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IRC Log for #main.2013-03-06

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[6:19] <Skeletoon> hey cwp
[6:20] <cwp_aus> hi skel
[6:20] <Skeletoon> u at school?
[6:21] <cwp_aus> nah
[6:21] <Skeletoon> how come
[6:21] <cwp_aus> only 6:20 here, :P
[6:21] <Skeletoon> lol
[6:21] <Skeletoon> dam thats early
[6:21] <Skeletoon> 9:222
[6:21] <cwp_aus> yes, well i have a period zero test today, so i had to be ready early
[6:21] <Skeletoon> ah k
[6:22] <Skeletoon> lol period 0
[6:22] <Skeletoon> come to nether cant find glowstone =P
[6:22] <cwp_aus> lol
[6:24] <Skeletoon> my nether portal
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[8:01] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[8:01] <Humantank11> Hey, rob
[8:01] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[8:02] <Humantank11> Scouting out a location for the new Ironport.
[8:05] <roberestarkk> Nice
[8:06] <Humantank11> Ironport will be built here.
[8:06] <Humantank11> Oh, nice, a chicken is spying on me.
[8:07] <Humantank11> Hey, rob, how much does a stack of saplings cost?
[8:07] <roberestarkk> ./worth sapling 64
[8:07] <Humantank11> Well, that is reassuring.
[8:07] <roberestarkk> multiplied by 2.5
[8:07] <Humantank11> ah
[8:07] <roberestarkk> or check the spawn market
[8:08] <Humantank11> So, probably $320 then?]
[8:08] <Humantank11> I don't think I saw saplings at the market.
[8:09] <Humantank11> Nope, no saplings for sale yet.
[8:09] <roberestarkk> oh okay
[8:09] <roberestarkk> ne'er mind then
[8:10] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[8:11] <Humantank11> hey Reg
[8:11] <Regox> Hey
[8:11] <roberestarkk> Ahoy
[8:12] <Regox> Cool
[8:12] <Regox> There's ravine with diamond deposits under spawn
[8:13] <roberestarkk> you can have it... very few people are allowed to interact with blocks at spawn
[8:13] <Regox> I really don't need diamundz
[8:13] <Humantank11> Speaking of spawn, I will trim the grass around spawn. I prefer to be paid in saplings.
[8:13] <Humantank11> Oh, wait. I wouldn't be able to, Rob?
[8:14] <roberestarkk> probably not
[8:14] <Humantank11> Ah, well.
[8:14] <Regox> 12 ore blocks
[8:14] <roberestarkk> Spawn almost always has protections around it that means that nonVanillaOps can't break or place blo
[8:14] <roberestarkk> cks
[8:15] <Regox> Well tank, if you want to try, you're quite welcome to these blocks
[8:15] <Humantank11> I just joined the new map, so I don't have the pick to do so lol.
[8:16] <Humantank11> Oh, that reminds me, there is a cave just outside one of the subway tunnel walls.
[8:17] <Regox> Emeralds in the ravine too
[8:17] <Regox> Already seen 3 ore
[8:17] <Humantank11> Maybe the ore was put there on purpose, to attract players to this server?
[8:18] <Humantank11> Diamonds just under the surface, join now!
[8:18] <Regox> There's no surface access
[8:18] <Regox> And it's 12 blocks above bedrock
[8:18] <Humantank11> Ah.
[8:18] <Humantank11> What are you doing way down there? o.O
[8:18] <Regox> Was dicking around with /descend
[8:19] <Regox> There's a largish cave in front of you
[8:19] <Humantank11> I need wood before I can even begin to explore caves. :p
[8:19] <Regox> That would explain the want of saplings
[8:20] <Humantank11> Yes, Ironport needs trees.
[8:20] <Humantank11> We will have plenty of glass and bread, however.
[8:20] <Humantank11> .. and beef, it seems.
[8:20] <Regox> Well, there are zero trees around you
[8:21] <Humantank11> I can see that.
[8:21] <Regox> Pumpkins yes
[8:21] <Humantank11> Yes. All hail the Pumpkin King.
[8:21] <Humantank11> Old Ironport had pumpkins as well, and a shrine to the Pumpkin King.
[8:21] <Regox> And an NPC village
[8:21] <Humantank11> o.O
[8:21] <Humantank11> Coordinates?
[8:22] <Regox> --329 81 413
[8:22] <Regox> Derp
[8:22] <Regox> -329 81 -413
[8:22] <Humantank11> About 250 blocks from where I am
[8:22] <Humantank11> Not too far.
[8:24] <Regox> "Discovered by jrr and ejano"
[8:24] <Humantank11> Ah, what a missd opportunity.
[8:24] <Humantank11> *missed
[8:24] <Regox> It says discovered, not claimed
[8:25] <Humantank11> Hmm...
[8:25] <Humantank11> What biome?
[8:25] <Regox> Plains
[8:27] <Humantank11> No wonder it wasn't claimed, it is infested with the undead.
[8:27] <Humantank11> .. and the roads are horrible.
[8:28] <Humantank11> There is a building that is partially covered in gravel.
[8:28] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[8:32] <Humantank11> I think I shall claim this village, if it remains unclaimed.
[8:32] <roberestarkk> Impossible
[8:32] <roberestarkk> if you claim it, it won't remain unclaimed, so you can't claim it
[8:33] <roberestarkk> but if you can't claim it, then it will remain unclaimed, so you can claim it
[8:33] <Humantank11> Ah, word games, again?
[8:33] <roberestarkk> Hey, you made the paradox, not me!
[8:33] <Humantank11> Very well, what I mean is that if it is currently unclaimed, then I shall claim it.
[8:34] <roberestarkk> Good plan, I like it more than the last!
[8:34] <Humantank11> .. it really needs quite a bit of work, though.
[8:34] <Humantank11> These roads are dreadful.
[8:35] <Humantank11> And for some reason, a few of the villagers are on top of their roofs...
[8:36] <roberestarkk> MinecraftMagic
[8:36] <Humantank11> >
[8:36] <Humantank11> ?
[8:36] <roberestarkk> in order for an entity to spawn, it needs a clear area equal to it's hitbox + 1 in height
[8:37] <roberestarkk> so if they try to spawn inside a building where the space is 2 high
[8:37] <roberestarkk> and they themselves are 2 high
[8:37] <roberestarkk> they ACTUALLY spawn at the next highest point where there is a space of 3
[8:38] <Humantank11> .. or it could be that the villagers' shoddy roadwork makes it possible for them to reach the roof?
[8:41] <roberestarkk> it could be, but I prefer MinecraftMagic
[9:20] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[9:20] * Humantank11 was kicked from #main by Server
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[12:21] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[12:22] <Dengar708> hey regox
[12:22] <Regox> Hey
[12:22] <Dengar708> nice job with the Blue Palace
[12:22] <Regox> It's just a .schematic
[12:23] <Regox> We attempted to paste all of Solitude before the map became the actual map, but it couldn't
[12:23] <Regox> handle it
[12:25] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1) has joined #main
[12:25] <Hyperaxe1> hey
[12:25] <Regox> Hey hyper
[12:26] <Hyperaxe1> mmm
[12:26] <Hyperaxe1> lightly toasted chicken
[12:28] <Hyperaxe1> what if
[12:28] <Hyperaxe1> armour granted potion effects
[12:28] <Hyperaxe1> well
[12:28] <Hyperaxe1> could
[12:28] <Dengar708> that would be cool
[12:28] <Regox> Then 001 would be even more powerfull
[12:28] <Hyperaxe1> yes
[12:29] <Dengar708> we already have the serum
[12:29] <Hyperaxe1> peppy juice + marine armour
[12:29] <Hyperaxe1> hehehe.,,
[12:29] <Regox> Eh, it's not the most powerful anymore
[12:29] <Hyperaxe1> thorns yo
[12:29] <Regox> Brambleshaw and CoS have equal potions and armour
[12:29] <Dengar708> Regox
[12:29] <Hyperaxe1> if only hypertech could get in on the action
[12:29] <Dengar708> what level potency of strength?
[12:30] <Dengar708> get admin xD
[12:30] <Hyperaxe1> *cough*
[12:32] <Hyperaxe1> hm
[12:33] <Hyperaxe1> hmmmmm
[12:33] <Hyperaxe1> ergh
[12:33] <Hyperaxe1> how do people already have 20k
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> :I
[12:34] <Regox> Magic
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> I only have 2k :P
[12:34] <Regox> 2140
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> indeed
[12:35] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[12:39] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[12:39] <Hyperaxe1> hey rights
[12:39] <rightsforppl> Hi
[12:39] <rightsforppl> Did Dynmap work?
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> idk
[12:40] <rightsforppl> I'll take that as a
[12:40] <rightsforppl> no
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> last time I checked it had rendered this map
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> but hadn't gotten rid of the render last map
[12:40] <Dengar708> hey rights
[12:40] <rightsforppl> I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
[12:40] <rightsforppl> iron
[12:40] <Dengar708> I have lots :P
[12:41] <rightsforppl> and no
[12:41] <rightsforppl> I don't want to be scammed............
[12:41] <Hyperaxe1> dengar
[12:41] <Hyperaxe1> hehehe
[12:41] <Dengar708> I was just going to give you some :L
[12:41] <rightsforppl> for 1000?
[12:41] <Dengar708> I have over 3 stacks
[12:41] <Hyperaxe1> dengar? GIVING AWAY THINGS?
[12:41] <Hyperaxe1> IS SUCH A THING
[12:41] <Hyperaxe1> EVEN POSSIBLE
[12:41] <rightsforppl> WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!]
[12:42] <Dengar708> everyone is saying that if i offer something
[12:42] <Dengar708> then it must be a scam
[12:42] <Hyperaxe1> cough
[12:42] <Hyperaxe1> yes
[12:42] <Dengar708> help ejano not get scammed
[12:42] <rightsforppl> ^^
[12:42] <Hyperaxe1> *insert reference to reeds*
[12:42] <Dengar708> must be a scam >_>
[12:42] <Hyperaxe1> lol wooden campervan
[12:42] <Hyperaxe1> basically
[12:42] <Hyperaxe1> my house
[12:42] <rightsforppl> I have aaaaaaaaa
[12:43] <rightsforppl> Holiday Home Secret Base Thing
[12:43] <Dengar708> :o
[12:43] <Dengar708> how much iron do you need rights?
[12:43] <rightsforppl> eeeeeehhhhhh
[12:43] <rightsforppl> Not much
[12:43] <rightsforppl> just about
[12:43] <rightsforppl> 6999999999 stacks
[12:43] <Hyperaxe1> 600 stacks
[12:43] <Hyperaxe1> t0tz
[12:43] <Dengar708> xD
[12:43] <rightsforppl> but ir
[12:43] <rightsforppl> 10
[12:44] <Dengar708> ir?
[12:44] <rightsforppl> In reality
[12:44] <Dengar708> i'll give you once my armour breaks >_>
[12:44] <rightsforppl> Not as in the real reality
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> cook faster sand
[12:44] <Dengar708> just colleting money
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> I want to eat you now >:(
[12:44] <Dengar708> use more furnaces then :P
[12:44] <rightsforppl> How does sand taste like?
[12:45] <Hyperaxe1> delicious
[12:45] <Hyperaxe1> I am now sleeping
[12:45] <Hyperaxe1> despite missing half my campervan
[12:45] <Hyperaxe1> SAFETY YO
[12:46] <rightsforppl> Killing zombies
[12:46] <rightsforppl> Who wants to kill some zombies?
[12:46] <Hyperaxe1> I do so on a regular basis
[12:46] <rightsforppl> It's 99.9% safe
[12:46] <Hyperaxe1> so I'm going to take a break B)
[12:46] <Dengar708> i am killing skeletons
[12:46] <rightsforppl> Zombie: Want brains with that
[12:46] <Hyperaxe1> yes
[12:47] <Dengar708> Skeletons are much better monehs
[12:47] <rightsforppl> i didn't find a skele spawner unfortunatly
[12:47] <rightsforppl> I found a zombie spawner
[12:47] <rightsforppl> bbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuut
[12:47] <Hyperaxe1> buuuuuuuu
[12:47] <Hyperaxe1> looting 6000
[12:47] <rightsforppl> there are a lot of skeles here
[12:47] <Hyperaxe1> punch a pig
[12:47] <Hyperaxe1> instantly
[12:47] <Hyperaxe1> baconsplosion
[12:48] <rightsforppl> Meanwhile in ksp: I Made my rocket fly! *checks map* orbits allll the way baaaaackkkkk toooooooooooo
[12:48] <rightsforppl> Kerbin
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> lol
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> my ships either plummit into the ocean
[12:48] <rightsforppl> Y U CRASH
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> or get in orbit
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> OR
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> start orbiting the sun
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> forever
[12:48] <Dengar708> or explode
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> OI
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> SPIDER
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> OFF MY ROOF
[12:48] <rightsforppl> some of my ships made it beyond the solar system
[12:49] <Dengar708> xD
[12:49] <rightsforppl> I HATE SPIDERS
[12:50] <rightsforppl> Today At Science Class
[12:50] <rightsforppl> Everybody wasn stupid
[12:50] <rightsforppl> *was
[12:50] <Dengar708> in 1 of the other science classes
[12:50] <rightsforppl> in other words
[12:50] <rightsforppl> blood shed
[12:50] <Dengar708> 1 of the people decided it was a good idea
[12:50] <Dengar708> to hold onto a testube filled with HCL
[12:51] <Dengar708> while someone else drops magnesium in
[12:52] <rightsforppl> OH GOD
[12:52] <Hyperaxe1> world ends
[12:52] <Hyperaxe1> oh
[12:52] <Dengar708> rights
[12:52] <Hyperaxe1> it's day
[12:52] <rightsforppl> I was 1 block close to dying
[12:52] <Dengar708> do you know what happens if someone does that?
[12:52] <rightsforppl> nope
[12:52] <rightsforppl> our science teacher lectures us all day
[12:52] <Dengar708> Minature flashbang
[12:52] <rightsforppl> we rarely do experiments
[12:52] <Dengar708> and super high heat
[12:53] <Dengar708> and holding onto that isn't a good ide
[12:53] <Dengar708> idea*
[12:53] <rightsforppl> look how close I was to dying
[12:53] <Hyperaxe1> eh?
[12:53] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[12:53] <Hyperaxe1> hey riding
[12:53] <rightsforppl> Hi Riding
[12:53] <Hyperaxe1> balls
[12:53] <rightsforppl> Hole on top
[12:53] <Hyperaxe1> that is some nice lava
[12:53] <ridingmaster> Hey.
[12:53] <rightsforppl> lava on the bottom
[12:53] <Dengar708> rights
[12:53] <Dengar708> u forgot rule 1
[12:53] <rightsforppl> That wasn't griefing
[12:53] <rightsforppl> It was
[12:54] <rightsforppl> mining
[12:54] <Hyperaxe1> nonono
[12:54] <rightsforppl> I'm in a cave
[12:54] <Hyperaxe1> minecraft rule 1
[12:54] <rightsforppl> and want to find a mine
[12:54] <Hyperaxe1> never dig down
[12:54] <rightsforppl> oh
[12:54] <Hyperaxe1> I dug into your hole
[12:54] <Dengar708> u mean an abandoned mineshaft?
[12:54] <Hyperaxe1> in a non dirty way
[12:54] <Dengar708> cause i found 2
[12:54] <Hyperaxe1> :I
[12:54] <Dengar708> and i'll let you explore 1
[12:54] <Dengar708> which isn't under my house
[12:54] <Hyperaxe1> ooh
[12:54] <Dengar708> Ihave explored maybe half of it
[12:54] <Hyperaxe1> coal
[12:54] <Dengar708> and haven't explored the ravines in it
[12:55] <rightsforppl> Mines found= 0
[12:55] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> coal found:
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> 23
[12:55] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[12:55] <Dengar708> wb
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> actually
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> more like 64
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> hey riding
[12:55] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> welcome back
[12:55] <rightsforppl> Welcome Back
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> again
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> ergh
[12:55] <Hyperaxe1> a zombie
[12:56] <rightsforppl> and you may find a zombie dungeon
[12:56] <rightsforppl> please don't destroy it
[12:56] <Hyperaxe1> k
[12:56] <rightsforppl> or any dungeon in that matter
[12:56] <Hyperaxe1> I'm just mining all your coalo
[12:56] <Hyperaxe1> coal*
[12:56] <Hyperaxe1> :)
[12:56] <rightsforppl> ok
[12:56] <rightsforppl> mines found=
[12:56] <rightsforppl> 1
[12:57] <Hyperaxe1> LOL
[12:57] <rightsforppl> Endermen found= 1
[12:57] <Dengar708> rights
[12:58] <Dengar708> don't look at endermen
[12:58] <rightsforppl> I didn't
[12:58] <Dengar708> well why did it kill you?
[12:58] <rightsforppl> It looked at me
[12:58] <ridingmaster> lol
[12:58] <Dengar708> ._.
[12:58] <rightsforppl> and random zombie
[12:58] <Dengar708> u are on a dying spree
[12:58] <Hyperaxe1> hey
[12:58] <Hyperaxe1> a dark mysterious cave system
[12:58] <Hyperaxe1> lets walk in and not get ambushed :)
[12:58] <rightsforppl> deaths= 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
[12:59] <Hyperaxe1> hm
[12:59] <Hyperaxe1> I didn't get ambushed
[12:59] <Hyperaxe1> that's disappointing
[12:59] <rightsforppl> follow me then
[12:59] <rightsforppl> I'm a mob magnet
[12:59] <Hyperaxe1> I noticed
[12:59] <Dengar708> hmm
[12:59] <Dengar708> 1.8k
[12:59] <Dengar708> not toobad
[12:59] <Hyperaxe1> HMMM
[12:59] <rightsforppl> Enderman
[12:59] <rightsforppl> iron
[13:00] <Hyperaxe1> oops
[13:00] <rightsforppl> dead end
[13:01] <Dengar708> after that money collection
[13:01] <Dengar708> i made...
[13:01] <Hyperaxe1> hey
[13:01] <Hyperaxe1> a large, deep, unlit hole
[13:01] <Dengar708> abit over 2k >_>
[13:01] <Hyperaxe1> lets jump in
[13:01] <rightsforppl> hmmm
[13:01] <Hyperaxe1> we must get up there
[13:02] <rightsforppl> nothing up here
[13:02] <rightsforppl> Have to break rule 1
[13:02] <rightsforppl> Mine down
[13:03] <Hyperaxe1> ooh iron
[13:03] <Hyperaxe1> well
[13:03] <Hyperaxe1> this isn't dangerous or anything
[13:03] <rightsforppl> hmmm
[13:03] <rightsforppl> redstone
[13:03] <Hyperaxe1> a wild teleport
[13:03] <Hyperaxe1> okay
[13:03] <Hyperaxe1> how 2 do this
[13:03] <rightsforppl> idk
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> how about
[13:04] <rightsforppl> 2 hearts
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> §ffus ro
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> nope
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> §ffus
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> NOPE
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> okay
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> uhhh
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> hm
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> afosadf
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> I'll just
[13:04] <rightsforppl> this won't work
[13:04] <rightsforppl> now it will
[13:04] <Hyperaxe1> *has already teleported away*
[13:05] <rightsforppl> 2nd caves found=0
[13:05] <Dengar708> guys
[13:05] <Dengar708> if you find something like diamonds, lapis or emeralds
[13:05] <Dengar708> tell me
[13:06] <Hyperaxe1> pfft
[13:06] <Hyperaxe1> as if
[13:06] <rightsforppl> ^\
[13:06] <Dengar708> and i will mine with fortune pickaxe
[13:06] <Dengar708> Rights
[13:06] <rightsforppl> I'll just
[13:06] <rightsforppl> wait for the sun to rise
[13:06] <Dengar708> wanna run aroudn 1 of my abandoned mineshafts?
[13:06] <rightsforppl> not really
[13:06] <rightsforppl> I want to find my own huge mine system
[13:07] <rightsforppl> which reminds me of how stupid I am
[13:07] <rightsforppl> I should've used dynmap
[13:09] <rightsforppl> Where can I find a mine
[13:09] <ridingmaster> Under ground
[13:10] <rightsforppl> hmm
[13:10] <rightsforppl> brb
[13:13] <Hyperaxe1> ah
[13:14] <Hyperaxe1> gold ore
[13:14] <rightsforppl> once again
[13:14] <rightsforppl> mines found=1
[13:14] <Hyperaxe1> riding
[13:14] <Hyperaxe1> y u heff to be disguised :P
[13:14] <ridingmaster> Yeah?
[13:14] <ridingmaster> Mobs
[13:14] <Hyperaxe1> rightio
[13:14] <Dengar708> aboose?
[13:15] <rightsforppl> staff can aboose the command all they want
[13:15] <rightsforppl> Otherwise
[13:15] <rightsforppl> this server will be chaotic
[13:15] <Hyperaxe1> gravel ?:(
[13:15] <Hyperaxe1> >:(
[13:16] <rightsforppl> Staff will always die
[13:16] <rightsforppl> If staff die
[13:16] <Dengar708> what aboose the disguise command so they don't have to worry about mobs?
[13:16] <rightsforppl> who will moderate or administrate the server
[13:16] <Hyperaxe1> the staff
[13:16] <Hyperaxe1> when they inevitably respawn
[13:16] <Hyperaxe1> B)
[13:16] <rightsforppl> and be killed again
[13:16] <rightsforppl> so they NEED this command
[13:16] <Dengar708> what for?
[13:16] <rightsforppl> nbvm
[13:16] <rightsforppl> *nvm
[13:17] <Dengar708> they don't need the disquise command
[13:17] <Hyperaxe1> well
[13:17] <Hyperaxe1> we do
[13:17] <Dengar708> unless you are watching someone
[13:17] <Hyperaxe1> for secret moderation reasons
[13:18] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:18] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:19] <Hyperaxe1> welcome back
[13:19] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[13:19] <rightsforppl> Welcome Back
[13:19] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[13:19] <Hyperaxe1> is it y=18 or y=11 for diamonds? :L
[13:19] <rightsforppl> y=8-13
[13:19] <Hyperaxe1> ah
[13:19] <Hyperaxe1> 8
[13:20] <Hyperaxe1> okay
[13:20] <ridingmaster> I thought it was 13
[13:21] * weavybaby (weavybaby@weavybaby) has joined #main
[13:21] <ridingmaster> Hey Weavy
[13:21] <Hyperaxe1> hey weavy
[13:21] <rightsforppl> Hi Weavy
[13:21] <Dengar708> hey weavy
[13:22] <Dengar708> pad isn't here today
[13:22] <Dengar708> or tommorow
[13:22] <Dengar708> she will be back on friday
[13:22] <Hyperaxe1> come on diamonds
[13:22] <Hyperaxe1> appear
[13:22] <Hyperaxe1> >:I
[13:22] <rightsforppl> I don't care about the diamonds
[13:23] <rightsforppl> I just want a mine!
[13:24] <rightsforppl> I give up
[13:24] <rightsforppl> I'll never find a mine
[13:25] <rightsforppl> If someone can find 1 mine near my hous
[13:25] <rightsforppl> *house
[13:25] <rightsforppl> I;ll give them
[13:25] <rightsforppl> 17 iron ore, 10 coal and 1 iron ingot
[13:27] <weavybaby> bad bad lag
[13:27] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[13:28] <weavybaby> test
[13:28] <Hyperaxe1> ./ping yo
[13:28] <weavybaby> bit better
[13:30] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[13:30] <campiee> hi
[13:30] <ridingmaster> Hey
[13:31] * ridingmaster was kicked from #main by Server
[13:31] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:31] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:31] <Hyperaxe1> wb
[13:31] <campiee> wcb
[13:31] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[13:33] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1§r) Quit (§eHyperaxe1 left the game.)
[13:35] * Manalishi (Manalishi@Manalishi) has joined #main
[13:35] <Dengar708> hey mana
[13:35] <Manalishi> Hey hey hey
[13:35] <ridingmaster> Hey
[13:35] <campiee> hi
[13:39] <campiee> brb
[13:39] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:39] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:39] <Manalishi> wb
[13:40] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[13:40] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[13:40] <Manalishi> wb
[13:40] <campiee> ty
[13:40] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:41] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:42] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:42] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:42] <campiee> wcb
[13:42] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[13:43] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:43] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:44] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:53] <campiee> why is everyyone so quiet
[13:54] <Dengar708> because we were doing things
[13:58] <Dengar708> campiee
[13:58] <Dengar708> can u help me for a second
[13:58] <Dengar708> actually dw
[14:01] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[14:02] <Dengar708> hey rob
[14:02] <campiee> hey rob
[14:02] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[14:02] <Manalishi> Hey Rob
[14:02] <campiee> Guten Aben
[14:02] <campiee> brb
[14:03] <roberestarkk> What
[14:03] <roberestarkk> 's up?
[14:04] * Manalishi (Manalishi@Manalishi§r) Quit (§eManalishi left the game.)
[14:05] <roberestarkk> fine...
[14:06] <campiee> lol rob
[14:08] <roberestarkk> Ahoy weavy!
[14:08] <roberestarkk> ...
[14:08] <roberestarkk> lol
[14:08] <campiee> XD
[14:09] <roberestarkk> XD?
[14:09] <campiee> ok..
[14:09] <campiee> Guten Aben rob
[14:09] <roberestarkk> y u XD?
[14:09] <roberestarkk> Guten Aben is Good Night
[14:09] <campiee> idk
[14:09] <roberestarkk> it's like 5PM
[14:09] <campiee> good afternoon?
[14:09] <roberestarkk> oh right
[14:09] <roberestarkk> it is afternoon
[14:09] <roberestarkk> never mind
[14:09] <campiee> XD
[14:10] <campiee> ok....
[14:11] * jaidragon (jaidragon@jaidragon) has joined #main
[14:11] <campiee> hey jai
[14:11] <jaidragon> ello
[14:13] <jaidragon> yay $1000 from sugar cane
[14:13] <campiee> lol
[14:13] <campiee> makin money
[14:13] <jaidragon> I'm 8th richest'
[14:13] <campiee> wow
[14:14] <jaidragon> and I'm making my reed farm till I get 10,000 per harvest
[14:14] <Dengar708> niceee
[14:14] <roberestarkk> lolwotfor?
[14:14] <Dengar708> Can i buy reeds off you?
[14:14] <jaidragon> Next harvest sure
[14:14] <campiee> lol im makin a sugar cane farm
[14:15] <jaidragon> have fun, it took me a bit
[14:15] <jaidragon> is there going to be a spawn market where people can make their own shops soon?
[14:15] <roberestarkk> no
[14:16] <jaidragon> Damn
[14:16] <campiee> lol
[14:16] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458) has joined #main
[14:16] <roberestarkk> according to Gale, no spawn market. Markets will be town specific, or held in homes
[14:18] <jaidragon> So my spawn town could have a market region
[14:18] <roberestarkk> no
[14:18] <jaidragon> Oh
[14:18] <jaidragon> I get it
[14:18] <roberestarkk> you're not a high enough rank to build/break within the spawn radius
[14:18] <jaidragon> Ok
[14:18] <DeMan1458> Wait have you started spawn town jai?
[14:18] <roberestarkk> you can have a market region in your near-spawn town
[14:19] <jaidragon> Can you tp to me and tell me if my town is ok, so i don't go any further if it isn't.
[14:19] <jaidragon> because peppy said it was ok.
[14:19] <DeMan1458> If he's already built something
[14:19] <jaidragon> But I wanna check with you.
[14:19] <DeMan1458> then that would mean its far enough away
[14:19] <jaidragon> Yeah I've only built a reed farm but its annoying to build but I guess someone could world edit it.
[14:20] <roberestarkk> psst jai
[14:20] <jaidragon> yo
[14:20] <roberestarkk> can you c'mere a sec? I wanna test something
[14:20] <roberestarkk> can you break this block?
[14:20] <jaidragon> uuuh
[14:21] <jaidragon> yes
[14:21] <roberestarkk> hmmn
[14:21] <jaidragon> whoze inquisitor
[14:21] <jaidragon> well
[14:21] <roberestarkk> never mind then, you can build as close to spawn as you want... spawn protection is disabled
[14:21] <campiee> lol
[14:21] <jaidragon> i just tapped his shoulder
[14:21] <roberestarkk> and don't hit the Inquisitors
[14:21] <jaidragon> lol k
[14:21] <campiee> lol
[14:22] <jaidragon> Rob could you World edit something for me soon
[14:22] <campiee> cya guys
[14:22] <jaidragon> bye
[14:22] <campiee> going on wot now
[14:22] * campiee (campiee@campiee§r) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[14:22] <roberestarkk> I -could-
[14:22] <jaidragon> -could- ?
[14:22] <roberestarkk> yes
[14:22] <DeMan1458> could means could
[14:22] <jaidragon> k
[14:22] <DeMan1458> doesnt mean he will
[14:22] <weavybaby> or should
[14:22] <DeMan1458> indeed
[14:23] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458§r) Quit (§eDeMan1458 left the game.)
[14:24] <jaidragon> but rob could you tp to me and tell me If my farm is ok
[14:26] <jaidragon> The first logical mob random item drop I've ever seen
[14:26] <jaidragon> I got a Bow and 1 arrow from a skeleton
[14:28] <jaidragon> :o
[14:28] <roberestarkk> lol, what farm?
[14:28] <jaidragon> uuh
[14:28] <jaidragon> well im tryin to make space here to place it
[14:29] <roberestarkk> mmmhmm
[14:29] <jaidragon> so follow mee
[14:29] <jaidragon> this farm
[14:29] <jaidragon> ok
[14:29] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458) has joined #main
[14:30] <jaidragon> u gone nao
[14:30] <roberestarkk> I am tree hopping to get a better view
[14:30] <jaidragon> Ok well if you could select the top cobble stone block here
[14:31] <jaidragon> and then the one down the stairs
[14:31] <jaidragon> and copy that area, awesomeness would happen
[14:31] <weavybaby> you do realise the whole point of the economy is so you work for your money, not so you cheat
[14:31] <jaidragon> I'm not cheating'
[14:31] <roberestarkk> Awww I wish there were butterflies
[14:32] <jaidragon> I'm moving a farm so I can make my town further from spawn
[14:32] <jaidragon> So could you do that Rob?
[14:32] <roberestarkk> do wat?
[14:32] <Dengar708> Rob caqn you help me when you are done so i can see what my castle will look like in stone bricks >_
[14:32] <Dengar708> >_>*
[14:32] <jaidragon> Ok well if you could select the top cobble stone block here
[14:32] <jaidragon> and then the one down the stairs
[14:33] <roberestarkk> I could
[14:33] <jaidragon> and copy that area, awesomeness would happen
[14:33] <roberestarkk> how so?
[14:33] <jaidragon> and ill show u where to move it
[14:33] <roberestarkk> literally nothing would happen
[14:33] <jaidragon> ?
[14:33] <jaidragon> Do reeds not move?
[14:33] <weavybaby> not really no
[14:33] <jaidragon> ok dw
[14:33] <roberestarkk> not if they are copied
[14:33] <jaidragon> can you cut
[14:33] <roberestarkk> nothing ever moves when you copy it
[14:33] <jaidragon> i mean cut
[14:33] <roberestarkk> ...
[14:33] <jaidragon> like move it
[14:34] <jaidragon> uh oh
[14:34] <Dengar708> i just thought of something...
[14:34] <jaidragon> dat looks cool
[14:34] <jaidragon> ok
[14:34] <Dengar708> hmm
[14:34] <Dengar708> a fast lots of money making machine >:D
[14:34] <Dengar708> and i have everything needed near by >:DDD
[14:35] <jaidragon> ok can you put it in this place
[14:35] <roberestarkk> I can
[14:36] <jaidragon> cool
[14:36] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1) has joined #main
[14:36] <Hyperaxe1> ello
[14:37] <DeMan1458> Hey Hyper
[14:37] <jaidragon> back
[14:37] <jaidragon> hi hyper
[14:37] <roberestarkk> wb
[14:38] <Hyperaxe1> yo
[14:38] <roberestarkk> also Hi Hyppy-chan
[14:38] <Hyperaxe1> yo
[14:38] <Hyperaxe1> time to continue mining\
[14:38] <Hyperaxe1> and wish I had more iron :(
[14:38] <roberestarkk> (I'm adding the -chan appellation to your entire family now)
[14:38] <Hyperaxe1> oooooooooooooooooooookay
[14:38] <weavybaby> dengar-chan ?
[14:39] <roberestarkk> glad you approve
[14:39] <roberestarkk> oh, and I'm shortening all the names
[14:39] <roberestarkk> Hyppy, Denny, Paddy
[14:39] <Hyperaxe1> :I
[14:39] <roberestarkk> Hyppy-chan, Denny-chan, Paddy-chan
[14:39] <Hyperaxe1> but "hyper" is already short enough
[14:39] <Hyperaxe1> or axe
[14:39] <jaidragon> rob could you place it there now?
[14:39] * weavybaby (weavybaby@weavybaby§r) Quit (§eweavybaby left the game.)
[14:39] <roberestarkk> I could
[14:39] <jaidragon> U going to?
[14:40] <roberestarkk> That's a different question entirely
[14:40] <jaidragon> Just wondering
[14:40] <jaidragon> lol
[14:40] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458§r) Quit (§eDeMan1458 left the game.)
[14:40] <jaidragon> Can you place my farm here at this moment
[14:40] <jaidragon> oh
[14:40] <jaidragon> you are watching me
[14:40] <roberestarkk> I can
[14:40] <roberestarkk> that's the same question you asked before
[14:41] <jaidragon> Please put my farm at the designated location at this moment.
[14:41] <Hyperaxe1> LAVA NOPE
[14:41] <Hyperaxe1> NPOENOPENOEP
[14:41] <jaidragon> hazah
[14:41] <jaidragon> lol Hyper
[14:41] <roberestarkk> Much better
[14:41] <roberestarkk> Though that's not a question
[14:41] <jaidragon> FF
[14:41] * jaidragon (jaidragon@jaidragon§r) Quit (§ejaidragon left the game.)
[14:41] * jaidragon (jaidragon@jaidragon) has joined #main
[14:41] <jaidragon> Thankyou
[14:41] <roberestarkk> you're welcome
[14:42] <roberestarkk> Remember... "Could/Can you?" is a question of ability. "Would/will you?" is a question of action.
[14:42] <jaidragon> Can you clear my old farm and make that hole dirt?
[14:43] <roberestarkk> I can
[14:43] <jaidragon> And if so can you do it now?
[14:43] <roberestarkk> I can
[14:43] <jaidragon> Can you do it for me?
[14:43] <roberestarkk> I can
[14:43] <jaidragon> Please clear my old farm and make the hole dirt.
[14:44] <roberestarkk> That's still not a question
[14:44] <jaidragon> Aaaah, getting taught better english by Rob than my teacher.
[14:44] <jaidragon> What would I ask
[14:44] <Hyperaxe1> lol
[14:44] <roberestarkk> Remember... "Could/Can you?" is a question of ability. "Would/will you?" is a question of action.
[14:44] <jaidragon> Wait
[14:44] <jaidragon> Can you please do it ./?
[14:45] <roberestarkk> I can
[14:45] <Hyperaxe1> ah
[14:45] <Hyperaxe1> gold
[14:45] <roberestarkk> Remember... "Could/Can you?" is a question of ability. "Would/will you?" is a question of action.
[14:45] <roberestarkk> If you want to know whether I am able to do something, ask me if I can.
[14:45] <jaidragon> wait
[14:45] <jaidragon> \ill you clear my old farm and fill up the hole with dirt within the next minute?
[14:46] <Hyperaxe1> lava?!
[14:46] <jaidragon> *Will
[14:46] <Hyperaxe1> again?!
[14:46] <Hyperaxe1> >:l
[14:46] <roberestarkk> If you want to know whether I will do something, ask me if I would.
[14:46] <roberestarkk> WELL DONE!
[14:46] <jaidragon> I don't know what to ask.
[14:46] <jaidragon> Lol
[14:46] <roberestarkk> say something like "Would you please replace my old farm with dirt?"
[14:46] <jaidragon> That wasn't hard.
[14:46] <jaidragon> :P
[14:46] <Hyperaxe1> lol
[14:46] <roberestarkk> If you use "can" instead of "would", you're asking me if I'm able to do something, rather than
[14:46] <roberestarkk> asking me to do it
[14:47] <Dengar708> Rob is a serious man
[14:47] <Hyperaxe1> BALLS
[14:47] <Hyperaxe1> I AM ON FIRE.
[14:47] <Hyperaxe1> I REPEAT, I AM ON FIRE
[14:47] <jaidragon> xD
[14:47] <jaidragon> lol
[14:47] <Hyperaxe1> okay then
[14:48] <Hyperaxe1> oh rob
[14:48] <roberestarkk> when I say "bugs" I mean "wanders around in the general vicinity of"
[14:48] <Hyperaxe1> apparently with creative you can ride minecarts through walls
[14:48] <roberestarkk> you can do it without creative
[14:48] <roberestarkk> it just causes more damage
[14:48] <Hyperaxe1> no
[14:48] <Hyperaxe1> like
[14:48] <Hyperaxe1> right click on a solid block
[14:48] <Hyperaxe1> and if there's a minecart somewhere behind it you'll teleport to it
[14:49] <roberestarkk> oh, curious
[14:50] * jaidragon (jaidragon@jaidragon§r) Quit (§ejaidragon left the game.)
[14:53] <Hyperaxe1> :(
[14:55] <roberestarkk> also, it's not really called riding through walls unless you're already in it beforehand
[14:56] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[14:56] <Hyperaxe1> hey rights
[14:56] <Dengar708> hey rights
[14:56] <rightsforppl> Hi
[14:57] <Hyperaxe1> well
[14:57] <Dengar708> >_>
[14:57] <Hyperaxe1> that was unexpected
[14:57] <rightsforppl> I called that!
[14:58] <rightsforppl> I'm like
[14:58] <rightsforppl> Half a heart
[14:58] <rightsforppl> Now some random creeper will spawn behind me
[14:59] <Hyperaxe1> ah
[14:59] <Hyperaxe1> a giant cave
[14:59] <rightsforppl> I finished my music and history homework, did my geography assignment. Now the music assignment to
[14:59] <rightsforppl> make a rap
[14:59] <Hyperaxe1> and of course I conveniently run out of torches
[14:59] <rightsforppl> and the science assignment
[15:00] <rightsforppl> with a few extra studies for my english and maths test
[15:00] <rightsforppl> :\
[15:00] <rightsforppl> and I have some torches
[15:00] <Hyperaxe1> wtf
[15:00] <rightsforppl> where exactly are you?
[15:00] <Hyperaxe1> is that sound
[15:00] <rightsforppl> Enderman screech
[15:01] <rightsforppl> I'll place a torch
[15:01] <rightsforppl> Break it
[15:01] <rightsforppl> and I'll give you the rest
[15:01] <rightsforppl> there you are
[15:01] <Hyperaxe1> danke
[15:01] * Zakkychan007 (Zakkychan007@Zakkychan007) has joined #main
[15:01] <rightsforppl> Hi Zakky!
[15:01] <roberestarkk> Welcome!
[15:01] <Hyperaxe1> hello
[15:01] <Zakkychan007> hey :)
[15:01] <rightsforppl> Welcome TO The Laws Of Mincraft SMP Server!
[15:02] <rightsforppl> Please Read /rules 1 /rules 2 and /rules 3
[15:02] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:02] <rightsforppl> Then Ask A Mod+ For A Test When You MEMORISE All Of It
[15:02] <Hyperaxe1> you don't need to memorise it lol
[15:02] <rightsforppl> What's rule 1?
[15:02] <rightsforppl> Guy:
[15:02] <rightsforppl> errrrrrr
[15:02] <roberestarkk> You needn't memorise the rules, but you do need to follow them
[15:02] <rightsforppl> what rule?
[15:03] <Zakkychan007> no griefing
[15:03] <rightsforppl> That was an example
[15:03] <Hyperaxe1> ownen
[15:03] <Hyperaxe1> you are cheeky
[15:03] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:03] <Hyperaxe1> we should play some blacklight soon
[15:03] <rightsforppl> That was sarcasm
[15:03] <Hyperaxe1> but first
[15:03] <Hyperaxe1> star wars
[15:03] <rightsforppl> Just in case
[15:03] <rightsforppl> Star was tor?
[15:03] <rightsforppl> *wars
[15:04] <Zakkychan007> ok i'm ready
[15:04] <rightsforppl> that was quick
[15:04] <roberestarkk> Oh Zak, you can also do /einfo to get some more information about the ranks
[15:04] <Zakkychan007> ok thanks :)
[15:04] <rightsforppl> Quick, Ask Hyperaxel or Roberestarkk!
[15:04] <Hyperaxe1> hyperaxe1
[15:04] <Zakkychan007> cool
[15:04] <rightsforppl> L on purpose :D
[15:04] <Hyperaxe1> 1 NOT L
[15:04] <Hyperaxe1> it even says so in my title d00d
[15:04] <Dengar708> HyperaxelD:
[15:05] <rightsforppl> I said it because it was in your title
[15:05] <Hyperaxe1> yes
[15:05] <rightsforppl> since when did someone say l instead of 1?
[15:05] <Hyperaxe1> I will accidently dunk you in lava
[15:05] <Hyperaxe1> since
[15:05] <Zakkychan007> ok do i go through a test now?
[15:05] <Hyperaxe1> [every time]
[15:05] <rightsforppl> I knew it was a 1 since the first time I saw you
[15:05] <Hyperaxe1> yeah
[15:05] <rightsforppl> which was when you said
[15:05] <Hyperaxe1> people are all
[15:05] <Hyperaxe1> oh he is a 1
[15:06] <rightsforppl> ./who are you?
[15:06] <roberestarkk> You sure do, and you should probably ignore anyone without a @ or # rank until you finish
[15:06] <roberestarkk> said test
[15:06] <Hyperaxe1> IT MUST BE 1337 SPEECH HURHRUHRUHR
[15:06] <Hyperaxe1> yep
[15:06] <rightsforppl> test
[15:06] <rightsforppl> test
[15:06] <Hyperaxe1> use ping tdammit
[15:06] <rightsforppl> ^
[15:07] <rightsforppl> No access to that command
[15:07] <roberestarkk> rights means you're meant to be testing Zak
[15:07] <Zakkychan007> am i going through a quiz now?
[15:07] <Hyperaxe1> :(
[15:07] <rightsforppl> Yes
[15:07] <Hyperaxe1> well
[15:07] <rightsforppl> once someone realises
[15:07] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:07] <Hyperaxe1> I'll do the first few questions
[15:07] <Dengar708> spikey D:
[15:07] <roberestarkk> now try rights
[15:07] <Hyperaxe1> rule 7 yo
[15:07] <Zakkychan007> is that a question?
[15:07] <Hyperaxe1> yes
[15:07] <rightsforppl> yes
[15:07] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:07] <roberestarkk> Hyper, questions have questionmarks on the end
[15:08] <Hyperaxe1> I'm sorry ;(
[15:08] <Zakkychan007> one sec, i'm being chased
[15:08] <Hyperaxe1> okay
[15:08] <Hyperaxe1> I am in a reasonably safe zone
[15:08] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:08] <Hyperaxe1> but I can't teleport you to me since you can't /tpaccept
[15:08] <rightsforppl> I am in my top secret base
[15:08] <Hyperaxe1> which is awkward
[15:08] <rightsforppl> which no one will know about!
[15:08] <Zakkychan007> ok rule 7 is
[15:08] <roberestarkk> it's fine
[15:08] <roberestarkk> I'll guard him
[15:08] <rightsforppl> and you certainyl shouldn't tp to me!
[15:08] <Zakkychan007> use common sense
[15:08] <rightsforppl> to find out the location!
[15:08] <Zakkychan007> hey :)
[15:08] <Hyperaxe1> okay
[15:09] <Hyperaxe1> Rule... 17
[15:09] <Dengar708> certainly*
[15:09] <Zakkychan007> do not make mob grinders
[15:09] <Zakkychan007> whats that?
[15:09] <Hyperaxe1> Rule....
[15:09] <Hyperaxe1> 20
[15:09] <roberestarkk> It's an automated method of killing monsters
[15:09] <Dengar708> Rob is busy making his body guard defend the new person
[15:09] <Zakkychan007> keep farms to a maximum of 10 animals
[15:10] <rightsforppl> Can I get a body gaurd?
[15:10] <Hyperaxe1> Rule 2
[15:10] <Dengar708> no
[15:10] <Dengar708> guard*
[15:10] <roberestarkk> thanks Dengar
[15:10] <Zakkychan007> no hacks of any kind
[15:10] <rightsforppl> Dengar is ninjaing rob!
[15:10] <Hyperaxe1> rule 15
[15:10] <Dengar708> i am helping him
[15:10] <roberestarkk> He's filling in for me*
[15:10] <Hyperaxe1> 15A*
[15:10] <Hyperaxe1> >_>
[15:10] <Dengar708> as he is making his guard guard the new person
[15:10] <Zakkychan007> there are two parts, which one would you like
[15:11] <rightsforppl> A
[15:11] <rightsforppl> obviously
[15:11] <roberestarkk> Be nice rights
[15:11] <rightsforppl> Pneumonoulramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
[15:11] <roberestarkk> Dengar, don't correct him
[15:11] <Dengar708> An8
[15:11] <roberestarkk> make him wait
[15:11] <Dengar708> An*
[15:11] <roberestarkk> it'll be funny
[15:11] <Zakkychan007> if you were banned a second time, you acknowledge the fact your items are subject to
[15:11] <rightsforppl> You mean
[15:11] <Zakkychan007> being "raided"
[15:11] <rightsforppl> google the word
[15:12] <rightsforppl> and then correct me
[15:12] <roberestarkk> No, I mean literally never correct you so you just sit around waiting forever
[15:12] <Zakkychan007> am i right?
[15:12] <Hyperaxe1> yes
[15:12] <Zakkychan007> :)
[15:12] <Hyperaxe1> rule 8
[15:12] <Zakkychan007> don't nag for a rank
[15:13] <rightsforppl> I need to type a word
[15:13] <rightsforppl> that rob couldn't resist fixing........
[15:13] <Zakkychan007> that is my final answer
[15:13] <Hyperaxe1> rule 1
[15:13] <roberestarkk> P.S. Rights, did you test /ping yet?
[15:13] <Zakkychan007> no griefing
[15:13] <rightsforppl> YAY
[15:13] <Dengar708> IT WORKS
[15:13] <rightsforppl> Ping works
[15:13] <roberestarkk> good
[15:13] <rightsforppl> now let's test it
[15:13] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[15:13] <Hyperaxe1> well
[15:13] <Hyperaxe1> rob
[15:13] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[15:13] <Hyperaxe1> I've g2g for a bit
[15:13] <roberestarkk> yes dear?
[15:13] <Hyperaxe1> so you can continue with the testing
[15:13] <roberestarkk> boo
[15:13] <Hyperaxe1> and stuff
[15:14] <rightsforppl> It just says pong
[15:14] <Hyperaxe1> tie him up or something
[15:14] <Zakkychan007> so, did i pass?
[15:14] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1§r) Quit (§eHyperaxe1 left the game.)
[15:14] <rightsforppl> even when I just join
[15:14] <roberestarkk> okay Zak, I'ma finish the test!
[15:14] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:14] <rightsforppl> Let'
[15:14] <rightsforppl> *let's play ping pong!
[15:14] <roberestarkk> Which of the rules leading up to rule 7 could be covered by rule 7?
[15:15] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[15:15] <rightsforppl> this is a tricky question
[15:15] <Zakkychan007> rule 5 be respectful
[15:15] <rightsforppl> Hi Nigs
[15:15] <roberestarkk> IE, which rules between 1 and 6 could be replaced with rule 7 and still make sense
[15:15] <Zakkychan007> thats common sense for me
[15:15] <roberestarkk> You needn't pick just one
[15:15] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:16] <Zakkychan007> no stealing, rule 3
[15:16] <T_nigs1> Hello.
[15:16] <roberestarkk> you can just list the rule numbers in the one messae =P
[15:16] <Dengar708> Just saying
[15:16] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:16] <Dengar708> You cannot steal if you remeber to lockette
[15:16] <Zakkychan007> rule 3
[15:16] <rightsforppl> e.g. 123456
[15:16] <roberestarkk> you cannot be stolen from*
[15:17] <Zakkychan007> yeah
[15:17] <roberestarkk> (what I'm looking for here is a single message consisting of all the rule numbers you are answering)
[15:18] <Zakkychan007> ok, the question
[15:18] <Zakkychan007> is?
[15:18] <rightsforppl> I
[15:18] <roberestarkk> Which of the rules leading up to rule 7 could be covered by rule 7?
[15:18] <rightsforppl> I'd actually say 1 2 3 4 5 and 6
[15:18] <rightsforppl> they require common sense
[15:18] <roberestarkk> that's nice rights
[15:18] <rightsforppl> but I'm not sure what rob is thinking
[15:18] <Zakkychan007> Rule 7 can be covered up with rule...
[15:19] <Zakkychan007> 5
[15:19] <roberestarkk> Nono, which rules between 1 and 6 could be replaced with rule 7?
[15:19] <Zakkychan007> Be Ethical?
[15:19] <Zakkychan007> rule 6
[15:19] <roberestarkk> I'll give you a clue... "Rules" means more than one
[15:20] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:20] <Zakkychan007> rules 3,5 and 6
[15:20] <roberestarkk> much better
[15:20] <Zakkychan007> thank you
[15:20] <roberestarkk> any others?
[15:20] <Zakkychan007> sorry, i didn't read the question correctly :/
[15:21] <rightsforppl> test
[15:21] <Zakkychan007> um
[15:21] <Zakkychan007> rule 1 and 4
[15:21] <Zakkychan007> rules*
[15:21] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[15:21] <Zakkychan007> its common sense for minecraft users
[15:21] <Ownenator2011> hello
[15:21] <roberestarkk> any others?
[15:21] <Dengar708> hey ownen
[15:22] <T_nigs1> Hey ownen
[15:22] <Zakkychan007> no i think thats it
[15:22] <roberestarkk> Well no... The answer is actually all of them ^^
[15:22] <roberestarkk> Rights has seen me ask this before, so he knew already =P
[15:22] <Zakkychan007> ok, i'll remember for next time :|
[15:23] <roberestarkk> lol
[15:23] <rightsforppl> test
[15:23] <roberestarkk> What are the Staff Member ranks, and their symbols?
[15:23] <T_nigs1> How would he know that?
[15:23] <Ownenator2011> since when was that a question?
[15:23] <roberestarkk> since I just asked it
[15:23] <Zakkychan007> um
[15:23] <Ownenator2011> lol
[15:23] <T_nigs1> This is his first time.
[15:24] <roberestarkk> and because I told him to use /einfo less than 10 minutes ago
[15:24] <T_nigs1> (ASSUMING)
[15:24] <T_nigs1> Ah.
[15:24] <T_nigs1> I see.
[15:24] <Ownenator2011> you are so mean rob :P
[15:24] <Dengar708> Rob
[15:24] <roberestarkk> am not
[15:24] <roberestarkk> this is important info
[15:24] <Zakkychan007> was it admin, or moderator?
[15:24] <roberestarkk> he needs to know it
[15:24] <Dengar708> Do you expect him to know things like Frekless rank?
[15:24] <roberestarkk> yes both
[15:24] <roberestarkk> she's not a staff rank
[15:24] <Zakkychan007> ok
[15:24] <Dengar708> what about susies?
[15:24] <Ownenator2011> lol some people on the server doesnt know what E is and have been playing for months
[15:24] <roberestarkk> I know
[15:24] <roberestarkk> that's why it's now a question
[15:25] <Zakkychan007> Moderator: # Admin: @
[15:25] <roberestarkk> Excellent!
[15:25] <Zakkychan007> :)
[15:25] <Zakkychan007> thanks :)
[15:25] <roberestarkk> Congratulations, and welcome!
[15:25] <rightsforppl> test
[15:25] <T_nigs1> Congratulations.
[15:25] <Ownenator2011> congratulations zak
[15:25] <Zakkychan007> thank you very much :)
[15:25] <rightsforppl> hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm\
[15:26] <Zakkychan007> so now i just join a town i guess
[15:26] <Dengar708> yes
[15:26] <Dengar708> join 001
[15:26] <Dengar708> get free armour when you join military
[15:26] <roberestarkk> Some important info when starting out: Don't hit the Inquisitor
[15:26] <Zakkychan007> um ownenator
[15:26] <rightsforppl> test
[15:26] <Dengar708> Or any NPCs
[15:26] <Zakkychan007> can i join your town?
[15:26] <roberestarkk> Don't build in a town unless the owner says you can
[15:26] <Ownenator2011> NO!
[15:26] <Ownenator2011> yes :P
[15:26] <Ownenator2011> well mines not really a town yet
[15:27] <Zakkychan007> hey :)
[15:27] <Dengar708> Rob
[15:27] <T_nigs1> Roberestarkk
[15:27] <Dengar708> is Padmay part of the CoS
[15:27] <T_nigs1> Are you able to fix my water mistakes?
[15:27] <roberestarkk> asking what question?
[15:27] <Zakkychan007> thanks :)
[15:27] <roberestarkk> I am able, yes
[15:27] <T_nigs1> Thanks.
[15:27] <Zakkychan007> this is a nice house you got here
[15:27] <rightsforppl> what rules can replace rule 7
[15:27] <Ownenator2011> thanks
[15:27] <rightsforppl> that one
[15:28] <roberestarkk> Really? I ask it every time I do a test
[15:28] <rightsforppl> I've never seen you ask that question
[15:28] <Zakkychan007> wow thanks :)
[15:28] <roberestarkk> You've never seen me do a test then =P
[15:28] <Dengar708> maybe he leaves before you ask it?
[15:28] <Zakkychan007> nice :)
[15:28] <Ownenator2011> test
[15:29] <rightsforppl> Well
[15:29] <rightsforppl> It's a
[15:29] <rightsforppl> Everybody Do The Flop Moment!
[15:29] <Dengar708> Welcome to Standing Class
[15:29] <rightsforppl> aaaaand
[15:29] <Dengar708> You all fail
[15:30] <rightsforppl> you fail
[15:30] <Dengar708> except ownen and nigs
[15:30] <rightsforppl> but flopping
[15:30] <rightsforppl> is not exactly
[15:30] <rightsforppl> being on the ground
[15:30] <rightsforppl> you're still standing
[15:30] <rightsforppl> except
[15:30] <rightsforppl> with your face
[15:30] <rightsforppl> and body
[15:30] <Zakkychan007> ok guys thanks for everything, but unfortuanatly
[15:30] <Zakkychan007> i have to go for dinner
[15:30] <T_nigs1> Bye.
[15:30] <rightsforppl> Cya!
[15:30] <Ownenator2011> cya
[15:31] <Zakkychan007> ok cya guys later :)
[15:31] <roberestarkk> Ciao
[15:31] * Zakkychan007 (Zakkychan007@Zakkychan007§r) Quit (§eZakkychan007 left the game.)
[15:31] <rightsforppl> You're lack of flopping disgusts me!
[15:31] <rightsforppl> *your
[15:31] <T_nigs1> So rob, could you please fix my mistakes in the water? :)
[15:31] <roberestarkk> I could
[15:31] <rightsforppl> If you flop?
[15:31] <T_nigs1> But, will you?
[15:32] <roberestarkk> If I am asked to... probably
[15:32] <T_nigs1> Could you please fic my mistakes, Roberestarkk?
[15:32] <rightsforppl> ok
[15:32] <roberestarkk> I could...
[15:32] <rightsforppl> he could fic your mistakes
[15:33] <Ownenator2011> well ikma go now cya
[15:33] <Dengar708> But would be?
[15:33] <Ownenator2011> ima*
[15:33] <Dengar708> cya
[15:33] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§r) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[15:33] <rightsforppl> Rules when talking to rob: Use would and will instead of could and can
[15:33] <T_nigs1> Do you see how close 'X' and 'C' are on the keyboard Rights?
[15:33] <rightsforppl> I Have An ABC keyboard
[15:33] * undergo20 (undergo20@undergo20) has joined #main
[15:33] <rightsforppl> I've said that about 7 times now
[15:33] <rightsforppl> Hi Under
[15:33] <undergo20> hello
[15:34] <T_nigs1> Well, that's the first time I've heard you say it.
[15:34] <roberestarkk> Rights, that's a terrible rule...
[15:34] <rightsforppl> but it is true
[15:34] <roberestarkk> The rule is "use could to question ability, use would to question action"
[15:35] <rightsforppl> In this context
[15:35] <roberestarkk> In any context
[15:36] <T_nigs1> You still knew what I ment...
[15:36] <rightsforppl> I said that to him countless times
[15:36] <T_nigs1> It doesn't mean you have to be condescending.
[15:36] <rightsforppl> If the survival of the world relies on it
[15:36] <rightsforppl> he wouldn't do it
[15:37] <T_nigs1> It's a game.
[15:37] <T_nigs1> Where people like to have fun.
[15:37] <rightsforppl> Yes
[15:37] <T_nigs1> Not to be trated like crap.
[15:37] <T_nigs1> Treated 8
[15:37] <undergo20> at topless bar
[15:37] <T_nigs1> Treated *
[15:37] <roberestarkk> Who treats you like crap?
[15:37] <rightsforppl> If you think I am offending you in any way
[15:38] <rightsforppl> Note I talk like this
[15:38] <T_nigs1> I'm just saying
[15:38] <T_nigs1> You knew what I ment
[15:38] <rightsforppl> and I mean no offence
[15:38] <T_nigs1> With using 'could'
[15:38] <T_nigs1> Rights, this isn't about you.
[15:38] <roberestarkk> I had a feeling... I didn't KNOW...
[15:38] <T_nigs1> I was talking to rob.
[15:38] <rightsforppl> Oh good :)
[15:39] <roberestarkk> That's why I try to get people to be specific and talk properly... So I can be sure that
[15:39] <T_nigs1> It's a game.
[15:39] <roberestarkk> there have been no misinterpretations or misunderstandings
[15:39] <roberestarkk> What's a game?
[15:39] <rightsforppl> A thing
[15:39] <T_nigs1> Minecraft.
[15:39] <roberestarkk> I know Minecraft is a game
[15:39] <rightsforppl> where people have fun
[15:39] <rightsforppl> and play
[15:39] <T_nigs1> Then why are you being so serious about it.
[15:39] <roberestarkk> and converse
[15:39] <roberestarkk> I'm not
[15:39] <T_nigs1> You didn't even come to help me, when I asked.
[15:40] <T_nigs1> Then you go all grammar nazi.
[15:40] <roberestarkk> But the conversation, taking place in minecraft, is not part of the game...
[15:40] <T_nigs1> Look, It's obvious you're not helping me; So don't worry.
[15:40] <rightsforppl> but the conversation is on the game
[15:40] <T_nigs1> ^
[15:40] <rightsforppl> Your voice isn't exactly reaching him
[15:40] <roberestarkk> I'm very much trying to help you.
[15:40] <roberestarkk> Just not in a way that you appreciate
[15:41] <T_nigs1> And you've obviously noticed that
[15:41] <T_nigs1> So why continue?
[15:41] <rightsforppl> If this works nigs
[15:41] <roberestarkk> Why not?
[15:41] <rightsforppl> I thank you 2000 times
[15:41] <T_nigs1> Because, you're not letting me have fun
[15:41] <T_nigs1> On a game
[15:41] <rightsforppl> and give you some iron
[15:41] <T_nigs1> Made for entertainment.
[15:41] <roberestarkk> I'm not stopping you having fun...
[15:42] <roberestarkk> in any way
[15:42] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[15:42] <rightsforppl> Hi Regox
[15:42] <Regox> Hey
[15:42] <roberestarkk> I am hovering near spawn and chatting with players who are online
[15:42] <T_nigs1> Not helping me...
[15:42] <T_nigs1> It's alright
[15:42] <rightsforppl> rob
[15:42] <roberestarkk> My helping you has no affect on whether you enjoy the game
[15:42] <rightsforppl> if this was a real life job
[15:42] <T_nigs1> I understand you'd rather fix a non-serious issue
[15:42] <T_nigs1> Then helping me.
[15:43] <roberestarkk> you're capable of enjoying it when I'm not here...
[15:43] <rightsforppl> and you are to be rated on efficiency
[15:43] <rightsforppl> what do you think you will be rated?
[15:43] <T_nigs1> Regox, would you be able to fix the water I messed up around my structure, please?
[15:43] <roberestarkk> Considering my job is to Administrate, and not to fix a minor cosmetic issue... I'd say pretty good
[15:44] <T_nigs1> And to help the community.
[15:44] <roberestarkk> No
[15:44] <T_nigs1> Administration aren't ment to fix grammatical errors.
[15:44] <T_nigs1> Thank you, Regox.
[15:44] <roberestarkk> Of course not
[15:44] <rightsforppl> If you respond to the can quickly and react the way the customer tells you to
[15:44] <rightsforppl> you will get good ratings
[15:44] <T_nigs1> So you're contradictiong yourself.
[15:44] <roberestarkk> but just because it's not part of my job, doesn't mean I'm not allowed to do it
[15:44] <rightsforppl> but if you have this long conversation
[15:44] <T_nigs1> Contradicted yourself, again.
[15:45] <roberestarkk> How so?
[15:45] <rightsforppl> I don't think you will be rated too good
[15:45] <T_nigs1> 'not to fix a minor cosmetic issue'
[15:45] <roberestarkk> It isn't part of my job, I'm not required to do it...
[15:45] <T_nigs1> 'just because it's not apart of my job, doesn't mean i'm not allowed to do it'
[15:45] <roberestarkk> Doesn't mean I cannot
[15:46] <T_nigs1> Then my not, fix the main issue
[15:46] <T_nigs1> Rather then a small one.
[15:46] <roberestarkk> main issue?
[15:46] <T_nigs1> Of using 'would' instead of 'could'
[15:46] <T_nigs1> In this situation, my main issue was the water, not my grammar.
[15:46] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[15:46] <roberestarkk> Because I'm under no obligation to do either of those things, but one of them, I choose to do.
[15:46] <T_nigs1> Look, I'm not here to argue with you, which you obviously have time to, I'm here to enjoy myself.
[15:47] <roberestarkk> Then do so...
[15:47] <T_nigs1> I'm trying to.
[15:47] <T_nigs1> .....
[15:47] <roberestarkk> What's stopping you?
[15:47] <T_nigs1> You,
[15:47] <rightsforppl> Guess?
[15:47] <T_nigs1> I asked for help
[15:47] <T_nigs1> You didn't
[15:47] <T_nigs1> You'd rather fic my simple grammatical error
[15:47] <T_nigs1> Fix *
[15:48] <roberestarkk> How does that prohibit you from enjoying yourself?
[15:48] <T_nigs1> That goes back to the point, it's a game.
[15:48] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[15:48] <rightsforppl> test
[15:49] <rightsforppl> no lag.........
[15:49] <roberestarkk> ./ping
[15:49] <rightsforppl> I thought ping was supposed to refresh the bars of TAB
[15:49] <roberestarkk> was there lag before?
[15:49] <roberestarkk> no, it returns a "Pong!" from the server
[15:49] <rightsforppl> I thought that he left because of lag
[15:49] <rightsforppl> but
[15:49] <undergo20> should add a new rule 23. Don't be a Drama Queen
[15:49] <rightsforppl> turns out he left because he was
[15:49] <rightsforppl> how should I put this
[15:50] <rightsforppl> in a less vulgar term
[15:50] <roberestarkk> mr grumpy gills?
[15:50] <rightsforppl> mad
[15:50] <rightsforppl> that's the least vulgar term I can think of
[15:51] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[15:51] <rightsforppl> Welcome Back!
[15:51] <rightsforppl> Nigs, were you lagging?
[15:52] <rightsforppl> Well, I'll give you points for trying
[15:52] <T_nigs1> Yes, I was. And thank you.
[15:53] <T_nigs1> <3
[15:53] <T_nigs1> XD
[15:53] <rightsforppl> Enjoy!
[15:53] <T_nigs1> Thanks alot.
[15:53] <undergo20> did they add new monsters that i don't know about
[15:53] <rightsforppl> np
[15:53] <rightsforppl> Wither skeles, wither boss
[15:53] <Dengar708> bats
[15:53] <Dengar708> witches
[15:53] <T_nigs1> Witches.
[15:53] <undergo20> witches?
[15:53] <Dengar708> ninja
[15:53] <rightsforppl> ninjas were added?
[15:53] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[15:53] <rightsforppl> Wow
[15:53] <T_nigs1> Hey fear.
[15:53] <rightsforppl> Hi Fear
[15:54] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[15:54] <undergo20> they added fear?
[15:54] <rightsforppl> Nope
[15:54] <T_nigs1> Yeah.
[15:54] <Forgott3nFear> ?
[15:54] <Dengar708> Undergo
[15:54] <rightsforppl> He's not an entity
[15:54] <Dengar708> got reeds?
[15:54] <T_nigs1> Scariest thing.
[15:54] <rightsforppl> he's a
[15:54] <T_nigs1> I haz reeds.
[15:54] <rightsforppl> errrrrr
[15:54] <rightsforppl> User
[15:56] <rightsforppl> In other words
[15:56] <rightsforppl> this map was opened on my birthday!
[15:56] <T_nigs1> Mad!
[15:56] <T_nigs1> Happy birthday for then :p
[15:56] <rightsforppl> Thanks
[15:56] <Dengar708> happy bday xD
[15:57] <Dengar708> for when it happens
[15:57] <T_nigs1> It's happened.
[15:57] <T_nigs1> lol
[15:57] <rightsforppl> It happened........
[15:57] <rightsforppl> 3 days ago
[15:57] <rightsforppl> 1 more year until I legally buy MA15 games
[15:58] <rightsforppl> unfortunatly
[15:58] <rightsforppl> 4 more years until I can legally buy R18 games
[15:58] <rightsforppl> In other words
[15:58] <T_nigs1> lol
[15:58] <rightsforppl> Mortal Kombat 9 :(
[15:59] <T_nigs1> NO
[15:59] <T_nigs1> I mean
[15:59] <T_nigs1> Yes
[15:59] <T_nigs1> hahaha
[15:59] <Dengar708> xD
[15:59] <T_nigs1> how much did you bid?
[15:59] <rightsforppl> He bid
[15:59] <rightsforppl> 999
[15:59] <rightsforppl> as always
[16:00] <Dengar708> i have 3rd most money xD
[16:00] <Dengar708> 4th i mean xD
[16:00] <T_nigs1> I like to waste peoples money :p
[16:00] <T_nigs1> :0
[16:01] <T_nigs1> :) *
[16:01] <rightsforppl> as i said
[16:01] <rightsforppl> 9999
[16:01] <rightsforppl> *999
[16:01] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[16:01] <rightsforppl> Hi Jrr
[16:01] <jrr5556> hello
[16:01] <T_nigs1> Only has like
[16:01] <Forgott3nFear> hey jrr
[16:01] <T_nigs1> 470
[16:01] <jrr5556> Hey
[16:01] <T_nigs1> Jrr!
[16:01] <T_nigs1> Hello!
[16:01] <jrr5556> Yes nigs! Hello!
[16:01] <T_nigs1> Wait
[16:01] <T_nigs1> jrr!
[16:01] <T_nigs1> HEY
[16:01] <jrr5556> Hey
[16:01] <undergo20> sup
[16:02] <Dengar708> >_>
[16:02] <Dengar708> EHEHEH
[16:02] <Dengar708> that was good money worth
[16:02] <Dengar708> brb
[16:02] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[16:02] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[16:02] <rightsforppl> Hi Tay
[16:02] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[16:02] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[16:03] <rightsforppl> tay, try /ping
[16:03] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[16:03] <taylaahjanee> :o
[16:03] <jrr5556> yolo
[16:03] <taylaahjanee> lol
[16:03] <rightsforppl> It says Pong!
[16:04] <rightsforppl> Surprise Creeper
[16:04] <rightsforppl> 1/2 heart
[16:05] <rightsforppl> Bon Apetite!
[16:06] <rightsforppl> under go
[16:06] <rightsforppl> *undergo
[16:06] <rightsforppl> try /auc end
[16:06] <rightsforppl> ends the auction
[16:06] * Zakkychan007 (Zakkychan007@Zakkychan007) has joined #main
[16:06] <rightsforppl> Hi Zak
[16:06] <Zakkychan007> hey guys
[16:06] <Zakkychan007> da fuq is this
[16:07] <rightsforppl> 1 diamond for 10 dollars
[16:07] <rightsforppl> so cheap :)
[16:07] <Zakkychan007> how do i check how much money i got?
[16:07] <rightsforppl> ./bal
[16:07] <Zakkychan007> ok thanks :)
[16:07] <jrr5556> I have 0 dollers! Woop!
[16:07] <Zakkychan007> wow, i could have bought that diamond :/
[16:08] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[16:08] <Dengar708> back
[16:08] <undergo20> wb
[16:08] <jrr5556> Hello Dengar
[16:08] <rightsforppl> Hi Deng!
[16:08] <rightsforppl> Please let me have this :)
[16:08] <Zakkychan007> damn
[16:08] <rightsforppl> Yay!
[16:09] <Zakkychan007> well done
[16:09] <rightsforppl> although
[16:09] <jrr5556> How can I make good money?
[16:09] <rightsforppl> I can't make anything out of this
[16:09] <jrr5556> Quick sorry
[16:09] <rightsforppl> into the lava tube you go
[16:09] <Dengar708> woo
[16:09] <undergo20> you can makea music disc player
[16:09] <jrr5556> Dengar how do you have $27209
[16:09] <Dengar708> 9k just gotten
[16:09] <rightsforppl> He cons people
[16:10] <jrr5556> How did you earn you money?
[16:10] <rightsforppl> sold cobble
[16:10] <rightsforppl> 7 stacks to be exact
[16:10] <undergo20> I'm richer than Dengar
[16:10] <Dengar708> undergo
[16:10] <Dengar708> u are at 10k
[16:10] <rightsforppl> nope
[16:10] <Dengar708> i am at 27 it says
[16:10] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[16:10] <undergo20> want me to jump to 100k?
[16:11] <rightsforppl> yes
[16:11] <Dengar708> i am at 36k >_>
[16:11] <Dengar708> just needs to update
[16:11] <rightsforppl> anyway
[16:12] <rightsforppl> I gtg study for my maths test and add some things to my geography assignment
[16:12] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[16:12] <Zakkychan007> how do you make a door private?
[16:12] <jrr5556> ZAkk have you joined a town?
[16:12] <roberestarkk> place a sign on the block above or below it with the first line being "[private]"
[16:12] <Zakkychan007> um, ownenators
[16:12] <roberestarkk> also, back for a little while
[16:12] <roberestarkk> had to peel potatoes D=
[16:12] <Zakkychan007> ok
[16:12] <jrr5556> Okay I was going to ask if you wanted to join Origin.
[16:12] <roberestarkk> but on the plus side... dinner soon!
[16:13] <jrr5556> What are you having rob?
[16:13] <roberestarkk> aside from the potatoes? =P
[16:13] <roberestarkk> Some sort of chicken
[16:13] <Dengar708> what is 64x11?
[16:13] <roberestarkk> and assorted vegetables
[16:13] <jrr5556> I am having chicken as well!
[16:13] <jrr5556> ermagerd!
[16:13] <roberestarkk> 640+64
[16:14] <Dengar708> 704...
[16:14] <undergo20> sweet diamonds
[16:14] <Dengar708> nice
[16:14] <Dengar708> dw
[16:14] <Dengar708> hmm
[16:14] <undergo20> its only 5 blocks
[16:15] <Dengar708> SELL THEM ALL
[16:15] <roberestarkk> see Dengar, it wasn't even that hard
[16:15] <jrr5556> Dinner! brb
[16:15] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[16:15] <Zakkychan007> ok
[16:15] <Zakkychan007> cay
[16:16] <Dengar708> Rob i am only in Maths yellow in my school which is average level >_>
[16:16] <Dengar708> which is above average level in people my age
[16:16] <Zakkychan007> i'm in maths 1 :)
[16:16] <roberestarkk> Ah but...
[16:17] <Dengar708> Selective schools xD
[16:17] <roberestarkk> You can add 64 to 640
[16:17] <Dengar708> Rob
[16:17] <Dengar708> Do you know how to do -13 squared?
[16:17] <Dengar708> Don't say answer
[16:17] <Dengar708> but do you know how to do it
[16:17] <roberestarkk> -13^2 ?
[16:17] <roberestarkk> yes, why?
[16:17] <Dengar708> no as in -13 x -13
[16:18] <roberestarkk> yes, -13^2
[16:18] <Zakkychan007> woah, thats trippy
[16:18] <Zakkychan007> not the maths
[16:18] <Dengar708> gah wrong question xD
[16:19] <roberestarkk> lol
[16:19] <Dengar708> Square root of -169
[16:19] <Dengar708> d you know how to do?
[16:19] <Zakkychan007> 13?
[16:19] <Dengar708> nope
[16:19] <roberestarkk> -13
[16:19] <Zakkychan007> no
[16:19] <roberestarkk> and I don't know that I do...
[16:19] <Dengar708> 13 x 13 is 169
[16:19] <Dengar708> -13 x -13 = 169 xD
[16:20] <Zakkychan007> two negatives make a positive
[16:20] <roberestarkk> No they don't
[16:20] <Zakkychan007> yes they do, i'm in maths 1 in year 11, i should know
[16:20] <roberestarkk> I completed year 12 Advanced math
[16:20] <roberestarkk> also, bbl dinnertime =/
[16:20] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[16:20] <Zakkychan007> a negative x a negative is positive
[16:21] <Dengar708> Zakky
[16:21] <Zakkychan007> yes
[16:21] <Dengar708> is your mind broken now?
[16:21] <Zakkychan007> why?
[16:21] <Dengar708> Can you answer what the square root of -169 is
[16:22] <undergo20> oh more diamonds
[16:22] <Zakkychan007> it is +-13
[16:22] <Dengar708> what
[16:22] <Dengar708> that makes 0 sense
[16:22] <Dengar708> a positive negative
[16:22] <Dengar708> is just a negative
[16:23] <Zakkychan007> becasue puting a negative and positive together makes a negative
[16:23] <Zakkychan007> no, 2 negatives makes a positive
[16:23] <Dengar708> u said +-13
[16:23] <Zakkychan007> so the answer is 13x-13
[16:23] <Dengar708> nope
[16:23] <undergo20> 7 diamond ore
[16:23] <Dengar708> they are different numbers
[16:23] <Zakkychan007> yes it is
[16:23] <Dengar708> they are different by 26 numbers
[16:23] <undergo20> oh wait its 8
[16:24] <Zakkychan007> ...
[16:24] <Zakkychan007> boom boom, shake shake the room
[16:25] <Dengar708> except now you have $50
[16:25] <Dengar708> I still have my 36k xD
[16:25] <Zakkychan007> yeah so...
[16:25] <Dengar708> undergo
[16:25] <Dengar708> sell more reeds xF
[16:25] <Dengar708> xD*
[16:25] <undergo20> you have like 18 stacks
[16:25] <Dengar708> I transformed them into monehs
[16:26] <Zakkychan007> :/
[16:26] <Dengar708> how many stacks of reeds do you have
[16:26] <Zakkychan007> ok answer this
[16:26] <undergo20> 0
[16:26] <Zakkychan007> what is the square root of 225
[16:26] <undergo20> cause I'm mining for diamond now
[16:27] <Dengar708> 15
[16:27] <Zakkychan007> correct
[16:27] <Dengar708> I am in a selective school >_>
[16:27] <Zakkychan007> ok
[16:28] <undergo20> oh more diamond
[16:28] <Dengar708> HOW ARE YOU FINDING SO MANY ._.
[16:28] <Zakkychan007> becasue your awesome
[16:28] <undergo20> mining in a stright line
[16:28] <Dengar708> i did that for 100 blocks straight
[16:28] <Zakkychan007> your using a dividing rod
[16:28] <Dengar708> found nothing
[16:28] <undergo20> would have more but gave you the fortune book
[16:29] <Dengar708> i made it into a pickaxe
[16:29] <Dengar708> so i can help you if u want >_>
[16:29] <undergo20> cause I'm mining with diamond
[16:29] <Dengar708> you get diamonds
[16:29] <Dengar708> I get diamonds
[16:29] <Dengar708> you make money
[16:29] <Dengar708> I make money
[16:29] <Dengar708> everyone is happy
[16:29] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[16:29] <Dengar708> hey jrr
[16:29] * Macintosh144 (Macintosh144@Macintosh144) has joined #main
[16:29] <jrr5556> Hello
[16:30] <jrr5556> Welcome to the new map mac
[16:30] <undergo20> aww this only 5 ores
[16:30] <Macintosh144> super long time no see
[16:30] <Macintosh144> yay new map!
[16:30] <Dengar708> >_>
[16:30] <Dengar708> I still have my thing
[16:30] <jrr5556> Would you like to join Town Origin mac?
[16:30] <Dengar708> which i am ssaving for
[16:30] <Dengar708> want me to go back and check?
[16:31] <jrr5556> Can I see 001 dengar?
[16:31] <Dengar708> u mined them xD
[16:31] <Macintosh144> i'm playing on a laggy netbook!
[16:31] <Dengar708> want ur 5?
[16:31] <undergo20> more diamond
[16:31] <Macintosh144> my old laptop died :(
[16:31] <undergo20> told you i mine in a line
[16:31] <Dengar708> there was 5 ore
[16:31] <undergo20> so many of them
[16:31] <undergo20> thx
[16:32] <Dengar708> did u leave the 1s before?
[16:32] <undergo20> naw i mine those
[16:32] <Dengar708> mmk
[16:32] <Macintosh144> i'l be back once i install optifine
[16:32] <Dengar708> remeber don't get too greedy with diamonds
[16:32] * Macintosh144 (Macintosh144@Macintosh144§r) Quit (§eMacintosh144 left the game.)
[16:32] <Dengar708> cause then lava will strike
[16:33] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[16:33] <jrr5556> Hey Forgotten
[16:33] <undergo20> I'm caution when i hear lava
[16:33] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[16:34] <Dengar708> this is called the lava level :P
[16:34] <undergo20> yup
[16:34] <Dengar708> where there is lava goddamn everywhere
[16:35] <Dengar708> gravel
[16:35] <Dengar708> the troll card
[16:35] <Dengar708> like oextar
[16:35] <Dengar708> u can torch underthem and break all the gravel fast
[16:35] <Dengar708> brb shower
[16:35] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[16:35] <Ownenator2011> hello
[16:35] <Dengar708> leave any diamonds or emeralds
[16:35] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[16:37] <Zakkychan007> hey ownator
[16:37] <jrr5556> Hey ownen
[16:37] <Ownenator2011> hello
[16:37] <Ownenator2011> why?
[16:37] <jrr5556> Want to see ya town
[16:38] <Zakkychan007> why what?
[16:38] <Ownenator2011> also zak, that was supposed to be a tomb, not a house :P
[16:38] <jrr5556> oooo nice
[16:38] <Zakkychan007> too bad, its now a glory hole :)
[16:39] <jrr5556> is this your house ownen?
[16:39] <Ownenator2011> yes
[16:39] <jrr5556> test
[16:40] <Zakkychan007> ownenator
[16:40] <Ownenator2011> yes?
[16:40] <Zakkychan007> when will we be establishing borders?
[16:40] <Ownenator2011> when I make this an actual town
[16:40] <Zakkychan007> ok
[16:40] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[16:40] <jrr5556> Would you like to see Origin Ownen?
[16:40] <Ownenator2011> hello martch
[16:40] <martch15> hey
[16:40] <Ownenator2011> why not
[16:40] <Zakkychan007> well, i found a cave
[16:41] <martch15> anyone have spruce saplings?
[16:41] <Ownenator2011> nice
[16:41] <jrr5556> Population of about 7 atm
[16:41] <Ownenator2011> lol
[16:41] <Ownenator2011> population of mine is 3
[16:41] <jrr5556> not building houses yet
[16:41] <jrr5556> nice
[16:41] <Ownenator2011> origin is randomly popular, more popular than any of the other towns
[16:42] <Zakkychan007> seems like that
[16:42] <jrr5556> lol
[16:42] <Ownenator2011> I dont like building paths 1st because people may want large houses
[16:42] <Ownenator2011> such as me
[16:42] <Zakkychan007> and me
[16:42] <jrr5556> I have Johnkima, Ejano, Weavybaby, Jeem, Mancract, I and wolfpack
[16:42] <Ownenator2011> lol ur house is tiny
[16:42] <Ownenator2011> I have Zak and Smily
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> smiley*
[16:43] <Zakkychan007> it may seem tiny, but its spacish inside
[16:43] <jrr5556> nice
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> also make that look better or I take it down :P
[16:43] <Zakkychan007> ok
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> ima start diemond mining
[16:43] <jrr5556> me to soon
[16:43] <Zakkychan007> when morning arises, i will remodel
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> I call them diemonds because I die when I find any
[16:44] <Zakkychan007> seems legit
[16:44] <Ownenator2011> aww im not on the 1st page of baltop
[16:47] <Zakkychan007> owenator, first one to find diamonds gets a diamond
[16:47] <jrr5556> ...
[16:47] <Ownenator2011> ok
[16:47] <Zakkychan007> OMG
[16:47] <Zakkychan007> youll never guess what i found
[16:47] <jrr5556> brb
[16:48] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[16:48] <Ownenator2011> iron?
[16:48] <undergo20> emeral?
[16:48] <Zakkychan007> nope
[16:48] <Ownenator2011> bedrock?
[16:48] <Zakkychan007> nope
[16:48] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§r) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[16:48] <Ownenator2011> hmmm blue shiny stones?
[16:48] <undergo20> spawner
[16:48] <undergo20> lapizuli
[16:48] <Zakkychan007> BOOM!!!
[16:48] <Zakkychan007> I FOUND DIAMONDS
[16:48] <Ownenator2011> congratulations
[16:48] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[16:48] <Ownenator2011> you win that diamond you just find
[16:48] <Zakkychan007> thanks :)
[16:48] <Ownenator2011> found*
[16:49] <Zakkychan007> ownenator, you wana build a nether portal for the town?
[16:49] <Ownenator2011> why not
[16:50] <Zakkychan007> ok
[16:50] <Zakkychan007> i will start construction
[16:50] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[16:50] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[16:50] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[16:50] <Ownenator2011> wb
[16:50] <Dengar708> catch
[16:50] <jrr5556> back
[16:50] <Dengar708> yur 6 from before
[16:50] <Dengar708> i got this
[16:51] <Dengar708> keep mining
[16:51] <undergo20> sup dengar more diamon and lava
[16:51] <Dengar708> mkm
[16:51] <Dengar708> was only 2 ore ;L
[16:51] <Dengar708> oh
[16:51] <Dengar708> and on roof xD
[16:51] <undergo20> keep mining?
[16:51] <Dengar708> yep
[16:55] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380) has joined #main
[16:55] <tassam380> Hello
[16:55] <Ownenator2011> hello
[16:55] <Zakkychan007> hey]
[16:55] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[16:56] <Dengar708> HEY
[16:56] <Dengar708> oops caps :L
[16:56] <Dengar708> gold >_>
[16:56] <Zakkychan007> we just spelt "met" with our symbols
[16:56] <jrr5556> Hey tassam
[16:56] <Dengar708> undergo
[16:56] <Dengar708> u missed the goldore
[16:56] <undergo20> yes?
[16:57] <undergo20> i know
[16:57] <Zakkychan007> ok owenator, where do you want the nether portal
[16:57] <Ownenator2011> dont make it yet
[16:57] <Zakkychan007> ok
[16:57] <Dengar708> Were going to the nether
[16:57] <Dengar708> we're going to the nether
[16:58] <jrr5556> Hey forgotten
[16:58] <Dengar708> i is on;y 2x1x1 now
[16:58] <jrr5556> Welcome to Origin
[16:59] <Dengar708> undergo
[16:59] <Dengar708> how far did u mine >_>
[16:59] <undergo20> dunno i go endless
[16:59] <Dengar708> I mean so far
[16:59] <undergo20> maybe a stack of torches
[16:59] <Dengar708> u wearing creeper skull?
[17:00] <undergo20> yes?
[17:00] <Dengar708> about 11 per
[17:00] <Dengar708> so...
[17:00] <Dengar708> aroudn 704 blocks
[17:00] <Dengar708> if 64 torches
[17:00] <Dengar708> and distance is exactly 11
[17:00] <Dengar708> which it isn't
[17:00] <Dengar708> so i assume maybe
[17:00] <Dengar708> 12 per torch
[17:01] <Dengar708> so that is 704+64
[17:01] <Dengar708> = 768
[17:02] <Zakkychan007> ok new house is done :)
[17:02] <Dengar708> i might try this myself >_>
[17:02] <Dengar708> just have to make sure not to go under the populated part of 001
[17:02] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[17:02] <undergo20> how do i know I'm not under?
[17:02] <Dengar708> what do you mean?
[17:02] <Ownenator2011> skillz
[17:03] <Dengar708> I live in 001
[17:03] <Dengar708> in a massive castle >_>
[17:03] <Dengar708> near the populated part of 001
[17:03] <undergo20> oh
[17:03] <Dengar708> and when i do i dun wanna make across
[17:03] <Ownenator2011> Is it on a hilly island dengar?
[17:03] <undergo20> there should be an area
[17:03] <Dengar708> and find i run through someones mine
[17:03] <Dengar708> I live in 001
[17:03] <undergo20> where you enter it tell you where you are
[17:03] <Dengar708> I live on the best hill there
[17:04] <Ownenator2011> there is a cool looking castle on an island near my house
[17:04] <Dengar708> hmm
[17:04] <Dengar708> lemme see
[17:04] <Ownenator2011> saw it on dynmap
[17:04] <Dengar708> brb undergo
[17:04] <Ownenator2011> cant see it from here
[17:04] <Ownenator2011> I think
[17:04] <Ownenator2011> I thin=t
[17:04] <Dengar708> tell me when u find mrpoe diamonds
[17:04] <undergo20> ok
[17:04] <Ownenator2011> better zap :P
[17:04] <Ownenator2011> zak*
[17:05] <Ownenator2011> follow me
[17:05] <Ownenator2011> ill try ti taje y there
[17:05] <undergo20> found diamond
[17:05] <Ownenator2011> to* take* you*
[17:05] <Dengar708> where whu go
[17:05] <Dengar708> get there and tp me there
[17:05] <Ownenator2011> ok
[17:05] <Dengar708> I gotta mine these :P
[17:05] <Ownenator2011> leave some or replant :P
[17:06] <Dengar708> 6 >_>
[17:06] <undergo20> ty
[17:07] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458) has joined #main
[17:07] <Ownenator2011> hello deman
[17:07] <DeMan1458> Hey
[17:08] <tassam380> Hi
[17:08] <Dengar708> hey
[17:08] <Zakkychan007> as soon as my house is done i have to go
[17:09] <DeMan1458> wth is up with dkodas head
[17:09] <Zakkychan007> ok gtg, cya
[17:09] * Zakkychan007 (Zakkychan007@Zakkychan007§r) Quit (§eZakkychan007 left the game.)
[17:09] <Dengar708> brb
[17:09] <Dengar708> nope
[17:09] <Dengar708> not mine
[17:09] <Ownenator2011> lol
[17:09] <Dengar708> mine is very siple so far xD
[17:10] <Dengar708> simple*
[17:10] <Ownenator2011> u know what flag that is?
[17:10] <Dengar708> hmm
[17:10] <undergo20> nuuu it broke...
[17:11] <undergo20> time to use other diamond pickaxe
[17:11] <Dengar708> made with world edit
[17:11] <Ownenator2011> yeah
[17:11] <Dengar708> so an admin
[17:11] <Dengar708> and only admin here was peppy
[17:11] <undergo20> what about hall
[17:11] <Dengar708> i can't see flag very well
[17:11] <DeMan1458> What flag are you talking about?
[17:12] <Dengar708> looks kinda 001
[17:12] <Ownenator2011> yeah thats what I though
[17:12] <Ownenator2011> t
[17:13] <Dengar708> i need another oak wood :L
[17:13] <DeMan1458> who made the castle where you guys are at?
[17:13] <Ownenator2011> we dont know
[17:13] <Dengar708> can;t get to that door
[17:13] <Forgott3nFear> the one near spawn?
[17:13] <DeMan1458> I'm gonna take a random guess
[17:13] <Dengar708> nope
[17:13] <DeMan1458> And say Purd
[17:13] <DeMan1458> ?
[17:13] <Dengar708> been in the Blue Palace
[17:13] <Dengar708> Nope
[17:13] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[17:13] <Dengar708> World edited
[17:13] <DeMan1458> Hey nigs
[17:13] <T_nigs1> Hey DeMan.
[17:14] <T_nigs1> Spawner c:
[17:14] <DeMan1458> Mr Nigs may I enquire as to your place of residence at such a time?
[17:15] <T_nigs1> Secret bacon factory
[17:15] <T_nigs1> Mr. Deman
[17:15] <T_nigs1> With El Hyperino.
[17:15] <DeMan1458> You know if there is gonna be an OC this map?
[17:15] <Ownenator2011> ?
[17:15] <T_nigs1> There is not
[17:16] <T_nigs1> Riding is with 001
[17:16] <Ownenator2011> oc?
[17:16] <Dengar708> OC?
[17:16] <T_nigs1> And manni is making Miani beach
[17:16] <Dengar708> IT HAS A SHOVEL
[17:16] <undergo20> zombie with shoval
[17:16] <DeMan1458> Outback Carribean
[17:16] <Dengar708> WE ARE DEAD
[17:16] <Dengar708> got over kill achievement
[17:17] <undergo20> you can climb wall?
[17:17] <Dengar708> nope
[17:17] <Dengar708> just HE
[17:17] <Dengar708> nothing good so far
[17:17] <DeMan1458> hmmm finding place to live is proving to be difficult
[17:17] <T_nigs1> Well
[17:17] <T_nigs1> If hyper
[17:17] <T_nigs1> Hasn't invited a guest
[17:17] <Ownenator2011> deman wanna live in my town?
[17:17] * Macintosh144 (Macintosh144@Macintosh144) has joined #main
[17:17] <Dengar708> ?
[17:17] <T_nigs1> YOU could be the guest
[17:18] <Dengar708> ravine
[17:18] <T_nigs1> To live c:
[17:18] <Ownenator2011> its not really a town yet but u wanna check it out
[17:18] <Ownenator2011> ?
[17:18] <DeMan1458> Well the thing is I prefer to live by myself
[17:18] <Macintosh144> HEY GUYS! :)
[17:18] <DeMan1458> because all the towns start wars
[17:18] <Ownenator2011> well the forest near my house is masisve
[17:18] <DeMan1458> And I dont like wars
[17:18] <Ownenator2011> u can live in it and nobody will find you
[17:18] <T_nigs1> Secret bacon factory is secret.
[17:18] <Ownenator2011> does it need more sandstone still?
[17:18] <T_nigs1> YES
[17:19] <DeMan1458> Oh well I shall continue my search tomorrow
[17:19] <DeMan1458> Bye
[17:19] <T_nigs1> Gb
[17:19] <Macintosh144> bye
[17:19] <Ownenator2011> cya
[17:19] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458§r) Quit (§eDeMan1458 left the game.)
[17:19] <Macintosh144> soo i'm back ;)
[17:19] <T_nigs1> wb
[17:21] <Dengar708> where did the main path go?
[17:21] <Ownenator2011> to hell?
[17:21] <Macintosh144> i'm going to buy a pre-built custom pc!
[17:21] <Ownenator2011> same
[17:21] <Ownenator2011> my laptop is about to die
[17:21] <T_nigs1> Bye?
[17:21] <Ownenator2011> what specs is yours?
[17:21] <Macintosh144> the total cost is $1970
[17:21] <Ownenator2011> specs?
[17:21] <Ownenator2011> or link?
[17:22] <Macintosh144> Intel i7, Nivida 660TI, 1TB Storage, 16GB Ram, anything else
[17:22] <Ownenator2011> nah thats fine
[17:23] <Macintosh144> is the graphics card good or should i get a better one
[17:23] <Ownenator2011> mine is I5, Nvidia 640 2GB, 2TB HDD, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM
[17:23] <Ownenator2011> wait I mean 680 for graphics card
[17:24] <Macintosh144> my graphics card is 3GB V-RAM
[17:24] <Ownenator2011> I think urs is fine
[17:24] <Ownenator2011> also mine costs $1500
[17:25] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:25] <Ownenator2011> also my current laptop is running at 91 degrees celcius
[17:25] <Ownenator2011> yay!
[17:25] <Ownenator2011> I can cook food on it
[17:25] <Macintosh144> i was thinking of an SSD but there too costy
[17:25] <Dengar708> I am fryign a egg
[17:25] <Dengar708> on my computer
[17:26] <Ownenator2011> what u going to use ur computer for?
[17:26] <Ownenator2011> gaming?
[17:26] <Macintosh144> i'm currently playing on Acer aspire
[17:26] <Ownenator2011> same
[17:26] <Ownenator2011> :P
[17:26] <Macintosh144> netbook
[17:26] <Dengar708> undergo
[17:26] <Dengar708> this needs to be longer
[17:26] <T_nigs1> Wern't they like
[17:26] <Ownenator2011> mines 4 years old :P
[17:26] <T_nigs1> School computers
[17:26] <Ownenator2011> mines pretty good
[17:26] <Macintosh144> yea mosty gaming
[17:26] <Ownenator2011> I5 2.40 ghz and Nvidia GT 320M
[17:27] <Ownenator2011> good for 4 years old and $1000
[17:27] <Macintosh144> why would i get such high specsfor something else but gaming?
[17:27] <Ownenator2011> well CPU u could do rendering with
[17:27] <Ownenator2011> or physics games need a good CPU
[17:28] <Macintosh144> i was thinking of building it myself but if i stuff up a part then that means more money
[17:28] <Ownenator2011> yeah thats why im not building one myself either
[17:28] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[17:28] <Ownenator2011> hello regox
[17:28] <T_nigs1> Hey Regox.
[17:29] <Regox> Hey
[17:29] <Dengar708> hey regox
[17:29] <Macintosh144> so i found this place in sydney (i live in melbourne, they have shipping) that builds it for you
[17:29] <Ownenator2011> nice
[17:29] <Regox> Builds what?
[17:29] <Ownenator2011> computers
[17:29] <Macintosh144> custom pcs
[17:29] <Regox> BBC Computers?
[17:29] <Ownenator2011> why not
[17:30] <Regox> That's where I got mine built
[17:30] <Macintosh144> there called Hardwired PC
[17:30] <Ownenator2011> hey regox do u think its bad that my computer is running at 91 degrees?
[17:30] <Ownenator2011> I do
[17:30] <Regox> Possibly
[17:30] <Ownenator2011> psst someone bid
[17:30] <Regox> Then again, I work in 70degC heat every now and again
[17:31] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[17:31] <Ownenator2011> mine goes to 90 whenever it needs ot use the graphics card
[17:31] <Ownenator2011> aand he left
[17:31] <Ownenator2011> well cya
[17:31] <Dengar708> LAVAAAAAAA
[17:31] <Dengar708> BURN BABY BURn
[17:31] <Ownenator2011> someone: bye ownen!
[17:31] <Dengar708> DISCO INFERNO
[17:31] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§r) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[17:32] <undergo20> more gold here
[17:32] <Dengar708> diamonds
[17:32] <Dengar708> where are chu
[17:34] <undergo20> did a creeper blew up?
[17:34] <Dengar708> ye
[17:34] <Macintosh144> the monitor i'm getting is the Benq XL2024T (which is ment to be the best gaming monitor)
[17:35] <Macintosh144> i was thinking of an Eyefinity setup but its not worth it for me
[17:35] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380§r) Quit (§etassam380 left the game.)
[17:36] <undergo20> did you get the diamond?
[17:36] <Dengar708> which 1s?
[17:36] <undergo20> the one in front of me?
[17:36] <Dengar708> >_>
[17:36] * Manalishi (Manalishi@Manalishi) has joined #main
[17:36] <T_nigs1> Hello, mana!
[17:36] <Manalishi> Hey!
[17:37] <T_nigs1> Welcome, TO THE LAND OF JUSTICE
[17:37] <Manalishi> Uh
[17:37] <Dengar708> diamonds
[17:37] <Manalishi> Wot?
[17:37] <Dengar708> behind
[17:37] <T_nigs1> I don't even know.
[17:37] <undergo20> thx
[17:37] <Manalishi> XD
[17:37] <T_nigs1> But, hey hey c:
[17:37] <T_nigs1> Good to see you own again.
[17:37] <T_nigs1> As in
[17:37] <T_nigs1> Owwwwn
[17:37] <T_nigs1> Not own
[17:37] <T_nigs1> But yeah
[17:37] <Manalishi> I...
[17:37] <Manalishi> I don't even.
[17:38] <Macintosh144> this is my first year of secondary school
[17:38] <Manalishi> How are you finding it?
[17:38] <Macintosh144> well today i did get a HPV needle thingy
[17:38] <Macintosh144> the second time i have gotten an enjection
[17:38] <T_nigs1> I think I got that in year 10?
[17:39] <Manalishi> What year are you in Nigs?
[17:39] <Macintosh144> the homework isnt bad
[17:39] <T_nigs1> FINISHED :3
[17:39] <T_nigs1> But
[17:39] <T_nigs1> Work
[17:39] <Manalishi> Orly?
[17:39] <Manalishi> oh
[17:39] <T_nigs1> Is gayer
[17:39] <T_nigs1> Then school.
[17:39] <Manalishi> You make money XD
[17:39] <Dengar708> MONEHS
[17:39] <T_nigs1> Touche
[17:39] <T_nigs1> ;)
[17:39] <Dengar708> is el good
[17:40] <Manalishi> I have a part time job
[17:40] <T_nigs1> WHere at?
[17:40] <Manalishi> it's terrible I admit
[17:40] <T_nigs1> Where 8
[17:40] <T_nigs1> Where *
[17:40] <undergo20> I'm below you in money Dengar
[17:40] <Manalishi> Nigs, I think you just the entire language of english.
[17:40] <T_nigs1> lol
[17:40] <Manalishi> I work ah Hungry Jacks
[17:41] <T_nigs1> I worked there!
[17:41] <T_nigs1> As a crew member
[17:41] <Dengar708> :o
[17:41] <Dengar708> tpo 3 xD
[17:41] <Manalishi> I'm a dishhand atm :/
[17:41] <Dengar708> top*
[17:41] <Macintosh144> i havnt played minecraft in a while
[17:41] <Manalishi> I just got it recently
[17:41] <T_nigs1> Ah
[17:41] <T_nigs1> Yeah
[17:41] <Dengar708> atm i am just helping undergo
[17:41] <T_nigs1> But my manager
[17:41] <Dengar708> get diamonds
[17:41] <T_nigs1> was my Ex
[17:41] <Macintosh144> i have kinda got bored of it to tell you the truth
[17:41] <Manalishi> My manager is a bitch
[17:41] <Manalishi> excuse my language
[17:41] <T_nigs1> XD
[17:42] <Dengar708> also unergo i buy all ur reeds xD
[17:42] <Dengar708> undergo*
[17:42] <Manalishi> but seriously if there has been anyone that I've wanted to stab in my life
[17:42] <Macintosh144> also i found a new game i'm adicted to!
[17:42] <Manalishi> it's been her.
[17:42] <Dengar708> Gmod?
[17:42] <undergo20> want to see my small reed farm?
[17:42] <T_nigs1> XD
[17:42] <Macintosh144> Assassins creed!
[17:42] <T_nigs1> lol. mana
[17:42] <Dengar708> u set a home here
[17:42] <Dengar708> as you can have 3 :P
[17:42] <Dengar708> and then u don't have to walk back
[17:42] <Macintosh144> i play assassins creed 3 and i love it
[17:43] <Dengar708> cause this is like 2k xD
[17:43] <Macintosh144> cant wait for assassins creed 4
[17:43] <Manalishi> It's gonna be maaad!
[17:43] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[17:43] <T_nigs1> CWP!
[17:43] <undergo20> lapiz
[17:43] <Manalishi> Hey Cwp!
[17:43] <cwp_aus> hi all
[17:43] <Dengar708> hey cwp
[17:43] <undergo20> sup cwp
[17:44] <Dengar708> i g2g bed :L
[17:44] <cwp_aus> hi nigs
[17:44] <Manalishi> Cya
[17:44] <Macintosh144> also i'm probaby going to get the xbox 720 when it comes out
[17:44] <cwp_aus> wth
[17:44] <Manalishi> What's the matter Cwp?
[17:44] <T_nigs1> ^
[17:44] <cwp_aus> just curious about something
[17:44] <undergo20> its not much
[17:44] <cwp_aus> attempting to discern wether its greifing or not
[17:44] <Dengar708> nice xD
[17:45] <Macintosh144> since the connection of the fan in my x360 came loose and overheated my 360
[17:45] <T_nigs1> Who, griefed?
[17:45] <Manalishi> well
[17:45] <cwp_aus> nobody greifed per say
[17:45] <Macintosh144> lucky i got it to work again
[17:45] <undergo20> i was thinking about making it the same size as my old wart farm
[17:45] <Manalishi> It goes over the line
[17:45] <Dengar708> just remeber i buy reeds >_>
[17:45] <Manalishi> and it's in a vacant plot
[17:45] <undergo20> but that will take time
[17:45] <Macintosh144> what do you guys think of the PS4?
[17:45] <T_nigs1> Who, went over the line?
[17:45] <cwp_aus> martch did it, but like mana said, its in a vacant plot
[17:45] <Manalishi> who did it?
[17:45] <Manalishi> oh
[17:45] <cwp_aus> I see no harm in it tbh
[17:45] <Manalishi> yeah
[17:46] <cwp_aus> i'll just talk to martch bout it
[17:46] <Manalishi> But you'll need to ask him :P
[17:46] <T_nigs1> BAN
[17:46] <Manalishi> there we go
[17:46] <T_nigs1> loljksdidn'tevenseeit
[17:46] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[17:46] <cwp_aus> xD
[17:46] <cwp_aus> hi fear
[17:46] <Dengar708> gotta check my farm xD
[17:46] <T_nigs1> Nice town so far!
[17:46] <Dengar708> then i get off
[17:46] <undergo20> feel free to harvest it
[17:46] <cwp_aus> thanks nigs, want to live here?
[17:46] <T_nigs1> wowza
[17:46] <Manalishi> I'm building a lighthouse
[17:46] <T_nigs1> Um
[17:46] <T_nigs1> I will make a house
[17:46] <undergo20> yeah i should sleep
[17:46] <undergo20> its 1:50am
[17:47] <T_nigs1> So yes
[17:47] <Manalishi> XD
[17:47] <T_nigs1> I would like to ;3
[17:47] <cwp_aus> come nigs
[17:47] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:47] <Manalishi> Pssst
[17:47] <Manalishi> Nigs
[17:47] <Manalishi> become an Alchemist
[17:47] <cwp_aus> now, what occupation would you like to take up
[17:47] <T_nigs1> Well
[17:47] <cwp_aus> any and all are free
[17:47] <T_nigs1> I suck at building
[17:47] <Macintosh144> i wanna start playing COD (yes i have never played cod) Crashtasticand GMOD
[17:47] <Dengar708> mehhh
[17:47] <T_nigs1> I'll go with
[17:47] <Dengar708> GMOD
[17:47] <Dengar708> FTW
[17:48] <T_nigs1> Mana
[17:48] <Manalishi> Yay!
[17:48] <T_nigs1> I'll be his assistant
[17:48] <T_nigs1> Because I
[17:48] <Macintosh144> have you guys played crashtastic
[17:48] <T_nigs1> 'll be useless XD
[17:48] <Manalishi> I'm making the lighthouse where we can do our nafarious experiments
[17:48] <Dengar708> cyas
[17:48] <T_nigs1> :3
[17:48] <undergo20> good night
[17:48] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§r) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[17:48] * undergo20 (undergo20@undergo20§r) Quit (§eundergo20 left the game.)
[17:48] <cwp_aus> go ahead and pick one of the plots nigs
[17:48] <T_nigs1> Nice skin mana
[17:48] <Manalishi> It's up on that hill
[17:48] <Manalishi> ty
[17:48] <T_nigs1> I'll live with mana, to save space?
[17:49] <Manalishi> wait
[17:49] <cwp_aus> sure, i have no qualms with that
[17:49] <Manalishi> until day
[17:49] <Macintosh144> i'm currenty trying to sell my house
[17:49] <cwp_aus> now, brb
[17:49] <Manalishi> I need to make the foundations still :P
[17:49] <T_nigs1> :P
[17:49] <T_nigs1> Well
[17:49] <T_nigs1> I have alot of leaves
[17:49] <Manalishi> also, there's a sweet tunnel
[17:49] <T_nigs1> If you want some
[17:49] <Manalishi> leading through the mountain
[17:49] <Manalishi> hmmm
[17:49] <T_nigs1> Coolies.
[17:49] <Macintosh144> we have 4 people interested
[17:49] <Manalishi> we might need them
[17:49] <Manalishi> pssst
[17:49] <Manalishi> hey Cwp
[17:49] <Manalishi> make it day
[17:50] <T_nigs1> Psst
[17:50] <T_nigs1> CWP
[17:50] <T_nigs1> Am I allowed to farm this wheat?
[17:50] <Manalishi> CUPPEEEEEHH
[17:50] <Manalishi> as long as you replant it
[17:50] <T_nigs1> Ah
[17:50] <T_nigs1> Okay :)
[17:50] <Manalishi> If you replant stuff then take as much as you need
[17:50] <T_nigs1> Cool :)
[17:51] <Manalishi> don't harvest non grown crops though
[17:51] <T_nigs1> Oh noes
[17:51] <T_nigs1> Oh, okay lol
[17:51] <Manalishi> we need the materails
[17:51] <Manalishi> to build out tower
[17:51] <Manalishi> I just
[17:52] <Manalishi> failed as spelling
[17:52] <Manalishi> at*
[17:52] <Manalishi> shiit
[17:52] <T_nigs1> Lol
[17:52] <Macintosh144> so i'm probably going to see you guys again when i sell my house, buy a new house and buy my pc
[17:52] <Manalishi> :O
[17:52] <T_nigs1> Bye!
[17:52] <Macintosh144> Bye!
[17:52] <Manalishi> Cya!
[17:52] * Macintosh144 (Macintosh144@Macintosh144§r) Quit (§eMacintosh144 left the game.)
[17:52] <T_nigs1> DAY
[17:53] <Manalishi> look at the cave
[17:53] <T_nigs1> omg
[17:53] <T_nigs1> I gotta go!
[17:53] <T_nigs1> OMG
[17:53] <T_nigs1> LATE
[17:53] <T_nigs1> BYE
[17:53] <Manalishi> :c
[17:53] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[17:53] <Manalishi> cyaz
[17:55] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[17:56] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:56] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[17:57] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:58] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[17:58] <Manalishi> Oh lordy
[17:58] <Manalishi> Hiya Rob btw
[17:59] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[17:59] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:59] <roberestarkk> ciao Fear
[17:59] <cwp_aus> bbs
[17:59] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[18:01] <roberestarkk> I wish it wouldn't say that
[18:01] <Manalishi> How does it make you go Afk?
[18:02] <Manalishi> What do you do that forces you to stay still that long?
[18:02] <roberestarkk> I tab over to YouTube
[18:02] <Manalishi> Uhh
[18:02] <Manalishi> Adv?
[18:02] <roberestarkk> Indeedsir!
[18:03] <Manalishi> All my wut.
[18:03] <roberestarkk> Do you not find me Advanced? D=
[18:03] <Manalishi> I find you of the highest quality
[18:03] <Manalishi> But
[18:03] <Manalishi> But you're ADMERN.
[18:04] <roberestarkk> Lies
[18:05] <Manalishi> Bugger
[18:05] <Manalishi> I need Netherbrick to make this look cool...
[18:05] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[18:05] <Manalishi> How much does it cost?
[18:07] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[18:07] <martch15> hey
[18:07] <Manalishi> Howdy
[18:08] <Manalishi> I gotta go guys
[18:08] <Manalishi> cyaz
[18:08] <martch15> do you have a spruce sapling or live near a tiaga biome?
[18:08] <Manalishi> noap
[18:08] * Manalishi (Manalishi@Manalishi§r) Quit (§eManalishi left the game.)
[18:13] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§r) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[18:13] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[18:13] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[18:13] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[18:14] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[18:30] * roberestarkk was kicked from #main by Server
[18:30] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[18:31] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[18:36] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[18:43] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380) has joined #main
[18:43] <tassam380> Hola.
[18:43] <tassam380> Tis Rather Quiet.
[18:46] * roberestarkk was kicked from #main by Server
[18:46] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[18:58] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[18:58] <tassam380> Hello
[18:59] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[19:01] <tassam380> Farout.
[19:02] <roberestarkk> Zombies be crazy?
[19:02] <tassam380> Mmhmm
[19:02] <roberestarkk> AHA! I can use you!
[19:02] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[19:02] <tassam380> Right...
[19:02] <tassam380> Hola
[19:03] <roberestarkk> sigh
[19:03] <Regox> Aloha
[19:03] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[19:03] <roberestarkk> Reg, can you do /manuaddp roberestarkkestarkk essentials afk kickexempt
[19:03] <roberestarkk> for me?
[19:03] <roberestarkk> but with a . between essentials/afk/kickexempt
[19:04] <tassam380> Got stuff back :)
[19:04] <roberestarkk> Huzzar!
[19:04] <Regox> Done
[19:04] <tassam380> This is why people should know where they die.
[19:04] <roberestarkk> danke
[19:04] <roberestarkk> get Rei's minimap and turn on death markers
[19:04] <Regox> Only really useful if you can get to your death location quicklu
[19:05] <Regox> *quickly
[19:05] <roberestarkk> hmmn
[19:05] <roberestarkk> tassam, can you try using /back for me?
[19:06] <roberestarkk> dw, I'll do /manucheckp
[19:06] <roberestarkk> nope, guess he can't
[19:07] <tassam380> Oh
[19:07] <tassam380> Yeah
[19:07] <tassam380> ?
[19:08] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[19:08] <martch15> hey
[19:08] <tassam380> You were right ^^
[19:08] <roberestarkk> dw, I checked manually, you can't =P
[19:08] <tassam380> Hi Martch
[19:08] <tassam380> :P
[19:08] <roberestarkk> Ahoy martch!
[19:08] <martch15> ahah rob
[19:08] <tassam380> A new program we're trying... Admin Equality.
[19:08] <tassam380> XD
[19:08] <roberestarkk> I just found a permission in Essentials that lets you keep your xp when you die
[19:08] <martch15> im still searching for spruce :/
[19:08] <roberestarkk> I wonder if there's one for your inventory
[19:09] <tassam380> Ooooo
[19:09] <martch15> nope?
[19:10] <tassam380> SOrry Martch
[19:10] <tassam380> Been keeping my eye out, havent come across any
[19:11] <martch15> ahha did gale gen the map with the tiaga biome.. iv been searching for hours
[19:11] <martch15> with no* tiage biome
[19:11] <tassam380> Dunno
[19:11] <martch15> tiaga*
[19:14] <roberestarkk> He couldn't gen the map without a specific biome without modding it
[19:14] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[19:15] <tassam380> So... Theres probably one somewhere :P
[19:15] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§r) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[19:16] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[19:16] <roberestarkk> drat, Reg left
[19:16] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper) has joined #main
[19:17] <BoomSniper> hi all
[19:17] <martch15> woah.. coolest thing just generated....1 block thick flating island with trees and stuff on it
[19:17] <martch15> he boom
[19:17] <roberestarkk> Are you sure it isn't man-made?
[19:17] <martch15> new chunks
[19:17] <BoomSniper> rob demoted????
[19:17] <roberestarkk> you sure?
[19:17] <BoomSniper> what you do
[19:17] <martch15> i looks natural
[19:18] <roberestarkk> @Boom, A Wizard did it
[19:18] <roberestarkk> you just said it was 1 block thick
[19:18] <BoomSniper> :P
[19:18] <martch15> he did a stalking
[19:18] <roberestarkk> it dinnae look natural
[19:18] <martch15> no hawkeye anymore :(
[19:19] <roberestarkk> ?
[19:19] <martch15> for me
[19:19] <roberestarkk> ?
[19:19] <martch15> i was trusted
[19:19] <roberestarkk> you got demoted?
[19:19] <martch15> yeah.. dont you remember?
[19:19] <martch15> like a month ago
[19:20] <roberestarkk> not really...
[19:20] <roberestarkk> what'd you do?
[19:20] <martch15> i was trusted for about a year :P
[19:20] <martch15> :O i found it
[19:20] <martch15> my trees :D
[19:21] <martch15> g2g
[19:21] <martch15> cya
[19:21] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§r) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[19:21] <roberestarkk> he never told me what he did D=
[19:22] <tassam380> D:
[19:22] <tassam380> ->Reports Archive
[19:22] <tassam380> :D
[19:23] <roberestarkk> <- lazy bastard
[19:23] <tassam380> Twas something to do with an XRay Mod
[19:23] <tassam380> I believe
[19:23] <roberestarkk> oh he's pure evil
[19:23] <tassam380> He admitted to it and got a demotion + 3 day ban from gale
[19:25] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380§r) Quit (§etassam380 left the game.)
[19:26] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[19:43] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper§r) Quit (§eBoomSniper left the game.)
[20:05] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[20:29] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)

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