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IRC Log for #main.2014-09-16

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[0:03] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd) has joined #main
[0:04] * okayden was kicked from #main by Server
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[0:04] <Morizu> Everybody is now AFK.
[0:05] <cwp_aus> pre much
[0:06] <cwp_aus> kinda hoping peppy un-afk's, :P
[0:07] <cwp_aus> so I can get his thoughts
[0:07] <nogardd> PEEEEPP
[0:08] <Morizu> PEPPERS
[0:08] <nogardd> fine
[0:10] <cwp_aus> oh well
[0:10] <cwp_aus> seya folks
[0:10] <Morizu> byee
[0:10] <nogardd> see ya
[0:10] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?4@?7|?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[0:22] <Peppy2006> My bad
[0:23] <Peppy2006> Just ordered 500 rounds of ammo
[0:23] <Peppy2006> XD
[0:23] <nogardd> airsoft?
[0:23] <Peppy2006> Nope
[0:23] <Morizu> What are you huting? ...or who?
[0:23] <Peppy2006> 7.62x39mm
[0:23] <Morizu> hunting*
[0:23] <nogardd> paintball?
[0:23] <nogardd> oh
[0:23] <Peppy2006> I have yet to figure that out, Mori
[0:24] <Peppy2006> Oh yeah, so Nog
[0:24] <Morizu> I have a list of names here... if you ever run out of prey
[0:24] <Peppy2006> Come on back behind your place
[0:24] <Peppy2006> I'll have plenty of ammo
[0:24] <Peppy2006> :P
[0:24] <nogardd> ive noticed, not cool bro
[0:24] <Peppy2006> lol
[0:24] <nogardd> ill move them to a better place
[0:24] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[0:24] <nogardd> haha
[0:25] <Peppy2006> I just dumped them back here
[0:25] <Peppy2006> That way the designs are readily visible, and all the supplies
[0:25] <Peppy2006> :P
[0:25] <Peppy2006> I just happened to be AFK when you got back
[0:25] <nogardd> oke, ill make some room for brewery then
[0:25] <nogardd> later
[0:25] <Peppy2006> Alright
[0:25] <nogardd> ;P
[0:25] <Peppy2006> FIRST
[0:26] <Peppy2006> Take that potatomash in your inventory...
[0:26] <nogardd> i did
[0:26] <Peppy2006> And put them in these stands
[0:26] <nogardd> i drank 2 v.,v
[0:26] <Peppy2006> Well
[0:26] <Peppy2006> Take the rest
[0:26] <nogardd> got 4 left haha
[0:26] <Peppy2006> And put them in here
[0:26] <Peppy2006> lol
[0:26] <Peppy2006> And wait
[0:26] <Peppy2006> They should distill...
[0:26] <nogardd> aaah, almost
[0:26] <Peppy2006> Three times
[0:27] <nogardd> ooooh
[0:27] <nogardd> its done
[0:27] <Peppy2006> Drink up
[0:27] <nogardd> woooohah
[0:28] <Peppy2006> Keep going!
[0:28] <Morizu> Drinking is baaad, mmkay?
[0:28] <Peppy2006> lol
[0:28] <Peppy2006> How you feeling, Nogard? :P
[0:28] <nogardd> idk. good XD
[0:28] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[0:29] <Smiley864> Hey
[0:29] <Peppy2006> Howdy Smiley!
[0:29] <Morizu> Hello
[0:29] <nogardd> heyasmi
[0:29] <nogardd> heya smi*
[0:29] <Smiley864> hai
[0:29] <Peppy2006> So take those 15 grass...
[0:29] <Peppy2006> Put them in one of these
[0:33] <nogardd> smi is raidint my tavern 0.,o
[0:34] <Peppy2006> Drink a couple
[0:34] <Peppy2006> Give it a whirl
[0:34] <Peppy2006> :P
[0:34] <Peppy2006> One more!
[0:34] <Peppy2006> There we go
[0:34] <Peppy2006> Now talk
[0:34] <Peppy2006> :P
[0:34] <nogardd> wooo *hic* oguloa hh
[0:35] <nogardd> aw eshho *hic* me
[0:35] <Peppy2006> Bahaha
[0:35] <Peppy2006> Milk helps
[0:35] <Peppy2006> :P
[0:35] <nogardd> awes *hic* *hic* hho me!
[0:35] <nogardd> shh t *hic* illgo t effect
[0:35] <Peppy2006> If you drink enough, you start puking, too.
[0:35] <Peppy2006> You need to drink a lot of milk
[0:36] <Peppy2006> Four more buckets, and you'll be good
[0:37] <Peppy2006> Alright, you're better now
[0:37] <nogardd> wluhew..
[0:37] <Peppy2006> Well
[0:37] <Peppy2006> You're pretty much better...
[0:37] <Peppy2006> Have another, just to be safe
[0:37] <nogardd> whats hapbening
[0:37] <nogardd> waaaaah!!!
[0:37] <nogardd> lets test now
[0:37] <Peppy2006> You're sober!
[0:37] <nogardd> good i guess
[0:38] <Peppy2006> Let's make wine
[0:39] <nogardd> oops
[0:39] <Peppy2006> All good
[0:39] <Peppy2006> Time?
[0:39] <nogardd> idk
[0:40] <nogardd> 0,.o
[0:50] <nogardd> does
[0:51] <Smiley864> is this a vodka lesson?
[0:52] <nogardd> -.-
[0:52] <nogardd> wanna die?
[0:52] <Smiley864> :p
[0:52] <Peppy2006> Yeah, lessons
[0:52] <Peppy2006> :P
[0:52] <Smiley864> would you kill a person with a peppy tiara :c
[0:55] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu?r) Quit (?eMorizu left the game.)
[0:55] <Peppy2006> Excellent
[0:55] <Peppy2006> Our lesson here today, is complete
[0:56] <nogardd> im older than you. you're good as you are
[0:56] <nogardd> wc
[1:01] <nogardd> so i believe this was the end lesson.
[1:02] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[1:02] <Peppy2006> Enjoy!
[1:02] <Peppy2006> :P
[1:02] <nogardd> thank you. will ;P
[1:03] <nogardd> i can keep the items yes?
[1:03] <Peppy2006> Yes
[1:03] <nogardd> the equipment i mean
[1:03] <Peppy2006> That too
[1:03] <nogardd> that graveyard matches this perfectly
[1:03] <nogardd> ever watched "Breaking Bad"?
[1:03] <Peppy2006> Yes I have!
[1:03] <nogardd> good
[1:04] <nogardd> youll recognize the graves if you check
[1:05] <Peppy2006> lol, Very nice
[1:05] <nogardd> so it matches. i can say "Let's cook!" now. BUAHAHAHAHA!!!
[1:06] <Peppy2006> Oh my. XD
[1:07] <nogardd> hope you like my place XD
[1:07] <nogardd> and the Tavern name
[1:11] <Peppy2006> What's the name?
[1:11] <nogardd> check near the entrance doors
[1:11] <Peppy2006> Oh right, I saw this one earlier
[1:11] <Peppy2006> I do like it
[1:12] <nogardd> gotta add something essential
[1:12] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[1:12] <Peppy2006> EJANO
[1:12] <ejano> allo!
[1:12] <Peppy2006> Guess what
[1:12] <ejano> er Dermunds!?
[1:13] <Peppy2006> Not quite
[1:13] <Peppy2006> :P
[1:13] <Peppy2006> I got another gun!
[1:14] <ejano> :o ooh guns
[1:14] <Peppy2006> Yeah guns!
[1:14] <Peppy2006> lol
[1:14] <nogardd> i vant one
[1:14] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[1:15] <ejano> Hey!
[1:15] <cwp_aus> People were online so eh
[1:15] <cwp_aus> hiya, :P
[1:15] <nogardd> hey cwp. wb
[1:15] <cwp_aus> thanks
[1:15] <Peppy2006> Welcome back!
[1:16] <nogardd> anyhow, ill go off for now guys. be back a little later ish
[1:16] <ejano> byee
[1:16] <cwp_aus> seya
[1:16] <nogardd> have fun ya all ;P
[1:16] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd?r) Quit (?enogardd left the game.)
[1:16] <cwp_aus> Hey, peppy
[1:17] <cwp_aus> ;)
[1:17] <ejano> :P
[1:17] <ejano> ?flok
[1:17] <ejano> oh its midnight
[1:17] <cwp_aus> lol
[1:18] <cwp_aus> ggjano
[1:18] <cwp_aus> wonder where boom has gotten to
[1:19] <cwp_aus> Been away from everything for a good week now
[1:20] <cwp_aus> Dum de dum de dum
[1:21] <cwp_aus> How's your house going ej?
[1:21] <ejano> I'm just collecting more sand for glass now, lol, I kinda turned the other stuff into panes for the
[1:21] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@?4#?7|?9Smiley864?r) Quit (?eSmiley864 left the game.)
[1:21] <ejano> stables
[1:22] <cwp_aus> ah lol, I only gave ye half anyway
[1:24] <ejano> you wouldn't happen to know where a dark
[1:24] <ejano> wood forest is?
[1:25] <cwp_aus> closest is about 2k blocks
[1:25] <cwp_aus> east
[1:25] <ejano> ok
[1:26] <cwp_aus> not quite sure what to do atm
[1:26] <ejano> well, I'm just about to go find that third horse
[1:31] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?4@?7|?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[1:32] <ejano> ?ffus
[1:33] <cwp_aus> I'm tempted to go about starting one of the forts but...
[1:33] <cwp_aus> eh
[1:34] <ejano> dang night time
[1:35] <ejano> eey!
[1:36] <ejano> made it back to town
[1:36] <cwp_aus> hiya
[1:37] <ejano> I could only find 3 :C
[1:37] <cwp_aus> can't ye breed them?
[1:37] <ejano> ye I guess
[1:37] <cwp_aus> unless you want vairety
[1:38] <ejano> eh i don't mind
[1:38] <ejano> just anote though there's heaps of cobble here
[1:38] <cwp_aus> lol k
[1:39] <cwp_aus> bought the sims 4, certainly interesting
[1:39] <ejano> lol ohgod
[1:39] <cwp_aus> Sim dies of embarrasment
[1:39] <ejano> ahyes I saw that post
[1:40] <ejano> or
[1:40] <ejano> o.O
[1:40] <cwp_aus> Indeed
[1:40] <ejano> skype!
[1:40] <ejano> that's right
[1:40] <cwp_aus> Ye
[1:40] <ejano> hmm the one time I need squid
[1:41] * reeceyboyz6969 (reeceyboyz6969@reeceyboyz6969) has joined #main
[1:41] <ejano> Hey there!
[1:41] <cwp_aus> hiya
[1:41] <cwp_aus> Welcome
[1:41] * reeceyboyz6969 (reeceyboyz6969@reeceyboyz6969?r) Quit (?ereeceyboyz6969 left the game.)
[1:41] <ejano> aw
[1:42] <cwp_aus> Goodbye!
[1:42] <cwp_aus> :I
[1:42] <ejano> that name looked familiar o.O
[1:42] <ejano> hmm
[1:42] <cwp_aus> uhuh
[1:42] <ejano> maybe I saw it on forums or something..
[1:44] <cwp_aus> so, how bout that microsoft deal
[1:44] <ejano> hmm?
[1:44] <cwp_aus> You've not heard?
[1:44] <ejano> oh the
[1:44] <ejano> buying mojang.?
[1:44] <ejano> or something
[1:44] <cwp_aus> ya
[1:44] <ejano> S:
[1:45] <ejano> it tis wierd
[1:45] <ejano> and lame
[1:45] <cwp_aus> I saw a very good reason for microsoft to be doing it
[1:45] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu) has joined #main
[1:45] <cwp_aus> hiya
[1:45] <ejano> o.O
[1:45] <ejano> Hey
[1:45] <Morizu> Hello
[1:45] <cwp_aus> Making use of their overseas slush fund which they can't bring into the us or it'll be taxed to deat
[1:46] <cwp_aus> death*
[1:47] <cwp_aus> Anyways I'll be poping off now
[1:47] <cwp_aus> seyas
[1:47] <ejano> byee
[1:47] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?4@?7|?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[2:02] <ejano> ?ffus
[2:03] <ejano> ?ffus
[2:03] <Morizu> aahhh you\re fus ro dahing me outta the server...!
[2:03] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu?r) Quit (?eMorizu left the game.)
[2:03] <ejano> noooooo
[2:04] <ejano> I was just trying to move chickens!
[2:11] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[2:11] <ejano> hey!
[2:12] <okayden> heya
[2:12] <okayden> ummm
[2:13] <ejano> ye?
[2:13] <okayden> mobs aren't burning, yet it's daytime?
[2:13] <ejano> I:
[2:13] <ejano> what type of mobs?
[2:13] <ejano> and are they under leaves
[2:13] <okayden> skele, ender, witch
[2:13] <okayden> oh okay now they are
[2:14] <okayden> that was odd
[2:14] <ejano> lol phew
[2:14] <okayden> although spiders still don't like me :(
[2:14] <ejano> hmm well night is coming
[2:14] <okayden> oh hello moon
[2:15] <okayden> please let me get home before mobs :P
[2:15] <okayden> phew
[2:17] <okayden> what co-ordinates are you at/are you in terran territory?
[2:17] <ejano> er
[2:17] <ejano> why u ask? :p
[2:17] <okayden> wanna start a new strip mine :P
[2:18] <ejano> (also quite close to the Terran capital on dynmap_
[2:18] <ejano> )
[2:18] <okayden> but i'm too lazy to wark far away XP
[2:18] <okayden> oh, okay
[2:18] <okayden> dang
[2:19] <ejano> welp, I'm starving so I'm gonna go
[2:19] <ejano> byee
[2:19] <okayden> see ya
[2:19] * ejano (ejano@?4@?7|?9ejano?r) Quit (?eejano left the game.)
[2:22] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19) has joined #main
[2:22] <okayden> heya :)
[2:22] <Molsen19> heyo :3
[2:23] <okayden> heh, you know what's amusing about playing on minecraft for a while?
[2:23] <okayden> after you've got a bunch of iron, coal, gold, some diamonds and stuff
[2:24] <okayden> and really the only resource you keep needing
[2:24] <okayden> is more wood XD
[2:24] <Molsen19> true dat xD
[2:29] * Joey12345678999 (Joey12345678999@Joey12345678999) has joined #main
[2:29] <Molsen19> i don't know what to build ;_;
[2:29] <okayden> heya
[2:29] <Molsen19> heyo
[2:29] <Joey12345678999> sup
[2:29] <okayden> have you got a house?
[2:29] <Molsen19> yes, rather large
[2:29] <okayden> any features missing form it?
[2:29] <Molsen19> fits three people with their own floors, plus attic
[2:29] <Molsen19> uhhm
[2:29] <okayden> like an enchantment area, enough storage, brewing, portals?
[2:30] <okayden> *portal really
[2:30] <Molsen19> really need enchantment table
[2:30] <okayden> build an enchanting area then :)
[2:30] <Molsen19> thanks lol xD
[2:30] <okayden> you could totally have like a massive underground library or something :D
[2:31] <Molsen19> underground library...
[2:31] <Molsen19> yeeeeeeeeees
[2:31] <Molsen19> i believe that could work
[2:31] <Molsen19> thanks man :D
[2:31] <okayden> tis okay :)
[2:31] <Molsen19> they are the most important, after all
[2:33] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[2:33] <EllaA2013> yo'
[2:33] <Joey12345678999> sup
[2:33] <okayden> harro :)
[2:33] <Molsen19> heyo
[2:33] <okayden> oh hey, trader people
[2:34] <Molsen19> the village people?
[2:34] <okayden> no, the faction
[2:34] <okayden> are you currently accepting trades?
[2:34] <Joey12345678999> i guess
[2:34] <okayden> anything for coal?
[2:34] <okayden> or redstone?
[2:34] <Joey12345678999> hmmmm......
[2:35] <okayden> as in i'm trading coal/redstone for something
[2:35] <Joey12345678999> what do you want?
[2:35] <okayden> um
[2:35] <okayden> well, i was gonna see what you guys were willing to give for it :P
[2:35] <Molsen19> brb
[2:35] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19?r) Quit (?eMolsen19 left the game.)
[2:35] <okayden> don't think it's worth diamonds, unless maybe for a large amount?
[2:36] <Joey12345678999> well do you want acaia wood? i dunno :/
[2:36] <okayden> i thought your faction was supposed to be good with trades and bargaining XD
[2:37] <okayden> and no, i can get my own wood :P
[2:37] <Joey12345678999> lol perhaps not
[2:38] <okayden> trade iron for diamonds?
[2:38] <Joey12345678999> mmmmmmh no :P
[2:38] <okayden> not even large amounts of iron for diamonds?
[2:39] <Joey12345678999> how much iron for how much diamonds
[2:39] <okayden> well that's what i was asking :P
[2:40] <okayden> oh, are you at the central base for Horleggor?
[2:40] <Joey12345678999> urrrr
[2:40] <Joey12345678999> nope
[2:40] <EllaA2013> mabey?
[2:40] <EllaA2013> nope ok then........
[2:40] <okayden> is there any information about trading at the central?
[2:41] <Joey12345678999> I haven't looked ....
[2:41] <okayden> okei doke
[2:41] <okayden> so is this just a trade between you and me then
[2:42] <Joey12345678999> i guess ......
[2:42] <okayden> not with Horleggor and all the stuff you were meant to begin with
[2:42] <okayden> okay :P
[2:43] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[2:43] <okayden> hiya
[2:43] <EllaA2013> hi
[2:43] <Joey12345678999> sup
[2:43] <cwp_aus> hiya
[2:43] <okayden> so wait, how does trading with your faction work then?
[2:43] <okayden> i thought you guys had like a massive vault with supplies and stuff
[2:44] <cwp_aus> Don't know reg has really told anyone, lol
[2:44] <okayden> which people from other factions could trade with through you or something
[2:44] <okayden> oh, okay
[2:44] <okayden> i guess it's too early for trades
[2:44] <cwp_aus> Molsen, you still looking for something to do?
[2:44] <okayden> sorry Joey :P
[2:45] <okayden> well, gotta go
[2:45] <okayden> see ya
[2:45] <Joey12345678999> bai
[2:45] <cwp_aus> seya
[2:45] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[2:55] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu) has joined #main
[2:55] <cwp_aus> wb
[2:55] <Morizu> Cheers, hey
[2:57] <cwp_aus> *realizing you have an aqua affinity helm froma zombie when you need it*
[2:58] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19) has joined #main
[2:58] <cwp_aus> wb
[2:58] <Molsen19> ohai
[3:00] <cwp_aus> ohai
[3:00] <Joey12345678999> hai
[3:07] <cwp_aus> anyone recommend a good texture pack that is sorta medieval?
[3:07] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19?r) Quit (?eMolsen19 left the game.)
[3:07] * Joey12345678999 (Joey12345678999@Joey12345678999?r) Quit (?eJoey12345678999 left the game.)
[3:07] <Morizu> I really like Dokucraft
[3:08] <Morizu> there are a couple of different versions, light, high and dark
[3:08] <EllaA2013> guys they bro and sis so live in the same home that how there wifi went at the same time! {Joey+Mols
[3:08] <Morizu> the light is most medieval imo
[3:08] <cwp_aus> Ah
[3:10] <cwp_aus> brb
[3:10] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?4@?7|?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[3:12] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[3:12] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?4@?7|?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[3:12] * Joey12345678999 (Joey12345678999@Joey12345678999) has joined #main
[3:12] <Joey12345678999> sorry my internet blew up
[3:14] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19) has joined #main
[3:14] <Molsen19> internet is poop ;_;
[3:16] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19?r) Quit (?eMolsen19 left the game.)
[3:17] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19) has joined #main
[3:18] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd) has joined #main
[3:19] <nogardd> hey guys, and girls
[3:19] <Molsen19> heyo
[3:19] <EllaA2013> hey
[3:19] <Joey12345678999> sup
[3:19] <Morizu> Hello my love
[3:19] <nogardd> ;P
[3:19] <nogardd> nice name joey XD
[3:19] <Joey12345678999> ggrrrrrr MOLSEN
[3:33] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[3:33] <Joey12345678999> sup
[3:33] <Molsen19> hey cwp!
[3:33] <nogardd> hey cwp
[3:33] <cwp_aus> oooh, this one seems nice
[3:33] <EllaA2013> sup sup
[3:34] <Morizu> wb
[3:34] <cwp_aus> *Then sees glass and wheat and shudders*
[3:34] <cwp_aus> back to searching...
[3:34] <Molsen19> texture packz?
[3:34] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?4@?7|?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[3:40] <Morizu> oh no
[3:40] <Molsen19> dem zombise
[3:42] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[3:42] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[3:42] <okayden> heya
[3:42] <Molsen19> heyo
[3:42] <Joey12345678999> sup
[3:42] <nogardd> heya oka
[3:42] <cwp_aus> hiya
[3:42] <EllaA2013> heyo
[3:43] <okayden> how is everyone doing?
[3:43] <cwp_aus> good
[3:43] <Joey12345678999> good
[3:43] <Molsen19> gud
[3:43] <nogardd> gewd
[3:43] <EllaA2013> good man......... peace
[3:43] <Molsen19> i need a good texture pack 3:
[3:43] <okayden> kewl
[3:44] <okayden> have you tried sphax?
[3:44] <cwp_aus> as do I
[3:44] <Molsen19> nonz
[3:44] <Molsen19> i will look into it
[3:44] <cwp_aus> Sick of my old medieval one
[3:44] <nogardd> molsen, i suggest you get Dokucraft Forgotten Realms
[3:44] <okayden> dokucraft is pretty kewl too :3
[3:44] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?4@?7|?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[3:44] <Molsen19> okai thankz :3
[3:44] <Joey12345678999> bai?
[3:44] <okayden> or go retro and just use the original textures :P
[3:45] <Molsen19> pff, i'm sick of original
[3:45] <okayden> true, it does get old after a while
[3:45] <nogardd> im using the default. when you realize your laptop cant run minecraft. time to take texture pack off
[3:45] <okayden> same, except on a computer XP
[3:47] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19?r) Quit (?eMolsen19 left the game.)
[3:47] <okayden> i wanna use up my iron picks, but it's so slow compared to diamond efficiency D:
[3:47] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19) has joined #main
[3:48] <nogardd> i know. im using iron
[3:48] <nogardd> dont wanna use diamond cause its my fortune one
[3:48] <Morizu> Stone picks ftw
[3:48] <okayden> oh god XD
[3:48] <Morizu> wooden?
[3:48] <okayden> at least you can mine redstone :P
[3:49] <Molsen19> iron is kinda essential for higher ores
[3:49] <Morizu> I usually have one iron pick and shitload of stone ones
[3:49] <Morizu> I'm cheap like that :P
[3:49] <Molsen19> i find so much iron, it really don't matter xD
[3:50] <Morizu> I dont wanna mine, I just want to build :P
[3:50] <okayden> same, i had 4 stacks at one point XP
[3:51] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19?r) Quit (?eMolsen19 left the game.)
[3:51] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[3:51] <EllaA2013> hi
[3:51] <Joey12345678999> Welcome back
[3:51] <cwp_aus> Ok
[3:51] <cwp_aus> there we go
[3:51] <okayden> oh hello again :D
[3:52] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19) has joined #main
[3:53] <nogardd> anyhow, ill be back later guys. have fun ya'all
[3:53] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd?r) Quit (?enogardd left the game.)
[3:53] <cwp_aus> seya
[3:53] <okayden> how is everyone doing for enchanted tools btw?
[3:53] <Joey12345678999> cya
[3:53] <Molsen19> bai
[3:53] <okayden> byee
[3:55] <Molsen19> so many islands, so little time ;_;
[3:55] <cwp_aus> ?
[3:55] <Molsen19> we're looking for real estate on islands
[3:55] <okayden> what are you 70 or something
[3:55] <Joey12345678999> yeees
[3:55] <Molsen19> yes
[3:56] <cwp_aus> but don't you have one already?
[3:56] <okayden> dang
[3:56] <Joey12345678999> yeees
[3:56] <Molsen19> non
[3:56] <Molsen19> i just want a good place to build wizarding tower
[3:56] <okayden> oh right, that's a thing XP
[3:56] <cwp_aus> *Casually building out docks to make a ship
[3:58] <okayden> ouch
[3:58] <okayden> yay time to strip mine what fun
[3:59] <cwp_aus> :P
[3:59] <Molsen19> retire and take up the wizarding tower buisiness
[3:59] <okayden> that does sound very tempting
[4:00] <okayden> oh god no thank you
[4:00] <okayden> water go away
[4:00] <okayden> ugh gravel blocking water is never a good thing
[4:02] <okayden> mining skill = 200 :D
[4:02] <Molsen19> noiiiice
[4:02] <cwp_aus> ^
[4:02] <okayden> danke :3
[4:02] <okayden> lag wow rude
[4:03] <cwp_aus> > People who complain about non-exsistant lag < :P
[4:03] <Molsen19> *drowns* "lag"
[4:04] <okayden> oh, do creepers have inpenetrable barriers that stop you from hitting them?
[4:04] <okayden> damn, i did not know about this new feature :P
[4:04] <Molsen19> yes, they do!
[4:04] <cwp_aus> seriously tps is at 19.997, It's your connection
[4:04] <Molsen19> they are such haxxors
[4:04] <EllaA2013> WHATS A WIZARDING TOWER????????
[4:04] <okayden> yes, the lag is because of my crappy connection :P
[4:07] <okayden> OMG
[4:07] <cwp_aus> more haxin?
[4:07] <okayden> a mob just dropped a protection III chestplate
[4:08] <cwp_aus> nice
[4:08] <okayden> unfortunately leather, but eh whatever
[4:08] <cwp_aus> I got an aqua affin helm
[4:08] <cwp_aus> very good for boats
[4:08] <okayden> niice
[4:08] <cwp_aus> which I'm soon to make, :P
[4:09] <okayden> btw, how do we view the scoreboards of the various skills?
[4:09] <cwp_aus> EG: /mctop herbalism
[4:09] <okayden> danke
[4:09] <okayden> dang cwp, so close
[4:09] <cwp_aus> mining? :P
[4:10] <okayden> mhm :P
[4:10] <Molsen19> 12th highest! :D
[4:10] <okayden> 9th :3
[4:10] <okayden> wait, i thought you didn't do much mining :P
[4:11] <cwp_aus> who?
[4:11] <okayden> molsen
[4:11] <Molsen19> uhh
[4:11] <Molsen19> mine4life
[4:11] <okayden> or someone else said "i prefer building"
[4:11] <Molsen19> why can't we have both?
[4:11] <okayden> you can have both
[4:11] <Morizu> It was me :P
[4:11] <okayden> oh, okay
[4:11] <okayden> sorriii
[4:11] <Morizu> Dont be sorry!
[4:12] <okayden> okay, not sorry then?
[4:12] <Morizu> Sounds better :P
[4:12] <okayden> sorry not sorry :P
[4:12] <Morizu> You better be sorry for being sorry
[4:13] <okayden> oh god Morizu, #1 at acrobatics XD
[4:13] <okayden> DIAMODN
[4:13] <Morizu> Argh.. must be all those times I fell from my 50 blocks high roof
[4:13] <okayden> so many diamodns
[4:13] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy) has joined #main
[4:13] <EllaA2013> heyo
[4:13] <okayden> heya :D
[4:13] <Joey12345678999> hi
[4:13] <cwp_aus> hiya
[4:13] <VashTheStampy> hello T.T
[4:13] <okayden> ohhh that felt soo good
[4:14] <Morizu> Hey Stash
[4:14] <okayden> why you crying?
[4:14] <VashTheStampy> i died last time i was here T.T
[4:14] <okayden> hm, i think i remember that
[4:14] <Morizu> We tried to get your stuff but didnt find anything :/
[4:14] <cwp_aus> my god
[4:14] <cwp_aus> dat rain
[4:14] <VashTheStampy> yeah i fell in a block deep lava T.T
[4:14] <cwp_aus> so heavy
[4:14] <okayden> wait what
[4:14] <Morizu> meh
[4:15] <okayden> AD has fire resist tho
[4:15] <VashTheStampy> doesnt have fall resist
[4:15] <okayden> oh ouch
[4:15] <okayden> double ouch for your items D:
[4:15] <VashTheStampy> fyi 1 deep lava isnt the same as i deep water T.T
[4:16] <Morizu> :(
[4:16] <VashTheStampy> 1*
[4:16] <okayden> now you know i suppose
[4:16] <okayden> yay moar lag, a zombie still hitting me after i'm 30 blocks away :P
[4:16] <cwp_aus> get better net
[4:16] <okayden> yeah well
[4:17] <okayden> it's not really my net and i have like $10 :P
[4:17] <cwp_aus> who's your isp?
[4:17] <okayden> i have no idea sorry
[4:17] <okayden> ahem, sorry not sorry
[4:17] <cwp_aus> lol ^
[4:18] <Morizu> you better not be sorry or you'll be sorry for being sorry!
[4:18] <okayden> mind = blown
[4:18] <okayden> MOAR DIAMODN
[4:18] <Molsen19> o_o
[4:18] <okayden> HOLY MOTHER OF JEGUS
[4:19] <okayden> ohhh if only i had a fortune pick
[4:19] <okayden> 12 ore in however many minutes
[4:19] <Molsen19> mining skill is good enough
[4:19] <okayden> nope
[4:19] <okayden> 12 ore = 13 diamonds :P
[4:20] <Joey12345678999> cya
[4:20] <cwp_aus> seya
[4:20] <okayden> byee
[4:20] <EllaA2013> bye
[4:20] * Joey12345678999 (Joey12345678999@Joey12345678999?r) Quit (?eJoey12345678999 left the game.)
[4:21] <EllaA2013> bye gtg see you tommoz peps!
[4:21] <cwp_aus> seya
[4:21] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013?r) Quit (?eEllaA2013 left the game.)
[4:21] <okayden> bye
[4:21] <Molsen19> i are out of here
[4:21] <Molsen19> seyarz!
[4:21] * Molsen19 (Molsen19@Molsen19?r) Quit (?eMolsen19 left the game.)
[4:21] <okayden> see ya
[4:21] <okayden> oh hey chat lag too :D
[4:22] <Morizu> I'm off too, byeeee
[4:22] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu?r) Quit (?eMorizu left the game.)
[4:22] <VashTheStampy> bye
[4:22] <okayden> huh
[4:22] <okayden> 4 people in less than a minute XD
[4:22] <VashTheStampy> about to be 5
[4:22] <cwp_aus> ouch
[4:23] <okayden> naw :(
[4:23] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy?r) Quit (?eVashTheStampy left the game.)
[4:23] <okayden> cwp plz don't leave me here alone XD
[4:23] <cwp_aus> I won't be gone just yet
[4:23] <okayden> le phew
[4:23] <cwp_aus> another 10 or so then I gotta sleep, work tommorow
[4:24] <okayden> bleh, work
[4:24] <okayden> say, when did you get your first job?
[4:24] <cwp_aus> would you call holiday work a job?
[4:24] <okayden> well you still get paid for it so ye i guess so
[4:25] <cwp_aus> yr10 then
[4:25] <okayden> hm
[4:25] <okayden> that's scary
[4:25] <cwp_aus> so... 15
[4:26] <okayden> do you remember what it was?
[4:26] <cwp_aus> Yup, I worked full time in my holidays at a drafting company
[4:27] <cwp_aus> not every set of holidays
[4:27] <cwp_aus> My dad worked there so eh
[4:27] <okayden> ah, so you had a connection
[4:27] <cwp_aus> yes
[4:28] <cwp_aus> and because of said connection I knew what I was doing
[4:28] <cwp_aus> and was able to actually do basic version of what the other guys were
[4:28] <okayden> looking back, do you regret it, are glad you did it, or don't think much of it?
[4:29] <cwp_aus> Very glad, got an amazing referance from it
[4:29] <okayden> dang
[4:29] <okayden> what was the job?
[4:29] <cwp_aus> Like I said, I knew what I was doing so what I did end up doing was way beyond what they were expect
[4:30] <cwp_aus> Uhhhh, how to describe
[4:31] <cwp_aus> Basic what I did was I drew up the air con plans for commerical buildings, also make in-program vers
[4:32] <cwp_aus> versions of new products they were incorportating, new fans, new units , that sorta thing
[4:32] <okayden> so
[4:33] <okayden> sorta a design assistant perhaps?
[4:33] <okayden> if that's a thing :P
[4:33] <cwp_aus> eh not really
[4:33] <cwp_aus> the title was Junior Draftsperson
[4:34] <okayden> ohh drafting
[4:34] <okayden> that was what i was thinking sorry, couldn't remember the name
[4:34] <okayden> design was the closest thing i could think of
[4:36] <cwp_aus> why do you ask btw?
[4:36] <okayden> i'm currently in yr 10 and have been thinking of getting a small part-time job
[4:36] <cwp_aus> I just did work experiance there for a week
[4:36] <cwp_aus> then they asked me back
[4:37] <cwp_aus> even just doing work experiance itself can be a good referance
[4:37] <cwp_aus> which can help for further finding jobs
[4:38] <okayden> yeah, that's a thing i need to do :/
[4:38] <cwp_aus> Was something we did in a course we had to do in year 10, voc ed
[4:39] <okayden> they sorta just suggested that we do work experience, but mainly focused on writing resumes
[4:39] <okayden> and that kinda stuff
[4:40] <cwp_aus> Ahh k, yeah same sort of thing. It wasn't compulsory but it improved our grades in said class
[4:40] <okayden> voc ed?
[4:40] <cwp_aus> Ya
[4:40] <okayden> what does voc stand for?
[4:40] <cwp_aus> Vocational
[4:41] <cwp_aus> but it's weird to say so, voc ed, :P
[4:41] <okayden> ...which means?
[4:41] <cwp_aus> career studies I guess
[4:42] <okayden> ohh right
[4:42] <cwp_aus> Anyways man, I gotta get going
[4:42] <cwp_aus> Night!
[4:43] <okayden> night :)
[4:43] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@?4@?7|?9cwp_aus?r) Quit (?ecwp_aus left the game.)
[4:47] <okayden> UGH LAG
[4:48] <okayden> WHY
[4:48] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[4:48] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[4:51] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[4:51] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[4:54] <okayden> ...
[4:56] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[4:56] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[4:58] <okayden> wow internet
[4:59] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[4:59] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[5:03] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[5:03] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[5:08] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[5:08] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[5:16] <okayden> oh hell no
[5:16] <okayden> unbreaking III
[5:16] <okayden> that's it
[5:16] <okayden> i am so done with enchanting picks
[5:42] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[5:42] <okayden> heya
[5:43] <Regox> Hey
[5:48] <okayden> so, watcha doin?
[5:48] <Regox> Mining while catching up
[5:48] <okayden> catching up?
[5:48] <Regox> Been away for a few days
[5:48] <okayden> ah okay
[5:50] <okayden> i've been an idiot and throwing a whole bunch of coal and redstone into lava because it doesn't fit
[5:50] <okayden> and totally forgot you can make them into blocks :P
[5:50] <Regox> Smooth
[5:50] <okayden> like a criminal
[5:51] <okayden> except smoother
[5:51] <okayden> a sandstone criminal drinking a smoothie
[5:55] <okayden> oh hey, you're the leader of horleggor, right?
[5:55] <Regox> Indeed
[5:55] <okayden> are trades with horleggor open yet?
[5:56] <Regox> AFAIK, they've always been open
[5:56] <okayden> oh, okay
[5:56] <okayden> are there any set trades, or do we bargain?
[5:57] <Regox> Sofar, it's been primarily bargain
[5:57] <Regox> Only standard prices are 1diamond=2gold or 3 iron
[5:58] <okayden> can you do the other way around, or just 1 diamond for those
[5:58] <Regox> What're you needing?
[5:59] <okayden> well, i'm currently not needing anything, but i would like to purchase diamonds
[5:59] <Regox> How many you wanting?
[6:00] <okayden> no specific amount
[6:00] <okayden> basically just wanting to convert my lower ores i have an abundance of into diamonds
[6:00] <okayden> well, a small abundance
[6:01] <Regox> Well, I have to step our for a half hour
[6:01] <okayden> okei doke
[6:01] <Regox> But when i come back, I'll be quite happy to trade
[6:02] <okayden> i might be gone for a bit too, just letting you know if you're back and i'm gone
[6:16] * okayden was kicked from #main by Server
[6:16] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[6:34] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[6:34] <okayden> hello again
[6:34] <okayden> oops
[6:38] <okayden> dammit
[6:44] <okayden> whenever you get back regox, lemme know
[6:49] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[6:49] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[7:00] <Regox> Aloha
[7:00] <okayden> heya :D
[7:01] <okayden> so, what would you like in return for a diamond?
[7:01] <okayden> *what would your faction like, really
[7:02] <Regox> Faction is essentialy anarchy, made that way deliberately
[7:02] <Regox> Personally, iron and gold
[7:02] <okayden> oh, okay
[7:02] <okayden> so you're sorta like an npc village and you're all separate villagers
[7:02] <Regox> More or less
[7:03] <Regox> We do come together on community projects or commissions
[7:03] <okayden> ohh, so in the beginning, you all began with individual resources
[7:03] <okayden> like, starting with a stack of diamonds or something
[7:03] <Regox> Nope
[7:03] <okayden> ?
[7:03] <Regox> Everyone started with /kit starter
[7:04] <okayden> wat
[7:04] <okayden> i thought Horleggor was supposed to start with materials to trade
[7:04] <Regox> I fix people up with food and a house if they wanted it
[7:04] <Regox> You'd be surprised what Horleggor members already have in vast stock
[7:05] <okayden> huh
[7:05] <okayden> so i guess the real question is
[7:05] <okayden> do you have enough diamonds in stock to be willing to trade them
[7:06] <Regox> My stocks are currently at...
[7:06] <Regox> Almost 11 stacks
[7:06] <okayden> nice
[7:07] <okayden> so, you said you would prefer iron/gold?
[7:07] <Regox> Yeah
[7:07] <okayden> and the original trade was 3 iron or 2 gold for diamond?
[7:07] <Regox> Correct, that's what the standard was set to for now
[7:07] <okayden> okay
[7:09] <okayden> when crafting with buckets of milk, do you know if you get the buckets back?
[7:10] <Regox> Yes
[7:10] <okayden> kewl
[7:12] <okayden> could i trade 3 stacks of iron for 1 stack of diamonds please?
[7:12] <Regox> Certainly
[7:13] <okayden> sweet :)
[7:13] <okayden> dang
[7:13] <okayden> here is your iron
[7:14] <Regox> Thankyou
[7:14] <okayden> the pleasure is mine :)
[7:14] <okayden> so, how are your iron stocks going now?
[7:14] <Regox> Slightly over 12 stacks
[7:14] <okayden> awesome :D
[7:15] <okayden> are you in need of redstone or coal?
[7:15] <Regox> Nope
[7:15] <okayden> okei doke
[7:15] <okayden> dannnng
[7:16] <okayden> although, you're kinda missing stairs :P
[7:16] <Regox> Yeah
[7:16] <okayden> still awesome tho
[7:17] <okayden> will the other floors be for storage of other items?
[7:17] <Regox> Most likely
[7:18] <okayden> oh wow
[7:18] <Regox> Never been to the capital before?
[7:18] <okayden> nope
[7:18] <okayden> only ever been to aoeth and other Abaddon territory
[7:19] <okayden> jegus
[7:19] <okayden> oh wow, at cloud level, nice
[7:19] <Regox> Couldn't get it any lower
[7:20] <okayden> omg
[7:20] <okayden> who built most of this?
[7:21] <Regox> Someone on mcschematics
[7:21] <okayden> oh, so you 'employed' people to build it for you guys?
[7:22] <Regox> 2 of the other capitals came the same way
[7:22] <okayden> oh, i wasn't saying it was lazy or anything
[7:22] <okayden> although aoeth is completely by trise ;)
[7:22] <Regox> That it is
[7:23] <Regox> Except for the other capital of Abbadon
[7:23] <okayden> heheh, well
[7:23] <okayden> i can't wait to see our nether capital :3
[7:23] <Regox> You haven't seen it?
[7:24] <okayden> i've seen glimpses of it covered by all the nether quartz XP
[7:24] <okayden> but the portal in aoeth has been blocked except for trise and benchka
[7:24] <Regox> Most odd
[7:24] <okayden> because people were mining out the quartz :P
[7:25] <okayden> it is most odd that the quartz hills exist tho
[7:25] <Regox> I'll stick with Solitude
[7:25] <Regox> It's easier
[7:25] <okayden> Solitude?
[7:25] <Regox> Name of city
[7:25] <okayden> oh, is that the capital name
[7:25] <okayden> cool
[7:26] <okayden> sounds very professional, which is appropriate :)
[7:26] <Regox> Came with the city
[7:27] <okayden> the floor is yet to be built i assume :P
[7:28] <Regox> Pretty much
[7:28] <okayden> well, all of the interior really
[7:28] <okayden> how long has it taken to build all this?
[7:28] <Regox> No idea, we're just providing interiors
[7:28] <okayden> ah, i see
[7:29] <okayden> well, it has been nice exploring this city
[7:29] <okayden> but i might go back to aoeth now
[7:30] <okayden> and hopefully i don't die this time...
[7:30] <okayden> oh thank the lords
[7:32] <okayden> oh, do you have any emeralds?
[7:33] <Regox> Honestly, nope
[7:33] <Regox> Haven't come across any yet
[7:33] <okayden> haha, yeah emeralds are way too rare considering they're just for trading :P
[7:34] <Regox> And now I shall vanish
[7:34] * Regox (Regox@?4@?7|?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[7:35] <okayden> 2 spooky 4 me
[8:01] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[8:01] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[8:07] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[8:19] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[8:24] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[8:24] <okayden> herro
[8:24] <johnkima> woahhhh
[8:24] <okayden> ?
[8:25] <okayden> has something happened at Moriaris capital?
[8:26] <johnkima> ?
[8:27] <okayden> you seemed to be surprised about something
[8:27] <johnkima> no well i havent met anyone else that is part of the Moriaris creed rofl
[8:27] <johnkima> oh nah
[8:27] <johnkima> it was the lag spike i got
[8:27] <okayden> oh okay
[8:27] <okayden> nice :P
[8:27] <johnkima> lol
[8:27] <johnkima> and youre AD?
[8:27] <okayden> jesus, you haven't met ANY assassins yet?
[8:27] <okayden> and yup :)
[8:27] <johnkima> nope
[8:27] <johnkima> lol
[8:28] <johnkima> no one from my creed ive met
[8:28] <okayden> wow
[8:28] <johnkima> cause they're never online when i come on :/
[8:28] <johnkima> i wanna slap hyper in the face D:
[8:28] <okayden> well, it is 2am in the morning here
[8:28] <okayden> i can understand why some people might not come on:P
[8:28] <johnkima> and since i dont know what to do at the captial i made ahouse on an island just next to it rofl
[8:28] <johnkima> uhhh its 1 am here XD
[8:29] <johnkima> like today when i went on earlier he wasnt on
[8:29] <johnkima> neither was roy
[8:29] <okayden> oh, 1:30 my bad
[8:29] <johnkima> but then again roy is in america rol
[8:29] <okayden> hm
[8:29] <okayden> i think i've only ever seen 1 other moriaris online either :P
[8:29] <johnkima> :/
[8:30] <okayden> lots of AD tho :)
[8:30] <johnkima> and the terran
[8:30] <okayden> eh, not as much but still a good amount
[8:30] <johnkima> yer
[8:30] <johnkima> and either way
[8:30] <johnkima> when theres a battle happening
[8:30] <johnkima> bribe me to be on your side or something rofl
[8:30] <johnkima> its apparently how we work
[8:31] <okayden> pays stacks of diamonds to moriaris
[8:31] <okayden> only gets 1 fighter XD
[8:31] <johnkima> YER BUDDY
[8:31] <johnkima> 1 assassin can take them all out kek
[8:31] <johnkima> have you never played AC?
[8:31] <johnkima> Kappa
[8:31] <johnkima> :P
[8:31] <okayden> assassins are known to be solo-style
[8:32] <johnkima> like Ezio and Altair
[8:32] <okayden> without the medieval robes XP
[8:32] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima?r) Quit (?ejohnkima left the game.)
[8:32] <okayden> welp that was quick
[8:33] <okayden> ugh
[8:41] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[8:44] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[8:47] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[9:00] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[9:15] <okayden> 30
[9:19] <okayden> okay no
[9:19] <okayden> screwenchanting
[9:20] <okayden> it can go suck my dick
[9:32] <okayden> recipe white stained glass
[9:38] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[15:28] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[15:32] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[15:44] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu) has joined #main
[16:05] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy) has joined #main
[16:05] <Morizu> Hey Vampy
[16:10] <VashTheStampy> i have a feeling okayden is gonna be in more trouble lol
[16:10] <Morizu> What now?
[16:11] <VashTheStampy> he placed a walkway right where a tower is that tri built right outside the wall
[16:11] <Morizu> hmmm
[16:20] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy?r) Quit (?eVashTheStampy left the game.)
[16:32] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[16:32] <okayden> heya
[16:33] <Morizu> Helloo
[16:33] <okayden> can i quickly rant to you about my lvl 30 enchanted picks?
[16:33] <Morizu> Absolutely :P
[16:33] <okayden> okay, so
[16:34] <okayden> i did get one good pick, a base Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
[16:34] <okayden> won't complain because if i ever get fortune, i can combine and it'll be perfect :)
[16:34] <okayden> however
[16:34] <okayden> keep in mind these are all lvl 30 enchants
[16:34] <Morizu> uff
[16:34] <okayden> I got the same pick once
[16:34] <okayden> just Unbreaking III
[16:35] <okayden> and just Efficiency III
[16:35] <okayden> -_-
[16:35] <Morizu> I keep getting fortune 3 on every pick of mine ><
[16:35] <okayden> god damn it
[16:35] <okayden> whyyy you so lucky DX
[16:35] <Morizu> I can trade you one, for one of your unfortunate ones :P
[16:36] <Morizu> I use it mining cobble anyways lol
[16:36] <okayden> wow
[16:36] <Morizu> got too many :P
[16:36] <okayden> what's on your worst fortune pick?
[16:36] <Morizu> They're all the same, eff 4, unbreaking 3 and fortune 3
[16:36] <okayden> JEGUS
[16:37] <okayden> um
[16:37] <Morizu> that enchantment seems to be my fate :P
[16:37] <okayden> well, i can trade you my two useless picks; they're both undamaged
[16:37] <okayden> and any diamonds?
[16:38] <okayden> i have 12 blocks of diamonds so don't worry i have plenty :P
[16:38] <Morizu> Acually scratch that, I seem to have one with only fortune 3 and eff 4
[16:38] <okayden> *13
[16:38] <okayden> dang
[16:38] <Morizu> I'll give that one for free, slightly used :P
[16:38] <okayden> nono, i'll give you some in return
[16:39] <okayden> are you here?
[16:39] <Morizu> heeyy
[16:39] <Morizu> yeah haha
[16:39] <okayden> oh hai
[16:39] <Morizu> nuuuu
[16:39] <Morizu> why 2?
[16:39] <okayden> idk use them to mine cobble :P
[16:39] <okayden> because they suck ass
[16:39] <okayden> in the bad way
[16:39] <Morizu> haha
[16:40] <okayden> you sure you don't want the other? :P
[16:40] <Morizu> nuuu, no need thanks
[16:40] <okayden> dammit
[16:40] <Morizu> ops
[16:40] <Morizu> aahhh
[16:40] <okayden> too expensive XD
[16:40] <okayden> thank youuuuuuuuu :)
[16:41] <Morizu> you're very welcome :)
[16:41] <okayden> um
[16:41] <okayden> wait, can i test something first?
[16:41] <okayden> with the unbreaking
[16:41] <Morizu> sure
[16:41] <okayden> danke
[16:42] <okayden> woah, okay
[16:42] <okayden> XD
[16:42] <okayden> ...
[16:42] <Morizu> oh shit
[16:42] <okayden> dw i'll fix it :P
[16:42] <okayden> ...is it okay if i give you the efficiency pick instead?
[16:42] <Morizu> how did I manage to do that lol
[16:42] <Morizu> sure
[16:43] <okayden> i kinda need the unbreaking to put on the pick :P
[16:43] <Morizu> Oke :)
[16:43] <okayden> you know, the crafting recipe for stained glass is weird
[16:43] <Morizu> I never made any of that
[16:43] <okayden> it's not just glass + dye
[16:43] <okayden> you surround the dye with glass :P
[16:43] <Morizu> hmmmm
[16:44] <okayden> idk why it just looks weird whenever i do it :P
[16:44] <Morizu> ah right, same with the dyed clay
[16:44] <okayden> oh, cool
[16:44] <okayden> i'll have to remember that XP
[16:44] <okayden> well, at least i only have to get one cactus that means i suppose
[16:44] <Morizu> where do you get green dye from? Cactus?
[16:44] <Morizu> argh
[16:45] <okayden> there's a desert nearby dw
[16:45] <Morizu> wait, I've got cactus
[16:45] <okayden> oh, okay
[16:45] <okayden> i've got glass
[16:46] <Morizu> This needs oven I suppose
[16:46] <okayden> cactus plz :)
[16:46] <okayden> i only need one :P
[16:46] <Morizu> oke
[16:47] <okayden> k
[16:47] <okayden> fixed :)
[16:47] <Morizu> yaaay
[16:47] <Morizu> thanks a bunch :D
[16:48] <okayden> i did the same thing yesterday, but white stained :P
[16:48] <okayden> np
[16:48] <Morizu> I'll try not to break anything again...
[16:48] <Morizu> haha
[16:48] <okayden> i now plan on getting every colour of glass and wool XP
[16:48] <Morizu> okee, going home, unless you need me
[16:48] <okayden> oh dang, that cactusplosion
[16:48] <Morizu> haha
[16:51] <okayden> wow, i just walked out with all my diamond picks and not even an iron sword XP
[16:51] <Morizu> naughty naughty
[16:51] <okayden> giving myself a timeout :P
[16:51] <Morizu> haha
[16:52] <okayden> say, are there any ores that you would like more of?
[16:52] <okayden> except diamonds because everyone wants those :P
[16:52] <Morizu> Not really, but would really appreciate some rotten flesh :D
[16:53] <okayden> ...i have a stack if that was serious?
[16:53] <Morizu> yeah, that's all I eat :D
[16:53] <okayden> well then
[16:53] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd) has joined #main
[16:53] <okayden> heya :D
[16:53] <nogardd> sup
[16:54] <nogardd> how's it going oka?
[16:54] <okayden> it's goin good :)
[16:55] <okayden> about to make a mob grinder because that seems like a good idea :D
[16:55] <nogardd> haha. found spawner?
[16:55] <okayden> nope
[16:55] <okayden> ahem, i mean a mob trap
[16:56] <okayden> a lava trap to be precise
[16:56] <nogardd> i see i see
[16:59] <okayden> btw morizu you should've told me earlier about rotten flesh
[16:59] <okayden> i've been tossing so much flesh into lava XD
[16:59] <Morizu> haha it's okay
[16:59] <Morizu> If everybody donated all their rotten flesh to me
[16:59] <Morizu> I'd drown into it before managing to eat it
[17:00] <okayden> btw guys we have 2 chests for collected crops now XD
[17:01] <okayden> well, 2 double chests
[17:01] <Morizu> oh my
[17:01] <okayden> so much nether wart XD
[17:01] <Morizu> oh btw, someone complained about a road your built near a tower, or something
[17:01] <Morizu> didnt really understand what's the fuss though
[17:01] <okayden> hm
[17:02] <okayden> i don't know about a road but
[17:02] <okayden> i built a bridge off of one of the mini towers
[17:02] <okayden> more like pillars really, but eh
[17:02] <Morizu> I'm not sure, didnt see it myself. Something about a path and a tower :P
[17:03] <okayden> oh, unless my build is too close to theirs or something
[17:03] <okayden> idk
[17:03] <Morizu> No idea, they just said you might be in trouble XD
[17:03] <Morizu> But then, in Abaddon you're always in trouble!
[17:03] <okayden> well then XD
[17:04] <okayden> abbadon is always up to no good :3
[17:04] <Morizu> something like that
[17:04] <okayden> ohh, i think i see the problem
[17:05] <okayden> you know of the massive pillar outside aoeth?
[17:05] <Morizu> mmm I think so yes
[17:05] <okayden> it appears it has some mossy cobble on it now too :P
[17:05] <okayden> but, if trise plans to make the other pillars just as big
[17:06] <okayden> then my bridge will be in the way
[17:06] <Morizu> Ahh
[17:06] <okayden> cuz it extends off the back of one of the other smaller pillers
[17:06] <okayden> *pillars
[17:06] <okayden> hm
[17:06] <Morizu> Well, they told you can build outside the city.. or that's all I've been told
[17:06] <Morizu> Nobody mentioned about building near pillars :P
[17:07] <okayden> hm
[17:08] <okayden> do you remember who said this btw?
[17:09] <Morizu> Vash
[17:09] <okayden> hm
[17:10] <okayden> well that's odd then
[17:10] <okayden> that shouldn't affect any of vash's builds
[17:10] <okayden> well, i'm confused :P
[17:11] <Morizu> yeah, I have no idea either o.o
[17:12] <okayden> well, i'm sure it can wait until he gets on :P
[17:12] <Morizu> Dont worry about it too much :)
[17:13] <okayden> hm
[17:13] <okayden> i'm thinking i should try making a new house, rather than the one i always build in every server :P
[17:13] <okayden> except i suck as building
[17:14] <okayden> any suggestions on how i should build it, keeping that in mind?
[17:15] <Morizu> try things out :D
[17:16] <Morizu> just build, if you dont like it, replace something
[17:16] <okayden> okei doke
[17:16] <Morizu> that's how I do anyways :P
[17:17] <okayden> oooh
[17:17] <okayden> i might try making a tower :D
[17:17] <Morizu> do that!
[17:23] <okayden> apple :D
[17:23] <Morizu> grats :P
[17:30] <okayden> hm, i might go make this in creative first :P
[17:32] <Morizu> you'd get bored of it:P
[17:32] <okayden> k, see ya for a bit
[17:32] <Morizu> see ya
[17:32] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[17:37] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy) has joined #main
[17:37] <Morizu> Stash that vampy! Quick!
[17:37] <VashTheStampy> hmm?
[17:37] <nogardd> hey vash
[17:38] <VashTheStampy> hello
[17:38] <nogardd> how's you?
[17:38] <VashTheStampy> meh
[17:38] <nogardd> why? whats going on?
[17:38] <VashTheStampy> sick
[17:38] <Morizu> ohnoooo
[17:38] <nogardd> v.,v
[17:38] <Morizu> wha's wrong?
[17:39] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[17:39] <nogardd> hey reg
[17:39] <VashTheStampy> ehhhhh this guy
[17:39] <Regox> Hey
[17:40] <Morizu> Hey Regox
[17:41] <nogardd> silent
[17:43] <VashTheStampy> lol damnit
[17:43] <Regox> ?
[17:44] <VashTheStampy> okayden is just digging himself a grave for tri to dig
[17:44] <Regox> M'kay
[17:44] <nogardd> what'd he do now?
[17:45] <VashTheStampy> hes adding to his house thats clearly in the way of a unfinished tower that tri started
[17:45] <Morizu> How would he know which direction someone else is about to build?
[17:45] <Morizu> Were there signs?
[17:46] <VashTheStampy> no but its very clear that tri is doing something here
[17:46] <VashTheStampy> tp to me to see
[17:46] <Morizu> I'll pass
[17:47] <VashTheStampy> see?
[17:48] <nogardd> hum...
[17:48] <VashTheStampy> see there place holders for tri to build the towers lol
[17:48] <VashTheStampy> theyre*
[17:48] <nogardd> yeah.. i see
[17:49] <nogardd> tri should place signs "builds allowed beyond this point
[17:49] <VashTheStampy> yeah
[17:49] <nogardd> since it states "build behind the walls" he supposed he could build anywhere
[17:49] <nogardd> idk
[17:49] <VashTheStampy> but okayden should have known better
[17:49] <nogardd> he should
[17:49] <Morizu> People think different
[17:49] <nogardd> lets not blame him for something he might have not known
[17:50] <nogardd> mori went to nether without knowing it was OFF limits.
[17:50] <nogardd> it sayd only "dont go unprepared"
[17:50] <nogardd> but they sealed it now.
[17:50] <nogardd> so maybe okayden didnt know for sure either
[17:50] <VashTheStampy> but its very apparent that tri is doing something here with the towers
[17:50] <nogardd> he might come online soon. he went to test something
[17:50] <VashTheStampy> ill tell him
[17:51] <Morizu> I dunno. The whole build there makes not much sense to me. Impossible to know if finished or unfinis
[17:51] <Morizu> hed
[17:51] <nogardd> yes, i can see that. indeed he IS making something. and it would be unsuitable to build things near
[17:51] <nogardd> his towers
[17:52] <VashTheStampy> with the nether thing, that was understandable because they nly stated that no one goes in in skype
[17:52] <VashTheStampy> but not in the game
[17:53] <Morizu> And in Skype only after we had already been there
[17:53] <VashTheStampy> yeah
[17:53] <Morizu> OR before I joined the group chat, which was a few days before all this
[17:57] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy?r) Quit (?eVashTheStampy left the game.)
[18:41] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[18:41] <nogardd> hey tri
[18:41] <Trisemigistus> test
[18:43] <Trisemigistus> chat lag, yay >_>
[18:43] <Morizu> hooray
[18:43] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[18:56] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[18:56] <nogardd> hey pepp
[18:56] <Peppy2006> Howdy howdy
[18:56] <Morizu> Wild Peppers appear!
[18:57] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?4@?7|?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[18:57] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[18:57] <Peppy2006> How is everyone?
[18:57] <nogardd> im gewd ty
[18:58] <nogardd> how's you?
[18:59] <Morizu> mmm good, I think
[18:59] <Peppy2006> Good!
[18:59] <Morizu> Though Abaddon wants to build an outpost near my place
[18:59] <Morizu> just saying :P
[19:00] <Peppy2006> Mmmm
[19:01] <nogardd> you here for long?
[19:01] <Peppy2006> Well, not too long
[19:01] <Peppy2006> I was gonna try and get some more stuff done on this base
[19:01] <nogardd> oke.
[19:01] <Peppy2006> But dinner's almost done
[19:02] <Morizu> oh, dinner for us! How nice
[19:02] <nogardd> im making brewery location. wanted your opinion when i finish
[19:02] <Peppy2006> Okay, I'll be back after dinner, so you should be done by then
[19:02] <nogardd> mmmmmaybe
[19:05] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[19:05] <Peppy2006> Howdy Trise!
[19:05] <Morizu> Hey again
[19:06] <Trisemigistus> test
[19:06] <Trisemigistus> hello. being a bit laggy.
[19:06] <Morizu> :/
[19:06] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[19:07] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[19:07] <Trisemigistus> lets try this again
[19:07] <Peppy2006> Okay
[19:08] <Peppy2006> Okay
[19:09] <Trisemigistus> jesus, two minutes of lag.
[19:09] <Trisemigistus> yay me >_>
[19:09] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[19:09] <nogardd> v.,v
[19:10] <nogardd> ive got no lag
[19:12] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@?4@?7|?9Peppy2006?r) Quit (?ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[19:36] <Regox> Must...reach...iron
[19:36] <nogardd> XD
[19:36] <Morizu> Crazy traders :P
[19:36] <nogardd> you buying?
[19:37] <Regox> I sell
[19:37] <nogardd> thought you NEED iron, haha
[19:37] <Regox> Need? Not really
[19:37] <Regox> Want any ore? Yes
[19:38] <nogardd> i see. ive got more unmelted gold. ;P
[19:38] <nogardd> about probably stack and a half
[19:38] <Regox> Of gold?
[19:38] <nogardd> ye
[19:38] <Morizu> I've got a young slave miner for sale. Hard worker
[19:39] <Regox> Currently have 4 stacks of gold
[19:40] <nogardd> oke then
[19:51] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[19:51] <Trisemigistus> hi
[19:51] <Morizu> Wb
[19:51] <nogardd> welcome back
[19:51] <Regox> wb
[19:52] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@?4@?7|?cTrisemigistus?r) Quit (?eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[20:01] <Regox> ALWAYS AFK
[20:01] <nogardd> XD
[20:01] <nogardd> why u do dat?
[20:01] <Regox> Because doing other things at same time
[20:01] <nogardd> i see
[20:01] <nogardd> do them 1st
[20:01] <Morizu> nono
[20:01] <Regox> Nyet
[20:01] <Morizu> Do minecraft first, other things can wait :P
[20:17] <Regox> Whelp
[20:17] <Regox> That's this trip over
[20:18] <nogardd> 0.,o
[20:18] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu?r) Quit (?eMorizu left the game.)
[20:18] <Regox> Ran out of inventory space and enderchest space
[20:18] <nogardd> i can go help you out
[20:18] <Regox> Nyet, I'm good
[20:18] <nogardd> oke
[20:18] <Regox> I just set a home where I'm currently mining, return to palace, unload, then go back
[20:19] <nogardd> tell me if you do need help. im not a stealing person
[20:19] <nogardd> ill help for free
[20:42] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu) has joined #main
[20:46] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180) has joined #main
[20:46] <nogardd> hey kag
[20:51] <Kagey180> hey
[20:51] <Morizu> Hello
[20:51] <nogardd> laggy reply eh?
[20:51] <Kagey180> prapsd
[20:51] <Kagey180> p'raps
[20:52] <nogardd> eh'
[20:52] <nogardd> ?
[20:52] <nogardd> reg came back to life
[20:52] <nogardd> again
[20:52] * count_dorkula (count_dorkula@count_dorkula) has joined #main
[20:52] <Regox> Always
[20:52] <Regox> Hey
[21:02] <count_dorkula> hello
[21:02] <nogardd> heya
[21:02] <Morizu> Hey
[21:03] * Regox (Regox@?4@?7|?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[21:16] * Kagey180 was kicked from #main by Server
[21:16] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180?r) Quit (?eKagey180 left the game.)
[21:25] * count_dorkula (count_dorkula@count_dorkula?r) Quit (?ecount_dorkula left the game.)
[21:43] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[21:44] <Regox> So much coal..
[21:44] <nogardd> XD
[21:44] <Morizu> mmmh
[21:46] <Regox> I'm about to have to go unload again
[21:46] <nogardd> farming furiously? XD
[21:47] <Regox> Mining furiously
[21:50] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy) has joined #main
[21:50] <Regox> Hey
[21:50] <nogardd> hey vash. wb
[21:50] <VashTheStampy> hello
[21:51] <VashTheStampy> just came back to breed the sheep
[21:51] <VashTheStampy> did okayden ever come back on?
[21:51] <nogardd> dont think he did, no
[21:52] <VashTheStampy> i sorta want to warn him before tri notices the tower thingy
[21:52] <nogardd> tri came here now and then. goes like "test" complains about lag and goes off
[21:52] <nogardd> v.,v
[21:53] <VashTheStampy> meh
[21:53] <Regox> His internet is gypping out
[21:54] <nogardd> i see.
[21:54] <VashTheStampy> did okayden also build the mod spawner by the wall?
[21:54] <nogardd> why doesnt he test on speedtest?
[21:54] <VashTheStampy> or mob grinder what ever it is
[21:55] <nogardd> i think he was talking about it.
[21:55] <VashTheStampy> he's really pusking it, isnt he?
[21:55] <nogardd> not sure if he built or not.
[21:55] <VashTheStampy> it seems like
[21:55] <VashTheStampy> it
[21:55] <VashTheStampy> he built it right beside his "house"
[21:55] <nogardd> see it with /co
[21:57] * benchka (benchka@benchka) has joined #main
[21:57] <Regox> Hey
[21:57] <benchka> Hey, Hey
[21:58] <Regox> Also now obsidian for sale
[21:58] <VashTheStampy> k
[21:58] <VashTheStampy> hey benchka, i need you opinion about something
[21:58] <benchka> 0_0 how de fu do you guys have so much money?
[21:58] <Regox> Trading
[21:58] <benchka> send me a tpahere please?
[21:59] <benchka> 31900 from trading?
[21:59] <VashTheStampy> how do i do that again?
[21:59] <Regox> No idea
[21:59] <benchka> ./tpahere (benchka)
[21:59] <Regox> NOGARDOVICH
[21:59] <Regox> YOU RICH
[21:59] <nogardd> XD
[21:59] <nogardd> mining quest
[21:59] <VashTheStampy> yeah we just did the 3 only quest over and over again
[22:00] <VashTheStampy> so there this here....
[22:00] <benchka> Um no..
[22:00] <nogardd> sometimes in the mines, might aswell do the quest every 30min XD
[22:00] <benchka> He calls this a house?
[22:00] <VashTheStampy> its right where tri is going to build a tower
[22:01] <VashTheStampy> wouldnt this be his second offense?
[22:01] <benchka> what was his first?
[22:02] <nogardd> dont judge him yet. wait till he gets on
[22:02] <VashTheStampy> him going to the nether
[22:02] <Morizu> How is that any sort of an offence... just building without knowing better
[22:02] <benchka> How made this mob grinder?
[22:03] <benchka> ofc Okayden did..
[22:03] <VashTheStampy> yeahhh
[22:03] <VashTheStampy> right over the walkway...
[22:03] <nogardd> well, it said build outside the walls.
[22:04] <benchka> Rule 9: Mob Grinders are not Allowed.
[22:05] <VashTheStampy> its like if i decided to build on your property when youre clearly doing something there
[22:05] <benchka> IMO he's being very stupid atm
[22:06] <benchka> I'll send Trise a Message later, Letting him know whats happened
[22:07] <nogardd> well, i would not want anyone build on my property obviously.
[22:07] <nogardd> but idk about okayden knowing or not.
[22:07] <benchka> Toss us the cobble please Vash
[22:07] <VashTheStampy> or if i decided to live in your tower without your consent
[22:07] <VashTheStampy> but he really should know better
[22:07] <nogardd> well, living is oke. its open. as long as you dont destroy it ;P
[22:08] <nogardd> but yes. okayden maybe didnt know.
[22:08] <benchka> I highly doubt it
[22:08] <Regox> Gah
[22:08] <Regox> So much coal
[22:08] <nogardd> idk. if you guys wont be on when he will be, ill let him know
[22:08] <nogardd> and ask him
[22:08] <nogardd> reg is still farming furiously
[22:09] <benchka> Im gunna need to finish my house soon X
[22:09] <benchka> XD
[22:09] <VashTheStampy> my sheep army is almost ready
[22:09] <benchka> I haven't had the time atm
[22:09] <VashTheStampy> yeah i was wonder about that lol
[22:10] <Regox> I don't think you appreciate how much coal nogardd
[22:10] <benchka> IRL Stuff has been in the way
[22:10] <benchka> But since Holidays is coming up the end us this week it'd be done+
[22:11] <nogardd> well, i have couple of many stacks as for using. dont think i use as much as you reg
[22:11] <nogardd> almost 15 stacks of coal. NOT blocks.
[22:12] <VashTheStampy> i guess ill finally go play skyrim
[22:12] <nogardd> haha
[22:12] <Regox> I'm walking around with 16 block stacks atm
[22:12] <nogardd> well, have fun then vash
[22:12] <VashTheStampy> i havnt played it ever since i downloaded it
[22:12] <Regox> Holawdy vasjh
[22:12] <Regox> You're in for a ride
[22:12] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy?r) Quit (?eVashTheStampy left the game.)
[22:12] <nogardd> WOOT!? you crazy?
[22:12] <nogardd> what if ye die?
[22:13] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy) has joined #main
[22:13] <Regox> Then I go to my 2 double chests filled with more coal blocks
[22:13] <nogardd> v.,v
[22:13] <nogardd> i dont think you mind if you die or not
[22:13] <Regox> So vash, you've never played skyrim?
[22:13] <VashTheStampy> well i did play skyrim alot on xbox but its more like "i dont wanna have to play this over again for
[22:13] <VashTheStampy> the 3rd time"
[22:13] <Regox> Ah
[22:13] <Regox> MOD THE SHITE OUT OF IT
[22:13] <nogardd> indeed.
[22:14] <nogardd> unmodded is kaka XD
[22:14] <VashTheStampy> idk if my pc can take it
[22:14] <Regox> Vash, you on skype?
[22:14] <VashTheStampy> ill get on
[22:15] <nogardd> ye. my only computer is my laptop. and i can barely run skyrim
[22:15] <VashTheStampy> why?
[22:15] <Regox> I can show you how my Riften looks with mods
[22:15] <Regox> Ah screw it, I'll just upload
[22:15] <Regox> Huh, already uploaded
[22:16] <Regox> This is how my modded Riften looks:
[22:16] <Regox> http://i.imgur.com/LYDcT4w.png
[22:16] <VashTheStampy> yeah its mostly just me playing as a sword weilding nord or imperial so i might try an archer
[22:16] <VashTheStampy> or assassin and be a kitty or a lizard
[22:17] <Regox> Soyes, that's what mods can do to your game
[22:17] * benchka (benchka@?4#?7|?cbenchka?r) Quit (?ebenchka left the game.)
[22:17] <nogardd> ye. ive seen pretty amazing stuff. but i believe ill never be able to make it look as badass
[22:17] <nogardd> at least not yet
[22:18] <Regox> I've got to sit down and rebuild my game from ground up
[22:18] <Regox> Currently a bit unstable
[22:18] <VashTheStampy> btw im buying redstone blocks, pumpkins, hay bails, grass blocks, lapiz blocks and wool or quarts
[22:19] <Regox> How much you paying for redstone/lapis?
[22:19] <VashTheStampy> diamond a stack?
[22:19] <VashTheStampy> or 2 diamond?
[22:19] <Regox> Holawdy no
[22:20] <VashTheStampy> i cri T.T
[22:20] <Regox> I have basically no need for diamonds, and that's a crazy conversion rate
[22:20] <VashTheStampy> iron?
[22:20] <VashTheStampy> gold?
[22:20] <Regox> Current conversion rate as agreed to by other faction leaders is
[22:21] <Regox> 1 diamond=2 gold or 3 iron
[22:21] <Regox> Just for reference
[22:21] <VashTheStampy> alright
[22:21] <VashTheStampy> well i do have a desent amount of iron and gold
[22:21] <VashTheStampy> a couple blocks worth for each
[22:23] <Regox> If anyone comes across an emerald ore block, it could be worth something decent
[22:23] <VashTheStampy> intrested in gold or iron?
[22:23] <Regox> Always
[22:24] <VashTheStampy> well i have a couple block stacks of each ;)
[22:24] <Regox> Well, you're quite welcome to trade them
[22:24] <Regox> Conversion rate still applies
[22:25] <VashTheStampy> so how much will you take for lapis/redstone blocks?
[22:26] <Regox> I'll consult with the Horleggor council
[22:26] <VashTheStampy> kk
[22:30] <Regox> Operating currently at 5lapiz=1diamond
[22:31] <VashTheStampy> so 10=2 iron ?
[22:31] <VashTheStampy> wait
[22:31] * nogardd was kicked from #main by Server
[22:31] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd?r) Quit (?enogardd left the game.)
[22:31] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd) has joined #main
[22:31] <nogardd> v.,v
[22:31] <VashTheStampy> no its 5lapis/redstone=2iron/3gold?
[22:31] <Regox> 5 lapis=3 iron
[22:33] <VashTheStampy> and 5 lapis for= 2 gold?
[22:33] <Regox> Equal values:
[22:33] <Regox> 1diamond=2gold=3iron=5lapis=6redstone
[22:33] <VashTheStampy> ok
[22:35] <VashTheStampy> if im guessing this right? 2 gold blocks equals 5 lapis blocks/6 redstone blocks
[22:36] <Regox> Yes
[22:36] <VashTheStampy> and same for 3 iron blocks = 5lapis blocks = 6 redstone blocks
[22:36] <VashTheStampy> ?
[22:39] <VashTheStampy> alright its do-able just let me know when youre ready
[22:39] <Regox> I'll just finish off this expedition
[22:39] <VashTheStampy> alrighty then
[22:40] <VashTheStampy> can shovels get silk touch?
[22:40] <Regox> Yes
[22:40] <VashTheStampy> hopefully i can get it for my next enchantment
[22:40] <Regox> Heck, I'll craft one up for a section of emerald ore
[22:41] <VashTheStampy> sadly i havnt found a sigle ore cluster of emerald
[22:41] <VashTheStampy> single*
[22:41] <Morizu> Are they still only in extreme hills?
[22:43] <Regox> One moment while I unload, then trade
[22:43] <VashTheStampy> kk'
[22:44] * nogardd was kicked from #main by Server
[22:44] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd?r) Quit (?enogardd left the game.)
[22:44] <VashTheStampy> lol
[22:44] * nogardd (nogardd@nogardd) has joined #main
[22:45] <VashTheStampy> wb
[22:45] <nogardd> this is impossible..
[22:45] <nogardd> trying to write a book and dont have enough time for formatting nor anything
[22:45] <VashTheStampy> alright we're gonna have to post pone that trade reg
[22:45] <VashTheStampy> im gonna play some csgo so bye bye
[22:46] * VashTheStampy (VashTheStampy@VashTheStampy?r) Quit (?eVashTheStampy left the game.)
[22:46] <Regox> Ready when you a-
[22:46] <nogardd> XD
[22:47] * Regox (Regox@?4@?7|?2Regox?r) Quit (?eRegox left the game.)
[22:54] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1) has joined #main
[22:55] <Hyperaxe1> hello
[22:57] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@?5Hyperaxe1?r) Quit (?eHyperaxe1 left the game.)
[23:01] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper) has joined #main
[23:01] <BoomSniper> hi
[23:01] <Morizu> Heya
[23:02] <nogardd> hey
[23:02] <BoomSniper> stormy day hu
[23:02] <nogardd> ye -.-
[23:03] <Morizu> as usually!
[23:06] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper?r) Quit (?eBoomSniper left the game.)
[23:07] * okayden (okayden@okayden) has joined #main
[23:07] <okayden> heyaaaaa
[23:07] <nogardd> okayden. youre fucked
[23:07] <Morizu> helloo
[23:07] <okayden> well, apparently bench wants my house movedf
[23:07] <okayden> k
[23:07] <nogardd> ye, and that mob thing is not allowed. check /rules
[23:08] <okayden> oh, oops
[23:08] <okayden> oh what, stealing is allowed?
[23:08] <okayden> damn
[23:08] <nogardd> benchka was here a while ago and he was complaining about your house and mob grinder
[23:08] <okayden> k
[23:08] <nogardd> ye. you better put sign on yo chest.
[23:09] <okayden> hm, i wonder why the house is considered in the way tho
[23:12] <nogardd> idk. you better start making after those houses there. or maybe find a place far far from spawn area
[23:12] <nogardd> i could show you a good place for you to build if you want
[23:13] <nogardd> noone will bother you and its very pretty
[23:13] <nogardd> its close to my old base
[23:13] <okayden> oh? :3
[23:13] <nogardd> want?
[23:13] <okayden> maybe, can i look first?
[23:13] <nogardd> sure, we'd have to walk
[23:14] <okayden> well, if you have the co-ordinates then you don't have to
[23:14] <okayden> you can /tp to me when i get there
[23:14] <nogardd> i do have the coords of my base. but the place i wanna show you is nearby, ish
[23:14] <okayden> oh okay
[23:14] <nogardd> or ill go there and you can tp to me
[23:14] <okayden> or that
[23:15] <nogardd> unless you wanna come with me and remember the road in case you get lost
[23:15] <okayden> that might be a better idea
[23:15] <okayden> lead the way :)
[23:16] <nogardd> hope youre prepared
[23:16] * Morizu (Morizu@Morizu?r) Quit (?eMorizu left the game.)
[23:16] <okayden> oh wow the lag just then XD
[23:18] <nogardd> make sure you remember
[23:18] <okayden> yup ")
[23:18] <okayden> * :)
[23:18] * EllaA2013 (EllaA2013@EllaA2013) has joined #main
[23:18] <okayden> heya :)
[23:19] <EllaA2013> hi
[23:19] <nogardd> heya
[23:20] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[23:20] <okayden> hiya :D
[23:20] <EllaA2013> hi
[23:20] <Peppy2006> Howdy, everyone!
[23:20] <nogardd> hey pepp
[23:22] <nogardd> see this border close to open ocean?
[23:22] <nogardd> follow this border where im going
[23:23] <nogardd> almost there ;P
[23:23] <okayden> jegus
[23:23] <okayden> niiice
[23:23] <nogardd> i think we too slightly longer route. this is morizu's old house
[23:23] <nogardd> took
[23:24] <okayden> oh cool a village
[23:24] <nogardd> haha
[23:24] <EllaA2013> nice
[23:25] <okayden> nearly there? :P
[23:25] <nogardd> yes
[23:26] <okayden> ooh dark oak
[23:26] <nogardd> see those forests? its that area
[23:26] <okayden> awesome :D
[23:26] <nogardd> you can harvest my stuff if ye want
[23:27] <okayden> nah we kewl
[23:27] <okayden> dang
[23:28] <okayden> oh dang
[23:28] <nogardd> look for a good location around if you want
[23:28] <nogardd> plenty of good spots ;P
[23:28] <okayden> i think i found one back there :3
[23:28] <nogardd> oke then ;P
[23:29] <nogardd> just so noone picks on you anymore
[23:29] <okayden> XP
[23:29] <nogardd> this is my abandoned work ;P
[23:29] <okayden> are you still making the castle?
[23:29] <okayden> oh
[23:29] <okayden> naw, it looks so cool tho
[23:30] <okayden> wow, that's alot of cobble XD
[23:30] <nogardd> ye. farmed for this build
[23:30] <nogardd> maybe one day ill come back to it
[23:30] <nogardd> dont forget to set your home using /sethome
[23:30] <okayden> yup
[23:30] <nogardd> when you find a good spot
[23:31] <nogardd> srry
[23:31] <okayden> tis k
[23:31] <okayden> woah
[23:32] <okayden> 0_0
[23:32] <nogardd> XD
[23:32] <nogardd> haha
[23:32] <nogardd> nothing here. moved everything to my new place
[23:32] <okayden> not stone
[23:33] <okayden> ...
[23:33] <nogardd> ;P
[23:33] <okayden> oh wow
[23:33] <okayden> i reckon i can make it :)
[23:33] <okayden> dang
[23:33] <nogardd> you can have fun around this place. mine if you want
[23:34] <okayden> nah, i'm good for materials
[23:34] <nogardd> theres probably lots of materials i didnt get
[23:34] <okayden> got it :)
[23:34] <nogardd> haha
[23:34] <nogardd> well, i believe you know how to get up? XD
[23:35] <okayden> hm
[23:35] <okayden> i'll find a way XP
[23:35] <nogardd> i think there should be a little something leading back up
[23:35] <okayden> wow rude
[23:35] <okayden> that's what you get
[23:36] <nogardd> cmere
[23:36] <okayden> oh wow 1 heart
[23:36] <nogardd> -.-
[23:36] <okayden> yah
[23:37] <okayden> dw i'm following :P
[23:37] <nogardd> here
[23:37] <okayden> naw was hoping for music disk :(
[23:38] <okayden> nice
[23:38] <nogardd> have what you need ;P
[23:38] <nogardd> and thats all for a tour
[23:39] <nogardd> get a place and set home ;P
[23:39] <okayden> nice place
[23:39] <okayden> *places :D
[23:39] <nogardd> if you need any help ask.
[23:39] <nogardd> ill go get the remains
[23:39] <okayden> eh, i might just save co-ords so i can get back to aoeth for my stuff
[23:39] <nogardd> haha
[23:39] <nogardd> you can /spawn
[23:39] <okayden> oh, right
[23:39] <nogardd> and then /home to get faster
[23:39] <okayden> what was this bridge out to sea for?
[23:40] <nogardd> it was my fishing spot
[23:40] <okayden> huh
[23:41] <nogardd> well, im off to my place. save coords if needed and dont die ;P
[23:41] <okayden> will try for that last part XP
[23:41] <okayden> see ya
[23:41] * count_dorkula (count_dorkula@count_dorkula) has joined #main
[23:41] <okayden> HIYA :D
[23:43] * count_dorkula (count_dorkula@count_dorkula?r) Quit (?ecount_dorkula left the game.)
[23:43] <nogardd> hey pepp
[23:43] <okayden> well that was quick :P
[23:43] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[23:43] <nogardd> wanna see mah brewery?
[23:43] <nogardd> ;P
[23:43] <Peppy2006> Sure!
[23:44] <nogardd> cmere
[23:44] <okayden> it's so kewl :)
[23:44] <nogardd> no oka. you havent seen it yet. youve seen Tavern, not brewery XD
[23:44] <okayden> ohh
[23:44] <okayden> is this that secret Order of the Brewers thing XD
[23:45] <Peppy2006> Possibly
[23:45] <nogardd> haha
[23:45] <Peppy2006> lol
[23:45] <nogardd> come to me pepp and go to basement
[23:45] <okayden> well that sounds suspicious
[23:45] <Peppy2006> Yo nog
[23:45] <nogardd> or nvm,, i can take ye there
[23:45] <Peppy2006> Come back here, first
[23:45] <nogardd> here where?
[23:45] <Peppy2006> Behind the Tavern
[23:46] <nogardd> ive noticed
[23:46] <okayden> so secretive
[23:46] <okayden> so secret wow
[23:46] <nogardd> drank one accidentally
[23:47] <okayden> well, imma go for a bit
[23:47] <okayden> might be back, see ya :)
[23:47] <nogardd> oke oka
[23:47] * okayden (okayden@okayden?r) Quit (?eokayden left the game.)
[23:48] <nogardd> still jungle barrel missing
[23:48] <nogardd> will have to add it later
[23:48] <Peppy2006> Wow, this place is great
[23:48] <nogardd> thank you ;P
[23:48] <nogardd> think you can add couple more stands?
[23:48] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[23:48] <nogardd> on these 2 blocks
[23:48] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[23:49] <nogardd> got sugar for mass production. full inventory of canes XD
[23:50] <Peppy2006> Ooh, intending on going the Rum route? :P
[23:50] <nogardd> ill get things settled
[23:50] <nogardd> every bit of everything
[23:51] <nogardd> hope you like it.
[23:51] <nogardd> its not as big as yours, but decently enough for the tavern size
[23:51] <Peppy2006> I do
[23:51] <Peppy2006> lol
[23:52] <nogardd> the underground keeps the temperature down in barrels. XD
[23:52] <nogardd> everything i build must make sence
[23:52] <nogardd> haha
[23:52] <Peppy2006> lol
[23:52] <nogardd> haha
[23:53] <nogardd> like my costumers? XD
[23:53] <Peppy2006> Very much so. XD
[23:53] <nogardd> they are the every day usual.
[23:53] <nogardd> never leave my tavern
[23:53] <nogardd> what is this head?
[23:53] <Peppy2006> That is Hallucinative
[23:54] <nogardd> this table is reserved for 2 legged
[23:54] <Peppy2006> The founder of Laws of Minecraft
[23:54] <nogardd> oh, oke then
[23:54] <nogardd> this table is for weird ones XD
[23:54] <Peppy2006> lmao
[23:54] <EllaA2013> What are yo guys up to in this lovely rain?
[23:54] <Peppy2006> "4 legs or better"
[23:54] <Peppy2006> Well, we're sitting in a tavern
[23:54] <nogardd> blaze, floating creature. creeper, idk what it is. spider, 8 legged. and slime
[23:54] <Peppy2006> Oh, hey
[23:54] <nogardd> no legged
[23:55] <Peppy2006> This place is missing a jukebox
[23:55] <nogardd> right. i have jukebox in that tiny hideout. ill have to bring all the things here
[23:55] <EllaA2013> im very soz for my noobyness ive forgoten what a tavern is/
[23:55] <EllaA2013> im very soz for my noobyness ive forgoten what a tavern is?
[23:55] <Peppy2006> A bar
[23:56] <EllaA2013> oh. can i come?
[23:56] <nogardd> i haz one XD
[23:56] <EllaA2013> ?
[23:56] <nogardd> well, you can ye. its not open for business yet
[23:56] <nogardd> haha
[23:56] <EllaA2013> thats k
[23:56] <nogardd> so you can look around
[23:56] <EllaA2013> just bored so can you tpa me there?
[23:57] <nogardd> yes
[23:57] <EllaA2013> now?
[23:57] <nogardd> sure
[23:58] <EllaA2013> omg nice........
[23:58] <nogardd> haha
[23:58] <EllaA2013> is that a kat?
[23:58] <EllaA2013> is that a cat?
[23:58] <nogardd> it is
[23:59] <EllaA2013> where i just here it?
[23:59] <EllaA2013> where i just here it?
[23:59] <Peppy2006> Upstairs

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