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IRC Log for #main.2014-02-15

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[0:00] <GoldPurge> That's pretty fancy
[0:01] <GoldPurge> Final turret done xD
[0:01] <GoldPurge> Ok bbs dinner
[0:01] <GoldPurge> Wait
[0:02] <GoldPurge> Goodbye everybody I've got to go I gotta leave you all behind and face the truth xD
[0:02] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[0:02] <ejano> :O
[0:02] <ejano> that sounds good
[0:02] <ejano> waitwatgold
[0:04] <Kagey180> is server updating?
[0:04] * Kagey180 (Kagey180@Kagey180) Quit (§eKagey180 left the game.)
[0:05] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> gtg now bai
[0:05] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[0:05] <ejano> :C
[0:16] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) has joined #main
[0:16] <GoldPurge> And I'm back
[0:18] <GoldPurge> Peppy you still dere?
[0:47] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) has joined #main
[0:49] <rowraft534> Hello?
[0:50] <rowraft534> D:
[0:50] <rowraft534> Where's Olaf?
[0:50] <GoldPurge> He's gone
[0:51] <rowraft534> SOMEONE MURDERED OLAF!!
[0:51] <GoldPurge> I DID
[0:51] <GoldPurge> NOT
[0:52] <rowraft534> ha
[0:52] <rowraft534> ha
[0:52] <rowraft534> ha.
[0:52] <GoldPurge> Success
[0:53] <GoldPurge> Bit late
[0:53] <GoldPurge> Wha?
[0:54] <rowraft534> HEY SERVER
[0:54] <rowraft534> LONG TIME NO SEA
[0:55] <GoldPurge> Howdy Peppy
[0:55] <ejano> baack
[0:55] <GoldPurge> wb
[0:55] <ejano> hai guys again
[0:55] <rowraft534> EEERRRJEEENNNNOOOO
[0:55] * ejano (ejano@ejano) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[0:55] <rowraft534> lel
[0:55] <rowraft534> teyanf
[0:55] <rowraft534> WHY
[0:55] <GoldPurge> I was always here
[0:55] <rowraft534> WHY
[0:55] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[0:55] <ejano> D:
[0:55] <rowraft534> Oh
[0:55] <ejano> sorry
[0:55] <rowraft534> C;
[0:55] <rowraft534> EJANO
[0:55] <ejano> I was changing some options and got confused since the language is in pirate
[0:56] <ejano> >.<
[0:56] <rowraft534> lol
[0:56] <ejano> OKAY
[0:56] <ejano> LAVA INSTEAD?
[0:56] <rowraft534> INDEED
[0:56] <GoldPurge> Dammit
[0:56] <ejano> :O
[0:56] <ejano> REALLY?
[0:56] <GoldPurge> I need world edit
[0:56] <GoldPurge> lol
[0:56] <rowraft534> NO
[0:56] <rowraft534> EVERYONE WOULD DIE
[0:56] <ejano> BUT ITS SO EVIL
[0:56] <rowraft534> But
[0:56] <rowraft534> It looks stupid
[0:57] <GoldPurge> Ouch
[0:57] <ejano> lolfiiiine
[0:57] <ejano> so, what were you thinking about the elevator idea
[0:58] <GoldPurge> It would be cool if you disguised something
[0:58] <GoldPurge> Like a blue glass pillar with water in it
[0:58] <rowraft534> Okay
[0:58] <ejano> o.O
[0:58] <rowraft534> In the evil tower
[0:58] <GoldPurge> And then you pull a lever and it changes to red glass with lava in it
[0:58] <rowraft534> I think a ladder won't look too stupid
[0:58] <GoldPurge> That would be awesome
[0:58] <ejano> lol
[0:58] <rowraft534> But
[0:59] <ejano> ladder eh
[0:59] <rowraft534> Different placements on the floors
[0:59] <ejano> xD
[0:59] <rowraft534> Liek dis
[0:59] <ejano> the zombies
[0:59] <rowraft534> ino
[0:59] <ejano> it dropped an
[0:59] <rowraft534> I see that.
[0:59] <ejano> IRON BULLION
[0:59] <rowraft534> ejano
[1:00] <rowraft534> stahp
[1:00] <ejano> :C okay
[1:00] <rowraft534> :P
[1:00] <rowraft534> Is okay
[1:00] <rowraft534> And I think for the good tower
[1:01] <rowraft534> Just a sign elevator
[1:01] <ejano> ok
[1:01] <ejano> also
[1:01] <rowraft534> We don't wanna screw around with it too much
[1:01] <rowraft534> And also
[1:01] <ejano> with this thing
[1:01] <rowraft534> That invisible wall thing is cool
[1:01] <rowraft534> but
[1:01] <rowraft534> why
[1:01] <ejano> it needs to somehow be private
[1:02] <rowraft534> Look.
[1:02] <GoldPurge> Peppy?
[1:02] <rowraft534> I don't think we'll have any visitors.
[1:02] <ejano> lol
[1:02] <GoldPurge> I WILL VISIT
[1:02] <rowraft534> A part from young wizards
[1:04] <rowraft534> OR EVEN
[1:04] <rowraft534> Actually dw
[1:06] <rowraft534> Maybe here
[1:06] <ejano> too easy for people j/p over
[1:06] <ejano> :p
[1:06] <ejano> but that could work..
[1:06] <rowraft534> Well in that case
[1:06] <rowraft534> The first floor
[1:07] <rowraft534> Doesn't need to be a floor
[1:07] <rowraft534> Just a little room
[1:07] <rowraft534> like here
[1:08] <rowraft534> omg
[1:08] <rowraft534> okay
[1:08] <rowraft534> ready
[1:09] <rowraft534> quartz
[1:10] <rowraft534> wait
[1:10] <ejano> server are u there
[1:11] <rowraft534> And then a gap here
[1:11] <rowraft534> But it doesn't have to be sand.
[1:16] <rowraft534> Ejano, I honestly don't think we need to worry about privacy.
[1:16] <ejano> ok
[1:16] <rowraft534> I was thinking that
[1:17] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[1:18] <rowraft534> Hey Bavio
[1:18] <GoldPurge> Hey Baivo
[1:18] <rowraft534> Okay. Imma brb
[1:18] <ejano> Hey!
[1:23] <Baivo> Guys
[1:23] <GoldPurge> Yes?
[1:23] <Baivo> How the hell do i donate?
[1:23] <GoldPurge> wb
[1:23] <GoldPurge> Not sure
[1:23] <rowraft534> I'll link you up
[1:23] <rowraft534> One sec.
[1:23] <GoldPurge> Maybe there's a link that says donate on the forums'
[1:24] <Baivo> oh cool
[1:24] <ejano> hmm not sure either
[1:24] <GoldPurge> Oh ok
[1:24] <Baivo> I looked for a link
[1:24] <Baivo> There's not one that i can see
[1:24] <Baivo> http://forum lawsofminecraft com/donate php isn't there either
[1:25] <rowraft534> Oh
[1:25] <rowraft534> Erm
[1:25] <rowraft534> I'd be asking Peppy then.
[1:26] <ejano> meanwhile
[1:27] <rowraft534> Oh. yeah Donating is broken.
[1:27] <rowraft534> lel
[1:27] <rowraft534> Just wait a week or two i reckon
[1:27] <ejano> or ask peppy
[1:27] <ejano> :P
[1:30] <ejano> dang..
[1:30] <Baivo> I asked peppy
[1:30] <Baivo> Through PM
[1:30] <Baivo> Sorry, i'm playing skyrim xD
[1:30] <rowraft534> If you're super desperate, I could skype him.
[1:30] <rowraft534> But honestly
[1:31] <rowraft534> The Donator rank isn't very good at the moment
[1:31] <rowraft534> Because the plugins for it haven't been updated. :P
[1:31] <ejano> but still
[1:31] <Baivo> I'm not donating for that
[1:31] <ejano> :P donating would be great
[1:31] <rowraft534> That's okay then. :P
[1:31] <Baivo> Im donating because the server is in need of funding
[1:32] <ejano> Good o!
[1:32] <ejano> :D
[1:32] <ejano> (pat/slap)
[1:32] <Baivo> I'm thinking $20 a week?
[1:32] <ejano> idk
[1:32] <Baivo> I think that's enough to pay for the server at least
[1:32] <ejano> that sounds awesome, we really need to get donator better stuff
[1:32] <rowraft534> And also trusted. :P
[1:33] <rowraft534> Especially now that you can'
[1:33] <Baivo> Plus, if i lead by exapmple, other people might follow
[1:33] <rowraft534> t apply
[1:33] <ejano> where's that darn snowman gone again
[1:34] <rowraft534> lol
[1:34] <rowraft534> I wish I had a stable source of income
[1:34] <ejano> he's... messing!
[1:34] <rowraft534> And that I was 18 and could have a PayPal account
[1:34] <ejano> missing*
[1:34] <rowraft534> Oh yeah
[1:34] <rowraft534> I assume Hyper and Nigs killed him
[1:34] <rowraft534> Because they tp'd here
[1:34] <Baivo> lol
[1:34] <rowraft534> And just shot they're guns into the sky for no reason
[1:34] <Baivo> Im only 16
[1:34] <rowraft534> oh shit
[1:35] <rowraft534> their
[1:35] <Baivo> You don't need to be 18 to have paypal
[1:35] <rowraft534> Well you do
[1:35] <Baivo> oops
[1:35] <Baivo> You're in Australia right?
[1:35] <rowraft534> But I guess it's the same as how you have to be 13 to use fb
[1:35] <rowraft534> Yis
[1:35] <Baivo> Got a safeway near you?
[1:35] <Baivo> woolworths or whatever
[1:35] <rowraft534> Oh woolies
[1:35] <rowraft534> yis
[1:35] <Baivo> YEah
[1:36] <rowraft534> Dafuq is a safeway
[1:36] <Baivo> Go get a lime prepaid mastercard
[1:36] <Baivo> Safeway is the old name for woolies
[1:36] <ejano> O.O
[1:36] <ejano> realllyyyyy
[1:36] <Baivo> yeh
[1:36] <GoldPurge> Why did they call it safeway
[1:36] <rowraft534> Dude, you're sixteen, why do you know that?
[1:36] <ejano> lol
[1:36] <ejano> gonna be to mum
[1:36] <Baivo> I work at safeway KErang
[1:36] <GoldPurge> Seems legit
[1:36] <GoldPurge> lol
[1:36] <rowraft534> Nah man
[1:37] <rowraft534> Coles is where it's at
[1:37] <rowraft534> :P
[1:37] <Baivo> Coles sucka balls
[1:37] <ejano> naaa
[1:37] <GoldPurge> FRANKLINS
[1:37] <rowraft534> Aldi
[1:37] <ejano> yeah they're all down town
[1:37] <ejano> and stuff
[1:37] <ejano> ;P
[1:37] <GoldPurge> REJECT SHOP
[1:37] <Baivo> You fit in there perfectly
[1:37] <rowraft534> Snap
[1:37] <GoldPurge> Ouch
[1:37] <Baivo> Burn
[1:38] <GoldPurge> That cut me deep
[1:38] <ejano> speaking of burns
[1:38] <ejano> in SOR
[1:38] <ejano> we saw this video, that had this racist girl in it
[1:38] <GoldPurge> Did she die?
[1:39] <ejano> and the person who was being 'picked on' had a great comback
[1:39] <ejano> and it was like
[1:39] <ejano> oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
[1:39] <GoldPurge> lol
[1:39] <rowraft534> http://www quickmeme com/img/44/44dd6b4dfc81e4eab536182f158a47dba65d7673dd6a269b47083326a2633496 jpg
[1:39] <GoldPurge> I say that all the time when people have comebacks
[1:39] <rowraft534> dang
[1:39] <ejano> it was about muslims and stuff/she was being racist to them
[1:39] <rowraft534> too long
[1:39] <ejano> no dots
[1:39] <ejano> >:C
[1:39] <rowraft534> No it's not
[1:39] <rowraft534> THERE ARE DOTS
[1:40] <rowraft534> JUST CLICK HTTP
[1:40] <rowraft534> Anyway
[1:40] <ejano> I TRIED
[1:40] <rowraft534> It's not worth it anymore. ;?
[1:40] <rowraft534> :/
[1:40] <ejano> worth?
[1:40] <Baivo> Row
[1:40] <rowraft534> Do it again
[1:40] <Baivo> GO here:
[1:40] <Baivo> https://www woolworthsmoney com au/wowm/wps/wcm/connect/WowMoney/WowMoney/Prepaid+Cards/Single+Load+
[1:40] <rowraft534> no u
[1:40] <ejano> wowmoney
[1:40] <ejano> xD wat
[1:40] <GoldPurge> Well, this is the best song atm
[1:40] <GoldPurge> http://www youtube com/watch?v=FTQbiNvZqaY
[1:40] <rowraft534> doesn't work
[1:41] <ejano> I'll do it!
[1:41] <Baivo> You gunna have to google woolworths single load mastercards
[1:41] <ejano> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTQbiNvZqaY
[1:41] <ejano> er
[1:42] <ejano> was that it
[1:42] <rowraft534> Wait so
[1:42] <rowraft534> Like a prepaid phone
[1:42] <rowraft534> You put money in it?
[1:42] <Baivo> Its like a bank card
[1:42] <rowraft534> And then use the money from the card?
[1:42] <Baivo> Except yu load it
[1:42] <Baivo> Yeah, exactly
[1:43] <GoldPurge> Seems legit
[1:43] <rowraft534> THAT'S FAIR COO:
[1:43] <rowraft534> L
[1:43] <rowraft534> Fair Cool
[1:43] <rowraft534> Why don't I know about this?
[1:43] <GoldPurge> You tried
[1:43] <Baivo> Alternatively, you can get reloadable ones from Australia Post
[1:43] <Baivo> You're gunna need like, a licence for ID though
[1:44] <GoldPurge> He's an illegal immigrant
[1:44] <rowraft534> Shhh
[1:44] <rowraft534> GOSH
[1:44] <GoldPurge> GET HIM
[1:44] <ejano> xD
[1:44] <rowraft534> Don't tell EVERYONE
[1:44] <ejano> lel
[1:44] <rowraft534> lol?
[1:44] <rowraft534> So
[1:44] <rowraft534> Nice
[1:44] <GoldPurge> Kewl
[1:45] <Baivo> HEy Ejano
[1:45] <GoldPurge> So who listened to the best song atm?
[1:45] <Baivo> Nice pink bits
[1:45] <ejano> :I
[1:45] <rowraft534> My youtube is broken
[1:45] <ejano> my youtube
[1:45] <rowraft534> So I'm using listen on repeat.
[1:45] <rowraft534> No ads
[1:45] <ejano> is not broken
[1:45] <ejano> but
[1:45] <rowraft534> Well my internet
[1:46] <GoldPurge> ???
[1:46] <rowraft534> doesn't like youtube
[1:46] <ejano> everytime I use it my dad tells em to get off
[1:46] <ejano> me*
[1:46] <rowraft534> http://www listenonrepeat com/watch/?v=HJMapA8WgYw
[1:46] <GoldPurge> It's probably because you're an illegal immigrant
[1:46] <rowraft534> DOT DANGIT
[1:46] <ejano> 'YOU'RE STUFFING UP THE PING'
[1:46] <GoldPurge> Oh wait that wouldn't make sense
[1:46] <rowraft534> http://www listenonrepeat com/watch/?v=HJMapA8WgYw
[1:46] <rowraft534> WHY DOTS WHY
[1:46] <GoldPurge> Because the government would use the internet to track you down
[1:46] <rowraft534> Anyway
[1:46] <GoldPurge> Derp.
[1:47] <ejano> http://www.listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=HJMapA8WgYw
[1:47] <ejano> boop
[1:47] <ejano> o
[1:47] <ejano> dang
[1:47] <rowraft534> :D
[1:47] <ejano> did it work
[1:47] <rowraft534> iono
[1:47] <ejano> that little w on the end
[1:47] <rowraft534> idgaf anymore
[1:48] <GoldPurge> LOL
[1:48] <rowraft534> Bavio, you are now my new favourite builder
[1:48] <GoldPurge> I almost forgot about this video
[1:48] <rowraft534> builder/adv/trusted
[1:48] <GoldPurge> http://www youtube com/watch?v=q8SWMAQYQf0
[1:48] <GoldPurge> Funniest kid
[1:48] <rowraft534> master/elite
[1:48] <rowraft534> If I get one of those cards
[1:48] <rowraft534> seriously
[1:48] <ejano> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8SWMAQYQf0
[1:48] <ejano> ^
[1:49] <ejano> that works
[1:49] <rowraft534> Why doesn't the govt. give out these genius things to everyone?
[1:49] <ejano> but dont expect me to watch cause I'll get kicked off the internet
[1:49] <GoldPurge> But ejano
[1:49] <GoldPurge> The kid is hilarious
[1:49] <ejano> :C
[1:49] <ejano> but
[1:49] <ejano> internets
[1:50] <GoldPurge> Why would you get kicked off?
[1:50] <ejano> cause
[1:50] <ejano> my dad's playing a game and if I use youtube it uses up all the internets
[1:50] <Baivo> THey're the best
[1:50] <ejano> lol
[1:50] <rowraft534> Because her brother without a phone is a mean
[1:50] <ejano> xD
[1:50] <ejano> yes and my brother
[1:50] <ejano> but he's not here atm
[1:50] <GoldPurge> Tell him to get off so you can watch the spastic kid
[1:51] <ejano> xD
[1:51] <rowraft534> Tell your dad that he is a grown ass man and he shouldn't waste his life playing computer games
[1:51] <Baivo> brb
[1:51] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[1:51] <ejano> LOL
[1:51] <ejano> I wish..
[1:51] <GoldPurge> Give him My Little Pony
[1:51] <ejano> :P
[1:51] <ejano> XD
[1:51] <ejano> ahahaha
[1:51] <ejano> na that wouldn't work
[1:51] <ejano> I think..
[1:51] <GoldPurge> lol
[1:52] <ejano> ;P
[1:53] <ejano> just tell me what the vid is called
[1:53] <ejano> and I'll look later
[1:56] <rowraft534> Psshh
[1:56] <rowraft534> Gold has a terrible sense of humour
[1:56] <GoldPurge> Hey what
[1:56] <rowraft534> It's probably a video about someone lighting their fart on fire
[1:56] <GoldPurge> The video is called Angry German Kid
[1:56] <rowraft534> and messing it up
[1:56] <ejano> o.o
[1:57] <GoldPurge> I've seen that video
[1:57] <rowraft534> Ejano, don't watch it. It has lots of swearing in german
[1:57] <ejano> lol
[1:57] <ejano> I think I've heard of that vid before
[1:57] <GoldPurge> People having a spaz attack beacause of a game is hilarious
[1:57] <ejano> is he trying to play computer?
[1:58] <ejano> Unreal tornament?
[1:58] <rowraft534> yesh
[1:59] <ejano> lol yea, think I have seen that before
[1:59] <rowraft534> brb
[2:00] <GoldPurge> Ok I'm gonna go now
[2:00] <ejano> k
[2:00] <ejano> byee
[2:00] <GoldPurge> bbl maybe cya
[2:00] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[2:00] <ejano> welp I might go too
[2:01] <ejano> I'll cyas
[2:01] * ejano (ejano@ejano) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[2:09] <rowraft534> Oh
[2:09] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[2:09] <rowraft534> Hi
[2:09] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> herro
[2:09] <rowraft534> bye ejano. :c
[2:09] <rowraft534> brb
[2:09] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> k
[2:13] <rowraft534> Welp. I gotta go. Bye!
[2:13] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) Quit (§erowraft534 left the game.)
[2:13] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> bai
[2:16] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[4:18] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) has joined #main
[4:23] <rowraft534> Lonely
[4:23] <rowraft534> I'm so lonely
[4:23] <rowraft534> I have nobody
[4:23] <rowraft534> To call my own
[4:23] <rowraft534> aaahhhh
[4:24] <rowraft534> Lonely (so lonely)
[4:24] <rowraft534> I'm so lonely (mr lonely)
[4:24] <rowraft534> I have nobody
[4:25] <rowraft534> Ugh
[4:35] <rowraft534> WELP
[4:35] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) Quit (§erowraft534 left the game.)
[13:19] * benchka (benchka@benchka) has joined #main
[13:24] * benchka (benchka@benchka) Quit (§ebenchka left the game.)
[14:36] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) has joined #main
[15:01] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:01] <GoldPurge> Hey LM
[15:01] <LittleMissGrill> heya!
[15:02] <GoldPurge> Do you have anything to do?
[15:02] <LittleMissGrill> nup
[15:02] <GoldPurge> Wanna help me?
[15:02] <LittleMissGrill> uhhhh sure
[15:02] <GoldPurge> Sweet
[15:02] <GoldPurge> I've finished the walls
[15:03] <GoldPurge> Now I'm doing the interior
[15:03] <GoldPurge> And then the grand tower
[15:03] <GoldPurge> Ok
[15:04] <GoldPurge> There's alot of landscaping to be done
[15:04] <GoldPurge> a lot*
[15:04] <GoldPurge> Tp to me
[15:04] <LittleMissGrill> actually, i'm ago have breakfast lol
[15:04] <LittleMissGrill> i'll be back in a bit. sorry!! D;
[15:04] <GoldPurge> Oh ok enjoy
[15:04] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:04] <GoldPurge> Dw
[15:21] <GoldPurge> DUN DUN DUNNNNNN
[15:22] <GoldPurge> Hey PEppy
[15:22] <GoldPurge> Peppy*
[15:22] <GoldPurge> Just landscaping and doing the interior now
[15:22] <GoldPurge> Finished the walls
[15:28] <GoldPurge> lol
[15:29] <GoldPurge> The Grand Tower will be the hardest because I'm gonna make in the interior of the mountain
[15:29] <GoldPurge> with turrets sticking out all over the mountain
[15:29] <GoldPurge> And the top will be a round spire
[15:29] <GoldPurge> With a little walls around it
[15:29] <GoldPurge> wall*
[15:32] <GoldPurge> :D
[15:32] <GoldPurge> Thankyou
[15:32] <GoldPurge> I'm just doing the bit where all the tents will go
[15:54] <GoldPurge> That bit is near;y done
[15:54] <GoldPurge> nearly*
[16:02] <GoldPurge> Peppy?
[16:02] <GoldPurge> I need you to world edit something please if you can
[16:42] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[17:09] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[17:11] * matsta171 (matsta171@matsta171) has joined #main
[17:11] <ejano> Hey!
[17:11] <matsta171> hi
[17:15] * matsta171 (matsta171@matsta171) Quit (§ematsta171 left the game.)
[17:25] <ejano> .
[17:30] * ejano (ejano@ejano) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[18:12] * Ra1nbowDash87 (Ra1nbowDash87@Ra1nbowDash87) has joined #main
[18:12] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[18:13] <Ra1nbowDash87> fastest death ever.
[18:13] <LittleMissGrill> i know right?
[18:13] <LittleMissGrill> and all my stuff disappeared in the process haha
[18:13] <Ra1nbowDash87> Kyles own server doesn't like him...
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> D; why?
[18:14] <Ra1nbowDash87> Its auto blocked his IP XD
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> hahaha!
[18:14] <Ra1nbowDash87> No idea.. apparently he looks dodgy.
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> how does that even work
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> poor kyle haha
[18:14] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> hellooo
[18:16] * Ra1nbowDash87 (Ra1nbowDash87@Ra1nbowDash87) Quit (§eRa1nbowDash87 left the game.)
[18:16] * Ra1nbowDash87 (Ra1nbowDash87@Ra1nbowDash87) has joined #main
[18:16] * Ra1nbowDash87 (Ra1nbowDash87@Ra1nbowDash87) Quit (§eRa1nbowDash87 left the game.)
[18:23] * Ra1nbowDash87 (Ra1nbowDash87@Ra1nbowDash87) has joined #main
[18:24] * Ra1nbowDash87 (Ra1nbowDash87@Ra1nbowDash87) Quit (§eRa1nbowDash87 left the game.)
[18:27] <Peppy2006> LM I swear to god
[18:27] <LittleMissGrill> what?
[18:27] <Peppy2006> Is your goal in life to die
[18:27] <Peppy2006> "I'm gonna die today!"
[18:27] <LittleMissGrill> i don't deliberately do it! D;
[18:28] <LittleMissGrill> i just, underestimate the height of jumps sometimes...
[18:34] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[18:35] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[18:36] <LittleMissGrill> whaaaat are you doin :(
[18:37] <Peppy2006> Pokin' around
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> i'm stuck :c
[18:37] <Peppy2006> No you're not
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> spying on everyone
[18:37] <Peppy2006> :P
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> do we get extra commands yet
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> §fFUS RO DAH
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[18:38] <Peppy2006> Right now it's operation fix dynmap
[18:38] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[18:38] <LittleMissGrill> oh it's been down forever
[18:39] <LittleMissGrill> i miss minecraft roses
[18:39] <Peppy2006> They still exist
[18:39] <Peppy2006> Like
[18:39] <LittleMissGrill> not as cool as 1.6 tho :c
[18:39] <Peppy2006> Seriously how do you even
[18:39] <LittleMissGrill> how do i even what?!
[18:40] <LittleMissGrill> ty for that
[18:40] <Peppy2006> It does 0 damage in the configs
[18:40] <Peppy2006> u r grif
[18:40] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh
[18:41] <Peppy2006> U R GREF
[18:41] <Peppy2006> GREFFF
[18:41] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuhuh
[18:41] <LittleMissGrill> nooooooooo
[18:42] <LittleMissGrill> i don't understand how every single one of those arrows miss me
[18:42] <Peppy2006> Because I told them to
[18:42] <LittleMissGrill> o
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[18:43] <Peppy2006> It's your shrine!
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> nothing good ever comes out of accepting your tp requests :P
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> ;o
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> it's like
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> in a room now and everything
[18:47] <Peppy2006> Eliza
[18:47] <Peppy2006> Did you just shit
[18:47] <LittleMissGrill> No lol!
[18:47] <LittleMissGrill> i'm actually reading an article about why men can talk openly about pooping but girls can't
[18:47] <Peppy2006> Are you sure
[18:47] <Peppy2006> Because look at this shit
[18:48] <LittleMissGrill> girls poop is actually like pellets though
[18:48] <LittleMissGrill> like rabbit poops
[18:48] <Peppy2006> That's actually not healthy at all
[18:48] <LittleMissGrill> maybe not for boys
[18:48] <Peppy2006> And indicative of nutrient deficiencies
[18:48] <LittleMissGrill> it's a rare experience for girls to poop sssh
[18:48] <Peppy2006> I think you just need to eat more. :P
[18:48] <LittleMissGrill> happens like once a year, maybe
[18:49] <LittleMissGrill> callin' me a liar?
[18:49] <Peppy2006> Yes
[18:49] <LittleMissGrill> that would be accurate
[18:50] * LittleMissGrill was kicked from #main by Server
[18:50] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[18:50] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[18:50] <Peppy2006> You just suck
[18:50] <LittleMissGrill> flying is not enabled on this server
[18:50] <LittleMissGrill> also ;)
[18:51] <Peppy2006> This place is literally just mesa, and desert, for ages and ages.
[18:51] <LittleMissGrill> awesome ;o
[18:52] <Peppy2006> Let's try this
[18:52] <LittleMissGrill> i like this valley of grass lol
[18:52] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) Quit (§ePeppy2006§e left the game.)
[18:52] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[18:55] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[19:01] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) has joined #main
[19:01] <GoldPurge> Hey LM
[19:01] <LittleMissGrill> heyp
[19:01] <GoldPurge> With what?
[19:01] <LittleMissGrill> oh lol
[19:01] <LittleMissGrill> typo
[19:01] <LittleMissGrill> heyo*
[19:02] <GoldPurge> lol
[19:02] <GoldPurge> Hi
[19:02] <GoldPurge> This is taking forever
[19:02] <GoldPurge> I need Peppy's world editing powers
[19:03] <LittleMissGrill> he's around
[19:03] <LittleMissGrill> i'm sure he'll appear at some point
[19:03] <GoldPurge> True
[19:03] <GoldPurge> Uh
[19:03] <GoldPurge> Wanna help me again?
[19:04] <GoldPurge> I can give you a fun job
[19:04] * matsta171 (matsta171@matsta171) has joined #main
[19:04] <GoldPurge> Hey mats
[19:04] <matsta171> hi
[19:05] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[19:06] * matsta171 (matsta171@matsta171) Quit (§ematsta171 left the game.)
[19:07] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[19:16] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[19:18] * GizzyFuzzy (GizzyFuzzy@GizzyFuzzy) has joined #main
[19:18] <LittleMissGrill> heya!
[19:18] <GizzyFuzzy> Haroooo
[19:19] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[19:19] <LittleMissGrill> hiii
[19:19] <hjmck123> ^
[19:19] * GoldPurge was kicked from #main by Server
[19:19] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[19:25] * GizzyFuzzy (GizzyFuzzy@GizzyFuzzy) Quit (§eGizzyFuzzy§e left the game.)
[19:27] <LittleMissGrill> pewp
[19:27] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[19:28] * benchka (benchka@benchka) has joined #main
[19:28] <benchka> Hey
[19:29] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[19:31] * benchka (benchka@benchka) Quit (§ebenchka left the game.)
[19:31] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) has joined #main
[19:31] <GoldPurge> PEPPY
[19:31] <GoldPurge> Hi
[20:00] * benchka (benchka@benchka) has joined #main
[20:00] <benchka> Herro
[20:01] * benchka (benchka@benchka) Quit (§ebenchka left the game.)
[20:01] <GoldPurge> No wait
[20:01] <GoldPurge> Oh well
[20:09] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[20:09] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) has joined #main
[20:09] <rowraft534> ohai
[20:09] <Skeletoon> ey row
[20:09] <Skeletoon> i think the other 2 are afk
[20:09] <Skeletoon> i just got here too
[20:10] <rowraft534> lol
[20:10] <GoldPurge> Oh hey row and skele
[20:10] <Skeletoon> hey gold
[20:10] <rowraft534> :3
[20:11] <GoldPurge> Finally some people came on
[20:11] <Skeletoon> peppy's on
[20:11] <rowraft534> :/
[20:11] <GoldPurge> He's afk though
[20:11] <GoldPurge> And has been for sometime
[20:11] <Skeletoon> like always
[20:11] <GoldPurge> True
[20:12] <Skeletoon> google time for ideas
[20:12] <GoldPurge> For what?
[20:12] <Skeletoon> something to build
[20:12] <rowraft534> A SPACESHIP
[20:12] <GoldPurge> A GIANT SHEEP HOUSE
[20:12] <GoldPurge> brb
[20:12] <Skeletoon> spaceship would be good, but not on survival
[20:13] * benchka (benchka@benchka) has joined #main
[20:13] <benchka> Hi
[20:14] * benchka (benchka@benchka) Quit (§ebenchka left the game.)
[20:15] <Skeletoon> everything would take so long without creative =P
[20:15] <rowraft534> ohlol
[20:15] <rowraft534> True.
[20:17] * rowraft534 was kicked from #main by Server
[20:17] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) Quit (§erowraft534 left the game.)
[20:17] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) has joined #main
[20:21] * rowraft534 was kicked from #main by Server
[20:21] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) Quit (§erowraft534 left the game.)
[20:21] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) has joined #main
[20:22] <Skeletoon> connection issues row?
[20:23] <rowraft534> My jetpack
[20:23] <Skeletoon> ah
[20:23] <rowraft534> If I use it incorrectly, it kicks me
[20:23] <Skeletoon> flyin
[20:23] <Skeletoon> yea
[20:27] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[20:27] <Skeletoon> hey hj
[20:27] <rowraft534> Hey there hj!
[20:27] <hjmck123> hallaz
[20:29] <Skeletoon> finally a desert
[20:29] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[20:29] <Skeletoon> hey
[20:29] <rowraft534> LM
[20:29] <hjmck123> halla
[20:29] <rowraft534> LONG TIME NO SEA
[20:29] <LittleMissGrill> ohai
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> ikr
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> i've been
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> at sea D;
[20:30] <rowraft534> That sounds scary.
[20:31] <rowraft534> I see you. :3
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> row what is this place
[20:31] <rowraft534> Erm
[20:31] <rowraft534> It's a fort
[20:31] <rowraft534> The Alliance's to be exact.
[20:31] <rowraft534> A "fort"
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> i shot peppys face n__________n
[20:31] <rowraft534> lel
[20:31] <Skeletoon> hj i no need cooroots
[20:31] <hjmck123> but
[20:31] <hjmck123> cooroots
[20:32] <rowraft534> Whereayougo?
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> you never give me cooroots :(
[20:32] <hjmck123> pig
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> oink
[20:32] <hjmck123> have u had
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> i miss jeem :(
[20:32] <hjmck123> the chips
[20:32] <hjmck123> that are
[20:32] <hjmck123> curly
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> what chips
[20:32] <hjmck123> like
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> twisties?
[20:32] <hjmck123> pig tail
[20:32] <hjmck123> things
[20:32] <hjmck123> noo
[20:32] <hjmck123> like
[20:32] <hjmck123> proper chips
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> ooooh
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> on a stick?!
[20:33] <hjmck123> o.O
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> and you can get different flavourings?
[20:33] <hjmck123> like
[20:33] <hjmck123> a chip
[20:33] <hjmck123> thats
[20:33] <hjmck123> just
[20:33] <hjmck123> curly
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> ...no
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> i've had a chip that's like
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> they've cut a potato in a swirl
[20:33] <hjmck123> hogs breath
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> and then deepfried it
[20:33] <hjmck123> restruant place
[20:33] <hjmck123> thingy
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> i've never been to hogs breath :(
[20:33] <hjmck123> has them
[20:34] <Skeletoon> just realised i is listening to party rock anthem
[20:34] <LittleMissGrill> by
[20:34] <LittleMissGrill> good charlote?
[20:35] <Skeletoon> lmfao
[20:35] <Skeletoon> =P
[20:36] <LittleMissGrill> what
[20:37] <LittleMissGrill> are you guys
[20:37] <LittleMissGrill> building
[20:37] <Skeletoon> idk what hj doin but im getting sandstone for a build
[20:37] <hjmck123> im
[20:37] <hjmck123> excavating
[20:37] <LittleMissGrill> hj is being a pewp
[20:37] <hjmck123> the thing
[20:37] <Skeletoon> your hat brokeded
[20:37] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[20:37] <LittleMissGrill> nooooo
[20:37] <LittleMissGrill> my pants are nearly broked toooo
[20:37] * GoldPurge was kicked from #main by Server
[20:37] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[20:38] <Skeletoon> magic melons
[20:38] <LittleMissGrill> ;o
[20:39] <Skeletoon> hmm i need a chest
[20:39] <LittleMissGrill> this is cool
[20:39] <LittleMissGrill> i'll make you one!!!@#$%^&*I9
[20:39] <LittleMissGrill> loook skeleesfjkd
[20:39] <Skeletoon> fenks wittlemiss
[20:39] <LittleMissGrill> its ok bb
[20:40] <Skeletoon> mk
[20:41] <LittleMissGrill> mk?!
[20:41] <Skeletoon> what hj did
[20:41] <LittleMissGrill> what did he do
[20:41] <LittleMissGrill> should i ban him
[20:41] <hjmck123> magic
[20:41] <LittleMissGrill> i'll ban him
[20:41] <Skeletoon> he booped
[20:41] <LittleMissGrill> i'll ban him
[20:41] <LittleMissGrill> perma ban?
[20:41] <rowraft534> Whoops
[20:41] <LittleMissGrill> ow :(
[20:41] <LittleMissGrill> welcome back!
[20:42] <rowraft534> lol
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> such lol
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> many rofls
[20:42] <rowraft534> Sometimes I forget that I was playing MC
[20:42] <Skeletoon> dat fb
[20:42] <Skeletoon> happens to littlemiss
[20:42] <rowraft534> ALL THE TIME
[20:42] <Skeletoon> yep XD
[20:42] <rowraft534> It's probably happened now..
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> THAT WAS ONE TIME
[20:43] <rowraft534> Oh
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> (i was checking emails just then)
[20:43] <rowraft534> ily <3
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> (sssh)
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> (ily2)
[20:43] <rowraft534> (don't hurt me)
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> (ok)
[20:43] <rowraft534> (ok)
[20:43] <Skeletoon> 4got bb
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> (ok)
[20:43] <rowraft534> (ok)
[20:44] <rowraft534> I love the mob heads at spawn.
[20:44] <rowraft534> And this random arrow in the fireplace
[20:44] <Skeletoon> ^
[20:44] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[20:45] <rowraft534> oh
[20:46] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[20:46] <LittleMissGrill> lets take bets on how long until peppy unafks
[20:46] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[20:46] <rowraft534> I think
[20:46] <Skeletoon> 2 hours
[20:46] <rowraft534> It's beem a long time already
[20:46] <Skeletoon> and u cant skype him
[20:46] <LittleMissGrill> i'm gonna say 30 minutes
[20:46] <LittleMissGrill> i won't skype him n_n
[20:46] <rowraft534> I predict
[20:47] <rowraft534> That I won't be online when he finally does.
[20:47] <LittleMissGrill> okay
[20:47] <rowraft534> But maybe
[20:47] <LittleMissGrill> whoever wins gets 50 minecraft dollars from the losers
[20:47] <LittleMissGrill> row you gotta give an actual time
[20:47] <rowraft534> 1 hour 24 minutes 54 seconds.
[20:47] <LittleMissGrill> okay
[20:47] <rowraft534> And go
[20:47] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[20:47] <Skeletoon> hey john
[20:47] <hjmck123> meep
[20:47] <rowraft534> A john!
[20:47] <johnkima> yo
[20:48] <johnkima> OH
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> congratsupations
[20:48] <johnkima> i got trusted :D
[20:48] <rowraft534> Congratulations on your fanceaawd colour mann
[20:48] <Skeletoon> gw littlemiss
[20:48] <johnkima> xd
[20:48] <johnkima> so who ranked me? xd
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> okay so row is at 5:15
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> i'm at 4:!5
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> and skele is at 5:45
[20:48] <rowraft534> lol
[20:48] <johnkima> wut
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> we're taking bets on when peppy unafks
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> would you like to be a part of it?
[20:49] <johnkima> sure
[20:49] <LittleMissGrill> whats your guess?
[20:49] <johnkima> what time is it now
[20:49] <rowraft534> You may not contact him in aany way.
[20:49] <LittleMissGrill> 3:49
[20:49] <LittleMissGrill> inb4 he never leaves
[20:49] <johnkima> so if i shouted 'hey peppy' that disqualifies me
[20:49] <LittleMissGrill> yus
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> or if you messaged him on forums or skype or somethhiing
[20:50] <johnkima> ok im betting probs about 4
[20:50] <johnkima> boom
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> so in 10 minutes?
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> okay
[20:50] <rowraft534> And console doesn't count.
[20:50] <rowraft534> ?
[20:50] <johnkima> o-o
[20:50] <johnkima> of course it does
[20:50] <rowraft534> nop
[20:50] <johnkima> console is communication....
[20:50] <rowraft534> nop
[20:50] <Skeletoon> brb hj getting chests
[20:50] <johnkima> plus you dont have access to console anyhow
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> as in, if he talks via console it doesn't count
[20:50] <rowraft534> Yis
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> he has to actually be in game
[20:50] <rowraft534> yis
[20:50] <johnkima> oh i see
[20:51] <rowraft534> That is what I meant.
[20:51] <rowraft534> :P
[20:51] <johnkima> well peppys gonna take a while
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> plot twist row gets console
[20:51] <johnkima> ill be back in 10
[20:51] <johnkima> xd
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> plot twist everyone gets console
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> byeeee john
[20:51] <johnkima> i know console access ;d
[20:51] <rowraft534> plot twist /op rowraft534
[20:51] <johnkima> ;D
[20:51] <johnkima> lol
[20:51] <johnkima> be back soon
[20:51] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> plot twist /manpromote littlemiss admin
[20:51] <rowraft534> plot twist /ban pappy2006
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> omg yes
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> both at same time
[20:52] <rowraft534> plot twist Peppy never returns
[20:52] <Skeletoon> ugh brb
[20:52] <LittleMissGrill> hall comes on and yolos
[20:52] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[20:52] * PsychoBone (PsychoBone@PsychoBone) has joined #main
[20:52] <hjmck123> hurro
[20:52] <LittleMissGrill> hihi psych
[20:52] <PsychoBone> ho
[20:52] <PsychoBone> hi
[20:52] <rowraft534> PsychoBone!! HELLO!
[20:52] <PsychoBone> away wre go
[20:52] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[20:52] <PsychoBone> lol
[20:52] <PsychoBone> wtf where am i
[20:52] <PsychoBone> oh in the mine
[20:52] <LittleMissGrill> somewhere
[20:52] <rowraft534> over
[20:52] <rowraft534> the
[20:52] <rowraft534> RAINBOW
[20:53] <PsychoBone> you wish i was
[20:53] <rowraft534> Hmm.
[20:53] <PsychoBone> :)
[20:53] <rowraft534> The snow glows white on the mountain tonight...
[20:53] <rowraft534> Not a footprint to be seen...
[20:53] <rowraft534> A kingdom of ice
[20:54] <rowraft534> olation
[20:54] <rowraft534> And it looks like I'm the queen.
[20:54] <rowraft534> The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside.
[20:54] <rowraft534> Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried.
[20:54] <rowraft534> DOn't let them in.
[20:54] <rowraft534> Don't let them see.
[20:55] <Skeletoon> row, how many beers did u have last night
[20:55] <rowraft534> Be the good girl you always have to be.
[20:55] <rowraft534> Conceal, don't feel
[20:55] <rowraft534> Don't let them know
[20:55] <rowraft534> BUT NOW THEY KNOW
[20:55] <LittleMissGrill> LET IT GO
[20:55] <Peppy2006> HOLY SHIT
[20:55] <rowraft534> LET IT GO
[20:55] <Peppy2006> THERE'S PEOPLE
[20:55] <rowraft534> CAN'T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE
[20:55] <PsychoBone> lol
[20:55] <hjmck123> pepply lick a cookie plz
[20:55] <LittleMissGrill> LET IT GOO
[20:55] <Skeletoon> gg john wins
[20:55] <rowraft534> LET IT GO
[20:55] <LittleMissGrill> (also John wins)
[20:55] <PsychoBone> go eat a goat
[20:55] <Peppy2006> Who the hell is John
[20:55] <rowraft534> ...
[20:55] <LittleMissGrill> TURN AWAY AND SLAM THE DOOR
[20:55] <PsychoBone> on the mountain side
[20:56] <rowraft534> I DON'T CARE
[20:56] <LittleMissGrill> WHAT THEY"RE GONNA SAY
[20:56] <rowraft534> LET THE STORM RAGE ON
[20:56] <Peppy2006> LM I am going to kill you if you keep this madness up.
[20:56] <rowraft534> Y'know Peppy.
[20:56] <LittleMissGrill> why would you kill only me and not row? :(
[20:56] <Peppy2006> Because row's voice
[20:56] <rowraft534> It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small.
[20:56] <Peppy2006> Is much more amazing
[20:57] <LittleMissGrill> Row and I bond over Frozen
[20:57] <LittleMissGrill> our skype chat is just frozen songs
[20:57] <rowraft534> ANd the fears that once controlled you
[20:57] <Peppy2006> THEN KEEP IT THERE
[20:57] <rowraft534> Can't get to me at all.
[20:57] <rowraft534> It's time to see what I can do
[20:57] <hjmck123> i dug eet
[20:57] <rowraft534> To test the limits
[20:57] <rowraft534> and break through
[20:58] <rowraft534> No right.
[20:58] <rowraft534> No wrong.
[20:58] <rowraft534> No rules for me
[20:58] <rowraft534> I'M FREE
[20:58] <rowraft534> Oh. :c
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> ssssh row
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> row
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> row
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> it's bed time now
[20:58] <rowraft534> nononononononononono
[20:58] <rowraft534> LM
[20:58] <rowraft534> JUST
[20:58] <rowraft534> LET IT GO
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> NO I DON"t WANNA
[20:58] <PsychoBone> why cant i find emeraldsssssssss.
[20:58] <rowraft534> LET IT GO
[20:58] <rowraft534> I AM ONE WITH THE WIND AND SKY
[20:58] <Peppy2006> They be difficult to find
[20:59] <Peppy2006> Sometimes
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> how did they make the grand market say the grand market :(
[20:59] <rowraft534> LET IT GO
[20:59] <rowraft534> LET IT GO
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> i want my house to say "Welcome to LMs House!"
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> row :(
[20:59] <rowraft534> YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME CRY!!
[20:59] <PsychoBone> oh hello
[20:59] <PsychoBone> :D
[20:59] <rowraft534> sigh
[20:59] <PsychoBone> thanks
[20:59] <Peppy2006> You're welcome!
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> did you see my garden shop row?! :D
[20:59] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[20:59] <Skeletoon> wb
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> JOHN CONGRATULATIONS
[20:59] <johnkima> DID I WIN?
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> we all owe him $50
[21:00] <Peppy2006> Why
[21:00] <rowraft534> yes i commented on it via skype
[21:00] <johnkima> wait did i seriously win?
[21:00] <Peppy2006> Win what
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> yes hahah
[21:00] <johnkima> LOOOOL
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> we made bets on when you would un afk
[21:00] <johnkima> we betted on your afk time
[21:00] <johnkima> i said at 4 you'd be not afk anymore xD
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> dammit kyle
[21:00] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) Quit (§erowraft534 left the game.)
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> i love you row
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> don't leave
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> well then
[21:00] <johnkima> lol
[21:00] <hjmck123> pwnt
[21:01] <johnkima> awkward moment when i bet a random time i win
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> is it possible to
[21:01] <Peppy2006> No
[21:01] <johnkima> lol
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> remove the block under a sign without the sign dropping?
[21:01] <Peppy2006> lol
[21:01] <Peppy2006> No.
[21:01] <Peppy2006> :P
[21:01] <johnkima> no
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[21:01] <Peppy2006> Unless it's a wall sign
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> ;o
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> what if i make it a wall sign
[21:02] <johnkima> wall signs though are on a wall
[21:02] <Peppy2006> Then you just can't remove the block behind the sign
[21:02] <Peppy2006> :D
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> is it possible to swap it around?
[21:02] <Peppy2006> lol
[21:02] <Peppy2006> Errrr
[21:02] <johnkima> what ever is attacked to the sign you cant take away without taking down the sign
[21:02] <Peppy2006> Why are you making a floating sign anyway?
[21:02] <johnkima> dont think you can swap either
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> nooo
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> i made trade signs
[21:02] <johnkima> o-o
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> and i don't want to lose the products in them :(
[21:02] <johnkima> :/
[21:02] <johnkima> make a copy
[21:02] <johnkima> ?
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> you can't
[21:03] <johnkima> :/
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> trade signs work silly
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> once you put stuff in them youc an't tget them out
[21:03] <Skeletoon> peppy
[21:03] <Peppy2006> Yes
[21:03] <Skeletoon> 1 too many
[21:03] <Peppy2006> lol
[21:03] <Skeletoon> i still have mine
[21:03] <Peppy2006> Bah
[21:03] <Peppy2006> I figured you may want a spare
[21:03] <hjmck123> feed it to the chicken god
[21:03] <Skeletoon> mk ty
[21:03] <Skeletoon> so he can fly hj
[21:05] <johnkima> well minecraft is lagging every other thing that is internet related for me so
[21:05] <johnkima> CIAO CIAO
[21:06] <hjmck123> 8
[21:06] <Skeletoon> cya
[21:06] <johnkima> ill cyas when my internet plan is upgraded to unlimeted in 2 weeks or so
[21:06] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[21:06] <Skeletoon> o.o unlimited
[21:06] <Skeletoon> ive only got 50gig
[21:07] <hjmck123> :'(
[21:07] <Skeletoon> ?
[21:07] <hjmck123> D:
[21:08] <hjmck123> she
[21:08] <hjmck123> does
[21:08] <Skeletoon> =P
[21:08] <Peppy2006> Pretty cool though ain't it?
[21:09] <Skeletoon> ye
[21:09] <Peppy2006> Watch this
[21:09] <hjmck123> can u write with cactus
[21:09] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:09] <hjmck123> ditance
[21:09] <hjmck123> is tiny
[21:10] <hjmck123> skele translate
[21:10] <Skeletoon> no
[21:10] <Skeletoon> something something
[21:10] <Skeletoon> cacti
[21:10] <hjmck123> no cacti hj
[21:10] <hjmck123> D:
[21:10] <Skeletoon> yep
[21:11] <LittleMissGrill> it's purple and pretty
[21:11] <Skeletoon> u is purple too
[21:11] <hjmck123> pwnt
[21:11] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[21:11] <hjmck123> shes pink
[21:11] <Skeletoon> looks purple with enchant
[21:11] <hjmck123> hearts
[21:11] <LittleMissGrill> make it say boop
[21:11] <Skeletoon> oh, thought it said farts
[21:11] <hjmck123> lol
[21:12] <hjmck123> is there like
[21:12] <hjmck123> a hidden command block
[21:12] <hjmck123> being sneaky
[21:12] <Skeletoon> ^
[21:12] <Peppy2006> Nope
[21:12] <hjmck123> cart?
[21:12] <LittleMissGrill> it looks cool
[21:12] <Skeletoon> so plugin
[21:12] <LittleMissGrill> inside
[21:13] <Peppy2006> Possibly
[21:13] <hjmck123> aahh i want 1.8
[21:13] <Peppy2006> Okay
[21:13] <Skeletoon> yep
[21:13] <hjmck123> skins can haz hat things all over body
[21:13] <Skeletoon> simeblox
[21:13] <Skeletoon> slimeblox*
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> make it say
[21:13] <Skeletoon> no one can kiss littlemiss no more
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> elizaisrad
[21:13] <hjmck123> 1.8
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> no one kisses me anyway :c
[21:14] <hjmck123> bob might
[21:14] <Skeletoon> dat bob does everything
[21:14] <hjmck123> hes special
[21:15] <Peppy2006> There's 1.8
[21:15] <Skeletoon> underground fog stuff
[21:15] <Skeletoon> ?
[21:15] <Peppy2006> Apparently it's called "town aura"
[21:15] <Skeletoon> ok ...
[21:15] <Peppy2006> But basically
[21:15] <Skeletoon> =P
[21:15] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[21:15] <Skeletoon> hj
[21:15] <Skeletoon> u too stronk
[21:16] <Peppy2006> He's too mezmorised
[21:16] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:16] <Peppy2006> It's like a lava lamp for him
[21:16] <Peppy2006> He found his 1.8
[21:16] <Skeletoon> he's a moth addicted to light
[21:16] <LittleMissGrill> o no D;s
[21:16] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:17] <Skeletoon> now hj dont touch that town aura
[21:17] <LittleMissGrill> hj is dead
[21:17] <LittleMissGrill> §ffus
[21:17] <hjmck123> y is peppy
[21:17] <hjmck123> in floor
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> that says eliza is a babe right?
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> §ffus
[21:18] <Peppy2006> If "poop" is of the same meaning
[21:18] <Peppy2006> Then yes.
[21:18] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> :c
[21:18] <Skeletoon> O.o
[21:19] <Skeletoon> cant read it, no way
[21:19] <hjmck123> it says
[21:19] <Peppy2006> You kinda can if you get just out of render distance and re-enter XD
[21:19] <hjmck123> bob
[21:21] <Skeletoon> sh1t ... cant make out 2nd word
[21:21] <Skeletoon> c word?
[21:21] <Peppy2006> RUN!
[21:21] <Peppy2006> lol
[21:22] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:22] <Skeletoon> wow i cant make that out at all
[21:22] * GizzyFuzzy (GizzyFuzzy@GizzyFuzzy) has joined #main
[21:22] <hjmck123> r we meant 2 run
[21:22] <Skeletoon> heyro gizzy
[21:22] <hjmck123> b00p
[21:22] <GizzyFuzzy> no
[21:22] <GizzyFuzzy> haaai
[21:22] <Peppy2006> lmao
[21:22] <Peppy2006> Try reading this
[21:23] <Skeletoon> ok
[21:23] <LittleMissGrill> bbl ;o
[21:23] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[21:23] <Skeletoon> it says "LAAAAAAG"
[21:23] <Peppy2006> Try now
[21:23] <GizzyFuzzy> :D Thats so coool
[21:23] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[21:23] <Skeletoon> hey cw
[21:24] <Skeletoon> cwp*
[21:24] <hjmck123> cwppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
[21:24] <GizzyFuzzy> Haai
[21:24] <Peppy2006> Howdy cwp!
[21:24] <GizzyFuzzy> cdubleup
[21:24] <cwp_aus> hi!
[21:24] <Skeletoon> i think gizzy can reard dat
[21:24] <Peppy2006> Haha!
[21:24] <Skeletoon> read*
[21:24] <GizzyFuzzy> :3 yeee
[21:24] <Peppy2006> It
[21:24] <Peppy2006> It moves when you walk through it!
[21:24] <Skeletoon> o.o
[21:24] <Peppy2006> §fFUS RO DAH
[21:24] <Skeletoon> choo choo
[21:24] <cwp_aus> whut?
[21:24] <GizzyFuzzy> dats osom :3
[21:24] <hjmck123> make a haunted house with this smoke stuff everywhere
[21:25] <cwp_aus> Buildy bui,ldy awesome castle
[21:25] <cwp_aus> buildy*
[21:26] <cwp_aus> I ended up getting that job peppy
[21:27] <Peppy2006> Did ya?
[21:27] <cwp_aus> Mmmm, tiring as heck, xD
[21:27] <Peppy2006> Probably running around all day. lol
[21:27] <cwp_aus> more or less yeah, :I
[21:28] <Skeletoon> o.o
[21:28] <cwp_aus> ?
[21:28] <GizzyFuzzy> :oo
[21:28] <Skeletoon> says "o"
[21:28] <Skeletoon> hj's sploding
[21:28] <cwp_aus> lol
[21:29] <Peppy2006> I should totally make a little theme park place full of whimsy
[21:29] <Peppy2006> Just random stuff like this
[21:29] <Skeletoon> lol
[21:29] <cwp_aus> Don't forget the IHord
[21:30] <Skeletoon> "the amazing Snowsplosion"
[21:30] <Peppy2006> I think I'll do that
[21:30] <Skeletoon> soz gizzy =(
[21:30] <GizzyFuzzy> :3 algd
[21:30] <Peppy2006> To spawn I go!
[21:31] <hjmck123> skele
[21:31] <hjmck123> r there
[21:31] <hjmck123> any stars
[21:31] <Skeletoon> nop
[21:31] <Skeletoon> o.o
[21:31] <hjmck123> y not
[21:31] <Skeletoon> i think coz desert
[21:31] <hjmck123> but
[21:31] <hjmck123> i c them now
[21:31] <Skeletoon> oh so there is
[21:32] <Skeletoon> dem stars are drunk i think
[21:34] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[21:34] <cwp_aus> hi baivo
[21:34] <Skeletoon> hey baivo
[21:34] <Baivo> Hia all
[21:34] <GizzyFuzzy> haaai
[21:35] <Baivo> PEPPY!
[21:36] <Baivo> PEPPY!
[21:36] <Peppy2006> Howdy
[21:36] <Baivo> TAKE MY MONEY!
[21:37] <Baivo> NAOW!
[21:37] <Baivo> <3
[21:38] <cwp_aus> Castle Cup Is the place to be, ;)
[21:38] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:38] <Baivo> Castle cup lol
[21:39] <cwp_aus> Quite seriously though, it's progressing nicely, :D
[21:39] <Baivo> The one i was criticizing?
[21:39] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[21:39] <cwp_aus> ye, xD
[21:39] <Skeletoon> wb
[21:39] <Baivo> Good times
[21:39] <cwp_aus> hi lm
[21:39] <LittleMissGrill> ty!
[21:40] <cwp_aus> Pssssttt, I changed my tptoggle for anyone who wants to come, xD
[21:40] <LittleMissGrill> come where?! :O
[21:40] <cwp_aus> my castle
[21:41] <Baivo> I love it how here, i'm a humble builder, on my other server i play, im super giga omega admin, yet
[21:41] <LittleMissGrill> well, you did leave
[21:41] <PsychoBone> 2
[21:41] <PsychoBone> wops
[21:41] <Baivo> i ejoy being here more
[21:41] <Baivo> hey, you were right
[21:42] <Skeletoon> how many psycho ;D
[21:42] <LittleMissGrill> cwp you've always been sucha good builder ;o
[21:42] <cwp_aus> :D, thanks
[21:42] <Baivo> I HELPED! I HELPED A LITTLE~!
[21:42] <cwp_aus> yes, baivo did
[21:42] <LittleMissGrill> i kinda miss rpg days ;(
[21:42] <LittleMissGrill> those two weeks were kinda fun lol
[21:42] <LittleMissGrill> gj baivo lol
[21:42] <Baivo> LEt's do it again
[21:43] <cwp_aus> but it didn't work baivo
[21:43] <Baivo> aww
[21:43] <Baivo> Why not?
[21:43] <cwp_aus> too small a player base
[21:43] <Baivo> My rpg setup worked at BZRKcraft
[21:43] <Baivo> We only had a few players
[21:43] <LittleMissGrill> o no
[21:43] <cwp_aus> everyone turned to banditry because people weren't online to provide the services they required
[21:43] <Baivo> Then it got shut down :(
[21:43] <Skeletoon> gg wp littlemiss
[21:44] <Baivo> Well, couldn't we make it a semi-rpg?
[21:44] <LittleMissGrill> i was in cwps town ^.^
[21:44] <LittleMissGrill> and he just said "do whatever you need to for the town"
[21:44] <LittleMissGrill> so it was fun
[21:44] <Baivo> The regular laws still apply, yet we play like an rpg?
[21:44] <Peppy2006> Here is the start
[21:44] <Skeletoon> like fireflies
[21:44] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:44] <Baivo> ? peppy?
[21:44] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) Quit (§ePeppy2006§e left the game.)
[21:44] <cwp_aus> :O
[21:44] <Baivo> Good jahb
[21:45] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[21:45] <cwp_aus> wb
[21:45] <Skeletoon> wb
[21:45] <Baivo> wbwbwb
[21:45] <LittleMissGrill> fsjksfaifajslk
[21:45] <cwp_aus> gj again
[21:45] <Baivo> How about no
[21:45] <cwp_aus> I know the cliffs are high lm, but sheesh
[21:45] <LittleMissGrill> i was trying to get my stuff back :(
[21:45] <Baivo> Jetpack gurl
[21:46] <LittleMissGrill> last go
[21:46] <Baivo> I'll get it for you, where di you fall?
[21:46] <LittleMissGrill> umm
[21:46] <LittleMissGrill> i think down here maybe
[21:46] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) Quit (§ePeppy2006§e left the game.)
[21:46] <Baivo> Got it for you
[21:46] <LittleMissGrill> baivo why you pick it up lol
[21:46] <LittleMissGrill> thankyou!!n.n
[21:46] * hjmck123 was kicked from #main by Server
[21:46] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[21:47] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[21:47] <Baivo> I think some of that is mine but idk
[21:47] <cwp_aus> wb
[21:47] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) has joined #main
[21:47] <LittleMissGrill> yeah i through back whats yours
[21:47] <GoldPurge> Hello
[21:47] <Baivo> The melon was yours
[21:47] <cwp_aus> bad connection peppy?
[21:47] <LittleMissGrill> no pink pants in that lot?
[21:47] <Peppy2006> Let's try this time
[21:47] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[21:47] <GoldPurge> YAY MORE THAN ! PERSON xD
[21:47] <GoldPurge> 1*
[21:47] <Baivo> The bones as well i think
[21:47] <Peppy2006> Nothing is loading for me clientside
[21:47] <Peppy2006> Not even chat
[21:47] <Baivo> try what peppy?
[21:47] <LittleMissGrill> :/
[21:48] <cwp_aus> :/
[21:48] <GoldPurge> IMA SO HAPPY
[21:48] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) Quit (§ePeppy2006§e left the game.)
[21:48] <LittleMissGrill> whyyyy are you happy? :o
[21:48] <Skeletoon> what u do gold
[21:48] <Skeletoon> oh
[21:48] <Skeletoon> nvm
[21:48] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:48] <GoldPurge> Because more than just me is on today
[21:48] <PsychoBone> yayyyyyyyy
[21:48] <cwp_aus> Ahhh....
[21:48] <LittleMissGrill> it's true gold ;o
[21:48] <cwp_aus> that'd do it
[21:48] <LittleMissGrill> everyones been super inactive lately
[21:48] <Skeletoon> stream
[21:48] <Baivo> I HAVEN'T!
[21:48] <GoldPurge> I've been on most of the day and I've been a loner
[21:48] <Skeletoon> =P
[21:48] <GoldPurge> Just building this
[21:48] <Baivo> I was on here last night on my own
[21:49] <Baivo> It was spooky
[21:49] <Skeletoon> yea i had indoor
[21:49] <cwp_aus> I'm busy most of the weekends now, :c
[21:49] <LittleMissGrill> don't you school gold?
[21:49] <GoldPurge> Shocking
[21:49] <GoldPurge> Um I guess
[21:49] <GoldPurge> But only on the weekdays
[21:49] <GoldPurge> Hence I'm not on MOnday,Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday
[21:49] <Baivo> I'm on agter school on weekdays
[21:49] <GoldPurge> And I'm always on Friday afternoon Saturday and Sunday
[21:49] <LittleMissGrill> whys that?
[21:50] <LittleMissGrill> ohhh
[21:50] <GoldPurge> Unless something happens
[21:50] <LittleMissGrill> wait i get it
[21:50] <LittleMissGrill> i thought you were saying you only do school on weekends
[21:50] <LittleMissGrill> i was like okay :/
[21:50] <cwp_aus> xD
[21:50] <cwp_aus> GG lm
[21:50] <GoldPurge> I have to play sport though now on both Saturday and sUNDAY
[21:50] <Baivo> Jesus christ!
[21:50] <GoldPurge> Sunday*
[21:50] <Baivo> mobs are OP as fuck now!
[21:50] <GoldPurge> lol
[21:50] <Skeletoon> language =P
[21:50] <LittleMissGrill> they really are
[21:50] <cwp_aus> woah now
[21:50] <Baivo> English
[21:51] <Skeletoon> -_-
[21:51] <Baivo> xD
[21:51] <PsychoBone> i was hurt badly with that language
[21:51] <GoldPurge> GizmcFizz
[21:51] <Skeletoon> ^
[21:51] <LittleMissGrill> the feels
[21:51] <PsychoBone> i have a scare
[21:51] <PsychoBone> scar
[21:51] <GoldPurge> lol
[21:51] <Baivo> Oh yeah?
[21:51] <Baivo> How about this:
[21:51] <GizzyFuzzy> MemcMe
[21:51] <PsychoBone> :)
[21:51] <Baivo> FRUIT LOOPS!
[21:51] * GizzyFuzzy (GizzyFuzzy@GizzyFuzzy) Quit (§eGizzyFuzzy§e left the game.)
[21:52] <Baivo> HOW'S YOUR EARS NOW?????
[21:52] <Baivo> FRUIT LOOPS!
[21:52] <PsychoBone> they burnnnnnnnnn!
[21:52] <cwp_aus> yep, insane
[21:52] <GoldPurge> :D
[21:53] <GoldPurge> Okey Dokey
[21:53] <Baivo> So, how's the weather where you guys are at?
[21:53] <GoldPurge> Bad
[21:53] <cwp_aus> cool atm
[21:53] <GoldPurge> Overcast and yuck
[21:53] <Baivo> Also
[21:53] <Baivo> scp
[21:53] <Baivo> *cwp
[21:53] <cwp_aus> ye?
[21:53] <Baivo> I find your voice strangely arrousing
[21:53] <cwp_aus> Wutt
[21:53] <Baivo> Just thought you ought to know
[21:54] <GoldPurge> Baivo you aussie?
[21:54] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[21:54] <Baivo> No, i'm Baivo
[21:54] <Skeletoon> hey jrr
[21:54] <cwp_aus> hi jrr
[21:54] <jrr5556> hello noobs
[21:54] <GoldPurge> -_-
[21:54] <jrr5556> :)
[21:54] <Baivo> Oi
[21:54] <LittleMissGrill> heya jrr
[21:54] <GoldPurge> Hey jrr
[21:54] <cwp_aus> Wutt
[21:54] <Skeletoon> jrr sorry but u is adv i is master ;)
[21:54] <LittleMissGrill> lol!
[21:54] <LittleMissGrill> i'm not a noob
[21:54] <Baivo> I'll punch you in the scrotum if you dare call me noob again
[21:54] <GoldPurge> lol
[21:54] <LittleMissGrill> o.O
[21:54] <jrr5556> Yeah I am a noob now
[21:54] <GoldPurge> Burn
[21:54] <Skeletoon> XD
[21:54] <LittleMissGrill> baivo careful
[21:54] <Baivo> scrotum
[21:55] <cwp_aus> woah baivo....
[21:55] <cwp_aus> woah...
[21:55] <GoldPurge> Stop the violence
[21:55] <LittleMissGrill> baivo, you need to watch what you say okay?
[21:55] <jrr5556> yeah settle noob
[21:55] <LittleMissGrill> Baivo, did you hear me?
[21:55] <cwp_aus> Also, woah jrr, woah...
[21:55] <Baivo> But seriously, ok. I'll stop
[21:55] <GoldPurge> Yeah
[21:55] <GoldPurge> Stop the verbal violence
[21:55] <jrr5556> D:
[21:55] <LittleMissGrill> excellent.
[21:55] <cwp_aus> anyways
[21:55] <Baivo> fruit loops...
[21:56] <GoldPurge> LOL
[21:56] <LittleMissGrill> are kinda gross though D;
[21:56] <jrr5556> bye bye
[21:56] <Skeletoon> cya
[21:56] <cwp_aus> seya
[21:56] <Baivo> You're kinda gross!
[21:56] <GoldPurge> Dis sheep is bugged out
[21:56] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[21:56] <cwp_aus> Well that was odd
[21:56] <cwp_aus> even for jrr
[21:56] <LittleMissGrill> he does that all the time
[21:56] <Skeletoon> jrr has lost the will to play mc
[21:56] <GoldPurge> Ikr
[21:56] <Baivo> YEah, it's kinda sad
[21:56] <LittleMissGrill> comes on for like two seconds, makes a comment about how he's not mod
[21:56] <LittleMissGrill> logs off again
[21:56] <GoldPurge> But this sheep
[21:56] <Baivo> lol
[21:56] <GoldPurge> lol
[21:56] <cwp_aus> really, thats his problem....
[21:57] <cwp_aus> *sigh*
[21:57] <Baivo> Why was he demoted?
[21:57] <LittleMissGrill> it actually really frustrates me how he's been playing the victim in this
[21:57] <GoldPurge> It was just mob
[21:57] <GoldPurge> mod*
[21:57] <LittleMissGrill> he told us his cousin, Has400 an ex-mod had committed suicide
[21:57] <cwp_aus> He faked Has400's death
[21:57] <PsychoBone> OMG these zombies are the death of me
[21:57] <GoldPurge> Like it's not the end of the world bro
[21:57] <Baivo> wow
[21:57] <Baivo> What a fruit loop
[21:57] <Skeletoon> yea psycho they can see u from 10 km's away
[21:58] <GoldPurge> This sheep is still going at it
[21:58] <GoldPurge> Hehehehe
[21:58] <Baivo> Gosh darn it
[21:58] <Baivo> This damn cave ruined my underground construction
[21:58] <GoldPurge> Hmm
[21:58] <GoldPurge> Dat sucks
[21:58] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[21:58] <Skeletoon> wb
[21:58] <cwp_aus> wb
[21:58] <Baivo> wbwbwbwbwb
[21:58] <GoldPurge> Peppy you cam back
[21:58] <Peppy2006> Eh
[21:58] <GoldPurge> :D
[21:58] <Peppy2006> It's kinda okay
[21:58] <cwp_aus> You jsut missed jrr , :I
[21:58] <GoldPurge> Welcome Back!
[21:58] <Baivo> Peppy
[21:58] <Peppy2006> I saw
[21:59] <Peppy2006> The end of it, anyway
[21:59] <cwp_aus> Ah, xD
[21:59] <Peppy2006> What was he bitching about now?
[21:59] <GoldPurge> The mod of course
[21:59] <Baivo> not being mod
[21:59] <LittleMissGrill> he was actually okay that time.
[21:59] <LittleMissGrill> he's usually much worse
[21:59] <Skeletoon> coz she loves to talk ;D
[21:59] <Baivo> Gold
[21:59] <LittleMissGrill> but you know what he does. logs on, says something about not being mod and then logs off again
[21:59] <GoldPurge> Yo?
[21:59] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[22:00] <Baivo> tp to me, come check how much this cave has ruined my life
[22:00] <Peppy2006> But what happened in particular this time :P
[22:00] <LittleMissGrill> actually skele i'm kinda quiet in real life :c
[22:00] <Skeletoon> but on mc u dont stop .... =P
[22:00] <GoldPurge> I'm heaps shy in rl
[22:00] <Baivo> Through the wall
[22:00] <GoldPurge> Kewl
[22:00] <LittleMissGrill> ummm, not much. he called us all noobs and then said "yeah well now i'm adv"
[22:00] <cwp_aus> Shall we agree mc brings out the better in us all and continue, :P
[22:00] <GoldPurge> lol
[22:01] <Baivo> Look at this mess
[22:01] <Peppy2006> Called you all noobs
[22:01] <GoldPurge> Just block it off with stone
[22:01] <cwp_aus> yeaup
[22:01] <Baivo> I am
[22:01] <Peppy2006> If he keeps getting worse we'll just ban him
[22:01] <Baivo> Such a pain tho
[22:01] <GoldPurge> Or magenta wall if your that kind of person
[22:01] <GoldPurge> wool*
[22:01] <GoldPurge> Yeah
[22:01] <Baivo> I love purple
[22:01] <GoldPurge> In my underground house I ran into a mineshaft
[22:01] <Baivo> I have no idea what i'm doing here though
[22:01] <GoldPurge> That sucked
[22:01] <Peppy2006> No point in keeping him around if all he does is come online, make everyone feel miserable
[22:01] <Peppy2006> And then leave
[22:01] <Baivo> Like, when do i stop, what do i do then?
[22:02] <GoldPurge> You mine
[22:02] <Baivo> I want to turn it into an actual underground house
[22:02] <LittleMissGrill> a kind-ish message might be enough for him to pull his head in?
[22:02] <GoldPurge> Or you make a giant circle room at bedrock for the lols
[22:02] <Baivo> Not a mine
[22:02] <GoldPurge> Oh ok
[22:02] <Baivo> But idk
[22:02] <GoldPurge> Well
[22:02] <cwp_aus> Dammit roof, why u be so hard to make
[22:02] <LittleMissGrill> roofs are super hard :c
[22:02] <GoldPurge> You should add some flat bits so you can maybe branch off into rooms
[22:03] <cwp_aus> butb this one is alot harder
[22:03] <Baivo> Yeah
[22:03] <GoldPurge> And maybe make a cool wall design
[22:03] <Baivo> How so?
[22:03] <GoldPurge> Uh
[22:03] <GoldPurge> Like this
[22:04] <GoldPurge> Into the wall
[22:04] <Baivo> mmm
[22:04] <GoldPurge> Or something like that
[22:04] <Baivo> Maybe
[22:04] <GoldPurge> I'll show you at the front
[22:04] <Baivo> I might go get some clay
[22:04] <GoldPurge> Cool house btw
[22:04] <Baivo> It's not much, but it's home for now
[22:04] * Skeletoon was kicked from #main by Server
[22:04] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[22:04] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[22:05] <cwp_aus> Gmmm, this shall do
[22:05] <cwp_aus> Hmmm*
[22:05] <GoldPurge> Hahahaha
[22:05] <Skeletoon> i think gmm works too
[22:05] <GoldPurge> Looks like a face
[22:05] <Baivo> Stone man is not impressed
[22:05] <Baivo> Got your nose stoneman
[22:05] <Baivo> I am your nose stoneman
[22:05] <GoldPurge> lol
[22:05] <GoldPurge> Not for long
[22:06] <GoldPurge> BWAHHAHAHAHA
[22:06] <GoldPurge> Peppy?
[22:06] <Peppy2006> Yeah?
[22:06] <GoldPurge> Can you do some world editing please
[22:07] <GoldPurge> At the fort
[22:07] <Peppy2006> Yeah, in a minute
[22:07] <GoldPurge> Ok thanks
[22:07] <GoldPurge> I have 6 turrets set up for the Grand Tower
[22:08] <GoldPurge> I haven't made them yet
[22:08] <GoldPurge> Just dug tunnels to them
[22:09] <GoldPurge> Btw mats need elite
[22:09] <GoldPurge> needs*
[22:09] <Skeletoon> adv
[22:09] <GoldPurge> He's house is glorious
[22:09] <GoldPurge> But it's way better than adv
[22:09] <Skeletoon> cant skip ranks
[22:10] <Skeletoon> and imo, not elite builder =P
[22:10] <cwp_aus> who's mats?
[22:10] <GoldPurge> Well can you get 2 ranks with the same house?
[22:10] <Skeletoon> matsta
[22:10] <cwp_aus> Ah
[22:10] <cwp_aus> nay gold
[22:10] <GoldPurge> That sucks
[22:10] <Baivo> Gold
[22:10] <GoldPurge> Yo?
[22:10] <Baivo> You are a farming apparatus used to till the earth into farmable land
[22:10] <GoldPurge> ...
[22:11] <Baivo> <3
[22:11] <GoldPurge> Ok then
[22:11] <GoldPurge> So I'm a hoe
[22:11] <Baivo> YEs
[22:11] <GoldPurge> Hehehehe
[22:11] <Baivo> You are
[22:11] <GoldPurge> lol
[22:11] <LittleMissGrill> if he's built something else, i'm sure we can assess him for two ranks in the period of 30 seconds ;
[22:11] <LittleMissGrill> ;)
[22:11] <GoldPurge> Nice
[22:12] <LittleMissGrill> do you know where the house is? i'd like to seee
[22:12] <GoldPurge> Aerovia
[22:12] <Baivo> Yeah me too
[22:12] <LittleMissGrill> oooh i know that place
[22:12] <cwp_aus> YAY, the roof is working!!
[22:12] <Baivo> I am Aerovia
[22:12] <cwp_aus> he has a house now?
[22:12] <Baivo> Funny story actually
[22:12] <LittleMissGrill> where in aerovia?
[22:12] <cwp_aus> show me, :P
[22:12] <Skeletoon> il get ther
[22:12] <GoldPurge> Ok just tp to me when I say\
[22:12] <Baivo> You know that roleplay world o was talking about?
[22:13] <Baivo> I named it Aerovia in honour of Fly
[22:13] <GoldPurge> Here it isw
[22:13] <GoldPurge> is*
[22:13] <Skeletoon> tp littlemiss
[22:13] <cwp_aus> you do know
[22:13] <cwp_aus> that that house isn't matsta's right
[22:13] <LittleMissGrill> D:
[22:13] <LittleMissGrill> i died
[22:13] <GoldPurge> He said it was.....
[22:13] <Skeletoon> i saw
[22:13] <cwp_aus> this is flying's
[22:13] <LittleMissGrill> can one of you guys go to where i died?
[22:13] <cwp_aus> matsta lives with flying
[22:13] <LittleMissGrill> :3
[22:13] <GoldPurge> They are both making it then
[22:13] <cwp_aus> \
[22:13] <GoldPurge> Well that sucks
[22:14] <cwp_aus> as does stalknig live ajoined
[22:14] <LittleMissGrill> cwp/gold?
[22:14] <cwp_aus> and masta's freind
[22:14] <LittleMissGrill> can one of you guys turn around to the roof of the walk wayyy?
[22:14] <GoldPurge> He totally said he made this all by himself with Flying giving him the materials
[22:14] <cwp_aus> welp, thats a lie
[22:14] <GoldPurge> lol
[22:14] <GoldPurge> Oh well
[22:14] <LittleMissGrill> ty
[22:14] <cwp_aus> down hee lm
[22:14] <GoldPurge> He'll get adv at leeast
[22:14] <GoldPurge> least*
[22:14] <LittleMissGrill> ugh i had more stuff
[22:15] <LittleMissGrill> can't get ranked for stuff you've gotten help with above builder
[22:15] <cwp_aus> brb
[22:15] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[22:15] <GoldPurge> But he has another house
[22:15] <LittleMissGrill> oooh
[22:15] <GoldPurge> I'm pretty sure
[22:15] <GoldPurge> Which he made by himself
[22:15] <LittleMissGrill> in that case!
[22:15] <GoldPurge> Near Flying's fort
[22:15] <GoldPurge> Um can I get a tp to some coordes please?
[22:16] <GoldPurge> lol
[22:16] <Skeletoon> could land on the other waterfalls down bot
[22:17] <GoldPurge> That's faster than light travel
[22:17] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[22:17] <Skeletoon> hey regox
[22:17] <Regox> Hey
[22:17] <GoldPurge> Hey Reg
[22:17] <LittleMissGrill> regox! ;o
[22:17] <Skeletoon> ugh i hate the confindness of this house
[22:17] <GoldPurge> Oh we;;
[22:17] <GoldPurge> ll*
[22:17] <GoldPurge> well*
[22:17] <LittleMissGrill> i like it
[22:18] <LittleMissGrill> i wish i could build like thia
[22:18] <Skeletoon> so squishy
[22:18] <GoldPurge> Same
[22:18] <Skeletoon> these hallways are ok
[22:18] <Skeletoon> 2 block thick
[22:18] <Skeletoon> wide*
[22:18] <LittleMissGrill> well matsta appears to have built most the inside
[22:18] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) has joined #main
[22:18] <cwp_aus> back
[22:18] <Skeletoon> wb row
[22:18] <GoldPurge> He row
[22:18] <Skeletoon> wb cwp
[22:18] <GoldPurge> Hey*
[22:18] <LittleMissGrill> wb row and cwp
[22:18] <Regox> Anyone else just lag out a tad?
[22:18] <LittleMissGrill> nope
[22:18] <Regox> Odd
[22:19] <GoldPurge> Nuh
[22:19] <rowraft534> Hello
[22:19] <LittleMissGrill> though peppy has been having troubles
[22:19] <cwp_aus> however lm, I've seen asp doing a fair bit of it
[22:19] <cwp_aus> especially the outside
[22:19] <rowraft534> Welp
[22:19] <LittleMissGrill> yuhuh
[22:19] <rowraft534> Bye
[22:19] <cwp_aus> and digging out the rooms and doing most of the interior
[22:19] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) Quit (§erowraft534 left the game.)
[22:20] <Skeletoon> would it be ok to ask for a world edit of sand to fill something
[22:20] <cwp_aus> if you go up to the top
[22:20] <Regox> What were you doing...
[22:20] <Skeletoon> digging out a temple
[22:20] <Skeletoon> for sandstone
[22:20] <GoldPurge> lol
[22:20] <Regox> But there's still sandstone
[22:20] <GoldPurge> Oops
[22:20] <GoldPurge> Just murdered a horse
[22:20] <Skeletoon> yea but i got 2 chests full
[22:20] <cwp_aus> anyway
[22:20] <Skeletoon> double chests
[22:21] <Regox> Is it anywhere near your house?
[22:21] <cwp_aus> there is too much discrepancy for me to even dare consider ranking for this
[22:21] <Skeletoon> this place? no
[22:21] * Retikus (Retikus@Retikus) has joined #main
[22:21] <GoldPurge> Hey Ret
[22:21] <Skeletoon> hey retikus
[22:21] <Regox> Then I'd say it doesn't really need filling in
[22:21] <Regox> Hey ret
[22:21] <Retikus> hey hey
[22:21] <GoldPurge> Well I bless the rains down in Africa
[22:21] <Skeletoon> was going to build something on flat ground which i was going to make here
[22:21] <Skeletoon> but i guess i could find another place
[22:22] <Skeletoon> nvm found flatter ground =)
[22:22] * Regox (Regox@Regox) Quit (§eRegox§e left the game.)
[22:23] <cwp_aus> can i get someone's opinion on this roof?
[22:23] <Retikus> sure
[22:23] <GoldPurge> Um
[22:23] <cwp_aus> I'm not entirely happy with it
[22:24] <GoldPurge> I just put blocks or slabs on top and say good enough lol
[22:24] <GoldPurge> Or stairs
[22:24] <cwp_aus> It's a rather complicated roof
[22:24] <Retikus> i like it
[22:24] <cwp_aus> Kwel
[22:24] <cwp_aus> thanks ret, xD
[22:25] <Retikus> Np
[22:26] <cwp_aus> :/
[22:26] <GoldPurge> Ouch
[22:26] <GoldPurge> Lag muc
[22:26] <Skeletoon> careful, that first step is a real doosie
[22:26] <GoldPurge> much*
[22:27] <cwp_aus> people really like to die off my castle...
[22:27] <GoldPurge> ou shold call it Sicide Castle
[22:27] <cwp_aus> :/
[22:27] <GoldPurge> Suicide
[22:27] <GoldPurge> Dammit
[22:27] <GoldPurge> My keyboard is dying
[22:27] <GoldPurge> brb
[22:27] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[22:28] <cwp_aus> Dem wireless keyboards, xD
[22:28] <Skeletoon> no suprise^
[22:28] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) has joined #main
[22:28] <Skeletoon> wb
[22:28] <GoldPurge> Ok back
[22:28] <GoldPurge> Thanks
[22:28] <Peppy2006> Welcome back!
[22:28] <cwp_aus> Why a wireless keyboard?
[22:28] <Retikus> cwp could you help me?
[22:28] <GoldPurge> Thanks
[22:28] <Skeletoon> wdf
[22:29] <cwp_aus> sure ret
[22:29] <Skeletoon> retikus when did u get elite
[22:29] <cwp_aus> how so?
[22:29] <GoldPurge> Case my one with a wire died
[22:29] <Retikus> my stuff is down there
[22:29] <GoldPurge> Cause
[22:29] <cwp_aus> grab that lot
[22:29] <GoldPurge> Anyone want to lend a hand with Fort Butterfingers?
[22:29] <Retikus> thanks cwp
[22:29] <cwp_aus> np
[22:30] <GoldPurge> YES
[22:30] <GoldPurge> This sheep is still bugging out lol
[22:30] <cwp_aus> welp, i'm off
[22:30] <GoldPurge> Cya
[22:30] <cwp_aus> seyas
[22:30] <Skeletoon> cya
[22:30] <Peppy2006> See ya cwp
[22:30] <Retikus> bye
[22:30] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) Quit (§ecwp_aus§e left the game.)
[22:30] <Retikus> brb
[22:30] <GoldPurge> Ouch
[22:31] <GoldPurge> I can't believe this
[22:31] <LittleMissGrill> -.-
[22:31] <GoldPurge> It's so good
[22:31] <Skeletoon> what i would do for that semi 001 sniper -.-
[22:31] <GoldPurge> I fell like ;aughing like the kid in that video of laddergoat
[22:31] <GoldPurge> laughing*
[22:32] <GoldPurge> fell*
[22:32] <GoldPurge> http://www youtube com/watch?v=CvYHpe45nO4
[22:32] <GoldPurge> Oh god
[22:32] <GoldPurge> This dude's laugh
[22:33] <LittleMissGrill> i thought
[22:33] <GoldPurge> Ouch
[22:33] <LittleMissGrill> mobs didn't spawn in grand market :(
[22:33] <Peppy2006> No, LM, that wasn't a villager
[22:33] <GoldPurge> They do now
[22:33] <GoldPurge> With MAGIC
[22:33] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[22:33] <GoldPurge> Peppy can you see this sheep bugging out
[22:33] <Skeletoon> wb baivo
[22:33] <GoldPurge> Hey baivo
[22:33] <GoldPurge> wb
[22:33] <Skeletoon> OMG i miss this thing =D
[22:33] <LittleMissGrill> where is buggy sheep
[22:34] <LittleMissGrill> i wanna see ;o
[22:34] <GoldPurge> Don't tp to me
[22:34] <Baivo> Peppy
[22:34] <GoldPurge> I'm in mid air
[22:34] <LittleMissGrill> too late
[22:34] <Skeletoon> gimme sec enderman
[22:34] <GoldPurge> OW my insides
[22:34] <Baivo> Peppy
[22:34] <Peppy2006> Yes?
[22:34] <Baivo> TAKE MY MONEY!
[22:34] <GoldPurge> This dude cracks me up
[22:34] <Peppy2006> Soon
[22:34] <Baivo> NAOW!
[22:35] <Baivo> <3
[22:35] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[22:35] <LittleMissGrill> it's perfect!!!
[22:35] <GoldPurge> http://www youtube com/watch?v=CvYHpe45nO4
[22:35] <GoldPurge> Seriously watch this
[22:35] <Skeletoon> XD
[22:35] <Baivo> Evil shenanigans
[22:35] <LittleMissGrill> and to think rob thought it wasn't possible n_n
[22:35] <GoldPurge> Ok lm tp to me now
[22:35] <Peppy2006> What wasn't possible?
[22:35] <Baivo> I forgot rob was a thing
[22:35] <Peppy2006> Oh the volcano
[22:36] <GoldPurge> He's still going and so is this sheep
[22:36] <Baivo> DAMNIT!
[22:37] <Skeletoon> genious idea the volcano XD
[22:37] * Retikus (Retikus@Retikus) Quit (§eRetikus left the game.)
[22:37] <Baivo> Wait, i can use this
[22:37] <LittleMissGrill> it's so cool
[22:37] <Baivo> Aww yiss
[22:37] <Peppy2006> It's amazing
[22:37] <Peppy2006> lol
[22:37] <LittleMissGrill> i'ma set home here
[22:37] <Skeletoon> =P
[22:37] <Peppy2006> Oh look at these
[22:37] <Peppy2006> LM go look in the forest there
[22:37] <LittleMissGrill> ;o
[22:37] <Baivo> Is it a slendyman?
[22:37] <GoldPurge> Dis sheep is still going
[22:37] <LittleMissGrill> there's white twinkly things!
[22:38] <Skeletoon> hall's name lol
[22:38] <Skeletoon> takes whole thing
[22:38] * PsychoBone (PsychoBone@PsychoBone) Quit (§ePsychoBone left the game.)
[22:38] <Skeletoon> simultanious now
[22:38] <GoldPurge> Oh man
[22:38] <Skeletoon> ready
[22:38] <Skeletoon> 3
[22:38] <Skeletoon> 2
[22:38] <Skeletoon> 1
[22:38] <Skeletoon> XD
[22:38] <Peppy2006> Baivo
[22:38] <Peppy2006> Behind you
[22:39] <GoldPurge> God this is funny to listen to
[22:39] <GoldPurge> This thing needs to go
[22:39] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[22:40] <Baivo> I demand a refund
[22:40] <Baivo> HA
[22:40] <Baivo> PEPPY
[22:40] <Baivo> YOUR FENCE SUCKS
[22:40] <Skeletoon> dat reload
[22:40] <Baivo> MWAHAHAHA
[22:41] <Baivo> Okay sorry
[22:41] <Baivo> Too far
[22:41] <Baivo> I tske that back
[22:41] <Baivo> *take
[22:42] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[22:43] <Peppy2006> What should I name my forest of wonder
[22:43] <Skeletoon> "Forest Of Wonder"
[22:43] <Peppy2006> What's catchier than that, though :P
[22:43] <GoldPurge> "Wonder Of Forest"
[22:43] <GoldPurge> MIND BLOW
[22:43] <Skeletoon> XD was gonna say that
[22:43] <GoldPurge> Wonderful Forest
[22:44] <Skeletoon> but srsly idk =P
[22:44] <Peppy2006> PEPPY'S....
[22:44] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[22:44] <LittleMissGrill> i bit my tongue really badly like three days ago and it's still sore :(
[22:44] <LittleMissGrill> sam!!
[22:44] <Skeletoon> Hey rob
[22:44] <GoldPurge> I have it
[22:44] <GoldPurge> Wundershonen Wald
[22:44] <Peppy2006> Pffft
[22:44] <Peppy2006> Look at Rob
[22:45] <GoldPurge> That is wanderful forest in German
[22:45] <Peppy2006> He thinks that Quartz is a gun
[22:45] <GoldPurge> And Hey rob
[22:45] <GoldPurge> wonderful*
[22:45] <roberestarkk> it used to be
[22:45] <LittleMissGrill> step on pressure plate n____n
[22:45] <LittleMissGrill> turn around
[22:45] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[22:45] <Peppy2006> Does he have particles on I hope
[22:46] <Peppy2006> If not, this place is rather dull.
[22:46] <LittleMissGrill> right
[22:46] <LittleMissGrill> spiders eyes are poisonous
[22:46] <GoldPurge> Good work lm'
[22:46] <LittleMissGrill> ty ty
[22:46] <GoldPurge> You're head researcher now
[22:46] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[22:46] <LittleMissGrill> EXCELLENT
[22:46] <LittleMissGrill> i will research by eating everything
[22:46] <GoldPurge> You know everything about mobs
[22:47] <LittleMissGrill> rob rob rob what do you think
[22:47] <GoldPurge> You also get killed by them heaps to know their powers
[22:47] <GoldPurge> lol
[22:47] <LittleMissGrill> it's true i do
[22:47] <roberestarkk> I think Ayreon's new album is pretty kickass, but it's still not as epic as BG's
[22:47] <Skeletoon> to know the mob, you first must be the mob
[22:47] <GoldPurge> Not today
[22:48] <GoldPurge> To know the mob you must ask for its name
[22:48] <GoldPurge> xD
[22:48] <LittleMissGrill> what else do you think rob?!
[22:48] <roberestarkk> I think that this is in-fact still a gun
[22:49] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[22:49] <Skeletoon> wb
[22:49] <GoldPurge> wb
[22:49] <LittleMissGrill> anything else?!
[22:49] <Baivo> Oh wow. Hey rob
[22:49] <GoldPurge> He thinks drugs are bad
[22:49] <roberestarkk> That he does!
[22:49] <LittleMissGrill> Rob and I have that in common!
[22:49] <GoldPurge> Well anyway
[22:49] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[22:49] <GoldPurge> I gtg
[22:49] <roberestarkk> No we don't LM
[22:49] <GoldPurge> Hey Smiley
[22:50] <Skeletoon> cya gold
[22:50] <Peppy2006> Smiley!
[22:50] <Smiley864> haloo
[22:50] <GoldPurge> Farewell
[22:50] <Skeletoon> hey smiley
[22:50] <GoldPurge> I'll be back
[22:50] <LittleMissGrill> whyyy do you say that?
[22:50] <GoldPurge> So don't you worry don't you worry child
[22:50] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[22:50] <Smiley864> cool xD
[22:50] <roberestarkk> Alcohol is a drug, and our views on that are very different
[22:50] <Baivo> Since when is alchohol a narcotic?
[22:50] <LittleMissGrill> except i've been drunk like, twice in the last 12 months :c
[22:51] <roberestarkk> Since it was first outlawed in America
[22:51] <roberestarkk> Actually, probably earlier than that
[22:51] <Baivo> You were outlawed in america
[22:51] <roberestarkk> I was indeed!
[22:51] <LittleMissGrill> these are the graves for hall, regox and peppy
[22:51] <LittleMissGrill> rip <3
[22:51] <roberestarkk> Too much joking with Peppy about terrorism and assassination
[22:51] <roberestarkk> Now they won't let me come over
[22:51] <LittleMissGrill> oooh is that why you won't come with me
[22:51] <Smiley864> brb
[22:51] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) Quit (§eSmiley864 left the game.)
[22:51] <roberestarkk> Nope
[22:52] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[22:52] <roberestarkk> All I need to do is apologise and they'll let me, but I'm sticking to my principles
[22:52] <LittleMissGrill> psssh principles
[22:52] <LittleMissGrill> who needs those things
[22:52] <roberestarkk> Everyone
[22:52] <Baivo> Principals do
[22:52] <roberestarkk> Especially Principals!
[22:52] <Baivo> xD
[22:52] <LittleMissGrill> nope!
[22:53] <LittleMissGrill> §ffus
[22:53] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[22:53] <Baivo> omfg lol
[22:53] <LittleMissGrill> i was showing my love
[22:53] <LittleMissGrill> and you killed me
[22:53] <LittleMissGrill> i see how it is
[22:53] <Baivo> Wow
[22:53] <Baivo> Didn't think you had emotions lm
[22:53] <LittleMissGrill> n___n
[22:53] <roberestarkk> Okay fine... No-one needs principles... Let's all just devolve our civilisation into anarchy
[22:53] <Peppy2006> No, no
[22:53] <Peppy2006> She just doesn't have a soul
[22:53] <Baivo> Oh, me too
[22:53] <LittleMissGrill> EXCELLENT IDEA ROB
[22:54] <Baivo> I sold mine
[22:54] <Baivo> For a premium minecraft account
[22:54] <LittleMissGrill> yes. i am the least emotional person ever
[22:54] <roberestarkk> No, no it isn't
[22:54] <Peppy2006> She didn't have to sell hers
[22:54] <LittleMissGrill> i never cry ever
[22:54] <Baivo> Best decision of my life
[22:54] <Peppy2006> She just naturally never had one
[22:55] <LittleMissGrill> what do you think of the volcano though rob?
[22:55] <Baivo> *awkward silence*
[22:55] <roberestarkk> oh
[22:55] <roberestarkk> it's very underwhelming
[22:55] <Baivo> xD
[22:55] <LittleMissGrill> i told you it would be D;
[22:56] <Baivo> Rob
[22:56] <LittleMissGrill> if i warn you about something being underwhelming you can't act all surprised
[22:56] <roberestarkk> Yes, but I didn't think it would be THIS underwhelming
[22:56] <roberestarkk> yes Baivo?
[22:56] <Baivo> Rob
[22:56] <LittleMissGrill> but the particles!!!
[22:56] <Baivo> I love your vocabulary
[22:56] <roberestarkk> Thank you :P
[22:56] <Baivo> And your grammar
[22:56] <LittleMissGrill> §ffus
[22:57] <roberestarkk> The particles do add to it's height...
[22:57] <LittleMissGrill> why do people try to kill me when i fus them? :(
[22:57] <roberestarkk> Because it's annoying?
[22:57] <LittleMissGrill> is it though?
[22:57] <Baivo> BEcause in skyrim, everything wants to kill you
[22:57] <roberestarkk> Yes
[22:57] <Baivo> EVERYTHING
[22:57] <LittleMissGrill> i've never played skyrim :c
[22:57] <roberestarkk> Very true
[22:57] <Baivo> Even the damn chickens
[22:57] <Baivo> (not true)
[22:57] <roberestarkk> even those tiny little crabs that can't possibly hope to hurt you, still try
[22:57] <Baivo> omg yes
[22:57] <Baivo> The damn mudcrabs
[22:58] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[22:58] <cwp_aus> back for a bit
[22:58] <Baivo> wbwbwb
[22:58] <roberestarkk> ^
[22:58] <LittleMissGrill> i can't see it :(
[22:58] <Peppy2006> Welcome back!
[22:58] <Peppy2006> Oh it's not a word.
[22:58] <Peppy2006> It's just splashy
[22:58] <cwp_aus> Waiting for the second part to render in 1080p, :I
[22:59] <roberestarkk> server swapped hosts yet?
[22:59] <Peppy2006> Oh yes
[22:59] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[22:59] <Peppy2006> Can you /gc?!
[22:59] <Skeletoon> wb smiley
[22:59] <roberestarkk> doubt it
[22:59] <Smiley864> ty
[23:00] <roberestarkk> nope
[23:00] <Baivo> Peppy won't let me donate. Rob, kill him.
[23:00] <Peppy2006> I'm making Donator benefits better before I re-open it :P
[23:00] <Baivo> How so?
[23:00] <Baivo> Rob, no.
[23:00] <Peppy2006> You'll see!
[23:01] <cwp_aus> party in Cwp's Castle!!!!
[23:01] <Baivo> No
[23:01] <cwp_aus> YIS!
[23:01] <Baivo> Nis
[23:02] <cwp_aus> so yeah, expect part 2 up within two hours.
[23:02] <Peppy2006> What is part 2
[23:02] <Baivo> You're a part two!
[23:02] <cwp_aus> part two of the pvp comp that I filmed peppy!
[23:02] <Peppy2006> Oh
[23:02] <LittleMissGrill> brb
[23:03] <cwp_aus> anyway, it's rendered now, off to upload I go
[23:03] <cwp_aus> seyas
[23:03] <Skeletoon> cya
[23:03] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) Quit (§ecwp_aus§e left the game.)
[23:04] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) has joined #main
[23:04] <Skeletoon> hey lacho
[23:04] <Lacho5> Hey all
[23:04] <Peppy2006> Howdy Lacho!
[23:04] <roberestarkk> well this was as fun as I remember
[23:04] <roberestarkk> Ciao everyone
[23:04] <Baivo> :(
[23:04] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[23:04] <Lacho5> what u guys up to?
[23:04] <LittleMissGrill> what a popo
[23:04] <LittleMissGrill> and poop
[23:05] <Baivo> Waiting for peppey to hurry up
[23:05] <LittleMissGrill> :S
[23:05] <Lacho5> Peppy what u guys doing?
[23:05] <LittleMissGrill> hurry up what...?
[23:05] <Skeletoon> duh po po? duh 5-0? duh pigs?
[23:05] <Lacho5> I just got a new PVP mouse!
[23:06] <Lacho5> jokes
[23:06] <Baivo> XD
[23:07] <Baivo> I need a way to conceal these pistons...
[23:07] <Peppy2006> Smiley is in awe clearly
[23:07] <Peppy2006> Of that tree.
[23:07] <LittleMissGrill> obz
[23:07] <Peppy2006> Oh wait no she's back
[23:07] <Smiley864> c:
[23:07] <Peppy2006> LOOK AT THE VOLCANO
[23:07] <LittleMissGrill> you snapped her out of it
[23:08] <Peppy2006> Let's cook her
[23:08] <Smiley864> :D
[23:08] <Lacho5> peppy I can not see the volcano!
[23:08] <Baivo> I am pretty
[23:08] <LittleMissGrill> yummm
[23:08] <LittleMissGrill> cooked smiley
[23:08] <LittleMissGrill> POTATO TOTS
[23:08] <LittleMissGrill> THOSE SMILEY POTATO THINGS
[23:08] <Lacho5> wow peppy's forest
[23:08] <Lacho5> haha
[23:09] <Lacho5> we should make a big version
[23:10] <Lacho5> ha how did u do that peppy?
[23:10] <Lacho5> peppy u lost the Laws
[23:10] <Peppy2006> Simple, lacho
[23:10] <Peppy2006> No, it's over here
[23:10] <Lacho5> hmm dam I want to take pic of that
[23:10] <Lacho5> for logo
[23:11] <Baivo> Peppy
[23:11] <Lacho5> it would have a nice effect
[23:11] <Lacho5> so how do u do it peppy with the heads?
[23:11] <Baivo> ./Playerheads
[23:11] <Peppy2006> Magic and wonder
[23:12] <Baivo> peppeh
[23:12] <Lacho5> please peppy
[23:12] <Baivo> This isn't about donator
[23:12] <Peppy2006> Okay
[23:13] <Peppy2006> I like this place
[23:13] <Baivo> Profiteroles
[23:13] <Skeletoon> wow witches are op
[23:13] <Baivo> ikr
[23:13] <Lacho5> brb
[23:13] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) Quit (§eLacho5 left the game.)
[23:15] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) has joined #main
[23:15] <Skeletoon> wb
[23:15] <Lacho5> thx
[23:16] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[23:16] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) Quit (§eSmiley864 left the game.)
[23:16] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) Quit (§eLacho5 left the game.)
[23:16] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) has joined #main
[23:16] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[23:16] <LittleMissGrill> ;o
[23:16] <Peppy2006> Wow
[23:16] <LittleMissGrill> that was dramatic
[23:16] <Peppy2006> Well we cleared them out quick
[23:17] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[23:17] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[23:18] <Skeletoon> with ip's
[23:18] <Baivo> LM
[23:18] <LittleMissGrill> baivo
[23:18] <Baivo> Can you teach me to football?
[23:18] <LittleMissGrill> to what
[23:18] <Baivo> To football
[23:18] <LittleMissGrill> on
[23:18] <Baivo> Can you teach me to football?
[23:18] <LittleMissGrill> minecraft?
[23:18] <Baivo> To football
[23:18] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[23:18] <Lacho5> to play football?
[23:18] <Peppy2006> It's in top-down view :S
[23:19] <Peppy2006> That's always been an option... :P
[23:19] <Peppy2006> But never forced
[23:19] <Lacho5> what is the ip for that?
[23:19] <Peppy2006> earth.lawsofminecraft.com
[23:19] <Lacho5> what is it for?
[23:19] <Peppy2006> http://earth.lawsofminecraft.com
[23:19] <Skeletoon> k im off, cyas
[23:19] <Peppy2006> Just click it
[23:19] <LittleMissGrill> byee
[23:19] <Peppy2006> See ya Skele!
[23:19] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[23:20] <LittleMissGrill> :S
[23:20] <Lacho5> fhttp://earth lawsofminecraft com
[23:20] <Peppy2006> Nope, you cannot type it
[23:20] <Lacho5> http://earth lawsofminecraft com
[23:20] <LittleMissGrill> you are not cool enough
[23:22] <LittleMissGrill> §ffus
[23:22] <Lacho5> ro
[23:22] * FlyingAsparagus (FlyingAsparagus@FlyingAsparagus) has joined #main
[23:22] <LittleMissGrill> flying
[23:22] <Lacho5> hi flying
[23:22] <LittleMissGrill> ben
[23:22] <Peppy2006> Howdy Flying
[23:22] <Baivo> FLY
[23:23] <FlyingAsparagus> Hello
[23:23] <Lacho5> sorry
[23:23] <LittleMissGrill> all g
[23:23] <Lacho5> soz lm
[23:23] <LittleMissGrill> no worries lol
[23:23] <Baivo> I LOVE YOU FLY
[23:24] <FlyingAsparagus> The music I'm listening to really makes this awesome
[23:24] <Peppy2006> lol
[23:24] <FlyingAsparagus>, we meet again
[23:25] <Lacho5> also known as CWP!
[23:25] <Peppy2006> We meet again, Dr.
[23:25] <Lacho5> cwp how long till the new vid
[23:25] <Lacho5> ?
[23:25] <FlyingAsparagus> You're going to hurt my feelings talking like that
[23:25] * PsychoBone (PsychoBone@PsychoBone) has joined #main
[23:25] <Baivo> Fly
[23:25] <Peppy2006> lol, I love how Lacho knows cwp... by his IP...
[23:25] <FlyingAsparagus> Yes?
[23:25] <Peppy2006> (apparently)
[23:25] <Peppy2006> XD
[23:26] <Baivo> is me
[23:26] <Lacho5> it is me
[23:26] <Baivo> See?
[23:26] <FlyingAsparagus> That's nice
[23:26] <LittleMissGrill> i guess your names are the same colour
[23:26] <LittleMissGrill> it must be true
[23:26] <Baivo> Why do you hate me
[23:26] <Lacho5> ha what?
[23:27] <FlyingAsparagus> I don't hate you?
[23:27] <Lacho5> who hates u?
[23:27] <Baivo> Fly dislikes me
[23:27] <FlyingAsparagus> That's highly improbable
[23:27] <FlyingAsparagus> And certainly without basis
[23:28] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) Quit (§eBaivo left the game.)
[23:28] <LittleMissGrill> bye bai
[23:28] <FlyingAsparagus> Well
[23:28] <Lacho5> bye lm
[23:28] <FlyingAsparagus> That's unusual
[23:28] <LittleMissGrill> ?
[23:28] <FlyingAsparagus> No clue why he's under the impression that I don't like him
[23:30] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[23:31] * FlyingAsparagus (FlyingAsparagus@FlyingAsparagus) has joined #main
[23:31] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Smiley
[23:31] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[23:31] <FlyingAsparagus> What happened?
[23:31] <Peppy2006> Well that was certainly odd.
[23:31] <Peppy2006> No idea
[23:31] <FlyingAsparagus> We rolled back a little
[23:31] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[23:31] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[23:31] <Peppy2006> Someone killed it
[23:32] <FlyingAsparagus> Over console?
[23:32] <Peppy2006> I'd suspect Hall is tinkering with something
[23:32] <FlyingAsparagus> Would have been nice to get a little warning
[23:32] <FlyingAsparagus> :P
[23:32] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[23:33] <FlyingAsparagus> By the way, do you know when the forum section we were talking about is going to go up?
[23:35] <Peppy2006> Well
[23:35] <Peppy2006> Whenever, I suppose
[23:39] <LittleMissGrill> i was!
[23:39] <LittleMissGrill> D:
[23:40] <Peppy2006> lol, I punched her once
[23:40] * PsychoBone (PsychoBone@PsychoBone) has joined #main
[23:40] <Peppy2006> Alright try it
[23:40] <LittleMissGrill> :)
[23:40] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[23:40] <LittleMissGrill> §fFUS RO DAH
[23:40] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[23:40] <LittleMissGrill> §fFUS RO
[23:41] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[23:41] <LittleMissGrill> what else?
[23:41] <Peppy2006> §fFEIM ZII GRON
[23:42] <Peppy2006> Yeah?
[23:42] <Peppy2006> Try it LM
[23:42] <Peppy2006> §fFEIM ZII GRON
[23:43] <LittleMissGrill> §fFEIM ZII GRON
[23:43] <LittleMissGrill> :S
[23:43] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[23:43] <LittleMissGrill> :OOO
[23:43] <Peppy2006> It works. :P
[23:43] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[23:43] <LittleMissGrill> yus :)
[23:43] * benchka (benchka@benchka) has joined #main
[23:44] <benchka> Pew! Hi
[23:44] <benchka> umm
[23:44] * Smiley864 was kicked from #main by Server
[23:44] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) Quit (§eSmiley864 left the game.)
[23:44] <benchka> Hi web-002:
[23:46] <benchka> §fFUS!
[23:46] <LittleMissGrill> benchka lol
[23:46] <LittleMissGrill> you gotta donate ;)
[23:47] <benchka> maybe on the 12th of next month
[23:47] <benchka> #Birthday
[23:47] <LittleMissGrill> §fFUS RO
[23:48] <benchka> §fFUS RO DAH!
[23:49] * benchka (benchka@benchka) Quit (§ebenchka left the game.)
[23:50] <FlyingAsparagus> who are you web-002?
[23:50] <FlyingAsparagus> :I
[23:50] <LittleMissGrill> seems legit
[23:51] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) has joined #main
[23:51] <FlyingAsparagus> I'll brb
[23:51] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) Quit (§eLacho5 left the game.)
[23:55] * Baivo (Baivo@Baivo) has joined #main
[23:55] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz) has joined #main
[23:56] <LittleMissGrill> heya dog
[23:56] <dogwateroz> hi all
[23:56] <LittleMissGrill> i'll be back n.n
[23:56] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[23:57] <Baivo> This is definately the work of an admin
[23:58] <FlyingAsparagus> What is?
[23:58] <Baivo> The structure i found
[23:58] <FlyingAsparagus> cwp made it
[23:58] <Baivo> Thx
[23:59] * Monty1770 (Monty1770@Monty1770) has joined #main
[23:59] <Monty1770> hey
[23:59] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Monty

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