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IRC Log for #main.2013-01-09

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[1:02] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[1:02] <PURD3Y> test
[1:02] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[1:30] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
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[1:31] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[1:31] <PURD3Y> test
[2:04] <PURD3Y> test
[2:08] <PURD3Y> test
[2:13] <PURD3Y> test
[2:13] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[2:13] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[2:22] <PURD3Y> test
[2:35] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[4:55] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
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[5:11] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[5:11] <roberestarkk> testing
[5:11] <roberestarkk> O.o
[5:12] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[5:12] <Peppy2006> Don't fall over, server.
[5:12] <roberestarkk> Huzzah!
[5:13] <Peppy2006> Fixed?
[5:13] <roberestarkk> all done! Many many thanks!
[5:13] <Peppy2006> Ooh, the lag
[5:13] <Peppy2006> She's gone...
[5:13] <roberestarkk> see the DisguiseCraft thingy?
[5:13] <Peppy2006> Oh, yeah.
[5:14] <Peppy2006> That's an easy fix. XD
[5:14] <roberestarkk> oh good ^^
[5:15] <Peppy2006> Should be gone now.
[5:15] <roberestarkk> excellent!
[5:16] <Peppy2006> lol
[5:17] <Peppy2006> I am gonna make all my shock troopers drink all these potions to make them unstoppable...
[5:17] <Peppy2006> Then my sneakier types are going to need to drink invisibility potions and night vision. :P
[5:18] <roberestarkk> ooh strategy!
[5:18] <Peppy2006> Indeed. :D
[5:20] <roberestarkk> hmmn... I wonder whether you'd be interested in watching a video involving a nuke flower
[5:21] <Peppy2006> Possibly
[5:21] <Peppy2006> I'm currently figuring out entry points into Origin though, apart from through their docks.
[5:21] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) has joined #main
[5:21] <Lacho5> Hey
[5:22] <Peppy2006> Howdy
[5:22] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[5:22] <roberestarkk> Entry points huh?
[5:22] <roberestarkk> Have you covered all 4 approaches?
[5:23] <Peppy2006> Bsically...
[5:23] <roberestarkk> Namely: Land, Sea, Air, Magic
[5:23] <Lacho5> Its my b day in 11 days
[5:23] <Peppy2006> Woo! Happy birthday in 11 days advance.
[5:23] <Lacho5> Thank
[5:23] <roberestarkk> It's my birthday in...
[5:23] <roberestarkk> umm
[5:24] <Peppy2006> Well you've already had 2601, you should remember by now Samme.
[5:24] <Peppy2006> Sammeh. XD
[5:24] <Lacho5> lol
[5:24] <roberestarkk> I remember when it is, I just can't maths the number of days until it comes by again
[5:24] <Lacho5> What date
[5:25] <Lacho5> what is the date
[5:25] <Lacho5> rob?
[5:25] <roberestarkk> Guy Fawkes Day
[5:25] <Lacho5> uhhh
[5:25] <Lacho5> 6 days
[5:25] <Lacho5> 5
[5:26] <Lacho5> No
[5:26] <roberestarkk> ...
[5:26] <Lacho5> jks
[5:26] <roberestarkk> lol
[5:26] <Lacho5> lol
[5:26] <roberestarkk> I'll maths it, hang on
[5:26] <Lacho5> I have no idea what Guy Fawkes Day is lol
[5:27] <Lacho5> Have you peppy?
[5:27] <roberestarkk> wow, it's exactly 300 days from today
[5:27] <Peppy2006> Not really.
[5:27] <roberestarkk> and of course he does, it's an American holiday
[5:27] <roberestarkk> or not...
[5:27] <roberestarkk> it's also called "Bonfire Night"
[5:27] <Lacho5> So where is my present jks
[5:28] <Lacho5> And do not say the dog ate it lol jks
[5:28] <Peppy2006> the dog ate it lol jks
[5:28] <roberestarkk> pfft, that would be silly
[5:28] <roberestarkk> I'm a cat person
[5:28] <Lacho5> lol
[5:29] <Lacho5> No money or enouthing wow your nice jks
[5:29] <roberestarkk> I sure am!
[5:29] <Lacho5> lol!
[5:29] <roberestarkk> if I wasn't, I'd take all your stuff and sell it
[5:29] <Lacho5> being sarcastic rob
[5:29] <Lacho5> The thing is I have no stuff lol
[5:30] <roberestarkk> hmmn
[5:30] <Lacho5> How about you peppy
[5:30] <roberestarkk> I wouldn't sell his stuff!
[5:30] <Lacho5> come on who ever give me most money is the best staff member thingy
[5:31] <roberestarkk> there's no award for that!
[5:31] <roberestarkk> you're trying to trick us!
[5:31] <Lacho5> yes there is nicest stuff member that gave money to Lacho5
[5:31] <Lacho5> I won an award yay!
[5:31] <Lacho5> even though it was bad
[5:31] * Lacho5 was kicked from #main by Server
[5:31] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5§r) Quit (§eLacho5 left the game.)
[5:32] <Peppy2006> ...
[5:32] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5) has joined #main
[5:32] <Lacho5> lol
[5:32] <Lacho5> who did that
[5:32] <roberestarkk> A Wizard
[5:32] <Peppy2006> Did what?
[5:32] <roberestarkk> 'that'
[5:32] <Lacho5> It said disconected by server
[5:32] <roberestarkk> the server is a Wizard
[5:32] <Lacho5> wait rob is on should everything be blowing up!
[5:33] <Peppy2006> No, we fixed that.
[5:33] <Lacho5> Thank you
[5:33] <Lacho5> Ge, Rob make so many mistakes jks
[5:34] <roberestarkk> ?
[5:34] <Lacho5> Did you blow up ya house
[5:34] <roberestarkk> nope
[5:34] <Lacho5> Good it looked cool from on the map view
[5:34] <roberestarkk> lol, arigato
[5:34] <Peppy2006> Mr. Roboto
[5:35] <roberestarkk> haha
[5:35] <Lacho5> ha
[5:35] <Lacho5> Your the worst present giver's I have ever seen
[5:35] <Peppy2006> We have this thing
[5:35] <Lacho5> Yes
[5:35] <roberestarkk> here's a free spelling correction!
[5:36] <roberestarkk> You're*
[5:36] <Peppy2006> If we're not the BEST at anything, we can't let anyone down.
[5:36] <Lacho5> Yes I do that all the time!
[5:36] <Lacho5> But you have to give me present or I will die
[5:36] <Peppy2006> We'll give you a free funeral.
[5:37] <Lacho5> lol
[5:37] <roberestarkk> The Conclave of Shadows does not negotiate with Terrorists!
[5:37] <Peppy2006> 001 does not, either. :P
[5:37] <Lacho5> told you
[5:37] <Peppy2006> ... lol?
[5:38] <Lacho5> I told you I would die
[5:38] <Peppy2006> You're a man of your word.
[5:38] <Lacho5> Yes
[5:39] <Lacho5> Now are you I need funeral from you and a spelling thing with rob.
[5:39] <roberestarkk> and grammar by the looks of it
[5:39] <roberestarkk> that made no sense at all
[5:39] <Lacho5> You seem to need punction
[5:39] <roberestarkk> as opposed to punctuation?
[5:40] <Lacho5> shut up lol
[5:40] <Lacho5> I know I know
[5:40] <Lacho5> I am bad at spelling
[5:41] <Lacho5> How about you just all say Happy Birthday!
[5:41] <Peppy2006> I did!!!! :P
[5:41] <roberestarkk> I will
[5:41] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[5:41] <roberestarkk> in 11 days
[5:41] <ejano> hey
[5:41] <roberestarkk> Ahoy ejano!
[5:41] <Lacho5> Fair
[5:41] <Peppy2006> Howdy Crow!
[5:41] <Lacho5> hey ejano
[5:42] <Lacho5> It is my birthday soon ejano!
[5:42] <ejano> :OOOOOO
[5:42] <ejano> u gonna get cake
[5:42] <ejano> ???
[5:42] <roberestarkk> just get him a crummy card, no pressure
[5:42] <ejano> lol
[5:42] <Lacho5> hehe this is where the stuff comes rolling in jks
[5:42] <Lacho5> Oh did I say that aloud
[5:42] <Peppy2006> We will roll you nothing.
[5:43] <Lacho5> I can you can throw it
[5:43] <Peppy2006> Me and Rob gave up on dealing years ago.
[5:43] <ejano> wait u want barrels for your birthday>
[5:43] <ejano> ?*
[5:43] <Lacho5> You can through it not roll it
[5:43] <Lacho5> throw
[5:43] <roberestarkk> we could always use the definition of 'rolling' that involves a hideously violent beating...
[5:43] <ejano> birthday bash..
[5:43] <ejano> lol
[5:43] <Lacho5> no thanks
[5:43] <Lacho5> lol
[5:44] <Lacho5> I would rather a hit
[5:44] <Lacho5> Cause bash means many times
[5:44] <Lacho5> Where hit mean's once
[5:44] <Lacho5> or you say hit's
[5:45] <Lacho5> that mean's a lot of hits
[5:45] <roberestarkk> bash does not mean "hit multiple times"
[5:45] <Lacho5> Yes cause bashing is fun and you can not stop doing it
[5:45] <Lacho5> Well I have to go soon
[5:46] <Lacho5> awkward
[5:46] <roberestarkk> Lacho, you sound like a bully
[5:46] <Lacho5> It was a joke
[5:46] <Lacho5> I am not a bully
[5:47] <Lacho5> Bully's are mean
[5:47] <roberestarkk> oh good ^^
[5:47] <roberestarkk> bullies*
[5:47] <Lacho5> rob I know
[5:47] <roberestarkk> pfft, if you knew, you'd not have been incorrect
[5:47] <Lacho5> True
[5:49] <Lacho5> Bye guy's!
[5:49] <ejano> bye
[5:49] <Peppy2006> See ya!
[5:49] * Lacho5 (Lacho5@Lacho5§r) Quit (§eLacho5 left the game.)
[5:49] <Peppy2006> Origin has one major flaw in it's wall defenses.
[5:49] <ejano> theres a hole in the wall?
[5:49] <roberestarkk> the mass of 001ian cannons pointing at it?
[5:50] <ejano> lol
[5:50] <Peppy2006> lol, not yet, Rob. :P
[5:50] <ejano> the height?
[5:50] <Peppy2006> Not that, either.
[5:50] <Peppy2006> There is a hole.
[5:50] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[5:50] <ejano> lol
[5:50] <ejano> hey jrr
[5:50] <jrr5556> Oh no
[5:50] <ejano> xD
[5:50] <Peppy2006> Your cover is blown
[5:50] <roberestarkk> ejano was right the first time!
[5:50] <roberestarkk> she's too good
[5:50] <Peppy2006> Yes.
[5:50] <ejano> lol
[5:50] <Peppy2006> GOLD STAR!! :D
[5:51] <ejano> :DD
[5:51] <jrr5556> Peppy Im going to work in like 5 mins
[5:51] <Peppy2006> lol
[5:51] <jrr5556> so not today lol
[5:51] <jrr5556> Weekend
[5:51] <jrr5556> ??
[5:51] <Peppy2006> You should appoint someone to command your military a bit. :P
[5:51] * ejano was kicked from #main by Server
[5:51] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[5:51] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[5:51] <jrr5556> John was going to do that
[5:51] <jrr5556> now he is gone
[5:51] <Peppy2006> We can start skirmishing
[5:51] <ejano> xD
[5:51] <jrr5556> EJano is in charge now
[5:51] <ejano> :o
[5:51] <ejano> ohgawd
[5:52] <ejano> wait what's happening
[5:52] <roberestarkk> BAM! Field-Promtion!
[5:52] <roberestarkk> promotion*
[5:52] <roberestarkk> silly 'o' key
[5:54] <ejano> *clock chimes*
[5:54] <ejano> midnight!
[5:54] <Peppy2006> War time?
[5:54] <ejano> oh na xD
[5:54] <jrr5556> Okay Ejano
[5:54] <roberestarkk> you mean 9AM
[5:54] <ejano> 8am*
[5:55] <ejano> xD
[5:55] <roberestarkk> NEIN!
[5:55] <jrr5556> You control the army for the next couple of days
[5:55] <ejano> lol
[5:55] <ejano> ah ok
[5:55] <roberestarkk> who got my pun!?
[5:55] <jrr5556> peppy wants to do a few skirmish thingyies
[5:55] <ejano> me!
[5:55] <ejano> xD
[5:55] <ejano> ah ok
[5:55] <jrr5556> On Monday or Tuesday we will try have the main war
[5:55] <ejano> well um
[5:55] <jrr5556> yes
[5:55] <ejano> i'm kind of
[5:55] <jrr5556> Oh fak
[5:55] <ejano> away..
[5:55] <ejano> on the 10th
[5:55] <jrr5556> weekend?
[5:56] <jrr5556> Oh crap
[5:56] <ejano> for about a week
[5:56] <jrr5556> ermagerd!
[5:56] <ejano> D:
[5:56] <jrr5556> Off to aus open!
[5:56] <jrr5556> cya's
[5:56] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[5:57] <ejano> hmm well we could have a random battle right in the middle of the building comp?
[5:57] <ejano> xD
[5:58] <Peppy2006> Crow
[5:58] <Peppy2006> Look behind you
[5:58] <ejano> :O SPY
[5:58] <Peppy2006> What do you see?
[5:58] <ejano> a pig..
[5:58] <ejano> xD
[5:58] <Peppy2006> And that's all?
[5:58] <Peppy2006> Good. XD
[5:58] <ejano> yea
[5:58] <ejano> lol
[5:59] <ejano> me notes down during war: Look for pig
[5:59] <ejano> wooops
[5:59] <ejano> ./me*
[6:00] <Peppy2006> §fFUS!
[6:00] <ejano> THE PIGS ARE INVADINg
[6:00] <ejano> xD
[6:00] <Peppy2006> §fFUS RO
[6:00] <Peppy2006> §fFUS RO!!!
[6:00] <ejano> woooooaa
[6:00] <ejano> h
[6:00] <roberestarkk> it's not the Pigs, it's the Figs
[6:00] <Peppy2006> Peppy2006 the Apparently Dovahkiin Meddling Superpig to you!!
[6:00] <ejano> the pig is the DOVAHKIIN
[6:00] <ejano> eat him!
[6:02] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[6:02] <ejano> hai Gale
[6:02] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[6:02] <Peppy2006> GALE!
[6:02] <Galener> Hey.
[6:03] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[6:03] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§r) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[6:03] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[6:04] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[6:05] <Galener> Test
[6:07] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[6:07] <Galener> Hey.
[6:07] <campiee> hi
[6:07] <campiee> galener?
[6:07] <Galener> Yes?
[6:07] <campiee> why was the server closed
[6:08] <Galener> It crashed.
[6:08] <campiee> oh
[6:08] <campiee> so for the past few days the server kept on crashing?
[6:08] <Galener> Yeah, it's been doing it a lot.
[6:08] <campiee> lol
[6:09] <Galener> I think it might be partly due to it being we're in Beta Build since no Recommended build is out
[6:09] <Galener> But I can't be 100% sure on it
[6:09] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[6:09] <campiee> okay?
[6:09] <Galener> Hey.
[6:09] <campiee> hey robbeh
[6:09] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[6:10] <campiee> no ahoy?
[6:10] <campiee> oh lag
[6:10] * campiee (campiee@campiee§r) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[6:10] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[6:10] <Galener> Server's overloaded.
[6:10] <campiee> so much lag
[6:10] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[6:10] <ejano> bak
[6:11] <campiee> hey ejano
[6:11] <ejano> hai campiee
[6:11] <Galener> Welcome back.
[6:11] * campiee (campiee@campiee§r) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[6:11] <ejano> wow that was strangely laggeh
[6:12] <ejano> SPY
[6:13] <ejano> he dispersed
[6:13] <ejano> no wait
[6:13] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[6:13] <roberestarkk> Achtung!
[6:16] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[6:16] <Galener> Test
[6:17] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[6:17] <Galener> Hey.
[6:17] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[6:35] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[6:35] <Galener> Hey.
[6:36] <cwp_aus> hi all, ah you guys doing the tnt thing?
[6:36] <Galener> No, I think that was fixed earlier
[6:36] <cwp_aus> ok
[6:36] <Galener> But I did update the server and it seems to have fixed some lag problems.
[6:37] <Galener> brb
[6:38] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[6:38] <cwp_aus> hi trise
[6:38] <Trisemigistus> hola.
[6:47] <Trisemigistus> sometimes I wish minecraft was real >_>
[6:48] <Trisemigistus> just a simple life..
[6:48] <cwp_aus> ah
[6:49] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[6:49] <cwp_aus> hi rights
[6:49] <rightsforppl> Hi
[6:49] <Trisemigistus> hello
[6:50] <cwp_aus> what is this cool feeling to which i feel, xD
[6:52] <rightsforppl> perfect
[6:52] <cwp_aus> ?
[6:52] <rightsforppl> look at the cookie in your inv
[6:53] <cwp_aus> lol
[6:53] <rightsforppl> I made another magic cookie
[6:53] <rightsforppl> and a little sign
[6:54] <cwp_aus> seems legit, here have a look :P
[6:54] <rightsforppl> :O
[6:54] <rightsforppl> that is the best sword I have ever seen
[6:55] <rightsforppl> reminds me of soul calibur
[6:55] <cwp_aus> peppy sword, lel
[6:55] <rightsforppl> that's why origin has no chance of winning
[6:56] <rightsforppl> cwp, do you know where I can find tonnes of cows?
[6:56] <rightsforppl> I need tonnes of leather
[6:56] <cwp_aus> nope
[6:57] <Trisemigistus> O.o
[6:57] <Trisemigistus> where the hell am i D:
[6:58] <rightsforppl> The server
[6:58] <rightsforppl> Lom
[6:58] <cwp_aus> i'll be so glad once i've finished the decks/rooms, thens the easy part
[6:58] <roberestarkk> you're all figments of my imaginary friend's imagination
[6:58] * Trisemigistus was kicked from #main by Server
[6:58] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[6:59] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[6:59] <cwp_aus> lol
[6:59] <rightsforppl> wcb
[6:59] <rightsforppl> so I'm imaginary it seems
[6:59] <roberestarkk> we all are
[6:59] <roberestarkk> even me
[6:59] <roberestarkk> imagi-ception
[6:59] <Trisemigistus> I blame you rob for my disconnect. you spoke, and I DC'd D:
[6:59] * rightsforppl was kicked from #main by Server
[6:59] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[6:59] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[6:59] <roberestarkk> I imagine my imaginary friend, who imagines me, etc etc
[6:59] <rightsforppl> rob is cursed!
[7:00] <roberestarkk> Ah poot a cuurs apon ye!
[7:00] <rightsforppl> *I put a curse upon ye
[7:01] <cwp_aus> only 8 more hours to the comp, xD
[7:01] <roberestarkk> You can't spell it correctly and still communicate the accent properly
[7:01] <rightsforppl> I found skeletons, zombies, creepers, withers, ender dragons
[7:02] <rightsforppl> but no cows
[7:02] <rightsforppl> aye would've worked better though
[7:02] <roberestarkk> no, she definitely says it like "ah"
[7:03] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[7:03] <roberestarkk> perhaps with more emphasis on 'a'
[7:03] <rightsforppl> she?
[7:03] <Trisemigistus> test
[7:03] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[7:04] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[7:04] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[7:04] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[7:04] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[7:04] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[7:04] <rightsforppl> rob is completly cursed
[7:04] <Trisemigistus> mhm
[7:04] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[7:07] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[7:16] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[7:24] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[7:40] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[7:41] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[7:41] <Galener> Hey.
[7:41] <rightsforppl> Hi
[7:43] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[7:43] <rightsforppl> Hi
[7:43] <StartMining> hey everyone
[7:44] <Galener> Hey.
[7:47] <StartMining> gale, do u know a location that's hilly and incredibly far away?
[7:47] <Galener> Not really. I don't explore far away.
[7:47] <StartMining> k
[7:48] <StartMining> ever heard about bastion?
[7:48] <rightsforppl> yeah
[7:48] <Galener> No.
[7:48] <rightsforppl> Great game
[7:48] <StartMining> k well anyways my new town will be named: New Caelandia
[7:48] <StartMining> yeah it is :D
[7:48] <rightsforppl> but
[7:48] <StartMining> but...?
[7:48] <rightsforppl> I can't play it till my xbox is fixed
[7:49] <StartMining> D:
[7:49] <StartMining> i finished it, twice
[7:49] <rightsforppl> My disk tray keeps opening by itself :\
[7:50] <StartMining> aw yeah heres a good location
[7:51] <StartMining> its got floating islands too xD
[7:51] <rightsforppl> are there any cows?
[7:51] <StartMining> not that ive seen
[7:52] <StartMining> i might even make the actual bastion
[7:52] <rightsforppl> that will be hard
[7:52] <rightsforppl> you need clouds
[7:52] <StartMining> meh u have to get rid of some things...
[7:52] <StartMining> oh look theres some cows
[7:53] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§r) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[7:53] <StartMining> ah there will be my bastion
[7:56] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[7:57] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[8:01] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied) has joined #main
[8:01] <StartMining> heya ninja
[8:01] <ninjafied> Hi.
[8:01] <StartMining> wanna see my location for New Caelandia?
[8:09] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[8:09] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied§r) Quit (§eninjafied left the game.)
[8:23] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[8:23] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied) has joined #main
[8:23] <cwp_aus> hi ninja
[8:23] <ninjafied> Hey
[8:24] <ninjafied> >.< i ran out of redstone ideas for advance...
[8:24] <ninjafied> >.<
[8:25] <cwp_aus> 6hrs and 30 mins till the buildcomp, :P
[8:25] <ninjafied> :p
[8:25] <ninjafied> If i enter it i'll loose
[8:26] <cwp_aus> we have full numbers now
[8:26] <cwp_aus> unless you can find a partner within afew hours
[8:26] <ninjafied> Just saying :3
[8:26] <cwp_aus> :P
[8:27] <ninjafied> I feel so unwanted on the forums :c
[8:27] <cwp_aus> :?
[8:28] <ninjafied> When i was gone everyone was like nooo dont go..
[8:28] <ninjafied> Now no one actuallu cares
[8:28] <cwp_aus> uhuh
[8:28] <ninjafied> And i can't even suggest something good :C
[8:28] <cwp_aus> got enough mushrooms?
[8:29] <ninjafied> Enough!?!
[8:29] <cwp_aus> xD
[8:29] <ninjafied> I NEED MORE >;D
[8:29] <cwp_aus> its this place near robs house?
[8:29] <ninjafied> I dont hink so
[8:29] <ninjafied> think*
[8:30] <cwp_aus> mmm, i just noticed there was a mushy land next to his place
[8:30] <ninjafied> I think thats hypers
[8:31] <ninjafied> I feel like taking over Orgin with my mushrooms
[8:31] <ninjafied> Just for the Lolz :3
[8:33] <ninjafied> Oh and Cwp.. i always have a weird feeling where Jak hates me cause of the Classic thing :C
[8:38] <cwp_aus> little kids television: A street leads to a street which leads to a street. Well not sh
[8:38] <cwp_aus> iet sherlock., also back :P
[8:39] <ninjafied> :D
[8:40] <cwp_aus> tnt = better than mushy's :P
[8:40] <ninjafied> :C
[8:40] <cwp_aus> I mean in respect to the whole 'i fell like taking origin over with mushy's thing :P
[8:40] <ninjafied> Yeah.. well obsidian-armour plated mushys are better
[8:41] <ninjafied> ;p
[8:41] <cwp_aus> sounds legit :P
[8:41] <ninjafied> If you kill a gaint mushy it'll spawn more
[8:41] <ninjafied> And those small ones will grow into gaint ones
[8:42] <cwp_aus> hey ninja, you remember that mini battleship i made?
[8:42] <ninjafied> Umm ye..
[8:43] <cwp_aus> well, lets just say, origin is screwed :P
[8:43] <ninjafied> :P
[8:43] <ninjafied> Technically not all origin want to go to war
[8:43] <ninjafied> Jrr is try to get allies
[8:43] <cwp_aus> what, no, i'm not making one 4x as large, what'r you on about.. xD
[8:43] <ninjafied> D;
[8:44] <cwp_aus> yes, well when its everyone against them, yeah he'd want some allies
[8:44] <ninjafied> He tried to get startmining
[8:45] <ninjafied> By finding a new place for him to build a city
[8:45] <cwp_aus> heh
[8:45] <cwp_aus> mmm, i suppose seeing as their close
[8:46] <cwp_aus> they're*
[8:46] <ninjafied> :3
[8:46] <ninjafied> I also have mushy carriers
[8:46] <ninjafied> The mooshrooms
[8:47] <ninjafied> :C
[8:47] <cwp_aus> tis what i named my sword
[8:47] <ninjafied> :C
[8:47] <cwp_aus> ?
[8:47] <ninjafied> I RAPES D;
[8:48] <ninjafied> Or wait i mean rippes
[8:48] <ninjafied> Ooops >.<
[8:48] <cwp_aus> lel
[8:49] <cwp_aus> god this is gonna take an age to finish
[8:49] <ninjafied> :3
[8:49] <ninjafied> Need help?
[8:50] <cwp_aus> lol, why not
[8:50] <cwp_aus> let me grab some extra wood
[8:50] <ninjafied> Dis redstone is impossibrew
[8:51] <ninjafied> Dere we go
[8:51] <ninjafied> I made an alarm light :3
[8:51] <cwp_aus> lol nice
[8:52] <ninjafied> I r going to lag
[8:52] <ninjafied> Cause im in laptop
[8:52] <ninjafied> And i nneda load the chunk
[8:52] <ninjafied> Ooo dere we go
[8:52] <cwp_aus> nice and big, eh?
[8:53] <ninjafied> FREE IRON >;D
[8:53] <cwp_aus> lol no
[8:54] <ninjafied> This place is mob infested
[8:54] <cwp_aus> yea, once the decks are done i can begin to interior
[8:54] <ninjafied> You need pest control
[8:54] <ninjafied> xD
[8:54] <cwp_aus> the*
[8:54] <cwp_aus> now get uptop and start buildin boy
[8:55] <cwp_aus> or you no get paid :P
[8:55] <ninjafied> I dont want pay
[8:55] <ninjafied> :)
[8:55] <cwp_aus> ok?
[8:58] <cwp_aus> its quicker to just do the one line at a time
[8:58] <ninjafied> Wait... do i get free lunch?xD
[8:58] <cwp_aus> bam?
[8:58] <ninjafied> D;
[8:58] <ninjafied> YOU EAT MUSHAYS
[8:58] <ninjafied> :c
[8:59] <ninjafied> Im gonna get wood
[9:00] <cwp_aus> eh wha?
[9:00] <ninjafied> wtf?
[9:00] <cwp_aus> how'd that happen?
[9:00] <ninjafied> i /homed
[9:00] <ninjafied> Abd i fell into dirt?
[9:00] <ninjafied> and*
[9:07] <cwp_aus> you got wood yet?
[9:08] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[9:08] <cwp_aus> hi own
[9:08] <Ownenator2011> hello
[9:08] <cwp_aus> looking forward to the comp?
[9:08] <ninjafied> Hye Ownen
[9:08] <Ownenator2011> yes
[9:08] <Ownenator2011> havent been on lom because my laptop ran out of batteries and I forgot to charge it :P
[9:08] <cwp_aus> as you may or may not have noticed you've been paired with shada
[9:08] <Ownenator2011> thats ok
[9:09] <cwp_aus> against jak and gale, john and ejano and gan and jrr
[9:09] <Ownenator2011> when do we get to see the materials we are building with?
[9:09] <cwp_aus> there is still time to guess at the theme btw
[9:09] <cwp_aus> the start
[9:09] <ninjafied> ity
[9:09] <ninjafied> City
[9:09] <cwp_aus> i'll gie you a 10min thinking period
[9:09] <Ownenator2011> ok
[9:09] <cwp_aus> give*
[9:09] <Ownenator2011> will I need my own tools/food?
[9:10] <cwp_aus> food supplid, stuff supplied that can be made into tools
[9:10] <Ownenator2011> apparently I have a bad connection, 1st time it has ever said that to me...
[9:10] <cwp_aus> lol, you find out at the start
[9:11] <cwp_aus> you can however guess at the theme, each team gets 4 guesses
[9:11] <cwp_aus> if you guess close enough, you may well win a 20min time bonus
[9:11] <Ownenator2011> 4 for each person or 4 per team?
[9:11] <cwp_aus> 4per team
[9:11] <Ownenator2011> ok
[9:11] <cwp_aus> must be pm'ed
[9:12] <cwp_aus> that way they are all sitting in my inbox for evaluation
[9:12] <Ownenator2011> ok, when do we see the materials? at the start of the comp?
[9:13] <cwp_aus> yes
[9:13] <Ownenator2011> ok
[9:13] <Ownenator2011> is it just me or is the server laggier than usual?
[9:14] <ninjafied> Lagier
[9:14] <cwp_aus> laggier, it's been crashing alot lately
[9:14] <cwp_aus> not even gale knows why
[9:14] <cwp_aus> cpu usuage has been 190% at times
[9:14] <cwp_aus> oh, look at that its 150%
[9:15] <cwp_aus> i'd expect this to crahs soon
[9:15] <Ownenator2011> maybe too many server log type things? I dont know much about servers...
[9:15] <Ownenator2011> people like me going 20000 blocks away?
[9:16] <cwp_aus> its been only like this for the past few days though
[9:16] <Ownenator2011> hmmm
[9:16] <Ownenator2011> the server runs of gales computer doesnt it?
[9:17] <cwp_aus> no
[9:17] <Ownenator2011> I thought it idd...
[9:17] <cwp_aus> we rent a server
[9:17] <Ownenator2011> hmm
[9:17] <Ownenator2011> I was going to say it could have to do with gales computer problem during the lomgies.
[9:19] <Ownenator2011> test.
[9:20] <ninjafied> What if someone has a mob grinder?
[9:20] <Ownenator2011> yeah
[9:20] <cwp_aus> that'd only be the case if someone was in the same chunk
[9:20] <Ownenator2011> I heard someone talking about making a mob grinder before my computer died
[9:20] <Ownenator2011> someone told them not to thoygh
[9:20] <Ownenator2011> though&
[9:20] <Ownenator2011> **
[9:21] <ninjafied> :C
[9:21] <cwp_aus> thing is, gale checked at one point, it wasn't coming from smp
[9:21] <cwp_aus> smp was using less than tekkit
[9:21] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[9:21] <Ownenator2011> so its tekkit?
[9:21] <Ownenator2011> hello trise
[9:21] <cwp_aus> its something on the end of the server hoster
[9:21] <cwp_aus> hi trise
[9:21] <Trisemigistus> herro
[9:22] <cwp_aus> thats myn and gales theory
[9:22] <Ownenator2011> I have no idea what that means :)
[9:22] <cwp_aus> something is wrong ith the internet connection at the place where the server is hosted
[9:22] <Ownenator2011> ah
[9:22] <cwp_aus> something of that sort
[9:22] <Trisemigistus> hall didnt pay the bill ;D
[9:23] <cwp_aus> no, the server would be shut alltogether
[9:23] <Ownenator2011> who wants 4 stacks of iron ingots -2
[9:23] <ninjafied> I got the wood
[9:23] <ninjafied> Meh
[9:23] <ninjafied> :3
[9:23] <Trisemigistus> that guy ^
[9:23] <Ownenator2011> let me calculate the price
[9:23] <ninjafied> D;
[9:24] <cwp_aus> finish that deck off and we're all good ninja
[9:24] <Ownenator2011> I shall give it to u for 5,150
[9:24] <Ownenator2011> what u buildingingiing
[9:24] <Ownenator2011> ?
[9:24] <ninjafied> A ASKLFJAJHFAJK
[9:24] <ninjafied> LEAK
[9:24] <Ownenator2011> I have always wanted one of them
[9:24] <ninjafied> Cwp A lEAK
[9:24] <ninjafied> ?
[9:24] <Ownenator2011> can I see?
[9:24] <cwp_aus> I was seeing ho high the water was
[9:24] <ninjafied> Trise?
[9:24] <cwp_aus> lol hi own
[9:24] <Ownenator2011> hello?
[9:25] <cwp_aus> oh, i thought you were ere :P
[9:25] <Ownenator2011> nope
[9:25] <Ownenator2011> u want the iron ninja>
[9:25] <cwp_aus> ninja is uptop
[9:25] <Ownenator2011> creeeeeper
[9:25] <Ownenator2011> boats LD
[9:26] <Ownenator2011> :D*
[9:26] <cwp_aus> Battleships to be accurate
[9:26] <ninjafied> No to mention the Really bad school/Govenment ones
[9:26] <Ownenator2011> where is thiws?
[9:26] <cwp_aus> The Shoresburian military base
[9:26] <Ownenator2011> ah
[9:26] <ninjafied> So how much was it Ownen?
[9:26] <Ownenator2011> I used to have a town, then nobody came to it so I left
[9:27] <Ownenator2011> 5150
[9:27] <ninjafied> Ok
[9:27] <cwp_aus> own, we have 5 active players, including myself, xD
[9:27] <cwp_aus> out of like 35 people
[9:27] <Ownenator2011> the most my town has ever had was in 1.1 I had 4 people
[9:27] <ninjafied> Thank you :3
[9:27] <Ownenator2011> because it was righjt near spawn
[9:28] <Ownenator2011> I had a video of it being destroyed by ghasts on youtube
[9:28] <ninjafied> Are you gona build the vault again?
[9:28] <Ownenator2011> nah
[9:28] <Ownenator2011> last time rob explodedededed the entrance so it was inaccessable :PO
[9:28] <Ownenator2011> :P
[9:28] <ninjafied> D
[9:28] <ninjafied> D;
[9:29] <cwp_aus> mmk
[9:31] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[9:31] <Galener> Test
[9:32] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[9:32] <Galener> Hey.
[9:32] <Trisemigistus> thank you for doing that when i was in the middle of the ocean...
[9:32] <Galener> Sorry. Was hopefully fixing server problems
[9:32] <Galener> Hopefully won't have SMP crashing a lot.
[9:32] <Trisemigistus> lol, it's all good.
[9:33] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied) has joined #main
[9:33] <Trisemigistus> been trying to reach this island for like 5 hours now .-.
[9:34] <ninjafied> Which island?
[9:35] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[9:35] <Ownenator2011> hello gale
[9:35] <Galener> Hey.
[9:35] <ninjafied> LOL
[9:35] <Trisemigistus> ..?
[9:36] <ninjafied> There's an arrow in your bottucks
[9:36] <Ownenator2011> lol
[9:36] <ninjafied> No seriously press f5
[9:36] <ninjafied> >.<
[9:37] <Ownenator2011> I did
[9:37] <Ownenator2011> it is gone now
[9:37] <ninjafied> Lol
[9:37] <Ownenator2011> anyone want lapis?
[9:37] <Trisemigistus> ive got plenty.
[9:38] <ninjafied> If had lapis i'll just add it to my cactacombs
[9:39] <Ownenator2011> I should leave a stack of diamond ssomewhere on my island and make a post saying 1st one to find it
[9:39] <Ownenator2011> wins them
[9:39] <ninjafied> Why not just give them to me :P
[9:39] <Ownenator2011> because it is more fun to make people go 20000 blocks to get them
[9:39] <ninjafied> D;
[9:40] <ninjafied> YUS
[9:40] <ninjafied> I finished the deck
[9:40] <Ownenator2011> who wants to see a video of my city getting destroyed by ghasts in 1.1?
[9:40] <ninjafied> Oh i remeer that
[9:40] <ninjafied> Remeber*
[9:40] <Ownenator2011> I think u were in it :P
[9:40] <Ownenator2011> let me check
[9:40] <ninjafied> >.<
[9:41] <Ownenator2011> yep
[9:41] <ninjafied> I R FAMOUS ;P
[9:41] <Ownenator2011> lol
[9:41] <Ownenator2011> 13 views
[9:41] <Ownenator2011> becuase it is on unlisted
[9:42] <ninjafied> *Hides in shame*
[9:42] <Ownenator2011> I have 42 levels of xp and nothing to do with it
[9:42] <ninjafied> :D
[9:42] <ninjafied> Lemee just searh you channel
[9:43] <ninjafied> Whats your channel?
[9:43] <Ownenator2011> Mega PR2
[9:43] <ninjafied> :P
[9:43] <Ownenator2011> MegaPR2
[9:43] <ninjafied> Ok thanks
[9:43] <Ownenator2011> all together
[9:43] <Ownenator2011> also u wont find the video, it is unlisted
[9:46] <ninjafied> Nope cant find it
[9:47] <ninjafied> Ah
[9:47] <ninjafied> Wait then where is it?
[9:48] <ninjafied> Ownen.
[9:48] <Ownenator2011> sorry was watching things
[9:48] <ninjafied> Cant find it xD
[9:49] <Ownenator2011> http://www youtube com/user/MegaPR2
[9:49] <ninjafied> Ok
[9:49] <ninjafied> I'm on the channel now
[9:49] <ninjafied> But i cant find the vid
[9:50] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[9:51] <Ownenator2011> because it is unlisted
[9:52] <ninjafied> Ah
[9:52] <Ownenator2011> http://www youtube com/watch?v=KxvL7RgfcWU
[9:55] <ninjafied> Eerrrm
[9:55] <ninjafied> I followed the link
[9:55] <ninjafied> and go
[9:55] <ninjafied> Got*
[9:55] <ninjafied> span\u003e\u003cspan class=\"username\"\u003eby __user_name__\u003c\/span\u003e\u003cspan class=\"ac
[9:56] <ninjafied> Etc.
[9:57] * Hallucinative (Hallucinative@Hallucinative) has joined #main
[9:57] <Ownenator2011> hello hall
[9:57] <Hallucinative> Hey
[9:58] <ninjafied> Hey hall
[9:58] <ninjafied> Dammit lol Ownen i searched it up
[9:58] <Ownenator2011> ?
[9:58] <ninjafied> and it came up with a vidi
[9:58] <ninjafied> That said
[9:58] <ninjafied> Interactive sex
[9:58] <Ownenator2011> ?
[9:58] <ninjafied> >.<
[9:58] <Ownenator2011> I actually didnt post that, that was the link from mine....
[9:59] <ninjafied> Lol
[9:59] <Ownenator2011> BLAME YOUTUBE!
[9:59] <Ownenator2011> also I have food now, brb
[9:59] <ninjafied> :P
[9:59] <ninjafied> Ok
[9:59] <ninjafied> Watchu up to hall?
[9:59] <Ownenator2011> back
[10:00] <Galener> Back. Sorry, was feeling a bit sick.
[10:00] <ninjafied> Welcome back?
[10:00] <ninjafied> :3
[10:00] <Galener> Thanks XD
[10:00] <Ownenator2011> thanks
[10:00] <ninjafied> I spotted a Wild Hall1
[10:00] <ninjafied> CAPTURE IT
[10:00] <Galener> Hey Hall XD
[10:00] <ninjafied> Dammit it flew away
[10:01] <Ownenator2011> :D
[10:01] <Hallucinative> How far does this go?
[10:01] <Galener> What?
[10:01] <ninjafied> Do you mean?
[10:01] <Hallucinative> This train line..
[10:01] <Galener> To spawn
[10:01] <Galener> About a 1000 blocks
[10:01] <Hallucinative> ...where am i then!? 0.o
[10:01] <ninjafied> You were in my mushy land
[10:01] <Galener> This rail has 3500 more blocks to go -.-;
[10:02] <ninjafied> Then you went some where else xD
[10:03] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[10:03] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied§r) Quit (§eninjafied left the game.)
[10:03] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§r) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[10:03] * Hallucinative (Hallucinative@Hallucinative§r) Quit (§eHallucinative left the game.)
[10:05] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[10:05] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied) has joined #main
[10:06] <Ownenator2011> wb
[10:13] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[10:13] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[10:13] <Ownenator2011> hekki
[10:13] <Ownenator2011> hellol*
[10:13] <Ownenator2011> hello**
[10:13] <Galener> Hey.
[10:16] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[10:16] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§r) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[10:17] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[10:17] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[10:17] <Ownenator2011> hello
[10:17] <Galener> Welcome back
[10:17] <Ownenator2011> I g2g now, just needed to tell someone for no reason
[10:17] <Ownenator2011> bye
[10:17] <Galener> See ya
[10:17] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§r) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[10:22] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[10:26] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[10:27] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[10:30] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[10:33] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[10:33] <johnkima> hello gale
[10:33] <Galener> Hey.
[10:33] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[10:34] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[10:34] <ejano> hey
[10:34] <Galener> Hey.
[10:34] <ejano> xD
[10:35] <ejano> random chating on Classic
[10:35] <ejano> ermagerd a bat
[10:35] <Galener> XD
[10:35] <ejano> OW.. my arm is twitching
[10:35] <ejano> o.o... ook..
[10:38] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[10:41] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied) has joined #main
[10:41] <Galener> Hey.
[10:41] <ninjafied> Hiya :3
[10:41] <ninjafied> I just testing my redstone Elevator in single player.. and i didnt work
[10:43] <ninjafied> I might go play tf2 oon :3
[10:43] <ninjafied> Soon*
[10:43] <Galener> Ok.
[10:43] <ninjafied> You missed out the new christmas update
[10:44] <ninjafied> :c
[10:44] <Galener> ?
[10:44] <ninjafied> For tf2
[10:44] <Galener> Ah. I don't play TF2 these days
[10:44] <ninjafied> New festives
[10:44] <Galener> I got bored of it.
[10:44] <ninjafied> like huntmen and a festive fish
[10:44] <ninjafied> :P
[10:44] <ninjafied> Its all about the hats xD
[10:45] <Galener> I'm just generally not a fan of multiplayer aside from Minecraft
[10:45] <Galener> If TF2 had a single player then I would have played it more.
[10:45] <ninjafied> Oh ok
[10:45] <ninjafied> You ean like more story?If there was a single player?
[10:46] <ninjafied> Mean*
[10:46] <Galener> That or like Counter Strike's single player against bots
[10:46] <ninjafied> Actually there is
[10:46] <ninjafied> I'm pretty sure
[10:46] <Galener> I tried it before and wasn't overly fond of it.
[10:46] <ninjafied> LOL
[10:47] <Galener> It's like Garry's Mod. I have more fun in single player than multi player XD
[10:47] <ninjafied> I want scibblenauts unlimited or Ace of spades next :D
[10:47] <ninjafied> :P
[10:48] <Galener> I've got Scribblenauts. Not sure if my save will carry over though since I had almost beaten it on X
[10:48] <Galener> XP
[10:48] <Galener> But now I'm on 7
[10:48] <ninjafied> ;P
[10:48] <Galener> My Borderlands save thankfully carried over.
[10:48] <ninjafied> :D
[10:48] <ninjafied> What class?
[10:49] <Galener> Soldier
[10:49] <ninjafied> :D
[10:49] <ninjafied> My brother cracked his >.<
[10:49] <Galener> Been trying to find a 360 copy of it so Freckless can play as well since we've played Borderlands 2
[10:50] <ninjafied> :D
[10:50] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[10:50] <Galener> Hey.
[10:50] <ninjafied> Oh Gale wanna see what i've been working on these past days?
[10:50] <ninjafied> Wb Cwp :3
[10:50] <Galener> You at it currently?
[10:50] <ninjafied> Yup
[10:51] <cwp_aus> hi
[10:51] <ninjafied> This is it and the ship
[10:51] <cwp_aus> damn my internet connection...
[10:51] <ninjafied> :P
[10:52] <cwp_aus> cant even connect to a halo 4 match....
[10:52] <ninjafied> Its pretty empty tho
[10:52] <ninjafied> :P
[10:52] <Galener> Been meaning to play Halo 4 again
[10:52] <Galener> Looks nice.
[10:52] <ninjafied> :D
[10:52] <Galener> Cwp, do you know if Episode 6 of Sparten Ops is out yet?
[10:52] <ninjafied> Ooo and have you seen my mushroom army>
[10:52] <cwp_aus> new spartan ops eps are out in 12 days
[10:53] <cwp_aus> 6-10
[10:53] <Galener> Nice.
[10:53] <Galener> Got to get around to beating 2 - 5 on Legendary...
[10:53] <cwp_aus> then again, not sure if thats america's the 21st
[10:53] <cwp_aus> lol, you completed the campaign on legendary?
[10:53] <Galener> No.
[10:53] <Galener> Not that good at it XD
[10:53] <cwp_aus> i have :P
[10:53] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[10:54] <johnkima> hello
[10:54] <cwp_aus> hard as all get up and go :P
[10:54] <ninjafied> Hey John
[10:54] <cwp_aus> hi john
[10:54] <Galener> Yeah, I can't be bothered trying to beat that on legendary XD
[10:54] <Galener> I've beaten 2 levels on Halo 3 on solo legendary
[10:54] <cwp_aus> though it ewas nice afterwards to get '6 achievements for 240 gp
[10:55] <Galener> I beat one legendary on somewhat co-op
[10:55] <Galener> It was me on two controlers XD
[10:55] <cwp_aus> lel
[10:55] <cwp_aus> ready for the comp later john
[10:55] <johnkima> woah
[10:56] <johnkima> lat just hit me
[10:56] <johnkima> lag*
[10:56] <johnkima> bloody hell
[10:56] <cwp_aus> I seriosuly hope the server doesn't crash mid comp :?
[10:56] <cwp_aus> :/*
[10:56] <Galener> Me and Hall have been trying to fix it.
[10:56] <cwp_aus> it must be something on their end, surely
[10:56] <Galener> Seems to be running a bit better now than it was before
[10:56] <ninjafied> I think it might someones Mob grinder... even though its banned.
[10:57] <ninjafied> >.< Lag
[10:57] <Galener> Do you know of one?
[10:57] <ninjafied> Nope.
[10:57] <ninjafied> I just got a feeling
[10:57] <cwp_aus> I believe what you thought your on about ninja, is when me gale and someone else were discussing why
[10:58] <cwp_aus> that new guy that gale gave the test to
[10:58] <Galener> Well the server has been alocated more memory, all plugins have been updated and I updated the serve
[10:58] <ninjafied> The lag is causing my pistons not to open.
[10:58] <cwp_aus> he asked as to why they were vbanned
[10:58] <Galener> server to the newest beta build
[10:58] <ninjafied> And im stuck
[10:58] <johnkima> so someone made a mob grinder?
[10:58] <cwp_aus> i doubt it john
[10:58] <ninjafied> But its possible
[10:59] <ninjafied> Unless...
[10:59] <ninjafied> Its Jrr's plan to stop Peppy from invading
[10:59] <ninjafied> xD
[10:59] <johnkima> he can only do that with my help
[10:59] <johnkima> ;/
[10:59] <ninjafied> :P
[10:59] <cwp_aus> lol john
[10:59] <johnkima> im the only one who has stopped 001
[10:59] <johnkima> xD
[10:59] <johnkima> lol
[10:59] <johnkima> :P
[11:00] <cwp_aus> you've always been on 001's side, xD
[11:00] <ninjafied> Noo i have too remeber the hippy thing
[11:00] <johnkima> i know
[11:00] <cwp_aus> cause you've been on Shoresbury's side
[11:00] <johnkima> but i have stopped 001 before xD
[11:00] <johnkima> like once xD
[11:01] <ninjafied> Its not the game that makes us vilolent
[11:01] <ninjafied> Its lag
[11:01] <johnkima> lollt
[11:01] <johnkima> well im gonna get me L's soon
[11:01] <ninjafied> True sory :D
[11:01] <johnkima> i should be able to make the comp xD
[11:01] <ninjafied> 8D
[11:01] <cwp_aus> you darn well beter john
[11:01] <Galener> I think I can go for my full license this year.
[11:07] * ninjafied (ninjafied@ninjafied§r) Quit (§eninjafied left the game.)
[11:07] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[11:07] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[11:07] <ninjafied> D; the lag
[11:07] <Galener> Test
[11:07] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[11:08] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[11:12] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[11:15] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[11:40] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[11:50] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[11:51] <StartMining> is Mr Server on?
[11:52] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[11:52] <StartMining> heya john
[11:52] <johnkima> hello start
[11:53] <StartMining> heard of bastion?
[11:53] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[11:57] <StartMining> is Mr Server on?
[11:57] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[11:57] <ejano> hey
[11:58] <StartMining> hey ejano
[11:58] <StartMining> was afk a bit
[11:59] <StartMining> found a good location for New Caelandia
[11:59] <ejano> cool
[11:59] <StartMining> going to involve a lot of digging and mining for the finishing touches
[12:00] <StartMining> does anyone have any nether stars?
[12:00] <ejano> na sorry
[12:00] <ejano> lol playing classic atm
[12:01] <StartMining> its got lots of small natural floating things
[12:01] <ejano> ah nice mountains
[12:01] <ejano> I found a nice mountain biome once
[12:01] <ejano> OH
[12:01] <ejano> MY GOSH
[12:02] <StartMining> yes...?
[12:02] <StartMining> heh
[12:02] <ejano> :DDD
[12:02] <ejano> ah epic harbour
[12:02] <StartMining> only a lake
[12:02] <StartMining> oh wait...
[12:03] <StartMining> it does have a connection to the ocean
[12:03] <ejano> xD
[12:03] <StartMining> interesting...
[12:03] <StartMining> made this place cooler
[12:03] <StartMining> when i said finishing touches i mean digging up the mountain to make them floating
[12:04] <ejano> lOl
[12:04] <ejano> what for? xD
[12:04] <StartMining> to make it match the name xD
[12:04] <StartMining> got 1 iron on u?
[12:04] <ejano> no sorry
[12:04] <StartMining> thats fine
[12:04] <StartMining> ill just have to use gold
[12:05] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[12:05] * johnkima was kicked from #main by Server
[12:05] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[12:05] <StartMining> ?????
[12:05] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[12:05] <ejano> woah..
[12:05] <StartMining> console acting suspicious
[12:05] <ejano> what the
[12:05] <ejano> TEST
[12:06] <ejano> what the
[12:06] <johnkima> UGH
[12:06] <ejano> john
[12:06] <StartMining> heya john
[12:06] <johnkima> gotta go
[12:06] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[12:06] <ejano> did the server just kick u?
[12:06] <StartMining> wow whats with the spike lag
[12:06] <ejano> nvm..
[12:06] <ejano> somewhere
[12:06] <ejano> outthere
[12:06] <ejano> in the ocean
[12:06] <ejano> on an island
[12:06] <ejano> is a house
[12:06] <ejano> that is full of tnt
[12:06] <StartMining> and in that house is ejano
[12:06] <ejano> which has been detonated
[12:06] <ejano> XD
[12:07] <ejano> no but seriously
[12:07] <StartMining> u said it yourself pal not me x
[12:07] <ejano> thats what's lagging it xD
[12:07] <StartMining> xD*
[12:07] <StartMining> &p :D
[12:07] <StartMining> aw
[12:07] <ejano> oh my it is boiling here
[12:07] <StartMining> &1 test
[12:07] <StartMining> ?
[12:09] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[12:09] <StartMining> heya cwppeh
[12:09] <cwp_aus> hi
[12:09] <cwp_aus> just casually otufitting my dreadnaught, :3
[12:09] <StartMining> just casually making New Caelandia
[12:10] <ejano> hey cwp
[12:10] <ejano> its quite bad weather here today on lom
[12:10] <ejano> lol
[12:10] <ejano> very laggy
[12:10] <StartMining> it came so quickly and suddnely
[12:10] <ejano> then left the same way
[12:10] <ejano> dundund DUUN
[12:12] <cwp_aus> looking forward to the comp crow?
[12:12] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[12:12] <cwp_aus> hi harry
[12:13] <StartMining> hey harry, havent seen u before hello
[12:13] <ejano> hai
[12:13] <ejano> Yes yes I am
[12:13] <ejano> :P
[12:13] <Harry01red> hi
[12:13] <ejano> Can I say my last guess outloud
[12:13] <StartMining> i would buy for 100
[12:13] <cwp_aus> nope
[12:13] <ejano> since only 4 pople are on
[12:13] <cwp_aus> pm only
[12:13] <ejano> people*
[12:13] <ejano> aw k
[12:13] <cwp_aus> harry, i'll require you to re-read the rules :P
[12:13] <Harry01red> ok then
[12:14] <cwp_aus> I hope this lag doesn't persist, may need to follow up gale on that offer
[12:14] <Harry01red> ok
[12:14] <cwp_aus> ready?
[12:15] <Harry01red> yes
[12:15] <cwp_aus> let the test commence
[12:15] <cwp_aus> what is rule 19
[12:16] <cwp_aus> awww, lol
[12:16] <StartMining> as i said i would do it for 100
[12:16] <Harry01red> do not circumvent fencesor walls
[12:17] <cwp_aus> egad, bad in my ship :P
[12:17] <cwp_aus> what are rules 17, 10 and 12
[12:17] <StartMining> hey cwp do u love your job?
[12:17] <cwp_aus> whatcha mean start?
[12:18] <StartMining> doing this sorta stuff
[12:18] <cwp_aus> being mod has it's perks :P
[12:18] <StartMining> yeah D:
[12:18] <Harry01red> do not make mod ginders
[12:21] <Harry01red> do not ask admin to enchant items
[12:22] <Harry01red> do not ask for day or night
[12:22] <Harry01red> there
[12:22] <Harry01red> dun
[12:22] <cwp_aus> rule 1?
[12:23] <Harry01red> no griafing
[12:23] <Harry01red> is that it
[12:23] * ejano was kicked from #main by Server
[12:23] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[12:23] <cwp_aus> If someone as to come kill you would thsat be against the rules?
[12:23] <cwp_aus> was*
[12:24] <cwp_aus> that*
[12:24] <Harry01red> no
[12:24] <cwp_aus> *Incorrect sound rings*
[12:24] <Harry01red> you have to say yes to adull
[12:24] <cwp_aus> rule 12...
[12:25] <cwp_aus> 'dont kill people unless they have agreed to battle...
[12:25] <cwp_aus> another theory question
[12:26] <Harry01red> do not kill poelpe unless they have agreed to battle
[12:26] <cwp_aus> if someone someone is banned once are there any rules against their stuff being taken?
[12:26] <Harry01red> no
[12:27] <Harry01red> is that it n0w
[12:27] <StartMining> be patient harry
[12:27] <cwp_aus> *incorrect sound* maybe that question may have been abit confusing in its wording, but you cannot st
[12:27] <cwp_aus> eal stuff from someone who has been banned once, once they have been banned twice however
[12:27] <cwp_aus> their items are subject to 'raiding'
[12:28] <Harry01red> ok
[12:28] <cwp_aus> lol, now i need to think of another theory question...
[12:28] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[12:28] <StartMining> heya purd3y
[12:28] <cwp_aus> hi purd
[12:29] <Harry01red> hi
[12:29] <PURD3Y> test
[12:29] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[12:29] <cwp_aus> If someone were to greif what would you do. a) report them immediately, b) wait till someone of mod/
[12:29] <ejano> sorry back
[12:29] <ejano> woah..
[12:29] <StartMining> wb ejano
[12:29] <ejano> random zombie heads lol
[12:29] <cwp_aus> higher rank to come on or c) do nothing
[12:29] <StartMining> there not random
[12:29] <Harry01red> a
[12:29] <ejano> who's cwp asking
[12:29] <ejano> oh
[12:29] <ejano> lol
[12:29] <cwp_aus> correct
[12:29] <StartMining> doing some testing
[12:30] <ejano> xD
[12:30] <PURD3Y> test
[12:30] <cwp_aus> lol
[12:30] <PURD3Y> test
[12:30] <PURD3Y> hello all
[12:30] <StartMining> hello
[12:30] <cwp_aus> and one last one what is rule 7
[12:30] <Harry01red> hi
[12:30] <cwp_aus> zombie with a sword *Battlerage mode*
[12:31] <Harry01red> use common senes
[12:31] <PURD3Y> i've about 40 to 50 seconds of lag when i join start
[12:31] <ejano> ah
[12:31] <ejano> yuck lag
[12:31] <PURD3Y> ikt
[12:31] <PURD3Y> ikr
[12:31] <Harry01red> what is my job
[12:31] <cwp_aus> job?
[12:32] <PURD3Y> i need spruce and birch wood
[12:32] <ejano> your job is to go out into the mc world and explore and make friends and enemies
[12:32] <StartMining> buying a beacon
[12:32] <Harry01red> ok i will get that for can i work for you
[12:32] <ejano> but not so much enemies
[12:32] <ejano> and build heaps of stuff
[12:33] <ejano> :P
[12:33] <ejano> start Im gonna make a camp fire
[12:34] <StartMining> ok
[12:34] <ejano> lol
[12:34] <StartMining> so you want to live hear perhaps?
[12:34] <ejano> lemme just get some fire starters
[12:34] <cwp_aus> you'know harry, it might be an idea to join a town
[12:34] <ejano> na its k
[12:34] <Harry01red> can i
[12:34] <ejano> yea
[12:34] <ejano> join Origin
[12:34] <ejano> ;D
[12:34] <cwp_aus> there are multiple towns, i'm sure you can find one you can join
[12:35] <StartMining> be warned though harry there is a war there
[12:35] <ejano> or all!
[12:35] <ejano> na u can join Origin we wont make you fight
[12:35] <cwp_aus> indeed, origin has declared war on them selves essentially :P
[12:35] <StartMining> can u buy beacons at the spawn shop?
[12:35] <ejano> tay lives here I dont think she's fighting
[12:35] <ejano> nup
[12:35] <StartMining> dam
[12:35] <ejano> if you could they'd be like 100000000
[12:35] <ejano> xD
[12:35] <PURD3Y> i have 2 beacons :P
[12:35] <StartMining> :O but how...
[12:35] <cwp_aus> been a long time since i seen you harry
[12:35] <ejano> I got 1 for christmas :3
[12:36] <PURD3Y> killing withers
[12:36] <ejano> shh
[12:36] <ejano> xD
[12:36] <StartMining> where?
[12:36] <StartMining> what?
[12:36] <StartMining> can i buy 1?
[12:36] <PURD3Y> they're both i use :P
[12:36] <StartMining> D:
[12:36] <PURD3Y> however if more people come on i might auction ir off ;D
[12:36] <ejano> lol can so see someone auctioning a beacon xD
[12:36] <StartMining> for how much?...
[12:37] <ejano> LOL
[12:37] <ejano> u read my mind!
[12:37] <StartMining> i got money
[12:37] <StartMining> no. 25
[12:37] <PURD3Y> what?
[12:37] <StartMining> in baltop
[12:38] <ejano> o.o
[12:38] <ejano> wut how
[12:38] <cwp_aus> lol start
[12:38] <StartMining> i cant see it -.-
[12:38] <ejano> I got fire making stuffs
[12:39] <PURD3Y> harry where are you?
[12:39] <Harry01red> ok i am i a town
[12:39] <StartMining> ima contact gale see if i can buy a beacon
[12:39] <ejano> you can't ask admins to spawn stuffs :s
[12:39] <StartMining> dam hes afk
[12:39] <StartMining> no...
[12:39] <StartMining> not to spawn stuff in
[12:39] <StartMining> to buy
[12:40] <ejano> ok
[12:40] <StartMining> theres a difference
[12:40] <ejano> arg fire
[12:40] <StartMining> meh
[12:40] <Harry01red> what do i do now
[12:40] <StartMining> look at that i put it out using the powers of but
[12:40] <ejano> ge t off!
[12:40] <cwp_aus> whatcha mean harry?
[12:40] <ejano> lol
[12:41] <StartMining> GERONIMO!!!
[12:41] <Harry01red> what is my jod i the town
[12:41] <cwp_aus> which town you at?
[12:41] <cwp_aus> cause you'll need to be in a town that actually has someone from there online :P
[12:41] <Harry01red> 9
[12:42] <cwp_aus> oh you mean plutonia
[12:42] <StartMining> u can go to AE Nation but pretty much nobody lives there anymore
[12:42] <cwp_aus> thats a backwards g :P
[12:42] <PURD3Y> it's an e?
[12:42] <cwp_aus> for example members from Shoresbury, origin starts town(forget the name)
[12:42] <StartMining> AE Nation as mentioned above -.-
[12:43] <cwp_aus> *was typing that while that message wasnt there :P*
[12:43] <StartMining> well im making a new town New Caelandia
[12:43] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[12:43] <StartMining> hey hjmck
[12:43] <hjmck123> hilo
[12:44] <Harry01red> were can i buld my houes
[12:44] <StartMining> where ever u want within reason
[12:44] <cwp_aus> harry, you need ot be in a town that has members online
[12:44] <PURD3Y> or in the wild like me
[12:44] <cwp_aus> plutonia doesnt have anyone online, hence its not wise to build there
[12:44] <StartMining> he doesnt *have* to
[12:45] <StartMining> for above not what u just said
[12:45] <cwp_aus> try origin or new caledonia
[12:45] <StartMining> caelandia
[12:45] <cwp_aus> typo :P
[12:45] <Harry01red> can i go there
[12:46] <cwp_aus> tp to crow from origin and new caelandia to start
[12:46] <StartMining> crow is origin
[12:46] <StartMining> sorry crow is ejano :L
[12:46] <Harry01red> ok can i have a tp there
[12:46] <cwp_aus> yes, sorry, itoo usd to using crow :P
[12:46] <hjmck123> moo
[12:47] <Harry01red> so were can buld my house
[12:47] <StartMining> i can see if your griefing or stealing, just so u know
[12:47] <StartMining> not on this island
[12:47] <ejano> rlol
[12:47] <ejano> back sorry
[12:47] <cwp_aus> wb
[12:48] <StartMining> maybe on opposite island
[12:48] <ejano> im just playing classic at the same time xD
[12:48] <ejano> so im in and out
[12:48] <cwp_aus> lol
[12:48] <hjmck123> me 2
[12:48] <StartMining> btw preferably on the hills and cliffs
[12:48] <StartMining> as im cutting the bottom to make them floating
[12:48] <cwp_aus> nice
[12:49] <cwp_aus> aerovia style eh?
[12:49] <StartMining> sorta xD
[12:49] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[12:49] <StartMining> hey own
[12:49] <Ownenator2011> hello
[12:49] <StartMining> here is fine
[12:49] <Harry01red> ok thank you
[12:49] <StartMining> where ever there just choose
[12:49] <Ownenator2011> well g2g, I stuffed my neck up and must get it fixed, cya later
[12:49] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§r) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[12:49] <hjmck123> o.o
[12:50] <PURD3Y> chiropractor
[12:51] <ejano> cwp
[12:51] <ejano> has everyone paid
[12:51] <cwp_aus> yep?
[12:51] <ejano> tthe thingo
[12:51] <cwp_aus> yep
[12:51] <ejano> coolies
[12:51] <cwp_aus> all should be good
[12:51] <cwp_aus> providing all show :P
[12:51] <hjmck123> u know deep down they wont
[12:51] <cwp_aus> :/
[12:51] <ejano> >:O
[12:52] <cwp_aus> well, 1 out of 8 is here :P
[12:52] <ejano> then we win what 280,000?
[12:52] <ejano> :P
[12:52] <cwp_aus> nope its 300k
[12:52] <ejano> xD
[12:52] <PURD3Y> C:
[12:52] <StartMining> cwp im starting not to feel like getting rid of the bottom
[12:52] <StartMining> it still looks good
[12:52] <StartMining> with its cave systems
[12:52] <StartMining> you could make a batcave xD
[12:53] <cwp_aus> heh, bats are accumulating in my ship
[12:53] <PURD3Y> nigs has big melons
[12:53] <ejano> lol
[12:53] <ejano> xDS
[12:53] <StartMining> xD
[12:53] <ejano> o.o
[12:53] <cwp_aus> occasionaly i'll see one flying round inside
[12:53] <cwp_aus> indeed he does, xD
[12:53] <cwp_aus> lol crow
[12:53] <cwp_aus> you have to see it to understand
[12:54] <cwp_aus> been awhile since i've seen you harry
[12:54] <ejano> aah sorry i think I should go my laptop seems to be lagging everything
[12:54] <ejano> wait no
[12:54] <ejano> no its ok xD
[12:54] <PURD3Y> lol
[12:54] <ejano> I finished downloading something and it as
[12:54] <ejano> was8
[12:54] <ejano> WOAH
[12:54] <cwp_aus> woah?
[12:54] <ejano> LOOL
[12:54] <cwp_aus> the melons?
[12:54] <PURD3Y> nigs's melons
[12:55] <cwp_aus> xD
[12:55] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[12:55] <StartMining> hey campiee
[12:55] <ejano> hey campiee
[12:55] <campiee> hi
[12:55] <cwp_aus> hi campiee
[12:55] <ejano> wow those are big melons
[12:55] <campiee> ???
[12:55] <ejano> lel
[12:55] <campiee> hai
[12:55] <StartMining> welcome to New Caelandia
[12:55] <campiee> what r u doinbg?
[12:56] <ejano> hey campiee can I see your awesome build you got adv on
[12:56] <Harry01red> ok cool
[12:56] <ejano> :3 plz
[12:56] <campiee> umm 001?
[12:56] <StartMining> me too :3
[12:56] <ejano> oh
[12:56] <ejano> uh dw then xD
[12:56] <cwp_aus> he decoratomofied 001 :P
[12:56] <StartMining> purd
[12:56] <PURD3Y> test
[12:56] <StartMining> thats too expensive
[12:56] <campiee> i lit up 001 strets and decorated the roads
[12:56] <StartMining> i would buy for 100
[12:56] <campiee> and the farm
[12:56] <StartMining> and i did
[12:57] <ejano> ah awesome
[12:57] <StartMining> cool campiee
[12:57] <cwp_aus> no small job neither :P
[12:57] <StartMining> next stop trusted
[12:57] <campiee> lol
[12:57] <PURD3Y> yes?
[12:57] <Harry01red> hi
[12:57] <campiee> lol ive been baned 1
[12:57] <campiee> 1nce
[12:57] <campiee> and reported 1ce
[12:57] <StartMining> well good luck, will maybe take a year give or take
[12:58] <campiee> what r u doing hary?
[12:58] <StartMining> really campiee...
[12:58] <StartMining> for 1000
[12:58] <PURD3Y> test
[12:58] <ejano> uh be back later
[12:58] <campiee> mmm hmm
[12:58] <ejano> the comp starts in2 hours cwp?
[12:58] <PURD3Y> test
[12:58] <campiee> i want all heads
[12:58] <StartMining> what comp?
[12:58] <cwp_aus> sure does
[12:58] <campiee> i need player and wither
[12:58] <ejano> cool
[12:58] <ejano> cyas
[12:58] <cwp_aus> the buildcomp
[12:58] <StartMining> ?
[12:58] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[12:58] <PURD3Y> test
[12:59] <campiee> wait what r u doing start and harry?
[12:59] <StartMining> me, making my town
[12:59] <campiee> ohh cewl
[12:59] <campiee> can i mak ebuilding?
[12:59] <PURD3Y> i hav a wither slaying arena to build
[12:59] <campiee> cool
[12:59] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE) has joined #main
[12:59] <StartMining> hey boe
[12:59] <campiee> hai
[12:59] <PURD3Y> hey boe
[12:59] <cwp_aus> lel, your arena goona take an age pur
[12:59] <cwp_aus> hi boe
[12:59] <BOE_BOE> hey all =)
[13:00] <cwp_aus> purd, you ever get round to finding that 3rd judge?
[13:00] <StartMining> purd ples can i buy a beacon???
[13:00] <PURD3Y> is that a challenge xwp?
[13:00] <PURD3Y> cwp*
[13:00] <PURD3Y> not yet
[13:00] <StartMining> aw
[13:00] <cwp_aus> maybe... :P
[13:01] <StartMining> ill keep an eye on him
[13:01] <Harry01red> how
[13:01] <StartMining> would like an invis potion xD
[13:02] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[13:02] * campiee (campiee@campiee§r) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[13:02] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE§r) Quit (§eBOE_BOE left the game.)
[13:02] <campiee> i can give u
[13:02] <Harry01red> who
[13:02] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[13:02] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[13:02] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[13:02] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[13:02] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[13:02] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[13:02] <StartMining> what happened?
[13:02] <PURD3Y> everyone crash?
[13:02] <StartMining> apparently
[13:03] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[13:03] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[13:04] <PURD3Y> wb
[13:04] <StartMining> wb everyone
[13:05] <PURD3Y> test
[13:08] <StartMining> garry u should probably do /sethome
[13:08] <StartMining> harry*
[13:08] <Harry01red> ok
[13:10] <Harry01red> does this town have a mine
[13:10] <StartMining> nope
[13:10] <StartMining> only just started today
[13:10] <Harry01red> do you wont to make one
[13:11] <StartMining> i dont want to but i might do it
[13:11] <PURD3Y> hetty how old are you?
[13:11] <StartMining> you can start if u wish
[13:11] <PURD3Y> harry*
[13:11] <Harry01red> 13
[13:11] <StartMining> and why would u want to give that info away???
[13:11] <PURD3Y> alright
[13:11] <Harry01red> do you have skype
[13:11] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[13:11] <StartMining> hey cwppeh
[13:11] <PURD3Y> welcome back cup
[13:12] <Harry01red> hi there
[13:12] <cwp_aus> :/, now no-one from the comp is on
[13:12] <hjmck123> told u
[13:12] <PURD3Y> crow said she'd be back
[13:12] <cwp_aus> still like 2hrs out though :P
[13:12] <PURD3Y> cup how much i need pay to make it 300k?
[13:12] <cwp_aus> hang on i'll caluclate it again
[13:12] <PURD3Y> kk
[13:13] <Harry01red> are you all from aus
[13:13] <PURD3Y> not botn
[13:13] <PURD3Y> born
[13:14] <Harry01red> ok
[13:14] <cwp_aus> ahh yes 30k
[13:15] <cwp_aus> a majority of us are
[13:15] <cwp_aus> some are in the us
[13:15] <cwp_aus> some, like purd werent born in aus but ar ehere now
[13:15] <cwp_aus> well, this should make winning more lustful
[13:16] <cwp_aus> :
[13:16] <PURD3Y> yep, now up to 1/2 mill
[13:16] <cwp_aus> :P*
[13:16] <cwp_aus> should there be a second palce prize?
[13:16] <cwp_aus> place*
[13:16] <cwp_aus> i'd say also a third but theres only 4 teams
[13:16] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[13:16] <PURD3Y> wait, yeah, that'd work out
[13:16] <ejano> cwp
[13:16] <cwp_aus> wb
[13:16] <ejano> Im here exactly 20 mins from your post
[13:16] <ejano> :P
[13:17] <cwp_aus> 400k to the winners 100k to second place?
[13:17] <ejano> and hai guys
[13:17] <PURD3Y> 1st eaxh get 200k and 2nd place get 50k each
[13:17] <ejano> what
[13:17] <cwp_aus> i mean 20 mins before the comp crow :P
[13:17] <ejano> oh
[13:17] <ejano> *facedesk*
[13:17] <ejano> xD
[13:17] <cwp_aus> lel
[13:17] <ejano> XD
[13:17] <cwp_aus> heh
[13:17] <ejano> thanku thanku
[13:17] <ejano> ah well
[13:17] <ejano> I'll be back!
[13:18] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[13:18] <cwp_aus> c'mon, be 1hr and 17 mins later :P
[13:19] <hjmck123> so u want it to start with no1?
[13:19] <cwp_aus> lol, i mean for it to be then and for people to begin to show up
[13:19] <cwp_aus> like farwording time
[13:19] <cwp_aus> fastforwarding*
[13:19] <PURD3Y> not skipping
[13:20] <cwp_aus> lel
[13:20] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[13:20] <StartMining> hey fear
[13:20] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[13:20] <cwp_aus> lol, i should rig up some sort of start signal
[13:20] <cwp_aus> but that'd mess with the arena so, nah
[13:20] <hjmck123> just launch a firework and when it explodes start
[13:21] <cwp_aus> valid point
[13:21] <cwp_aus> anyone got one?
[13:21] <hjmck123> ill make 1
[13:21] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:21] <StartMining> hey riding
[13:21] <cwp_aus> hey riding
[13:21] <cwp_aus> second backup purd?
[13:21] <ridingmaster> Hey
[13:21] <cwp_aus> ;)
[13:21] <PURD3Y> yeag
[13:22] <cwp_aus> riding, like to be the 3rd judge for the buildcomp l8r?
[13:22] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[13:22] <cwp_aus> cool
[13:23] <cwp_aus> wb
[13:23] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[13:23] <hjmck123> does spawn sell dye
[13:24] <ridingmaster> Don't think so
[13:24] <ridingmaster> Probably sells the ingredients for dyes
[13:24] <hjmck123> got sum
[13:25] * fergster45 (fergster45@fergster45) has joined #main
[13:25] <StartMining> hey ferg
[13:25] <fergster45> Hey all
[13:25] <ridingmaster> Hello
[13:25] <cwp_aus> hi ferg
[13:25] <Harry01red> hi
[13:25] <fergster45> argh, texture pack D: brb
[13:25] * fergster45 (fergster45@fergster45§r) Quit (§efergster45 left the game.)
[13:26] * fergster45 (fergster45@fergster45) has joined #main
[13:26] <PURD3Y> hey ferg
[13:26] <fergster45> hiya
[13:27] <cwp_aus> ahh, there we go, named me armour :P
[13:27] <fergster45> cmere cows, I must smite you in the face
[13:28] <fergster45> so what was this about a build comp purd3y?
[13:28] <PURD3Y> go check fb again man
[13:28] <fergster45> k
[13:28] <cwp_aus> lol
[13:28] <cwp_aus> had blooper not got banned you would have been of help
[13:28] <PURD3Y> just incase someone doesn't show though
[13:29] <cwp_aus> good point
[13:29] <hjmck123> wut makes dye
[13:29] <ridingmaster> What dye colour?
[13:29] <PURD3Y> imma make a thread about the arena, see if i can get some workers
[13:29] <hjmck123> lots
[13:30] <ridingmaster> What do you mean
[13:30] <ridingmaster> What makes lots of dye?
[13:30] <hjmck123> uhh red
[13:30] <ridingmaster> Red is
[13:30] <ridingmaster> err
[13:30] <PURD3Y> well red flower, yellow flower, lapis, cocoa, inksacks and bonemeal
[13:30] <cwp_aus> roses
[13:30] <ridingmaster> That ^
[13:30] <hjmck123> :O
[13:30] <ridingmaster> And cactus
[13:30] <cwp_aus> purd is listing different types of colours btw
[13:30] <PURD3Y> that's it
[13:30] <hjmck123> cactus?!
[13:30] <PURD3Y> no they're the products cwp
[13:30] <ridingmaster> In a furnace
[13:31] <ridingmaster> = green dye
[13:31] <hjmck123> o.O
[13:31] <ridingmaster> Green dye + bone meal = lime dye
[13:31] <PURD3Y> add bonemeal get lime dye
[13:31] <ridingmaster> :D
[13:32] <cwp_aus> purd, we'll remove these fences once the buildtime is over as to get a better look at the builds
[13:33] <PURD3Y> yeah that's pl
[13:33] <PURD3Y> ok
[13:33] <cwp_aus> hi there
[13:33] <ridingmaster> Hey
[13:33] <cwp_aus> whats up hj?
[13:33] <ridingmaster> We can come out of the judges podium right?
[13:33] <hjmck123> exploding boom fireowkr
[13:33] <cwp_aus> feel free to look in the chest
[13:33] <ridingmaster> Woah
[13:33] <cwp_aus> yeah, its just there for higher view
[13:33] <ridingmaster> That must've taken a while to collect
[13:34] <cwp_aus> thankyou
[13:34] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[13:34] <hjmck123> a backup
[13:34] <hjmck123> lol
[13:34] <cwp_aus> lel, spawnshop
[13:34] <ridingmaster> We need to have a firework show at the end of the contest
[13:34] <cwp_aus> thanjs :P
[13:34] <PURD3Y> do fireforks light via redstone?
[13:34] <cwp_aus> fireworks are to signal starting
[13:34] <ridingmaster> Ahh XD
[13:34] <hjmck123> fireworks go off when u place them
[13:34] <PURD3Y> yeah cup just 1 to start
[13:34] <PURD3Y> awww, that's sah gay D:
[13:35] <hjmck123> dont make me get frostmourne
[13:35] <cwp_aus> lel
[13:36] <cwp_aus> this is cosy
[13:36] <cwp_aus> xD
[13:36] <ridingmaster> XD
[13:36] <ridingmaster> Sticky keys :O
[13:36] <hjmck123> .
[13:36] <ridingmaster> Welcome bcak :3
[13:36] <ridingmaster> *back
[13:36] <hjmck123> moo
[13:37] <hjmck123> that armrest looks hard
[13:37] <cwp_aus> lel, its for a surpirse for the winners
[13:37] <cwp_aus> surprise*
[13:37] <hjmck123> a snowball named after them?
[13:38] <cwp_aus> lol
[13:38] <fergster45> man, took long enough
[13:38] <PURD3Y> ;p;
[13:38] <PURD3Y> lol
[13:38] <hjmck123> is this a giant circle
[13:38] <cwp_aus> so
[13:38] <cwp_aus> tis
[13:38] <cwp_aus> 250 blocks in dia
[13:38] <ridingmaster> Hang on
[13:38] <hjmck123> :o
[13:38] <ridingmaster> I know this place o.o
[13:39] <cwp_aus> :?
[13:39] <ridingmaster> Weird
[13:39] <ridingmaster> Ahhhhh
[13:40] <cwp_aus> purd, riding, might be a good idea to memorize whats in these chests, as to crsuh out any cheaters
[13:40] <ridingmaster> I helped Purd clear a bit of this land
[13:40] <cwp_aus> crush*
[13:40] <ridingmaster> Chest why you no open
[13:40] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:41] <cwp_aus> heh, purd, chekc out mah armour
[13:41] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:41] <ridingmaster> As per usual
[13:41] <ridingmaster> I'm back up to where I was five minutes ago
[13:41] <hjmck123> u didnt move
[13:41] <ridingmaster> Even though I was on a chest when I logged out -.-
[13:41] <ridingmaster> Yeah server ignored my movements
[13:41] <cwp_aus> purdeth?
[13:42] <hjmck123> but it let u speak
[13:42] <hjmck123> lol
[13:42] <cwp_aus> riding, take a lookey at meh armour
[13:42] <ridingmaster> I'd like an explanation too lol
[13:42] <cwp_aus> an explanation?
[13:42] <ridingmaster> Not bad
[13:42] <ridingmaster> Server stopped logging my moved
[13:42] <ridingmaster> s
[13:43] <ridingmaster> Moves*
[13:43] <PURD3Y> back
[13:43] <fergster45> wb
[13:43] <cwp_aus> oh and purd, they are to get a 10 min time for thikning before they start building
[13:43] <PURD3Y> alright
[13:43] <cwp_aus> dam n i cant type :/
[13:44] <cwp_aus> brb
[13:44] <PURD3Y> lul
[13:44] <hjmck123> dem cactus
[13:45] <fergster45> Too lazy for food
[13:45] <fergster45> so this comp... is it in creative mode or survival?
[13:45] <PURD3Y> survival
[13:45] <fergster45> I'm so screwed XD
[13:45] <cwp_aus> items are supplied
[13:45] <PURD3Y> lol, all stuff is provided
[13:46] <fergster45> ah, ok lol
[13:46] <cwp_aus> area is lit up so mobs cant get ye either
[13:46] <cwp_aus> oh, and no cactus's xD
[13:46] <fergster45> if they weren't i'd just build a massive dirt palace
[13:46] <ridingmaster> I think you mean cacti
[13:46] <fergster45> and wai :Lc
[13:46] <fergster45> Depends
[13:47] <fergster45> He might be talking about multiple species of cactus... cactuses, or multiple cacti :3
[13:47] <ridingmaster> He might, but there is only one species of cactus in Minecraft
[13:47] <fergster45> Well, they don't give a species on the block ;)
[13:47] <fergster45> So you never know I guess
[13:47] <cwp_aus> lel
[13:47] <ridingmaster> lol
[13:48] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[13:48] <PURD3Y> ey gale
[13:48] <fergster45> Hey gale
[13:48] <Forgott3nFear> hey gale
[13:48] <Galener> Hey.
[13:48] <ridingmaster> Hey Gale
[13:48] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:48] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:49] <fergster45> I'm going to go make a giant wall on ssp for no apparent reason
[13:49] <fergster45> see you in a while
[13:49] * fergster45 (fergster45@fergster45§r) Quit (§efergster45 left the game.)
[13:49] <PURD3Y> ciao
[13:49] * ridingmaster was kicked from #main by Server
[13:49] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:49] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:49] <Galener> Welcome back.
[13:50] <ridingmaster> Hmm
[13:50] <ridingmaster> The same glitch keeps happening
[13:50] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[13:50] <Galener> Brb, sounds gone.
[13:50] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[13:50] <cwp_aus> back
[13:50] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[13:50] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[13:51] <PURD3Y> what's the issue riding?
[13:51] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[13:51] <cwp_aus> wb
[13:51] <ridingmaster> Every couple of minutes the server stops logging my movements
[13:51] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[13:51] <Galener> That's better XD
[13:51] <Galener> Thanks.
[13:51] <PURD3Y> as in you're timing out?
[13:51] <cwp_aus> 1 hour out :P
[13:51] <ridingmaster> I can talk still
[13:52] <Galener> Cwp, build comp is in an hour correct?
[13:52] <ridingmaster> And I can move
[13:52] <cwp_aus> yep
[13:52] <PURD3Y> looking forward to it gale?
[13:52] <cwp_aus> preferably being his 20 mins before
[13:52] <Galener> Somewhat
[13:52] <cwp_aus> that way i can make sure veryone is here
[13:53] <Galener> Concerned about the theme as to if I'll be able to build it or not XD
[13:53] <PURD3Y> that doesn't sound promising
[13:53] <cwp_aus> lol gale
[13:53] <PURD3Y> well i chose it so it's somewhat obvious
[13:53] <Galener> I'm not exactly a great builder XD
[13:53] <Galener> But either way it should be good.
[13:53] <PURD3Y> It's all about having fun
[13:53] <cwp_aus> it will, as long as all show
[13:53] <Galener> Providing the server plays nice during it XD
[13:54] <cwp_aus> indeed
[13:54] <cwp_aus> the hope is it does
[13:54] <PURD3Y> as long as rob doesn't log on XD
[13:54] <Galener> Rob was on earlier without crashing so I think he got that problem fixed with Peppy
[13:54] <PURD3Y> ahh good
[13:54] <PURD3Y> took him long enough
[13:54] <Galener> Yeah XD
[13:55] <PURD3Y> took some yelling too
[13:55] <Harry01red> who is rob
[13:55] <Galener> Roberestarkk
[13:55] <ridingmaster> Roberestarkk
[13:55] <PURD3Y> roberestarkk one of the other admins
[13:55] <ridingmaster> An Admin
[13:55] <Harry01red> ok what happed
[13:55] <PURD3Y> he blew his house up, kept crashing the server
[13:56] <Harry01red> oooo
[13:56] <Harry01red> :o
[13:57] <cwp_aus> I wonder if anyone got the theme correct ;)
[13:57] <ridingmaster> Crow still has no clue
[13:57] <Galener> Did Jak end up sending in any guesses?
[13:57] <ridingmaster> She asked me for suggestions lol
[13:57] <cwp_aus> yes he did
[13:57] <Galener> Ok, good XD
[13:57] <Galener> He didn't tell me XD
[13:58] <PURD3Y> i offered it to crow but she turned me down
[13:58] * clearestghost (clearestghost@clearestghost) has joined #main
[13:58] <ridingmaster> Hey
[13:58] <Galener> Hey.
[13:58] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[13:58] <Harry01red> hi there
[13:58] <clearestghost> hi all
[13:58] <cwp_aus> lol
[13:58] <cwp_aus> hi clear
[13:58] <cwp_aus> i'ma brb internet is lagging behind
[13:58] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[13:58] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[13:58] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[13:59] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[13:59] <Galener> Welcome back
[13:59] <cwp_aus> back
[13:59] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[13:59] <clearestghost> zombie with a spade ahhhh
[13:59] <PURD3Y> oh gale there's a problem with the auction thing
[13:59] <ridingmaster> What is it?
[13:59] <PURD3Y> people can bid on their own auctions
[14:00] <ridingmaster> What's the point of that XD
[14:00] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[14:00] <PURD3Y> bumping price
[14:00] <ridingmaster> Can they buy it?
[14:00] <PURD3Y> yes
[14:00] <PURD3Y> watch
[14:00] <Galener> As there is nothing in the permissions to prevent that I can't fix it
[14:00] <PURD3Y> alright
[14:00] <PURD3Y> if i got the code i could XD
[14:02] <PURD3Y> and i could put in anti ninja code
[14:02] <ridingmaster> D:
[14:03] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[14:03] <PURD3Y> you want to know the funny thing about the anti ninja code?
[14:03] <hjmck123> its got ninja in the name
[14:03] <ridingmaster> Nope
[14:03] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[14:03] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:03] <Harry01red> i am back
[14:03] <PURD3Y> I'm glitching massively
[14:03] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[14:03] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[14:04] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:04] <PURD3Y> test
[14:04] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[14:04] <ridingmaster> Hey Ownen
[14:04] <Ownenator2011> hello
[14:04] <PURD3Y> hey
[14:05] <PURD3Y> is anyone helping me?
[14:05] <Ownenator2011> lol my minecraft was lagging, switched it from defult to 32x32 and it stopped lagging :/
[14:05] <Ownenator2011> also what u need help with?
[14:05] <ridingmaster> I would but I keep glitching, sorry
[14:05] <PURD3Y> my arena
[14:05] <PURD3Y> well the public one
[14:05] <Ownenator2011> sure, are the materials there already?
[14:05] <PURD3Y> i'm clearing the land
[14:05] <Ownenator2011> I can help with that
[14:06] <hjmck123> im 2 gud for helmets
[14:06] <ridingmaster> XD
[14:06] <Harry01red> ok i will
[14:06] <Harry01red> tp me
[14:06] <Ownenator2011> so just want me to flatten this?
[14:06] <ridingmaster> Zombie bandits :D
[14:06] <PURD3Y> the area that's inside the cobble circle
[14:06] <Ownenator2011> ok
[14:07] <Ownenator2011> damn I wish I had those picks peppy gave me
[14:07] <PURD3Y> I'd prefer cobblestone
[14:07] <Ownenator2011> he gave me some really good ones with efficiency and all that
[14:07] <Ownenator2011> but I left them in a chest :P
[14:07] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[14:07] <Ownenator2011> hello cwp
[14:07] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:07] <cwp_aus> nack, just refreshin my internet
[14:08] <cwp_aus> 2 out of 8 are here :P
[14:08] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[14:08] <ridingmaster> Crow said she's giving your laptop a break XD
[14:08] <campiee> hai
[14:08] <ridingmaster> Hey campiee
[14:08] <cwp_aus> ah fair o
[14:08] <ridingmaster> *her lol
[14:08] <ridingmaster> Not your :P
[14:08] <hjmck123> a bat!
[14:08] <Harry01red> i need a pixe
[14:09] <ridingmaster> Kill it!
[14:09] <hjmck123> but its kewl
[14:09] <campiee> ?
[14:09] <ridingmaster> It's gone
[14:09] <PURD3Y> fear, hj want to help?
[14:09] <hjmck123> wild zubat has fled
[14:09] <campiee> sooo whats everyone dooing
[14:09] <campiee> ?
[14:09] <Forgott3nFear> kk
[14:09] <hjmck123> help wut do wut when
[14:10] <PURD3Y> working on my arena
[14:10] <ridingmaster> Clearing land
[14:10] <Ownenator2011> E? what does E stand for?
[14:10] <campiee> can i help?
[14:10] <PURD3Y> just level the landfor the arena
[14:10] <Forgott3nFear> i dont have a shovel
[14:10] <PURD3Y> sure camp
[14:10] <hjmck123> no1 haz 1
[14:10] <PURD3Y> I'll do the shoveling
[14:10] <campiee> i moved
[14:10] <PURD3Y> gj
[14:10] <campiee> sssss
[14:11] <Ownenator2011> if nobody wants the cobble I am willin to have it
[14:11] <ridingmaster> There's a chest for it :P
[14:11] <hjmck123> nevaa
[14:11] <ridingmaster> Multiple chests
[14:11] <campiee> soo how r we building?
[14:11] <Ownenator2011> where?
[14:11] <PURD3Y> own i need the cobble for the base
[14:11] <Ownenator2011> ah
[14:11] <clearestghost> yay 1 of each mob head (besides steves)
[14:11] <Ownenator2011> can I keep the sandstone?
[14:11] <PURD3Y> however if there's any left you can have
[14:11] <cwp_aus> own, just a sidenote, dont walk in thrpought hat gate, k
[14:11] <PURD3Y> and i need the sandstone for the actual arena
[14:11] <Ownenator2011> ook
[14:11] <hjmck123> i heard bat
[14:11] <Ownenator2011> what gate?
[14:12] <cwp_aus> never mind
[14:12] <campiee> so u need to clear out?
[14:12] <cwp_aus> purd, you've got an army of hands :P
[14:12] <PURD3Y> C:
[14:12] <Ownenator2011> do I get payed? :P
[14:12] <hjmck123> ow
[14:12] <campiee> brb i need to ofload stuff
[14:12] <Harry01red> same
[14:12] <hjmck123> hmmmrmrm im in a mine
[14:13] <PURD3Y> this is a massive public build, i'm doing this all for you
[14:13] <campiee> il tp back later
[14:13] <Ownenator2011> purd can I keep any sandstone i find?
[14:13] <ridingmaster> He needs it
[14:13] <PURD3Y> but if you want money i'll pay
[14:13] <ridingmaster> For the arena
[14:13] <Ownenator2011> he didnt say anything about sandstone :P
[14:13] <Harry01red> there
[14:13] <ridingmaster> He did XD
[14:13] <Ownenator2011> also where is the chjest?
[14:13] <Ownenator2011> what about sand?
[14:13] <ridingmaster> Follow me ownen
[14:13] <PURD3Y> there's a chest room on the far side of the play area for the comp, everything goes in there for now
[14:14] <campiee> kk
[14:14] <cwp_aus> but dont walk throuhg the comparea own :P
[14:14] <Harry01red> i need a new pixe
[14:14] <ridingmaster> In here
[14:14] <Ownenator2011> dont worry I wond look at the materials
[14:14] <ridingmaster> In his shack :P
[14:14] <PURD3Y> ahrry follow me
[14:15] <PURD3Y> harry*
[14:15] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[14:15] <ridingmaster> Hey Regox
[14:15] <campiee> oo a cave
[14:15] <hjmck123> hi
[14:15] <Regox> Hey
[14:15] <cwp_aus> hi reg
[14:15] <PURD3Y> test
[14:15] <cwp_aus> come join the cain gang, xD
[14:15] <cwp_aus> chain*
[14:16] <campiee> lets go out
[14:16] <Regox> Mining.. sand?
[14:16] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[14:16] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[14:16] <ridingmaster> Clearing land for the arena
[14:16] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:16] <cwp_aus> digging out the arena for purds arena
[14:16] <PURD3Y> hey re and back
[14:16] <cwp_aus> rest are over there
[14:17] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[14:17] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[14:17] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:17] <hjmck123> lol
[14:17] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[14:17] <ridingmaster> What the
[14:17] <hjmck123> riding b trapped
[14:17] <hjmck123> xD
[14:17] <ridingmaster> XD
[14:17] <campiee> tp
[14:17] <campiee> i need a faster shovel
[14:18] <ridingmaster> Diamond shovels are quite fast
[14:18] <PURD3Y> test
[14:18] <cwp_aus> 37 mins till the comp
[14:18] <hjmck123> D:
[14:19] <Ownenator2011> nuu this is my area
[14:19] <campiee> anyone has a fast shovel i can use?
[14:20] <hjmck123> i is hidden
[14:20] <Ownenator2011> purd can I keep the cacti atleast?
[14:20] <ridingmaster> XD
[14:21] <hjmck123> lol
[14:21] <hjmck123> zombie spawna
[14:21] <Ownenator2011> kill it with fire?
[14:22] <hjmck123> got no fire
[14:22] <Ownenator2011> kill it with diamond pick?
[14:22] <hjmck123> kay
[14:22] <Ownenator2011> or whatever type of pick u has
[14:23] <PURD3Y> that own yes
[14:23] <Ownenator2011> lol thanks :P
[14:23] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[14:23] <PURD3Y> anything aside sand, sandstone and cobble i want
[14:23] <ridingmaster> Hey Trise
[14:23] <Trisemigistus> herro
[14:23] <ridingmaster> :D
[14:23] <campiee> hai trise
[14:23] <PURD3Y> i don't want*
[14:23] <Trisemigistus> howdy howdy
[14:23] <PURD3Y> hey tris
[14:23] <PURD3Y> what enchented tools you have trise?
[14:24] <Trisemigistus> quite a few, why?
[14:24] <PURD3Y> i need pickaxes and shovels
[14:24] <campiee> we all need
[14:24] <Trisemigistus> of what particular enchant
[14:24] <campiee> well the ones helping purd need
[14:24] <campiee> efficency?
[14:24] <PURD3Y> I'll ge them and give them to people
[14:24] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE) has joined #main
[14:24] <cwp_aus> hi boe
[14:24] <campiee> wcb
[14:24] <ridingmaster> Hey Boe
[14:24] <Trisemigistus> let me check my stock.
[14:24] <BOE_BOE> hey
[14:24] <Ownenator2011> oops trapped myself
[14:24] <ridingmaster> XD
[14:25] <cwp_aus> 30 mins till the comp
[14:25] <Harry01red> hi there
[14:25] <campiee> what comp?
[14:25] <ridingmaster> Build comp
[14:25] <PURD3Y> trise if you see this skype?
[14:25] <campiee> ohh
[14:25] <Ownenator2011> THE comp
[14:25] <Ownenator2011> when do we guess? 10 mins?
[14:25] <BOE_BOE> is there a comp?
[14:25] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[14:25] <BOE_BOE> didnt even no
[14:25] <BOE_BOE> kno
[14:25] <cwp_aus> own, you were suppsoed to guess before the comp -.-
[14:25] <BOE_BOE> know
[14:26] <ridingmaster> That's why you need to be active on the forums XD
[14:26] <Harry01red> yes i do
[14:26] <cwp_aus> jak got consused and i ironed that out in the thread afew dyas ago, lol
[14:26] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[14:26] <BOE_BOE> i have been but not in the past week or so =L
[14:26] <Ownenator2011> I asked u and u said something and I got confused just now
[14:26] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[14:26] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:26] <Ownenator2011> I thought we had 10 mins before the comp to guess....
[14:26] <ridingmaster> You had days before I thought
[14:27] <cwp_aus> ^
[14:27] <Ownenator2011> now im very confusededed
[14:27] <Ownenator2011> I should have read the thread more carefully
[14:27] <cwp_aus> you were suppsoed to pm me your guesses before the comp
[14:27] <Ownenator2011> can I still do it?
[14:27] <cwp_aus> yeaup
[14:27] <Ownenator2011> TO THE FORUMS!
[14:27] <cwp_aus> you've 8 mins :P
[14:27] <ridingmaster> Just message it to him XD
[14:27] <ridingmaster> o.o he's gone
[14:28] <PURD3Y> loaded?
[14:28] <Harry01red> what
[14:28] <campiee> aahrr my tools are almost dead
[14:28] <PURD3Y> campiee I'm working on getting more atm
[14:28] <Ownenator2011> back
[14:28] <ridingmaster> Anyone need to go to the shack to empty their inventory?
[14:28] <BOE_BOE> o.0
[14:29] <BOE_BOE> what we all doin
[14:29] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:29] <ridingmaster> Clearing land for Purd's arena
[14:29] <Ownenator2011> ok so cwp, do I /msg u or pm u on teh forums?
[14:29] <PURD3Y> helpin me
[14:29] <Ownenator2011> the*
[14:29] <cwp_aus> pm on the forums
[14:29] <Ownenator2011> ok then
[14:29] <ridingmaster> No-one needs to go to the shack?
[14:29] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[14:29] <ridingmaster> Hey Start
[14:29] <StartMining> hey everyone
[14:29] <campiee> hai start
[14:29] <Galener> Hey.
[14:29] <clearestghost> hi
[14:29] <Harry01red> hi there
[14:29] <cwp_aus> hi start
[14:30] <StartMining> gale
[14:30] <PURD3Y> hey gale
[14:30] <StartMining> this what im going to say isnt breaking any rules
[14:30] <cwp_aus> so many people yet only 2 of them are in the comp, xD
[14:30] <StartMining> gale can i buy a beacon?
[14:30] <Galener> No.
[14:30] <campiee> lol
[14:30] <StartMining> aw
[14:30] <StartMining> ok
[14:30] <hjmck123> wut do beacons do
[14:30] <StartMining> harry theres no need
[14:30] <StartMining> plus it looks horrible
[14:30] * clearestghost (clearestghost@clearestghost§r) Quit (§eclearestghost left the game.)
[14:30] <StartMining> sorry if i offended u
[14:30] <StartMining> its just a temp path
[14:31] <campiee> come to the wither arena thats under construction
[14:31] <Harry01red> what
[14:31] <ridingmaster> The what?
[14:31] <campiee> come help
[14:31] <ridingmaster> Is this a wither arena?
[14:31] <Ownenator2011> k I guessed
[14:31] <campiee> i think so
[14:31] <PURD3Y> not specifically
[14:31] * clearestghost (clearestghost@clearestghost) has joined #main
[14:31] <ridingmaster> I don't think so
[14:31] <campiee> what he said
[14:31] <ridingmaster> What is it Purd?
[14:32] <ridingmaster> Welcome back Clearest
[14:32] <cwp_aus> a multi arena arena
[14:32] <PURD3Y> It's an everything secret but there'll be a place for wither slaying
[14:32] <Trisemigistus> I'll return what I don't use.
[14:32] <PURD3Y> kk
[14:32] <Ownenator2011> where is this anyway
[14:33] <ridingmaster> Somewhere far away from everything
[14:33] <campiee> ill give u cobble
[14:33] <Ownenator2011> im far away from everything
[14:33] <Ownenator2011> x: 20000
[14:33] <campiee> purd
[14:33] <campiee> LOL
[14:33] <PURD3Y> test
[14:33] <ridingmaster> Campiee there's a shack for sand, sandstone and cobblestone
[14:33] <campiee> do u need sandstone?
[14:33] <campiee> kk
[14:33] <ridingmaster> Yeah he does
[14:33] <campiee> i tped to purd
[14:33] <ridingmaster> Want me to take you there?
[14:33] <ridingmaster> Alright
[14:34] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[14:34] <ridingmaster> Hey shada
[14:34] <campiee> hey shada
[14:34] <Shada0071> Hey
[14:34] <campiee> lol
[14:34] <cwp_aus> hi shada
[14:34] <StartMining> hey shada
[14:34] <cwp_aus> good, thats one full team :P
[14:34] <Shada0071> Hi
[14:34] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[14:34] <cwp_aus> hi ejano
[14:34] <ejano> hey
[14:34] <ridingmaster> Hey crow
[14:34] <ejano> wow alot of peoples
[14:34] <Shada0071> Yerp
[14:34] <cwp_aus> huzzah people are showing up when i asked
[14:35] <ejano> :P
[14:35] <campiee> hai ejano
[14:35] <ejano> Im exactly 20 mins to 5
[14:35] <cwp_aus> not yet ejano
[14:35] <ridingmaster> Hopefully the server doesn't die
[14:35] <ejano> aw
[14:35] <ejano> lol k
[14:35] <ejano> yea
[14:35] <ejano> arg phone
[14:35] <Ownenator2011> it is less laggy than when I was on a few hours ago
[14:35] <campiee> ime 40 mins past 5
[14:35] <cwp_aus> 4/8
[14:35] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[14:35] <Ownenator2011> so I dont think it will crash
[14:35] <cwp_aus> gale has been tinkering
[14:35] <ridingmaster> Ahh
[14:35] <PURD3Y> who's here and needs tools?
[14:35] <Shada0071> What happens if one needs to go somewhere? does the team get disqualified
[14:35] <hjmck123> mee
[14:36] <ridingmaster> I'm fine
[14:36] <campiee> lol my shovels dead
[14:36] <PURD3Y> come here hj
[14:36] <campiee> thank u sand
[14:36] <Harry01red> hey start can i buld the town farm
[14:36] <cwp_aus> not yet shada
[14:36] <ejano> there are 2 people in a team
[14:36] <PURD3Y> thanks :/
[14:36] <Shada0071> Ahk
[14:37] <Trisemigistus> beat the sand with your fists, pummel it into submission, campiee!
[14:37] <cwp_aus> when the comp is due to begin you will all be sent tp requests by me
[14:37] <campiee> if only someone was here with world edit
[14:37] <Shada0071> Cool we got a new store in town
[14:37] <ridingmaster> Cwp when will the judging part begin?
[14:37] <Ownenator2011> how do I know what team I am on>?
[14:38] <PURD3Y> I'm laggin out massively
[14:38] <cwp_aus> once the building is done
[14:38] <campiee> pikin up boe poo
[14:38] <PURD3Y> when the comp starts i might go to my grandparents house
[14:38] <ridingmaster> How long will that be, 1 hour?
[14:38] <PURD3Y> hj cometh here
[14:38] <cwp_aus> which will take 1hr- 1hr and 20 mins dependsng on wether any teams guessed right
[14:38] <PURD3Y> campiee and boe can you move away please
[14:38] <campiee> oop
[14:38] <Ownenator2011> oooooooowwwwwwww
[14:38] <Shada0071> What happens if one player has to leave?
[14:38] <hjmck123> saand
[14:38] <campiee> kk
[14:38] <hjmck123> saand everywhewre!
[14:38] <Ownenator2011> I hit u with carrot.
[14:38] <PURD3Y> there hj
[14:39] <campiee> lol i need new tools
[14:39] <hjmck123> basher lol
[14:39] <PURD3Y> I'm working on it camp
[14:39] <ejano> bak
[14:39] <campiee> lol
[14:39] <Ownenator2011> wb gale
[14:39] <Galener> Thanks.
[14:39] <ejano> I think if one has to leave the next continues on their own?\
[14:39] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[14:39] <Harry01red> hey startmining can i buld the town fram
[14:39] <Shada0071> ahk
[14:39] <PURD3Y> unless gale wishes to help
[14:39] <ejano> or they get a time thingo?
[14:39] <BOE_BOE> i would help but i have no tools anymore
[14:39] <BOE_BOE> =P
[14:40] <ejano> time benefit because they're only one
[14:40] <BOE_BOE> and gave all my diomands to cwp
[14:40] <BOE_BOE> haha
[14:40] <cwp_aus> likely ejano
[14:40] <cwp_aus> i have some idas on me :P
[14:40] <cwp_aus> dias*
[14:40] <ridingmaster> I've got to go guys, I should be back when you guys finish building, ready to judge XD
[14:40] <ridingmaster> Bye
[14:40] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[14:40] <StartMining> hello
[14:40] <PURD3Y> who needs tools again?
[14:40] <ejano> lol is riding judging
[14:40] <Harry01red> hey startmining can i buld the town fram
[14:41] <cwp_aus> riding me and purd
[14:41] <ejano> ah cool
[14:41] <cwp_aus> still waiting on jak, john, gan and jrr
[14:41] <ejano> mm
[14:41] <PURD3Y> i have more tools but they're not enchanted
[14:42] <cwp_aus> none of which are on the forums
[14:42] <Ownenator2011> cwp how much is the prize moneys?
[14:42] <campiee> kk
[14:42] <ejano> 300 k
[14:42] <ejano> >:P
[14:42] <cwp_aus> 400k for the winning team
[14:42] <ejano> oh
[14:42] <campiee> lol
[14:42] <BOE_BOE> wtff
[14:42] <cwp_aus> 100k for second place team
[14:42] <ejano> <:D
[14:42] <BOE_BOE> i need to get into this
[14:42] <cwp_aus> lol boe
[14:43] <ejano> lol seeing a bird outside feeding its children
[14:43] <ejano> one is being neglected
[14:43] <ejano> :'C
[14:43] <ejano> lol
[14:43] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper) has joined #main
[14:43] <StartMining> hey boom
[14:43] <campiee> hey boom
[14:43] <ejano> hey
[14:43] <BoomSniper> hi all
[14:44] <cwp_aus> hi boom
[14:44] <PURD3Y> sorry they're not enchanted
[14:44] <campiee> kk
[14:44] <campiee> can u enchant>?
[14:44] <PURD3Y> I'm working on getting more from trise
[14:44] <campiee> kk
[14:44] <StartMining> Welcome to New Caelandia
[14:44] <Trisemigistus> ten enchanted shovels almost done
[14:44] <campiee> well mine are almost dead
[14:44] <PURD3Y> cool
[14:44] <BoomSniper> ?
[14:44] <StartMining> this is New Caelandia
[14:45] <BOE_BOE> how big is this arena?
[14:45] <ejano> huge
[14:45] <ejano> xD
[14:45] <Ownenator2011> over 9000
[14:45] <PURD3Y> 250 swuare diameter
[14:45] <PURD3Y> oops
[14:45] <BOE_BOE> haha
[14:45] <BOE_BOE> you need the sand?
[14:46] <PURD3Y> yes
[14:46] <Ownenator2011> now if I can remember the equation the the circle....I cannot
[14:46] <PURD3Y> pi r ^2
[14:46] <BoomSniper> hmm not bad place start
[14:46] <Ownenator2011> I like pie
[14:46] <StartMining> hmmm
[14:46] <cwp_aus> remembering it'll have to be a whole number :P
[14:47] <hjmck123> aw
[14:47] <Trisemigistus> pickaxes, you said?
[14:47] <PURD3Y> how much owe trise?
[14:47] <hjmck123> basher is dead
[14:47] <PURD3Y> yes
[14:47] <BoomSniper> only just started to build at Trise area
[14:47] <Trisemigistus> nothin ;D
[14:47] <PURD3Y> i have more shovels now
[14:47] <BOE_BOE> ok i got no more room all filled with sand
[14:47] <campiee> enchanted?
[14:47] <Trisemigistus> you privded the enchant bottles. fair enough trade imo,
[14:47] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[14:47] <ejano> JOHN
[14:47] <johnkima> I AM HERE
[14:47] <ejano> phew
[14:47] <johnkima> I MADE IT
[14:47] <johnkima> and FUUUUUUUUUUUUU
[14:47] <campiee> hi
[14:47] <PURD3Y> yes
[14:47] <BOE_BOE> purd
[14:48] <Galener> Hey XD
[14:48] <johnkima> I HATE YOU BLOODY INTERNET
[14:48] <BOE_BOE> where you want this and?
[14:48] <BOE_BOE> sand
[14:48] <ejano> calm down
[14:48] <cwp_aus> wb gale
[14:48] <ejano> its not ever yet
[14:48] <ejano> xD
[14:48] <cwp_aus> hi john
[14:48] <Galener> Been back for a while
[14:48] <campiee> ill switch
[14:48] <ejano> it hasn't even started
[14:48] <johnkima> the internet gave me the wrong answers for the Learners permit test :/
[14:48] <StartMining> im willing to buy a beacon just to let that person know
[14:48] <Galener> I'm still working on the railway to Epica XD
[14:48] <campiee> purd?
[14:48] <Trisemigistus> Can I help you, Boom?
[14:48] <PURD3Y> who needs shovel?
[14:48] <StartMining> Epica???
[14:48] <ejano> o.O
[14:48] <Galener> So tell me when you want me to tp to you for the comp
[14:48] <PURD3Y> yes bow?
[14:48] <campiee> purd here
[14:48] <BoomSniper> need to get home
[14:48] <cwp_aus> ok gale
[14:48] <johnkima> tp me
[14:48] <StartMining> um harry
[14:48] <cwp_aus> 5/8
[14:48] <PURD3Y> john mine's worse
[14:48] <johnkima> actually wait
[14:48] <Trisemigistus> I'm no where near Epica at the moment, youll have to wait.
[14:48] <BOE_BOE> i need a shovel
[14:49] <campiee> can i has enchnted one?
[14:49] <ejano> uh john did you go to the national Australian thingo website for driving
[14:49] <cwp_aus> i'll only get you all when all are here
[14:49] <Ownenator2011> the area of the arena is 49087 blocks
[14:49] <StartMining> r u going to get rid of that later?
[14:49] <johnkima> what you mean purd?
[14:49] <BoomSniper> oh ok
[14:49] <campiee> purd?
[14:49] <johnkima> what you mean yours is worse purd?
[14:49] <Harry01red> hey startmining can i buld the town fram
[14:49] <BOE_BOE> need this sand?
[14:49] <campiee> can i have the enchanted shovel purd
[14:49] <PURD3Y> waoh the feed is moving so fast
[14:49] <PURD3Y> umm
[14:49] <PURD3Y> wait up
[14:49] <cwp_aus> lol
[14:49] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[14:49] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[14:49] <PURD3Y> guys. follow me
[14:49] <johnkima> are we allowed ANY items at the comp?
[14:50] <johnkima> like how is food?
[14:50] <PURD3Y> Boe
[14:50] <PURD3Y> stope
[14:50] <ejano> food should be fine
[14:50] <cwp_aus> all supplied
[14:50] <ejano> oh
[14:50] <PURD3Y> pick it up and follow me
[14:50] <cwp_aus> food and stuff for tools
[14:50] <BOE_BOE> camp
[14:50] <Ownenator2011> k let me drop my stuff off at my house
[14:50] <BOE_BOE> got half
[14:50] <BOE_BOE> =p
[14:50] <Harry01red> can i buld the town fram
[14:50] <StartMining> if u want
[14:50] <cwp_aus> still waiting on gan jrr and jak
[14:50] <BoomSniper> :
[14:50] <StartMining> as long as it looks good
[14:50] <Harry01red> yes
[14:50] <ejano> john
[14:50] <ejano> turn around
[14:50] <campiee> purd??
[14:50] <ejano> :3
[14:51] <johnkima> crow acce[t
[14:51] <PURD3Y> yes camp?
[14:51] <cwp_aus> gah, hurry up you three....
[14:51] <campiee> purd can i have my enchanted shovel now?
[14:51] <BOE_BOE> you wouldnt have a spare shovel?
[14:51] <johnkima> ACCEPT CROW
[14:51] <johnkima> me geard
[14:51] <johnkima> wait wut the?
[14:51] <johnkima> -.-
[14:51] <PURD3Y> tp to me to dispose of the collected stuff
[14:51] <Harry01red> were
[14:51] <ejano> what
[14:51] <campiee> purd?
[14:51] <cwp_aus> what john?
[14:52] <campiee> u said u had enchanted shovels
[14:52] <PURD3Y> yes camp?
[14:52] <PURD3Y> oh hi
[14:52] <johnkima> dont worry its crow xD
[14:52] <campiee> thx
[14:52] <PURD3Y> did you unload your inv?
[14:52] <campiee> we should hae efficency
[14:52] <StartMining> maybe there
[14:52] <PURD3Y> i have more
[14:52] <campiee> ??
[14:52] <PURD3Y> i'm just dropping them in order for now
[14:52] <Ownenator2011> I need a tp to the comp
[14:52] <ejano> cwp
[14:52] <Harry01red> here
[14:52] <cwp_aus> not yet guys
[14:52] <ejano> can I take armour to the comp
[14:52] <PURD3Y> just use that one for now
[14:53] <Ownenator2011> its in 2 mins
[14:53] <Ownenator2011> according to my clock
[14:53] <cwp_aus> i'll send you the requests when were ready
[14:53] <campiee> can u drop them all so i can see if theres an efficency?
[14:53] <cwp_aus> still need the other to show before we can start
[14:53] <ejano> who we missing?
[14:53] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[14:53] <jrr5556> MADE IT!
[14:53] <ejano> jak. jrr
[14:53] <ejano> JRR
[14:53] <cwp_aus> jak and gan
[14:53] <ejano> :D
[14:53] <cwp_aus> hello jrr
[14:53] <PURD3Y> there is. just use that one camp for now
[14:53] <BOE_BOE> can i join?
[14:53] <campiee> i g2g
[14:53] <BOE_BOE> =P
[14:53] <jrr5556> hello
[14:53] <jrr5556> Made it with 1 min to spare
[14:53] <cwp_aus> if needed, sure boe :P
[14:54] <BoomSniper> who died in giant circle?
[14:54] <BOE_BOE> cool
[14:54] <campiee> il be on later
[14:54] * campiee (campiee@campiee§r) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[14:54] <cwp_aus> lol jrr, we're stil lwaiting on 2 people
[14:54] <jrr5556> Oh okay
[14:54] <jrr5556> who?
[14:54] <StartMining> aw thats a shame
[14:54] <StartMining> it doesnt work
[14:54] <BoomSniper> that your stuff boe boe?
[14:54] <johnkima> i think dread should be on recording this build competition
[14:54] <cwp_aus> jak and gan
[14:54] <johnkima> someone pm dread
[14:54] <BOE_BOE> sweet
[14:54] <BOE_BOE> a mine to explore
[14:54] <johnkima> and get him to record this comp
[14:54] <cwp_aus> i think he was going to
[14:54] <clearestghost> to my clock cwp ur comp starts now
[14:54] <BoomSniper> here on ground?
[14:54] <johnkima> no that was for LoM vs Bronies
[14:54] <Ownenator2011> same
[14:55] <cwp_aus> i know clear, but i'm waiting for the other 2
[14:55] <Ownenator2011> who are they?
[14:55] <PURD3Y> cwp I'll be back shortly, imma have a shower and go to my grandparents
[14:55] <BoomSniper> whats this?
[14:55] <cwp_aus> give them another 5, if not we'll get others to join
[14:55] <johnkima> gan
[14:55] <johnkima> ang jak....
[14:55] <johnkima> crow
[14:55] <jrr5556> So what is it? Houses or..
[14:55] <ejano> yea
[14:55] <BoomSniper> hi cwp
[14:55] <cwp_aus> gale, can you contact jak?
[14:55] <ejano> ?
[14:55] <Galener> Crap, just saw some lightning...
[14:55] <Galener> I'll send him a message
[14:55] <BOE_BOE> mineshaft
[14:55] <hjmck123> yay lightning!
[14:55] <BOE_BOE> =)
[14:55] <ejano> wait john
[14:55] <cwp_aus> not yet jrr
[14:55] <PURD3Y> bnbl
[14:55] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[14:56] <jrr5556> k
[14:56] <hjmck123> i already told jak on fb lol
[14:56] <johnkima> brb
[14:56] <BoomSniper> this build comp hu?
[14:56] <Galener> I've sent Jak a text.
[14:56] <cwp_aus> ok
[14:56] <ejano> jrr
[14:56] <ejano> got any lapsi
[14:56] <jrr5556> yes?
[14:56] <jrr5556> Umm
[14:56] <ejano> lapis*
[14:56] <johnkima> back
[14:56] <jrr5556> no sorry
[14:56] <johnkima> i think i might have some
[14:56] <ejano> ah I need lapis
[14:57] <ejano> :D
[14:57] <ejano> can I buys
[14:57] <Ownenator2011> I have some
[14:57] <johnkima> lemme check
[14:57] <BoomSniper> hows it going cwp?
[14:57] <johnkima> i should have a lot
[14:57] <johnkima> wait blocks?
[14:57] <Ownenator2011> I have 2 stacks + 10
[14:57] <cwp_aus> if we can get jak on boe can fill in for gan
[14:57] <ejano> I just need like5
[14:57] <johnkima> i have diamond blocks
[14:57] <jrr5556> boe is on my team then?
[14:57] <Ownenator2011> I can sell them to u for $700
[14:57] <cwp_aus> if needed, yes
[14:57] <Galener> I'll be fine by my self if Jak doesn't show so Boe can fill in for Ganning anyway
[14:57] <ejano> eacH?
[14:57] <johnkima> crow i have lapis xD
[14:57] <jrr5556> yay boe!
[14:57] <Ownenator2011> all
[14:57] <Harry01red> i need coddlestone startmining
[14:58] <BoomSniper> thanks
[14:58] <Trisemigistus> Welcome back to Epica, boom.
[14:58] <ejano> just pass 5 and I'll give u 700
[14:58] <ejano> xD
[14:58] <cwp_aus> are you sure gale?
[14:58] <ejano> quick
[14:58] <ejano> lol
[14:58] <Galener> Yeah.
[14:58] <Trisemigistus> and you're welcome :D
[14:58] <Ownenator2011> thanks
[14:58] <BoomSniper> was at build comp area
[14:58] <johnkima> i got crow :/
[14:58] <Ownenator2011> tho those were worth $25 to the server
[14:58] <ejano> too late
[14:58] <ejano> AAHEHEHEhe
[14:58] <BoomSniper> you building the rail system?
[14:58] <Ownenator2011> ;P
[14:58] <johnkima> lol
[14:58] <ejano> PURPLE
[14:58] <johnkima> still accept
[14:58] <Trisemigistus> Gale is building it.
[14:58] <cwp_aus> jaks on the forums now
[14:58] <Galener> Currently even XD
[14:58] <BoomSniper> oh ok
[14:59] <Galener> Still roughly 3000 blocks away though
[14:59] <BoomSniper> nice
[14:59] <ejano> skele in my house
[14:59] <johnkima> i need armour
[14:59] <johnkima> DIE SKELE
[14:59] <Trisemigistus> thanks a million for building the rail, gale. :3
[14:59] <Galener> Np XD
[14:59] * jak94c (jak94c@jak94c) has joined #main
[14:59] <Galener> Been working on it all morning.
[14:59] <ejano> JAK
[14:59] <jrr5556> what are we building in the comp?
[14:59] <StartMining> gale
[14:59] <cwp_aus> good jacks here
[14:59] <ejano> :D
[14:59] <jak94c> god damn finally
[14:59] <jrr5556> JAK!
[14:59] <johnkima> crow we need a rail coming to origin dont we?
[14:59] <Galener> Hey Jak!
[14:59] <ejano> hey
[14:59] <cwp_aus> alrighty everyone who is enered, dump your stuff at home
[14:59] <StartMining> r u able to make a railway to New Caelandia???
[14:59] <johnkima> hi jak
[14:59] <cwp_aus> entered
[15:00] <Galener> Done.
[15:00] <Harry01red> who
[15:00] <Ownenator2011> im ready
[15:00] <cwp_aus> you dumped your stuff jrr?
[15:00] <jak94c> I haz nothing in my inventory
[15:00] <jrr5556> Yup
[15:00] <Shada0071> Does that include armour?
[15:00] <johnkima> oh toni
[15:00] <johnkima> didnt notice you xD
[15:00] <Shada0071> Lol
[15:00] <johnkima> leave armour on
[15:00] <johnkima> xD
[15:00] <jak94c> cup your head was on backwards for a sec there O_O
[15:00] <ejano> mobs might come out
[15:00] <jrr5556> what are we building?
[15:00] <jak94c> just dump all the stuff in your inventory
[15:01] <jak94c> armour shouldn't hurt
[15:01] <cwp_aus> one sec guys i have to get everyone here
[15:01] <cwp_aus> armour is fine
[15:01] <jak94c> but might save you from a fall while building
[15:01] <BOE_BOE> 2 secs
[15:01] <cwp_aus> no building yet guys
[15:01] <johnkima> WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY?
[15:01] <cwp_aus> happy birthday :P
[15:01] <jak94c> wednesday
[15:01] <Ownenator2011> wednesday?
[15:01] <hjmck123> dont u need food?
[15:01] <johnkima> :P
[15:01] <jak94c> BAHAHA
[15:01] <johnkima> THANKS CWP
[15:01] <jrr5556> I need boe
[15:01] <johnkima> woa
[15:01] <johnkima> whoops caps xD
[15:01] <cwp_aus> everyone here?
[15:01] <Ownenator2011> nope
[15:01] <Ownenator2011> u forgotted e
[15:01] <Ownenator2011> me&
[15:01] <johnkima> lol only cwp remembers :/
[15:01] <jrr5556> no
[15:01] <Ownenator2011> me*
[15:01] <jrr5556> I need boe
[15:01] <Shada0071> Lol kim
[15:01] <Shada0071> XD
[15:01] <johnkima> oh shiz
[15:01] <jrr5556> boe here
[15:01] <ejano> I already said happy birthday
[15:01] <BOE_BOE> need me?
[15:01] <johnkima> whats the theme?
[15:02] <cwp_aus> yes boe
[15:02] <jrr5556> your on my team
[15:02] <jak94c> I still wouldn't be able to guess the theme
[15:02] <johnkima> ?
[15:02] <cwp_aus> your with shada
[15:02] <Galener> XD
[15:02] <ejano> lets do this john
[15:02] <cwp_aus> ok, all here?
[15:02] <jrr5556> what do we have to build?
[15:02] <ejano> we're gonna build the best thing ever
[15:02] <johnkima> theme?
[15:02] <jak94c> a gigantic 1x1 tower jrr
[15:02] <BOE_BOE> wow am i in it now?
[15:02] <cwp_aus> the theme is castle/fort
[15:02] <jrr5556> YES!
[15:02] <jak94c> high as you can go
[15:02] <ejano> lOl
[15:02] <johnkima> :O
[15:02] <Shada0071> Nice
[15:02] <johnkima> CWP
[15:02] <johnkima> I WAS RIGHT
[15:02] <BOE_BOE> hmm
[15:02] <Ownenator2011> damn I knew it.
[15:02] <cwp_aus> shada gussed corect so he gets a 20 min bonus
[15:02] <Shada0071> :)
[15:02] <johnkima> ER MA GEARD
[15:02] <jak94c> damn
[15:02] <Ownenator2011> yay LO
[15:02] <ejano> do we get a bonus
[15:02] <cwp_aus> shada was closest
[15:02] <ejano> aw
[15:02] <johnkima> I SAID FORT D:
[15:02] <BOE_BOE> what was the question?
[15:02] <johnkima> dang
[15:02] <Ownenator2011> what did u guess?
[15:02] <ejano> did u pm -.-
[15:02] <cwp_aus> you said medieval
[15:03] <jak94c> shada must have said castle
[15:03] <Shada0071> castle
[15:03] <jak94c> XD
[15:03] <cwp_aus> shada guessed castle
[15:03] <jrr5556> we dont have a pic?
[15:03] <cwp_aus> hence its closer
[15:03] <johnkima> i also said fort :/
[15:03] <ejano> ok john stop wasting time
[15:03] <cwp_aus> make what you need guys :P
[15:03] <ejano> lets gogogo
[15:03] <jak94c> okay...
[15:03] <cwp_aus> i never recieved a pm saying fort
[15:03] <ejano> can we dig?
[15:03] <jak94c> Imma turn on skype...
[15:03] <Shada0071> No redstone :(
[15:03] <cwp_aus> yes ejano, but only the floor
[15:03] <johnkima> turn on skype everyone?
[15:03] <johnkima> wait brb
[15:03] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[15:03] <jak94c> *facepalm*
[15:03] <cwp_aus> 10 min thinking time i scommenced
[15:03] <jak94c> ooh we get thinking time
[15:04] <jak94c> it's like exams
[15:04] <Galener> XD
[15:04] <ejano> cwp I thought u said we would get picks or something
[15:04] <Shada0071> Lol
[15:04] <BOE_BOE> hmm
[15:04] <jrr5556> Okay boe
[15:04] <jrr5556> Lets build a door
[15:04] <ejano> cwp!?
[15:04] <cwp_aus> you have diamon/gold/iron/cobble and wood, make some :P
[15:04] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[15:04] <ejano> ah k
[15:04] <johnkima> lemme turn on skype
[15:04] <johnkima> everyone on skype
[15:04] <Trisemigistus> Goodnight guys n gals!
[15:04] <cwp_aus> oi jrr
[15:04] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§r) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[15:04] <ejano> john just get building
[15:04] <cwp_aus> STOP
[15:04] <johnkima> OH SHIZ
[15:04] <BOE_BOE> no building bro
[15:04] <johnkima> we started
[15:04] <cwp_aus> i said ten minute thinking time...
[15:04] <BOE_BOE> jrr
[15:04] <cwp_aus> break it
[15:05] <johnkima> wait we start now?
[15:05] <BOE_BOE> no building bro
[15:05] <jrr5556> yes
[15:05] <ejano> oh
[15:05] <jak94c> start thinking
[15:05] <ejano> sorry
[15:05] <cwp_aus> no, thiknig time means thiknig ime
[15:05] <johnkima> crow
[15:05] <johnkima> i buld outline and you build decor xD
[15:05] <cwp_aus> now riding purd and myself will be judging
[15:05] <jak94c> where's riding and purd?
[15:05] <cwp_aus> please note that once the build time is up the fences will be removed so that
[15:06] <cwp_aus> we can better judge your builds
[15:06] <jak94c> :P
[15:06] <cwp_aus> they said they'd be back once build time is up
[15:06] <StartMining> brbs
[15:06] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[15:06] <BOE_BOE> ummmmmm
[15:06] <cwp_aus> 1hr time to all except boe and shada who get 1hr and 20 mins
[15:06] <jrr5556> what
[15:06] <cwp_aus> wait own and shada *
[15:07] <cwp_aus> sorry, typo's
[15:07] <cwp_aus> too many names, xD
[15:07] <ejano> CREEPER
[15:07] <BOE_BOE> jrr
[15:07] <ejano> lock the gates!
[15:07] <jrr5556> yes
[15:07] <BOE_BOE> go to it
[15:07] <cwp_aus> 5 more mins of thinking time
[15:07] <jrr5556> link not working
[15:07] <BOE_BOE> nm
[15:07] <jrr5556> what is it
[15:08] <jrr5556> soemthing we should use
[15:08] <cwp_aus> pelase note that i know ewhat i put in those chests, if i see anything i didn't put in there
[15:08] <cwp_aus> you will be disqualified
[15:08] <cwp_aus> the winning team gets 400k to be dived between the two
[15:08] <Ownenator2011> we mark it with something at the start
[15:08] <johnkima> hmmm
[15:08] <Ownenator2011> oops
[15:08] <BOE_BOE> how long we got to build?
[15:08] <cwp_aus> the second palce team gets 100k to divide between themselves
[15:08] <johnkima> so when we start?
[15:08] <cwp_aus> 2 mins
[15:08] <ejano> soon ojhn
[15:08] <ejano> think
[15:08] <ejano> john*
[15:09] <Ownenator2011> can we break the torches
[15:09] <cwp_aus> i'd like to take this time to thank you all for showing up
[15:09] <cwp_aus> :D
[15:09] <jrr5556> :D
[15:09] <BOE_BOE> how long we got to build for?
[15:09] <johnkima> 1 hour
[15:09] <jrr5556> whaaaat!
[15:09] <cwp_aus> 1hr and shad aand own gets 1hr and 20
[15:09] <jrr5556> wow nice
[15:09] <jrr5556> why?
[15:09] <BOE_BOE> what happens is we run out of material
[15:10] <cwp_aus> what you whatting about?
[15:10] <jrr5556> thats our fault
[15:10] <johnkima> ?
[15:10] <cwp_aus> indeed
[15:10] <BOE_BOE> hmmm
[15:10] <cwp_aus> there should be ample amterials there
[15:10] <cwp_aus> be inventive
[15:10] <jrr5556> I need some stuff boe
[15:10] <jrr5556> wait dw
[15:10] <jak94c> is the boundry of our plot the fence or the block inside the fence
[15:10] <johnkima> :O
[15:10] <johnkima> hjm i jusge xD
[15:10] <jak94c> like am I going to be punished for having a block above the fence?
[15:10] <johnkima> judhe*
[15:10] <hjmck123> no
[15:11] <jrr5556> thats what i need :)
[15:11] <johnkima> no cheating xD
[15:11] <Ownenator2011> cwp can we break the torches on the ground?
[15:11] <cwp_aus> Alriht people, begin!
[15:11] <Galener> I don't have creative
[15:11] <ejano> WOO
[15:11] <ejano> t
[15:11] <hjmck123> cwp!
[15:11] <cwp_aus> yes sure ownen
[15:11] <hjmck123> u didnt use firework
[15:11] <hjmck123> T_T
[15:11] <BOE_BOE> we started?
[15:11] <cwp_aus> weee
[15:12] <Shada0071> Nice
[15:12] <clearestghost> whats the theme i didnt catch it?
[15:12] <johnkima> pass pick crow
[15:12] <cwp_aus> castle/fort
[15:12] <johnkima> i need pick
[15:12] <johnkima> HURRAY
[15:12] <ejano> you dont need to dig yet
[15:12] <ejano> its here googo
[15:12] <cwp_aus> good luck to you all
[15:12] * Hectic_Ninja (Hectic_Ninja@Hectic_Ninja) has joined #main
[15:12] <BOE_BOE> bro
[15:13] <BOE_BOE> why so big?
[15:13] <jrr5556> what
[15:13] <jrr5556> true
[15:13] <BOE_BOE> i need this area
[15:13] <jrr5556> we need utskirts first boe
[15:13] <jrr5556> we need to get the shape first
[15:13] <ejano> omg john
[15:13] <ejano> we can dig dow n
[15:13] <johnkima> FUUUUUUUUUU
[15:13] <cwp_aus> but only the cobble layer
[15:13] <ejano> *face[alm*
[15:14] <cwp_aus> lol
[15:14] <johnkima> crow
[15:14] <johnkima> dig out all cobble flor
[15:14] <ejano> yeah
[15:14] <johnkima> now
[15:14] <ejano> whats wrong with it
[15:14] <johnkima> take it out
[15:14] <johnkima> trust me
[15:14] <johnkima> oh hwait
[15:14] <ejano> what's going there..
[15:14] <johnkima> stuff it
[15:14] * dreadofmondays (dreadofmondays@dreadofmondays) has joined #main
[15:14] <Ownenator2011> we dont have much room
[15:14] <Shada0071> true
[15:14] <cwp_aus> hi dread
[15:14] <cwp_aus> come watch the buildcomp
[15:15] <johnkima> not enough for walls
[15:15] <dreadofmondays> I am here to do that
[15:15] <dreadofmondays> how long ago did we start
[15:15] <cwp_aus> lol
[15:15] <cwp_aus> afew minutes
[15:15] <johnkima> we have 55 mins left?
[15:15] <cwp_aus> ^
[15:15] <johnkima> crow too small
[15:15] <johnkima> and dodgy
[15:15] <Ownenator2011> can we break the cobble?
[15:15] <cwp_aus> we started at 315 by my time
[15:15] <ejano> SMALL!?
[15:15] <Ownenator2011> on the ground?
[15:15] <cwp_aus> yes own
[15:15] <ejano> this wont fit
[15:15] <cwp_aus> i said so before :P
[15:15] <johnkima> this is a fort
[15:16] <Ownenator2011> sorry wasnt listening
[15:16] <dreadofmondays> Galener
[15:16] <johnkima> no walls needed
[15:16] <Ownenator2011> or reading...i guess
[15:16] <ejano> wtf?
[15:16] <johnkima> make like huge castle
[15:16] <ejano> castles need walls..
[15:16] <johnkima> i know
[15:16] <johnkima> wait
[15:16] <dreadofmondays> I might record this, in which case, can I temporarily be able to fly around and get mad cameraangels
[15:16] <dreadofmondays> angles*
[15:16] <cwp_aus> it can be a fort remember :P
[15:16] <johnkima> gale grant dread creative?
[15:17] <ejano> ah ok lets do this I see now
[15:17] <cwp_aus> tell me when you start recording dread
[15:17] <dreadofmondays> I have started
[15:17] <cwp_aus> lol, k
[15:17] <cwp_aus> Well, in that case Welcome to those of you whom are watching
[15:17] <ejano> wait john I got an idea
[15:17] <hjmck123> is jak still in thinking time lol
[15:17] <jak94c> no
[15:17] <cwp_aus> to Lom's smp server's first ever build comp
[15:17] <jak94c> jak is just indecisive
[15:17] <ejano> no john!@
[15:17] <hjmck123> ie thinking time
[15:17] <johnkima> wait
[15:17] <ejano> !*
[15:18] <cwp_aus> brought to you by Dreadofmondays
[15:18] <johnkima> there is more space
[15:18] <dreadofmondays> Damn straight
[15:18] <johnkima> im making it bigger
[15:18] <ejano> just leave it we wont have enough blocks
[15:18] <cwp_aus> there are four teams competing
[15:18] <cwp_aus> to which they are building upon the theme of 'Castle/fort'
[15:18] <dreadofmondays> actually cup
[15:18] <cwp_aus> yes dread?
[15:18] <dreadofmondays> I might restart and open my mic
[15:18] <cwp_aus> lol k
[15:18] <johnkima> commentate
[15:19] <cwp_aus> while i feed in text :P
[15:19] <hjmck123> how much stone u give em?
[15:19] <ejano> john is this ok
[15:19] <johnkima> hmmm
[15:19] <ejano> just say yes
[15:19] <cwp_aus> 4 stacks of stone brick 2 stacks of mosst stone bricks and 2 stacks of cracked ones
[15:19] <dreadofmondays> Hello Jak94c
[15:20] <cwp_aus> we rollin i assume?
[15:20] <johnkima> yes
[15:20] <dreadofmondays> yes
[15:20] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper§r) Quit (§eBoomSniper left the game.)
[15:20] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[15:20] <johnkima> loot at our build dread
[15:20] <cwp_aus> Welcome to those of whom are watching
[15:20] <johnkima> and crow
[15:20] <johnkima> where is house?
[15:20] <johnkima> gonna go?
[15:20] <johnkima> this is too small
[15:20] <cwp_aus> to the Lawsofminecraft build comp no1
[15:20] <dreadofmondays> Everyone say hi :)
[15:20] <johnkima> HELLO THERE
[15:20] <Ownenator2011> hi :)
[15:20] <ejano> what
[15:20] <Shada0071> Hey
[15:20] <johnkima> to our great spectators
[15:21] <cwp_aus> 4 teams of 2 are competing to win the illustrious rpize of 400k cash :P
[15:21] <johnkima> HOLY
[15:21] <cwp_aus> the which they are building from the theme of 'Castle/fort'
[15:21] <ejano> john pass some bricks
[15:21] <BOE_BOE> thats a good size
[15:21] <ejano> can we have a body guard
[15:21] <dreadofmondays> this might be better if everyone was on teamspeak :)
[15:21] <ejano> from mobs lol
[15:21] * fergster45 (fergster45@fergster45) has joined #main
[15:21] <cwp_aus> might be
[15:21] <johnkima> cro
[15:21] <cwp_aus> but meh :P
[15:21] <johnkima> wait
[15:21] <johnkima> stop
[15:21] <cwp_aus> bit late now eh?
[15:21] <ejano> stoping
[15:21] <johnkima> make this corridor smaller
[15:21] <johnkima> actually
[15:21] <johnkima> i have better idea
[15:22] <ejano> this is how long it is
[15:22] <ejano> NO !\
[15:22] <dreadofmondays> if the team guys were on teamspeak, then I could talk to them and ask them about what they are doing
[15:22] <ejano> john1
[15:22] <ejano> wtf
[15:22] <johnkima> wait
[15:22] <ejano> nonono
[15:22] <ejano> NO
[15:22] <cwp_aus> anyway, as you may or may not have guessed by now viewrs , I am hosting the comp
[15:22] <ejano> leave it john
[15:22] <cwp_aus> maybe in a second one dread?
[15:22] <ejano> john No
[15:22] <ejano> stop
[15:22] <dreadofmondays> why wait?
[15:22] <fergster45> john wut r u doin
[15:22] <johnkima> there
[15:22] <ejano> john you're wasting time!
[15:22] <johnkima> like that
[15:22] <ejano> nono
[15:22] <ejano> omg
[15:22] <johnkima> entrance to tower
[15:23] <johnkima> -.-
[15:23] <cwp_aus> no i mean for us to do it all with teamspeak and such
[15:23] <ejano> thee entrance
[15:23] <ejano> is here
[15:23] <johnkima> open team speak we go
[15:23] <ejano> it goes around this
[15:23] <ejano> you'll see just leave it
[15:23] <johnkima> hello dread
[15:23] <cwp_aus> the footage is brough to you by Dreadofmondays, the ever awesome dude, :P
[15:23] <cwp_aus> brought*
[15:23] <johnkima> lol
[15:23] <dreadofmondays> I figure that there is really no reason to watch this right now
[15:23] <johnkima> live coverage cwp
[15:23] <dreadofmondays> if we had people chatting, that would be good
[15:23] <Shada0071> i need to go for dinner, brb in about 10 mins
[15:24] <cwp_aus> thats true dread
[15:24] <johnkima> yes open up skype or teamspeak
[15:24] <johnkima> lol shad
[15:24] <ejano> how big is this going to be john
[15:24] <johnkima> fairly
[15:24] <dreadofmondays> in particular, cup, and the team leaders should join the lom teamspeak server
[15:24] <johnkima> house can be wood/ stone bricks
[15:24] <johnkima> moce please dreed
[15:24] <ejano> House!?
[15:24] <johnkima> dread*
[15:24] <cwp_aus> i would but i'm at my mums, crappy internet :/
[15:24] <ejano> john this is a fort
[15:24] <johnkima> the builds
[15:24] <johnkima> yea
[15:24] <johnkima> in the fort
[15:24] <ejano> ..
[15:24] <ejano> uh
[15:24] <johnkima> fort has house
[15:24] <johnkima> well walls
[15:24] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[15:24] <cwp_aus> next time round we can be more organized :P
[15:24] <ejano> no the fort is the house
[15:24] <johnkima> and a build in middle
[15:24] <ejano> the fort has rooms
[15:25] <StartMining> hey everyone
[15:25] <ejano> the fort has a roof..
[15:25] <dreadofmondays> just a heads up that I am not recording right now
[15:25] <fergster45> hiya
[15:25] <cwp_aus> k
[15:25] <dreadofmondays> there's really no point XD
[15:25] <Ownenator2011> u can do a timelapse
[15:25] <Ownenator2011> ?
[15:25] <fergster45> can I build just for the fun of it? XD
[15:25] <fergster45> without entering
[15:25] <ejano> john I'm gonna make rooms
[15:25] <johnkima> ok
[15:26] <ejano> is this wall here
[15:26] <dreadofmondays> Can someone heal me :x
[15:26] <johnkima> yesa
[15:26] <dreadofmondays> Thanks bro
[15:26] <cwp_aus> what with dread?
[15:26] <hjmck123> hes gone wonky
[15:26] <dreadofmondays> magical mod powers
[15:26] <ejano> jrr get out
[15:26] <johnkima> JRR
[15:26] <ejano> xD
[15:26] <johnkima> LEADE
[15:27] <jrr5556> I am leading
[15:27] <jrr5556> :P
[15:27] <ejano> good idea john
[15:27] <cwp_aus> please, refrain from entering other teams builds
[15:27] <ejano> maybe just do mosssy on the front
[15:27] <ejano> wait nvm
[15:27] <johnkima> and inside
[15:28] <cwp_aus> i am quite pleased with the quality if these already :P
[15:28] <cwp_aus> only 18 mins in
[15:28] <Ownenator2011> I take that as offense D:<
[15:28] <cwp_aus> why own?
[15:28] <Ownenator2011> idk
[15:29] <cwp_aus> lol
[15:29] <fergster45> brb all
[15:29] <ejano> lel hi
[15:29] <johnkima> HIYA
[15:29] <hjmck123> do people need food?
[15:30] <ejano> we need to finnish teh back wall here john
[15:30] <johnkima> pass iron fences
[15:30] <dreadofmondays> command to PM?
[15:30] <cwp_aus> use /msg
[15:30] <dreadofmondays> thanks
[15:30] <dreadofmondays> :p
[15:30] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[15:30] <hjmck123> hi
[15:30] <ejano> uh wheres the back of the fort lol
[15:30] <cwp_aus> hi nigs
[15:30] <T_nigs1> Hety
[15:31] <T_nigs1> Hey *
[15:31] <ejano> ah k I see
[15:31] <ejano> hey
[15:31] <StartMining> buying 1 iron
[15:31] <BOE_BOE> or 10?
[15:31] <ejano> I might make tihs 4 here john
[15:31] <cwp_aus> sure nigs
[15:31] <cwp_aus> comps not long started
[15:31] <johnkima> ok
[15:31] <clearestghost> does the build end after a hour
[15:31] <StartMining> nvm
[15:31] <StartMining> bye everyoe
[15:31] <StartMining> everyone*
[15:31] <T_nigs1> What's the theme?
[15:31] <johnkima> castle and forst
[15:31] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§r) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[15:32] <jak94c> *forts
[15:32] <cwp_aus> castle/forts
[15:32] <Shada0071> Back
[15:32] * Hectic_Ninja (Hectic_Ninja@Hectic_Ninja§r) Quit (§eHectic_Ninja left the game.)
[15:32] <ejano> wait lol sorry john I'll change it back to 3 xD
[15:32] <hjmck123> at least all builds r different
[15:32] <johnkima> yea
[15:32] <ejano> just htought of somehting
[15:32] <BOE_BOE> whisper jrr whats this roof thing?
[15:32] <ejano> xD
[15:33] <hjmck123> its /msg
[15:33] <jrr5556> its a shooting flatform
[15:33] <BOE_BOE> ill show you
[15:33] <cwp_aus> i'm am actually finding it difficult to pick who i think will win, lol
[15:33] <dreadofmondays> how much time left?
[15:34] <hjmck123> 5 years
[15:34] <ejano> dont wanna know
[15:34] <ejano> xD
[15:34] <cwp_aus> 36 mins
[15:34] <ejano> fff
[15:34] <cwp_aus> 56 for shada and own
[15:34] <clearestghost> how long does it run for?
[15:34] <BOE_BOE> leave cobble
[15:34] <ejano> shad and own?
[15:34] <BOE_BOE> got wood?
[15:34] <cwp_aus> as they won the time bonus
[15:34] <ejano> I thought it was jrr
[15:34] <dreadofmondays> I have decreed
[15:34] <cwp_aus> no
[15:34] <dreadofmondays> that due to his performance
[15:34] <ejano> woops
[15:34] <dreadofmondays> ownernator gets the cocoa bonus
[15:35] <Ownenator2011> yay, whata that?
[15:35] <cwp_aus> lel
[15:35] <dreadofmondays> this involves giving him a cocoa bean that does nothing useful in particular
[15:35] <Ownenator2011> ah :P
[15:35] <cwp_aus> hazmat nigs?
[15:35] <dreadofmondays> Yay.
[15:35] <dreadofmondays> And cocoa was had
[15:35] <Ownenator2011> I am so proud :)
[15:35] <dreadofmondays> :')
[15:35] <dreadofmondays> tbh
[15:35] <dreadofmondays> that's a bit unfair
[15:36] <Ownenator2011> I would like to thank me for being good enough
[15:36] <dreadofmondays> everyone else can have the cocoa bonus too
[15:36] <cwp_aus> what is dread?
[15:36] <cwp_aus> heh
[15:36] <Galener> ?
[15:36] <ejano> hey dread
[15:36] <cwp_aus> where dthis lapis/redstone/iron ore come from jrr?
[15:36] <fergster45> be on later all
[15:37] * fergster45 (fergster45@fergster45§r) Quit (§efergster45 left the game.)
[15:37] <johnkima> theres ores?
[15:37] <dreadofmondays> now everyone has a peice of cocoa
[15:37] <dreadofmondays> rejoice
[15:37] <ejano> yay
[15:37] <hjmck123> wheres my cocoa
[15:37] <dreadofmondays> idfk
[15:37] <hjmck123> :'(
[15:37] <dreadofmondays> you know what
[15:37] <dreadofmondays> I think the cocoa bonus has totally revolutionised this game
[15:37] <cwp_aus> also jrr, yoe cant build otuside your square...
[15:37] <ejano> john lets get some windows in
[15:37] <T_nigs1> @jak Jak, are $name titles allowed? Because some guests are taking them the wrong way
[15:37] <T_nigs1> Well then
[15:37] <ejano> xD fail
[15:37] <dreadofmondays> it's made it so much more exciting and intense
[15:37] <johnkima> you can crow
[15:37] <T_nigs1> Spent to mych time on classic
[15:38] <T_nigs1> Much *
[15:38] <johnkima> make me panes crow
[15:38] <dreadofmondays> $name smells
[15:38] <dreadofmondays> :[
[15:38] <jrr5556> boe
[15:38] <T_nigs1> You smell ;D
[15:38] <jrr5556> we need to cover this up
[15:38] <jrr5556> look
[15:38] <T_nigs1> hj
[15:38] <BOE_BOE> ?
[15:38] <ejano> it seems this comp is turning smelly
[15:38] <johnkima> crow im using diamonds for tools
[15:38] <T_nigs1> how was afk for 5 hours XD
[15:38] <jrr5556> look
[15:38] <jrr5556> you can just see out
[15:38] <BOE_BOE> doesnt matter man
[15:38] <ejano> no not tools!
[15:38] <hjmck123> did u kick mee
[15:38] <johnkima> fine
[15:38] <johnkima> ill use iron
[15:38] <ejano> use them for weapons when we finnish :P
[15:38] <jrr5556> boe?
[15:39] <johnkima> fine
[15:39] <BOE_BOE> it doesnt matter
[15:39] <johnkima> ill use iron
[15:39] <cwp_aus> thats better, thankyou for complying jrr
[15:39] <johnkima> im outta pick
[15:39] <jrr5556> np
[15:39] <johnkima> crow im using iron for pick
[15:39] <ejano> here
[15:39] <BOE_BOE> got wood?
[15:39] <dreadofmondays> guys
[15:39] <ejano> got any more bricks
[15:39] <johnkima> crow
[15:39] <ejano> normal?
[15:39] <dreadofmondays> who do you think qualifies for the string bonus
[15:39] <johnkima> uhh
[15:39] <ejano> dw
[15:39] <johnkima> last ones
[15:39] <johnkima> ME
[15:39] <ejano> ah tahnks
[15:40] <johnkima> im uding iron ok crow?
[15:40] <ejano> thanks*
[15:40] <ejano> ok
[15:40] <dreadofmondays> I think jak94c wins it
[15:40] <ejano> put some windows in the towers
[15:40] <ejano> thingo
[15:40] <jak94c> wins what?
[15:40] <hjmck123> string
[15:40] <dreadofmondays> the string bonus
[15:40] <jak94c> can I make something useful with string?
[15:40] <dreadofmondays> because you are dressed for the occasion
[15:40] <hjmck123> tripwire
[15:40] <dreadofmondays> you get a peice of string
[15:40] <jak94c> how long is it?
[15:40] <dreadofmondays> take it
[15:40] <dreadofmondays> it's yours.
[15:40] <dreadofmondays> cherish it.
[15:40] <jak94c> thank you
[15:40] <ejano> xD
[15:40] <johnkima> crow
[15:40] <johnkima> you have normal glasS?
[15:40] <jak94c> I will take it to my grave
[15:41] <BOE_BOE> jrr
[15:41] <ejano> yea
[15:41] <BOE_BOE> we need wood
[15:41] <dreadofmondays> it doesn't do any particular thing in particular
[15:41] <johnkima> meesa need its
[15:41] <ejano> here ojhn
[15:41] <ejano> john*
[15:41] <clearestghost> cwp whos judge of this comp?
[15:41] <cwp_aus> me riding and purd
[15:41] <Ownenator2011> brb
[15:41] <T_nigs1> John and crow win 1 feather
[15:41] <ejano> :O
[15:41] <ejano> WOOO
[15:41] <cwp_aus> please, do stop giving them things guys
[15:42] <dreadofmondays> :B
[15:42] <cwp_aus> as useless as these item may be, somewhat
[15:42] <T_nigs1> Sorry
[15:42] <jak94c> no more prezzies
[15:42] <dreadofmondays> tee hee
[15:42] <T_nigs1> ;D
[15:42] <cwp_aus> 28 mins left guys
[15:42] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[15:42] <dreadofmondays> lol
[15:42] <dreadofmondays> That's what happens when you are rude :3
[15:43] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[15:43] <dreadofmondays> XD
[15:43] <Ownenator2011> im back, with some roast chikcen!
[15:43] <ejano> :o
[15:43] <cwp_aus> lol
[15:43] <Harry01red> hi all
[15:43] <johnkima> :O
[15:43] <johnkima> \
[15:43] <cwp_aus> hi
[15:43] <dreadofmondays> Sup
[15:43] <jrr5556> boe
[15:43] <BOE_BOE> ?
[15:43] <jrr5556> what should I build now?
[15:43] <dreadofmondays> Gale, what is this place
[15:43] <jrr5556> Im not sure
[15:43] <BOE_BOE> hmm
[15:44] <dreadofmondays> this place where we are
[15:44] <Galener> ?
[15:44] <BOE_BOE> oi jrr
[15:44] <cwp_aus> purds to b arena
[15:44] <ejano> hmm
[15:44] <BOE_BOE> heres materials
[15:44] <ejano> john put some dirt in these holes
[15:44] <BOE_BOE> just think of something
[15:44] <ejano> grassy dirt
[15:44] <ejano> :P
[15:44] <jrr5556> k
[15:44] <BOE_BOE> 1 block
[15:44] <jrr5556> should I add onto the current build
[15:44] <BOE_BOE> stone
[15:44] <BOE_BOE> l0l
[15:45] <BOE_BOE> ty
[15:45] <ejano> hi cwp
[15:45] <dreadofmondays> castle/fort
[15:45] <BOE_BOE> 2 more
[15:45] <dreadofmondays> everyone has made ruined structures
[15:45] <johnkima> WHAT
[15:45] <Shada0071> they copy my idea :P
[15:45] <johnkima> NO WAY
[15:45] <dreadofmondays> or medieval stuff
[15:45] <johnkima> i though of it first
[15:45] <ejano> do we have enough stuff for a roof john
[15:45] <johnkima> nope
[15:45] <ejano> we*
[15:45] <jak94c> we just haven't finished yet
[15:45] <ejano> xD
[15:45] <jak94c> It's not SUPPOSED to be ruined
[15:45] <cwp_aus> dread, i did supply mosst/cxracked stone bricks
[15:45] <ejano> hmm I'll make materials
[15:45] <cwp_aus> cracked*
[15:45] <dreadofmondays> what's wrong with making a giant gleaming castle that isn't ruined in any way
[15:45] <johnkima> we dont even have enough for the back
[15:45] <johnkima> xD
[15:45] <dreadofmondays> :P
[15:45] <cwp_aus> it's to be expected
[15:46] <dreadofmondays> oh fair enough cup XD
[15:46] <dreadofmondays> I like Galener and Jak's best
[15:46] <cwp_aus> hence giving them a choice within the theme
[15:47] <dreadofmondays> how much time is left?
[15:47] <ejano> SHH
[15:47] <ejano> xD
[15:47] <cwp_aus> 23 mins
[15:47] <johnkima> 320 mins
[15:47] <johnkima> i mean 20*
[15:47] <johnkima> lol
[15:47] <johnkima> i was close
[15:47] <BOE_BOE> ?
[15:47] <jrr5556> i dunno
[15:48] <dreadofmondays> I need another heal.... XD;;
[15:48] <cwp_aus> lo ldread
[15:48] <johnkima> turn
[15:48] <dreadofmondays> idk
[15:48] <dreadofmondays> I think I just cut myself constantly or something
[15:48] <ejano> john take these
[15:48] <ejano> and help
[15:48] <johnkima> crow
[15:48] <johnkima> im still doing walls
[15:48] <johnkima> and tower
[15:48] <ejano> ok gogogo
[15:49] <ejano> we should add some glass up there
[15:49] <ejano> lol oh wait
[15:49] <ejano> no I know :3
[15:49] <johnkima> yes
[15:50] <ejano> hey dread
[15:50] <dreadofmondays> yo
[15:50] <BOE_BOE> why are you making another wall arround a wall
[15:50] <jrr5556> what else should i do
[15:50] <cwp_aus> well, for a first buildcomp, this is more successful than all the toher ones i've held, xD
[15:50] <dreadofmondays> XD
[15:50] <cwp_aus> excluding afew on classic
[15:50] <dreadofmondays> I was gonna say
[15:50] <dreadofmondays> if this is your first
[15:50] <cwp_aus> first smp one
[15:50] <dreadofmondays> then yes, it would be more succesful than all the other ones you held 8D
[15:51] <johnkima> i love your build fear xD
[15:51] <dreadofmondays> I like fear and clear's build
[15:51] <dreadofmondays> I think they should win
[15:51] <clearestghost> its my build :(
[15:51] <johnkima> i think they won xD
[15:51] <Forgott3nFear> its the fort of instablity
[15:51] <ejano> shh
[15:51] <ejano> xD
[15:51] <ejano> woah elite!?
[15:51] <ejano> when did that happen
[15:51] <ejano> xD
[15:51] <dreadofmondays> based on sheer fidelity
[15:51] <BOE_BOE> jrr make that wall
[15:51] <johnkima> yea he got elite ages ago
[15:52] <ejano> oh lol
[15:52] <BOE_BOE> ill get rid of this one
[15:52] <johnkima> jjust a derank
[15:52] <ejano> o.o
[15:52] <dreadofmondays> I mean
[15:52] <jrr5556> the one i built there
[15:52] <dreadofmondays> the detail on this is incredible
[15:52] <jrr5556> same design as the other one
[15:52] <cwp_aus> lol whut?
[15:52] <dreadofmondays> I've never seen such craftsmanship
[15:52] * hjmck123 was kicked from #main by Server
[15:52] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[15:52] <clearestghost> oh ya i gave u 5k cwp
[15:52] <cwp_aus> what'r ye doin?
[15:52] <dreadofmondays> that red accent
[15:52] <dreadofmondays> magical.
[15:52] <cwp_aus> thats what it was for eh? :P
[15:52] <cwp_aus> should i takeyour build seriously or?
[15:53] <Ownenator2011> brb again, fgetting more chicken :D
[15:53] <clearestghost> yeah renting the lot and yeah sure itll loose but ok
[15:53] <Shada0071> How far down are we allowed to build cwp?
[15:53] <dreadofmondays> jrr and boe have won the useless lever award
[15:53] <cwp_aus> only into the cobble layer
[15:53] <Shada0071> ok
[15:53] <johnkima> crow
[15:53] <dreadofmondays> that's where I place a lever on the ground that does nothing at all
[15:53] <jrr5556> need sotnebrick boe
[15:53] <ejano> yea
[15:53] <johnkima> its good
[15:53] <cwp_aus> 15 mins
[15:54] <cwp_aus> we are getting to the knifes edge people
[15:54] <jrr5556> stonebrick boe!
[15:54] <clearestghost> NOOOOOO we cant win in 15 mins
[15:54] <cwp_aus> lel
[15:54] <jrr5556> what are you doing!
[15:54] <BOE_BOE> build that wall
[15:54] <johnkima> pass some crow
[15:54] <jrr5556> here
[15:54] <johnkima> wuick
[15:54] <johnkima> QUICK*
[15:54] <ejano> make some more
[15:54] <dreadofmondays> crunch time people
[15:54] <jrr5556> built that wall there or add onto the current one?
[15:54] <dreadofmondays> 15 mins to go
[15:54] <dreadofmondays> counting down
[15:54] <ejano> oh you got the webs thanks
[15:55] <BOE_BOE> ok get rid of all the walls
[15:55] <jrr5556> boe stonebrick!
[15:55] <ejano> big hole here
[15:55] <ejano> lol
[15:55] <johnkima> crow
[15:55] <johnkima> the roof
[15:55] <johnkima> dont need to be complete remember?
[15:55] <ejano> I've run out
[15:55] <johnkima> ive got
[15:55] <johnkima> you do something else
[15:55] <ejano> onit
[15:56] <ejano> pass some woord
[15:56] <ejano> wood*
[15:56] <ejano> dont use it all up
[15:56] <johnkima> there
[15:56] <BOE_BOE> wheres our cradft table?
[15:56] <johnkima> i have logs
[15:56] <ejano> thanks
[15:56] <ejano> got it
[15:56] <johnkima> i need sign
[15:56] <johnkima> make one
[15:57] <johnkima> crow pass the grass
[15:57] <johnkima> actually
[15:57] <johnkima> i have it xD
[15:57] <ejano> I dont have it!?
[15:57] <johnkima> nope
[15:57] <ejano> where u get the bonemeal for your grass jak
[15:57] <ejano> xD
[15:57] <jak94c> in the box
[15:57] <johnkima> i got bonemeal crow xD
[15:57] <Shada0071> Yeah i'll get some
[15:57] <jak94c> ...
[15:58] <cwp_aus> i supplied some
[15:58] <ejano> john!
[15:58] <ejano> xD
[15:58] <ejano> lol i didnt see it
[15:58] <johnkima> nope crow
[15:58] <BOE_BOE> good
[15:59] <jrr5556> boe
[15:59] <BOE_BOE> ?
[15:59] <ejano> dammit
[15:59] <jrr5556> that tower doesnt look right
[15:59] <jrr5556> this one
[15:59] <ejano> john Im gonna use the diamon
[15:59] <ejano> d
[15:59] <BOE_BOE> its more of a house
[15:59] <johnkima> ok
[15:59] <jrr5556> well it doesnt look right
[16:00] <BOE_BOE> mm
[16:00] <jrr5556> we should rebuild it
[16:00] <jrr5556> ??
[16:00] <cwp_aus> hi harry
[16:00] <BOE_BOE> craft room
[16:00] <BOE_BOE> like a smithing
[16:00] <jrr5556> the outside doesnt look right
[16:00] <cwp_aus> which team do you think'll win?
[16:00] <jrr5556> it looks really out of sorts
[16:00] <BOE_BOE> yeah
[16:00] <BOE_BOE> we need something
[16:00] <jrr5556> quick get rid of it
[16:00] <BOE_BOE> haha
[16:00] <cwp_aus> 9 mins :P
[16:00] <johnkima> crow i have lvl 7
[16:01] <dreadofmondays> johnkima and ejano win the award for being most likely to qualify for rudd's home insulation scheme
[16:01] <Harry01red> are they i game mode 1
[16:01] <cwp_aus> nope, they were supplied the items by me
[16:01] <johnkima> ok crow
[16:01] <BOE_BOE> wow
[16:01] <BOE_BOE> wtf
[16:01] <johnkima> what item?
[16:01] <johnkima> and what name?
[16:01] <Harry01red> that cool
[16:01] <BOE_BOE> bro
[16:01] <cwp_aus> blocks and such
[16:01] <johnkima> ok
[16:01] <jrr5556> what
[16:01] <BOE_BOE> qwuick thann
[16:01] <jrr5556> it doesnt look right dude
[16:01] <johnkima> crow it should be gold...
[16:01] <ejano> we didnt have any
[16:01] <johnkima> we do...
[16:01] <ejano> ...
[16:01] <johnkima> in chest
[16:02] <ejano> cwp!
[16:02] <ejano> your in the way xD
[16:02] <cwp_aus> lol
[16:02] <johnkima> crow go
[16:02] <BOE_BOE> bro we lost now that we destroyed it
[16:02] <BOE_BOE> wont have enough time
[16:02] <jrr5556> ill build soemthing while ur doing that
[16:02] <cwp_aus> 8 mins
[16:02] <ejano> john here
[16:02] <BOE_BOE> nooo
[16:02] <BOE_BOE> omg
[16:02] <ejano> behind u
[16:02] <cwp_aus> last minute rush boe?
[16:02] <ejano> gogogo
[16:02] <jrr5556> quick then rebuild tower
[16:03] <dreadofmondays> seven minutes to go, guys.
[16:03] <Harry01red> og team boe_boe
[16:03] <dreadofmondays> DON'T PANIC! DON'T PANIIIC!
[16:03] <Harry01red> go*
[16:03] <ejano> lel
[16:03] <Shada0071> how long left?
[16:03] <johnkima> crow
[16:03] <dreadofmondays> clearest and fear's build has matured into something equal to the others
[16:03] <johnkima> we need weapons chest
[16:03] <Harry01red> can jujed
[16:03] <dreadofmondays> like a beautiful butterfly
[16:03] <ejano> got that
[16:03] <ejano> here
[16:03] <dreadofmondays> a butterfly that unfortunately cannot fly
[16:03] <dreadofmondays> and must spend it's days stuck to the ground
[16:03] <cwp_aus> 3 judges are allready pciked
[16:04] <johnkima> what?
[16:04] <Harry01red> ooow ok
[16:04] <Harry01red> :(
[16:04] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo) has joined #main
[16:04] <dreadofmondays> staring at the sky, crying, and wondering who created it and what it's pitiful existence was worth
[16:04] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:04] <dreadofmondays> the point is, nice build
[16:04] <ryan1998xoxo> What did I miss
[16:04] <ejano> everything
[16:04] <Shada0071> If only we had some flint and steal
[16:04] <Shada0071> steel*
[16:05] <ejano> theres iron
[16:05] <johnkima> i need flint
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> I have a flint
[16:05] <johnkima> GIVE ME FLINT DREAD
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> unfortunately, I cannot give it to you :]
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> I am impartial
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> somewhat
[16:05] <johnkima> cwp?
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> how about
[16:05] <johnkima> just this one time?
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> I wait till the competition is over
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> and then give you it
[16:05] <johnkima> i need that flint
[16:05] <Harry01red> how long to go
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> will that help?
[16:05] <ejano> john I have 2 diamonds left
[16:05] <johnkima> make sword
[16:05] <dreadofmondays> five minutes left in the competition.
[16:05] <johnkima> and make me signs
[16:05] <ejano> u make
[16:05] <johnkima> we need throme
[16:06] <johnkima> trone
[16:06] <ejano> we do?
[16:06] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[16:06] <ryan1998xoxo> hi
[16:06] <johnkima> yes
[16:06] <ejano> this is the kitchen
[16:06] <ejano> lol
[16:06] <johnkima> move fridge OVER NOW
[16:06] <johnkima> QUICKLY
[16:06] <ejano> urg ok
[16:06] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[16:06] <jrr5556> Boe and I failed
[16:06] <ryan1998xoxo> Is this a buiding compotitio
[16:06] <dreadofmondays> yes
[16:07] <dreadofmondays> there are three minutes left
[16:07] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[16:07] <BOE_BOE> can i go so i can get back to mining?
[16:07] <Ownenator2011> where did cwp go?
[16:07] <ridingmaster> Back
[16:07] <jrr5556> Next time I want to be by myself
[16:07] <ryan1998xoxo> These are some nice houses
[16:07] <jrr5556> If boe goes can I have an extra 20 mins
[16:07] <ridingmaster> How's the competition going?
[16:07] <jrr5556> so I can re make my own
[16:07] <johnkima> i need SLABS
[16:07] <johnkima> NOW
[16:07] <dreadofmondays> where did cwp go?
[16:07] <ejano> if only we had
[16:07] <johnkima> criw
[16:07] <ejano> leather
[16:07] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:07] <Shada0071> there he is
[16:08] <ridingmaster> Hey cwp
[16:08] <dreadofmondays> two minutes guys :]
[16:08] <cwp_aus> back, sorry, internet died
[16:08] <Harry01red> nice place
[16:08] <ejano> sry
[16:08] <johnkima> shoops
[16:08] <johnkima> ma bad
[16:08] <ejano> john!
[16:09] <ejano> was this u
[16:09] <cwp_aus> guys, shada and ownen are done, they would like to donate their 20 mins to another team
[16:09] <johnkima> what?
[16:09] <johnkima> ME
[16:09] <johnkima> PLEASE SHAD
[16:09] <jrr5556> i like shada and ownens
[16:09] <ejano> the lava!
[16:09] <jrr5556> a
[16:09] <johnkima> yes crow
[16:09] <ejano> look
[16:09] <jrr5556> yes me!
[16:09] <johnkima> leave lava
[16:09] <ejano> uh
[16:09] <jrr5556> boe has left!
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> 30 seconds
[16:09] <ejano> er
[16:09] <ejano> GOOGOG
[16:09] <jrr5556> I need it
[16:09] <cwp_aus> therefore I am going to give that time to whichever team is worse off
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> 15
[16:09] <johnkima> give me chest crow
[16:09] <jrr5556> Mine!
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> 10
[16:09] <cwp_aus> which is why i believe that should go to boe and jrr
[16:09] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123) has joined #main
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> 5
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> 4
[16:09] <BOE_BOE> you mean jrr
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> 3
[16:09] <ridingmaster> Hey Hj
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> 2
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> 1
[16:09] <jrr5556> I want t make my own
[16:09] <hjmck123> hai
[16:09] <cwp_aus> as they are the furthest from completion
[16:09] <dreadofmondays> TIME UP.
[16:10] <johnkima> damn
[16:10] <dreadofmondays> Time up for everyone except those 20 minutes
[16:10] <hjmck123> O.O
[16:10] <cwp_aus> all teams other than boe and jrr must now stop
[16:10] <johnkima> who gets the 20 mins?
[16:10] <hjmck123> y does jak
[16:10] <hjmck123> have a dirt roof
[16:10] <johnkima> im out
[16:10] <jak94c> I have a back story for that
[16:10] <jrr5556> someone help me get rid of this
[16:10] <dreadofmondays> he panicked, obviously XD
[16:10] <jak94c> trust me
[16:10] <hjmck123> lol
[16:10] <dreadofmondays> lol jak
[16:10] <Galener> We have it all worked out
[16:10] <dreadofmondays> ever prepared
[16:10] <Galener> XD
[16:10] <johnkima> lol
[16:10] <dreadofmondays> EVERYTHING'S UNDER CONTROL
[16:10] <johnkima> my place looks shocking
[16:11] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper) has joined #main
[16:11] <ryan1998xoxo> Can I stand on the podium
[16:11] <johnkima> NO BUILDING xD
[16:11] <BoomSniper> hi all hows the comp?
[16:11] <ridingmaster> Hey Boom
[16:11] <johnkima> WAH
[16:11] <cwp_aus> alright, well i suppsoe now we must wait for the other judges to arrive
[16:11] <johnkima> wow
[16:11] <ridingmaster> I'm here
[16:11] <Harry01red> stop
[16:11] <johnkima> we stop right?
[16:11] <BoomSniper> can I come cwp?
[16:11] <dreadofmondays> yes
[16:11] <johnkima> STOP BUILDING ALL
[16:11] <johnkima> GET OVER HERE xD
[16:11] <cwp_aus> jrr and boe are good to continue
[16:11] <dreadofmondays> ^
[16:11] <johnkima> shad come on
[16:11] <ridingmaster> I thought Jak and Gale get another 20 minutes?
[16:11] <jrr5556> boe is gone
[16:12] <johnkima> over here mate
[16:12] <jrr5556> so im remakin my own
[16:12] <jak94c> wait wut
[16:12] <johnkima> crow
[16:12] <cwp_aus> yes, yes i know
[16:12] <ejano> I thought you said shada cwp?
[16:12] <johnkima> we have the worst build xD
[16:12] <dreadofmondays> XD
[16:12] <jak94c> wait jak and gale get 20 minutes?
[16:12] <dreadofmondays> lots of confusion
[16:12] <ejano> no
[16:12] <Shada0071> Jrr does
[16:12] <jak94c> WHO GETS 20 minutes!
[16:12] <johnkima> no
[16:12] <ejano> xD idk
[16:12] <cwp_aus> i did, but they were done
[16:12] <johnkima> jrr
[16:12] <ridingmaster> You did?
[16:12] <cwp_aus> so they wanted to donate their 20 mins to aother team
[16:12] <ryan1998xoxo> It's a trap
[16:12] <jak94c> and they donated it too?
[16:12] <dreadofmondays> boe and jrr
[16:12] <johnkima> jrr
[16:12] <cwp_aus> they let me choose
[16:12] <jak94c> and you chose?
[16:13] <cwp_aus> jrr and boe
[16:13] <ridingmaster> lol
[16:13] <dreadofmondays> he chose the team that was worse off
[16:13] <jak94c> RIGHT
[16:13] <jak94c> thank you
[16:13] <cwp_aus> which is why jrr is stil goin
[16:13] <ridingmaster> So we're waiting on Purd?
[16:13] <clearestghost> im kinda confident that if fear and i entered at the start and tried to win we could of had a chance
[16:13] <dreadofmondays> jrr will stop in 17 mins :]
[16:13] <ridingmaster> And Jrr to finish
[16:13] <cwp_aus> furthermore is anyone willing to lend jrr a hand?
[16:13] <johnkima> i am
[16:13] <jrr5556> yes
[16:13] <BoomSniper> so the subject was castle /fort right cwp?
[16:13] <jrr5556> breaking this down
[16:13] <jak94c> can I have my lever back
[16:13] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[16:13] <cwp_aus> ayup boom
[16:13] <jak94c> whoever got it?
[16:13] <jak94c> it's cool
[16:13] <johnkima> all of the stone?
[16:14] <jrr5556> not the stonebrick and wood wall though
[16:14] <BoomSniper> mind if I judge a bit?
[16:14] <cwp_aus> order john as you please jrr
[16:14] <jak94c> we found it
[16:14] <jak94c> no judgement here boom :P
[16:14] <jrr5556> break tower john please
[16:14] <cwp_aus> riding and purd and me are judging
[16:14] <ejano> brb
[16:14] <ridingmaster> Will Purd make it?
[16:14] <cwp_aus> just waiting for purd now
[16:14] <dreadofmondays> no
[16:14] <ejano> who will know!?
[16:14] <dreadofmondays> he probably won't
[16:14] <cwp_aus> he said he'd be back
[16:14] <dreadofmondays> c:
[16:14] <BoomSniper> well they are suppoesed to be defendable places right?
[16:14] <ridingmaster> He said he's at his grandparents' house
[16:14] <ejano> tfind out next time
[16:14] <cwp_aus> not necessarily boom
[16:14] <ejano> after this comercial
[16:14] <johnkima> i think he needs the windows key for his windows :/
[16:15] <dreadofmondays> man
[16:15] <dreadofmondays> I keep the key to my windows in the actual lock
[16:15] <dreadofmondays> that way I don't lose it
[16:15] <dreadofmondays> and I can always unlock my windows whenever I want :)
[16:15] <dreadofmondays> or lock them, overnight
[16:15] <BoomSniper> yea I know how to breack into houses to dread
[16:16] <ryan1998xoxo> How did I get stuck in here again
[16:16] <dreadofmondays> it's good to have the key in there in case you need to get out quickly during a fire
[16:16] <dreadofmondays> lies
[16:16] <Shada0071> I gtg guys, cya
[16:16] <Ownenator2011> so do i, break window, steal things, leave, get arrested
[16:16] <ridingmaster> See ya
[16:16] <Galener> See ya
[16:16] <jrr5556> stuff it theres not enough time to build my own
[16:16] <cwp_aus> infact can all but those who are required to be here please leave?
[16:16] <Ownenator2011> cya
[16:16] <dreadofmondays> jrr
[16:16] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§r) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[16:16] <dreadofmondays> you got 15 mins
[16:16] <ejano> wtf
[16:16] <johnkima> im back
[16:16] <Ownenator2011> im stucked
[16:16] <ejano> please I need my stuff
[16:16] <BoomSniper> mind if I sit in tower cwp?
[16:16] <cwp_aus> this mean riding myself john jrr and dread :P
[16:16] <jrr5556> someone help me get rid of everything
[16:16] <ejano> cwp!
[16:16] <cwp_aus> sure boom :P
[16:16] <ejano> I need my stuff I just died!
[16:17] <dreadofmondays> ejano
[16:17] <cwp_aus> oh sorry didnt know crow
[16:17] <ridingmaster> I heard my name
[16:17] <ejano> give back the cake
[16:17] <dreadofmondays> ejano I have a cake and some steak, was that yours
[16:17] <clearestghost> do fear and i get a handicap for joining 40 mins late :P
[16:17] <ryan1998xoxo> I don't have it
[16:17] <ridingmaster> It's your fault for coming late :P
[16:17] <johnkima> nope avi
[16:17] <dreadofmondays> the steak
[16:17] <dreadofmondays> is it yours
[16:17] <ejano> whered the cake go
[16:17] <ejano> yea stake
[16:17] <Ownenator2011> my laptop was overheating, so I got a cooling pad, still overheating :P
[16:17] <cwp_aus> your seriously destroying it all jrr?
[16:17] <Ownenator2011> it helps though
[16:17] <BoomSniper> why jrr demoing fort?
[16:17] <dreadofmondays> jrr
[16:18] <jrr5556> yes
[16:18] <dreadofmondays> you still had 15 minutes
[16:18] <cwp_aus> brb
[16:18] <ejano> psst boom
[16:18] <johnkima> nice hjm
[16:18] <johnkima> wait
[16:18] <Ownenator2011> dread can u take a photo of me infront of my build?
[16:18] <BoomSniper> :)
[16:18] <johnkima> is that fire work from my chest?
[16:18] <ejano> shhdont eat it
[16:18] <ejano> xD
[16:18] <cwp_aus> own ejano gale and the others to whom were competing and now are finsihed please elave
[16:18] <hjmck123> no
[16:19] <dreadofmondays> smile owner
[16:19] <ejano> ok
[16:19] <ejano> no-one eat the cake
[16:19] <cwp_aus> so this place is less crouded for the judging period
[16:19] <dreadofmondays> photo taken
[16:19] <clearestghost> :(
[16:19] <Ownenator2011> ok
[16:19] <johnkima> wut?
[16:19] <Ownenator2011> thanks
[16:19] <ridingmaster> Everyone except the judges, please leave
[16:19] <clearestghost> bye bye awsome fort or 5 minute ness
[16:19] <cwp_aus> you'll all be called back for the ceremony
[16:19] <johnkima> meesa heling jrr
[16:19] <cwp_aus> i know
[16:19] <johnkima> jrr what you need?
[16:20] <johnkima> a ladder?
[16:20] <jrr5556> thats fine
[16:20] <cwp_aus> note my use of 'were'
[16:20] <dreadofmondays> jrr has 10 mins
[16:20] <johnkima> ladder jrr?
[16:20] <johnkima> give jrr extra time
[16:20] <dreadofmondays> he has got extra time
[16:20] <johnkima> what you need jrr?
[16:20] <dreadofmondays> ten minutes
[16:20] <ridingmaster> He has 10 minutes I believe
[16:20] <cwp_aus> oh, i has idea
[16:20] <johnkima> bit more man
[16:20] <jrr5556> fine thanks
[16:20] <johnkima> xD
[16:21] <BoomSniper> need a push riding?
[16:21] <ridingmaster> Please
[16:21] <ejano> lol
[16:21] <cwp_aus> can i get one person from each team to wright about their build
[16:21] <jak94c> we did
[16:21] <ejano> I Will!
[16:21] <cwp_aus> for the judges referance
[16:21] <jak94c> well...
[16:21] <ejano> :D
[16:21] <ridingmaster> Good push
[16:21] <Ownenator2011> what do I write?
[16:21] <ejano> do I come
[16:21] <Ownenator2011> and where?
[16:21] <jak94c> I explained the terrible roof
[16:21] <ejano> where do I write it
[16:21] <cwp_aus> just what you were aiming for and such
[16:21] <cwp_aus> lol jak
[16:21] <jak94c> and the story is 100% accurate too!
[16:21] <Ownenator2011> where?
[16:21] <BoomSniper> anytime riding :)
[16:21] <johnkima> you got spruce jrr?
[16:21] <Ownenator2011> also I left, i need a tp back
[16:21] <clearestghost> do we write in forums?
[16:21] <cwp_aus> no, in books
[16:21] <BoomSniper> so wich you build riding?
[16:21] <ridingmaster> Nothing
[16:21] <Ownenator2011> I dont have a book
[16:21] <ridingmaster> I'm a judge
[16:22] <BoomSniper> oh same as me
[16:22] <cwp_aus> if you need one come ere
[16:22] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE§r) Quit (§eBOE_BOE left the game.)
[16:22] <ejano> no-one eat that cake
[16:22] <ridingmaster> You're a judge?
[16:22] <BoomSniper> not judge tho
[16:22] <ridingmaster> Ahh XD
[16:22] <johnkima> jrr like this?
[16:22] <jrr5556> no
[16:22] <BoomSniper> can I be judge cwp?
[16:22] <jrr5556> wait
[16:22] <ejano> can i please have a book cwp
[16:22] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[16:22] <johnkima> make it like back one?
[16:22] <ryan1998xoxo> Judges hurry up and be judgy
[16:22] <clearestghost> how do i write in a book
[16:22] <johnkima> ?
[16:22] <johnkima> jrr?
[16:22] <dreadofmondays> wait am I an actual judge
[16:22] <cwp_aus> clear you got one?
[16:23] <dreadofmondays> I thought I was just along for the ride
[16:23] <ridingmaster> Probably
[16:23] <johnkima> yes dread xD
[16:23] <dreadofmondays> XD
[16:23] <ejano> hi there
[16:23] <clearestghost> nope
[16:23] <cwp_aus> no dread, but your helpin out so :
[16:23] <cwp_aus> :P*
[16:23] <cwp_aus> here jrr
[16:23] <ridingmaster> What if Purd doesn't make it?
[16:23] <dreadofmondays> what criteria are we judging on
[16:23] <johnkima> i dont think he will
[16:23] <cwp_aus> well dread can fill in
[16:23] <ridingmaster> Alright
[16:23] <cwp_aus> here john
[16:23] <ridingmaster> So he will judge :P
[16:23] <cwp_aus> jrrr*
[16:23] <jrr5556> yes
[16:23] <dreadofmondays> what criteria are we judging on
[16:23] <ridingmaster> Cwp?
[16:24] <johnkima> hnnn
[16:24] <BoomSniper> probable design and defendability as well as which you prefer
[16:24] <cwp_aus> sorry yes, ingenuity, creativity and design
[16:24] <dreadofmondays> jrr, you have five minutes left
[16:24] <ridingmaster> Alright
[16:24] <johnkima> jrr
[16:24] <johnkima> what i do to this one?
[16:24] <jrr5556> kk
[16:24] <Ownenator2011> do i put book in the chest?
[16:24] <BoomSniper> go jrr go :D
[16:24] <cwp_aus> yes own
[16:24] <Galener> Which chest?
[16:24] <johnkima> nee a gate way jrr?
[16:24] <Ownenator2011> front one
[16:25] <cwp_aus> your origional chest if it still exsists
[16:25] <johnkima> jrr?
[16:25] <cwp_aus> if not then whichever one you have :P
[16:25] <jak94c> Can I get all the books after the competition to put in the Classica Library?
[16:25] <johnkima> jrr?
[16:25] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE) has joined #main
[16:25] <jrr5556> what
[16:25] <cwp_aus> sure jak
[16:25] <jak94c> sweet as
[16:25] <johnkima> what are you gonna do to the side oneS?
[16:25] <dreadofmondays> sweet-ass
[16:25] <jrr5556> i dont know
[16:26] <ridingmaster> XD
[16:26] <jrr5556> let me build
[16:26] <johnkima> oh i know
[16:26] <dreadofmondays> that's a sweet-ass car
[16:26] <dreadofmondays> that's a sweet ass-car
[16:27] <cwp_aus> seriosuly though, once jrr and his helper are done, all but the judges are to leave
[16:27] <dreadofmondays> srs.
[16:27] <jak94c> okay
[16:27] <Ownenator2011> if I suddenly log out it is probably because my laptop overheated and died
[16:27] <johnkima> jrr whats the roof?
[16:27] <dreadofmondays> lol
[16:27] <cwp_aus> attempt not to leave the server though :P
[16:27] <dreadofmondays> I don't have to leave.. I feel like I have a backstage pass :P
[16:27] <jrr5556> mossy
[16:28] <Ownenator2011> its happened befre
[16:28] <johnkima> ok
[16:28] <Ownenator2011> :/4
[16:28] <BoomSniper> can I be a Judge cwp? am an adv builder
[16:28] <johnkima> so am i xD
[16:28] <jrr5556> and cracked
[16:28] <johnkima> wat no
[16:28] <cwp_aus> dread has already fdilled in for purd
[16:28] <BoomSniper> ok
[16:28] <cwp_aus> he has been helping all the while so
[16:28] <BoomSniper> fair enough
[16:28] <dreadofmondays> jrr: You have one minute left.
[16:28] <jrr5556> stonebrick john plz
[16:28] <jrr5556> quick
[16:29] <cwp_aus> how long has jrr got left dread?
[16:29] <dreadofmondays> 30 seconds.
[16:29] <johnkima> jrr how about this?
[16:29] <cwp_aus> countdown time ?
[16:29] <dreadofmondays> 10 seconds!
[16:29] <ridingmaster> 15 seconds
[16:29] <ridingmaster> Or not
[16:29] <dreadofmondays> lawl
[16:29] <dreadofmondays> Time up!
[16:29] <dreadofmondays> stop work.
[16:30] <ridingmaster> ding ding ding
[16:30] <johnkima> wow
[16:30] <johnkima> this is good
[16:30] <jrr5556> ermagerd
[16:30] <cwp_aus> jrr, please fill out the book with your aims and such for your build
[16:30] <Ownenator2011> wait why do I have a bood?
[16:30] <Ownenator2011> book*
[16:30] <johnkima> for a 15 min thing :/
[16:30] <jrr5556> what do i do?
[16:30] <cwp_aus> i gave him one, lol
[16:30] <dreadofmondays> I ended up with jak's book
[16:30] <dreadofmondays> XD
[16:30] <Ownenator2011> same
[16:30] <ridingmaster> "Domestic Blitz"
[16:30] <Galener> XD
[16:30] <johnkima> why i have 3 copies of domestic blitz?
[16:30] <ridingmaster> By jak
[16:30] <Galener> It's been mass produced/
[16:30] <johnkima> ok make that 5 :/
[16:30] <dreadofmondays> XD
[16:30] <johnkima> wait 4
[16:30] <ridingmaster> XD
[16:30] <jak94c> everyone has Jak's book XD
[16:30] <johnkima> :/
[16:30] <Galener> Want it signed!? XD
[16:31] <jrr5556> okay done
[16:31] <cwp_aus> clear, i'm about to have everyone leave so...
[16:31] <jak94c> well too bad they don't have that mechanic
[16:31] <jrr5556> where do i put my book
[16:31] <clearestghost> i have the book
[16:31] <Ownenator2011> lol nice story jak
[16:31] <cwp_aus> once the book is written please all head off
[16:31] <jrr5556> cwp
[16:31] <johnkima> BOO
[16:31] <jak94c> cool story bro ay
[16:31] <dreadofmondays> put the books in your chests
[16:31] <dreadofmondays> XD
[16:31] <dreadofmondays> jrr
[16:31] <Ownenator2011> do i get to keep domestic blitz>
[16:31] <Galener> Yes
[16:31] <johnkima> hmmm
[16:31] <dreadofmondays> I love how you guys have dug from the ground to supply your house
[16:31] <jak94c> keep a copy each XD
[16:31] <Ownenator2011> yay!
[16:31] <jrr5556> book is in chest
[16:31] <johnkima> woah
[16:31] <Galener> Take it!
[16:32] <cwp_aus> alrighty, off you go
[16:32] <Forgott3nFear> y
[16:32] <BoomSniper> you want shode roof book jak?
[16:32] <jak94c> talright I gtg have dinner guys
[16:32] <dreadofmondays> I have two domestic blitz's....
[16:32] <jak94c> cya's all later
[16:32] <ridingmaster> See ya
[16:32] * jak94c (jak94c@jak94c§r) Quit (§ejak94c left the game.)
[16:32] <dreadofmondays> I feel like I've been advertised to
[16:32] <cwp_aus> away with yes while we judgeth
[16:32] <johnkima> well boys xD
[16:32] <ridingmaster> John, crow, hj
[16:32] <clearestghost> what do we do with the finished books?
[16:32] <johnkima> im gone xD
[16:32] <cwp_aus> place em in your chest
[16:32] <johnkima> lets go crow
[16:32] <ridingmaster> Clearest, Forgotten
[16:32] <ridingmaster> All of you please leave
[16:32] <johnkima> we have a farm to worko n
[16:32] <dreadofmondays> Put the finished books in your chests.
[16:32] <cwp_aus> boom, jrr, hj
[16:32] <ejano> john read this
[16:32] <Ownenator2011> would be cool if u had to fill bookshelves up with your own books
[16:33] * Trex1997 (Trex1997@Trex1997) has joined #main
[16:33] <johnkima> hi trex
[16:33] <ejano> hi
[16:33] <ridingmaster> Clearest, leave please
[16:33] <cwp_aus> lol
[16:33] <Ownenator2011> or books someone else wrote
[16:33] <ejano> john wanna read the bool
[16:33] <ejano> book*
[16:33] <BoomSniper> jak gave me this book what I do with it? :S
[16:33] <ejano> before I hadn it in
[16:33] <johnkima> which one?
[16:33] <dreadofmondays> eat it
[16:33] <ejano> hand*
[16:33] <Ownenator2011> read it :P
[16:33] <dreadofmondays> sleep on it
[16:33] <Trex1997> helloo all
[16:33] <dreadofmondays> light a fire with it
[16:33] <clearestghost> just putting away a book like i was told riding
[16:33] <Ownenator2011> i like eat it :P
[16:33] <Trex1997> clearest tp?
[16:33] <dreadofmondays> hold a book-burning
[16:33] <cwp_aus> pleaese guyds, off you go, we need to be able to easily move around without having people in our fac
[16:33] <ridingmaster> Alright
[16:33] <johnkima> crow come and help
[16:33] <ejano> come and read this
[16:33] <Ownenator2011> im gonna stand right outside
[16:33] <ejano> it could help us win
[16:34] <cwp_aus> where shall we start boys?
[16:34] <ridingmaster> That's fine ownen
[16:34] <clearestghost> tpa here trex
[16:34] <ridingmaster> Start with this one
[16:34] <ejano> dont change it
[16:34] <cwp_aus> mmk
[16:34] <jrr5556> cwp
[16:34] <cwp_aus> yes jrr?
[16:34] <jrr5556> can i have a quikc look at others
[16:34] <jrr5556> quick
[16:34] <johnkima> you forgot his
[16:34] <johnkima> name
[16:34] <cwp_aus> very quick, ok
[16:34] <johnkima> YOU FORGOT ARAGONS NAME
[16:34] <ejano> I put it in there
[16:34] <johnkima> WTF CROW
[16:34] <ejano> :o
[16:34] <johnkima> NOOOOOOOOOOOO
[16:34] <ejano> holy quick give it here
[16:34] <ejano> xD
[16:34] <Trex1997> ....i forgot ur not supposed to move :P
[16:34] <dreadofmondays> what are we judging on?
[16:34] * ryan1998xoxo (ryan1998xoxo@ryan1998xoxo§r) Quit (§eryan1998xoxo left the game.)
[16:35] <ejano> who's aragon?
[16:35] <johnkima> crow
[16:35] <ridingmaster> Nearly walked into the lava :/
[16:35] <Ownenator2011> dread u should take pics and post therm on the thread
[16:35] <johnkima> aragon
[16:35] <johnkima> the king
[16:35] <cwp_aus> creativity, inginuety and design
[16:35] <johnkima> and rightful ruler
[16:35] <jrr5556> extra points to jrr building his in 15 mins?
[16:35] <jrr5556> lol
[16:35] <ejano> pass pas
[16:35] <johnkima> his crown is in the chest
[16:35] <ejano> I'll change it quick
[16:35] <dreadofmondays> I will ask Gale to have fly and take some photos with that
[16:35] <Ownenator2011> extra points to me for being generous wiht my extra 20 mins?
[16:35] <Ownenator2011> :)
[16:35] <dreadofmondays> no
[16:35] <cwp_aus> it may be wise to note these guys started like halfway through
[16:35] <dreadofmondays> c:
[16:35] <Galener> there you go.
[16:35] <johnkima> i see there a crown of Aragon
[16:35] <dreadofmondays> Oh, thanks a lot :)
[16:36] <johnkima> judges look in this chest xD
[16:36] <cwp_aus> dread, over here
[16:36] <johnkima> jrr
[16:36] <dreadofmondays> over where? XD
[16:36] <jrr5556> yes
[16:36] <johnkima> you happy with what you mostyl built?
[16:36] <jrr5556> yes
[16:36] <jrr5556> i think it turned out quite nice
[16:36] <dreadofmondays> what are we judging on?
[16:36] <johnkima> lol
[16:36] <johnkima> and nice book xD
[16:36] <ridingmaster> Gale and Jack's
[16:36] <dreadofmondays> XD
[16:36] <cwp_aus> how may times i have to say
[16:37] <dreadofmondays> I missed it the first time.
[16:37] <Galener> We needed more blocks XD
[16:37] <cwp_aus> and the second and the third, xD
[16:37] <johnkima> same
[16:37] <Galener> So we 'made do'...
[16:37] <BoomSniper> nice jrr
[16:37] <cwp_aus> inguinuity, creativity and design
[16:37] <ridingmaster> The roof is amazing
[16:37] <jrr5556> nee
[16:37] <dreadofmondays> galener
[16:37] <jrr5556> its bad
[16:37] <cwp_aus> lol
[16:37] <dreadofmondays> you guys mispelt 'shoddy'
[16:37] <dreadofmondays> -30303858943478 points
[16:37] <Galener> But we wrote all about it in Domestic Blitz XD
[16:37] <jrr5556> well its okay
[16:37] <Galener> Get your copy today!
[16:37] <jrr5556> g2g
[16:37] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[16:37] <Galener> XD
[16:37] <BoomSniper> got a book from jak
[16:38] <Galener> It got mass produced.
[16:38] <BoomSniper> oh
[16:38] * BoomSniper (BoomSniper@BoomSniper§r) Quit (§eBoomSniper left the game.)
[16:38] <dreadofmondays> Galener
[16:38] <Galener> Yes?
[16:38] <johnkima> xD
[16:38] <dreadofmondays> that was the most touching and beautiful story I ever read :')
[16:38] <Galener> XD
[16:38] <dreadofmondays> A true fairy tale
[16:38] <Galener> We were actually planning it the whole way through building =P
[16:38] <dreadofmondays> :P
[16:39] <Ownenator2011> 21000*
[16:39] <johnkima> -.-
[16:39] <Ownenator2011> lol
[16:39] <Galener> I do wish we had of had more blocks to not have dirt on the roof but eh
[16:39] <johnkima> ownen make it about 15k
[16:39] <johnkima> xD
[16:39] <ridingmaster> Crow and John, do you have a book?
[16:39] <Galener> Better than nothing XD
[16:39] * Trex1997 (Trex1997@Trex1997§r) Quit (§eTrex1997 left the game.)
[16:39] <ejano> getting there
[16:39] <johnkima> i think crow had
[16:39] <Galener> It's somewhat livable...
[16:39] <ejano> :P
[16:39] <johnkima> has*
[16:39] <ridingmaster> Chop chop
[16:39] <johnkima> she made a mistake...
[16:39] <dreadofmondays> cwp, do we announce a winner for each judging category, or just one overall winner?
[16:39] <cwp_aus> hurry it up crow
[16:39] <ejano> lol
[16:39] <cwp_aus> overall winner
[16:39] <johnkima> crow did you change name?
[16:39] <ejano> sorry
[16:40] <ejano> DONE
[16:40] <ridingmaster> How do you open the door Crow/John?
[16:40] <johnkima> button
[16:40] <johnkima> on the right
[16:40] <ejano> theres a buton..
[16:40] <ejano> button*
[16:40] <cwp_aus> theres a button, but my lag prevents my entry, xD
[16:40] <ejano> just jump through the wall
[16:40] <ejano> xD
[16:40] <ejano> who wants this book
[16:41] <ejano> do I sign it?
[16:41] <johnkima> theres a hole in the wall...
[16:41] <Forgott3nFear> just to get stuff
[16:41] * hjmck123 was kicked from #main by Server
[16:41] * hjmck123 (hjmck123@hjmck123§r) Quit (§ehjmck123 left the game.)
[16:41] <johnkima> right here
[16:41] <ridingmaster> Please stop dread XD
[16:41] <johnkima> DUH
[16:41] <ejano> john leave
[16:41] <ridingmaster> I keep teleporting back
[16:41] <ejano> john!
[16:41] <ejano> get out!
[16:41] <ejano> quick!
[16:41] <johnkima> xD
[16:41] <ejano> you're not supposed to be in there
[16:41] <johnkima> just stopping dread
[16:41] <ejano> RUN JOHN
[16:41] <ejano> get out while u can!
[16:41] <ejano> xD
[16:41] <Ownenator2011> RUN FOREST RUN
[16:41] <dreadofmondays> riding
[16:41] <ejano> john
[16:41] <dreadofmondays> are you jsut gonna stand in front of the door all day
[16:41] <ejano> seriously
[16:41] <dreadofmondays> xD
[16:42] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§r) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[16:42] <ridingmaster> I'm trying to go forward
[16:42] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[16:42] <johnkima> cwp look in chest
[16:42] <ridingmaster> IKeep glitching
[16:42] <cwp_aus> guys, open bit here :P
[16:42] <johnkima> the single one
[16:42] <johnkima> xD
[16:42] <Ownenator2011> clicked disconnect instead of options :/
[16:42] <johnkima> cwp
[16:42] <ejano> shh
[16:42] <johnkima> THE CHEST DL
[16:42] <ejano> john
[16:42] <johnkima> D:8
[16:42] <ejano> get here xD
[16:42] <johnkima> *
[16:42] <cwp_aus> i quite like this one
[16:42] <ejano> they cant judge when you stand there ojohn
[16:42] <ejano> john*
[16:42] <johnkima> CROW
[16:42] <johnkima> the story man
[16:42] <Ownenator2011> I have 3 books
[16:42] <ejano> cwp who do I give the book to
[16:43] <dreadofmondays> give the book to me
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> 1 with sharpness I
[16:43] <johnkima> leave in chest
[16:43] <dreadofmondays> so I can read it
[16:43] <cwp_aus> in the chest crow
[16:43] <ejano> lol
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> one with sharpness III
[16:43] <ejano> sry
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> and one with looting I
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> I sell them
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> sharpness I for 250
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> sharpness III for 500
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> and looting for 250
[16:43] <Ownenator2011> who wants one?
[16:43] <cwp_aus> here dread
[16:43] <ejano> my shop sells the enchantment books
[16:43] <ejano> :P
[16:44] <Ownenator2011> can I sell them to u to sell them to people?
[16:44] <Ownenator2011> :P
[16:44] <ejano> *facepalm*
[16:44] <johnkima> xD
[16:44] <johnkima> lol
[16:44] <Ownenator2011> ill give a deal for all 3 750
[16:44] <ejano> that moment when u do /home not /spawn
[16:44] <johnkima> crow you dont have many xD
[16:44] <johnkima> lol
[16:44] <ejano> I do..
[16:44] <johnkima> crow can i sell stuff at your store?
[16:44] <ejano> uh no xD
[16:44] <ejano> sell it at your store3
[16:44] <ejano> xD
[16:44] <johnkima> or be like a supplier?
[16:44] <ejano> store*
[16:44] <johnkima> xD
[16:44] <BOE_BOE> ahhhhhhhhhhhh
[16:44] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE§r) Quit (§eBOE_BOE left the game.)
[16:44] <dreadofmondays> where's ridingmaster? I have crow and johnkima's book.
[16:45] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[16:45] <ejano> hey nigs
[16:45] <T_nigs1> Building over?
[16:45] <johnkima> hey nigs
[16:45] <dreadofmondays> yes
[16:45] <johnkima> yes it is
[16:45] <T_nigs1> Who won?>
[16:45] <ejano> guys I have enchant books for tools weapons and armour
[16:45] <ridingmaster> Sorry was AFK -.-
[16:45] <cwp_aus> no-one yet
[16:45] <ejano> tthey;re judging
[16:45] <T_nigs1> I see.
[16:45] <ejano> who wants an enchant book
[16:45] <ejano> :P
[16:45] <T_nigs1> Me
[16:45] <T_nigs1> :)
[16:46] <ejano> nigs we own the shop xD
[16:46] <ejano> just take one lol
[16:46] <T_nigs1> >_>
[16:46] <T_nigs1> I kneeww that
[16:46] <Ownenator2011> lol
[16:46] <Ownenator2011> silly nigs
[16:46] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[16:46] <T_nigs1> XD
[16:46] <johnkima> lol
[16:46] <ejano> hi
[16:46] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[16:47] <Ownenator2011> I remember when u 1st came on classic and u were asking me stuff but I didnt answer because I wasnt
[16:47] <Ownenator2011> actually on classic
[16:47] <ridingmaster> lol
[16:47] <johnkima> how many houses left to judge?
[16:47] <ridingmaster> That's possible
[16:47] <ejano> lol
[16:47] <johnkima> where is crows story
[16:47] * Galener (Galener@Galener) has joined #main
[16:47] <ejano> forts*
[16:47] <johnkima> i wanna read it xD
[16:47] <Ownenator2011> I also question how people who joined after me outrank me :D
[16:47] <dreadofmondays> I have crow's story
[16:47] <ejano> john they keep it xD
[16:47] <ridingmaster> Welcome back Gale
[16:47] <ejano> oh
[16:47] <Galener> sorry, accidentlly disconnected XD
[16:47] <Ownenator2011> wb gale
[16:47] <ejano> hey gale
[16:47] <johnkima> i wanna read it D:
[16:47] <johnkima> wb
[16:47] <ejano> you read half of it
[16:47] <ridingmaster> Why do I have a lever
[16:47] <T_nigs1> Hey riding.
[16:48] <ridingmaster> Hey
[16:48] <dreadofmondays> man
[16:48] <dreadofmondays> it's tought
[16:48] <dreadofmondays> tough*
[16:48] <dreadofmondays> I like johns, and I like jaks
[16:48] <johnkima> xD
[16:48] <ridingmaster> Yep ^
[16:48] <johnkima> just vote for mine
[16:48] <johnkima> simple xD
[16:48] <ejano> me and johns
[16:48] <ridingmaster> XD
[16:48] <dreadofmondays> lol
[16:48] <ejano> john shh
[16:48] <johnkima> lol
[16:48] <ejano> xD
[16:48] <cwp_aus> lel
[16:48] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE) has joined #main
[16:48] <ridingmaster> Hey Boe
[16:48] <ejano> hai
[16:48] <johnkima> everyone becomes a happy chappy
[16:48] <dreadofmondays> well I'm going to have to say Jak's I think, on the strenght of their write-up
[16:49] <johnkima> D:
[16:49] <ejano> :o
[16:49] <ejano> :c
[16:49] <dreadofmondays> and also because they didn't do a ruined building like everyone else
[16:49] <cwp_aus> well then, i guess its time to announce
[16:49] <ejano> xD
[16:49] <johnkima> -.^
[16:49] <johnkima> awww
[16:49] <Galener> XD
[16:49] <ejano> do we come back
[16:49] <johnkima> gale has won again
[16:49] <ejano> to the place
[16:49] <BOE_BOE> i wish tnt worked so i could destroy my builds when i get mad at them
[16:49] <ridingmaster> Guys
[16:49] <cwp_aus> despite dreads highly valid point, both I and riding are in agreeance on the winner
[16:49] <johnkima> and crow theres only first place prize....
[16:49] <dreadofmondays> imo jrr could've done better then 'I made it up on the spot. The end'
[16:49] <ejano> no theres not..
[16:49] <ridingmaster> Dread isn't the only judge lol
[16:49] <ejano> xD
[16:49] <dreadofmondays> yes I'm not the only judge
[16:49] <johnkima> xD
[16:49] <ejano> AAH
[16:49] <cwp_aus> riding?
[16:49] <ejano> WHY
[16:49] <dreadofmondays> we have come to a consensus
[16:49] <johnkima> we have a chance xD
[16:50] <ejano> WHY
[16:50] <ridingmaster> Cwp?
[16:50] <cwp_aus> wanna do the honours?
[16:50] <ejano> ..
[16:50] <ridingmaster> The winner is
[16:50] <ridingmaster> EJANO AND CROW
[16:50] <ridingmaster> oops
[16:50] <ejano> o.o
[16:50] <Galener> XD
[16:50] <ridingmaster> John and Ejano***
[16:50] <dreadofmondays> XD
[16:50] <Galener> Ejano won twice?
[16:50] <ejano> lOl,
[16:50] <johnkima> O.o
[16:50] <dreadofmondays> 'Oops.'
[16:50] <johnkima> LOOOOOOOOL
[16:50] <johnkima> xD
[16:50] <ejano> YES I WON TWICE
[16:50] <ejano> xD
[16:50] <johnkima> LOL
[16:50] <johnkima> and I FAILED MY L'S xD
[16:50] <ridingmaster> That firework was lame
[16:50] <dreadofmondays> do another
[16:50] <johnkima> :O
[16:50] <ejano> I didnt see it
[16:50] <ejano> D:
[16:50] <johnkima> waot
[16:50] <johnkima> WAIT
[16:50] <ridingmaster> Only made one
[16:50] <johnkima> NOOO
[16:50] <johnkima> xD
[16:50] <Galener> So do we come back or what?
[16:51] <ejano> why do I always spawn in the ground
[16:51] <dreadofmondays> yeah I guess lol
[16:51] <T_nigs1> Congratulations crow and ejano!
[16:51] <ejano> CAKE FOR EVERYONE
[16:51] <johnkima> D:
[16:51] <Galener> Congrats.
[16:51] <ejano> upstairs
[16:51] <ejano> congrats john we won
[16:51] <johnkima> D:
[16:51] <dreadofmondays> yay cake c:
[16:51] <dreadofmondays> cake house
[16:51] <johnkima> xD
[16:51] <T_nigs1> *already eaten*
[16:51] <dreadofmondays> tlol
[16:51] <ejano> :O
[16:51] <ejano> xD
[16:51] <T_nigs1> loljks
[16:51] <ridingmaster> Congratulations ;)
[16:51] <johnkima> tjamls
[16:51] <johnkima> thanks*
[16:51] <dreadofmondays> and now the victory celebration... THE BURNING OF THE CONTESTANTS
[16:52] <ridingmaster> YES
[16:52] <ejano> XD
[16:52] <ejano> was there a 2nd place prize?
[16:52] <dreadofmondays> yes
[16:52] * Trex1997 (Trex1997@Trex1997) has joined #main
[16:52] <ejano> thingo
[16:52] <johnkima> nope avi
[16:52] <ridingmaster> Good work everyone else, by the way
[16:52] <dreadofmondays> no
[16:52] <johnkima> oh there was?
[16:52] <dreadofmondays> yaeh
[16:52] <ejano> there was
[16:52] <ejano> they got 100k??
[16:52] <dreadofmondays> I'm making the second place price
[16:52] <dreadofmondays> prize*
[16:52] <dreadofmondays> not exactly
[16:52] <ejano> cwp
[16:52] <ejano> CWP
[16:52] <ejano> xD
[16:52] <ejano> dang afk
[16:52] <johnkima> lol
[16:52] <dreadofmondays> can I have an empty book pls? :3
[16:52] <ridingmaster> Give the second place winners a Jak book
[16:52] <Galener> Sure
[16:52] * T_nigs1 was kicked from #main by Server
[16:52] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[16:52] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[16:52] <johnkima> lol
[16:52] <ejano> lets just all look at this cake until we get hungry
[16:53] * Trex1997 (Trex1997@Trex1997§r) Quit (§eTrex1997 left the game.)
[16:53] <dreadofmondays> thanks :P
[16:53] <ejano> :P
[16:53] <ejano> caake
[16:53] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE§r) Quit (§eBOE_BOE left the game.)
[16:53] <T_nigs1> >:C
[16:53] <johnkima> crap
[16:53] <T_nigs1> Who hit me.
[16:53] <ridingmaster> Be right back
[16:53] <johnkima> i fell :/
[16:53] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[16:53] <johnkima> what happened?
[16:53] <T_nigs1> Who hit me.?
[16:53] <ejano> not me?
[16:53] <johnkima> i think that was me :/
[16:53] <ejano> :o u ate some cake!
[16:53] <johnkima> im lagging up
[16:53] <johnkima> i did?
[16:53] <ejano> no nigs did
[16:53] <ejano> xD
[16:53] <johnkima> i think nigs did
[16:53] <johnkima> xD
[16:53] <T_nigs1> I did
[16:53] <johnkima> BO
[16:54] <T_nigs1> I was hungey :c
[16:54] <T_nigs1> Hingry *
[16:54] <dreadofmondays> ok
[16:54] <T_nigs1> Hungry **
[16:54] <johnkima> lol
[16:54] <dreadofmondays> 2nd place prize is ready
[16:54] <ejano> :P thats what cake is for
[16:54] <ejano> wait wheres cwp
[16:54] <dreadofmondays> who do I give it to
[16:54] <ejano> he had a prize
[16:54] <T_nigs1> Me :D
[16:54] <dreadofmondays> Gale I think, 'cause jak left XD
[16:54] <ejano> for 2nd lol
[16:54] <Ownenator2011> back
[16:54] <johnkima> whats second prize?
[16:54] <Ownenator2011> so who won?
[16:54] <T_nigs1> Pootis
[16:54] <dreadofmondays> Gale has it
[16:54] <Galener> I'll give it to Jak when he's on next XD
[16:54] <ejano> it was 400k for 1st 100k for 2nd Unless it changed
[16:54] <dreadofmondays> Pootis spencer
[16:55] <ejano> cwp
[16:55] <ejano> pst
[16:55] <johnkima> :O
[16:55] <Ownenator2011> Pootis Spencer won?
[16:55] <johnkima> §fFUS RO DAH
[16:55] <Ownenator2011> damn
[16:55] <ejano> :O POOTIS SPENCER!?
[16:55] <T_nigs1> Ninja'd
[16:55] <ejano> thats epic
[16:55] <dreadofmondays> The 2nd place prize was a participation award.
[16:55] <dreadofmondays> We are so very proud of you :')
[16:55] <johnkima> lol
[16:55] <T_nigs1> How can you
[16:55] <johnkima> so wait
[16:55] <T_nigs1> kill someone
[16:55] <Ownenator2011> im guessing i didnt won?
[16:55] <ejano> lol
[16:55] <johnkima> we get 500k?
[16:55] <johnkima> what?
[16:55] <T_nigs1> then wake them up
[16:55] <johnkima> ok crow
[16:55] <ejano> no
[16:55] <ejano> idk
[16:55] <johnkima> we split 250k each xD
[16:55] <dreadofmondays> ask cwp for what's actually happening
[16:56] <ejano> it wasnt 500k
[16:56] <Ownenator2011> cwp what is happening?
[16:56] <johnkima> -.^
[16:56] <Galener> So what's happening with the builds?
[16:56] <johnkima> h
[16:56] <ejano> cwpy
[16:56] <johnkima> wait its like
[16:56] <ejano> wakey
[16:56] <ejano> wakey
[16:56] <johnkima> 44k
[16:56] <dreadofmondays> cuppeh knows
[16:56] <cwp_aus> back
[16:56] <ejano> time for breakie
[16:56] <johnkima> 300*
[16:56] <ejano> YAY
[16:56] <johnkima> 400*
[16:56] <ejano> xD
[16:56] <Ownenator2011> cwp who won>
[16:56] <cwp_aus> i had dinner, sorry, lol
[16:56] <johnkima> ejano and i xD
[16:56] <Ownenator2011> lol
[16:56] <Ownenator2011> who came 2nd?
[16:56] <ejano> hush lol
[16:56] <cwp_aus> Ejano and crow, but the question mis, who came second?
[16:56] <johnkima> gale xD
[16:56] <ejano> o.o
[16:56] <dreadofmondays> I'm going to take photos of the people in front of their builds.
[16:56] <ejano> xD
[16:56] <Ownenator2011> u alrwady did me
[16:56] <johnkima> yay
[16:56] <Galener> Jak and myself
[16:56] <ejano> ejano and crow and john
[16:56] <Ownenator2011> damn
[16:56] <ejano> oh noes we had 3 people
[16:57] <Ownenator2011> well it was fun
[16:57] <ejano> xD
[16:57] <cwp_aus> dread, your thoughts on who came second?
[16:57] <dreadofmondays> IMPORTANT: I'm going to take photos of people in front of their builds, if you want a photo, comenow
[16:57] <dreadofmondays> Jak and gale came second.
[16:57] <cwp_aus> agreed
[16:57] <ejano> lets get the helmet
[16:57] <johnkima> MY HELMET
[16:57] <johnkima> xD
[16:57] <johnkima> xD
[16:57] <T_nigs1> Parkour
[16:57] <johnkima> lol
[16:57] <ejano> thanks cwp!
[16:57] <T_nigs1> Ejano
[16:57] <T_nigs1> Watch my parkur
[16:57] <ejano> ok we're ready for our close ups
[16:57] <ejano> xD
[16:57] <johnkima> crow here
[16:58] <johnkima> i am Aragon
[16:58] <T_nigs1> I'm better then you dread ;D
[16:58] <ejano> u take this I'll get the gold sword
[16:58] <johnkima> COWER IN FEAR
[16:58] <cwp_aus> actually gale, can i give you jaks cash to give to him?
[16:58] <Galener> Yeah.
[16:58] <johnkima> actua;lly
[16:58] <johnkima> i have gold you take diamond
[16:58] <Galener> I'll give it all to him because I don't need it XD
[16:58] <ejano> hmm k
[16:58] <ejano> we're ready for the photo :P
[16:58] <cwp_aus> these'll probably stay here for abit
[16:58] <T_nigs1> F your photo! I'm late ofr bingo
[16:59] <T_nigs1> for *
[16:59] <ejano> xD
[16:59] <dreadofmondays> piss off nigs XD
[16:59] <cwp_aus> i'm sure i'll get round to ridding of them soon
[16:59] <T_nigs1> John
[16:59] <T_nigs1> ...
[16:59] <ejano> ZOMBIEs
[16:59] <Galener> Can I fix mine up?
[16:59] <Galener> XD
[16:59] <T_nigs1> John....
[16:59] <johnkima> LOL
[16:59] <johnkima> sorry
[16:59] <dreadofmondays> ok
[16:59] <dreadofmondays> SRS
[16:59] <dreadofmondays> GET READY pls
[16:59] <ejano> :c
[16:59] <ejano> JOHN
[16:59] <dreadofmondays> strike a pose
[16:59] <ejano> xD
[16:59] <dreadofmondays> god damn it
[17:00] <ejano> OW
[17:00] <dreadofmondays> it's taken
[17:00] <T_nigs1> John
[17:00] <ejano> was it a good one
[17:00] <T_nigs1> Don't hit me.
[17:00] <johnkima> D:
[17:00] <johnkima> you guys were photo bombing xD
[17:00] <johnkima> and sorry
[17:00] <T_nigs1> You could have asked :/
[17:00] <johnkima> lol
[17:00] <johnkima> sorry
[17:01] <Ownenator2011> dread u already took mine so ima go now cya
[17:01] <ejano> byes
[17:01] <dreadofmondays> cya
[17:01] <johnkima> i am king aragon
[17:01] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§r) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[17:01] <ejano> lol
[17:01] <johnkima> take a pic
[17:01] <dreadofmondays> cbf
[17:01] <ejano> whos next for a pic
[17:01] <dreadofmondays> gale is
[17:01] <johnkima> lol
[17:01] <ejano> Gale say cheese
[17:02] * Trex1997 (Trex1997@Trex1997) has joined #main
[17:02] <T_nigs1> Aw, gale looks cut in his castle :3
[17:02] <ejano> hi
[17:02] <ejano> xD
[17:02] <ejano> cute8
[17:02] <johnkima> GALE
[17:02] <ejano> cute***
[17:02] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[17:02] <johnkima> the cuteness of gale infront of his castle xD
[17:02] <johnkima> EEEEEEEEEEEE
[17:02] <johnkima> lol
[17:02] <Harry01red> lol
[17:02] <johnkima> and fear
[17:02] <Forgott3nFear> ?
[17:02] <dreadofmondays> yup, clear and fear now
[17:02] <johnkima> forgottenfear is cowering with fear xD
[17:02] <dreadofmondays> photo time
[17:03] <ejano> everyone else come eat cake
[17:03] <ejano> :P
[17:03] <ejano> lol nigs
[17:03] <T_nigs1> shhhh
[17:03] <Trex1997> cake O_o
[17:03] <dreadofmondays> get out of here nigs
[17:03] <johnkima> say cheese ba brother xD
[17:03] <dreadofmondays> fear, strike a pose
[17:03] <johnkima> ma*
[17:04] <T_nigs1> crow
[17:04] <T_nigs1> watch my
[17:04] <ejano> ye
[17:04] <T_nigs1> parkour
[17:04] <ejano> the zombies want dread
[17:04] <ejano> xD
[17:04] <johnkima> :O
[17:04] <johnkima> TREX
[17:04] <T_nigs1> Mean while, in classic.
[17:04] <johnkima> YOU USING MY SKIN D:
[17:04] <T_nigs1> *crickets*
[17:04] <ejano> xD
[17:04] <johnkima> xD
[17:04] <dreadofmondays> XD
[17:04] <ejano> NOT FOR LONG
[17:05] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[17:05] <T_nigs1> Everyone is afk
[17:05] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§r) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[17:05] <dreadofmondays> Jrr now.
[17:05] <dreadofmondays> where is he?
[17:05] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[17:05] <jrr5556> who won
[17:05] <dreadofmondays> jrr, we are taking your photo
[17:05] <johnkima> me
[17:06] <Galener> Ejano and John.
[17:06] <johnkima> xD
[17:06] <dreadofmondays> so stand in front of your build :]
[17:06] <jrr5556> where did i come
[17:06] <jrr5556> welcome john and ejano
[17:06] <jrr5556> lol
[17:06] <jrr5556> Well done
[17:06] <jrr5556> why did I say welcome?
[17:06] <johnkima> hows my skin?
[17:06] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[17:06] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[17:06] <jrr5556> john you though tyours was shit
[17:06] <dreadofmondays> stand in front of your build jrr
[17:06] <jrr5556> lol
[17:07] <jrr5556> k coming
[17:07] <jrr5556> Its shit
[17:07] <jrr5556> I had no time
[17:07] <jrr5556> lol
[17:07] <jrr5556> I would of put stuff inside and made the tower taller
[17:07] <jrr5556> and extra things outside
[17:08] * Trex1997 (Trex1997@Trex1997§r) Quit (§eTrex1997 left the game.)
[17:08] <dreadofmondays> okay
[17:08] <dreadofmondays> I've taken a billion photos
[17:08] <dreadofmondays> should be enough to make a thread with
[17:08] <dreadofmondays> where is cwp?
[17:08] <jrr5556> who came 2nd?
[17:08] <dreadofmondays> jack and gale did.
[17:08] <johnkima> well guys im off
[17:08] <jrr5556> where did I come? lol last?
[17:08] <jrr5556> bye john
[17:08] <dreadofmondays> you didn't place :p
[17:08] <johnkima> OFF TO SWTOR
[17:09] <dreadofmondays> well
[17:09] <johnkima> DESTROY THE SITH
[17:09] <jrr5556> was it top 3?
[17:09] <dreadofmondays> equal third with everyone else
[17:09] <dreadofmondays> so yes
[17:09] <dreadofmondays> top 3
[17:09] <dreadofmondays> XD
[17:09] <jrr5556> oh right
[17:09] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[17:09] <jrr5556> next build comp I am doing it by myself
[17:09] <dreadofmondays> :P
[17:10] <jrr5556> Boe was building odd things
[17:10] <dreadofmondays> Hey Gale, can I talk to you after
[17:10] <jrr5556> no.
[17:10] <jrr5556> :P
[17:11] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[17:11] <dreadofmondays> ......
[17:12] <jrr5556> hey purd
[17:12] <Harry01red> hi all
[17:12] <dreadofmondays> bahahahahaha!
[17:12] <jrr5556> dread
[17:12] <jrr5556> take new photo's inside
[17:12] <jrr5556> i did a bit inisde
[17:12] <jrr5556> inside*
[17:12] <dreadofmondays> Purd, you missed the whole competition by a few minutes or so :x
[17:12] <PURD3Y> hey guys. sorry for absence
[17:12] <PURD3Y> read Cwp's thread for explanation why
[17:12] <dreadofmondays> Alrighty
[17:13] <dreadofmondays> Gale, can I talk to you when I'm done making this thread
[17:13] <PURD3Y> dongrats to gale and others who won
[17:13] <jrr5556> dread
[17:13] <jrr5556> take new photo
[17:13] <jrr5556> please
[17:13] <PURD3Y> and thanks for your participance as well
[17:14] <jrr5556> purd
[17:14] <jrr5556> Boe left
[17:14] <PURD3Y> yes?
[17:14] <PURD3Y> left what?
[17:14] <jrr5556> I broke it all down and built this in 15 mins
[17:14] <jrr5556> lol
[17:14] <jrr5556> Its shit
[17:14] <PURD3Y> it's not that bad
[17:16] <jrr5556> Dread can you take new photo's?
[17:16] <jrr5556> er dw
[17:17] <dreadofmondays> jrr
[17:17] <jrr5556> yes
[17:17] <dreadofmondays> I took photos already
[17:17] <dreadofmondays> XD
[17:17] <jrr5556> I added a few things lol
[17:17] * zane_the_george (zane_the_george@zane_the_george) has joined #main
[17:17] <jrr5556> Purd was this the place we were clearing?
[17:18] <jrr5556> Hello Zane
[17:18] <PURD3Y> yes
[17:18] <zane_the_george> hi
[17:18] <jrr5556> ahh okay
[17:18] <jrr5556> Can I have a look at Epica Purd?
[17:18] <dreadofmondays> photos uploading... eta: next year
[17:18] <PURD3Y> if you want you can continue.
[17:18] <PURD3Y> I'm not part of epica
[17:18] <jrr5556> It says you are
[17:18] <PURD3Y> also I'll be here but I'm fixing a computer
[17:18] <jrr5556> on the forum thread
[17:19] <PURD3Y> I've a holiday house there, that's not build
[17:19] <Galener> I've gotta go. See ya
[17:19] <PURD3Y> built
[17:19] * Galener (Galener@Galener§r) Quit (§eGalener left the game.)
[17:19] <PURD3Y> ciao gale
[17:19] <jrr5556> okay
[17:20] <Harry01red> be back soon
[17:20] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[17:20] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§r) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[17:20] <zane_the_george> NOOO I FOGOT TO REPLANT THE POTATOES!!
[17:20] <dreadofmondays> wut
[17:25] <PURD3Y> lol
[17:25] <PURD3Y> test
[17:25] <PURD3Y> how was it dread?
[17:25] <dreadofmondays> It was good :)
[17:26] <zane_the_george> ;)
[17:26] <PURD3Y> that's nice, i'm sad that i missed it
[17:26] <dreadofmondays> You'll get the next one
[17:26] <dreadofmondays> the next one will likely be televised, too
[17:26] <PURD3Y> the next one will be actually inside my arena
[17:27] <PURD3Y> by that time i'll be uploading all my own videos as well
[17:27] <dreadofmondays> sweet
[17:27] <PURD3Y> haha yeah. youtube friends XD
[17:27] <dreadofmondays> XD
[17:27] <dreadofmondays> I took photos
[17:27] <dreadofmondays> they are 22% uploaded
[17:28] <PURD3Y> nice
[17:28] <PURD3Y> what program u using to record?
[17:29] <PURD3Y> test
[17:31] <dreadofmondays> fraps
[17:32] <PURD3Y> dame as me then
[17:32] <PURD3Y> same
[17:32] * zane_the_george (zane_the_george@zane_the_george§r) Quit (§ezane_the_george left the game.)
[17:32] <dreadofmondays> lol
[17:33] <PURD3Y> sometimes i hate beinhg the I.T. guy
[17:33] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[17:33] <dreadofmondays> lol
[17:33] <Harry01red> i am back baby
[17:33] <dreadofmondays> I stole all the copies of Domestic Blitz >_> <_<
[17:34] <dreadofmondays> mine
[17:36] <PURD3Y> who's going to clear these builds?
[17:36] <dreadofmondays> ask cwp
[17:36] <clearestghost> ur land ur problem :)
[17:39] <Harry01red> lol
[17:39] <PURD3Y> hey dread you film minecraft don't yo?
[17:39] <PURD3Y> ypu?
[17:39] <dreadofmondays> yeah
[17:39] <PURD3Y> you**
[17:39] <PURD3Y> hmmm
[17:40] <PURD3Y> I might have a proposition at a later date
[17:40] <dreadofmondays> haha
[17:44] <PURD3Y> what. the. hell
[17:47] <PURD3Y> imma kill bill gates
[17:48] <dreadofmondays> why?
[17:56] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[17:56] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[17:56] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE) has joined #main
[17:57] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[17:57] <BOE_BOE> sup riding
[17:57] <ridingmaster> Hey
[17:57] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
[17:57] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[17:57] <BOE_BOE> man so bored and dont no what i feel like doing
[17:58] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE§r) Quit (§eBOE_BOE left the game.)
[17:58] * dreadofmondays was kicked from #main by Server
[17:58] * dreadofmondays (dreadofmondays@dreadofmondays§r) Quit (§edreadofmondays left the game.)
[18:00] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§r) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[18:00] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[18:00] * Harry01red was kicked from #main by Server
[18:00] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[18:02] <clearestghost> dang i wish there was a potion of flying
[18:03] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[18:04] <Harry01red> hi all
[18:04] <clearestghost> hi
[18:10] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[18:10] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
[18:10] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[18:17] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[18:17] <PURD3Y> test
[18:18] * dreadofmondays (dreadofmondays@dreadofmondays) has joined #main
[18:19] * dreadofmondays (dreadofmondays@dreadofmondays§r) Quit (§edreadofmondays left the game.)
[18:21] <PURD3Y> .-.
[18:34] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[18:34] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[18:34] <clearestghost> hi rober
[18:34] <PURD3Y> robbeh :D
[18:34] <clearestghost> robbeh*
[18:34] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[18:34] <roberestarkk> gasp! It's an [E]
[18:34] <Forgott3nFear> ...
[18:34] <PURD3Y> lol
[18:34] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[18:34] <PURD3Y> make a master rank pl0x <3
[18:34] <clearestghost> he asked gale to demote him fro [T] for it................
[18:35] <roberestarkk> lol
[18:35] <roberestarkk> Ahoy Harry!
[18:35] <Harry01red> hi
[18:35] <PURD3Y> hey rob would you watch me if i'd be given gamemode for this?
[18:35] <roberestarkk> ?
[18:35] <PURD3Y> tp
[18:36] <Harry01red> lolo
[18:38] <roberestarkk> I don't get it
[18:38] <PURD3Y> get what?
[18:38] <roberestarkk> if I knew what it was, I would get it =(
[18:38] <PURD3Y> where are you?
[18:39] <Harry01red> hey purd3y are still working on your thing
[18:39] <roberestarkk> see, even he doesn't get it
[18:39] <PURD3Y> yes
[18:39] <roberestarkk> and I'm flying around above your head
[18:39] <Harry01red> can i help
[18:39] <PURD3Y> rob it's going to be a public arena with other bits added in
[18:40] <PURD3Y> sure
[18:40] <Harry01red> do you need coddlestone
[18:40] <PURD3Y> not atm
[18:40] <PURD3Y> I'd like the land leveled first
[18:41] <Harry01red> ok tp me then
[18:42] <roberestarkk> it's ridiculously fun to hit an enderman with lightning and watch him bounce around on fire
[18:42] <PURD3Y> yeah
[18:42] <Harry01red> THIS LOT
[18:42] <PURD3Y> here
[18:43] <Harry01red> OI
[18:47] <Harry01red> a big mine come look
[18:47] <PURD3Y> i know
[18:47] <PURD3Y> i've explored most of it ;p
[18:49] <Harry01red> who do you do that
[18:49] <PURD3Y> it'd be world edit
[18:49] <roberestarkk> you know me so well
[18:49] <Harry01red> cool
[18:49] <roberestarkk> you know me so well
[18:49] <PURD3Y> lol
[18:50] <roberestarkk> you know me so well
[18:50] <PURD3Y> ....
[18:50] <roberestarkk> ignore the message repetition
[18:50] <PURD3Y> spam!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!!!
[18:50] <Harry01red> it will tack forever ot make this thing .....\
[18:51] <PURD3Y> Not for me. Big builds are my specialty
[18:51] <Harry01red> dimon armon
[18:51] <Harry01red> can i have some
[18:51] <PURD3Y> rob how prominant with the //fill command?
[18:52] <roberestarkk> rob is well versed in all WorldEdit commands
[18:52] <Harry01red> plezzz
[18:52] <roberestarkk> rob has been WorldEditing since HMod
[18:55] <PURD3Y> what're you doing rob?
[18:55] <roberestarkk> WorldEdit magic
[18:56] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[18:56] <Forgott3nFear> hey
[18:56] <Harry01red> hi there
[18:56] <Regox> Hey
[18:56] <roberestarkk> here's hoping
[18:57] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[18:57] <ejano> heya
[18:58] <roberestarkk> hah
[18:58] <Regox> ?
[18:58] <PURD3Y> remove the coal as well
[18:58] <roberestarkk> I'm a Wizard
[18:58] <Regox> Congrats
[18:58] <PURD3Y> also some sun wouldn't go a stray, lol
[18:58] <PURD3Y> haha
[18:58] <roberestarkk> here comes the sun
[18:59] <Harry01red> yes
[18:59] <PURD3Y> .-.
[18:59] <roberestarkk> P.S. If everyone goes afk, the sun comes up
[18:59] <ejano> harry psst
[18:59] <roberestarkk> it's /afk
[19:00] <PURD3Y> psst rob use /sudo
[19:00] <roberestarkk> good plan!
[19:00] <ejano> tanyone in a bed
[19:00] <PURD3Y> psst rob maybe /kick might help
[19:00] <roberestarkk> lolnah
[19:01] <Regox> ./kick all
[19:01] <ejano> xD
[19:01] <PURD3Y> lul
[19:01] <roberestarkk> it must not do that anymore
[19:01] <roberestarkk> unless someone's sleeping
[19:01] <Regox> Apparently not
[19:01] <PURD3Y> that is?
[19:02] <PURD3Y> rob cometh here plox?
[19:02] <roberestarkk> 1 tic
[19:03] <PURD3Y> oki
[19:03] <PURD3Y> are you doing the cobble?
[19:04] <roberestarkk> this water here...
[19:04] <roberestarkk> should it be?
[19:04] <PURD3Y> where?
[19:04] * Regox (Regox@Regox§r) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[19:04] <roberestarkk> over near the sea
[19:04] <PURD3Y> no
[19:04] <PURD3Y> i was going to fill it
[19:05] <PURD3Y> dat chicken
[19:05] <ejano> I dont think john's happy with that fail riding di
[19:05] <ejano> did*
[19:05] <PURD3Y> wassat?
[19:05] <PURD3Y> lul
[19:05] <roberestarkk> =P
[19:05] <ejano> when he announced the winnders he said ejano and crow
[19:05] <ejano> winnders*
[19:06] <ejano> winners**
[19:06] <roberestarkk> =P
[19:06] <roberestarkk> also gratz on being [A]
[19:06] <PURD3Y> stand ther and do /fill cobblestone 250 1 i thinks that's right to fill the area
[19:06] <ejano> ahah thanks :3
[19:06] <ejano> I;m gonna try and finnish Atlantis
[19:06] <PURD3Y> cool
[19:06] <roberestarkk> that's a nice round number
[19:07] <roberestarkk> 38000 blocks
[19:07] <PURD3Y> yeah
[19:07] <roberestarkk> no more, no less
[19:07] <PURD3Y> the total is 49996
[19:07] <roberestarkk> I like the torches
[19:07] <PURD3Y> now. to cover this with sandstone
[19:07] <roberestarkk> and shrubs
[19:07] <ejano> lol 12 poisonouse potatoes
[19:08] <roberestarkk> j-j-j-j-jackpot!
[19:08] <PURD3Y> lol
[19:09] <PURD3Y> rob.....
[19:09] <roberestarkk> jawohl?
[19:09] <PURD3Y> come here...
[19:09] <roberestarkk> please?
[19:09] <PURD3Y> pl0x <3
[19:09] <roberestarkk> woops
[19:10] <PURD3Y> i'd //replace air water
[19:10] <roberestarkk> naah man
[19:10] <roberestarkk> ./fixwater
[19:10] <PURD3Y> totally hollow
[19:10] <roberestarkk> lol
[19:10] <roberestarkk> for now
[19:10] <PURD3Y> haha
[19:11] <roberestarkk> sigh
[19:11] <PURD3Y> reacon my way is easier
[19:12] <roberestarkk> §fYOL TOOR SHUL
[19:12] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[19:12] <ejano> o.O
[19:12] <Harry01red> what
[19:12] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[19:12] <ejano> wb
[19:12] <roberestarkk> note to self
[19:12] <roberestarkk> certain dragon shouts cause java crashes
[19:12] <roberestarkk> and ty
[19:12] <PURD3Y> lul
[19:12] <ejano> lol
[19:14] <PURD3Y> crow the colosseum area is now flat :P
[19:14] <ejano> O.O
[19:14] <roberestarkk> and there are flashing lights
[19:14] <ejano> WOW
[19:14] <ejano> that was quick
[19:14] <PURD3Y> rob's suh a babe
[19:14] <ejano> xD
[19:14] <PURD3Y> such
[19:15] <roberestarkk> lol, Riverdance flashmob
[19:16] <PURD3Y> everyone care to afk?
[19:16] <ejano> ok
[19:16] <roberestarkk> is someone in a bed?
[19:16] <PURD3Y> me
[19:17] <ejano> ahsdfg
[19:17] <PURD3Y> fear and harry both afk
[19:18] <ejano> magix
[19:18] <PURD3Y> rob. could yer level the area around the arena as well if possible?
[19:23] <roberestarkk> Scene from 'The Daemons' in which The Doctor is attacked by Morris Dancers
[19:24] <roberestarkk> lol
[19:24] <roberestarkk> and I s'pose
[19:24] <ejano> o.O
[19:24] <roberestarkk> how far around?
[19:25] <Harry01red> good night all
[19:25] <ejano> byes
[19:25] <PURD3Y> uhhh. like 10 to 15 squares? give me some area to re landscape it into somewhat normal looking land
[19:25] <PURD3Y> ciao
[19:25] <clearestghost> bye
[19:25] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[19:25] <roberestarkk> okiedoke
[19:26] <roberestarkk> hmmn
[19:26] <roberestarkk> how best to do so...
[19:26] <roberestarkk> aha
[19:26] <PURD3Y> this should be good
[19:27] <clearestghost> baltop 2
[19:27] <ejano> lol
[19:27] <PURD3Y> im on there/
[19:27] <PURD3Y> though i'm not under $2 million
[19:28] <PURD3Y> now not not
[19:28] <ejano> o.O
[19:28] <ejano> who is gibbo
[19:28] <ejano> lol better go look him up
[19:28] <PURD3Y> test
[19:28] <ejano> or her..
[19:28] <PURD3Y> someone from a long time back
[19:29] <PURD3Y> not during my time so it's not my care really
[19:29] <roberestarkk> hmph
[19:29] <ejano> he's made an unban appeal
[19:29] <roberestarkk> well that's irritating
[19:29] <PURD3Y> didn't work
[19:29] <PURD3Y> ?
[19:29] <PURD3Y> andi know crow
[19:29] <roberestarkk> no, Polygons can only be expanded vertically
[19:29] <roberestarkk> unless
[19:30] <roberestarkk> nope D=
[19:30] <PURD3Y> D:
[19:30] <PURD3Y> come on rob, you can do this
[19:30] <roberestarkk> mmm, I'm thinking
[19:31] <ejano> bak
[19:31] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[19:31] <ejano> get
[19:31] <ejano> hey*
[19:31] <johnkima> sup
[19:31] <ejano> o.o
[19:31] <johnkima> -.^
[19:31] <PURD3Y> hey
[19:32] <PURD3Y> john the colosseum is ready for building on
[19:32] <ejano> I somehow spelt out get instead of hey lol
[19:32] <johnkima> holy crap it is too
[19:32] <johnkima> wow
[19:32] <johnkima> just wow
[19:32] <johnkima> now you need a wall going around it xD
[19:32] <johnkima> and like 10 layers high maze xD
[19:33] <PURD3Y> john one thing at a time
[19:33] <johnkima> with dungeons and everything
[19:33] <PURD3Y> 1st a massive entrance
[19:33] <johnkima> well actually first
[19:33] <johnkima> walls xD
[19:33] <PURD3Y> 2nd room planning
[19:33] <johnkima> then do entrance xD
[19:33] <ejano> john Purd is the one building lol
[19:33] <johnkima> just saying
[19:33] <PURD3Y> no, John this is MY build, we do this MY way
[19:33] <johnkima> lol
[19:33] <johnkima> orite man xD
[19:33] <ejano> and from his previous builds I think he knows what he's doing xD
[19:34] <johnkima> lol
[19:34] <johnkima> wait purd you got your L's yet?
[19:34] <johnkima> or even p's??
[19:34] <PURD3Y> I've my p's
[19:34] <johnkima> opk
[19:34] <johnkima> ok*
[19:34] <PURD3Y> why?
[19:34] <johnkima> just asking
[19:34] <johnkima> :O
[19:34] <johnkima> MY SKIN xD
[19:34] <ejano> s it itchy
[19:34] <clearestghost> anyone selling oak wood?
[19:34] <ejano> ;s
[19:34] <johnkima> look its brighter xD
[19:34] <clearestghost> logs
[19:34] <ejano> uh no sorry
[19:34] <johnkima> i have some oak
[19:34] <johnkima> what?
[19:35] <johnkima> it is
[19:35] <johnkima> its different than before
[19:35] <ejano> what happened to it its like
[19:35] <johnkima> ive changed it
[19:35] <ejano> you were dipped in honey
[19:35] <johnkima> like?
[19:35] <johnkima> i know
[19:35] <johnkima> :/
[19:35] <ejano> lel
[19:35] <johnkima> its a brighter skin
[19:35] <johnkima> of master chief
[19:35] <PURD3Y> .---.
[19:35] <johnkima> i really gotta make my own one
[19:35] <PURD3Y> what's that
[19:36] <PURD3Y> john what're you doing?
[19:36] <johnkima> DUE THEE SPIDER
[19:36] <ejano> help
[19:36] <johnkima> what?
[19:36] <johnkima> die*
[19:36] <ejano> ah f lag
[19:36] <roberestarkk> well poo
[19:36] <johnkima> lol
[19:36] <ejano> sorry
[19:36] <PURD3Y> nothing can be done?
[19:36] <ejano> was running around slow mo with a spider chasing me
[19:36] <johnkima> lol
[19:37] <ejano> john I made a good system for the farm
[19:37] <johnkima> urgh
[19:37] <johnkima> oh you did?
[19:37] <ejano> wait have u finished those docks
[19:37] <johnkima> nope
[19:38] <johnkima> i need boats and the markets
[19:38] <johnkima> why?
[19:38] <ejano> its on the town to do list now :3
[19:38] <ejano> xD
[19:38] <johnkima> --.-
[19:38] <johnkima> no
[19:38] <johnkima> its for my ADV build....
[19:38] <johnkima> make it
[19:38] <johnkima> asj johnkima if wanting to help
[19:38] <PURD3Y> rob maybe just cuboid it and just //replace sand,sandstone:0,stone,coalore 0
[19:38] <johnkima> can we have a lil light house here?
[19:39] <ejano> uh dunno theres a lighthouse on the other end of the island
[19:39] <ejano> lol
[19:39] <roberestarkk> that would make it a cube
[19:39] <PURD3Y> i know, but hey
[19:40] <PURD3Y> well by cuboid i meant the pos1 and pos2
[19:40] <roberestarkk> that's a new one
[19:40] <roberestarkk> yes, that's a cuboid
[19:40] <PURD3Y> well what was that you did?
[19:40] <roberestarkk> I was using polygon selection before
[19:41] <PURD3Y> hmmm i see
[19:41] <roberestarkk> We totally need VoxelSniper
[19:41] <PURD3Y> yeah
[19:41] <roberestarkk> the erosion tool would be so handy
[19:41] <PURD3Y> indeed
[19:41] <johnkima> wut?
[19:41] <roberestarkk> but in lieu of that... I guess
[19:41] <roberestarkk> maybe
[19:41] <roberestarkk> airbrush it then smooth it
[19:41] <johnkima> hmm crow name me materials for a tower that is small
[19:41] <PURD3Y> talk to peppy. i see no reason why you don't have it
[19:42] <ejano> uh idk lol
[19:42] <johnkima> but tall?
[19:42] <ejano> cobble
[19:42] <ejano> wood
[19:42] <johnkima> that would go with the farm and docks
[19:42] <ejano> some bricks
[19:42] <johnkima> wanna build a small boat crow?
[19:42] <ejano> not really I kind of want to read XD
[19:42] <ejano> Im pretty tired atm lol
[19:42] <johnkima> oh i was gonna get you to make a small fishing boat :/
[19:43] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow) has joined #main
[19:43] <ejano> I could try
[19:43] <johnkima> hi can
[19:43] <CanOfMeow> hey guys
[19:43] <johnkima> xD
[19:43] <ejano> it probs wont be that good xD
[19:43] <PURD3Y> test
[19:43] <ejano> I could make a small actual boat that u craft
[19:43] <PURD3Y> hey
[19:43] <johnkima> lol
[19:44] <ejano> has anyone seen TurtleThrower on since Blooper was temp banned...
[19:46] <PURD3Y> test
[19:46] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[19:47] <Harry01red> back
[19:47] <Harry01red> hey all
[19:47] <CanOfMeow> hi
[19:47] <johnkima> nope
[19:47] <johnkima> hi
[19:47] <PURD3Y> did ferg come on while i was off during the comp?
[19:47] <johnkima> yea
[19:48] <PURD3Y> ok
[19:48] <johnkima> crow?
[19:48] <johnkima> its is reaady for you to build your boat xD
[19:48] <roberestarkk> some of the cobble was accidentally raised when the terrain was smoothed
[19:48] <johnkima> lol
[19:48] <roberestarkk> but it should still be in the same place
[19:49] <johnkima> fix it robbeh fix it xD
[19:49] <PURD3Y> why have my torchesbecome cobble?
[19:49] <Harry01red> i have a lot
[19:49] <roberestarkk> some of the cobble was accidentally raised when the terrain was smoothed
[19:49] <roberestarkk> but it should still be in the same place
[19:50] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[19:51] <ejano> bak
[19:51] <CanOfMeow> wb
[19:51] <ejano> what did I miss
[19:51] <ejano> lol
[19:51] <roberestarkk> dubblyabe
[19:51] <johnkima> ctrow
[19:51] <johnkima> come here
[19:51] <roberestarkk> "it" is ready to build your boat
[19:51] <roberestarkk> and not much else
[19:52] <johnkima> lol
[19:52] <johnkima> crow read signs
[19:52] <ejano> done :P
[19:52] <johnkima> xD
[19:52] <ejano> ;D
[19:52] <johnkima> lol
[19:52] <johnkima> an actual boat
[19:52] <johnkima> xD
[19:52] <ejano> uh
[19:52] <johnkima> not crafting single man
[19:52] <johnkima> xD
[19:52] <ejano> hmm 5 space gap
[19:52] <johnkima> maybe build bigger one out here?
[19:53] <ejano> Ok I'll make a small boat
[19:53] <johnkima> BOOM
[19:53] <ejano> I remember that boat I made on classic :'D
[19:53] <johnkima> choose where
[19:53] <johnkima> oh seriously?
[19:53] <johnkima> ok
[19:53] <johnkima> i guess that can work xD
[19:54] <ejano> idk just looking
[19:54] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[19:54] <johnkima> i need bigger space for my boat though
[19:54] <johnkima> so
[19:54] <ejano> ah woops
[19:54] <ejano> lag
[19:54] <johnkima> lol
[19:54] <johnkima> oh shiz
[19:54] <PURD3Y> test
[19:54] <johnkima> crow im under
[19:54] <ejano> lol
[19:55] <johnkima> MWAHAHA
[19:55] <ejano> o.O
[19:55] <ejano> spider
[19:55] <johnkima> die
[19:55] <ejano> >:O it tried to steal my boat!
[19:55] <ejano> john wadda ya doing
[19:55] <johnkima> lol
[19:55] <johnkima> moving
[19:55] <ejano> ok
[19:56] <ejano> woah I swear I said Ok b4
[19:56] <johnkima> lol
[19:56] <ejano> silly keyboard
[19:56] <PURD3Y> wut
[19:56] <johnkima> OH SHIT I FORGOT
[19:56] <johnkima> brb
[19:57] <ejano> aaw my boatie broke xD
[19:57] <PURD3Y> rob you there?
[19:57] <roberestarkk> Ja
[19:57] <PURD3Y> why've my torches become cobblestone?
[19:57] <johnkima> lol
[19:57] <johnkima> he told you
[19:57] <PURD3Y> i timed out
[19:57] <johnkima> because
[19:58] <johnkima> he cuboid cobble stone move up 1 level
[19:58] <johnkima> i tihnk that is why
[19:59] <ejano> CREE{R
[19:59] <ejano> JOHN
[19:59] <ejano> dont drown
[19:59] <roberestarkk> some of the cobble was accidentally raised when the terrain was smoothed
[19:59] <roberestarkk> but it should still be in the same place
[19:59] <ejano> JOHHN
[20:00] <johnkima> WUT THE?
[20:00] <johnkima> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[20:00] <johnkima> wtf?
[20:01] <ejano> it was a creeper
[20:01] <johnkima> i need my stuff now
[20:01] <ejano> he creeped next to u
[20:01] <ejano> I got ur stuff
[20:01] <ejano> thats just junk I threw out
[20:01] <johnkima> uhhh what is this?
[20:01] <ejano> lol
[20:01] <johnkima> lol
[20:01] <PURD3Y> john want to help?
[20:01] <johnkima> passimo xD
[20:01] <johnkima> well not today purd
[20:01] <johnkima> maybe tomorrow xD
[20:01] <PURD3Y> ok
[20:01] <johnkima> im just doing a few things then going off
[20:02] <johnkima> only staying on because i need to finish my lafe saving homework papers
[20:02] <ejano> uh
[20:02] <ejano> anything else
[20:02] <johnkima> bloody 20 pages of work due tomorrow :/
[20:02] <ejano> arrow
[20:02] <johnkima> hmm
[20:02] <johnkima> thats about it
[20:02] <johnkima> xD
[20:02] <ejano> oo
[20:02] <johnkima> and pick
[20:02] <ejano> wait u forgot that
[20:02] <ejano> xD
[20:02] <PURD3Y> fool, should've done it earlier
[20:02] <johnkima> amd axe
[20:02] <PURD3Y> also you're at school? o.o
[20:02] <johnkima> it was given yesterday
[20:02] <johnkima> i said live saving purd xD
[20:02] <johnkima> life*
[20:03] <johnkima> saving peopls lives
[20:03] <johnkima> and crow
[20:03] <johnkima> like my helmet?
[20:03] <johnkima> read
[20:03] <ejano> yea lol
[20:03] <johnkima> xDt
[20:03] <ejano> ahehe
[20:03] <johnkima> lol
[20:03] <johnkima> passimo
[20:03] <Harry01red> who a Queenslander
[20:03] <johnkima> xD
[20:03] <ejano> ME
[20:03] <johnkima> crow
[20:03] <johnkima> xD
[20:03] <ejano> QUEENSLANDER
[20:03] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[20:03] <Harry01red> yes bro
[20:03] <PURD3Y> nope avi
[20:03] <ejano> lol
[20:04] <PURD3Y> technically it's sus
[20:04] <PURD3Y> sis
[20:04] <Harry01red> who like the NRL
[20:05] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[20:05] <PURD3Y> No, i prefer the ESL
[20:05] <Harry01red> hey
[20:05] <johnkima> brb
[20:05] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[20:07] <Harry01red> omg emrlds
[20:07] <ejano> ah gtg my boat on classic has been flooded lol
[20:07] * ejano (ejano@ejano§r) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[20:08] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[20:08] <PURD3Y> what's rob up to?
[20:08] <johnkima> wut?
[20:09] <PURD3Y> seeing if i get a reply
[20:10] <Harry01red> look for sume diomin
[20:10] <PURD3Y> some diamond?
[20:10] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[20:10] <roberestarkk> I'm forumsing about the Trains, Tanks, Planes and Guns server
[20:10] <Harry01red> yes
[20:10] <PURD3Y> o i c
[20:10] <johnkima> YES
[20:11] <PURD3Y> ?
[20:11] <roberestarkk> and now I've finished
[20:11] <johnkima> well
[20:11] <Harry01red> more emrlds
[20:11] <johnkima> it suck that i do homework on my birthday :/
[20:12] <PURD3Y> rob would you supervise me if i got creative for this?
[20:13] <roberestarkk> possibly
[20:13] <PURD3Y> possible?
[20:13] <PURD3Y> possibly*?
[20:13] <roberestarkk> indeedy
[20:13] <PURD3Y> why possibly?
[20:14] <roberestarkk> because it is a possibility
[20:14] <PURD3Y> lol. touche mr shannons, touche
[20:15] <PURD3Y> test
[20:17] <PURD3Y> test
[20:17] <Harry01red> test what
[20:17] <PURD3Y> my internet has been capped. so i'm checking to see if i'm lagging / timing out
[20:21] <johnkima> wiah
[20:21] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[20:22] <johnkima> wait wut the?
[20:22] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[20:22] <johnkima> why wasnt i kicked or afk?
[20:23] <PURD3Y> iunno
[20:23] <PURD3Y> i timed out
[20:24] <johnkima> lol
[20:24] <johnkima> i didnt :/
[20:24] <PURD3Y> it's my ney
[20:24] <PURD3Y> net
[20:24] <johnkima> lol
[20:24] <johnkima> dayum net
[20:24] <PURD3Y> only 3 more days
[20:25] <clearestghost> till? new modem?
[20:25] <PURD3Y> data resets
[20:25] <clearestghost> oh u on snail speed?
[20:25] <PURD3Y> yeah >.>
[20:25] <PURD3Y> <.<
[20:28] <johnkima> lol
[20:28] <johnkima> and you capped 200gb already
[20:28] <johnkima> that is like WTF
[20:28] <johnkima> just get unlimited for like $60 xD
[20:28] <PURD3Y> not me, my mother
[20:28] <johnkima> lol
[20:28] <johnkima> my mother used up all the internet
[20:29] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[20:29] <PURD3Y> my mother blames me for it everytime
[20:31] <PURD3Y> test
[20:33] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee) has joined #main
[20:33] <clearestghost> hi tayla
[20:33] <taylaahjanee> hey
[20:34] <clearestghost> wooooo final stage of adventure time house
[20:34] <taylaahjanee> :O
[20:34] <taylaahjanee> i love adventure time
[20:34] <johnkima> wut?
[20:34] <johnkima> lol
[20:35] <clearestghost> john if you dont know what adventure time is you should probs go die
[20:35] <johnkima> i know
[20:35] <johnkima> xD
[20:35] <johnkima> you made the house?
[20:35] <PURD3Y> hey tay
[20:35] <taylaahjanee> Adventure time is the best show ever made
[20:35] * CanOfMeow was kicked from #main by Server
[20:35] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow§r) Quit (§eCanOfMeow left the game.)
[20:35] <clearestghost> and yes tay adventure time is the best
[20:35] <taylaahjanee> :D
[20:35] <PURD3Y> the best i think is pushing it
[20:35] <taylaahjanee> watching it right now, ahah
[20:36] <clearestghost> yeah ive done most of the tree house
[20:36] <taylaahjanee> well actually, skins is the best
[20:36] <clearestghost> skins uk is the best the rest are shit
[20:36] <PURD3Y> what season tay
[20:36] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow) has joined #main
[20:36] <taylaahjanee> 5 and 6 is my favourite
[20:36] <PURD3Y> smh
[20:36] <taylaahjanee> skins us is so bad
[20:36] <clearestghost> the worst
[20:36] <taylaahjanee> but effys my favourite
[20:37] <clearestghost> yeah same
[20:37] <PURD3Y> ever heard of misfits?
[20:37] <clearestghost> i have a few of the seasons aint seen them though
[20:37] <taylaahjanee> Yes! i love misfits
[20:37] <taylaahjanee> simon <3
[20:37] <clearestghost> actuall correction sister has some of the seasons
[20:38] <PURD3Y> it's a pretty good show.
[20:38] <PURD3Y> waiting on season 3
[20:38] <taylaahjanee> i watched season 4, it ended :(
[20:38] <johnkima> oh i hate life saving homework D:
[20:38] <clearestghost> well its the holidays and im bored so ill watch it
[20:38] <taylaahjanee> had only about 8 eps
[20:38] <PURD3Y> wait. i can't remember where iam in it XD
[20:38] <taylaahjanee> season 4 is where all the originals die
[20:39] <taylaahjanee> or leave
[20:39] <johnkima> whats this?
[20:39] <PURD3Y> d'aww wut
[20:39] <johnkima> misfits?
[20:39] <taylaahjanee> yeah :c
[20:39] <taylaahjanee> misfits
[20:39] <PURD3Y> i hate it when shows do that
[20:39] <johnkima> good show?
[20:39] <taylaahjanee> same! great show
[20:39] <PURD3Y> skins did it, teachers did it.
[20:39] <taylaahjanee> Curtis turned into a zombie and blew his brains out
[20:39] <taylaahjanee> so sad ;c
[20:40] <PURD3Y> i dislike how the invincible guy left
[20:40] <PURD3Y> he was my favourite
[20:40] <taylaahjanee> nathan?
[20:41] <taylaahjanee> the curly head guy?
[20:41] <johnkima> wow
[20:41] <johnkima> AC/DC was at the jamboree D:
[20:42] <PURD3Y> yeah him
[20:43] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
[20:43] <PURD3Y> if the nether and end didn't reset i'd make a daedric tower
[20:43] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red) has joined #main
[20:44] <roberestarkk> I wonder if you could fly planes through Mystcraft portals...
[20:44] <johnkima> ugh
[20:44] <johnkima> lol
[20:44] <PURD3Y> lol
[20:44] <PURD3Y> that'd be cool
[20:44] <johnkima> that would be epic
[20:44] <roberestarkk> it would indeed
[20:45] <johnkima> well im off
[20:45] <johnkima> byes
[20:45] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§r) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[20:45] <CanOfMeow> cya
[20:45] <PURD3Y> rob what'd i have to do to get creative?
[20:45] <roberestarkk> you'd have to wait till I was incredibly bored and not doing anything
[20:46] <PURD3Y> haha, touche
[20:46] <PURD3Y> tay need more stone?
[20:47] <taylaahjanee> nein, not yet
[20:47] <taylaahjanee> i need fly though D:
[20:48] <PURD3Y> what're you making?
[20:48] <taylaahjanee> doing my roof, keep falling though
[20:48] <PURD3Y> trying for adv?
[20:48] <taylaahjanee> yeah
[20:48] <PURD3Y> nice, good luck
[20:48] <taylaahjanee> thanks :)
[20:49] <PURD3Y> can i look c:
[20:49] <taylaahjanee> sure
[20:49] <taylaahjanee> i think it looks kinda plain though..
[20:49] <taylaahjanee> used the same block for roof and floor..
[20:50] <Harry01red> can i have a diminons srod
[20:50] <PURD3Y> test
[20:51] <Harry01red> test what
[20:51] <PURD3Y> when i Tp i write test, when it comes up on my screen i know it's loaded
[20:52] <PURD3Y> ice :O
[20:52] <taylaahjanee> where?
[20:52] <taylaahjanee> oh
[20:52] <taylaahjanee> i hate that
[20:53] <PURD3Y> you've the issue of wanting a pool in a tiaga biome
[20:53] <taylaahjanee> yeep
[20:53] <taylaahjanee> urgh
[20:53] <PURD3Y> it's pretty sucky
[20:53] <taylaahjanee> i just wanted to add something so it wasn't so plain or whatever
[20:53] <PURD3Y> cover the pool up and it'll stop
[20:54] * Harry01red (Harry01red@Harry01red§r) Quit (§eHarry01red left the game.)
[20:54] <PURD3Y> water will only freeze when it's got no block above it
[20:54] <PURD3Y> to the sky limot
[20:54] <PURD3Y> limir
[20:54] <PURD3Y> limit*
[20:55] <taylaahjanee> oh
[20:55] <taylaahjanee> i gotta go, bye
[20:55] * taylaahjanee (taylaahjanee@taylaahjanee§r) Quit (§etaylaahjanee left the game.)
[20:56] * CanOfMeow was kicked from #main by Server
[20:56] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow§r) Quit (§eCanOfMeow left the game.)
[20:57] <PURD3Y> test
[21:01] <clearestghost> anyone got oak logs for sale?
[21:01] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[21:01] <Forgott3nFear> hey cwp
[21:01] <clearestghost> hai cwp
[21:01] <cwp_aus> hi all
[21:02] <cwp_aus> i'll begin dis-mantling now purd
[21:06] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[21:06] <cwp_aus> dum de dum de dum
[21:06] <clearestghost> cwp got oak logs i can buy from ya?
[21:07] <cwp_aus> uhh, might have some in stock in spawn
[21:07] <cwp_aus> goto the Shoresburian emporium
[21:07] <clearestghost> i checked in the spawn shop of urs none there
[21:07] <cwp_aus> next to the big pokeball shop thing
[21:07] <cwp_aus> oh, uhh, then i wont
[21:07] <PURD3Y> My shop might have oak
[21:07] <cwp_aus> nobody works like they should anymore :/
[21:08] <PURD3Y> I do what i tell myself to work on XD
[21:08] <clearestghost> purd whats ur shops location
[21:09] <PURD3Y> from spawn it's the last street on the right and it's the middle on the right again
[21:09] <PURD3Y> 1.4.7 came out
[21:09] <cwp_aus> has it?
[21:09] <cwp_aus> whats in it?
[21:10] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[21:11] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[21:11] <cwp_aus> wb
[21:11] <PURD3Y> did you get where my shop is?
[21:11] <clearestghost> yeah i bought all ur planks and logs of oak
[21:12] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[21:12] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[21:13] <cwp_aus> ahhh i beter go, seyas
[21:13] <clearestghost> bye
[21:13] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§r) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[21:13] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[21:14] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[21:14] <clearestghost> purd because of you my house will become even closer to completion YAY
[21:15] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[21:15] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[21:15] <PURD3Y> test
[21:15] <PURD3Y> clear did you get that about my shop?
[21:16] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[21:16] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[21:17] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[21:23] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[21:23] <clearestghost> hi robbeh
[21:23] <Forgott3nFear> hey rob
[21:23] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[21:30] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[21:30] <PURD3Y> I'm in 1.4.7
[21:30] <roberestarkk> lol@Pahimar
[21:30] <roberestarkk> and me too!
[21:31] <roberestarkk> bwah?
[21:31] <roberestarkk> brb
[21:31] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[21:32] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[21:32] <clearestghost> wb
[21:32] <roberestarkk> well that's odd
[21:32] <clearestghost> what is?
[21:32] <roberestarkk> oh just a picture that Jeb tweeted
[21:32] <PURD3Y> lol
[21:33] <PURD3Y> back to 1.4.6 later
[21:33] <roberestarkk> ?
[21:38] <PURD3Y> i have teh mods for 1.4.6 but not 1.4.7
[21:38] <roberestarkk> ah, they should be compatible
[21:38] <roberestarkk> mostly
[21:39] <roberestarkk> except for ones that change the same stuff as what was in the update
[21:39] <clearestghost> 2 squid just killed each other
[21:39] <roberestarkk> that's impossible
[21:39] <roberestarkk> unless they pushed each other into something painful
[21:39] <clearestghost> they just started clashing head to head and died
[21:40] <roberestarkk> but they have no attack value =/
[21:40] <clearestghost> well thats what i saw or thought i saw. who knows i could be going mental
[21:40] <roberestarkk> it's probably the latter
[21:44] <PURD3Y> lul. watching season 2 of eureka
[21:45] <roberestarkk> it's great huh?
[21:45] <roberestarkk> I'm riding around your town thingy on a pig
[21:54] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
[21:54] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[21:55] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[21:55] <PURD3Y> test
[21:57] <clearestghost> ,
[22:08] <roberestarkk> oh lordy, I love the Big Bang Theory
[22:08] <clearestghost> good show, good show indeed
[22:11] <roberestarkk> Season 6 Episode 9 is the best episode ever
[22:11] <clearestghost> what one is that?
[22:11] <roberestarkk> the one where they fight over a parking spot
[22:12] <clearestghost> oh yeah i havent seen all of s6 yet, i should really get onto that
[22:12] <roberestarkk> lol
[22:12] <PURD3Y> lul
[22:13] <PURD3Y> I managed to watch season 1 of eureka in 1 daty
[22:13] <roberestarkk> nice!
[22:13] <roberestarkk> I love that show
[22:13] <roberestarkk> I was so sad when it was canned
[22:15] <roberestarkk> sounds painful
[22:16] <clearestghost> well today ive been watching walking dead so being killed by a zombie is painful and if you can hear
[22:16] <clearestghost> them being eaten it does sound painful aswell
[22:18] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§r) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[22:23] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
[22:23] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[22:30] * Forgott3nFear was kicked from #main by Server
[22:30] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear§r) Quit (§eForgott3nFear left the game.)
[22:51] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[22:51] <clearestghost> hey purd
[22:51] <PURD3Y> test
[22:51] <PURD3Y> hey
[22:52] <clearestghost> ?????????
[22:52] <PURD3Y> test
[22:52] <PURD3Y> how long was the difference between i died and got kicked?
[22:54] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§r) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[23:27] * clearestghost (clearestghost@clearestghost§r) Quit (§eclearestghost left the game.)

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