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IRC Log for #main.2012-11-07

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[4:55] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[4:58] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[4:58] <ridingmaster> Hey
[4:58] <rightsforppl> Hi
[4:58] <rightsforppl> changed my skin to match my avatar
[4:58] <ridingmaster> Cool
[4:58] <rightsforppl> except without angel wings :\
[4:59] <rightsforppl> riding, mind if I buy all your cookies?
[4:59] <ridingmaster> Okay
[4:59] <ridingmaster> I put the price up
[4:59] <ridingmaster> lol
[5:00] <rightsforppl> I bought every cookie from everyone else
[5:00] <rightsforppl> I'm filthy rich
[5:00] <ridingmaster> Not particulary
[5:00] <ridingmaster> 170k isn't that much
[5:00] <rightsforppl> I know
[5:01] <ridingmaster> 2.6 million :P
[5:01] <rightsforppl> I like to leave it that way
[5:01] <rightsforppl> you filled my inv
[5:01] <rightsforppl> ok
[5:02] <rightsforppl> I will make another chest at home
[5:02] <rightsforppl> and continue making myself poor and you rich
[5:02] <ridingmaster> What do you intend to do with it all?
[5:02] <rightsforppl> Survive
[5:02] <ridingmaster> Fair enough :P
[5:04] <rightsforppl> emptied my inv
[5:05] <rightsforppl> Nice doing buisiness
[5:05] <ridingmaster> Indeed
[5:05] <rightsforppl> now gale's shop
[5:05] <rightsforppl> does gale have cookies?
[5:05] <ridingmaster> Don't think so
[5:05] <rightsforppl> darn
[5:06] * ridingmaster was kicked from #main by Server
[5:06] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[5:06] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[5:06] <rightsforppl> Welcome Back Riding
[5:06] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[5:06] <rightsforppl> if has had any cookies
[5:06] <rightsforppl> they will probably cost 0.01
[5:07] <rightsforppl> for 8
[5:07] <ridingmaster> Probably
[5:07] <rightsforppl> time to see if john finished his job
[5:08] <rightsforppl> I also made my phone a windows phone
[5:08] * rightsforppl was kicked from #main by Server
[5:08] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[5:08] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[5:08] <ridingmaster> Did you buy oextar's cookies?
[5:08] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[5:08] <rightsforppl> Thanks
[5:08] <rightsforppl> oextar has cookies?
[5:08] <ridingmaster> Yes
[5:09] <ridingmaster> Up stairs
[5:10] <rightsforppl> a cookies inv :D
[5:11] <ridingmaster> I'm not there
[5:11] <rightsforppl> oh
[5:11] <rightsforppl> ok
[5:12] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[5:12] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[5:12] <rightsforppl> Welcome back
[5:12] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[5:13] <rightsforppl> regox sells cookies :D
[5:13] <rightsforppl> also overpriced
[5:15] <rightsforppl> I think I got enough cookies to last me an ice age
[5:15] <rightsforppl> I only wasted 5k on cookies
[5:16] <ridingmaster> I have to go now, see ya
[5:16] <rightsforppl> cya
[5:16] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[5:17] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[5:17] <rightsforppl> Hi peppy
[5:17] <Peppy2006> Howdy
[5:17] <rightsforppl> Lightning entrance
[5:18] <Peppy2006> Nope
[5:18] <rightsforppl> That was either natural
[5:18] <Peppy2006> There's a storm acomin'...
[5:18] <rightsforppl> When I said ice age
[5:18] <rightsforppl> a storm was coming
[5:19] <rightsforppl> So did anything happen?
[5:19] <Peppy2006> With what?
[5:19] <rightsforppl> Hurrican sandy?
[5:19] <rightsforppl> *hurricane
[5:19] <Peppy2006> lol, East Coast, I'm West Coast all the way
[5:20] <Peppy2006> But yeah, 60-something people died.
[5:20] <rightsforppl> Not a lot
[5:20] <rightsforppl> but still souls
[5:20] <rightsforppl> America has like 19 billion people
[5:21] <rightsforppl> anyway I gtg
[5:21] <rightsforppl> school calls
[5:21] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[5:43] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§f) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[7:26] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[7:56] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[7:56] <cwp_aus> oh hi dere peppy
[8:06] <cwp_aus> wonders wether anyone else will decide to come online
[8:12] <Peppy2006> Hmm?
[8:12] <cwp_aus> oh hi dere
[8:13] <Peppy2006> Howdy
[8:15] <cwp_aus> whatcha upta peppy
[8:29] <cwp_aus> *yawn*
[8:29] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[8:41] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§f) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[12:00] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[12:10] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
[12:10] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[12:25] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[12:28] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[12:28] <cwp_aus> hi riding
[12:28] <ridingmaster> Hey
[12:29] <cwp_aus> if i get the 'Failed to login the server may be down' message when attempting to get onto classic wh
[12:29] <cwp_aus> - whats the problem
[12:29] <ridingmaster> No clue
[12:29] <ridingmaster> It might mean that you have a bad connection with the server
[12:29] <ridingmaster> Or your computer can't connect
[12:30] <cwp_aus> mmm, thats likely
[12:31] <cwp_aus> hmmm, what else does this arena need
[12:34] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1) has joined #main
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> heya
[12:34] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[12:34] <Hyperaxe1> hey
[12:34] <PURD3Y> mmmmhey
[12:35] <ridingmaster> Hey purd + hyper
[12:35] <PURD3Y> mmm hi
[12:36] <cwp_aus> bacxk
[12:36] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[12:36] <cwp_aus> hi purd and hyp
[12:36] <Hyperaxe1> wb
[12:36] <PURD3Y> mm hey
[12:36] <Hyperaxe1> wow
[12:36] <Hyperaxe1> super enchanting fail
[12:36] <Hyperaxe1> enchanted 9 bows
[12:36] <Hyperaxe1> and like
[12:36] <Hyperaxe1> 7 of them got only power
[12:36] <cwp_aus> lol
[12:37] <PURD3Y> fail
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> again fuuu
[12:37] <PURD3Y> well looks like obama won
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> "lets risk a level 30"
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> gets punch 1
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> twice
[12:37] <cwp_aus> whut?
[12:37] <cwp_aus> hows the
[12:37] <cwp_aus> how the*
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> I know
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> I was all
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> lol enchanting
[12:37] <Hyperaxe1> and then
[12:38] <Hyperaxe1> *clicks on level 30*
[12:38] <Hyperaxe1> and then
[12:38] <Hyperaxe1> Punch 1
[12:38] * ridingmaster was kicked from #main by Server
[12:38] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[12:38] <PURD3Y> gyp you suck at enchanting
[12:38] <PURD3Y> hyp*
[12:38] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[12:38] <Hyperaxe1> indeed
[12:38] <Hyperaxe1> stupid luck
[12:38] <Hyperaxe1> wb
[12:38] <ridingmaster> Tna ,s
[12:38] <ridingmaster> Woah fail
[12:38] <ridingmaster> *thanks
[12:38] <PURD3Y> hey, atleast you don't have severely infected tonsils
[12:39] <Hyperaxe1> xP
[12:39] <PURD3Y> hey hyp got any enchanted picks?
[12:39] <Hyperaxe1> yep
[12:39] <cwp_aus> hyp, riding, purd, you entering the comp?
[12:39] <Hyperaxe1> lemme just get
[12:39] <Hyperaxe1> one... more...
[12:39] <Hyperaxe1> infinity bow...
[12:39] <ridingmaster> Yep
[12:39] <PURD3Y> wut 1?
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> err
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> I have like
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> eff 4 and 34
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> 3*
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> unbreaking 3 and I think 4
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> if there is a 4
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> fortune pickaxes
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> aaaaand
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> silk touch
[12:40] <Hyperaxe1> although silk touch and fortune ones often have unbreaking and/or efficiency as well
[12:40] <PURD3Y> got an eff 4 unbreaking 3
[12:41] <PURD3Y> ?
[12:41] <Hyperaxe1> indeed
[12:41] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[12:41] <ridingmaster> Hey Dengar
[12:41] <Dengar708> hey
[12:41] <PURD3Y> can i buy?
[12:41] <Hyperaxe1> yep
[12:41] <Hyperaxe1> lemme get to it
[12:42] <cwp_aus> riding you and jak picked the other person for your team?
[12:42] <ridingmaster> Nope
[12:42] <cwp_aus> kinda need to know soon
[12:42] <PURD3Y> yay for not having a team :3
[12:43] <Hyperaxe1> got one
[12:43] <cwp_aus> remember purd, we've got the machine for those who don't
[12:43] <cwp_aus> hi deng
[12:43] <cwp_aus> you entering the comp?
[12:43] <Dengar708> lemme check post etc :P
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> okay sooo
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> le moneyz
[12:44] <cwp_aus> sooo
[12:44] <PURD3Y> hey you know if you need aa server to host a map i can lend you mine?
[12:44] <PURD3Y> how much hyp?
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> uhh
[12:44] <cwp_aus> eh, already built the arena, might aswell use it
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> I think I charged ejano like
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> 2k
[12:44] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> hey regox
[12:44] <ridingmaster> Hey regox
[12:44] <cwp_aus> hi reg
[12:44] <PURD3Y> hey re
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> there you go
[12:44] <cwp_aus> you entering the comp reg?
[12:44] <Regox> Holy crap
[12:44] <Regox> It's daytim
[12:44] <Hyperaxe1> ?
[12:44] <Regox> e
[12:45] <Hyperaxe1> indeed
[12:45] <cwp_aus> loool
[12:45] <Regox> It's always night when I log in usually
[12:45] <Hyperaxe1> interesting
[12:45] <Regox> And which comp?
[12:45] <cwp_aus> the war one
[12:45] <Regox> Naw
[12:47] <Dengar708> I will join
[12:47] <Dengar708> just what time aprox?
[12:47] <cwp_aus> no time really has been set yet
[12:47] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[12:47] <cwp_aus> it's on next saturday it'll be roughly 12 w.s.t
[12:47] <PURD3Y> hey hyp how you level so fast?
[12:47] <Dengar708> what about AEST?
[12:48] <cwp_aus> you in qld or nsw deng?
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> huh?
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> I had those pickaxes from before
[12:48] <PURD3Y> ah ok
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> whenever I hit 30 I just enchant something
[12:48] <cwp_aus> deng?
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> although that usually goes horribly wrong
[12:48] <Dengar708> Nsw
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> (punch I bows :L)
[12:48] <cwp_aus> ok 3pm for you
[12:48] <PURD3Y> haha
[12:48] <Dengar708> mmk
[12:48] <cwp_aus> bbl
[12:48] <Hyperaxe1> cya cwp
[12:49] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[12:49] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§f) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[12:50] <Hyperaxe1> wb
[12:51] <PURD3Y> brb, taking antibiotics
[12:51] <Hyperaxe1> oookay
[12:53] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1§f) Quit (§eHyperaxe1 left the game.)
[12:54] <PURD3Y> oh how i hate doing that
[12:55] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[13:00] <PURD3Y> mkmhb
[13:05] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[13:05] <rightsforppl> Hi
[13:06] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[13:07] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[13:09] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[13:23] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[13:38] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[13:58] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[14:02] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[14:03] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§f) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[14:15] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[14:17] <cwp_aus> why nobody come on >:C
[14:19] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima) has joined #main
[14:19] <johnkima> HI
[14:19] <johnkima> TEST
[14:19] <johnkima> wow lots of lag
[14:19] <johnkima> test
[14:19] <cwp_aus> hi john
[14:19] <johnkima> §fFUS
[14:19] <johnkima> ahh the lag is killing me
[14:20] <cwp_aus> what lag?
[14:20] <cwp_aus> relog dude
[14:20] * johnkima (johnkima@johnkima§f) Quit (§ejohnkima left the game.)
[14:25] <cwp_aus> rejoin john...
[14:31] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[14:39] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1) has joined #main
[14:41] * T_nigs1 (T_nigs1@T_nigs1§f) Quit (§eT_nigs1 left the game.)
[15:10] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[15:12] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[15:26] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath) has joined #main
[15:26] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath§f) Quit (§eskullzdeath left the game.)
[15:32] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[15:34] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[15:34] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[15:36] <Shada0071> Hey
[15:39] <roberestarkk> wozzaap?
[15:39] <Shada0071> Not much, you
[15:40] <roberestarkk> I was watching Content Patch (From TotalBiscuit) but it finished D=
[15:40] <Shada0071> Ah lol
[15:40] <Shada0071> Im wondering why my minecraft is always lagging :/
[15:41] <Shada0071> FPS wise
[15:41] <roberestarkk> I run mine manually through a batch file to give it access to more of my RAM...
[15:41] <roberestarkk> you could try that?
[15:41] <Shada0071> might be that, i'll give it a go
[15:42] * Shada0071 was kicked from #main by Server
[15:42] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§f) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[15:42] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[15:46] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§f) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[15:48] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[15:53] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§f) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[15:56] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[15:57] <cwp_aus> hello robbeh
[15:57] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[15:59] <cwp_aus> sup
[15:59] <roberestarkk> I'm rowdily singing Flower of Scotland
[15:59] <roberestarkk> yae?
[15:59] <cwp_aus> brb
[16:02] <roberestarkk> Aha I beat you!
[16:02] <roberestarkk> wait...
[16:02] <roberestarkk> dammit
[16:05] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[16:05] <ridingmaster> Hey
[16:05] <roberestarkk> Ahoy!
[16:05] <roberestarkk> What should I build?
[16:05] <ridingmaster> Well
[16:06] <roberestarkk> Those are easy
[16:06] <ridingmaster> Hang on
[16:06] <ridingmaster> I think our classic server is on minecraft net
[16:06] <ridingmaster> A guest just joined!!!
[16:06] <ridingmaster> Brb
[16:06] <ridingmaster> Make whatever you like :P
[16:06] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[16:06] <roberestarkk> I like trains...
[16:07] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[16:09] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[16:09] <ridingmaster> Never mind...
[16:09] <ridingmaster> The classic server isn't on minecraft net
[16:10] <ridingmaster> The Guest saw the video I put on youtube
[16:10] <roberestarkk> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvkKX035484
[16:11] <ridingmaster> What's that?
[16:11] <roberestarkk> =3
[16:11] <ridingmaster> lol
[16:11] <ridingmaster> Ghostbusters
[16:11] <Shada0071> Why Ghostbusters lol
[16:12] <roberestarkk> Why not?
[16:12] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[16:12] <Shada0071> True
[16:12] <Shada0071> Thanks
[16:13] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[16:14] <roberestarkk> wait...
[16:14] <roberestarkk> was Danny DeVito in Ghostbusters!?
[16:14] <Shada0071> Erm
[16:14] <Shada0071> I think he played a part, havn't seen it for ages
[16:15] <cwp_aus> backeth
[16:15] <Shada0071> Welcome back
[16:15] <cwp_aus> thanks
[16:15] <cwp_aus> hmmm, now the only question that stands, does this arena need anything more
[16:15] <roberestarkk> yes
[16:16] <Shada0071> Can i come see?
[16:16] <cwp_aus> such as?
[16:16] <roberestarkk> secret pop-up dispenser cannons of death
[16:16] <cwp_aus> dispensors are included in the chests
[16:16] <roberestarkk> lolwut?
[16:16] <Shada0071> Some redstone traps would be cool
[16:16] <cwp_aus> aswell as tripwires
[16:16] <Shada0071> Cool
[16:17] <roberestarkk> I mean, a secret doomsday "nobody wins, everybody dies" mechanism
[16:17] <Shada0071> about 10 layers down its just a whole slab of tnt
[16:17] <roberestarkk> what on earth for?
[16:17] <Shada0071> Destruction of everything :P
[16:17] <roberestarkk> How so?
[16:18] <cwp_aus> xD
[16:18] <Shada0071> Tnt explosion wipes everyone in the field out
[16:18] <roberestarkk> tnt blast radius is 5
[16:18] <cwp_aus> wait whut?
[16:18] <roberestarkk> so the people wouldn't even be damaged
[16:18] <Shada0071> The underground rooms are about 5 or 6 down, has to be hidden enough not to be seen
[16:18] <roberestarkk> it would have literally no effect
[16:18] <cwp_aus> what'r you on about shad?
[16:18] <Shada0071> Man i just pulled a number out of my arse, don't expect it to be correct
[16:19] <cwp_aus> in general, what'r you on about...
[16:19] <roberestarkk> well if the tnt is more than 5 blocks away from the players, it's not going to affect them at all
[16:19] <roberestarkk> that's all I'm saying
[16:19] <cwp_aus> there is no tnt?
[16:19] <Shada0071> What if its more then one layer of tnt, pushes the top ones up
[16:19] <roberestarkk> aren't they covered by blocks?
[16:19] <Shada0071> or we can do it the layer under the sand and skip the rooms
[16:19] <roberestarkk> blocks stop entities
[16:20] <Shada0071> Empty cavern
[16:20] <cwp_aus> hi rob
[16:20] <roberestarkk> hiya
[16:20] <roberestarkk> so where's this tnt?
[16:20] <cwp_aus> beats me
[16:20] <Shada0071> Hypotheticly placed
[16:20] <roberestarkk> -.-
[16:21] <cwp_aus> i'm asking myself that
[16:21] <roberestarkk> well I'd place it immediately under the surface
[16:21] <roberestarkk> otherwise there'd be very little point
[16:21] <Shada0071> What about these rooms, then, just skip em?
[16:21] <roberestarkk> just surround them with tnt 1 block outside the walls
[16:22] <roberestarkk> and floor
[16:22] <cwp_aus> these are the rooms in whihc the players begin
[16:22] <cwp_aus> which*
[16:22] <cwp_aus> after the initial relase they arent used
[16:22] <roberestarkk> they COULD be though
[16:22] <cwp_aus> release*
[16:22] <roberestarkk> there's nothing really stopping people using them
[16:22] <roberestarkk> is there?
[16:22] <cwp_aus> rob, come here
[16:23] <cwp_aus> privatewd iron doors stop them enough?
[16:23] <cwp_aus> privated*
[16:23] <roberestarkk> not really, I'm right here
[16:23] <roberestarkk> and here is no different to inside the room
[16:23] <Shada0071> Still a nicely defended area
[16:23] <Shada0071> unless tnt is dropped or something
[16:23] <cwp_aus> you fail to miss the point, these aren't going to be used at all
[16:23] <roberestarkk> whose arena is it anyway?
[16:23] <cwp_aus> there is a 20 block exclusion zone for building from the fence outwards
[16:24] <cwp_aus> and myn
[16:24] <roberestarkk> also, failing to miss the point means that I see the point
[16:24] <roberestarkk> well then cwp
[16:24] <cwp_aus> xD rob
[16:24] <roberestarkk> make a doomsday "nobody wins, everyone loses" mechanism
[16:25] <cwp_aus> anyway....
[16:25] <roberestarkk> also, what are the rules? are they all in that thread that I cba reading because bad formatting
[16:25] <roberestarkk> ?
[16:25] <Shada0071> Lol
[16:25] <cwp_aus> rob
[16:26] <roberestarkk> Si Senor?
[16:26] <cwp_aus> in here
[16:26] <roberestarkk> ah
[16:26] <cwp_aus> yes
[16:26] <Shada0071> ouchie
[16:26] <roberestarkk> Aye dun geddit
[16:26] <cwp_aus> what about it don't you get?
[16:27] <cwp_aus> it's basically ctr
[16:27] <roberestarkk> I assume the attackers and defenders are decided up in the "random room"?
[16:27] <cwp_aus> ^
[16:27] <roberestarkk> what's a record chest and why can't it's path be obstructed?
[16:27] <cwp_aus> that they are
[16:27] <cwp_aus> the chest that is to contain the record
[16:27] <roberestarkk> and does 6 only apply to the defenders?
[16:28] <cwp_aus> and it cannot be obsturcted as it needs to be physically possible for the attacker
[16:28] <roberestarkk> I guess it would do that from it's name
[16:28] <roberestarkk> I mean what is it's function?
[16:28] <roberestarkk> in the overall scheme of things
[16:28] <cwp_aus> s to get the record
[16:28] <roberestarkk> is it the 'flag' ?
[16:28] <Shada0071> In a sense
[16:28] <cwp_aus> basically yes
[16:28] <roberestarkk> so it's basically ctf?
[16:28] <cwp_aus> yeah
[16:28] <roberestarkk> with player-built defences?
[16:28] <roberestarkk> gotcher
[16:28] <cwp_aus> yep
[16:28] <roberestarkk> sounds fuuuuurn
[16:29] <Shada0071> Imma have fun with the defences :D
[16:29] <roberestarkk> but there still needs to be a "no-win" mechanism
[16:29] <cwp_aus> these chests in here contain the items to be used
[16:29] <Shada0071> A "slenderman" ending
[16:29] <Shada0071> No redstone?
[16:30] <roberestarkk> why do they get coal? =S
[16:30] <cwp_aus> torches
[16:30] <Shada0071> Needs more redstone
[16:30] <roberestarkk> who needs torches with 20 glowstone?
[16:30] <cwp_aus> meh
[16:31] <cwp_aus> anyway...
[16:31] <cwp_aus> plus, if one is smart, you don't need redstone to link up the dispersor
[16:31] <roberestarkk> I swear string can stack higher than 16
[16:31] <cwp_aus> i know rob
[16:31] <Shada0071> Yeah but if you have redstone, you can have switches far away from tnt
[16:31] <cwp_aus> 6 can be used for bows
[16:31] <Shada0071> Use them as mines
[16:31] <roberestarkk> not to mention making a basic repeater for the dispensor
[16:32] <Shada0071> Yeah
[16:32] <Shada0071> Don't mind me lol
[16:32] <cwp_aus> all of this is player donations
[16:32] <roberestarkk> why do defenders and attackers get the same resources? =S
[16:32] <roberestarkk> izzit!?
[16:33] <cwp_aus> cept for the diamonds yes
[16:33] <roberestarkk> wellp... perhats I should donate some things
[16:33] <roberestarkk> also, bbl dinrar
[16:33] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§f) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[16:33] <Shada0071> I donated a heap of stuff yesterday to the spawn shop cwp
[16:33] <cwp_aus> oh, did you brb then
[16:38] <cwp_aus> test.
[16:39] <Shada0071> Are we givven glass?
[16:39] <cwp_aus> yes
[16:39] <Shada0071> hmm
[16:40] <cwp_aus> ?
[16:40] <Shada0071> Just thinkin of defences
[16:40] <Shada0071> How close are we allowed to build?
[16:41] <cwp_aus> behind this
[16:41] <Shada0071> Does that include on it?
[16:41] <cwp_aus> no
[16:41] <Shada0071> how far do you reckon a dispenser could shoot an arrow?
[16:42] <cwp_aus> depends how high it's placed
[16:43] <Shada0071> Are we given a choice as to where the chest is placed?
[16:43] <cwp_aus> yes, you can place it wherever you like as long as it's accessable by the attackers
[16:43] <Shada0071> Cool
[16:44] <Shada0071> Grr
[16:44] <cwp_aus> ?
[16:44] <cwp_aus> hi died
[16:44] <Shada0071> That zombie moved as soon as i shot at him
[16:44] <cwp_aus> ahhh
[16:45] <cwp_aus> lol, found out jeopardy is back on tv
[16:45] <cwp_aus> woot
[16:45] <Shada0071> Cool
[16:45] <cwp_aus> you watch it?
[16:46] <cwp_aus> and or watched it
[16:46] <Shada0071> I've heard of it, might give it a watch
[16:46] <cwp_aus> lol, good series
[16:46] <cwp_aus> only two episodes in
[16:46] <Shada0071> Ahk
[16:46] <cwp_aus> its on abc3
[16:46] <cwp_aus> weekdays
[16:46] <Shada0071> Cool
[16:48] <cwp_aus> ugh, 12 people want to enter
[16:49] <cwp_aus> including myself that is
[16:49] <Shada0071> Lol
[16:49] <Shada0071> teams of 6?\
[16:49] <cwp_aus> oh i know, teams of 6
[16:49] <cwp_aus> lol
[16:49] <cwp_aus> didn't see you say that xD
[16:49] <Shada0071> :P
[16:49] <Shada0071> I've played something similar to this on garrysmod and it was fun as
[16:49] <Shada0071> we had like teams of 20 or so
[16:50] <cwp_aus> shada, i think we may have a problem, see if you can help me figure a fix to it
[16:50] <Shada0071> Sure
[16:50] <cwp_aus> i have a feeling the defenders will have too much of an advantage
[16:51] <Shada0071> How many lives do people get?
[16:51] <Shada0071> one?
[16:51] <cwp_aus> unlimited
[16:51] <Shada0071> Ah
[16:51] <cwp_aus> it's timed
[16:51] <cwp_aus> 30 mins i think i set it as
[16:51] <Shada0071> Cool
[16:52] <cwp_aus> then the teams would switch being defenders/attackers
[16:52] <cwp_aus> but still, i have a feeling they would have too much of an advantage having the fort
[16:52] <Shada0071> Ah now i get how this is gonna be played :P
[16:52] <cwp_aus> :P
[16:53] <Shada0071> Well without redstone, the tnt defences would be pretty obvious
[16:53] <cwp_aus> my point mailny being they could sit there and spam arrows/ sapm swordhits on the attackers as
[16:53] <cwp_aus> hey come through
[16:53] <cwp_aus> mainly*
[16:54] <Shada0071> Yeah that was my idea with a dispenser :P
[16:54] <cwp_aus> mmm
[16:54] <Shada0071> Maybe if you add more spots in the fence to go through
[16:56] <cwp_aus> no what, screw the gates
[16:56] <cwp_aus> lol thanks
[16:56] <Shada0071> Lol
[16:56] <Shada0071> Leave it empty?
[16:56] <cwp_aus> yes
[16:58] <cwp_aus> there we go
[16:58] <cwp_aus> brb
[16:58] <Shada0071> Kk
[16:58] <cwp_aus> i'll still be here if you need me
[16:58] <Shada0071> K
[16:59] <Shada0071> I'll cut me some trees
[17:01] <cwp_aus> god red onions are strong...
[17:01] <Shada0071> Yep lol
[17:02] <cwp_aus> random comment ftw!
[17:02] <Shada0071> Lol
[17:05] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[17:05] <Shada0071> Hey rights
[17:05] <rightsforppl> Hi
[17:05] <rightsforppl> watched the expendables again
[17:05] <rightsforppl> gets better the more you watch it
[17:05] <Shada0071> First one?
[17:05] <rightsforppl> the second
[17:05] <Shada0071> Ah
[17:05] <cwp_aus> back
[17:05] <rightsforppl> wcb
[17:05] <Shada0071> I still havn't seen it, downloaded it though
[17:05] <Shada0071> Welcome back
[17:06] <cwp_aus> hi rights
[17:06] <rightsforppl> Hi cwp
[17:06] <rightsforppl> it is a great movie
[17:06] <rightsforppl> if it wasn;t for chuck norris
[17:06] <cwp_aus> so, any more improvments that could be made shad?
[17:06] <rightsforppl> this would've been bad
[17:06] <Shada0071> Hmm
[17:06] <Shada0071> Something with pistons maybe
[17:06] <rightsforppl> a cobble generator
[17:06] <cwp_aus> ?
[17:07] <rightsforppl> that uses pistons
[17:07] <cwp_aus> rights, we're talking bout the arena
[17:07] <rightsforppl> oooohh
[17:07] <Shada0071> Maybe water like a river
[17:07] <cwp_aus> there is an infinite water source/buckets
[17:07] <rightsforppl> ^
[17:07] <Shada0071> hmm
[17:08] <rightsforppl> maybe a secret room
[17:08] <Shada0071> Redstone :P
[17:08] <rightsforppl> where you can get resources
[17:08] <cwp_aus> this is a room in whihc holds res
[17:08] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[17:08] <cwp_aus> which
[17:08] <rightsforppl> Hi dengar
[17:08] <Shada0071> Hey deng
[17:08] <cwp_aus> although, i like the idea
[17:08] <Dengar708> herro
[17:08] <rightsforppl> Dor 'poorer' people
[17:09] <rightsforppl> *for
[17:09] <cwp_aus> rights, there is alrady chests for the teams
[17:09] <rightsforppl> Mobs!
[17:09] <Dengar708> i'm not poor </3
[17:09] <rightsforppl> mobs will make it interesting
[17:09] <cwp_aus> and no, its pvp, not pvpvm
[17:09] <rightsforppl> darn
[17:09] <rightsforppl> well shoresbury is still halloweenified
[17:10] <Shada0071> Want me to clean it up cwp?
[17:10] <rightsforppl> pumpkins and cobwebs everywhere
[17:10] <cwp_aus> tyes plz shad
[17:10] <Dengar708> with?
[17:10] <Dengar708> lagging
[17:10] <Dengar708> cwp u like the sphere?
[17:11] <cwp_aus> back
[17:11] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§f) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[17:11] <cwp_aus> and yes i do
[17:11] <rightsforppl> christmasify shoresbury xD
[17:11] <rightsforppl> jks
[17:11] <Shada0071> Don't worry rights, me and john got plans for that :D
[17:12] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[17:12] <rightsforppl> I didn't actually mean it
[17:12] <cwp_aus> wb deng
[17:12] <rightsforppl> wcb dengar
[17:12] <cwp_aus> 'and yes i do deng'
[17:12] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[17:12] <Shada0071> We've already talked about it :P
[17:12] <ejano> hi guys
[17:12] <rightsforppl> Hi crow
[17:12] <Shada0071> Hey
[17:12] <ejano> whats up?
[17:12] <cwp_aus> hi crow
[17:12] <rightsforppl> don't easterify shoresbury
[17:12] <Shada0071> :D
[17:12] <ejano> xD
[17:12] <rightsforppl> that would be way over the line
[17:12] <ejano> lol
[17:13] <ejano> EEGS EVERYWHERE
[17:13] <ejano> xD
[17:13] <Shada0071> YES!
[17:13] <ejano> LOLOLolololol
[17:13] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§f) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[17:13] <rightsforppl> I hate bunnies
[17:13] <Shada0071> Have a easter egg hunt :D
[17:13] <ejano> :O
[17:13] <ejano> lol
[17:13] <rightsforppl> and eggs are disgusting
[17:13] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708) has joined #main
[17:13] <ejano> wb
[17:13] <rightsforppl> wcb
[17:13] <Dengar708> gah
[17:13] <Dengar708> lagging
[17:13] <Shada0071> Wb
[17:13] <Dengar708> stupid telstra
[17:13] <rightsforppl> Doh I wish I was with dodo xD
[17:13] <ejano> lol.
[17:13] <Shada0071> Lol
[17:14] <Shada0071> Adam FTW
[17:14] <rightsforppl> Fakeoperator on phone
[17:14] <Shada0071> Shit
[17:14] <rightsforppl> called it nintendo
[17:14] <rightsforppl> just for a laugh
[17:14] <Dengar708> cwp
[17:14] <Dengar708> the *decider*
[17:14] <Dengar708> doesn't work properly
[17:15] <cwp_aus> bakc again
[17:15] <rightsforppl> wcb again
[17:15] <Shada0071> Wb
[17:15] <ejano> uhrg
[17:15] * rightsforppl was kicked from #main by Server
[17:15] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[17:15] <ejano> toooooo many
[17:15] <ejano> combinations
[17:15] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[17:15] <cwp_aus> how so deng., keep getting 2?
[17:15] <ejano> wb
[17:15] <rightsforppl> Everyone is disconnect this time of year
[17:15] <Dengar708> ehh
[17:15] <rightsforppl> and thanks
[17:15] <Dengar708> it did this
[17:15] <rightsforppl> *disconnecting
[17:15] <Dengar708> 2,2,1,1,2,2,1,1,2,2,2,2,2
[17:15] <ejano> o.o
[17:16] <ejano> uh yea that thing
[17:16] <rightsforppl> 1,1,2,3,5,8,13
[17:16] <ejano> toldya 2 was rigged
[17:16] <ejano> xD
[17:16] <cwp_aus> deng, folow me
[17:16] <rightsforppl> There was something evil about my numbers
[17:16] <cwp_aus> ye see why you were getting 22,11,22 etc
[17:16] <rightsforppl> guess what it was
[17:16] <ejano> 13?
[17:16] <rightsforppl> yeah
[17:16] <ejano> every number
[17:16] <Dengar708> u coulda done with a loop
[17:16] <ejano> adds to the next
[17:17] <Dengar708> so it spins around
[17:17] <rightsforppl> yes
[17:17] <ejano> 1+1=2+3=5
[17:17] <cwp_aus> i didn't make it
[17:17] <ejano> so on xD
[17:17] <cwp_aus> purd did
[17:17] <rightsforppl> Fibonachi numbers!
[17:17] <Dengar708> yes!
[17:17] <Dengar708> that was what they were called
[17:17] <Dengar708> 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55
[17:17] <ejano> lol
[17:18] <rightsforppl> chuck norris got bitten by a king cobra
[17:18] * Dengar708 was kicked from #main by Server
[17:18] * Dengar708 (Dengar708@Dengar708§f) Quit (§eDengar708 left the game.)
[17:18] <rightsforppl> after 5 days of agony and pain
[17:18] <rightsforppl> the cobra died
[17:18] <ejano> lol
[17:19] <rightsforppl> daheck
[17:19] <rightsforppl> leap of faith!
[17:20] <cwp_aus> sooo
[17:20] <ejano> u know jrr's code?
[17:20] <rightsforppl> yeah
[17:20] <cwp_aus> nup
[17:20] <rightsforppl> 1234
[17:20] <ejano> lol nope
[17:21] <rightsforppl> jks
[17:21] <rightsforppl> the code is
[17:21] <rightsforppl> 1337
[17:21] <ejano> its not 1234 the code is a 5 number digit
[17:21] <ejano> thing
[17:21] <ejano> -.-
[17:21] <ejano> and you dont press any buttons twice
[17:21] <rightsforppl> let's calculate the possibilities
[17:21] <ejano> lol
[17:21] <cwp_aus> 53412?
[17:21] <rightsforppl> 5x5x5x5x5
[17:21] <rightsforppl> the answer is!
[17:21] <ejano> lol
[17:22] <rightsforppl> 3125
[17:22] <cwp_aus> 3725?
[17:22] <rightsforppl> for some reason
[17:22] <ejano> hmm
[17:22] <cwp_aus> typo..
[17:22] <cwp_aus> 3125, indeed
[17:22] * ejano was kicked from #main by Server
[17:22] * ejano (ejano@ejano§f) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[17:22] * ejano (ejano@ejano) has joined #main
[17:22] <rightsforppl> wcb
[17:22] <cwp_aus> wb
[17:22] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[17:22] <cwp_aus> wb rob
[17:22] <rightsforppl> know a nine digit combination
[17:22] <rightsforppl> Hi rob
[17:22] <rightsforppl> *now
[17:23] <rightsforppl> and
[17:23] <Shada0071> Wb rob
[17:23] <rightsforppl> ginormous number
[17:23] <rightsforppl> 387420489
[17:23] <roberestarkk> Ahoy fellow Lomnauts!
[17:23] <roberestarkk> also, that's not as big as 9872364590782364590278365
[17:23] <ejano> lol
[17:24] <rightsforppl> We were figuring out how many possibilities there are in a nine digit lock
[17:24] <rightsforppl> and
[17:24] <roberestarkk> oh
[17:24] <rightsforppl> that was the answer
[17:24] <roberestarkk> lack of context makes things much more fun
[17:24] <cwp_aus> :P
[17:24] <rightsforppl> exactly
[17:24] <rightsforppl> like E=mc squared
[17:24] <rightsforppl> lack of context
[17:25] <rightsforppl> yet so many things in that
[17:25] <roberestarkk> y u no use carat?
[17:25] <rightsforppl> dunno
[17:25] <roberestarkk> also, cwp, where's my nobody-wins mechanism?
[17:25] <rightsforppl> you mean this thing?
[17:26] <rightsforppl> A cheeseburger
[17:26] <cwp_aus> not made yet
[17:26] <roberestarkk> nope.avi
[17:26] <roberestarkk> awweh
[17:26] <cwp_aus> :P
[17:27] <rightsforppl> and
[17:27] <rightsforppl> the cheeseburger is made of vegetables
[17:27] <cwp_aus> rob, nsw and vic are still in aedt right?
[17:27] <ejano> hmm i've gone through 13 possible combinations
[17:27] <ejano> what? only 3700 to go?
[17:28] <ejano> :P
[17:28] <rightsforppl> omg
[17:28] <ejano> anyway gtg dinner :}
[17:28] <rightsforppl> Oh
[17:28] <ejano> byes
[17:28] <rightsforppl> cya
[17:28] <cwp_aus> xD crow
[17:28] * ejano (ejano@ejano§f) Quit (§eejano left the game.)
[17:28] <rightsforppl> I though she meant a 13 number combination lock
[17:29] <rightsforppl> X to the power of N x Y to the power of N = Z
[17:29] <rightsforppl> that also means
[17:29] <rightsforppl> giant number
[17:30] <roberestarkk> yes they are cwp
[17:30] <rightsforppl> really?
[17:30] <roberestarkk> and will be until sometime next year
[17:30] <rightsforppl> ok then
[17:31] <rightsforppl> No good movies to watch :\
[17:31] <rightsforppl> hurry up and make the next planet of the apes movie!
[17:31] <roberestarkk> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/custom.html?continent=australasia
[17:31] <roberestarkk> damn
[17:31] <roberestarkk> silly minecraft
[17:32] <roberestarkk> http://bitly.com/r4xfz
[17:32] <rightsforppl> so a guy gets caught by police apes
[17:32] <rightsforppl> aaaaand
[17:32] <rightsforppl> no sequal
[17:32] <rightsforppl> only a remake
[17:33] <roberestarkk> poor dear
[17:33] <rightsforppl> anyone remember the indev minecraft?
[17:34] <rightsforppl> best world creation ever
[17:34] <roberestarkk> nope
[17:34] <rightsforppl> anyone remember the first alpha release of minecraft?
[17:34] <rightsforppl> No herebrine there
[17:34] <rightsforppl> *herobrine
[17:34] <Shada0071> i played mc from i think 1.6 and upwards
[17:35] <roberestarkk> I remember after going a certain distance, the terrain generation would go batshizzle
[17:35] <roberestarkk> no idea what revision that was though
[17:35] <rightsforppl> remember 1.7.3
[17:35] <rightsforppl> best combat system
[17:35] <roberestarkk> remember when Notch broke health?
[17:35] <roberestarkk> and didn't fix it for ages
[17:35] <rightsforppl> remeber 1.8
[17:36] <rightsforppl> they introduced hunger bars
[17:36] <rightsforppl> worst update ever
[17:36] <rightsforppl> *remember
[17:36] <roberestarkk> I disagree
[17:36] <roberestarkk> the worst update ever was when he made the boat movement serverside
[17:37] <rightsforppl> remember when notch made this prank
[17:37] <rightsforppl> where he put chests on trees
[17:37] <rightsforppl> and you had to purchase keys to open them?
[17:37] <roberestarkk> LOL
[17:37] <roberestarkk> yeah =P
[17:37] <rightsforppl> then when you buy them
[17:38] <rightsforppl> a dinosaur screamer pops up
[17:38] <roberestarkk> =D
[17:38] <Shada0071> Thunder :D
[17:38] <rightsforppl> Must be thunder of agreement
[17:38] <Shada0071> Lol
[17:38] <roberestarkk> nope, I'm just threatening cwp
[17:38] <rightsforppl> there were a few other stuff there too
[17:38] <Shada0071> XD
[17:38] <roberestarkk> wewps
[17:38] <rightsforppl> but they were all dinosaur screamers
[17:39] <rightsforppl> Minco store xD
[17:40] <roberestarkk> oh Shada is here
[17:40] <Shada0071> ?
[17:40] <roberestarkk> continue with your plan for having tnt
[17:40] <roberestarkk> as I still don't really get it
[17:40] <cwp_aus> yea i've been afk
[17:40] <cwp_aus> whats up rob?
[17:40] <Shada0071> I was just guessin rob
[17:40] <roberestarkk> nothing =P
[17:41] <roberestarkk> I'm just bored
[17:41] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[17:41] <cwp_aus> uhhh, ok?
[17:41] <martch15> hey
[17:41] <cwp_aus> hi martch
[17:41] <rightsforppl> Hi martch
[17:41] <cwp_aus> ok, bakc to being afk, i'm making the proper thread
[17:41] <Shada0071> What we need, is tnt to fall from the sky on top of them
[17:41] <roberestarkk> you mean like /nuke?
[17:41] <rightsforppl> cat nukes xD
[17:41] <Shada0071> Yes
[17:41] <roberestarkk> seems a tad obvious though
[17:41] <roberestarkk> covering the sky with tnt
[17:42] <Shada0071> One of peppys bombers
[17:42] <rightsforppl> ./fireball?
[17:42] <roberestarkk> I wonder if cwp would survive were I to nuke him...
[17:42] <rightsforppl> nuke me!
[17:42] <roberestarkk> woffor
[17:42] <roberestarkk> ?
[17:42] <Shada0071> With peppys armour, we are gods :P
[17:42] <roberestarkk> but most gods are immortal
[17:42] <roberestarkk> and I bet I could kill you
[17:43] <rightsforppl> Kill me using /nuke
[17:43] <rightsforppl> I insist
[17:43] <roberestarkk> mkay...
[17:43] <Shada0071> Under the correct circumstances maybe
[17:43] <rightsforppl> YAY!
[17:43] <Shada0071> Lol
[17:43] <rightsforppl> keep the cookies
[17:43] <roberestarkk> what cookies?
[17:43] <rightsforppl> oh wait
[17:44] <rightsforppl> they must've blown up
[17:44] <roberestarkk> if you say so...
[17:44] <rightsforppl> Look up to the sky
[17:44] <rightsforppl> and see nukes
[17:44] <rightsforppl> best moment ever
[17:44] <roberestarkk> lol
[17:44] <Shada0071> Lol i was walking right next to it
[17:44] <roberestarkk> orly?
[17:44] <roberestarkk> where was he anyway?
[17:44] <Shada0071> Next to my lumber yard
[17:44] <roberestarkk> which is where?
[17:45] <Shada0071> SHoresbury
[17:45] <roberestarkk> ah
[17:45] <martch15> goddam 4x4 pistnon door not working ....
[17:45] <roberestarkk> I'm still tempted to nuke cwp
[17:45] <roberestarkk> he looks so innocent
[17:45] <rightsforppl> nuke me again
[17:45] <roberestarkk> staring up at the sky
[17:45] <rightsforppl> §fFUS
[17:45] <rightsforppl> it worked
[17:45] <rightsforppl> for a while
[17:46] <roberestarkk> orly?
[17:46] <rightsforppl> yeah
[17:46] <roberestarkk> you realise that fus is incrediweak right?
[17:46] <rightsforppl> a nudge is enough
[17:46] <roberestarkk> not for all the other blocks...
[17:46] <rightsforppl> looks like I died in the air
[17:47] <rightsforppl> §fFUS RO DAH
[17:47] <rightsforppl> didn't work
[17:47] <rightsforppl> I wish I donated earlier
[17:47] <rightsforppl> when FUS RO DAH was usable
[17:48] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[17:48] <rightsforppl> I want to dance on a grave
[17:49] <martch15> ahaha my 3x3 door uses les pistons than 2x2 :P
[17:50] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[17:50] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[17:50] <rightsforppl> wcb
[17:50] <Shada0071> Wb
[17:50] <rightsforppl> No good graves to dance on
[17:50] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§f) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[17:50] <rightsforppl> greg the sheep
[17:51] <rightsforppl> I'll just gangnam style on his grave
[17:51] * martch15 was kicked from #main by Server
[17:51] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[17:51] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[17:51] <Shada0071> Wb
[17:51] <rightsforppl> wcb
[17:51] <martch15> ty
[17:52] <rightsforppl> 6/09/1337
[17:52] <rightsforppl> O.o
[17:52] <martch15> oh.....
[17:52] <Shada0071> Lol
[17:52] <martch15> why u be a squid?
[17:52] <rightsforppl> I got killed when I spawned
[17:52] <rightsforppl> the fire stayed
[17:53] <martch15> did u have any items?
[17:53] <Shada0071> What is it with you and always being disguised lol
[17:53] <rightsforppl> No
[17:53] <rightsforppl> I love disguise
[17:53] <rightsforppl> *disguises
[17:53] <rightsforppl> The chicken is a spy@
[17:53] <rightsforppl> *!
[17:53] <Shada0071> That squid is a lie
[17:53] <rightsforppl> I can't disguise as a sheep
[17:53] <Shada0071> Why not?
[17:53] <martch15> you have to say what colour
[17:54] <martch15> ./ d black sheep
[17:54] <martch15> same with villager
[17:54] <martch15> ./d blacksmith villager
[17:54] <rightsforppl> baba black sheep have you any wool?
[17:54] <rightsforppl> No sir No sir
[17:55] <rightsforppl> If only I can disguise as a tame cat
[17:55] <martch15> you can be wolf :P
[17:55] <rightsforppl> They aren't hostile
[17:55] <rightsforppl> I'm a cat person
[17:56] <rightsforppl> I've said this already but it's made me LMAO
[17:56] <rightsforppl> One day Chuck Norris got bitten by a king cobra
[17:56] <rightsforppl> After 5 days of agony and pain
[17:56] <rightsforppl> the cobra died
[17:57] <rightsforppl> ./d iron golem
[17:58] <rightsforppl> can you sheer a person that is disguised as a sheep?
[17:58] <Shada0071> Erm
[17:58] <Shada0071> I know i could feed bone to you when you were a wolf
[17:59] <rightsforppl> and people can milk me when I am a cow
[17:59] <Shada0071> Probs can
[18:00] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§f) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[18:00] <rightsforppl> I gtg
[18:00] <rightsforppl> I wanna play AI War
[18:00] <rightsforppl> cya
[18:00] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[18:07] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[18:07] <cwp_aus> hi martch
[18:13] <cwp_aus> sooo martch
[18:15] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[18:16] <cwp_aus> or you could leave
[18:17] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[21:02] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[21:07] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)

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