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[5:40] <alpine2001> Hello
[5:40] <LordGrape> Hi there
[5:41] <LordGrape> How're you?
[5:41] <alpine2001> Good thanks, How about you?
[5:42] <LordGrape> I'm doing well
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[7:18] <jeem9157> hey
[7:18] <ryan1998xoxo> hi
[7:18] <ryan1998xoxo> I wonder if tonu asked to be demoted
[7:18] <jeem9157> was she?
[7:18] <ryan1998xoxo> She was mod
[7:18] <jeem9157> oh
[7:18] <jeem9157> well she's not very active
[7:19] <ryan1998xoxo> She was removed and ejano get her mod
[7:19] <ryan1998xoxo> Even so I was just as unactive
[7:19] <jeem9157> i've seen you a few more times XD
[7:19] <ryan1998xoxo> Still it's tonu
[7:20] <ryan1998xoxo> She is like the server mascot
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[8:21] <jeem9157> sethome home
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[9:00] <jeem9157> hey dog
[9:01] <dogwateroz> hey
[9:02] <jeem9157> was eyeing that beach when looking for a place to build
[9:02] <jeem9157> but noticed it was already taken
[9:03] <dogwateroz> before i was white listed, i just went off and swam in one direction
[9:03] <dogwateroz> until i found it
[9:03] <jeem9157> lol
[9:03] <dogwateroz> was actually hoping it was a smaller island
[9:03] <dogwateroz> i did find a house a bit away
[9:04] <dogwateroz> from a user (can't remember now) who i hadn't heard from
[9:04] <jeem9157> oh
[9:04] <dogwateroz> *of
[9:04] <dogwateroz> no signs or anything though
[9:04] <dogwateroz> and i had already built
[9:05] <dogwateroz> going to use dyed clay now to build a more modern house
[9:05] <jeem9157> no one has complained so meh XD
[9:05] <dogwateroz> that's good, it is far way away, i think it should be ok
[9:05] <jeem9157> yeah you're good
[9:05] <dogwateroz> sweet
[9:08] <jeem9157> time for loads of overpowered 1.6.2 mobs to spawn
[9:08] <dogwateroz> lol
[9:08] <dogwateroz> good for xp though
[9:09] <jeem9157> yeah
[9:09] <jeem9157> if you can survive
[9:09] <dogwateroz> those little baby zombies are killers
[9:09] <jeem9157> yep
[9:16] <dogwateroz> gotta go, see ya
[9:16] <jeem9157> cya
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[9:23] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[9:23] <jeem9157> hey val
[9:23] <VAHO999NA> hi jeem
[9:25] <VAHO999NA> i hope boom has home set here
[9:25] <jeem9157> relocating?
[9:25] <VAHO999NA> no
[9:25] <VAHO999NA> horses
[9:25] <jeem9157> oh
[9:25] <VAHO999NA> that we wwere trying to find for ages
[9:25] <jeem9157> those things XD
[9:25] <VAHO999NA> horses are stupid :P
[9:26] <VAHO999NA> i wish they could teleport with us
[9:26] <VAHO999NA> oh well
[9:26] <jeem9157> yeah
[9:26] <VAHO999NA> i'll just screen capture the coordinates
[9:27] <jeem9157> waiting for the sun to go down so i can check my lighting
[9:28] <VAHO999NA> righto
[9:28] <VAHO999NA> done with the screen capturing
[9:28] <VAHO999NA> you doing your rocket?
[9:28] <jeem9157> yes
[9:28] <jeem9157> but out of resources
[9:28] <jeem9157> atm
[9:28] <VAHO999NA> :O
[9:28] <VAHO999NA> what do yuo need?
[9:28] <jeem9157> lots of stone and red wool
[9:28] <VAHO999NA> you*
[9:29] <VAHO999NA> :OO
[9:29] <VAHO999NA> thats huge
[9:29] <jeem9157> 2 blocks taller than the real one
[9:29] <VAHO999NA> any jeemtraps?
[9:29] <jeem9157> lot's of lethal falls
[9:29] <VAHO999NA> :P
[9:29] <jeem9157> and mobs
[9:30] <VAHO999NA> omg
[9:30] <VAHO999NA> im sorry
[9:30] <jeem9157> np
[9:30] <VAHO999NA> e the new update
[9:30] <VAHO999NA> mobs are so much scarier
[9:30] <jeem9157> yeah
[9:30] <jeem9157> have lots of james bond -like fights up here with them
[9:30] <jeem9157> on high scaffolding
[9:30] <VAHO999NA> yup
[9:30] <jeem9157> it's fun till you die
[9:31] <VAHO999NA> i dont even want to build at night anymore
[9:31] <jeem9157> lol
[9:32] <jeem9157> macau tower is three times this height
[9:32] <VAHO999NA> :O
[9:32] <VAHO999NA> at least we dont fall off the macau tower
[9:32] <jeem9157> lol
[9:32] <VAHO999NA> well except for bungee jumping and sky falling
[9:33] <jeem9157> i need a peppy
[9:33] <jeem9157> do dump things into my inventory
[9:33] <VAHO999NA> i need a peppy too
[9:33] <VAHO999NA> i need to fix my 001 armour
[9:33] <VAHO999NA> this armour sucks
[9:34] <VAHO999NA> unfortunately i think the 1.6.2 update is too laggy for him
[9:34] <jeem9157> maybe make iron golems?
[9:34] <jeem9157> for mob control?
[9:34] <VAHO999NA> hmmm
[9:34] <jeem9157> too laggy for me too
[9:34] <VAHO999NA> good idea
[9:34] <VAHO999NA> i'll go grab some iron
[9:35] <VAHO999NA> i always type /home
[9:35] <VAHO999NA> instead for /home 1
[9:35] <VAHO999NA> of*
[9:35] <VAHO999NA> or /home 2
[9:35] <jeem9157> this would look epic with spotlights XD
[9:35] <jeem9157> oh
[9:35] <jeem9157> i have a home home
[9:35] <jeem9157> a home sphere
[9:35] <VAHO999NA> ikr
[9:35] <jeem9157> a home sphre (spelt wrong)
[9:35] <jeem9157> and a
[9:35] <jeem9157> home camp
[9:35] <VAHO999NA> my homes are: main and del
[9:35] <VAHO999NA> because i was too lazy to type deltorah :P
[9:36] <jeem9157> lol
[9:36] <jeem9157> mobs start pursuing you from a mile away
[9:36] <jeem9157> and they don't stop
[9:36] <VAHO999NA> zombie's vision went from 16 blocks to 64 blocks -.-
[9:37] <VAHO999NA> which sucks
[9:37] <jeem9157> damn
[9:37] <jeem9157> indeed
[9:37] <VAHO999NA> the only good thing about this new update
[9:37] <VAHO999NA> is the leads
[9:37] <jeem9157> yeah
[9:37] <VAHO999NA> so you dont have to be all pulling out the wheat and luring them
[9:40] <VAHO999NA> just one more iron block
[9:40] <VAHO999NA> and there can be a golem
[9:40] <VAHO999NA> currently waiting for iron ore to smelt
[9:40] <jeem9157> 20 minutes and i'm out
[9:40] <jeem9157> cuz
[9:41] <VAHO999NA> why?
[9:41] <jeem9157> good space station pass over US
[9:41] <jeem9157> in 40ish minutes
[9:41] <VAHO999NA> lolz
[9:41] <jeem9157> also
[9:41] <jeem9157> japanese recently launched a resupply vehicle
[9:41] <jeem9157> they're just two minutes apart int he sky
[9:41] <jeem9157> one trailing the other
[9:41] <jeem9157> until they dock
[9:42] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[9:42] <VAHO999NA> right
[9:42] <jeem9157> therefore, long exposure picture opportunity
[9:42] <VAHO999NA> iron golems to the rescue
[9:43] <jeem9157> hope they don't wander too far
[9:44] <VAHO999NA> you place it
[9:44] <VAHO999NA> or else
[9:44] <jeem9157> k
[9:44] <VAHO999NA> it'll help me but not you
[9:44] <jeem9157> lol
[9:44] <jeem9157> thanks
[9:44] <VAHO999NA> you're welcome
[9:44] <VAHO999NA> i feel like making a snow golem
[9:44] <VAHO999NA> xD
[9:44] <jeem9157> if ya don't mind a mess
[9:44] <VAHO999NA> no snow though
[9:45] <VAHO999NA> i want the snow xD
[9:45] <jeem9157> ok
[9:45] <VAHO999NA> to shoot at mobs
[9:45] <jeem9157> XD
[9:45] <jeem9157> curious
[9:45] <VAHO999NA> even though it doesnt damage them
[9:45] <jeem9157> have you ever seen snow in rl
[9:45] <jeem9157> or felt?
[9:45] <VAHO999NA> yup
[9:45] <jeem9157> where
[9:45] <VAHO999NA> but not in macau
[9:45] <VAHO999NA> in japan and swiss
[9:45] <jeem9157> oh
[9:46] <VAHO999NA> its not like falling
[9:46] <VAHO999NA> it was just on the ground
[9:46] <jeem9157> ok
[9:46] <jeem9157> raw nether quartz would make
[9:46] <jeem9157> an acceptable compact american flag
[9:46] <jeem9157> cause the red and white stripes
[9:46] <jeem9157> but
[9:46] <jeem9157> currently using red wool
[9:46] <jeem9157> for that bit
[9:47] <jeem9157> and looks awkward
[9:47] <VAHO999NA> what about the blue?
[9:47] <jeem9157> yeah up in the corner
[9:47] <VAHO999NA> oh
[9:47] <VAHO999NA> too bad i dont have a silk touch pick
[9:47] <jeem9157> same
[9:47] <VAHO999NA> and the nether reset
[9:47] <jeem9157> i've tried to get one from rob for two days
[9:47] <jeem9157> he seems to ignore me
[9:47] <VAHO999NA> the nether place is gone
[9:47] <jeem9157> :(
[9:47] <VAHO999NA> i mean the quartz
[9:47] <VAHO999NA> regox was like ARGHHHHH
[9:48] <jeem9157> brb
[9:48] <jeem9157> mostly cloudly
[9:48] <jeem9157> my plans might be spoiled :(
[9:50] <VAHO999NA> iron golem where thou at?
[9:50] <VAHO999NA> save me from le mobs!
[9:50] <jeem9157> lol
[9:50] <VAHO999NA> oh yay
[9:51] <jeem9157> and thre it goes
[9:51] <VAHO999NA> im jsut gonna stand by him the whole time
[9:51] <jeem9157> bahahaha
[9:51] <VAHO999NA> hai there
[9:51] <VAHO999NA> oh snap
[9:52] <jeem9157> got sticks?
[9:52] <VAHO999NA> personal bodyguards ehh
[9:52] <VAHO999NA> yes
[9:53] <VAHO999NA> oops
[9:54] <VAHO999NA> i left them at home
[9:54] <jeem9157> feels like fallout now
[9:55] <VAHO999NA> im just gonna let my dog come with me
[9:55] <jeem9157> everything's trying to kill me
[9:55] <VAHO999NA> try not to hit me or anything
[9:55] <VAHO999NA> okay
[9:55] <jeem9157> k
[9:56] <jeem9157> thanks
[9:56] <VAHO999NA> welcome
[9:56] <jeem9157> i can light up the area now
[9:56] <VAHO999NA> xD
[9:56] <VAHO999NA> KILL HIM!
[9:57] <VAHO999NA> just gonna let my dog do all the dirty work
[9:58] <VAHO999NA> the iron golem wandered so far
[9:58] <jeem9157> hm
[9:58] <VAHO999NA> you have any rotten flesh?
[9:58] <jeem9157> yes
[9:58] <VAHO999NA> i need to feed the dog
[9:59] <VAHO999NA> thanks
[9:59] <jeem9157> np
[10:00] <VAHO999NA> dog dont fall down
[10:00] <jeem9157> stairs aren't too safe yet
[10:00] <VAHO999NA> i can tell :P
[10:00] <jeem9157> lol
[10:00] <VAHO999NA> chest shop isnt updated yet :C
[10:01] <VAHO999NA> i have to ask rob apparently
[10:01] <jeem9157> oh
[10:01] <VAHO999NA> "update the Chestshop plugin you noob!"
[10:01] <VAHO999NA> at least thats what he told us to say
[10:01] <jeem9157> sounds like rob
[10:02] <VAHO999NA> xD
[10:02] <VAHO999NA> dynmap isnt updated yet too
[10:02] <jeem9157> yeah
[10:02] <VAHO999NA> i hope the glass pipe thing plugin is working
[10:03] <jeem9157> hm well
[10:03] <jeem9157> i have to go
[10:03] <VAHO999NA> or else i'll have to rewire the whole wheat farm
[10:03] <VAHO999NA> bye jeem
[10:03] <jeem9157> yeah
[10:03] <jeem9157> that would be bad
[10:03] <jeem9157> thanks for help
[10:03] <VAHO999NA> your welcome
[10:03] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[10:03] <VAHO999NA> youre*
[10:07] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[10:44] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534) has joined #main
[10:46] <rowraft534> Am I still a donator?
[10:46] <rowraft534> :/
[10:46] <rowraft534> LAME
[10:46] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[10:46] <VAHO999NA> hello
[10:46] <rowraft534> Hello.
[10:49] <VAHO999NA> brb
[10:50] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[10:53] * rowraft534 (rowraft534@rowraft534§r) Quit (§erowraft534 left the game.)
[10:59] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[11:06] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[11:07] <jeem9157> hey val
[11:07] <VAHO999NA> JEEEM
[11:07] <VAHO999NA> i died D:
[11:07] <jeem9157> where
[11:07] <VAHO999NA> at your place
[11:07] <VAHO999NA> thanks
[11:07] <jeem9157> np
[11:07] <VAHO999NA> oh crap i cant get up
[11:08] <VAHO999NA> thanks
[11:08] <VAHO999NA> for safety reasons i have my 001 armour on
[11:08] <jeem9157> k
[11:10] <VAHO999NA> dont tell me they all disappeared
[11:10] <jeem9157> overpowered mobs incoming
[11:10] <VAHO999NA> D:
[11:11] <VAHO999NA> where's peppyyyyyy?
[11:11] <jeem9157> dunno
[11:11] <VAHO999NA> dang it
[11:11] <jeem9157> gone?
[11:11] <VAHO999NA> yup
[11:11] <VAHO999NA> all gone
[11:11] <VAHO999NA> ahhhhh
[11:11] <jeem9157> what stuff
[11:12] <VAHO999NA> i need new 001 stuff
[11:12] <VAHO999NA> 9 beef
[11:12] <VAHO999NA> 14 melons
[11:12] <VAHO999NA> er... 21 rotten flesh
[11:12] <VAHO999NA> and thats all i remember
[11:13] <jeem9157> how'd you die?
[11:13] <VAHO999NA> i fell
[11:13] <VAHO999NA> accidentally
[11:13] <jeem9157> oh
[11:13] <VAHO999NA> i had shift
[11:13] <VAHO999NA> but for some reason i fell
[11:13] <VAHO999NA> oh crap not again
[11:15] <VAHO999NA> not again
[11:16] <VAHO999NA> i better go home to a safe place
[11:16] <VAHO999NA> oh well
[11:17] <VAHO999NA> i needed new stuff anyways
[11:17] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[11:17] <jeem9157> omfg
[11:17] <jeem9157> night time is a warzone verywhere
[11:17] <jeem9157> every*
[11:17] <VAHO999NA> so annoying right?
[11:17] <jeem9157> yeah
[11:17] <VAHO999NA> arghhh
[11:17] <VAHO999NA> i need 001 stuff
[11:17] <VAHO999NA> this is how gab felt
[11:18] <VAHO999NA> when she died at boom's place
[11:18] <VAHO999NA> except
[11:18] <jeem9157> i do also
[11:18] <VAHO999NA> she got back her stuff
[11:18] <jeem9157> my armor is near broken
[11:18] <jeem9157> the two pieces i have left
[11:18] <VAHO999NA> :OOOO
[11:18] <jeem9157> i could drive to washington overnight
[11:18] <jeem9157> and force him to come online
[11:18] <VAHO999NA> xD
[11:19] <VAHO999NA> lets see if he's on skype
[11:19] <VAHO999NA> oh yes he is
[11:19] <VAHO999NA> but hes probably afk
[11:19] <jeem9157> yeah
[11:19] <VAHO999NA> D:
[11:20] <VAHO999NA> yup
[11:20] <VAHO999NA> he's afk
[11:20] <VAHO999NA> hmmm
[11:20] <VAHO999NA> we should go to sleep at night
[11:21] <VAHO999NA> so that it'll be morning
[11:21] <jeem9157> yes
[11:30] <VAHO999NA> im gonna go sleep in ma bed
[11:30] <VAHO999NA> so that'll it be morning
[11:30] <jeem9157> trying to tp to one
[11:30] <jeem9157> while getting attacked
[11:30] <VAHO999NA> xD
[11:31] <jeem9157> good morning
[11:31] <VAHO999NA> ys!
[11:31] <VAHO999NA> yes*
[11:32] <VAHO999NA> now i need a pick
[11:32] <VAHO999NA> to mine the cobble
[11:32] <VAHO999NA> that i placed
[11:32] <VAHO999NA> above my bed
[11:33] <jeem9157> peppy
[11:33] <jeem9157> we need your help
[11:33] <jeem9157> your our only hope
[11:33] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz) has joined #main
[11:33] <jeem9157> you're*
[11:33] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[11:34] <jeem9157> hey dog
[11:34] <Peppy2006> MY PEOPLE
[11:34] <dogwateroz> hi all
[11:34] <Peppy2006> I have arrived to save you from the terrors of the night
[11:34] <jeem9157> vaho needs things
[11:34] <jeem9157> I need things
[11:34] <jeem9157> mobs are overpowered
[11:34] <jeem9157> 1.6.2 sucks
[11:34] <Peppy2006> There is but one solution
[11:34] <VAHO999NA> oh
[11:34] <VAHO999NA> hi
[11:34] <Peppy2006> Also, I know our problem
[11:34] <VAHO999NA> I NEED 001 THINGS
[11:35] <Peppy2006> Possibly
[11:35] <VAHO999NA> D:
[11:35] <VAHO999NA> so does it work know?
[11:35] <VAHO999NA> now*
[11:35] <Peppy2006> Nah
[11:35] <Peppy2006> If you told me your graphics card I'd figure it out
[11:36] <VAHO999NA> i cant even find what it says
[11:36] <VAHO999NA> i screenshotted it
[11:38] <VAHO999NA> hmph
[11:41] <Peppy2006> I messaged you again
[11:41] <Peppy2006> Nightfall approaches
[11:42] <jeem9157> it's not safe to stand in one place for 5 seconds
[11:43] <VAHO999NA> right
[11:43] <VAHO999NA> back to bed
[11:43] <VAHO999NA> thanks!
[11:44] <VAHO999NA> :OOOO
[11:44] <VAHO999NA> thank you so much!
[11:44] <Peppy2006> You are now part of a newly formed unit in the Coalition
[11:44] <VAHO999NA> :D
[11:45] <Peppy2006> Two people can take out countless mobs before being hit even once.
[11:46] <VAHO999NA> cool
[11:46] <Peppy2006> The question is what should I call these people
[11:46] <VAHO999NA> this is awesome :D
[11:47] <Peppy2006> Damn zombie children
[11:47] <VAHO999NA> they're cute and all
[11:48] <VAHO999NA> but they're horrible
[11:48] <Peppy2006> Vah
[11:48] <VAHO999NA> yes
[11:48] <Peppy2006> You have the same issue as I do.
[11:49] <Peppy2006> Integrated graphics card
[11:49] <VAHO999NA> yup
[11:49] <Peppy2006> Intel and everything.
[11:49] <Peppy2006> Only option we have is to wait for Intel to release an update.
[11:49] <VAHO999NA> ARGHHH
[11:49] <jeem9157> how to see graphics card info?
[11:49] <Peppy2006> dxdiag
[11:50] <Peppy2006> Go into the start menu, search for "run", click on "Run" and run "dxdiag"
[11:50] <Peppy2006> Select the "Display" tab once in there and it'll tell you.
[11:50] <jeem9157> at sunrise lol
[11:51] <Peppy2006> Now then
[11:54] <jeem9157> oh balls
[11:55] <VAHO999NA> damn
[11:55] <jeem9157> Intel
[11:55] <jeem9157> Graphics Media Accelerator HD
[11:55] <VAHO999NA> i lost my slime balls
[11:56] <Peppy2006> Yep
[11:56] <VAHO999NA> minecraft is okay whem only like 3-5 people are online
[11:56] <Peppy2006> That's the issue.
[11:56] <Peppy2006> I must go
[11:56] <jeem9157> does this mean i'm screwed like you two?
[11:56] <Peppy2006> But I hope this newly formed guard unit shall defend the world
[11:56] <VAHO999NA> when more are online it starts lagging
[11:56] <Peppy2006> And screwed until further notice, yes.
[11:56] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[11:56] <jeem9157> :(
[11:56] <VAHO999NA> NOOOOO
[11:57] <VAHO999NA> i hate intel
[11:57] <jeem9157> :O
[11:57] <jeem9157> carpet
[11:57] <VAHO999NA> yup
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> i wonderif i can lead you on a lead
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> no
[11:58] <jeem9157> i'm not a beast
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> xD
[11:58] <jeem9157> well
[11:58] <jeem9157> i'm wolverine but
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> you are a spider
[11:58] <VAHO999NA> :P
[11:59] <jeem9157> those are among my least favorite animals on earth
[11:59] <VAHO999NA> xD
[11:59] <VAHO999NA> but the peacock sider is so cute :D
[11:59] <jeem9157> yeah
[12:00] <jeem9157> i'm a monkey by the chinese zodiac
[12:00] <VAHO999NA> i should organize my chests
[12:00] <VAHO999NA> I AM A DRAGON :D
[12:00] <jeem9157> :O
[12:00] <jeem9157> well
[12:00] <jeem9157> according to the greek zodiac
[12:00] <jeem9157> 'm a ram
[12:00] <jeem9157> i'm*
[12:00] <VAHO999NA> i dont know about that
[12:00] <VAHO999NA> but my star sin is scorpio :D
[12:00] <jeem9157> how do i solve this disprepancy?
[12:01] <jeem9157> but
[12:01] <jeem9157> because of precession
[12:01] <VAHO999NA> if you dont come up
[12:01] <jeem9157> the sun was actually in pisces at the time of my birth
[12:01] <VAHO999NA> im killing you okay?
[12:01] <VAHO999NA> :O
[12:01] <VAHO999NA> so are you pisces?
[12:01] <jeem9157> silly ancient astrology
[12:01] <jeem9157> not taking precession into account
[12:02] <VAHO999NA> :OO
[12:02] <jeem9157> so i'm a monkey, a fish, and a ram
[12:02] <VAHO999NA> xD
[12:03] <jeem9157> isn't the sun in scorpio in winterish?
[12:03] <VAHO999NA> i guess
[12:03] <VAHO999NA> im november
[12:03] <jeem9157> :)
[12:03] <VAHO999NA> :D
[12:03] <VAHO999NA> right
[12:03] <VAHO999NA> night time
[12:03] <jeem9157> it transits around midnight this time of year so
[12:04] <jeem9157> that makes sense
[12:04] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[12:04] <jeem9157> :O
[12:04] <VAHO999NA> i'll walk you back to where you were
[12:04] <jeem9157> k
[12:04] <jeem9157> damnit
[12:04] <jeem9157> i was getting my astronomy on
[12:04] <jeem9157> stupid mob
[12:04] <VAHO999NA> lolx
[12:04] <VAHO999NA> maybe you should stay at the farm
[12:05] <jeem9157> yeah
[12:05] <VAHO999NA> i'll go grab you things
[12:05] <jeem9157> but
[12:05] <jeem9157> ok
[12:05] <VAHO999NA> where did you die?
[12:06] <jeem9157> good question
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> oh nevermind
[12:06] <jeem9157> i saw volaire in the distance
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> found it
[12:06] <jeem9157> cool
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> unfortuately
[12:06] <VAHO999NA> i cant hold everything
[12:07] <jeem9157> cool
[12:07] <jeem9157> it's like a submachine gun
[12:08] <jeem9157> dat mortar
[12:08] <VAHO999NA> cool
[12:08] <VAHO999NA> night vision :D
[12:09] <jeem9157> lol
[12:09] <VAHO999NA> lolz
[12:09] <VAHO999NA> we're just playing with our new guns
[12:10] <VAHO999NA> holy
[12:10] <VAHO999NA> oops
[12:11] <jeem9157> lol
[12:11] <jeem9157> blew the baby away with a sniper point blank
[12:11] <VAHO999NA> :O
[12:11] <VAHO999NA> fireworksss!
[12:11] <jeem9157> i mean my hands are shaking, my hands are shaking but i'm still getting headshots
[12:11] <jeem9157> like boom headshot
[12:11] <jeem9157> boom headshot
[12:11] <VAHO999NA> xD
[12:11] <jeem9157> BOOM HEADSHOT!
[12:12] <VAHO999NA> this gun shoots snow
[12:12] <VAHO999NA> but lands with flames
[12:12] <VAHO999NA> curious
[12:12] <jeem9157> why can't i move
[12:12] <VAHO999NA> right
[12:12] <VAHO999NA> because you're on zoom
[12:12] <jeem9157> lol
[12:12] <jeem9157> yep
[12:12] <VAHO999NA> lets go to deltorah1
[12:12] <jeem9157> k
[12:12] <VAHO999NA> MORE MOBS :D
[12:14] <VAHO999NA> unloaded chuncks
[12:15] <VAHO999NA> mobs below the zepplin thing :D
[12:15] <VAHO999NA> i knew i did the right thing when i joined 001 xD
[12:16] <jeem9157> i joined cos :(
[12:16] <jeem9157> rob is insane
[12:16] <VAHO999NA> you still got 001 stuff
[12:16] <VAHO999NA> :P
[12:16] <jeem9157> lol lyeah
[12:16] <jeem9157> and i use cos signs to repair it
[12:16] <VAHO999NA> the best admin faction = 001
[12:16] <jeem9157> yes
[12:16] <VAHO999NA> but cos isnt that far behind
[12:17] <VAHO999NA> its just that more people are in 001
[12:17] <VAHO999NA> maybe we can get horses here
[12:17] <VAHO999NA> or maybe
[12:18] <VAHO999NA> we killed them all
[12:18] <jeem9157> ah
[12:18] <jeem9157> the mana thing
[12:18] <VAHO999NA> yes
[12:18] <VAHO999NA> its so close to deltorah!
[12:18] <jeem9157> i can visualize where we are on dynmap
[12:18] <jeem9157> even though i'm not on dynmap
[12:18] <VAHO999NA> yup
[12:19] <VAHO999NA> oh yes
[12:19] <VAHO999NA> horses only spawn in unloaded chunks :(
[12:19] <jeem9157> damn
[12:19] <jeem9157> horses aren't native to north america and exist there tody
[12:20] <jeem9157> camels are native to north america and don't anymore
[12:20] <VAHO999NA> i was hoping that i'll find horses and bring them back to deltorh
[12:20] <VAHO999NA> :OO
[12:20] <VAHO999NA> really?
[12:20] <jeem9157> yes
[12:20] <VAHO999NA> i've always associated camels with the desert
[12:20] <jeem9157> they dig up camel fossils in my state
[12:20] <jeem9157> from the ice age
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> im gonna check dynmap
[12:21] <jeem9157> as well was mammoth
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> to see we're near any unloaded chunks
[12:21] <dogwateroz> man, how hard is it to find some cactus
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> near deltorah
[12:21] <jeem9157> ok
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> cactus?
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> you want cactus?
[12:21] <dogwateroz> driving me insane
[12:21] <VAHO999NA> DOG :D
[12:22] <dogwateroz> yes please
[12:22] <VAHO999NA> your in a unloaded chunk!
[12:22] <dogwateroz> ?
[12:22] <VAHO999NA> how about you give us a tp in exchange for some cactus??
[12:22] <VAHO999NA> oh god its night
[12:22] <jeem9157> but
[12:22] <jeem9157> guns :)
[12:22] <jeem9157> moon's out, guns out
[12:23] <dogwateroz> what do you mean Vah
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> i mean
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> i give you cactus
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> and you give me and jeem a tp
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> to where you are
[12:23] <VAHO999NA> because its unloaded :P
[12:23] <jeem9157> win win
[12:24] <dogwateroz> too late, I just got back home, sorry
[12:24] <VAHO999NA> deal?
[12:24] <dogwateroz> b4 you said that ;)
[12:24] <VAHO999NA> oh well
[12:24] <VAHO999NA> but...
[12:24] <dogwateroz> ok, one sec then
[12:25] <VAHO999NA> alright, i'll grab cactus
[12:25] <VAHO999NA> 001 stuff is so op
[12:26] <VAHO999NA> wait dog
[12:26] <dogwateroz> ok
[12:26] <VAHO999NA> let jeem tp first
[12:26] <VAHO999NA> i still have to get cactus
[12:26] <dogwateroz> lo
[12:26] <jeem9157> iron man
[12:26] <jeem9157> twas my first mc skin
[12:27] <jeem9157> on LoM
[12:27] <dogwateroz> it's my son's choice
[12:27] <jeem9157> good choice XD
[12:27] <dogwateroz> he uses my account when he plays
[12:27] <dogwateroz> he is 5, so ironman is still real :)
[12:28] <jeem9157> he's my favorite superhero
[12:28] <jeem9157> and i'm 21
[12:28] <jeem9157> because of the whole
[12:28] <jeem9157> using science/engineering for good thing
[12:28] <dogwateroz> base of the new house
[12:28] <VAHO999NA> as i was saying
[12:28] <jeem9157> wow
[12:29] <dogwateroz> go again
[12:29] <VAHO999NA> 001 stuff is so op
[12:29] <jeem9157> and armored zombie survived one of my headshots
[12:29] <VAHO999NA> it beats all the mobs :)
[12:29] <VAHO999NA> sorry, that's all i could find
[12:29] <dogwateroz> all good, only need 1
[12:29] <VAHO999NA> oh :P
[12:29] <VAHO999NA> okay
[12:29] <VAHO999NA> lets see
[12:29] <VAHO999NA> whuch direction should we go?
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> east
[12:30] <dogwateroz> take a minecart if you need to
[12:30] <VAHO999NA> nah its okay
[12:30] <dogwateroz> i need to go and pick up my son, would like to come, but not to be
[12:30] <dogwateroz> thanks for the cactus, see you next episode
[12:30] <jeem9157> cya
[12:31] <VAHO999NA> its okay
[12:31] <VAHO999NA> byes
[12:31] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz§r) Quit (§edogwateroz left the game.)
[12:31] <VAHO999NA> i love how mobs burn in the sun
[12:32] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[12:32] <jeem9157> light triumphs over darkness
[12:32] <jeem9157> actually the sad reality is that
[12:32] <roberestarkk> Ahoyhoy!
[12:32] <VAHO999NA> :D
[12:32] <VAHO999NA> hi rob
[12:32] <jeem9157> darkness consitutes pretty much the entire universe
[12:32] <jeem9157> hey rob
[12:32] <VAHO999NA> so... you're saying... the universe is evil?? :O
[12:32] <jeem9157> something like that
[12:32] <roberestarkk> Darkness is a fascinating subject!
[12:32] <jeem9157> the universe is indifferent to humans wants and needs
[12:33] <roberestarkk> It has no source, it can't be created, it is characterised as the absence of light
[12:33] <VAHO999NA> jungle biome
[12:33] <VAHO999NA> not good
[12:33] <jeem9157> true
[12:33] <VAHO999NA> hmmm
[12:33] <roberestarkk> same as cold
[12:33] <jeem9157> yep
[12:33] <jeem9157> absence of energy
[12:35] <VAHO999NA> are we stuck in this jungle?
[12:35] <roberestarkk> Hooow many of y-y-y-you like fighting Skeleton Pirates on the back of Killer Whaaaales!?
[12:36] <jeem9157> I don't have the sea legs for it
[12:36] <VAHO999NA> wow
[12:36] <roberestarkk> Gotta upgrade those Bee Legs!
[12:36] <jeem9157> that was a pun!
[12:37] <roberestarkk> I don't remember what comes next D=
[12:37] <jeem9157> same
[12:37] <VAHO999NA> yes
[12:38] <VAHO999NA> arghhh
[12:38] <VAHO999NA> this is a extreme hills biome
[12:38] <roberestarkk> The navy sang: CAAAPTAAAIIN ALBER ALEX..AAAAAAANDER! Saved his crew from pirate.. Slau-hau-haughter!
[12:39] <roberestarkk> ALBERT*
[12:42] <VAHO999NA> the moon comes up again
[12:45] <VAHO999NA> xD
[12:46] <VAHO999NA> finally
[12:47] <VAHO999NA> i got the hang of these guns :D
[12:47] <jeem9157> love the sniper and mortar
[12:47] <VAHO999NA> yes
[12:47] <VAHO999NA> i love the machine gun :D
[12:50] <VAHO999NA> pigs are still attractd to the carrot on the stick though xD
[12:50] <jeem9157> lol
[12:50] <VAHO999NA> a gun that doubles as a pig lure
[12:51] <VAHO999NA> ugh
[12:51] <VAHO999NA> we need to find plains
[12:53] <VAHO999NA> YES!
[12:53] <VAHO999NA> plainssss
[12:53] <VAHO999NA> horses and donkeys :D
[12:53] <jeem9157> what minecraft biome(s) describes your homeland?
[12:53] <VAHO999NA> errr
[12:54] <VAHO999NA> i dont know
[12:54] <VAHO999NA> macau is pretty small
[12:54] <VAHO999NA> 90% of land is man made
[12:54] <jeem9157> :O
[12:54] <VAHO999NA> do you have a fence?
[12:54] <jeem9157> no
[12:55] <VAHO999NA> hold on while i'll go grab materials
[12:55] <jeem9157> ok
[12:57] <VAHO999NA> dang it
[12:57] <VAHO999NA> i lost my saddle when i died
[12:57] <VAHO999NA> and i gave one to little miss
[12:57] <jeem9157> i might have one
[12:57] <jeem9157> at my house
[12:57] <jeem9157> brb
[12:57] <VAHO999NA> kays
[12:58] <jeem9157> success
[12:58] <VAHO999NA> i kept typing /tpacept
[12:58] <VAHO999NA> thanks
[12:59] <jeem9157> did ya know
[12:59] <jeem9157> there's a mathematical surface called a saddle?
[12:59] <VAHO999NA> :O
[12:59] <VAHO999NA> leads
[13:01] <VAHO999NA> let me love you!
[13:01] <jeem9157> I don't want to be loved! :p
[13:01] <VAHO999NA> xD
[13:01] <VAHO999NA> stupid donkey
[13:03] <VAHO999NA> i wish there was some way we could walk back to deltorah
[13:03] <VAHO999NA> 001 is nearer
[13:05] <VAHO999NA> brb luch
[13:05] <jeem9157> k
[13:08] <roberestarkk> http://forum.lawsofminecraft.com/Thread-CoS-Suicide-Booth-Feat-LittleMissGrill
[13:09] <jeem9157> hey
[13:09] <roberestarkk> I really need to resize this font so it's smaller
[13:09] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[13:09] <jeem9157> not finding the thread
[13:09] <jeem9157> oh lol
[13:09] <jeem9157> two lines
[13:10] <jeem9157> I've been rick rolled
[13:11] <roberestarkk> HAH
[13:11] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[13:11] <jeem9157> hey start
[13:11] <StartMining> hey everyone
[13:11] <VAHO999NA> lunch isnt ready yet
[13:11] <roberestarkk> Ahoy Start!
[13:12] <StartMining> robbeh
[13:12] <VAHO999NA> thought i'd play somem ore
[13:12] <VAHO999NA> more*
[13:12] <StartMining> i will presume you saw the horse racing post?
[13:12] <roberestarkk> Nein
[13:12] <StartMining> :O
[13:12] <StartMining> check it out nao
[13:12] <roberestarkk> linkme
[13:12] <roberestarkk> I r Lazeh
[13:12] <roberestarkk> also I really gotta change this font
[13:12] <StartMining> http://forum lawsofminecraft com/Thread-Horse-Racing-Grand-Prix
[13:13] <roberestarkk> linkmeproperly
[13:13] <StartMining> how
[13:13] <StartMining> thats the only way ik how to link on Mc
[13:18] <roberestarkk> dynmap links don't have the .'s stripped out
[13:19] <StartMining> robbeh
[13:19] <StartMining> teach a noob how to link
[13:19] <StartMining> on this
[13:19] <StartMining> http://forum lawsofminecraft com/Thread-Horse-Racing-Grand-Prix
[13:20] <StartMining> http://www forum lawsofminecraft com/Thread-Horse-Racing-Grand-Prix
[13:20] <roberestarkk> Stop that
[13:20] <StartMining> :/
[13:20] <roberestarkk> This isn't dynmap
[13:20] <StartMining> i cant link
[13:20] <roberestarkk> You can
[13:20] <roberestarkk> from dynmap
[13:20] <StartMining> ah k
[13:20] <jeem9157> With the first link, the chain is forged.
[13:20] <jeem9157> The first speech censured. the first though forbidden..
[13:20] <jeem9157> the first freedom denied-
[13:20] <jeem9157> chains us all irrevocably
[13:21] <roberestarkk> Well spoken!
[13:21] <roberestarkk> =D
[13:21] <jeem9157> that's a working link that is
[13:21] <roberestarkk> yarp
[13:22] <roberestarkk> all you gotta do is att the prix to the end
[13:22] <roberestarkk> and by att I mean add
[13:22] * VAHO999NA was kicked from #main by Server
[13:22] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[13:22] <jeem9157> XD
[13:22] <roberestarkk> STARTMINING!
[13:22] <roberestarkk> Can I compete on foot?
[13:22] <StartMining> without creative ok
[13:22] <roberestarkk> =D
[13:22] <StartMining> but
[13:23] <StartMining> no horse for you
[13:23] <StartMining> and you become disqulified
[13:23] <roberestarkk> Lol, I don't even care =P
[13:23] <roberestarkk> It makes me invisible anyway
[13:23] <StartMining> you in?
[13:23] <roberestarkk> GLORIOUS!
[13:25] <StartMining> hm
[13:25] <StartMining> grass is only $1
[13:25] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[13:25] <jeem9157> wb
[13:25] <StartMining> eb
[13:25] <VAHO999NA> ty
[13:26] <roberestarkk> FINALLY!
[13:26] <roberestarkk> A PROPER SPRINT KEY!
[13:26] <roberestarkk> PRAISE THE JEB!
[13:26] <StartMining> my god
[13:27] <StartMining> i cant sprint normally
[13:27] <VAHO999NA> well
[13:28] <VAHO999NA> we're gonna have to drag all these horses back to deltorah
[13:28] * SusieIsAwesome (SusieIsAwesome@SusieIsAwesome) has joined #main
[13:28] <jeem9157> susie
[13:28] <StartMining> hai susie
[13:28] <VAHO999NA> hye
[13:28] <SusieIsAwesome> hai!!
[13:28] <StartMining> whats the sprint button
[13:28] <StartMining> nvm
[13:29] <VAHO999NA> D:
[13:29] <jeem9157> how will we proceed?
[13:29] <roberestarkk> currently it's doubletap, which is a terrible mechanic IMO
[13:29] <VAHO999NA> is there some way we could get to deltorah with the horses?
[13:29] <roberestarkk> But soon it will be remappable!
[13:29] <roberestarkk> Woo!
[13:29] <VAHO999NA> without dragging them for ages?
[13:29] <roberestarkk> Ahoy Susie
[13:29] <roberestarkk> I'm pretty sure if you push them into a minecart they will ride it
[13:29] <StartMining> i <3 this shovel
[13:29] <roberestarkk> but then you'd need to make a track
[13:29] <VAHO999NA> yes
[13:30] <jeem9157> might as well drag them in that case XD
[13:30] <VAHO999NA> and this place is far far far far far from deltorah
[13:30] <roberestarkk> lol
[13:30] <roberestarkk> if you use a boat, they will keep pace for the most part, as long as you don't go too fast
[13:31] <VAHO999NA> too bad horses only spawn in unloaded chunks
[13:31] <roberestarkk> I'm sure there'd be a way to fix that
[13:31] <roberestarkk> lemme just Google
[13:33] <jeem9157> enterprise, 6 to beam up :p
[13:33] <VAHO999NA> 4 donkeys
[13:33] <VAHO999NA> no way home
[13:33] <VAHO999NA> D:
[13:36] <VAHO999NA> i prefer horses to donkeys
[13:38] <roberestarkk> AHA
[13:38] <roberestarkk> I could install a plugin which increases the frequency of Horse spawns in pre-generated
[13:38] <jeem9157> stable?
[13:38] <StartMining> vaho999na
[13:38] <VAHO999NA> :D
[13:38] <roberestarkk> chunks to the same as that of the newly generated chunks
[13:38] <StartMining> wanna live in my town
[13:38] <jeem9157> sounds
[13:38] <jeem9157> excellent
[13:38] <StartMining> a little lonely here
[13:38] <VAHO999NA> duck jeem
[13:38] <roberestarkk> But apparently they do already spawn in pre-generated chunks
[13:38] <VAHO999NA> sure! what's your town?
[13:38] <roberestarkk> just more rarely for somereason
[13:39] <VAHO999NA> wait
[13:39] <VAHO999NA> i give up donkeys
[13:39] <VAHO999NA> so long :P
[13:39] <StartMining> Welcome to New Caelandia (new say-larn-dia)
[13:39] <VAHO999NA> :O
[13:39] <StartMining> current population: 2
[13:39] <jeem9157> i always think
[13:40] <VAHO999NA> can jeem come too?
[13:40] <jeem9157> new caledonia
[13:40] <StartMining> 1's a hermit
[13:40] <VAHO999NA> xD
[13:40] <jeem9157> when i read that at first
[13:40] <VAHO999NA> its you
[13:40] <VAHO999NA> and me
[13:40] <StartMining> nope
[13:40] <StartMining> mancract
[13:40] <VAHO999NA> pop: 2
[13:40] <VAHO999NA> ahh
[13:40] <StartMining> now its pop 3
[13:40] <VAHO999NA> i like joining new towns
[13:40] <StartMining> jeem can live here too
[13:40] <jeem9157> :)
[13:40] <VAHO999NA> this is a part of 001 right? if im not mistaken
[13:40] <StartMining> yeah
[13:41] <StartMining> fyi
[13:41] <VAHO999NA> 001 FTW
[13:41] <StartMining> this place is rich in emeralds
[13:41] <VAHO999NA> :D
[13:41] <StartMining> found 10+
[13:41] <StartMining> railway is TBC by gale
[13:41] <jeem9157> nek minnit
[13:41] <jeem9157> this place isn't rich in emeralds
[13:41] <VAHO999NA> xD
[13:41] <roberestarkk> lolwut Start?
[13:41] <VAHO999NA> thanks to mee
[13:41] <StartMining> i might have mined it all :3
[13:41] <roberestarkk> Gale doesn't construct railways!
[13:42] <VAHO999NA> :OO
[13:42] <StartMining> who den?
[13:42] <VAHO999NA> hmmm
[13:43] <VAHO999NA> do you want me to build my house in any particular style?
[13:43] <StartMining> whatever you want
[13:43] <StartMining> preferably same as others but whatever u want
[13:43] <VAHO999NA> xD
[13:43] <VAHO999NA> no jk
[13:43] <VAHO999NA> dont worry :P
[13:43] <StartMining> as long as it looks pweety
[13:43] <VAHO999NA> xD
[13:44] <jeem9157> build one in the style of hj
[13:44] <jeem9157> 100% impractical building material
[13:44] <StartMining> melon?
[13:44] <VAHO999NA> YES
[13:44] <VAHO999NA> xD jokes
[13:44] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[13:44] <VAHO999NA> excuse me while i do some mob control
[13:44] <StartMining> if you want
[13:44] <jeem9157> hey gabba
[13:44] <VAHO999NA> hi gab
[13:44] <StartMining> u can make a pirate ship
[13:44] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hey
[13:45] <StartMining> gabba
[13:45] <VAHO999NA> oh yes
[13:45] <VAHO999NA> a jeemtrap pirate ship :)
[13:45] <jeem9157> you handle crowd control, i'll handle the employees!
[13:45] <StartMining> wanna live in New Caelandia (new say-larn-dia)
[13:45] <StartMining> let me show u the docks
[13:45] <StartMining> still building paths and making channels but
[13:45] <VAHO999NA> oops
[13:46] <VAHO999NA> be careful while doing mob control using 001 guns
[13:46] <StartMining> oh sorry
[13:46] <VAHO999NA> :O
[13:46] <StartMining> was shooting a creeper
[13:46] <jeem9157> how ironic
[13:46] <jeem9157> well
[13:46] <VAHO999NA> uck
[13:46] <VAHO999NA> im stuck
[13:47] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> anything else?
[13:47] <VAHO999NA> im pretty sure this is some kind of jeemtrap :P
[13:47] <StartMining> goddammit
[13:47] <jeem9157> jeemtraps everywhere
[13:47] <StartMining> i dont think so
[13:47] <VAHO999NA> have no fear, val is here
[13:47] <StartMining> down to the docks
[13:47] <VAHO999NA> xD
[13:47] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> i had a 001 sword
[13:47] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[13:47] <jeem9157> hey padmay
[13:47] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ty
[13:47] <StartMining> hey pad
[13:48] <VAHO999NA> how long s this stair thing?
[13:48] <Padmay> herro.
[13:48] <VAHO999NA> oh good finally
[13:48] <StartMining> welcome to the docks
[13:48] <StartMining> im digging out a channel to the left
[13:48] <VAHO999NA> :D
[13:48] <StartMining> look
[13:48] <StartMining> its a piggeh
[13:49] <VAHO999NA> seems like a pretty cool town to me
[13:49] <VAHO999NA> sorry
[13:49] <StartMining> well
[13:49] <StartMining> i must carry on digging
[13:49] <VAHO999NA> i was trying to activate night vision mode
[13:49] <StartMining> make a home anywhere in this region
[13:49] <StartMining> be it ship or house
[13:50] <VAHO999NA> melon house!
[13:50] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> xD
[13:50] <jeem9157> cactus house
[13:50] <StartMining> as long as it looks pweety
[13:50] <VAHO999NA> :O
[13:50] <VAHO999NA> cactus house = another jeemtrap :OOO
[13:50] <jeem9157> :)
[13:50] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :O
[13:51] <VAHO999NA> right
[13:51] <VAHO999NA> im gonna start building my housee
[13:51] <StartMining> gabba and jeem
[13:51] <StartMining> r u making a house?
[13:51] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ill think about it
[13:51] <jeem9157> same
[13:51] <StartMining> ok
[13:52] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :o witches hutt
[13:52] <StartMining> empty
[13:52] <VAHO999NA> its settled, im building a cactus-y house
[13:52] <VAHO999NA> except im missing cactus
[13:52] <StartMining> preferably not where i am
[13:52] <VAHO999NA> xD
[13:52] <StartMining> here is being dug
[13:53] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :O i want a gun
[13:54] <VAHO999NA> start mining
[13:54] <VAHO999NA> can i build it near the docks?
[13:54] <StartMining> call me start
[13:54] <VAHO999NA> alright
[13:54] <StartMining> where?
[13:54] <VAHO999NA> call me val btw
[13:54] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> call me gab :P
[13:54] <jeem9157> call me pit
[13:54] <VAHO999NA> hi pit
[13:54] <jeem9157> XD
[13:54] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> xD
[13:54] <StartMining> ill cal you yo gabba gabba :3
[13:54] <StartMining> no i wont
[13:55] <StartMining> so here?
[13:55] <VAHO999NA> yea i guess
[13:55] <roberestarkk> OH JEEM!
[13:55] <StartMining> i was planning a gate here
[13:55] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> Not that show :I
[13:55] <roberestarkk> Aren't you in the Conclave!?
[13:55] <StartMining> but if so ok
[13:55] <jeem9157> yes
[13:55] <roberestarkk> Excellent!
[13:55] <VAHO999NA> nah i'll build it somewhere else
[13:55] <roberestarkk> Meet me at CoSFort01?
[13:55] <jeem9157> k
[13:56] <VAHO999NA> start
[13:56] <StartMining> ya
[13:56] <VAHO999NA> can i build it somewhere around here?
[13:56] <StartMining> yeah sure
[13:57] <VAHO999NA> :D
[13:57] <StartMining> fyi this mountain is a big plateau
[13:57] <VAHO999NA> now- time to collect materials!
[13:57] <roberestarkk> new CoS Gear
[13:57] <jeem9157> :D
[13:57] <roberestarkk> Only People with CoS Permissions can use them
[13:58] <roberestarkk> the potion is infinite and the sword strips away any potion effects on the person
[13:58] <roberestarkk> you hit with it, and applies a bunch of negative ones
[13:58] <Padmay> why does the CoS stuff have to be so cool :C
[13:58] <StartMining> oh wow
[13:58] <StartMining> that weapon
[13:58] <roberestarkk> also a phaser and a laser screwdriver
[13:58] <roberestarkk> Be good now!
[13:59] <jeem9157> thanks
[13:59] * lellouch (lellouch@lellouch) has joined #main
[13:59] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[13:59] <jeem9157> hey
[13:59] <StartMining> hey lellouch
[13:59] <roberestarkk> Protip: Don't use the potion unless you're willing to wait 20 minutes for it to run out
[13:59] <VAHO999NA> hye
[13:59] <lellouch> hello
[13:59] <jeem9157> lol k
[13:59] <Padmay> ermagawd
[13:59] <StartMining> lellouch
[13:59] <roberestarkk> until I can make a potion-cancel thingy
[13:59] <Padmay> it's lellouch
[13:59] <roberestarkk> or drink Milk
[13:59] <roberestarkk> Ahoy lulu!
[13:59] <lellouch> hello
[13:59] <StartMining> wanna make a town in New Caelandia (new say-larn-dia)
[14:00] <roberestarkk> Stop saying that
[14:00] <StartMining> town = home
[14:00] <roberestarkk> It's Kay land ee aah
[14:00] <StartMining> robbeh
[14:00] <roberestarkk> or key land ee ah
[14:00] <StartMining> say larn dia
[14:00] <roberestarkk> No
[14:00] <Padmay> that doesn't make sense
[14:00] <StartMining> yes
[14:00] <roberestarkk> Say Encyclopaedia
[14:00] <Padmay> It would need to be something like Saelandia for it to be pronounced like that
[14:00] <jeem9157> gaelic
[14:00] <StartMining> some c's are pronounced like that
[14:00] <VAHO999NA> oh good
[14:01] <jeem9157> aegean sea
[14:01] <Padmay> Caelandia is kay-land--ee-ah as rob said.
[14:01] <Padmay> but even with Gaelic
[14:01] <StartMining> my town :L
[14:01] <StartMining> say larn dia
[14:01] <Padmay> Ciunas is pronounced kyoon-as
[14:01] <roberestarkk> No
[14:01] <jeem9157> aetos
[14:01] <lellouch> if i wanted to fight over pronucitations id do my english homework
[14:01] <roberestarkk> Pfft, no you wouldn't =P
[14:01] <StartMining> hey i got the idea off bastion
[14:02] <StartMining> thats why its pronounced like that
[14:02] <StartMining> spelling is like that too
[14:03] <VAHO999NA> fyi, i have no idea where new caelandia is
[14:03] <VAHO999NA> oh wait
[14:03] <VAHO999NA> found it
[14:03] <VAHO999NA> i have dynmap on lol
[14:04] <jeem9157> no body, I don't want to be tired
[14:05] * SusieIsAwesome (SusieIsAwesome@SusieIsAwesome§r) Quit (§eSusieIsAwesome left the game.)
[14:08] <VAHO999NA> bbl, i gtg
[14:08] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[14:08] <jeem9157> cya
[14:08] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> bye
[14:12] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[14:12] <StartMining> hey regox
[14:13] <roberestarkk> AHOY REGINALD!
[14:13] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hey
[14:13] <jeem9157> rego my eggo
[14:13] <Regox> Aloha tovarisch
[14:14] <jeem9157> problem solved :)
[14:14] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ty lol
[14:14] <roberestarkk> yep
[14:15] <roberestarkk> Horses definitely spawn in pre-generated chunks
[14:15] <roberestarkk> I've just found one
[14:15] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[14:15] <StartMining> hey alpine
[14:15] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[14:15] <StartMining> alpine
[14:15] <alpine2001> Hello
[14:15] <StartMining> would u like to live in New Caelandia (new say-larn-dia)
[14:15] <alpine2001> Yes
[14:15] <alpine2001> Ugh
[14:15] <alpine2001> No thanks
[14:15] <StartMining> thats ok
[14:15] <jeem9157> caelo
[14:16] <StartMining> new say larn dia :L
[14:16] <jeem9157> that's a star in the pleiades cluster!
[14:16] <StartMining> play some bastion :L
[14:16] <lellouch> sup
[14:16] <alpine2001> Regox, Can I please have another lead for Caesar? He keeps breaking off it :/
[14:17] <roberestarkk> HELLO HORSEY!
[14:17] <roberestarkk> It's a white horse
[14:17] <alpine2001> Anyone have any black or white wool?
[14:17] <roberestarkk> oh it's Regox
[14:17] <StartMining> i have a single white wool
[14:18] <alpine2001> Then no thanks StartMining (:
[14:18] <alpine2001> Thanks Reg
[14:18] <Regox> Dommit
[14:18] <Regox> My ankle hurts like potato
[14:18] <alpine2001> Anyone near plains?
[14:18] <alpine2001> Lol
[14:18] <Regox> Rolled my weight on it, heard a few crunch noises
[14:19] <alpine2001> :O
[14:19] <jeem9157> how did this happen?
[14:19] <Regox> Running around after dog in backyard
[14:19] <jeem9157> oh
[14:19] <Regox> He's still trying to kill me
[14:19] <alpine2001> jeem, are you near plains?
[14:19] <jeem9157> extreme hills
[14:19] <jeem9157> Major?
[14:20] <Regox> Aye
[14:20] <jeem9157> :)
[14:20] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[14:20] <jeem9157> hey jrr
[14:20] <Padmay> hey jrr
[14:20] <jrr5556> hey guys
[14:20] <alpine2001> Hey jrr
[14:20] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> heyy
[14:20] <Regox> Hey jrr
[14:21] <jrr5556> Finally back from camp!
[14:21] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[14:21] <jrr5556> Have I missed the war?
[14:21] <jeem9157> hey rcrow
[14:21] <StartMining> hey ej
[14:21] <Padmay> ejaaanooo
[14:21] <ejano> heY!
[14:21] <jeem9157> crow*
[14:21] <Regox> Hey ej
[14:21] <ejano> wat war
[14:21] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> CROW
[14:21] <Regox> Nope jrr
[14:21] <jrr5556> Oh hasn't been :D
[14:21] <jrr5556> Hey ejano
[14:21] <Regox> We're still waiting on Plutonia to either surrender or finish building a fleet
[14:22] <jrr5556> okay
[14:22] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380) has joined #main
[14:23] <tassam380> Hey
[14:23] <jeem9157> sam
[14:23] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[14:23] <Regox> SAM
[14:23] <StartMining> hey tassam
[14:23] <Regox> FINISH SHIPS
[14:23] <ejano> Hey!
[14:23] <Padmay> hai tassam :D
[14:23] <tassam380> I can build them out of wood and stone.
[14:23] <jeem9157> whale bones
[14:23] <ejano> I really don;t want map change, I've hoarded so many diamonds
[14:23] <jeem9157> like the pequod
[14:23] <ejano> >.>
[14:24] <tassam380> Congrats Ejano! :)
[14:24] <Padmay> <_<
[14:24] <tassam380> Did you get my PM back with the banners?
[14:24] <ejano> ye!
[14:24] <ejano> xD thx for that clear up
[14:24] <tassam380> XD Dropbox Fail
[14:24] <Padmay> if there's a new map, I wanna help build spawn D:
[14:24] <jrr5556> NEW MAP!
[14:24] <roberestarkk> yep
[14:24] <roberestarkk> I'm deleting this one in 30 seconds
[14:25] <tassam380> RPG will be released soon, everyone will be too busy with that.
[14:25] <ejano> WAT NO
[14:25] * lellouch (lellouch@lellouch§r) Quit (§elellouch left the game.)
[14:25] <Padmay> WAHT
[14:25] <Padmay> WHAT*
[14:25] <ejano> Rob NO!
[14:25] <Padmay> ROB D:
[14:25] <ejano> DOnt troll!
[14:25] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> NOOO
[14:25] <ejano> dont do!
[14:25] <alpine2001> NOO
[14:25] <roberestarkk> dammit I lost count
[14:25] <roberestarkk> what was it like 10 more?
[14:25] <jrr5556> yes please rob
[14:25] <Padmay> 10 years more
[14:25] <ejano> map*
[14:25] <jrr5556> do it!
[14:25] <jrr5556> I beg you to!
[14:25] <ejano> NOOOOOOOOOOOO
[14:27] <ejano> 1vthe rest
[14:27] <StartMining> its 10 lightyears more
[14:27] <ejano> >.>
[14:27] <Padmay> eww
[14:27] <jrr5556> do it
[14:27] <StartMining> um
[14:27] <ejano> Noooooooooooooo
[14:27] <Padmay> turn essentials off?
[14:27] <roberestarkk> lol Psyche!
[14:27] <StartMining> test
[14:27] <ejano> plzzz dont boomy world
[14:27] <StartMining> um
[14:27] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :O
[14:27] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[14:27] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[14:27] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[14:27] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[14:27] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[14:27] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[14:27] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[14:27] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[14:27] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380§r) Quit (§etassam380 left the game.)
[14:27] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[14:27] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[14:28] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[14:28] <Padmay> ._.
[14:28] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[14:28] <alpine2001> Few!
[14:28] <Padmay> that's annoying
[14:28] <jrr5556> dammit
[14:28] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[14:28] <Padmay> chunks have derped
[14:28] <jrr5556> I was hoping for a new map
[14:28] <Padmay> BAD ROB
[14:28] <ejano> :DDDDDDDDDD
[14:28] <ejano> pheeeeeeeew
[14:28] <Padmay> I'm stuck in a block now
[14:28] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[14:29] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[14:29] <alpine2001> Lol
[14:29] <ejano> dont suffocate
[14:29] <ejano> btw what was all that lag about
[14:29] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[14:29] <ejano> did you copy and paste something
[14:29] <ejano> :I
[14:29] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[14:29] <ejano> wat happened
[14:29] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[14:29] <ejano> wb
[14:30] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ty
[14:30] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ahhhhh
[14:30] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[14:30] <Padmay> the server showed how much it loves us.
[14:30] <ejano> lol
[14:30] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[14:30] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[14:30] <ejano> Wb wb
[14:30] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wb
[14:30] <ejano> hang on
[14:31] <ejano> D: why everyone want to tp
[14:31] <jeem9157> cuz
[14:31] <Padmay> where are you anyways ._.
[14:31] <jrr5556> new map!
[14:31] <ejano> sparta
[14:31] <jeem9157> i'm in state of tired boredom
[14:31] <ejano> how the frell
[14:31] <ejano> alpine where'd u get that horse
[14:31] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[14:31] <alpine2001> Regox for my birthday
[14:31] <Padmay> woah alpine's a girl O_O
[14:31] <alpine2001> :D
[14:31] <ejano> :o noice
[14:32] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[14:32] <jrr5556> new map
[14:32] <ejano> noh!
[14:32] <Padmay> no jrr D:
[14:32] <jeem9157> alpine
[14:32] <jeem9157> you from the states?
[14:32] <alpine2001> Yes I am Padmay.
[14:32] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380) has joined #main
[14:32] <jeem9157> wcb sam
[14:32] <Padmay> ermagahd welcome bak sam
[14:32] <jrr5556> yes :D
[14:32] <tassam380> Thankyah
[14:32] <alpine2001> Im from Australia jeem.
[14:32] <jeem9157> :O
[14:32] <Padmay> I finally stopped bugging you at 1am on fb ^^
[14:32] <alpine2001> Lol
[14:32] <jeem9157> confusing you with someone else
[14:33] <ejano> opening the door would help
[14:33] <alpine2001> I did.
[14:33] <alpine2001> :P
[14:33] <tassam380> If you're talking to me. Yes, It was quite annoying
[14:33] <alpine2001> Got another build over there too ejano
[14:33] <ejano> detail is looking great
[14:33] <ejano> where?
[14:34] <alpine2001> Follow
[14:34] <jeem9157> um
[14:34] <Padmay> lapis looks different
[14:34] <alpine2001> The mushroom
[14:34] <jeem9157> didn't notice the sudden cliff outside your door
[14:34] <alpine2001> Lol jeem
[14:34] <ejano> yeah ikr
[14:34] <alpine2001> Where did you go ejano?
[14:34] <jrr5556> btw I like your photo rob
[14:35] <ejano> is it this one
[14:35] <roberestarkk> What photo?
[14:35] <alpine2001> Yes
[14:35] <Padmay> rob looks robby
[14:35] <jrr5556> Self picture thread
[14:35] <jeem9157> that's alright lag, i didn't want to climb ack up anyway
[14:35] <alpine2001> And im building another thing behind it
[14:35] <alpine2001> But I dont have the wool atm.
[14:36] <jeem9157> pic sums up personality
[14:36] <roberestarkk> Ah
[14:36] <ejano> did you build everything by yourself
[14:36] <Padmay> crazy?
[14:36] <jeem9157> XD
[14:36] <alpine2001> Yes I did ejano.
[14:36] <jrr5556> ./co i ejano
[14:36] <roberestarkk> ./co l because /co i is less cool
[14:37] <jeem9157> hail caesar!
[14:37] <ejano> lol
[14:37] <alpine2001> Hell yeah!
[14:37] <jrr5556> nice house
[14:37] <alpine2001> Thanks :P
[14:37] <Padmay> pewp
[14:37] <ejano> I will need to consult with jrr since I've never actually seen an adv worthy build..
[14:38] <Padmay> my house is ^^
[14:38] <roberestarkk> weren't you Elite once?
[14:38] <Padmay> it got me adv.
[14:38] <alpine2001> My mushy jrr :D
[14:38] <ejano> ye I got adv from lomgie
[14:38] <ejano> s
[14:38] <ejano> xD
[14:38] <roberestarkk> ah
[14:38] <Padmay> i got adv from my twenty billion houses combined
[14:38] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[14:38] <ejano> aah
[14:38] <ejano> Heello
[14:38] <Padmay> twoilet
[14:38] <StartMining> idr how i got adv.
[14:38] <Smiley864> Hai
[14:39] <Padmay> twoilet
[14:39] <ejano> well I like the design and detail of this house
[14:39] <Smiley864> ?
[14:39] <ejano> woah
[14:39] <ejano> wat
[14:39] <alpine2001> YAYA
[14:39] <Padmay> I got your sticker things
[14:39] <ejano> I didn't finish :C
[14:39] <Smiley864> ^-^
[14:39] <alpine2001> Im Adv!!
[14:39] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[14:39] <ejano> er well congrats lol xD
[14:39] <ejano> good work on the detailing
[14:39] <alpine2001> Thanks ejano and jeem <3 :D
[14:40] <Padmay> oooh
[14:40] <Padmay> love.
[14:40] <alpine2001> No.
[14:40] <alpine2001> -.-
[14:40] <alpine2001> I am greatfull.
[14:40] <Padmay> I'm a dick I know ._.
[14:40] <alpine2001> lol
[14:40] <Padmay> It's why I was banned
[14:40] <ejano> just a heads up if you're thinking of elite you'll have to make plenty more large scale builds
[14:40] <ejano> or redstone stuffs...
[14:40] <alpine2001> Yes Thanks ejano
[14:41] <Padmay> I'm going to be adv forever then
[14:41] <Padmay> or I could have stayed as builder forever
[14:41] <ejano> ledge there
[14:41] <ejano> tassam
[14:41] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864§r) Quit (§eSmiley864 left the game.)
[14:41] <alpine2001> lol
[14:41] <ejano> :P
[14:41] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[14:41] <tassam380> Who's idea was it for the cliff. XD
[14:41] <alpine2001> Not me...
[14:41] <alpine2001> xD
[14:41] <jeem9157> i like the couch w/ the window overlooking the landscape
[14:42] <alpine2001> :D
[14:42] <tassam380> I'd mark this build down for wheelchair accessibility... :P
[14:42] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> g2g bye
[14:42] <jeem9157> lol sam
[14:42] <alpine2001> :P
[14:42] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[14:42] <alpine2001> Bye Gab
[14:42] <ejano> I'll brb
[14:42] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[14:42] <alpine2001> K
[14:43] <tassam380> For some reason this is bringing back warm fuzzy memories from classic. :P
[14:43] * scruffy2001 (scruffy2001@scruffy2001) has joined #main
[14:43] <scruffy2001> hey
[14:43] <alpine2001> Hi
[14:43] <Padmay> I have bad memories of classic ^^
[14:43] <jeem9157> Classic was my beginnings on LoM
[14:43] <Padmay> it was mine too
[14:43] <StartMining> never liked classic, probs never going on it again
[14:43] <tassam380> Doesn't work on my computer XD
[14:44] <jeem9157> wom?
[14:44] <Padmay> it was a luke-warm summer afternoon, Hyper, Dengar and I were very bored. Runescape was boring.
[14:44] <Padmay> We went and discovered Minecraft a long while before
[14:44] <Padmay> we got banned from servers, we played on an epic server... it closed down.
[14:44] <Padmay> and we were searching for a new server, when Hyper finds a server...
[14:44] <tassam380> Yeah, I played on another server or three before coming here
[14:44] <Padmay> A server called Australian Minecraft Server.
[14:44] <StartMining> this was my first one
[14:45] <Padmay> We logged on, and Hyper went and started building
[14:45] <StartMining> dengar guided me here
[14:45] <Padmay> he built this beautiful iron house sticking out of the side of the wall of guest3
[14:45] <tassam380> I clicked on in by accident one day when I thought I was going to my normal one I think hahahah
[14:45] <Padmay> I built my house a little lower, with this hell of a staircase which hyper kept knocking me off
[14:45] <jeem9157> chose this one cause australian seemed exotic
[14:45] <Padmay> and dengar built some weird ass cottage.
[14:46] <Padmay> I built two houses...
[14:46] <Padmay> Hyper ranked up very quickly
[14:46] <Padmay> Dengar was slow
[14:46] <Padmay> I was... more often than usual, quiet.
[14:46] <Padmay> And so we worked our ways up the ranks
[14:46] <Padmay> and then, Hyper gets ranked to Op... wooo
[14:46] <Padmay> Dengar never bothered with moderation
[14:46] <Padmay> Hyper gets ranked to superop
[14:47] <Padmay> I get ranked to op
[14:47] <Padmay> Alpha is released
[14:47] <Padmay> I buy it for Hyper as a late ass birthday present
[14:47] <Padmay> he moves to SMP
[14:47] <Padmay> I get up to Superop
[14:47] <Padmay> and then Dengar and I get Beta...
[14:47] <Padmay> We both go to SMP.
[14:47] <Padmay> and we work from there.
[14:47] <Padmay> and we get to now.
[14:47] <Padmay> many maps
[14:48] <Padmay> and many maps spent in 001.
[14:48] <tassam380> I joined 2011 sometime
[14:48] <jeem9157> same
[14:48] <StartMining> same
[14:48] <Padmay> I joined September 2010 ^^
[14:48] <tassam380> About a week later I was an op, a couple of weeks later I was a Forum Mod XD
[14:48] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[14:48] <jeem9157> bribery?
[14:48] <jeem9157> hey dengar
[14:48] <StartMining> hai dengar
[14:49] <Padmay> I remember when Jak first joined when I played Classic..
[14:49] <Padmay> I told him to get off my maps.
[14:49] <Padmay> too many times in fact ._.
[14:49] <jrr5556> I joined lom smp in late 2011
[14:50] <jeem9157> dat 2011..
[14:50] <jrr5556> Around Sep
[14:50] <StartMining> jrr
[14:50] <StartMining> i find it incredible how we both join at the same-ish time
[14:50] <Dengar708> Start
[14:50] <Dengar708> you wanna see the horses?
[14:50] <jeem9157> i registered on the forums july 26th 2011
[14:50] <jeem9157> but played classic for months before hand
[14:51] <Dengar708> Didn't we all
[14:51] <StartMining> :O
[14:52] <Padmay> how to breed horses..
[14:52] <StartMining> oh um
[14:52] <StartMining> dengar
[14:52] <StartMining> did i just um
[14:52] <Dengar708> ?
[14:52] <StartMining> did i tame him?
[14:53] <Dengar708> Possibly
[14:53] <StartMining> i only wanted the horsey to make sounds
[14:53] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[14:53] <ejano> baak
[14:53] <jeem9157> crow
[14:53] <Dengar708> ...
[14:53] <alpine2001> Wb
[14:53] <StartMining> now i have to drag him home :(
[14:53] <Dengar708> no you don't
[14:53] <ejano> thats wher I come
[14:53] <ejano> in
[14:53] <ejano> XD
[14:53] <Dengar708> He can be breeding stock
[14:53] <Padmay> and me >_>
[14:54] <Padmay> ejano
[14:54] <alpine2001> Wot.
[14:54] <ejano> oh padmay!
[14:54] <Padmay> I made a nice stable in tonupad
[14:54] <ejano> I can make a tunnel;
[14:54] <StartMining> well ill go get a saddle since he likes me
[14:54] <Padmay> AWESOME.
[14:54] <ejano> if u want
[14:54] <ejano> :D
[14:54] <Dengar708> mm
[14:54] <jeem9157> king-size bed?
[14:54] <Dengar708> this horse is good
[14:54] <StartMining> how do i get off?
[14:54] <Dengar708> can you grab me a saddle as well
[14:55] <ejano> shift
[14:55] <Dengar708> left shift
[14:55] <StartMining> deng
[14:55] <Dengar708> ?
[14:55] <Padmay> Ejano
[14:55] <StartMining> keep an eye on my horse
[14:55] <Dengar708> mmk
[14:55] <Padmay> you know you could have left your horses at the stable.
[14:55] <Padmay> it's really nice now.
[14:55] <Dengar708> this is just the holding stable
[14:55] <Dengar708> Baby horse
[14:56] <Padmay> AWWWW
[14:56] <Padmay> SAH CUTE
[14:56] <ejano> okay padmay can I start on the tunnel
[14:56] <StartMining> heres your sadle
[14:56] <Padmay> sure
[14:56] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380§r) Quit (§etassam380 left the game.)
[14:56] <StartMining> u owe me a saddle
[14:56] <Padmay> I MADE A FOAL 8D
[14:56] <ejano> :D
[14:56] <Dengar708> I was going to use so i can move all the good horses out xD
[14:56] <Padmay> dat face
[14:56] <ejano> aw sah cuwte
[14:56] <Padmay> IT'S BABY JAK
[14:57] <Dengar708> out you go?
[14:57] <StartMining> hnnng
[14:57] <StartMining> laggy movement
[14:57] <jeem9157> are you saying jak looks like a horse?
[14:57] <ejano> Okay, Dengar, Padmay where will the main terminal be
[14:57] <ejano> it'll be like a 3x3 tunnel
[14:57] <Dengar708> Want me to be the breeder?\
[14:57] <Padmay> Maybe just outside the fence?
[14:57] <Dengar708> start use teh dorr
[14:57] <Dengar708> door*
[14:57] <Padmay> I'll mark a spot
[14:58] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[14:58] <Padmay> KYLE
[14:58] <Dengar708> Hey peppy
[14:58] <jeem9157> PEPPY
[14:58] <ejano> Hey!
[14:58] <alpine2001> Hello Peppy
[14:58] <StartMining> he cant jump up to 2 :(
[14:58] <scruffy2001> hi
[14:58] <StartMining> hey peppy
[14:58] <Padmay> here ejanoi
[14:58] <Padmay> ejano*
[14:58] <ejano> okay!
[14:59] <ejano> should I try make it diagonal
[14:59] <ejano> or just keep strait
[14:59] <Padmay> straight
[14:59] <Padmay> and then you can make sharp corners
[14:59] <ejano> okay,...
[14:59] <Peppy2006> Howdy everyone
[14:59] <jeem9157> farm?
[14:59] <alpine2001> Yes jeem
[14:59] <Dengar708> brb
[14:59] <Padmay> brb
[14:59] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[14:59] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[15:00] <jeem9157> i'm just observing
[15:00] <alpine2001> Lol
[15:01] <jeem9157> no hj or littlemiss or skeletoon yet
[15:01] <ejano> :I
[15:01] <ejano> they must be all secretly eating the cake without us
[15:01] <jeem9157> the cake?
[15:02] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[15:02] <jeem9157> wcb
[15:02] <ejano> wb!
[15:02] <Padmay> ejano
[15:02] <Padmay> Hyper might want a horse
[15:02] <Padmay> and so might tonu
[15:02] <ejano> okay
[15:02] <ejano> ye, we can organise that once we get things started
[15:02] <jeem9157> why am i able to open this private trapdoor
[15:02] <alpine2001> idk
[15:02] <ejano> lag?
[15:02] <alpine2001> idc
[15:02] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[15:02] <jeem9157> wcb dengar
[15:03] <Dengar708> Start steam
[15:03] <StartMining> fine
[15:03] <StartMining> hang on a mo
[15:03] <StartMining> lemme get horse home
[15:03] <Dengar708> you walking it home
[15:03] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[15:03] <StartMining> ya
[15:03] <StartMining> this lag isnt good for horses
[15:04] <jeem9157> i like the texture of the roof
[15:05] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz) has joined #main
[15:05] <alpine2001> Hello
[15:05] <ejano> dis potion c;
[15:05] <ejano> Hai!
[15:05] <scruffy2001> hi
[15:05] <dogwateroz> hi all, busy server today :)
[15:06] <Dengar708> Peppy 001 chavalry?
[15:06] <ejano> oh btw deng, for the company I'm thinking we each take responsibility for 8 horses
[15:06] <ejano> so we have 24
[15:06] <Dengar708> mm
[15:06] <Padmay> why not 10?
[15:06] <ejano> then you can have 2 of your own
[15:07] <Padmay> oooh
[15:07] <Dengar708> Well I have a group at my horse breeding area
[15:07] <ejano> come see the tunnel :)
[15:07] <Padmay> I have my two personal horses and they had a baby
[15:07] <ejano> it needs torches
[15:08] <jeem9157> cow wandered in?
[15:08] <ejano> lool
[15:08] <jeem9157> XD
[15:08] <dogwateroz> they escape from the gate every now and then, somehow
[15:08] <jeem9157> oh
[15:08] <ejano> WOAAAAH
[15:08] <ejano> I turn my head
[15:08] <jeem9157> the structure around the entrance
[15:08] <ejano> to look at my laptop
[15:08] <jeem9157> looks amazing
[15:09] <ejano> andd my cat is right there
[15:09] <ejano> in my face
[15:09] <alpine2001> Haha
[15:09] <ejano> on the keyboard
[15:09] <ejano> :I
[15:09] <dogwateroz> it's meant to be ruins
[15:09] <jeem9157> i can see it
[15:09] <jeem9157> i like dem curves
[15:09] <dogwateroz> and then over the other way, will build the modern home
[15:09] <ejano> padmay could u tp to me for a sec
[15:09] <Padmay> these horses are hard to protect.
[15:09] <ejano> since im invis
[15:09] <dogwateroz> and connect everything underneath
[15:09] <ejano> I cant see myself on dynmap
[15:10] <ejano> woooah
[15:10] <dogwateroz> come over and kill some mobs
[15:11] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[15:11] <ejano> wb
[15:11] <dogwateroz> love ti
[15:11] <jrr5556> ty
[15:11] <dogwateroz> *it
[15:12] <dogwateroz> haha
[15:12] <dogwateroz> no dinner for you tonight zombie
[15:12] <Dengar708> Ejano
[15:12] <ejano> ye
[15:12] <Dengar708> Hyper has a job for you
[15:12] <ejano> er
[15:12] <Padmay> wait
[15:12] <jeem9157> there's not a mouth left to put the dinner into
[15:12] <ejano> but im already working
[15:12] <dogwateroz> u want to xp down there
[15:12] <Dengar708> oh
[15:12] <Dengar708> okay
[15:13] <dogwateroz> .. yes u do :)
[15:13] <jeem9157> tropical beach
[15:16] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[15:17] <dogwateroz> did u find horses earlier?
[15:17] <Dengar708> I am at a huge group of them
[15:17] <jeem9157> donkies
[15:17] <Dengar708> I am at horses and donkeys
[15:17] <ejano> yea deng, I think I left some there
[15:17] <Dengar708> I am currently doing orders for specific horses
[15:17] <Dengar708> like hyper's mega donkey
[15:17] <ejano> lol..
[15:18] <Dengar708> He wants it to have 15 hearts and be mega fast
[15:18] <ejano> :I
[15:18] <Dengar708> Start
[15:18] <Dengar708> Turn on steam ._.
[15:19] <StartMining> fac
[15:19] <StartMining> stupid horse
[15:19] <Dengar708> I will be picking you up at like 11:30
[15:19] <Dengar708> so eat before then
[15:19] <StartMining> stupid horse
[15:19] <Dengar708> And i sent you the link
[15:19] <StartMining> dengar
[15:19] <StartMining> dat horse
[15:19] <StartMining> just drowned on me
[15:19] <ejano> :O
[15:19] <alpine2001> :O
[15:20] <StartMining> so close to home too D:
[15:20] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[15:20] <StartMining> stupid dumb horse
[15:20] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[15:20] <StartMining> well byes
[15:20] <ejano> byee
[15:20] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[15:20] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:20] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[15:20] <ejano> Hey
[15:21] <jeem9157> hey little
[15:21] <LittleMissGrill> heya!
[15:21] <alpine2001> Hey LittleMiss
[15:21] <dogwateroz> lo
[15:21] <LittleMissGrill> why is there a crop circle near my house
[15:21] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[15:21] <LittleMissGrill> i did that
[15:21] <alpine2001> lol
[15:21] <jeem9157> ancient aliens
[15:21] <LittleMissGrill> mc aliens
[15:21] <LittleMissGrill> part of 1.6
[15:22] <ejano> dahell is that noise
[15:22] <ejano> :O
[15:22] <ejano> baby zombie
[15:22] <ejano> dear god
[15:23] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[15:23] <ejano> wb
[15:23] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[15:23] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[15:23] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[15:23] * scruffy2001 (scruffy2001@scruffy2001§r) Quit (§escruffy2001 left the game.)
[15:23] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[15:23] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[15:23] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz§r) Quit (§edogwateroz left the game.)
[15:23] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[15:23] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:23] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[15:23] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[15:24] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[15:24] * scruffy2001 (scruffy2001@scruffy2001) has joined #main
[15:24] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[15:24] <alpine2001> wb
[15:24] <ejano> oooooooohkay
[15:24] <scruffy2001> back
[15:24] <ejano> that was weird
[15:25] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[15:25] <scruffy2001> hi Padmay
[15:25] <ejano> wb
[15:25] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:25] <alpine2001> wb
[15:25] <Padmay> pewp
[15:25] <LittleMissGrill> oh wat
[15:25] <LittleMissGrill> rob deleted my suicide booth
[15:25] <scruffy2001> how do you make a painting
[15:26] <Padmay> DIRT GO TO GRASS ALREADY D:
[15:26] <LittleMissGrill> ./recipe painting
[15:26] <ejano> wow glass floor
[15:26] <alpine2001> Haha
[15:26] <scruffy2001> is it good
[15:26] <Padmay> THE DIRT IS BEING AN ASS
[15:26] <ejano> can I go outside
[15:26] <scruffy2001> iok
[15:27] <LittleMissGrill> what texture packs do you guys use?
[15:27] <ejano> default
[15:27] <scruffy2001> defult
[15:27] <ejano> :)
[15:27] <alpine2001> Defult
[15:27] <LittleMissGrill> fairpuff
[15:27] <ejano> hmm scruff, tthe house is a bit bare
[15:27] <scruffy2001> ok
[15:27] <ejano> inside and out
[15:28] <ejano> lol
[15:28] <scruffy2001> ok
[15:28] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[15:28] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[15:28] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[15:28] <LittleMissGrill> jeeeem
[15:28] <ejano> um, I'd also suggest making another house or something too that you can add into the whole
[15:28] <ejano> lot for getting rank
[15:28] <ejano> Hi!
[15:28] <jeem9157> littlemiss
[15:28] <ejano> HI
[15:28] <ejano> and Hai
[15:28] <scruffy2001> want to see the rocket ship
[15:29] <alpine2001> No
[15:29] <alpine2001> Thats ours stuffy
[15:29] <alpine2001> Scruffy*
[15:29] <scruffy2001> i made all the mateials
[15:29] <LittleMissGrill> how many rocket ships do we have on server atm
[15:29] <alpine2001> Did not.
[15:29] <scruffy2001> amd built the lot
[15:29] <hjmck123> psst cr0w
[15:29] <jeem9157> LoM has entered the space age
[15:29] <ejano> im sorry but it doesn't count if someone helped
[15:29] <hjmck123> want le mega hard horse transport mission?
[15:29] <ejano> eeh maybe later im busy :p
[15:30] <Peppy2006> Pfft
[15:30] <hjmck123> :OOOO
[15:30] <jrr5556> what is this ejano?
[15:30] <Peppy2006> We entered the space age long ago
[15:30] <LittleMissGrill> we also have lots of pirate ships
[15:30] <LittleMissGrill> and houses
[15:30] <LittleMissGrill> so many houses
[15:30] <LittleMissGrill> did hj come with jeem/
[15:31] <hjmck123> maybe
[15:31] <LittleMissGrill> hey wanna play the floor is a void
[15:31] <ejano> turning padmay?
[15:31] <LittleMissGrill> with death
[15:31] <Padmay> no
[15:31] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[15:31] <jeem9157> we're inseparable
[15:31] <Padmay> pit stop
[15:31] <scruffy2001> gtg bye
[15:31] * scruffy2001 (scruffy2001@scruffy2001§r) Quit (§escruffy2001 left the game.)
[15:32] <ejano> wwooooooah
[15:32] <hjmck123> oryl
[15:32] <LittleMissGrill> look if you fall
[15:32] <LittleMissGrill> you get your shit back
[15:32] <ejano> language
[15:32] <ejano> c:
[15:32] <LittleMissGrill> stuff*
[15:32] <LittleMissGrill> sorry :(
[15:32] <hjmck123> lom needs a swearing server
[15:32] <ejano> xD lol
[15:32] <Peppy2006> lol
[15:32] <ejano> o.O
[15:32] <Peppy2006> I thought this was the swearing part of the server
[15:32] <ejano> we can do that now
[15:32] <ejano> I SWEAR!
[15:33] <hjmck123> nu uh
[15:33] <LittleMissGrill> and jank gave me his tools so i'm good again!
[15:33] <ejano> this is rediculous!
[15:33] <Peppy2006> So long as it's not used in excess
[15:33] <Peppy2006> :P
[15:33] <LittleMissGrill> so confusing
[15:33] <ejano> ooooh nice
[15:33] <hjmck123> where are all the animals..
[15:33] <ejano> ded
[15:33] <ejano> deed*
[15:33] <alpine2001> Haha, Scruffy had a sook at me because he didnt get Adv. :P
[15:33] <ejano> D:
[15:34] <ejano> dats mean dont make fun >.<
[15:34] <Peppy2006> Aye
[15:34] <ejano> I was the one who said no :s
[15:34] <Peppy2006> Get used to it Doc. E. Jano
[15:34] <Peppy2006> :P
[15:34] <ejano> lol
[15:34] <alpine2001> Scruffy always does this LP
[15:34] <alpine2001> :P
[15:34] <Peppy2006> You've entered the part of the ranks where people hate you or love you
[15:34] <LittleMissGrill> i'm so terrified of being rejected i'm staying on adv forever
[15:35] <Peppy2006> Pfft
[15:35] <Peppy2006> That's what you say
[15:35] <LittleMissGrill> i'm gonna build a boat next map
[15:35] <LittleMissGrill> but a better one
[15:35] <jeem9157> what type
[15:35] <ejano> turning
[15:35] <ejano> now
[15:35] <LittleMissGrill> a whole fleet maybe!
[15:35] <jeem9157> :O
[15:35] <Peppy2006> FOR 001!!!
[15:35] <hjmck123> whered jeem go
[15:35] <LittleMissGrill> hahah
[15:36] <LittleMissGrill> SO i worked out that you press ganged me into 001
[15:36] <LittleMissGrill> and i didn't even notice
[15:36] <Padmay> ejano mines so fast ._.
[15:36] <hjmck123> j33m
[15:36] <Peppy2006> My propaganda is very effective.
[15:36] <hjmck123> where u go
[15:36] <ejano> xD
[15:36] <Peppy2006> :P
[15:36] <ejano> this potion
[15:36] <Padmay> I have a silk touch pick <_<
[15:36] <LittleMissGrill> hahaha "have this nice shiny stuff"
[15:36] <jeem9157> big brother is watching you
[15:36] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:37] <hjmck123> i got u a cow
[15:37] <ejano> no he's away for a week
[15:37] <LittleMissGrill> but okay i'll do it in 001. if you choose a place with water in it
[15:37] <Padmay> who's going to sweep up the cobble
[15:37] <Padmay> KYLE
[15:37] <Peppy2006> No matter what, 001 will always be the oldest surviving Empire on LoM
[15:37] <jeem9157> it's not enough to obey big brother
[15:37] <jeem9157> you must love big brother
[15:37] <ejano> FREE COBBLWE
[15:37] <ejano> COBBLE*
[15:37] <ejano> come and get yo free cobble!
[15:37] <Peppy2006> NO
[15:37] <Padmay> SEXY AND FRESH COBBLE
[15:37] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:37] <hjmck123> cow
[15:37] <hjmck123> take it
[15:37] <LittleMissGrill> why do you have a cow
[15:37] <jeem9157> wut do i do with it
[15:38] <jeem9157> i'm a vegetarian
[15:38] <jeem9157> i have no use for it
[15:38] <hjmck123> it r pet
[15:38] <LittleMissGrill> it needs to play floor is lava
[15:38] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[15:38] <hjmck123> hai
[15:38] <ejano> Hey!
[15:38] <jeem9157> rob
[15:38] <roberestarkk> Peppy!
[15:38] <roberestarkk> And hey everyone else
[15:38] <Peppy2006> Ja!
[15:39] <jeem9157> cow fialed
[15:39] <jeem9157> failed*
[15:39] <Peppy2006> How you doing Rob?
[15:39] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:39] <roberestarkk> What's the Age of consent in 'Merica!?
[15:39] <hjmck123> where items
[15:39] <hjmck123> go
[15:39] <Peppy2006> ...
[15:39] <jeem9157> innit 18?
[15:39] <ejano> sooryr!
[15:39] <ejano> omh
[15:39] <Peppy2006> Sonofabitch
[15:39] <jeem9157> or 16?
[15:39] <ejano> omg*
[15:39] <Peppy2006> He's onto me
[15:39] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[15:39] <roberestarkk> Lol Peppy
[15:39] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[15:39] <ejano> woah
[15:39] <jeem9157> wcb
[15:40] <ejano> that was a high jump
[15:40] <ejano> wb
[15:40] <Peppy2006> I think it varies state to state.
[15:40] <roberestarkk> Ah
[15:40] <Peppy2006> But typically, it's 16
[15:40] <roberestarkk> Ahk ty
[15:40] <hjmck123> consent
[15:40] <Peppy2006> In some of the tightass states it's 18
[15:40] <Peppy2006> But they suck anyway so who cares
[15:40] <roberestarkk> Much obliged!
[15:40] <jeem9157> age of consent in colorado is 17
[15:40] <jeem9157> they took the middle ground
[15:40] <Peppy2006> Why?
[15:40] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:41] <hjmck123> wb
[15:41] <jeem9157> wcb little
[15:41] <Peppy2006> And that's interesting
[15:41] <roberestarkk> Why do you guys have to wait 5 years after being allowed to have sex before you're
[15:41] <roberestarkk> allowed to drink alcohol?
[15:41] <hjmck123> y zombie!
[15:41] <ejano> :I
[15:41] <hjmck123> D:
[15:41] <Peppy2006> I dunno
[15:41] * LittleMissGrill was kicked from #main by Server
[15:41] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:41] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[15:41] <jeem9157> i didn't decide these things
[15:41] <Peppy2006> Because we'd have a population crisis otherwise
[15:41] <ejano> 5 years to experience non-drunken sex?
[15:41] <LittleMissGrill> i hate my interwebs
[15:41] <hjmck123> what is gun age
[15:41] <ejano> :S idk
[15:41] <jeem9157> ^
[15:41] <Peppy2006> Nono, 5 years to experience drunken sex
[15:41] <LittleMissGrill> why is zomvie not killing me
[15:41] <hjmck123> cuz it wants me
[15:42] <jeem9157> :(
[15:42] <LittleMissGrill> jeems never had drunken sex?
[15:42] <roberestarkk> Oh yes, gun age!
[15:42] <Peppy2006> It's the only way
[15:42] <Padmay> this is awkward.
[15:42] <jeem9157> i'm not state/federal government
[15:42] <Peppy2006> Gun age is lolreallylow
[15:42] <roberestarkk> For Shame
[15:42] <jeem9157> i'm just one vote
[15:42] <hjmck123> 2??
[15:42] <Peppy2006> If you can hold it, you can possess it
[15:42] <Peppy2006> To purchase one from a dealer, you need to be 18.
[15:42] <Padmay> I can hold a gun.
[15:42] <Padmay> I held one once.
[15:42] <Peppy2006> But the gun laws cover literally all ages
[15:43] <Padmay> Damn right shot it too.
[15:43] <hjmck123> so
[15:43] <LittleMissGrill> omg i gotta go to work i'll be back at 9 :3
[15:43] <jeem9157> A Klingon boy is a Klingon man when he can hold a dagger!
[15:43] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:43] <hjmck123> u cud get a gun for present?
[15:43] <Padmay> kyle
[15:43] <hjmck123> and keep
[15:43] <hjmck123> forever?
[15:43] <Peppy2006> Yes
[15:43] <Padmay> can I have some grass.
[15:43] <roberestarkk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHrZ52KIobo
[15:43] <Peppy2006> Ranging from a small single-shot .22 rifle, to an AK47 assault rifle
[15:43] <hjmck123> drugs r bad
[15:43] <Padmay> since I need grass in these pit stops
[15:43] <Padmay> not dirt
[15:44] <jeem9157> i live in the pot capital of america
[15:44] <Peppy2006> Hey hey, so do I apparently
[15:44] <ejano> :I
[15:44] <hjmck123> pro
[15:44] <Peppy2006> :P
[15:44] <jeem9157> washington and colorado are twins
[15:44] <Peppy2006> And that other state
[15:44] <Peppy2006> But not really
[15:44] <hjmck123> y so many zombies
[15:44] <Peppy2006> If I remember right...
[15:44] <jeem9157> :p
[15:44] <Peppy2006> We're the loosest states
[15:45] <Peppy2006> We're the "sure man, you can party with us"
[15:45] <Peppy2006> states
[15:45] <jeem9157> and then there's rural colroado...
[15:45] <hjmck123> shoot eet
[15:45] <jeem9157> cololrado*
[15:45] <Peppy2006> One L too many, Djeemgo
[15:45] <ejano> aw
[15:45] <roberestarkk> an*
[15:45] <ejano> my potion stopped working
[15:46] <Peppy2006> Rob you're a prostitute.
[15:46] <roberestarkk> unless he meant it to sound like co-lol-rado
[15:46] <jeem9157> can't spell the name of my own homeland right
[15:46] <roberestarkk> I ain't a prostitute!
[15:46] <Peppy2006> So you're just a whore then?
[15:46] <hjmck123> hes a pimp
[15:46] <Padmay> Rob is too crazy to be one
[15:46] <jeem9157> XD
[15:46] <Peppy2006> All for free?
[15:46] <Peppy2006> Nonono
[15:46] <hjmck123> jeem zombies back
[15:46] <hjmck123> D:
[15:46] <jeem9157> oh yeah?
[15:46] <roberestarkk> I prefer the term, Working Girl
[15:46] <hjmck123> the meat is
[15:46] <Peppy2006> By no means are women/men too crazy to be sluts
[15:46] <jeem9157> "escort"
[15:47] <hjmck123> zombie
[15:47] <roberestarkk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wQKH5F7sTE
[15:47] <hjmck123> another
[15:47] <roberestarkk> This one is about Prostitutes
[15:47] <Peppy2006> What in the world
[15:48] <ejano> rooob the potion broke
[15:48] <ejano> ohai
[15:48] <ejano> :P
[15:48] <Peppy2006> Her skin's different again
[15:48] <roberestarkk> Whaddya mean broke?
[15:48] <hjmck123> potions break?
[15:48] <roberestarkk> It literally can't break
[15:48] <ejano> well
[15:48] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340) has joined #main
[15:48] <hjmck123> hi
[15:48] <ejano> nothing happens when I drink
[15:48] <ejano> it
[15:48] <wolfpack340> Hello.
[15:48] <ejano> Hello!
[15:48] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:48] <hjmck123> y so many zombies
[15:48] <jeem9157> hj
[15:48] <ejano> we'll just add another 10 years onto completion of this :p
[15:48] <jeem9157> welcome to 1.6.2
[15:49] <hjmck123> D:
[15:49] <roberestarkk> so it doesn't
[15:49] <Padmay> I need super soldier serum
[15:49] <roberestarkk> that's bollocks
[15:49] <Padmay> this is too slow
[15:49] <Padmay> oh hai dad
[15:50] <Padmay> Aiyaa
[15:50] <roberestarkk> Oh, someone disabled command items
[15:50] <hjmck123> this gun is like
[15:50] <hjmck123> mega weak
[15:50] <hjmck123> D:
[15:50] <hjmck123> jeem
[15:50] <hjmck123> looky at how many shotz
[15:50] <hjmck123> it takes
[15:50] <jeem9157> takes more
[15:50] <Peppy2006> Burst fire, HJ
[15:50] <Peppy2006> Burst fire.
[15:50] <jeem9157> once
[15:50] <jeem9157> an armored skele survived a headshot
[15:50] <Peppy2006> Mobs are temporarily invincible after each hit.
[15:50] <hjmck123> :OOOOOOOOO
[15:50] <ejano> :I
[15:51] <roberestarkk> it should work again now ejano
[15:51] <hjmck123> y
[15:51] <Peppy2006> As long as they're red
[15:51] <ejano> wooooooop
[15:51] <ejano> e
[15:51] <ejano> ye*
[15:51] <Peppy2006> Oh jesus christ what
[15:51] <ejano> lol
[15:51] <Peppy2006> Rob, can't you make potions like normal people
[15:51] <roberestarkk> @Peppy, just ignore the console spam
[15:51] <ejano> lets get this tunnel agoin
[15:51] <roberestarkk> No, no I can't
[15:51] <Peppy2006> I can't
[15:51] <Peppy2006> I did
[15:51] <Peppy2006> ;P
[15:51] <Padmay> SHIET
[15:51] <roberestarkk> because these ones are limited to people with the CoS Permissions
[15:52] <Peppy2006> They spam everything
[15:52] <roberestarkk> I'll try to disable the messages though
[15:52] <Peppy2006> Good
[15:52] <wolfpack340> So i heard somewhere that adv can have two homes now? Is true?
[15:52] <Peppy2006> :P
[15:52] <ejano> dont worry I'll only spam it every 21 minutes or so..
[15:52] <hjmck123> yesh
[15:52] <Peppy2006> Yes, that is true
[15:52] <jeem9157> yes yes yes
[15:52] <jeem9157> because of litle
[15:52] <alpine2001> Yes it is wolfpack
[15:52] <wolfpack340> Oh MAH LORDEY
[15:52] <Peppy2006> Because of those damn Bolsheviks
[15:53] <wolfpack340> So do horses still not spawn?
[15:53] <ejano> they do
[15:53] <ejano> just far away
[15:53] <wolfpack340> Oh
[15:53] <wolfpack340> Need new map or something?
[15:53] <Padmay> nou D:
[15:53] <ejano> :C
[15:53] <hjmck123> lolz
[15:53] <hjmck123> c im safe cuz i never build anything cool
[15:53] <ejano> if we could keep all our junk I would
[15:53] <ejano> lol
[15:53] <Peppy2006> It's okay, we'll assure this one's destruction is spectacular
[15:53] <wolfpack340> I wouldent mind a new map.
[15:54] <jeem9157> i'm gonna escape to the moon
[15:54] <hjmck123> :O
[15:54] <jeem9157> on my saturn v
[15:54] <hjmck123> take me with u
[15:54] <ejano> you guys have no idea how many saddles I've hoarded
[15:54] <jeem9157> it fits three
[15:54] <wolfpack340> wouldn't*
[15:54] <hjmck123> i bags a seat
[15:54] <wolfpack340> i NEED TO STA
[15:54] <Peppy2006> About 54904235?
[15:54] <wolfpack340> GOD DAMNED NEW KEYBOARD
[15:54] <ejano> not that many xD
[15:55] <Peppy2006> Nonsense
[15:55] <Padmay> collecting some iron :D
[15:55] <ejano> k
[15:56] <wolfpack340> 69 xp *Chuckles*
[15:56] <jeem9157> i don't get it
[15:56] <Padmay> shiet
[15:56] <hjmck123> u said that on purpsoe
[15:56] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[15:56] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[15:56] <ejano> wat
[15:56] <roberestarkk> Peppy
[15:56] <Padmay> stuck in a hole
[15:56] <roberestarkk> why are footprints and snow disabled? D=
[15:56] <Padmay> i can't move
[15:56] <roberestarkk> Footprints are fun!
[15:57] <hjmck123> snooooow?
[15:57] <ejano> try now
[15:57] <Peppy2006> Snow was messing with my guns
[15:57] <Peppy2006> :P
[15:57] <Padmay> finally
[15:57] <Padmay> thanks :D
[15:57] <roberestarkk> Only the placement part does that
[15:57] <ejano> lol np
[15:57] <roberestarkk> the rest is based off weather
[15:57] <roberestarkk> which I realise isn't enabled, but is fun nonetheless
[15:57] <Peppy2006> lol
[15:57] <alpine2001> Gtg cya guys.
[15:57] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[15:57] <jeem9157> cya
[15:57] <ejano> byee
[15:58] <roberestarkk> and footprints are surely harmless?
[15:58] <jeem9157> bored
[15:58] <jeem9157> tired
[15:58] <hjmck123> time
[15:58] <hjmck123> ?
[15:58] <jeem9157> 1:58 am
[15:58] <ejano> bed time
[15:58] <wolfpack340> Wow
[15:58] <hjmck123> work?
[15:58] <jeem9157> nah
[15:58] <jeem9157> infact i finished my summer internship project today
[15:58] <hjmck123> oryl
[15:58] <jeem9157> minus the presentation bit
[15:58] <hjmck123> how long did it take
[15:58] <jeem9157> three months
[15:59] <hjmck123> :S
[15:59] <wolfpack340> I need to start working... :/
[15:59] <hjmck123> how many
[15:59] <hjmck123> pages/word/whatever
[15:59] <jeem9157> it's a program
[15:59] <hjmck123> oooh
[15:59] <hjmck123> wuts it do
[15:59] <jeem9157> i didn't count how may commands
[15:59] <jeem9157> but it's longish
[15:59] <hjmck123> make a program to count
[15:59] <roberestarkk> ejano, can you pleasing to be drinking the thing again?
[15:59] <ejano> woah
[16:00] <ejano> er okay
[16:00] <jeem9157> it makes a ground track of the trajectory of the upcoming maven spacecraft to mars
[16:00] <roberestarkk> ty
[16:00] <jeem9157> and
[16:00] <roberestarkk> damn
[16:00] <ejano> ow
[16:00] <ejano> I just got hurt
[16:00] <jeem9157> plots the spectrograph slit "footprints" on the surface
[16:00] <ejano> or
[16:00] <jeem9157> at any specified time
[16:00] <hjmck123> has
[16:00] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[16:00] <ejano> maybe I hiccuped
[16:00] <hjmck123> it been
[16:00] <jeem9157> over any specified range of time
[16:00] <hjmck123> done b4
[16:00] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[16:00] <Padmay> Kyle
[16:00] <ejano> wb
[16:01] <jeem9157> the purpose of this is
[16:01] <roberestarkk> he is afk Padmay
[16:01] <jeem9157> to determine when are good times to take data
[16:01] <jeem9157> cuz
[16:01] <jeem9157> there's certain regions on the surface they're interested in
[16:01] <Peppy2006> Yeah?
[16:01] <jeem9157> and they want to know when the spectrograph
[16:01] <Padmay> Kyle
[16:01] <jeem9157> wiill be looking at those regions
[16:01] <Padmay> The Super Soldier Serum is glitching up again
[16:01] <hjmck123> oryl
[16:01] <jeem9157> cuz we have no control over where the spacecraft is pointed
[16:02] <jeem9157> so we just try to find good times
[16:02] <hjmck123> go 2 mars
[16:02] <jeem9157> hard to explain
[16:03] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[16:03] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340§r) Quit (§ewolfpack340 left the game.)
[16:03] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[16:03] <jeem9157> easy to show and explain
[16:03] <hjmck123> and do it
[16:03] <hjmck123> yourself
[16:03] <ejano> leag
[16:03] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[16:03] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[16:03] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[16:03] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[16:03] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[16:03] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[16:03] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340) has joined #main
[16:03] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[16:03] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[16:03] <ejano> woah
[16:03] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[16:03] <ejano> temporarily see all the mobs around
[16:03] <hjmck123> i blame pootis
[16:03] <ejano> that was weird
[16:04] <wolfpack340> Just caught all the legendaries on FR today :DDDD
[16:04] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[16:04] <ejano> wb
[16:04] <jeem9157> thanks
[16:04] <hjmck123> wut is
[16:04] <hjmck123> oh
[16:04] <roberestarkk> ejano, try drinking the thing again please?
[16:04] <hjmck123> wb
[16:04] <ejano> wooooooooooooooooooooh
[16:05] <ejano> aaaaaaaah spam
[16:05] <ejano> lol
[16:05] <roberestarkk> what happened?
[16:05] <hjmck123> where is this cos suicide booth
[16:05] <hjmck123> i need it
[16:05] <roberestarkk> did it say you weren't allowed?
[16:05] <jeem9157> no hj
[16:05] <ejano> Im sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this
[16:05] <hjmck123> jeem
[16:05] <ejano> command
[16:05] <hjmck123> i needz it
[16:05] <roberestarkk> Excellent!
[16:05] <ejano> for every command
[16:05] <jeem9157> your friends and familiy care about you
[16:05] <ejano> xD
[16:05] <roberestarkk> My plan is working so far
[16:05] <ejano> lol
[16:05] <hjmck123> lies
[16:05] <hjmck123> the booth needs me
[16:05] <jeem9157> D:
[16:06] <jeem9157> well i'm out
[16:06] <roberestarkk> hj, I dismantled the booth
[16:06] <ejano> night
[16:06] <roberestarkk> it was a prototype
[16:06] <Padmay> bai jeemy
[16:06] <jeem9157> cya
[16:06] <wolfpack340> Man this airship is so close to being done thats its not even close to being done.
[16:06] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[16:06] <hjmck123> D:
[16:07] <hjmck123> cobble
[16:07] <ejano> free
[16:07] <wolfpack340> Does everyone get the crafting lag or is it just me?
[16:07] <hjmck123> omnom
[16:07] <hjmck123> i get everything lag
[16:07] <hjmck123> except fps
[16:08] <ejano> c:
[16:08] <ejano> nvm lol
[16:08] <hjmck123> lulz
[16:08] <hjmck123> if it makes u dig faster
[16:08] <hjmck123> ill du it
[16:08] <ejano> no it doesn't
[16:08] <ejano> xD
[16:08] <hjmck123> but
[16:08] <ejano> they;re just torches
[16:08] <hjmck123> u dont have 2
[16:08] <hjmck123> go back
[16:08] <hjmck123> n place
[16:09] <hjmck123> oryl
[16:09] <ejano> oohj
[16:09] <ejano> k
[16:09] <Padmay> wut
[16:09] <Padmay> I have dinner anyways
[16:09] <wolfpack340> OHHHHHJAY
[16:09] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[16:09] <hjmck123> feed me
[16:09] <hjmck123> oooryl
[16:10] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[16:11] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[16:11] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[16:11] <ejano> so wats happening now server
[16:11] <ejano> like
[16:11] <hjmck123> the world
[16:11] <hjmck123> is ending
[16:11] <ejano> what just happened
[16:11] <ejano> D: NO!
[16:11] <roberestarkk> didn't take
[16:11] <roberestarkk> that's odd
[16:12] <hjmck123> where u diggin to
[16:12] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340) has joined #main
[16:12] <ejano> to china
[16:12] <ejano> Hello!
[16:12] <hjmck123> but
[16:12] <hjmck123> y not japan
[16:12] <ejano> NO BUTS!
[16:12] <hjmck123> :(
[16:12] <hjmck123> can we stop there b4 we get to china
[16:12] <ejano> no
[16:12] <hjmck123> D:!
[16:13] <hjmck123> but
[16:13] <hjmck123> pokemon..
[16:13] <ejano> well... if they have a drive-through
[16:13] <hjmck123> D:
[16:14] <hjmck123> :O
[16:14] <hjmck123> a turn
[16:14] <ejano> zombies >:l
[16:14] <hjmck123> burn em
[16:14] <ejano> :O
[16:14] <ejano> aaaaaaaaaaaaaah
[16:14] <hjmck123> carrot
[16:15] <ejano> that was weird
[16:16] <hjmck123> cooble?
[16:16] <hjmck123> noo
[16:16] <hjmck123> lol
[16:17] <wolfpack340> Footsteps in sand :O
[16:17] <ejano> mmmmmmmhm
[16:17] <hjmck123> yummy
[16:17] <ejano> -plug in based not update
[16:17] <ejano> :P
[16:17] <hjmck123> y is mojang so slow
[16:17] <ejano> rooob
[16:18] <ejano> will the potion still work when it runs out
[16:18] <ejano> like
[16:18] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[16:18] <ejano> if I try drink it again
[16:18] <Padmay> i'm back
[16:18] <ejano> wb!
[16:18] <hjmck123> hi
[16:18] <Padmay> woooaaah
[16:18] <hjmck123> wut
[16:18] <ejano> we found a big scary cave
[16:19] <hjmck123> and u massacred them
[16:19] <ejano> yis
[16:19] <wolfpack340> Catcha later.
[16:19] <wolfpack340> Bye
[16:19] * wolfpack340 (wolfpack340@wolfpack340§r) Quit (§ewolfpack340 left the game.)
[16:19] <hjmck123> bai
[16:19] <ejano> byes
[16:19] <Padmay> boi
[16:19] <Padmay> D:
[16:19] <ejano> btw we're almost right under the plains where the horses are
[16:19] <ejano> :)
[16:20] <hjmck123> is this a horse transport tunnel?
[16:20] <ejano> no
[16:20] <Padmay> yep
[16:20] <ejano> >.>
[16:20] <ejano> maybe
[16:20] <hjmck123> save mee
[16:20] <ejano> :I
[16:21] <ejano> uh oh
[16:21] <hjmck123> potion gone?
[16:23] <hjmck123> coke glass looks like coke bottle upsidedown
[16:23] <ejano> :I
[16:23] <hjmck123> it doesss
[16:23] <ejano> doesn anyone else hear
[16:23] <ejano> an angry mob of zombies
[16:23] <hjmck123> i hear nothing
[16:23] <hjmck123> mc sound 2 low
[16:24] <hjmck123> o.o
[16:24] <Padmay> dafuq
[16:24] <ejano> WATCHOUT FOR SMEEGle
[16:24] <ejano> or gollum
[16:24] <Padmay> wot
[16:24] <Padmay> I'm a cat
[16:24] <hjmck123> smeagol
[16:25] <hjmck123> your a
[16:25] <hjmck123> nyan
[16:25] <hjmck123> poptart
[16:25] <Padmay> AHHHHH
[16:25] <ejano> pad come back :p
[16:25] <Padmay> LAVA!
[16:25] <ejano> :O what!
[16:25] <ejano> change direction?
[16:25] <ejano> time?
[16:26] <ejano> after this pond
[16:26] <hjmck123> but
[16:26] <hjmck123> rnt u in plainz
[16:26] <ejano> aw
[16:26] <ejano> ?
[16:27] <ejano> I can repair your pick if it breaks
[16:27] <ejano> im on lvl 39
[16:28] <Padmay> I have a special home for that business
[16:28] <ejano> ah rightio then
[16:28] <ejano> lol!
[16:28] <Padmay> need anything fixed>
[16:28] <Padmay> ?*
[16:28] <ejano> nope
[16:28] <ejano> I have a place too
[16:28] <ejano> :)
[16:28] <Padmay> okey
[16:28] <Padmay> lemme just fix my stuff
[16:28] <hjmck123> pro
[16:28] <Padmay> baaai daddy :C
[16:28] <ejano> noit
[16:29] <ejano> er
[16:29] <hjmck123> cos
[16:29] <Padmay> ewww no
[16:29] <Padmay> sorry daddy
[16:29] <Padmay> but no
[16:29] <ejano> bai
[16:29] <Padmay> baaai daddy <3
[16:29] <Padmay> stahp with the ihord jokes
[16:29] <ejano> eep
[16:29] <hjmck123> eek
[16:30] <Padmay> ravine
[16:30] <Padmay> oi husband
[16:30] <hjmck123> w0t
[16:30] <ejano> O.O
[16:30] <ejano> lol
[16:30] <Padmay> geet bak here
[16:30] <hjmck123> i was
[16:30] <ejano> XD
[16:31] <hjmck123> gettin food
[16:31] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[16:31] <ejano> Hai
[16:31] <hjmck123> ^
[16:31] <Padmay> ejano
[16:31] <Padmay> if you didn't know
[16:31] <alpine2001> Hi
[16:31] <Padmay> me, hj and duh riding were duh married
[16:31] <ejano> ah
[16:31] <hjmck123> i wasnt even on
[16:31] <hjmck123> lolz
[16:31] <Padmay> actually you were
[16:32] <hjmck123> i was?!
[16:32] <Padmay> Gus shoved you into me
[16:32] <hjmck123> :OOOOO
[16:32] <Padmay> announced marriage
[16:32] <Padmay> and then
[16:32] <Padmay> I pointed out
[16:32] <ejano> ran off?
[16:32] <Padmay> that you were married to riding
[16:32] <Padmay> and riding suddenly comes on
[16:32] <Padmay> arguing happens
[16:32] <Padmay> and bam we are all married
[16:32] <hjmck123> lul
[16:32] <ejano> how come afk is grey now
[16:33] <hjmck123> cuzzzzz
[16:33] <ejano> .
[16:33] <hjmck123> it just is
[16:33] <ejano> ha gayeeeee
[16:33] <Padmay> shiet
[16:33] <ejano> greeeeeeeeeey
[16:33] <Padmay> running out of super soldier serum
[16:33] <ejano> D:
[16:33] <Padmay> it's gone in 30 seconds
[16:33] <hjmck123> :O
[16:33] <hjmck123> mega dig
[16:34] <Padmay> gone
[16:34] <ejano> :I
[16:34] <hjmck123> D:!OTHSA
[16:34] <ejano> Hai
[16:34] <alpine2001> Hi
[16:34] <hjmck123> see double you pee
[16:34] <hjmck123> oh the uni internet didnt let me type
[16:34] <hjmck123> D:
[16:35] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[16:35] <ejano> wat
[16:35] <hjmck123> hi
[16:35] <ejano> Hello!
[16:35] <StartMining> hey everyone
[16:35] <alpine2001> Hi
[16:35] <ejano> well
[16:35] <hjmck123> like other images?
[16:35] <ejano> o.O
[16:35] <ejano> orly
[16:35] <ejano> how are you trying to do it
[16:35] <hjmck123> did u upload it
[16:35] <Padmay> Dear mouse, STOP FRIKKING MALFUNCTIONING!
[16:36] <hjmck123> did u upload le image
[16:36] <hjmck123> u need le direct link
[16:36] <Padmay> the.
[16:36] <hjmck123> le
[16:36] <Padmay> the is le.
[16:36] <Padmay> I speak French.
[16:36] <hjmck123> le is the
[16:36] <ejano> le is many different things
[16:36] <ejano> when it comes to latin based languages
[16:36] <Padmay> Bonjour monsieur hj, comment ca va?
[16:36] <ejano> :P
[16:37] <hjmck123> pootis
[16:37] <hjmck123> jeem is language person
[16:37] <Padmay> balls.
[16:37] <hjmck123> ask him
[16:37] <StartMining> i think i remeber that um...
[16:37] <ejano> nooooo I do spanish!
[16:37] <ejano> :P
[16:37] <Padmay> Ahahahaha
[16:37] <Padmay> I speak Japanese too.
[16:37] <hjmck123> i am hj
[16:37] <StartMining> nope sorry forgot it all
[16:37] <Padmay> I should piss off Ganning with French.
[16:37] <Padmay> Just test him
[16:37] <Padmay> Since I am the top of the class in language.
[16:37] <hjmck123> how do u say
[16:37] <hjmck123> im hungry
[16:37] <hjmck123> in jap
[16:37] <StartMining> Padmay san, Nan sai desu ka?
[16:37] <ejano> should we make a stair up
[16:38] <ejano> down that other end
[16:38] <ejano> up to the plains
[16:38] <Padmay> yeah we should connect a branch off for that
[16:38] <StartMining> hjmck
[16:38] <Padmay> and then continue
[16:38] <StartMining> just so u know
[16:38] <hjmck123> yas
[16:38] <ejano> okai I'll go do that
[16:38] <StartMining> im terrible at jap
[16:38] <hjmck123> lolz
[16:38] <StartMining> but i had to continue it :(
[16:38] <ejano> O.O
[16:38] <ejano> I hear a pig say wat
[16:38] <hjmck123> ive never done any jap classes
[16:38] <Padmay> why didn't you do French?
[16:38] <StartMining> im terrible at learning different languages
[16:39] <Padmay> you should be good at it
[16:39] <StartMining> padmay
[16:39] <Padmay> Languages and music go together.
[16:39] <StartMining> ill tell u later
[16:39] <StartMining> ik
[16:39] <StartMining> just crap
[16:39] <Padmay> If you are good at music, then you should be decent at learning languages..
[16:39] <StartMining> nope
[16:39] <ejano> o.O really?
[16:39] <StartMining> not true
[16:39] <hjmck123> im good at nothing!
[16:39] <hjmck123> yay
[16:39] <Padmay> it is
[16:39] <ejano> how does that connect
[16:39] <ejano> brb
[16:39] <Padmay> I wrote 2 different speeches on that
[16:39] <Padmay> it's the ability to determine sounds
[16:39] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:40] <hjmck123> cwp
[16:40] <cwp_aus> hi
[16:40] <hjmck123> did u get eet
[16:40] <Padmay> like with languages you have to pronounce things right
[16:40] <hjmck123> werkin
[16:40] <StartMining> i can speak well
[16:40] <StartMining> :L
[16:40] <Padmay> with music you need to play the sound
[16:40] <cwp_aus> no, i didn't see any messages after i said hi....
[16:40] <hjmck123> deaf people can be great musicians..
[16:40] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[16:40] <hjmck123> hihi
[16:40] <cwp_aus> hi skel
[16:40] <StartMining> they 'fell' notes
[16:40] <Skeletoon> ugghhhh i hate 1.6
[16:40] <StartMining> 'feel'*
[16:40] <hjmck123> yes
[16:40] <Padmay> these corridors are so long ._.
[16:40] <Skeletoon> i hate that launcher
[16:40] <cwp_aus> might ye be able to repeat whatever was said?
[16:40] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[16:40] <hjmck123> well
[16:41] <Skeletoon> hey val
[16:41] <hjmck123> u said nothing
[16:41] <cwp_aus> hi vaho
[16:41] <hjmck123> so no1 said anything
[16:41] <hjmck123> lolz
[16:41] <VAHO999NA> hi guys
[16:41] <hjmck123> + hihi
[16:41] <cwp_aus> wurt
[16:41] <Padmay> hey val.... eeeerrrrrieeeeee.
[16:41] <hjmck123> did u upload picturez
[16:41] <cwp_aus> it's already a url
[16:41] <VAHO999NA> hi padmay
[16:41] <Skeletoon> omg its grey now
[16:41] <hjmck123> well
[16:41] <cwp_aus> unless it doesn't... hang on
[16:41] <Skeletoon> new map?????????????
[16:41] <hjmck123> if u uploaded
[16:41] <ejano> wat
[16:42] <cwp_aus> yurp its a url
[16:42] <ejano> No!
[16:42] <cwp_aus> no new map
[16:42] <Skeletoon> i want new MAPP!!!
[16:42] <hjmck123> did u uploady it tho
[16:42] <ejano> NOOOOOooo
[16:42] <Skeletoon> YESSS
[16:42] <cwp_aus> no, It's in sam';s dropbox
[16:42] <ejano> NOOOOOOO
[16:42] <Skeletoon> YES!
[16:42] <hjmck123> butubutubtut
[16:42] <hjmck123> he said reupload
[16:42] <hjmck123> lolz
[16:42] <Padmay> we are most likely to get new map atm.
[16:42] <cwp_aus> fine, i'll upload it
[16:42] <Padmay> 7 - 6 yes's way
[16:42] <ejano> NOOOO
[16:42] <hjmck123> yesh!
[16:42] <cwp_aus> no we aren't
[16:42] <ejano> >:OOOOOOO
[16:42] <ejano> Quick
[16:42] <ejano> cwp vote twice!
[16:43] <ejano> or something
[16:43] <hjmck123> or change my vote 2 idc
[16:43] <Skeletoon> for a new map
[16:43] <ejano> nooooooo!
[16:43] <ejano> NO MAP
[16:43] <ejano> new*
[16:43] <ejano> No new map
[16:43] <hjmck123> no map?
[16:43] <Skeletoon> but this one's boring
[16:43] <cwp_aus> 7-7
[16:43] <hjmck123> *deletes map*
[16:43] <ejano> D:
[16:43] <ejano> nooooo!
[16:43] <Padmay> you're boring ^^
[16:43] <ejano> its nawt boring
[16:43] <Skeletoon> ino n_n
[16:43] <hjmck123> the super south lands r cool
[16:43] <cwp_aus> brb
[16:43] <Padmay> and the super north west
[16:44] <Padmay> aka. tonupad
[16:44] <Skeletoon> as boring as u are padmay =)
[16:44] <Padmay> D:
[16:44] <ejano> no you're boring!
[16:44] <hjmck123> is it.. boring.. or fun..
[16:44] <Padmay> NO ONE LIKES ME
[16:44] <Skeletoon> nope u crazy O.O
[16:44] <Padmay> well actually I can't say that..
[16:44] <Padmay> Since two guys like me..
[16:44] <Padmay> I mean.. 3...
[16:44] <hjmck123> r they human
[16:44] <Padmay> BUT WHO CARESSSS
[16:44] <Padmay> yeah.
[16:44] <Skeletoon> na they live on hjmck planet
[16:45] <ejano> I reached surface padmay
[16:45] <hjmck123> my planet will invade eventually
[16:45] <Padmay> :D
[16:45] <hjmck123> earth will be mine.
[16:45] <Skeletoon> soon
[16:45] <VAHO999NA> :O
[16:45] <Skeletoon> wait is rpg open?
[16:45] <ejano> holy
[16:45] <hjmck123> not open
[16:45] <Padmay> sorry!
[16:45] <ejano> ow
[16:45] <Padmay> ERMAGAWD
[16:45] <Skeletoon> so we can join it just still in the holding cell?
[16:46] <ejano> ye
[16:46] <hjmck123> yes
[16:46] <hjmck123> crow could prob escape if she asked
[16:46] <Skeletoon> ejano u get a town in rpg now?
[16:46] <hjmck123> but she wants jrr town
[16:46] <Skeletoon> -_-
[16:46] <Skeletoon> now to find no horses
[16:46] <VAHO999NA> HORSES
[16:46] <hjmck123> they shudda added camels
[16:46] <hjmck123> cuz u r desert man
[16:46] <cwp_aus> still no luck hj
[16:46] <alpine2001> ^
[16:46] <ejano> ye!
[16:47] <Padmay> ejaaano
[16:47] <VAHO999NA> i hate how they spawn in only unloaded chunks
[16:47] <Skeletoon> WHEN DID ALPINE RANK
[16:47] <hjmck123> in le source code
[16:47] <ejano> waat
[16:47] <cwp_aus> regardless of being uploaded to photobucket
[16:47] <Skeletoon> O.O
[16:47] <StartMining> horses are evil (some of them)
[16:47] <hjmck123> is it
[16:47] <Skeletoon> congratz alpine
[16:47] <hjmck123> [img]
[16:47] <Padmay> what's with the stone trail?
[16:47] <hjmck123> [/ing]
[16:47] <alpine2001> Thanks Skele
[16:47] <hjmck123> img*
[16:47] <ejano> to find the hole again
[16:47] <VAHO999NA> you ranked!
[16:47] <VAHO999NA> congratz!
[16:47] <alpine2001> YEAH!
[16:47] <alpine2001> Thanks
[16:47] <VAHO999NA> when? :D
[16:47] <alpine2001> :D
[16:47] <alpine2001> Earlier today
[16:47] <cwp_aus> I am using the image url upload thingo
[16:47] <ejano> mobs spawn with armour now
[16:48] <VAHO999NA> is it for your new house?
[16:48] <Padmay> CREEPER HEAD!
[16:48] <hjmck123> but use source instead
[16:48] <hjmck123> try
[16:48] <alpine2001> Yes VAHO
[16:48] <hjmck123> click eet
[16:48] <VAHO999NA> :D
[16:48] <alpine2001> Val*
[16:48] <VAHO999NA> xD
[16:48] <hjmck123> [img]pootis com[/img]
[16:48] <Skeletoon> ^
[16:48] <VAHO999NA> pootis com
[16:48] <Skeletoon> use photobucket
[16:48] <cwp_aus> didn't work, preview just shows the url
[16:48] <hjmck123> n make sure its direct link
[16:48] <cwp_aus> i am
[16:48] <hjmck123> :s
[16:48] <Skeletoon> u copy the last url from the image?
[16:49] <cwp_aus> 'last'?
[16:49] <hjmck123> .jpg?
[16:49] <hjmck123> or wutever it is
[16:49] <Skeletoon> ok when u click on the image in photbucket
[16:49] <cwp_aus> yes jpg
[16:49] <Skeletoon> on the side it gives u different url's
[16:49] <Skeletoon> u click the last one
[16:49] <Padmay> I reached the end of the trail D:
[16:49] <alpine2001> Nvm Val
[16:49] <Skeletoon> yea
[16:49] <Padmay> woah
[16:49] <VAHO999NA> lolz
[16:49] <Skeletoon> and past the link into the post
[16:49] <Skeletoon> and done
[16:49] <VAHO999NA> i kept typing /tpaccpet
[16:50] <hjmck123> gimmi link
[16:50] <hjmck123> lolz
[16:50] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[16:50] <VAHO999NA> GABBBB
[16:50] <ejano> Hai
[16:50] <alpine2001> Hey Gabb
[16:50] <Skeletoon> GAB!
[16:50] <hjmck123> its a grabba
[16:50] <Skeletoon> =P
[16:51] <VAHO999NA> its a go grabba grabba!
[16:51] <cwp_aus> ermagheard it weorked
[16:51] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[16:51] <hjmck123> u 4got the 1
[16:51] <VAHO999NA> fineee
[16:51] <Skeletoon> what did copy paste?
[16:51] <VAHO999NA> its a go grabba grabba1!*
[16:51] <cwp_aus> no the img url, :P
[16:51] <hjmck123> u forgot the _
[16:51] <Padmay> isn't go gabba gabba that show?
[16:51] <Skeletoon> -_-
[16:51] <VAHO999NA> :O
[16:51] <hjmck123> wutanoob
[16:51] <VAHO999NA> whats this?
[16:51] <hjmck123> lolz
[16:52] <ejano> coming
[16:52] <cwp_aus> hush skel, cwp ir pohoto pasting noob, :P
[16:52] <Padmay> oh leark a hj
[16:52] <cwp_aus> yo start you there?
[16:52] <hjmck123> lolz
[16:52] <hjmck123> ive been waiting here
[16:52] <hjmck123> whole time
[16:52] <VAHO999NA> GRABBAAA
[16:52] <VAHO999NA> whats this thingo?
[16:52] <StartMining> hai cwp
[16:52] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> VALLLL
[16:52] <StartMining> what brings u here
[16:52] <hjmck123> i c a crow
[16:52] <cwp_aus> hi
[16:52] <Padmay> WOAH
[16:52] <Padmay> hahaha
[16:52] <hjmck123> woah wut
[16:52] <cwp_aus> welp, remember me saying I wanted to make a house nearby or something
[16:52] <ejano> :I
[16:53] <cwp_aus> yeah that
[16:53] <Skeletoon> villagers sound so dumb
[16:53] <ejano> dem ears
[16:53] <StartMining> ya
[16:53] <Padmay> creepy
[16:53] <Padmay> it's like
[16:53] <Padmay> slendercreeper is watching
[16:53] <ejano> creepery
[16:53] <cwp_aus> damnit magic launcher doesn't work with 1.6....
[16:53] <alpine2001> Hey
[16:53] <ejano> woah
[16:53] <ejano> sry
[16:54] <ejano> rob u there
[16:54] <Padmay> *wishing I had cos potion*
[16:54] <ejano> *wishing it worked*
[16:54] <hjmck123> robs nowhere
[16:54] <hjmck123> hes just
[16:54] <Padmay> *wishing I could use it*
[16:54] <hjmck123> afk
[16:54] <StartMining> cwppeh
[16:54] <cwp_aus> yurp?
[16:54] <StartMining> so nice of you to live here
[16:54] <Skeletoon> im in the middle of nowhere val
[16:54] <Padmay> NOU.
[16:55] <StartMining> now current confirmed pop: 4
[16:55] <VAHO999NA> im boreddd
[16:55] <alpine2001> What are you's doing?
[16:55] <VAHO999NA> i dont care
[16:55] <VAHO999NA> :P
[16:55] <ejano> eep
[16:55] <cwp_aus> lol
[16:55] <Padmay> wooooow
[16:55] <alpine2001> :D
[16:55] <VAHO999NA> i assume you're searching for horses
[16:55] <Skeletoon> looking too see if i can find a horse or something
[16:55] <Skeletoon> ye
[16:55] <cwp_aus> any particular style of building required?
[16:55] <Skeletoon> nothing coz want new map
[16:55] <ejano> skele I have a home at some
[16:55] <StartMining> not really
[16:55] <ejano> but
[16:55] <StartMining> as long as it looks good
[16:56] <hjmck123> skellingt0n
[16:56] <Skeletoon> na ill find some if they come up
[16:56] <hjmck123> go burn the world
[16:56] <hjmck123> then new map
[16:56] <hjmck123> :D
[16:56] <VAHO999NA> :OOOO
[16:56] <Skeletoon> hj saying it like that is like saying hjmfagck
[16:56] <VAHO999NA> hj
[16:56] <hjmck123> D:
[16:56] <hjmck123> v4l
[16:56] <VAHO999NA> why dont you go burn the world?
[16:56] <ejano> D:
[16:56] <hjmck123> cuz rules n stuff liek that
[16:56] <hjmck123> D:
[16:56] <ejano> cause we like this world
[16:56] <hjmck123> but watch out in rpg
[16:56] <hjmck123> >: D
[16:56] <VAHO999NA> xD
[16:57] <cwp_aus> I don' want to be rebuilding your mess hj
[16:57] <ejano> hj no-one will buy you if you go rogue
[16:57] <ejano> :p
[16:57] <hjmck123> i never said i was
[16:57] <Skeletoon> that's the idea?
[16:57] <alpine2001> Padmay come
[16:57] <Skeletoon> maybe i should go rogue too
[16:57] <cwp_aus> footsteps!
[16:57] <cwp_aus> lel
[16:57] <VAHO999NA> im lostttttttttttttttttttt
[16:57] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz) has joined #main
[16:57] <hjmck123> stahp assumin im rogue
[16:57] <hjmck123> lolz
[16:57] <ejano> but then you won't get bought
[16:57] <Skeletoon> hey dog
[16:57] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hey
[16:57] <VAHO999NA> hye dog
[16:57] <Skeletoon> so am i val
[16:57] <dogwateroz> lo'
[16:58] <cwp_aus> don't worry about not being bought
[16:58] <cwp_aus> I will be happy to take any and ALL slaves
[16:58] <VAHO999NA> im joing one horse searching thngo after the next
[16:58] <ejano> what if they run away on you cwp
[16:58] <hjmck123> u dont have 2 be a rogue to burn the world
[16:58] <ejano> waste of all that money
[16:58] <StartMining> finally dug out a whole landmass
[16:58] <ejano> >.>
[16:58] <alpine2001> Spawner
[16:58] <Padmay> DUNGEON
[16:58] <cwp_aus> then they get caught, wipped, and put back to work
[16:58] <cwp_aus> roman style
[16:58] <ejano> :O
[16:58] <cwp_aus> >:D
[16:58] <Padmay> MINE!
[16:58] <hjmck123> cwp did u make your town
[16:58] <Padmay> nametag :d
[16:58] <ejano> watcha get
[16:59] <ejano> NOICE!
[16:59] <Padmay> enchanted book
[16:59] <cwp_aus> I may have...
[16:59] <Padmay> saddle
[16:59] <hjmck123> how many fences
[16:59] <cwp_aus> up here ok start?
[16:59] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[16:59] <hjmck123> or wallz
[16:59] <ejano> how do we get back...
[16:59] <StartMining> yeah
[16:59] <hjmck123> u tp
[16:59] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[16:59] <cwp_aus> cool
[16:59] <Padmay> looting II enchanted book :D
[16:59] <StartMining> pirate ships are fine too :)
[16:59] <ejano> wb
[16:59] <StartMining> jussayin
[16:59] <ejano> 9 seconds
[16:59] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[16:59] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[17:00] <ejano> wb again..
[17:00] <hjmck123> cwp do u have a mini prison
[17:00] <hjmck123> or anythuin
[17:00] <VAHO999NA> wb
[17:00] <cwp_aus> maybe, maybe not
[17:00] <hjmck123> ill go with yes
[17:00] <alpine2001> It's so laggy for me
[17:00] <VAHO999NA> same
[17:00] <cwp_aus> hi dere
[17:00] <StartMining> nice view
[17:00] <hjmck123> is your town big?
[17:00] <ejano> cwp, as a mod what title are you on RPG
[17:00] <hjmck123> compared 2 other
[17:00] <hjmck123> s
[17:00] <StartMining> nope
[17:00] <VAHO999NA> oh yes
[17:00] <cwp_aus> Margrave
[17:01] <VAHO999NA> i need to satrt my house
[17:01] <ejano> will I be a Margrave?
[17:01] <VAHO999NA> i need to think about it
[17:01] <hjmck123> r u going 2 make a town
[17:01] <ejano> my spidey senses are tingling
[17:01] <Skeletoon> my enrolment status for uni has changed O.O
[17:01] <cwp_aus> speak to gale ejano bout it
[17:01] <ejano> o.O
[17:01] <hjmck123> EXPELLED
[17:01] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[17:01] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[17:01] <ejano> okay thx cwp
[17:01] <Skeletoon> coz i didnt pass 50% of my subjects last session its been changed
[17:02] <Skeletoon> from
[17:02] <ejano> o.o
[17:02] <Skeletoon> Bachelor of civil engineering
[17:02] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[17:02] <Skeletoon> too just bachelor of engineering ?
[17:02] <Skeletoon> wdf
[17:02] <cwp_aus> wut
[17:02] <VAHO999NA> :OOOOO
[17:02] <hjmck123> u rnt civil enuf
[17:02] <ejano> :I
[17:02] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[17:02] <hjmck123> kdiiner
[17:02] <hjmck123> bbl
[17:02] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[17:02] <cwp_aus> start, need dirtr?
[17:02] <Skeletoon> but im doing civil subjects right now
[17:02] <cwp_aus> I have too much, lel
[17:03] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[17:03] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> g2g bbl maybe
[17:03] <Skeletoon> cya
[17:03] <VAHO999NA> byes
[17:03] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[17:03] <VAHO999NA> is this making you dizzy
[17:03] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[17:03] <Skeletoon> im not looking val =P im on the net
[17:04] <VAHO999NA> DDDDD:
[17:04] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[17:04] <StartMining> :O
[17:04] <StartMining> you make a trail behind you :O
[17:04] <cwp_aus> yeah
[17:04] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[17:04] <ejano> footsteps
[17:05] <cwp_aus> oh hey, they added in those attack things
[17:05] <cwp_aus> on items
[17:05] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[17:05] <VAHO999NA> im sorry
[17:05] <ejano> O.O
[17:05] <Skeletoon> val that was 24 lvls -_-
[17:05] <VAHO999NA> i was shooting that thing in the distance :O
[17:05] <VAHO999NA> paccept
[17:06] * GanNing (GanNing@GanNing) has joined #main
[17:06] <VAHO999NA> skeleee
[17:06] <ejano> Hai
[17:06] <VAHO999NA> your stuff
[17:06] <Skeletoon> hey ganning
[17:06] <VAHO999NA> hye
[17:06] <cwp_aus> hi gan
[17:06] <GanNing> hi
[17:06] <Padmay> Bonjour Monsieur GanNing
[17:07] <Skeletoon> fortune III pick
[17:07] <ejano> :O
[17:07] <Padmay> I know who you have a crush on GanNing ^^
[17:07] <Skeletoon> ta
[17:07] <VAHO999NA> yw
[17:07] <VAHO999NA> im so sorry
[17:07] <cwp_aus> :O
[17:07] <ejano> I see daylight padmay!
[17:07] <Padmay> ERMAGAHD
[17:07] <Skeletoon> a screw horses =P
[17:07] <StartMining> fortune III eficiency V and unbreaking III
[17:07] <GanNing> who I USED to have a crush on
[17:08] <Padmay> she's one of my best friends.
[17:08] <GanNing> you guys just pushed it too far so I stopped liking her
[17:08] <StartMining> padmay
[17:08] <Padmay> Everyone in my class knows C:
[17:08] <Padmay> even she does
[17:08] <GanNing> yeah
[17:08] <StartMining> keep this talk elseplace
[17:08] <GanNing> I know
[17:08] <StartMining> elseplace
[17:08] <StartMining> nao
[17:08] <StartMining> steam go
[17:08] <StartMining> run along children
[17:08] <Padmay> WOAH
[17:08] <ejano> ^
[17:08] <ejano> lol
[17:08] <ejano> (to start)
[17:08] <ejano> :I
[17:09] <Skeletoon> so ganning is good looking irl?
[17:09] <ejano> free cobble
[17:09] <Padmay> no C:
[17:09] <GanNing> ...
[17:09] <GanNing> neither are you
[17:09] <ejano> thats an opinion
[17:09] <Padmay> I'm sawweee
[17:09] <Padmay> but
[17:09] <ejano> guys stop!
[17:09] <Padmay> I got called cute
[17:09] <Padmay> bout
[17:09] <GanNing> meh
[17:09] <Padmay> a million times today
[17:09] <ejano> You're both beautful :p
[17:09] <Skeletoon> dw when u get older u become less cute
[17:10] <GanNing> lets just talk about minecraft stuff and leave this private
[17:10] <VAHO999NA> xD
[17:10] <ejano> Yes
[17:10] <ejano> HORSES
[17:10] <ejano> :D
[17:10] <ejano> neeeeigh
[17:10] <Padmay> WOAT
[17:10] <cwp_aus> footsteps!
[17:10] <Padmay> wot
[17:10] <cwp_aus> and stuff!
[17:10] <Padmay> wot
[17:10] <Skeletoon> CARPET EJANO CARPET -_-
[17:10] <Padmay> wot
[17:10] <ejano> just in general
[17:10] <ejano> oh
[17:10] <Padmay> HORSE.
[17:10] <ejano> CARPET
[17:10] <GanNing> W00T
[17:10] <Padmay> who wants free cobble?
[17:11] <Padmay> and by the way GanNing
[17:11] <Padmay> Elliot
[17:11] <Padmay> says
[17:11] <Padmay> that your attempts
[17:11] <VAHO999NA> meeeeeeeeee
[17:11] <StartMining> padmay
[17:11] <Padmay> at being cool
[17:11] <ejano> who wants to be a vaccum cleaner
[17:11] <StartMining> steam
[17:11] <StartMining> nao
[17:11] <Padmay> wearing your hat backwards
[17:11] <StartMining> run along children
[17:11] <Padmay> is weird
[17:11] <Padmay> and not cool
[17:11] <Padmay> ^^
[17:11] <StartMining> run along children
[17:11] <StartMining> steam
[17:11] <StartMining> nao
[17:11] <Padmay> and that's from the pyjama king of swag.
[17:11] <Padmay> why?
[17:11] <Padmay> we are just discussing real life issues.
[17:11] <ejano> please stop putting ganning down..
[17:11] <StartMining> people want/don't want to here this
[17:11] <GanNing> yes
[17:11] <cwp_aus> indeed
[17:11] <ejano> they're not issues
[17:11] <GanNing> but in front of COMPLETTE STRANGERS
[17:12] <Padmay> <_<
[17:12] <ejano> the issue is being rude about it..
[17:12] <Padmay> they are what other people said
[17:12] <StartMining> steam
[17:12] <StartMining> run along now
[17:12] <StartMining> :)
[17:12] <ejano> what people 'said' not what is
[17:12] <StartMining> however ej is right
[17:12] <StartMining> you r putting gan down
[17:12] <Padmay> he's done it many times to me
[17:12] <StartMining> its who he is
[17:12] <Padmay> ehem smashing my head at school
[17:12] <Padmay> with his fist.
[17:12] <StartMining> please
[17:13] <GanNing> dude
[17:13] <StartMining> run along to steam chat
[17:13] <cwp_aus> what happens at school stays at school
[17:13] <GanNing> it wasn't my fist
[17:13] <Padmay> I hate steam.
[17:13] <StartMining> bye bye, steam chat nao
[17:13] <cwp_aus> and doesn't cross over to mc...
[17:13] <GanNing> and it was a friendly gesture
[17:13] <StartMining> STEAM CHAT now please
[17:13] <Padmay> friendly gestures are punching?!
[17:13] <Padmay> Okay then
[17:13] <ejano> look guys, we don't want to hear it
[17:13] <VAHO999NA> what is happening here?
[17:13] <StartMining> steam nao
[17:13] <GanNing> how is that punching?
[17:13] <StartMining> go go go
[17:13] <ejano> we don't know the situation
[17:13] <cwp_aus> Now, you two are going to stop
[17:13] <StartMining> run along children
[17:13] <StartMining> steam
[17:13] <ejano> so don't try and nag at us about it
[17:13] <StartMining> to steam children
[17:13] <cwp_aus> or i'll re-mute you
[17:13] <Skeletoon> start no one likes steam =P except hyper
[17:14] <GanNing> done
[17:14] <StartMining> steam is better than other programs (ackem Facebook ackem)
[17:14] <Padmay> I use facebook.
[17:14] <Padmay> ehem ehem.
[17:14] <Skeletoon> no i wouldnt say that
[17:14] <Padmay> I should just get rid of steam.
[17:14] <Padmay> I don't even use it.
[17:14] <cwp_aus> lol
[17:14] <Padmay> I might use it when Starbound comes out.
[17:14] <ejano> arg we're so faaaaar
[17:15] <Padmay> But otherwise, it's wasting precious RAM Space.
[17:15] <cwp_aus> can anyone get on the starmade server?
[17:15] <ejano> *tries potion for 5th time*
[17:15] <ejano> :I still doesn't like me
[17:15] <cwp_aus> ejano, potions be borked
[17:15] <ejano> wat
[17:15] <Skeletoon> ima play quake live
[17:15] <cwp_aus> well, super potions are
[17:15] <Skeletoon> caio pplz
[17:16] <VAHO999NA> byes
[17:16] <ejano> >.<
[17:16] <ejano> byes
[17:16] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon§r) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[17:16] <ejano> they were working
[17:16] <GanNing> aw come on
[17:16] <ejano> rob just changed it so they dont
[17:16] <ejano> now
[17:17] <Padmay> we're so far away ._.
[17:17] <ejano> :C
[17:18] <ejano> cwp I have 36 iron ore if u want it
[17:18] <cwp_aus> lol sure
[17:18] <StartMining> well bye guys
[17:18] <cwp_aus> seya
[17:18] <ejano> bye
[17:18] <StartMining> play safe here in New Caelandia
[17:18] <StartMining> dont get blown up
[17:18] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[17:18] <cwp_aus> almost have been three times, xD
[17:19] <ejano> cancelled
[17:19] <ejano> :I
[17:19] <cwp_aus> zombies
[17:19] <cwp_aus> wut dis for
[17:19] <ejano> thingo
[17:19] <cwp_aus> thingo eh?
[17:19] <cwp_aus> ore?
[17:20] <cwp_aus> plz
[17:20] <ejano> right there...
[17:20] <cwp_aus> thanks
[17:20] <ejano> :P
[17:20] <ejano> o.o
[17:21] <ejano> eh, Im gonna have a break from this diggin
[17:21] <ejano> cwap
[17:21] <cwp_aus> ?
[17:21] <ejano> I need to set home
[17:21] <ejano> lol
[17:21] <cwp_aus> mods have 5 homes?
[17:21] <Padmay> deleted the home in the swamp?
[17:22] <ejano> ayep
[17:22] <ejano> and yis
[17:22] <Padmay> ack I'm taking a break too
[17:22] <Padmay> this is tiring
[17:23] <cwp_aus> paperweight keys?
[17:23] <ejano> XD
[17:23] <ejano> need it on a mouse too
[17:23] <cwp_aus> lol
[17:23] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[17:24] <cwp_aus> wb
[17:24] <StartMining> while dengar has issues are be on this
[17:24] <ejano> weelcome back
[17:24] <StartMining> ill*
[17:24] <Padmay> he's eating your head off?
[17:24] <ejano> o.O
[17:24] <StartMining> hes making a hexxit server
[17:24] <Padmay> ermagawd
[17:24] <ejano> :O
[17:25] <Padmay> Mah foal is growing up
[17:26] <Padmay> Woah
[17:26] <Padmay> Horsey
[17:26] <Padmay> calm down
[17:26] <Padmay> You're fast.
[17:26] <GanNing> ._.
[17:27] <cwp_aus> horse not playin nice?
[17:27] <ejano> woah I found an epic horse
[17:27] <Padmay> Fast horse..
[17:27] <ejano> its super fast and 14 health
[17:27] <ejano> thingo
[17:27] <GanNing> nice
[17:27] <StartMining> interesting
[17:27] <cwp_aus> oh hi dere
[17:27] <cwp_aus> eh, playing with ideas
[17:28] <StartMining> make sure there isnt any redstone circuitry :3
[17:28] <cwp_aus> lol
[17:29] <Padmay> PONY GREW UP!
[17:29] <GanNing> ...
[17:29] <Padmay> MAKE MORE BABIES
[17:29] <Padmay> AWWWW
[17:30] <Padmay> BEDROCK HORSE
[17:30] <ejano> O.O
[17:30] <ejano> wat
[17:30] <Padmay> ejaaano
[17:30] <Padmay> come see
[17:30] <Padmay> bedrock horseee
[17:30] <ejano> k
[17:30] <ejano> aaaaw
[17:30] <ejano> can I feed him
[17:30] <Padmay> that tail
[17:30] <Padmay> isn't meant to wag
[17:30] <Padmay> suuure
[17:30] <ejano> bop
[17:31] <Padmay> hahaha
[17:31] <ejano> *gets bigger*
[17:31] <Padmay> Mah nametagged horse
[17:31] <Padmay> is fat wot
[17:31] <Padmay> wot
[17:31] <ejano> :D
[17:31] <Padmay> why sah fat
[17:31] <ejano> xD
[17:31] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[17:31] <Padmay> DON'T FLICK YOUR TAIL AT ME
[17:31] <VAHO999NA> wb gab
[17:31] <GanNing> hi
[17:31] <GanNing> woah
[17:32] <Padmay> FAT HORSE
[17:32] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ty
[17:32] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[17:32] <GanNing> someone's getting emotional :3
[17:32] <ejano> :o
[17:32] <ejano> speedy aging
[17:32] <Padmay> you fat horse
[17:32] <Padmay> s
[17:32] <StartMining> some horses are evil
[17:32] <ejano> just cause they like their hay
[17:32] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[17:32] <VAHO999NA> :OO
[17:32] <ejano> doesn't mean they're fat
[17:32] <StartMining> when you almost make it to home
[17:32] <Padmay> And golden apple.
[17:32] <cwp_aus> Nekkminit padmay opens up horse bootcamp
[17:32] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[17:32] <StartMining> they drown on you
[17:33] <Padmay> THERE WILL BE JUSTICE.
[17:33] <Padmay> fat horse.
[17:33] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[17:33] <Padmay> come with me, bias-horse
[17:33] <ejano> Helloo
[17:33] <Padmay> you fatty horse
[17:33] <Padmay> HJ
[17:33] <VAHO999NA> hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjh
[17:33] <hjmck123> oink
[17:33] <Padmay> Come look at meh horsies
[17:33] <VAHO999NA> j
[17:33] <hjmck123> ill follow le tunnel
[17:33] <Padmay> oh gawd
[17:34] <ejano> its ages long..
[17:34] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[17:34] <hjmck123> gud
[17:34] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[17:34] <hjmck123> gab r pro
[17:34] <hjmck123> nothings at end
[17:35] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wat
[17:35] <ejano> haven't made it to china yet
[17:35] <hjmck123> y nawt
[17:35] <ejano> awyis
[17:35] <StartMining> heh in the hill
[17:35] <ejano> dungeon
[17:35] <StartMining> like a hobbit
[17:35] <ejano> with name tags
[17:35] <cwp_aus> lel
[17:36] <hjmck123> hobbit
[17:36] <hjmck123> where
[17:36] <cwp_aus> pathway?
[17:36] <hjmck123> WHERE IS BILBO BAGGINS
[17:36] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[17:36] <StartMining> ive spotted a wild hobbit
[17:36] <hjmck123> TAY
[17:36] <ejano> hey!
[17:36] <hjmck123> WHERE R THE HOBBITS
[17:36] <cwp_aus> oh hey dere tay
[17:36] <Padmay> TAYYYY!
[17:36] <VAHO999NA> hye
[17:36] <taylaahjanee> Hai
[17:36] <StartMining> it appears to be a leader thanks to its crown
[17:36] <ejano> They've taken the hobbits to ISrngard!
[17:36] <hjmck123> best home
[17:36] <hjmck123> ever
[17:36] <taylaahjanee> brb
[17:36] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[17:37] <Padmay> DL
[17:37] <Padmay> D:*
[17:37] <StartMining> ive managed to sneak into its home (imagine bear grills voice
[17:37] <hjmck123> lolz
[17:37] <StartMining> ive been spotted
[17:37] <VAHO999NA> lolz
[17:37] <StartMining> better get out of there
[17:37] <ejano> GET OUT WHILE U CAN
[17:38] <StartMining> it appears that ive made a clean getaway
[17:38] <hjmck123> when you've been spotted its essential you have liquids
[17:38] <hjmck123> better drink my own piss
[17:38] <GanNing> wow
[17:38] <ejano> omg
[17:38] <cwp_aus> you seen the bear grills rpg?
[17:38] <VAHO999NA> oops
[17:38] <StartMining> here i have my camera man hjmck talking about vital survival techniques
[17:38] <VAHO999NA> xD
[17:38] <GanNing> there are quite a few more residents than the last new cealandia
[17:38] <Padmay> ALL MY HORSES ARE FAST ;D
[17:38] <cwp_aus> I'll let you do what you will with how the path is set up
[17:39] <hjmck123> le start
[17:39] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[17:39] <hjmck123> can i haz make a home
[17:39] <Padmay> And beautiful :D
[17:39] <cwp_aus> wb
[17:39] <GanNing> cool
[17:39] <Padmay> Maammmeeeeyyyy
[17:39] <StartMining> sure
[17:39] <Padmay> DO YOU WANT A HORSE?!
[17:39] <ejano> all horsies are pretty
[17:39] <hjmck123> :D
[17:39] <StartMining> now pop: 5
[17:39] <ejano> :p
[17:39] <VAHO999NA> wb
[17:39] <VAHO999NA> yay
[17:39] <hjmck123> where make it
[17:39] <taylaahjanee> Thanks
[17:39] <StartMining> lemme know where
[17:39] <cwp_aus> it's expanding exponentially!
[17:39] <VAHO999NA> i'll start building... tomorrow :P
[17:39] <taylaahjanee> How come you deleted me off facebook? </3
[17:39] <hjmck123> hmmmmmmmmmmmm
[17:39] <StartMining> location, tell me | style any as long as it looks good
[17:39] <Padmay> I had to :C
[17:39] <Padmay> I'm sawweee
[17:39] <hjmck123> kay
[17:39] <taylaahjanee> whyyyy
[17:39] <VAHO999NA> startttttt
[17:40] <Padmay> since
[17:40] <StartMining> wut
[17:40] <Padmay> personal issues
[17:40] <hjmck123> hmm
[17:40] <taylaahjanee> oh :c
[17:40] <VAHO999NA> save my spot for me :3
[17:40] <hjmck123> under le waterfall?
[17:40] <StartMining> val
[17:40] <VAHO999NA> i have to think about how im gonna buid my house :P
[17:40] <StartMining> just a double check
[17:40] <Padmay> Would you like a horse, Tay?
[17:40] <StartMining> its at the curve right?
[17:40] <ejano> omg Im naming this horse after my friend
[17:40] <ejano> ^-^
[17:40] <VAHO999NA> yesh
[17:40] <StartMining> ok cool
[17:40] <taylaahjanee> okay :D
[17:40] <StartMining> gan is living next to you
[17:40] <hjmck123> how about there mr starty
[17:40] <Padmay> Come see this little foal :D
[17:41] <cwp_aus> next to whom?
[17:41] <GanNing> wow
[17:41] <Padmay> <_<
[17:41] <StartMining> where?
[17:41] <hjmck123> under waterfall
[17:41] <GanNing> you two are REALLY into the horses right now
[17:41] <Padmay> HORSIES COMPANY
[17:41] <ejano> hellz yeah
[17:41] <taylaahjanee> aw
[17:41] <StartMining> sure
[17:41] <cwp_aus> lel
[17:41] <hjmck123> :D
[17:41] <Padmay> Geall
[17:41] <Padmay> get bak here
[17:41] <StartMining> just 1 thing
[17:41] <Padmay> you fatty horse
[17:41] <cwp_aus> who's my neighbor start?
[17:41] <StartMining> make the path go...
[17:41] <GanNing> ME
[17:41] <taylaahjanee> wha are those squares in the ground?
[17:42] <Padmay> footprints
[17:42] <StartMining> on the side of this hill
[17:42] <ejano> footprints
[17:42] <StartMining> and join it up
[17:42] <taylaahjanee> oh
[17:42] <taylaahjanee> weird
[17:42] <hjmck123> path here?
[17:42] <StartMining> maybe as a bridge as it is a dock
[17:42] <Padmay> GEALL.
[17:42] <StartMining> yeah
[17:42] <StartMining> and across to your home
[17:42] <cwp_aus> flying steampunk ship dock?
[17:42] <hjmck123> where attach path to
[17:42] <hjmck123> from here tho
[17:42] <StartMining> round the corner
[17:42] <hjmck123> oh
[17:42] <hjmck123> kay
[17:43] <taylaahjanee> how do i ride this thing? D:
[17:43] <Padmay> haha
[17:43] <ejano> lol xD
[17:43] <hjmck123> u dont
[17:43] <Padmay> You need a saddle
[17:43] <taylaahjanee> oh
[17:43] <Padmay> you be riding Jak-horse there.
[17:43] <Padmay> Jak is your son btw Tay C:
[17:43] <Padmay> He's my brother nao
[17:43] <Padmay> since a long time ago
[17:43] <taylaahjanee> Oh what
[17:43] <taylaahjanee> can't keep up with all these kids
[17:44] <Padmay> yeap
[17:44] <hjmck123> baby factory
[17:44] <ejano> :I
[17:44] <taylaahjanee> lel
[17:44] <taylaahjanee> so how come tonu got fired
[17:44] <cwp_aus> wut
[17:44] <hjmck123> cuz crows a theif
[17:44] <hjmck123> >:P
[17:45] <cwp_aus> mind if I place afew trees for harvestin start?
[17:45] <taylaahjanee> no srsly
[17:45] <hjmck123> no reason
[17:45] <taylaahjanee> oh
[17:45] <hjmck123> they just needed a spot 4 crow
[17:45] <Padmay> thanks :D
[17:45] <taylaahjanee> s:
[17:45] <taylaahjanee> okay
[17:45] <ejano> wat
[17:46] <StartMining> ill leave you to make the bridge
[17:46] <hjmck123> kay
[17:46] <StartMining> hjmck
[17:46] <Padmay> get your horsey ass in
[17:46] <cwp_aus> hi vaho
[17:47] <VAHO999NA> hihi
[17:47] <Padmay> foal :D
[17:47] <GanNing> hey
[17:47] <hjmck123> val he said vaho
[17:47] <hjmck123> eat him
[17:47] <GanNing> out of my house
[17:47] <VAHO999NA> :O
[17:47] <cwp_aus> hey start, how you wan this bit of the path done?
[17:47] <VAHO999NA> thats... your house
[17:47] <VAHO999NA> i was just doing mob control :D
[17:47] <Padmay> Ejano
[17:47] <GanNing> ok...
[17:47] <Padmay> do you have any spare leads?
[17:47] <ejano> ayep
[17:47] <ejano> but
[17:47] <ejano> im dungeon hunting right now
[17:48] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[17:48] <hjmck123> schmirey
[17:48] <Smiley864> HJJ :D
[17:48] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hey tori
[17:48] <Padmay> come on damn foal
[17:48] <Padmay> be smart
[17:48] <ejano> aaaaawyis
[17:48] <Padmay> There golden apple
[17:48] <ejano> horsie armour
[17:49] <Padmay> :D
[17:49] <Padmay> COME ON YOU FAT HORSE
[17:49] <Padmay> MOVE IT
[17:49] <ejano> how many do you need pad
[17:49] <Padmay> A few.
[17:49] <Padmay> Just to tie these goddamn horses and donkey up.
[17:50] <Padmay> DISOBEDIENT FOAL
[17:50] <Padmay> MOVE YOUR FAT ASS HERE
[17:50] <ejano> Dasha my horsie is now badaws
[17:50] <VAHO999NA> start can i flatten out the land here?
[17:50] <GanNing> need some help there?
[17:50] <cwp_aus> nah, all good
[17:50] <Padmay> thanks ejano :D
[17:50] <ejano> np :P
[17:51] <taylaahjanee> gotta go, bye
[17:51] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[17:51] <ejano> I chucked some junk on the donkey
[17:51] <Padmay> pony drag
[17:51] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> bye
[17:51] <Padmay> YIS!
[17:51] <Padmay> fat pony
[17:51] <VAHO999NA> wait...
[17:51] <Padmay> BREED MY DEARS
[17:51] <VAHO999NA> get out of the way gab
[17:51] <Padmay> YEAH!
[17:52] <Padmay> MAWRE PONY
[17:52] <cwp_aus> :O, thanks?
[17:52] <Padmay> LOVE ME PONY
[17:52] <Smiley864> lulz
[17:52] <VAHO999NA> right
[17:52] <VAHO999NA> now
[17:52] <Smiley864> you got a horsie?
[17:52] <VAHO999NA> how do you set one offff?
[17:52] <GanNing> padmay and ejano have horses
[17:53] <GanNing> and kinda stressing over them
[17:53] <ejano> we are horse exports
[17:53] <hjmck123> burn em
[17:53] <Padmay> I have multiple
[17:53] <ejano> experts*
[17:53] <hjmck123> export me a horse
[17:53] <VAHO999NA> hjjj
[17:53] <GanNing> BURN THE WITCH
[17:53] <hjmck123> yas
[17:53] <VAHO999NA> what about the horses???
[17:53] <StartMining> can you export me a horse too please?
[17:53] <hjmck123> they were ugly
[17:53] <ejano> er not exactly
[17:53] <Padmay> White horsie :D
[17:53] <ejano> since the stables isn't ready yet
[17:53] <Padmay> Awww sah cute
[17:53] <VAHO999NA> what about our horses? D:
[17:53] <Padmay> And the breeding is still coming along
[17:53] <hjmck123> they were ugly
[17:54] <GanNing> how much does a horse cost anyway
[17:54] <VAHO999NA> D::
[17:54] <VAHO999NA> all my leads :P
[17:54] <Smiley864> hjs pink now :D
[17:54] <hjmck123> but
[17:54] <hjmck123> it was meant 2 b purple
[17:54] <VAHO999NA> xD
[17:54] <VAHO999NA> well that failed
[17:54] <hjmck123> thats it
[17:54] <Padmay> Smiley
[17:54] <Smiley864> yes?
[17:54] <ejano> smiley
[17:54] <Padmay> do you want to buy a horse?
[17:54] <ejano> tp to pad
[17:55] <Padmay> Or see them?
[17:55] <ejano> to see horsies
[17:55] <cwp_aus> gtg
[17:55] <cwp_aus> seyas
[17:55] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[17:55] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> bye
[17:55] <ejano> byes
[17:55] <GanNing> I'd like to see them?
[17:55] <Smiley864> bye
[17:55] <hjmck123> there
[17:55] <hjmck123> i r no longer pink
[17:55] <Smiley864> naww :3
[17:55] <Padmay> the bedrock back is Tay's.
[17:55] <StartMining> bye
[17:55] <VAHO999NA> still pink
[17:55] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[17:55] <roberestarkk> Hehe puns
[17:55] <Smiley864> i want one xD
[17:56] <Padmay> Choose one of the ponies :D
[17:56] <Padmay> foals*
[17:56] <Smiley864> which ones?
[17:56] <Padmay> They are newly born.
[17:56] <ejano> we should wait until they're all based at the stables
[17:56] <Smiley864> AWWWW
[17:56] <roberestarkk> He's a Magical Pony, flying through the sky... (Shoot him down!)
[17:56] <Padmay> I know
[17:56] <Smiley864> uhmm
[17:56] <Padmay> ejano
[17:56] <VAHO999NA> :O
[17:56] <Padmay> Just pick and choose
[17:56] <Padmay> and I'll let them grow up
[17:56] <roberestarkk> wilflai.gif
[17:56] <Padmay> and make sure they are good :D
[17:56] <roberestarkk> Did I seriously just shoot down Go_Gabba_Gabba1?
[17:56] <Smiley864> uhm
[17:57] <ejano> :I
[17:57] <VAHO999NA> i guess so
[17:57] <Smiley864> i like the white one xD
[17:57] <Padmay> Okei
[17:57] <roberestarkk> WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[17:57] <Smiley864> but im jelly of dengar's DONKEYYYY
[17:57] <Padmay> I'll reserve it for you.
[17:57] <Padmay> Oh Dengar's donkey.
[17:57] <Padmay> He might sell one donkey to you.
[17:57] <Padmay> He's part of our company.
[17:57] <Smiley864> thank you padmay :D
[17:58] <Smiley864> hmm can i "name" he/her?
[17:58] <ejano> we can totally make dengar the company accountaint
[17:58] <Padmay> Sure.
[17:58] <ejano> tant*
[17:58] <GanNing> Can I see the horses?
[17:58] <ejano> who keeps track of all the ponies
[17:58] <ejano> :P
[17:58] <Padmay> You'll need to use a nametag later though.
[17:58] <Smiley864> is it a guy or gurl?
[17:58] <Padmay> Either.
[17:58] <Padmay> Stallion or mare, whatever you like.
[17:58] <ejano> homaphrodite
[17:58] <GanNing> can I see the horses?
[17:58] <Padmay> Just wait a second.
[17:58] <Smiley864> i shall name it
[17:59] <VAHO999NA> can i also see the horses? :D
[17:59] <Smiley864> hmm
[17:59] <Smiley864> Hj what should i name it?
[18:00] <Padmay> New born :D
[18:00] <VAHO999NA> padmay
[18:00] <Smiley864> :D
[18:00] <hjmck123> wut
[18:00] <Padmay> Mhm?
[18:00] <VAHO999NA> can i see the horses?
[18:00] <hjmck123> a horse?
[18:00] <hjmck123> name horse?
[18:00] <Smiley864> yep
[18:00] <hjmck123> call it
[18:00] <Padmay> Just wait a second, breeding some more.
[18:00] <Smiley864> name it :D
[18:00] <hjmck123> uh
[18:00] <VAHO999NA> alright
[18:00] <hjmck123> whats it look like
[18:01] <Smiley864> you have good idea
[18:01] <Smiley864> white
[18:01] <Smiley864> plane white
[18:01] <Smiley864> oo another one'
[18:01] <hjmck123> Shadowfax
[18:01] <roberestarkk> Padmay you dirty horsepimp you!
[18:01] <Smiley864> Lolll
[18:01] <Padmay> Wot
[18:01] <GanNing> DANCING
[18:02] <roberestarkk> You're making horses have sexy-kissy-time with each other, so they can reproduce, so you can profit
[18:02] <roberestarkk> from the sale of their offspring!
[18:02] <Padmay> C:
[18:02] <VAHO999NA> nice view
[18:02] <GanNing> ty
[18:03] <Padmay> Okai.
[18:03] <Smiley864> ill name her raniceradajfjkladfaf .
[18:03] <Padmay> Be right back, I need to go have a shower.
[18:03] <Padmay> ahahaha.
[18:03] <Padmay> That's how I make my Steam username.
[18:03] <Smiley864> Loll
[18:03] <Padmay> And Instagram name..
[18:03] <GanNing> can I see the horses now?
[18:03] <roberestarkk> Did my characterisation of your heartless business practices make you feel dirty?
[18:03] <Padmay> No Rob.
[18:03] <Smiley864> ill name it ranicer
[18:03] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[18:03] <Padmay> Okay.
[18:03] <Smiley864> first few buttons
[18:04] <VAHO999NA> hai littlemiss
[18:04] <roberestarkk> damn, I need to make it sound worse =P
[18:04] <hjmck123> hai
[18:04] <LittleMissGrill> hey!
[18:04] <roberestarkk> Ahoy LM!
[18:04] <LittleMissGrill> how is everyone :3
[18:04] <Smiley864> now i look for a nametag thing
[18:04] <GanNing> can I see the horses now?
[18:04] <Padmay> Be right back.
[18:04] <hjmck123> evil
[18:04] <roberestarkk> dammit, I need to promote one of you, there's too much Bawoo in chat
[18:04] <ejano> workinhar
[18:04] <VAHO999NA> fine
[18:04] <ejano> d
[18:04] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[18:04] <GanNing> come on guys
[18:04] <LittleMissGrill> fine, i'll accept that promotion i guess if i have to
[18:04] <Smiley864> anyone have a nametag thing?
[18:04] <GanNing> can I see the horses?
[18:04] <Smiley864> im there
[18:04] <Smiley864> but im not sure if pad allows it
[18:04] <GanNing> ok
[18:05] <VAHO999NA> arghh
[18:05] <GanNing> :/
[18:05] <VAHO999NA> how am i supposed to build cactus house?
[18:05] <roberestarkk> Hehe
[18:05] <roberestarkk> Actually, I might just restart the server real quick
[18:05] <hjmck123> u make the walls
[18:05] <Smiley864> i want that donkeyyyyyyyyy
[18:05] <hjmck123> diagonal
[18:05] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[18:05] <LittleMissGrill> D:
[18:05] <ejano> :o
[18:05] <VAHO999NA> :OOOO
[18:05] <LittleMissGrill> whyyyy
[18:05] <roberestarkk> Please come back soon!
[18:05] <ejano> lolcwp
[18:05] <cwp_aus> back
[18:05] <hjmck123> cwp run
[18:05] <cwp_aus> hi rob
[18:05] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[18:05] <hjmck123> robs going evil
[18:05] <cwp_aus> wut
[18:05] <VAHO999NA> D:
[18:05] <hjmck123> RUUUUUUUUUN
[18:05] <LittleMissGrill> i leave for like two hours
[18:05] <LittleMissGrill> and rob is evil
[18:06] <VAHO999NA> im boredddd
[18:06] <ejano> WITCH
[18:06] <hjmck123> the evil bit is
[18:06] <ejano> hut
[18:06] <hjmck123> restarting
[18:07] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[18:07] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[18:07] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz) has joined #main
[18:07] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864) has joined #main
[18:07] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[18:08] <dogwateroz> just me, or everyone?
[18:08] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[18:08] <VAHO999NA> wb all
[18:08] <VAHO999NA> its everyone
[18:08] <ejano> rob said
[18:08] <Smiley864> where do i find a horse/donkey?
[18:08] <VAHO999NA> rob restarted the server
[18:08] <ejano> he was restarting the server
[18:08] <VAHO999NA> in plains
[18:08] <dogwateroz> sweet
[18:08] <VAHO999NA> "sweet" he says :P
[18:09] <LittleMissGrill> i don't understand this map business
[18:10] <ejano> ?
[18:10] <LittleMissGrill> what are the pros and cons? i just like change
[18:10] <ejano> WAT
[18:10] <LittleMissGrill> :O WHAT
[18:10] <VAHO999NA> what?
[18:10] <ejano> NO DONT
[18:10] <ejano> DONT U DO IT
[18:10] <VAHO999NA> tell me
[18:10] <Smiley864> whattt
[18:10] <LittleMissGrill> omg
[18:10] <ejano> NOOOOOo
[18:10] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[18:10] <Smiley864> WHAHHH
[18:10] <VAHO999NA> NOT AGAIN
[18:10] <Smiley864> WAHHH
[18:10] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[18:10] <Smiley864> QWAHHHHASSDJKL?:
[18:10] <VAHO999NA> please dont
[18:10] <ejano> MY SADDLES PLZ NO
[18:10] <LittleMissGrill> hahahahah
[18:10] <ejano> WAAAAAAAAAAit
[18:11] <Smiley864> NOOOOOOOOO
[18:11] <LittleMissGrill> in my head
[18:11] <LittleMissGrill> server is just one guy
[18:11] <LittleMissGrill> all the time
[18:11] <VAHO999NA> oh no
[18:11] <LittleMissGrill> oh nothing loaded in my sentence hahah
[18:11] <VAHO999NA> oh god no
[18:11] <ejano> the donkey is a smart ass?>
[18:11] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[18:11] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[18:11] <Smiley864> HJ :D
[18:11] <VAHO999NA> MCKKKKKK
[18:11] <hjmck123> SCHMIREY
[18:11] <ejano> server are u really
[18:11] <ejano> gonna
[18:12] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[18:12] <hjmck123> die
[18:12] <ejano> D:
[18:12] <LittleMissGrill> are we safe
[18:12] <hjmck123> wb
[18:12] <hjmck123> nope
[18:12] <LittleMissGrill> are we done playing with the server
[18:12] <hjmck123> never safe
[18:12] <VAHO999NA> no
[18:12] <hjmck123> does any1 sell wood
[18:12] <ejano> I got diamond pony armour and everyfing
[18:12] <VAHO999NA> mee toooo
[18:12] <hjmck123> ME BUYZ WOOD
[18:12] <VAHO999NA> any one in new caelandia?
[18:12] <hjmck123> me
[18:12] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[18:12] <hjmck123> i think
[18:12] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> brb
[18:12] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[18:12] <Smiley864> WB
[18:13] <hjmck123> see double you pee
[18:13] <VAHO999NA> stay there :P
[18:13] <hjmck123> u sellz wood?
[18:13] <Smiley864> mememe
[18:13] <Smiley864> i doooo
[18:13] <VAHO999NA> maybes
[18:13] <hjmck123> w00000d
[18:13] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001) has joined #main
[18:13] <LittleMissGrill> when does 1.7 happen?
[18:13] <hjmck123> fasta val
[18:13] <hjmck123> never
[18:13] <ejano> O.O
[18:13] <VAHO999NA> waitttt
[18:14] <alpine2001> Hello
[18:14] <ejano> hello
[18:14] <VAHO999NA> im getting dirttt!thye alpine
[18:14] <VAHO999NA> i mean wood
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> i'm bored who's doing something interesting that i can watch :3
[18:14] <hjmck123> uh
[18:14] <VAHO999NA> meee
[18:14] <VAHO999NA> im building
[18:14] <hjmck123> me2
[18:14] <LittleMissGrill> excellent!
[18:14] <VAHO999NA> innit interesting?
[18:14] <hjmck123> when i buy wood
[18:14] <VAHO999NA> lol
[18:15] <VAHO999NA> im getting stuff :3
[18:15] <LittleMissGrill> okaywhen you buy wood hj you get back to me
[18:15] <hjmck123> i shall
[18:15] <alpine2001> Gtg bye
[18:15] * alpine2001 (alpine2001@alpine2001§r) Quit (§ealpine2001 left the game.)
[18:15] <VAHO999NA> byes
[18:15] <hjmck123> pro
[18:15] <VAHO999NA> yay
[18:15] <hjmck123> ive given up saying bai cuz ppl leave 2 fast
[18:15] <LittleMissGrill> i can apply for trusted in 6 days
[18:15] <VAHO999NA> yup
[18:15] <hjmck123> will you?
[18:15] <LittleMissGrill> i'd like to
[18:15] <ejano> u say bye too slow
[18:15] <ejano> :P
[18:15] <LittleMissGrill> but i don't know if i'd get it
[18:16] <VAHO999NA> gtg bye. "player left the game"
[18:16] <VAHO999NA> us: byes!
[18:16] <cwp_aus> :3
[18:16] <Smiley864> anyone selling apples
[18:16] <ejano> O.O
[18:16] <ejano> lapis
[18:16] <ejano> wat did they do to you
[18:16] <LittleMissGrill> is this hjs build
[18:16] <hjmck123> no
[18:16] <hjmck123> i r below this
[18:16] <ejano> :O i might ave to go
[18:16] <ejano> have*
[18:16] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[18:16] <VAHO999NA> i'll just say bye for noww
[18:16] <Smiley864> do you need wool?
[18:16] <VAHO999NA> whoop
[18:16] <VAHO999NA> too late
[18:17] <VAHO999NA> :OO
[18:17] <hjmck123> o.o
[18:17] <VAHO999NA> dere you are
[18:17] <LittleMissGrill> where am i
[18:17] <VAHO999NA> pink man
[18:17] <Smiley864> deltorah
[18:17] <VAHO999NA> new caelandia!
[18:17] <VAHO999NA> (new say-land-dia)
[18:17] <VAHO999NA> pay up bro
[18:17] <hjmck123> im
[18:17] <hjmck123> in le sheep
[18:17] <VAHO999NA> whoops
[18:17] <Smiley864> whuut lol
[18:18] <Smiley864> what color hj?
[18:18] <hjmck123> colour 4 wut
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> hjj
[18:18] <Smiley864> woool
[18:18] <hjmck123> wool?
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> pay up!
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> :P
[18:18] <hjmck123> vaaal
[18:18] <hjmck123> how much
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> er...
[18:18] <VAHO999NA> 99999k :P
[18:18] <hjmck123> only crow dat rich
[18:18] <hjmck123> n peppy
[18:19] <LittleMissGrill> oh hey!
[18:19] <cwp_aus> hi dere
[18:19] <VAHO999NA> new caelandia!
[18:19] <Smiley864> whuts going on?
[18:19] <LittleMissGrill> your character looks very upset to see me
[18:19] <hjmck123> no idea
[18:19] <cwp_aus> lol
[18:19] <VAHO999NA> whoops
[18:19] <VAHO999NA> thanks
[18:19] <VAHO999NA> hj can i have 1000 :P
[18:19] <Smiley864> do you need any woool?
[18:19] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[18:19] <VAHO999NA> hye gabbbbbbb
[18:20] <hjmck123> wool?
[18:20] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[18:20] <hjmck123> nein
[18:20] <VAHO999NA> what about...
[18:20] <VAHO999NA> what about...
[18:20] <hjmck123> i need w00d
[18:20] <Smiley864> DAMN
[18:20] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[18:20] <hjmck123> lolz
[18:20] <VAHO999NA> the 0.01?
[18:20] <VAHO999NA> D:
[18:20] <Smiley864> Das took all the cyan
[18:20] <VAHO999NA> xD
[18:20] <hjmck123> the 0.01
[18:20] <hjmck123> is in tax
[18:20] <hjmck123> for me having to type
[18:21] <LittleMissGrill> this is a cute little town
[18:21] <hjmck123> make a home here
[18:21] <hjmck123> its the new thing
[18:21] <VAHO999NA> yay
[18:21] <VAHO999NA> join us
[18:21] <LittleMissGrill> who owns it?
[18:21] <VAHO999NA> OH GOD NO
[18:21] <Smiley864> :O
[18:21] <cwp_aus> well
[18:21] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[18:21] <Smiley864> !!!!!!
[18:21] <hjmck123> cwp's gone rogue!
[18:21] <hjmck123> TAKE HIM DOWN
[18:21] <cwp_aus> that was interesting
[18:21] <VAHO999NA> stupid mob control
[18:22] <VAHO999NA> im sorry
[18:22] <cwp_aus> s'all good
[18:22] <VAHO999NA> hmmm
[18:22] <cwp_aus> hmm, what to put in an entry room
[18:22] <Smiley864> anyone selling appless
[18:22] <VAHO999NA> is nobody at my land?
[18:22] <VAHO999NA> i killed like 2 people with thia gun
[18:22] <VAHO999NA> i dont wanna kill more!
[18:23] <VAHO999NA> well
[18:23] <VAHO999NA> at least you didnt die :P
[18:23] <hjmck123> land?
[18:24] <hjmck123> pro
[18:24] <LittleMissGrill> has anyone bagsed this witches hut yet
[18:24] <Smiley864> :P
[18:24] <LittleMissGrill> cos if not shotgun
[18:24] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[18:24] <VAHO999NA> can i see
[18:24] <LittleMissGrill> yeah come
[18:25] <Smiley864> here doney donkeyyy
[18:25] <Smiley864> here doney donkeyyy
[18:25] <VAHO999NA> im here :P
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> oh hai
[18:25] <VAHO999NA> xD
[18:25] <VAHO999NA> no witch?
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> i think they're CUTE
[18:25] <Smiley864> i see cow
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> no :(
[18:25] <VAHO999NA> ruins all the fun :P
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> did rob just reset the server and then run away
[18:25] <hjmck123> yes
[18:25] <VAHO999NA> yup
[18:25] <LittleMissGrill> classic rob
[18:27] <VAHO999NA> why is everyone so silent?
[18:27] <cwp_aus> building
[18:27] <hjmck123> cuz im trying
[18:27] <hjmck123> to talk to
[18:27] <hjmck123> 2 ppl
[18:27] <hjmck123> and build
[18:27] <Smiley864> smileyyy
[18:27] <LittleMissGrill> cuz i'm bored
[18:27] <cwp_aus> no sitting??
[18:28] <VAHO999NA> yesh
[18:28] <hjmck123> blame rob
[18:28] <VAHO999NA> rob disabled the sitting mechanics
[18:28] <Smiley864> DONEYYYYYY OH DONEYYYY
[18:28] <Smiley864> key
[18:28] <hjmck123> rly?
[18:29] <hjmck123> what colour goes good with orange
[18:29] <VAHO999NA> PURPLEEE
[18:29] <LittleMissGrill> nothing
[18:29] <VAHO999NA> no jk
[18:29] <cwp_aus> white
[18:29] <VAHO999NA> black C:
[18:29] <hjmck123> and cant be white black or blue
[18:29] <VAHO999NA> :O
[18:29] <VAHO999NA> lime!
[18:29] <Smiley864> ermm
[18:29] <VAHO999NA> nah that clashes
[18:29] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[18:29] <Smiley864> yello
[18:29] <Padmay> pewp
[18:30] <Smiley864> or black
[18:30] <VAHO999NA> wb
[18:30] <Smiley864> nom nom nom
[18:30] <LittleMissGrill> i'm going to build right on the outside of this town
[18:30] <LittleMissGrill> just to hate on the system
[18:30] <VAHO999NA> :D
[18:30] <hjmck123> y not inside it
[18:30] <Padmay> your foal has grown a bit smiley.
[18:31] <hjmck123> val
[18:31] <hjmck123> was your home
[18:31] <VAHO999NA> technically you're a new caelandia citizen xD
[18:31] <LittleMissGrill> cos towns scare me :(
[18:31] <hjmck123> the cobble square
[18:31] <VAHO999NA> mckkk
[18:31] <hjmck123> is it
[18:31] <VAHO999NA> is it
[18:31] <hjmck123> idk
[18:31] <hjmck123> is it
[18:32] <VAHO999NA> is it what??
[18:32] <hjmck123> the cobble
[18:32] <hjmck123> square
[18:32] <LittleMissGrill> omg tv show i like is on byeeeeeeeee
[18:32] <hjmck123> over air
[18:32] <VAHO999NA> byes
[18:32] <VAHO999NA> idk
[18:32] <Padmay> WOAH
[18:32] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[18:32] <Padmay> BROWN HORSE
[18:32] <Padmay> FROM WHITE HORSES
[18:32] <cwp_aus> gtg
[18:32] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[18:32] <Smiley864> Lol
[18:32] <hjmck123> bai
[18:32] <VAHO999NA> another one that left too quick
[18:32] <Smiley864> white + white = brown :D
[18:32] <hjmck123> yes
[18:33] <Padmay> cray cray horses
[18:33] <Smiley864> RANICA :D
[18:33] <Padmay> Ranicer*
[18:33] <Smiley864> ^
[18:33] <VAHO999NA> carrots :D
[18:34] <hjmck123> eat them
[18:34] <Padmay> come on Jak-horse.
[18:34] <VAHO999NA> you tell us to eat everything :P
[18:34] <hjmck123> and this time its actually edible
[18:34] <Padmay> Mah horsie moves fast.
[18:34] <Smiley864> :O
[18:35] <VAHO999NA> hj
[18:35] <hjmck123> yas
[18:35] <VAHO999NA> are you in new caelandia
[18:35] <VAHO999NA> im lost
[18:35] <hjmck123> yas
[18:35] <Padmay> This is a beautiful horse :D
[18:35] <Smiley864> anyone have saddle?
[18:35] <Padmay> Where did ejano go D:
[18:35] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[18:35] <Smiley864> sure is
[18:35] <VAHO999NA> no you aint
[18:35] <VAHO999NA> :P
[18:35] <hjmck123> your not real
[18:35] <Padmay> Only Hall is god XP
[18:36] <Smiley864> Lol
[18:36] <Padmay> and technically Kyle is god of SMP.
[18:36] <VAHO999NA> why are you living
[18:36] <VAHO999NA> behind a waterfall
[18:36] <VAHO999NA> :OOO
[18:36] <Padmay> ohhai susie?
[18:36] <hjmck123> get married faster
[18:36] <Padmay> But wouldn't it be goddess?
[18:36] <Padmay> Since you are female?
[18:36] <Padmay> Unless you had a secret gender-swap..
[18:36] <Smiley864> can we breed dengar doney with a horsie? :D
[18:37] <VAHO999NA> mules....?
[18:37] <Padmay> That would make a mule..
[18:37] <Smiley864> i go get my saddle
[18:37] <VAHO999NA> is anybody in the way
[18:37] <VAHO999NA> because im doing mob control
[18:37] <Smiley864> i has 3 saddle :DDDD
[18:38] <Padmay> I like this stable :D
[18:38] <hjmck123> eat it
[18:38] <VAHO999NA> argh
[18:38] <Smiley864> i want to ride on ranicer
[18:38] <Padmay> ack everyone is poking me on fb =.=
[18:39] <hjmck123> well....
[18:39] <Padmay> I'll grow her up for you?
[18:39] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[18:39] <hjmck123> did it
[18:39] <Padmay> just wait a sec
[18:39] <Padmay> mah lead.
[18:39] <hjmck123> u just gawt poked
[18:40] <Padmay> arghhh hj D:
[18:40] <Smiley864> is she taimed yet?
[18:40] <hjmck123> lolz
[18:40] <Padmay> Has she given you love hearts?
[18:40] <Padmay> Get off and on again
[18:40] <Smiley864> yep
[18:40] <Smiley864> :3
[18:40] <Smiley864> i lad her
[18:40] <Padmay> And if you want to equip her saddle
[18:40] <Smiley864> La
[18:40] <Padmay> Press E and then shift click the saddle
[18:41] <Padmay> Be prepared for fast movement.
[18:41] <Smiley864> whheeee
[18:41] <Padmay> Run over there.
[18:42] <Padmay> Try not to bump the other horses.
[18:42] <Smiley864> im lagging
[18:42] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[18:42] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[18:42] <Smiley864> what else can i put of her beside a saddle :3
[18:42] <hjmck123> armour
[18:42] <VAHO999NA> armour
[18:42] <Smiley864> oo
[18:43] <Padmay> Anyone else want to reserve a horse?
[18:43] <Padmay> Until business fully opens up?
[18:43] <VAHO999NA> meeeeeeeeee
[18:43] <Padmay> Okay.
[18:43] <VAHO999NA> please?
[18:43] <VAHO999NA> thank :D
[18:43] <VAHO999NA> s*
[18:43] <Padmay> There are 5 horses on offer.
[18:43] <Padmay> 4 roan, 1 pure white, and one dappled roan.
[18:43] <VAHO999NA> lag brb
[18:43] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[18:43] <Smiley864> OMGOMG
[18:43] <Padmay> I KNOW THE TERMS.
[18:43] <Padmay> YEAH!
[18:43] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA) has joined #main
[18:44] <Smiley864> i like this oneeee
[18:44] <VAHO999NA> whew
[18:44] <Padmay> The dappled roan?
[18:44] <VAHO999NA> alrighty
[18:44] <VAHO999NA> i like this one :D
[18:44] <Padmay> That's Tay's.
[18:44] <Smiley864> i like this oneee
[18:44] <Padmay> It's reserved.
[18:44] <Smiley864> this brown onw?
[18:45] <VAHO999NA> which are the ones that aren't reserved?
[18:45] <Padmay> These.
[18:45] <Padmay> Tied to this fence.
[18:46] <VAHO999NA> hmmm
[18:46] <Padmay> And this dappled guy here too
[18:46] <Smiley864> grrr
[18:46] <VAHO999NA> can i reserve this one?
[18:46] <Smiley864> NOO
[18:46] <hjmck123> schmireys mad
[18:46] <Padmay> I be missing a lead.
[18:46] <Padmay> Ah there.
[18:46] <Padmay> So the dappled?
[18:46] <Padmay> Smiley.
[18:46] <VAHO999NA> yes please :D
[18:46] <Padmay> Stahp.
[18:47] <Smiley864> uhm my lead
[18:47] <Padmay> There.
[18:47] <Padmay> I tied your horse back up.
[18:47] <Smiley864> oh
[18:48] <Smiley864> i like the horsies with cool patteren
[18:48] <Smiley864> s
[18:48] <VAHO999NA> thanks again :D
[18:48] <Padmay> He's reserved now.
[18:48] <VAHO999NA> :D
[18:48] <Smiley864> i know
[18:48] <Smiley864> can you untiw ranicer
[18:48] <Padmay> When our business opens fully, you'll be able to purchase them.
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> :D
[18:49] <Padmay> And for extra, we'll export them for you.
[18:49] <Smiley864> how much will they be :3
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> will we be able to buy saddles?
[18:49] <Padmay> Since we do export horses around the world.
[18:49] <Padmay> The price will be decided when ejano gets back on.
[18:49] <Padmay> Hopefully.
[18:49] <Smiley864> lol vah i has extra saddle
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> :D
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> i used to have a saddle
[18:49] <Smiley864> i want to take ranicer for a ride
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> and then i died
[18:49] <Padmay> And when ejano and I stock up on horse equipment we might be able to sell to you.
[18:49] <Padmay> okay
[18:49] <VAHO999NA> :D thanks
[18:50] <Padmay> There ya go.
[18:50] <Padmay> Smiley.
[18:50] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[18:50] <ejano> hey
[18:50] <Smiley864> hai
[18:50] <VAHO999NA> :D tell me when the business is open
[18:50] <VAHO999NA> hello!
[18:50] <Smiley864> back
[18:50] <Padmay> EJANO.
[18:50] <Smiley864> ranicer was eating grass :/
[18:50] <Smiley864> i mean wood
[18:50] <Padmay> We have three reserved horses.
[18:51] <ejano> what type
[18:51] <ejano> or
[18:51] <ejano> are they already there
[18:51] <Padmay> they are already here.
[18:51] <Padmay> Smiley is getting used to her horse.
[18:51] <Smiley864> yep :)
[18:51] <Padmay> try not to take your horse out of the boundaries :D
[18:52] <Smiley864> yeah TPG guy tries to fix our internet today
[18:52] <ejano> another witch hut!
[18:53] <Padmay> Ejano.
[18:53] <Padmay> We are going to have to talk horse prices soon.
[18:53] <ejano> ya
[18:53] <ejano> yeah I reckon dengar can sort that out
[18:53] <ejano> lol
[18:53] <Smiley864> can i breed my horse :3
[18:53] <Padmay> I wouldn't suggest that.
[18:53] <ejano> oh
[18:54] <Smiley864> okay
[18:54] <ejano> but he loves making high prices
[18:54] <Smiley864> ikr
[18:54] <Smiley864> he tries to scam meh :(
[18:54] <Padmay> we should make it a decent price.
[18:54] <ejano> okay
[18:54] <Padmay> he tried to make me pay 50c for a mouthful of coke vanilla.
[18:54] <Padmay> ._.
[18:54] <Padmay> less than a mouthful actually.
[18:54] <ejano> :I
[18:54] <Smiley864> can i help work here for free :P ?
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> i have no idea how to build this house!
[18:55] <ejano> crap
[18:55] * SusieIsAwesome (SusieIsAwesome@SusieIsAwesome) has joined #main
[18:55] <ejano> crap crap
[18:55] <Smiley864> hai sussie
[18:55] <ejano> eep
[18:55] <Padmay> Hai susie
[18:55] <hjmck123> hi
[18:55] <ejano> Hai
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> the sun goes down
[18:55] <Padmay> what's up ej?
[18:55] <SusieIsAwesome> heya
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> hye dere
[18:55] <ejano> I need backup!
[18:55] <Padmay> what happened?
[18:55] <ejano> horse fell down a ravine D:
[18:55] <Padmay> Oh crap!
[18:55] <ejano> but lucky there was water
[18:55] <hjmck123> pro signs
[18:55] <Smiley864> ?
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> D:
[18:55] <VAHO999NA> pro heads
[18:55] <hjmck123> lul
[18:56] <Padmay> Ohhhh damn
[18:56] <Padmay> Is the horse okay?
[18:56] <hjmck123> u can c ma home
[18:56] <ejano> help me place torches lol
[18:56] <VAHO999NA> now you cant even see the first sentence!
[18:56] <hjmck123> from here
[18:56] <Padmay> Yeah smiley.
[18:56] <Smiley864> what happen to the horsie?
[18:56] <ejano> should be fine
[18:56] <Smiley864> do you like ranicer hj?
[18:56] <hjmck123> white?
[18:57] <VAHO999NA> oh!
[18:57] <Smiley864> yerp
[18:57] <VAHO999NA> can i name my horse?
[18:57] <Smiley864> dont be rasist ! :P
[18:57] <Padmay> Sure
[18:57] <Smiley864> why is she kissing you?
[18:57] <ejano> okay, im gonna stay here till day
[18:57] <Padmay> okay.
[18:57] <VAHO999NA> hmmm...
[18:57] <Padmay> just try and build a dirt or cobble staircase up
[18:57] <Smiley864> why you ride herr
[18:57] <hjmck123> tried 2 giv carro
[18:57] <Padmay> 2 wide since the horses are fat.
[18:57] <hjmck123> t
[18:57] <VAHO999NA> i'll think of a name
[18:57] <hjmck123> lolz
[18:57] <Smiley864> well you can if youwant
[18:57] <ejano> dem fatties
[18:57] <Padmay> yeap
[18:58] <Padmay> crap
[18:58] <Padmay> I need wood ._.
[18:58] <ejano> cut down a tree
[18:58] <ejano> :P
[18:59] <VAHO999NA> here
[18:59] <VAHO999NA> whereever you are
[18:59] <Padmay> takes too long <_<
[18:59] <Padmay> Hj you want a horse?
[18:59] <hjmck123> not atm.
[18:59] <Padmay> I thought you had 12 already <_<
[18:59] <VAHO999NA> he hates them
[18:59] <Smiley864> he does? :O
[19:00] <VAHO999NA> "they're ugly"
[19:00] <VAHO999NA> :P
[19:00] <hjmck123> they were very far away
[19:00] <Smiley864> :OOOOOO
[19:00] <hjmck123> so were disowned
[19:00] <hjmck123> lolz
[19:00] <VAHO999NA> xD
[19:00] <Smiley864> do you has donkey?
[19:00] <hjmck123> can i reserve
[19:00] <VAHO999NA> me and jeem found donkeys
[19:00] <hjmck123> first black 1?
[19:00] <ejano> I have black ones
[19:00] <hjmck123> make babiess
[19:01] <VAHO999NA> but they we're too far away
[19:01] <ejano> I need to unite them first
[19:01] <VAHO999NA> we didnt want to drag them to deltorah
[19:01] <Smiley864> Deltorah?
[19:01] <ejano> the town
[19:01] <VAHO999NA> yes
[19:01] <hjmck123> the town...
[19:01] <Smiley864> i know
[19:01] <VAHO999NA> deltorah
[19:01] <Smiley864> i own it -.-
[19:01] <hjmck123> LE
[19:01] <hjmck123> TOWN
[19:01] <ejano> :o
[19:01] <hjmck123> then y u ask
[19:01] <ejano> :p*
[19:01] <VAHO999NA> ik
[19:01] <Smiley864> horsies in deltorahhhh?
[19:01] <VAHO999NA> but i live there
[19:02] <VAHO999NA> nope
[19:02] <Smiley864> pphewww
[19:02] <VAHO999NA> donkeys were too far away D:
[19:02] <hjmck123> i live everywhere
[19:02] <Smiley864> true dat!
[19:02] <VAHO999NA> we were gonna put them there
[19:02] <VAHO999NA> and relocate them later
[19:02] <Smiley864> vah does your horse have a name?
[19:02] <VAHO999NA> im thinking of a name
[19:03] <hjmck123> wut colour is it
[19:03] <hjmck123> i r best name thinkerer
[19:03] <Smiley864> brown poka dots
[19:03] <hjmck123> o.o
[19:03] <VAHO999NA> its brown horse with black dapples
[19:03] <hjmck123> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[19:03] <VAHO999NA> not polka dots lol
[19:04] <Smiley864> Wb
[19:04] <VAHO999NA> wb
[19:04] <Padmay> I was just trying to pick up somethign
[19:04] <Padmay> something*
[19:04] <ejano> WHY SO MANY MOBS
[19:04] <Padmay> and I forgot it said I was afk
[19:04] <VAHO999NA> hj
[19:04] <Padmay> and so I couldn't pick it up
[19:04] <hjmck123> male or female
[19:04] <VAHO999NA> errr..
[19:04] <roberestarkk> Mob spawning seems to be alot higher since the update
[19:04] <roberestarkk> and yet Horses are still super-rare!
[19:04] <VAHO999NA> ^
[19:04] <hjmck123> yes
[19:04] <ejano> D: why
[19:04] <roberestarkk> WHY THE FACE!?
[19:04] <VAHO999NA> female
[19:04] <hjmck123> kell the mobzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[19:04] <hjmck123> k female..
[19:04] <hjmck123> um
[19:05] <VAHO999NA> thats why i do mobcontrol xD
[19:05] <hjmck123> nienna
[19:05] <VAHO999NA> wut
[19:05] <hjmck123> nienna
[19:06] <VAHO999NA> okay
[19:06] <Smiley864> pony ride for vah xD
[19:06] <VAHO999NA> "nienna"
[19:06] <VAHO999NA> sure. thanks :D
[19:06] <Smiley864> lul
[19:06] <hjmck123> with big N
[19:06] <VAHO999NA> im not even moving
[19:06] <Smiley864> do you like ranicer? :3
[19:06] <VAHO999NA> you mean nieNna>
[19:06] <Smiley864> yes you are
[19:06] <hjmck123> ofc
[19:06] <VAHO999NA> or nienNa
[19:06] <hjmck123> Nienna
[19:07] <Smiley864> wheee
[19:07] <VAHO999NA> :O
[19:08] <ejano> phew got out
[19:08] <Padmay> stahp running around ._.
[19:08] <Padmay> excuse me
[19:09] <Padmay> ermaahd
[19:09] <Padmay> ermagahd
[19:09] <Padmay> I have to ask you to leave now.
[19:09] <Padmay> all saddles should be taken off horses.
[19:09] <Padmay> And horses should be tied back to the correct fence.
[19:09] <hjmck123> whos leaving wut where
[19:09] <Padmay> Me.
[19:10] <VAHO999NA> hj
[19:10] <Padmay> Going to bed.
[19:10] <VAHO999NA> should it be
[19:10] <hjmck123> oryl
[19:10] <VAHO999NA> SKELEEEE
[19:10] <hjmck123> skele is green now
[19:10] <VAHO999NA> nieNna or nienNa?
[19:10] <VAHO999NA> hi builder
[19:10] <ejano> XD
[19:10] <hjmck123> either
[19:10] <VAHO999NA> C:
[19:10] <hjmck123> :P
[19:10] <ejano> a master at building
[19:10] <Padmay> Smiley.
[19:10] <Smiley864> yes?
[19:10] <Padmay> All saddles should be taken off horses.
[19:11] <hjmck123> or u will die
[19:11] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[19:11] <Smiley864> sorry okay
[19:11] <hjmck123> hihi
[19:11] <Padmay> weops
[19:11] <VAHO999NA> start!
[19:11] <StartMining> hey everyone
[19:11] <ejano> XD
[19:11] <hjmck123> starrrrrrt
[19:11] <ejano> ahahaha
[19:11] <ejano> HellO!
[19:11] <hjmck123> liek le room
[19:11] <VAHO999NA> can i relocate my house?
[19:11] <hjmck123> ive sorta made
[19:11] <VAHO999NA> skeleee im bored
[19:11] <StartMining> you can relocate
[19:11] <VAHO999NA> :D
[19:12] <VAHO999NA> i dont like my spot now :P
[19:12] <hjmck123> skele
[19:12] <Padmay> Kay horse party time is over.
[19:12] <hjmck123> make a home here
[19:12] <StartMining> @ skele what?
[19:12] <VAHO999NA> alright i have to go now
[19:12] <Padmay> When you purchase the horses, you'll have to get your own lead, sorry.
[19:12] <Smiley864> :(
[19:12] <Smiley864> okay
[19:12] <hjmck123> leads rnt hard 2 get
[19:12] <hjmck123> lol
[19:12] <VAHO999NA> byes guys
[19:12] <Padmay> I ask you to log off somewhere else please C:
[19:12] <VAHO999NA> right
[19:12] <Padmay> For the safety and wellbeing of the other horses.
[19:12] <Padmay> Ah thanks.
[19:12] <Smiley864> :)
[19:13] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> :O
[19:13] <ejano> Heey
[19:13] <Smiley864> cya
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> hi skele
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> bye guys
[19:13] <Skeletoon> thought u were disconnecting val XD
[19:13] <Smiley864> hi skele
[19:13] <Skeletoon> huy
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> yup i was
[19:13] <Skeletoon> oh u off val?
[19:13] <hjmck123> skele i made a room
[19:13] <Skeletoon> cya VAL!!! +D
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> but not in the horsey area lolz
[19:13] <Skeletoon> =D
[19:13] <hjmck123> lookz how gud it eez
[19:13] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[19:13] <hjmck123> bai
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> byes cya tmr!
[19:13] <hjmck123> hi
[19:13] <Skeletoon> hey jrr
[19:13] <ejano> Hey!
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> oh hi there jrr
[19:13] <Skeletoon> cya =D
[19:13] <VAHO999NA> and bye :D
[19:13] * VAHO999NA (VAHO999NA@VAHO999NA§r) Quit (§eVAHO999NA left the game.)
[19:13] <jrr5556> hello
[19:13] <hjmck123> pwnt
[19:13] <Skeletoon> val keeps getting interupted XD
[19:14] <Skeletoon> ejano, me want new map
[19:14] <Padmay> C'mon Geall.
[19:14] <ejano> me nawt want
[19:14] <jrr5556> me want new map as well
[19:14] <roberestarkk> I want, never gets!
[19:14] <hjmck123> i demand?
[19:14] <jrr5556> lol
[19:14] <Padmay> Ahhh hello Robby-san.
[19:14] <roberestarkk> Ahoy Paddy-chan!
[19:14] <jrr5556> What do you wish for rob? map wise?
[19:15] <Skeletoon> a new sea for his ships
[19:15] <hjmck123> skele
[19:15] <hjmck123> i r making a h0m3
[19:15] <hjmck123> make 1 too
[19:15] <Skeletoon> really?
[19:15] <Skeletoon> ive never seen hj build
[19:15] <Skeletoon> just to clarify
[19:15] <hjmck123> lolz
[19:15] <ejano> lol
[19:15] <jrr5556> Would you always build in a desert skel?
[19:15] <hjmck123> im just 2 gud
[19:15] <roberestarkk> I have no strong feelings on the matter one way or the other
[19:15] <StartMining> my my quite the house
[19:15] <Skeletoon> no next map is gonna be a town like the ewoks
[19:16] <jrr5556> ewoks?
[19:16] <hjmck123> star wars
[19:16] <Skeletoon> off star wars
[19:16] <Skeletoon> if uve seen it
[19:16] <hjmck123> fluffy creatures living in trees
[19:16] <jrr5556> What is it like?
[19:16] <Skeletoon> they live in the trees
[19:16] <Padmay> EWOKS?!
[19:16] <Padmay> ERMAGAHD
[19:16] <jrr5556> Off to google
[19:16] <Skeletoon> and have bridges n stuff
[19:16] <Padmay> AHHHHHH
[19:16] <jrr5556> !
[19:16] <Padmay> <3
[19:16] <Padmay> EWOKS
[19:16] <Padmay> ARE THE CUTEST THINGS
[19:16] <Padmay> IN THE UNIVERSE
[19:16] <hjmck123> y not jawas
[19:16] <Skeletoon> lol
[19:17] <jrr5556> That will look awesome
[19:17] <Skeletoon> mm
[19:17] <jrr5556> You need villages as the ewoks
[19:17] <Skeletoon> XD
[19:17] <ejano> loool
[19:17] <hjmck123> force them 2 be villager babies forever
[19:17] <Skeletoon> they more like the C3PO's
[19:17] <Padmay> Got 4 horses for sale ._.
[19:17] <Padmay> well I have to go now.
[19:17] <Padmay> Goodbye.
[19:17] <Skeletoon> is buying....
[19:17] <Skeletoon> nothing
[19:17] <ejano> byes
[19:17] <Skeletoon> cya
[19:17] <Padmay> Au revoir compains.
[19:18] <Skeletoon> =P
[19:18] <jrr5556> bye
[19:18] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[19:18] <Smiley864> bye
[19:18] <hjmck123> skele r my room epic
[19:18] <jrr5556> Salut!
[19:18] <ejano> jrr did u want to order a horse c:
[19:18] <Skeletoon> it r not as epic as my place
[19:18] <Smiley864> O_O
[19:18] <hjmck123> more epic?
[19:18] <jrr5556> oui
[19:18] <hjmck123> i see
[19:18] <Skeletoon> -_-
[19:18] <jrr5556> tu tapples comment?
[19:18] <ejano> o.O
[19:19] <Skeletoon> u pour crumbs everywhere hj
[19:19] <jrr5556> salut madame
[19:19] <hjmck123> where
[19:19] <Skeletoon> there
[19:19] <jrr5556> I don't really pay attention to much in french
[19:19] <Skeletoon> um
[19:19] <Skeletoon> O.O
[19:19] <hjmck123> sh
[19:20] <Skeletoon> dat block was breaking itself
[19:20] <hjmck123> pro tower
[19:20] <ejano> so close
[19:20] <Skeletoon> my clock tower more proo
[19:20] <hjmck123> nu uh
[19:21] <hjmck123> i gawt pro waterfall
[19:21] <Skeletoon> smiley and her purple hair
[19:21] <hjmck123> and
[19:21] <Skeletoon> she a raver
[19:21] <hjmck123> did u say i was purple b4?
[19:21] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[19:21] <hjmck123> im totally red..
[19:21] <Skeletoon> yea on dynmap lol
[19:21] <Smiley864> BYE BYE!
[19:21] <Skeletoon> cya
[19:21] <Smiley864> to jrr D: lul.
[19:21] <hjmck123> bai
[19:21] <Skeletoon> ?
[19:21] <Skeletoon> XD
[19:21] <hjmck123> oh
[19:21] <hjmck123> ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
[19:21] <Skeletoon> dat jrr
[19:21] <Skeletoon> real name jake?
[19:22] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[19:22] <Smiley864> Im going to look for doneys :3
[19:22] <Smiley864> Hai
[19:22] <ejano> Hey
[19:22] <roberestarkk> Ahoy LM!
[19:22] <hjmck123> hai
[19:22] <Skeletoon> hey littlemiss
[19:22] <Skeletoon> dem doneys smiley
[19:22] <StartMining> hai grill
[19:22] <LittleMissGrill> heya!
[19:22] <LittleMissGrill> so many cool people online :3
[19:22] <hjmck123> just cuz im on..
[19:22] <ejano> woops wrong thing
[19:22] <Smiley864> smiley donkeys with i big :)
[19:22] <Smiley864> a
[19:22] <Skeletoon> oh maybe i should get off then littlemiss =P
[19:23] <LittleMissGrill> noooo skeletoon :(
[19:23] <Skeletoon> im not cool
[19:23] <hjmck123> itd b way cooler then
[19:23] <Skeletoon> ^
[19:23] <LittleMissGrill> nooo skeletoon is the best
[19:23] <hjmck123> but we need skele
[19:23] <hjmck123> to bring the coolness down
[19:23] <LittleMissGrill> nah
[19:23] <hjmck123> or we'd explode
[19:23] <Skeletoon> yea and we need hj to brind da pootis
[19:23] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh
[19:23] <Skeletoon> ?
[19:23] <Skeletoon> bring*
[19:23] <hjmck123> POOTIS
[19:23] <ejano> okay, I have 4 horses at the stables
[19:24] <Skeletoon> (uo.o)u dat stables
[19:24] <hjmck123> dat blaze
[19:24] <ejano> :OOOOoo
[19:24] <hjmck123> hmm
[19:24] <LittleMissGrill> (/0_0)/ *~*~*~* stables!
[19:24] <hjmck123> now wut
[19:24] <Skeletoon> if u tp
[19:24] <Skeletoon> does da XD dat stables
[19:24] <Skeletoon> does da horse come with u
[19:25] <hjmck123> no
[19:25] <ejano> nope
[19:25] <Smiley864> nop
[19:25] <hjmck123> or id have 12 horses
[19:25] <hjmck123> or sumthing
[19:25] <ejano> ^
[19:25] <Smiley864> LOl
[19:25] <ejano> same lol
[19:25] <Skeletoon> im watching hj build coz never seen him
[19:25] <LittleMissGrill> hai
[19:25] <hjmck123> digging atm
[19:25] <LittleMissGrill> dig better
[19:25] <hjmck123> k
[19:25] <Skeletoon> dat atm machine (uo.o)u
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> i like the waterfall
[19:26] <Skeletoon> woah
[19:26] <Skeletoon> WOAHHHHHH
[19:26] <hjmck123> hue
[19:26] <Skeletoon> slow down
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> whaaat
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> skele are you oakys
[19:26] <Skeletoon> what wid da skin
[19:26] <hjmck123> snap out of it
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> i'm a PIRATE
[19:26] <hjmck123> lolz
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> hj is red now D:
[19:26] <Skeletoon> skerviiiieee
[19:26] <hjmck123> yesh
[19:26] <Smiley864> i herd that in 1.7 there will b new biomes in mc
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh i'm a wrench
[19:26] <LittleMissGrill> looove me
[19:26] <Skeletoon> NEW BIOMES!!!!!!!
[19:26] <Smiley864> like desert
[19:27] <Skeletoon> got that but
[19:27] <LittleMissGrill> what are
[19:27] <LittleMissGrill> biomes
[19:27] <hjmck123> ..
[19:27] <Smiley864> Lul
[19:27] <ejano> terrain
[19:27] <Skeletoon> snow biome, extreme hills biome
[19:27] <ejano> like forest
[19:27] <ejano> or mountains
[19:27] <LittleMissGrill> ooooh
[19:27] <hjmck123> SKELE
[19:27] <LittleMissGrill> guyz i'm new ssh
[19:27] <hjmck123> control your skeles
[19:27] <ejano> its fine :p
[19:27] <LittleMissGrill> i've been playing for 3 months in 6 days :3
[19:28] <hjmck123> thats
[19:28] <hjmck123> impossible
[19:28] <LittleMissGrill> wat
[19:28] <hjmck123> 3 months
[19:28] <hjmck123> in 6 days
[19:28] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[19:28] <ejano> strait
[19:28] <Skeletoon> oh thought u were afk smiley XD
[19:28] <ejano> xD
[19:28] <hjmck123> 3 months
[19:28] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[19:28] <hjmck123> is way more than 6 days
[19:28] <Smiley864> i am
[19:28] <LittleMissGrill> ...
[19:28] <hjmck123> so how does 3 months fit in 6 days
[19:28] <LittleMissGrill> in 6 days
[19:28] <Smiley864> shhh
[19:28] <ejano> Oh!
[19:28] <ejano> I see it
[19:29] <LittleMissGrill> it would be my 3 months playing on mc
[19:29] <Skeletoon> u stopped time
[19:29] <LittleMissGrill> gahd
[19:29] <hjmck123> lolz
[19:29] <Skeletoon> hj
[19:29] <hjmck123> yas
[19:29] <LittleMissGrill> skele why are you never on
[19:29] <Skeletoon> ima plop dis down
[19:29] <hjmck123> pro
[19:29] <Skeletoon> i wasnt on yesterday coz my internet brokeded
[19:29] <LittleMissGrill> what about all the other days
[19:29] <hjmck123> pfft
[19:30] <hjmck123> just go tf2 engineer on it
[19:30] <Skeletoon> i was um
[19:30] <Skeletoon> um watching
[19:30] <hjmck123> and hit it with a wrench
[19:30] <ejano> dahell zombies smell me from miles away
[19:30] <Skeletoon> educational video's on the net O.o
[19:30] <hjmck123> he was making himself happy
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> ...
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> okay
[19:30] <Smiley864> donkey :3
[19:30] <Skeletoon> na idk i havent been bothered
[19:30] <Skeletoon> =P
[19:30] <Skeletoon> where smiley
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> but liza
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> i mean
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> littlemissgrill
[19:30] <Skeletoon> coz i want new maaaaaaaaaaaaap
[19:30] <LittleMissGrill> >.>
[19:30] <Skeletoon> liza O.O
[19:31] <Smiley864> just thinking of them
[19:31] <Skeletoon> but Nik
[19:31] <hjmck123> she lost
[19:31] <hjmck123> the e
[19:31] <Skeletoon> i mean Skeletoon missed u
[19:31] <LittleMissGrill> n_n
[19:31] <LittleMissGrill> i missed you tooo skeleee
[19:31] <Skeletoon> =)
[19:31] <LittleMissGrill> my friends affectionately call me liza
[19:31] <Skeletoon> never can miss hj
[19:31] <Skeletoon> he always here
[19:31] <hjmck123> nu uh
[19:31] <Skeletoon> XD
[19:31] <Skeletoon> yea huh
[19:31] <hjmck123> nu uh
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> dig better
[19:32] <hjmck123> D:
[19:32] <Skeletoon> =')
[19:32] <LittleMissGrill> i'm being motivational
[19:32] <hjmck123> oryl
[19:32] <ejano> OH!
[19:32] <ejano> smiley yes
[19:32] <ejano> is it day yet
[19:32] <Smiley864> lul
[19:32] <Skeletoon> my optifine is gone O>o
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> i like your hair smiley
[19:33] <Skeletoon> O.O
[19:33] <Smiley864> no idea
[19:33] <Skeletoon> i cant zoooooom
[19:33] <Skeletoon> it is ejano
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[19:33] <roberestarkk> If you are sneaking past a mob in low light not getting too close to the mob, it may not see you.
[19:33] <Smiley864> yes it is
[19:33] <roberestarkk> A mob will also only see you behind walls if you are sprinting.
[19:33] <hjmck123> :O
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[19:33] <hjmck123> what about glass
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> ROB YOURE A SMART PERSON GUY
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> how do you smell genious
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> spell
[19:33] <LittleMissGrill> not smell
[19:33] <roberestarkk> Hahahahahahahahaha
[19:33] <Skeletoon> XD
[19:34] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[19:34] <roberestarkk> genius is the answer
[19:34] <LittleMissGrill> whatever i'm glad i provide entertainment to you guys ;(
[19:34] <Smiley864> :OO
[19:34] <roberestarkk> =D
[19:34] <Skeletoon> rob is our teacher
[19:34] <ejano> hop on a horse smiley, but dont ride it
[19:34] <Smiley864> i cow !
[19:34] <roberestarkk> if it is, it's named after the word genius
[19:34] <ejano> (the one with saddle)
[19:34] <LittleMissGrill> NO
[19:34] <LittleMissGrill> i mean
[19:34] <LittleMissGrill> no
[19:34] <LittleMissGrill> this is wrong
[19:34] <LittleMissGrill> brb
[19:34] <ejano> smiley plz
[19:34] <ejano> hop over here
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> okay fine you're right
[19:35] <Skeletoon> she googling
[19:35] <Skeletoon> =P
[19:35] <ejano> smiley!
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh i checked my brain
[19:35] <ejano> geet over here
[19:35] <roberestarkk> I hope she doesn't find a Swedish website
[19:35] <Smiley864> wait i got this weird horse thing
[19:35] <Skeletoon> u mean the peanut shaped thing?
[19:35] <Smiley864> ang in lagging
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> once
[19:35] <ejano> get on this one
[19:35] <ejano> naow!
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> when i was in year 5
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> i had never heard of the c word before
[19:35] <hjmck123> cookie?
[19:35] <ejano> carrots?
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> and my friend told me to google image it
[19:35] <ejano> smiley
[19:35] <hjmck123> :O
[19:35] <LittleMissGrill> and that's why i am what i am today
[19:36] <ejano> shift and hop on this one
[19:36] <Smiley864> cant move
[19:36] <Skeletoon> -_-
[19:36] <ejano> hop onto this one
[19:36] <Skeletoon> i learnt all my swear words off my grandfather
[19:36] <ejano> SMiley!
[19:36] <ejano> just get on the horse
[19:36] <ejano> now dont move
[19:36] <Skeletoon> he used to so everyone was this everyone was that etc
[19:36] <Smiley864> this is interesting..
[19:36] <Skeletoon> say*
[19:36] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[19:36] <Skeletoon> hey regox
[19:36] <hjmck123> hihi
[19:36] <Smiley864> kew.
[19:36] <ejano> okay we goin to get donkeys
[19:36] <ejano> hai
[19:37] <Smiley864> hia regox!
[19:37] <LittleMissGrill> i had a friend who was like you know you can swearrr if you wnat toooo
[19:37] <Regox> Hey
[19:37] <Smiley864> YAYYYY
[19:37] <LittleMissGrill> and just taught me everything
[19:37] <Smiley864> DONKEYYY
[19:37] <hjmck123> okay
[19:37] <Regox> Why swear
[19:37] <hjmck123> i made a room
[19:37] <Skeletoon> not nice to swear in public
[19:37] <Regox> When you can swear in other languages?
[19:37] <Skeletoon> even i tell my friends to stop when i see little kids around
[19:37] <Smiley864> omggg
[19:37] <ejano> I saw some somehwere..
[19:37] <LittleMissGrill> i have so many reasons why regox
[19:37] <Smiley864> i poka dot horse
[19:37] <Skeletoon> i can swear in other languages
[19:37] <hjmck123> i can throw chairs instead
[19:38] <hjmck123> more effective
[19:38] <roberestarkk> Ahoy Reginald!
[19:38] <hjmck123> did u
[19:38] <Regox> My record stands at when I was at school, insulting people in russian, while smiling
[19:38] <hjmck123> just do
[19:38] <hjmck123> a jeem
[19:38] <Skeletoon> lol
[19:38] <Regox> My mate thought it was like "hello" in russian
[19:38] <Smiley864> can i set a home here?
[19:38] <Skeletoon> we stuff for everyone XD
[19:38] <Regox> He has russian neighbours
[19:38] <Skeletoon> lets all do a peppy
[19:38] <Smiley864> O_O
[19:38] <ejano> um, we kinda own it
[19:38] <ejano> lol
[19:38] <Regox> They didn't speak to him for 6 months
[19:38] <ejano> but sure
[19:38] <Smiley864> YAy
[19:38] <LittleMissGrill> eating is for loseeers
[19:39] <Smiley864> but er how do i delt one?
[19:39] <Smiley864> home
[19:39] <Regox> ./delhome (name)
[19:39] <Skeletoon> an ejano is when u correct yourself more than once
[19:39] <ejano> you should have 2?
[19:39] <ejano> lol
[19:39] <Smiley864> yep
[19:39] <ejano> no its when
[19:39] <Smiley864> del deltorah :/
[19:39] <ejano> you try and correct yourself
[19:39] * Manalishi (Manalishi@Manalishi) has joined #main
[19:39] <ejano> but fail 2 times
[19:39] <hjmck123> hi
[19:39] <Skeletoon> hey mana
[19:39] <ejano> Hello!
[19:39] <roberestarkk> Manalishi!
[19:39] <Skeletoon> yea that XD
[19:39] <roberestarkk> You're fired!
[19:39] <Manalishi> Howdy everyone!
[19:39] <Manalishi> Bugger
[19:40] <Manalishi> Fired from what?
[19:40] <hjmck123> life
[19:40] <Regox> Everything
[19:40] <Smiley864> well thank you heaps ejano :3333
[19:40] <roberestarkk> CoS HQ Hadonra
[19:40] <ejano> reg, seen any donkeys from up there?
[19:40] <Manalishi> Fair enough
[19:40] <roberestarkk> all my sheepies are dead D=
[19:40] <LittleMissGrill> has anyone found abc23 on facebook yet cos if not you'll love it
[19:40] <Manalishi> I didn't do that...
[19:40] <Manalishi> But oh well
[19:40] <roberestarkk> I know, but you didn't take care of them D'=
[19:40] <Skeletoon> abc23 O.O
[19:40] <Manalishi> Howdy Susie
[19:40] <Regox> Anyone found donkeys yet?
[19:40] <hjmck123> sssskele!
[19:40] <LittleMissGrill> it's a parody n_n
[19:40] <roberestarkk> yes, ejano and/or Padmay did
[19:40] <ejano> I saw some near a hill
[19:41] <hjmck123> protect me skele
[19:41] <ejano> but I thnk im going the wrong way
[19:41] <hjmck123> go inz
[19:41] <Regox> Because they're v.rare
[19:41] <Regox> We can't even spawn them in
[19:41] <Skeletoon> thought 23 was kids channel and 24 was news
[19:41] <hjmck123> a hole
[19:41] <hjmck123> skelelelelle
[19:41] <Skeletoon> dat holw
[19:41] <hjmck123> eat the hole
[19:41] <roberestarkk> @Regox, never say "can't"!
[19:41] <LittleMissGrill> it's not associated with
[19:41] <LittleMissGrill> abc
[19:41] <Regox> "can't"
[19:41] <ejano> theres a village near by
[19:41] <LittleMissGrill> it's just some guy
[19:41] <Skeletoon> i dont have a big nough mouth like your's
[19:41] <ejano> should be some there
[19:41] <LittleMissGrill> can't!
[19:41] <Smiley864> back
[19:41] <hjmck123> y not
[19:42] <LittleMissGrill> n_n
[19:42] <LittleMissGrill> i'm such a rebel
[19:42] <Regox> Because it's classed as a horse entity by spawnmob
[19:42] <ejano> lol
[19:42] <Smiley864> im going to call that horse cow
[19:42] <LittleMissGrill> i want a pet cow to name horse
[19:42] <Skeletoon> omg yea name tags
[19:42] <roberestarkk> so apply the appropriate metadata to the command to spawn a horse
[19:42] <Skeletoon> i need to name my villagers
[19:42] <hjmck123> name one bilbo
[19:42] <LittleMissGrill> can you name one eliza
[19:42] <ejano> lOl!
[19:42] <Skeletoon> there's ed, edd and eddy
[19:42] <Regox> Which one is cow?
[19:42] <Smiley864> ejanoo i gtg soon :(
[19:43] <roberestarkk> cow is cow
[19:43] <Skeletoon> ill name them after lom pplz
[19:43] <ejano> okai
[19:43] <Smiley864> the backkkkk and white one
[19:43] <LittleMissGrill> yesss
[19:43] <LittleMissGrill> name the best one after me
[19:43] <Smiley864> okay'
[19:44] <Smiley864> donkey ohh doneyyyy
[19:44] <hjmck123> aaaaaah
[19:44] <Skeletoon> shell
[19:44] <hjmck123> water!
[19:44] <Skeletoon> ejano lives on a beach
[19:44] <LittleMissGrill> shell?
[19:44] <ejano> c:
[19:44] <hjmck123> skele i haz a leak
[19:44] <Skeletoon> she gets up off the pc seat and walks and finds shells O.O
[19:44] <Smiley864> cow is kewl
[19:44] <ejano> wat no
[19:44] <Regox> GLORIOUS
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> so rob
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> is rob still here
[19:45] <Manalishi> Why can't I walk fast?
[19:45] <ejano> :DD
[19:45] <roberestarkk> I sure am!
[19:45] <ejano> omg
[19:45] <hjmck123> rob was never here
[19:45] <Regox> Shame I can't ride
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> if i walk past a mob
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> sneaking
[19:45] <hjmck123> he is your imagination
[19:45] <ejano> that is epic
[19:45] <Smiley864> wooow
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> it won't notice is
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> me
[19:45] <roberestarkk> it may not notice
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> is that what's you're saying
[19:45] <LittleMissGrill> it may not notice
[19:45] <roberestarkk> heh, this donkey is on fire
[19:45] <Smiley864> can we keep him?
[19:45] <Skeletoon> u have to say, "Im not here mr creeper"
[19:45] <ejano> wat donkey
[19:46] <Skeletoon> rob make a pinjata
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> i hope you're right
[19:46] <Smiley864> skele one
[19:46] <roberestarkk> the one I just spawned to prove to Regox we can spawn donkeys
[19:46] <roberestarkk> and then subsequently killed
[19:46] <Smiley864> yep
[19:46] <Regox> I just spawned a skeleton horse
[19:46] <ejano> reg just made a skelepony
[19:46] <roberestarkk> Woo
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[19:46] <LittleMissGrill> spawn a zombie one!
[19:46] <Regox> Wish we could ride'em
[19:46] <roberestarkk> Pity they aren't ride-able
[19:46] <roberestarkk> yet
[19:46] <Smiley864> can i poke it?
[19:47] <roberestarkk> Actually... depending on whether Hall updated the java on the server yet, that plugin
[19:47] <LittleMissGrill> skele did you vote on the thing on the forums?
[19:47] <Smiley864> ahh i gtg :(
[19:47] <roberestarkk> peppy installed earlier might work now!
[19:47] <Skeletoon> cya smiley
[19:47] <roberestarkk> I'ma go see!
[19:47] <Skeletoon> i should get off, getting late =P
[19:47] <hjmck123> wut
[19:47] <hjmck123> 9 47
[19:47] <Skeletoon> its 9:47 hj
[19:47] <hjmck123> yes
[19:48] <Skeletoon> thats past your bed time
[19:48] <roberestarkk> Aaaaand he didn't
[19:48] <hjmck123> jeem sleeps at 3
[19:48] <hjmck123> or 4
[19:48] <hjmck123> or 2
[19:48] <Skeletoon> yea but he weird
[19:48] <hjmck123> :O
[19:48] <Skeletoon> jk
[19:48] <Skeletoon> =P
[19:48] <ejano> guys you know what this means :)
[19:48] <hjmck123> tell jeem9157 skele said your weird
[19:48] <Skeletoon> but idk how he does it
[19:48] <ejano> taking dogs for walks c:
[19:48] <roberestarkk> Ah well, looks like RPG will remain half-functional, and skeleton horses will remain unrideable
[19:48] <Skeletoon> tell jeem9157 hj making up stuff
[19:48] <Regox> Only till wuzards updates
[19:48] <ejano> XD
[19:48] <Regox> Them magics
[19:48] <roberestarkk> No Reg
[19:49] <ejano> phaaaail
[19:49] <ejano> :p
[19:49] <hjmck123> tell jeem9157 i dont make anything up. its true
[19:49] <roberestarkk> All the plugins Jon was trying to install that were throwing errors
[19:49] <Skeletoon> -_-
[19:49] <Smiley864> bye
[19:49] <roberestarkk> namely essentials and CraftBook
[19:49] <Skeletoon> cya smiley
[19:49] <LittleMissGrill> noo skele don't go :(
[19:49] <hjmck123> bai
[19:49] <ejano> b7e?
[19:49] <roberestarkk> were doing so because they require Java V7
[19:49] <Smiley864> lol
[19:49] <ejano> bye*
[19:49] * Smiley864 (Smiley864@Smiley864§r) Quit (§eSmiley864 left the game.)
[19:49] <Skeletoon> na but srsly im off too
[19:49] <ejano> bye
[19:49] <Skeletoon> caio
[19:49] <hjmck123> not weird enuf?
[19:49] <LittleMissGrill> byeeeee
[19:49] <roberestarkk> So all the newer plugins that were written with Java V7 in mind, will not work until said
[19:49] <LittleMissGrill> ;(
[19:49] <Skeletoon> nope XD cya
[19:49] <roberestarkk> JRE is updated on the server
[19:50] <hjmck123> lolz
[19:50] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon§r) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[19:50] <hjmck123> bai
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[19:50] <hjmck123> OMG
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> now i'm aloneeee
[19:50] <hjmck123> i shall never say bai
[19:50] <hjmck123> ever
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> oh :(
[19:50] <LittleMissGrill> thank you?
[19:50] <roberestarkk> lol, yw
[19:51] <LittleMissGrill> rude
[19:51] <roberestarkk> Pfft
[19:51] <roberestarkk> I didn't close it
[19:51] <roberestarkk> it's on a 3 second timer
[19:51] <LittleMissGrill> i don't have permission to use this door :(
[19:51] <roberestarkk> nope
[19:51] <LittleMissGrill> hai!
[19:51] <StartMining> allo
[19:51] <LittleMissGrill> bye!
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> can people stop teleporting to me and then leaving ;(
[19:52] <hjmck123> y is there
[19:52] <hjmck123> a pigman
[19:52] <StartMining> portal
[19:52] <roberestarkk> I r still heer
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> yaaay
[19:52] <StartMining> why hello robbeh
[19:52] <Regox> Hmm
[19:52] <roberestarkk> ohlol, Start is online
[19:52] <roberestarkk> You've a very nice house there
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> i've never met start before
[19:52] <StartMining> what brings you here to new say-larn-dia
[19:52] <roberestarkk> YAY COOKIE!
[19:52] <StartMining> ty
[19:52] <Manalishi> i gotta go guys
[19:52] <roberestarkk> LM was lonely
[19:52] <Manalishi> night
[19:52] * Manalishi (Manalishi@Manalishi§r) Quit (§eManalishi left the game.)
[19:52] <hjmck123> bai
[19:52] <roberestarkk> Ciao Mana!
[19:52] <LittleMissGrill> i am :(
[19:52] <hjmck123> OMG
[19:52] <roberestarkk> dammit
[19:52] <ejano> byes
[19:52] <hjmck123> i said i wudnt say bai
[19:53] <hjmck123> but i did it..
[19:53] <StartMining> hello littlemissgrill
[19:53] <StartMining> i do beleive we have met
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> omnom cookie
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> hi start i'm cool
[19:53] <roberestarkk> D=
[19:53] <roberestarkk> MAH COOKIE!
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> you should think so too
[19:53] <LittleMissGrill> hereee have it back
[19:53] <StartMining> would'ya like to live here miss grill?
[19:53] <Regox> DOMMIT SPAWNMOB
[19:54] <roberestarkk> lolwut?
[19:54] <StartMining> would
[19:54] <Regox> Try and spawn a colossal slime
[19:54] <StartMining> ya miss grill?
[19:54] <LittleMissGrill> can i have my cookie back start
[19:54] <StartMining> :)
[19:54] <StartMining> would you like to live here miss grill or take a tour?
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> i was thinking of building just outside the boundary
[19:55] <hjmck123> or both
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> just to be a rebel
[19:55] <StartMining> thats fine
[19:55] * SusieIsAwesome (SusieIsAwesome@SusieIsAwesome§r) Quit (§eSusieIsAwesome left the game.)
[19:55] <StartMining> i already have 1 hermit
[19:55] <roberestarkk> pfft
[19:55] <Regox> Ah, that's better
[19:55] <hjmck123> whos a hermit
[19:55] <roberestarkk> collossal mustn't be a word
[19:55] <roberestarkk> use numbers!
[19:55] <StartMining> whos the hermit: Mancract
[19:55] <Regox> I did
[19:55] <StartMining> or mana
[19:55] <hjmck123> 869234
[19:55] <roberestarkk> woops
[19:55] <Regox> Sliiiiiiimes
[19:55] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[19:55] <StartMining> ...
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> woah
[19:55] <LittleMissGrill> thats huge
[19:55] <hjmck123> jrr
[19:56] <roberestarkk> dammit hj!
[19:56] <ejano> :o
[19:56] <LittleMissGrill> rob
[19:56] <StartMining> :O
[19:56] <StartMining> age
[19:56] <StartMining> regressed
[19:56] <roberestarkk> never run in front of a laser screwdriver!
[19:56] <hjmck123> wut
[19:56] <hjmck123> i never moved
[19:56] * dogwateroz was kicked from #main by Server
[19:56] * dogwateroz (dogwateroz@dogwateroz§r) Quit (§edogwateroz left the game.)
[19:56] <jrr5556> I need a horse
[19:56] <ejano> :D
[19:56] <ejano> I can supply
[19:56] <ejano> :)
[19:56] <roberestarkk> damn lag
[19:56] <ejano> what type
[19:56] <hjmck123> lulz
[19:56] <ejano> careful!
[19:57] <roberestarkk> my apologies HJ
[19:57] <StartMining> kill dat slime
[19:57] <jrr5556> No thanks, I want to find one :)
[19:57] <StartMining> punch its face
[19:57] <hjmck123> it k
[19:57] <ejano> oh,
[19:57] <hjmck123> :OOOOOO
[19:57] <LittleMissGrill> id that really regox
[19:57] <ejano> but thats laame
[19:57] <ejano> c:
[19:57] <hjmck123> is he disguised as mob head
[19:57] <roberestarkk> one way to find out
[19:57] <hjmck123> item
[19:57] <ejano> you should totally just order one
[19:57] <LittleMissGrill> omg
[19:57] <LittleMissGrill> way to kill me
[19:57] <roberestarkk> STEP AWAY FROM THE REGOX!
[19:57] <jrr5556> Do you need wheat for it to follow you or what?
[19:57] <roberestarkk> yep, that's him
[19:57] <ejano> just a lead
[19:57] <StartMining> i flew :L
[19:57] <ejano> here
[19:57] <hjmck123> mortar!
[19:57] <ejano> tp
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> regox you had one job
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> don't turn to slime
[19:58] <Regox> Lies
[19:58] <Regox> I have many jobs
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> well that was definitely one of them
[19:58] <hjmck123> build a train
[19:58] <Regox> I got a new question at work today
[19:58] <ejano> take these
[19:58] <LittleMissGrill> i'm poisoned
[19:58] <roberestarkk> Woo Questiontime!
[19:58] <jrr5556> ty ejano
[19:58] <jrr5556> Do I walk it to my home?
[19:58] <Regox> Got asked if I'm really that cheerful
[19:58] <ejano> yep
[19:58] <jrr5556> and I need that stick thing or something?
[19:58] <ejano> :I
[19:59] <ejano> er
[19:59] <LittleMissGrill> are you
[19:59] <ejano> you just need that lead
[19:59] <StartMining> dont get in the way...
[19:59] <jrr5556> okay
[19:59] <ejano> then tie it to a fence post
[19:59] <roberestarkk> dammit Peppy
[19:59] <jrr5556> tytytyty
[19:59] <Regox> Depends on what day is like, but I can be
[19:59] <hjmck123> D:
[19:59] <Regox> Wasn't even on max cheerful
[19:59] <StartMining> oh and sorry
[19:59] <StartMining> some fell below
[19:59] <LittleMissGrill> cheerful is good
[19:59] <Regox> Max cheerful dispenses diabetus
[19:59] <roberestarkk> Regox old chum!
[19:59] <LittleMissGrill> everyone should be cheerful
[19:59] <LittleMissGrill> jank thinks i'm annoying when i'm full happy :(
[19:59] <roberestarkk> would you be a dear and drink your most powerful Black Watch Brew and don your
[20:00] <Regox> I only ever use max cheerful on pissed off people
[20:00] <StartMining> little miss grill
[20:00] <Regox> It annoyes them
[20:00] <StartMining> where would you like to place your house?
[20:00] <roberestarkk> most powerful Black Watch gear and stand still in survival mode?
[20:00] <LittleMissGrill> yes start
[20:00] <StartMining> btw pop is now 6
[20:00] <roberestarkk> For testing purposes
[20:00] <LittleMissGrill> I"lLL do it rob if regox doesn't want to
[20:00] <jrr5556> ejano if I were to attach the lead to the horse and then tp will it come tp with me?
[20:00] <ejano> nope
[20:00] <ejano> :I
[20:00] <StartMining> heh
[20:00] <roberestarkk> Ow
[20:00] <ejano> ;-;
[20:00] <jrr5556> dammit
[20:00] <Regox> Sure
[20:00] <StartMining> thought u would be in creative
[20:00] <roberestarkk> =D
[20:01] <ejano> that's what our company is for jrr
[20:01] <ejano> :)
[20:01] <StartMining> *screwdriver
[20:01] <Regox> Where you want me standing?
[20:01] <jrr5556> How much per horsey?
[20:01] <roberestarkk> oh anyoldwhere
[20:01] <ejano> er dunno,
[20:01] <hjmck123> did any1 get a pick
[20:01] <Regox> Go for it
[20:01] <StartMining> nope
[20:01] <ejano> we're not completely set up yet
[20:01] <jrr5556> 1k?
[20:01] <roberestarkk> I shall strike at thee once, and I want you to let me know what happens
[20:02] <Regox> Jack diddly
[20:02] <ejano> I still have 3 to mvoe
[20:02] <ejano> move*
[20:02] <roberestarkk> hmmn
[20:02] <jrr5556> okay
[20:02] <StartMining> theres your pick hjmck
[20:02] <StartMining> found it
[20:02] <hjmck123> wherey
[20:02] <hjmck123> oryl
[20:02] <StartMining> below
[20:02] <hjmck123> :D
[20:02] <roberestarkk> ah, that worked better
[20:02] <Regox> Slightly more diddly
[20:02] <StartMining> noooo Regox
[20:02] <StartMining> why???!!!!!!
[20:03] <StartMining> dont die on me
[20:03] <hjmck123> lolz
[20:03] <roberestarkk> Excellent!
[20:03] <roberestarkk> my old one must have broken when Peppy disabled the plugin =/
[20:03] <hjmck123> he doesnt like my rubbish
[20:03] <hjmck123> D:
[20:04] <roberestarkk> Query, did it spam your chat with messages?
[20:04] <Regox> Yes
[20:04] <roberestarkk> Mmmm
[20:04] <roberestarkk> dammit Jeb
[20:04] <roberestarkk> That's why Peppy disabled it
[20:04] <roberestarkk> but the chatspam is a Vanilla mechanic D=
[20:04] <Regox> Screenshotted for later reference
[20:05] <roberestarkk> lolz
[20:05] <hjmck123> pro
[20:05] <roberestarkk> Hmmn, in that case I'd best start developing one that reacts to any possible reactions to my
[20:06] <LittleMissGrill> who are we sneaking up on
[20:06] <roberestarkk> reaction to the prevalence of Resistance effects higher than lvl5
[20:06] <hjmck123> no1
[20:06] <Regox> WELL THEN
[20:06] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[20:06] <Regox> I'd best start thinking about cheese
[20:06] <hjmck123> CHEESE!
[20:06] <LittleMissGrill> what type
[20:06] <StartMining> mmm chese!
[20:06] <hjmck123> american cheese?
[20:06] <StartMining> cheese*
[20:06] <LittleMissGrill> blue vain?
[20:06] <Regox> All of them mushed together
[20:06] <hjmck123> o.o
[20:07] <hjmck123> that might
[20:07] <roberestarkk> Did You Know: Any Resistance Effect of a level5 or higher grants total immunity to all damage?
[20:07] <hjmck123> kill u
[20:07] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[20:07] <hjmck123> give me resistance 6 pl0x
[20:07] <LittleMissGrill> i knew those wordsy ou just said n_n
[20:07] <roberestarkk> lol LM
[20:07] <StartMining> can a certain someone obtain this potion?
[20:07] <Regox> Mine has resistance9
[20:07] <roberestarkk> If you're in CoS, 001 or BlackWatch
[20:07] <hjmck123> wuts blackwatch
[20:07] <roberestarkk> yes, they are routinely made more powerful than 5
[20:07] <roberestarkk> though 5 is all that's required
[20:07] <Regox> Brambleshaw Black Watch
[20:08] <hjmck123> o.o
[20:08] <roberestarkk> BBW? SERIOUSLY!?
[20:08] <Regox> We like the ladies
[20:08] <roberestarkk> smh
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> party
[20:08] <Regox> Did someone suggest
[20:08] <Regox> Party?
[20:08] <roberestarkk> GSAP!
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> yes i did
[20:08] <roberestarkk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zbi0XmGtMw
[20:08] <hjmck123> only if there is a living moving huge cake
[20:08] <StartMining> ...
[20:08] <roberestarkk> Totally relevant
[20:08] <LittleMissGrill> ty
[20:08] <hjmck123> lolz
[20:09] <StartMining> um...
[20:09] <LittleMissGrill> wh do they make that noise
[20:09] <hjmck123> the villager noises make it so much better
[20:09] <StartMining> its slaughtering time?
[20:09] <LittleMissGrill> are they laughing
[20:09] <Regox> Because potato
[20:09] <LittleMissGrill> at me
[20:09] <Regox> ROB
[20:09] <StartMining> kill dem all!!!!!!
[20:09] <hjmck123> o.o
[20:09] <hjmck123> where they going
[20:09] <roberestarkk> nope
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> if i kill one do they attack
[20:10] <hjmck123> no
[20:10] <Regox> Stand still
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> they're so weird
[20:10] <Regox> Take this
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> ... no
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> death
[20:10] <LittleMissGrill> i have a weird fascination with death
[20:10] <ejano> wat
[20:10] <Regox> Put'em on
[20:10] <hjmck123> crow!
[20:10] <hjmck123> your still on
[20:10] <hjmck123> lolz
[20:11] <ejano> :I
[20:11] <roberestarkk> Wild Hoes?
[20:11] <roberestarkk> Wow
[20:11] <StartMining> this is just...
[20:11] <StartMining> they can go through privates
[20:11] <Regox> ohyes
[20:11] <hjmck123> rly?
[20:11] <StartMining> cwps gonna have fine xD
[20:12] <Regox> Riding through Uwanago in manly chaps
[20:12] <LittleMissGrill> D;
[20:12] <Regox> Excellent
[20:12] <Regox> My horse has thorns 100 on its armour
[20:12] <roberestarkk> suddenly there are 10 of them!
[20:12] <ejano> :o
[20:12] <StartMining> ...
[20:12] <hjmck123> canit hit it
[20:13] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[20:13] <hjmck123> can i punch eet
[20:13] <LittleMissGrill> i''m lost :(
[20:13] <Regox> Nope
[20:13] <hjmck123> D:
[20:14] <Regox> Hell yes
[20:14] <Regox> Just jumped a fence
[20:14] <hjmck123> gj
[20:15] <StartMining> why is new caelandia suddenly a testing site?
[20:15] <Regox> Because it's there
[20:15] <roberestarkk> Because it has a silly-sounding name
[20:15] <hjmck123> its wut u get for more residents
[20:15] <LittleMissGrill> tourism!
[20:15] <StartMining> ...
[20:15] <LittleMissGrill> you should be happy
[20:15] <roberestarkk> and no-one will mind a nuke or 10
[20:15] <StartMining> yes indeed
[20:15] <StartMining> not robs
[20:15] <StartMining> yes indeed to grill
[20:16] <roberestarkk> Reg, can LM come visit Uwanago?
[20:16] <LittleMissGrill> call me little n_n
[20:16] <StartMining> ill call you grill if its ok
[20:16] <roberestarkk> but LM is so handy
[20:16] <Regox> It's not private
[20:16] <LittleMissGrill> haha okay
[20:16] <roberestarkk> they're like right next to each other
[20:16] <Regox> Uwanago is a community build
[20:16] <hjmck123> in the middle
[20:16] <hjmck123> of nowhere
[20:16] <LittleMissGrill> thanks :)
[20:16] <roberestarkk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0PisGe66mY
[20:17] <hjmck123> y is cwp's door a cobble
[20:17] <roberestarkk> It's 90's Nostalgia Music Time!
[20:17] <LittleMissGrill> is it spice girls
[20:17] <LittleMissGrill> only listening if it's spice girls
[20:17] <roberestarkk> Las ketchup
[20:17] <ejano> Les ketchup
[20:17] <ejano> las*
[20:17] <ejano> :I
[20:17] <Regox> Not appropriate for Uwanago
[20:17] <roberestarkk> Not at all
[20:17] <hjmck123> baaaai
[20:17] <roberestarkk> they're on a beach
[20:17] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[20:17] <roberestarkk> this is all sand and no water
[20:17] <LittleMissGrill> i have never heard this song 0_0
[20:17] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[20:18] <roberestarkk> HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> i'm like 3 years younger than you
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> imagine that in baby years
[20:18] <Regox> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q41wRJKbaSo§feature=player_detailpage&t=115
[20:18] <ejano> or
[20:18] <roberestarkk> pfft
[20:18] <ejano> is she
[20:18] <Regox> That is music for Uwanago
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> OH WAIT I HAVE
[20:18] <roberestarkk> it was released in 2002
[20:18] <LittleMissGrill> there was a dance to this
[20:18] <roberestarkk> #justsaying
[20:18] <roberestarkk> They do the dance in the video
[20:18] <roberestarkk> It's amazing!
[20:18] <Regox> I challenge you to listen to Uwanago music in Uwanago and not feel badass
[20:19] <roberestarkk> Uwanago has music?
[20:19] <LittleMissGrill> i was like
[20:19] <Regox> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q41wRJKbaSo§feature=player_detailpage&t=115
[20:19] <LittleMissGrill> 7 in 2002
[20:19] <roberestarkk> Pfft, bollocks
[20:19] <ejano> make eet shorter
[20:19] <LittleMissGrill> i think idk
[20:19] <roberestarkk> I was at least 10
[20:19] <LittleMissGrill> yeah you're three years older than me!
[20:19] <roberestarkk> and I'm a maximum of 2 years older than you
[20:19] <LittleMissGrill> it makes sense
[20:19] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[20:19] <Regox> It makes it badass
[20:19] <LittleMissGrill> are you?
[20:19] <roberestarkk> You're 19
[20:19] <LittleMissGrill> yes
[20:20] <roberestarkk> I'm 20
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> aren't you like 23
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[20:20] <roberestarkk> -.-
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> NVM
[20:20] <Regox> I'm 23
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> oooh
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> no i didn't know that
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> i just got robs age wrong
[20:20] <jrr5556> I turned 15 last sunday
[20:20] <roberestarkk> But I'm the same age as jank
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> n_n naw
[20:20] <roberestarkk> we discussed this
[20:20] <roberestarkk> he told me you were both 20
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> dude we discuss a lot of things
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> i remember none of it
[20:20] <roberestarkk> and I was excited because we were all the same age
[20:20] <LittleMissGrill> ooh
[20:20] <roberestarkk> and then you told me "No, helie"
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> no don't remember
[20:21] <roberestarkk> and I was all D'=
[20:21] <Regox> You'd best be playing Uwanago music
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> i'm 19 in like 5 months!
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> i mean
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> 20
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> 20 in 5 months >.>
[20:21] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[20:21] <roberestarkk> I'm 21 in like 3
[20:21] <Regox> This zombie is retarded
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> :o
[20:21] <LittleMissGrill> stop being old
[20:21] <Regox> It's attempting to break down a wooden door
[20:21] <roberestarkk> That's why it wants to eat your brains Reg
[20:21] <Regox> Next to an open door
[20:22] <roberestarkk> LM, one does not simply: stop being old
[20:22] <LittleMissGrill> yeah i did it
[20:22] <roberestarkk> every second of every day you're older than you were before
[20:22] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh
[20:22] <roberestarkk> yuhuh!
[20:22] <LittleMissGrill> nuhuh
[20:22] <StartMining> ^
[20:22] <LittleMissGrill> regox tell him
[20:22] <StartMining> nope not that
[20:22] <Regox> Only physically
[20:22] <StartMining> robbehs right
[20:22] <Regox> Mentally is a personal choice
[20:22] <LittleMissGrill> nuh i'm getting younger
[20:22] <LittleMissGrill> i'm benjiman button
[20:22] <roberestarkk> @Regox, Mentally it's called maturity rather than age
[20:23] <roberestarkk> age is physical
[20:23] <LittleMissGrill> i had maturity once~!
[20:23] <roberestarkk> the passage of an entity through the 4th dimension
[20:23] <LittleMissGrill> nah i reckon you can just think about an age a whole lot
[20:23] <LittleMissGrill> and then you become that age
[20:23] <Regox> I prefer to pass through the 5th
[20:23] <LittleMissGrill> thats how it works
[20:23] <LittleMissGrill> i read it somewhere once
[20:23] <ejano> lol
[20:23] <roberestarkk> LOL
[20:24] <LittleMissGrill> do you wanna hear about why i hate Freud?
[20:24] <roberestarkk> @Reg, I felt more like a badass standing on the bridge of my Airship playing "Beneath the Black Flag
[20:24] <roberestarkk> "
[20:24] <Regox> Aye
[20:24] <roberestarkk> Sure LM
[20:24] <Regox> I want that game
[20:24] <roberestarkk> if rights can talk toot till he's blue in the face, everyone can!
[20:25] <LittleMissGrill> rights once told me that women inherantly make bad mechanics
[20:25] <LittleMissGrill> just saying
[20:25] <Regox> Lies
[20:25] <ejano> :l
[20:25] <LittleMissGrill> it's something freud would believe
[20:25] <roberestarkk> I started that conversation!
[20:25] <roberestarkk> I'm pretty sure
[20:25] <LittleMissGrill> oh did you hahha
[20:25] <Regox> I know ladies who are better with steam machinery than I am
[20:25] <LittleMissGrill> i got angry n_n
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> okay so frued is like this 'psychologist' from like the 1900s or something and he's a penis
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> because
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> he was like
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> WOMEN GO THROUGH THIS STAGE when they're 12 when they realise they don't have a penis
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> and they become really jealous of this
[20:26] <ejano> o.o....
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> and they deal with it by either becoming really feminine
[20:26] <roberestarkk> I would like to state for the record, that regardless of his likeability, his first name
[20:26] <LittleMissGrill> or really butch
[20:26] <roberestarkk> Totes badass
[20:26] <StartMining> um
[20:26] <ejano> .......
[20:26] <StartMining> thats a lot of zombies
[20:27] <LittleMissGrill> like that statement makes me so angry
[20:27] <LittleMissGrill> whats his first name?
[20:27] <roberestarkk> Sigemund
[20:27] <roberestarkk> Or something thereabouts
[20:27] <LittleMissGrill> haha that is pretty good
[20:27] <LittleMissGrill> but he was also like
[20:27] <roberestarkk> Sigmund*
[20:27] <LittleMissGrill> EVERYTHING you think about is actually you being tormented from childhood
[20:27] <Regox> Russian and german names tend to turn out pretty good
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> i just hate him
[20:28] <roberestarkk> OHMYFUCKINGGOD!
[20:28] <ejano> ate wat
[20:28] <LittleMissGrill> wat
[20:28] <roberestarkk> I have not seen Dispicable Me 2
[20:28] <ejano> :O
[20:28] <roberestarkk> But I just randomly searched for a song I like
[20:28] <StartMining> :O
[20:28] <Regox> I haven't seen the first one
[20:28] <Regox> Just cli[ps
[20:28] <roberestarkk> AND IT'S IN THE MOVIE!
[20:29] <LittleMissGrill> what is this place :o
[20:29] <roberestarkk> MUST GET TO THE PUB!
[20:29] <StartMining> well byes
[20:29] <Regox> Pub?
[20:29] <roberestarkk> okay... PLAY THE SONG YOUTUBE!
[20:29] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[20:29] <Regox> This is saloon
[20:29] <roberestarkk> Pub, Tavern
[20:29] <roberestarkk> Saloon
[20:29] <roberestarkk> Watering Hold
[20:29] <roberestarkk> Dive
[20:30] <roberestarkk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rGf0tgOS9s
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> in america they call boat saloons salons
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> cos of the negative connotations attached to saloon
[20:30] <roberestarkk> But a Salon is where the womenfolk go to get their hair done!
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> yuhuh!
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> significantly less negative connotations compared to saloons with guns and stuff
[20:31] <Regox> Yes
[20:31] <roberestarkk> Wow
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> ;)
[20:31] <roberestarkk> Women are crazy
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> dude girls are the best
[20:31] <roberestarkk> handling scissors and razers and such while soused
[20:31] <ejano> amen sister
[20:31] <ejano> :P
[20:31] <roberestarkk> Guns are so much safer
[20:31] <ejano> :I
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> can i be the bar maid
[20:31] <LittleMissGrill> i'll change my skin and i'll do it for free
[20:32] <roberestarkk> I'd imagine it'd be much harder to flip a tiny little safety switch while drunk than it would be
[20:32] <roberestarkk> to knife a guy with a pair of scissors
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> rob -_-
[20:32] <roberestarkk> it would
[20:32] <roberestarkk> gun safeties are tiny!
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> guns are scary D;
[20:33] <roberestarkk> "Put a bullet to me. Bullet to the brainpan. Squish"
[20:33] <roberestarkk> Anyone gets that reference I'll love you forever
[20:33] <ejano> sounds like a song
[20:33] <ejano> idk
[20:33] <roberestarkk> And if you don't get the reference, go look it up
[20:34] <roberestarkk> and then consume all the media related to it
[20:34] <roberestarkk> because it's amazing
[20:34] <LittleMissGrill> is regox frozen
[20:34] <Regox> Pff
[20:34] <ejano> its a movie quote!
[20:34] <Regox> I have music on my HD that's not even on youtube
[20:34] <roberestarkk> Indeed!
[20:34] <roberestarkk> I'm pretty sure I do too Reg!
[20:34] <roberestarkk> Lemme just check
[20:35] <Regox> Scottish folk music
[20:35] <roberestarkk> Oh nope
[20:35] <roberestarkk> it's on youtube
[20:35] <roberestarkk> but it's still pretty cool, so I'ma link it anyway!
[20:35] <roberestarkk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LheT-SvZM2A
[20:35] <roberestarkk> It's vaguely Irish with a Scandawegian Twist
[20:35] <roberestarkk> plus Metal
[20:36] <Regox> ohwaitwut
[20:36] <roberestarkk> I listen to some very strange music...
[20:36] <Regox> Someone uploaded 1 of the tracks last month
[20:36] <roberestarkk> :O
[20:37] <Regox> Only one off the record on youtube
[20:37] <Regox> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG4HqvS1S9w
[20:38] <roberestarkk> Man, it looks like it'd be great
[20:38] <ejano> aw, find jungle temple
[20:38] <ejano> nothin but 3 iron ignots
[20:38] <roberestarkk> but I enjoy Erämaan Viimeinen too much to just pause it
[20:39] <ejano> do u guys wanna see the horses I have so far? :3
[20:39] <LittleMissGrill> yes!
[20:39] <roberestarkk> nty ^^
[20:39] <LittleMissGrill> these boyz are boring
[20:39] <roberestarkk> Oi
[20:39] <ejano> lool
[20:39] <roberestarkk> Wotm8?
[20:40] <Regox> Yes
[20:40] <LittleMissGrill> you've just been standing in the same place for like an hour :(
[20:40] <LittleMissGrill> i hand out with you cos you do fun stuff like explosions
[20:40] <ejano> check dis out
[20:40] <LittleMissGrill> also you're an okay person but that's secondary
[20:40] <Regox> NOT YET, BUT GIVE ME 20MIN
[20:40] <roberestarkk> Lol Reg
[20:40] <LittleMissGrill> :O blue horse
[20:40] <roberestarkk> Wow LM
[20:40] <Regox> Diamond armour horse grill
[20:40] <ejano> diamond armour
[20:40] <roberestarkk> That's so...
[20:40] <LittleMissGrill> i'm JOKING
[20:40] <LittleMissGrill> sorry :(
[20:41] <ejano> I could totally breed these but..
[20:41] <roberestarkk> psst Regox
[20:41] <roberestarkk> you should totally upload the rest of this album
[20:41] <roberestarkk> holycrap
[20:41] <roberestarkk> I just saw a zombie climb over 2 fences and attack me
[20:41] <roberestarkk> from like 20 blocks away!
[20:41] <ejano> O.O
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[20:42] <roberestarkk> oh no
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> you're theory is wrong!
[20:42] <ejano> I TOLD YOU THEY'RE CRAZY
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> surely if you stand still they wont' see you
[20:42] <roberestarkk> Reg has blocks adjacent to the fence
[20:42] <roberestarkk> so they just walk over it
[20:42] <ejano> one is after me
[20:42] <ejano> from 50 blocks away
[20:42] <ejano> lucky this fence is 2 high
[20:42] <LittleMissGrill> can horses jump fences?
[20:42] <ejano> yes
[20:43] <roberestarkk> only if told to by a player
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> omg
[20:43] <ejano> what should I name these ones
[20:43] <roberestarkk> you have to be on the horse to get it to jump that high
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> that'd be the best horse game ever
[20:43] <ejano> two white ponies
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> is this a chapel
[20:43] <roberestarkk> Da
[20:43] <LittleMissGrill> just checking
[20:43] <roberestarkk> I am hiding from the undead in it
[20:44] <roberestarkk> seemed like the thing to do
[20:44] <LittleMissGrill> hows it going
[20:44] <roberestarkk> Well, I haven't been killed
[20:44] <LittleMissGrill> there's like 50 breaking down the door though
[20:44] <roberestarkk> so I'd say pretty well
[20:44] <roberestarkk> but I am trapped in a chapel
[20:44] <ejano> >:O
[20:44] <ejano> dahell creeper!
[20:44] <LittleMissGrill> well i dunno what the answer is then
[20:45] <roberestarkk> MMMJEEEEENNNNNKIIIIIIINS!
[20:45] <LittleMissGrill> why so many zombies
[20:46] <LittleMissGrill> who awoken the dead
[20:46] <roberestarkk> sorcery
[20:46] <roberestarkk> GOD HATH FORSAKEN THIS TOWN
[20:46] <roberestarkk> THE END-TIMES ARE UPON US!
[20:46] <roberestarkk> REPENT
[20:46] <Regox> No
[20:46] <roberestarkk> REPENT ALL YE SINNERS!
[20:46] <Regox> It is a badass frontier town
[20:46] <roberestarkk> OR FACE DAMNATION!
[20:46] <Regox> Ye must be this badass to enter
[20:46] <roberestarkk> yes, but it requires an overzealous religious person to provide sanctimonious panic
[20:47] <LittleMissGrill> which one is it D;
[20:47] <roberestarkk> because without some panicky guy
[20:47] <roberestarkk> there's no way to tell how badass everyone else is
[20:47] <LittleMissGrill> i like footprints
[20:47] <ejano> what is that combo of buttons you press to paste
[20:47] <roberestarkk> ctrl and v
[20:47] <Regox> ctrl+v
[20:47] <ejano> ah
[20:48] <ejano> thx
[20:48] <roberestarkk> How do you not know this?
[20:48] <Regox> alt+f4 to copy
[20:48] <roberestarkk> Do you not Windows?
[20:48] <LittleMissGrill> what does v stand for
[20:48] <roberestarkk> Vendetta
[20:48] <Regox> Good movie
[20:49] <roberestarkk> Indeed
[20:50] <roberestarkk> LM, how may we entertain you today?
[20:50] <LittleMissGrill> you don't actually just exist for my entertainment n_n
[20:50] <roberestarkk> and you ejano, now you're back
[20:51] <Regox> Prove it
[20:51] <ejano> ahehehehe nametags yay
[20:51] <roberestarkk> Someone should really be shooting at someone's feet and making them dance
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> sometimes i talk to you guys
[20:51] <ejano> my horsies have names now
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> about normal stuff
[20:51] <Regox> Normal is relative
[20:51] <LittleMissGrill> you guys know my name
[20:52] <LittleMissGrill> even though jank told me to never tell you :(
[20:52] <Regox> git to dancin
[20:52] <LittleMissGrill> THATS something right
[20:52] <roberestarkk> AT my feet
[20:52] <roberestarkk> not my feet
[20:52] <Regox> Git to dancin
[20:52] <roberestarkk> I just tried to jump off a balcony
[20:52] <roberestarkk> and you shot be back onto it
[20:52] <Regox> Skillz
[20:53] <roberestarkk> I for one, am entertained
[20:53] <ejano> :I
[20:53] <roberestarkk> LM?
[20:53] <Regox> Git to dancin
[20:53] <roberestarkk> No
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> yes!
[20:53] <roberestarkk> White folk can't dance
[20:53] <roberestarkk> everyone knows that
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> sorry :( i was reading forums
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> it's true rob
[20:53] <roberestarkk> Oh, I see how it is
[20:53] <LittleMissGrill> i tried to dance once
[20:53] <Regox> I didn't
[20:53] <ejano> anyone want to helicopter a horse to my house?
[20:53] <ejano> :p
[20:54] <roberestarkk> I did
[20:54] <Regox> We should duel
[20:54] <roberestarkk> I was actually pretty good at it
[20:54] <Regox> No potions, manly chaps only
[20:54] <Regox> Deagles
[20:54] <roberestarkk> the chicks were terrible
[20:54] <roberestarkk> go figure
[20:54] <Regox> Should we?
[20:54] <LittleMissGrill> was it salsa?
[20:54] <LittleMissGrill> ballroom?
[20:54] <LittleMissGrill> ballet?
[20:54] <roberestarkk> No, it was a variety of the more proper dances
[20:54] <Regox> ROB
[20:54] <Regox> WE SHALL DUEL
[20:54] <roberestarkk> WAT!?
[20:54] <roberestarkk> I AM CONVERSING WITH A LADY
[20:54] <Regox> Grill, you shall referee
[20:55] <LittleMissGrill> :O
[20:55] <LittleMissGrill> yay!
[20:55] <Regox> Deagles at 10 paces, no potions, manly chaps only armour
[20:55] <LittleMissGrill> i love getting jobs
[20:55] <ejano> this skele horse is still her elol
[20:55] <ejano> her*
[20:55] <ejano> here**
[20:55] <roberestarkk> I misplaced my many chaps
[20:55] <roberestarkk> wait no
[20:55] <Regox> I have spares
[20:55] <roberestarkk> just 1.6 being dodgy
[20:55] <ejano> woooah zombiehorse
[20:55] <LittleMissGrill> i have some mr punchies on me
[20:56] <roberestarkk> I swear inventories worked better in 1.5
[20:56] <Regox> Aye
[20:56] <ejano> they should have had camels
[20:56] <roberestarkk> I forget the countdown command
[20:56] <roberestarkk> do you know it?
[20:56] <Regox> Nope
[20:56] <roberestarkk> bah
[20:56] <LittleMissGrill> THREE
[20:57] <LittleMissGrill> i can count down
[20:57] <roberestarkk> Ah
[20:57] <ejano> lolthat works
[20:57] <roberestarkk> no I found it
[20:57] <LittleMissGrill> lame
[20:57] <Regox> WE must walk away from each other while it counts
[20:57] <roberestarkk> very well
[20:57] <roberestarkk> how long for?
[20:57] <Regox> 10 sec, crouching for slow dramatic pacing
[20:57] <roberestarkk> mkay
[20:58] <ejano> o.oo
[20:58] <ejano> okay okay we get it
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> countdown broken?
[20:58] <Regox> I think it's borked
[20:58] <roberestarkk> I think it's pretty safe to say that's broken
[20:58] <ejano> meep
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> hahahha
[20:58] <Regox> OK, we'll just use Grill
[20:58] <roberestarkk> We can't do that
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> yay a job!
[20:58] <ejano> meep
[20:58] <Regox> OHLAWDYKILL IT
[20:58] <ejano> meep
[20:58] <roberestarkk> Women are 'equal' now
[20:58] <Regox> KILL THE TIMER
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> noooo
[20:58] <LittleMissGrill> i mean yes
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> but I WANT A JOB
[20:59] <roberestarkk> oh wait
[20:59] <ejano> START
[20:59] <ejano> WATEVer
[20:59] <roberestarkk> nope, that didn't work
[20:59] <Regox> I'd say it's borked
[20:59] <ejano> hmm
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> restart server!
[20:59] <ejano> ;O
[20:59] <LittleMissGrill> restart server
[21:00] <ejano> you know there is a chance that it could be borked
[21:00] <ejano> just a little
[21:00] <roberestarkk> ah feck it
[21:00] <roberestarkk> LM, take it away!
[21:00] <Regox> OK, grill, count us off to 10
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> okay!
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> 10
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> 9
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> 8
[21:00] <ejano> lool
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> 7
[21:00] <LittleMissGrill> 6
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> 5
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> 4
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> 3
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> 2
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> 1
[21:01] <LittleMissGrill> GO
[21:02] <Regox> I rost
[21:02] <ejano> who one
[21:02] <ejano> won*
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> robwins round won
[21:02] <roberestarkk> I TRIED!
[21:02] <Regox> YOU FAILED
[21:02] <ejano> ./bans timer for spam
[21:02] <roberestarkk> actually I succeeded
[21:02] <LittleMissGrill> haahha
[21:02] <roberestarkk> it just started again
[21:03] <roberestarkk> this town is ridiculous
[21:03] <Regox> But awesome
[21:03] <roberestarkk> LM, go to bed
[21:03] <roberestarkk> you too ejano!
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> .. why
[21:03] <ejano> but
[21:03] <ejano> horsey
[21:03] <Regox> Don't forget, 1.6.2 changed amounts of mob spawn
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> i don't wanna
[21:03] <roberestarkk> needs to be daytime
[21:03] <ejano> afk go
[21:03] <ejano> gogo
[21:03] <LittleMissGrill> oh mc bed
[21:04] <ejano> goddamit
[21:04] <ejano> the zmombies aaaaaah
[21:04] <roberestarkk> LM is just standing there ejano
[21:04] <roberestarkk> but thanks for trying!
[21:04] <LittleMissGrill> what are you doing to me
[21:04] <LittleMissGrill> REGOX
[21:04] <Regox> Do I win at things?
[21:04] <roberestarkk> lol Reg
[21:05] <LittleMissGrill> D:
[21:05] <LittleMissGrill> I HATE THIS PLACE
[21:05] <LittleMissGrill> rooob ;(
[21:05] <roberestarkk> dammit
[21:05] <roberestarkk> I swear ./ doesn't work like it used to
[21:05] <roberestarkk> all I see is black! D=
[21:05] <LittleMissGrill> ej told me to go afk i'm so confused :(
[21:05] <roberestarkk> oh here we go
[21:06] <ejano> im confused now too
[21:06] <ejano> ol
[21:06] <roberestarkk> why would she tell you that?
[21:06] <ejano> lol
[21:06] <LittleMissGrill> i dunno she told me to!
[21:06] <ejano> u wanted day or something
[21:06] <LittleMissGrill> you have to do what mods and admins say
[21:06] <LittleMissGrill> sooo
[21:06] <roberestarkk> yes
[21:06] <Regox> Bahahaha
[21:06] <roberestarkk> to turn it to day, at least one person needs to be in a bed
[21:06] <LittleMissGrill> i don't have a bed :(
[21:06] <Regox> 90% of the time we're lying or corrupt
[21:06] <roberestarkk> and others need to be in a bed or afk
[21:06] <ejano> :l
[21:06] <roberestarkk> except admins who are ignored entirely
[21:06] <ejano> I got my horsey to myh home
[21:07] <roberestarkk> and can do whatever they like
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> i need a bed
[21:07] <roberestarkk> sod it
[21:07] <ejano> I cant rest there are monsters nearby
[21:07] <ejano> :I
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> day time
[21:07] <ejano> lol I gtg
[21:07] <ejano> its so late
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> my favourite season is autumn
[21:07] <ejano> byees
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> can it be autumn everyday
[21:07] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[21:07] <LittleMissGrill> nooo dont leave me
[21:07] <roberestarkk> Now it is the duty of someone who isn't me to scream the words "You're so corrupt, OMG!"
[21:08] <LittleMissGrill> idc n_n
[21:08] <LittleMissGrill> admins are cool
[21:08] <LittleMissGrill> you guys can stay
[21:08] <roberestarkk> HAHA
[21:08] <roberestarkk> gee thanks =P
[21:08] <LittleMissGrill> thats okay!
[21:08] <roberestarkk> Reginald disappeared D=
[21:08] <Regox> Nope
[21:08] <roberestarkk> ah well
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> no he's floating
[21:09] <roberestarkk> oh he can fly
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> you can fly too if you try hard enough
[21:09] <roberestarkk> Oh I'm loading a YouTube video as well as this one episode of Sea Quest DSV
[21:09] <roberestarkk> YOU'RE RIGHT LM!
[21:09] <LittleMissGrill> :D
[21:09] <roberestarkk> ALL I HAD TO DO WAS BELIEVE!
[21:10] <Regox> I'm watching youtube vids while playing minecraft while trying not to move my leg
[21:10] <LittleMissGrill> i'm just playing minecraft :(
[21:10] <Regox> Because I have to drive to newcastle tomorrow, and it's my clutch pedal leg
[21:10] <roberestarkk> Wow
[21:11] <roberestarkk> I am proudface of my Gaol
[21:11] <LittleMissGrill> i approve of your spelling of gaol
[21:11] <roberestarkk> I'd sit in the Sheriff's chair, but I had to disable chairs until the Bukkit devs fix a bug with
[21:12] <roberestarkk> arrows, sitting and crashing servers
[21:12] <roberestarkk> Which I do not even pretend to understand
[21:12] <LittleMissGrill> but rob nows everything
[21:12] <roberestarkk> It may seem like I do
[21:12] <roberestarkk> But the credit must go to Google really
[21:13] <roberestarkk> My Google Fu is extremely well honed
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> google is the best
[21:13] <roberestarkk> damn
[21:13] <LittleMissGrill> i use it dailyw
[21:13] <roberestarkk> collateral'd the piggeh
[21:13] <roberestarkk> Me too!
[21:13] <roberestarkk> or at least I used to till they decided to discontinue Google Reader
[21:13] <roberestarkk> now I only probably use it every day
[21:14] <roberestarkk> I want a Horsey
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> lets go find you one
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> oh
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> right
[21:14] <LittleMissGrill> admin
[21:14] <Regox> admin
[21:15] <roberestarkk> How are saddles in the Transportation tab and not Ladders?
[21:15] <roberestarkk> Ladders are more directly related to movement than saddles are!
[21:16] <roberestarkk> YEEEEEEEEHAW!
[21:16] <roberestarkk> dammit Horse movement! y u serverside!?
[21:16] <LittleMissGrill> bye rob
[21:17] <roberestarkk> You'd think they'd have learned from boats and minecarts that serverside movement is always
[21:17] <roberestarkk> a terrible idea
[21:17] <Regox> lolno
[21:17] <roberestarkk> Awww cya LM!
[21:17] <Regox> Minecraft devs and learn?
[21:17] <LittleMissGrill> no i was saying goodbye to you runing away
[21:17] <LittleMissGrill> i'm still online n_N
[21:17] <roberestarkk> lol, I am galloping up and down the main street of a Western themed town
[21:17] <roberestarkk> Why would I go somewhere else!?
[21:19] <roberestarkk> I shall call my Horse...
[21:19] <LittleMissGrill> eliza!
[21:19] <roberestarkk> Jack Darkstallion!
[21:19] <LittleMissGrill> or that
[21:19] <roberestarkk> Actually no
[21:19] <roberestarkk> I'm just going to blatantly name him Jim Darkmagic
[21:20] <roberestarkk> aww dangit
[21:20] <roberestarkk> Awww yisss
[21:20] <roberestarkk> JimDarkmagic!
[21:20] <LittleMissGrill> haha
[21:21] <LittleMissGrill> :(
[21:21] <LittleMissGrill> i suck at this game
[21:21] <roberestarkk> lol
[21:21] <roberestarkk> I used to
[21:21] <roberestarkk> then I played it WAY too much
[21:21] <roberestarkk> and then I got Admin
[21:21] <roberestarkk> and then it got boring
[21:21] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[21:22] <LittleMissGrill> but i play allll the time
[21:22] <roberestarkk> not necessarily in that order
[21:22] <roberestarkk> Have you played it at least once a week for 4 years?
[21:22] <LittleMissGrill> no :(
[21:22] <LittleMissGrill> i've only been playing for less than three months :O
[21:22] <Forgott3nFear> yep
[21:22] <roberestarkk> Come, Padawan
[21:22] <roberestarkk> I will teach you
[21:22] <roberestarkk> Why would you even call a Horse "Vladimir"?
[21:23] <Forgott3nFear> y not
[21:23] <roberestarkk> because Vladimir is a Russian President's name
[21:23] <roberestarkk> A horse's name is Kristen Schaal
[21:24] <Regox> I'm naming all my horses after russians fer giggles
[21:24] <roberestarkk> and if you haven't seen the "Kristen Schaal is a horse" video
[21:24] <roberestarkk> I envy you
[21:24] <Regox> My horse at spawn is Mikhail
[21:24] <Forgott3nFear> i would name my horse "horse"
[21:24] <Forgott3nFear> its classic
[21:24] <LittleMissGrill> i'm offffffff
[21:24] <LittleMissGrill> bye :)
[21:24] <Forgott3nFear> cya
[21:25] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[21:25] <roberestarkk> where is my horse?
[21:25] <roberestarkk> Ciao!
[21:25] <LittleMissGrill> hat way
[21:25] <roberestarkk> ah ty
[21:25] <LittleMissGrill> byee
[21:25] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[21:26] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[22:58] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[23:13] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[23:33] <roberestarkk> Why is the sky such an odd colour =S
[23:39] * Oextar (Oextar@Oextar) has joined #main
[23:40] <Oextar> Y'know, I saw '1/40' and thought it might be you, lol
[23:40] <roberestarkk> AhoY!
[23:40] <roberestarkk> I am anything but predictable...
[23:40] <roberestarkk> except when I am
[23:40] <Oextar> xD
[23:40] <Oextar> well I was going to do stuff
[23:40] <Oextar> but I am incapable without a mouse
[23:40] <Oextar> and somewhat good frames
[23:41] <Oextar> So I might leave you to it again XD
[23:41] <roberestarkk> Lol
[23:41] <Oextar> mebbe browse lel forums
[23:41] <roberestarkk> Ciao!
[23:41] * Oextar (Oextar@Oextar§r) Quit (§eOextar left the game.)
[23:53] <roberestarkk> wellp, I'm stuck
[23:53] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[23:53] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[23:53] <roberestarkk> oh, that's new
[23:54] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)

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