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IRC Log for #main.2014-02-20

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[0:00] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[0:00] <Baivo> Hiya
[0:01] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hulloo
[0:04] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :OOOOO i fished a enchanted book
[0:04] <Baivo> :D
[0:04] <Baivo> What enchantment?
[0:05] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> power IV
[0:05] <Baivo> Nice!
[0:05] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> fire aspect II
[0:05] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> and
[0:05] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> bane of atharpods IV
[0:05] <Baivo> Let me tell you a funny story
[0:05] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> otay
[0:06] <Baivo> Today
[0:06] <Baivo> I went afk
[0:06] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ...
[0:06] <Baivo> Came back 15 minutes later
[0:06] <Baivo> i was killed
[0:06] <Baivo> By a zombie
[0:06] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> D:
[0:06] <Baivo> My stuff was lost
[0:06] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> DDDDD:
[0:06] <Baivo> Including a full set of diamond armour and my baked taters
[0:06] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> OOOOOOO:
[0:06] <Baivo> But guess what
[0:07] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ??
[0:07] <Baivo> I got attacked by the same zombie
[0:07] <Baivo> Wearing my full set of diamond armour
[0:07] <Baivo> And my baked taters
[0:07] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :OOOOO LOL
[0:07] <Baivo> And i killed him
[0:07] <Baivo> And got my stuff back
[0:07] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lol haha
[0:07] <Baivo> minus some diamond tools
[0:07] <Baivo> I was so damn happy
[0:07] <Baivo> And that's the story
[0:07] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lols
[0:10] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> Zambiez these day :P
[0:10] <Baivo> So what are you up to?
[0:11] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> not much really u?
[0:11] <Baivo> Redstone :P
[0:11] <Baivo> How was your day?
[0:11] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> good schools boring tho :I
[0:11] <Baivo> 4 weeks in and i've already got a constant headache xD
[0:11] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :P
[0:13] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> sooooooo........ how long have you been playing mc for?
[0:13] <Baivo> You mean when did i first start?
[0:13] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> yer how long
[0:13] <Baivo> Over 3 years i think
[0:13] <Baivo> Yeh
[0:13] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wow
[0:13] <Baivo> almost 4
[0:14] <Baivo> You?
[0:14] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> my cousin showed me mc his mc name is BoomSniper he showed me a couple yrs ago and all i have been
[0:14] <Baivo> BoomSniper :D
[0:14] <Baivo> He needs to play here more often
[0:15] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> doing is watching minecraft vids on youtube and then i finally got it about 1 or 2 yrs ago :D
[0:15] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> and yer ik lols
[0:15] <Baivo> He was an awesome builder
[0:15] <Baivo> We built a few things together
[0:15] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> IKR lols
[0:16] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lols he was the first person who told be bout dis game
[0:17] <Baivo> I'm sure you would have heard about it regardless
[0:17] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> no not really xD
[0:17] <Baivo> It's stupidly popular
[0:17] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lols
[0:17] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> but i love it and always eill
[0:17] <Baivo> Got any redstone i can buy?
[0:17] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> will *
[0:18] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> yer how much u need
[0:18] <Baivo> However much you have xD
[0:18] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> i live with skele so yer xD
[0:18] <Baivo> I'll poay whatever you want for it
[0:18] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> i have 56 redstone blocks?
[0:19] <Baivo> How much?
[0:19] <Baivo> You want for them?
[0:19] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ummmm idk lols
[0:19] <Baivo> How much?
[0:20] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> umm idc really
[0:20] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lol thx
[0:20] <Baivo> Thats x4 the worth if you sold it to server
[0:20] <Baivo> Want more?
[0:20] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> noooooooo thats enough lols
[0:20] <Baivo> Come in, have a look around
[0:21] <Baivo> Careful, dont pull the lever near the iron block
[0:21] <Baivo> I'm just fixing up some lighting
[0:21] <Baivo> So it's a it of a mess
[0:21] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ohh
[0:21] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> awesome!
[0:21] <Baivo> ?
[0:22] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> yur place
[0:22] <Baivo> I went for advanced
[0:22] <Baivo> cwp declined it
[0:22] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> yer same i tried and failed
[0:22] <Baivo> So i'm improving it heaps
[0:23] <Baivo> I'm relying on the redstone to do it
[0:23] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lol
[0:23] <Baivo> The description for advanced states that redstone helps a lot
[0:24] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> i wanna go for adv but IDK wat to build xD
[0:24] <Baivo> I really don't know what i'm oing with this really
[0:24] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> xD a
[0:25] <Baivo> If you ever need anything, just let me know, i'll try to help
[0:25] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> least u can use redstone lols i have NO idea how to use it xD and thankies
[0:25] <Baivo> I'm just learning really
[0:25] <Baivo> Did you see the back door?
[0:26] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> no?
[0:26] <Baivo> Follow me
[0:26] <Baivo> Button lever
[0:26] <Baivo> brb
[0:26] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> kay
[0:30] <Baivo> back
[0:30] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wb!
[0:30] <Baivo> Thx
[0:32] <Baivo> So who are you allied with?
[0:32] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ??a
[0:32] <Baivo> There's a war going on
[0:32] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ohh
[0:32] <Baivo> Are you part of a town or organisation?
[0:33] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
[0:33] <Baivo> I'll take that as a no
[0:35] <Baivo> Now for the hard part
[0:36] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> u mean the war with uosr and that or another?
[0:36] <Baivo> Yeah
[0:36] <Baivo> The U0SR and the allies
[0:36] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ohhh i choose U0SR
[0:36] <Baivo> Oh dear
[0:37] <Baivo> RUUUN!
[0:37] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ????
[0:37] <Baivo> I'm with the Allies
[0:37] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ohhh xD
[0:38] <Baivo> There's no reason you can't, y'know, change sides ;)
[0:38] <Baivo> I'll even offer you a high-power military weapon of your choice
[0:39] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :P
[0:39] <Baivo> If you're worries about your communist buddies, just hide out here till you explain everything
[0:39] <Baivo> *worried
[0:40] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> i think ill just stay with U0SR thanks :P lols im not really that into it i just choose :P
[0:40] <Baivo> We are enemies tho, and i don't like that
[0:43] <Baivo> Well, here goes nothing -_-
[0:44] <Baivo> YES!
[0:44] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ?
[0:44] <Baivo> It worked!
[0:44] <Baivo> Oh
[0:44] <Baivo> I forgot to light up the dining room
[0:44] <Baivo> Damnit
[0:44] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lols
[0:44] <Baivo> IT can stay like that for now
[0:44] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :P
[0:45] <Baivo> Niiiice
[0:45] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ??
[0:46] <Baivo> Can i ask a question?
[0:46] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> sure
[0:46] <Baivo> Are you male or female?
[0:46] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> female
[0:46] <Baivo> Thought so
[0:47] <Baivo> The skin is female
[0:47] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :P
[0:47] <Baivo> I think
[0:47] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> yer
[0:47] <Baivo> It's the eyelashes
[0:47] <Baivo> There we go
[0:47] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> xD
[0:47] <Baivo> Used to be blue and gold
[0:47] <Baivo> Made this one myself tho
[0:48] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> coolies my friend made mine
[0:48] <Baivo> Rainbow hair reminds me of rainbow dash
[0:48] <Baivo> I liek rainbow dash :3
[0:48] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :P lols
[0:49] <Baivo> I hope an admin comes on soon
[0:51] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> brb
[0:51] <Baivo> KK
[0:52] <Baivo> O i forgot to make doors ._.
[1:00] <Baivo> What the hell!
[1:02] <Baivo> Who i web0001
[1:02] <Baivo> *is
[1:02] <Baivo> Dynmap guy
[1:02] <Baivo> Wassup
[1:02] <Baivo> Get on here you incompetant cactus
[1:03] <Baivo> I got your girl hostage
[1:03] <Baivo> Redstone enineer?
[1:03] <Baivo> *engineer
[1:03] <Baivo> Ok
[1:03] <Baivo> For U0SR
[1:04] <Baivo> Bastards
[1:04] <Baivo> xD
[1:04] <Baivo> Oh?
[1:04] <Baivo> WHy is she U0SR and you're alliance?
[1:04] <Baivo> You live together, that must be awkward
[1:04] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 was kicked from #main by Server
[1:04] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[1:05] <Baivo> Baivo don't know squat
[1:05] <Baivo> Why not?
[1:05] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[1:05] <Baivo> AHAHA
[1:05] <Skeletoon> there
[1:05] <Baivo> He's here
[1:05] <Skeletoon> and gab's gone
[1:05] <Baivo> She was afk
[1:06] <Baivo> And got kicked
[1:06] <Baivo> She'll be back
[1:06] <Baivo> Also she may or may not have given me all your redstone
[1:06] <Skeletoon> =P
[1:06] <Skeletoon> ill c
[1:06] <Skeletoon> i dont use it anyway
[1:06] <Baivo> I paid a fair price for it
[1:06] <Skeletoon> na she left a stack of redstone blocks
[1:07] <Skeletoon> all g
[1:07] <Baivo> kk
[1:08] <Baivo> Damnit redstone sucks
[1:08] <Skeletoon> it's not that hard
[1:08] <Skeletoon> need help?
[1:08] <Baivo> It just gets annoying with limited space
[1:08] <Skeletoon> ah
[1:08] <Baivo> Trying to make it compact
[1:08] <Baivo> Nah i got it
[1:08] <Baivo> Thx anyway
[1:08] <Skeletoon> how did u know gab lived with me in mc
[1:09] <Baivo> She told me
[1:09] <Skeletoon> =P
[1:09] <Baivo> Stahp doing that !
[1:09] <Baivo> Stupi damn thing
[1:09] <Skeletoon> burns out?
[1:09] <Baivo> Makes a clock
[1:09] <Skeletoon> ah
[1:09] <Baivo> WHY!
[1:09] <Baivo> brb i gotta go check my design
[1:10] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[1:12] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[1:12] <Skeletoon> wb
[1:13] <Baivo> brb i need sustenance :P
[1:14] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[1:14] <Skeletoon> hey regox
[1:14] <Regox> Hey
[1:15] <Skeletoon> no one important on =P
[1:15] <Regox> Just making sure everything's ticking over
[1:15] <Skeletoon> =)
[1:16] <Skeletoon> gonna build soon
[1:16] <Skeletoon> i am
[1:16] * Regox (Regox@Regox) Quit (§eRegox§e left the game.)
[1:24] <Baivo> back
[1:24] <Baivo> Hey!
[1:25] <Baivo> I'm important!
[1:27] <Baivo> ugh
[1:30] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[1:35] <Baivo> WHY!
[1:41] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[1:41] <Skeletoon> i died and i think i lost everything
[1:41] <Baivo> If it has despawned then yes
[1:41] <Baivo> I didn't know where you died
[1:41] <Baivo> So i couldn't help
[1:41] <Skeletoon> yea i lost everything
[1:42] <Baivo> Damn
[1:42] <Skeletoon> FK
[1:42] <Baivo> That happened to me today
[1:42] <Baivo> A zombie killed me
[1:42] <Skeletoon> i lost all my good stuff
[1:42] <Skeletoon> all my good weapons
[1:42] <Baivo> I went back to where i died and got attacked by the same zombie
[1:42] <Skeletoon> everything ffs
[1:42] <Baivo> He was wearing my armour, so i killed him and got it back
[1:42] <Baivo> Want some gear?
[1:42] <Skeletoon> na its k
[1:44] <Baivo> Finally, got it to work
[1:44] <Baivo> Well, it's done
[1:44] <Baivo> My build is finally done
[1:45] <Baivo> It only took me like, 5 days
[1:45] <Skeletoon> lol
[1:45] <Baivo> The redstone took me ages
[1:45] <Baivo> And it wasn't even complex
[1:45] <Baivo> Just the space it was in
[1:46] <Skeletoon> yea
[1:46] <Baivo> So you're with the allies right?
[1:46] <Skeletoon> tbh, i dont want to be on a side
[1:46] <Baivo> Oh ok
[1:46] <Baivo> Well, i'm considering creating a peaceful faction
[1:47] <Baivo> As in an organisation that is completely neutral
[1:47] <Skeletoon> o.o
[1:47] <Skeletoon> called?
[1:47] <Baivo> But we need the weapons i've got for support
[1:47] <Baivo> So we can have some form of defense
[1:47] <Baivo> I'll talk to hyper and jak about a peace treaty
[1:48] <Baivo> Oh, it'll be called Arcanscythia
[1:48] <Skeletoon> hmm soounds pretty cool
[1:48] <Baivo> YEah
[1:49] <Baivo> I'm sick of there always being a war on every map
[1:49] <Skeletoon> ^
[1:49] <Skeletoon> indeed
[1:49] <Skeletoon> just want survival
[1:49] <Skeletoon> not warvival
[1:49] <Baivo> Exactly
[1:52] <Baivo> So, what say you? Want to join up and create some kind of safe haven?
[1:52] <Skeletoon> yea
[1:52] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[1:52] <Skeletoon> hey gab
[1:52] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> HERRO
[1:52] <Skeletoon> gab i died =(
[1:52] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :OOOOOO
[1:52] <Skeletoon> lost everything
[1:52] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[1:53] <Skeletoon> coz phone rang =P
[1:53] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> xD
[1:53] <Skeletoon> and the guy on the other end wanted to play mc with me =P
[1:53] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :P
[1:53] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> do u know where u died?
[1:53] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[1:53] <Skeletoon> na on a private friends only server
[1:53] <Skeletoon> wb baivo
[1:53] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[1:53] <Baivo> Weird
[1:54] <Baivo> Hiya
[1:54] <Skeletoon> i lost my awesome 001 sniper =(
[1:54] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[1:54] <Baivo> Ha, i got my HI one
[1:54] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :D peppy :D
[1:54] <Baivo> Peppy!
[1:54] <Baivo> :D
[1:54] <Peppy2006> We make HI stuff cry
[1:54] <Skeletoon> ^
[1:54] <Baivo> Peppy
[1:54] <Skeletoon> just
[1:54] <Baivo> Need to talk about a few things
[1:54] <Skeletoon> should implement the "keep it when u die" thing that HI has
[1:55] <Skeletoon> =D ty peppy
[1:55] <Peppy2006> To me that just kills it, though
[1:55] <Skeletoon> yea
[1:55] <Peppy2006> We're game breaking enough
[1:55] <Peppy2006> I'm not going to cheat death as well. :P
[1:55] <Skeletoon> true
[1:55] <Peppy2006> And what sort of things, Baivo?
[1:55] <Skeletoon> damn phone but, had to ring and make me go afk for ages
[1:55] <Peppy2006> Donation button was being worked on when the forum imploded
[1:55] <Skeletoon> i getting coal gab
[1:56] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> oh
[1:56] <Skeletoon> O.O
[1:56] <Baivo> First of all, I'm creating a peaceful organisation aimed at protecting innocents from the war
[1:56] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[1:56] <Peppy2006> So
[1:56] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[1:56] <Baivo> We need 001's support in supplying defences to help us out
[1:56] <Skeletoon> beautiful gab
[1:56] <Baivo> Hey cwp
[1:56] <Skeletoon> hey cwp
[1:56] <cwp_aus> hi
[1:56] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> haha thx :P
[1:56] <cwp_aus> wut baivo
[1:56] <Peppy2006> But if you're full-neutral
[1:56] <Peppy2006> 001 doesn't touch them
[1:56] <Baivo> Either that, or at least offer me a treaty stating that no harm will come to my members from your
[1:56] <Baivo> side
[1:57] <Peppy2006> And should any aggressor attack you, then we take action
[1:57] <Peppy2006> As we have before
[1:57] <Baivo> So we have an agreement?
[1:57] <cwp_aus> peppy, why didn't you join the civ game, xD
[1:57] <Peppy2006> See the Aerovia v. Lakeside war
[1:57] <Peppy2006> We need no agreement! :P
[1:57] <Peppy2006> I already have such policies/standards.
[1:58] <Peppy2006> And I didn't join because me and Regox were dominating AoE2
[1:58] <cwp_aus> Ah
[1:58] <cwp_aus> Bloody lm, went full out wonder building
[1:58] <Skeletoon> =P
[1:59] <Peppy2006> That's why I always pick the Conquest/Domination winning terms
[1:59] <cwp_aus> lol
[1:59] <Peppy2006> Oh you built a wonder
[1:59] <Skeletoon> i got enough coal gab
[1:59] <Baivo> Just have a look at this for me anyway?
[1:59] <Peppy2006> I built five ICBMs
[1:59] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> kays
[1:59] <cwp_aus> :I
[1:59] <Baivo> Pepy?
[2:00] <Baivo> *Peppy?
[2:00] <Peppy2006> Yeah?
[2:00] <cwp_aus> 'inter-continetal-ballistic-missile'?
[2:00] <Baivo> Take a look at this for me?
[2:00] <Peppy2006> Yes
[2:00] <Skeletoon> this dont look right does it gab
[2:00] <Baivo> Sign that
[2:00] <Baivo> Or atleast consent
[2:00] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> HAHAHA
[2:00] <Skeletoon> i look all googly eyed
[2:01] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> HAHHAHAHAHAHA!! lol
[2:01] <cwp_aus> Baivo, I thought you were with the alliance
[2:01] <Baivo> All good?
[2:01] <Baivo> cwp
[2:01] <Peppy2006> Sounds good I suppose
[2:01] <Peppy2006> :P
[2:01] <Baivo> I'm creating an organisation that is neutral
[2:01] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hahahhaha thatt looks madd xD
[2:01] <Baivo> We protect innocents from the acts of war, and aid those in need of assistance
[2:01] <Skeletoon> im all like o.o
[2:01] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hhahahaha
[2:01] <Baivo> We take no action in the war when it comes to offence
[2:02] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi peppy
[2:02] <Peppy2006> Howdy!
[2:02] <Baivo> Defensive actions will be taken when deemed appropriate
[2:02] <Baivo> Also
[2:02] <Baivo> Peppy, cwp
[2:02] <Skeletoon> oh gab ima build something big soon
[2:02] <Baivo> I'd like to formally apply for Advanced
[2:02] <cwp_aus> aye?
[2:02] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :D
[2:02] <Baivo> I've completed the build
[2:02] <Peppy2006> Show us your build!
[2:02] <cwp_aus> you've done more I trust
[2:02] <Baivo> Of course
[2:02] <cwp_aus> good good
[2:02] <Baivo> Press the button to begin
[2:03] <Baivo> Main light switch on the left
[2:03] <Skeletoon> is it traps? or a game or something
[2:03] <Baivo> CAREFUL!
[2:03] <Baivo> lol
[2:03] <cwp_aus> lol peppy
[2:03] <Baivo> On the left is the back door
[2:03] <cwp_aus> peppy
[2:03] <Baivo> The right, canteen and dining room
[2:03] <cwp_aus> come back
[2:03] <Baivo> And below are the living quarters
[2:04] <cwp_aus> you missed the actual back door, xD
[2:04] <Skeletoon> there
[2:04] <Baivo> Everything is operated by redstone lever buttons
[2:04] <Baivo> Buttons that act as levers
[2:04] <Baivo> Just looks nicer
[2:04] <Skeletoon> i love this sniper
[2:04] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lols
[2:04] <Baivo> And i plan on adding a few automated farms
[2:04] <Baivo> When necessary
[2:04] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[2:04] <cwp_aus> hi lm
[2:04] <Baivo> Hey LM
[2:04] <Skeletoon> hey littlemiss
[2:04] <LittleMissGrill> haiii
[2:05] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi lm
[2:05] <Baivo> And that's about all for now i guess
[2:05] <Skeletoon> ima get u
[2:05] * bajanistheman (bajanistheman@bajanistheman) has joined #main
[2:05] <Baivo> Hiya
[2:05] <Skeletoon> hey
[2:05] <bajanistheman> Hey!
[2:05] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hey
[2:05] <Baivo> Well, we're active tonight...
[2:05] <Peppy2006> Howdy Bajan!
[2:06] <bajanistheman> Howdy!
[2:06] <Skeletoon> ehhhhh
[2:06] <LittleMissGrill> heya bajan n.n
[2:06] <cwp_aus> hi baj
[2:06] <bajanistheman> Hello Lm and Cwp
[2:06] <bajanistheman> My head is sooo sore
[2:06] <Baivo> me too
[2:06] <Peppy2006> Well shit, Baj
[2:06] <Skeletoon> my face is, dat sunburn
[2:06] <Baivo> VCE is giving me a constant headache
[2:07] <bajanistheman> No I mean
[2:07] <Peppy2006> Quit getting into those boxing matches
[2:07] <Peppy2006> A few bouts leaves you with a sore head y'know
[2:07] <Baivo> Looks like peppy came in like a wrecking ball
[2:07] <bajanistheman> Bruising above the eye and bellow it
[2:07] <Skeletoon> just realised lost my silk pick too =P
[2:07] <Baivo> All he wanted was to break my walls
[2:07] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :O
[2:07] <Skeletoon> ok gab, what to build
[2:07] <bajanistheman> I ran in to my friend Sophie
[2:07] <Baivo> Damnit you stupid witch
[2:08] <LittleMissGrill> don't throw your goddam rotten flesh at me
[2:08] <Baivo> lol
[2:08] <bajanistheman> D:
[2:08] <LittleMissGrill> i'm joking n_n
[2:08] <LittleMissGrill> i eat that stuff for breakfast
[2:08] <bajanistheman> I was trying to be nice -_-
[2:08] <LittleMissGrill> :)
[2:09] <Peppy2006> I TOLD YOU SHE WAS THE MOLE
[2:09] <Baivo> ohgawd
[2:09] <LittleMissGrill> WHAT
[2:09] <LittleMissGrill> is that joke stil happening even
[2:09] <Peppy2006> Yes
[2:09] <cwp_aus> ofx
[2:09] <cwp_aus> ofc*
[2:09] <bajanistheman> Peppy
[2:09] <LittleMissGrill> that comp was like years ago man
[2:09] <Peppy2006> Bajan
[2:09] <Baivo> Peppy the least you could do was fix the damn holes xD
[2:09] <Peppy2006> What holes
[2:09] <bajanistheman> can I get a jetpack -_-
[2:09] <Baivo> The one you left near the entrance
[2:10] <Peppy2006> I didn't do that
[2:10] <Baivo> Or that was cwp
[2:10] <Baivo> The evil evil man
[2:10] <LittleMissGrill> i bet it was peppy
[2:10] <cwp_aus> what?
[2:10] <Peppy2006> WAS IT YOU, PERCHANCE?
[2:10] <LittleMissGrill> always griefing
[2:10] <LittleMissGrill> walking around like he owns the place
[2:10] <Baivo> WHAT THE HELL MAN!
[2:10] <LittleMissGrill> RUDE.
[2:10] <bajanistheman> Lm
[2:10] <LittleMissGrill> yes? :3
[2:10] <bajanistheman> Peppy that was rude you should appoligise
[2:11] <cwp_aus> Well baivo, just personally, it's not much of a change from this morning
[2:11] <LittleMissGrill> yeah peppy, you should apologise
[2:11] <Peppy2006> She agreed to fight me
[2:11] <Baivo> I added a whole lighting system, furnished every room
[2:11] <Skeletoon> yep peppy XD
[2:11] <Peppy2006> It's all good
[2:11] <LittleMissGrill> i don't remember doing that
[2:11] <Baivo> Plus repaired the redstone with button levers
[2:11] <bajanistheman> -_-
[2:11] <Baivo> Took me like, 4 hours
[2:12] <cwp_aus> I understand baivo, but the interior is still rather lacking
[2:12] <Baivo> How do you mean?
[2:12] <Baivo> It's an underground bunker ._.
[2:12] <Baivo> xD
[2:12] <LittleMissGrill> bajan
[2:12] <bajanistheman> :)
[2:12] <LittleMissGrill> bajan
[2:12] <LittleMissGrill> come here
[2:12] <LittleMissGrill> i have a present for you
[2:12] <Baivo> I'm not going to make it from pink wool :P
[2:12] <Peppy2006> No she doesn't
[2:12] <Peppy2006> She's lying
[2:12] <bajanistheman> D:
[2:12] <cwp_aus> Still, other than the pieces of furniture here and there, it's rather bland
[2:12] <LittleMissGrill> i never lie
[2:13] <LittleMissGrill> did you get it?!
[2:13] <Peppy2006> She totally does
[2:13] <Baivo> What can i do to make it worthy...?
[2:13] <Peppy2006> She lied about me being rude
[2:13] <bajanistheman> :o
[2:13] <LittleMissGrill> um esqueezeme peppy
[2:13] <LittleMissGrill> can you name one time you haven't been rude to me?
[2:13] <LittleMissGrill> that was meanface :(
[2:13] <Peppy2006> Just now
[2:13] <cwp_aus> do something with the hallways and such
[2:13] <LittleMissGrill> are you saying hitting me isn't meanface?
[2:13] <Peppy2006> Yes
[2:13] <Peppy2006> Because you always run up and hit me
[2:14] <Peppy2006> So
[2:14] <LittleMissGrill> you're always in creative though
[2:14] <LittleMissGrill> so
[2:14] <Baivo> What about you peppy? Any ideas on how i could make this thing worthy?
[2:14] <Baivo> I'll do something with the hallways i guess, idk what
[2:14] <Peppy2006> There's a lot of stone
[2:14] <cwp_aus> brb
[2:14] <Peppy2006> I dunno
[2:14] <Peppy2006> Just throw in some wood walls, or something
[2:14] <Peppy2006> lol
[2:14] <Baivo> I made it out of stone on purpose
[2:14] <LittleMissGrill> trimmings n_~
[2:14] <Baivo> So it's all uniform
[2:15] <LittleMissGrill> bajan
[2:15] <LittleMissGrill> i have a super serious question for you
[2:15] <bajanistheman> All I need now is a fire aspect Smite bane I think that is all that can go on a swrd
[2:15] <bajanistheman> yes Lm
[2:15] <Baivo> "Will you marry me?"
[2:15] <LittleMissGrill> if you had to choose between me and peppy
[2:15] <LittleMissGrill> who would you choose
[2:15] <Baivo> AHAHAHAHA
[2:15] <bajanistheman> U
[2:15] <LittleMissGrill> :S
[2:15] <Baivo> AWW!
[2:15] <LittleMissGrill> RUDE
[2:15] <LittleMissGrill> also thank you bajan
[2:16] <bajanistheman> Peppy that was rude you should appoligise
[2:16] <Peppy2006> Exxxxxxxcellent
[2:16] <LittleMissGrill> don't encourage him baivo!!!2
[2:16] <Baivo> Gender equality!
[2:16] <LittleMissGrill> :I
[2:16] <Peppy2006> Weee
[2:16] <bajanistheman> U sayin I ain't no boy
[2:16] <LittleMissGrill> if you think gender equality is being able to hurt another person i side eye you
[2:16] <Peppy2006> I'm an equal opportunity killer
[2:16] <LittleMissGrill> >.>
[2:16] <LittleMissGrill> <.<
[2:17] <Baivo> No, gender equality is about hitting girls if they hit you
[2:17] <LittleMissGrill> but i didn't hit peppy ;o
[2:17] <bajanistheman> D: that is very RUDE
[2:17] <LittleMissGrill> to me gender equality is earning the same as men :(
[2:17] <Baivo> If a chick pulls a knife on me, i ain't gunna be a gentleman
[2:17] <LittleMissGrill> but okay
[2:17] <Baivo> I'm gunna shoot her in the face
[2:17] <LittleMissGrill> :I
[2:17] <Baivo> Gender equality
[2:17] <bajanistheman> Hitting girls is just not on!
[2:17] <Peppy2006> I think
[2:17] <LittleMissGrill> don't hurt people cos they're human
[2:17] <LittleMissGrill> not cos they're women :S
[2:17] <Peppy2006> There are times when lethal force and force in general is condoned
[2:17] <Peppy2006> Regardless of gender, race, or creed
[2:18] <Baivo> I'm legally able to kill her if she pulls a knife on me
[2:18] <Baivo> In certain circumstances
[2:18] <Baivo> There are laws
[2:18] <Peppy2006> Knife...maybe
[2:18] <Skeletoon> brb need to uh, brush teeth
[2:18] <LittleMissGrill> no, actually. in only very rare circumstances is murder dismissed as self defense
[2:18] <Peppy2006> Gun, definitely
[2:18] <Baivo> Gun, definately
[2:18] <Baivo> Hah
[2:18] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[2:18] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> kk
[2:18] <LittleMissGrill> but what i'm saying is, there's more to gender equality than being able to hit people
[2:18] <bajanistheman> Bye guys I am going to bed
[2:18] <Baivo> But i don't hit people. Period
[2:18] <LittleMissGrill> and if that's all you care about
[2:18] <LittleMissGrill> i side eye you
[2:18] <Baivo> I understand LM
[2:18] <Peppy2006> Goodnight Bajan!
[2:18] <cwp_aus> seya baj
[2:19] <LittleMissGrill> gnight!
[2:19] <Baivo> I'm being a sassy bitch
[2:19] <Peppy2006> Rest well
[2:19] <LittleMissGrill> sweet dreams!
[2:19] <LittleMissGrill> etc
[2:19] <Peppy2006> Come back soon
[2:19] <LittleMissGrill> we miss you
[2:19] <bajanistheman> I mite
[2:19] <LittleMissGrill> :3
[2:19] <LittleMissGrill> <3
[2:19] <Peppy2006> Yes
[2:19] <Peppy2006> LM is just...
[2:19] <bajanistheman> <3 Everybody BYE
[2:19] <Baivo> Whenever i say goodbye everyone just ignores me or tells me to shut up :3
[2:19] <LittleMissGrill> BYE
[2:19] <Peppy2006> DYING to see you again
[2:19] <LittleMissGrill> i really am
[2:19] <Baivo> Hahahah
[2:19] <cwp_aus> xD
[2:19] <bajanistheman> D: that is very RUDE
[2:19] <bajanistheman> Apologise
[2:19] * bajanistheman (bajanistheman@bajanistheman) Quit (§ebajanistheman left the game.)
[2:20] <LittleMissGrill> yeah peppy
[2:20] <LittleMissGrill> apologise
[2:20] <LittleMissGrill> you never do what bajan says
[2:20] <Peppy2006> Hell no, he's gone now anyway
[2:20] <Baivo> Peppy is sorry your face is ugly :3
[2:20] <Baivo> xD
[2:20] <LittleMissGrill> plz like you can smack me
[2:20] <LittleMissGrill> are you saying my face is ugly? :(
[2:20] <Baivo> Peppy, in all seriousness
[2:20] <Peppy2006> In all seriousness?
[2:20] <Baivo> What do i do to this build to make it advanced worthy
[2:20] <cwp_aus> ladies, mentlegen, let's settle this properly
[2:21] <Baivo> BEcause i need the walls the same
[2:21] <LittleMissGrill> :3
[2:21] <Peppy2006> Mmm
[2:21] <cwp_aus> my arena 1v1 now
[2:21] <LittleMissGrill> baivo can i show you a build that's kinda similar? ;o
[2:21] <LittleMissGrill> lol peppy vs me?
[2:21] <LittleMissGrill> easy match, i'd totes win
[2:21] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[2:21] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wb!
[2:21] <Skeletoon> ty n.n
[2:21] <Baivo> Mr. krabs face n.n
[2:21] <cwp_aus> put your money where your mouth is!
[2:21] <Peppy2006> Maybe just like
[2:22] <Peppy2006> Wood trim around openings?
[2:22] <cwp_aus> everybody, to my arena!
[2:22] <Baivo> Ok...
[2:22] <cwp_aus> for a good laugh
[2:22] <Peppy2006> Make all floors cobble?
[2:22] <Baivo> I could do that
[2:22] <LittleMissGrill> ;o
[2:22] <Peppy2006> Yeah, hell, that'd be enough in my book.
[2:23] <Skeletoon> Ah Yeah
[2:23] <LittleMissGrill> peppy wouldn't fight me
[2:23] <LittleMissGrill> right?
[2:23] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[2:23] <Skeletoon> what a song
[2:23] <Baivo> Here goes nothing
[2:23] <Skeletoon> he killed u b4
[2:23] <LittleMissGrill> but
[2:23] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[2:23] <Skeletoon> -.o
[2:23] <cwp_aus> peppy, lm, tp to me
[2:23] <Peppy2006> "He's killed you before, he'll kill you again!"
[2:23] <cwp_aus> empty your stuff
[2:23] <LittleMissGrill> okay let me get a mouse
[2:24] <Skeletoon> =P
[2:24] <Skeletoon> how u play with touchpad
[2:24] <Baivo> I do it
[2:24] <Skeletoon> i'll never know
[2:24] <Peppy2006> Terribly
[2:24] <Peppy2006> That's how she plays.
[2:24] <cwp_aus> peppy, tp, :P
[2:24] <Skeletoon> XD
[2:24] <Baivo> VIVA LA MOUSEPAD!
[2:24] <cwp_aus> empty your things into your chest
[2:24] <Skeletoon> where bajan go?
[2:25] <cwp_aus> then de-creative/godmode, xD
[2:25] <Skeletoon> is it 1v1v1
[2:25] <LittleMissGrill> excuse me i don't play terrible
[2:25] <Skeletoon> or 2 v cwp
[2:25] <cwp_aus> no, 1v1
[2:25] <LittleMissGrill> i don't hhave permission to open that in this area
[2:25] <cwp_aus> skel, pcik the arena!
[2:25] <cwp_aus> pick*
[2:25] <LittleMissGrill> cwp cwp cwp
[2:25] <cwp_aus> oh, sorry, one sec
[2:26] <Baivo> Pick the ugly arena
[2:26] <Skeletoon> jungle
[2:26] <LittleMissGrill> cwp died
[2:26] <Baivo> Awe come on!
[2:26] <Baivo> That joke was funny!
[2:27] <Skeletoon> oh
[2:27] <Skeletoon> i just read chat baivo
[2:27] <Skeletoon> =P
[2:27] <cwp_aus> there!!!
[2:27] <cwp_aus> try now lm
[2:28] <Skeletoon> gab u got food
[2:28] <Skeletoon> ok
[2:28] <Skeletoon> phew
[2:28] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lols
[2:28] <cwp_aus> follow
[2:28] <LittleMissGrill> i'm hungry :(
[2:28] <cwp_aus> so which one skel
[2:28] <Skeletoon> -_-
[2:28] <Skeletoon> jungle
[2:28] <Baivo> Hi hungry, I'm Baivo
[2:28] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ^
[2:28] <cwp_aus> there will be cake in your starting spots
[2:29] <LittleMissGrill> no i meant in real life
[2:29] <cwp_aus> when I say fight
[2:29] <cwp_aus> press the plate and run out to fight eachother
[2:29] <cwp_aus> ready?
[2:29] <Skeletoon> if they can find each other
[2:30] <Peppy2006> Do I say yes?
[2:30] <cwp_aus> 3
[2:30] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[2:30] <cwp_aus> 2
[2:30] <cwp_aus> 1
[2:30] <cwp_aus> Fight!
[2:30] <Baivo> #If you like pina coladas#
[2:30] <Skeletoon> *rabble rabble rabble*
[2:31] <cwp_aus> lol
[2:31] <LittleMissGrill> :S
[2:31] <Skeletoon> i dont see peppy at all
[2:31] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> same xD
[2:31] <Skeletoon> might be ninja
[2:31] <LittleMissGrill> did he vanish imself lol
[2:31] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> xD
[2:31] <cwp_aus> no
[2:31] <Baivo> Shift keying?
[2:31] <Skeletoon> ninja o.o
[2:31] <cwp_aus> get some
[2:31] <Skeletoon> assassin
[2:31] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> haha
[2:31] <LittleMissGrill> lol!
[2:32] <cwp_aus> she's bleedin
[2:32] <cwp_aus> winner!
[2:32] <LittleMissGrill> well!
[2:32] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lol
[2:32] <Skeletoon> chicken dinner
[2:32] <LittleMissGrill> that was fun
[2:32] <cwp_aus> anyone else keen for a 1v1?
[2:32] <LittleMissGrill> peppy how did you disappear ;o
[2:32] <Peppy2006> I didn't
[2:32] <Peppy2006> :P
[2:33] <Baivo> McMMO?
[2:33] <cwp_aus> crouching, xD
[2:33] <LittleMissGrill> well, how did you be so sneaky
[2:33] <Peppy2006> I went up top
[2:33] <Baivo> Ok, just ninja
[2:33] <Peppy2006> Pft
[2:33] <LittleMissGrill> :o
[2:33] <Peppy2006> I practice what I preach
[2:33] <LittleMissGrill> smarter than you look
[2:33] <cwp_aus> pass us your stuff peppy
[2:33] <Skeletoon> i think ima go bed early 2night, feel tired from work =P
[2:33] <Skeletoon> cyas all
[2:33] <Baivo> Nighty night
[2:33] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> BAII
[2:33] <LittleMissGrill> you work!?
[2:33] <cwp_aus> seya
[2:33] <Peppy2006> See ya Skele
[2:33] <Skeletoon> help my dad, concreting
[2:33] <cwp_aus> anyone else keen to 1v1?
[2:33] <LittleMissGrill> ahh
[2:33] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[2:34] <LittleMissGrill> guys guys guys i'm totally smashing cwp at civilian v :3
[2:34] <cwp_aus> Smashing, bah!
[2:34] <Peppy2006> I've never heard of that game
[2:34] <Peppy2006> Civilian V
[2:34] <LittleMissGrill> or
[2:34] <LittleMissGrill> civilisation
[2:34] <LittleMissGrill> whatver
[2:35] <Peppy2006> Is it anything like Civilian IV?
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> i remember
[2:35] <cwp_aus> come lm, let us settle this in civ 5
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> when you were nice
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> lol!
[2:35] <Peppy2006> I still am nice
[2:35] <Peppy2006> :P
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> are you sure? :c
[2:35] <Baivo> He's turned into me -_-
[2:35] <Peppy2006> Yes!
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> we played for hours today
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> i'm good
[2:35] <cwp_aus> naw
[2:35] <cwp_aus> ok
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> :P
[2:35] <LittleMissGrill> tomorrow!
[2:35] <Peppy2006> I should sleep though
[2:35] <cwp_aus> Mmk
[2:35] <cwp_aus> seya!
[2:36] <Baivo> Aww
[2:36] <Peppy2006> Seeeee ya
[2:36] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> baii
[2:36] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) Quit (§ePeppy2006§e left the game.)
[2:36] <LittleMissGrill> ;o
[2:36] <LittleMissGrill> bye :(
[2:36] <cwp_aus> I blame your bigger island than myn
[2:36] <LittleMissGrill> why'd you choose islands anyway?
[2:37] <cwp_aus> I thought there would be more origionally, xD
[2:37] <LittleMissGrill> hahaha
[2:37] <cwp_aus> islands is good for like 4-5 players
[2:37] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> i g2g now baiis
[2:37] <cwp_aus> seya
[2:37] <Baivo> Bai
[2:37] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[2:38] <cwp_aus> I bet I'
[2:39] <cwp_aus> I'll beat you in the end
[2:39] <LittleMissGrill> thmmmmm
[2:39] <LittleMissGrill> maybe
[2:39] <LittleMissGrill> i'll be back
[2:39] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[2:39] <cwp_aus> seya
[2:40] * PsychoBone (PsychoBone@PsychoBone) has joined #main
[2:40] <cwp_aus> hi
[2:40] <PsychoBone> hello
[2:40] <Baivo> Hiya
[2:40] <cwp_aus> meanwhile peppy never left to go to sleep, xD
[2:40] <Baivo> He's gone
[2:40] <Baivo> IT does that when you leave too
[2:40] <cwp_aus> Ah
[2:41] <cwp_aus> Welp, I'
[2:41] <cwp_aus> I'm a head off too
[2:41] <Baivo> Wait
[2:41] <cwp_aus> seyas later perhaps
[2:41] <cwp_aus> ye?
[2:41] <Baivo> Peppy said if i did these floors it would be good enough in his books
[2:41] <Baivo> If you dont promote me, pass a message on for me?
[2:42] <Baivo> balls
[2:43] <PsychoBone> lol
[2:44] <Baivo> Where;d my redstone blocks go!?
[2:44] <cwp_aus> idk?
[2:44] <Baivo> Gosh darn it
[2:44] <cwp_aus> you have 36?
[2:44] <Baivo> There they are
[2:44] <Baivo> They glitched out
[2:44] <cwp_aus> lol
[2:44] <Baivo> That keeps happening to me
[2:44] <Baivo> Like, all the time
[2:44] <Baivo> Especially when im crafting
[2:45] <cwp_aus> aye
[2:45] <cwp_aus> mc bug
[2:45] <cwp_aus> whats the message
[2:45] <cwp_aus> I gtg so be quick
[2:45] <Baivo> Well, tell him i did everything he asked me to do with the build
[2:45] <cwp_aus> ah
[2:45] <cwp_aus> mmk
[2:45] <cwp_aus> seya
[2:45] <Baivo> Thx
[2:45] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) Quit (§ecwp_aus§e left the game.)
[2:45] <Baivo> Bai
[2:47] <Baivo> So
[2:48] <Baivo> Psycho
[2:48] <PsychoBone> hmm?
[2:48] <Baivo> What side of the war are you on?
[2:48] <PsychoBone> im not really sided with anyone
[2:48] <PsychoBone> im not on that often
[2:48] <Baivo> Want to be neutral and protected from the warfare?
[2:48] <PsychoBone> ye
[2:49] <Baivo> I'm the leader of a peaceful organisation
[2:49] <Baivo> We protect and support players in need of peac
[2:49] <Baivo> *peace
[2:49] <PsychoBone> lol
[2:49] <Baivo> ?
[2:49] <PsychoBone> where abouts are you?
[2:50] <Baivo> We have a base near spawn, but you dont have to live there
[2:50] <PsychoBone> located?
[2:50] <PsychoBone> oh
[2:50] <Baivo> It's really either for people without homes yet, or in case of an all out battle
[2:50] <Baivo> It's disguised
[2:50] <Baivo> So it's hard to find
[2:51] <PsychoBone> oh well i have a place
[2:51] <Baivo> All good
[2:51] <PsychoBone> idk if youve seen it
[2:51] <Baivo> You can still join us, all that means is you'll come under our protection
[2:51] <Baivo> We're trying to get a majority of players with us so we can make the other see that
[2:51] <Baivo> This fighting if pointless
[2:51] <PsychoBone> ahh
[2:52] <PsychoBone> how many have joined?
[2:52] <Baivo> It was officially started today. Current members: 0
[2:52] <Baivo> xD
[2:52] <PsychoBone> rofl
[2:53] <Baivo> So if you're interested i can put your name in the almanac. If not, all good
[2:53] <PsychoBone> nah thats fine im right
[2:54] <Baivo> No worries ^_^
[2:59] <Baivo> No?
[2:59] <PsychoBone> oh?
[3:00] <PsychoBone> sorry i didnt see it
[3:00] <Baivo> :P
[3:00] <Baivo> Can i sask what you built for Advanced?
[3:00] <PsychoBone> up the stairs
[3:02] <PsychoBone> what u think?
[3:02] <PsychoBone> ur laggin a bit
[3:02] <Baivo> Very nice!
[3:03] <Baivo> I know
[3:03] <Baivo> Time to go get money
[3:03] <Baivo> brb
[3:03] <PsychoBone> lol
[3:04] <PsychoBone> there is only another 100 coal in there now o.o
[3:04] <Baivo> I'll buy other stuff :P
[3:06] <PsychoBone> are you ganna come back soon?
[3:06] <PsychoBone> cuas ei g2g
[3:06] <PsychoBone> need to get up at 4am
[3:06] <Baivo> Yeh
[3:07] <Baivo> Just selling stuff
[3:07] <PsychoBone> loll ok
[3:08] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[3:09] * piratemo55man (piratemo55man@piratemo55man) has joined #main
[3:09] <PsychoBone> hey!
[3:09] * piratemo55man (piratemo55man@piratemo55man) Quit (§epiratemo55man left the game.)
[3:13] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340) has joined #main
[3:13] <wolfpack340> Hello
[3:13] <PsychoBone> hi
[3:13] <wolfpack340> I love my factory
[3:13] <PsychoBone> :)
[3:13] <PsychoBone> ig2g
[3:13] <PsychoBone> cya l8er
[3:13] <wolfpack340> baye
[3:13] * PsychoBone (PsychoBone@PsychoBone) Quit (§ePsychoBone left the game.)
[3:27] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz) has joined #main
[3:28] <wolfpack340> Hey dog'
[3:28] <dogwateroz> hey wolf
[3:28] <wolfpack340> Season 4 i tells ya
[3:28] <wolfpack340> Season 4
[3:28] <wolfpack340> Why
[3:28] <wolfpack340> u
[3:28] <wolfpack340> No
[3:28] <wolfpack340> Already be here
[3:28] <dogwateroz> have you watched the 14 min trailer?
[3:28] <wolfpack340> No
[3:28] <wolfpack340> I dont want any spoilers
[3:28] <wolfpack340> For anything
[3:28] <dogwateroz> not bad, doesn't give any too much
[3:29] <dogwateroz> just don't watch it twice
[3:29] <wolfpack340> U din't even want to know.
[3:29] <wolfpack340> *i dont
[3:29] <dogwateroz> fair enough
[3:29] <wolfpack340> I'm still sad from the Red Wedding
[3:29] <wolfpack340> God damn
[3:29] <dogwateroz> yeh
[3:30] <dogwateroz> will be good, hanging out
[3:30] <wolfpack340> They were going to call there son Ned.
[3:30] <wolfpack340> ;(
[3:30] <wolfpack340> ;'(
[3:30] <dogwateroz> were, lol
[3:30] <wolfpack340> :'C
[3:31] <wolfpack340> The Lannisters send their regards,
[3:32] <dogwateroz> lol
[3:35] <wolfpack340> You near a jungle/got some jungle wood?
[3:35] <dogwateroz> no, sorry, only in a dessert
[3:36] <wolfpack340> damn
[3:42] <wolfpack340> Damn
[3:42] <wolfpack340> I need jungle logs
[3:42] <dogwateroz> go exploring mate, you can look on the earth map
[3:43] <wolfpack340> Earth map
[3:43] <wolfpack340> Is flupped
[3:43] <dogwateroz> really?
[3:43] <wolfpack340> Have a look
[3:43] <dogwateroz> bugger
[3:43] <wolfpack340> Its like all glitchy
[3:43] <dogwateroz> ok
[3:44] <dogwateroz> hmmm, seems ok to me
[3:44] <wolfpack340> Look at that
[3:44] <wolfpack340> My name is web 003
[3:45] <dogwateroz> haha
[3:45] <wolfpack340> Theres alot of park oak
[3:45] <wolfpack340> dark*
[3:46] <wolfpack340> But no jungles i can see
[3:46] <wolfpack340> :(
[3:46] <wolfpack340> All i want to do is grow cocoa
[3:46] <wolfpack340> Welp'
[3:46] <wolfpack340> Ima go
[3:46] <wolfpack340> Bye
[3:46] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340) Quit (§ewolfpack340 left the game.)
[4:07] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz) Quit (§edogwateroz left the game.)
[15:10] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[15:25] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:25] <ejano> Hey!
[15:25] <LittleMissGrill> ohai!
[15:25] <LittleMissGrill> school?!
[15:25] <ejano> got the day off
[15:25] <ejano> :D
[15:25] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[15:26] <ejano> last night we had the swimming carnival
[15:26] <ejano> and so they give us the next day off
[15:26] <LittleMissGrill> ooh cool@
[15:26] <ejano> yeee
[15:27] <ejano> do you think we'll have this map for much longer? or do you think it might change..
[15:27] <LittleMissGrill> we'll have it for a few more months yet
[15:27] <ejano> cause I wasn't sure if I had time to start a big build
[15:27] <ejano> :O
[15:27] <ejano> coool!
[15:27] <LittleMissGrill> hahah w
[15:28] <ejano> :o all my horsies are gone
[15:28] <ejano> :C
[15:28] <LittleMissGrill> D:
[15:31] <ejano> whats the command for searching a radius again
[15:31] <LittleMissGrill> ./co l r:(radius) t:(time)
[15:31] <ejano> aaah you put an r
[15:31] <ejano> right
[15:31] <LittleMissGrill> :3
[15:33] <ejano> huh
[15:34] <ejano> maybe they just glitched out or something
[15:34] <LittleMissGrill> yeah, maybe
[15:34] <LittleMissGrill> or maybe someone destroyed all mobs again
[15:34] <ejano> owell, doesn't matter that much
[15:34] <ejano> :I yeah or that
[15:34] <ejano> someone might have used one of those weird guns
[15:36] <ejano> wow, just noticed there are heaps of little islands at that ocean place
[15:37] <LittleMissGrill> peppy wants to know what you're building
[15:37] <ejano> ummm
[15:37] <ejano> well, I won't be able to start right away
[15:38] <ejano> buuuuuut
[15:38] <ejano> I was thinking of re-building my old mansion >.>
[15:38] <LittleMissGrill> ;o cool
[15:38] <LittleMissGrill> also i assume he's on dynmap
[15:38] <ejano> since I kinda have about 40 screenshots
[15:38] <LittleMissGrill> so
[15:38] <ejano> :p
[15:38] <LittleMissGrill> there you go peppy
[15:38] <ejano> :O
[15:38] <ejano> waat'
[15:39] <ejano> thing is my school computer got re-imaged, so I have to wait before I can get
[15:39] <ejano> all the pics back
[15:40] <LittleMissGrill> that uscks :(
[15:40] <LittleMissGrill> and sucks
[15:40] <ejano> yeah :C
[15:46] <LittleMissGrill> i'll be back laaater :)
[15:46] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[16:01] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:02] <cwp_aus> hi
[16:04] <cwp_aus> dammit 'jano
[16:06] <cwp_aus> ./ban 'jano super afk
[16:07] <cwp_aus> seya then
[16:08] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) Quit (§ecwp_aus§e left the game.)
[16:19] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[16:21] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[16:30] <ejano> CWWWWWWWWWWP
[16:30] <ejano> Noooooo
[16:30] <ejano> LITTLEMISS
[16:31] <ejano> nooooo
[16:58] <ejano> §ffus
[16:58] <ejano> §ffus
[17:12] <ejano> §ffus ro
[18:05] * ejano (ejano@ejano) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[18:24] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) has joined #main
[18:30] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) Quit (§erowraft534 left the game.)
[21:50] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) has joined #main
[21:50] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340) has joined #main
[21:51] <GoldPurge> Hey
[21:51] <wolfpack340> Hey Gold
[21:51] <wolfpack340> You got any jungle logs
[21:51] <wolfpack340> i need some
[21:51] <wolfpack340> Really need some
[21:51] <GoldPurge> No sorry
[21:51] <wolfpack340> You know where a jungle is?
[21:52] <GoldPurge> Um I can find one for you
[21:52] <wolfpack340> Ive looked on eartj
[21:52] <wolfpack340> but cant find one
[21:52] <wolfpack340> :(
[21:52] <wolfpack340> I need to grow cocoa
[21:52] <GoldPurge> Cocoa beans?
[21:52] <wolfpack340> Yeah
[21:53] <GoldPurge> I have some of those
[21:53] <wolfpack340> I'm making a cookie factory
[21:53] <GoldPurge> I think
[21:53] <wolfpack340> So i need to be able to grow them
[21:53] <GoldPurge> Ok hang on lemme check
[21:56] <wolfpack340> I wish i could use sugar for cookies
[21:56] <GoldPurge> Yeah
[21:56] <wolfpack340> I have so much cane
[21:57] <GoldPurge> btw how do you get to dynmap
[21:57] <wolfpack340> earth lawsofminecraft com
[21:57] <GoldPurge> thanks
[21:58] <GoldPurge> Ok I'm flying to a jungle now
[21:58] <wolfpack340> shweet.
[22:02] <wolfpack340> So you going to a jungle?
[22:02] <GoldPurge> Bingo
[22:02] <GoldPurge> Found one
[22:02] <wolfpack340> Cheers
[22:02] <wolfpack340> Just give us a sec
[22:02] <wolfpack340> Need an axe
[22:02] <GoldPurge> Ok
[22:03] <GoldPurge> There you go
[22:03] <wolfpack340> Herer
[22:03] <wolfpack340> Here
[22:03] <wolfpack340> Wait
[22:03] <wolfpack340> Have dis
[22:04] <GoldPurge> Thanks
[22:14] <GoldPurge> bbl
[22:14] <GoldPurge> Cya
[22:14] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[22:19] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[22:20] <johnkima> yo
[22:20] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[22:23] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340) Quit (§ewolfpack340 left the game.)
[22:31] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[22:37] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) Quit (§ecwp_aus§e left the game.)
[23:08] * PsychoBone (PsychoBone@PsychoBone) has joined #main
[23:09] * PsychoBone (PsychoBone@PsychoBone) Quit (§ePsychoBone left the game.)

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