoon from your ass and listened to reason maybe
[21:36] <Dengar708> it isn't that far from spawn
[21:37] <TurtleTanX> XDDD
[21:37] <Dengar708> if it was Horleggor sure that is reasonable
[21:37] <Dengar708> 10k is abit far
[21:37] <TurtleTanX> dens in the bathroom with a silver spoon
[21:37] <Dengar708> it was literally across the water from where you were getting food
[21:37] <TurtleTanX> his little bum blue with a spoon in the moon
[21:37] <Baivo> and i haven'
[21:37] <Dengar708> Turtle you realise that is bullying
[21:37] <Baivo> t been in that area for days
[21:37] <TurtleTanX> toughen up
[21:37] <Peppy2006> Turtle
[21:37] <Baivo> Bullying is repeated instances of abuse
[21:37] <Baivo> That was one time
[21:37] <Kagey180> harrasment need only be one time
[21:37] <Dengar708> you were at Misten Peak yesterday
[21:38] <Baivo> True, but not considered bullying
[21:38] <Dengar708> Misten Peak is across the water
[21:38] <TurtleTanX> wow this server is full of the biggest sooks in the universe
[21:38] <Dengar708> It is at minimum harrassment which is also not allowed
[21:38] <TurtleTanX> can we just toughen up and stop complaining about EVERYTHING
[21:38] <Dengar708> Well Turtle then why don't you leave
[21:38] <Baivo> You're harassing me for sure
[21:38] <Baivo> You've done nothign but whinge at me for days
[21:38] <Dengar708> I am making a legitamte point
[21:38] <Dengar708> Turtle is being plain rude
[21:39] <TurtleTanX> dengar. if you would shut up for 5 secconds we woulden't havve an arguement
[21:39] <Baivo> So hand on dengar
[21:39] <TurtleTanX> you had to open your trap as soon as baivo joined
[21:39] <Baivo> LEt me get something straight
[21:39] <Baivo> You want em to come and remove that
[21:39] <Kagey180> youre all setting each other off
[21:39] <Baivo> But you will kill me if i come near?
[21:39] <Dengar708> I had Regox remove it
[21:39] <Kagey180> is there a mute?
[21:39] <Dengar708> I am warning you that the fact is it is still grief
[21:40] <Dengar708> think about it like this Baivo
[21:40] <TurtleTanX> no you can ignore the players
[21:40] <Padmay> ffs can everyone just shut up
[21:40] <Dengar708> if you have a build and i build outside it without your permission
[21:40] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper) has joined #main
[21:40] <TurtleTanX> ./ignore {PLAYER}
[21:40] <Dengar708> how do you like it?
[21:40] <ejano> Hey!
[21:40] <BoomSniper> hey all
[21:40] <TurtleTanX> hey boom
[21:40] <Dengar708> Hey Boom
[21:40] <Padmay> hey boom
[21:40] <Baivo> Hiya boom
[21:40] <Peppy2006> Howdy Boom
[21:40] <TurtleTanX> notice that everyone on the server is kind and friendly except for padmay and den
[21:40] <Kagey180> imagine all the people
[21:40] <Padmay> wow
[21:40] <TurtleTanX> they are related too
[21:40] <Padmay> so rude
[21:40] <TurtleTanX> ironic
[21:40] <Padmay> bringing me in
[21:41] <BoomSniper> hows everyone doing and whats there favourite chocolate?
[21:41] <Kagey180> living life in peace
[21:41] <ejano> Guy's you need to stop..
[21:41] <Baivo> I love peppermint chocolate bubbly thing from cadbury
[21:41] <Kagey180> hey boom good good, gotta say whittakers peanut butter choc
[21:41] <BoomSniper> nice :D
[21:41] <TurtleTanX> and mine is kinder chocolate :3
[21:41] <BoomSniper> I like my own home made rocky road :D
[21:41] <Padmay> turtle insults my family
[21:41] <Peppy2006> Home made huh?
[21:42] <Padmay> why don't we bring Smiley and Hyper on he can insult the rest of us
[21:42] <Padmay> qq
[21:42] <Kagey180> oh who cares whos what to who when how and why srsly
[21:42] <Baivo> I'm with kagey
[21:42] <Peppy2006> I dunno, I could bring out the big guns
[21:43] <BoomSniper> yea very nice
[21:43] <Kagey180> AND..................Begin again all over!! XD
[21:43] <Kagey180> nice nice, hello Dengar this is Baivo
[21:43] <BoomSniper> banning deng just moves him to annoy on another server
[21:43] <Kagey180> Baivo this is Padmay
[21:43] <Kagey180> Padmay this is turtle
[21:43] <Baivo> Peppy, if i was to be attacked. Can i fight back in defence?
[21:43] <Dengar708> yes
[21:43] <Dengar708> that is allowed
[21:43] <Dengar708> however I warned you
[21:43] <Baivo> God
[21:43] <Baivo> *Good
[21:44] <Dengar708> about moving on my land
[21:44] <Peppy2006> Deng
[21:44] <Baivo> Why do you always assume everything is about you dengar?
[21:44] <Padmay> family insults are out of line qq
[21:44] <TurtleTanX> hey kyle can i donate to get world edit
[21:44] <TurtleTanX> likeee $100
[21:44] <Baivo> I made no family insult thank you
[21:44] <Dengar708> Nope
[21:44] <Peppy2006> Moriaris is no longer allowed to attack Horleggor
[21:44] <BoomSniper> and if I happend to be with baivo when It happend can I help defend him
[21:44] <Padmay> not you baivo
[21:44] <Padmay> turtle did
[21:44] <Dengar708> World Edit is admin only
[21:44] <Dengar708> Donation perks are only minimally fun things and stuff I believe
[21:45] <Baivo> He was making a joke
[21:45] <BoomSniper> yeap
[21:45] <Baivo> Because we are clearing a mountain
[21:45] <Baivo> And it's a pain
[21:45] <Dengar708> Turtle is making a 140x140 fortress
[21:45] <Kagey180> itll get there patience
[21:45] <BoomSniper> ^
[21:45] <Baivo> We got this
[21:45] <Dengar708> eh depends when bukkit gets update
[21:45] <Baivo> Also peppy
[21:45] <Kagey180> i remember mc before cuboid
[21:46] <Peppy2006> Yes, Baivo?
[21:46] <Baivo> Rob and i found an issue
[21:46] <Baivo> I'm still a terran
[21:46] <Baivo> I can't attack other terrans and can open your locked chests and doors
[21:46] <Dengar708> But he isn't in Terran subgroup apparently
[21:46] <Baivo> Did i ask you dengar?
[21:46] <Dengar708> I was adding that point
[21:47] <BoomSniper> shhhhhhhhhhh favourite chocy go
[21:47] <Kagey180> SNACK!
[21:47] <ejano> ooOOH
[21:47] <ejano> CHERRY RIPE
[21:47] <BoomSniper> nice one
[21:47] <ejano> no wait
[21:47] <ejano> CHOCOLATE LOG
[21:47] <Padmay> Lindt Chocolate..
[21:48] <Kagey180> self saucing choc orange pudding!
[21:48] <Baivo> That makes me moist
[21:48] <Padmay> Or the homemade truffles me and my mum make.
[21:48] <TurtleTanX> XD
[21:48] <BoomSniper> lovely
[21:48] <Kagey180> wheel chocks when youre changing the oil?
[21:48] <Kagey180> i quite like those chock
[21:49] <BoomSniper> ???
[21:49] * dreamyeuropa (dreamyeuropa@dreamyeuropa) has joined #main
[21:49] <Kagey180> chock /choc cracking myself up nvm
[21:49] <TurtleTanX> HEY DREAMY
[21:49] <ejano> Hello
[21:49] <dreamyeuropa> Hello1
[21:49] <BoomSniper> ahh ok
[21:49] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[21:49] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[21:49] <BoomSniper> hey drea
[21:49] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[21:49] <ejano> wb
[21:49] <dreamyeuropa> hello
[21:49] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[21:49] <ejano> wb
[21:49] <Peppy2006> Welcome back
[21:50] <dreamyeuropa> did, your internet crash simintaneously?
[21:50] <Peppy2006> Hopefully
[21:50] <BoomSniper> all to the power of chocolate
[21:50] <Padmay> what do you think
[21:50] <dreamyeuropa> yes?
[21:50] <Peppy2006> Truthfully there's no resolve to these peoples' arguments sometimes.
[21:50] <Padmay> live in same house, same wifi
[21:51] <BoomSniper> where you at ejano?
[21:51] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[21:51] <dreamyeuropa> hello!
[21:51] <Peppy2006> Howdy Trise!
[21:51] <TurtleTanX> Thanks again guys for you massive help :D
[21:51] <ejano> hai
[21:51] <Kagey180> hey trise long time
[21:51] <TurtleTanX> hey trise
[21:51] <dreamyeuropa> haven't sen you in a while
[21:51] <BoomSniper> oh over there ok
[21:51] <Trisemigistus> Hello everyone.
[21:51] <Baivo> Hello Trise
[21:51] <Trisemigistus> hi
[21:52] <Baivo> ?
[21:52] <Padmay> triseeeee
[21:52] <TurtleTanX> &epoo
[21:52] <TurtleTanX> dangit
[21:52] <Trisemigistus> allo padmay
[21:53] <Padmay> ouo
[21:53] <Baivo> turtle
[21:53] <Baivo> Can you tpahere mt to you
[21:53] <TurtleTanX> yes :D
[21:53] <TurtleTanX> sure
[21:53] <TurtleTanX> YESSSSSSS
[21:53] <TurtleTanX> THANK FUCK YOU HAVE TNT
[21:53] <TurtleTanX> my god
[21:53] <BoomSniper> language
[21:53] <TurtleTanX> i thought this would never end
[21:54] <BoomSniper> language
[21:54] <Baivo> English
[21:54] <TurtleTanX> sorry
[21:54] <TurtleTanX> XD
[21:54] <Kagey180> right well hope i made a fairly big dent
[21:54] <dreamyeuropa> Damit i knew i forgot something! XD
[21:54] <TurtleTanX> you sure did kagey thankyou so much
[21:54] <Kagey180> np
[21:54] <Kagey180> right back to lego LOL later
[21:54] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180?r) Quit (?eKagey180 left the game.)
[21:54] <TurtleTanX> bye
[21:54] <ejano> :o
[21:54] <dreamyeuropa> bye
[21:55] <Baivo> That made a hole
[21:55] <Dengar708> I shall continue scripting
[21:55] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708?r) Quit (?eDengar708 left the game.)
[21:55] <TurtleTanX> these hills up here are tje worst
[21:55] <Padmay> doo de doo
[21:58] <BoomSniper> hey peppy
[21:59] <ejano> hey
[21:59] <ejano> did you find where to park your boat
[21:59] <BoomSniper> yo hows it going
[21:59] <BoomSniper> yea broke at entrance to dock :P
[21:59] <TurtleTanX> i swear to god minecraft is a dating website
[21:59] <TurtleTanX> so many people meet over mc
[21:59] <ejano> over here?
[21:59] <ejano> c:
[21:59] <dreamyeuropa> well
[21:59] <ejano> wat
[21:59] <BoomSniper> it broke on nothing too
[21:59] <Baivo> Turtle i took out half a mountain with TNT
[22:00] <BoomSniper> jahvoas?
[22:00] <TurtleTanX> nice work
[22:00] <TurtleTanX> typoe whoops
[22:00] <dreamyeuropa> i think he meant jehovahs
[22:00] <BoomSniper> yea
[22:00] <TurtleTanX> yes i did
[22:00] <Baivo> I'll go get more TNT
[22:00] <Padmay> Peppy did you check what I sent you?
[22:01] <BoomSniper> thats a great fishing spot ejano
[22:01] <ejano> lol
[22:01] <Baivo> tpahere me to you turtle?
[22:01] <ejano> Peppy made it
[22:01] <BoomSniper> nice peppy
[22:01] <Peppy2006> I did
[22:01] <Peppy2006> It looks good
[22:01] <Peppy2006> And thanks, Boom!
[22:02] <BoomSniper> :)
[22:02] <Peppy2006> Hey, Boom
[22:02] <BoomSniper> yea?
[22:02] <TurtleTanX> wow that tnt helps way too much :D
[22:02] <Peppy2006> Wanna know Marinaqua's special export?
[22:02] <TurtleTanX> thanks so much baivo this is such a massive help
[22:02] <TurtleTanX> how do i pay you back :D
[22:02] <TurtleTanX> no footrubs
[22:02] <BoomSniper> is it dengs stuff?
[22:02] <Baivo> Help me get my stores of TNT back xD
[22:02] <TurtleTanX> ok sure
[22:03] <Baivo> I'm using my stockpile here
[22:03] <BoomSniper> :D
[22:03] <TurtleTanX> any i get is yours
[22:03] <Peppy2006> Welcome to the Marinaqua gunpowder factory :P
[22:03] <Padmay> pu pu pu pumpkins
[22:03] <Padmay> heol finally highest in herbalism
[22:03] <BoomSniper> will put my infinity bow to good use
[22:03] <BoomSniper> wow
[22:03] <ejano> we should probably allow mobgrinders because of this too...
[22:04] <Peppy2006> It's not much of a grinder, though
[22:04] <TurtleTanX> hey trise want to see xiraxarfel
[22:04] <Peppy2006> It requires player intervention the entire way through
[22:04] <ejano> or
[22:04] <ejano> maybe one for each faction
[22:04] <ejano> ah
[22:04] <ejano> but still :P
[22:04] <Peppy2006> Nothing is automated about it :P
[22:04] <BoomSniper> yea true
[22:04] <Peppy2006> I do see your point though
[22:04] <Trisemigistus> perhaps
[22:04] <BoomSniper> just hide the switch mabe :P
[22:05] <dreamyeuropa> should i start offically name my outpost?
[22:05] <dreamyeuropa> ???????
[22:05] <Peppy2006> That's just it though, the switch kills them, but it's player operated
[22:06] <BoomSniper> yea true
[22:06] <ejano> but then
[22:07] <ejano> other people have been told if they have a dungeon, the mobs must be able to reach the players
[22:07] <Peppy2006> Really?
[22:07] <Padmay> brb fun time
[22:07] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[22:07] <Peppy2006> All I want is "no grinders"
[22:07] <dreamyeuropa> shes watching game of thrones, isn;t she?
[22:07] <Peppy2006> Meaning, no fully-automated massive systems :P
[22:07] <ejano> ahk
[22:07] <Baivo> I woudl hope so
[22:08] <Baivo> "fun time" isn't exactly good phrasing
[22:08] <dreamyeuropa> yeah, for all we know, she could be having 'primitive animal urges' time
[22:08] <BoomSniper> archery not going up must have to be further back
[22:08] <ejano> :I
[22:09] <Baivo> Ejano knows what's up
[22:09] <ejano> guys don't be rude :C
[22:09] <Trisemigistus> There is still an open invitation for books written by members to be submitted to the Archives.
[22:09] <dreamyeuropa> books about what?
[22:09] <Baivo> We were talking about tearing an animal you've just hunted and killed apart with your teeth
[22:09] <ejano> lel dw
[22:09] <ejano> o.o
[22:09] <ejano> um
[22:09] <Baivo> Primal animal urges
[22:09] <Baivo> Jeez
[22:09] <ejano> thats just
[22:10] <ejano> disturbing
[22:10] <Trisemigistus> Accurate details of major server events, recipes, fiction, most anything.
[22:10] <dreamyeuropa> perfectky fine?
[22:10] <Trisemigistus> Everything will be reviewed before submission, however.
[22:10] <Baivo> I'll get in on that trise
[22:10] <dreamyeuropa> maybe
[22:10] <BoomSniper> hey peppy can I go threw this wall a bit?
[22:11] <Peppy2006> Let me check
[22:11] <BoomSniper> seems the arrow migh need to fly for a sec before creeper hit
[22:11] <Baivo> That mountain has ceased to exist turtle
[22:11] <Trisemigistus> If you are ready to submit and cannot find me online, feel free to PM me on the forums. I check the
[22:11] <Trisemigistus> forums daily.
[22:11] <dreamyeuropa> hmm, cant we just submit a copy in a chest somewhere?
[22:12] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[22:12] <Trisemigistus> I will leave a chest for Abaddon members submissions, but I will be limited access from other
[22:12] <dreamyeuropa> ah, that would be a problem..
[22:12] <Trisemigistus> factions for the time being. limitations will be to the archives only and no where else.
[22:12] <BoomSniper> :S
[22:13] <BoomSniper> hmmmm might need be further back
[22:13] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo?r) Quit (?eBaivo left the game.)
[22:14] <BoomSniper> yea looks that way
[22:16] <BoomSniper> mind if I go 2 further back peppy?
[22:16] <ejano> .
[22:16] <dreamyeuropa> ?
[22:16] <Trisemigistus> ..
[22:16] <ejano> hey guys I'm making an olde western mining thing
[22:17] <BoomSniper> ???
[22:17] <ejano> that goes deep into the ground with a giant wheel thing on top
[22:17] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[22:17] <Trisemigistus> wb padmay.
[22:17] <dreamyeuropa> wb
[22:17] <BoomSniper> crane of sorts
[22:17] <Padmay> i saw what baivo said.
[22:17] <ejano> I was thinking it could connect somehow to the dungeon underground
[22:17] <ejano> ye
[22:17] <dreamyeuropa> so....
[22:17] <ejano> hello
[22:18] <Padmay> it's not nice.
[22:19] <BoomSniper> so where were you thinking of putting it
[22:20] <BoomSniper> hmmmmm acording to memory we might have to have the circle part more this side
[22:21] <ejano> hmm there's a nice groove here
[22:21] <ejano> in the ground
[22:21] <TurtleTanX> brb im gonna fly some planes into villages in my server
[22:21] <BoomSniper> will look up designs on google
[22:21] * TurtleTanX (TurtleTanX@TurtleTanX?r) Quit (?eTurtleTanX left the game.)
[22:21] <ejano> if that helps
[22:21] <Peppy2006> Back
[22:21] <ejano> wb!
[22:21] <BoomSniper> wb
[22:21] <BoomSniper> read ejanos idea
[22:23] <ejano> .
[22:23] <ejano> http://thumb1.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/597247/97328228/stock-photo-mine-shaft-on-a-gol
[22:23] <ejano> like this kinda?
[22:23] <ejano> wow long
[22:23] <ejano> thing
[22:24] <ejano> http://tinypic.com/r/2gwgffq/8
[22:24] <BoomSniper> ahh found it
[22:25] <BoomSniper> they were over mine shafts and used as crane or lift
[22:25] <dreamyeuropa> ?????
[22:25] <ejano> aah like this one!
[22:25] <ejano> http://tinypic.com/r/30sd1kl/8
[22:26] <dreamyeuropa> its a amazing how a bucket of water can reduce the amoutn of lava in your mines
[22:26] <ejano> but
[22:26] <ejano> you're immune to lava?
[22:26] <ejano> :P?
[22:26] <dreamyeuropa> it destroys the diamonds and obsidian
[22:26] <ejano> ah
[22:27] <Trisemigistus> i imagine lava is still a nuissance to .. mining.
[22:27] <dreamyeuropa> yes
[22:27] <Trisemigistus> If you would like to know where that is, follow me.
[22:28] <Trisemigistus> >_>
[22:28] <dreamyeuropa> ........
[22:28] <ejano> rock melon or watermelon?
[22:28] <ejano> rock melon or watermelon?
[22:28] <dreamyeuropa> well my teeth haven't broke off yet
[22:28] <ejano> xD
[22:29] <ejano> go up
[22:29] <ejano> :P
[22:29] <BoomSniper> few mobs
[22:32] <ejano> no idea what im doing
[22:32] <Trisemigistus> ....
[22:32] <dreamyeuropa> you're playing mc :P
[22:32] <ejano> oh
[22:32] <ejano> xD
[22:32] <Trisemigistus> why is lockette not recognizing me
[22:32] <ejano> what thing are you trying to lock?
[22:33] <Trisemigistus> a chest. I put my name and checked the spelling
[22:33] <ejano> NOO
[22:33] <ejano> boom!
[22:33] <Trisemigistus> it responds with 'player is not online, be sure you have the correct name'
[22:33] <BoomSniper> dammit
[22:33] <ejano> :I hmm
[22:33] <BoomSniper> mobs
[22:33] <dreamyeuropa> are you onliw ?
[22:33] <dreamyeuropa> *online*
[22:33] <BoomSniper> there safe
[22:33] <BoomSniper> :P
[22:33] <Trisemigistus> I believe so.
[22:33] <ejano> he should be..
[22:34] <dreamyeuropa> hmm
[22:34] <dreamyeuropa> ok i've got nothing
[22:34] <Trisemigistus> Also lockettes with my name are not recognizing me either
[22:34] <Trisemigistus> im still able to use them with my admin bypass, however.
[22:34] <dreamyeuropa> log in, log out perhaps?
[22:34] <BoomSniper> peppy banned you and has not told you yet?
[22:34] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[22:34] <ejano> lol
[22:34] <BoomSniper> ha terrans win
[22:34] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[22:34] <ejano> wb
[22:35] <BoomSniper> wb
[22:35] <dreamyeuropa> wb
[22:35] <dreamyeuropa> working yet?
[22:35] <Trisemigistus> danke
[22:35] <Trisemigistus> still not being recognized.
[22:36] <ejano> :i
[22:36] <ejano> the capital T
[22:36] <dreamyeuropa> ok, i've got nothing
[22:36] <ejano> how bad would it be if it was just that lol
[22:37] <Trisemigistus> when registered, my name was not capitolized.
[22:38] <Trisemigistus> ill test it though.
[22:38] <BoomSniper> found some more designs for the crane thingy
[22:38] <BoomSniper> lol
[22:38] <Trisemigistus> :/
[22:38] <ejano> weird
[22:38] <Trisemigistus> yup, that's the issue.
[22:38] <ejano> fus
[22:38] <ejano> ?ffus
[22:38] <Trisemigistus> my name shouldn't be capitolized though, I made it a point not to during registration
[22:39] <BoomSniper> ?
[22:39] <ejano> ye?
[22:39] <ejano> got the designs c:?
[22:40] <BoomSniper> found alota different designs on google look under old mine buildings
[22:40] <ejano> mmmm
[22:41] <BoomSniper> ouch
[22:41] <BoomSniper> nup
[22:41] <Trisemigistus> I am also providing privated storage for documentation that needs to be kept safe
[22:41] <ejano> lol
[22:41] <Trisemigistus> and kept private.
[22:42] <BoomSniper> would have to do a bigger wheel
[22:42] <ejano> xD ohgod
[22:42] <BoomSniper> :S
[22:43] <BoomSniper> yea noooo
[22:44] <ejano> omg this could workish
[22:44] <BoomSniper> yea looking good
[22:45] <ejano> hmmmmmmmmm
[22:45] <ejano> sry D:
[22:45] <BoomSniper> :P
[22:46] <BoomSniper> ok now all good
[22:46] <BoomSniper> how to do sides
[22:46] <ejano> i dont even
[22:47] <BoomSniper> just do solid blocks and we will see
[22:49] <BoomSniper> hey just got snipers dual achieve
[22:49] <ejano> :O
[22:49] <dreamyeuropa> congrats
[22:49] <ejano> cool
[22:49] <ejano> how far away was it
[22:49] <BoomSniper> on that mountain
[22:50] <ejano> ah
[22:50] <ejano> cool
[22:50] <BoomSniper> where a few arrows are
[22:52] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[22:52] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[22:52] <Peppy2006> NO NO NO
[22:52] <Peppy2006> NOT IN YOUR HOUSE
[22:52] <Peppy2006> HAAAAHAHAHA
[22:52] <Trisemigistus> Peppy has been tombed.
[22:52] <dreamyeuropa> ???
[22:52] <BoomSniper> ????????????????
[22:53] <Padmay> wait what
[22:53] <dreamyeuropa> ahh
[22:53] <ejano> lol
[22:53] <Peppy2006> Oh bullshit :P
[22:53] <Trisemigistus> i got the screenshot to prove it.
[22:53] <Peppy2006> Where's my nametag in the tomb then
[22:53] <Trisemigistus> i just made the tomb, give me a moment.
[22:53] <Peppy2006> You got nothin'!
[22:53] <Trisemigistus> also congrats on being tombed in each one of my cities once
[22:53] <Trisemigistus> since the beginning of neptuneas.
[22:54] <Peppy2006> lol
[22:54] <Peppy2006> Nah
[22:54] <Peppy2006> I'll be back
[22:54] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?4@?7|?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[22:54] <Padmay> so bored
[22:54] <Trisemigistus> Go rewatch game of thrones.
[22:55] <ejano> make a cookie
[22:55] <Padmay> nah
[22:55] <ejano> c:
[22:55] <Padmay> minecraft is boring
[22:55] <ejano> then send it to me
[22:55] <dreamyeuropa> HERSEYS!!!
[22:55] <Padmay> me and peppy were talking about LoM qq
[22:55] <dreamyeuropa> whats qq?
[22:55] <Padmay> qq
[22:55] <Trisemigistus> a face.
[22:55] <Trisemigistus> i think
[22:55] <Padmay> qq or QQ
[22:55] <BoomSniper> ?
[22:55] <ejano> ^
[22:55] <Trisemigistus> like a smiley.
[22:55] <Padmay> cue cue
[22:56] <dreamyeuropa> or it coul be a chinese internet message service
[22:56] <Padmay> bak por
[22:57] <ejano> there is now a ladder
[22:57] <ejano> boom
[22:57] <BoomSniper> oh goody
[22:57] <BoomSniper> so which way for the support slant
[22:58] <ejano> hmm
[22:58] <BoomSniper> would go angled from here down
[22:58] <dreamyeuropa> so much redstine...
[22:58] <Padmay> i miss old LoM
[22:58] <BoomSniper> ?
[22:58] <dreamyeuropa> define old Lom
[22:58] <ejano> yes
[22:58] <BoomSniper> ^
[22:58] <Padmay> before all the fun players left *cough* jamball *cough* tonu *cough* everyone else
[22:59] <dreamyeuropa> ?????
[22:59] <Padmay> pretty much late 2010 to early 2011
[22:59] <BoomSniper> feeling old?
[22:59] <Trisemigistus> love you, too padmay.
[22:59] <Padmay> ILY TRISE
[22:59] <BoomSniper> lol
[22:59] <Padmay> i remember my lighthouse
[22:59] <dreamyeuropa> well, dengar claims he joined the server way before minecraft was in alpha
[22:59] <Padmay> he joined when it was in classic
[22:59] <Padmay> so did i
[22:59] <Padmay> so did hyper
[22:59] <ejano> ooh so did I!
[22:59] <Trisemigistus> This server began mid to late 2010, if I'm not mistaken
[22:59] <BoomSniper> same
[22:59] <Padmay> server began august 2010
[23:00] <Padmay> hyper, dengar and i joined september 2010
[23:00] <dreamyeuropa> i joined technicall in about 2012, then left until bout june this year
[23:00] <ejano> brb
[23:00] <Padmay> i requested a delete for my old forum account, yaaay
[23:01] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[23:01] <dreamyeuropa> hello!
[23:01] <Trisemigistus> brb, dealing with a possible mouse in the room.
[23:01] <Padmay> regoooox
[23:01] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[23:01] <Regox> If we're talking personal history on the server
[23:01] <Regox> I feel I should be present
[23:01] <Padmay> yes
[23:01] <Padmay> kind of
[23:01] <dreamyeuropa> whers hall when you need him
[23:02] <Regox> Came here originally, when it was only classic, on day 3 on the server
[23:02] <Padmay> hall is gonet
[23:02] <dreamyeuropa> i knwo
[23:02] <Regox> I provided LoM's first map
[23:02] <Padmay> ish
[23:02] <Regox> And I'm still here
[23:02] <dreamyeuropa> ????????
[23:02] <Padmay> regox, rob and peppy are the oldest players..
[23:02] <Padmay> who still play
[23:02] <dreamyeuropa> wait..
[23:02] <Regox> Also the most mentally unbalanced
[23:02] <dreamyeuropa> Regox is hall?
[23:02] <Regox> Awheckno
[23:02] <Padmay> no..
[23:02] <dreamyeuropa> ok, nvm
[23:02] <BoomSniper> oh hey reg
[23:02] <Regox> I joined and helped Hall set up the place for a bit
[23:03] <Padmay> What happened to Hall and Susie anyways? I wasn't present when they disappeared..
[23:03] <Regox> Arranging their marriage still
[23:03] <BoomSniper> marrige
[23:03] <Padmay> Oh they still haven't gotten married?
[23:03] <Regox> Not yet
[23:04] <dreamyeuropa> speaking ow which.... what happend to galaner?
[23:04] <Regox> That's....complicated
[23:04] <BoomSniper> so all the chics dig it when you say hey I have a server
[23:04] <Padmay> Galener left for his own server
[23:04] <BoomSniper> but now he does not it kinda iffy
[23:04] <Padmay> http://forum.lawsofminecraft.com/Thread-My-Memories?highlight=My+Memories
[23:05] <BoomSniper> gal left cause of probs with Deng
[23:05] <Regox> HA
[23:05] <Regox> FIRST PERSON
[23:05] <Regox> Dohoho
[23:05] <dreamyeuropa> ???
[23:05] <Regox> Didn't know that
[23:05] <Padmay> Nah, Galener left for multiple reasons
[23:05] <BoomSniper> lets leave that alone
[23:06] <Regox> So I've been involved in LoM since the first 16 hours
[23:06] <BoomSniper> how you tell what number player you are
[23:06] <dreamyeuropa> gueess and calims
[23:06] <dreamyeuropa> *claims*
[23:07] <Regox> Holawdy
[23:07] <Regox> Xhizors
[23:07] <dreamyeuropa> waht did you do in classic?
[23:07] <Padmay> and tonu :c
[23:07] <Regox> Surprised he hasn't turned up again
[23:07] <Padmay> idek what happened to Xhizors
[23:07] <Padmay> tonu got eaten by facebook and her school problems
[23:07] <Regox> Still play payday 2 with tonu
[23:07] <Padmay> the government shut her school down qq
[23:08] <BoomSniper> wait tonu was a girl????????????????
[23:08] <Padmay> YES :C
[23:08] <Padmay> it used to be
[23:08] <BoomSniper> wow
[23:08] <dreamyeuropa> hey i thiught kagye was a guy
[23:08] <Regox> Next you'll be saying you didn't know weavy was female
[23:08] <dreamyeuropa> its okay to forget the gender of others
[23:08] <Padmay> emzy, emg, tonu, me, susie, weavy, dee and a few others who were the original female players
[23:08] <BoomSniper> .. .... .... ...... ......yea I knew that
[23:09] <Padmay> and then all of a sudden there's a giant influx of 11-13 year old girls joining and going all
[23:09] <Padmay> "i'm a gamer girl cause i play minecraft"
[23:09] <BoomSniper> yea
[23:09] <dreamyeuropa> cough cough padmay
[23:09] <Regox> "Good for you, now let me spawn 500 creepers next to you"
[23:09] <Padmay> i play games other than minecraft thank you very much darren
[23:09] <BoomSniper> :D
[23:09] <Padmay> I probably play a wider variety of games than you darren
[23:09] <dreamyeuropa> just saying...
[23:10] <Padmay> and 1. gamer girls DON'T EXIST
[23:10] <dreamyeuropa> fin, waht do you play?
[23:10] <Padmay> It's just gamer, no gender variations
[23:10] <BoomSniper> its so they can say that they gg
[23:10] <Padmay> and 2. if you just play minecraft, you can't exactly call yourself a gamer
[23:10] <dreamyeuropa> hey i don't play minecraft
[23:10] <Padmay> same thing with League of Legends
[23:10] <BoomSniper> minecraft game sooo......
[23:11] <Padmay> just cause you facking play League doesn't make you a gamer
[23:11] <dreamyeuropa> ok, give examples of waht you play?
[23:11] <Padmay> League is shit anyways.
[23:11] <BoomSniper> language
[23:11] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[23:11] <Padmay> just saying
[23:11] <Padmay> Dota > league
[23:11] <BoomSniper> wait for the rage
[23:11] <BoomSniper> same game anyway
[23:11] <dreamyeuropa> i agree...
[23:12] <Padmay> noooo
[23:12] <Padmay> league is a rip-off of dota
[23:12] <Padmay> where you pay to win pretty much
[23:12] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[23:12] <BoomSniper> well if there are stupid people willing to play yea it is
[23:12] <BoomSniper> pay*
[23:13] <dreamyeuropa> padamy, you haven'y anserwd my query
[23:13] <Padmay> dota 2 lets you pay but for cosmetic items only
[23:17] <BoomSniper> hmm might need to double the wheel size ejano
[23:17] <Padmay> regooooxxxx
[23:17] <BoomSniper> he afk
[23:17] <dreamyeuropa> hes afk
[23:17] <Padmay> i know
[23:17] <Padmay> i'm blind but i can read
[23:18] <Regox> ALWAYS
[23:18] <Padmay> slightly blind
[23:18] <Padmay> lel
[23:18] <Padmay> there are heaps of zombies spawning on the wall
[23:18] <Padmay> where the sun can't burn them
[23:18] <Regox> Haha
[23:18] <dreamyeuropa> thats a sevre design flaw
[23:18] <Regox> You should see the boundary wall
[23:18] <Padmay> we should build the wall from Game Of Thrones to seperate Solitude from all the other factions :p
[23:19] <dreamyeuropa> ....
[23:19] <Regox> Who says I didn't?
[23:19] <Padmay> real solitude ouo
[23:19] <Padmay> we have a wall
[23:19] <Padmay> that kind of
[23:19] <Padmay> doesn't stop people
[23:19] <Regox> It's still a pretty darn big wall
[23:19] <BoomSniper> well it is a minor inconveniounce
[23:19] <Regox> Any wall can be gotten around anyway
[23:19] <dreamyeuropa> unles you have a large stockpilde of tent
[23:20] <dreamyeuropa> or just bribe regox
[23:20] <Regox> You'd have to put it down to bedrock, make it out of bedrock, take it to sky level
[23:20] <Regox> And extend to borders to make it effective
[23:20] <Padmay> check skype regoxxx
[23:20] <BoomSniper> or just around spawn
[23:20] <ejano> how would we make it bigger?
[23:20] <ejano> D:
[23:21] <ejano> *can't make wheels*
[23:21] <BoomSniper> :S
[23:21] <BoomSniper> thats a tough one
[23:21] <BoomSniper> prob stair blocks
[23:21] <ejano> indeed
[23:21] <ejano> hmm
[23:22] <BoomSniper> ?
[23:22] <ejano> making the little side hut
[23:22] <BoomSniper> ahh ok
[23:23] <BoomSniper> hmmmmmmmm
[23:23] <BoomSniper> need a few iron blocks and half a stack of red stairs
[23:24] <ejano> I'll go home and get some
[23:24] <BoomSniper> ok
[23:24] <Regox> Iron blocks y'say
[23:24] <BoomSniper> D:
[23:24] <dreamyeuropa> ...
[23:24] <ejano> >.>
[23:24] <ejano> mybad
[23:24] <Regox> I do happen to have some for sale
[23:24] <dreamyeuropa> wher are you now regox?
[23:24] <ejano> all good I've got heaps C:
[23:24] <BoomSniper> we got 3 stacks at mist whatsamacall it
[23:25] <ejano> Misten Peak xD
[23:25] <Regox> I'm in Solitude
[23:25] <BoomSniper> ^
[23:25] <dreamyeuropa> hmm
[23:25] <ejano> mm solitude does sound like it'd have alot of iron
[23:25] <BoomSniper> well if you like the hermit lifestyle reg ok
[23:25] <dreamyeuropa> psst want iron ejano?
[23:25] <Padmay> brb
[23:25] <ejano> na Im good thx
[23:25] <Regox> Boom, the capital city is called Solitude
[23:26] <dreamyeuropa> question wahts the name of the terran capital?
[23:26] <ejano> Good question
[23:26] <ejano> xD
[23:26] <BoomSniper> Terraniaaaa
[23:26] <dreamyeuropa> do you knwo the answer?
[23:26] <BoomSniper> :P
[23:26] <ejano> The federation Capital
[23:26] <ejano> idk
[23:26] <Regox> "It's name lost to the mists of time, in a language no longer spoken"
[23:26] <ejano> dammit boom
[23:26] <ejano> why you so good at this
[23:27] <ejano> ahaha
[23:27] <BoomSniper> well I am a carpenter
[23:28] <Padmay> regox-san
[23:28] <Regox> ?
[23:28] <Padmay> i would suggest lighting the walls?
[23:29] <Padmay> i think people prefer walking without zombie rain
[23:29] <Padmay> oh and it rains
[23:29] <dreamyeuropa> ...
[23:29] <BoomSniper> lol
[23:29] <ejano> ahaha
[23:29] <ejano> doesn't rain in the desert though
[23:29] <Padmay> thunder and everything qq
[23:30] <BoomSniper> still can be hit by lightning to
[23:30] <BoomSniper> tho
[23:30] <Padmay> brb
[23:30] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay?r) Quit (?ePadmay left the game.)
[23:30] <BoomSniper> hows that?
[23:31] <BoomSniper> maybe futher appart?
[23:31] <ejano> hmmm bit big
[23:31] <ejano> ahye
[23:31] <ejano> that could work
[23:31] <ejano> here I'll hellp
[23:31] <ejano> help*
[23:32] <ejano> lol
[23:32] <BoomSniper> just move ladder around
[23:32] <ejano> oh
[23:32] <BoomSniper> to here when done
[23:34] <ejano> such health and safety
[23:35] <BoomSniper> nuts
[23:35] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[23:35] <ejano> hey!
[23:35] <dreamyeuropa> hello!
[23:35] <BoomSniper> hey
[23:35] <EllaA2013> hi
[23:36] <ejano> is there such thing as upwards hoppers
[23:36] <EllaA2013> no...
[23:36] <ejano> upward*
[23:36] <ejano> dang
[23:36] <BoomSniper> shhh
[23:36] <BoomSniper> dont say that name he might appear
[23:36] <ejano> that would have been so cool
[23:36] <ejano> xD waaat
[23:36] <EllaA2013> who might apear?
[23:37] <EllaA2013> who might apear?????????????????
[23:38] <ejano> yes boom, who might appear
[23:38] <ejano> oh right we can't say his name..
[23:38] <dreamyeuropa> herobrine?
[23:38] <BoomSniper> read ejanos 5th last message
[23:38] <ejano> but what does this one do?
[23:38] <EllaA2013> can u spell his name like t.h.i.s
[23:38] <BoomSniper> -.-
[23:39] <BoomSniper> yea
[23:39] <ejano> lol
[23:39] <EllaA2013> oh um ddddddd............aaaaaaaaaaa.........nnnnnnnn.........ggggggg
[23:39] <dreamyeuropa> peppy?
[23:39] <BoomSniper> pc
[23:39] <BoomSniper> yea hes great
[23:39] <EllaA2013> what are u guys doing?
[23:40] <ejano> building a
[23:40] <ejano> mine thingy
[23:40] <dreamyeuropa> regreting life
[23:40] <EllaA2013> ok then
[23:40] <ejano> :I
[23:40] <BoomSniper> like a mineshaft crane or lift thingy
[23:40] <dreamyeuropa> then realsing i can just set everything on fire intstead
[23:40] <BoomSniper> -.o
[23:41] <dreamyeuropa> is ture!
[23:41] <BoomSniper> whats ture
[23:41] <EllaA2013> ??
[23:41] <dreamyeuropa> ERROR ERROR
[23:41] <dreamyeuropa> DOES NOT COMPUTE
[23:42] <ejano> o.o
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> DETONATING IN 10
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 9
[23:42] <EllaA2013> o.o o.o
[23:42] <BoomSniper> its minecraft always computes except when it crashes
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 8
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 7
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 6
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 5
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 4
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 3
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 2
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 1
[23:42] <EllaA2013> 1
[23:42] <dreamyeuropa> 0
[23:42] <ejano> noooooooooooooo
[23:43] <EllaA2013> wwwhyy?
[23:43] <BoomSniper> you dropped this
[23:43] <dreamyeuropa> oh thanks
[23:43] <EllaA2013> im bored
[23:43] <BoomSniper> hi bored
[23:43] <ejano> xD
[23:44] <dreamyeuropa> i'm wet
[23:44] <EllaA2013> hi wet
[23:44] <ejano> Hi wet person
[23:44] <BoomSniper> . . . . . heres a towel
[23:44] <dreamyeuropa> thx
[23:44] <ejano> Nice to meet you Atowel
[23:44] <EllaA2013> aawwweee
[23:44] <ejano> don't hit people! >:C
[23:44] <BoomSniper> hammer time ejano?
[23:45] <dreamyeuropa> sorry mum...
[23:45] <ejano> xD
[23:45] <dreamyeuropa> not that i like my moterh...
[23:45] <EllaA2013> how do u make stuff splash potions? gunpowder? redstone? or glowstone?
[23:45] <dreamyeuropa> gun powdser
[23:45] <ejano> gunpowerder
[23:45] <ejano> powerder xDlol
[23:45] <BoomSniper> ground up penguin
[23:45] <Regox> Gunpowder you get from creepers
[23:45] <EllaA2013> i now
[23:45] <Regox> Potions you brew on a brewing table
[23:46] <EllaA2013> i used all mine on tnt AAWW
[23:46] <dreamyeuropa> i need to go back to the netrh later...
[23:46] <EllaA2013> dagnabit
[23:46] <ejano> why would you do that :C
[23:46] <Regox> Redstone you mine then combine into various devices
[23:46] <Regox> Glotstone is a pain to mine because mobs
[23:46] <BoomSniper> same all 6 stacks
[23:46] <EllaA2013> can we go to the nether?
[23:46] <dreamyeuropa> sure...
[23:46] <EllaA2013> YAY not
[23:46] <Regox> Sure, I'll grab some kit
[23:47] <ejano> no you must nether go to the never
[23:47] <Regox> But ejano, delicious glowstone
[23:47] <ejano> xD
[23:47] <Regox> Well that's me prepped
[23:47] <BoomSniper> ?
[23:47] <dreamyeuropa> wait foe mre!
[23:48] <BoomSniper> ah
[23:48] <EllaA2013> now follow me
[23:48] <ejano> baby zombie inbound
[23:48] <ejano> run run run
[23:48] <ejano> or
[23:48] <ejano> kill
[23:48] <ejano> sure that too
[23:48] <dreamyeuropa> hey ella can you tp me?
[23:48] <EllaA2013> sure
[23:49] <Regox> Nice condo
[23:50] <EllaA2013> now both of ya follow
[23:50] <EllaA2013> PS all built nearly by me!
[23:50] <ejano> yay fun time
[23:50] <EllaA2013> now be warned
[23:51] <EllaA2013> this portal takes u to a nether fortress
[23:51] <Regox> NOPE
[23:51] <dreamyeuropa> nope
[23:51] <ejano> xD
[23:51] <Regox> I refuse to be warned
[23:51] <BoomSniper> can I come?
[23:51] <dreamyeuropa> ...
[23:51] <ejano> lol!
[23:51] <Regox> Do avoid that
[23:51] <ejano> poor ella
[23:52] <EllaA2013> give me the rest of my stuff plz
[23:52] <Regox> What other stuff?
[23:52] <EllaA2013> my diamond boots and helmet
[23:52] <Regox> Don't have them, they must've broke
[23:52] <dreamyeuropa> neither cdo i
[23:52] <Regox> I'll fix you up with new ones later
[23:53] <EllaA2013> hhmmp
[23:53] <EllaA2013> what the hell just happend
[23:53] <dreamyeuropa> ?
[23:53] <BoomSniper> ?
[23:54] <BoomSniper> ejano?
[23:54] <dreamyeuropa> regox?
[23:54] <Regox> Yes?
[23:54] <dreamyeuropa> ok, nvm
[23:54] <dreamyeuropa> ???
[23:54] <EllaA2013> STOP IT
[23:54] <Regox> Do try and avoid that
[23:54] <dreamyeuropa> no again...
[23:54] <BoomSniper> ????
[23:55] <EllaA2013> tpa me there plz
[23:55] <EllaA2013> stuff
[23:56] <EllaA2013> quick word with u
[23:56] <EllaA2013> when im swing my sword of pickaxe PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME signed ella
[23:56] <BoomSniper> .
[23:56] <dreamyeuropa> .
[23:56] <Regox> I see glowstone
[23:56] <dreamyeuropa> WHJER!
[23:56] <EllaA2013> excuse me regox
[23:57] <EllaA2013> can i plz have that magma cream i own
[23:57] <BoomSniper> damit baivo ate all my stores food
[23:57] <dreamyeuropa> COME AT ME!!!
[23:58] <dreamyeuropa> hi piggy
[23:58] <Regox> I see more quartz
[23:58] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[23:58] <Regox> Hey jrr
[23:58] <dreamyeuropa> er, ello
[23:58] <BoomSniper> hi jrr
[23:58] <jrr5556> its been a mighty while
[23:59] <ejano> jRRRRRR
[23:59] <jrr5556> ejanoooooo
[23:59] <ejano> are you moraris?
[23:59] <jrr5556> I am back, thats what I am!
[23:59] <EllaA2013> regox i also need my 2 stacks of nether quartz back as well
[23:59] <ejano> yay

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