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IRC Log for #main.2013-06-19

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[4:09] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[4:16] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[4:16] <jeem9157> hey
[4:16] <Peppy2006> Howdy Jeem
[4:19] <Peppy2006> I forget who left first the other night.
[4:19] <Peppy2006> lol
[4:19] <jeem9157> I did
[4:19] <Peppy2006> Ah
[4:19] <Peppy2006> I was gonna ask you if anything interesting happened after I left, dammit
[4:19] <jeem9157> what time you leave
[4:19] <Peppy2006> Like... 4:30 my time
[4:19] <Peppy2006> So that'd be 5:30 yours
[4:20] <Peppy2006> Something tells me that's not the healthiest thing in the world probably.
[4:20] <jeem9157> lol
[4:33] <jeem9157> wcb
[4:33] <Peppy2006> Thanks
[4:37] <Peppy2006> There
[4:49] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo) has joined #main
[4:49] <jeem9157> hey ryan
[4:49] <ryan1998xoxo> hi
[4:50] <ryan1998xoxo> I just broke up with clever bot
[4:56] <jeem9157> hey
[5:03] <ryan1998xoxo> hi peppy
[5:05] <ryan1998xoxo> Does anyone have like 12 jungle wook I could buy?
[5:05] <ryan1998xoxo> *wood
[5:05] <jeem9157> no but
[5:05] <jeem9157> there's a jungle south of me
[5:07] <ryan1998xoxo> Are you in a cave still?
[5:07] <jeem9157> went to origin
[5:07] <ryan1998xoxo> Cause if so I can wait
[5:08] <ryan1998xoxo> I will wait till morning
[5:11] <ryan1998xoxo> Which way is south?
[5:11] <jeem9157> this way
[5:13] * jeem9157 was kicked from #main by Server
[5:13] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[5:13] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[5:14] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo§r) Quit (§eryan1998xoxo left the game.)
[5:14] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo) has joined #main
[5:14] <jeem9157> wcb
[5:14] <ryan1998xoxo> I havean isue
[5:14] <ryan1998xoxo> Fixed it
[5:18] <ryan1998xoxo> do wolves tp properly now?
[5:19] <jeem9157> haven't tried
[5:19] <ryan1998xoxo> cause I found 3
[5:39] <ryan1998xoxo> IS there a limit to how may wolves you are aloud?
[5:39] <Peppy2006> 10
[5:39] <ryan1998xoxo> Cool cause I have 4
[5:39] <Peppy2006> Well... then you're well within your limits. :P
[5:42] <jeem9157> bbl
[5:42] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[5:42] <Peppy2006> So Ryan
[5:42] <ryan1998xoxo> Yes?
[5:42] <Peppy2006> What town are you with this map? XD
[5:42] <ryan1998xoxo> Sorta plutonia
[5:43] <Peppy2006> You still somewhat identify yourself with 001 though?
[5:43] <ryan1998xoxo> I took over a crater in a montain and the surrounding area
[5:43] <ryan1998xoxo> yes
[5:45] <ryan1998xoxo> you already gave me a revolver
[5:45] <ryan1998xoxo> It's fun
[5:45] <Peppy2006> Yeah, but these are the 001'ian guns :P
[5:45] <ryan1998xoxo> the others look even more fun
[5:46] <Peppy2006> Right click on the shotgun and shoot it then.
[5:46] <Peppy2006> Right click it so the little arrow is pointed right
[5:46] <Peppy2006> Above your experience and hunger and such
[5:46] <Peppy2006> Or wherever it's title it
[5:46] <Peppy2006> is
[5:48] <Peppy2006> Anyway
[5:48] <Peppy2006> There you go
[5:48] <ryan1998xoxo> thanks
[5:48] <Peppy2006> You're welcome
[5:48] <Peppy2006> Then if people start shooting you, because gun violence seems to be common amongst non-001'ian
[5:48] <Peppy2006> people...
[5:49] <Peppy2006> You've got the guns to fight back with.
[5:49] <Peppy2006> They've all got their ups and downs
[5:49] <Peppy2006> So train with them and become an expert in your equipment.
[5:49] <ryan1998xoxo> I have only shot and jeem because he shot me with an arrow
[5:50] <ryan1998xoxo> An enchanted one
[5:50] <Peppy2006> Well that's justifiable enough
[5:50] <Peppy2006> But since guns got distributed pretty quick among people, there's a few who've already started
[5:50] <Peppy2006> blasting eachother away.
[5:51] <Peppy2006> And be on the lookout for non-001'ians with Supersoldier Serum
[5:51] <ryan1998xoxo> this place is highly defendabe
[5:51] <Peppy2006> It is indeed
[5:52] <Peppy2006> Ever since the Cartels started up there's been people getting ahold of Supersoldier Serum.
[5:52] <ryan1998xoxo> One time I got given it
[5:52] <Peppy2006> By whom?
[5:52] <ryan1998xoxo> It was dengar he was having me test something dangerous
[5:53] <ryan1998xoxo> So I sorta needed it to live
[5:53] <Peppy2006> Hmmm
[5:53] <Peppy2006> Well still...
[5:53] <Peppy2006> I'm cracking down on taking all the 001'ian potions back out of the public.
[5:54] <Peppy2006> Go mob hunting!
[5:54] <Peppy2006> It'll improve your gun experience.
[5:54] <ryan1998xoxo> At night this place is crawling
[5:54] <Peppy2006> Well then defend your hill!
[5:56] <ryan1998xoxo> So many of them
[5:57] <ryan1998xoxo> I need to grab some armour before you do that next time
[5:57] <Peppy2006> Are all your weapons accounted for?
[5:57] <Peppy2006> AR-001, MP-001, PA/S-001, P-001?
[5:57] <ryan1998xoxo> yes
[5:57] <Peppy2006> Excellent
[5:57] <Peppy2006> Don't want those leaking out... XD
[5:58] <Peppy2006> There you go
[5:58] <Peppy2006> You got armor
[5:59] <Peppy2006> An army of darkness approaches...
[6:00] <Peppy2006> Did you know...
[6:01] <Peppy2006> If you press Q after reloading your shotgun, it'll load one more shell?
[6:07] <Peppy2006> Remember that sometimes, a good swordplay is still the better option
[6:08] <Peppy2006> Continue advancing into the valley there
[6:09] <Peppy2006> The GL-001 grenade launcher attachment is quite lovely for attacking huge overwhelming crowds.
[6:09] <Peppy2006> Come over this hill
[6:10] <ryan1998xoxo> I will brb
[6:10] <Peppy2006> One more wave before daytime
[6:10] <Peppy2006> Alright
[6:12] <Peppy2006> Collect your XP as well
[6:12] <Peppy2006> :P
[6:12] <Peppy2006> You earned it
[6:13] <ryan1998xoxo> The Shot gun is also a great movement tool
[6:13] <Peppy2006> Indeed it is
[6:14] <ryan1998xoxo> but in a solo fight
[6:14] <ryan1998xoxo> this is my best option
[6:14] <Peppy2006> Ah, the MP-001
[6:15] <ryan1998xoxo> Or the
[6:15] <Peppy2006> The AR-001 is great for taking on small groups
[6:15] <Peppy2006> The MP-001 is designed for clearing out buildings and trenches.
[6:15] <Peppy2006> Mostly in one-on-one fights like you said.
[6:15] <Peppy2006> Then the P-001 is for a backup, in case shit's getting rough and you can't reload.
[6:16] <Peppy2006> A getaway tool, basically.
[6:16] <ryan1998xoxo> It's burst make it great for takin out targets that are moving aroind alot
[6:16] <Peppy2006> That too
[6:16] * ryan1998xoxo was kicked from #main by Server
[6:16] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo§r) Quit (§eryan1998xoxo left the game.)
[6:16] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo) has joined #main
[6:16] <Peppy2006> You're getting pretty familiar with these things already. :P
[6:17] <Peppy2006> And welcome back
[6:17] <ryan1998xoxo> I got kicked for flying
[6:17] <Peppy2006> lmao
[6:17] * ryan1998xoxo was kicked from #main by Server
[6:17] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo§r) Quit (§eryan1998xoxo left the game.)
[6:17] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo) has joined #main
[6:17] <Peppy2006> After it says "7", hit Q and it'll bring it up to 8.
[6:17] <ryan1998xoxo> Definantly flying
[6:17] <ryan1998xoxo> I did
[6:18] <Peppy2006> Goodo!
[6:18] <Peppy2006> I'd say you've passed gun safety.
[6:18] <ryan1998xoxo> Why thank you
[6:18] <Peppy2006> Though there's always room for more training
[6:18] <ryan1998xoxo> I will train at my own pace later today
[6:19] <ryan1998xoxo> Find a mob spawner maybe
[6:19] <ryan1998xoxo> travel a cave
[6:19] <Peppy2006> I boosted the grenade's explosive load
[6:19] <ryan1998xoxo> I have 35 gun powder
[6:19] <Peppy2006> So it should function more like an explosive.
[6:20] <ryan1998xoxo> I accidentally placed the shot gun
[6:20] <Peppy2006> lol
[6:20] <Peppy2006> I could fix that, too.
[6:21] <Peppy2006> Would an Iron Ingot look good as a shotgun?
[6:21] <Peppy2006> Not really, never mind
[6:21] <ryan1998xoxo> I think a wooden hoe could work
[6:21] <Peppy2006> You're actually onto something there
[6:22] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[6:22] <Peppy2006> Why not iron?
[6:22] <Peppy2006> Welcome back Jeem
[6:22] <ryan1998xoxo> Because I am the angry farmer
[6:22] <ryan1998xoxo> And it would look wrong for me to have an iron one
[6:23] <Peppy2006> We'll give it a shot
[6:25] <ryan1998xoxo> You can also use it to slow a decent
[6:25] <Peppy2006> Yup
[6:25] <ryan1998xoxo> Making a fatal fall none fatal
[6:26] <Peppy2006> Ryan, the zombies are back
[6:29] <Peppy2006> Jeem has arrived!
[6:29] <jeem9157> Run.
[6:29] <jeem9157> X
[6:29] <jeem9157> D
[6:30] <jeem9157> oh god
[6:31] <Peppy2006> Excellent
[6:31] <Peppy2006> He survived
[6:31] <ryan1998xoxo> Ioops
[6:31] <Peppy2006> Somehow
[6:32] <Peppy2006> He needs weapons, I think
[6:32] <jeem9157> :D
[6:32] <jeem9157> thanks
[6:32] <Peppy2006> Now let the onslaught commence
[6:33] <ryan1998xoxo> He survived because I provided cover
[6:33] <Peppy2006> To the hilltop!
[6:33] <ryan1998xoxo> Any way
[6:33] <ryan1998xoxo> cya
[6:34] <ryan1998xoxo> I ahev to go
[6:34] <Peppy2006> You're leaving?
[6:34] <ryan1998xoxo> Bye
[6:34] <Peppy2006> Ah, okay
[6:34] <Peppy2006> See ya
[6:34] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo§r) Quit (§eryan1998xoxo left the game.)
[6:34] <Peppy2006> Well maybe you'd like to mow down zombies.
[6:34] <jeem9157> yes
[6:34] <Peppy2006> The PA/S has a grenade launcher attachment, too
[6:35] <jeem9157> yep
[6:40] <Peppy2006> Shoot at the ground with your shotgun
[6:40] <Peppy2006> If you go too high though
[6:40] <jeem9157> lol
[6:40] <Peppy2006> The server will kick you. lol
[6:40] <jeem9157> i've got to test that
[6:41] <Peppy2006> Go for it. XD
[6:42] * jeem9157 was kicked from #main by Server
[6:42] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[6:42] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[6:42] <jeem9157> lol
[6:42] <Peppy2006> Yup. :P
[6:42] <jeem9157> If i do it when gales on
[6:42] <jeem9157> will i get a warning?
[6:42] <Peppy2006> BUT! If you can figure out exactly how high you can get before that...
[6:42] <Peppy2006> No. lol
[6:43] <jeem9157> I could figure that out
[6:44] <jeem9157> well
[6:44] <Peppy2006> lol
[6:44] <jeem9157> apparently we had a tornado warning
[6:44] <Peppy2006> Really?
[6:44] <jeem9157> finds out two hours later lol
[6:44] <Peppy2006> A lot of good it does you then. :P
[6:45] * jeem9157 was kicked from #main by Server
[6:45] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[6:45] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[6:46] <jeem9157> 110 blocks
[6:50] <Peppy2006> So that's like...
[6:50] <Peppy2006> 6 shots?
[6:50] <jeem9157> 7 did it
[6:50] <jeem9157> last time
[6:50] <Peppy2006> So 6 shots is safe. XD
[6:50] <jeem9157> from the bridge
[6:51] <Peppy2006> Sweet
[6:51] <Peppy2006> Your payment for your efforts shall be the guns
[6:52] <jeem9157> fine with me lol
[6:52] <Peppy2006> lol
[6:53] <Peppy2006> That's a refreshing break from "o com on plz peepy i whunt moar"
[6:54] <Peppy2006> http://tinyurl.com/mbz2jny
[6:54] <Peppy2006> That popped up in my Facebook feed the other day
[6:55] <jeem9157> lol
[6:55] <Peppy2006> I found it exceptionally funny for some reason, to the point where at work the next day I thought
[6:55] <Peppy2006> about it and started laughing to myself
[6:55] <jeem9157> were there people nearby
[6:55] <Peppy2006> ... I hope not.
[6:55] <jeem9157> lol
[6:56] <Peppy2006> I was looking at the shelving we've got, and that popped to mind.
[6:56] <Peppy2006> I think I even muttered "help I accidentally build a shelf"
[6:57] <Peppy2006> Oh boy
[7:02] <jeem9157> it comes up as a search result for me XD
[7:02] <Peppy2006> I know!! XD
[7:02] <Peppy2006> Some Yahoo answers thing
[7:03] <jeem9157> lol
[7:07] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[7:07] <jeem9157> hey skele
[7:07] <Skeletoon> hey
[7:07] <Skeletoon> someone should make a meme "the spawn prices are too damn high"
[7:08] <jeem9157> yes
[7:08] <Peppy2006> Howdy Skele!
[7:08] <Skeletoon> hey peppy!
[7:11] <Skeletoon> afternoon for u guys?
[7:11] <jeem9157> 5:11 pm
[7:11] <Peppy2006> Yeah, 4:11pm
[7:11] <Skeletoon> so u guys dont play minecraft during the day or anything?
[7:12] <Peppy2006> It is day! :P
[7:12] <Skeletoon> but like in the mornin
[7:12] <Peppy2006> Oh
[7:12] <jeem9157> i'm sleeping then
[7:12] <jeem9157> or working
[7:12] <Peppy2006> Well, technically sometimes.
[7:12] <jeem9157> preferably the first
[7:18] <Skeletoon> i need sandstone
[7:18] <Skeletoon> stay here for a sec
[7:18] <jeem9157> ok
[7:18] <Skeletoon> grenade launcher?
[7:18] <jeem9157> yeah
[7:24] <Skeletoon> k
[7:24] <Skeletoon> did it hurt?
[7:24] <jeem9157> no
[7:24] <jeem9157> yes
[7:25] <Skeletoon> ta jeem
[7:25] <jeem9157> oh
[7:25] <Skeletoon> XD yea
[7:27] <Skeletoon> ok back to build
[7:27] <Skeletoon> tp if u want
[7:27] <jeem9157> so master builder?
[7:27] <Skeletoon> idk, if peppy would promote me for my builds
[7:28] <Skeletoon> i love the roof i made but cant see it, only on dynamp
[7:29] <jeem9157> wcb
[7:29] <Peppy2006> Thanks
[7:29] <jeem9157> i made it up
[7:29] <jeem9157> wanna see?
[7:30] <Skeletoon> up where
[7:30] <jeem9157> roof
[7:30] <Skeletoon> how
[7:30] <Skeletoon> brb phone
[7:30] <jeem9157> k
[7:31] <Skeletoon> ugh mum cant hear it, she vacuuming =P
[7:31] <Skeletoon> ok so u were saying jeem
[7:32] <jeem9157> just saying
[7:32] <jeem9157> i'm up on the roof
[7:32] <Skeletoon> ok how
[7:32] <jeem9157> PA/S-001
[7:32] <Skeletoon> did peppy tp u there?
[7:32] <jeem9157> nope
[7:32] <Skeletoon> O.O
[7:32] <Skeletoon> oh
[7:32] <jeem9157> I used a grenade launcher as a jetpack
[7:32] <Skeletoon> ohhh
[7:33] <Skeletoon> yea
[7:33] <Skeletoon> XD
[7:35] <Skeletoon> ima need a lot more sandstone =P
[7:38] <Skeletoon> peppy and his afkness
[7:42] <Skeletoon> eggs
[7:42] <Skeletoon> XD
[7:42] <Skeletoon> this is the second floor
[7:43] <Skeletoon> this lvl is 1st
[7:43] <Skeletoon> just for the windows =P
[7:44] <Skeletoon> where your dome up too?
[7:44] <jeem9157> just above cloud layer
[7:44] <jeem9157> don't remember height
[7:44] <Skeletoon> more than half done?
[7:44] <jeem9157> nah
[7:44] <jeem9157> it's been sitting there abandoned
[7:44] <Skeletoon> XD
[7:44] <jeem9157> for months
[7:44] <Skeletoon> should put some vines around it
[7:44] <jeem9157> no one has built anything anywhere near it either
[7:45] <Skeletoon> make it look post apocalyptic
[7:45] <jeem9157> so regox thinks he already destroyed it when he gets to it
[7:45] <jeem9157> next map change
[7:45] <Skeletoon> lol
[7:45] <Skeletoon> ye
[7:45] <Skeletoon> regox, biggest staff troll
[7:46] <Skeletoon> like what he did to ryan
[7:46] <Skeletoon> ryan was like oh yea i got a gun
[7:46] <Skeletoon> nek minnit regox spawns 50 creepers
[7:46] <jeem9157> i would have been more likely to finish it
[7:46] <jeem9157> if i had more than one house spawn
[7:46] <Skeletoon> true
[7:47] <jeem9157> and lol
[7:47] <Skeletoon> XD
[7:47] <Skeletoon> u look bored
[7:47] <jeem9157> kind of
[7:47] <Skeletoon> here
[7:47] <Skeletoon> help me fill it in
[7:47] <jeem9157> ok
[7:48] <Skeletoon> and im out
[7:48] <jeem9157> ok
[7:48] <Skeletoon> dam
[7:48] <Skeletoon> dynmap time
[7:49] <Skeletoon> look for another temple to demolish
[7:50] <jeem9157> i see one far west
[7:50] <Skeletoon> mm
[7:50] <jeem9157> there's that patch of extreme hils
[7:50] <jeem9157> it's just on the other side
[7:58] <Skeletoon> got it
[8:02] <Skeletoon> lemme get out and ill tp u
[8:03] <Skeletoon> this is a deep one =P dam
[8:07] <Skeletoon> im full
[8:08] <jeem9157> same
[8:08] <Skeletoon> hold a seck
[8:08] <Skeletoon> pass
[8:12] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[8:12] <jeem9157> hey hj
[8:12] <hjmck123> jooooooom
[8:12] <Skeletoon> hey hj
[8:12] <hjmck123> hihi
[8:12] <hjmck123> y u eating a temple
[8:13] <Skeletoon> yea i need sandstone
[8:13] <hjmck123> o
[8:13] <Skeletoon> soz
[8:14] <Skeletoon> =P
[8:17] <Skeletoon> ta
[8:17] <Skeletoon> thats it
[8:18] <jeem9157> might be a bunch under sand
[8:18] <hjmck123> :O
[8:18] <Skeletoon> yea but i cbb to look
[8:18] <hjmck123> jeem obtained a pewpew
[8:18] <jeem9157> brb i can get a shovel
[8:18] <jeem9157> that will tear through this
[8:20] <hjmck123> i r sand bank
[8:20] <jeem9157> i r robot
[8:21] <Skeletoon> sand
[8:21] <jeem9157> awkward
[8:22] <hjmck123> r skele need sand 2?
[8:22] <jeem9157> ill block up the river
[8:22] <Skeletoon> pick broke
[8:22] <hjmck123> dig the whole desert!
[8:24] <hjmck123> just dig on non river side
[8:24] <hjmck123> :s
[8:24] <Skeletoon> jeem just get the sndstone
[8:24] <jeem9157> but sandstone exists on river side
[8:24] <Skeletoon> dw about wats underneath
[8:27] <Skeletoon> jeem u need food?
[8:27] <jeem9157> nah
[8:27] <Skeletoon> u sure
[8:29] <Skeletoon> i think its enough
[8:29] <jeem9157> ok
[8:31] <Skeletoon> just tp when u ready if u want
[8:31] <hjmck123> D:
[8:32] <Skeletoon> ?
[8:32] <hjmck123> i was harshly beaten
[8:33] <jeem9157> i guess i'm done
[8:33] <hjmck123> skele need the sand?
[8:33] <Skeletoon> not really
[8:34] <Skeletoon> too much XD
[8:34] <Skeletoon> this is wat made up my bottom half
[8:35] <hjmck123> i blame
[8:35] <hjmck123> jeem
[8:35] <hjmck123> jeem y u throw boom eggs
[8:36] <jeem9157> because explosions
[8:36] <hjmck123> D:
[8:36] <hjmck123> :o
[8:36] <Skeletoon> thanks for the help guys
[8:36] <hjmck123> jeem how u get teh boombooms
[8:41] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[8:42] <Skeletoon> hmm
[8:42] <jeem9157> He'll be back
[8:42] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[8:42] <Skeletoon> XD
[8:42] <Skeletoon> wb
[8:43] <hjmck123> wooa
[8:43] <hjmck123> i lagged so much
[8:43] <hjmck123> but i can tell you
[8:43] <hjmck123> far under here
[8:43] <hjmck123> is some cavern
[8:43] <hjmck123> with redstone
[8:43] <hjmck123> and lava
[8:43] <jeem9157> hax
[8:43] <Skeletoon> dat noclip
[8:43] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[8:43] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[8:44] <hjmck123> D:
[8:44] <jeem9157> help i accidentally build a shelf
[8:44] <hjmck123> lolwut
[8:44] <Skeletoon> ?
[8:44] <jeem9157> http://tinyurl com/mbz2jny
[8:45] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[8:45] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[8:45] <jeem9157> wcb
[8:45] <hjmck123> T_T
[8:45] <Skeletoon> wdf
[8:45] <hjmck123> wut shelf
[8:46] <jeem9157> brb gonna make food
[8:46] <hjmck123> :O
[8:46] <hjmck123> k
[8:51] <jeem9157> back
[8:51] <Skeletoon> wb
[8:51] <hjmck123> wbwb
[8:51] <Skeletoon> ill finish this floor and back to studying
[8:52] <hjmck123> :O
[8:52] <hjmck123> 1+1
[8:52] <Skeletoon> 2
[8:52] <hjmck123> 3!
[8:52] <hjmck123> theres a cool way of countin where its 3
[8:52] <hjmck123> if i have 1 knot in a rope
[8:52] <hjmck123> so 2 knots
[8:53] <hjmck123> in 2 dif ropes
[8:53] <hjmck123> when i add them together
[8:53] <hjmck123> they become 3 knots
[8:53] <Skeletoon> hj how old are u
[8:53] <hjmck123> atm 18
[8:53] <hjmck123> tis yr 19
[8:54] <jeem9157> but by adding them you add a third knot
[8:54] <hjmck123> yes
[8:54] <hjmck123> so 1+1=3
[8:54] <jeem9157> suppose you were to fuse the two ropes together
[8:54] <jeem9157> rather than tie them together
[8:54] <hjmck123> but
[8:55] <hjmck123> thats not adding
[8:55] <hjmck123> thats like starting with 2
[8:55] <jeem9157> add -> tie?
[8:55] <hjmck123> yesh!
[8:55] <jeem9157> ok then
[8:55] <jeem9157> tie -> add
[8:56] <jeem9157> tie <-> add ?
[8:56] <hjmck123> wut
[8:56] <jeem9157> i dunno
[8:56] <jeem9157> order of implication
[8:56] <hjmck123> it r native american
[8:56] <hjmck123> i think
[8:56] <jeem9157> logic
[8:56] <hjmck123> form google
[8:56] <hjmck123> from*
[8:57] <jeem9157> so many varieties of "native american"
[8:57] <hjmck123> theres native american
[8:57] <jeem9157> where i live
[8:57] <hjmck123> and non native
[8:57] <hjmck123> lol
[8:57] <jeem9157> the native tribes are the
[8:57] <jeem9157> arapahoe
[8:57] <hjmck123> do they still have little village thingos
[8:57] <jeem9157> there are some
[8:58] <hjmck123> know any native americans?
[8:58] <jeem9157> I knew some people in high school
[8:58] <jeem9157> who were half native american
[8:58] <hjmck123> :o
[8:58] <Skeletoon> native australians i know = none
[8:58] <hjmck123> yep
[8:58] <hjmck123> lol
[8:58] <hjmck123> nek minnut go 2 NT
[8:59] <Skeletoon> lol
[8:59] <jeem9157> but
[8:59] <jeem9157> what about
[8:59] <hjmck123> wanna see a sandplosion?
[8:59] <jeem9157> jank
[8:59] <hjmck123> wut is jank
[8:59] <Skeletoon> jank is aboriginal?
[8:59] <jeem9157> two things make me think this
[8:59] <hjmck123> sandplosion!
[8:59] <jeem9157> he once mentioned that he had a dark compplexion
[8:59] <Skeletoon> =P
[9:00] <jeem9157> then i went in his classic map
[9:00] <jeem9157> and saaw an aboriginal flat
[9:00] <hjmck123> o.O
[9:00] <jeem9157> flag*
[9:00] <jeem9157> so i think it's a fair assumption
[9:00] <Skeletoon> hmm
[9:00] <hjmck123> well
[9:00] <hjmck123> i haz a nazi nyan in my map
[9:00] <Skeletoon> y3k is my map XD
[9:01] <hjmck123> o.o
[9:01] <jeem9157> I've got a giant hammer in my map
[9:01] <jeem9157> and a giant chainsaw
[9:01] <Skeletoon> name was y3k
[9:01] <Skeletoon> i got a giant mouth similar to umm .. wat was it called
[9:01] <hjmck123> a mouth
[9:01] <Skeletoon> yea u walk into it
[9:01] <hjmck123> :O
[9:01] <Skeletoon> wat was the theme park called
[9:01] <hjmck123> luna park
[9:02] <hjmck123> ?
[9:02] <Skeletoon> its very basic
[9:02] <Skeletoon> yea thats it
[9:02] <Skeletoon> so many heads going into 1 big head
[9:02] <hjmck123> o.o
[9:02] <Skeletoon> superwog dw
[9:02] <hjmck123> isnt it just 1 head
[9:02] <jeem9157> must have some symbolic meaning
[9:02] <hjmck123> :O
[9:03] <Skeletoon> ill add a wooden pattern later
[9:03] <Skeletoon> on the floor
[9:03] <Skeletoon> similar to the roof
[9:03] <hjmck123> wheres the orange go
[9:03] <Skeletoon> no wher
[9:03] <hjmck123> will it?
[9:03] <Skeletoon> um no not really
[9:03] <hjmck123> D:!
[9:03] <hjmck123> lol
[9:03] <Skeletoon> unless i make another story
[9:04] <Skeletoon> should i ?
[9:04] <hjmck123> ask joom!
[9:04] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[9:04] <Skeletoon> XD
[9:04] <hjmck123> :O
[9:04] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[9:04] <hjmck123> so much hax
[9:04] <Skeletoon> wb
[9:04] <jeem9157> XD
[9:04] <hjmck123> ask the flying man outside your window
[9:05] <Skeletoon> forgot peppy was there
[9:05] <Skeletoon> jeem
[9:05] <hjmck123> :O
[9:05] <hjmck123> so mean jeem
[9:05] <jeem9157> um
[9:05] <Skeletoon> he didnt wake up
[9:06] <jeem9157> blast radius bit bigger than expected
[9:06] <Skeletoon> now shoot him, im out of range
[9:06] <Skeletoon> XD
[9:06] <Skeletoon> how doesnt he hear it from his pc
[9:06] <hjmck123> cuz hes peppy
[9:07] <Skeletoon> far out
[9:07] <hjmck123> the range still hiot
[9:07] <hjmck123> lol
[9:07] <Skeletoon> cease fire
[9:07] <Skeletoon> bout 10 blox radius
[9:07] <Skeletoon> shoot to kill
[9:08] <Skeletoon> XD
[9:08] <Skeletoon> should record this
[9:08] <jeem9157> oh god
[9:08] <Skeletoon> XD
[9:08] <Peppy2006> Damn straight
[9:08] <hjmck123> wanst even the one shooting
[9:08] <Skeletoon> i didnt do anything
[9:08] <hjmck123> D:
[9:08] <Skeletoon> peppy
[9:08] <jeem9157> we woke him from his hibernation
[9:08] <Skeletoon> come look inside
[9:09] <Peppy2006> Alrighty.
[9:09] <Skeletoon> u reckon another floor up top
[9:09] <Peppy2006> Ooh
[9:09] <Peppy2006> Mmmmmm... Maybe.
[9:09] <Peppy2006> I think you could make this work quite well though.
[9:09] <Skeletoon> mm
[9:10] <jeem9157> brb
[9:10] <Skeletoon> yea i need to pane them XD
[9:10] <Peppy2006> I like it as-is, honestly. XD
[9:10] <Peppy2006> Pane or put a fence in the middle-top
[9:10] <Skeletoon> ima fix this floor up with timber like the roof is
[9:10] <Peppy2006> Whatever you do I doubt it'll look bad.
[9:10] <Skeletoon> like stripes of timber
[9:11] <Skeletoon> anyways need 2 study =P
[9:11] <Skeletoon> cyas all
[9:11] <Peppy2006> Gah!
[9:11] <Peppy2006> Alright.
[9:11] <hjmck123> bai
[9:11] <Peppy2006> See ya!
[9:11] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon§r) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[9:12] <jeem9157> back
[9:12] <hjmck123> kkk
[9:12] <jeem9157> :O
[9:12] <hjmck123> -1k
[9:13] <hjmck123> but
[9:13] <hjmck123> kkk is
[9:13] <hjmck123> k^3
[9:13] <jeem9157> yes
[9:13] <hjmck123> so -1k
[9:13] <hjmck123> does nothing
[9:13] <jeem9157> true
[9:14] <hjmck123> jeem shoot the roof
[9:14] <Peppy2006> Apparently hj is a Klansman.
[9:14] <jeem9157> how awkward would it be if
[9:14] <hjmck123> :O
[9:14] <jeem9157> that actually broke everything
[9:14] <hjmck123> lol skele wud rage
[9:15] <hjmck123> jeem
[9:15] <jeem9157> yeah
[9:15] <hjmck123> theres a peep
[9:15] <hjmck123> in the top right window
[9:16] <hjmck123> i have fallen
[9:16] <jeem9157> We have a man up!
[9:16] <hjmck123> o.O
[9:17] <Peppy2006> I ought to make a mini-game on here involving guns
[9:17] <hjmck123> hostage resuce!
[9:17] <jeem9157> lol
[9:17] <jeem9157> it could happen
[9:17] <jeem9157> new moon
[9:17] <Peppy2006> Hmm, I wonder...
[9:18] <hjmck123> capture the flag?
[9:18] <hjmck123> tdm
[9:18] <hjmck123> 2lines!
[9:18] <hjmck123> just added ng to end
[9:18] <hjmck123> itsk
[9:18] <hjmck123> and that things cool
[9:19] <Peppy2006> Could use jrr's old Town Wars thing here
[9:19] <Peppy2006> I can see it
[9:19] <Peppy2006> I think so
[9:20] <Peppy2006> I wouldn't modify it, I'm just saying until we make a different seperate arena for guns
[9:20] <Peppy2006> Though, I'd need chests
[9:20] <Peppy2006> We're probably better off making our own arena.
[9:20] <hjmck123> for?
[9:20] <Peppy2006> Guns, of course
[9:20] <Peppy2006> Pick-ups
[9:20] <Peppy2006> Items
[9:21] <Peppy2006> Everyone spawns with a revolver
[9:21] <Peppy2006> ... Maybe not
[9:21] <jeem9157> great quote to take out of context
[9:21] <jeem9157> "Guns, of course"
[9:21] <hjmck123> and armour
[9:21] <Peppy2006> What do you think they should spawn with, jeem?
[9:21] <Peppy2006> Yes, armor too
[9:22] <Peppy2006> I'm thinking iron shovels.
[9:22] <Peppy2006> lol
[9:22] <jeem9157> lol
[9:22] <hjmck123> o.O
[9:22] <hjmck123> dey r soldiers
[9:22] <Peppy2006> Spawn with iron shovels, get AKs, ARs, MPs, and various other weapons
[9:22] <Peppy2006> Then there's the issue of ammo
[9:23] <jeem9157> what
[9:23] <hjmck123> mean jeem
[9:23] <jeem9157> didn't aim anywhere nar you
[9:23] <Peppy2006> I could modify that so they need iron ingots
[9:23] <jeem9157> miencraft people are 5x larger than they appear
[9:23] <Peppy2006> Then just scatter generic ammo
[9:23] <hjmck123> and 1 use grenades
[9:23] <Peppy2006> Grenades are already self-consuming
[9:23] <hjmck123> :O
[9:23] <Peppy2006> So that's no big deal
[9:24] <Peppy2006> This is a pretty bitchin' idea
[9:24] <jeem9157> and then there's that time i mowed down oextar
[9:24] <Peppy2006> lmao
[9:24] <jeem9157> without realizing it
[9:25] <hjmck123> special gud gun spawn mid map
[9:25] <Peppy2006> Yes
[9:25] <Peppy2006> Maybe do class-based stuff
[9:25] <hjmck123> engineer
[9:25] <jeem9157> boots are nearly dead
[9:25] <hjmck123> makes cactus wall
[9:26] <Peppy2006> Hmm
[9:26] <Peppy2006> Well for now let's just get our arena going
[9:26] <Peppy2006> What biome should we do?
[9:26] <Peppy2006> We can just use this one for desert
[9:27] <hjmck123> plains bit open
[9:27] <hjmck123> unless buildings n stuff added
[9:27] <Peppy2006> Hmmm
[9:27] <Peppy2006> Yeah, we'd have buildings
[9:27] <Peppy2006> Plains it is then
[9:27] <Peppy2006> You all wanna help?
[9:27] <hjmck123> kay
[9:27] <hjmck123> onwards jeem
[9:27] <hjmck123> to pewpews
[9:28] <Peppy2006> Oh wow
[9:29] <Peppy2006> I've got a pretty good idea now
[9:29] <hjmck123> put it in a book
[9:30] <Peppy2006> lol, No need to
[9:30] <Peppy2006> I'm gonna execute it immediately
[9:30] <hjmck123> with or without classes
[9:30] <Peppy2006> ... To some extent, with.
[9:33] <jeem9157> waxing crescent
[9:34] <hjmck123> shoot it
[9:34] <hjmck123> jeem r artillery
[9:34] <hjmck123> actually
[9:34] <hjmck123> more like mortar
[9:35] <hjmck123> what guns that
[9:35] <jeem9157> PA/S-001
[9:35] <jeem9157> but wait, there's more
[9:36] <hjmck123> jeem get that skele
[9:36] <hjmck123> go left
[9:36] <hjmck123> :D
[9:37] <hjmck123> try artillery
[9:37] <hjmck123> the skele
[9:38] <hjmck123> cant c it anymore
[9:38] <hjmck123> but theres another
[9:39] <jeem9157> ceiling too low
[9:39] <hjmck123> change angle
[9:39] <hjmck123> go super high
[9:40] <hjmck123> so many maps u could have..
[9:40] <Peppy2006> I know
[9:41] <Peppy2006> Jungle, plains, forest, desert, snow, mountains, islands...
[9:41] <hjmck123> missile silo
[9:41] <hjmck123> haunted house
[9:41] <hjmck123> airbase
[9:41] <hjmck123> jeems house
[9:41] <Peppy2006> You already said Haunted House, though.
[9:41] <Peppy2006> Can't have any double maps.
[9:41] <hjmck123> but
[9:41] <hjmck123> its got a bed in it
[9:41] <hjmck123> for jeem
[9:42] <hjmck123> giant ship
[9:43] <hjmck123> inside a plane
[9:43] <Peppy2006> Which is itself, within another plane
[9:43] <hjmck123> :O
[9:43] <jeem9157> planeception
[9:43] <Peppy2006> lmao, I was about to type that!!
[9:43] <hjmck123> wouldnt the plane crash in the plane
[9:44] <Peppy2006> Nope
[9:44] <hjmck123> but
[9:44] <hjmck123> D:
[9:44] <Peppy2006> It's a magic plane!!
[9:44] <hjmck123> plain magick?
[9:44] <Peppy2006> Yes
[9:46] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[9:46] <hjmck123> D:
[9:46] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[9:46] <hjmck123> wbwb
[9:46] <jeem9157> nothing new in rpg
[9:46] <hjmck123> D:
[9:47] <Peppy2006> Nope, same old rape dungeon
[9:47] <hjmck123> with an end portal
[9:48] <hjmck123> brb
[9:48] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[9:48] <jeem9157> rob
[9:48] <roberestarkk> Ahoy
[9:49] <roberestarkk> Peppy, why did you just msg yourself? =S
[9:49] <roberestarkk> Yaa
[9:49] <Peppy2006> Note-taking
[9:50] <roberestarkk> I swear that didn't work last time I tried it =/
[9:50] <roberestarkk> hmmn I see
[9:51] <jeem9157> bbl
[9:51] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[9:51] <hjmck123> kkk
[9:51] <hjmck123> :O
[9:51] <roberestarkk> Gott muss ein Seemann sein
[9:51] <Peppy2006> See Rob, I told you he was a Klansman.
[9:51] <roberestarkk> lol
[9:51] <hjmck123> but
[9:51] <hjmck123> isnt kkk KKK
[9:51] <Peppy2006> Yes
[9:51] <hjmck123> maybe with dots
[9:51] <Peppy2006> Nope
[9:52] <roberestarkk> It is meant to be K.K.K
[9:52] <hjmck123> only 2 dots?
[9:52] <roberestarkk> but since they tend to fall short of complete literacy, it often comes out as KKK or kkk
[9:52] <roberestarkk> You can add the last period if you like, but I've never seen the point unless it's ending a sentence
[9:53] <roberestarkk> EG: The K.K.K is bad.
[9:53] <roberestarkk> I am in the K.K.K.
[9:53] <hjmck123> how often you read about the kkk...
[9:53] <Peppy2006> Very often, he's their official newsletter writer.
[9:53] <roberestarkk> It's the rule I apply to all acronyms
[9:53] <hjmck123> lol
[9:53] <roberestarkk> Laws of Minecraft
[9:54] <roberestarkk> L.o.M
[9:54] <roberestarkk> but since I'm lazy it's LoM
[9:54] <hjmck123> screw the capitals
[9:54] <hjmck123> its lom
[9:54] <hjmck123> the guy?
[9:54] <roberestarkk> no, people don't rust
[9:54] <Peppy2006> Often
[9:54] <hjmck123> iron man might
[9:55] <roberestarkk> Oh I spelled it wrong
[9:55] <roberestarkk> it's a Gaderffii
[9:56] <hjmck123> oh those
[9:56] <hjmck123> welllll
[9:56] <hjmck123> dem sux
[9:57] <roberestarkk> http://img.swcombine.com/items/245/large.jpg
[9:57] <hjmck123> ikikki
[9:57] <hjmck123> nek minnut lightsaber cuts face off
[9:58] <Peppy2006> You're welcome
[9:58] <hjmck123> O.O
[9:58] <roberestarkk> and the lone confederate flag right in the middle of them
[9:58] <hjmck123> i dont look at dynmap for 1 second
[9:58] <hjmck123> and now theres a huge bedrock wall
[9:59] <hjmck123> box
[9:59] <hjmck123> thing
[9:59] <roberestarkk> where?
[9:59] <Peppy2006> TP to me Robbeh
[9:59] <hjmck123> on peppy
[9:59] <roberestarkk> ah yes, I see it starting to appear
[10:00] <roberestarkk> I'm pretty sure I know what it's for, too... But I ain't tellin' ya.
[10:00] <hjmck123> a gun shooting arena?
[10:00] <hjmck123> thing
[10:00] <roberestarkk> Peppy, you're so predictable =L
[10:01] <Peppy2006> Nah, I already told them earlier.
[10:01] <roberestarkk> ah
[10:01] <roberestarkk> bet that'd still be people's first guess though =P
[10:01] <Peppy2006> It would be. :P
[10:01] <hjmck123> or a rape dungeon for giants
[10:01] <roberestarkk> Also, in case anyone wants to know
[10:02] <hjmck123> to know..
[10:03] <roberestarkk> that German phrase I mentioned earlier means "God must be a sailor"
[10:03] <hjmck123> hows he a sailor
[10:03] <roberestarkk> SILENCE NONBELIEVER!
[10:03] <roberestarkk> BURN THE HERETIC
[10:03] <hjmck123> but
[10:04] <hjmck123> D:
[10:04] <roberestarkk> DEATH TO THE UNCLEAN
[10:04] <hjmck123> im kkk
[10:04] <hjmck123> they r religious
[10:04] <hjmck123> i think
[10:04] <roberestarkk> nope, racist
[10:04] <hjmck123> but
[10:04] <hjmck123> religious too
[10:04] <roberestarkk> isn't "White Power" their slogan?
[10:04] <Peppy2006> I believe so.
[10:05] <roberestarkk> How are they related toreligion in any way other than wearing equally silly clothing?
[10:05] <roberestarkk> to religion*
[10:05] <hjmck123> uh
[10:05] <hjmck123> isnt the bible racist somewhere
[10:05] <Peppy2006> Just because they burn crosses doesn't mean they're religious
[10:05] <roberestarkk> lol
[10:05] <hjmck123> o well
[10:05] <roberestarkk> @hj, probably, it was written with the sensibilities of a 2000 year old middle-eastern society
[10:06] <hjmck123> still better than that baptist churhc
[10:06] <roberestarkk> doesn't mean all religion is based on racism
[10:06] <roberestarkk> PEPPEH!
[10:06] <Peppy2006> What?
[10:06] <roberestarkk> Are you familiar with "All you zombies" by The hooters?
[10:06] <Peppy2006> Err
[10:06] <Peppy2006> Nnnnnn...no
[10:07] <Peppy2006> Nnnnnn...no
[10:07] <roberestarkk> D=
[10:07] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[10:07] <hjmck123> wbwbwb
[10:08] <jeem9157> thanks
[10:08] <jeem9157> i modified roy's beacon
[10:08] <hjmck123> :O
[10:08] <jeem9157> added a sexy white stripe
[10:09] <jeem9157> on the staircase
[10:09] <hjmck123> lol
[10:09] <hjmck123> was that water
[10:09] <hjmck123> always there
[10:09] <jeem9157> no
[10:09] <jeem9157> added it today
[10:09] <hjmck123> what is it
[10:09] <jeem9157> infinite water source
[10:10] <hjmck123> but
[10:10] <hjmck123> does it do
[10:10] <hjmck123> i mean
[10:10] <hjmck123> is it meant 2 be something
[10:10] <jeem9157> nah
[10:11] <hjmck123> jeem have u seen any kkk people
[10:11] <jeem9157> no
[10:11] <jeem9157> but
[10:11] <jeem9157> I've seen people comparable to the KKK
[10:12] <hjmck123> oryl
[10:12] <jeem9157> The Westboro Baptist Church
[10:12] <hjmck123> was it..
[10:12] <hjmck123> them..
[10:12] <hjmck123> lol
[10:12] <hjmck123> they r worse
[10:12] <hjmck123> i think
[10:12] <jeem9157> they came to our city a few years ago
[10:12] <hjmck123> well
[10:12] <hjmck123> today
[10:12] <jeem9157> to protest the existence of Judaism
[10:12] <Peppy2006> Did you shoot to kill?
[10:12] <jeem9157> I yelled at one
[10:12] <hjmck123> did they have the little children holdings signs n stuff
[10:12] <jeem9157> yes
[10:12] <hjmck123> D:<
[10:12] <jeem9157> there were about 5 total
[10:13] <Peppy2006> Should've filled ziploc bags with piss and thrown them at them.
[10:13] <jeem9157> lol
[10:13] <jeem9157> there were police there of course
[10:13] <hjmck123> do they still protest at soldier funerals
[10:13] <jeem9157> they let us get close to them
[10:13] <jeem9157> so long as we didn't touch
[10:13] <hjmck123> give em some candy
[10:13] <hjmck123> special kind
[10:13] <jeem9157> they were chanting
[10:13] <jeem9157> and singing
[10:14] <jeem9157> and not listening or responding to anything
[10:14] <hjmck123> i feel bad for the children tho
[10:14] <hjmck123> having to do that stuff
[10:14] <hjmck123> n getting brainwashied
[10:15] <jeem9157> they picketed synagogues
[10:15] <jeem9157> spent about 2 hours at each
[10:15] <jeem9157> then drove off to the next one
[10:15] <jeem9157> including the one where I went when I was young
[10:15] <hjmck123> brb food
[10:16] <Peppy2006> Pathetic
[10:16] <jeem9157> also
[10:16] <jeem9157> they threatened to picket the memorial service
[10:17] <jeem9157> for those who died in the aurora theater shooting
[10:17] <jeem9157> thought they never showed up
[10:17] <jeem9157> later however they posted photoshopped pictures
[10:17] <jeem9157> of themselves in front of the theater
[10:17] <jeem9157> on their website
[10:17] <jeem9157> I was there
[10:17] <Peppy2006> Why...
[10:17] <jeem9157> A counter protest was organized
[10:18] <jeem9157> to not let them into the memorial service
[10:18] <jeem9157> I went
[10:18] <Peppy2006> Good.
[10:18] <jeem9157> the photos they used were taken from facebook pages
[10:18] <jeem9157> but there was no lawsuit
[10:19] <Peppy2006> That's definitely a shame.
[10:24] <hjmck123> !
[10:24] <Peppy2006> Done
[10:25] <hjmck123> done?
[10:25] <Peppy2006> Yup
[10:25] <hjmck123> how done
[10:26] <hjmck123> lol
[10:26] <jeem9157> don't jump in
[10:27] <jeem9157> lol
[10:27] <hjmck123> its a hot tub
[10:27] <jeem9157> from which you can never escape
[10:27] <hjmck123> D:
[10:28] <hjmck123> i hear boom
[10:28] <jeem9157> can you put seats under water
[10:28] <hjmck123> uh
[10:28] <hjmck123> yea
[10:28] <hjmck123> but
[10:28] <hjmck123> there will be an air
[10:28] <hjmck123> pocket
[10:28] <hjmck123> thing
[10:28] <jeem9157> minecraft fluid dynamics
[10:28] <hjmck123> cuz water wont go into seat
[10:31] <Peppy2006> Righty
[10:31] <Peppy2006> This is done
[10:31] <hjmck123> the whole thing?
[10:31] <Peppy2006> Yup
[10:31] <hjmck123> that was quick
[10:31] <roberestarkk> I like how one village is full of villagers and the other is deserted
[10:31] <Peppy2006> Red vs. Blue
[10:32] <Peppy2006> Capture the Flag style
[10:32] <hjmck123> just tdm?
[10:32] <hjmck123> oo
[10:32] <Peppy2006> Except you just turn off their lamp above the flag.
[10:32] <hjmck123> so
[10:33] <hjmck123> more like get there
[10:33] <Peppy2006> Yeeeeah
[10:33] <hjmck123> i win
[10:34] <hjmck123> did u do that ammo thing
[10:34] <jeem9157> no
[10:34] <roberestarkk> could at least make them fortified villages?
[10:34] <hjmck123> where guns use iron
[10:34] <hjmck123> an underground tunnel
[10:34] <hjmck123> system
[10:34] <hjmck123> thing
[10:35] <Peppy2006> There, now you capture a piece of lapis or redstone block
[10:35] <Peppy2006> And bring it back home.
[10:35] <Peppy2006> :P
[10:35] <hjmck123> and turn off the light for funz
[10:35] <hjmck123> :P
[10:35] <Peppy2006> Yes
[10:36] <hjmck123> theese houses r good shooting spots
[10:36] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[10:37] <Peppy2006> Armor will not be used
[10:37] <Peppy2006> Instead red or blue caps will be
[10:37] <hjmck123> o.o
[10:37] <Peppy2006> EXTREME
[10:37] <hjmck123> lol
[10:37] <Peppy2006> As armor has little effect on guns.
[10:38] <hjmck123> what about classes
[10:38] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[10:38] <hjmck123> wbwbwbw
[10:38] <jeem9157> lost internet
[10:38] <roberestarkk> Peppy, shoot me once with a regular gun
[10:39] <hjmck123> this house with a chest
[10:39] <hjmck123> has bad door
[10:39] <roberestarkk> lol
[10:39] <jeem9157> this one too
[10:39] <hjmck123> the roads in the way
[10:39] <Peppy2006> A regular gun?
[10:39] <roberestarkk> one of the default ones
[10:40] <roberestarkk> I lost a half heart
[10:40] <roberestarkk> lol
[10:40] <Peppy2006> As I was saying... XD
[10:40] <roberestarkk> hey cool, I kept all my items
[10:40] <roberestarkk> shotguns are the exception
[10:40] <Peppy2006> I also killed someone the other day who was wearing some stupidly OP armor I made
[10:41] <roberestarkk> they are close range
[10:41] <hjmck123> did you add in ammo
[10:41] <Peppy2006> Nope
[10:41] <Peppy2006> People will lose their stuff on death
[10:42] <Peppy2006> So I figure it doesn't really matter...
[10:42] <roberestarkk> then how do I have all my stuff?
[10:42] <Peppy2006> We'll give it a go with infinite
[10:42] <Peppy2006> I dunno, I saw it all on the ground a minute ago. :\
[10:42] <Peppy2006> Then I tpo'd you to me
[10:43] <roberestarkk> OH
[10:43] <Peppy2006> And then it was gone
[10:43] <roberestarkk> I did /back
[10:43] <Peppy2006> lol
[10:43] <roberestarkk> that explains why I'm still at spawn with all my stuff
[10:44] <Peppy2006> I also figure..
[10:44] <Peppy2006> We'll limit people to one sidearm, one rifle/shotgun.
[10:44] <Peppy2006> Then there's a hidden weapon they can also pick up.
[10:44] <hjmck123> whats bazooka count
[10:45] <hjmck123> as
[10:45] <Peppy2006> Special
[10:45] <hjmck123> k
[10:45] <Peppy2006> They can put back weapons and swap out for different ones, however
[10:46] <hjmck123> jeem y u burn flag
[10:46] <Peppy2006> Because he's Red, dammit!
[10:47] <hjmck123> :O
[10:47] <jeem9157> I bleed red
[10:47] <hjmck123> i bleed wood
[10:47] <jeem9157> ouch
[10:47] <jeem9157> lol really
[10:47] <hjmck123> hax
[10:48] <Peppy2006> Now then, I'll make a thread explaining this game
[10:48] <hjmck123> and ill join
[10:48] <hjmck123> :P
[10:48] <jeem9157> and my axe
[10:48] <hjmck123> :O
[10:48] <hjmck123> but
[10:48] <hjmck123> axe=/=gun
[10:52] <jeem9157> blues vs maroons
[10:52] <hjmck123> hmm
[10:52] <hjmck123> these towns
[10:52] <hjmck123> look extreamly similar
[10:52] <Peppy2006> They should
[10:53] <Peppy2006> There's no strategic advantage to either one
[10:53] <Peppy2006> They're the same. :P
[10:53] <hjmck123> one has sheep
[10:53] <hjmck123> for meat shields
[10:55] <jeem9157> battlefront 3
[10:55] <hjmck123> star wars?
[10:55] <jeem9157> yes
[10:55] <hjmck123> but
[10:55] <hjmck123> no gameplay yet
[10:55] <hjmck123> lol
[10:55] <hjmck123> i might get it
[10:56] <jeem9157> nice trailer though
[10:56] <hjmck123> yea
[10:57] <hjmck123> does this tunnel
[10:58] <hjmck123> go anywhere
[10:58] <hjmck123> nope
[10:58] <hjmck123> D:
[10:59] <hjmck123> reaccpetz
[10:59] <hjmck123> :D
[10:59] <hjmck123> o.o
[10:59] <hjmck123> cant even c incoming arrows
[11:02] <hjmck123> which guns most accurate
[11:02] <Peppy2006> M40
[11:02] <Peppy2006> Followed by the AR-001
[11:03] <hjmck123> brb
[11:03] <hjmck123> kkk
[11:03] <roberestarkk> is the M40 a sniper?
[11:03] <roberestarkk> if not, I call BS
[11:03] <Peppy2006> Yes
[11:05] <Peppy2006> Well chances are I'd be dead by now
[11:06] <hjmck123> spawner
[11:06] <hjmck123> lol
[11:07] <hjmck123> do mobs spawn
[11:07] <Peppy2006> In here, no
[11:07] <hjmck123> :o
[11:07] <Peppy2006> This arena is mob-proof.
[11:07] <Peppy2006> lol
[11:08] <Peppy2006> So the only hazards to you, are other people.
[11:08] <hjmck123> and lava
[11:08] <jeem9157> and lava
[11:08] <Peppy2006> That'll change though.
[11:08] <Peppy2006> That too
[11:08] <Peppy2006> XD
[11:08] <hjmck123> dat lava
[11:09] <hjmck123> brb
[11:10] <Peppy2006> This'll definitely be interesting.
[11:12] * jeem9157 was kicked from #main by Server
[11:12] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[11:12] <Peppy2006> lol
[11:12] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[11:12] <Peppy2006> Nicely done Jeem.
[11:12] <Peppy2006> XD
[11:15] <roberestarkk> bbs
[11:15] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[11:15] <Peppy2006> Okay Robbeh
[11:17] <hjmck123> im back!
[11:17] <jeem9157> wcb
[11:17] <Peppy2006> Welcome back
[11:17] <hjmck123> :D
[11:18] <hjmck123> do winners get prizes
[11:19] <hjmck123> jeem
[11:19] <jeem9157> yeah
[11:20] <hjmck123> how do u use a gun
[11:20] <jeem9157> depends on gun
[11:20] <hjmck123> a gun tat shoots
[11:20] <jeem9157> the one that fires grenades
[11:20] <jeem9157> left click to shoot
[11:20] <jeem9157> right click to change mode
[11:21] <jeem9157> for that one right lcick to shoot
[11:21] <hjmck123> what about normal gun
[11:21] <hjmck123> reload?
[11:21] <hjmck123> or is it auto
[11:21] <jeem9157> auto
[11:21] <hjmck123> k
[11:21] <jeem9157> there might be a way to force it though
[11:21] <jeem9157> i don't know
[11:21] <hjmck123> what about
[11:22] <hjmck123> ./shot reload
[11:22] <jeem9157> works
[11:22] <hjmck123> D:
[11:22] <jeem9157> whoops
[11:22] <hjmck123> shoot the door down
[11:22] <hjmck123> lol
[11:22] <jeem9157> I shouldn't open a door with a gun
[11:22] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[11:22] <jeem9157> wcb
[11:22] <hjmck123> wbwb
[11:22] <roberestarkk> danke
[11:23] <hjmck123> crack the safe
[11:25] <hjmck123> we need weather
[11:25] <hjmck123> rain and stormy on this map
[11:25] <hjmck123> wud be cool
[11:25] <hjmck123> at night
[11:25] <jeem9157> what's the temperature in hjland
[11:25] <hjmck123> uhh
[11:26] <hjmck123> 16
[11:26] <hjmck123> C
[11:26] <jeem9157> it's warmer here
[11:26] <hjmck123> :O
[11:26] <hjmck123> but
[11:26] <hjmck123> rnt u summer
[11:26] <jeem9157> yes
[11:27] <hjmck123> i r winter
[11:27] <hjmck123> brb1 secondziesz!
[11:30] <hjmck123> !
[11:30] <hjmck123> my hands are alive!
[11:30] <jeem9157> Los Angeles is the negative latitude of Sydney
[11:31] <hjmck123> lol
[11:33] <hjmck123> rocket jumping
[11:33] <hjmck123> lol
[11:33] <jeem9157> yes
[11:33] <hjmck123> try do it
[11:33] <hjmck123> sideways
[11:34] <hjmck123> hrerere
[11:34] <hjmck123> jump
[11:34] <hjmck123> and shoot wall
[11:34] <jeem9157> ok
[11:34] <hjmck123> now fly forward
[11:34] <jeem9157> impossibru
[11:34] <hjmck123> nu uh
[11:35] <jeem9157> yes
[11:35] <hjmck123> NU UH
[11:35] <jeem9157> you win because you're louder
[11:35] <hjmck123> and im right
[11:36] <hjmck123> what gun is that
[11:36] <hjmck123> that does the jumping
[11:36] <jeem9157> same one
[11:36] <hjmck123> which one
[11:36] <hjmck123> name
[11:36] <jeem9157> PA/S-001
[11:36] <hjmck123> ogud
[11:36] <hjmck123> its in this
[11:36] <hjmck123> :P
[11:37] <hjmck123> then i show u forward fly
[11:37] <hjmck123> somehow
[11:37] <hjmck123> does fall dmg you
[11:37] <jeem9157> no
[11:37] <hjmck123> o.o
[11:37] <jeem9157> but
[11:37] <jeem9157> if i fly too high
[11:37] <jeem9157> i get kicked for flying
[11:37] <jeem9157> observe
[11:38] * jeem9157 was kicked from #main by Server
[11:38] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[11:38] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157) has joined #main
[11:38] <hjmck123> lol
[11:38] <hjmck123> tis why u fly straight
[11:38] <jeem9157> somehow that
[11:38] <jeem9157> the way you moved your head
[11:39] <jeem9157> reminded me of a bird
[11:39] <hjmck123> :O
[11:39] <jeem9157> lol
[11:39] <jeem9157> yep
[11:39] <hjmck123> i c
[11:39] <jeem9157> btw
[11:39] <jeem9157> that budgie i found
[11:39] <jeem9157> was blue
[11:39] <jeem9157> found the pics
[11:39] <hjmck123> :o
[11:40] <hjmck123> i want one
[11:41] <hjmck123> aw
[11:41] <hjmck123> other base too far
[11:41] <hjmck123> cant communicate using morse code
[11:41] <hjmck123> using the light
[11:44] <hjmck123> !
[11:46] <hjmck123> jeem
[11:46] <jeem9157> what's that
[11:46] <hjmck123> an eermandy
[11:46] <jeem9157> i heard death
[11:46] <hjmck123> enderman
[11:47] <hjmck123> :O
[11:47] <roberestarkk> Peppy2006, shopsrdone
[11:48] <hjmck123> shoopz
[11:50] <jeem9157> there's a bird in your inbox
[11:50] <hjmck123> tweet
[11:51] <jeem9157> found roaming the sidewalks of Denver
[11:51] <hjmck123> :O
[11:51] <hjmck123> did it fly away
[11:51] <jeem9157> nope
[11:51] <jeem9157> just hopped around
[11:51] <hjmck123> prob someones pet
[11:51] <jeem9157> yeah
[11:51] <Peppy2006> Sweet baby Jesus
[11:51] <hjmck123> wut
[11:51] <hjmck123> the
[11:51] <hjmck123> cookie
[11:52] <hjmck123> jeem we must escape the wall
[11:53] <jeem9157> but
[11:53] <jeem9157> how
[11:53] <hjmck123> no idea
[11:53] <hjmck123> i know
[11:53] <jeem9157> that's a start
[11:53] <hjmck123> u jump
[11:53] <hjmck123> over it
[11:53] <jeem9157> i can do it
[11:53] <jeem9157> i'm on top pof it
[11:53] <hjmck123> :D
[11:53] <jeem9157> of*
[11:54] <hjmck123> go on other side
[11:54] <jeem9157> i'll die
[11:54] <hjmck123> but
[11:54] <jeem9157> wait no i won't
[11:54] <hjmck123> u no fall dmg
[11:54] <jeem9157> i will attempt to use this as a parachute thing
[11:54] <hjmck123> lol
[11:54] <jeem9157> here it goes
[11:54] <jeem9157> worked
[11:54] <hjmck123> :D
[11:55] <jeem9157> hj
[11:55] <jeem9157> have you seen uwanago
[11:55] <hjmck123> jeeemz
[11:55] <hjmck123> nope
[11:55] <hjmck123> but i look at this town first
[11:55] <jeem9157> okay
[11:56] <jeem9157> so do those tings just fly around
[11:56] <Peppy2006> How'd you all get out of the arena?
[11:56] <jeem9157> in hjland
[11:56] <hjmck123> jeem hax!
[11:56] <hjmck123> not those
[11:57] <jeem9157> have you
[11:57] <jeem9157> seen a wild one
[11:57] <hjmck123> not one like that
[11:57] <jeem9157> how like?
[11:57] <hjmck123> lorikeet
[11:58] <hjmck123> blue green n red
[11:58] <hjmck123> :O
[11:58] <jeem9157> most colorful ones we've got are
[11:58] <jeem9157> blue jays
[11:58] <hjmck123> ooooh
[11:59] <hjmck123> never seen 1 b4
[11:59] <hjmck123> i want 1
[11:59] <hjmck123> lol
[11:59] <jeem9157> maybe you'll find one on a sidewalk
[11:59] <hjmck123> and ill take it
[11:59] <hjmck123> and say hi birdy
[12:00] <hjmck123> a riot shield
[12:00] <hjmck123> :O
[12:00] <hjmck123> so expensive
[12:01] <hjmck123> D:
[12:02] <hjmck123> D:
[12:03] <hjmck123> jeem
[12:03] <jeem9157> yes
[12:03] <hjmck123> do u have spare diamond blocks
[12:03] <hjmck123> lol
[12:04] <jeem9157> aw yeah it's thundering outside
[12:04] <hjmck123> lies
[12:04] <jeem9157> how in the hell
[12:04] <hjmck123> non sus cow
[12:04] <hjmck123> y is your name showing
[12:05] <hjmck123> D:
[12:05] <hjmck123> y do i always die
[12:06] <jeem9157> lol
[12:06] <jeem9157> it's usually when
[12:06] <jeem9157> i'm swinging my sword
[12:06] <jeem9157> and suddenly you run in front of me
[12:06] <hjmck123> or people are shooting
[12:06] <jeem9157> that too
[12:06] <hjmck123> cows!
[12:06] <hjmck123> i know how to find the real one
[12:06] <hjmck123> you get a bucket
[12:06] <hjmck123> or that..
[12:07] <hjmck123> this 1
[12:07] <hjmck123> o.o
[12:07] <hjmck123> ooh
[12:07] <hjmck123> it was named cows
[12:07] <hjmck123> lol
[12:07] <jeem9157> testicle certificate
[12:08] <hjmck123> wut
[12:08] <jeem9157> testificate
[12:08] <jeem9157> he's making decoys
[12:11] <jeem9157> he's taken the form of a lumberjack
[12:11] <hjmck123> wut
[12:11] <hjmck123> where
[12:15] <hjmck123> crepe
[12:17] <hjmck123> i c temple
[12:17] <hjmck123> lol
[12:21] <jeem9157> brb
[12:22] <hjmck123> :o
[12:28] <Peppy2006> Welcome back Jeem
[12:28] <jeem9157> lol
[12:28] <hjmck123> lol jeem
[12:28] <hjmck123> is at
[12:28] <hjmck123> spawn
[12:28] <Peppy2006> Whaaaat?
[12:28] <Peppy2006> But our chase went into Uwanago!
[12:28] <hjmck123> he tpa to me
[12:29] <hjmck123> right when
[12:29] <hjmck123> u killed
[12:29] <Peppy2006> lmao
[12:29] <hjmck123> :P
[12:29] <Peppy2006> Hold on then
[12:31] <hjmck123> dangit
[12:31] <Peppy2006> HJ is having no such luck today. XD
[12:32] <hjmck123> unarmed civilian vs gun man
[12:32] <hjmck123> with jeem
[12:32] <Peppy2006> Jeem is a crazed gunslinger as well.
[12:32] <Peppy2006> See, he's even in a wild west town.
[12:32] <jeem9157> yep
[12:32] <Peppy2006> That's why he wanted to show it to you earlier.
[12:34] <hjmck123> stick r win
[12:34] <Peppy2006> Well
[12:34] <Peppy2006> Welcome to Uwanago
[12:34] <hjmck123> :O
[12:34] <hjmck123> the rideable piggy died
[12:36] <jeem9157> Charges: Useless Annoying Asian XD
[12:36] <hjmck123> you got stick beaten
[12:37] <roberestarkk> heh boobs
[12:37] <hjmck123> wat kinda bewbz
[12:38] <roberestarkk> guess
[12:38] <hjmck123> man
[12:38] <hjmck123> boobs
[12:38] <roberestarkk> nope
[12:38] <hjmck123> female boobs
[12:38] <Peppy2006> The squishable kind
[12:38] <hjmck123> how squishable
[12:39] <roberestarkk> hugely
[12:39] <Peppy2006> Squeezable awesome ones
[12:40] <jeem9157> :O
[12:40] <Peppy2006> lmao
[12:40] <hjmck123> TK!
[12:40] <roberestarkk> 001 weapons?
[12:40] <jeem9157> that blast radius
[12:40] <Peppy2006> Yes
[12:40] <Peppy2006> Court is now in session
[12:41] <Peppy2006> I found that zombie guilty
[12:41] <hjmck123> i r jury
[12:41] <Peppy2006> And killed him
[12:41] <hjmck123> :O
[12:41] <Peppy2006> NEXT
[12:41] <hjmck123> creeper
[12:41] <Peppy2006> Creeper, you are accused of jihad.
[12:41] <Peppy2006> How do you plead?
[12:41] <Peppy2006> Guilty as charged, next!
[12:41] <Peppy2006> HJ you are accused of blasphemy.
[12:42] <hjmck123> D:
[12:42] <Peppy2006> I sentence you to death.
[12:42] <hjmck123> but
[12:42] <hjmck123> no trial
[12:42] <Peppy2006> That WAS the trail
[12:42] <hjmck123> no witnesses
[12:42] <Peppy2006> The Oregon Trail!
[12:42] <jeem9157> XD
[12:42] <Peppy2006> Witnesses were accused of witnessing a crime.
[12:42] <Peppy2006> They were guilty and sentenced to death.
[12:42] <hjmck123> :O
[12:43] <Peppy2006> Failure to report a crime
[12:43] <Peppy2006> Death
[12:43] <hjmck123> what about those witnesses
[12:43] <Peppy2006> Commiting a crime
[12:43] <Peppy2006> Death
[12:43] <Peppy2006> Watching a public execution
[12:43] <hjmck123> jeem watched
[12:43] <Peppy2006> ... Bothered by a Tonu for a day.
[12:45] <Peppy2006> hj was your distraction, jeem? XD
[12:46] <Peppy2006> "RUN OUT THERE I'VE GOT YOUR BACK"
[12:46] <jeem9157> lol
[12:46] <Peppy2006> *jeem runs while hj gets mowed down by gunfire*
[12:46] <Peppy2006> "No you're not. D:"
[12:46] <hjmck123> D:
[12:47] <Peppy2006> Your MacChikkens are still not here
[12:47] <hjmck123> always me
[12:47] <Peppy2006> You're the distraction, of course it's always you
[12:48] <hjmck123> but
[12:48] <hjmck123> jeem didnt even use me
[12:48] <Peppy2006> Just ask Jeem
[12:48] <jeem9157> lol
[12:48] <Peppy2006> He makes you believe he's not using you!
[12:49] <jeem9157> gah
[12:49] <hjmck123> bad jeem
[12:49] <hjmck123> whoever the sheriff is
[12:49] <hjmck123> they aren't doing a very good job
[12:49] <Peppy2006> I'M the Sheriff!
[12:49] <roberestarkk> lol
[12:49] <hjmck123> $10/day
[12:49] <roberestarkk> are you sure?
[12:49] <hjmck123> pretty low salary
[12:49] <roberestarkk> I swear that was me
[12:50] <Peppy2006> We never specified who the Sheriff was. lokl
[12:50] <hjmck123> there is a chest with robs name on it
[12:50] <hjmck123> in the office
[12:50] <hjmck123> jeem we caught the prisoner
[12:50] <roberestarkk> but I built the place
[12:50] <hjmck123> or not
[12:51] <Peppy2006> Prisoner caught YOU!
[12:51] <hjmck123> D:
[12:51] <hjmck123> jeem im a hostage
[12:51] <hjmck123> save me
[12:51] <Peppy2006> If you kill me, your friend dies too!
[12:51] <Peppy2006> lol
[12:51] <Peppy2006> A bribe? XD
[12:51] <jeem9157> yes
[12:51] <Peppy2006> XD
[12:52] <Peppy2006> Excellent work
[12:52] <hjmck123> if your the sheriff
[12:52] <Peppy2006> That HJ just tried trapping you!
[12:52] <hjmck123> y u on
[12:52] <hjmck123> most wanted list
[12:52] <hjmck123> for $1mil
[12:53] <Peppy2006> http://tinyurl.com/mbz2jny
[12:53] <hjmck123> lol
[12:53] <jeem9157> lol
[12:53] <jeem9157> i've been thinking about that all day now
[12:54] <Peppy2006> It's hard to get out of your mind once it's there. XD
[12:54] <hjmck123> nek minnut
[12:54] <hjmck123> shelf
[12:55] <Peppy2006> Robbeh
[12:55] <hjmck123> is a pirate
[12:55] <jeem9157> I need a shower warden
[12:55] <Peppy2006> WARDEN
[12:56] <hjmck123> we have no running water
[12:56] <roberestarkk> Warden?
[12:56] <hjmck123> y do prisoners
[12:56] <hjmck123> have guns
[12:56] <Peppy2006> You tell me
[12:56] <roberestarkk> self-regulating prison population
[12:56] <roberestarkk> combat overcrowding
[12:56] <jeem9157> XD
[12:56] <Peppy2006> lol
[12:56] <hjmck123> would never work
[12:56] <Peppy2006> Told you I was Sheriff
[12:56] <hjmck123> they'd kill each other
[12:56] <hjmck123> 4ever
[12:56] <Peppy2006> That's the point!
[12:56] <roberestarkk> ^
[12:57] <hjmck123> but
[12:57] <hjmck123> what if they stole 1 cookie
[12:57] <hjmck123> they die for it
[12:57] <Peppy2006> Exactly.
[12:57] <hjmck123> D:
[12:57] <hjmck123> and then
[12:57] <roberestarkk> no, they get house arrest
[12:57] <Peppy2006> Shouldn't have stolen my damn cookies
[12:57] <hjmck123> murderers survive
[12:58] <Peppy2006> I am rather proud of my clock
[12:58] <hjmck123> jeem
[12:58] <Peppy2006> Even if it doesn't work like a clock
[12:58] <jeem9157> what
[12:58] <hjmck123> i locked myself in
[12:59] <Peppy2006> Good
[12:59] <hjmck123> D:
[12:59] <Peppy2006> Hey now!
[13:00] <Peppy2006> I am now a preacher
[13:00] <hjmck123> is this the westboro baptist church
[13:00] <jeem9157> yes
[13:00] <Peppy2006> Hell no
[13:00] <hjmck123> jeem!
[13:00] <jeem9157> lol
[13:00] <hjmck123> ATTACK
[13:00] <jeem9157> someone tried to burn down their church once
[13:00] <Peppy2006> Did it work?
[13:00] <hjmck123> did they fail?
[13:01] <jeem9157> there was damage
[13:01] <Peppy2006> Damn, not enough though.
[13:01] <jeem9157> i don't remember the details
[13:01] <jeem9157> lol
[13:01] <Peppy2006> Ought to burn it while they're inside of it.
[13:01] <hjmck123> lol
[13:01] <Peppy2006> Kill two birds with one stone.
[13:01] <hjmck123> i saw in one of their videos
[13:01] <Peppy2006> Church is gone, members are gone.
[13:01] <hjmck123> ppl covered their number plates
[13:01] <Peppy2006> World is better place.
[13:01] <hjmck123> drove past them protesting
[13:01] <hjmck123> and hit them
[13:01] <Peppy2006> That's wicked.
[13:01] <jeem9157> i've seen a video where
[13:01] <jeem9157> they're driving away in a bus
[13:02] <jeem9157> in a massive crowd of pissed off people
[13:02] <Peppy2006> I'm gonna make a Mad Max style vehicle and plow them down.
[13:02] <jeem9157> rocks being thrown in the windows of the bus
[13:02] <hjmck123> lol
[13:02] <jeem9157> :)
[13:02] <Peppy2006> Why not grenades and pipebombs?
[13:02] <Peppy2006> Rocks aren't enough.
[13:02] <hjmck123> maybe we can declassify them as humans
[13:02] <Peppy2006> Take away their rights
[13:02] <hjmck123> shove em in a forest
[13:02] <hjmck123> for hunting
[13:03] <Peppy2006> And then do some crazy witch burning.
[13:03] <jeem9157> shirley phelps roper looks like a witch
[13:03] <Peppy2006> Well then there we go.
[13:03] <hjmck123> :o
[13:03] <hjmck123> :O
[13:04] <hjmck123> y does skulls have a grave
[13:04] <hjmck123> if he never returned
[13:04] <Peppy2006> He's presumed dead
[13:04] <hjmck123> nek minnut
[13:04] <roberestarkk> 1mippipippi2mippipippi
[13:04] <hjmck123> comes back as old man
[13:04] <hjmck123> mippipippi
[13:04] <hjmck123> isnt it mississipi
[13:05] <jeem9157> missing a p
[13:05] <Peppy2006> Mississippi
[13:05] <Peppy2006> brb
[13:06] <roberestarkk> it is mississippi but not in Farscape
[13:06] <hjmck123> whats farscape
[13:08] <roberestarkk> tv show
[13:08] <hjmck123> :o
[13:10] <hjmck123> jooooooooooom
[13:11] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[13:11] <hjmck123> hihihihihi
[13:11] <hjmck123> hihi
[13:11] <StartMining> hello everyone
[13:11] <hjmck123> hihihhiihihihi
[13:11] <StartMining> now
[13:11] <hjmck123> hi
[13:11] <StartMining> that gun game
[13:11] <StartMining> when is it?
[13:11] <hjmck123> no idea
[13:12] <StartMining> :(
[13:12] <hjmck123> but every1 is afk
[13:12] <roberestarkk> IT'S ALWAYS RUNNING!
[13:12] <StartMining> im not supposed to be on
[13:12] <hjmck123> or not
[13:12] <StartMining> so shhhhh
[13:12] <hjmck123> naughty start
[13:12] <StartMining> :L
[13:12] <hjmck123> it might be on when more pplz
[13:14] <roberestarkk> aww Citizens isn't installed anymore
[13:14] <StartMining> is peppeh adk?
[13:14] <roberestarkk> now I can't gradually build something massive from a schematic
[13:14] <StartMining> afk*
[13:14] <roberestarkk> yes he is
[13:15] <hjmck123> jeem
[13:15] <hjmck123> get him
[13:15] <jeem9157> yes
[13:15] <hjmck123> somehow
[13:15] <hjmck123> and how long does your bow last..
[13:15] <roberestarkk> jeem's bow will never break
[13:15] <hjmck123> D:!
[13:16] <roberestarkk> assuming he remembers to go back to the CoSHQ and have it repaired when it starts getting low
[13:16] <hjmck123> o
[13:16] <StartMining> ah my secret cocaine *ackem sugar cane money farm
[13:16] <StartMining> been a while since ive been on
[13:16] <hjmck123> drugs
[13:17] <StartMining> you shall never find my farm :L
[13:17] <StartMining> unless your an admin
[13:17] <StartMining> or mod
[13:17] <roberestarkk> you're*
[13:17] <roberestarkk> or on Dynmap
[13:17] <hjmck123> ^
[13:17] <StartMining> yes thankyou for correcting my grammar
[13:17] <roberestarkk> np
[13:17] <StartMining> if it makes you happy i suck at English
[13:18] <roberestarkk> you know you're bad at English when you don't just mis-spell a word, but use the wrong
[13:18] <roberestarkk> word entirely
[13:18] <hjmck123> i always use your unless doing work
[13:18] <hjmck123> 2 lazy with the 're
[13:18] <StartMining> oh and dynmap wont work entirely
[13:18] <StartMining> with mah farm
[13:18] <roberestarkk> why's that?
[13:18] <hjmck123> it has cave tho
[13:19] <StartMining> cus...
[13:19] <roberestarkk> using the perspective view and top-down view and cavemap, it'd hardly be difficult to locate
[13:19] <StartMining> cave map
[13:19] <StartMining> hnng
[13:19] <hjmck123> lol
[13:19] <StartMining> i still dont know how to use cave map
[13:19] <hjmck123> jeem spder attack
[13:20] <hjmck123> just click on cave
[13:20] <hjmck123> and ta da
[13:20] <StartMining> i might see if it shows up
[13:20] <hjmck123> hmm
[13:20] <hjmck123> theres alot of stuff in the way
[13:21] <StartMining> 71000
[13:21] <StartMining> sweet
[13:21] <hjmck123> whereever you are now
[13:21] <hjmck123> o.o
[13:21] <hjmck123> how big is it
[13:21] <hjmck123> lol
[13:22] <StartMining> sweet
[13:22] <StartMining> u cant see :L
[13:22] <hjmck123> well
[13:22] <hjmck123> its under the houses
[13:22] <hjmck123> so..
[13:22] <hjmck123> just go down from there
[13:22] <StartMining> but...
[13:22] <StartMining> then you'd be invading my farm...
[13:23] <hjmck123> lol
[13:23] <StartMining> its actually not that big
[13:23] <hjmck123> how many gave u 71k
[13:23] <StartMining> still gives me 762 sugar canes but
[13:24] <StartMining> peppeh
[13:24] <StartMining> stop being afk
[13:24] <hjmck123> but
[13:24] <hjmck123> even if he wasnt
[13:24] <hjmck123> 5 ppl online
[13:24] <hjmck123> if every1 play
[13:24] <hjmck123> uneven
[13:24] <hjmck123> team
[13:24] <StartMining> so
[13:25] <StartMining> peppy may be judge
[13:25] <StartMining> or overseer
[13:25] <hjmck123> but
[13:25] <hjmck123> he want funsies
[13:25] <hjmck123> lol
[13:25] <StartMining> very well
[13:25] <StartMining> give him funsies
[13:25] <StartMining> oh goody
[13:25] <StartMining> chairs r back
[13:25] <hjmck123> yas
[13:26] <hjmck123> :D
[13:26] <StartMining> hmmm
[13:26] <hjmck123> hmmmmmmmmm?
[13:26] <StartMining> im going to need a boost on my armour
[13:27] <hjmck123> why
[13:27] <StartMining> running very low
[13:27] <StartMining> peppeh
[13:27] <StartMining> stop afk nao
[13:27] <hjmck123> is afk
[13:27] <hjmck123> jusst dont use armour
[13:27] <hjmck123> :D
[13:27] <StartMining> but
[13:27] <StartMining> ill get hurt...
[13:27] <hjmck123> then dont get hurt
[13:27] <StartMining> but...
[13:27] <StartMining> i tank creeepers
[13:28] <hjmck123> then dont tank creepers
[13:28] <StartMining> what if i told u i couldnt
[13:28] <hjmck123> then i would say your lying
[13:28] <StartMining> what if i told u i wasnt lying but instead lieing
[13:28] <hjmck123> then id say you should stop tanking creepers
[13:29] <hjmck123> psst jeem
[13:29] <hjmck123> openz
[13:29] <StartMining> what if i told you skeles like to shoot at me
[13:29] <hjmck123> id say dodge
[13:29] <StartMining> what if they were too ninja
[13:29] <hjmck123> id say become ninja
[13:29] <StartMining> what if they were beyond ninja
[13:29] <hjmck123> then die and become a skeleton
[13:30] <StartMining> but i dont want to die...
[13:30] <hjmck123> but its easy
[13:30] <jeem9157> I need to go
[13:30] <hjmck123> anf fun
[13:30] <hjmck123> :O
[13:30] <StartMining> goodbye
[13:30] <hjmck123> bai jeeoeooom
[13:30] <jeem9157> cya
[13:30] * jeem9157 (jeem9157@jeem9157§r) Quit (§ejeem9157 left the game.)
[13:30] <StartMining> gale needs to learn how to do diagonal roads
[13:30] <hjmck123> tis sad day
[13:30] <hjmck123> why
[13:30] <roberestarkk> lol
[13:30] <hjmck123> diagonal is ugly
[13:31] <StartMining> you should have seen my roads in Aero
[13:31] <hjmck123> and bad 4 copy paste
[13:31] <StartMining> the very first one
[13:31] <StartMining> twas very good
[13:31] <StartMining> had a 3 way diagonal
[13:31] <StartMining> awesome
[13:31] <StartMining> and was in short spawntown
[13:32] <StartMining> past map though
[13:32] <hjmck123> dun dunnduuuu
[13:32] <StartMining> so lonely at New Caelandia
[13:32] <StartMining> pop. 2
[13:32] <hjmck123> lol
[13:32] <StartMining> peppeh
[13:32] <hjmck123> :O
[13:33] <StartMining> finally
[13:33] <StartMining> hello
[13:33] <hjmck123> but now back to 4 ppl
[13:33] <StartMining> also
[13:33] <StartMining> can i has guns??? :D
[13:35] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[13:35] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[13:35] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[13:36] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[13:36] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[13:36] <hjmck123> D:!
[13:36] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied) has joined #main
[13:36] <Peppy2006> Maybe split it into parts, Rob. :P
[13:36] <hjmck123> ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[13:36] <roberestarkk> no, it worked
[13:36] <hjmck123> hihihi
[13:36] <Peppy2006> Oh goody
[13:36] <ninjafied> Ni hao.
[13:37] <roberestarkk> worked perfectly, just needed to give the server a little time to process it
[13:37] <ninjafied> 3:<
[13:37] <hjmck123> is roberestarkk robert downey jr + tony stark
[13:37] <roberestarkk> no
[13:37] <hjmck123> D:
[13:37] <hjmck123> r u sure
[13:37] <roberestarkk> not related to either Iron Man or RDJ
[13:38] <hjmck123> hmmmmm
[13:38] <roberestarkk> I'm going to give you the opportunity to not have asked that question
[13:38] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[13:38] <ninjafied> Hey start
[13:38] <hjmck123> how can such an opportunity exhist
[13:38] <StartMining> hey
[13:38] <StartMining> thats some serious enchants peppeh
[13:39] <ninjafied> Peppery
[13:39] <ninjafied> Hey start... wanna buy a boner?
[13:39] <hjmck123> do it
[13:39] <hjmck123> they r gud
[13:40] <StartMining> oh my
[13:41] <ninjafied> It works!
[13:41] <StartMining> oh wow
[13:41] <ninjafied> Hj wanna go on a nether Experdition?
[13:41] <hjmck123> first
[13:41] <StartMining> heh
[13:41] <hjmck123> i must find out
[13:41] <hjmck123> what the giant circle robs at is
[13:42] <roberestarkk> you can tp to me if you like, but you won't enjoy it
[13:42] <hjmck123> :D i enjoy everything
[13:43] <StartMining> my bow is slightly a dud
[13:43] <hjmck123> wheres the circle
[13:43] <hjmck123> lol
[13:43] <roberestarkk> what circle?
[13:43] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[13:43] <ninjafied> >:C
[13:43] <hjmck123> on dynmapo
[13:44] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[13:44] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[13:45] <ninjafied> Whats quartz for?
[13:45] <hjmck123> building
[13:45] <hjmck123> its like
[13:49] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[13:49] <hjmck123> aand now its bedrock
[13:50] <hjmck123> hihiihihih
[13:50] <hjmck123> hihihiih
[13:50] <hjmck123> hihihi
[13:50] <hjmck123> hiihhiihihih
[13:50] <hjmck123> hihihihi
[13:50] <hjmck123> hiihihihihihih
[13:50] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[13:50] <hjmck123> hiihihi
[13:50] <hjmck123> ihihihihih
[13:50] <hjmck123> hihiihihih
[13:50] <hjmck123> hiihih
[13:50] <hjmck123> oryl
[13:50] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[13:51] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo) has joined #main
[13:51] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[13:51] <hjmck123> hihihihihi
[13:51] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> where r we hj?
[13:52] <hjmck123> in the ocean
[13:52] <roberestarkk> get ready for another crash
[13:52] <roberestarkk> just in case
[13:52] <hjmck123> yay
[13:52] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> whats that bedrock thing?
[13:52] <hjmck123> its
[13:54] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[13:54] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[13:54] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo§r) Quit (§eryan1998xoxo left the game.)
[13:56] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[13:56] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[13:59] <hjmck123> !
[14:00] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[14:03] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[14:04] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[14:10] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[14:10] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[14:20] <roberestarkk> test
[14:21] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[14:21] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[14:27] <roberestarkk> mkay, new plan
[14:30] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[14:32] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[14:39] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[14:39] <Peppy2006> And what I say goes
[14:39] <Peppy2006> Isn't that right Rob?
[14:42] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[14:44] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[14:45] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[14:58] <roberestarkk> that's right!
[14:59] <Peppy2006> I was one with the Rob dammit
[15:00] <Peppy2006> Why do you take this away from me
[15:00] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper) has joined #main
[15:00] <BoomSniper> hi all :)
[15:00] <roberestarkk> lol
[15:01] <Peppy2006> Excellent
[15:01] <BoomSniper> hows the guns peppy?
[15:01] <Peppy2006> They're great.
[15:01] <BoomSniper> :D
[15:02] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[15:02] <roberestarkk> hmnkay
[15:02] <Peppy2006> She got mad
[15:03] * Silverpelt24 (Silverpelt24@Silverpelt24) has joined #main
[15:03] <BoomSniper> ?????
[15:03] <Peppy2006> Marshmallow!
[15:03] <Silverpelt24> Hello!
[15:03] <BoomSniper> hi silver
[15:04] <roberestarkk> Prepare for Muy Muy Laggy Broseph
[15:04] <roberestarkk> actually... with something THIS size, It'd be best done in stages
[15:04] <Peppy2006> Yes
[15:04] <BoomSniper> :) thanks for the"gear" peppy
[15:04] <roberestarkk> much bigger than last time D=
[15:09] <BoomSniper> coool stuff peppy :P
[15:10] <roberestarkk> there still may be some lag...
[15:12] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[15:12] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper§r) Quit (§eBoomSniper left the game.)
[15:12] * Silverpelt24 (Silverpelt24@Silverpelt24§r) Quit (§eSilverpelt24 left the game.)
[15:12] <BoomSniper> having a bit to much fun with these :P
[15:12] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[15:13] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[15:13] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper) has joined #main
[15:13] <BoomSniper> umm there might be some lag rob????
[15:14] <roberestarkk> there was
[15:14] <roberestarkk> and possibly will be again
[15:14] <roberestarkk> in-fact
[15:14] <roberestarkk> probably
[15:22] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[15:22] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[15:24] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper) has joined #main
[15:26] <BoomSniper> LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL
[15:29] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[15:29] <jrr5556> hey Boom!
[15:31] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[15:31] <BoomSniper> hi jrr
[15:31] <BoomSniper> oh :S
[15:34] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[15:34] <jrr5556> wee
[15:34] <BoomSniper> hi jrr :)
[15:34] <jrr5556> How are you?
[15:34] <jrr5556> Still got that place for me :P
[15:35] <BoomSniper> you want to donate your head?
[15:35] <jrr5556> pfft donate
[15:35] <jrr5556> you must defeat me! XD
[15:35] <BoomSniper> Ill verse you with wooden hoes?
[15:35] <jrr5556> not atm, on track pad
[15:36] <jrr5556> < played on pvp server for 2 years
[15:36] <jrr5556> Then shut down XD
[15:36] <BoomSniper> sniped most of minecraft life :P
[15:36] <jrr5556> pretty much
[15:36] <jrr5556> I have been here for about a year and a half
[15:36] <BoomSniper> hey watch what this enchant hoe can do tho
[15:37] <jrr5556> k
[15:37] <jrr5556> nice
[15:38] <jrr5556> What do you think is the best gun?
[15:38] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[15:39] <BoomSniper> maybe the coas
[15:48] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper§r) Quit (§eBoomSniper left the game.)
[15:49] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[15:52] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[15:52] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[15:52] <roberestarkk> ahoy
[15:52] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[15:52] <ejano> Hai
[15:52] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[15:53] <roberestarkk> I'm sorry to say that this may render the server unplayable for a few minutes
[15:53] <ejano> erm
[15:53] <roberestarkk> great timing ejano
[15:53] <ejano> D:
[15:53] <ejano> xD lol k
[15:53] <ejano> I will survive!
[15:53] <roberestarkk> ready?
[15:53] <roberestarkk> boom
[15:54] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> gtg
[15:54] <ejano> :o
[15:54] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> byee
[15:54] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[15:54] <roberestarkk> and it's fine again
[15:54] <roberestarkk> ciao!
[15:54] <ejano> lol
[15:54] <ejano> byees
[15:54] <roberestarkk> oh craptasm
[15:54] <ejano> what was wrong with the server before
[15:55] <roberestarkk> when?
[15:55] <ejano> er, before you said boom
[15:55] <roberestarkk> ?
[15:55] <ejano> um something happened, and you warned by sayimg
[15:55] <ejano> saying*
[15:56] <ejano> ready, then boom :p
[15:56] <roberestarkk> I said ready
[15:56] <roberestarkk> then I said boom
[15:56] <roberestarkk> then I did the thing that froze the server for a little while
[15:56] <roberestarkk> took less time than I was expecting though
[15:56] <ejano> okidok then
[15:58] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[15:58] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[15:58] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[15:59] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[15:59] <ejano> Hai again
[15:59] <roberestarkk> mybad
[16:00] <roberestarkk> prepare for 2 more crashes
[16:00] <roberestarkk> or so
[16:00] <ejano> Hey whats this exciting news about gun wars
[16:00] <ejano> :D
[16:00] <ejano> Oh
[16:00] <ejano> lol ok
[16:00] <roberestarkk> exciting news?
[16:00] <ejano> Peppy said he'd have one in a couple of hours,(said that at noon) >.>
[16:00] <roberestarkk> aaaand server crash
[16:00] <ejano> just wondering if he already had one
[16:01] <roberestarkk> dunno, I think I crashed the server too often and he gave up
[16:01] <ejano> had had one*
[16:02] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[16:02] <ejano> xD ahaha lol
[16:03] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[16:03] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[16:03] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[16:03] <jrr5556> Hello robbeh
[16:03] <roberestarkk> ahoy
[16:03] <jrr5556> Hello ejano
[16:03] <roberestarkk> lolkay
[16:04] <jrr5556> come on now ejano!
[16:04] <roberestarkk> aaaand another crash!
[16:04] <roberestarkk> maybe
[16:04] <jrr5556> ehhe you don't have to XD
[16:16] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[16:24] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[16:31] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[16:31] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[16:34] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[16:34] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[16:34] <roberestarkk> hihi
[16:37] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[16:37] <jrr5556> Hello
[16:37] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi jrr
[16:37] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[16:38] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[16:38] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> bye then
[16:39] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[16:39] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hihihhihhihihi
[16:40] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wb
[16:40] <jrr5556> What should I name my village on the rpg server?
[16:40] <jrr5556> ty
[16:40] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wats the rpg?
[16:40] <jrr5556> New server coming out
[16:40] <jrr5556> Check it out on the forums
[16:40] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ohh
[16:41] <jrr5556> I have a couple in mind. Florin, Bathum and nothing else XD
[16:41] <jrr5556> Need a name :/
[16:41] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[16:41] <jrr5556> brb dinner
[16:42] <jrr5556> :/
[16:42] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> kk
[16:42] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[16:42] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hey rob u still dere
[16:42] <roberestarkk> ja
[16:42] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wd?
[16:42] <roberestarkk> off to have dinner
[16:42] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> ok
[16:42] <roberestarkk> ciao!
[16:42] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> bye
[16:44] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[16:44] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi forgot
[16:44] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[16:44] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wd???
[16:45] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> how do u make pumkin pie??
[16:46] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[16:47] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[16:47] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wb
[16:47] <Forgott3nFear> ty
[16:48] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hai
[16:49] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[16:49] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> u making dis
[16:49] <Forgott3nFear> ya
[16:49] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> need any suplieess
[16:49] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> like cobble wood
[16:50] <Forgott3nFear> nah not right now
[16:50] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[16:50] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> im here if ya need me
[16:50] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hai
[16:50] <ridingmaster> Hey
[16:51] <ridingmaster> I'm going to be at the RPG server, back later
[16:51] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[16:51] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[16:51] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi reg
[16:51] <Regox> Hey
[16:52] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lul
[16:53] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> whats this gonna be?
[16:53] <Forgott3nFear> a kind of castle thing
[16:53] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> cool
[16:53] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> it looks awesome
[16:54] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[16:54] <Regox> Hey jrr
[16:54] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> wb
[16:55] <jrr5556> ty
[16:55] <jrr5556> Anyone have some good village names for my village on the rpg server?
[16:56] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> umm
[16:56] <Regox> Derpville
[16:56] <jrr5556> XD
[16:56] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> lul
[16:56] <Regox> Honestly though, I use name generators till I get one I kinda like the sound of
[16:56] <Regox> Then tweak it how I like
[16:56] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay) has joined #main
[16:56] <jrr5556> Yeah I just had a look at soem medieval ones
[16:57] <jrr5556> Hey padmay
[16:57] <Regox> Hey padmay
[16:57] <Padmay> Hi
[16:57] <Regox> Woo, 7fps
[16:57] <jrr5556> Trying to think of one that has some sort of relation to origin
[16:58] <Regox> Whyso? No other cities/castles/villages have any reference to this port
[16:59] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo) has joined #main
[16:59] <Regox> Hey ryan
[16:59] <jrr5556> Hey ryan
[16:59] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi
[16:59] <ryan1998xoxo> hey jrr
[16:59] <jrr5556> :O own mention
[16:59] <jrr5556> XD
[16:59] <ryan1998xoxo> hi others
[17:00] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> gtg may come back later byeeeeeeeee :)
[17:00] <jrr5556> bye
[17:00] <ryan1998xoxo> I only mentioned you specifically because new mod
[17:00] <Regox> So jrr, you corrupt with power yet?
[17:00] <jrr5556> aha
[17:00] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[17:00] <jrr5556> yeah
[17:00] <Regox> Good-o
[17:01] <jrr5556> I just abused all my new power in the first 5 minutes
[17:01] <Regox> EXCELLENT
[17:01] <Regox> Howso?
[17:01] <jrr5556> Kicked a couple of people and tped to everyone XD
[17:01] <Regox> GLORIOUS
[17:01] <jrr5556> and temp ban a few!
[17:01] <ryan1998xoxo> That sounds like monday to me
[17:01] <jrr5556> banned*
[17:02] <jrr5556> IT FELT GLORIOUS!
[17:02] <Regox> Spiffo
[17:02] <Regox> You've now done what most mods/admins do when gaining power
[17:02] <Regox> Abuse it
[17:02] <Regox> Here, have a congratulatory present
[17:03] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:03] <jrr5556> :O
[17:03] <jrr5556> Thank you
[17:03] <Regox> Just be careful where you put them
[17:03] <jrr5556> shh
[17:03] <jrr5556> I will
[17:03] <ryan1998xoxo> peppy gave me all the guns
[17:04] <jrr5556> They will be put in safe keeping until the time comes.
[17:04] <ryan1998xoxo> Nope I was told to use the hell out them
[17:04] <ryan1998xoxo> *of
[17:04] <Regox> *abuse
[17:04] <Regox> You're a mod remember
[17:05] <ryan1998xoxo> I DON'T ABUSE GUNS
[17:05] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[17:05] <jrr5556> wcb
[17:05] <Forgott3nFear> ty
[17:05] <Regox> If you won't abuse guns, then by george, abuse grenades
[17:05] <ryan1998xoxo> I did earlier
[17:05] <ryan1998xoxo> peppy spawned like 1000 zombies
[17:05] <ryan1998xoxo> 5 times
[17:06] <Regox> Wait till RPG hits
[17:06] <Regox> Creepers will blow up
[17:06] <Regox> It'll be fun
[17:06] <jrr5556> Must light up the place!
[17:06] <ryan1998xoxo> Regox?
[17:06] <ryan1998xoxo> Could you make me a lennie?
[17:06] <Regox> ?
[17:08] <ryan1998xoxo> A giant zombia
[17:08] <Regox> Ah
[17:08] <ryan1998xoxo> *zombie
[17:08] <Regox> A giant
[17:09] <Regox> 30 do?
[17:09] <ryan1998xoxo> Yep\
[17:09] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:10] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[17:10] <jrr5556> wcb
[17:10] <ryan1998xoxo> I love those ones
[17:10] <Forgott3nFear> ty
[17:11] <jrr5556> ?
[17:11] <jrr5556> ?
[17:11] <jrr5556> Why did you do that?
[17:11] <ryan1998xoxo> I was trying to launch myself
[17:12] <jrr5556> Well a sorry would have been kind.
[17:12] * Padmay (Padmay@Padmay§r) Quit (§ePadmay left the game.)
[17:13] <jrr5556> ?
[17:15] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[17:15] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[17:17] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied) has joined #main
[17:20] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied§r) Quit (§eninjafied left the game.)
[17:21] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo§r) Quit (§eryan1998xoxo left the game.)
[17:30] * has400 (has400@has400) has joined #main
[17:30] <roberestarkk> Ahoyhasbru
[17:30] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[17:32] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:33] <has400> Hello
[17:33] <has400> lol
[17:33] * has400 (has400@has400§r) Quit (§ehas400 left the game.)
[17:35] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[17:40] <jrr5556> Hello
[17:43] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[17:56] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[17:57] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi rob
[17:57] <roberestarkk> Hi
[18:07] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> rob u there??
[18:20] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[18:48] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1) has joined #main
[18:48] <Go_Gabba_Gabba1> hi again
[19:14] * Go_Gabba_Gabba1 (Go_Gabba_Gabba1@Go_Gabba_Gabba1§r) Quit (§eGo_Gabba_Gabba1 left the game.)
[20:25] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[20:29] <roberestarkk> Ahoy
[20:30] <LittleMissGrill> heya
[20:32] <LittleMissGrill> so i died and now i have no food
[20:33] <LittleMissGrill> wouldn't mind giving me some?? if you haveany to spare...
[20:34] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[20:35] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill) has joined #main
[20:38] * LittleMissGrill (LittleMissGrill@LittleMissGrill§r) Quit (§eLittleMissGrill left the game.)
[21:25] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)

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