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IRC Log for #main.2013-02-27

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[5:50] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[5:58] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[5:58] <T_nigs1> RAWR
[5:59] <T_nigs1> Well
[5:59] <T_nigs1> This is an exciting war.
[5:59] <T_nigs1> *eats potato
[6:00] <Peppy2006> Yup.
[6:00] <Peppy2006> It's because we lack our own Military force right now. XD
[6:00] <T_nigs1> Goin' awf
[6:00] <Peppy2006> Well alrighty
[6:00] <T_nigs1> Well.
[6:00] <T_nigs1> XD
[6:00] <Peppy2006> Later, the world will be in turmoil.
[6:00] <Peppy2006> And THEN we'll have us a war. ;)
[6:00] <T_nigs1> I gota go too worrrk ssoooon :(
[6:01] <Peppy2006> That's fine. XD
[6:01] <T_nigs1> Well
[6:01] <Peppy2006> It ain't gonna be till later anyhow
[6:01] <T_nigs1> Have fun with the war ;)
[6:01] <Peppy2006> Waiting for more people!
[6:01] <T_nigs1> Oh.
[6:01] <T_nigs1> Well
[6:01] <Peppy2006> Just come back later, there'll be action.
[6:01] <T_nigs1> In 8 hours I'll be back ;D
[6:01] <T_nigs1> SEE YA THEN, MASTER!
[6:01] <Peppy2006> That's perfect. XD
[6:01] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[6:28] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
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[8:32] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[8:38] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[8:38] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[8:38] <Regox> Ahoy indeed!
[8:38] <Regox> Seen the new addition to spawn?
[8:39] <roberestarkk> nope!
[8:39] <roberestarkk> unless it's the statues
[8:39] <Regox> Well, there's a barman at the Inn nowadays
[8:39] <Regox> And another thing
[8:40] <Regox> To spawn!
[8:40] <roberestarkk> there's an inn?
[8:40] <Regox> Yes, Brambleshaw Inn
[8:40] <Regox> He dispenses moonshine
[8:40] <roberestarkk> lol
[8:40] <Regox> Follow me
[8:41] <roberestarkk> curious
[8:41] <Regox> Surprise
[8:41] <Regox> Found a .schematic for it online
[8:43] <Regox> Classy no?
[8:55] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[9:02] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[9:03] <roberestarkk> wb
[9:03] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[9:05] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[9:05] <roberestarkk> wb
[9:05] <Regox> ty
[9:06] <Regox> Computer went poopy, had to repunch
[9:06] <roberestarkk> these switches work!
[9:06] <Regox> Yep
[9:06] <Regox> This was the base model, the full model is a just-one-thing map
[9:06] <roberestarkk> ?
[9:07] <Regox> Replaces the nether
[9:07] <Regox> Portals
[9:07] <Regox> etc
[9:09] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[9:28] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[10:27] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[10:40] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[10:47] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[10:52] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[10:53] <Peppy2006> How high up is it?
[10:53] <Trisemigistus> my level
[10:53] <Trisemigistus> im watching it
[10:53] <Peppy2006> How far out?
[10:54] <Trisemigistus> im getting screenshots
[10:54] <Trisemigistus> can I have creative just for a moment so I can fly?
[10:55] <Trisemigistus> whered it go .-.
[10:55] <Peppy2006> Hopefully I killed it. XD
[10:55] <Trisemigistus> okay you can take away creative
[10:56] <Trisemigistus> ill send you some screenshots in a moment
[10:56] <Trisemigistus> there it is!
[10:57] <Trisemigistus> screenshots sent
[10:59] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[11:01] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[11:04] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[11:17] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[11:32] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[11:44] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[12:08] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator) has joined #main
[12:11] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator§r) Quit (§eMannihalator left the game.)
[12:15] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[12:17] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[12:18] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[12:32] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1) has joined #main
[12:32] <ridingmaster> Hey
[12:32] <Hyperaxe1> ello
[12:32] <Hyperaxe1> I'm not even going to ask how the arena of doom ended...
[12:32] <Hyperaxe1> :I
[12:32] <ridingmaster> Can't we put two beds next to each other anymore?
[12:32] <ridingmaster> XD
[12:32] <Hyperaxe1> there are cows in here
[12:32] <Hyperaxe1> I can put two beds next to each other :/
[12:32] <ridingmaster> It ended with Peppy killing us with magic
[12:33] <Hyperaxe1> lol
[12:33] <ridingmaster> Now it worked
[12:33] <ridingmaster> It had glowstone under it
[12:33] <Hyperaxe1> ah
[12:33] <Hyperaxe1> that glowstone
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> §ffus
[12:34] <ridingmaster> What's a good block to put next to a bed
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> I tend to put logs next to mine
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> and then put a pressure plate on top
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> or a pot
[12:35] <Hyperaxe1> hm
[12:35] <Hyperaxe1> "You're not allowed to plant that here.
[12:35] <Hyperaxe1> "
[12:35] <Hyperaxe1> fine
[12:35] <Hyperaxe1> I'll just
[12:35] <ridingmaster> I'm going to put a book case
[12:35] <Hyperaxe1> have an empty pot
[12:35] <ridingmaster> XD
[12:36] <Hyperaxe1> problem solved
[12:36] <Hyperaxe1> §ffus
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> so vulnerable
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> ;')
[12:37] <ridingmaster> XD
[12:37] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1§r) Quit (§eHyperaxe1 left the game.)
[12:42] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[12:43] <ridingmaster> Hey Peppy
[12:46] <Peppy2006> Howdy Riding!
[12:46] <ridingmaster> Hey
[12:47] <ridingmaster> Has the way of making book shelves changed?
[12:47] <Peppy2006> Not to my knowledge...
[12:48] <ridingmaster> Oh, I had it vertical instead of horizontal
[12:52] <ridingmaster> Awkward moment when you make a minecart instead of a cauldron...
[12:55] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[12:55] <ridingmaster> Hey Regox
[12:55] <Regox> Hey
[12:59] <ridingmaster> Hello invisible man
[12:59] <Regox> Aloha
[13:00] <Peppy2006> lol
[13:00] <Peppy2006> 9 PM
[13:00] <Regox> 4pm
[13:00] <Peppy2006> War should be starting
[13:00] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[13:00] <ridingmaster> I'm here...
[13:00] <Peppy2006> I know. :P
[13:01] <Peppy2006> But that's it. XD
[13:01] <Regox> So we rig this town with TNT?
[13:01] <Peppy2006> Well, I'll wait a bit.
[13:18] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[13:18] <ridingmaster> Hey Skele
[13:18] <Skeletoon> hey guys
[13:18] <Skeletoon> and the others are afk XD should have known
[13:19] <Skeletoon> u still making ur house
[13:19] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[13:19] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[13:19] <Skeletoon> hey tay
[13:19] <ridingmaster> Hey Taylah
[13:19] <ridingmaster> I'm adding interiors now
[13:19] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[13:19] <Peppy2006> Huzzah
[13:19] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[13:19] <Peppy2006> People
[13:20] <Peppy2006> Now I should make a large alien fleet arrive.
[13:20] <ridingmaster> Indeed
[13:23] <ridingmaster> Who remembers how to make books?
[13:23] <Peppy2006> Leather and paper
[13:23] <taylaahjanee> Paper and leather
[13:24] <Skeletoon> um leather and 3 paper
[13:24] <ridingmaster> Thanks :P
[13:24] <Peppy2006> Fire and gunpowder.
[13:24] <Skeletoon> sand and gunpowder then use flint and steel on the book
[13:24] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[13:24] <Regox> ty
[13:24] <ridingmaster> Okay skele
[13:25] <Skeletoon> riding im stuck in ur house lol
[13:25] <ridingmaster> Go to the roof and jump into the water
[13:25] <ridingmaster> If you miss you'll die
[13:25] <Skeletoon> im scared i wont make it =P
[13:25] <Skeletoon> i figured -_-
[13:25] <ridingmaster> It's an easy jump XD
[13:25] <Skeletoon> no its not i hitthe ground
[13:26] <Skeletoon> omg
[13:26] <Skeletoon> i jumped off the back =P
[13:26] <Skeletoon> and the side has more water
[13:26] <ridingmaster> Good job
[13:26] <ridingmaster> I was talking about the side XD
[13:26] <Skeletoon> landed and survived with 1/2 heart
[13:27] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:27] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:27] <Skeletoon> wb
[13:28] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[13:29] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[13:50] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:51] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:51] <Skeletoon> gotta go
[13:51] <Skeletoon> cyas
[13:51] <ridingmaster> Bye
[13:51] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon§r) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[13:56] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[13:56] <Peppy2006> Thanks
[13:56] <ridingmaster> Peppy, how much do you think I should auction each of the rooms
[13:56] <ridingmaster> **rent
[14:00] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator) has joined #main
[14:00] <ridingmaster> Hey
[14:00] <Mannihalator> Sup
[14:01] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[14:02] <Peppy2006> SWEET
[14:02] <Mannihalator> XD
[14:03] <taylaahjanee> No i'm not. D:
[14:03] <Peppy2006> §fYOL TOOR SHUL!!!
[14:04] <taylaahjanee> -.-
[14:04] <Peppy2006> MISSION COMPLETE
[14:04] <taylaahjanee> Well done.
[14:05] <Peppy2006> And that's how it's done, boys.
[14:05] <Peppy2006> Poor Tay. Maybe I'm too mean to her sometimes.
[14:05] <Mannihalator> Nah
[14:05] <taylaahjanee> Shut up Gus.
[14:05] <Peppy2006> I could be though!
[14:05] <Mannihalator> She's too mean to you ;)
[14:06] <taylaahjanee> D:
[14:06] <Peppy2006> But she's not, she's actually quite good to me. :P
[14:06] <Mannihalator> Oh
[14:06] <taylaahjanee> Did i just read that right!?
[14:06] <Mannihalator> Well this is hawkward...
[14:06] <Peppy2006> CAWCAWWWWW
[14:06] <taylaahjanee> Lol
[14:06] <taylaahjanee> k
[14:07] <Mannihalator> HAHA!
[14:07] <Peppy2006> lol Tay's pretending to be AFK
[14:07] <ridingmaster> Typical
[14:07] <Peppy2006> Let's go put her in a small box.
[14:08] <Peppy2006> Hmmm
[14:08] <Peppy2006> What should the box be made of...
[14:08] <ridingmaster> Lava?
[14:09] <Peppy2006> Nooo, that's too mean.
[14:09] <ridingmaster> Melon blocks
[14:09] <Mannihalator> Obisisidian
[14:09] <Peppy2006> I only JUST married her, I don't wanna kill her just yet.
[14:10] <ridingmaster> ...Or cakes
[14:10] <Peppy2006> YES
[14:10] <Peppy2006> OR CAKES
[14:10] <Mannihalator> Roses ;)
[14:10] <Peppy2006> :D
[14:11] <Peppy2006> And boobs.
[14:11] * has400 (has400@has400) has joined #main
[14:11] <Peppy2006> There were boobs in it.
[14:11] <Mannihalator> Lol, wheat, spider eye, rotten flesh and bread... o_0
[14:11] <Peppy2006> WELCOME HAS
[14:11] <has400> Hello
[14:12] <ridingmaster> Hey Has
[14:12] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[14:12] <ridingmaster> Hey Rights
[14:12] <Mannihalator> Yes! Welcome to the land of tomorrow!
[14:12] <Peppy2006> WELCOME RIGHTS
[14:12] <rightsforppl> Hi
[14:12] <rightsforppl> I completly missed the post
[14:12] <rightsforppl> because of my darn homework :\
[14:12] <ridingmaster> Good job
[14:12] <Peppy2006> lol
[14:12] <Peppy2006> That's fine
[14:12] <rightsforppl> anyway TO ARMS!
[14:12] <Peppy2006> Nobody else has shown up anyway
[14:12] <ridingmaster> I did :c
[14:12] <Peppy2006> Apart from Manni and Riding
[14:12] <Mannihalator> I did? o_0
[14:12] <Peppy2006> Tay doesn't count because she's Tay
[14:13] <rightsforppl> the leaders wife must be safe
[14:13] <Peppy2006> Yes.
[14:13] <rightsforppl> smart thinking peppy
[14:13] <Peppy2006> She's been safely locked away in cakes.
[14:13] <ridingmaster> The cakes shall save her
[14:13] <has400> i wannttt new 001 armour :(
[14:13] <Mannihalator> Lol, armour is for the weak :P
[14:14] <Mannihalator> I'm happy with my watermelon :D
[14:14] <Peppy2006> Store some of your inventory away and you'll receive some, Has.
[14:14] <rightsforppl> which tay's the real tay
[14:14] <Peppy2006> The one in the cakes.
[14:14] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380) has joined #main
[14:14] <rightsforppl> Hi Sam
[14:14] <Mannihalator> \
[14:14] <Mannihalator> Doh
[14:14] <Peppy2006> WELCOME TASSAM
[14:14] <Mannihalator> Sup sam
[14:15] <tassam380> Hi!
[14:15] <tassam380> Hi! :
[14:15] <tassam380> :)
[14:15] <tassam380> Lag -_-
[14:15] <rightsforppl> what lag?
[14:15] <rightsforppl> there isn't any lag here
[14:15] <tassam380> Well... I typed and it appeared later.
[14:15] <tassam380> But its fine now
[14:15] <rightsforppl> spawn lag
[14:15] <rightsforppl> to load the word
[14:15] <has400> So when can we PvP
[14:15] <has400> lol
[14:15] <rightsforppl> yo momma is lag
[14:15] <Mannihalator> Nevar!
[14:15] <rightsforppl> is that what you were thinking?
[14:15] <has400> ty peppy
[14:15] <Mannihalator> PVP is the devil!
[14:16] <Mannihalator> No rights, not even close lol
[14:16] <rightsforppl> Pvp is your guardian angel
[14:16] <rightsforppl> it will lead you to paradise
[14:16] <Mannihalator> I.e. Devil...
[14:16] <rightsforppl> meanwhile in reality:
[14:16] <Peppy2006> TO ARMS!?
[14:16] <rightsforppl> No angels yet
[14:16] <Mannihalator> Who killed more? God or Satan?
[14:16] * taylaahjanee was kicked from #main by Server
[14:16] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[14:16] <Peppy2006> Me.
[14:16] <Mannihalator> Lolz
[14:16] <rightsforppl> Satan obviosly
[14:16] <rightsforppl> actually
[14:17] <rightsforppl> Lucifer
[14:17] <Mannihalator> ... Try again rights
[14:17] <rightsforppl> if he is in the equation
[14:17] <Peppy2006> Just call me, Lucifer. ;)
[14:17] <rightsforppl> Lucifer!
[14:17] <tassam380> Little Lucifer?
[14:17] <rightsforppl> Did we find the Holy 001'ian base yet?
[14:17] <Peppy2006> Nope
[14:17] <Peppy2006> But we did find Classica is being invaded
[14:17] <rightsforppl> oh good
[14:18] <Peppy2006> lol, Good... XD
[14:18] <rightsforppl> everyone is evacuated
[14:18] <tassam380> XD
[14:18] <rightsforppl> so it should bare a good distraction
[14:18] <Mannihalator> Get back here sheep! I'm not finished!
[14:18] <Peppy2006> I see you're in an IHORD, Manni
[14:18] <Mannihalator> Nup
[14:18] <rightsforppl> ;D
[14:18] <Mannihalator> Just spawn
[14:18] <Mannihalator> XD
[14:18] <tassam380> OWait, I actually have to go. Bai!
[14:18] <Peppy2006> There's an IHORD at Spawn. :P
[14:18] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380§r) Quit (§etassam380 left the game.)
[14:19] <Mannihalator> Is it called the train station? XD
[14:19] <rightsforppl> You ride a train don't you?
[14:19] <Peppy2006> Well, you do "ride" things there.
[14:19] <rightsforppl> If you know what I mean
[14:19] <Peppy2006> lol
[14:19] <Mannihalator> Sure.. lol
[14:19] <Peppy2006> It was rights, I swear
[14:19] <Mannihalator> Swear to whom?
[14:19] <Peppy2006> To youm
[14:19] <rightsforppl> you can't swear to god
[14:20] <rightsforppl> you're lucfier
[14:20] <rightsforppl> *lucifer
[14:20] <Peppy2006> I can swear to God if I like
[14:20] <Mannihalator> Lolz
[14:20] <rightsforppl> you will never see heaven again
[14:20] <Peppy2006> I shall!
[14:20] <Mannihalator> Yolo
[14:20] <Mannihalator> Wait..
[14:20] <rightsforppl> your swear is divided by 0
[14:20] <Mannihalator> Again?
[14:20] <Mannihalator> You're implying Peppy has seen heaven before?
[14:20] <Mannihalator> o_0
[14:20] <rightsforppl> Yes
[14:20] <Peppy2006> I have
[14:21] <rightsforppl> when his soul was created
[14:21] <Peppy2006> I am also your own personal Jesus.
[14:21] <rightsforppl> and when he was still loyal to god
[14:21] <Mannihalator> I'm missing something here... XD
[14:21] <rightsforppl> before he became jealous
[14:21] <rightsforppl> and got kicked out of heaven
[14:21] <rightsforppl> where 1/3 of the angels followed him
[14:21] <Peppy2006> I got drunk and fell down here to this hellhole.
[14:21] <rightsforppl> He waits until the end of days
[14:21] <rightsforppl> where he can try to kill Jesus
[14:21] <rightsforppl> but fail again
[14:21] <Peppy2006> Nah man
[14:22] <rightsforppl> So Peppy
[14:22] <Peppy2006> Me and Jesus be coo'
[14:22] <rightsforppl> you fail at killing Jesus
[14:22] <Mannihalator> Rights, whatchu been smokin'?
[14:22] <rightsforppl> Coke
[14:22] <Peppy2006> The sacred herb
[14:22] <rightsforppl> as in coca cola
[14:23] <Peppy2006> Now who's helping kill stuff?
[14:23] <Mannihalator> So, how do you smoke this coca cola? It sounds like an interesting experience?
[14:23] <Mannihalator> Pwnt
[14:23] <rightsforppl> wait what
[14:23] <rightsforppl> I was reading a sign!
[14:23] <rightsforppl> on the machine
[14:24] <rightsforppl> oh well
[14:24] <Mannihalator> Dat's dere decoy
[14:24] <rightsforppl> overpowered holy 001'ian on the loose
[14:24] <Mannihalator> Now how about that for alliteration? XD
[14:24] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[14:24] <Mannihalator> Ugh
[14:24] <Mannihalator> Hi :D
[14:24] <taylaahjanee> What the hell..
[14:24] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:24] <Peppy2006> HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D
[14:25] <taylaahjanee> Thanks
[14:25] <ridingmaster> It was Peppy's idea, I swear
[14:25] <taylaahjanee> Bit late :P
[14:25] <taylaahjanee> Oh nice sign..
[14:25] <Peppy2006> Holy 001'ians have paradropped into Classica
[14:26] <ridingmaster> They have?
[14:26] <Peppy2006> Yes.
[14:26] <ridingmaster> I'm in Classica now
[14:26] <ridingmaster> Woah
[14:26] * has400 (has400@has400§r) Quit (§ehas400 left the game.)
[14:27] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[14:27] <rightsforppl> There holy 001'ians have haloret heads
[14:27] <Mannihalator> Ain't now lol
[14:27] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[14:28] <rightsforppl> Peppy
[14:28] <rightsforppl> can I have some quantum leap potions?
[14:28] <Peppy2006> Soon as we clear their invasion force
[14:28] <rightsforppl> a little late
[14:28] <rightsforppl> but meh
[14:29] <rightsforppl> Time to go in and clear them out
[14:29] <Mannihalator> Less talky, more killy
[14:30] <ridingmaster> Come at me bru
[14:30] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[14:30] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[14:31] <rightsforppl> seriously
[14:31] <ridingmaster> Yay killed 2 of the bastards
[14:31] <Peppy2006> Yes, your armor is all right here
[14:31] <Mannihalator> It's attached to your rod motherlicker!
[14:31] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath) has joined #main
[14:31] <ridingmaster> Hey Skullz
[14:31] <taylaahjanee> ...
[14:31] <Peppy2006> Rights, what're you doing?
[14:31] <skullzdeath> Heya
[14:32] <rightsforppl> suicide
[14:32] <skullzdeath> Apparently im a wizard?
[14:32] <skullzdeath> damn inbox
[14:32] <taylaahjanee> Everyone is.
[14:32] <skullzdeath> why?
[14:32] <rightsforppl> because
[14:32] <rightsforppl> rawb
[14:32] <taylaahjanee> I dunno, someone sent it to everyone
[14:32] <taylaahjanee> I think it was Rob
[14:33] <Peppy2006> No, it wasn't
[14:33] <Peppy2006> He got one too. XD
[14:33] <taylaahjanee> Oh..
[14:33] <skullzdeath> Peppy...
[14:33] <rightsforppl> he sent it to himself
[14:33] <Mannihalator> Motherlicker...
[14:33] <skullzdeath> where be this war?
[14:33] <rightsforppl> Classica
[14:33] <Peppy2006> Classica is where they're invading currently
[14:33] <rightsforppl> Nothing to attack there anyway
[14:33] <skullzdeath> im putting my stuff away
[14:33] <Mannihalator> Good joke rights
[14:33] <skullzdeath> nothing but armor and weapons
[14:33] <rightsforppl> It wasn't a joke
[14:34] <rightsforppl> it's the truth
[14:34] <taylaahjanee> What the hell..
[14:34] <rightsforppl> Everyone left classica
[14:34] <Peppy2006> What the hell yourself, Tay?
[14:34] <rightsforppl> for other towns
[14:34] <Mannihalator> You're not looking hard enough obviously
[14:34] <taylaahjanee> found someones stuff
[14:34] <rightsforppl> take it
[14:34] <Mannihalator> Is it 4 melons!?
[14:34] <Peppy2006> That's rights'
[14:34] <Peppy2006> Dunno why he refused to pick it up
[14:34] <skullzdeath> my standard issue Marine bow is almost dead
[14:35] <taylaahjanee> oh
[14:35] <taylaahjanee> well most of it dissapeared
[14:35] <rightsforppl> why don't we get 001 serum
[14:35] <rightsforppl> and kill them out
[14:35] <rightsforppl> in a blink of an eye
[14:35] <rightsforppl> they've got a mothership
[14:35] <Mannihalator> Because we don't want to
[14:35] <skullzdeath> lol, most of armor has met with creepas aswell
[14:35] <skullzdeath> i have spares though -insert wink here-
[14:35] <taylaahjanee> Why are they trying to kill me? D:
[14:35] <Peppy2006> Your armor and weapons are all outdated. :P
[14:35] <taylaahjanee> D:
[14:36] <Mannihalator> Lol... I just realised how bad that sounds...
[14:37] <taylaahjanee> i think i got it D:
[14:38] <skullzdeath> can we set up a cemetary after for the losses?
[14:38] <Peppy2006> lol, But we ain't losin'! :P
[14:38] <skullzdeath> riding halp me
[14:38] <ridingmaster> I've got a good sniping spot
[14:38] <skullzdeath> lemme up
[14:38] <ridingmaster> Where are you?
[14:38] <Peppy2006> Just dig a mass grave and pitch their bodies all in there.
[14:39] <Mannihalator> It's only rights and me who have died so far lol
[14:39] <ridingmaster> I had*
[14:39] <Mannihalator> Lolz
[14:39] <Mannihalator> Gives you a chance
[14:39] <ridingmaster> How'd they get up there?
[14:40] <ridingmaster> YES
[14:40] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[14:40] <ridingmaster> Hey
[14:40] <Shada0071> Hey
[14:40] <Peppy2006> Go kick ass, Marines
[14:40] <ridingmaster> LOOL
[14:40] <Mannihalator> Wut
[14:40] <Shada0071> So war is on?
[14:40] <Peppy2006> Oh yes.
[14:40] <Mannihalator> Crap
[14:41] <skullzdeath> come
[14:41] <Mannihalator> I lost my 7 melons :(
[14:41] <ridingmaster> Peppy, can you heal my armour?
[14:41] <Shada0071> Shall bring my own armour?
[14:41] <Mannihalator> So which one is the real tay?
[14:42] <ridingmaster> The one being lazy
[14:42] <taylaahjanee> D:
[14:42] <Mannihalator> Right
[14:42] <Mannihalator> Should've realised
[14:42] <ridingmaster> Defend your body guard!
[14:42] <skullzdeath> damnit i cant tp
[14:42] <taylaahjanee> But it's funny
[14:42] <ridingmaster> XD
[14:42] <skullzdeath> im trapped :l
[14:42] <taylaahjanee> in?
[14:43] <Peppy2006> A cake
[14:43] <ridingmaster> ./tpyes
[14:43] <Mannihalator> Riding, up here
[14:43] <ridingmaster> Wow...
[14:43] <ridingmaster> How did I fall
[14:44] <ridingmaster> Noo
[14:44] <ridingmaster> I got to go D:
[14:44] <Peppy2006> D:
[14:44] <skullzdeath> LAAAAAG
[14:44] <ridingmaster> I'l be back in 1 hour
[14:44] <ridingmaster> *I'll
[14:44] <ridingmaster> Will it still be on?
[14:44] <Peppy2006> Probably.
[14:44] <ridingmaster> Good, then be back later
[14:44] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[14:45] <Peppy2006> Still multiple hostiles
[14:45] * rightsforppl was kicked from #main by Server
[14:45] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[14:46] <Peppy2006> Remember, your Marine bows can be used as a melee weapon, too.
[14:46] <skullzdeath> Fort Skullz might be fun for invasion
[14:46] <skullzdeath> its amall though
[14:46] <skullzdeath> small*
[14:46] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[14:46] <rightsforppl> Back
[14:47] <Peppy2006> Alright, ground force should be contained...
[14:47] <rightsforppl> well
[14:47] <Peppy2006> Now onto the mothership
[14:47] <rightsforppl> I can take care of the airforces
[14:47] <rightsforppl> they are the easiest
[14:47] <skullzdeath> alright, one more down
[14:48] <Peppy2006> How do you all wish to get up there?
[14:48] <rightsforppl> quantum leap
[14:49] <skullzdeath> steroids
[14:49] <taylaahjanee> Danke
[14:49] <skullzdeath> im hungry aswell
[14:49] <Mannihalator> Drinking Wonka's special fizzy lifting drink ^-^
[14:49] <rightsforppl> Hi Manni
[14:49] <skullzdeath> im here
[14:50] <Mannihalator> Well
[14:50] <Mannihalator> That descended quickly
[14:50] <skullzdeath> i hit a 42
[14:50] <taylaahjanee> that's evil
[14:50] <rightsforppl> Ok
[14:50] <rightsforppl> I'll just wait on the ground
[14:50] <Mannihalator> Sorry shad!
[14:50] <Shada0071> Np
[14:51] <Mannihalator> Lolz
[14:51] <rightsforppl> teleport me to holy 001'ians undefended.......
[14:51] <skullzdeath> we get points for kills?
[14:51] <Mannihalator> How about a please rights?
[14:52] <rightsforppl> thank you
[14:52] <rightsforppl> is more appropriate
[14:52] <taylaahjanee> Sorry Skullz!
[14:52] <skullzdeath> all good
[14:53] <skullzdeath> wow lag
[14:54] <skullzdeath> i disembowel
[14:54] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[14:54] <skullzdeath> wow
[14:55] <Mannihalator> Same skullz XD
[14:57] <skullzdeath> god damn laptop
[14:57] <skullzdeath> my mouse died...
[14:58] <Shada0071> soz
[14:59] <Peppy2006> Well, sounds like you managed to clear the ship
[15:00] <skullzdeath> we get Defenders of 001 medals?
[15:00] <Peppy2006> This isn't 001... XD
[15:00] <Shada0071> Lol
[15:00] <skullzdeath> meh
[15:00] <skullzdeath> Defenders of LoM
[15:00] <Peppy2006> That's more fitting
[15:01] <skullzdeath> wow, my armour is so dead
[15:01] <Peppy2006> lol
[15:02] <Peppy2006> Tay's pants fell off. XD
[15:02] <taylaahjanee> :
[15:02] <Shada0071> lol
[15:02] <taylaahjanee> D:*
[15:02] <taylaahjanee> how awkward
[15:02] <skullzdeath> anywhere else invaded?
[15:02] <Peppy2006> Well we all know what happens next
[15:03] <Peppy2006> Ship's cleared out, so now it disappears. XD
[15:03] <Peppy2006> EVAC!
[15:03] <skullzdeath> dear god\
[15:03] <skullzdeath> lol we hit water
[15:03] <Shada0071> lucky
[15:03] <skullzdeath> didnt see that...
[15:04] <taylaahjanee> :D
[15:04] <skullzdeath> psst, should make Freedom Fighters around here to guard for future invasions
[15:04] <taylaahjanee> Happy new year?
[15:06] <skullzdeath> still there for me
[15:07] <skullzdeath> now where?
[15:08] <Peppy2006> Go recover for a bit
[15:08] <skullzdeath> back to Fort Skullz then
[15:08] <skullzdeath> which bit is my fort defending anyway?
[15:09] <skullzdeath> Should rather be Outpost Skullz
[15:09] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath§r) Quit (§eskullzdeath left the game.)
[15:10] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath) has joined #main
[15:10] <Shada0071> Wb
[15:10] <skullzdeath> ahh, stuck in wall
[15:10] <skullzdeath> HALP
[15:10] <skullzdeath> i got it
[15:11] <skullzdeath> Peppy, Where is full 001?
[15:12] <skullzdeath> like main area?
[15:13] <skullzdeath> where'd peppy go?
[15:14] <taylaahjanee> He died.
[15:14] * Mannihalator was kicked from #main by Server
[15:14] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator§r) Quit (§eMannihalator left the game.)
[15:16] <skullzdeath> when will it restart?
[15:16] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[15:17] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath§r) Quit (§eskullzdeath left the game.)
[15:20] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator) has joined #main
[15:20] <Shada0071> Wb
[15:20] <Mannihalator> Fanks
[15:21] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[15:24] <Shada0071> Yes for once i got the enchantments i wanted :)
[15:28] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator§r) Quit (§eMannihalator left the game.)
[15:30] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§r) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[15:31] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[15:31] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§r) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[15:40] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[15:41] <ridingmaster> Hey
[15:42] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator) has joined #main
[15:43] <ridingmaster> Hey
[15:43] <ridingmaster> Did you guys finish?
[15:43] <Mannihalator> Sup
[15:43] <Mannihalator> Yeah
[15:43] <ridingmaster> How'd it end?
[15:43] <Mannihalator> Death
[15:49] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[15:49] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[15:49] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[15:53] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[15:53] <campiee> hi
[15:53] <Mannihalator> Sup
[15:54] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[15:54] <campiee> does anyone play an instrument?
[15:54] <campiee> hi
[15:54] <ridingmaster> I do
[15:54] <ridingmaster> Hello
[15:54] <campiee> what?
[15:54] <campiee> instrument
[15:54] <ridingmaster> Guitar
[15:54] <campiee> nice
[15:54] <Mannihalator> Unless an accelerator pedal is an instrument... nah
[15:54] <campiee> HAHH
[15:55] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[15:56] <campiee> dam u optifine
[15:56] <campiee> stupid chunk load
[16:00] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[16:02] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow) has joined #main
[16:02] <CanOfMeow> Hi
[16:02] <Mannihalator> Sup
[16:02] <campiee> hi
[16:03] <campiee> anyone want to se my cafe?/ tea house
[16:04] <CanOfMeow> Is that near spawn?
[16:04] <campiee> nope 001
[16:04] <CanOfMeow> oh ok
[16:04] <campiee> just wait a sec
[16:07] <campiee> oh lol
[16:07] <campiee> nice
[16:07] <CanOfMeow> Thanks xD
[16:07] <campiee> hypers island?
[16:07] <CanOfMeow> Nope
[16:07] <campiee> urs?
[16:07] <CanOfMeow> Agent, Zane and Mine
[16:07] <CanOfMeow> xD
[16:07] <campiee> lol
[16:07] <campiee> k
[16:08] <campiee> can here
[16:08] <campiee> WELCOME
[16:08] <CanOfMeow> nice! XD
[16:08] <campiee> what would u like?
[16:08] <CanOfMeow> I like the wool pattern
[16:08] <campiee> oh and i still need to put the roof on
[16:08] <CanOfMeow> I'd like everything! PUT ITIN THE BAG!
[16:08] <CanOfMeow> NOW
[16:08] <campiee> what would u like to eat
[16:09] <CanOfMeow> You >:)
[16:09] <campiee> there
[16:09] <campiee> thatk u for coming
[16:09] <campiee> u wana help me with the roof?
[16:09] <CanOfMeow> lol
[16:10] <CanOfMeow> Heres your stuff back
[16:10] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator§r) Quit (§eMannihalator left the game.)
[16:10] <campiee> ol
[16:10] <campiee> lol
[16:10] <campiee> LETS EAT
[16:10] <CanOfMeow> What material is the roof gonna be?
[16:10] <campiee> sand stone
[16:10] <CanOfMeow> ok
[16:10] <campiee> ill get it
[16:10] <CanOfMeow> k
[16:11] <campiee> LETS GO
[16:11] <CanOfMeow> k
[16:12] <campiee> lol
[16:12] <campiee> snow tornado
[16:12] <CanOfMeow> aha
[16:12] <campiee> ITS A BLIZZARD
[16:13] <CanOfMeow> Don't even know why I have snowballs o.o
[16:13] <campiee> can u cover the rooms with sandstone
[16:14] <campiee> do u have any left?
[16:14] <CanOfMeow> Nope
[16:14] <campiee> lol
[16:15] <CanOfMeow> Might have some at home
[16:15] <campiee> lol i need more sandstone
[16:15] <CanOfMeow> I'll check back home
[16:15] <campiee> k
[16:16] <campiee> kk
[16:16] <CanOfMeow> not much xD
[16:16] <CanOfMeow> all we had
[16:16] <campiee> lol
[16:16] <CanOfMeow> that stops the signal
[16:17] <CanOfMeow> There are some things it goes through actually
[16:17] <campiee> i know
[16:17] <campiee> LOL ONE MORE
[16:17] <CanOfMeow> hahahahaha
[16:18] <campiee> there
[16:18] <campiee> DONE
[16:18] <CanOfMeow> cool
[16:18] <campiee> yay
[16:18] <campiee> lol
[16:19] <campiee> thx can
[16:19] <CanOfMeow> np
[16:19] <CanOfMeow> Who built that castle?
[16:19] <campiee> ?
[16:19] <CanOfMeow> over there
[16:19] <CanOfMeow> in the ocean
[16:19] <campiee> snow me in a mo
[16:20] <campiee> sho me
[16:20] <campiee> OHH
[16:20] <campiee> thats the embassies
[16:20] <CanOfMeow> ah
[16:20] <campiee> their*
[16:20] <campiee> in 001
[16:20] <campiee> u can go look
[16:20] <CanOfMeow> ok
[16:21] <campiee> AHhhh a nice new build
[16:24] <CanOfMeow> Hello there xD
[16:24] <campiee> lol
[16:24] <campiee> lol i was here when peppy did this
[16:24] <CanOfMeow> xD
[16:25] <campiee> he turned the obsedian into diamond ore
[16:25] <CanOfMeow> wow ahaha
[16:25] <campiee> I GOT SOO MUCH DIAMOND
[16:25] <CanOfMeow> lucky
[16:25] <CanOfMeow> ahaha
[16:25] <campiee> now LEST GO TO I HORDE
[16:25] <CanOfMeow> Been there xD
[16:26] <CanOfMeow> Whats down there?
[16:26] <campiee> come
[16:26] <campiee> lol
[16:26] <CanOfMeow> hahaha
[16:26] <campiee> cya guys
[16:26] <CanOfMeow> cya
[16:26] <campiee> g2g
[16:27] * campiee (campiee@campiee§r) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[16:27] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow§r) Quit (§eCanOfMeow left the game.)
[16:33] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[16:44] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
[16:44] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[16:57] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[16:59] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[17:02] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[17:03] <cwp_aus> so much for world war 4 or is it 5, :P
[17:05] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[17:06] <cwp_aus> hi tay
[17:06] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[17:08] <cwp_aus> Buildy, buildy, Installation S
[17:08] <cwp_aus> *Wonders how curious tay is right now
[17:10] <taylaahjanee> About what? XD
[17:10] <cwp_aus> read chat, :P
[17:12] <taylaahjanee> Oh, installation?
[17:12] <cwp_aus> :P
[17:13] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[17:13] <cwp_aus> hi rights
[17:13] <taylaahjanee> Hey rights
[17:13] <rightsforppl> Hi
[17:13] <cwp_aus> got any glass btw?
[17:13] <rightsforppl> glass..........
[17:13] <rightsforppl> I'll check
[17:13] <taylaahjanee> what type?
[17:13] <cwp_aus> blokc glass
[17:14] <rightsforppl> nope
[17:14] <rightsforppl> got any sand?
[17:14] <rightsforppl> If you do I can make you some
[17:14] <cwp_aus> one sec
[17:15] <cwp_aus> hi there tay and other tay
[17:15] <taylaahjanee> Hao
[17:15] <taylaahjanee> Hai*
[17:16] <taylaahjanee> need anymore?
[17:16] <cwp_aus> thant'll do
[17:16] <cwp_aus> thanks
[17:16] <taylaahjanee> it's fine
[17:16] <rightsforppl> so
[17:16] <taylaahjanee> you don't have to XD
[17:16] <cwp_aus> meh
[17:16] <rightsforppl> we need to figure out a location for your wedding
[17:16] <taylaahjanee> Oh god.
[17:17] <cwp_aus> ?
[17:17] <rightsforppl> somewhere flat
[17:17] <cwp_aus> xDDDD
[17:17] <taylaahjanee> There isn't going to be a wedding. D:
[17:17] <rightsforppl> or in the air
[17:18] <cwp_aus> there is now
[17:18] <rightsforppl> Nonsense
[17:18] <rightsforppl> There will be a wedding
[17:18] <taylaahjanee> Nooo D:
[17:18] <rightsforppl> You two are perfect for eachother
[17:18] <taylaahjanee> Oh totally XD
[17:19] <cwp_aus> peppy owns you, dont forget that, he'll just force you into it, :P
[17:19] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[17:19] <cwp_aus> hi crow
[17:19] <ejano> hey
[17:19] <rightsforppl> Hi Crow
[17:19] <taylaahjanee> Hope not D:
[17:19] <taylaahjanee> Hey
[17:19] <ejano> D: i only just head about the invasion
[17:19] <rightsforppl> He won't
[17:19] <rightsforppl> I will
[17:19] <ejano> am I too late
[17:19] <rightsforppl> and eys
[17:19] <rightsforppl> *yes
[17:19] <cwp_aus> lame
[17:19] <rightsforppl> you are
[17:19] <ejano> who posts while everyone is at school xD
[17:19] <rightsforppl> America
[17:19] <ejano> right
[17:19] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator) has joined #main
[17:19] <ejano> Hai
[17:19] <rightsforppl> Hi Manni
[17:20] <cwp_aus> hi manni
[17:20] <Mannihalator> Sup
[17:20] <rightsforppl> and now I need some sort of book
[17:20] <rightsforppl> justneedtoforgetay'ssignature
[17:20] <ejano> what
[17:20] <taylaahjanee> >:c
[17:20] <cwp_aus> Lol
[17:20] <ejano> what about it
[17:20] <cwp_aus> brb
[17:20] <taylaahjanee> The wedding that isn't happening
[17:20] <Mannihalator> Lol
[17:20] <rightsforppl> Nonsense
[17:20] <rightsforppl> It is
[17:21] <taylaahjanee> That's what you think
[17:21] <Mannihalator> It's a forced wedding now
[17:21] <rightsforppl> somewhere deep inside you, you're looking forward to it
[17:21] <Mannihalator> We must live in Iran XD
[17:21] <ejano> lol
[17:21] <taylaahjanee> No Rights.. D:
[17:21] <rightsforppl> anyway we got your parents to agree
[17:21] <taylaahjanee> My dad would never agree
[17:21] <rightsforppl> when you were born
[17:21] <ejano> xD
[17:21] <Mannihalator> Now that, is a good joke
[17:21] <rightsforppl> it's an arranged marriage
[17:21] <taylaahjanee> What am i? Indian now?
[17:22] <rightsforppl> Nope
[17:22] <rightsforppl> just customs that don't exist that you must follow
[17:22] <taylaahjanee> D:
[17:22] <rightsforppl> Now let me write the book
[17:23] <ejano> what about
[17:23] <rightsforppl> the wedding
[17:23] <ejano> OOoh
[17:23] <taylaahjanee> that isn't happening
[17:23] <rightsforppl> I'mgoingtoforgeyoursignature
[17:23] <ejano> signature?
[17:23] <taylaahjanee> D:
[17:23] <rightsforppl> Her real signature
[17:23] <Mannihalator> Ever been to a wedding crow?
[17:24] <rightsforppl> It's simple in minecraft font
[17:24] <taylaahjanee> Good luck
[17:24] <ejano> Yes 2 infact
[17:24] <ejano> lol
[17:24] <Mannihalator> Then you should know...
[17:24] <ejano> ooooh so like at the end when they sign the form thingo!
[17:24] <ejano> is that it
[17:24] <Mannihalator> Bazinga!
[17:24] <ejano> :D
[17:25] <taylaahjanee> :(
[17:25] <Mannihalator> Lolz
[17:25] <ejano> I love how we dont have necks in mc, it would look weird anyway
[17:26] <Mannihalator> Orly?
[17:26] <ejano> well
[17:26] <rightsforppl> there
[17:26] <rightsforppl> the book is finished
[17:26] <rightsforppl> made a few minor changes
[17:26] <Mannihalator> Short book
[17:26] <rightsforppl> but it's finished
[17:26] <ejano> I've seen a statue in Classic with a neck, Its a good statue but it looks weird with a neck
[17:26] <rightsforppl> actually
[17:26] <ejano> lol so yea
[17:26] <rightsforppl> I made an entire out of custom book
[17:26] <rightsforppl> have a little read
[17:27] <Mannihalator> Nah
[17:27] <rightsforppl> ok
[17:27] <Mannihalator> Too much effort
[17:27] <rightsforppl> It's 1 page
[17:27] <Mannihalator> Precisely
[17:27] <ejano> just hang on 1 sec
[17:27] <rightsforppl> spelling mistake!
[17:27] <ejano> :O
[17:27] <rightsforppl> I spelled 2 as to
[17:27] <rightsforppl> :\
[17:27] <rightsforppl> I hang my head out in shame
[17:27] <ejano> :O NOOOoooooo
[17:27] <Mannihalator> Grammar mistake
[17:27] <Mannihalator> Not spelling
[17:28] <rightsforppl> Burn the book in hell fire!
[17:28] <Mannihalator> K
[17:28] <taylaahjanee> good idea
[17:28] <rightsforppl> I already did
[17:28] <rightsforppl> time for edition 2
[17:30] <Mannihalator> Oh em gee a tranny
[17:30] <ejano> :o
[17:30] <rightsforppl> edition 2
[17:30] <ejano> careful
[17:31] <ejano> lOl
[17:31] <ejano> NO! My
[17:31] <ejano> xp
[17:31] <rightsforppl> err
[17:31] <ejano> nomnomnomns
[17:31] <rightsforppl> the book
[17:31] <rightsforppl> they want the book!
[17:31] <ejano> :O
[17:32] <ejano> DIE
[17:32] <Mannihalator> Itz on fiar!
[17:32] <rightsforppl> throw it in water!
[17:32] <ejano> xD
[17:32] <Mannihalator> *HolyWater burns book
[17:32] <rightsforppl> impossibru!
[17:33] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[17:33] <ejano> Hey
[17:33] <rightsforppl> Hi Nigs!
[17:33] <Mannihalator> Sup
[17:33] <rightsforppl> anyway
[17:33] <T_nigs1> Do I know you?
[17:33] <ejano> Yes
[17:33] <ejano> Yes you know me
[17:33] <Mannihalator> Nah, I'm just waiting for a mate
[17:33] <ejano> :P
[17:33] <rightsforppl> now they are legally united with eachother
[17:33] <T_nigs1> :p
[17:33] <ejano> xD ahah lol
[17:33] <rightsforppl> I'm James
[17:33] <T_nigs1> Hai gais
[17:33] <rightsforppl> He is james too
[17:34] <ejano> xD
[17:34] <taylaahjanee> Why does everyone keep saying that D:
[17:34] <Mannihalator> It's attached to your rod motherlicker!
[17:34] <rightsforppl> Because we're James
[17:34] <ejano> its from
[17:34] <taylaahjanee> I dun get it
[17:34] <ejano> the video of that guy
[17:34] <T_nigs1> Yeah
[17:34] <T_nigs1> That guy
[17:34] <taylaahjanee> theres heaps of videos with a guy
[17:34] <ejano> ah hang on
[17:34] <rightsforppl> But THAT guy
[17:34] <cwp_aus> back
[17:34] <Mannihalator> Tay, google "I'm just waiting for a mate"
[17:34] <rightsforppl> Welcome Back
[17:34] <taylaahjanee> Okay
[17:34] <T_nigs1> WB!!!!
[17:35] <rightsforppl> or I can lmgtfy it for you
[17:35] <T_nigs1> W2B manni?
[17:35] <Mannihalator> In the meantime
[17:35] <Mannihalator> ;D
[17:35] <cwp_aus> lel
[17:35] <rightsforppl> Don't
[17:35] <Mannihalator> y nawt?
[17:35] <ejano> clicky
[17:35] <ejano> that tay
[17:35] <rightsforppl> idk
[17:35] <T_nigs1> Wait
[17:35] <rightsforppl> I just said don't
[17:35] <T_nigs1> [WEB] ?!
[17:35] <taylaahjanee> okaydoke
[17:36] <T_nigs1> What is this
[17:36] <rightsforppl> IRC!
[17:36] <T_nigs1> MADNESS
[17:36] <Mannihalator> Yolo nigs
[17:36] <rightsforppl> or more like Dynmap Irc
[17:36] <T_nigs1> http://forum lawsofminecraft com/index php
[17:36] <T_nigs1> Why Can't I chat on it!/
[17:36] <ejano> lol
[17:36] <T_nigs1> !/ *
[17:36] <ejano> click my link
[17:36] <T_nigs1> !? *
[17:36] <rightsforppl> because you have to go to minecraft earth
[17:36] <ejano> the earth one
[17:36] <rightsforppl> and chat there
[17:36] <T_nigs1> I do chat
[17:36] <T_nigs1> And it
[17:36] <T_nigs1> Doesn't work
[17:36] <T_nigs1> T's all like
[17:36] <cwp_aus> NB* Only admins can put in likns in smp when ont on the dynmap
[17:36] <T_nigs1> Nope
[17:36] <rightsforppl> It will now
[17:36] <cwp_aus> links*
[17:36] <rightsforppl> you just have to stay online
[17:36] <rightsforppl> while opening it
[17:36] <cwp_aus> not*
[17:36] <ejano> try the link I put
[17:37] <T_nigs1> Ejano is admin?>
[17:37] <ejano> nono
[17:37] <rightsforppl> actually
[17:37] <rightsforppl> admins are cool with it so far
[17:37] <cwp_aus> re-read my post nigs -.-
[17:37] <ejano> just click that
[17:37] <T_nigs1> Oh
[17:37] <ejano> yep
[17:37] <T_nigs1> Wot
[17:37] <ejano> it works
[17:37] <ejano> xD
[17:37] <rightsforppl> It no work now eh?
[17:37] <T_nigs1> It didn't before
[17:37] <T_nigs1> Like
[17:37] <taylaahjanee> STALKER
[17:37] <rightsforppl> You have to register your ip while on dynmap
[17:38] <T_nigs1> Once I said hey
[17:38] <rightsforppl> and smp
[17:38] <rightsforppl> at the same time
[17:38] <T_nigs1> And nothing happened
[17:38] <cwp_aus> Buildy Buildy Installion S
[17:38] <T_nigs1> That's, so cool. Omg
[17:38] <rightsforppl> less lag
[17:38] <rightsforppl> and a somewhat Irc like Irc
[17:39] <cwp_aus> no, nothing like irc
[17:39] <T_nigs1> ^
[17:39] <rightsforppl> Now all we need is a taylom bot on it :D
[17:39] <ejano> xD
[17:39] <ejano> ohgod
[17:39] <cwp_aus> Nope
[17:39] <T_nigs1> ^
[17:39] <rightsforppl> ^
[17:39] <T_nigs1> v
[17:39] <ejano> v
[17:39] <ejano> hi
[17:39] <ejano> dammit
[17:39] <rightsforppl> v
[17:39] <ejano> xD
[17:40] <T_nigs1> No, no...
[17:40] <rightsforppl> No, no...
[17:40] <taylaahjanee> Say that one more time and i will murder you
[17:40] <Mannihalator> It's attached to your rod motherlicker!
[17:40] <cwp_aus> *A freindly message from Cwp Tech, InstallationS, or more commonly known as
[17:40] <taylaahjanee> That's it!
[17:40] <cwp_aus> Installation doom is under way ;)*
[17:40] <ejano> Lol
[17:40] <rightsforppl> wow
[17:40] <Mannihalator> Didn't have to worry XD
[17:40] <rightsforppl> that actually worked
[17:41] <T_nigs1> If anyone can guess what I'm thinking, they get 64 potatoes
[17:41] <rightsforppl> potatoes?
[17:41] <Mannihalator> powtaytow?
[17:41] <T_nigs1> WE HAVE A WINNER
[17:41] <rightsforppl> !
[17:41] <rightsforppl> YAY
[17:41] <ejano> :O
[17:41] <ejano> lol
[17:41] <Mannihalator> First, we pow Tay
[17:41] <Mannihalator> Then we tow her
[17:41] <cwp_aus> *Gets them and finds out they are poisoned*
[17:41] <taylaahjanee> no.
[17:41] <ejano> xD
[17:41] <T_nigs1> WHY ARE
[17:41] <T_nigs1> THERE TWO OF YOU
[17:41] <Mannihalator> Y nawt tay?
[17:41] <rightsforppl> Magix
[17:41] <cwp_aus> lol nigs
[17:41] <taylaahjanee> Because i have a twin
[17:41] <Mannihalator> It'll be fun?
[17:41] <cwp_aus> your abit behind eh?
[17:42] <taylaahjanee> No it won't :c
[17:42] <T_nigs1> OMG
[17:42] <ejano> does tay still have her body guard
[17:42] <T_nigs1> WHY ARE THERE TWO OF YOU
[17:42] <rightsforppl> 'abit'
[17:42] <taylaahjanee> yes crow
[17:42] <Mannihalator> We'll only attach it to your rod? :(
[17:42] <rightsforppl> new thing on the server
[17:42] <rightsforppl> you can get defending things
[17:42] <ejano> psst tay send her to the wedding instead ;D
[17:42] <taylaahjanee> YES!
[17:42] <rightsforppl> we'll know if she is real
[17:42] <T_nigs1> STOP
[17:42] <ejano> Loool
[17:42] <rightsforppl> by punching her
[17:42] <cwp_aus> Technically it is an exact copy of you, o techincally you'd still be married to Peppy, :3
[17:42] <T_nigs1> COME AGAIN SOON
[17:42] <Mannihalator> He's gonna know because there won't be a bellybutton Tay...
[17:42] <taylaahjanee> aw thanks nigs :')
[17:42] <cwp_aus> so*
[17:43] <T_nigs1> It's okay
[17:43] <T_nigs1> HAVE FUN
[17:43] <taylaahjanee> reminds me of sclub 7
[17:43] <taylaahjanee> YOU TWO
[17:43] <rightsforppl> Simpsons Reference^^^^^
[17:43] <taylaahjanee> I WILL
[17:43] <ejano> lol yea
[17:43] <Mannihalator> That took you a while rights
[17:43] <rightsforppl> Yes
[17:43] <rightsforppl> Yes it did
[17:43] <T_nigs1> No, no...
[17:43] <Mannihalator> In the meantime
[17:44] <T_nigs1> XD
[17:44] <rightsforppl> tasty
[17:44] <Mannihalator> Rights...
[17:44] <Mannihalator> My god
[17:44] <ejano> OOOOOOOOOhKAaaay..
[17:44] <taylaahjanee> How lovely.
[17:44] <rightsforppl> wait
[17:44] <rightsforppl> you didn't mean it in that sense?
[17:44] <Mannihalator> Yeah, I sorta did...
[17:44] <rightsforppl> oh god
[17:44] <rightsforppl> I take that back
[17:44] <T_nigs1> Too late.
[17:44] <ejano> TOO LATE
[17:44] <taylaahjanee> I'm comin' for ya!
[17:44] <rightsforppl> I never said that
[17:44] <T_nigs1> You eat it.
[17:45] <T_nigs1> Ate *
[17:45] <ejano> It was all in your mouth and everythung
[17:45] <ejano> thing*
[17:45] <T_nigs1> Mate
[17:45] <rightsforppl> there it is
[17:45] <rightsforppl> on the floor
[17:45] <taylaahjanee> Jesus christ. stop moving.
[17:45] <T_nigs1> You gargled.
[17:45] <T_nigs1> POISON POTATO!?
[17:45] <taylaahjanee> ARGH
[17:45] <ejano> :o
[17:45] <T_nigs1> Looks, good.
[17:45] <Mannihalator> It's attached to your rod motherlicker!
[17:46] <ejano> Oooooooooo ocelots
[17:46] <cwp_aus> I'm wondering wether anyone has bothered to look at my on dynmap to see what installation S is....
[17:46] <ejano> :o
[17:46] <taylaahjanee> oh shiiiit
[17:46] <Mannihalator> Slack XD
[17:46] <cwp_aus> lel
[17:46] <ejano> Loool
[17:46] <rightsforppl> keep moving!
[17:46] <rightsforppl> she can't tp to you that way
[17:46] <cwp_aus> damnit tay, :P
[17:46] <taylaahjanee> :P
[17:46] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[17:46] <ejano> hai
[17:46] <rightsforppl> Hi Fear
[17:47] <cwp_aus> hi fear
[17:47] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[17:47] <taylaahjanee> dem melons
[17:47] <rightsforppl> I'm broke
[17:47] <T_nigs1> They're good for you.
[17:47] <ejano> oooo
[17:47] <ejano> >;o
[17:47] <cwp_aus> fear, you near the castle by any chance?
[17:48] <taylaahjanee> woo go rights
[17:48] <Forgott3nFear> which castle
[17:48] <cwp_aus> the one in town
[17:48] <ejano> :D
[17:48] <Mannihalator> Lolz
[17:48] <rightsforppl> Now I lost
[17:48] <Mannihalator> Just making sure Nigs gets his money's worth
[17:48] <Forgott3nFear> shoresbury one
[17:48] <cwp_aus> yep
[17:48] <T_nigs1> <3
[17:48] <Forgott3nFear> yeah
[17:48] <rightsforppl> Have fun with your potato
[17:49] <ejano> Po tay to
[17:49] <T_nigs1> Potatoes *
[17:49] <ejano> s
[17:49] <cwp_aus> meet me at the doors, i'll be down in a sec
[17:49] <taylaahjanee> Pow tay toes
[17:49] <Mannihalator> No tay
[17:49] <taylaahjanee> :c
[17:49] <Mannihalator> You killed it :(
[17:49] <taylaahjanee> well then
[17:49] <rightsforppl> that potato
[17:49] <rightsforppl> oh so young
[17:49] <ejano> oo snap
[17:49] <rightsforppl> If only I can beat you
[17:49] <Mannihalator> H3h3
[17:49] <cwp_aus> come in
[17:49] <ejano> :o
[17:49] <T_nigs1> </3
[17:50] <T_nigs1> Why can't I get in
[17:50] <T_nigs1> :(
[17:50] <Mannihalator> Wut
[17:50] <taylaahjanee> bcus u ghey
[17:50] <ejano> :D
[17:50] <Mannihalator> Good joke tay XD
[17:50] <taylaahjanee> NO
[17:50] <ejano> YEeSH
[17:50] <taylaahjanee> Ikr ;D
[17:50] <cwp_aus> Welcome to the start of Installation S
[17:50] <T_nigs1> MWAHAHAHA
[17:50] <Forgott3nFear> wow
[17:51] <cwp_aus> Shoresburies very own defensive superstructure
[17:51] <taylaahjanee> how dare ya
[17:51] <rightsforppl> ok thanks
[17:51] <Forgott3nFear> nice
[17:51] <Mannihalator> How dare I?
[17:51] <taylaahjanee> XD
[17:51] <Mannihalator> How are you!
[17:51] <taylaahjanee> Not you
[17:51] <taylaahjanee> Lol
[17:51] <Mannihalator> dare..*
[17:51] <Mannihalator> Wut
[17:51] <Mannihalator> The
[17:51] <rightsforppl> Have fun manni!
[17:51] <Mannihalator> F...!
[17:51] <T_nigs1> Can I have a floor :3
[17:52] <rightsforppl> the money is all yours
[17:52] <taylaahjanee> He gave you my mula
[17:52] <Mannihalator> I can build more nigs lol
[17:52] <T_nigs1> NO
[17:52] <cwp_aus> Thought i'd show ya seeing as sooner or later i'm sure you'd be wondering what the hell it was :P
[17:52] <rightsforppl> Since Tay will give it back
[17:52] <Mannihalator> I mean, more towars!
[17:52] <rightsforppl> I gave it to manni
[17:52] <rightsforppl> all 6 mill
[17:52] <T_nigs1> BUILD MOOOAAARRR
[17:52] <Mannihalator> I need moneh! I'm broke :(
[17:52] <ejano> o.o
[17:52] <Mannihalator> LOL
[17:52] <rightsforppl> who'd you give it to?
[17:52] <ejano> whats the money for?
[17:53] <Mannihalator> YOU ALL FELL FOR IT
[17:53] <T_nigs1> Can I have it back :(
[17:53] <taylaahjanee> i gave everyone money though :c
[17:53] <rightsforppl> tay made you a rich man
[17:53] <rightsforppl> not me
[17:53] <taylaahjanee> No guys i don't want it back D:
[17:53] <taylaahjanee> gus gave me back 69
[17:53] <T_nigs1> Oh
[17:53] <rightsforppl> because I don't accept it
[17:53] <ejano> :o how rude
[17:53] <ejano> jks xD
[17:53] <Mannihalator> So many 69's for tay...
[17:53] <taylaahjanee> ;)
[17:53] <Mannihalator> XD
[17:54] <Forgott3nFear> so is there going to be 5 of these or something
[17:54] <cwp_aus> last stack of iron :/
[17:54] <rightsforppl> pay it all back in 69
[17:54] <rightsforppl> (money so don't get the wrong idea*
[17:54] <taylaahjanee> Noo
[17:54] <cwp_aus> no, just really large one, :P
[17:54] <taylaahjanee> think i have enough money
[17:54] <cwp_aus> just one*
[17:54] <Forgott3nFear> fair enough
[17:55] <taylaahjanee> knock knock
[17:55] <rightsforppl> Now you will never give me money =D
[17:55] <Mannihalator> Who's there?
[17:55] <ejano> THE DOOR
[17:55] <T_nigs1> ohh
[17:55] <rightsforppl> asdf movie 6 reference^^
[17:55] <T_nigs1> NINJA
[17:55] <Mannihalator> The door who?
[17:55] <ejano> lol
[17:55] <rightsforppl> I don't accept yo money
[17:55] <taylaahjanee> NO
[17:55] <cwp_aus> *Doors slams on manni*
[17:55] <Mannihalator> :c
[17:55] <T_nigs1> Tay, just give it to me C:
[17:55] <ejano> xD
[17:56] <ejano> is anyone near a dark place or bunch of mobs
[17:56] <rightsforppl> anyway
[17:56] <Mannihalator> Taylah always is c:
[17:56] <ejano> I need some xp
[17:56] <rightsforppl> It will be as if we have creative if she gives us money
[17:56] <taylaahjanee> ...
[17:56] <rightsforppl> I don't want to ruin the survival sense
[17:56] <taylaahjanee> wot u tryna say!?
[17:56] <Mannihalator> You're dark?
[17:56] <taylaahjanee> Racist.
[17:56] <Mannihalator> Pfft
[17:56] <taylaahjanee> Cwp let me in
[17:56] <cwp_aus> lol whut?
[17:57] <Mannihalator> Practice paper for mid-course exams
[17:57] <rightsforppl> so far if you call people any one of these colours your racist:
[17:57] <Mannihalator> Was more racist
[17:57] <taylaahjanee> Lol..
[17:57] <rightsforppl> Black, White, Red, Yellow
[17:57] <taylaahjanee> Yes rights
[17:57] <rightsforppl> and Brown
[17:57] <ejano> wait so
[17:57] <Mannihalator> "White High School"
[17:57] <cwp_aus> oh hi dere
[17:57] <ejano> If you're describing someone
[17:57] <taylaahjanee> hai
[17:57] <cwp_aus> didn't see you from up there
[17:57] <ejano> you can't say he has tan skin?
[17:58] <Mannihalator> I have tan skin c:
[17:58] <cwp_aus> brb
[17:58] <rightsforppl> err
[17:58] <rightsforppl> you can
[17:58] <ejano> Lol
[17:58] <rightsforppl> this guy is sun bleached!
[17:58] <rightsforppl> although they will have skin cancer before they get sun bleached
[17:58] <ejano> lol
[17:59] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[17:59] <ejano> Forgotten fear what are you doing on 3 hearts of health
[17:59] <rightsforppl> anywho
[17:59] <ejano> D:
[17:59] <rightsforppl> time to continue planning the wedding
[17:59] <Forgott3nFear> dieing
[17:59] <ejano> Nooooooo
[17:59] <ejano> well stop dying!
[18:00] <Forgott3nFear> ill try
[18:00] <cwp_aus> back
[18:00] <ejano> lol
[18:00] <rightsforppl> Welcome Back
[18:00] <cwp_aus> so uhh, you want to come in, eh?
[18:00] <ejano> wb cwp
[18:00] <taylaahjanee> Yes :D
[18:00] <cwp_aus> I see now
[18:00] <rightsforppl> first of all we kidnap tay
[18:00] <cwp_aus> Whats the password? ;)
[18:00] <taylaahjanee> Hell no
[18:00] <taylaahjanee> It's password?
[18:00] <ejano> O.O
[18:00] <rightsforppl> then we force her to marry Peppy
[18:00] <cwp_aus> Damnit, ;P
[18:00] <ejano> NOooooooooooo
[18:01] <taylaahjanee> woo
[18:01] <rightsforppl> so we kidnap her to the church
[18:01] <rightsforppl> where peppy will be waiting
[18:01] <cwp_aus> Well, shes stuck in my castle, dso yay!
[18:01] <Mannihalator> Crap, I forgot the chloroform
[18:01] <taylaahjanee> D:
[18:01] <taylaahjanee> oh no
[18:01] <rightsforppl> the justice of the peace (me) will walk in slow motion for extra awesomeness
[18:01] <cwp_aus> manni, mix it with ctc, it's stronger
[18:01] <cwp_aus> :P
[18:01] <taylaahjanee> Wheres my bodyguard when you need her!?
[18:01] <taylaahjanee> oh, there
[18:01] <Mannihalator> Dead
[18:01] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[18:01] <Mannihalator> Welcum back
[18:01] <T_nigs1> Stoopid idiot guests!
[18:01] <ejano> wb
[18:01] <rightsforppl> There will be a sniper aiming for tay's head in case she says no
[18:02] <rightsforppl> and everything will go as planned
[18:02] <rightsforppl> and they get married
[18:02] <Mannihalator> Uh no
[18:02] <rightsforppl> and they can go back to their home
[18:02] <taylaahjanee> OH NO
[18:02] <ejano> what if she turns invisbru
[18:02] <rightsforppl> plan their honeymoon
[18:02] <rightsforppl> and do whatever they want from there
[18:02] <cwp_aus> ?
[18:02] <T_nigs1> OMG
[18:02] <Mannihalator> If she says no, the sniper shoots her. She will die...
[18:02] <rightsforppl> except get seperated or divorced
[18:02] <cwp_aus> lol tay
[18:02] <T_nigs1> These potatoes are amazing
[18:02] <taylaahjanee> I fell over the fence
[18:02] <T_nigs1> So poisoned.
[18:02] <Mannihalator> Derp, she needs to stay alive -.-"
[18:02] <taylaahjanee> No D:
[18:03] <cwp_aus> Tranq dart?
[18:03] <rightsforppl> she won't kill herself to get out of marriage
[18:03] <taylaahjanee> are you sure?
[18:03] <ejano> xD
[18:03] <T_nigs1> OMG
[18:03] <rightsforppl> Suicide is a sin'
[18:03] <T_nigs1> Manni
[18:03] <T_nigs1> I'm in the rape dungeon
[18:03] <Mannihalator> Yeah?
[18:03] <Mannihalator> Lol
[18:03] <ejano> IHord?
[18:03] <T_nigs1> ^
[18:03] <taylaahjanee> forced marriage should be a sin
[18:03] <ejano> rightio
[18:03] <Mannihalator> I'm on my way to Shoresbury c:
[18:03] <rightsforppl> Not if god is a guest
[18:03] <taylaahjanee> So what's this Cwp?
[18:03] <T_nigs1> The pleasurenator 69,000
[18:03] <rightsforppl> =D
[18:03] <ejano> Im at shores
[18:03] <taylaahjanee> D:
[18:04] <cwp_aus> whys everyone coming to my castle btw?
[18:04] <ejano> looking for mobs xD
[18:04] <Mannihalator> Tay's there
[18:04] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[18:04] <Mannihalator> I didn't clean up my .50 for no reason...
[18:04] <cwp_aus> So, uhh, this is nothing
[18:04] <taylaahjanee> Come at me brah
[18:04] <rightsforppl> Manni, would you like to be the sniper?
[18:04] <cwp_aus> just a harmless space station
[18:05] <Mannihalator> Only if I can use a .50 with explosive rounds...
[18:05] <rightsforppl> You can
[18:05] <Mannihalator> Nope
[18:05] <cwp_aus> you'know, specifically for the Shoresburian Populous
[18:05] <rightsforppl> as long as they don't hurt anyone other than tay
[18:05] <Mannihalator> She needs to be alive
[18:05] <cwp_aus> so, uhhh
[18:05] <rightsforppl> She won't suice
[18:05] <rightsforppl> *suicide
[18:05] <rightsforppl> we'll make the shot fatal
[18:05] <rightsforppl> but not killer
[18:05] <ejano> anyone seen any mobs around
[18:05] <taylaahjanee> So mean guys
[18:05] <rightsforppl> so it would be a slow and painful death
[18:06] <Mannihalator> If I shoot her with a .50 there'll be bits of her all over the church..
[18:06] <rightsforppl> coat the bullet with poison too
[18:06] <cwp_aus> so, uhh, down we go
[18:06] <rightsforppl> controlled explosives ;)
[18:06] <ejano> PIGGEH
[18:06] <Mannihalator> It's explosive rounds
[18:06] <ejano> pig stallion
[18:06] <Mannihalator> Hit = Boom
[18:06] <ejano> trapped in a hole
[18:06] <rightsforppl> Yes
[18:06] <rightsforppl> but controlled explosives
[18:06] <Mannihalator> = Bits of Tay all over the place
[18:06] <cwp_aus> Down we come tay
[18:06] <taylaahjanee> ym
[18:06] <taylaahjanee> yum*
[18:07] <Mannihalator> You can't control explosive rounds -.-"
[18:07] <taylaahjanee> Don't need cake when we have bits of me everywhere
[18:07] <rightsforppl> welcome to the future
[18:07] <Mannihalator> XD
[18:07] <cwp_aus> So, wohs selling rion, preferably by 10's of stacks
[18:07] <rightsforppl> secret government explosive rounds
[18:07] <cwp_aus> whos*
[18:07] <rightsforppl> supplied by god
[18:07] <cwp_aus> iron*
[18:07] <taylaahjanee> So if i agree to marry him i'm fine?
[18:07] <Mannihalator> Yep
[18:07] <rightsforppl> yes
[18:07] <cwp_aus> pre much
[18:07] <rightsforppl> yes you are
[18:08] <ejano> ohai there manni
[18:08] <ejano> MELONS
[18:08] <rightsforppl> otherwise we'll get Peppy to mimic you into agreeing
[18:08] <taylaahjanee> Thanks cwp :P
[18:08] <cwp_aus> :P
[18:08] <taylaahjanee> I guess i have to disagree then
[18:08] <rightsforppl> death
[18:08] <Mannihalator> = Bits of Tay all over the place
[18:08] <rightsforppl> death
[18:08] <ejano> lol
[18:08] <taylaahjanee> oh well, yolo
[18:09] <ejano> not if you can't get to her
[18:09] <ejano> xD
[18:09] <Mannihalator> In this case, yes
[18:09] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[18:09] <rightsforppl> she'll be watched by the greatest sniper in the minecraft world
[18:09] <taylaahjanee> i won't even be online
[18:09] <rightsforppl> with slow and painful fatal rounds
[18:09] <cwp_aus> If that hits you, i'm sorry, :P
[18:09] <ejano> xD
[18:09] <rightsforppl> we'll just make peppy to make a clown of you
[18:09] <Mannihalator> You don't have to be >:D
[18:09] <rightsforppl> and mimic you again
[18:09] <rightsforppl> *clone
[18:10] <rightsforppl> not clown xD
[18:10] <taylaahjanee> I'm fine with him being married to my clone :P
[18:10] <rightsforppl> and we'll kill you too
[18:10] <ejano> xD
[18:10] <taylaahjanee> I'll never come online
[18:10] <cwp_aus> Get off my lawn
[18:10] <ejano> I doubt You'll be able to get to tay
[18:10] <rightsforppl> after we force you into his house
[18:10] <rightsforppl> and lock the door
[18:10] <taylaahjanee> he has no house :P
[18:10] <rightsforppl> He does
[18:10] <rightsforppl> He's puddin
[18:10] <cwp_aus> That coming your way tay?
[18:10] <rightsforppl> he has everything
[18:11] <rightsforppl> Money, Swag, Bling
[18:11] <taylaahjanee> what is? i'm in 001
[18:11] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[18:11] <rightsforppl> Hi Regox
[18:11] <Regox> Hey
[18:11] <cwp_aus> I just saw you and your clone?
[18:11] <ejano> hai
[18:11] <cwp_aus> hi reg
[18:11] <taylaahjanee> Yeah i left :P
[18:11] <taylaahjanee> NO
[18:11] <ejano> ahg I gtg have dinner
[18:11] <Mannihalator> LOL yes!
[18:11] <rightsforppl> See
[18:11] <rightsforppl> even server says it
[18:11] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[18:11] <taylaahjanee> And that's why i dislike server.
[18:12] <cwp_aus> Anyone know of anywhere i can buy iron blokcs in bulk?
[18:12] <rightsforppl> You dislike gale :O
[18:12] <cwp_aus> blocks*
[18:12] <Mannihalator> Spawn
[18:12] <Mannihalator> Lolz
[18:12] <Regox> I can sell in bulk for spawn prices
[18:12] <taylaahjanee> and that is fine
[18:12] <rightsforppl> Cya
[18:12] <rightsforppl> country rock?
[18:12] <cwp_aus> yeah nah, i'll pass then
[18:12] <taylaahjanee> No :c
[18:13] <rightsforppl> sounds like country rock
[18:13] <Mannihalator> Disturbed <3
[18:13] <cwp_aus> -.-
[18:13] <rightsforppl> sounds good
[18:13] <cwp_aus> *Holds breath as he waits for the slap*
[18:13] <rightsforppl> except I easily like everything
[18:14] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[18:14] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[18:14] <rightsforppl> anyway have fun with Peppy!
[18:14] <cwp_aus> wb fear
[18:14] <rightsforppl> Welcome Back
[18:14] <taylaahjanee> :(
[18:14] <taylaahjanee> Fun and Peppy don't go together
[18:14] <Forgott3nFear> ty
[18:14] <taylaahjanee> :P
[18:14] <rightsforppl> We'll make you drunk
[18:14] <Mannihalator> Dat's a good joke tay
[18:15] <rightsforppl> so you accept marriage
[18:15] <rightsforppl> sub conciously
[18:15] <cwp_aus> Buying iron!
[18:15] <rightsforppl> If I spelled that right^
[18:15] <Mannihalator> How do you plan on doing that rights?
[18:15] <cwp_aus> lots and lots of iron!
[18:15] <rightsforppl> easy
[18:15] <rightsforppl> tied up to a chair
[18:15] <rightsforppl> filter funnel
[18:15] <rightsforppl> beer
[18:15] <taylaahjanee> EW
[18:16] <Mannihalator> And you'll be there for the rest of the night...
[18:16] <taylaahjanee> :(
[18:16] <rightsforppl> after she's drunk
[18:16] <rightsforppl> release her to the church
[18:16] <rightsforppl> where she will accept
[18:16] <Mannihalator> It takes ages to get drunk off beer -.-"
[18:16] <cwp_aus> not when one han't got drunk before
[18:16] <rightsforppl> what's faster?
[18:16] <cwp_aus> hasnt*
[18:16] <Mannihalator> Vodka, Spirits, Rum etc
[18:16] <taylaahjanee> Wow you have this all planned out.
[18:16] <taylaahjanee> Vodka!
[18:16] <rightsforppl> ok
[18:17] <taylaahjanee> I'll definitely accept.
[18:17] <Mannihalator> Not necessarily cwp lol
[18:17] <rightsforppl> we'll overload her with vodka
[18:17] <Mannihalator> Then she'll die...
[18:17] <rightsforppl> well
[18:17] <taylaahjanee> yay
[18:17] <rightsforppl> enough to get her drunk
[18:17] <cwp_aus> You'll be like russian with failed liver
[18:17] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[18:17] <rightsforppl> I'm evil in so many way
[18:17] <rightsforppl> *ways
[18:17] <Mannihalator> Even drunk, you're not that stupid XD
[18:18] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[18:18] <taylaahjanee> XD
[18:18] <cwp_aus> hi rob
[18:18] <rightsforppl> Hi Rob
[18:18] <rightsforppl> well
[18:18] <rightsforppl> except I'm not evil
[18:18] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[18:18] <rightsforppl> and I don't do this stuff in real life
[18:18] <cwp_aus> sure you don't
[18:18] <taylaahjanee> :o
[18:18] <cwp_aus> ;)
[18:18] <rightsforppl> seriously
[18:19] <rightsforppl> In real life I'm quiet
[18:19] <cwp_aus> ;) = joking = -.-
[18:19] <rightsforppl> I won't get drunk eh?
[18:19] <Mannihalator> Lol
[18:20] <rightsforppl> let's see about that
[18:20] <Mannihalator> I dibs taking pictures
[18:20] <rightsforppl> heylo
[18:20] <Mannihalator> And putting them on Facebook
[18:20] <rightsforppl> watcha deoing
[18:20] <cwp_aus> *Buying rion buy the bulk load*
[18:20] <cwp_aus> iron*
[18:20] <Mannihalator> Lol
[18:20] <rightsforppl> I'm a flying happy land cow!
[18:21] <Mannihalator> That's high you idiot.
[18:21] <rightsforppl> seeeeeriiiiiiousssssssslyyyyyy?
[18:21] <Mannihalator> Yes
[18:21] <rightsforppl> ^slurred speach
[18:21] <rightsforppl> ^bad spelling
[18:21] <Mannihalator> That's being high, not drunk -.-"
[18:21] <rightsforppl> I'm sure I'm drunk
[18:22] <taylaahjanee> you get slurred speach when drunk.. lol
[18:22] <rightsforppl> well
[18:22] <cwp_aus> Can anyone quote me on 10 stacks of iron blocks ;)
[18:22] <Mannihalator> Not while typing...
[18:22] <rightsforppl> I'm james
[18:22] <taylaahjanee> oh well obviously
[18:22] <Mannihalator> I can type fine while drunk
[18:22] <rightsforppl> am I drunk now?
[18:22] <Mannihalator> No rights
[18:22] <rightsforppl> I'm just waiting for my mate
[18:22] <Mannihalator> No one can get drunk in 3 mins flat
[18:22] <rightsforppl> Am I drunk now?
[18:23] <roberestarkk> Just for you cwp: ((./worth ironblock 64 ) *10)*2.5
[18:23] <rightsforppl> 610x2.5
[18:23] <rightsforppl> 1525?
[18:23] <Mannihalator> Oooh lightenininining
[18:23] <rightsforppl> call hall!
[18:24] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[18:24] <rightsforppl> HUN KAAL SCOTCH
[18:24] <rightsforppl> Hi Peppy
[18:24] <roberestarkk> take right's deal, his is way cheaper than mine
[18:24] <cwp_aus> hi peppy, also, whats the 2.5 in there for rob?
[18:24] <Mannihalator> You called Peppy not Hall >.>
[18:24] <rightsforppl> meh
[18:24] <rightsforppl> Peppy can call hall
[18:24] <roberestarkk> The value without the 2.5 is the value you'd get for selling it to the server
[18:24] <rightsforppl> the Hall call only works with him
[18:24] <roberestarkk> buying is always more expensive
[18:24] <roberestarkk> VIVA CAPITALISM!
[18:24] <cwp_aus> ahh
[18:25] <cwp_aus> If i were to pay you 256000, would you be able to supply teh iron?
[18:25] <rightsforppl> way over the price
[18:25] <roberestarkk> verily
[18:25] <rightsforppl> but yeah
[18:25] <cwp_aus> rights, i'm buying 10 stacks of iron blocks, lol
[18:26] <roberestarkk> you'd better buy it from rights though, he charges less than 2.5 times the sale price
[18:26] <rightsforppl> I did the math
[18:26] <rightsforppl> and got 1525
[18:26] <Mannihalator> 9 x 10 x 64
[18:26] <rightsforppl> I did 64x10x2.5
[18:26] <Mannihalator> Dat's a lot of ingots
[18:26] <cwp_aus> 160x64x10x2.5 -.-
[18:26] <rightsforppl> which is 1600 for some reason
[18:26] <cwp_aus> 160 being the actual price of the blocks, lol
[18:26] <roberestarkk> lol, rights thinks ironblocks are worth $1
[18:26] <cwp_aus> heh
[18:27] <rightsforppl> stack of iron block worth $0
[18:27] <rightsforppl> can I buy stack of iron block?
[18:27] <roberestarkk> no
[18:27] <roberestarkk> ./worth ironblock
[18:27] <rightsforppl> that's what it says
[18:27] <rightsforppl> a stack is $0
[18:27] <roberestarkk> no it doesn't
[18:27] <cwp_aus> thats cause you didn't input a number of blocks -.-
[18:28] <Mannihalator> I got $102400?
[18:28] <cwp_aus> manni, x2.5
[18:28] <cwp_aus> the 102400 is selling price
[18:28] <roberestarkk> no cwp, it defaults to 1 block
[18:28] <cwp_aus> not buying
[18:28] <roberestarkk> but he's obviously putting a space in the word ironblock, and thus attempting to get
[18:28] <Mannihalator> Need the money cwp?
[18:28] <cwp_aus> thankyou rob
[18:28] <rightsforppl> then can I buy 1 block?
[18:28] <roberestarkk> the price of a non-item
[18:29] <cwp_aus> nah, i'm good manni, :P
[18:29] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[18:29] <roberestarkk> he doesn't understand how parameters work
[18:29] <rightsforppl> meh, I
[18:29] <rightsforppl> *I'm too tired to talk
[18:29] <cwp_aus> speaking which i should be off
[18:29] <cwp_aus> seyas
[18:29] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[18:30] <rightsforppl> I'm going to read my manga light novel
[18:30] <rightsforppl> which I just got
[18:30] <rightsforppl> and haven't been bothered to read
[18:30] <rightsforppl> cyas
[18:30] <Mannihalator> K
[18:30] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[18:31] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[18:31] <Peppy2006> ROBER-E-STARKK
[18:31] <taylaahjanee> Thanks
[18:32] <roberestarkk> Jawohl mein Kapitan!?
[18:32] <roberestarkk> stfu
[18:33] <Mannihalator> Pwnt
[18:34] <Mannihalator> Then read and not tell us you're reading? o_0
[18:34] <roberestarkk> I summarised the difference between the NAZI political party and the German command hierarchy in 4
[18:34] <roberestarkk> letters
[18:34] <Peppy2006> Did you?
[18:35] <roberestarkk> No, I couldn't be bothered, so I told him to shut up, but not as politely
[18:35] <Peppy2006> lol
[18:37] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[18:37] <Peppy2006> loltayleft
[18:38] <Peppy2006> Boy, this Puddin' happens to be very much so of German heritage.
[18:38] <Mannihalator> Dem's fightin' words!
[18:38] <Peppy2006> Bring it on fool!
[18:38] <Mannihalator> Crap
[18:39] <Peppy2006> I'll just call up the Kaiser!
[18:39] <Peppy2006> Even if he as been dead for... A long time.
[18:40] <Peppy2006> Whatchu dot-dot'in about anyway, Tay?
[18:40] <Mannihalator> Lies
[18:40] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380) has joined #main
[18:40] <tassam380> #Procrastination
[18:40] <Peppy2006> Moreover why ain't you playing? :P
[18:40] <Mannihalator> Hurro
[18:41] <roberestarkk> she's a period short of an ellipsis
[18:41] <Peppy2006> lol
[18:41] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380§r) Quit (§etassam380 left the game.)
[18:41] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380) has joined #main
[18:41] <Peppy2006> Mornin' Sam!
[18:41] <tassam380> Allo
[18:43] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator§r) Quit (§eMannihalator left the game.)
[18:43] <roberestarkk> EEK AN INVISIBLE FLYING COMPASS!
[18:43] <tassam380> :O
[18:43] <tassam380> Kylie, Stop Hiding. You were on list, Now You Not.
[18:45] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380§r) Quit (§etassam380 left the game.)
[18:45] <roberestarkk> I should make a bot of tonu and leave her here
[18:45] <Peppy2006> Why? lol
[18:45] <roberestarkk> it's the kitchen...
[18:45] <Peppy2006> Hah
[18:46] <Peppy2006> I'd trust no food of hers
[18:46] <roberestarkk> hmmn, good point
[18:46] <roberestarkk> where's the brig?
[18:46] <Peppy2006> I dunno
[18:46] <Peppy2006> But dinner appears to have escaped the kitchen
[18:47] <roberestarkk> ugh
[18:47] <roberestarkk> it's so big
[18:47] <Peppy2006> Oh ho ho yes
[18:47] <roberestarkk> yes, yes she did
[18:48] <roberestarkk> damn cruise ships, where's a map when you need one?
[18:49] <Peppy2006> Probably left wherever this thing sank.
[18:49] <roberestarkk> this is the second kitchen I've found
[18:49] <roberestarkk> it's a sign
[18:49] <Peppy2006> What if it's the same kitchen?
[18:50] <roberestarkk> it isn't. it's several decks lower and looks entirely different
[18:50] <Peppy2006> Ahhh
[18:50] <Peppy2006> So it's for the poor people
[18:50] <roberestarkk> yarp
[18:50] <roberestarkk> getting closer to where tonu goes
[18:50] <Peppy2006> 4th class?
[18:51] <roberestarkk> nah, that's too good for tonu
[18:51] <roberestarkk> I was thinking steerage
[18:51] <Peppy2006> Aye
[18:52] <roberestarkk> wow, these rooms are small!
[18:52] <roberestarkk> 2x3
[18:52] <roberestarkk> 2x2
[18:52] <roberestarkk> getting closer
[18:52] <Peppy2006> 1x1 sounds about right.
[18:52] <roberestarkk> aye
[18:53] <Peppy2006> 1x1x1
[18:53] <roberestarkk> HAH
[18:53] <roberestarkk> found one!
[18:54] <roberestarkk> way down on deck F
[18:54] <roberestarkk> or thereabouts
[18:56] <Peppy2006> This seems strangely like a bathroom, though.
[18:56] <Peppy2006> Or changing room
[18:56] <roberestarkk> it probably is...
[18:56] <roberestarkk> but meh
[18:56] <Peppy2006> But close enough
[18:57] <roberestarkk> it's surprisingly difficult to find small spaces on this ship
[18:57] <Peppy2006> Put her in one of the engine's cylinders.
[18:57] <roberestarkk> mmm, good plan!
[18:57] <Peppy2006> Now, to find the engine..
[18:58] <Peppy2006> I found something
[18:59] <Peppy2006> You typed N, then U, then followed that with two Ls
[19:00] <roberestarkk> we could stick her in the cold locker...
[19:00] <Peppy2006> It went great until Tay showed up
[19:00] <Peppy2006> And yes, we should!
[19:01] <Peppy2006> Just like I should go eat a Vicodin
[19:01] <Peppy2006> Or ibuprofen.
[19:01] <Peppy2006> In either case something to make my mouth feel better
[19:02] <Peppy2006> brb
[19:02] <Peppy2006> tp me to the cold locker when you get there
[19:02] <roberestarkk> I was just there
[19:02] <roberestarkk> I left again looking for the engine rom
[19:02] <roberestarkk> room
[19:02] <Peppy2006> Ah
[19:02] <Peppy2006> I think I found that
[19:03] <Peppy2006> Not sure though
[19:03] <Peppy2006> Actually I take it back
[19:03] <Peppy2006> Definitely engine room
[19:07] <Peppy2006> Went with vicodin
[19:08] <Peppy2006> Decided my mouth actually was sore enough to condone it.
[19:09] <roberestarkk> FINALLY!
[19:10] <Peppy2006> I was just down here. XD
[19:10] <roberestarkk> now I just gotta find a way down to the engine room
[19:13] <roberestarkk> holycrap
[19:13] <roberestarkk> I think I just turned the engines on
[19:14] <roberestarkk> hah, cool
[19:14] <Peppy2006> Awesome. XD
[19:14] <roberestarkk> AHA
[19:14] <roberestarkk> stick her in the furnace!
[19:14] <Peppy2006> lol!
[19:15] <roberestarkk> so many furnaces
[19:19] <roberestarkk> this ship is giving me the ships
[19:24] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[19:26] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[21:01] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[21:35] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)

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