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IRC Log for #main.2013-08-23

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[10:49] <leauja> Hey Trise
[10:49] <Trisemigistus> howdy
[10:50] <Trisemigistus> havent seen you in a while. How ya been?
[10:51] <leauja> Oh.. pretty good. Just been busy and didn't get around to playing Minecraft
[10:51] <leauja> Yourself?
[10:51] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[10:51] <LittleMissGrill> hi guys :)
[10:51] <Trisemigistus> hi
[10:51] <leauja> Hey
[10:52] <Trisemigistus> I've been doing good. just working for a living
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[10:58] <Trisemigistus> hello
[10:58] <leauja> Hey Manc
[10:58] <mancract> Greetings!
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[11:02] <leauja> Sure
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[11:08] <mancract> let me check
[11:08] * mancract (mancract@mancract§r) Quit (§emancract left the game.)
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[11:38] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[11:38] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[11:38] <Daslaglam> Hello!
[11:38] <VAHO999NA> the swag lamb!
[11:38] <VAHO999NA> :D
[11:39] * leauja (leauja@leauja§r) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[11:39] <Daslaglam> can you collect sand with me :O
[11:39] <VAHO999NA> did the burnoutking dude grief anything else?
[11:39] <VAHO999NA> yea sure morning tho
[11:40] <Daslaglam> the iron hub peppy made lol
[11:40] <VAHO999NA> ?
[11:40] <Daslaglam> okay mayb you never saw it
[11:40] <VAHO999NA> come at me brah
[11:40] <VAHO999NA> no im asking what iron hub thing
[11:40] <Daslaglam> yep
[11:40] <Daslaglam> mayb you never saw it
[11:40] <Daslaglam> OMG RAIN
[11:41] <VAHO999NA> maybeee
[11:41] <VAHO999NA> ikr
[11:41] <Daslaglam> ahhahh
[11:41] <VAHO999NA> the swag lamb
[11:41] <VAHO999NA> we should make a potatoe farm
[11:41] <VAHO999NA> in deltorah
[11:41] <Daslaglam> the hub peppy used for the helicopter i think
[11:41] <VAHO999NA> oh okay
[11:41] <VAHO999NA> so what do you think TSL?
[11:41] <Daslaglam> he griefed the iron
[11:42] <Daslaglam> only left the glass lol
[11:42] <VAHO999NA> your new nickname- TSL
[11:42] <VAHO999NA> short for the swag lamb xD
[11:42] <Daslaglam> ;p
[11:42] <VAHO999NA> holyshoot
[11:43] <VAHO999NA> so what do you think?
[11:43] <Daslaglam> this tree.
[11:43] <VAHO999NA> potato farm
[11:43] <Daslaglam> okay
[11:43] <Daslaglam> sand first
[11:43] <Daslaglam> xD
[11:43] <VAHO999NA> what tree?
[11:43] <VAHO999NA> okay lol
[11:43] <VAHO999NA> lets go get sand
[11:44] <VAHO999NA> waittt
[11:44] <Daslaglam> but where
[11:44] <Daslaglam> lol
[11:44] <VAHO999NA> i need to get something from 001
[11:44] <Daslaglam> kays
[11:45] <VAHO999NA> we should also make a local deltorah storage place lol
[11:45] <Daslaglam> theres going to be a storagw floor in the tower thing
[11:45] <VAHO999NA> good
[11:45] <VAHO999NA> freak
[11:45] <Daslaglam> =P
[11:45] <VAHO999NA> where did my bucket go?!
[11:47] <VAHO999NA> damn it chunk error
[11:47] <VAHO999NA> LOL
[11:48] <VAHO999NA> sooo
[11:48] <VAHO999NA> lets go search for a desert
[11:49] <Daslaglam> n im going to set home
[11:49] <Daslaglam> so i can easily get sand xD
[11:49] <VAHO999NA> lol
[11:49] <VAHO999NA> wait
[11:51] <VAHO999NA> hmm lets go to spawn
[11:52] <VAHO999NA> TSL
[11:52] <Daslaglam> where are u
[11:52] <VAHO999NA> spawn
[11:52] <Daslaglam> go right along the side?
[11:52] <VAHO999NA> chatlaggggg
[11:52] <Daslaglam> same :D
[11:52] <VAHO999NA> errr idk im just walking lol
[11:54] <Daslaglam> night already wow
[11:54] <VAHO999NA> go to sleep
[11:54] <VAHO999NA> so it'll be day
[11:54] <Daslaglam> where
[11:55] <Daslaglam> i dont have bed
[11:55] <VAHO999NA> just find a bed somewhere
[11:55] <VAHO999NA> O.o
[11:56] <Daslaglam> im just going to stay in the water :D
[11:56] <VAHO999NA> thers a bed here
[11:56] <VAHO999NA> dasssssss
[11:57] <Daslaglam> i have bed in origin too :D
[11:57] <VAHO999NA> just go to sleep
[11:57] <VAHO999NA> pleaseeee
[11:57] <VAHO999NA> tsl get onto a bed
[11:58] <Daslaglam> chatlag again
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> lol
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> alright'
[11:58] <Daslaglam> sleepin
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> good morning!
[11:58] <Daslaglam> did u set anything so we can go back
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> no i was just walking along the oad lol
[11:58] <Daslaglam> :O
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> road*
[12:02] <VAHO999NA> im just explorin
[12:03] <VAHO999NA> this is the fort steam wall right?
[12:04] <Daslaglam> yesh
[12:04] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[12:04] <Daslaglam> Hello!
[12:04] <VAHO999NA> hai little
[12:04] <LittleMissGrill> herro!
[12:04] <LittleMissGrill> i joined teh wrong server haha
[12:04] <LittleMissGrill> bbl
[12:04] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[12:04] <Daslaglam> ahhahah
[12:05] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:05] <VAHO999NA> a chicken just crossed the road!
[12:05] <Daslaglam> Wheeee
[12:05] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> no sand here
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> mybe we could go to aerovia
[12:06] <Daslaglam> horse racing!
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> and then tear down the desert near it
[12:06] <Daslaglam> lol
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> or go exploring for unloaded chunks
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> right im taking the train to aerovia
[12:07] <Daslaglam> tp me there :D
[12:07] <VAHO999NA> kk
[12:07] <VAHO999NA> i need to get to a repair sign D:
[12:08] <Daslaglam> mayb we could sleep first
[12:08] <VAHO999NA> maybe
[12:09] <VAHO999NA> im gonna go sleep
[12:09] <VAHO999NA> goodnight
[12:10] <VAHO999NA> TSL GET TO A BED
[12:10] <Daslaglam> kays
[12:11] <VAHO999NA> goodmorning
[12:11] <VAHO999NA> lolhey
[12:11] <VAHO999NA> wait
[12:11] <VAHO999NA> im walking
[12:12] <Daslaglam> no
[12:12] <Daslaglam> i want to take the train :D
[12:12] <VAHO999NA> follow me
[12:13] <VAHO999NA> welcome to my farm
[12:13] <Daslaglam> kays
[12:13] <VAHO999NA> actually me/gabs farm
[12:13] <VAHO999NA> now hang on i have to grab smething
[12:14] <VAHO999NA> wher are u?
[12:14] <VAHO999NA> oh
[12:15] <VAHO999NA> where are you?
[12:16] <Daslaglam> exploring the farm xD
[12:16] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:16] <VAHO999NA> here
[12:16] <VAHO999NA> you have a train?
[12:17] <VAHO999NA> i mean minecart
[12:17] <VAHO999NA> i hate how the update makes me only see the top half
[12:17] <Daslaglam> its so wierd
[12:17] <Daslaglam> ikr
[12:17] <Daslaglam> **weird
[12:17] <VAHO999NA> while riding a minecart
[12:17] <Daslaglam> ikr
[12:17] <VAHO999NA> i mean seereeusli
[12:18] <VAHO999NA> when you ride an actual minecart
[12:18] <VAHO999NA> its not up to your eye
[12:18] <VAHO999NA> oh good back to normal
[12:18] <Daslaglam> lol ikr
[12:18] <VAHO999NA> now we wait
[12:19] <Daslaglam> lag
[12:19] <VAHO999NA> yup
[12:19] <VAHO999NA> oh good the 3 way junction
[12:19] <VAHO999NA> oops lol
[12:19] <VAHO999NA> break the minecart
[12:19] <Daslaglam> now im like going so fast lol
[12:20] <VAHO999NA> lol jsut break the minecart and tp to me
[12:20] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> i wonder where this leads to
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> letss go back lol
[12:21] <Daslaglam> y
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> OH
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> ownernatoria
[12:22] <VAHO999NA> were going to aerovia not ownernatoria
[12:22] <Daslaglam> impossible to go to aerovia
[12:22] <VAHO999NA> train
[12:22] <Daslaglam> nope
[12:22] <VAHO999NA> can lot
[12:22] <VAHO999NA> lor*
[12:22] <Daslaglam> the station is in the middle of a jungle
[12:22] <Daslaglam> no rail leads to the jungle
[12:22] <VAHO999NA> lol i tried before and it worked
[12:23] <Daslaglam> okay then i w8 for u
[12:23] <Daslaglam> coz i lost my train ;)
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> lol okay
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> its gonna take a long time though
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> lol last time i was riding this and jeem tp'ed to me
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> and he was like trying to catch up
[12:23] <Daslaglam> lol
[12:25] <VAHO999NA> waah still a long way D:
[12:25] <Daslaglam> burning sand.
[12:26] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:26] <Daslaglam> lool ur more than half way already
[12:26] <VAHO999NA> yep
[12:26] <VAHO999NA> lucky meh
[12:26] <VAHO999NA> i see now xD
[12:26] <Daslaglam> coz i realy wanted to finish this build so i can start other stuff :D
[12:26] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:27] <Daslaglam> i should but it like 10x10
[12:27] <VAHO999NA> i still dont know what to do for my minigame :/
[12:27] <Daslaglam> not 20x20
[12:27] <Daslaglam> mini game
[12:27] <Daslaglam> shoot stuff
[12:27] <Daslaglam> xD
[12:27] <VAHO999NA> lol shoot stuff
[12:27] <Daslaglam> or maze?
[12:27] <VAHO999NA> skele already has a maze :/
[12:27] <Daslaglam> what about redstone puzzle
[12:28] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:28] <VAHO999NA> the cactuses look like creepers
[12:28] <Daslaglam> ahhahhh
[12:28] <Daslaglam> are you there yet
[12:28] <VAHO999NA> yep
[12:28] <VAHO999NA> oops
[12:28] <VAHO999NA> accidentally broke the rail ><
[12:28] <Daslaglam> lol
[12:28] <VAHO999NA> fized it
[12:28] <VAHO999NA> fixed*
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> lag
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> laggg
[12:30] <Daslaglam> am i lagging
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> TEST
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> whew
[12:30] <Daslaglam> okay
[12:30] <Daslaglam> i killed it
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> wait here
[12:30] <Daslaglam> hehe
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> until day
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> oh tis day
[12:31] <VAHO999NA> now lets explore
[12:31] <Daslaglam> go far far
[12:31] <VAHO999NA> yep
[12:31] <VAHO999NA> i we dig near aerovia
[12:31] <VAHO999NA> skele would kill me lol
[12:31] <Daslaglam> so we wont ruin the place
[12:32] <VAHO999NA> if*
[12:32] <VAHO999NA> hm now whats this
[12:32] <Daslaglam> *TWMAP*
[12:32] <VAHO999NA> TWMap1
[12:32] <Daslaglam> 1
[12:34] <VAHO999NA> HEY
[12:34] <Daslaglam> whuh
[12:34] <VAHO999NA> this way
[12:34] <Daslaglam> w8
[12:36] <Daslaglam> we dont need that far
[12:36] <VAHO999NA> lol but i wanna go that far
[12:36] <Daslaglam> can we start yet
[12:36] <VAHO999NA> you start
[12:36] <VAHO999NA> im gonna do some exploring
[12:38] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[12:38] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[12:38] <Daslaglam> wcb
[12:38] <VAHO999NA> ty
[12:39] <VAHO999NA> try and make it look natural
[12:39] <Daslaglam> i am
[12:39] <Daslaglam> i always does this lol
[12:40] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:40] <Daslaglam> i set homw already lol
[12:40] <Daslaglam> "sand"
[12:40] <VAHO999NA> lool
[12:40] <VAHO999NA> good
[12:40] <Daslaglam> ooooo i need spruce too
[12:41] <VAHO999NA> theres taiga biome right there
[12:41] <VAHO999NA> btw it late
[12:41] <VAHO999NA> its
[12:41] <VAHO999NA> i have beds :D
[12:41] <Daslaglam> :D
[12:41] <VAHO999NA> that i cant place
[12:42] <VAHO999NA> oh good
[12:42] <Daslaglam> lol
[12:42] <VAHO999NA> quick
[12:42] <VAHO999NA> :D
[12:44] <Daslaglam> stupid lockette
[12:44] <VAHO999NA> now
[12:44] <VAHO999NA> we need beds
[12:44] <Daslaglam> wont let me edit sign
[12:44] <VAHO999NA> i mean
[12:44] <VAHO999NA> doors lol
[12:44] <Daslaglam> LOL
[12:44] <Daslaglam> sand door!
[12:44] <Daslaglam> im think im lagging
[12:44] <Daslaglam> hello
[12:44] <VAHO999NA> me too
[12:45] <VAHO999NA> did ou set home?
[12:45] <Daslaglam> brb
[12:45] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[12:45] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[12:46] <VAHO999NA> wb
[12:46] <Daslaglam> ty ;0
[12:46] <Daslaglam> \**:)
[12:47] <Daslaglam> i got 5 stacks of 64 already wheee
[12:47] <VAHO999NA> lool
[12:48] <VAHO999NA> welcome to the dirt shack!
[12:48] <Daslaglam> whheeee
[12:49] <Daslaglam> xD
[12:49] <Daslaglam> look how bored i am on the door
[12:49] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:50] * BunnyX360 (BunnyX360@BunnyX360) has joined #main
[12:50] <BunnyX360> Hey guys
[12:50] <VAHO999NA> JASTEN
[12:50] <BunnyX360> DASSSS
[12:50] <Daslaglam> Hello!
[12:50] <BunnyX360> AHHHHH!!! Iz DASSSS
[12:50] <Daslaglam> hi :Ddd
[12:50] <BunnyX360> :D
[12:50] <BunnyX360> hi Val
[12:51] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[12:51] <BunnyX360> :(
[12:51] <VAHO999NA> LOL
[12:52] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[12:52] <VAHO999NA> TEST
[12:52] <BunnyX360> just to /ping
[12:52] <BunnyX360> wb
[12:52] <Daslaglam> eww that was horiible
[12:52] <BunnyX360> ?
[12:52] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:53] <Daslaglam> anyway i gotta get brunch (mc donalds)
[12:53] <BunnyX360> cyaaaa
[12:53] <Daslaglam> bbl!
[12:53] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[12:53] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[12:53] <BunnyX360> lul
[12:53] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[12:53] <BunnyX360> lul
[12:53] <BunnyX360> wb
[12:53] <VAHO999NA> ty
[12:53] <BunnyX360> awww crap.. my tower :'(
[12:54] <VAHO999NA> where did the dirt shack go?!
[12:55] <BunnyX360> Val tp me to Deltorah again pwease?
[12:55] <VAHO999NA> no sorry i cant
[12:55] <BunnyX360> awwww
[12:55] <VAHO999NA> but do you have a bed?
[12:55] <VAHO999NA> go to sleep
[12:55] <VAHO999NA> i want day
[12:55] <BunnyX360> okie wait
[12:56] <BunnyX360> Monsters near by :D
[12:56] <VAHO999NA> fack
[12:56] <VAHO999NA> whew finally
[12:56] <VAHO999NA> NOW GET TO BED
[12:56] <BunnyX360> zambeh right in front of me -.-
[12:57] <BunnyX360> awww FJSAOIjd as
[12:57] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[12:57] <VAHO999NA> what
[12:57] <BunnyX360> Gud nite:)
[12:57] <VAHO999NA> :D
[12:57] <BunnyX360> damn...CTM...I hate ctm
[12:57] <VAHO999NA> lol
[12:58] <BunnyX360> awww
[12:58] <VAHO999NA> justin
[12:58] <BunnyX360> ?
[12:58] <VAHO999NA> you need to go to deltorah?
[12:58] <BunnyX360> yep
[12:58] <BunnyX360> need to find my plotttt
[12:59] <VAHO999NA> walk south east
[12:59] <BunnyX360> kays
[13:00] <VAHO999NA> lol okay
[13:02] <BunnyX360> back
[13:02] <VAHO999NA> wb
[13:02] <BunnyX360> ty
[13:04] <BunnyX360> I found Jeem's private farmmmmm
[13:04] <VAHO999NA> okay
[13:05] <BunnyX360> I made it to deltorah.. thanks Val
[13:05] <VAHO999NA> np
[13:05] <VAHO999NA> bbs
[13:05] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[13:07] * BunnyX360 (BunnyX360@BunnyX360§r) Quit (§eBunnyX360 left the game.)
[13:13] * ddxdray (ddxdray@ddxdray) has joined #main
[13:14] * ddxdray (ddxdray@ddxdray§r) Quit (§eddxdray left the game.)
[13:24] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[13:35] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[13:52] * FlyingAsparagus (FlyingAsparagus@FlyingAsparagus) has joined #main
[14:00] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[14:00] <Daslaglam> Hello!
[14:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Das Glam
[14:01] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[14:01] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[14:01] <FlyingAsparagus> Welcome back
[14:01] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[14:02] <Daslaglam> w8 stupid internet
[14:02] <Daslaglam> TEST
[14:02] <Daslaglam> okay
[14:09] <FlyingAsparagus> I don't suppose you have any horses for sale?
[14:09] <Daslaglam> ahhahh smiley is in charge of the horses :D
[14:10] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm waiting for Smiley to get online so I can buy some
[14:11] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[14:11] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[14:11] <Daslaglam> internet is having problem today :O
[14:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Have you tried percussion maintainance?
[14:12] <Daslaglam> what does that mean
[14:13] <FlyingAsparagus> Hit it until it works
[14:13] <Daslaglam> lol
[14:15] <FlyingAsparagus> I lost leauja's horse and my own while escorting them both home :(
[14:16] <Daslaglam> :O
[14:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Hence why I need to buy two new ones
[14:16] <Daslaglam> kays im going to tell smiley to get on
[14:16] <FlyingAsparagus> I told him I'd get them back safely
[14:16] <FlyingAsparagus> But a creeper knocked me into lava
[14:17] <Daslaglam> :( bad creeper. bad.
[14:17] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah :(
[14:17] <Daslaglam> i think smiley is getting on soon
[14:17] <FlyingAsparagus> So I'm willing to pay top dollar to get some
[14:17] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[14:17] <Daslaglam> Herro!
[14:17] <FlyingAsparagus> Smiley!
[14:18] <Smiley864> Hey
[14:18] <FlyingAsparagus> I need to buy 2 horses from you
[14:18] * Sky_Block8 (Sky_Block8@Sky_Block8) has joined #main
[14:18] <Smiley864> Sure
[14:18] <Daslaglam> hey skyblock!
[14:18] <Smiley864> Sky
[14:18] <Sky_Block8> hey
[14:18] <Smiley864> merp
[14:18] <FlyingAsparagus> Do you have a 16 heart horse?
[14:19] <Smiley864> leme check
[14:19] <Daslaglam> phew i thought i was lagging xD
[14:19] <Smiley864> back
[14:19] <FlyingAsparagus> Cool, you've got skeleton ones
[14:19] <Smiley864> :P
[14:19] <Smiley864> one is supose to be for rights
[14:20] <Smiley864> but he never came
[14:20] <Daslaglam> brb
[14:20] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[14:20] <Smiley864> this is 13 hearts
[14:20] <FlyingAsparagus> I need one with atleast 13 hearts and one with atleast 16
[14:20] <Smiley864> okay
[14:20] <Smiley864> sky
[14:21] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[14:21] <FlyingAsparagus> I lost leauja's horse that I bought him while escorting it :(
[14:21] <Daslaglam> back
[14:21] <Smiley864> 13 or 16 hearts
[14:21] <Daslaglam> ahhh this is going to take forever
[14:21] <Smiley864> here's a 13
[14:21] <Smiley864> now just looking for 16
[14:22] <Smiley864> 14
[14:22] <FlyingAsparagus> Does breeding strong horses together make stronger foals?
[14:22] <Smiley864> yerp
[14:22] <Smiley864> which is what im about to do :3
[14:23] <FlyingAsparagus> If you bred your two strongest horses, that'd be godly
[14:23] <Smiley864> ahg
[14:23] <FlyingAsparagus> Would pay a lot
[14:23] <Smiley864> im looking for 16
[14:23] <Daslaglam> breeding 001 horsies lol
[14:23] <Smiley864> i sold
[14:23] <Smiley864> OMG
[14:23] <Smiley864> DAS
[14:23] <Smiley864> YOU R NOT ALLOWED
[14:23] <Daslaglam> whuh
[14:23] <Smiley864> PEPP IS GOING TO KILL YOU
[14:23] <Daslaglam> i wa just sayin
[14:23] <Smiley864> phew i thought you did already
[14:24] <FlyingAsparagus> Where's the thread?
[14:24] <Daslaglam> ...
[14:24] <FlyingAsparagus> Where he says no?
[14:24] <Smiley864> i must have sold it
[14:25] <FlyingAsparagus> D:
[14:25] <Smiley864> the 16 heart one
[14:25] <Smiley864> and i need this one to grow
[14:25] <FlyingAsparagus> What do you need for it to grow?
[14:25] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[14:25] <FlyingAsparagus> I can get wheat
[14:25] <Smiley864> goldne apple or carrot
[14:25] <Smiley864> weat dosnt work unfortunetly
[14:25] <FlyingAsparagus> It won't take the carrot
[14:26] <Smiley864> my fav horsie is 15
[14:26] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[14:26] <Sky_Block8> Wb
[14:26] * ddxdray (ddxdray@ddxdray) has joined #main
[14:26] <ddxdray> HII
[14:26] <Sky_Block8> hey!
[14:26] <Smiley864> Hey
[14:26] <FlyingAsparagus> I know ejano has a 16 heart one. But she's not online.
[14:26] <Daslaglam> Hello!
[14:26] <Smiley864> grow horsie groww
[14:27] <Smiley864> wate of golden carrot :(
[14:27] <Smiley864> im out
[14:27] <Smiley864> og golden carrot
[14:27] <FlyingAsparagus> How do you make golden carrot?
[14:27] <FlyingAsparagus> I've got lots of gold
[14:27] <Smiley864> gold and carrot
[14:27] <Smiley864> im running out of gold
[14:28] <Smiley864> flying do you have nay gold?
[14:28] <FlyingAsparagus> lots
[14:28] <Smiley864> erm can i buy some
[14:28] <Smiley864> lol
[14:28] <FlyingAsparagus> Sure lol
[14:29] <ddxdray> nooo mc yudothistome
[14:29] <Smiley864> i should breed my horse
[14:29] <FlyingAsparagus> I have a stack
[14:29] <FlyingAsparagus> for sale
[14:29] <FlyingAsparagus> if you want it
[14:29] <Smiley864> cuz theyre hearts are awesome
[14:29] <Smiley864> how much?
[14:29] <Daslaglam> smiley im taking some more cyan
[14:29] <Daslaglam> wool
[14:29] <Smiley864> erm ok
[14:29] <FlyingAsparagus> Dunno, lol, how much you want to pay for em?
[14:29] <Smiley864> no idea
[14:30] <FlyingAsparagus> haha
[14:30] <FlyingAsparagus> Gimme one sec
[14:30] <ddxdray> hey smiley
[14:30] <FlyingAsparagus> $2000?
[14:30] <ddxdray> do u need help with anything?
[14:30] <FlyingAsparagus> It'll make a lot of carrots
[14:31] <Smiley864> this is 12 hearts
[14:31] <Smiley864> i got an idea tho
[14:31] <Smiley864> thx
[14:31] <FlyingAsparagus> I already made one into a gold carrot sorry
[14:31] <FlyingAsparagus> But that's what you were going to use it on anyway, right?
[14:31] <Smiley864> ok wait
[14:31] <Smiley864> need to make golder carrots
[14:32] <Smiley864> arg
[14:32] <Smiley864> too many stuff
[14:32] <Smiley864> brb
[14:32] <Smiley864> i need to get some stuff
[14:33] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[14:33] <Smiley864> Jeem
[14:33] <Daslaglam> hey jeem!
[14:33] <Sky_Block8> hey!
[14:33] <jeem9157> hey
[14:33] <Smiley864> JEEEEM JOOM
[14:33] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Jeem
[14:34] <Smiley864> okw
[14:34] <FlyingAsparagus> 15
[14:34] <FlyingAsparagus> so close
[14:34] <Smiley864> wait
[14:34] <Smiley864> i dea
[14:35] <Smiley864> 13 hearts
[14:35] <Smiley864> :(
[14:35] <FlyingAsparagus> :(
[14:35] <Smiley864> sorry but this is hard
[14:35] <Smiley864> WAIT
[14:35] <FlyingAsparagus> I understand
[14:35] <Smiley864> IEDEAA
[14:35] <FlyingAsparagus> Don't worry I will pay you well
[14:36] <jeem9157> bbl
[14:36] <Smiley864> this is my horsebtw :3
[14:36] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[14:36] <Daslaglam> cya
[14:36] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[14:36] <jeem9157> rpg down?
[14:36] <Sky_Block8> Wb
[14:36] <Smiley864> op
[14:36] <ddxdray> HII JEEEM
[14:36] <jeem9157> hi
[14:37] <ddxdray> Jeem
[14:37] <ddxdray> Help mi plzzzz
[14:37] <jeem9157> yeah
[14:37] <FlyingAsparagus> Can you breed the skele horses?
[14:37] <Smiley864> 16 hearts?
[14:37] <Smiley864> nop
[14:37] <FlyingAsparagus> This one is like 26 lol
[14:37] <ddxdray> i dont know what to do :(
[14:37] <Smiley864> 001 horse
[14:37] <Smiley864> peppy said no
[14:37] <jeem9157> was helping help = kill mobs
[14:37] <Smiley864> i asked
[14:37] <jeem9157> hoping*
[14:37] <FlyingAsparagus> I'll just see if I can get Peppy's permission
[14:38] <FlyingAsparagus> One sec
[14:38] <ddxdray> :P
[14:38] <ddxdray> jeem
[14:38] <jeem9157> yeah
[14:38] <ddxdray> what should I buil dnao
[14:38] <jeem9157> dunno
[14:38] <FlyingAsparagus> He's online on Skype but he's appearing as Busy
[14:39] <FlyingAsparagus> I'd rather not disturb him
[14:39] <ddxdray> anyone have suggestions what I Should build
[14:39] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe I'll PM him on the forums
[14:40] <Smiley864> LLALAL
[14:40] <Smiley864> this is going to take forever
[14:40] <Smiley864> OMG
[14:40] <Smiley864> AHH
[14:40] <Smiley864> FLYING
[14:40] <Smiley864> HELP
[14:41] <Smiley864> aLL THE HORSE
[14:41] <Smiley864> horses just escape
[14:42] <Smiley864> missing leads
[14:42] <Smiley864> free stuff
[14:42] <Smiley864> on the groud
[14:43] <FlyingAsparagus> Hmmmm
[14:43] <FlyingAsparagus> What?
[14:44] <Smiley864> oh
[14:44] <FlyingAsparagus> WHAT?!
[14:44] <Smiley864> all the horses just went out
[14:44] <Smiley864> like 6
[14:44] <FlyingAsparagus> D:
[14:44] <Smiley864> Lol
[14:44] <Smiley864> i got them
[14:44] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh good
[14:44] <Smiley864> i got them
[14:45] <Smiley864> just waiting fo rthe orses
[14:45] <Smiley864> t get hungry
[14:45] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe two of the same colour will make a better foal?
[14:46] <Smiley864> why? lol
[14:46] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[14:46] <FlyingAsparagus> Dunno
[14:46] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[14:46] <FlyingAsparagus> Just an idea?
[14:46] <Daslaglam> wcb!
[14:46] <ddxdray> wb jeem
[14:46] <jeem9157> thanks
[14:46] <Smiley864> lol idk
[14:46] <Smiley864> wb
[14:46] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[14:46] <jeem9157> why so few on?
[14:46] <jeem9157> hey little
[14:46] <LittleMissGrill> jeem!
[14:46] <Daslaglam> Hello litte!
[14:46] <LittleMissGrill> everyones spread between two servers :(
[14:46] <LittleMissGrill> i daahn like it
[14:47] <jeem9157> a server divided
[14:47] <FlyingAsparagus> Meh
[14:47] <ddxdray> cya guys
[14:47] <Daslaglam> byes
[14:47] <ddxdray> not enough to do :(
[14:47] <Sky_Block8> bai
[14:47] * ddxdray (ddxdray@ddxdray§r) Quit (§eddxdray left the game.)
[14:47] <FlyingAsparagus> The only thing that annoys me is the lag
[14:47] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[14:47] <jeem9157> hj
[14:47] <LittleMissGrill> yeah i've been playing on rpg all day cos i actually have something to do
[14:47] <Smiley864> HJJ
[14:47] <Sky_Block8> hey!
[14:47] <Daslaglam> hey hj!
[14:47] <hjmck123> joomnatron 5000
[14:48] <jeem9157> hedgemick 1.0
[14:48] <Smiley864> sorry but i only get 13
[14:48] <Smiley864> heart
[14:48] <LittleMissGrill> i worked out why my build doesn't look right i think
[14:48] <hjmck123> smilomatic 8.1
[14:48] <LittleMissGrill> what about liza
[14:48] <hjmck123> lizard
[14:48] <LittleMissGrill> ...
[14:48] <hjmck123> XD
[14:48] <Smiley864> flying?
[14:49] <FlyingAsparagus> ?
[14:49] <Smiley864> i only got 13
[14:49] <Smiley864> highest
[14:49] <FlyingAsparagus> :(
[14:49] <Smiley864> and i used like 1 stack of golden carrots
[14:49] <Smiley864> do you want it?
[14:49] <FlyingAsparagus> Where's that 15 heart one?
[14:49] <Smiley864> oh that ones mine
[14:49] <hjmck123> wut u doing joom
[14:49] <Smiley864> its my first horse
[14:49] <FlyingAsparagus> Darn
[14:49] <hjmck123> dat
[14:49] <hjmck123> noise
[14:50] <Smiley864> 001 horses are best
[14:50] <hjmck123> is it like
[14:50] <FlyingAsparagus> Can I buy this 14 heart one?
[14:50] <hjmck123> a plasma sniper
[14:50] <Smiley864> sure
[14:50] <jeem9157> ask peppy
[14:50] <hjmck123> oh
[14:50] <LittleMissGrill> death
[14:50] <Smiley864> but its going to be a bit more expensive then yester day cuz it has more hearts
[14:50] <hjmck123> plasma automatic sniper
[14:50] <FlyingAsparagus> Before I do I'll ask Peppy if I can get the 001 horse
[14:50] <LittleMissGrill> whatcha doin
[14:50] <Smiley864> sure
[14:51] <hjmck123> its range
[14:51] <Smiley864> this one is going to be like 16k cuz it runs so fast.
[14:51] <LittleMissGrill> whats down here
[14:51] <hjmck123> jeem does it
[14:51] <hjmck123> drop?
[14:51] <hjmck123> like bullet drop
[14:51] <hjmck123> but
[14:51] <hjmck123> laser
[14:51] <jeem9157> dunno
[14:52] <hjmck123> or maybe it just
[14:52] <hjmck123> has limited range
[14:52] <LittleMissGrill> :/
[14:52] <LittleMissGrill> ow
[14:52] <hjmck123> and it has
[14:52] <hjmck123> big spread
[14:54] <hjmck123> woooa
[14:54] <hjmck123> jeem save me
[14:54] <FlyingAsparagus> It's a shame I lost my other one
[14:54] <FlyingAsparagus> It was so awesome
[14:55] <Smiley864> sorry :(
[14:55] <FlyingAsparagus> It could jump super high and run really fast
[14:55] <hjmck123> jeeeem
[14:55] <Smiley864> flying
[14:55] <hjmck123> if u shoot
[14:55] <hjmck123> something close 2 u
[14:55] <hjmck123> with this
[14:55] <hjmck123> it like
[14:55] <hjmck123> gives u werid
[14:55] <hjmck123> potions
[14:55] <hjmck123> effectz
[14:56] <FlyingAsparagus> Peppy said it's all good!
[14:56] <FlyingAsparagus> :D
[14:56] <Smiley864> OH YAY
[14:56] <FlyingAsparagus> How much for the two white ones here?
[14:56] <Smiley864> leme ask
[14:57] <hjmck123> is dat flag
[14:57] <hjmck123> 001?
[14:57] <FlyingAsparagus> The red and blue one?
[14:57] <Smiley864> brfore it was 50k
[14:57] <Smiley864> but i have no idea now
[14:58] <hjmck123> red with blue crossy linez
[14:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah
[14:58] <FlyingAsparagus> That's the flag
[14:58] <hjmck123> :o
[14:58] <Smiley864> leme tame them
[14:58] <hjmck123> wonder if i burnt it on here
[14:58] <hjmck123> :P
[14:58] <FlyingAsparagus> I put saddles on em already
[14:58] <Smiley864> ?
[14:58] <Smiley864> have you chose the one you wanted?
[14:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Two of em
[14:59] <Smiley864> which one?
[14:59] <FlyingAsparagus> In here
[14:59] <hjmck123> E. Liza
[14:59] <FlyingAsparagus> I put them in this one when I saw the ones I wanted
[14:59] <LittleMissGrill> yes hj?
[14:59] <Smiley864> peppy said 50k
[14:59] <hjmck123> get a nintendo 3ds
[14:59] <FlyingAsparagus> Alright then
[14:59] <Smiley864> sooo
[14:59] <hjmck123> >:D
[15:00] <FlyingAsparagus> No worries
[15:00] <Smiley864> tht will be 100000
[15:00] <LittleMissGrill> with what money?!
[15:00] <LittleMissGrill> and why?!
[15:00] <hjmck123> the pizza $
[15:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Do you have diamond horse armour?
[15:00] <hjmck123> y not
[15:00] <hjmck123> i steetpassed 8 pplz at uni
[15:00] <Smiley864> only one
[15:00] <FlyingAsparagus> I'll buy that too
[15:00] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:00] <jeem9157> yes
[15:00] <Smiley864> er.... i need tht...
[15:00] <Smiley864> Sorry
[15:00] <hjmck123> the loot jeem box is
[15:00] <hjmck123> empty
[15:01] <Smiley864> but i can sell the iron or gold
[15:01] <jeem9157> took my things back
[15:01] <FlyingAsparagus> I've already got gold :(
[15:01] <hjmck123> how cud u
[15:01] <hjmck123> i was gonna take it all
[15:01] <Smiley864> er.. flying what will you name them?
[15:01] <hjmck123> bill
[15:01] <hjmck123> n bob
[15:01] <Smiley864> and you didnt pay yet xD
[15:01] <FlyingAsparagus> I don't have tags
[15:01] <Smiley864> cuz 001 horese are really expensive but i dont set the price
[15:02] <Smiley864> ty
[15:02] <Smiley864> :D
[15:02] <FlyingAsparagus> Don't worry
[15:02] <Smiley864> what shall you name them
[15:02] <FlyingAsparagus> I got the cash
[15:02] <FlyingAsparagus> I can only name one
[15:02] <FlyingAsparagus> The other is for leauja to name
[15:03] <Smiley864> i was going to put the sign with the name
[15:03] <Smiley864> like the other ones ^^
[15:03] <Sky_Block8> thankyou Smiley!
[15:03] <FlyingAsparagus> I already have the other stall XD I was just borrowing this one for a second
[15:03] <Smiley864> soooo
[15:03] <Smiley864> no name?
[15:03] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh lol
[15:03] <FlyingAsparagus> You took the sign off
[15:03] <Smiley864> Okay...
[15:03] <FlyingAsparagus> Nvm
[15:04] <FlyingAsparagus> XD
[15:04] <FlyingAsparagus> I'll decide a name in time
[15:04] <Smiley864> so theres the missing horese!
[15:04] <Smiley864> :O
[15:05] <FlyingAsparagus> ?
[15:05] <FlyingAsparagus> LOL
[15:05] <Smiley864> :(
[15:05] <Smiley864> i was looking for them
[15:05] <FlyingAsparagus> Why were they in there?
[15:05] <Smiley864> No idea
[15:05] <Smiley864> some ppl like trolling
[15:05] <Smiley864> Lol
[15:06] <FlyingAsparagus> Do you have any leads I could buy?
[15:06] <Smiley864> yep
[15:06] <Smiley864> how much you need
[15:06] <Daslaglam> bbl
[15:06] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[15:06] <Smiley864> KELVINNN
[15:06] <Smiley864> NOUUUUUU
[15:06] <FlyingAsparagus> Uh how many do you have?
[15:06] <Smiley864> i lost some a home
[15:06] <Smiley864> leme go get em
[15:07] <hjmck123> jeeeeem
[15:07] <hjmck123> i c u
[15:07] <Smiley864> come to deltorah
[15:07] <hjmck123> bad jeem
[15:07] <hjmck123> lol
[15:07] <jeem9157> i spared your life
[15:07] <Smiley864> i keep loosing stuff'
[15:07] <Smiley864> WHY
[15:07] <Smiley864> WHYY
[15:07] <hjmck123> :D
[15:07] <Smiley864> WHYYYY
[15:07] <LittleMissGrill> kill meeee
[15:07] <hjmck123> y
[15:07] <jeem9157> you sure?
[15:08] <LittleMissGrill> do head shost happen on us?
[15:08] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[15:08] <hjmck123> yes
[15:08] <jeem9157> yep
[15:08] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh we're in Volare!
[15:08] <jeem9157> accidentally tested that on hj a few times :p
[15:08] <LittleMissGrill> 'accidentally'
[15:08] <FlyingAsparagus> I live here too :D
[15:08] <Smiley864> Reli
[15:08] <Smiley864> LOL
[15:08] <LittleMissGrill> head shot?!
[15:08] <jeem9157> no suprisingly
[15:08] <Smiley864> do you have any strings?
[15:08] <hjmck123> i didnt c fireworkz
[15:08] <FlyingAsparagus> lots
[15:08] <Smiley864> cuz i lost some stuff after the grief
[15:09] <Smiley864> have a have some xD
[15:09] <Smiley864> oo thx
[15:09] <Smiley864> i got 56 leads so far
[15:09] <FlyingAsparagus> Hahah that's loads
[15:09] <Smiley864> i use to have stacks of string
[15:09] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[15:09] <jeem9157> hay tay
[15:09] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Tay
[15:09] <hjmck123> this place
[15:09] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[15:10] <hjmck123> wud b good spot
[15:10] <hjmck123> for a bunker
[15:10] <Smiley864> have some crap
[15:10] <hjmck123> cuz explosions outside
[15:10] <hjmck123> wud go over le vally
[15:10] <Smiley864> lol
[15:10] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[15:10] <hjmck123> valley
[15:10] <hjmck123> thng
[15:10] <LittleMissGrill> it's like new years eve with extra death n_n
[15:10] <Smiley864> tell me if you need more
[15:10] <Smiley864> xD
[15:10] <FlyingAsparagus> How much do you want for them?
[15:11] <Smiley864> 7$
[15:11] <Smiley864> lol
[15:11] <Smiley864> idc
[15:11] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:11] <FlyingAsparagus> XD
[15:11] <hjmck123> creeper under home
[15:11] <FlyingAsparagus> hahaha
[15:11] <hjmck123> go jeem look right
[15:11] <hjmck123> du eet
[15:11] <Smiley864> im just getting rid of my rubish
[15:11] <FlyingAsparagus> Are you sure you don't have any diamond horse armour?
[15:11] <hjmck123> bad jeem it despawned
[15:12] <Smiley864> i only have 1 wich is mine'
[15:12] <Smiley864> sorry
[15:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Darn
[15:12] <FlyingAsparagus> I'll buy some gold armour then
[15:12] <FlyingAsparagus> If you have spare
[15:12] <Smiley864> okay
[15:12] <Smiley864> Back to the stable!
[15:12] <Smiley864> home deltorah
[15:12] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[15:12] <Smiley864> Oopsie
[15:13] <Smiley864> i never used this one
[15:13] <Smiley864> uhm
[15:13] <FlyingAsparagus> Thanks
[15:13] <FlyingAsparagus> How much?
[15:13] <Smiley864> 5 or 10k
[15:13] <Smiley864> Lol
[15:13] <Smiley864> ive never
[15:13] <Smiley864> seen
[15:13] <Smiley864> theese donkeys before
[15:14] <Smiley864> have you/
[15:14] <FlyingAsparagus> nope
[15:14] <Smiley864> Lol
[15:14] <Smiley864> spcial
[15:14] <Smiley864> lagg
[15:14] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864§r) Quit (§eSmiley864 left the game.)
[15:14] <hjmck123> brb
[15:14] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[15:14] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[15:15] <FlyingAsparagus> Go away black horse!
[15:15] <Smiley864> lol
[15:15] <LittleMissGrill> e178
[15:15] <jeem9157> racist! :p
[15:15] <Smiley864> black horses are popluar xD
[15:15] <FlyingAsparagus> You can't go where the others go!
[15:15] <LittleMissGrill> i like white horses!
[15:15] <FlyingAsparagus> Because you don't look like they dooooo
[15:16] <LittleMissGrill> i need
[15:16] <LittleMissGrill> wood
[15:16] <jeem9157> spurce?
[15:16] <jeem9157> spruce?
[15:16] <LittleMissGrill> oak
[15:16] <jeem9157> ah
[15:16] <jeem9157> might have some
[15:16] <LittleMissGrill> :o relaly?
[15:16] <Smiley864> to the sheep! :D
[15:17] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[15:17] <Smiley864> HJ
[15:17] <hjmck123> smilatron 8.1?
[15:17] <FlyingAsparagus> Holy
[15:17] <hjmck123> or was it smilomatic 8.1
[15:17] <FlyingAsparagus> This horse can jump
[15:17] <Smiley864> sure can
[15:17] <LittleMissGrill> ohh i got smoe jeem!
[15:17] <Smiley864> thts why so duh expensive
[15:18] <jeem9157> but
[15:18] <jeem9157> more
[15:18] <LittleMissGrill> yes youre right
[15:18] <LittleMissGrill> i only have 30
[15:18] <LittleMissGrill> but i still only have a little money :(
[15:18] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[15:18] <LittleMissGrill> so much
[15:18] <jeem9157> surplus from clock
[15:18] <LittleMissGrill> thats all i have
[15:18] <LittleMissGrill> thank you!
[15:19] <jeem9157> what I have I will distribute
[15:19] <FlyingAsparagus> We should organise a caravan
[15:19] <Smiley864> well er...
[15:19] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[15:19] <jeem9157> hey
[15:19] <Smiley864> ima go to hg :P
[15:19] <FlyingAsparagus> leauja!
[15:19] <Smiley864> Byee
[15:19] <Sky_Block8> bye guys
[15:19] * Sky_Block8 (Sky_Block8@Sky_Block8§r) Quit (§eSky_Block8 left the game.)
[15:19] <FlyingAsparagus> I have some good news and some bad news
[15:20] <Smiley864> Jeemmmmmmm/?
[15:20] <Smiley864> HJJJJJJJJJ?
[15:20] <jeem9157> smiley
[15:20] <FlyingAsparagus> Hm?
[15:20] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864§r) Quit (§eSmiley864 left the game.)
[15:20] <FlyingAsparagus> Who was leaving?
[15:20] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh lol
[15:20] <leauja> Hey Guys
[15:20] <jeem9157> hello
[15:20] <FlyingAsparagus> Leauja
[15:20] <leauja> Yes?
[15:21] <FlyingAsparagus> I have good/bad but mostly good news for you
[15:21] <taylaahjanee> Those stupid facebook group chats are making my facebook freeze. -.-
[15:21] <leauja> What happened? :o
[15:21] <FlyingAsparagus> What would you like first, the good news or the bad news?
[15:21] <jeem9157> i close facebook so i can listen to youtube
[15:21] <leauja> My horse died?
[15:21] <jeem9157> without interruption
[15:21] <FlyingAsparagus> Err yes.
[15:21] <LittleMissGrill> but we say nice thingsa bout you
[15:21] <FlyingAsparagus> Creeper knocked me into alava
[15:21] <leauja> Bad news always goes first.
[15:21] <FlyingAsparagus> Mine died too
[15:21] <leauja> :O
[15:21] <FlyingAsparagus> It sucked
[15:22] <FlyingAsparagus> BUT
[15:22] <jeem9157> but
[15:22] <jeem9157> the beeps
[15:22] <FlyingAsparagus> I got 2 new horses
[15:22] <jeem9157> which i might be able to disable but lazy
[15:22] <FlyingAsparagus> And they're BETTER
[15:22] <hjmck123> WOt
[15:22] <LittleMissGrill> click the setting sign on the msgs
[15:22] <leauja> That's good. Better than your previous horse?
[15:22] <hjmck123> i wasnt afk
[15:22] <hjmck123> just didnt type
[15:22] <LittleMissGrill> then click mute
[15:22] <FlyingAsparagus> Both yep
[15:23] <LittleMissGrill> wait why did i do that
[15:23] <jeem9157> goes to mute
[15:23] <jeem9157> facebook freezes -_-
[15:23] <FlyingAsparagus> Look at all those hearts
[15:23] <hjmck123> jeem y u no pro computer
[15:23] <leauja> OMG
[15:23] <FlyingAsparagus> Watch this
[15:23] <leauja> What the..
[15:23] <jeem9157> eh this is a better one
[15:23] <jeem9157> a desktop
[15:24] <jeem9157> cuz laptop still being repaired
[15:24] <leauja> Holy..
[15:24] <leauja> How?
[15:24] <jeem9157> currently taking care of my parent's animals with my brother
[15:24] <jeem9157> cause they're out on anniversary trip thing
[15:24] <LittleMissGrill> i'm gonna ask for a mouse for my birthday
[15:24] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[15:25] <jeem9157> therefore, can use home computer
[15:25] <FlyingAsparagus> Do you like it?
[15:25] <leauja> It's really awesome
[15:25] <LittleMissGrill> i stuffed it up
[15:25] <LittleMissGrill> never building again
[15:25] <LittleMissGrill> i quit
[15:25] <FlyingAsparagus> It cost a LOT
[15:25] <FlyingAsparagus> XD
[15:25] <hjmck123> boop
[15:25] <FlyingAsparagus> But so worth it
[15:26] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:26] <hjmck123> have this white blob
[15:26] <jeem9157> muted
[15:26] <jeem9157> thanks
[15:26] <LittleMissGrill> iw ant a white blob
[15:26] <LittleMissGrill> brb
[15:26] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:26] <jeem9157> k
[15:26] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:26] <hjmck123> its
[15:26] <hjmck123> tomb time
[15:27] <jeem9157> how's riding treating you?
[15:27] <hjmck123> idk
[15:27] <hjmck123> havent rpgd today
[15:27] <jeem9157> :O
[15:27] <jeem9157> eh well i'm not one to talk
[15:27] <hjmck123> lul
[15:28] <hjmck123> i waz at uni all day
[15:28] <jeem9157> labby lab?
[15:28] <hjmck123> ye
[15:28] <hjmck123> labby labz
[15:29] <jeem9157> what's that like
[15:29] <hjmck123> its
[15:29] <hjmck123> labby
[15:29] <jeem9157> lab coats? multicolored tubes?
[15:29] <hjmck123> tubes?
[15:29] <jeem9157> like
[15:29] <jeem9157> test tubes
[15:29] <hjmck123> not multi coloured
[15:29] <hjmck123> just
[15:29] <hjmck123> glass
[15:29] <jeem9157> what ya do today?
[15:30] <hjmck123> uh
[15:30] <hjmck123> microscopy poop
[15:30] <jeem9157> :O
[15:30] <hjmck123> just had 2 draw sum cellz
[15:30] <hjmck123> n stuff
[15:30] <jeem9157> wut cells
[15:30] <hjmck123> uh
[15:30] <hjmck123> it was
[15:30] <hjmck123> something
[15:30] <FlyingAsparagus> shit
[15:30] <hjmck123> leauja y u fail
[15:30] <hjmck123> shudda battled harder
[15:31] <FlyingAsparagus> Sorry
[15:31] <jeem9157> sounds like middle eastern legal system logic
[15:31] <leauja> Yea.. like I can stand a chance with that sword XD
[15:31] <FlyingAsparagus> I hit the horse but it lived
[15:31] <jeem9157> "why did you let the man rape you?" punishment: stoning
[15:32] <leauja> Do you have my stuff?
[15:32] <FlyingAsparagus> Some of it, the rest is on the ground
[15:33] <hjmck123> oink
[15:33] <leauja> It has my sword
[15:33] <jeem9157> rpg, smp, or facebook/
[15:33] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[15:33] <hjmck123> both
[15:33] <jeem9157> hey riding
[15:33] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey riding
[15:33] <hjmck123> or
[15:33] <hjmck123> all
[15:33] <jeem9157> lol both
[15:33] <ridingmaster> Hey
[15:34] <hjmck123> its a walkingmaster
[15:34] <taylaahjanee> Hey Riding
[15:34] <jeem9157> porque no los todos?
[15:34] <hjmck123> porque las no das los todos?
[15:34] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[15:34] <jeem9157> good pint
[15:34] <jeem9157> point*
[15:34] <ridingmaster> Hey Skele
[15:34] <jeem9157> hey skele
[15:34] <hjmck123> ^
[15:34] <Skeletoon> hey guys
[15:34] <FlyingAsparagus> Let the horse recover
[15:34] <Skeletoon> my gosh rpg sux
[15:35] <taylaahjanee> Kik
[15:35] <hjmck123> kik?
[15:35] <leauja> Do you have my pickaxe?
[15:35] <taylaahjanee> Lol*
[15:35] <jeem9157> complaints go to gale, politely
[15:35] <Skeletoon> yea im not complaining, just an opinion
[15:35] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[15:35] <FlyingAsparagus> safe
[15:36] <jeem9157> ask not what rpg can do for you, but what you can do for rpg!
[15:36] <hjmck123> nothing
[15:36] <Skeletoon> just cant get my head around how a miner is supposed to survive with blankets as armour lol
[15:36] <hjmck123> i can burn it
[15:36] <FlyingAsparagus> What do you want to name yours?
[15:36] <hjmck123> but that didnt go well
[15:36] <leauja> I've gone home to get some stuff
[15:37] <hjmck123> oh jeem
[15:37] <hjmck123> on rpg i saw the scariest thing
[15:37] <hjmck123> ever
[15:37] <hjmck123> it was
[15:37] <hjmck123> baby zombie
[15:37] <hjmck123> with a sword
[15:37] <jeem9157> that's a quick death
[15:37] <ridingmaster> Oh wow
[15:37] <FlyingAsparagus> I have your pick
[15:38] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:38] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:38] <Skeletoon> i just killed 2 zombies and got chain helm, leggings and gold chestplate, and not allowed to use =P
[15:38] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:38] <FlyingAsparagus> What did you want to name the horse leauja?
[15:38] <jeem9157> wcb
[15:38] <Skeletoon> hey littlemiss
[15:38] <leauja> Oh hey Skeletoon
[15:38] <LittleMissGrill> heya!
[15:38] <hjmck123> hai dere
[15:38] <Skeletoon> hey leauja
[15:38] <jeem9157> glitched through hj's tomb
[15:38] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Skeletoon
[15:38] <hjmck123> wut
[15:38] <Skeletoon> hey flying
[15:38] <hjmck123> W0T
[15:38] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[15:38] <leauja> Thanks Flying
[15:38] <Skeletoon> pootis box is pootis
[15:38] <hjmck123> how dare u glitch thru ma tomb
[15:38] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol What do you want to name it?
[15:38] <LittleMissGrill> what ar eyou guys doin
[15:38] <leauja> Umm...
[15:38] <hjmck123> good
[15:38] <Skeletoon> riding ma horse
[15:39] <hjmck123> stay in dere
[15:39] <LittleMissGrill> guys what are you doin
[15:39] <hjmck123> tombin u
[15:39] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:39] <hjmck123> i have masters orders
[15:39] <hjmck123> on rpg
[15:39] <leauja> What are you naming yours?
[15:39] <jeem9157> what did he command you to do?
[15:39] <hjmck123> big list
[15:40] <Skeletoon> think i should quit rpg
[15:40] <FlyingAsparagus> Tarain
[15:40] <jeem9157> punishment should not preceed inventing the rules which create such punishments
[15:41] <FlyingAsparagus> Hahaha
[15:41] <Skeletoon> my villagers armour
[15:42] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[15:42] <Skeletoon> cant see my name
[15:42] <Skeletoon> what hj doing?
[15:42] <LittleMissGrill> he's fascinated by that block
[15:42] <Skeletoon> the head?
[15:43] <LittleMissGrill> i'm shoowing my mum what i do on mc
[15:43] <LittleMissGrill> say hi
[15:43] <jeem9157> hey
[15:44] <Skeletoon> hi XD
[15:44] <Skeletoon> she builds...
[15:44] <hjmck123> rpg slave time
[15:44] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[15:44] <Skeletoon> who did these stairs
[15:44] <LittleMissGrill> not me
[15:44] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh
[15:44] <Skeletoon> XD
[15:44] <Skeletoon> ./co i says different story
[15:45] <Skeletoon> got any timber planks?
[15:45] <Skeletoon> lol
[15:45] <Skeletoon> that looks better
[15:46] <Skeletoon> jeem u got optifine on?
[15:46] <jeem9157> not on this computer
[15:46] <Skeletoon> better or worse pc?
[15:46] <jeem9157> better
[15:47] <Skeletoon> so u can have short fog instead of tiny?
[15:47] <jeem9157> best settings
[15:47] <jeem9157> no lag
[15:47] <Skeletoon> fps?
[15:47] <jeem9157> 26 good enough
[15:47] <Skeletoon> lol
[15:47] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[15:47] <Skeletoon> yep she sure was
[15:47] <Skeletoon> she had no armour on
[15:48] <LittleMissGrill> ssh
[15:48] <jeem9157> brother watching me play
[15:48] <FlyingAsparagus> Congratulations on your new horse Herpes, leauja
[15:48] <FlyingAsparagus> Hahahaha
[15:48] <Skeletoon> your brother with u O.O
[15:49] <LittleMissGrill> lalalal
[15:49] <Skeletoon> k
[15:49] <LittleMissGrill> how did you ge here skele
[15:49] <LittleMissGrill> mums left now
[15:49] <Skeletoon> i walked
[15:49] <LittleMissGrill> she's very amused by all of you
[15:49] <Skeletoon> lol
[15:49] <Skeletoon> wdfffff
[15:49] <LittleMissGrill> ??
[15:49] <Skeletoon> dat lift
[15:49] <Skeletoon> brings u to hell
[15:50] <LittleMissGrill> no it doesn't
[15:50] <LittleMissGrill> it takes you to the bottom of my mini game n_n
[15:50] <Skeletoon> 18 lvls in mot trying it
[15:51] <LittleMissGrill> why not good things might happen
[15:51] <FlyingAsparagus> Okay
[15:51] <Skeletoon> mm death
[15:51] <FlyingAsparagus> Your horse is now named Epona
[15:51] <FlyingAsparagus> Instead of Herpes
[15:51] <leauja> LOLS
[15:51] <LittleMissGrill> sometimes a godo thing
[15:51] <FlyingAsparagus> Woops
[15:51] <Skeletoon> jeem is lagging
[15:51] <FlyingAsparagus> This one is still missing a lot of health XD
[15:51] <jeem9157> nope
[15:51] <jeem9157> fing
[15:52] <LittleMissGrill> padmay tagged me on a photo on fb haha
[15:52] <jeem9157> f ing
[15:52] <leauja> This ones full
[15:52] <jeem9157> f5 ing
[15:52] <jeem9157> ***
[15:52] <Skeletoon> ol
[15:52] <LittleMissGrill> saying "if you're on this then i love you
[15:52] <leauja> Brb
[15:52] <LittleMissGrill> wow who are you f-ing jeem
[15:52] <jeem9157> can't do two things at once
[15:53] <Skeletoon> bow works better
[15:54] <LittleMissGrill> whewsis you guya go
[15:54] <LittleMissGrill> i mean
[15:54] <LittleMissGrill> where did you guys go
[15:54] <Skeletoon> lol
[15:54] <LittleMissGrill> i feel like hj
[15:54] <jeem9157> pootis
[15:54] <FlyingAsparagus> It's dark out
[15:54] <Skeletoon> budder
[15:55] <LittleMissGrill> butts
[15:55] <Skeletoon> butt?
[15:55] <Skeletoon> s
[15:55] <LittleMissGrill> yuh
[15:55] <leauja> Thanks
[15:56] <FlyingAsparagus> Do you want to head out on an adventure?
[15:56] <FlyingAsparagus> We're going to new Aerovia
[15:56] <Skeletoon> adventure time
[15:56] <leauja> Sure
[15:56] <Skeletoon> new aerovia O.O
[15:56] <LittleMissGrill> isn't skeletoons town aerovia
[15:56] <LittleMissGrill> what
[15:56] <LittleMissGrill> who copied
[15:56] <LittleMissGrill> what
[15:57] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[15:57] <Skeletoon> ye but this is new O.O
[15:57] <FlyingAsparagus> Skeletoons is the new one
[15:57] <Skeletoon> ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
[15:57] <Skeletoon> XD i made it good but
[15:57] <Skeletoon> littlemiss u have my head
[15:57] <jeem9157> here you go
[15:57] <FlyingAsparagus> Shouldn't you have armour leauja?
[15:58] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:58] <leauja> I'll go make some now
[15:58] <leauja> Brb
[15:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Wait
[15:58] <leauja> :O
[15:58] <Skeletoon> quiick to littlemisses house jeem b4 she comes on
[15:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Use that
[15:58] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:58] <leauja> You are one.....
[15:58] <LittleMissGrill> compooper died
[15:58] <jeem9157> wren't fast enough
[15:58] <jeem9157> brb
[15:58] <LittleMissGrill> whats new aerovia
[15:58] <jeem9157> resetting
[15:58] <jeem9157> router
[15:58] <LittleMissGrill> nooo dont' go
[15:58] <Skeletoon> its my town little
[15:58] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[15:59] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol lm you weren't around for old Aerovia
[15:59] <Skeletoon> ook around
[16:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Leauja and I founded the original Aerovia back on 1.8.2
[16:00] <Skeletoon> u want this set littlemiss?
[16:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Need more lol
[16:00] <LittleMissGrill> what set?
[16:00] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[16:00] <LittleMissGrill> but
[16:00] <LittleMissGrill> but
[16:00] <LittleMissGrill> you bought it
[16:00] <Skeletoon> i got another enchanted set at home
[16:01] <Skeletoon> better ones
[16:01] <LittleMissGrill> but but i have no money
[16:01] <Skeletoon> and i got heaps of emerald
[16:01] <Skeletoon> by now
[16:01] <Skeletoon> u should no whatever i give u is free
[16:01] <LittleMissGrill> but that's still silly :(
[16:01] <Skeletoon> how?
[16:01] <Skeletoon> i thought u were my friend and we share stuffs =(
[16:01] <LittleMissGrill> cos you're giving stuff to me for freee
[16:01] <LittleMissGrill> yeahhhh buut
[16:01] <FlyingAsparagus> I brought my gun just incase
[16:01] <LittleMissGrill> i never have anything for you
[16:02] <leauja> Thanks
[16:02] <Skeletoon> littlemiss XD its aight im rich
[16:02] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[16:02] <Skeletoon> and somehow flying has beaten me on baltop O.O
[16:02] <LittleMissGrill> you're sos illy
[16:02] <LittleMissGrill> but i appreciate it
[16:02] <Skeletoon> hey tay
[16:02] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[16:02] <Skeletoon> flying where u get dat much moneyz?
[16:03] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh wow
[16:03] <LittleMissGrill> how does ejano have so much money?!
[16:03] <LittleMissGrill> how do you all you guys have so much money?!
[16:03] <FlyingAsparagus> So that's who did it
[16:03] <Skeletoon> peppy gave her heaps
[16:03] <Skeletoon> and ejano gave me 1 mil for gettting master
[16:03] <LittleMissGrill> gab has more money than me :(
[16:03] <Skeletoon> XD
[16:03] <taylaahjanee> I got $696969.69 from Oextar
[16:04] <leauja> Of course.. lol
[16:04] <Skeletoon> that's a message
[16:04] <Skeletoon> sign*
[16:04] <FlyingAsparagus> I understand what happened now
[16:04] <taylaahjanee> Lol..
[16:04] <Skeletoon> peppy was drunk and gave u heaps flying?
[16:04] <leauja> What happened? o.o
[16:04] <FlyingAsparagus> Don't think so
[16:04] <FlyingAsparagus> LEAUJA WE HAVE OUR HEADING
[16:05] <taylaahjanee> can someone lend me a lead for a sec?
[16:05] <LittleMissGrill> only banned people have less money than me
[16:05] <leauja> Wow..
[16:05] <Skeletoon> a lead?
[16:05] <Skeletoon> idk if i got any
[16:06] <taylaahjanee> Dammit
[16:06] <taylaahjanee> my horse is in the ocean and i can't get it out
[16:06] <Skeletoon> how u make a lead?
[16:06] <LittleMissGrill> slime and string
[16:06] <taylaahjanee> um
[16:07] <taylaahjanee> slime and somehtin
[16:07] <LittleMissGrill> ./recipe lead
[16:07] <taylaahjanee> something*
[16:07] <Skeletoon> in what orientation
[16:07] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[16:07] <leauja> Umm..
[16:07] <FlyingAsparagus> Go up at an angle
[16:07] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[16:07] <Skeletoon> hey peppy
[16:07] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Peppy
[16:07] <taylaahjanee> Oh i got it, sorta
[16:07] <Skeletoon> wb jeem
[16:07] <leauja> Hey Peppy
[16:07] <jeem9157> hey peppy
[16:07] <LittleMissGrill> hey peppy and jeem :3
[16:07] <taylaahjanee> Hahah
[16:07] <taylaahjanee> Poor horse
[16:07] <Peppy2006> Whoops
[16:07] <Peppy2006> Well
[16:07] <taylaahjanee> Did you kill it!? :O
[16:07] <Peppy2006> It'll make great Swedish meatballs.
[16:08] <taylaahjanee> :(
[16:08] <Peppy2006> Here
[16:08] <taylaahjanee> That's better
[16:08] <Peppy2006> Be warned
[16:08] <FlyingAsparagus> Did you follow the road leauja?
[16:08] <Peppy2006> He's faster than hell
[16:08] <Peppy2006> And howdy everyone!
[16:08] <taylaahjanee> Oh
[16:08] <Skeletoon> here tay
[16:09] <taylaahjanee> Wow..
[16:09] <Peppy2006> Tay was complaining to me
[16:09] <taylaahjanee> pfffft
[16:09] <Peppy2006> You were.
[16:09] <Peppy2006> :P
[16:09] <taylaahjanee> :(
[16:09] <LittleMissGrill> i want cwp to come online and praise my farm on rpg
[16:10] <Skeletoon> peppy u dont play rpg do u?
[16:10] <LittleMissGrill> yay jeeem ty
[16:10] <Peppy2006> I do sometimes
[16:10] <LittleMissGrill> :O nooo
[16:10] <Peppy2006> There
[16:10] <jeem9157> one second too late
[16:10] <jeem9157> :(
[16:10] <Peppy2006> Have a gun that doesn't suck
[16:10] <LittleMissGrill> all good n_n
[16:11] <taylaahjanee> Package received? lol
[16:11] <Peppy2006> Yes
[16:11] <Peppy2006> My package
[16:11] <Peppy2006> To you
[16:11] <taylaahjanee> Thanks XD
[16:11] <taylaahjanee> :|
[16:11] <Peppy2006> XD
[16:11] <LittleMissGrill> oh wow peppy
[16:11] <Peppy2006> What
[16:11] <jeem9157> wut's in it?
[16:11] <leauja> Woops
[16:11] <taylaahjanee> Hahaha
[16:11] <Peppy2006> You know
[16:11] <Peppy2006> My gun
[16:11] <LittleMissGrill> ...
[16:11] <LittleMissGrill> ewwwwwww
[16:11] <taylaahjanee> Oh jeez.
[16:11] <LittleMissGrill> gross
[16:11] <LittleMissGrill> worst description ever
[16:12] <taylaahjanee> Hahah
[16:12] <LittleMissGrill> who else is here
[16:12] <Peppy2006> It's fun
[16:12] <Peppy2006> Go play with it
[16:12] <LittleMissGrill> oh peppy haha
[16:12] <Peppy2006> You'll like it
[16:12] <Peppy2006> It shoots and makes colors
[16:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Stay behind me leauja
[16:12] <LittleMissGrill> ... wow
[16:12] <taylaahjanee> :O
[16:12] <Skeletoon> rainbow gun?
[16:12] <Peppy2006> Sorta
[16:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Or you might get shot
[16:13] <Peppy2006> Seriously Tay, go shoot it. :P
[16:13] <taylaahjanee> Do I have to?
[16:13] <Peppy2006> Yes
[16:13] <Peppy2006> At the zombie
[16:13] <Peppy2006> (s)
[16:14] <taylaahjanee> :o
[16:14] <jeem9157> crash site turned parkour course
[16:14] <Skeletoon> yep
[16:14] <taylaahjanee> That was kinda cool
[16:14] <Peppy2006> I told you it was fun
[16:14] <Peppy2006> Try it on full auto
[16:14] <Peppy2006> Hold down right click
[16:14] <taylaahjanee> I did
[16:15] <LittleMissGrill> it was on fire
[16:15] <Peppy2006> THERE you go
[16:15] <Skeletoon> wish the other guns could make fireworks
[16:15] <Peppy2006> Behind you Tay
[16:15] <LittleMissGrill> i gave up all my guns cos i kept killing jeem
[16:15] <Skeletoon> lol
[16:15] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe we should make a cabin?
[16:15] <LittleMissGrill> i can not be trusted
[16:15] <leauja> Yea...
[16:15] <LittleMissGrill> i made a terrible marine
[16:16] <Peppy2006> It can even shoot Endermen!
[16:16] <leauja> Hard to travel during the night
[16:16] <Skeletoon> stop moving
[16:16] <LittleMissGrill> is it making man noises
[16:16] <LittleMissGrill> the gun
[16:16] <Skeletoon> hereerererere is a block
[16:16] <FlyingAsparagus> We'll still have creepers during the day
[16:16] <jeem9157> man noises?
[16:16] <LittleMissGrill> peppy!
[16:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Use your lead
[16:17] <FlyingAsparagus> It will be smoother
[16:17] <Peppy2006> Oh Tay
[16:17] <jeem9157> noice
[16:17] <Skeletoon> whered u get dat
[16:17] <taylaahjanee> What?
[16:17] <LittleMissGrill> peppy sent them to me
[16:17] <Skeletoon> =P
[16:17] <LittleMissGrill> but peppy i kill pepole
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Left click that
[16:18] <jeem9157> who doesn't these days
[16:18] <Skeletoon> i wanna try the sniper =P
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Facing up
[16:18] <taylaahjanee> oh, derp
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Right click
[16:18] <LittleMissGrill> skele
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Then left
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Left, Tay
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Your other left...
[16:18] <taylaahjanee> Hahaha
[16:18] <Skeletoon> um
[16:18] <taylaahjanee> I'm clicking both?
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Wrong setting. :P
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Hit right once
[16:18] <Peppy2006> Then hit left.
[16:18] <Skeletoon> dat no scope
[16:19] <Peppy2006> But don't mess with right again
[16:19] <taylaahjanee> oh.. lol
[16:19] <taylaahjanee> Wow, I'm hopeless.
[16:19] <Skeletoon> lol optifine can allow a double zoom
[16:19] <FlyingAsparagus> Uh leauja
[16:19] <taylaahjanee> -.-
[16:19] <FlyingAsparagus> Where'd you go?
[16:20] <LittleMissGrill> skele can i shoot you
[16:20] <Skeletoon> yea y not -_-
[16:20] <leauja> My lead broke
[16:20] <LittleMissGrill> stay!
[16:20] <Skeletoon> dont
[16:20] <Peppy2006> Spray 'n pray
[16:20] <LittleMissGrill> awh okay
[16:20] <Skeletoon> was sarcasm
[16:20] <LittleMissGrill> what was
[16:20] <jeem9157> shoot n loot
[16:20] <LittleMissGrill> the yes or the no
[16:20] <Skeletoon> no
[16:20] <Skeletoon> -_-
[16:20] <LittleMissGrill> so i can shoot you!?
[16:21] <Skeletoon> peppy what happened to all thos brut's we had last map?
[16:21] <Peppy2006> They all died in a joyous accident
[16:21] <Skeletoon> mm car crash
[16:21] <Peppy2006> Yes
[16:21] <Peppy2006> XD
[16:21] <LittleMissGrill> jeem hel
[16:21] <LittleMissGrill> i'm stuck
[16:21] <Skeletoon> lol
[16:21] <Peppy2006> DAMMIT LITTLEMISS
[16:21] <LittleMissGrill> noooo
[16:21] <jeem9157> I tried
[16:21] <taylaahjanee> lol
[16:22] <LittleMissGrill> i didn't deliberately get in the way of your gun!
[16:22] <Peppy2006> Did tooo
[16:22] <Skeletoon> dinner g2g, ciao
[16:22] <jeem9157> cya
[16:22] <Peppy2006> See ya Skele
[16:22] <LittleMissGrill> fairwell
[16:22] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon§r) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[16:22] <LittleMissGrill> haha legit just thought "ooh i penguin i can shoot that!"
[16:22] <FlyingAsparagus> We now have a guard dog
[16:22] <leauja> Dogs will be useful
[16:23] <FlyingAsparagus> Try tame one
[16:24] <FlyingAsparagus> lets get moving
[16:24] <Peppy2006> I should get to sleep
[16:24] * MotionOTheOcean (MotionOTheOcean@MotionOTheOcean) has joined #main
[16:24] <LittleMissGrill> welcome!
[16:24] <jeem9157> welcome!
[16:24] <leauja> My horse!
[16:24] <LittleMissGrill> is amazing?
[16:24] <Peppy2006> Well hello there
[16:24] <FlyingAsparagus> Welcome
[16:24] <jeem9157> give it a lick
[16:24] <Peppy2006> The name looks familiar
[16:25] <FlyingAsparagus> Where'd it go?
[16:25] <taylaahjanee> He's someones brother..
[16:25] <taylaahjanee> Jeems?
[16:25] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[16:25] <LittleMissGrill> yes it does where have i seen it
[16:25] <leauja> The leads are dodgy D:
[16:25] <Peppy2006> Pretty sure you're right, Tay
[16:25] <Peppy2006> I am not sure, though. XD
[16:25] <taylaahjanee> I have a good memory for once :p
[16:25] <FlyingAsparagus> We should set up a cabin here
[16:26] <MotionOTheOcean> I'm every ones bro
[16:26] <Peppy2006> Djeemgo
[16:26] <jeem9157> yes
[16:26] <Peppy2006> Are we right? XD
[16:26] <jeem9157> yes
[16:26] <leauja> Where are you?
[16:26] <Peppy2006> Excellent
[16:26] <LittleMissGrill> ooh you're member alreaady!
[16:26] <Peppy2006> Yeah
[16:26] <Peppy2006> He's not new
[16:26] <MotionOTheOcean> you may be correct
[16:26] <Peppy2006> XD
[16:26] <LittleMissGrill> jeem i wanna get on there
[16:26] <FlyingAsparagus> Down here
[16:26] <LittleMissGrill> where the tree is
[16:26] <FlyingAsparagus> behind you
[16:26] <taylaahjanee> He's Jeem's brother Littlemiss
[16:26] <LittleMissGrill> no way
[16:26] <LittleMissGrill> is he jeem
[16:26] <Peppy2006> Yes
[16:27] <Peppy2006> Djeemgo has a brother
[16:27] <jeem9157> he is
[16:27] <LittleMissGrill> hi jeems brother :o
[16:27] <MotionOTheOcean> i am
[16:27] <MotionOTheOcean> hello
[16:27] <LittleMissGrill> younger?
[16:27] <FlyingAsparagus> Want to set up a cabin here?
[16:27] <MotionOTheOcean> nope
[16:27] <leauja> Yes
[16:27] <MotionOTheOcean> yes
[16:27] <leauja> I've got wood
[16:27] <MotionOTheOcean> i am older
[16:27] <LittleMissGrill> o rly
[16:27] <MotionOTheOcean> I've got wood for sheep
[16:27] <FlyingAsparagus> Make a crafting table
[16:28] <Peppy2006> I should sleep
[16:28] <LittleMissGrill> nope
[16:28] <taylaahjanee> You said that
[16:28] <Peppy2006> Yes
[16:28] <LittleMissGrill> you should but you're not
[16:28] <Peppy2006> But I must
[16:28] <Peppy2006> So...
[16:28] <Peppy2006> I leave you all for the night/day
[16:28] <Peppy2006> Goodnight!!
[16:28] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[16:28] <LittleMissGrill> fairwell!
[16:29] <taylaahjanee> Night
[16:29] <LittleMissGrill> wooow i like it up here
[16:29] <MotionOTheOcean> so my laptop is worse than Jeems normal one so I am just here to say hi for now.
[16:29] <LittleMissGrill> woops
[16:29] <LittleMissGrill> nice skin motion
[16:29] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[16:30] <LittleMissGrill> he's frozen
[16:30] <MotionOTheOcean> TY, I made it myself
[16:30] <LittleMissGrill> oh no he's not haha
[16:30] <MotionOTheOcean> rather not move, im like at 2 fps, if that
[16:30] <FlyingAsparagus> You build I'll guard
[16:30] <LittleMissGrill> i need to get down without dying
[16:31] <jeem9157> what was the avengers called in australia?
[16:31] <jeem9157> the movie?
[16:31] <LittleMissGrill> the
[16:31] <FlyingAsparagus> It was called The Avengers
[16:31] <LittleMissGrill> avengers?
[16:31] <FlyingAsparagus> Just like everywhere else
[16:32] <MotionOTheOcean> nvm, In England it was called "Avengers Assembled"
[16:32] <LittleMissGrill> yeah
[16:32] <LittleMissGrill> america is the 'cultural capital of the world' and we like to follow everything you guys do
[16:32] <MotionOTheOcean> since u guys are basically british...
[16:32] <LittleMissGrill> apparently
[16:32] <LittleMissGrill> n_n
[16:32] <FlyingAsparagus> LOL
[16:32] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh! most of us want a republic haha
[16:33] <FlyingAsparagus> The cultural capital of the world would more likely be France
[16:33] <MotionOTheOcean> but as long as you have the queeen on your money
[16:33] <LittleMissGrill> no its not
[16:33] <LittleMissGrill> people follow america for everything cultural
[16:33] <LittleMissGrill> how many french films have you seen vs hollywood films
[16:33] <jeem9157> 0
[16:33] <LittleMissGrill> how many american singers do you know vs french ones
[16:33] <FlyingAsparagus> But most of America's culture is actually a mixture of the cultures of other places
[16:33] <leauja> Do you have torches?
[16:33] <LittleMissGrill> yeah but whatever they decide they like the rest of the world likes
[16:33] <MotionOTheOcean> tMelting Pot FTW
[16:34] <FlyingAsparagus> They like guns
[16:34] <jeem9157> cept the middle east
[16:34] <LittleMissGrill> thats political
[16:34] <LittleMissGrill> not cultural
[16:34] <MotionOTheOcean> Who likes Guns?
[16:34] <FlyingAsparagus> Politics reflects culture
[16:34] <FlyingAsparagus> You should know that
[16:34] <MotionOTheOcean> I think you are confusing Texas with America
[16:34] <LittleMissGrill> sometimes
[16:34] <LittleMissGrill> haha i like that
[16:35] <FlyingAsparagus> Texas doesn't constitute all of America
[16:35] <FlyingAsparagus> But it's evident the majority of Americans are pro-gun
[16:35] <LittleMissGrill> but the middle east used to reflect america
[16:35] <LittleMissGrill> google 1960s aghanistan
[16:35] <LittleMissGrill> women wearing miniskirts :O
[16:35] <jeem9157> blashemy!
[16:35] <MotionOTheOcean> actually its mostly anti-gun, news just likes to report otherwise
[16:36] <LittleMissGrill> yeah most americans i have contact with are anti-gun
[16:36] <LittleMissGrill> but proguns are the loudest
[16:36] <LittleMissGrill> like our anti-refugees
[16:36] <FlyingAsparagus> I've had the opposite experience
[16:36] <jeem9157> anti gun here
[16:36] <FlyingAsparagus> Most Americans I've experienced are pro gun
[16:36] <jeem9157> three mass shootings in our state
[16:36] <jeem9157> in our lifetime
[16:36] <FlyingAsparagus> 0 in my lifetime
[16:36] <LittleMissGrill> 1 in mine
[16:36] <LittleMissGrill> but that was in 1997 and the last one australia ever had
[16:37] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh
[16:37] <FlyingAsparagus> That was 1997
[16:37] <FlyingAsparagus> okay 1
[16:37] <LittleMissGrill> yuh
[16:37] <LittleMissGrill> port phillip
[16:37] <FlyingAsparagus> I thought port phillip was 1994 for some reason
[16:37] <LittleMissGrill> nah 97
[16:37] <LittleMissGrill> i think
[16:37] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[16:37] <MotionOTheOcean> Well, as I said, most of American is Anti-gun, just the loudest Americans are Pro
[16:37] <FlyingAsparagus> leauja
[16:37] <FlyingAsparagus> I think the cabin was a little big
[16:37] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[16:37] <LittleMissGrill> we have a similar experience with refugees motion
[16:38] <leauja> LOL.. I tried to fit the horses in.. they kept moving :S
[16:38] <jeem9157> loud to compensate for poor reasoning
[16:38] <LittleMissGrill> yep
[16:38] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[16:38] <FlyingAsparagus> You don't need to fit the horses in
[16:38] <LittleMissGrill> they're always so angry
[16:38] <LittleMissGrill> and people who get angry about homosexuals too
[16:38] <FlyingAsparagus> They won't attack the horses unless you're on them
[16:38] <LittleMissGrill> i don't understand
[16:38] <MotionOTheOcean> Just like people who are anti-gay female athiest primemisters
[16:38] <leauja> I was thinking of keeping them from running off
[16:38] <LittleMissGrill> hahah
[16:38] <LittleMissGrill> yes exactly motion
[16:39] <LittleMissGrill> i wanna live up here
[16:39] <FlyingAsparagus> Apparantly K.Rudd wants to implement Gay Marriage
[16:39] <LittleMissGrill> i believe him
[16:40] <LittleMissGrill> i think gillard was pro gay marriage too
[16:40] <jeem9157> good for him
[16:40] <MotionOTheOcean> So does Obama
[16:40] <FlyingAsparagus> Are you being sarcastic... or serious...?
[16:40] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[16:40] <LittleMissGrill> but they're all too scared of the loud anti-gays
[16:40] <LittleMissGrill> serious
[16:40] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh okay
[16:40] <LittleMissGrill> you think he doesn't want to implement it?
[16:40] <FlyingAsparagus> Nah I think he does
[16:40] <MotionOTheOcean> Also, Pope now says he doesnt hate gays anymore
[16:40] <LittleMissGrill> no that's a lie
[16:40] <FlyingAsparagus> It was just the way you put "I believe him"
[16:40] <LittleMissGrill> he says he doesn't hate gays who don't act on it
[16:40] <LittleMissGrill> but the ones that do act on it are evil
[16:41] <LittleMissGrill> but it's a step in the right direction
[16:41] <MotionOTheOcean> I know, news took him out of context, but if only
[16:41] <LittleMissGrill> haha
[16:41] <leauja> Are we moving on?
[16:41] <FlyingAsparagus> He's given the Catholic Church a lot of positive PR though
[16:41] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah
[16:41] <MotionOTheOcean> I like how Pope now tweets in latin, such a mix of cultures there!
[16:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Lets ride on
[16:42] <LittleMissGrill> jeeeeem
[16:42] <jeem9157> yeah
[16:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Next time we'll build a smaller cabin
[16:42] <LittleMissGrill> nothin
[16:42] <LittleMissGrill> just felt like saying your name n_N
[16:42] <MotionOTheOcean> Jeemgo!
[16:42] <LittleMissGrill> no don't go!
[16:42] <LittleMissGrill> i need you for something
[16:42] <jeem9157> Djeemgo!*
[16:42] <jeem9157> the D is silent
[16:42] <FlyingAsparagus> HAHAH
[16:42] <jeem9157> ok
[16:43] <MotionOTheOcean> The name is Pterodactyl, the P is silent
[16:43] <LittleMissGrill> i don't actually
[16:43] <LittleMissGrill> ,my name is
[16:43] <FlyingAsparagus> jump it leauja
[16:43] <LittleMissGrill> littlemissgrill irl
[16:43] <LittleMissGrill> says it on my passport
[16:43] <jeem9157> :O
[16:43] <jeem9157> pic of your mc skin?
[16:43] <MotionOTheOcean> Why cant you hear a Pterodactyl go to the bathroom?
[16:43] <LittleMissGrill> yep!
[16:43] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[16:43] <LittleMissGrill> cos you can't hear the P!
[16:44] <LittleMissGrill> or something
[16:44] <MotionOTheOcean> something like that, the p is silenbt
[16:44] <LittleMissGrill> i like this cave
[16:44] <LittleMissGrill> it's like a real life cave
[16:44] <LittleMissGrill> was that me?!
[16:44] <MotionOTheOcean> How do Kiwis practice safe sex?
[16:44] <LittleMissGrill> i'm so sorry
[16:44] <LittleMissGrill> iuno how
[16:44] <MotionOTheOcean> Put X's on the ones that Kick
[16:45] <LittleMissGrill> i don't get it :(
[16:45] <FlyingAsparagus> We're going to head through the swamp
[16:45] <MotionOTheOcean> Sheep...
[16:45] <LittleMissGrill> jeeem where are you
[16:45] <LittleMissGrill> oh hai
[16:45] <LittleMissGrill> the world needs more guns
[16:45] <LittleMissGrill> i mean
[16:45] <LittleMissGrill> the mc world
[16:45] <jeem9157> nooooo
[16:45] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[16:45] <jeem9157> yesss
[16:45] <LittleMissGrill> not the rl world
[16:46] <LittleMissGrill> what was that sentence haha
[16:46] <FlyingAsparagus> Hahahah
[16:46] <jeem9157> impenetrable force fields
[16:46] <jeem9157> for everyone
[16:46] <LittleMissGrill> i'm so sorry everyone for that sudden burst of rightwingedness
[16:46] <MotionOTheOcean> So how about that local sport team eh, they have been preformin godd or bad eh?
[16:46] <jeem9157> if we all had force fields, that wouldn't be manly enough for conservatives
[16:46] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh
[16:47] <FlyingAsparagus> Don't talk about sports :l
[16:47] <LittleMissGrill> wouldn't be protecting their country and stuff
[16:47] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[16:47] <LittleMissGrill> king of england walk in the door
[16:47] <LittleMissGrill> god bless america
[16:47] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm already depressed about what's happening with my team
[16:47] <jeem9157> 'merca!
[16:47] <LittleMissGrill> are these things gun people say?
[16:47] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[16:47] <jeem9157> more frequently yes
[16:48] <LittleMissGrill> omg
[16:48] <LittleMissGrill> jeem
[16:48] <jeem9157> np
[16:48] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[16:48] <LittleMissGrill> i'm so sorry
[16:48] <jeem9157> jumped in the line of fire
[16:48] <jeem9157> my fault
[16:48] <LittleMissGrill> sddd
[16:48] <FlyingAsparagus> Come on leauja
[16:48] <VAHO999NA> hey guys
[16:48] <LittleMissGrill> i told peppy not to give me guns
[16:48] <LittleMissGrill> i picked up stuff
[16:48] <FlyingAsparagus> We've got to get to the swamp biome
[16:48] <LittleMissGrill> what are you missing
[16:48] <FlyingAsparagus> behind you
[16:49] <LittleMissGrill> axe?
[16:49] <jeem9157> yeah
[16:49] <LittleMissGrill> anything esle?
[16:49] <jeem9157> that's all
[16:49] <jeem9157> i think
[16:49] <LittleMissGrill> oh have this too
[16:49] <jeem9157> :O
[16:49] <jeem9157> thanks
[16:50] <LittleMissGrill> and roses n_n
[16:50] <leauja> My horse died :O
[16:50] <FlyingAsparagus> What?!
[16:50] <FlyingAsparagus> HOW?!
[16:50] <FlyingAsparagus> D:
[16:51] <FlyingAsparagus> What killed it?
[16:52] <FlyingAsparagus> :/
[16:52] <MotionOTheOcean> Kappa
[16:52] <LittleMissGrill> do you ever feel like a plastic bag
[16:52] <jeem9157> not sure what that feels like
[16:52] <VAHO999NA> DOG
[16:52] <VAHO999NA> get out of the water
[16:52] <leauja> Sure..
[16:52] <LittleMissGrill> remember when katy perry came out with that song
[16:52] <leauja> What?
[16:53] <jeem9157> that fireworks song
[16:53] <LittleMissGrill> yeah!
[16:53] <VAHO999NA> baby you're a firework!
[16:53] <leauja> Protect your horse
[16:53] <FlyingAsparagus> it's fine
[16:53] <FlyingAsparagus> follow
[16:54] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[16:54] <MotionOTheOcean> Anti AFK FTW
[16:54] <MotionOTheOcean> In a week once I get on my real compI will hopefully be more active here
[16:55] <FlyingAsparagus> LOL
[16:55] <FlyingAsparagus> Get on
[16:55] <FlyingAsparagus> I'll walk you there
[16:55] <FlyingAsparagus> haha
[16:55] <jeem9157> i died somewhere within 100 blocks of here
[16:55] <leauja> LOL
[16:55] <LittleMissGrill> vagues
[16:55] <jeem9157> oh
[16:56] <jeem9157> can check death records
[16:57] <LittleMissGrill> where you on land or water
[16:57] <jeem9157> land
[16:57] <leauja> Crap... that was so close..
[16:57] <FlyingAsparagus> haha
[16:57] <FlyingAsparagus> :O
[16:57] <leauja> It's on 18 and a half hearts
[16:57] <LittleMissGrill> hnnoo
[16:57] <leauja> Nice
[16:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Got a ladder?
[16:58] <leauja> Nope.. I'll make some
[16:58] <LittleMissGrill> well then haha
[16:58] <jeem9157> once again coreprotect fails to record player deaths
[16:58] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[16:58] <jeem9157> hey dengar
[16:59] <Dengar708> Hey
[16:59] <Dengar708> Trying to find why RPG is laggin so much
[16:59] <LittleMissGrill> uhhh
[16:59] <LittleMissGrill> haha
[16:59] <Dengar708> And no admins on here so can't be rob being rob
[16:59] <leauja> Nice
[16:59] <LittleMissGrill> we are shooting a lot of guns
[16:59] <Dengar708> Please shoot less
[16:59] <LittleMissGrill> will try our hardest
[16:59] <Dengar708> use a bow or something
[17:00] <FlyingAsparagus> We're lagging a bit too
[17:00] <Dengar708> RPG server has 20 second lagg spikes
[17:00] <FlyingAsparagus> I think it's just because there's so much extra resources being used
[17:00] <LittleMissGrill> yeah
[17:00] <Dengar708> because you guys are firing so many guns
[17:00] <LittleMissGrill> i think splitting up the server into two is a bad move
[17:00] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[17:00] <Dengar708> There is only 1 server
[17:00] <Dengar708> but lots of ports
[17:00] <LittleMissGrill> we're not firing "so many" haha
[17:00] <jeem9157> don't be smartass
[17:01] * Daslaglam was kicked from #main by Server
[17:01] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[17:01] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[17:01] <FlyingAsparagus> leauja where'd you go?
[17:01] <LittleMissGrill> what jeem said
[17:01] <Dengar708> I am pointing out the facts
[17:01] <leauja> Coming back
[17:01] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[17:01] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[17:01] <LittleMissGrill> hmm jeeem where did you die
[17:01] <jeem9157> probably should have noted coordinates when i died
[17:02] <jeem9157> before respawning :(
[17:02] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[17:02] <FlyingAsparagus> In all fairness this server takes priority so anything we do should be just fine
[17:02] <LittleMissGrill> we'll find it
[17:02] <LittleMissGrill> don't remember anything?
[17:02] <jeem9157> just land and extreme hills
[17:02] <jeem9157> was rocket jumping around so
[17:03] <LittleMissGrill> haha that guy went back and didn't even tell them we were shooting guns
[17:03] <LittleMissGrill> he was mean :(
[17:03] <LittleMissGrill> i hate how sometimes stuff despawns so quickly
[17:04] <jeem9157> it's easily replaceable
[17:04] <jeem9157> cause peppy
[17:04] <LittleMissGrill> but still
[17:04] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[17:04] <jeem9157> wcb das
[17:04] <Daslaglam> weeee finally
[17:04] <Daslaglam> ty :D
[17:04] <VAHO999NA> :D
[17:05] * MotionOTheOcean was kicked from #main by Server
[17:05] * MotionOTheOcean (MotionOTheOcean@MotionOTheOcean§r) Quit (§eMotionOTheOcean left the game.)
[17:05] <jeem9157> gj
[17:05] <LittleMissGrill> come i'll set you up with some stuff until peppy comes back
[17:05] <VAHO999NA> did you set home
[17:05] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol leauja
[17:05] <FlyingAsparagus> I forgot to tie up the horse
[17:05] * MotionOTheOcean (MotionOTheOcean@MotionOTheOcean) has joined #main
[17:05] <VAHO999NA> in the sand desert taiga place?
[17:05] <jeem9157> 2 minutes
[17:05] <Daslaglam> yep
[17:05] <VAHO999NA> good
[17:05] <MotionOTheOcean> hello sry, trying to chat on steam, watch twicth and be on here at the same time
[17:05] <MotionOTheOcean> Damn my gender and its inability to multitask!!!
[17:06] <jeem9157> men..
[17:06] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[17:06] <leauja> What?
[17:06] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[17:06] <VAHO999NA> dasss
[17:06] <Daslaglam> yes?
[17:06] <leauja> What?
[17:06] <VAHO999NA> you have enough glass?
[17:06] <LittleMissGrill> alright jeem
[17:06] <LittleMissGrill> i have dinner
[17:07] <Daslaglam> i need coal lol
[17:07] <FlyingAsparagus> I wasn't doing ":l" in relation to you leauja
[17:07] <VAHO999NA> i have coal
[17:07] <jeem9157> failed, I have
[17:07] <LittleMissGrill> in the unlocked chest
[17:07] <LittleMissGrill> come
[17:07] <LittleMissGrill> take stuff
[17:07] <LittleMissGrill> armour tools etc
[17:07] <jeem9157> thanks
[17:07] <leauja> I'm just bummed out about Epona D:
[17:08] <VAHO999NA> coalll
[17:08] <LittleMissGrill> and you can take the gun too
[17:08] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah
[17:08] <VAHO999NA> stand still
[17:08] <LittleMissGrill> dinner bbs :)
[17:08] <Daslaglam> whee
[17:08] <Daslaglam> cya :D
[17:08] <VAHO999NA> DONT MOVE
[17:08] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[17:08] <jeem9157> cya
[17:08] <VAHO999NA> there you ho
[17:08] <VAHO999NA> go*
[17:08] <Daslaglam> ty :D
[17:08] <leauja> So what are we going to do now?
[17:08] <FlyingAsparagus> Did you get the armour it had?
[17:08] <Daslaglam> only 6 lol
[17:08] <leauja> Yep
[17:08] <Daslaglam> oh w8
[17:08] <Daslaglam> nvm
[17:08] <FlyingAsparagus> Okay good
[17:08] <VAHO999NA> xD
[17:08] <leauja> Do you have torches?
[17:09] <VAHO999NA> ps: you have coal in one of the furnaces
[17:09] <Daslaglam> :D
[17:09] <Daslaglam> i put it there
[17:09] <VAHO999NA> oh
[17:09] <VAHO999NA> lol
[17:10] <VAHO999NA> you need birch?
[17:10] <Daslaglam> yesh
[17:10] <Daslaglam> i wanna finish this be4 going to skool
[17:10] <VAHO999NA> i thought you needed spruce lol
[17:10] <VAHO999NA> 1 week...
[17:10] <VAHO999NA> GOOD LUCK
[17:10] <Daslaglam> yep u need to help 2 lol
[17:11] <MotionOTheOcean> Bam!
[17:11] <VAHO999NA> AHHH
[17:11] <jeem9157> wcb!
[17:11] <VAHO999NA> creeperrrrrrrrr
[17:11] <Daslaglam> Hello wcb!
[17:11] * scruffy2001 (scruffy2001@scruffy2001) has joined #main
[17:11] <scruffy2001> HEY GUYS
[17:11] <Daslaglam> Hey!
[17:11] <leauja> Hey
[17:11] <VAHO999NA> hey scruffy!
[17:11] <scruffy2001> woops caps
[17:11] <VAHO999NA> lol
[17:12] <MotionOTheOcean> Ausie Ausie Ausie
[17:12] <scruffy2001> oi oi oi
[17:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Ausie? lol
[17:12] <MotionOTheOcean> Ausie Ausie Ausie
[17:12] <VAHO999NA> ouch
[17:12] <scruffy2001> oi oi oi
[17:12] <FlyingAsparagus> hahaha
[17:12] <MotionOTheOcean> Ausie
[17:12] <VAHO999NA> oi you!
[17:12] <leauja> Ausie
[17:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Aussie*
[17:12] <jeem9157> ozzy*
[17:12] <MotionOTheOcean> meh, im an engineer, i dont spell
[17:12] <leauja> Ausie**
[17:13] <FlyingAsparagus> Aussie******************************************************
[17:13] <leauja> ._.
[17:13] <MotionOTheOcean> Ouzzeeeee*******
[17:13] <VAHO999NA> ._.
[17:13] <MotionOTheOcean> 'Merka
[17:13] <FlyingAsparagus> Leauja, we're surrounded
[17:14] <VAHO999NA> i feel liek dancing
[17:14] <VAHO999NA> like*
[17:14] <Daslaglam> lol then dance xD
[17:14] <leauja> How did it get up here
[17:14] <VAHO999NA> .-.
[17:14] <leauja> Kill them
[17:15] <FlyingAsparagus> They'll kill themselves
[17:15] <Daslaglam> ahhahh
[17:15] <leauja> Kill them
[17:15] <leauja> Okay.. never mind
[17:15] <VAHO999NA> LoveSomebody<3
[17:15] <leauja> I thought they were both my dogs lol
[17:15] <FlyingAsparagus> Haha
[17:15] <FlyingAsparagus> My dog was stronger
[17:16] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[17:16] <leauja> Pffft... nope
[17:16] <VAHO999NA> ouch
[17:16] <jeem9157> haytay
[17:16] <VAHO999NA> hey!
[17:16] <taylaahjanee> hiiii
[17:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Hahaha
[17:16] <Daslaglam> hello!
[17:16] <MotionOTheOcean> So I learned the word Brumbee the other day
[17:16] <leauja> Mine battled it out killing the zombies :P
[17:16] <VAHO999NA> i almost died lol
[17:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Killing themselves XD
[17:16] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[17:16] <leauja> Shush.. they have flaws but they're good. :P
[17:16] <jeem9157> hey alpine
[17:16] <Daslaglam> Hey!
[17:16] <VAHO999NA> :D
[17:16] <alpine2001> Hello everyone!
[17:16] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[17:16] <VAHO999NA> lemme guess
[17:16] <scruffy2001> hi
[17:17] <VAHO999NA> you're stuck in the ground :P
[17:17] <alpine2001> No :P
[17:17] <alpine2001> Not laggy intenet
[17:17] <VAHO999NA> :OOO thats a change :P
[17:17] <alpine2001> Im at scruffy2001's house :P
[17:17] <VAHO999NA> lol
[17:17] <FlyingAsparagus> They're dead though...
[17:17] <FlyingAsparagus> LOL
[17:17] <FlyingAsparagus> HOW DO YOU GET UP HERE
[17:18] <VAHO999NA> dance
[17:18] <leauja> They took the heat of the zombies... the fought valiantly.
[17:19] <leauja> :O
[17:19] <VAHO999NA> I really wanna love somebody, i really wanna dance the night away <#
[17:19] <leauja> Lost 6 hearts
[17:20] <VAHO999NA> you need a carrot farm
[17:20] <VAHO999NA> and also a potato farm
[17:20] <alpine2001> Ik :P
[17:20] <VAHO999NA> :P
[17:20] <VAHO999NA> whew almost fell
[17:20] <alpine2001> Hahah
[17:21] <FlyingAsparagus> leauja where'd you go?
[17:21] <jeem9157> bienvenidos!
[17:21] <MotionOTheOcean> Cya guys in another solar cycle
[17:21] <leauja> LOL
[17:21] <jeem9157> 11 years?
[17:21] <FlyingAsparagus> Found you
[17:21] <VAHO999NA> lol
[17:22] <FlyingAsparagus> Lets keep moving
[17:22] <MotionOTheOcean> yes
[17:22] <MotionOTheOcean> 11 MC years so like a week
[17:22] <VAHO999NA> for a second i though that was a candy cane :3
[17:22] <VAHO999NA> thought*
[17:22] <FlyingAsparagus> Are you still coming?
[17:23] <leauja> Yep
[17:23] <VAHO999NA> crap
[17:23] <FlyingAsparagus> Jump on the horse
[17:23] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm gonna run
[17:23] <jeem9157> my brother says bye
[17:23] <jeem9157> cause his laptop died
[17:23] <VAHO999NA> byeee
[17:23] * MotionOTheOcean (MotionOTheOcean@MotionOTheOcean§r) Quit (§eMotionOTheOcean left the game.)
[17:23] <alpine2001> Bye
[17:23] <jeem9157> i'll pass that along
[17:23] <VAHO999NA> :/
[17:24] <VAHO999NA> creeper almost killed me
[17:26] <jeem9157> feast
[17:26] <VAHO999NA> yep
[17:26] <VAHO999NA> xD
[17:26] <VAHO999NA> :D
[17:27] <VAHO999NA> thanks
[17:27] <leauja> That was half the cause of Epona's death
[17:27] <FlyingAsparagus> What's it's health on?
[17:27] <leauja> 13 hearts
[17:27] <FlyingAsparagus> That's why I said to avoid deep water yesterday
[17:27] <VAHO999NA> ow
[17:28] <VAHO999NA> i give up
[17:28] <FlyingAsparagus> WE're close
[17:28] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[17:28] <jeem9157> val what have you done!
[17:28] <VAHO999NA> :OOOOOOOO
[17:29] <VAHO999NA> there we go
[17:29] <jeem9157> XD
[17:29] <VAHO999NA> xD
[17:29] <Daslaglam> its so weird the glowstones turned into stone slabs.....
[17:29] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[17:29] <VAHO999NA> why?
[17:29] <alpine2001> What do you want tay?
[17:30] <taylaahjanee> I died near you.
[17:30] <Daslaglam> brb
[17:30] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[17:30] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam) has joined #main
[17:30] <VAHO999NA> wb
[17:30] <FlyingAsparagus> This is my favourite of the towns
[17:30] <VAHO999NA> lets hope i make it this time
[17:30] <taylaahjanee> Can you accept?
[17:30] <alpine2001> Ok
[17:30] <VAHO999NA> unfortunately
[17:30] <VAHO999NA> i did not
[17:31] <taylaahjanee> thanks
[17:31] <jeem9157> i'm out
[17:31] <VAHO999NA> bye jeem
[17:31] <jeem9157> cya
[17:31] <Daslaglam> bye!
[17:31] <alpine2001> Bye
[17:31] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[17:32] <VAHO999NA> stupid skele
[17:32] <Daslaglam> lol
[17:32] <Daslaglam> :OOO
[17:32] <VAHO999NA> ?
[17:32] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[17:32] <VAHO999NA> LOL
[17:32] <VAHO999NA> hey
[17:32] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[17:32] <alpine2001> Heu Little
[17:32] <LittleMissGrill> jeem gone?
[17:32] <Daslaglam> wcb little!
[17:33] <VAHO999NA> few minutes ago
[17:33] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[17:33] <Daslaglam> 1 min
[17:33] <Daslaglam> ago
[17:33] <VAHO999NA> lol
[17:33] <FlyingAsparagus> My horse died
[17:33] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[17:33] <VAHO999NA> :OOOO
[17:33] <taylaahjanee> :o
[17:33] <Daslaglam> again!!??
[17:33] <leauja> :O
[17:33] <FlyingAsparagus> most expensive adventure ver
[17:33] <taylaahjanee> Peppy killed mine, lol
[17:33] <FlyingAsparagus> ever*
[17:33] <VAHO999NA> :/
[17:33] <VAHO999NA> a skele killed mine
[17:33] <VAHO999NA> and then a creeper kileld my second one
[17:34] <leauja> Is that all of my stuff?
[17:34] <VAHO999NA> now im afraid to take my 3rd one out
[17:34] <FlyingAsparagus> Here's your stuff
[17:34] <leauja> I've got your armour
[17:35] <leauja> Horse armour
[17:35] <taylaahjanee> my horse has 26 hearts :o
[17:35] <VAHO999NA> :OOOOOOO
[17:35] <FlyingAsparagus> lol sorry
[17:35] <VAHO999NA> lucky
[17:36] <LittleMissGrill> hiding from zombies
[17:36] <LittleMissGrill> sssh
[17:36] <VAHO999NA> oh
[17:36] <VAHO999NA> xD
[17:37] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[17:37] <FlyingAsparagus> I need to buy horse insurance
[17:37] <taylaahjanee> Lol
[17:37] <VAHO999NA> lol
[17:37] <leauja> LOL me too
[17:37] <VAHO999NA> metoo
[17:38] <FlyingAsparagus> Actually
[17:38] <FlyingAsparagus> That's a good idea
[17:38] <leauja> How did yours die?
[17:38] <FlyingAsparagus> Mine was death by everything
[17:38] <leauja> Basically for me as well.. + water
[17:39] <VAHO999NA> :/
[17:39] <leauja> Do you want your Horse armour?
[17:39] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah
[17:40] <FlyingAsparagus> Thanks
[17:40] <leauja> You're welcome
[17:41] <VAHO999NA> is this the part where it startscurving?
[17:41] <Daslaglam> yep
[17:41] <leauja> Village
[17:42] <Daslaglam> once i have enough glass i out of wool n stone and wood lolol :/
[17:42] <VAHO999NA> LOL
[17:43] * Daslaglam (Daslaglam@Daslaglam§r) Quit (§eDaslaglam left the game.)
[17:43] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[17:44] <leauja> Another village
[17:44] <leauja> Benchka
[17:45] <FlyingAsparagus> We're very close
[17:46] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[17:46] <FlyingAsparagus> Need real food?
[17:47] <leauja> It's alright... I have plenty of rotten flesh. Yum
[17:47] <FlyingAsparagus> Filthy cannible
[17:47] <FlyingAsparagus> That's what we we're looking for
[17:48] <FlyingAsparagus> Let's build a shack
[17:48] <FlyingAsparagus> A small one
[17:48] <leauja> LOl
[17:48] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[17:48] <alpine2001> wb'
[17:49] <alpine2001> wb*
[17:49] <VAHO999NA> ty
[17:49] <VAHO999NA> LET ME IN
[17:49] <alpine2001> Im not at my house?
[17:49] <VAHO999NA> hmph nevermind
[17:49] <VAHO999NA> lol
[17:50] <VAHO999NA> ow
[17:50] <VAHO999NA> ohcrap
[17:50] <FlyingAsparagus> put a sign on it
[17:51] <FlyingAsparagus> brb a sec
[17:51] <taylaahjanee> Forgot i was on here and a zombie nearly killed me D:
[17:51] <VAHO999NA> :O
[17:53] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[17:53] <FlyingAsparagus> Back
[17:53] <VAHO999NA> brb
[17:54] <leauja> .
[17:55] <FlyingAsparagus> Well this adventure has certainly been interesting
[17:55] <leauja> Very
[17:56] <leauja> That's alot of flesh
[17:56] <FlyingAsparagus> Yep
[17:57] <FlyingAsparagus> The heads of those who killed my horse
[17:57] <leauja> LOLOLOL
[17:57] <alpine2001> Brb
[17:57] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[17:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Let's go
[17:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Leave the stuff
[17:58] <leauja> Does anybody want 5 stacks of rotten flesh?
[17:59] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[17:59] <VAHO999NA> wb
[17:59] <taylaahjanee> thanks
[18:00] <LittleMissGrill> tay hi
[18:00] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[18:00] <LittleMissGrill> remember that conversation we're having like right now
[18:01] <leauja> I have to go for now. Dinner
[18:01] <taylaahjanee> Yes?
[18:01] <VAHO999NA> bye
[18:01] <FlyingAsparagus> D:
[18:01] <leauja> I'll tp to you later
[18:01] <leauja> If you want to keep going
[18:01] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[18:01] <leauja> If not then it's okay
[18:01] * leauja (leauja@leauja§r) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[18:01] <VAHO999NA> hey jrr
[18:01] <FlyingAsparagus> We're like a little bit away from it
[18:01] <jrr5556> Hey
[18:01] <FlyingAsparagus> There's just the end of this biome to go
[18:02] <taylaahjanee> i think i might be lost..
[18:02] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[18:08] * scruffy2001 was kicked from #main by Server
[18:08] * scruffy2001 (scruffy2001@scruffy2001§r) Quit (§escruffy2001 left the game.)
[18:08] <VAHO999NA> weird
[18:08] <VAHO999NA> :/
[18:11] <LittleMissGrill> rob will be online soon
[18:11] <LittleMissGrill> i can sense it
[18:11] <taylaahjanee> lol
[18:11] <LittleMissGrill> that and i totally forced him to
[18:12] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[18:13] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[18:13] <roberestarkk> You rang!?
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> rooob!
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> i told you
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> see
[18:14] <VAHO999NA> hi
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> where have you been the last 3479358 days
[18:14] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[18:14] <alpine2001> Back
[18:14] <VAHO999NA> wb alpine
[18:14] * scruffy2001 (scruffy2001@scruffy2001) has joined #main
[18:15] <VAHO999NA> wb
[18:15] <alpine2001> Thanks
[18:15] <roberestarkk> probably on minecraft
[18:15] <LittleMissGrill> i didn't see you :(
[18:15] <roberestarkk> You don't stay up late enough
[18:15] <LittleMissGrill> i stay up late lal the time!
[18:16] <LittleMissGrill> i was on until ike 1am yesterday
[18:16] <roberestarkk> OH!
[18:16] <roberestarkk> That's right...
[18:16] <LittleMissGrill> wat
[18:16] <roberestarkk> I keep leaving early because my Internet can't handle YouTube and MC at the same time
[18:16] <roberestarkk> because MC's network code is shite
[18:16] <LittleMissGrill> well
[18:16] <LittleMissGrill> hats lame :(
[18:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Rob, why aren't you higher up on /baltop?
[18:17] <LittleMissGrill> eliza is the last person who isn't banned :(
[18:17] <roberestarkk> wha?
[18:17] <taylaahjanee> How'd you get to rich Flying?
[18:17] <alpine2001> Our land :P we are making stables
[18:17] <roberestarkk> @Flying, because I have no need of money, and no-one buys my potaters
[18:17] <taylaahjanee> I bought like 50!
[18:17] <VAHO999NA> where's this?
[18:17] <taylaahjanee> ./bal
[18:18] <roberestarkk> @tay, that's like $500
[18:18] <alpine2001> 001
[18:18] <taylaahjanee> baltop*
[18:18] <roberestarkk> count the 0's on Peppy's name
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> ooh
[18:18] <roberestarkk> account*
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> hey smiley!
[18:18] <LittleMissGrill> i have
[18:18] <LittleMissGrill> $33
[18:18] <FlyingAsparagus> I sold "suger" on the streets of minecraft
[18:18] <FlyingAsparagus> sugar*
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> :O
[18:18] <LittleMissGrill> ;)
[18:18] <FlyingAsparagus> blah
[18:18] <taylaahjanee> I'm 15th
[18:18] <taylaahjanee> I remember when I was 2nd
[18:18] <LittleMissGrill> howd you get rich?!
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> whats this stair thing then?
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> im 29
[18:19] <taylaahjanee> but i kept giving people millions. lol
[18:19] <FlyingAsparagus> drugs
[18:19] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[18:19] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[18:19] <LittleMissGrill> #142!
[18:19] <taylaahjanee> but what about that guy who tried to sell you drugs?
[18:19] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[18:19] <LittleMissGrill> how does regox have negative money
[18:19] <FlyingAsparagus> If only I was an investment type
[18:19] <LittleMissGrill> rob can i come visit?
[18:19] <roberestarkk> He's a rebel
[18:19] <roberestarkk> you can
[18:20] <FlyingAsparagus> Are you ready to continue
[18:20] <FlyingAsparagus> ?
[18:20] <taylaahjanee> because he's regox
[18:20] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[18:20] <roberestarkk> but I'm sitting at spawn
[18:20] <leauja> You've been here the whole time?
[18:20] <roberestarkk> just fyi
[18:20] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[18:20] <LittleMissGrill> down with that
[18:20] <FlyingAsparagus> I was afk for a while
[18:20] <LittleMissGrill> whos dog is this
[18:20] <leauja> How far are we away from "it"?
[18:20] <FlyingAsparagus> End of this biome
[18:20] <roberestarkk> I do not know
[18:20] <roberestarkk> but I'ma kill it!
[18:20] <LittleMissGrill> tdoooit
[18:21] <LittleMissGrill> no don't
[18:21] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[18:21] <roberestarkk> -.-
[18:21] <LittleMissGrill> i was gonna ask fo it
[18:21] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[18:21] <leauja> LOLOL
[18:21] <roberestarkk> it was tamed already
[18:21] <roberestarkk> you can't swap owners
[18:21] <LittleMissGrill> lame
[18:22] <LittleMissGrill> oh hai
[18:22] <LittleMissGrill> i lost you
[18:22] <roberestarkk> oh hai
[18:22] <roberestarkk> lolz
[18:22] <VAHO999NA> helppp
[18:22] <alpine2001> ?
[18:22] <roberestarkk> wanna see how mah smexy hidden door works?
[18:22] <VAHO999NA> im stuck
[18:22] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[18:22] <LittleMissGrill> yes!!
[18:22] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[18:22] <VAHO999NA> whew
[18:22] <LittleMissGrill> only one explanation mark tho
[18:23] <LittleMissGrill> its so
[18:23] <LittleMissGrill> simple
[18:23] <leauja> Yay.. we're here
[18:23] <roberestarkk> Yup
[18:23] <roberestarkk> very simple
[18:23] <roberestarkk> I am the essence of doing this as simple and easy as possible
[18:23] <roberestarkk> and by this I mean things
[18:24] <FlyingAsparagus> We're here...
[18:24] <LittleMissGrill> why don't it need pistons
[18:24] <roberestarkk> Magic
[18:24] <FlyingAsparagus> Well that was fun
[18:24] <FlyingAsparagus> And expensive
[18:24] <leauja> LOL
[18:24] <leauja> Yes it wa
[18:24] <roberestarkk> I'm not sure if you realise
[18:24] <leauja> *was
[18:24] <roberestarkk> but it's entirely solid...
[18:24] <leauja> $100,000+ down the drain in one expedition
[18:24] <LittleMissGrill> so if i stand in there when you close it
[18:25] <FlyingAsparagus> I wonder how Smiley will react if I ask for two more horses....
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> will i die
[18:25] <roberestarkk> eventually
[18:25] <VAHO999NA> lol
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> lets try
[18:25] <roberestarkk> unless I open it again
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[18:25] <FlyingAsparagus> I should ask him if I can get insurance
[18:25] <leauja> Here, as compensation. :D
[18:25] <FlyingAsparagus> hahah
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> if i break the firt
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> dirt
[18:25] <leauja> Brb
[18:26] <roberestarkk> it will drop
[18:26] <roberestarkk> and if you don't put it back before the door toggles back on
[18:26] <roberestarkk> you get to duplicate it
[18:26] <LittleMissGrill> oooh free dirt
[18:26] <LittleMissGrill> close the door i wanna see if i die
[18:27] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[18:27] <LittleMissGrill> i coulda died
[18:27] <roberestarkk> coulda
[18:27] <roberestarkk> so can you afford any of these recipe's?
[18:28] <LittleMissGrill> oooh
[18:28] <LittleMissGrill> sorry
[18:28] <LittleMissGrill> trackpad glitched
[18:28] <roberestarkk> I think the repair one is the easiest
[18:28] <roberestarkk> lol
[18:28] <LittleMissGrill> no i can't do any
[18:28] <roberestarkk> D=
[18:28] <alpine2001> YUMMY
[18:28] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[18:28] <roberestarkk> haaave you seen the CoS Storage Room?
[18:28] <roberestarkk> it may have things in it
[18:28] <LittleMissGrill> nope
[18:29] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[18:29] <roberestarkk> but nothing from the Nether or End
[18:29] <roberestarkk> so that rules out the blazerods =/
[18:29] <LittleMissGrill> take me there !
[18:29] <LittleMissGrill> i have blazerods
[18:29] <LittleMissGrill> did you close th door
[18:29] <roberestarkk> okiedoke, it's Bunker>HQKeep
[18:29] <roberestarkk> no I did not =P
[18:30] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe it was Peppy....
[18:30] <taylaahjanee> noooooo
[18:30] <FlyingAsparagus> hmmmm
[18:30] <taylaahjanee> Dammit. lost my horse in the middle of nowhere
[18:30] <LittleMissGrill> where is the sign
[18:31] <taylaahjanee> Can anyone get to Origin so I can tp them?
[18:31] <scruffy2001> crap whoops
[18:31] <VAHO999NA> its okay
[18:31] <scruffy2001> ty
[18:31] <LittleMissGrill> this is your throne tho
[18:32] <roberestarkk> it's a large building
[18:32] <roberestarkk> you could probably use this cake
[18:32] <roberestarkk> maybe
[18:32] <roberestarkk> actually no
[18:32] <roberestarkk> you can't break cakes
[18:32] <roberestarkk> dw
[18:32] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[18:33] <LittleMissGrill> i can beak cakes
[18:33] <LittleMissGrill> break too
[18:33] <roberestarkk> lol
[18:33] <roberestarkk> there's possibly stuff in these rooms
[18:33] <roberestarkk> I don't really check that often
[18:34] <LittleMissGrill> what do i need again
[18:34] <LittleMissGrill> its all been taken rob :(
[18:35] <leauja> LOL
[18:35] <roberestarkk> =(
[18:35] <LittleMissGrill> can i take some coal?
[18:35] <taylaahjanee> Rob
[18:35] <roberestarkk> you can take whatever you like ^^
[18:36] <roberestarkk> yesdear?
[18:36] <LittleMissGrill> yay n_n
[18:36] <taylaahjanee> Why don't you have a origin warp? D:
[18:36] <taylaahjanee> I died there and I can't get back
[18:36] <roberestarkk> jrr doesn't like me because I said he was bad at spelling
[18:36] <taylaahjanee> Hahahah
[18:36] <LittleMissGrill> really?
[18:37] <roberestarkk> yup
[18:37] <roberestarkk> OH!
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> skeletoons pretty bad too
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> jank is the worst though
[18:37] <roberestarkk> I forgot to show you the OTHER stash of Potatoes!
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[18:37] <roberestarkk> this is full of normal taters
[18:37] <LittleMissGrill> so many tattooos
[18:37] <roberestarkk> but up in the kitchen
[18:37] <roberestarkk> there's a chest full of cooked ones
[18:38] <roberestarkk> and possibly still some in the cookpot as well
[18:38] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[18:38] <roberestarkk> ah yeah
[18:38] <roberestarkk> a couple
[18:38] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey leauja
[18:38] <LittleMissGrill> wait so if you put a chest over fire
[18:38] <FlyingAsparagus> I have an idea
[18:38] <LittleMissGrill> it cooks the stuff inside
[18:38] <roberestarkk> lolno
[18:38] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[18:39] <LittleMissGrill> i love that you laugh at me when i ask questions
[18:39] <roberestarkk> come hither
[18:39] <roberestarkk> I shall divulge my sorcerous secrets
[18:39] <LittleMissGrill> yessir
[18:39] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[18:39] <taylaahjanee> thank you!
[18:39] <LittleMissGrill> is this that program that only admins can use
[18:39] <VAHO999NA> np
[18:39] <VAHO999NA> go northwest to get to origin
[18:39] <roberestarkk> Indeed!
[18:39] <taylaahjanee> danke
[18:39] <LittleMissGrill> one day
[18:40] <LittleMissGrill> i'll be admin
[18:40] <LittleMissGrill> but probs not
[18:40] <LittleMissGrill> what ese
[18:40] <roberestarkk> well now that my internet isn't misbehaving as much
[18:40] <roberestarkk> I can show you lots of cool things!
[18:40] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[18:40] <roberestarkk> assuming I can remember where they are
[18:40] <LittleMissGrill> ...
[18:41] <FlyingAsparagus> It's empty
[18:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Needs stuff
[18:42] <leauja> Wow.. nice
[18:42] <roberestarkk> This is the place where I test things!
[18:42] <LittleMissGrill> do these signs
[18:42] <FlyingAsparagus> I didn't even build it
[18:42] <LittleMissGrill> do stuff?
[18:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Manalishi did
[18:42] <leauja> Oh.. so this is your place?
[18:42] <roberestarkk> yup
[18:42] <LittleMissGrill> can anyone use them?
[18:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah
[18:42] <roberestarkk> yup!
[18:42] <leauja> This thing is next to my village
[18:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Privatised residence
[18:42] <roberestarkk> assuming they can get in here
[18:42] <LittleMissGrill> can /i/ come here to use them?!
[18:42] <leauja> Is this all yours?
[18:42] <roberestarkk> sure
[18:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol no
[18:42] <LittleMissGrill> cool!
[18:43] <FlyingAsparagus> It's Rob's now I think
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> i get stuff given to me anyway
[18:43] <FlyingAsparagus> Unless Manalishi still wants it
[18:43] <roberestarkk> anyone who isn't in CoS, can't get in here without griefing though
[18:43] <roberestarkk> What's mine?
[18:43] <FlyingAsparagus> The town that Manalishi built
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> jank called me a princess in a negative way the other day
[18:43] <roberestarkk> Oh
[18:43] <LittleMissGrill> and i realised he's probably right
[18:43] <FlyingAsparagus> The one he was making into a battleground
[18:43] <roberestarkk> He built that for the war between 001 and CoS that ended up turning into an airship battle
[18:44] <FlyingAsparagus> Who won the war?
[18:44] <roberestarkk> lol LM, Hall used to call me a princess all the time
[18:44] <roberestarkk> we've not fought it yet
[18:44] <LittleMissGrill> i'm glad it's not just me
[18:44] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[18:44] <FlyingAsparagus> Well that's gonna be confusing
[18:44] <roberestarkk> I did say "used to"
[18:44] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[18:45] <LittleMissGrill> i wouldn't acll you a princess
[18:45] <roberestarkk> brb
[18:45] <LittleMissGrill> knao
[18:45] <FlyingAsparagus> Anyway
[18:45] <alpine2001> Anyone near plains?
[18:45] <FlyingAsparagus> So leauja
[18:45] <FlyingAsparagus> Do you want to do that?
[18:45] <VAHO999NA> yep
[18:46] <VAHO999NA> wait though
[18:46] <leauja> Do you want to tell me what you want and where?
[18:46] <VAHO999NA> the plains are over there
[18:46] <FlyingAsparagus> Just put stuff where you think it should go
[18:46] <VAHO999NA> i'll show you
[18:46] <alpine2001> Okay
[18:47] <alpine2001> Where did you go?
[18:47] <FlyingAsparagus> You can now operate the door
[18:47] <leauja> I can't get myself in here though.. if and when I need to go out to get stuff
[18:47] <VAHO999NA> follow the road
[18:47] <FlyingAsparagus> Do you have any spare /home's?
[18:47] <VAHO999NA> here
[18:47] <VAHO999NA> plains
[18:47] <alpine2001> Thanks Val
[18:47] <leauja> Wait..
[18:47] <VAHO999NA> np
[18:48] <leauja> Yea.. I do
[18:48] * LittleMissGrill was kicked from #main by Server
[18:48] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[18:48] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[18:48] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah, do whatever you want with it
[18:49] <FlyingAsparagus> I don't mind
[18:49] <roberestarkk> -.-
[18:49] <leauja> Hmmm.. I'll plan it out first. Don't blame me if it's hideous when it's done
[18:49] <leauja> XD
[18:49] <LittleMissGrill> wat
[18:49] <leauja> If it's done
[18:49] <FlyingAsparagus> Hell even put in a basement or an attic if you want
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> hey there
[18:49] <LittleMissGrill> come hang out with us instead!
[18:49] <LittleMissGrill> did you know this is jeems brother
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> lol
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> yep
[18:50] <VAHO999NA> he mentioned it once
[18:50] <LittleMissGrill> and he's almost as cool as jeem
[18:50] <VAHO999NA> lol
[18:50] <LittleMissGrill> ohh
[18:50] <LittleMissGrill> jeem!
[18:50] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[18:50] <LittleMissGrill> come hang out wit ussss :3
[18:50] <VAHO999NA> jeeem
[18:50] <LittleMissGrill> robs gone afk and is never coming back
[18:51] <alpine2001> lol
[18:51] <VAHO999NA> lol
[18:51] <LittleMissGrill> but you'r not saying anything :(
[18:51] <LittleMissGrill> or moving
[18:51] <roberestarkk> so?
[18:51] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[18:51] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[18:51] <leauja> Hey Fear
[18:51] <LittleMissGrill> fair enough
[18:51] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[18:51] <VAHO999NA> hey
[18:51] <LittleMissGrill> sorry
[18:52] <roberestarkk> lol
[18:52] <roberestarkk> you wouldn't happen to be bored would you?
[18:52] <LittleMissGrill> ... maybe n_n
[18:52] <LittleMissGrill> where did you go
[18:53] <leauja> Got to go anyways
[18:53] <leauja> Bye
[18:53] <roberestarkk> back to the teleport hub
[18:53] <VAHO999NA> bye
[18:53] * leauja (leauja@leauja§r) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[18:53] <FlyingAsparagus> Bye lol
[18:53] <LittleMissGrill> i like that peppy doesn't allow peple to teleport to him
[18:53] <LittleMissGrill> he'd get like 100 a day
[18:53] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[18:53] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[18:53] <roberestarkk> lol
[18:53] <roberestarkk> I used to not allow it either
[18:54] <roberestarkk> but I'm not popular =P
[18:54] <FlyingAsparagus> Aww
[18:54] <LittleMissGrill> but then you decided that since i'm online you'l allow it?
[18:54] <FlyingAsparagus> XD
[18:54] <LittleMissGrill> oh :(
[18:54] <LittleMissGrill> i lik eyou!
[18:54] <LittleMissGrill> i tp to you all the times
[18:54] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[18:54] <roberestarkk> true
[18:54] <roberestarkk> but nobody else does
[18:54] <FlyingAsparagus> ACCEPT THE DAMN TP ROB
[18:54] <roberestarkk> lolno
[18:54] <FlyingAsparagus> y :(?
[18:54] <roberestarkk> unless you want to join the conclave?
[18:54] <LittleMissGrill> n_n secret business
[18:54] <roberestarkk> I r in restricted area
[18:55] <LittleMissGrill> nooo exclusiveness
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> Hmm
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> Well
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> What would that specifically do?
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> Smiley!
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> smileyyyyy
[18:55] <LittleMissGrill> huge test
[18:55] <LittleMissGrill> it's scary
[18:55] <LittleMissGrill> dragons and stuff
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> I need 2 more horses.
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> hahahah
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> LOL
[18:55] <LittleMissGrill> dinosaurs
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> did you get them both killed off or something?
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> They died :l
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> D:
[18:55] <FlyingAsparagus> Again
[18:56] <VAHO999NA> again
[18:56] <FlyingAsparagus> While on an ADVENTURE
[18:56] <LittleMissGrill> rob where we going
[18:56] <roberestarkk> oh nowhere
[18:56] <roberestarkk> I just like it here more than in the RTD Hub
[18:56] <LittleMissGrill> why? :(
[18:56] <FlyingAsparagus> Take your time
[18:56] <VAHO999NA> when is it due?
[18:56] <LittleMissGrill> so we're just hanging out
[18:56] <FlyingAsparagus> I don't need them right this moment
[18:56] <roberestarkk> I'm fiddling with .ini files
[18:56] <LittleMissGrill> what are those
[18:57] <roberestarkk> game settings used to be stored in them before the big switch to yml
[18:57] <FlyingAsparagus> Smiley, do you offer horse insurance?
[18:57] <VAHO999NA> LOL
[18:57] <VAHO999NA> smiley i also want insurance xD
[18:57] <LittleMissGrill> words i know the meaning of yep
[18:57] <VAHO999NA> oops
[18:59] <FlyingAsparagus> He means he is tinkering with the files to make cool stuff happen
[18:59] <VAHO999NA> hmm
[18:59] <VAHO999NA> i like this mule lol
[18:59] <FlyingAsparagus> ROB
[18:59] <FlyingAsparagus> I HAVE IDEA
[19:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe if I use capslock he'll hear me
[19:00] <VAHO999NA> bye smiley
[19:00] <VAHO999NA> :C
[19:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Bye Smiley
[19:00] <VAHO999NA> ooh
[19:00] <VAHO999NA> answer me on skype
[19:02] <roberestarkk> I'm going to assume that random vibration from my phone was LM FB Messaging me
[19:02] <LittleMissGrill> no!
[19:02] <VAHO999NA> lol
[19:02] <LittleMissGrill> it wasn't
[19:02] <LittleMissGrill> i'm being a good girl
[19:02] <roberestarkk> you're right
[19:02] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[19:02] <roberestarkk> it was one of my cousin's friends telling her to bring her back some beautiful Italian men
[19:02] <LittleMissGrill> trying not to upset youuuu :3
[19:03] <LittleMissGrill> are you
[19:03] <LittleMissGrill> going away?
[19:03] <roberestarkk> (Context: My Cousin is in Italy)
[19:03] <roberestarkk> define: going away
[19:03] <LittleMissGrill> oh wait
[19:03] <LittleMissGrill> i just read the sentence properly nvm
[19:03] <roberestarkk> lol
[19:05] <FlyingAsparagus> Rob, if I join your thingo of shadows, what are the benefits?
[19:05] <VAHO999NA> lol
[19:05] <roberestarkk> loads of stuff
[19:05] <VAHO999NA> 001 FTW!
[19:05] <VAHO999NA> C:
[19:05] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm aware
[19:05] <LittleMissGrill> loads of stuff?
[19:06] <FlyingAsparagus> Since 001 gets a bunch of cool stuff, what does CoS get?
[19:06] <roberestarkk> well
[19:06] <roberestarkk> Armour and Weapons of the same general quality
[19:06] <FlyingAsparagus> Shush Smiley
[19:06] <VAHO999NA> lool
[19:06] <roberestarkk> but instead of those gods-forsaken horses with their serverside movement
[19:06] <roberestarkk> you get the option to make an infinite potion that lets you run faster
[19:06] <roberestarkk> and turn better
[19:06] <FlyingAsparagus> Hmmm
[19:07] <roberestarkk> but probably not jump higher
[19:07] <FlyingAsparagus> Fair arguement
[19:07] <roberestarkk> as well as gives you night vision, super strength etc etc
[19:07] <LittleMissGrill> i like cos stuff better
[19:07] <LittleMissGrill> but i hold sentimental value to 001
[19:07] <VAHO999NA> :/
[19:07] <FlyingAsparagus> I have no allegience to either
[19:07] <roberestarkk> @Smiley, Supersoldierserum is pretty much the same as our infinite potion
[19:07] <FlyingAsparagus> Atleast not yet
[19:07] <roberestarkk> but it's not infinite
[19:07] <roberestarkk> additionally to those
[19:07] <roberestarkk> CoS Gear also includes the Doombringer sword
[19:08] <LittleMissGrill> except you get rob in cos!
[19:08] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[19:08] <roberestarkk> which strips enchants off whoever it hits and applies a bunch of negative ones
[19:08] <roberestarkk> as well as a repair and heal talisman which you right click while holding
[19:08] <LittleMissGrill> and that means you can run circles around him while he stands still and does something
[19:08] <roberestarkk> and their uses are fairly obvious
[19:08] <VAHO999NA> hey!
[19:08] <FlyingAsparagus> When I used to come on before I went away for a while, Aerovia was where my allegience lied
[19:08] <roberestarkk> in addition
[19:08] <jrr5556> Hello
[19:08] <roberestarkk> you can use all the CoS WayStations for free
[19:09] <FlyingAsparagus> Hmm
[19:09] <roberestarkk> provided you warp to the bunker and then to the destination
[19:09] <roberestarkk> rather than just straight to the destinations
[19:09] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[19:09] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[19:09] <VAHO999NA> smiley!
[19:09] <roberestarkk> we also have some really cool builds to explore and settle into
[19:09] <Smiley864> i have no idea what going on. but i support 001
[19:09] <VAHO999NA> LOL
[19:09] <roberestarkk> and your own personal build will be linked (optionally) to the teleport network
[19:09] <VAHO999NA> same here
[19:09] <Smiley864> it ryms
[19:09] <roberestarkk> rhymes*
[19:09] <VAHO999NA> it does not >:(
[19:10] <Smiley864> shhh i cant spell
[19:10] <FlyingAsparagus> Well that's very convincing Rob
[19:10] <roberestarkk> I try
[19:10] <VAHO999NA> lol
[19:10] <roberestarkk> In addition!
[19:10] <Smiley864> :(
[19:10] <roberestarkk> You can be sure that I will be on the bleeding edge of any new and exciting additions to the server
[19:10] <FlyingAsparagus> How large is your following?
[19:10] <roberestarkk> and I'm pretty confident our airship will win the battle
[19:10] <roberestarkk> active, like 4
[19:10] <VAHO999NA> lol
[19:10] <roberestarkk> in total, like 15
[19:11] <VAHO999NA> hai dere
[19:11] <Smiley864> :p
[19:11] <FlyingAsparagus> Smiley why do you want to tp to me?
[19:11] <FlyingAsparagus> :o
[19:11] <VAHO999NA> im just chilling in the stables
[19:11] <Smiley864> why not -hj style-
[19:11] <VAHO999NA> coz im bored
[19:11] <FlyingAsparagus> Rob, what are your funds like?
[19:11] <Smiley864> i was going to show tou super soilder (cant spell)
[19:12] <roberestarkk> funds?
[19:12] <Smiley864> this is why i need the marks vah
[19:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah
[19:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Funds
[19:12] <VAHO999NA> lol
[19:12] <FlyingAsparagus> What is your financial situation?
[19:12] <Smiley864> so both horses die :(
[19:12] <VAHO999NA> died*
[19:13] <roberestarkk> the situation is that it's entirely irrelevant =P
[19:13] <FlyingAsparagus> Peppy currently tops the baltop
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> smiley
[19:13] <Smiley864> Duh
[19:13] <roberestarkk> good for Peppy...
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> theres a horse down here
[19:13] <LittleMissGrill> what does that have to do with anything flying haha
[19:14] <FlyingAsparagus> Money wins wars
[19:14] <VAHO999NA> lol
[19:14] <LittleMissGrill> ...
[19:14] <FlyingAsparagus> Buy resources
[19:14] <LittleMissGrill> do you think admins buy their supplies?
[19:14] <roberestarkk> You realise as an admin we can both input a command to give ourselves a set amount of money right?
[19:14] <LittleMissGrill> you realise they're in crreative?
[19:14] <FlyingAsparagus> Good point
[19:14] <LittleMissGrill> ...
[19:14] <LittleMissGrill> anyway
[19:15] <FlyingAsparagus> To be fair, I don't exactly know if you've agreed to any prior rules of engagement
[19:15] <Smiley864> im just saying but i thought peepy gave you 001 stuff
[19:15] <roberestarkk> I wrote up the LoM Convention
[19:15] <roberestarkk> which is kicking around the forums somewhere
[19:15] <FlyingAsparagus> Peppy gave me stuff, but I didn't necessarily ask for it
[19:16] <Smiley864> odd. ._.
[19:16] <roberestarkk> not really
[19:16] <Smiley864> das is 001 and he didnt get any (unless he didnt tell me)
[19:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Like my armour and things, he just dropped it onto me
[19:16] <Smiley864> oh well
[19:16] <Smiley864> no idea what going on but im out
[19:17] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864§r) Quit (§eSmiley864 left the game.)
[19:17] <FlyingAsparagus> Brb
[19:17] <FlyingAsparagus> Nvm...
[19:17] <FlyingAsparagus> The phone rang and stopped
[19:17] <FlyingAsparagus> l
[19:17] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[19:17] <VAHO999NA> lol
[19:18] <FlyingAsparagus> Okay Rob
[19:18] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe I will join
[19:21] <roberestarkk> be sure to let me know!
[19:21] <LittleMissGrill> i have a lot of money i want to spend on something
[19:21] <LittleMissGrill> irl
[19:21] <LittleMissGrill> but i don't know what
[19:21] <VAHO999NA> chocolate :3
[19:21] <alpine2001> Sorry Val busy
[19:21] <VAHO999NA> okay
[19:22] <FlyingAsparagus> Someone complimented my forum avatar :3
[19:25] * SusieIsAwesome (SusieIsAwesome@SusieIsAwesome) has joined #main
[19:25] <SusieIsAwesome> heya all
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> heya!
[19:26] <alpine2001> Who is selling a white horse?
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> jeem have you been watching us this whole time
[19:27] <VAHO999NA> hey susie!
[19:27] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey there
[19:28] <LittleMissGrill> you should come online jeeem
[19:28] <LittleMissGrill> sleep is for the poopies
[19:29] <SusieIsAwesome> does anyone know someone selling a saddle?\
[19:29] <LittleMissGrill> someone stole the saddle of my horse
[19:29] <VAHO999NA> sorry i lost my saddles :/
[19:29] <SusieIsAwesome> thats not nice
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> nope haha
[19:30] <FlyingAsparagus> I'll sell a saddle
[19:30] <roberestarkk> did you report it?
[19:30] <roberestarkk> (Hai Susie)
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> no i only noticed before when we were at spawn
[19:30] <FlyingAsparagus> My horse died so I don't need it
[19:30] <SusieIsAwesome> shhhhh
[19:30] <VAHO999NA> but little
[19:30] <roberestarkk> hmmn
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[19:30] <VAHO999NA> annie is in deltorah!
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> but
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> no
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> she's at spawn!?
[19:31] <VAHO999NA> :/
[19:31] <VAHO999NA> well
[19:31] <VAHO999NA> :/
[19:31] <FlyingAsparagus> Take it for free actually
[19:31] <LittleMissGrill> come here look haha
[19:32] <FlyingAsparagus> I have plenty of money
[19:32] <VAHO999NA> :/ but she's in her pen
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> :/
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> maybe
[19:32] <FlyingAsparagus> Can I check out the horses stats?
[19:32] <VAHO999NA> strange
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> rob can you check?
[19:32] <roberestarkk> no results =/
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> :/
[19:32] <VAHO999NA> come see for youself
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> can horses duplicate
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> cos i definitely brought my horse here
[19:32] <FlyingAsparagus> They breed
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> and then couldn't be bothered to take her back
[19:33] <VAHO999NA> there
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> woah
[19:33] <VAHO999NA> .-.
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> o k
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> minecraft just got spooky
[19:33] <VAHO999NA> now i gotta go
[19:33] <VAHO999NA> bye guys
[19:33] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[19:33] * SusieIsAwesome (SusieIsAwesome@SusieIsAwesome§r) Quit (§eSusieIsAwesome left the game.)
[19:34] <LittleMissGrill> and there's no results on the pole?
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> we've been around the wooorld together
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> since he's logged on
[19:35] <roberestarkk> I've moved heaps -.-
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> we'e just back where we started haha
[19:37] <scruffy2001> what house are you talking about
[19:37] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[19:37] <scruffy2001> heyu
[19:37] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[19:37] <jeem9157> hey
[19:37] <alpine2001> Hey jeem
[19:37] <LittleMissGrill> hiii
[19:39] <LittleMissGrill> okay i'm alive
[19:39] <LittleMissGrill> stop worrying
[19:39] <jeem9157> what's going on
[19:39] <LittleMissGrill> not muuuch
[19:39] <LittleMissGrill> wbu
[19:39] <LittleMissGrill> hows not sleeping
[19:39] <jeem9157> I fail at sleeping
[19:40] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[19:40] <LittleMissGrill> when i can't sleep i read
[19:40] <jeem9157> tough day tbh
[19:40] <LittleMissGrill> yeah
[19:40] <LittleMissGrill> you have
[19:41] <LittleMissGrill> i hope everything sorts out for you
[19:42] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[19:42] <LittleMissGrill> fell into the dungon of ihord
[19:42] <LittleMissGrill> where am i
[19:42] <jeem9157> :O
[19:42] <jeem9157> the end
[19:42] <LittleMissGrill> thanks peppy
[19:43] <jeem9157> let's see if we can blow up some endercrystals
[19:43] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[19:43] <LittleMissGrill> good idea!
[19:43] <jeem9157> aw
[19:43] <jeem9157> sniper won't hit it
[19:43] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[19:43] <LittleMissGrill> i have machine guns?
[19:43] <jeem9157> careful with the recoil XD
[19:43] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[19:43] <LittleMissGrill> good point
[19:44] * FlyingAsparagus was kicked from #main by Server
[19:44] * FlyingAsparagus (FlyingAsparagus@FlyingAsparagus§r) Quit (§eFlyingAsparagus left the game.)
[19:44] <LittleMissGrill> flying was being weird before
[19:44] <jeem9157> how so
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> he was like waying up the pros and cons of being in cos vs 001
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> and then was like
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> well peppy has more money
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> and money wins ward
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> its how you buy supplies
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> and it was like
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> you realise they're in creative
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> i was confused
[19:46] <jeem9157> yeah resources isn't an issue for either of them
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> like?!
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> i say like a lot :(
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[19:46] <jeem9157> i blame the facebook :p
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> yuhuh!
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> i use tha a lot too
[19:46] <jeem9157> it is
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> tof urther my political agenda
[19:47] <jeem9157> long story
[19:47] <jeem9157> conlusion: jeem can't sleep
[19:47] <jeem9157> been awake since 10 am
[19:47] <LittleMissGrill> but we're giving jeem virtual cuddles cos
[19:47] <LittleMissGrill> he's awesome n_n
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> rooob
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> rob rob rob
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> i accidentaly griefed
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> roob
[19:48] <jeem9157> where
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> roob
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> help
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> i fixed it
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> but its stiill bad isn't it?
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> this one
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[19:48] <jeem9157> shouldn't be a problem
[19:48] <jeem9157> cause fixed
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> okay
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> okay cool
[19:48] <LittleMissGrill> ty
[19:49] <LittleMissGrill> if i accidentally grief and i can't fix it
[19:49] <LittleMissGrill> and i show immediate remorse and stuff
[19:49] <LittleMissGrill> do you still get banned
[19:49] <jeem9157> in that situation i usually facebook pm peppy XD
[19:50] <jeem9157> i know that feeling
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> haha
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> wise
[19:50] <jeem9157> but yeah
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> it's happened before?
[19:50] <jeem9157> instant apology
[19:50] <jeem9157> is the way i'd go about it
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> cos my track pad glitches like all the time
[19:51] <jeem9157> well the other day
[19:51] <jeem9157> i was afk on top of a fountain in plutonia
[19:51] <jeem9157> then nightfall happened
[19:51] <jeem9157> a skeletoon spawned below
[19:51] <jeem9157> shot some arrows up at me
[19:51] <jeem9157> the main decoration on the mountain was an endercrystal
[19:51] <jeem9157> arrow hit, crystal exploded, killed me in the process
[19:51] <LittleMissGrill> D:
[19:51] <jeem9157> took out some blocks in the vicinity also
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> what happened?
[19:52] <jeem9157> though it was indirect grief I told peppy on facebook
[19:52] <jeem9157> he attempted to fix it
[19:52] <jeem9157> failed to get the crystal aligned right but meh
[19:52] <jeem9157> replaced the destroyed blocks at least
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> at least you told peppy
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> i think if you tell peppy or rob or someone
[19:52] <jeem9157> i was thinking shit shit they'll see i died at the same time this occurred
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> and it was obviously an accident
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> it should be fine
[19:52] <jeem9157> at the same coordinates and link it to me
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> it's so scary
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> i once accidentally griefed one block from skeletoon
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> i didn't even notice
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> i had played for like a month
[19:53] <jeem9157> lol i coreprotected the area to test how screwed i was XD
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> hahha
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> i called jank up literally crying
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> saying "they're gonna hate me now omg"
[19:54] <LittleMissGrill> and then skeletoon forgave me
[19:54] <LittleMissGrill> so it was all good
[19:54] <LittleMissGrill> but it was terrifying
[19:54] <jeem9157> if it seems accidental usually doesn't become report and ban
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> this fb chat we got going on is dangerous
[19:55] <jeem9157> I have been banned for griefing from another aussie server XD
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> cos we're haering a lot about the political side of the staff
[19:55] <jeem9157> (unintentionally)
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> no way!
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> what happened
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> who would ban youuu
[19:55] <jeem9157> lol I don't even know
[19:55] <jeem9157> that's the thing
[19:55] <jeem9157> logged in later to find myself deranked
[19:57] <LittleMissGrill> thats so weird
[19:57] <LittleMissGrill> at least here you have to do a report
[19:57] <jeem9157> Zestorer's aussie server
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> man so we have this political party in australia called the greens
[19:58] <jeem9157> heard of it
[19:58] <jeem9157> dunno what about though
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> and i really like them cos they're pro gay marriage, anti drug laws
[19:58] <jeem9157> assumming environmental?
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> believes in climate change
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> pro refugees
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> all the good stuff
[19:58] <jeem9157> ah
[19:58] <jeem9157> sounds like our liberal party
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> yeah pretty much
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> but their facebook page
[19:59] <LittleMissGrill> is filled with people who are so ignorant i can't even deal haha
[19:59] <LittleMissGrill> i get this weird anger when i read comments from right winged people
[19:59] <LittleMissGrill> it's like anger and sadness and amusement all at once
[19:59] <jeem9157> I know what you mean
[20:00] <jeem9157> my choice of study has very much influenced my political views
[20:00] <LittleMissGrill> in what way?
[20:01] <jeem9157> well first off
[20:01] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[20:01] <jeem9157> creationism
[20:01] <jeem9157> the debate about whether it should be taught in public schools
[20:01] <jeem9157> as a legitimate theory for the origin of humans
[20:02] <jeem9157> obviously against
[20:02] <LittleMissGrill> ahhh excellent :)
[20:02] <jeem9157> abortion debate
[20:02] <LittleMissGrill> it could be taught for historical purposes, like aboriginal dream time is, but not as an alternative
[20:02] <LittleMissGrill> to science
[20:03] <jeem9157> difficult to be theistic with a scientific understanding of things
[20:03] <LittleMissGrill> yep
[20:03] <LittleMissGrill> views on abortion?
[20:03] <jeem9157> so the whole sanctity of life
[20:03] <taylaahjanee> I'm against!
[20:03] <taylaahjanee> Unless it's for medical or rape reasons
[20:03] <LittleMissGrill> what are you jeem?
[20:04] <jeem9157> pro
[20:04] <LittleMissGrill> i was against
[20:04] <LittleMissGrill> until i was put in a situation where i thought i needed one
[20:04] <LittleMissGrill> then i realised what it's like to be a woman in that situation
[20:04] <LittleMissGrill> and my views tootally changed
[20:05] <LittleMissGrill> so yeah. pro choice too.
[20:05] * ddxdray (ddxdray@ddxdray) has joined #main
[20:05] <taylaahjanee> Wells theres a couple of girls in my town that use it as contraception so i'm against it
[20:05] <ddxdray> hiii
[20:05] <LittleMissGrill> it's personal choice
[20:05] <LittleMissGrill> you shouldn't deny it for every woman because a couple of girls in your town use it in a way
[20:05] <LittleMissGrill> you disagree with
[20:05] <LittleMissGrill> you can disagree with their choices, but it's not your body. so it doesn't really matter
[20:06] <taylaahjanee> I wouldn't deny it for every woman, i just don't like it
[20:06] <LittleMissGrill> you're allowed to not like it, that is fine.
[20:06] <jeem9157> pro gay marriage because i don't believe in the whole sacred union between a man and woman nonesense
[20:06] <jeem9157> primarily because I don't believe in God
[20:06] <LittleMissGrill> i'm pro gay marriage because why wouldn't you be
[20:06] <jeem9157> the bible :p
[20:07] <LittleMissGrill> again it's like, you're not the one getting married >.>
[20:07] <LittleMissGrill> but the churches aren't obligated to marry anyone, let alone homosexuals
[20:07] <LittleMissGrill> so yeah
[20:07] <LittleMissGrill> i dunno
[20:07] <LittleMissGrill> people use the bible for a lot of things :P
[20:07] <jeem9157> i'm not nationalistic
[20:07] <LittleMissGrill> okay i have a tricky one
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> chelsea manning?
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> not the transgender part of it, like what she did
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> leaking the documents
[20:08] <taylaahjanee> who?
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> woman in america leaked thousands of classified military documents
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> exposing human rights violations etc
[20:08] <taylaahjanee> Ohh! Yes
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> recently came out as transgender
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> previously known as bradly manning
[20:09] <jeem9157> the transgender part i have no problem with
[20:09] <LittleMissGrill> excellent n_n
[20:09] <jeem9157> leaking classified documents
[20:09] <jeem9157> don't have much a problem with that either
[20:09] <LittleMissGrill> you're too excellent jeem
[20:09] <LittleMissGrill> it's a hard issue for me
[20:10] <jeem9157> government for the people? make it transparent
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> cos my crazy rule abiding side of me is like
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> omg they broke the rulez
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> butthen i think about it more and it's like
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> no, the government should be transparent, yeah.
[20:10] <jeem9157> well
[20:10] <jeem9157> the ability of the people to overide, remove or change laws
[20:11] * FlyingAsparagus (FlyingAsparagus@FlyingAsparagus) has joined #main
[20:11] <jeem9157> is a core american idea
[20:11] <FlyingAsparagus> Back
[20:11] <jeem9157> the constitution isn't carved in stone
[20:11] <LittleMissGrill> what aboutt guns?
[20:12] <jeem9157> if the people voted to remove that admendment, it could be removed
[20:12] <FlyingAsparagus> Rooooooob
[20:12] <LittleMissGrill> oh sorry yeah i knwo
[20:12] <LittleMissGrill> i mean you're opinion on them
[20:12] <taylaahjanee> .spawn
[20:12] <taylaahjanee> ooops
[20:12] <jeem9157> there is the self defence argument
[20:13] <jeem9157> I'd prefer if guns were banned
[20:13] <LittleMissGrill> i must say jeem
[20:13] <ddxdray> hi
[20:13] <LittleMissGrill> you're the first person my age i've met who i've agreed on everything with
[20:13] <roberestarkk> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seH3bsymNJ4
[20:14] <FlyingAsparagus> Roooooobbbbbbb
[20:14] <LittleMissGrill> so far, anyway
[20:14] <LittleMissGrill> and that's pretty cool
[20:14] <LittleMissGrill> and you're cool
[20:14] <jeem9157> for me personally
[20:14] <jeem9157> astrophysics led to atheism led to american liberalism
[20:14] <roberestarkk> on the other hand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pOiOhxujsE
[20:14] <jeem9157> and I have trouble reconciling conservative beliefs with a scientific understanding of the world
[20:15] <jeem9157> in my mind
[20:15] <LittleMissGrill> a lot of my beliefs come from growing up in a catholic family actually
[20:15] <LittleMissGrill> which i know is weird
[20:15] <LittleMissGrill> but i had to analyse everything myself
[20:15] <LittleMissGrill> and i was given that option to
[20:16] <LittleMissGrill> so i emersed myself in a lot of different tools
[20:16] <LittleMissGrill> and learnt a lot about the world
[20:16] <jeem9157> now even thought i don't believe in a divine law
[20:16] <jeem9157> or god given rights
[20:16] <jeem9157> I'm all for equality
[20:16] <jeem9157> from a cosmic perspective
[20:16] <FlyingAsparagus> My Atheism comes from being raised Catholic
[20:16] <jeem9157> we're all equally tiny and vulnerable
[20:17] <LittleMissGrill> i think a lot of catholics turn athiest flying haha
[20:17] <jeem9157> it comes down to cooperation, or survival
[20:17] <LittleMissGrill> yeah
[20:17] <jeem9157> there's a quote by carl sagan
[20:17] <jeem9157> "a species at war with itself is doomed"
[20:17] <taylaahjanee> .
[20:17] <FlyingAsparagus> It's about analysing the information in front of you
[20:17] <LittleMissGrill> he speaks the truth
[20:17] <LittleMissGrill> my view of the world is much less scientific than yours
[20:17] <LittleMissGrill> i look at it more through the people
[20:18] <FlyingAsparagus> Religion isn't bad, but organised religion is
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> i was told by my best friend that i have a really compassionate view of the world
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> and i guess that's probably it.
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> i'm all for peoples self determination in everything
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> as long as it doesn't hurt others
[20:18] <jeem9157> hard not to sympathize with others when you consider
[20:18] <ddxdray> hi
[20:18] <ddxdray> :D
[20:18] <jeem9157> that birth place, nationality, life circumstances
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> hi ddx
[20:18] <ddxdray> HI
[20:18] <jeem9157> are based on chance
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> yep
[20:19] <jeem9157> any one of us could be black
[20:19] <jeem9157> aboriginal
[20:19] <jeem9157> american indian
[20:19] <jeem9157> hispanic
[20:19] <jeem9157> the fact that some were born white
[20:19] <FlyingAsparagus> You also have to understand that emotions are very selfish things
[20:19] <FlyingAsparagus> Deep down, the only real reason we feel emotions is to benefit ourselves
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> and also recognition of the privilege we have because we're white
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> like i didn't quite realise how good we have it before dating an aboriginal
[20:20] <jeem9157> the privilage exists but there's no good justification for it
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> nope
[20:20] <FlyingAsparagus> See, that I don't entirely get. Because I have two very good aboriginal friends.
[20:21] <FlyingAsparagus> Both who have told me they've never had an issue because of their race.
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> they're lucky
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> my boyfriend gets so much laid on him walking down the street
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> and i get it to cos i'm with him
[20:21] <taylaahjanee> That's horrible :/
[20:21] <jeem9157> I wasn't personally gassed in a concentration camp
[20:21] <jeem9157> but I feel connected to it
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> i've had people say "why would you be with that abo"
[20:21] <jeem9157> because of my jewish heritage
[20:21] <jeem9157> I can't say i'm unaffected
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> absolutely
[20:22] <LittleMissGrill> and you have every right to feel that way
[20:22] <jeem9157> it's engrained in my history
[20:22] <jeem9157> lol there's a great star trek quote
[20:22] <jeem9157> this reminds me of
[20:22] <jeem9157> actually
[20:22] <ddxdray> dirt fortress.
[20:22] <ddxdray> woot
[20:23] <jeem9157> With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first
[20:23] <jeem9157> thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all
[20:23] <jeem9157> irrevocably"
[20:23] <LittleMissGrill> i've never seen star trek
[20:23] <LittleMissGrill> but that's a wonderful quote
[20:24] <jeem9157> anyway
[20:24] <jeem9157> I can't just ignore all the persecution which has happened to my people
[20:24] * ddxdray (ddxdray@ddxdray§r) Quit (§eddxdray left the game.)
[20:24] <jeem9157> doesn't matter whether or not i've been personally affected
[20:24] <LittleMissGrill> of course not
[20:24] <LittleMissGrill> and that's what people fail to understand
[20:25] <jeem9157> if a human is being persecuted
[20:25] <jeem9157> I feel connected to it
[20:25] <jeem9157> because of my humanity
[20:25] <LittleMissGrill> they cant seem to recognise that generational events transcend generations
[20:25] <LittleMissGrill> yeah
[20:25] <FlyingAsparagus> I will say though, I got really pissed off once, when I was told I should feel guilty for slavery in
[20:25] <FlyingAsparagus> America
[20:26] <FlyingAsparagus> Just because I'm white
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> i think my realisation around abortion was when i developed this world view
[20:26] <FlyingAsparagus> I have no relation to anyone there
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> cos i was so anti abortion, and i must've been like 16
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> when i got put in the situation of maybe needing one
[20:26] <jeem9157> I'm a white american
[20:26] <jeem9157> I take it more as a lesson
[20:27] <LittleMissGrill> and i was like, man. no one can judge people until they'r ein the situation
[20:27] <LittleMissGrill> yeah jeems right
[20:27] <FlyingAsparagus> And this African American guy who was visiting Aus told me I should feel guilty for it
[20:27] <jeem9157> no one should be considered guilty for their ancestor's crimes
[20:27] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm Australian
[20:27] <taylaahjanee> Yeah, you're right
[20:27] <FlyingAsparagus> My ancestors had nothing to do with it
[20:27] <LittleMissGrill> but they should recognise the faults they made
[20:27] <jeem9157> yes
[20:27] <FlyingAsparagus> Don't tell me to feel guilty about something I have nothing to do with, just because I'm white
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> but white people were part of a culture which encouraged it
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> and still are
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> we don't encourage slavery
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> much
[20:28] <FlyingAsparagus> Not my ancestors
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> but we do encourage a white supremacy thing
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> if your ancestors were white during the 1950s they were part of it
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> jeem come
[20:29] <FlyingAsparagus> Most of my ancestors came from ireland, italy and scottland
[20:29] <LittleMissGrill> they had slaves too tho
[20:29] <jeem9157> thanks
[20:29] <FlyingAsparagus> Lands that were ravaged by slavery
[20:29] <FlyingAsparagus> They didn't have slaves
[20:29] <FlyingAsparagus> They were made into slaves
[20:29] <LittleMissGrill> the british were made into slaves?
[20:29] <FlyingAsparagus> Not the british
[20:29] <FlyingAsparagus> The irish
[20:29] <FlyingAsparagus> Long ago
[20:29] <LittleMissGrill> oh yeah the irish were messed around a bit
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> but they still played their part in the empire of the british
[20:30] <FlyingAsparagus> The british forced them into it
[20:30] <FlyingAsparagus> That's why the irish sided with the scotts
[20:30] <jeem9157> now I certainly don't accuse all Germans of murder
[20:30] <jeem9157> gotta respect individuality
[20:30] <FlyingAsparagus> The scottish got it just as bad
[20:30] <FlyingAsparagus> But they fought back
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> i would suggest that most people in the early 1900s had negative attitudes towards non-whites
[20:31] <FlyingAsparagus> But lets not forget the white-slaves
[20:31] <FlyingAsparagus> That occured
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> but they were slaved by other white people
[20:31] <FlyingAsparagus> Not always
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> on a large scale
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> PoCs never systematically enslaved whites
[20:31] <FlyingAsparagus> There were black slaves owned by black people
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> but never systematically
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> as in
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> it wasn't engrained
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> we still live in a society where white's hold most the power
[20:32] <FlyingAsparagus> There were slaves all over the world
[20:32] <FlyingAsparagus> There are still slaves to this day
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> it's different when you're talking about non-western colonised countries
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> i don't know much about that
[20:33] <FlyingAsparagus> They're just on a different part of the globe
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> but i highly doubt any country of colour systematically used white people as slaves
[20:33] <FlyingAsparagus> It's essentially the same thing
[20:33] <FlyingAsparagus> The Persians did
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> if you can find me a country of colour which used white people systematically as slaves
[20:34] <LittleMissGrill> i'll reconsider
[20:34] <LittleMissGrill> let me wiki
[20:34] <LittleMissGrill> wait
[20:34] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm pretty sure, but not 100% certain, that when Xerxes invaded Europe he took white slaves
[20:34] <LittleMissGrill> persia isn't a white country
[20:34] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[20:34] <FlyingAsparagus> I know
[20:35] <FlyingAsparagus> We're talking about systematically enslaving a race
[20:35] <FlyingAsparagus> Persians did just that
[20:35] <LittleMissGrill> but they didn't enslave white people
[20:35] <LittleMissGrill> thats my point
[20:36] <FlyingAsparagus> They enslaved Europeans
[20:36] <LittleMissGrill> no country of colour has systematically enslaved whit epeople
[20:36] <LittleMissGrill> link mee.
[20:36] <FlyingAsparagus> One sec
[20:36] <LittleMissGrill> how idd you get up thurrr
[20:36] <jeem9157> right here
[20:37] <jeem9157> anyways
[20:37] <jeem9157> I would recommend
[20:37] <jeem9157> looking into the works of carl sagan
[20:37] <jeem9157> he was an astrophysicist
[20:38] <LittleMissGrill> astrophysics is hard though :(
[20:38] <jeem9157> he advocated space exploration yes
[20:39] <jeem9157> but also used
[20:39] <jeem9157> a scientific world view
[20:39] <jeem9157> to justify equality, human rights, global cooperation etc
[20:39] <LittleMissGrill> i'd love to have a look at that
[20:39] <LittleMissGrill> is there a particular book/journal i should take a look at?
[20:39] <jeem9157> i see this a lot
[20:39] <jeem9157> people ask, how can you be atheistic and moral?
[20:40] <FlyingAsparagus> I couldn't find something specific on Persia but I found one better
[20:40] <jeem9157> if you don't believe in a divine, subjective law?
[20:40] <FlyingAsparagus> http://researchnews osu edu/archive/whtslav htm
[20:40] <jeem9157> objective**
[20:40] <FlyingAsparagus> darn one sec
[20:40] <LittleMissGrill> no one has ever asked me that
[20:41] <FlyingAsparagus> Morals are built on being benefitial to society. Not by some devine being telling you you'll get a
[20:41] <FlyingAsparagus> reward.
[20:41] <jeem9157> true
[20:41] <jeem9157> in fact
[20:41] <jeem9157> some have argued that certain morals exist
[20:41] <jeem9157> as a survival mechanism
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> why are you voting liberal skele?
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> yes jeem haha, i've read about the survival mechanism theory around morals
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> but i reckon humans are more compassionate then we give ourselves credit to
[20:42] <jeem9157> some theists point to universal morals as evidence of a "law giver"
[20:42] <jeem9157> but there is an evolutionary basis for it
[20:43] <roberestarkk> @LM, we totally aren't
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> don't reckon?
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> i do have a very optimistic view for the human race
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> i'm not going to lie
[20:44] <LittleMissGrill> mostly cos it's pretty depressing to think we're all evil selfish beings
[20:44] <FlyingAsparagus> If you understood Universal Heat Death then you wouldn't be so optimistic
[20:44] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[20:44] <jeem9157> we're definitely communal, that's for sure
[20:44] <LittleMissGrill> but we're communal on a small scale
[20:44] <jeem9157> got to cooperate to some degree
[20:45] <LittleMissGrill> i learnt about this in peace making peace building unit
[20:45] <LittleMissGrill> if you have like 5 people looking after a piece of land, for example
[20:45] <LittleMissGrill> they're likely to protect it and take ownership over it more and look after it
[20:45] <LittleMissGrill> but if you have 50 people looking after it
[20:45] <LittleMissGrill> they lose ownership and just do whatever
[20:45] <jeem9157> i can see that
[20:46] <LittleMissGrill> it's a theory anyway
[20:46] <FlyingAsparagus> Lm, did you read the research on that link?
[20:46] <LittleMissGrill> i was actually looking at other sites around that research
[20:46] <LittleMissGrill> couldn't find anything else about it online
[20:46] <FlyingAsparagus> It's very under researched
[20:47] <FlyingAsparagus> It even points it out in the article
[20:47] <FlyingAsparagus> That because of our tendancy to focus around African slavery, researching white slavery is almost
[20:47] <FlyingAsparagus> taboo
[20:47] <LittleMissGrill> i wouldn't say it's tabboo
[20:47] <FlyingAsparagus> hence almost
[20:47] <jeem9157> be back in a bit
[20:47] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[20:47] <FlyingAsparagus> Just not encouraged
[20:47] <LittleMissGrill> i'd say the majority of the white population would love to find a way to say that we had it
[20:48] <hjmck123> and an oink oink here n an oink onik there
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> just as bad as PoC
[20:48] <jeem9157> gotta take care of things
[20:48] <hjmck123> oinky oink oinky oink
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> okay
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> come back sooon
[20:48] <hjmck123> every1 loves le onik onik
[20:48] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[20:48] <FlyingAsparagus> Either way
[20:48] <FlyingAsparagus> Slavery is terrible
[20:48] <FlyingAsparagus> No matter who does it
[20:49] <LittleMissGrill> yuh
[20:49] <roberestarkk> But you can't deny it gets stuff done...
[20:50] <FlyingAsparagus> Sadly that's true Rob
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> >.>
[20:50] <FlyingAsparagus> Pyramids
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> so haha
[20:50] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> peoples lives > fancy buildings
[20:50] <hjmck123> wut
[20:51] <FlyingAsparagus> Fancy building that have lasted the majority of human civilization...
[20:51] <roberestarkk> only if you assume that all people are equal
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> peoples lives are still better than that
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> rob stop trolling haha
[20:51] <roberestarkk> I'm not trolling...
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> you actually believe some peoples lives are less equal than others?
[20:51] <roberestarkk> No
[20:52] <hjmck123> wut they do with em r
[20:52] <roberestarkk> I believe that if you believe some people are less equal, they would also believe that fancy buildin
[20:52] <alpine2001> Who has a pure colour horse with no makings to breed with our horses?
[20:52] <roberestarkk> gs > people's lives
[20:52] <LittleMissGrill> i'm confused by your statement
[20:52] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah Rob
[20:52] <hjmck123> did i join at le wrong tiem
[20:52] <LittleMissGrill> are you justifying the thoughts of people practicing slavery?
[20:52] <roberestarkk> You said people's lives are greater than fancy buildings
[20:53] <FlyingAsparagus> You just made a contradictory point
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> yuh
[20:53] <roberestarkk> I said only from the perspecitve that everyone is equal
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> oh i understand
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> which is my perspective
[20:54] <alpine2001> Why you tp me rob?
[20:54] <hjmck123> hes a ninja
[20:54] <alpine2001> Scruffy wants lvl up
[20:55] <roberestarkk> ah
[20:55] <scruffy2001> here is one of them
[20:55] <roberestarkk> what on earth is this?
[20:55] <alpine2001> lol
[20:55] <scruffy2001> lol
[20:56] <LittleMissGrill> can i come too
[20:56] <roberestarkk> ask scruffy
[20:56] <LittleMissGrill> already did hi :3
[20:56] <roberestarkk> after he tells me what it is =P
[20:56] <hjmck123> i spy a flyin
[20:56] <hjmck123> or not
[20:56] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[20:56] <scruffy2001> um a pineappple
[20:56] <FlyingAsparagus> Poor hj
[20:57] <LittleMissGrill> it's a house??
[20:57] <scruffy2001> naa im joking
[20:57] <roberestarkk> It's not yellow enough
[20:57] <FlyingAsparagus> Rob...
[20:57] <FlyingAsparagus> What are you confused about?
[20:57] <scruffy2001> its a tree thing
[20:57] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[20:57] <roberestarkk> it's a fence with random leaves on it
[20:57] <FlyingAsparagus> It's a plant
[20:57] <hjmck123> :O
[20:57] <roberestarkk> youwha?
[20:57] <alpine2001> Durr
[20:57] <hjmck123> does this mean
[20:57] <hjmck123> we have
[20:57] <scruffy2001> ok so why did you want to no what it is
[20:57] <hjmck123> more pokemon
[20:57] <FlyingAsparagus> Quick! Put signs around it
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> is rob failing cos of that plant
[20:58] <roberestarkk> I'm judging your house
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> just put a sign there saying
[20:58] <FlyingAsparagus> hahah
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> "i <3 rob"
[20:58] <roberestarkk> I cannae judge something I don't know the porpoise of
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> and everything will be okay
[20:58] <alpine2001> He has more than 1 Rob
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> to look pretty n_n
[20:58] <alpine2001> He has 2 houses and a light house Rob.
[20:58] <hjmck123> its purpose is to initiate discussion of purpose
[20:59] <roberestarkk> whoa hj
[20:59] <FlyingAsparagus> I like it
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> why are we here
[20:59] <roberestarkk> that's deep
[20:59] <hjmck123> ikr
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> what is the purpose of life
[20:59] <hjmck123> they thought it thru
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> *hj goes back to derping*
[20:59] <scruffy2001> lol
[20:59] <FlyingAsparagus> That's great design
[20:59] <FlyingAsparagus> So meta
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> i like the lights
[20:59] <scruffy2001> lol
[20:59] <roberestarkk> oooh wow
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> rob liiikes
[20:59] <hjmck123> i like the spider out the window
[20:59] <scruffy2001> lol
[21:00] <hjmck123> :O
[21:00] <FlyingAsparagus> The spider out the window is the best feature
[21:00] <FlyingAsparagus> 10/10
[21:00] <alpine2001> I killed it xD
[21:00] <hjmck123> alpine ate it
[21:00] <hjmck123> D:
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> how did you get it to stay scruffy
[21:00] <roberestarkk> this bit is kinda annoying
[21:00] <roberestarkk> I gotta admit
[21:00] <scruffy2001> idk
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> which bit
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> kitchen
[21:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Yo
[21:00] <roberestarkk> this thing
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> would you like a sandwhich rob
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> i make you one
[21:00] <FlyingAsparagus> I'll have a jack n coke
[21:00] <scruffy2001> what
[21:00] <hjmck123> a stair
[21:00] <FlyingAsparagus> ;D
[21:00] <roberestarkk> sure LM, what kind?
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> hmmm
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> you can have ham and cheese
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> or
[21:01] <FlyingAsparagus> Ham n cheese
[21:01] <hjmck123> meatballs
[21:01] <FlyingAsparagus> The best
[21:01] <alpine2001> Peanut butter and jam for me!
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> a selection of deli meats and cheeses and olives and stuff
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> guys omg this was offer for rooob
[21:01] <FlyingAsparagus> What is this subway?
[21:01] <roberestarkk> got any peanut butter?
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> ...
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> yes!
[21:01] <FlyingAsparagus> Hahaha
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> okay subway time
[21:01] <roberestarkk> got any banana?
[21:02] <hjmck123> subwaaaaay
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> omg peanut butter and banana sandwiches?
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> thats the last straw
[21:02] <scruffy2001> lol
[21:02] <alpine2001> EWW\
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> rob stop being similar to me
[21:02] <roberestarkk> -.-
[21:02] <roberestarkk> ohlol
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> *rage quites server*
[21:02] <FlyingAsparagus> Run Rob
[21:02] <FlyingAsparagus> Run!
[21:02] <roberestarkk> MOO!
[21:02] <alpine2001> lol
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> rob is le cow
[21:02] <roberestarkk> so wossis for?
[21:02] <scruffy2001> wow your magic
[21:03] <scruffy2001> a horse
[21:03] <FlyingAsparagus> We're now apart of her human farm
[21:03] <roberestarkk> ah
[21:03] <alpine2001> me
[21:03] <alpine2001> :P
[21:03] <hjmck123> horse?
[21:03] <roberestarkk> MOO!
[21:03] <FlyingAsparagus> WUT
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> cani put a sattle on you?!
[21:03] <hjmck123> horses cant fit thru the gate
[21:03] <FlyingAsparagus> I can't ride you
[21:03] <scruffy2001> lol
[21:03] <FlyingAsparagus> :(
[21:03] <FlyingAsparagus> I have horse armour and everything
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> you're a better builder than me scruffy
[21:03] <scruffy2001> want to see something else
[21:03] <roberestarkk> in a tic
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> i fell
[21:03] <hjmck123> genius
[21:03] <scruffy2001> it is alight house
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> ssh
[21:03] <roberestarkk> why the weirdlogbit?
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> i didn't see the cliff
[21:04] <scruffy2001> ill show u
[21:04] <hjmck123> weird log bit
[21:04] <hjmck123> r 4 inside
[21:04] <alpine2001> Follow scruffy!
[21:04] <FlyingAsparagus> I lost him
[21:04] <LittleMissGrill> :/
[21:04] <hjmck123> ^
[21:04] <scruffy2001> tp
[21:04] <alpine2001> tpa
[21:04] <alpine2001> Lol wtf rob
[21:05] <LittleMissGrill> rob deep breath
[21:05] <roberestarkk> lol
[21:05] <hjmck123> dirt!
[21:05] <FlyingAsparagus> ...I wish I could use this lead on people....
[21:05] <roberestarkk> the random dirt blocks up under the eaves is fun
[21:05] <LittleMissGrill> i KNOW
[21:05] <scruffy2001> it was scafolding
[21:05] <roberestarkk> oh that reminds me
[21:05] <FlyingAsparagus> Kill the dirt
[21:05] <roberestarkk> I need to turn on the new lead mechanics in the CraftBook update
[21:05] <LittleMissGrill> does it allow you to pull people places
[21:05] <roberestarkk> no
[21:05] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[21:05] <FlyingAsparagus> Aww
[21:06] <LittleMissGrill> can we get an add on with that?
[21:06] <hjmck123> u shud get le plugin to sit on ppls heads
[21:06] <roberestarkk> but it works on hostile mobs!
[21:06] <scruffy2001> tp to me and see my light house
[21:06] <FlyingAsparagus> I wanted to go all walking dead style
[21:06] <LittleMissGrill> what hj said
[21:06] <roberestarkk> we used to have that
[21:06] <roberestarkk> but now we don't
[21:06] <hjmck123> D:
[21:06] <LittleMissGrill> everytime you go afk rob i want to do stacks on on you
[21:06] <FlyingAsparagus> :(
[21:06] <LittleMissGrill> can you just have it on like for a day
[21:06] <hjmck123> omg
[21:06] <hjmck123> who made
[21:06] <roberestarkk> I don't understand...
[21:06] <alpine2001> Everyone tpa to see scruffy's lighthouse
[21:06] <hjmck123> that mushroom
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> to the lighthouse!
[21:07] <roberestarkk> to the mushroom!
[21:07] <hjmck123> :P
[21:07] <alpine2001> LittleMiss tpa again
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> i'm all alone
[21:07] <alpine2001> LittleMiss tpa again
[21:07] <alpine2001> oops
[21:07] <scruffy2001> my light house
[21:07] <roberestarkk> alpine made it
[21:07] <alpine2001> There
[21:07] <hjmck123> alpine
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> w d
[21:07] <hjmck123> your epic
[21:07] <alpine2001> What?
[21:07] <roberestarkk> his epic what?
[21:07] <hjmck123> sh not this again
[21:07] <alpine2001> Its scruffy's
[21:07] <hjmck123> im too lazy for 're
[21:07] <FlyingAsparagus> Pen-lighthouse
[21:08] <scruffy2001> its pretty bad it was the first thing i made
[21:08] <FlyingAsparagus> lel
[21:08] <FlyingAsparagus> Someone should kamikaze
[21:08] <LittleMissGrill> remember that time we had a party in robs room
[21:08] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[21:08] <LittleMissGrill> and we thought he was afk
[21:08] <LittleMissGrill> and then he put like 100 zombie pigmen in the room
[21:08] <hjmck123> rob has a room?
[21:09] <alpine2001> Gtg bye everyone cya laterzzzz
[21:09] <hjmck123> bai
[21:09] <roberestarkk> I do!
[21:09] <scruffy2001> bye
[21:09] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> well we were somewhere and rob was afk ona bed
[21:09] <roberestarkk> it's in my statue!
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> you remember?!
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> maybe it wasn't your room
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> we were somewhere
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> regox turned into a dragon
[21:09] <roberestarkk> lol
[21:09] <scruffy2001> lokl
[21:09] <hjmck123> hes always turning into a dragon
[21:09] <hjmck123> and its so easy to tell
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> hj wanted to hear about shoes
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> we had a party
[21:09] <roberestarkk> I wouldn't say always
[21:09] <FlyingAsparagus> Regox didn't turn into a dragon, he just took off his disguise
[21:09] <hjmck123> his wings flag like crazy
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> and then he put another end dragon
[21:09] <FlyingAsparagus> That's his natural form
[21:10] <LittleMissGrill> and we had to work out whcih one was his
[21:10] <LittleMissGrill> and then he lost it
[21:10] <scruffy2001> i have to go guys bye
[21:10] <hjmck123> bai
[21:10] * scruffy2001 (scruffy2001@scruffy2001§r) Quit (§escruffy2001 left the game.)
[21:10] <LittleMissGrill> and there was an end dragon flying around the server for a bit
[21:10] <LittleMissGrill> remember?!
[21:10] <hjmck123> theres always dragons flying around
[21:10] <hjmck123> bai
[21:10] <FlyingAsparagus> Bye scruffy
[21:11] <LittleMissGrill> so you don't wanna be levelled up?
[21:11] <roberestarkk> TOO BAD!
[21:11] <LittleMissGrill> rooob where did you go
[21:11] <LittleMissGrill> you're gonna level him up anyways?!
[21:11] <roberestarkk> I went to go check out his rocket
[21:12] <LittleMissGrill> whats the verdict rob!?
[21:12] <roberestarkk> whaddya mean?
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> ROB
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> come
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> help
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> my track pad glitched
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> help help help
[21:13] <hjmck123> u use a track pad?
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[21:13] <hjmck123> D:
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> and it's shitty but i can't afford a mouse
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> glass
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> i broke it :(
[21:13] <hjmck123> nek minnut bannedz
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> i'd cry
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> i'm so sorry
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> i'll leave a note
[21:14] <FlyingAsparagus> Sheeiit
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> and i don't have any glass um
[21:15] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[21:15] <LittleMissGrill> thank you rob
[21:15] <roberestarkk> np^^
[21:15] <LittleMissGrill> i'll give you alll the money i have
[21:15] <FlyingAsparagus> How do you make a music box?
[21:15] <roberestarkk> ./recipe jukebox
[21:15] <LittleMissGrill> no!
[21:15] <LittleMissGrill> i gave you 33
[21:15] <LittleMissGrill> wait
[21:16] <roberestarkk> LOL
[21:16] <LittleMissGrill> i can't do maths
[21:16] <roberestarkk> that's only 30...
[21:16] <LittleMissGrill> whaaat
[21:16] <LittleMissGrill> okay
[21:16] <LittleMissGrill> we all good
[21:16] <LittleMissGrill> we're good
[21:16] <LittleMissGrill> excellent
[21:16] <roberestarkk> $330 - $300 = 30
[21:17] <roberestarkk> nono
[21:17] <roberestarkk> you were supposed to subtract 297
[21:17] <LittleMissGrill> waaat :(
[21:17] <LittleMissGrill> what are you doing to me
[21:17] <roberestarkk> you gave me 33
[21:17] <roberestarkk> I gave you 330
[21:18] <roberestarkk> 330-33 is 297
[21:18] <roberestarkk> I think
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> but i want you o keep the 33
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> if i gave you back 330-33
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> then you wouldn't have kept the 33
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> and i wanted you to keep that
[21:18] <roberestarkk> No, you would have
[21:18] <LittleMissGrill> so i shoulde just given all of it back to you
[21:18] <roberestarkk> that's what you DID do -.-
[21:19] <LittleMissGrill> yeah
[21:19] <LittleMissGrill> but and then you gave me 3333?
[21:19] <roberestarkk> No I didn't!
[21:19] <LittleMissGrill> yes you did!
[21:19] <roberestarkk> Nu-uh!
[21:19] <LittleMissGrill> i was there i saw it!
[21:19] <roberestarkk> You didn' see aaaaaanything
[21:19] <hjmck123> u saw jfk get shot?
[21:19] <LittleMissGrill> roob don't run awway
[21:20] <LittleMissGrill> *needy girlfriend*
[21:20] <hjmck123> hes not
[21:20] <hjmck123> hes wlaking
[21:20] <roberestarkk> ERRYBODY DO THE WLAK!
[21:20] <FlyingAsparagus> SHUT UP ROB I'M LISTENING TO MUSIC
[21:20] <LittleMissGrill> hey this is that place regox gave me my kitty!
[21:20] <FlyingAsparagus> :)
[21:20] <hjmck123> and u took
[21:20] <LittleMissGrill> which got explodedd
[21:21] <hjmck123> hours to tame it
[21:21] <LittleMissGrill> ssh
[21:21] <LittleMissGrill> at least i entertain you guys
[21:21] <LittleMissGrill> whatever
[21:21] <hjmck123> and then it escaped
[21:21] <hjmck123> n u followed it 4ever
[21:21] <LittleMissGrill> yeah and then it eventually lved me
[21:21] <LittleMissGrill> i misss that kitty :(
[21:21] <hjmck123> i once had a cat
[21:22] <hjmck123> i shoved it on your boat
[21:22] <hjmck123> then idk
[21:22] <LittleMissGrill> it's probably still there hhaa
[21:22] <hjmck123> oh now i remmeber
[21:22] <hjmck123> i was testing if creepers
[21:22] <hjmck123> were scared
[21:22] <hjmck123> of cat
[21:22] <hjmck123> they r a tiny bit
[21:22] <hjmck123> but
[21:22] <hjmck123> it exloded the cat
[21:22] <hjmck123> exploded*
[21:23] <LittleMissGrill> you guys spent too much time on that boat haha
[21:23] <hjmck123> just the chair
[21:23] <hjmck123> on top
[21:23] <LittleMissGrill> i remember jeem doing a boat
[21:23] <LittleMissGrill> and doing it in like a day
[21:24] <hjmck123> oh
[21:24] <LittleMissGrill> and mine took me like 2 and a half months
[21:24] <hjmck123> your cat box
[21:24] <hjmck123> is still here
[21:24] <LittleMissGrill> omg
[21:24] <LittleMissGrill> hahah
[21:24] <roberestarkk> SUPAH SPEED!
[21:24] <hjmck123> noo
[21:24] <hjmck123> can i shoot u
[21:24] <roberestarkk> I AM FASTAH DAN A SPEEDIN BULLIT!
[21:25] <hjmck123> can i twy
[21:25] <FlyingAsparagus> DAMN IT ROB
[21:25] <roberestarkk> sure
[21:25] <FlyingAsparagus> I'M TRYING TO LISTEN TO MUSIC
[21:25] <roberestarkk> but first you gotta find me
[21:25] <FlyingAsparagus> ON MY JUKEBOX
[21:26] <FlyingAsparagus> :(
[21:26] <hjmck123> is gun even hitting
[21:26] <FlyingAsparagus> plz stop shouting
[21:26] <FlyingAsparagus> u r interruptin my music
[21:27] <FlyingAsparagus> :)
[21:27] <LittleMissGrill> i forget how much i hate potions
[21:27] <FlyingAsparagus> TOO LATE ROB
[21:28] <FlyingAsparagus> THE SONG FINISHED
[21:28] <FlyingAsparagus> HOW DOES IT FEEL?!
[21:28] <roberestarkk> NOOOOOOOOO!
[21:28] <roberestarkk> He would've been a fine American!
[21:28] <LittleMissGrill> rob doesn't have what he loves taken away from him
[21:28] <roberestarkk> I'll cry when I'm done killin'
[21:29] <FlyingAsparagus> I was refering to the love of annoying asparagus
[21:29] <roberestarkk> oh, that's not a love
[21:29] <FlyingAsparagus> Too late
[21:29] <roberestarkk> I didn't even get wtf you were on about till just now
[21:29] <hjmck123> where be ye darn potion drinkers
[21:29] <FlyingAsparagus> It is now
[21:29] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[21:29] <FlyingAsparagus> Rob it's text
[21:30] <FlyingAsparagus> It doesn't interrupt sound
[21:30] <FlyingAsparagus> Jeeze
[21:30] <roberestarkk> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PXJSKrqa9c
[21:30] <hjmck123> unless its facebook
[21:30] <hjmck123> cuz then it goes boop
[21:30] <roberestarkk> hence why I had no idea WTF you were referring to
[21:30] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[21:30] <FlyingAsparagus> You're a genius Rob
[21:31] <roberestarkk> and?
[21:31] <hjmck123> isnt that a bit low 4 u
[21:32] <FlyingAsparagus> Nothing else
[21:32] <roberestarkk> Excellent!
[21:32] <LittleMissGrill> rob IS a smart cookie
[21:32] <FlyingAsparagus> Indubitably.
[21:33] <roberestarkk> dammit hj
[21:33] <hjmck123> wot
[21:33] <roberestarkk> look harder!
[21:33] <hjmck123> i dun like nether
[21:34] <roberestarkk> well good news! That's not where I am
[21:34] <hjmck123> :O
[21:34] <hjmck123> i just noticed
[21:34] <hjmck123> that
[21:34] <hjmck123> dynmap
[21:34] <hjmck123> no tell where invis r
[21:34] <LittleMissGrill> rob all by himself
[21:34] <LittleMissGrill> i mean
[21:34] <LittleMissGrill> hj
[21:34] <hjmck123> aahh but now im at volare
[21:35] <roberestarkk> I'm standing on a hill near where I applied the potion
[21:35] <LittleMissGrill> how od you get rid of aa potion
[21:35] <roberestarkk> aaaand now I've tp'd to you
[21:35] <hjmck123> oryl
[21:35] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[21:35] <hjmck123> jeeeeeeem
[21:35] <roberestarkk> aaand now I've gotta wait for the chatlag to fix itself after said tp
[21:35] <LittleMissGrill> jeems back!
[21:36] <jeem9157> hey
[21:36] <roberestarkk> they either run out or you use a healing talisman
[21:36] <jeem9157> what I miss?
[21:36] <hjmck123> u missed
[21:36] <hjmck123> nothing
[21:36] <roberestarkk> hj shot at me, I think
[21:36] <roberestarkk> ah yes
[21:36] <LittleMissGrill> cwp is the best master ever
[21:36] <roberestarkk> he definitely did that time
[21:36] <LittleMissGrill> he was like 'sell any farm stuff and save the money to sell yourself free'
[21:37] <roberestarkk> pfft, that's no way to run a slave trade!
[21:37] <FlyingAsparagus> It's true
[21:37] <hjmck123> wut about riding
[21:37] <LittleMissGrill> i'm invisible for the next 10 minutes jeem
[21:37] <hjmck123> i just
[21:37] <hjmck123> do wutever
[21:37] <FlyingAsparagus> That's a terrible business sense
[21:37] <hjmck123> when hes not on
[21:37] <LittleMissGrill> i like cwp
[21:37] <roberestarkk> besides, why would you not want to be a slave? It's the best rank by-far
[21:37] <LittleMissGrill> he treating me well
[21:38] <LittleMissGrill> i actually think it is
[21:38] <hjmck123> since i got demoted
[21:38] <roberestarkk> it legit is
[21:38] <LittleMissGrill> cos you can do whatever, right?
[21:38] <hjmck123> ive been
[21:38] <hjmck123> stocking up
[21:38] <roberestarkk> Indeed
[21:38] <hjmck123> on everything
[21:38] <LittleMissGrill> if you're a peasant you can only do your job
[21:38] <FlyingAsparagus> Watch out Rob, Slaves will get removed if you keep saying that
[21:38] <FlyingAsparagus> XD
[21:38] <roberestarkk> Lol
[21:38] <hjmck123> lol
[21:38] <roberestarkk> Doesn't bother me, I'm not a slave anyways
[21:38] <LittleMissGrill> i need milk to rid me of this potion
[21:38] <hjmck123> wut r u
[21:38] <LittleMissGrill> what are you
[21:38] <roberestarkk> oh yes
[21:38] <roberestarkk> you can also use milk
[21:39] <roberestarkk> I wonder if you can milk people
[21:39] <hjmck123> u cant
[21:39] <roberestarkk> disguised as cows*
[21:39] <hjmck123> i tried
[21:39] <hjmck123> ages ago
[21:39] <roberestarkk> of course you did
[21:39] <hjmck123> lolz
[21:39] <LittleMissGrill> i need a bucket and a cow
[21:39] <jeem9157> got a bucket
[21:39] <roberestarkk> The HQ used to have cows
[21:39] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[21:39] <LittleMissGrill> step 1
[21:39] <roberestarkk> but Mana let them all die
[21:39] <hjmck123> :O
[21:39] <LittleMissGrill> step 2
[21:39] <hjmck123> bad mana
[21:39] <LittleMissGrill> cow
[21:39] <hjmck123> y cow
[21:39] <LittleMissGrill> malk
[21:39] <jeem9157> cause milk
[21:40] <hjmck123> use human milk
[21:40] <jeem9157> disgusting
[21:40] <hjmck123> have u tried?
[21:40] <jeem9157> on australian english setting it's "cow juice"
[21:41] <FlyingAsparagus> lm wait
[21:41] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[21:41] <hjmck123> .
[21:41] <FlyingAsparagus> You're just a chest piece
[21:41] <hjmck123> i vote rob killed the server
[21:41] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[21:41] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[21:41] <jeem9157> wcb
[21:42] <hjmck123> or i just died
[21:42] <roberestarkk> I did no such thing!
[21:42] <LittleMissGrill> jeem and i got told off by someone for shooting guns
[21:42] <hjmck123> shoot em
[21:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol Dengar
[21:42] <LittleMissGrill> we were lagging rpg or something apparently haha
[21:42] <hjmck123> doubt it
[21:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Dengar doesn't exactly hold much Authority
[21:42] <jeem9157> oh
[21:43] <roberestarkk> @LM, who cares? =P
[21:43] <jeem9157> i care
[21:43] <hjmck123> id say rpg magic lag here
[21:43] <FlyingAsparagus> Darn thing
[21:43] <LittleMissGrill> i was a bit
[21:43] <LittleMissGrill> but your not mod/admin
[21:44] <LittleMissGrill> it's weird enough having younger people tell me off on the server
[21:44] <FlyingAsparagus> Rob I want to join your thingo of shadows
[21:44] <LittleMissGrill> but when they're younger and not staff it's always like
[21:44] <LittleMissGrill> o.O
[21:44] <roberestarkk> ohoho noooo!
[21:44] <LittleMissGrill> where are the cooooows
[21:44] <roberestarkk> Mah Powshun eez gurn!
[21:44] <jeem9157> haven't found any
[21:44] <FlyingAsparagus> wtf
[21:44] <roberestarkk> owait, it's infinite
[21:45] <LittleMissGrill> howD;
[21:45] <LittleMissGrill> do i need to keep th eglass
[21:45] <LittleMissGrill> jeem did you pick up the glass i dropped
[21:45] <hjmck123> he ate it
[21:45] <jeem9157> no
[21:45] <hjmck123> c
[21:45] <jeem9157> panes? blocks?
[21:45] <LittleMissGrill> bottle
[21:45] <jeem9157> then yes
[21:45] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[21:46] <LittleMissGrill> sweet
[21:46] <hjmck123> rawr
[21:46] <LittleMissGrill> oh potion ended anyways
[21:46] <hjmck123> time sleep
[21:46] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[21:46] <LittleMissGrill> hj sleeps on minevraft
[21:46] <roberestarkk> woo
[21:47] <roberestarkk> found 001's giant death machine!
[21:47] <roberestarkk> aaand I fell off
[21:47] <FlyingAsparagus> oh...
[21:47] <FlyingAsparagus> That giant thing
[21:47] <roberestarkk> yes
[21:47] <roberestarkk> I did say giant
[21:48] <FlyingAsparagus> So Rob
[21:48] <FlyingAsparagus> Do you have this kind of stuff too?
[21:48] <roberestarkk> oh no
[21:48] <roberestarkk> mine's more stylish
[21:49] <FlyingAsparagus> How does Peppy even plan on USING this thing?
[21:49] <roberestarkk> in the end
[21:49] <jeem9157> for killing things probably
[21:49] <roberestarkk> http://bit.ly/16V5UIs
[21:49] <roberestarkk> for attacking those
[21:49] <LittleMissGrill> guys i just got skype
[21:50] <roberestarkk> Woo Skope!
[21:50] <LittleMissGrill> i feel modern
[21:50] <roberestarkk> Minutes Played: 63.23 days
[21:50] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[21:50] <roberestarkk> but just for posterity, I totally didn't build them
[21:50] <LittleMissGrill> tokay
[21:51] <LittleMissGrill> bed time for meee
[21:51] <roberestarkk> I downloaded them off the internet and then refitted them with the latest and greatest
[21:51] <roberestarkk> in CoS Weaponry!
[21:51] <roberestarkk> Ciao LM!
[21:51] <jeem9157> cya little
[21:51] <FlyingAsparagus> I still want to see them
[21:51] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[21:51] <FlyingAsparagus> They look awesome
[21:51] <roberestarkk> lol
[21:51] <roberestarkk> I want to see them, they look awesome
[21:51] <roberestarkk> sounds funny
[21:51] <FlyingAsparagus> True...
[21:52] <FlyingAsparagus> They look awesome from dynmap
[21:52] <roberestarkk> indeed they do!
[21:52] <FlyingAsparagus> But I want to see them in the game
[21:52] <roberestarkk> I was fortunately able to align them so they more-or-less faced the map
[21:52] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah Rob
[21:53] <FlyingAsparagus> I want to join your side
[21:53] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[21:53] <roberestarkk> Lol
[21:53] <roberestarkk> Yaaay!
[21:54] <roberestarkk> you should totally meet me at spawn!
[21:55] <roberestarkk> Do you know about the secret spawn hideyhole!?
[21:55] <jeem9157> i do!
[21:55] <FlyingAsparagus> Uh no
[21:55] <roberestarkk> right click the block behind my head!
[21:56] <roberestarkk> with a non-gun
[21:56] <FlyingAsparagus> Isn't that usually why they call it a "secret" hideyhole?
[21:56] <roberestarkk> woo
[21:56] <FlyingAsparagus> wizard
[21:56] <roberestarkk> that's me!
[21:56] <FlyingAsparagus> What's with all the stuff?
[21:57] <roberestarkk> they are recipe's for super-op gear
[21:57] <roberestarkk> I don't really give those ones out
[21:57] <FlyingAsparagus> Hmm
[21:57] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[21:57] <jeem9157> hey fear
[21:57] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[21:57] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Fear
[21:58] <roberestarkk> Sooooo anyways
[21:58] <roberestarkk> you notice how you can't use either of those warp siggn's?
[21:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Yep
[21:58] <FlyingAsparagus> I certainly do now
[21:58] <roberestarkk> now you CAN!
[21:58] <roberestarkk> but don't go to the bottom one
[21:59] <FlyingAsparagus> :o
[21:59] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[21:59] <FlyingAsparagus> Thanks for the prewarning
[21:59] <roberestarkk> np!
[21:59] <FlyingAsparagus> I went to the bottom one
[21:59] <roberestarkk> -.-
[21:59] <roberestarkk> Oh Well!
[21:59] <roberestarkk> go up to the doors!
[21:59] <FlyingAsparagus> I was being sarcastic about the prewarning
[21:59] <roberestarkk> You can open those now as well!
[22:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Why does this place feel odd?
[22:00] <roberestarkk> see all that flat grass?
[22:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah...
[22:00] <roberestarkk> I turn it into lava with sorcery
[22:00] <jeem9157> i'm out
[22:01] <FlyingAsparagus> :I
[22:01] <roberestarkk> Ciao Jeem!
[22:01] <jeem9157> cya rob
[22:01] <FlyingAsparagus> See ya jeem
[22:01] <jeem9157> cya flying
[22:01] <jeem9157> cya fear
[22:01] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[22:01] <roberestarkk> also it's built with a great emphasis on defence
[22:01] <roberestarkk> up to here
[22:01] <roberestarkk> then there's less of an emphasis on defence and more on use-ability
[22:02] <FlyingAsparagus> Practical
[22:02] <roberestarkk> indeed
[22:03] <FlyingAsparagus> Are these buildings unoccupied?
[22:04] <roberestarkk> indeed
[22:05] <FlyingAsparagus> Longer timers on the doors deeper inside
[22:05] <FlyingAsparagus> makes sense
[22:06] <roberestarkk> I wha?
[22:06] <roberestarkk> No they aren't...
[22:06] <FlyingAsparagus> They were 1 second on the outer doors
[22:06] <FlyingAsparagus> This one is 3
[22:06] <roberestarkk> nope
[22:06] <roberestarkk> just tp lag making it seem like they were open for less time
[22:06] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe it was just lag that made them shut super fast
[22:07] <FlyingAsparagus> wierd
[22:07] <FlyingAsparagus> It wouldn't let me through for like 3 tries when I came here
[22:08] <roberestarkk> yep, tp lag
[22:08] <roberestarkk> it's gotta load all the stuff
[22:09] <FlyingAsparagus> Dynmap doesn't load this area properly
[22:09] <roberestarkk> true
[22:09] <FlyingAsparagus> I thought it might have been intentional
[22:09] <roberestarkk> nope
[22:09] <roberestarkk> it's legit borked
[22:10] <FlyingAsparagus> Lucky you XD
[22:10] <roberestarkk> lol
[22:10] <roberestarkk> it used to work fine
[22:10] <FlyingAsparagus> No birds eye view of this place then
[22:10] <FlyingAsparagus> That's good security
[22:10] <roberestarkk> haha
[22:10] <FlyingAsparagus> Even if it is a glitch
[22:11] <roberestarkk> oh actually
[22:11] <roberestarkk> it's totally loading on mine
[22:11] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[22:11] <roberestarkk> somewhat
[22:11] <FlyingAsparagus> It never loads for me
[22:11] <FlyingAsparagus> Only a wall at most
[22:13] <FlyingAsparagus> So is this place going to be in the war?
[22:13] <FlyingAsparagus> Specifically
[22:13] <roberestarkk> nah
[22:13] <roberestarkk> gunna be an airship battle in the end
[22:13] <FlyingAsparagus> How are you going to do that?
[22:13] <roberestarkk> err
[22:14] <roberestarkk> magic
[22:14] <FlyingAsparagus> tp Peppy's big ship next to the other big ships?
[22:15] <roberestarkk> pretty much!
[22:15] <FlyingAsparagus> That's gonna make for some awkward waring
[22:16] <roberestarkk> ?
[22:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[22:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Just waiting for Peppy to get the ship there and everything
[22:16] <FlyingAsparagus> Then making sure everything is in range
[22:16] <FlyingAsparagus> just seems like it'd be funny
[22:17] <roberestarkk> heh, yeah
[22:19] <FlyingAsparagus> Do I get to choose a residence?
[22:20] <roberestarkk> long as the sign above the door is blank
[22:21] <FlyingAsparagus> Fair enough
[22:22] <FlyingAsparagus> There's two I really like
[22:22] <FlyingAsparagus> Can't decide lol
[22:22] <roberestarkk> lol
[22:23] <FlyingAsparagus> One has a huge bedroom
[22:23] <FlyingAsparagus> But is crowded downstairs
[22:24] <FlyingAsparagus> The other has a huge lounge area
[22:24] <FlyingAsparagus> But small bedroom
[22:28] <FlyingAsparagus> Alright then
[22:28] <FlyingAsparagus> I choose this one
[22:28] <roberestarkk> woo
[22:29] <FlyingAsparagus> Only took me forever to decide
[22:30] <FlyingAsparagus> Excellent
[22:31] <roberestarkk> =P
[22:31] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh and ejano is my neighbour it seems
[22:31] <roberestarkk> haha yeah
[22:31] <FlyingAsparagus> No one on the other side though
[22:31] <roberestarkk> yet...
[22:31] <FlyingAsparagus> yet...
[22:33] <FlyingAsparagus> I hate having to abreviate my name to add the 's on the end of my name in a sign
[22:33] <roberestarkk> heh
[22:33] <FlyingAsparagus> Nice pool btw
[22:34] <roberestarkk> =)
[22:34] <FlyingAsparagus> Oooo
[22:35] <FlyingAsparagus> An arena
[22:37] <roberestarkk> ah good, you're here!
[22:38] <roberestarkk> TO THE BUNKER!
[22:38] <FlyingAsparagus> Nice place
[22:38] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[22:38] <roberestarkk> =)
[22:39] <roberestarkk> The bunker is the teleport hub
[22:39] <roberestarkk> you can get to most places in the Conclave from here
[22:40] <FlyingAsparagus> Convenient
[22:40] <roberestarkk> yarp
[22:40] <FlyingAsparagus> Which one goes to the giant ships?
[22:40] <roberestarkk> and everywhere you can get to from here you can get here from
[22:40] <roberestarkk> errr
[22:40] <roberestarkk> you remember that giant glass box near them?
[22:40] <FlyingAsparagus> Yep
[22:41] <roberestarkk> that's CoSWizardry
[22:41] <roberestarkk> that's the closest warp to the ships
[22:41] <FlyingAsparagus> So there's no actual warp TO the ships?
[22:41] <roberestarkk> nope
[22:41] <roberestarkk> they're mobile
[22:41] <FlyingAsparagus> Ah well
[22:41] <FlyingAsparagus> Let's go to wizardry
[22:41] <roberestarkk> nono
[22:42] <roberestarkk> let's go to Fort01!
[22:42] <FlyingAsparagus> Why not?
[22:42] <roberestarkk> You need some stuff
[22:42] <FlyingAsparagus> oh okay
[22:42] <FlyingAsparagus> owah
[22:43] <FlyingAsparagus> I think I have a CoS sword in my crapshack, but I don't know where I got it
[22:44] <roberestarkk> it's probably outdated anyways
[22:44] <FlyingAsparagus> Probably
[22:44] <FlyingAsparagus> It's weaker than the 001 sword
[22:45] <roberestarkk> never ever feed a dog chocolate while he wears a tinfoil hat in a microwave
[22:45] <FlyingAsparagus> Sound advice
[22:46] <FlyingAsparagus> Uh Rob
[22:46] <roberestarkk> Now you can go aaaanywheeere ^^
[22:47] <FlyingAsparagus> Have you checked out the 001 swords lately?
[22:47] <roberestarkk> nope
[22:47] <roberestarkk> lol
[22:47] <FlyingAsparagus> It's got weird stuff on it
[22:47] <roberestarkk> it's got a super-high version of durability and sharpness
[22:48] <roberestarkk> CoS has it's own high tier weaponry
[22:48] <FlyingAsparagus> That's what I mean
[22:48] <roberestarkk> that recipe at spawn that says "Doombringer"
[22:48] <FlyingAsparagus> What does the redstone torch do?
[22:48] <roberestarkk> is a higher tier version of the CoS Sword
[22:48] <roberestarkk> that is a gun
[22:48] <FlyingAsparagus> What does it shoot?
[22:48] <roberestarkk> snowballs
[22:49] <FlyingAsparagus> Scary
[22:49] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[22:49] <FlyingAsparagus> lol What does the hoe do?
[22:49] <roberestarkk> it's a hoe
[22:50] <FlyingAsparagus> It said "there were no items that needing repairing"
[22:50] <FlyingAsparagus> Odd
[22:50] <roberestarkk> that's odd
[22:50] <roberestarkk> mine doesnae
[22:50] <roberestarkk> what colour does it say it in?
[22:51] <FlyingAsparagus> Red
[22:51] <FlyingAsparagus> LOL
[22:51] <roberestarkk> what kind?
[22:51] <FlyingAsparagus> No
[22:51] <FlyingAsparagus> It must have glitched
[22:51] <FlyingAsparagus> And accidentally clicked the sign behind me
[22:51] <roberestarkk> LOL
[22:51] <roberestarkk> you can click the sign with the hoe
[22:52] <FlyingAsparagus> I was facing the chests XD
[22:52] <FlyingAsparagus> How does that happen?
[22:52] <roberestarkk> you sure?
[22:52] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah
[22:53] <FlyingAsparagus> So is there anything else here for me?
[22:54] <roberestarkk> nope!
[22:54] <roberestarkk> Run wild!
[22:54] <FlyingAsparagus> We should go to Wizardry
[22:54] <roberestarkk> lolk
[22:54] <FlyingAsparagus> 14 seconds lol
[22:55] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[22:55] <FlyingAsparagus> Hey Tay
[22:55] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[22:56] <FlyingAsparagus> Tay do you have any particular allegience to either CoS or 001?
[22:56] <taylaahjanee> Nope
[22:56] <FlyingAsparagus> You should come join CoS
[22:57] <taylaahjanee> I dunnoo
[22:57] <FlyingAsparagus> You get cool stuff
[22:57] <taylaahjanee> Yeah but i live in 001, i just have nothing to do with the wars n shit
[22:58] <FlyingAsparagus> I won't say you're gay for manni anymore XD
[22:58] <taylaahjanee> Haha, I guess that's a plus :p
[22:58] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[22:58] <FlyingAsparagus> And if you don't, that's a move that only someone REALLY gay for Manni would do
[22:58] <FlyingAsparagus> Hahaha
[22:58] <taylaahjanee> D:
[22:58] <FlyingAsparagus> :p
[22:59] <FlyingAsparagus> Nah, but you should join
[22:59] <taylaahjanee> I'll ask Rob, if he comes back
[22:59] <FlyingAsparagus> Sweet :D
[23:00] <FlyingAsparagus> Whatcha up to anyway?
[23:01] <taylaahjanee> Nothing actually. So bored, haha. You?
[23:01] <FlyingAsparagus> Same
[23:01] <FlyingAsparagus> Rob was just showing me all the stuff at CoS
[23:01] <taylaahjanee> Oh, awesome
[23:01] <FlyingAsparagus> But I think he got bored after we finished looking at it
[23:02] <taylaahjanee> Oh D:
[23:02] <FlyingAsparagus> Haha
[23:02] <FlyingAsparagus> So now I'm in a giant castle all alone
[23:02] <taylaahjanee> I'd go there but, i don't think I'd be allowed
[23:02] <FlyingAsparagus> Yeah, I'm not sure you would be either
[23:02] <FlyingAsparagus> I had to warp
[23:02] <taylaahjanee> Roooooooooooooooooooob
[23:03] <FlyingAsparagus> Aw well, when he gets back on I'm sure he'll show you
[23:03] <taylaahjanee> Maybe
[23:04] <FlyingAsparagus> I don't see why not
[23:04] <taylaahjanee> Cause I live in 001 maybe? And I'm good friends with Peppy, i dunno
[23:04] <taylaahjanee> But i wasn't allowed near it a while ago
[23:04] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm good friends with Peppy too
[23:05] <taylaahjanee> And I'm pretty sure I already asked and I got a no
[23:05] <FlyingAsparagus> The whole war thing isn't exactly dead serious that they'd stop being your friend over it
[23:05] <taylaahjanee> Oh no, i know
[23:06] <taylaahjanee> I just don't think I can join CoS, lol
[23:06] <FlyingAsparagus> Well just ask and find out
[23:06] <taylaahjanee> Will do.
[23:11] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[23:11] <FlyingAsparagus> There's no exit
[23:11] <taylaahjanee> Hahah
[23:11] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm stuck inside a giant castle in an even bigger snowglobe
[23:12] <FlyingAsparagus> All I wanted to do was see the giant battleships :(
[23:12] <taylaahjanee> Wheres that?
[23:12] <FlyingAsparagus> It's very far away
[23:15] <FlyingAsparagus> Victory
[23:15] <taylaahjanee> I hate those things
[23:15] <FlyingAsparagus> I hate the little ones
[23:15] <FlyingAsparagus> I can't hit them if they're near you or I might kill you by mistake
[23:16] <taylaahjanee> Oh, that's okay
[23:16] <FlyingAsparagus> You need a back fence
[23:17] <taylaahjanee> I know
[23:17] <taylaahjanee> Peppy built the house though XD
[23:17] <FlyingAsparagus> Jeeze Peppy does a lot for the ladies
[23:17] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[23:17] <taylaahjanee> I know right!
[23:18] <taylaahjanee> He gave Lm a repair and heal sign D:
[23:18] <FlyingAsparagus> Lol
[23:19] <FlyingAsparagus> Then again he gave me all my armour and guns
[23:19] <taylaahjanee> Same
[23:20] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm pretty sure he gave me all that money too
[23:20] <FlyingAsparagus> But I'm not certain
[23:21] <taylaahjanee> Probably
[23:21] <FlyingAsparagus> Unless ejano gave me it
[23:21] <taylaahjanee> he gave me heaps but i got it taken away cause i kept giving it to everyone
[23:21] <FlyingAsparagus> But I don't know why she would...
[23:21] <taylaahjanee> It was most likely Peppy then
[23:22] <taylaahjanee> either way, it came from Peppy
[23:22] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm not giving it all away to everyone, but I did buy a few nice things for leauja
[23:22] <taylaahjanee> I just gave it away cause everyone was complaining
[23:22] <FlyingAsparagus> :l
[23:23] <FlyingAsparagus> That's why I didn't tell anyone
[23:23] <taylaahjanee> i didn't
[23:23] <taylaahjanee> they saw it on bal
[23:23] <FlyingAsparagus> People just found out via baltop
[23:23] <FlyingAsparagus> I just tell them I sell drugs
[23:23] <taylaahjanee> Lol
[23:23] <taylaahjanee> Well everyone knows everything i get comes from Peppy
[23:23] <FlyingAsparagus> By the way, do you want to buy some "sugar"?
[23:23] <taylaahjanee> Sure :P
[23:24] <FlyingAsparagus> Sorry, I snorted it all. Looks like I'm out of stock
[23:24] <taylaahjanee> D:
[23:24] <FlyingAsparagus> How about some "saplings"
[23:24] <taylaahjanee> Um
[23:25] <taylaahjanee> why not
[23:25] <FlyingAsparagus> I think I've personally funded Smiley's rise to 13th on baltop...
[23:26] <taylaahjanee> I don't get how Crow's 2ns
[23:26] <taylaahjanee> 2nd*
[23:26] <FlyingAsparagus> ?
[23:26] <taylaahjanee> Oh
[23:26] <taylaahjanee> Ejano
[23:26] <FlyingAsparagus> Ejano is 2nd
[23:26] <taylaahjanee> her username used to be Crowsnatcher
[23:27] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm 4th XD
[23:27] <taylaahjanee> bad habit
[23:27] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe Peppy gave me it for doing the report for him
[23:27] <taylaahjanee> maybe
[23:27] <FlyingAsparagus> It WAS a bloody good report
[23:27] <FlyingAsparagus> :P
[23:28] <taylaahjanee> Guess so :p
[23:28] <FlyingAsparagus> Regox at -10000000000000000
[23:28] <FlyingAsparagus> lol
[23:28] <taylaahjanee> Wow
[23:29] <FlyingAsparagus> I'm tempted to hold a competition
[23:29] <taylaahjanee> I wonder how Gale's broke, he was 4th or 5th a month ago
[23:29] <FlyingAsparagus> He's an admin
[23:30] <FlyingAsparagus> He can give himself as much money as he wants
[23:30] <taylaahjanee> Competition for what?
[23:30] <FlyingAsparagus> Oh just a competition
[23:30] <FlyingAsparagus> For a prize of cash money
[23:31] <taylaahjanee> Oh
[23:31] <FlyingAsparagus> Maybe horse racing?
[23:31] <FlyingAsparagus> That'd be awesome
[23:31] <taylaahjanee> Yeah. that'd be cool
[23:31] <FlyingAsparagus> No 001 breeds though
[23:31] <taylaahjanee> I kinda lost my 26 heart horse though :(
[23:31] <FlyingAsparagus> Same
[23:32] <taylaahjanee> Well I'm gonna go, night!
[23:32] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[23:32] * FlyingAsparagus (FlyingAsparagus@FlyingAsparagus§r) Quit (§eFlyingAsparagus left the game.)

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