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IRC Log for #main.2012-06-16

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[0:16] * Forgott3nFear (Forgott3nFear@Forgott3nFear) has joined #main
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[1:05] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[1:06] <Trisemigistus> New server?
[1:16] <Trisemigistus> theres no rail cars :C
[1:23] <Trisemigistus> whats with you guys and oceans >_>
[1:25] <Trisemigistus> I think I'm going to die on this damn railroad.
[1:28] <Trisemigistus> I just chopped down a tree in Plutonia, but planted 3, so don't ban me <_<
[1:28] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§f) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
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[5:32] * 4crtcE (4crtcE@4crtcE) has joined #main
[5:41] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[5:41] <4crtcE> HEY
[5:41] <rightsforppl> HI
[5:41] <4crtcE> ssrry caps
[5:41] <rightsforppl> me too :D
[5:41] <rightsforppl> raiding a mine
[5:42] <4crtcE> ok.... FUN!
[5:42] <rightsforppl> another towns mine
[5:42] <4crtcE> oh......
[5:42] <rightsforppl> more of an island though
[5:42] <4crtcE> ok
[5:42] <rightsforppl> our town mine is useless
[5:42] <4crtcE> hey wait a mini
[5:42] <4crtcE> wat town..
[5:42] <rightsforppl> shoresbury
[5:42] <4crtcE> ok
[5:44] <rightsforppl> a skeleton
[5:44] <4crtcE> yaaay
[5:44] <rightsforppl> killed it
[5:44] <4crtcE> aaaawwww
[5:44] <rightsforppl> this mine is also useless
[5:44] <rightsforppl> it isn't litten up enough
[5:44] <4crtcE> =)
[5:45] <rightsforppl> might as well mine my mini mine
[5:45] <4crtcE> u have cobble i can have
[5:45] <4crtcE> ?
[5:45] <rightsforppl> sure
[5:45] <rightsforppl> but
[5:46] <4crtcE> wat
[5:46] <rightsforppl> it is built
[5:46] <rightsforppl> and it is useless
[5:46] <4crtcE> y
[5:46] <rightsforppl> you can have this mob grinder that doesn't work
[5:46] <rightsforppl> just mine its cobble
[5:46] <4crtcE> ok
[5:46] <4crtcE> u make it
[5:46] <rightsforppl> yeah
[5:47] <rightsforppl> the problem is it doesn't spawn anything :\
[5:47] <4crtcE> ok
[5:47] <rightsforppl> so have its cobble
[5:47] <rightsforppl> it is under my house
[5:50] <rightsforppl> 4cr
[5:50] <4crtcE> yes
[5:50] <rightsforppl> where are you?
[5:50] <4crtcE> home
[5:50] <rightsforppl> oh
[5:50] <4crtcE> in my mine
[5:50] <rightsforppl> then
[5:50] <rightsforppl> ok
[5:51] <4crtcE> come mine with me
[5:51] <rightsforppl> lapis
[5:52] <rightsforppl> lazuli
[5:52] <4crtcE> oooooooh
[5:52] <4crtcE> 0,o
[5:52] <rightsforppl> have this one
[5:52] <4crtcE> you or me
[5:52] <4crtcE> ?
[5:52] <rightsforppl> you
[5:52] <4crtcE> ok y
[5:52] <rightsforppl> i'll find other ores
[5:52] <4crtcE> your stone
[5:52] <rightsforppl> redstone
[5:53] <4crtcE> ye
[5:53] <rightsforppl> leave it it will give us a bit of light
[5:53] <4crtcE> ok
[5:53] <4crtcE> brb getting a better pick
[5:53] <rightsforppl> how far under ground is this
[5:53] <4crtcE> bed rock
[5:54] <rightsforppl> O.o
[5:55] <rightsforppl> i need a bit of lava
[5:55] <rightsforppl> brb
[5:55] <4crtcE> hjust keep the flow
[5:57] <rightsforppl> there
[5:57] <4crtcE> ?
[5:57] <rightsforppl> woah
[5:57] <rightsforppl> lava
[5:59] <rightsforppl> now to put a block on the lava
[5:59] <4crtcE> come up here
[5:59] <4crtcE> cave
[5:59] <rightsforppl> obsidium
[6:00] <4crtcE> yup
[6:00] <4crtcE> u need diamond for dat
[6:00] <rightsforppl> dam
[6:00] <4crtcE> lol
[6:00] <4crtcE> come on
[6:01] <rightsforppl> iron ore
[6:01] <4crtcE> yup
[6:02] <4crtcE> abandond mine
[6:02] <4crtcE> tp to me
[6:03] <rightsforppl> iron
[6:03] <4crtcE> yup
[6:03] <4crtcE> ive been her
[6:03] <4crtcE> here
[6:03] <rightsforppl> pig
[6:03] <4crtcE> lol
[6:03] <rightsforppl> this far down
[6:04] <rightsforppl> a netter place to mine
[6:04] <4crtcE> ?
[6:04] <rightsforppl> coal
[6:06] <rightsforppl> all the coal
[6:06] <4crtcE> ?
[6:07] <4crtcE> srry
[6:07] <rightsforppl> np
[6:07] <4crtcE> wow
[6:08] <rightsforppl> flint
[6:08] <4crtcE> =)
[6:08] <rightsforppl> mine the gravel and you get a flint
[6:08] <4crtcE> diamnof
[6:08] <rightsforppl> where
[6:08] <4crtcE> i got it
[6:08] <4crtcE> down there
[6:08] <4crtcE> 6 bingo
[6:09] <rightsforppl> mine down there
[6:09] <4crtcE> gotta eat
[6:09] <4crtcE> brb
[6:09] <rightsforppl> ok
[6:09] <4crtcE> in game
[6:09] <rightsforppl> wait
[6:09] <rightsforppl> you went
[6:09] <4crtcE> wat
[6:09] <rightsforppl> i had 357 water melons
[6:10] <rightsforppl> end of mine
[6:10] <rightsforppl> iron
[6:10] <4crtcE> yup
[6:11] <4crtcE> this will help my sky scraper
[6:11] <rightsforppl> coal
[6:12] <4crtcE> im gonna go home to build
[6:12] <rightsforppl> ok
[6:13] <4crtcE> oh
[6:13] <rightsforppl> nnnnnoooooooooo
[6:13] <4crtcE> wat u lose
[6:13] <rightsforppl> i lost my stuff :\
[6:13] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[6:13] <4crtcE> hi blooper
[6:13] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[6:13] <rightsforppl> hi bloop
[6:13] <rightsforppl> 27 lapis lazuli blocks
[6:14] <4crtcE> WOW
[6:14] <rightsforppl> 9 iron ore blocks
[6:14] <4crtcE> ye
[6:14] <rightsforppl> 2 stonje pickaxes
[6:14] <rightsforppl> *stone
[6:14] <rightsforppl> 357 water melons'
[6:14] <rightsforppl> and 132 cobblestone
[6:14] <rightsforppl> :\
[6:15] <rightsforppl> i hater it when you find something good
[6:15] <4crtcE> out
[6:15] <rightsforppl> then you die
[6:15] <rightsforppl> *hate
[6:15] <4crtcE> my tower
[6:15] <rightsforppl> brb
[6:15] <4crtcE> ok
[6:15] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[6:16] <4crtcE> ooooh
[6:16] <4crtcE> shiny
[6:16] <4crtcE> sexy
[6:16] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[6:18] <4crtcE> 4
[6:18] <_BlooperPooper_> what
[6:19] <4crtcE> it has a 4 on top
[6:19] <_BlooperPooper_> of what
[6:19] <4crtcE> tower
[6:19] <4crtcE> tp to me blooper
[6:20] <4crtcE> the 4
[6:20] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[6:21] <_BlooperPooper_> nice tower
[6:21] <4crtcE> thx
[6:22] <4crtcE> to the nether
[6:22] <_BlooperPooper_> tpa to me
[6:22] <4crtcE> gtg
[6:22] * 4crtcE (4crtcE@4crtcE§f) Quit (§e4crtcE left the game.)
[6:26] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[6:26] <_BlooperPooper_> wb
[6:26] <rightsforppl> thx
[6:27] <_BlooperPooper_> i have the portal to the nether at my house
[6:27] <rightsforppl> you found 9 obaidium?
[6:28] <_BlooperPooper_> u wanna see?
[6:28] <rightsforppl> *obsidium
[6:28] <rightsforppl> nah
[6:28] <_BlooperPooper_> no
[6:28] <rightsforppl> brb
[6:28] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[6:32] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[6:32] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[6:32] <Ownenator2011> hello
[6:35] <_BlooperPooper_> im back
[6:35] <Ownenator2011> wb
[6:35] <_BlooperPooper_> thx
[6:36] <_BlooperPooper_> i'll be at hq
[6:36] <Ownenator2011> im there already
[6:38] <_BlooperPooper_> i'll be in the end
[6:41] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[6:41] <Ownenator2011> hello rights
[6:41] <rightsforppl> hi own
[6:41] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[6:41] <rightsforppl> hi bloop
[6:41] <_BlooperPooper_> hi man
[6:42] <_BlooperPooper_> im in the end
[6:42] <_BlooperPooper_> !!!!!!
[6:42] <rightsforppl> hmm
[6:43] <rightsforppl> you looking for the thing i showed you yesterday?
[6:43] <_BlooperPooper_> yes
[6:43] <rightsforppl> wait
[6:43] <rightsforppl> just explore untill i get there
[6:44] <rightsforppl> wait
[6:45] <rightsforppl> i'm nearly there
[6:45] <rightsforppl> i might lose my stuff
[6:45] <rightsforppl> wait
[6:46] <_BlooperPooper_> what are u doing?
[6:46] <rightsforppl> putting my stuff in a chest
[6:46] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[6:46] <rightsforppl> so accept my request
[6:46] <rightsforppl> type /tpyes
[6:47] <rightsforppl> ok follow me
[6:48] <rightsforppl> here itis
[6:48] <rightsforppl> or not
[6:48] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[6:56] <rightsforppl> own do you want to mine?
[6:56] <Ownenator2011> nah
[6:56] <rightsforppl> ok
[6:56] <Ownenator2011> looking for my town
[6:56] <rightsforppl> you lost it again?
[6:56] <Ownenator2011> no, its still lost
[6:56] <Ownenator2011> think I may be on to something though
[6:57] <rightsforppl> i wish we were allowed to fly
[6:57] <rightsforppl> we would have found it easier
[6:57] <Ownenator2011> yes
[6:57] <rightsforppl> do you have reis mini map?
[6:57] <Ownenator2011> no
[6:57] <rightsforppl> get it
[6:57] <rightsforppl> that is allowed here
[6:57] <Ownenator2011> but every time i install something, my minecraft breaks
[6:58] <rightsforppl> delete meta inf
[6:58] <Ownenator2011> I do
[6:58] <rightsforppl> and no need for modloader
[6:58] <rightsforppl> that only crashes minecraft
[6:58] <Ownenator2011> fine ill try
[6:58] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§f) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[6:59] <rightsforppl> home
[7:00] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE) has joined #main
[7:00] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[7:00] <rightsforppl> hi begg
[7:00] <BeGGziEE> hi
[7:01] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[7:01] <rightsforppl> hi own
[7:01] <_BlooperPooper_> wb
[7:01] <rightsforppl> did it work?
[7:01] <Ownenator2011> yay its the first time ive installed something and it didnt break my game
[7:02] <rightsforppl> and you have me to thank
[7:02] <Ownenator2011> indeed
[7:02] <rightsforppl> now find your island
[7:03] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE§f) Quit (§eBeGGziEE left the game.)
[7:03] <rightsforppl> so is it on the map
[7:03] <rightsforppl> ?
[7:04] <Ownenator2011> no im looking around
[7:04] <rightsforppl> when you find it you can waypoint it
[7:04] <Ownenator2011> i now
[7:04] <rightsforppl> know*
[7:04] <Ownenator2011> I used to have this when the technic pack installed it for you
[7:04] <rightsforppl> oh
[7:04] <rightsforppl> i used to have a mod installer too
[7:04] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[7:04] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[7:05] <rightsforppl> creeper
[7:05] <rightsforppl> no
[7:08] <rightsforppl> creeper used against them
[7:08] <rightsforppl> there were 2 creepers and a zombie
[7:08] <rightsforppl> so the creeper belw up which also blew up the other creeper and the zombie
[7:08] <rightsforppl> *blew
[7:09] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[7:09] <rightsforppl> wcb
[7:09] <_BlooperPooper_> thx
[7:10] <rightsforppl> tmepting
[7:10] <rightsforppl> *tempting
[7:10] <rightsforppl> the cake is not a lie after all
[7:10] <rightsforppl> but touching it = death
[7:10] <Ownenator2011> i found it
[7:10] <rightsforppl> waypoint it
[7:10] <rightsforppl> you didn't forget about it :D
[7:11] <rightsforppl> so now you can stay there forever........................... and ever
[7:11] <Ownenator2011> I just headed in a direction then I found a desert so i kept going and then I found it
[7:11] <rightsforppl> on the mini map?
[7:12] <rightsforppl> did you waypoint it?
[7:12] <rightsforppl> you didn't did you............
[7:12] <Ownenator2011> k I waypointed it
[7:12] <rightsforppl> now you can find it al over again
[7:12] <rightsforppl> now /home it
[7:12] <Ownenator2011> no, now Im gonna finish my vault
[7:14] <rightsforppl> i need more money
[7:16] * Gus_Roughley (Gus_Roughley@Gus_Roughley) has joined #main
[7:16] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[7:16] <rightsforppl> hi tay
[7:16] <Gus_Roughley> Hey
[7:17] <rightsforppl> i need a bit of iron ingots
[7:17] <rightsforppl> own have you got iron ingots?
[7:17] <rightsforppl> i will buy 2 for 353.98
[7:18] <Gus_Roughley> I have some
[7:18] <rightsforppl> how much they sellin at?
[7:18] <Gus_Roughley> What you just said will be fine xD
[7:18] <Gus_Roughley> thanks
[7:19] <rightsforppl> i need to mine
[7:19] <rightsforppl> and i have a stone one
[7:19] <rightsforppl> that breaks things
[7:19] <rightsforppl> only 2 ..........
[7:19] <rightsforppl> i have 3
[7:19] <rightsforppl> thanks
[7:19] <Gus_Roughley> Accident, lol
[7:20] <_BlooperPooper_> can tpa to any1 for fun
[7:20] <rightsforppl> now i can mine properly
[7:21] <rightsforppl> they see my mining, they hatin
[7:21] <rightsforppl> *they see me
[7:21] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§f) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[7:21] * Gus_Roughley (Gus_Roughley@Gus_Roughley§f) Quit (§eGus_Roughley left the game.)
[7:21] <rightsforppl> time to die
[7:22] <_BlooperPooper_> im at home
[7:22] <rightsforppl> damn
[7:22] <_BlooperPooper_> srry
[7:22] <rightsforppl> have you got my stuff?
[7:22] <_BlooperPooper_> no
[7:26] <rightsforppl> hi
[7:26] <_BlooperPooper_> thx
[7:26] <rightsforppl> i have a present for ya
[7:26] <rightsforppl> diamond
[7:26] <_BlooperPooper_> thx
[7:26] <rightsforppl> your welcome
[7:26] <rightsforppl> how do newbies get diamond so fast
[7:27] <_BlooperPooper_> i dont no
[7:27] <rightsforppl> so you got all that armour
[7:27] <rightsforppl> and tools
[7:27] <rightsforppl> from mining?
[7:27] <rightsforppl> or presents
[7:27] <_BlooperPooper_> but i have 1000000
[7:27] <_BlooperPooper_> $
[7:27] <rightsforppl> :O
[7:27] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[7:27] <rightsforppl> so this spells owner
[7:28] <rightsforppl> i don't know where to mine
[7:28] <_BlooperPooper_> peppy gave me the armour and tools
[7:28] <rightsforppl> peppy never does that
[7:28] <rightsforppl> lucky :D
[7:28] <rightsforppl> restone
[7:28] <rightsforppl> ima mine ehre
[7:29] <rightsforppl> restone
[7:29] <rightsforppl> you should have looked at the roof
[7:29] <rightsforppl> i saw a bit of redstone
[7:29] <rightsforppl> where there is 1 redstone there is tons
[7:29] <rightsforppl> careful
[7:29] <rightsforppl> we are at the end of the world
[7:30] <rightsforppl> you might fall out of the world
[7:30] <rightsforppl> ok you choose a place to mine
[7:30] <rightsforppl> lucky
[7:31] <rightsforppl> sorry
[7:31] <_BlooperPooper_> srry
[7:31] <rightsforppl> no ore to be seen
[7:31] <_BlooperPooper_> diamond
[7:31] <rightsforppl> have 2
[7:31] <_BlooperPooper_> thx
[7:31] <rightsforppl> i get one
[7:31] <rightsforppl> coal
[7:33] <rightsforppl> obsidim
[7:33] <rightsforppl> where there is obsidium there is diamond
[7:33] <rightsforppl> look around
[7:34] <_BlooperPooper_> bed rock
[7:34] <rightsforppl> found some iron
[7:34] <rightsforppl> you go on ahead
[7:34] <rightsforppl> and see if you can find more ore
[7:35] <_BlooperPooper_> iron
[7:35] <rightsforppl> take it
[7:35] <rightsforppl> no ore
[7:36] <rightsforppl> i need gold
[7:36] <rightsforppl> well thats it
[7:36] <rightsforppl> do you want to continue
[7:36] <rightsforppl> i can't mine anymore
[7:36] <_BlooperPooper_> gold
[7:36] <rightsforppl> where
[7:37] <_BlooperPooper_> here
[7:37] <rightsforppl> iron
[7:37] <_BlooperPooper_> u want the gold?
[7:37] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[7:37] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[7:37] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[7:41] <Peppy2006> Howdy
[7:41] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§f) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[7:43] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[7:43] <rightsforppl> i crasged
[7:43] <_BlooperPooper_> wb
[7:43] <rightsforppl> where are you?
[7:44] <_BlooperPooper_> i have 7 gold
[7:44] <rightsforppl> i have 0 gold
[7:44] <_BlooperPooper_> the spawn
[7:44] <rightsforppl> iron
[7:45] <_BlooperPooper_> come to the spawn
[7:46] <rightsforppl> yes?
[7:46] <_BlooperPooper_> what
[7:46] <_BlooperPooper_> ?
[7:46] <rightsforppl> you wanted me to see you at the sawn
[7:46] <rightsforppl> *spawn
[7:47] <rightsforppl> guess you didn't
[7:47] <rightsforppl> well i found some of these
[7:47] <rightsforppl> have it
[7:47] <_BlooperPooper_> where are u?
[7:47] <rightsforppl> in the ocean
[7:48] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[7:48] <_BlooperPooper_> i have gold for u
[7:48] <rightsforppl> thx
[7:49] <rightsforppl> finally some gold
[7:49] * furbanator (furbanator@furbanator) has joined #main
[7:49] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[7:49] <rightsforppl> hi furb
[7:49] <furbanator> hey
[7:49] <rightsforppl> smelt some ore to make ingots
[7:50] <rightsforppl> all you need is a furnace
[7:50] <rightsforppl> some coal
[7:50] <rightsforppl> and ore
[7:50] <_BlooperPooper_> 20 iron ore
[7:50] <rightsforppl> have this
[7:50] <rightsforppl> your own furnace
[7:50] <rightsforppl> put it in your house
[7:50] <rightsforppl> and put coal on the bottom
[7:50] <_BlooperPooper_> i have 1
[7:50] <rightsforppl> and put the ore on top
[7:51] <rightsforppl> have another
[7:51] <rightsforppl> the gold is smelted
[7:51] <rightsforppl> now the iron
[7:52] <rightsforppl> furb do you want to buy diamonds?
[7:52] <rightsforppl> furb?
[7:53] <rightsforppl> iron ore?
[7:53] <rightsforppl> with coal under it?
[7:53] <_BlooperPooper_> yes
[7:53] <rightsforppl> great
[7:54] <rightsforppl> where is my iron ingots though?
[7:54] <rightsforppl> *where are
[7:54] <_BlooperPooper_> i have them
[7:54] <rightsforppl> oh
[7:54] <_BlooperPooper_> 20 is mine
[7:55] <rightsforppl> diamond sword
[7:55] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[7:56] <rightsforppl> come to my mine
[7:56] <rightsforppl> lets start mining
[7:56] <rightsforppl> iron
[7:57] <rightsforppl> there
[7:57] <rightsforppl> you mine straight\
[7:57] <rightsforppl> i mine horizontaly
[7:57] <rightsforppl> coal
[7:58] <_BlooperPooper_> iron
[7:58] <rightsforppl> more coal
[7:59] <_BlooperPooper_> TOBUSCUS
[7:59] <rightsforppl> where
[7:59] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[7:59] <rightsforppl> where is he
[7:59] <rightsforppl> sword sword sword diamond sword
[7:59] <_BlooperPooper_> at the door
[8:00] <rightsforppl> oh
[8:00] <rightsforppl> you know him?
[8:00] <_BlooperPooper_> yeah
[8:00] <rightsforppl> isn't he in america
[8:00] <_BlooperPooper_> i used to live in america
[8:00] <rightsforppl> great we will tell glac that
[8:01] <_BlooperPooper_> iron
[8:01] <rightsforppl> iron
[8:01] <rightsforppl> where
[8:01] <_BlooperPooper_> as pewdie pie would say I DONT CARE
[8:02] <rightsforppl> i have an awesome mine
[8:02] <rightsforppl> ok i'm done mining
[8:03] <rightsforppl> come to my home
[8:03] <rightsforppl> or wait
[8:03] <rightsforppl> continue mining
[8:03] <rightsforppl> thx
[8:04] <rightsforppl> you hungry?
[8:04] <rightsforppl> come
[8:05] <_BlooperPooper_> no
[8:05] <rightsforppl> chuck the items you don't need in here
[8:05] <rightsforppl> there
[8:05] <rightsforppl> we burnt it
[8:06] <rightsforppl> 25 more iron
[8:06] <rightsforppl> need some iron?
[8:06] <_BlooperPooper_> no
[8:06] <rightsforppl> ok
[8:06] <rightsforppl> becuase i got 25
[8:07] <rightsforppl> if you want go in my mine and mine
[8:07] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[8:07] <rightsforppl> hi own
[8:07] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[8:07] <Ownenator2011> hello
[8:08] <rightsforppl> do you want diamonds
[8:08] <rightsforppl> the privae sign
[8:08] <rightsforppl> what happened to it
[8:09] <rightsforppl> 2 more iron awaits
[8:09] <rightsforppl> i mean 4 more diamonds
[8:09] <_BlooperPooper_> i gtg bye
[8:09] <rightsforppl> cya
[8:09] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[8:09] * furbanator (furbanator@furbanator§f) Quit (§efurbanator left the game.)
[8:09] <rightsforppl> own do you need diamonds?
[8:10] <rightsforppl> i have a bit of diamonds
[8:11] <Ownenator2011> why?
[8:11] <Ownenator2011> I dont need diamonds
[8:11] <rightsforppl> i have a bit
[8:11] <rightsforppl> oh
[8:11] <rightsforppl> can i see your town?
[8:11] <Ownenator2011> hold on
[8:12] <Ownenator2011> its not very big
[8:12] <rightsforppl> no mines?
[8:12] <Ownenator2011> nope
[8:12] <Ownenator2011> this is my house and farms
[8:12] <rightsforppl> you need a mine for a town
[8:12] <rightsforppl> or people won't be able to live
[8:12] <Ownenator2011> does that count as a mine?
[8:13] <rightsforppl> where
[8:13] <rightsforppl> maybe
[8:13] <rightsforppl> but not very mine-like
[8:13] <Ownenator2011> thats because its a shelter
[8:14] <rightsforppl> i needed that
[8:14] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§f) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[8:23] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[8:35] * TurtleThrower (TurtleThrower@TurtleThrower) has joined #main
[8:44] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[8:44] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[8:55] * GanNing (GanNing@GanNing) has joined #main
[8:55] <Glacian_Princess> heo
[8:55] <GanNing> i
[8:55] <GanNing> aw
[8:55] <GanNing> EpicPieface2011 isn't here
[8:55] * GanNing (GanNing@GanNing§f) Quit (§eGanNing left the game.)
[8:57] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[8:57] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[8:57] <Trisemigistus> it would be night time >_> Howdy
[8:57] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[8:58] <Trisemigistus> Are there any available plots of land to build on?
[8:58] <Glacian_Princess> not sure
[8:58] <Trisemigistus> I don't know why this server is so fascinated with oceans lately.
[8:58] <Glacian_Princess> there is going to be a new map in about 2 weeks
[8:59] <Glacian_Princess> would you like some iron and diamond blocks
[8:59] <Trisemigistus> um, sure. food would be preferable though, im about to die of hunger.
[8:59] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[8:59] <Glacian_Princess> tp to me
[9:00] <Trisemigistus> took me just about a fulle minecraft day to walk along the plutonia bridge from spawn
[9:00] <TurtleThrower> hey
[9:00] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[9:00] <Trisemigistus> hi turtle
[9:00] <Trisemigistus> i cant tp
[9:00] <TurtleThrower> y
[9:00] <Glacian_Princess> tpa Trisemigistus
[9:00] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[9:00] <Trisemigistus> says i cant
[9:00] <TurtleThrower> hia
[9:00] <rightsforppl> hi
[9:01] <rightsforppl> what is wrong?
[9:01] <TurtleThrower> ur face
[9:01] <rightsforppl> seriously
[9:01] <Glacian_Princess> that enough?
[9:01] <TurtleThrower> trisem cant tp
[9:01] <Trisemigistus> i dont think i teleported, but i see melon flying at my face .-.
[9:01] <Trisemigistus> and thats good, thanks.
[9:01] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:01] <Glacian_Princess> i tp to him
[9:01] <Trisemigistus> oh, i dont see you
[9:02] <rightsforppl> it is tp lag
[9:02] <Trisemigistus> thank you for the food
[9:02] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[9:02] <Glacian_Princess> that is ok
[9:02] <Glacian_Princess> where are we?
[9:02] <Trisemigistus> plutonia
[9:02] <rightsforppl> one more test
[9:02] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[9:02] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[9:02] <rightsforppl> did it work?
[9:02] <Trisemigistus> im moved.
[9:02] <rightsforppl> well it works theb
[9:03] <rightsforppl> *then
[9:03] <Trisemigistus> you have no head... oh you wer looking down
[9:03] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge) has joined #main
[9:03] <rightsforppl> i have a head
[9:03] <TurtleThrower> hey
[9:03] <Glacian_Princess> heo
[9:03] <rightsforppl> hi gold
[9:03] <GoldPurge> Hi guys.
[9:03] <rightsforppl> so he can tp
[9:03] <rightsforppl> solved case *closed*
[9:03] <Glacian_Princess> does anyone want to buy heaps of iron and diamond?
[9:03] <TurtleThrower> i want diamond
[9:03] <rightsforppl> diamonds?
[9:03] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[9:04] <rightsforppl> what price are they selling at?
[9:04] <GoldPurge> I want a new map.
[9:04] <Glacian_Princess> $30
[9:04] <Trisemigistus> sorry for the afk in your house, but it was quick
[9:04] <TurtleThrower> ill buy them all for 100000
[9:04] <Trisemigistus> i can tp but i cant send the request.
[9:04] <Glacian_Princess> is tpa not tp
[9:04] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[9:04] <Glacian_Princess> heo
[9:04] <TurtleThrower> hi
[9:04] <Trisemigistus> how do i get out...
[9:04] <ridingmaster> Hello
[9:04] <rightsforppl> hi riding
[9:04] <Trisemigistus> hi riding.
[9:04] <ridingmaster> Hey trise!
[9:05] <TurtleThrower> glac ill give u 100000 for all ur diamonds
[9:05] <Glacian_Princess> i am selling the diamonds/iron from spawn
[9:05] <Trisemigistus> thank you
[9:05] <rightsforppl> 5 second timer
[9:05] <TurtleThrower> im at spawn
[9:05] <rightsforppl> well you can to
[9:05] <rightsforppl> *tp
[9:05] <Trisemigistus> riding, is there any place I can build?
[9:06] <rightsforppl> if cwp was here now.............
[9:06] <ridingmaster> The town I'm in is full currently
[9:06] <TurtleThrower> oh
[9:06] <Glacian_Princess> no need
[9:06] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:06] <Glacian_Princess> how many?
[9:06] <ridingmaster> But there is room in Ott
[9:06] <TurtleThrower> how many u got
[9:06] <Glacian_Princess> 53
[9:06] <ridingmaster> I have a home there
[9:06] <TurtleThrower> ill buy them all
[9:06] <ridingmaster> But I don't live there
[9:06] <rightsforppl> 53 diamonds?
[9:06] <Glacian_Princess> rights should have a chance
[9:06] <Trisemigistus> can you tp me? OR direct me. idk where i am though .-.
[9:06] <rightsforppl> nah
[9:07] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[9:07] <rightsforppl> i have 7 diamonds left
[9:07] <Glacian_Princess> i might keep 10
[9:07] <TurtleThrower> i have none
[9:07] <Glacian_Princess> so 43
[9:07] <Trisemigistus> yay the infamous lag.
[9:07] <TurtleThrower> how much money u want
[9:07] <Glacian_Princess> u can have 20 for free
[9:07] <TurtleThrower> nah
[9:07] <ridingmaster> This is Ott
[9:07] <TurtleThrower> ill give u 100000?
[9:08] <ridingmaster> That's my old house
[9:08] <Glacian_Princess> i don't need mon ey i got them from the ship
[9:08] <TurtleThrower> so
[9:08] <ridingmaster> Do you need any items?
[9:08] <rightsforppl> there was a raid
[9:08] <rightsforppl> ??????
[9:08] <Glacian_Princess> they were hacked to build
[9:08] <Trisemigistus> sweet, no trees .... but itll do. Im assuming you want your house left alone?
[9:08] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[9:08] <ridingmaster> I can give you wood if you want
[9:08] <TurtleThrower> wtf
[9:09] <ridingmaster> I can give you 1 stack of wood
[9:09] <Trisemigistus> alright.
[9:09] <rightsforppl> i like my house :D
[9:09] <Trisemigistus> thank you. I have wood, but a sapling and a block of dirt would be nice
[9:09] <Glacian_Princess> that is free
[9:09] <ridingmaster> Okay
[9:09] <Glacian_Princess> any iron?
[9:09] <TurtleThrower> how much cash u want 4 the rest
[9:09] <TurtleThrower> na
[9:09] <Glacian_Princess> i want to give to other people
[9:10] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:10] <TurtleThrower> ok
[9:10] <ridingmaster> And bone marrow
[9:10] <ridingmaster> I mean meal :/
[9:10] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§f) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[9:10] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:10] <Glacian_Princess> there is enough for a set of armour i think
[9:10] <Glacian_Princess> 24?
[9:10] <Glacian_Princess> at leats
[9:10] <rightsforppl> you only need 8 for a set of armour
[9:10] <TurtleThrower> i dont want armour......
[9:10] <Glacian_Princess> what do u want?w
[9:10] <TurtleThrower> *cackles*
[9:10] <Glacian_Princess> to sell tghem?
[9:11] <TurtleThrower> ha ha ha ha ha
[9:11] <TurtleThrower> no
[9:11] <ridingmaster> He left
[9:11] <ridingmaster> ?
[9:11] <TurtleThrower> iv got gold armour already i need new tools
[9:12] <rightsforppl> i got a diamond sword and pick
[9:12] <rightsforppl> yay :D
[9:12] <TurtleThrower> i got diamond everything HA HAHA HA HA
[9:12] <Glacian_Princess> i have full diamond armour and tools
[9:13] <rightsforppl> well i hust goy 13 diamonds today :\
[9:13] <ridingmaster> Milo drowned my iron golems :S
[9:13] <rightsforppl> *just
[9:13] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:13] <ridingmaster> I can't find them
[9:13] <rightsforppl> my golems are stupid
[9:13] <rightsforppl> they go anywhere
[9:13] <TurtleThrower> want me to give u some iron riding
[9:13] <Glacian_Princess> my golems run away
[9:13] <ridingmaster> No, I got enough thanks
[9:14] <TurtleThrower> ok
[9:14] <Glacian_Princess> any body want iron blocks for freew
[9:14] <ridingmaster> But I have the biggest urge to attack iron golems
[9:14] <rightsforppl> me
[9:14] <ridingmaster> But I'll die
[9:14] <Glacian_Princess> there you go
[9:15] <rightsforppl> thx
[9:15] <Glacian_Princess> 'tis ok
[9:15] <Glacian_Princess> if u want to
[9:15] <Glacian_Princess> there is a door
[9:15] <rightsforppl> i need my pick
[9:15] <rightsforppl> wait
[9:15] <rightsforppl> h
[9:15] <rightsforppl> *oh
[9:15] <ridingmaster> Who the heck
[9:16] <Glacian_Princess> free diamond?
[9:16] <rightsforppl> nah
[9:16] <rightsforppl> i can find some
[9:16] <ridingmaster> Someone jumped on my crops
[9:16] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[9:16] <Glacian_Princess> not me
[9:16] <rightsforppl> everyday i find at least 2 diamonds
[9:16] <rightsforppl> this day i got lucky
[9:16] <ridingmaster> Woah
[9:16] * GoldPurge (GoldPurge@GoldPurge§f) Quit (§eGoldPurge left the game.)
[9:16] <rightsforppl> and got 13
[9:16] <ridingmaster> I never find them
[9:16] <rightsforppl> :D :D
[9:16] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE) has joined #main
[9:16] <rightsforppl> look near obsidium
[9:16] <Glacian_Princess> can i borrow a sign?
[9:16] <rightsforppl> and mine a bit more
[9:17] <TurtleThrower> once i found 68 diamonds in one day.....
[9:17] <rightsforppl> wow
[9:17] <TurtleThrower> well regox found them
[9:17] <rightsforppl> i will never beat that
[9:17] <Glacian_Princess> may i borrow a sign rights
[9:17] <rightsforppl> oh
[9:17] <ridingmaster> I'll never beat 1 :/
[9:17] <rightsforppl> a sign
[9:17] <TurtleThrower> i dug em
[9:17] <Glacian_Princess> tnx
[9:17] <rightsforppl> never had it
[9:17] <rightsforppl> how did it get in
[9:17] <Glacian_Princess> the sign
[9:17] <rightsforppl> yeah
[9:18] <Glacian_Princess> was at my door
[9:18] <rightsforppl> h
[9:18] <ridingmaster> Brb
[9:18] <rightsforppl> oh
[9:18] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[9:18] <rightsforppl> k
[9:18] <TurtleThrower> any1 near the enderman grinder
[9:18] <rightsforppl> i will take you there
[9:18] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1) has joined #main
[9:18] <Glacian_Princess> brb
[9:18] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[9:18] <Hyperaxe1> yo
[9:18] <rightsforppl> hi hyper
[9:18] <TurtleThrower> hi
[9:18] <Hyperaxe1> >:)
[9:18] <Hyperaxe1> interesting
[9:19] <Hyperaxe1> there is sand on this L.R.A
[9:19] <Hyperaxe1> oh it's just purdey's sand
[9:20] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[9:20] <Hyperaxe1> yo peppy
[9:20] <rightsforppl> hi peppy
[9:20] <TurtleThrower> hey peppy
[9:20] <Peppy2006> Howdy everyone
[9:20] <rightsforppl> nooooooo
[9:20] <rightsforppl> :(
[9:20] <Hyperaxe1> that's what happens when you jump into bottomless pits
[9:20] <rightsforppl> i was in the end
[9:21] <Hyperaxe1> that's what happens when you fall into oblivion
[9:21] <Peppy2006> Don't ask how you can fall into an Elder Scrolls game...
[9:21] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:21] <Hyperaxe1> B)
[9:21] <Peppy2006> Just take my word for it, it ain't fun.
[9:22] <rightsforppl> how do i fall in arena
[9:22] <TurtleThrower> it is fun to be DOVAHKIN
[9:22] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE§f) Quit (§eBeGGziEE left the game.)
[9:22] <Peppy2006> Well you'd need a Box named DOS first...
[9:22] <rightsforppl> arena=first elder scrolls game
[9:22] <rightsforppl> i have it
[9:22] <Peppy2006> Yes, I know...
[9:22] <Hyperaxe1> indeed
[9:22] <Hyperaxe1> you do
[9:22] <rightsforppl> the emulator for it
[9:22] <rightsforppl> yeah
[9:22] <TurtleThrower> thx
[9:23] <Peppy2006> Well. Daggerfall. That is all.
[9:23] <rightsforppl> i have it
[9:23] <rightsforppl> along with the going to be expansion battlespire
[9:23] <Hyperaxe1> k
[9:23] <rightsforppl> i have arena daggerfall morrowind tribunal bloodmoon oblivion skyrim battlespire and redsguard
[9:23] <Hyperaxe1> morrowind is fun
[9:24] <rightsforppl> all the elder scrolls games ^
[9:24] <rightsforppl> morrowind
[9:24] <rightsforppl> the biggest playable world at tis time
[9:24] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[9:24] <Hyperaxe1> WOAH
[9:24] <rightsforppl> wcb
[9:24] <Hyperaxe1> HOLY CRAP
[9:24] <Hyperaxe1> it's trise
[9:25] <Trisemigistus> ew, its hyperaxe, one of the first weirdos i met on this place.
[9:25] <Hyperaxe1> B)
[9:25] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:25] <Trisemigistus> Remember our adventures?
[9:25] <rightsforppl> ??????
[9:25] <Hyperaxe1> indeeed
[9:25] <rightsforppl> weirdo?
[9:25] <Hyperaxe1> now come
[9:25] <Hyperaxe1> so I can kidnap you in my farm
[9:25] <Trisemigistus> i wanna build a house :C
[9:25] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:25] <rightsforppl> i see
[9:25] <Trisemigistus> tFeed me and house me and ill come.
[9:25] <Hyperaxe1> I have trees
[9:26] <Peppy2006> I'll be back... In time...
[9:26] <rightsforppl> ok
[9:26] <Hyperaxe1> woah time travel
[9:26] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:26] <Trisemigistus> hi peppers.
[9:26] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§f) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[9:26] <Trisemigistus> bye peppers.
[9:26] <rightsforppl> *future
[9:26] <Hyperaxe1> heh heh heh
[9:26] <Hyperaxe1> furture
[9:26] <rightsforppl> what i said was illogical
[9:27] <rightsforppl> *me malfunctions
[9:27] <Trisemigistus> i am so lost right now
[9:27] <Hyperaxe1> hmm
[9:27] <rightsforppl> your lost here is an explanation
[9:27] <Hyperaxe1> well this is just outside 001
[9:27] <Trisemigistus> where can i buidl.
[9:27] <Trisemigistus> build*
[9:27] <Hyperaxe1> uhh
[9:27] <Hyperaxe1> anywhere not surrounded by 001 signs
[9:27] <Hyperaxe1> I guess
[9:27] <rightsforppl> well technically you can't go back to the future you can only go to the future
[9:27] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining) has joined #main
[9:28] <TurtleThrower> hey
[9:28] <Trisemigistus> where are the signs >_>
[9:28] <StartMining> hey everyone
[9:28] <Hyperaxe1> yo
[9:28] <rightsforppl> if you can go back to the future then that would be a weird paradox
[9:28] <Trisemigistus> hi person i dont know
[9:28] <rightsforppl> hi start
[9:28] <Hyperaxe1> over there
[9:28] <Trisemigistus> so this side or the other side of the sign is good?
[9:28] <Hyperaxe1> this side
[9:28] <Trisemigistus> mk
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> there's a river inbetween the river and the signs
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> err
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> woah
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> bleh
[9:29] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> I mean
[9:29] * StartMining (StartMining@StartMining§f) Quit (§eStartMining left the game.)
[9:29] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[9:29] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour) has joined #main
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> between our side and the signs
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> xP
[9:29] <TurtleThrower> hey
[9:29] <Trisemigistus> okay nice
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> yo
[9:29] <TurtleThrower> hi milo
[9:29] <Trisemigistus> IM STUCK INSIDE YOUR HOUSE
[9:29] <Milo_Flavour> Good morning
[9:29] <Hyperaxe1> HEHEHE
[9:29] <rightsforppl> time to free the endermen
[9:30] <TurtleThrower> noooooooooo
[9:30] <TurtleThrower> wtf
[9:30] <TurtleThrower> are u crazy?
[9:30] <rightsforppl> contnue killing
[9:30] <TurtleThrower> pls dont :(
[9:31] <rightsforppl> yeah
[9:31] <rightsforppl> no damage
[9:31] <TurtleThrower> srry
[9:31] <rightsforppl> now i got damage
[9:31] <rightsforppl> hi milo
[9:31] <Milo_Flavour> Still grinding?
[9:31] <TurtleThrower> yep
[9:31] <rightsforppl> yeah
[9:31] <rightsforppl> he is
[9:32] <Hyperaxe1> EXCITEMENT
[9:32] <TurtleThrower> level 40 :)
[9:32] <rightsforppl> level 12
[9:32] <rightsforppl> :D
[9:32] <Milo_Flavour> Can't stand this place, way too laggy
[9:32] <TurtleThrower> not 4 me
[9:32] <Trisemigistus> i think its my fault
[9:32] <Hyperaxe1> yo
[9:32] <rightsforppl> you don't have a good connection
[9:32] <Trisemigistus> im connecting from america on a phone tether .-.
[9:33] <Hyperaxe1> yum
[9:33] <Hyperaxe1> probably more stable than my "ADSL 2+"
[9:33] <Trisemigistus> not really.
[9:33] <TurtleThrower> im using a prepaid usb modem
[9:33] <Trisemigistus> in a couple weeks ill have a more stable connection
[9:33] <TurtleThrower> worst internet known to man
[9:33] <Hyperaxe1> on this telstra internet
[9:33] <Hyperaxe1> I get a whopping
[9:33] <Hyperaxe1> 70% packet loss
[9:33] <Hyperaxe1> with spikes to 100%
[9:33] <rightsforppl> telstra ftw
[9:33] <Hyperaxe1> inorite
[9:33] <TurtleThrower> i hate telstra
[9:33] <Hyperaxe1> so fast
[9:34] <Hyperaxe1> oh
[9:34] <Hyperaxe1> and
[9:34] <rightsforppl> i have a 1mb connection
[9:34] <Hyperaxe1> it gets a whopping 2mbps
[9:34] <Hyperaxe1> megabits<
[9:34] <rightsforppl> woah
[9:34] <Hyperaxe1> on this "15 megabit" connection
[9:34] <Trisemigistus> i get 45K/s
[9:34] <rightsforppl> i'm on dsl
[9:34] <Trisemigistus> >_>
[9:34] <rightsforppl> my uncle gets a 1gb connection :\
[9:34] <Trisemigistus> i dont know how this connection even works.
[9:34] <Hyperaxe1> hnnng
[9:34] <Hyperaxe1> steal his interwebz
[9:35] <Milo_Flavour> What? 1gb limit?
[9:35] <rightsforppl> no the speed is 1gb
[9:35] <Trisemigistus> oh gawd, lag warps
[9:35] <Hyperaxe1> tasty
[9:35] <Hyperaxe1> 1 gigabyte per second download
[9:35] <Hyperaxe1> or 1 gigabit?
[9:35] <TurtleThrower> woah
[9:35] <rightsforppl> although when he wants to download he has to pay
[9:35] <Hyperaxe1> because there is a massive difference
[9:35] <rightsforppl> 1 gigabite per second
[9:35] <Hyperaxe1> shiiii
[9:35] <rightsforppl> *byte
[9:35] <Hyperaxe1> that's insane
[9:35] <Trisemigistus> ill be back in two weeks.
[9:35] <TurtleThrower> srsly
[9:36] <Milo_Flavour> Thats hell fast...
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> where does he live?
[9:36] <Trisemigistus> bywe hyper.
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> cya trise
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> get on steam
[9:36] <rightsforppl> dubai
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> etc
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> oh
[9:36] <Trisemigistus> i dont have steam.
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> dubai has pretty fast internet
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> get steam then
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> ;)
[9:36] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour§f) Quit (§eMilo_Flavour left the game.)
[9:36] <Trisemigistus> i have no money for games and you cant use chat/friend system without making a purchase
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> mmm
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> well
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> just go and like
[9:36] <rightsforppl> he lives in dubai
[9:36] <Hyperaxe1> get 3 dollars on a credit card
[9:37] <rightsforppl> he moved there from italy
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> download TF2
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> for free
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> as it is free to play
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> earn 3 dollars foo
[9:37] <rightsforppl> free to play eh
[9:37] <rightsforppl> hmm
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> buy a cheap hat
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> ????
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> profitier
[9:37] <rightsforppl> i got $1 on my mastercard
[9:37] <Trisemigistus> I'll try being on the forum more regularly.
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> you have a credit card argh
[9:37] <TurtleThrower> im jelly
[9:37] <Hyperaxe1> okay
[9:38] <TurtleThrower> i dont have a card
[9:38] <Trisemigistus> BAIBAI
[9:38] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§f) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> cya
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> ff
[9:38] <TurtleThrower> bye
[9:38] <rightsforppl> cya
[9:38] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> agh oh my god
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> my sheep are eating all the grass
[9:38] <rightsforppl> i wish i had a 1 gigabyte per second speed
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> so do I
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> instead of
[9:38] <rightsforppl> i could fill my hard drive with useless things
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> hnnnnng half an hour
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> it'd be
[9:38] <Hyperaxe1> hnnnnnggggg this is taking 2 seconds
[9:39] <Hyperaxe1> 2 seconds too long
[9:39] <TurtleThrower> dude mine would take 3 days
[9:39] <rightsforppl> mine willl take 1 hour
[9:39] <Hyperaxe1> well it depends on what my internet is being like
[9:39] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[9:39] <Hyperaxe1> if it is being good
[9:39] <rightsforppl> somehow i have a modem and he has a usb faster than my modem
[9:39] <martch15> HEY
[9:39] <Hyperaxe1> and getting like 2 megabytes per second
[9:39] <rightsforppl> hi mart
[9:39] <Hyperaxe1> then it's quick
[9:39] <TurtleThrower> my sword has
[9:39] <Hyperaxe1> but otherwise hnnng slow
[9:39] <martch15> OOPS CAPS :p
[9:39] <Hyperaxe1> and hai martchs
[9:39] <TurtleThrower> smite 5
[9:39] <Hyperaxe1> martch*
[9:39] <TurtleThrower> knockback 2
[9:40] <TurtleThrower> and fire aspect 2
[9:40] <TurtleThrower> AND ITS A DIAMOND SWORD
[9:40] <TurtleThrower> i can swing my sword
[9:40] <rightsforppl> sword diamond sword
[9:41] <Hyperaxe1> lol
[9:41] <martch15> lol
[9:41] <TurtleThrower> u got eaten bru
[9:41] <rightsforppl> well i have a diamond sword
[9:41] <rightsforppl> i killed it it killed me
[9:41] <TurtleThrower> if u had my sword.....
[9:41] <rightsforppl> double kill...... on eachother
[9:41] <rightsforppl> x*each other
[9:41] <TurtleThrower> itd be dead one touch
[9:41] <rightsforppl> yeah
[9:41] <Hyperaxe1> hmmm
[9:41] <Hyperaxe1> zombie at my door
[9:41] <rightsforppl> but i went to close
[9:42] <rightsforppl> punch fight with zombies
[9:42] <TurtleThrower> smash that zombie with a sword
[9:42] <Hyperaxe1> it's dead already
[9:42] <rightsforppl> :(
[9:42] <Hyperaxe1> but it was pretty vocal about it's wanting to get in
[9:42] <Hyperaxe1> I was happily digging
[9:42] <Hyperaxe1> and hen
[9:42] <Hyperaxe1> then*
[9:42] <Hyperaxe1> BANG BANG
[9:42] <Hyperaxe1> BANG BANG BANG BANG
[9:42] <TurtleThrower> do you like my swors sword
[9:42] <rightsforppl> and HEN XD
[9:43] <Hyperaxe1> B)
[9:43] <TurtleThrower> question is rehtorcal
[9:43] <rightsforppl> now it is tobuscus's song
[9:43] <TurtleThrower> u know i am an oracle
[9:43] <rightsforppl> well gimme that
[9:43] <rightsforppl> it's mine
[9:43] <TurtleThrower> OF COARSE U LIKE ME SWORD BRU
[9:44] <TurtleThrower> see i changed the words
[9:44] <TurtleThrower> patent
[9:44] <rightsforppl> do you like my sword sword
[9:44] <rightsforppl> see me?
[9:44] <TurtleThrower> here look at me sword sword
[9:44] <rightsforppl> or am i invisible
[9:44] <martch15> dose anyone have any apples?
[9:44] <TurtleThrower> i c u
[9:45] <rightsforppl> nice
[9:45] <TurtleThrower> NOW GIMME ME ME SWORD
[9:45] <rightsforppl> but it doesn't have unbreakable III
[9:45] <TurtleThrower> eh
[9:45] <TurtleThrower> I SMASH STUFF SHORT TIME
[9:45] <TurtleThrower> he he he
[9:45] <rightsforppl> do you like my pick pick
[9:46] <rightsforppl> golem
[9:46] <TurtleThrower> of course
[9:46] <rightsforppl> kill the golem
[9:46] <TurtleThrower> no
[9:46] <TurtleThrower> no
[9:46] <TurtleThrower> no
[9:46] <rightsforppl> ok
[9:46] <TurtleThrower> no
[9:46] <rightsforppl> cake
[9:46] <rightsforppl> eat the cake
[9:46] <rightsforppl> the cake is not a lie
[9:46] <TurtleThrower> it is so
[9:46] <TurtleThrower> rat said so
[9:46] <rightsforppl> well there is an easter egg
[9:46] <rightsforppl> for seeing it
[9:47] <rightsforppl> you need noclip
[9:47] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:47] <rightsforppl> and the blue and orange portal guns
[9:47] <TurtleThrower> potatoes dont eat cake
[9:47] <rightsforppl> so you use noclip
[9:47] <rightsforppl> ok
[9:47] <rightsforppl> raid the town
[9:47] <TurtleThrower> he he he
[9:47] <Hyperaxe1> excellent
[9:47] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE) has joined #main
[9:48] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:48] <Hyperaxe1> I have built a 2 setting enchantment table
[9:48] <TurtleThrower> hi boe
[9:48] <rightsforppl> hi boe
[9:48] <BOE_BOE> hi turtle
[9:48] <Hyperaxe1> hai boe
[9:48] <BOE_BOE> hi rights
[9:48] <BOE_BOE> hi hyper
[9:48] <TurtleThrower> u ranked congrats
[9:48] <rightsforppl> boe do you like my sword?
[9:48] <BOE_BOE> thx turtle
[9:48] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[9:48] <BOE_BOE> what sword rights?
[9:48] <rightsforppl> hi glac
[9:48] <TurtleThrower> wcb glac
[9:48] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[9:48] <rightsforppl> my diamond sword
[9:48] <BOE_BOE> hi glac
[9:48] <TurtleThrower> see what i did there
[9:48] <Hyperaxe1> now
[9:49] <Hyperaxe1> I feel like playing binding of isaac
[9:49] <Hyperaxe1> so like
[9:49] <rightsforppl> purdeys chapel
[9:49] <Hyperaxe1> cya
[9:49] * Hyperaxe1 (Hyperaxe1@Hyperaxe1§f) Quit (§eHyperaxe1 left the game.)
[9:49] <TurtleThrower> bye
[9:49] <Glacian_Princess> ww
[9:49] <Glacian_Princess> whoops
[9:49] <rightsforppl> what does this lever do
[9:49] <TurtleThrower> idk
[9:50] <rightsforppl> i'm not pulling it
[9:50] <TurtleThrower> purd made the cathedral
[9:50] <rightsforppl> i know
[9:50] <TurtleThrower> must be something cool.....
[9:50] <rightsforppl> my lag tells me
[9:50] <TurtleThrower> lights
[9:50] <rightsforppl> there is redstone
[9:50] <Glacian_Princess> i aquired a bottle of air yesterday
[9:50] <rightsforppl> under the floor
[9:50] <TurtleThrower> wow skills
[9:50] <rightsforppl> ok now its gone
[9:50] <rightsforppl> it is the lights?
[9:51] <TurtleThrower> yep
[9:51] <rightsforppl> tpyes
[9:51] <Glacian_Princess> tnx
[9:52] <Glacian_Princess> where are we?
[9:52] * rightsforppl was kicked from #main by Server
[9:52] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[9:52] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[9:52] <TurtleThrower> ha ha ha
[9:52] <TurtleThrower> wb
[9:52] <Glacian_Princess> why so dark
[9:52] <rightsforppl> what happened
[9:52] <rightsforppl> uber laggy
[9:52] <Glacian_Princess> u need some lights in here
[9:52] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[9:52] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:52] <Glacian_Princess> u have some
[9:53] <TurtleThrower> its purds build
[9:53] <Glacian_Princess> cool
[9:53] <rightsforppl> nice town
[9:53] <rightsforppl> kittys
[9:53] <Glacian_Princess> my pastor built a model of our cathedral on his server
[9:53] <rightsforppl> i like cats
[9:53] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:54] <TurtleThrower> i HATE cats
[9:54] <Glacian_Princess> they are cool
[9:54] <rightsforppl> wolf
[9:54] <TurtleThrower> my pet
[9:54] <rightsforppl> i like cats
[9:54] <rightsforppl> they are so yummy
[9:54] <rightsforppl> jks
[9:54] <TurtleThrower> um
[9:54] <Glacian_Princess> but i am never allowed to have one because the rest of my family are allergic to them
[9:54] <TurtleThrower> lol
[9:54] <martch15> back
[9:54] <rightsforppl> i used to have one
[9:54] * BOE_BOE (BOE_BOE@BOE_BOE§f) Quit (§eBOE_BOE left the game.)
[9:54] <TurtleThrower> wb
[9:55] <rightsforppl> untill we moved
[9:55] <rightsforppl> wcb
[9:55] <rightsforppl> brb
[9:55] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[9:55] <Glacian_Princess> please come and sit down in the cathedral
[9:55] <TurtleThrower> im an athiast
[9:55] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[9:56] <Glacian_Princess> just a note for PURD3Y cathedrals are generally sandstone
[9:57] <TurtleThrower> srry
[9:57] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[9:57] <TurtleThrower> wcb
[9:57] <Glacian_Princess> wb
[9:57] <rightsforppl> thx
[9:57] <Glacian_Princess> what are you doing turtle?
[9:58] <Glacian_Princess> why r u shooting the cathedral?
[9:58] <TurtleThrower> im not
[9:58] <TurtleThrower> there was a skeleton
[9:58] <Glacian_Princess> right
[9:58] <rightsforppl> skeletons
[9:58] <rightsforppl> my favourite kind of enemy
[10:00] <rightsforppl> this island likes redstone
[10:00] <Glacian_Princess> wich one?
[10:00] <TurtleThrower> what did u say?
[10:01] <TurtleThrower> there taking the hobbits to isengard
[10:01] <rightsforppl> they see me mining, they hatin
[10:03] <rightsforppl> they see me in a boat
[10:03] <rightsforppl> they hatin
[10:03] <TurtleThrower> dont blam them
[10:03] <rightsforppl> patrollin and trying to catch me ridin dirty
[10:03] <TurtleThrower> im BORED
[10:03] <Glacian_Princess> could you please stay wherer you are Turtle
[10:03] <rightsforppl> get a boat
[10:04] <TurtleThrower> y
[10:04] <rightsforppl> and sale
[10:04] <rightsforppl> *sail
[10:04] <Glacian_Princess> i need to go home and be able to get back
[10:04] <TurtleThrower> ok.....
[10:04] <rightsforppl> you neeed a boat to get here
[10:04] <rightsforppl> ?
[10:04] <rightsforppl> *need
[10:06] <Glacian_Princess> why are u tnting?
[10:06] <TurtleThrower> none of ur buisness
[10:06] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[10:06] <TurtleThrower> *house explodes*
[10:06] <TurtleThrower> got any tnt?
[10:07] <Glacian_Princess> u'r blowing up ur house?
[10:07] <Glacian_Princess> no sorry
[10:07] <TurtleThrower> no......
[10:07] <TurtleThrower> any1 got tnt
[10:07] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[10:07] <Glacian_Princess> ur blowing up some1 elses house?
[10:07] <rightsforppl> what the heck
[10:07] <TurtleThrower> no.....
[10:07] <rightsforppl> i'm falling from oblivion
[10:07] <rightsforppl> and not dieing
[10:08] <TurtleThrower> ha huw
[10:08] <rightsforppl> i can't tp to my home
[10:08] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[10:08] <rightsforppl> for some reason
[10:08] <Glacian_Princess> u aren't staying still
[10:08] <rightsforppl> see anything
[10:08] <rightsforppl> ?
[10:08] <TurtleThrower> yeah....
[10:09] <rightsforppl> what do you see
[10:09] <rightsforppl> ?
[10:09] <TurtleThrower> a building.....
[10:09] <rightsforppl> when i type home
[10:09] <TurtleThrower> lool
[10:09] <rightsforppl> it doesn't tp
[10:09] <rightsforppl> i just get in this thing
[10:10] <TurtleThrower> smash the boat
[10:10] <rightsforppl> ok
[10:10] <Glacian_Princess> why are the fireballs still there?
[10:10] <TurtleThrower> no reason......
[10:10] <rightsforppl> now it worked
[10:10] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[10:10] <TurtleThrower> good
[10:10] <rightsforppl> thankks turtle
[10:10] <TurtleThrower> np
[10:11] <TurtleThrower> my mushies
[10:11] <rightsforppl> put your hands up if you play minecraft!
[10:12] <TurtleThrower> puts hand down
[10:12] <rightsforppl> you don't play minecraft?
[10:12] <TurtleThrower> pulls out diamond sword
[10:12] <Glacian_Princess> i don't Play minecraft
[10:12] <Glacian_Princess> I live in ti
[10:12] <rightsforppl> there he does play it
[10:13] <TurtleThrower> holy crap
[10:13] <Glacian_Princess> minecraft is not a game
[10:13] <TurtleThrower> my sword is so COOL
[10:13] <rightsforppl> yeah it is
[10:13] <rightsforppl> my sword is AWESOME
[10:13] <Glacian_Princess> 'tis not
[10:13] <TurtleThrower> its a lifestyle
[10:13] <rightsforppl> no it isn't
[10:13] <rightsforppl> it is a bunch of code that deludes our eyes
[10:14] <rightsforppl> ths=at is what it is
[10:14] <rightsforppl> *that
[10:14] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[10:14] <TurtleThrower> hi
[10:14] <rightsforppl> hi epic
[10:14] <EpicPieface2011> hi all
[10:14] <Glacian_Princess> is a world where you can do whatever you couldn't before.
[10:14] <rightsforppl> epic want to pvp?
[10:15] <EpicPieface2011> no :(
[10:15] <rightsforppl> oh :(
[10:15] <rightsforppl> i just got my diamond sword
[10:15] <EpicPieface2011> lol
[10:15] <EpicPieface2011> I had mine since old 001 continent was found
[10:15] <TurtleThrower> lol
[10:15] <rightsforppl> who uses mods?
[10:15] <TurtleThrower> srry
[10:15] <Glacian_Princess> don't
[10:15] <EpicPieface2011> I do
[10:16] <EpicPieface2011> (ish)
[10:16] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458) has joined #main
[10:16] <rightsforppl> do you have aether mod for 1.2.5
[10:16] <rightsforppl> ?
[10:16] <Glacian_Princess> i do when i can install the,
[10:16] <EpicPieface2011> no
[10:16] <rightsforppl> hi deman
[10:16] <TurtleThrower> hey deman
[10:16] <EpicPieface2011> hi deman
[10:16] <rightsforppl> damn
[10:16] <DeMan1458> Hey
[10:16] <rightsforppl> I'm looking for it
[10:16] <rightsforppl> looking hard before i realise that i will nether find the mod
[10:16] <Glacian_Princess> so many stairs
[10:17] <rightsforppl> *never
[10:17] <DeMan1458> Unintentional pun?
[10:17] <rightsforppl> no
[10:17] <DeMan1458> So it was intentional
[10:17] <rightsforppl> i'm looking for the aether mod for 1.2.5
[10:17] <Glacian_Princess> intentional pun?
[10:17] <TurtleThrower> im down glac
[10:17] <rightsforppl> but i can't find it
[10:17] <rightsforppl> :(
[10:17] <DeMan1458> omg
[10:17] <TurtleThrower> lool
[10:18] <Glacian_Princess> ur smile is creepy
[10:18] <rightsforppl> it is kinda
[10:18] <TurtleThrower> he he i made it myself
[10:18] <rightsforppl> from behind you see a steve
[10:18] <DeMan1458> Anyone got a damged diamond pic they would sell me?
[10:18] <rightsforppl> from the front you see a creepy thing
[10:18] <Glacian_Princess> maybe.
[10:18] <TurtleThrower> i got an undamaged ill give u
[10:18] <DeMan1458> rights?
[10:18] <rightsforppl> yeah
[10:19] <rightsforppl> accept it
[10:19] <DeMan1458> Why?
[10:19] <Glacian_Princess> let us go to bed
[10:19] <rightsforppl> i got a diamond sword for you
[10:19] <DeMan1458> I dont need a diamond sword
[10:19] <rightsforppl> oh
[10:19] <rightsforppl> wiat
[10:19] <Glacian_Princess> he needs a pick
[10:19] <rightsforppl> got one
[10:19] <rightsforppl> now accept
[10:19] <DeMan1458> *damaged
[10:20] <EpicPieface2011> deman, can I get a quick tp to utopia?
[10:20] <rightsforppl> it is
[10:20] <TurtleThrower> y damaged
[10:20] <DeMan1458> Okay
[10:20] <DeMan1458> How damaged
[10:20] <rightsforppl> a bit
[10:20] <DeMan1458> And how much you want for it?
[10:20] <rightsforppl> but i got 3 more
[10:20] <rightsforppl> i want it for
[10:20] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath) has joined #main
[10:20] <rightsforppl> $0
[10:20] <TurtleThrower> hey
[10:20] <EpicPieface2011> hi skullz!
[10:20] <DeMan1458> Why do yo want to come to Utopia epic?
[10:20] <rightsforppl> hi skull
[10:20] <skullzdeath> haider
[10:20] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[10:20] <EpicPieface2011> to visit lake 001
[10:20] <EpicPieface2011> I got some stuff there
[10:20] <DeMan1458> Where the hell is that
[10:20] <Glacian_Princess> han u plz accept
[10:21] <EpicPieface2011> near the utopian border
[10:21] <DeMan1458> tp again
[10:21] <rightsforppl> there
[10:21] <rightsforppl> it is behind you
[10:21] <DeMan1458> *damaged......
[10:21] <Glacian_Princess> deman
[10:21] <rightsforppl> therre
[10:21] <Glacian_Princess> plz
[10:21] <rightsforppl> i damaged it
[10:22] <Glacian_Princess> tnx
[10:22] <Glacian_Princess> i only had to type
[10:22] <DeMan1458> By damged I mean like half hp
[10:22] <rightsforppl> oh
[10:22] <rightsforppl> who has it ?
[10:22] <rightsforppl> it isn't in my inventory
[10:22] <Glacian_Princess> is ther
[10:22] <Glacian_Princess> i am going to cathedral
[10:23] <rightsforppl> time to damage it
[10:23] <TurtleThrower> lol
[10:23] <DeMan1458> I just want a dead diamond pic so I can remove the obby
[10:23] <Glacian_Princess> what is lolsome?
[10:23] <rightsforppl> please take it
[10:23] <EpicPieface2011> yyay! I found utopia!
[10:23] <DeMan1458> I dont want people wasting away full health pics on it
[10:23] <TurtleThrower> lool
[10:23] <rightsforppl> don't worry
[10:23] <TurtleThrower> y not
[10:23] <rightsforppl> i am begging you have it
[10:24] <Glacian_Princess> my wrist hurts
[10:24] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[10:24] <TurtleThrower> hey
[10:24] <DeMan1458> Hey jrr
[10:24] <rightsforppl> hi jrr
[10:24] <jrr5556> hello
[10:24] <Glacian_Princess> is still not fully healed from when it was broken
[10:24] <EpicPieface2011> deman, is this the holy 001 ship?
[10:24] <jrr5556> hey deman!
[10:24] <EpicPieface2011> hi jrr
[10:24] <jrr5556> hey right!
[10:24] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[10:24] <jrr5556> hey turtle!
[10:24] <DeMan1458> There are a few yes
[10:24] <TurtleThrower> no the big ones gone
[10:24] <jrr5556> hey epic!
[10:24] <EpicPieface2011> HI TURTLE
[10:24] <EpicPieface2011> caps
[10:25] <TurtleThrower> HI EPIC
[10:25] <EpicPieface2011> sorry
[10:25] <rightsforppl> time to time the time between chat
[10:25] <Glacian_Princess> No hi me?
[10:25] <TurtleThrower> HI GLAC
[10:25] <Glacian_Princess> =)
[10:25] <Glacian_Princess> even if it wasn't jrr
[10:25] <rightsforppl> no hi me eh..........
[10:25] <jrr5556> ?
[10:25] * TeaCuppie (TeaCuppie@TeaCuppie) has joined #main
[10:25] <rightsforppl> HI ME
[10:25] <TurtleThrower> lol
[10:26] <jrr5556> what did I do?
[10:26] <TurtleThrower> hi
[10:26] <Glacian_Princess> Hi Me!
[10:26] <rightsforppl> hi teacuppie
[10:26] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[10:26] <Glacian_Princess> hi cuppie
[10:26] <TeaCuppie> hi
[10:26] <jrr5556> What did I do??
[10:26] <TurtleThrower> didt say hi to those 2
[10:26] <rightsforppl> well
[10:26] <Glacian_Princess> =(
[10:26] <TurtleThrower> sarcasticcaly
[10:26] <rightsforppl> jrr she heard about it
[10:26] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[10:26] <Glacian_Princess> about what?
[10:26] <TurtleThrower> wcb
[10:26] <jrr5556> abotu what?
[10:26] <jrr5556> wcb epic
[10:26] <rightsforppl> hi epic
[10:26] <EpicPieface2011> ty
[10:27] <jrr5556> about what??
[10:27] <Glacian_Princess> what did i hear about?
[10:27] * TeaCuppie (TeaCuppie@TeaCuppie§f) Quit (§eTeaCuppie left the game.)
[10:27] <TurtleThrower> STUFF
[10:27] <Glacian_Princess> what stuff?
[10:27] <TurtleThrower> idk
[10:27] <Glacian_Princess> i hear lots of stuff
[10:27] <Glacian_Princess> like sheep
[10:27] <TurtleThrower> me 2 OMG
[10:27] <Glacian_Princess> and ducks
[10:28] <Glacian_Princess> i have pet ducks in real life
[10:28] <TurtleThrower> wow
[10:28] <Glacian_Princess> with labradors
[10:28] <TurtleThrower> cook em up
[10:28] <Glacian_Princess> no
[10:28] <Glacian_Princess> they give us egs
[10:28] <EpicPieface2011> wb
[10:28] <Glacian_Princess> wb
[10:28] <skullzdeath> i miss moving when afk
[10:28] <TurtleThrower> cook up da eggs
[10:28] <Glacian_Princess> we do
[10:29] <TurtleThrower> we ALL do
[10:29] <Glacian_Princess> can someone magic purd3y to me so i can tell him that cathedrals are supposed to be made of sandston
[10:29] <DeMan1458> No
[10:29] <TurtleThrower> u wouldnt
[10:29] <rightsforppl> you mean teleport right?
[10:30] <Glacian_Princess> he isn't on
[10:30] <TurtleThrower> i have magic.....
[10:30] <DeMan1458> He would mount a defence
[10:30] <TurtleThrower> BUT HELL NO
[10:30] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[10:30] <rightsforppl> yeah
[10:30] <Glacian_Princess> does anyon e have some bones?
[10:31] <TurtleThrower> NO
[10:31] <skullzdeath> only like 9stacks
[10:31] <TurtleThrower> lool
[10:31] <Glacian_Princess> can i have some
[10:31] <Glacian_Princess> tp tome
[10:31] <Glacian_Princess> plz
[10:31] <TurtleThrower> no tat wolf by the cathedral is mine
[10:31] <skullzdeath> i kinda need tro grab em
[10:31] <Glacian_Princess> he is mine1
[10:31] <TurtleThrower> naa aa
[10:31] <TurtleThrower> tell her deman
[10:32] <DeMan1458> What?
[10:32] <Glacian_Princess> has no callar
[10:32] <skullzdeath> theres one way to settle this
[10:32] <DeMan1458> I am confused?
[10:32] <skullzdeath> bonemeal
[10:32] <TurtleThrower> i bagsd him
[10:32] <jrr5556> Deman why are you not Trusted yet?
[10:32] <Glacian_Princess> to bad
[10:32] <skullzdeath> wtf
[10:32] <TurtleThrower> lool
[10:32] <DeMan1458> Whoever tames him first gets him
[10:32] <Glacian_Princess> i need bones
[10:32] <DeMan1458> I'm not trusted because I dont know why
[10:32] <TurtleThrower> me 2
[10:33] <DeMan1458> I think I have only ever seen 3 admins on ever
[10:33] <DeMan1458> Cuz I dont play at like midnight
[10:33] <Glacian_Princess> have u got one?
[10:33] <Glacian_Princess> a wolf
[10:33] <TurtleThrower> pls skullz can i have some bones
[10:33] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[10:33] <jrr5556> go to spawn shop
[10:33] <Glacian_Princess> i have never hasd wolf
[10:33] <TurtleThrower> there out
[10:33] <Glacian_Princess> run out
[10:33] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[10:34] <TurtleThrower> pie u got any bones
[10:34] <EpicPieface2011> no
[10:34] <Glacian_Princess> please i am begging you!
[10:34] <skullzdeath> wheres cathedral
[10:34] <TurtleThrower> tp
[10:34] <skullzdeath> landing ship
[10:34] <TurtleThrower> TO ME
[10:34] <Glacian_Princess> tp to me!
[10:34] <TurtleThrower> to me
[10:34] <Glacian_Princess> i am begging
[10:34] <skullzdeath> Deman want me to take down?
[10:34] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§f) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[10:35] <skullzdeath> DEMAN
[10:35] <TurtleThrower> DEMAN!!!!!!!!
[10:35] <Glacian_Princess> skulz
[10:35] <Glacian_Princess> plz
[10:36] <Glacian_Princess> tnx
[10:36] <TurtleThrower> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[10:36] <skullzdeath> right click dog
[10:36] <Glacian_Princess> yes!
[10:36] <TurtleThrower> i shall get my vengance
[10:36] <DeMan1458> You are aware
[10:36] <Glacian_Princess> yes?
[10:36] <DeMan1458> That there nare tonnes of wolvs around
[10:36] <DeMan1458> All the time
[10:36] <Glacian_Princess> i no
[10:36] <TurtleThrower> you cant tp with wolfs anyway
[10:36] <Glacian_Princess> but not where i live
[10:36] <DeMan1458> Yes you can
[10:36] <TurtleThrower> they disappear
[10:37] <DeMan1458> You sure?
[10:37] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[10:37] <TurtleThrower> they did for e....
[10:37] <DeMan1458> hmm
[10:37] <DeMan1458> Never happened to me
[10:37] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[10:37] <skullzdeath> deman
[10:37] <DeMan1458> Yea?
[10:37] <skullzdeath> can i take down obby ships?
[10:37] <DeMan1458> I am
[10:37] <skullzdeath> ill give half tou
[10:37] <DeMan1458> I want the obby
[10:38] <skullzdeath> i only want like 14
[10:38] <skullzdeath> or 12
[10:38] <DeMan1458> Hmmmm
[10:38] <skullzdeath> however to make portal
[10:38] <TurtleThrower> if u want obby come into my mine
[10:38] <TurtleThrower> theres tonnes
[10:38] <DeMan1458> You only need 10 for a portal
[10:38] <skullzdeath> then 10 rest to you
[10:38] <DeMan1458> You can have 25% atleast
[10:38] <DeMan1458> There are 4 ships
[10:39] <skullzdeath> so i haz 1ship?
[10:39] <DeMan1458> Basically
[10:39] <TurtleThrower> theres 5 ships.....
[10:39] <Glacian_Princess> can i have a ship?w
[10:39] <DeMan1458> Whatever
[10:39] <DeMan1458> No
[10:39] <Glacian_Princess> y?
[10:39] <DeMan1458> I want the obby
[10:40] <Glacian_Princess> u can have th obby
[10:40] <DeMan1458> So you just want to break it?
[10:40] <TurtleThrower> lol
[10:40] <TurtleThrower> y waste ur pick
[10:40] <Glacian_Princess> good point
[10:40] <DeMan1458> Thats why I wanted a broken pic to use
[10:41] <Glacian_Princess> can i have the rest of stuff in there?
[10:41] <DeMan1458> I also need the glowstone XD
[10:41] <Glacian_Princess> like iron
[10:41] <DeMan1458> Theres no iron in them
[10:41] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[10:42] <Glacian_Princess> can i have one
[10:42] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[10:42] <skullzdeath> Deman,
[10:42] <EpicPieface2011> wb
[10:42] <TurtleThrower> wb
[10:42] <jrr5556> back
[10:42] <jrr5556> ty
[10:42] <DeMan1458> omg
[10:42] <Glacian_Princess> bb
[10:42] <skullzdeath> If i change the obbyhere to wool for this ship
[10:42] <skullzdeath> can it be a Eleutheria trading ship?
[10:42] <DeMan1458> No one break a ship except for skullz
[10:42] <Glacian_Princess> i just want a ship
[10:42] <DeMan1458> ?
[10:42] <TurtleThrower> um
[10:42] <Glacian_Princess> ships are cool
[10:42] <DeMan1458> Wait for your town to be invaded
[10:42] <DeMan1458> Then you can have 1
[10:42] <TurtleThrower> lol
[10:43] <Glacian_Princess> my town won't get invaded
[10:43] <skullzdeath> they wont attack Eleutheria :(
[10:43] <DeMan1458> So you say in every 001 thread XD
[10:43] <TurtleThrower> sad face coz u wont get attacked
[10:43] <Glacian_Princess> will they attack aero 001?
[10:43] <DeMan1458> They might
[10:44] <skullzdeath> i made it look like a chopper a bit
[10:44] <Glacian_Princess> my wolf came!
[10:45] <Glacian_Princess> by tp
[10:45] <DeMan1458> Told you
[10:45] <skullzdeath> tp to me if you wanna see the chopper lol
[10:45] <jrr5556> accept
[10:45] <skullzdeath> jrr resend
[10:45] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[10:45] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[10:45] <skullzdeath> dont goin yet
[10:45] <Glacian_Princess> wolfie
[10:46] <skullzdeath> thats the crew chief
[10:46] <jrr5556> why isnt Skullz and Deman Trusted?
[10:46] <Glacian_Princess> cool
[10:46] <jrr5556> nice
[10:46] <Glacian_Princess> what does A stand fpr?
[10:46] <DeMan1458> ADV
[10:46] <Glacian_Princess> advanced
[10:46] <jrr5556> how did u get diamond armour glacian
[10:46] <skullzdeath> i've been here longer then alot of trusted
[10:46] <jrr5556> How long ahve u been on server
[10:46] <Glacian_Princess> a big ship from the sky
[10:47] <jrr5556> how did u get diamond armour how long you been on server?
[10:47] <skullzdeath> i wish Eleutheria was attacked
[10:47] <Glacian_Princess> that me and some others raided had diamond blocks
[10:47] <jrr5556> you raided
[10:47] <skullzdeath> I'd turn em into Eleutheria Air Force
[10:47] <Glacian_Princess> i have been on not quite a month
[10:47] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[10:47] <DeMan1458> It was a holy001ian ship
[10:47] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[10:47] <jrr5556> wb right
[10:48] <DeMan1458> People get rich quick
[10:48] <rightsforppl> thx
[10:48] <Glacian_Princess> wb
[10:48] <skullzdeath> now to continue destroying
[10:48] <Glacian_Princess> i have 64 iron blocks
[10:48] <DeMan1458> By breaking the ridiculous amount of stuff and selling it
[10:48] <Glacian_Princess> and 3
[10:48] <Glacian_Princess> diamond blocks at my house
[10:48] <jrr5556> sold mine
[10:48] <skullzdeath> who makes the ships tgough?
[10:48] <skullzdeath> though*
[10:48] <jrr5556> i sold alot of my stuff
[10:49] <DeMan1458> Same
[10:49] <TurtleThrower> deman what did u make for adv
[10:49] <Glacian_Princess> can i change this ship to wool and claim it?
[10:50] <Glacian_Princess> igtg
[10:50] <Glacian_Princess> bye
[10:50] <rightsforppl> ya
[10:50] <TurtleThrower> byr
[10:50] <jrr5556> bye
[10:50] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[10:50] <TurtleThrower> deman what did u make 4 adv
[10:51] <DeMan1458> Hmmmmm
[10:51] <DeMan1458> The massive bridge
[10:51] <jrr5556> I made a awesome house back in 1.8
[10:51] <skullzdeath> i made RMDF in 1.8
[10:51] <DeMan1458> The town centre with the dock
[10:51] <DeMan1458> 1 of the smaller bridges
[10:51] <jrr5556> I made a steel fortress with a creeper had on top of it
[10:51] <jrr5556> it was awesome
[10:51] <DeMan1458> And alot of the town stuff
[10:52] <rightsforppl> laggy eray vision
[10:52] <jrr5556> turtle
[10:52] <rightsforppl> yay
[10:52] <jrr5556> tpa to me
[10:52] <jrr5556> turtle
[10:52] <jrr5556> this is worth adv
[10:52] <rightsforppl> jrr type /tpahere turtle
[10:52] <TurtleThrower> lol
[10:52] <jrr5556> made by purd
[10:52] <jrr5556> this is awesome isnt it
[10:52] <TurtleThrower> yeah
[10:53] <rightsforppl> i build something like this
[10:53] <rightsforppl> *built
[10:53] <jrr5556> ill show u guys something small im working on
[10:53] <TurtleThrower> ok
[10:53] <jrr5556> this is made with the my own supplies
[10:54] <jrr5556> purd got given stuff to build his church
[10:54] <TurtleThrower> nice
[10:54] <rightsforppl> easy to make though
[10:54] <jrr5556> yer
[10:54] <jrr5556> just somethign small with good outline
[10:54] <DeMan1458> onmg
[10:54] <jrr5556> im putting stuff inside
[10:54] <jrr5556> im going to do it now
[10:54] <TurtleThrower> wanna c my house
[10:54] <DeMan1458> Who keeps opening the trap doors
[10:54] <rightsforppl> in classic this will be worth builder
[10:54] <rightsforppl> :D
[10:55] <jrr5556> yer I know
[10:55] <jrr5556> but this isnt classic
[10:55] <jrr5556> this on SMP would be worth adv when I put stuff inside it
[10:55] <jrr5556> when its done
[10:55] <TurtleThrower> wanna c my place jrr
[10:55] <rightsforppl> well i built something worth adv
[10:55] <jrr5556> hang on
[10:55] <rightsforppl> if it has to be that size
[10:56] <rightsforppl> i built a 4 level house
[10:56] <rightsforppl> which has to be worth at least adv
[10:56] <TurtleThrower> mines 7 levels
[10:56] <jrr5556> how do u make enchantment table again
[10:56] <rightsforppl> book
[10:57] <DeMan1458> book, obby diamond
[10:57] <rightsforppl> frame
[10:57] <jrr5556> ah yes
[10:57] <jrr5556> ty deman
[10:57] <rightsforppl> i'm going to go for adv when the map change happens
[10:57] <rightsforppl> untill then good old builder
[10:58] <rightsforppl> nooo
[10:58] <rightsforppl> my stuff
[10:58] <jrr5556> what stuff
[10:58] <TurtleThrower> his stuff
[10:58] <jrr5556> can u amke a enchantment table for me
[10:59] <rightsforppl> a creeper came and blew me up
[10:59] <jrr5556> where
[10:59] <rightsforppl> sorry
[10:59] <TurtleThrower> i will
[10:59] <rightsforppl> outside the tower
[10:59] <jrr5556> quick its got timer
[10:59] <jrr5556> where was it
[10:59] <rightsforppl> i can handle it from here
[10:59] <jrr5556> do u need me to hold ur hand
[10:59] <jrr5556> lol
[11:00] <rightsforppl> no!!!!!!!
[11:00] <jrr5556> wow
[11:00] <jrr5556> just making a little joke
[11:00] <jrr5556> do u know how to make enchantment table turtle
[11:00] <TurtleThrower> i gave u 1
[11:00] <jrr5556> o
[11:01] <TurtleThrower> thx
[11:02] <jrr5556> can i get apples off anyone
[11:02] <TurtleThrower> deman can u see my house and tell me what else i should do for adv
[11:02] <TurtleThrower> i have none srry
[11:02] <jrr5556> can i
[11:02] <jrr5556> ill see
[11:02] <DeMan1458> I dont really know whats good for ADV tbh
[11:02] <jrr5556> can i see outside
[11:03] <jrr5556> its a yes for adv
[11:03] <TurtleThrower> theres more
[11:03] <jrr5556> very good
[11:04] <TurtleThrower> and downstairs
[11:04] <TurtleThrower> ty
[11:04] <jrr5556> was it all made by you
[11:04] <TurtleThrower> yes
[11:04] <TurtleThrower> down here
[11:04] <jrr5556> 2nd story could be better
[11:04] <TurtleThrower> yea
[11:04] <skullzdeath> im gonna take somepics of the other ships
[11:04] <jrr5556> but other wise its avd builder
[11:05] <skullzdeath> so i can make the Eleutheria air force
[11:05] <DeMan1458> Why?
[11:05] <jrr5556> nice
[11:05] <rightsforppl> there are 2 ways to get over adv
[11:05] <TurtleThrower> and a tiny farm
[11:05] <jrr5556> nice small farm
[11:05] <DeMan1458> Wait till next map skullz
[11:05] <jrr5556> its good
[11:05] <rightsforppl> the fast way donate
[11:05] <rightsforppl> the slow way bui;d
[11:05] <jrr5556> move
[11:05] <skullzdeath> exactly, make em this map and still have the pics
[11:05] <rightsforppl> *build
[11:05] <TurtleThrower> srry
[11:05] <jrr5556> dw
[11:05] <skullzdeath> so i can make next map aswell
[11:05] <TurtleThrower> i froze
[11:06] <jrr5556> its pretty awesme
[11:06] <rightsforppl> ok i need to go cyas
[11:06] <TurtleThrower> rlly thx
[11:06] <jrr5556> bye
[11:06] <TurtleThrower> cya
[11:06] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[11:06] <TurtleThrower> i hope an admin feels the same
[11:06] <jrr5556> they will
[11:06] <TurtleThrower> thx jrr
[11:06] <jrr5556> np
[11:07] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§f) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[11:08] <skullzdeath> 64 + 22 obby one ship[
[11:08] <TurtleThrower> wow
[11:08] <skullzdeath> ok, how to screenshot?
[11:08] <TurtleThrower> f2
[11:08] <skullzdeath> ty
[11:09] <skullzdeath> lmao
[11:09] <skullzdeath> turtke
[11:09] <TurtleThrower> what
[11:09] <skullzdeath> turtle,come here
[11:09] <TurtleThrower> wtf
[11:10] <skullzdeath> i know
[11:10] <TurtleThrower> whos dog
[11:10] <skullzdeath> mine
[11:10] <TurtleThrower> lol
[11:10] <skullzdeath> got up there somehow
[11:10] <TurtleThrower> parkour skills
[11:12] <skullzdeath> now, letstry to make the Air force
[11:12] <TurtleThrower> huh
[11:13] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[11:13] <jrr5556> back
[11:13] <TurtleThrower> wcb
[11:13] <jrr5556> hey
[11:13] <jrr5556> ty
[11:16] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath§f) Quit (§eskullzdeath left the game.)
[11:16] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath) has joined #main
[11:17] <jrr5556> wcb
[11:17] <skullzdeath> had to open texturepack folder
[11:17] <skullzdeath> to find mc thing
[11:21] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath§f) Quit (§eskullzdeath left the game.)
[11:25] <DeMan1458> Hello turtle
[11:25] <TurtleThrower> hi
[11:26] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[11:26] <TurtleThrower> hey
[11:27] <jrr5556> wcb
[11:27] <Glacian_Princess> i like bacon and eggs
[11:27] <Glacian_Princess> especially with duck eggs
[11:27] <TurtleThrower> i like bacon
[11:27] <TurtleThrower> infact on classic my title is bacon ninja
[11:28] <Glacian_Princess> i <3 bacon
[11:28] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[11:28] <Glacian_Princess> can we get nicknames?
[11:28] <DeMan1458> Not on here
[11:28] <TurtleThrower> on classic
[11:29] <Glacian_Princess> what is the classic server?
[11:29] <DeMan1458> Australian Minecraft Server
[11:29] <Glacian_Princess> what is i.p.
[11:29] <DeMan1458> Under the list of Classic servers
[11:29] <DeMan1458> Its classic, you dont need an ip
[11:29] <jrr5556> no ip
[11:29] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[11:29] <Glacian_Princess> i am confused
[11:29] <TurtleThrower> lol
[11:29] <DeMan1458> Classic servers
[11:29] <DeMan1458> Dont have ips
[11:29] <jrr5556> its not on Minecraft you have to download WOM
[11:29] <Glacian_Princess> the free one?
[11:30] <DeMan1458> Yes
[11:30] <TurtleThrower> i like bacon
[11:30] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[11:30] <Glacian_Princess> that is really bad i think
[11:30] <TurtleThrower> naa
[11:30] <DeMan1458> How is it bad?
[11:30] <Glacian_Princess> compared to payed for
[11:30] <DeMan1458> Its not bad.......
[11:30] <TurtleThrower> demans admin on classic
[11:30] <jrr5556> its the first minecraft
[11:30] <DeMan1458> Op actually
[11:30] <TurtleThrower> oh
[11:31] <TurtleThrower> whatever
[11:31] <DeMan1458> riding and Jka are Admins
[11:31] <jrr5556> and cwp
[11:31] <Glacian_Princess> has it improved from before/
[11:31] <DeMan1458> Classic is classic
[11:31] <DeMan1458> Never updates
[11:31] <jrr5556> no updates
[11:32] <Glacian_Princess> well i don't really like classic
[11:32] <DeMan1458> Thats your opinion
[11:32] <TurtleThrower> tsk tsk
[11:32] <jrr5556> Have you played it
[11:32] <jrr5556> ?
[11:32] <DeMan1458> The building standard is much higher
[11:32] <Glacian_Princess> it may be because when i was playing it it was a really bad computer
[11:32] <jrr5556> maybe
[11:32] <Glacian_Princess> how do we play it?
[11:32] <TurtleThrower> or maybe ur a noob
[11:33] <DeMan1458> Go onto minecraft website
[11:33] <DeMan1458> Classic mulitplayer
[11:33] <Glacian_Princess> i was a noob
[11:33] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[11:33] <Glacian_Princess> bye
[11:33] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[11:33] <DeMan1458> And type aust into the search on the list
[11:33] <TurtleThrower> lol
[11:33] <DeMan1458> She aint going to our server
[11:33] <TurtleThrower> lol
[11:33] <TurtleThrower> i hope not
[11:33] <DeMan1458> I will get on in a sec
[11:33] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458§f) Quit (§eDeMan1458 left the game.)
[11:33] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458) has joined #main
[11:33] <jrr5556> wcb
[11:33] <TurtleThrower> wcb
[11:33] <DeMan1458> Clicked the wrong button
[11:34] <TurtleThrower> lol
[11:34] <jrr5556> lol
[11:34] <jrr5556> bye
[11:34] <DeMan1458> Bye
[11:34] <TurtleThrower> bye
[11:34] <TurtleThrower> whos going
[11:34] <DeMan1458> idk
[11:34] <TurtleThrower> lol
[11:34] <DeMan1458> jrr I think
[11:35] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[11:35] <TurtleThrower> so no1s leaving LOL
[11:35] <jrr5556> hey purd
[11:35] <DeMan1458> Hey purd
[11:35] <TurtleThrower> hey purd
[11:35] <jrr5556> purd look at my building now
[11:35] <PURD3Y> lllllllladies and gentleman
[11:35] <DeMan1458> Well jrr just randomly said bye
[11:35] <PURD3Y> .em
[11:35] <PURD3Y> men*
[11:35] <PURD3Y> .toa jrr5556
[11:35] <jrr5556> o i thought u were leaving deman
[11:35] <TurtleThrower> lol
[11:35] <DeMan1458> I am
[11:35] <DeMan1458> But not yet XD
[11:35] <PURD3Y> vale DeMan1458
[11:35] <jrr5556> its a small church
[11:35] <DeMan1458> What Purd?
[11:36] <PURD3Y> its goodbye in latin
[11:36] <PURD3Y> everyone is copying my church XD
[11:36] <TurtleThrower> aka leave NOW
[11:36] <jrr5556> urs is a cathedral
[11:36] <DeMan1458> I will say good bye when I am leaving
[11:36] <jrr5556> mines very small
[11:36] <PURD3Y> touche
[11:36] <TurtleThrower> bye
[11:36] <PURD3Y> jrr have you seen my build for next server?
[11:36] <jrr5556> no
[11:37] <PURD3Y> wanna see it
[11:37] <PURD3Y> ?
[11:37] <DeMan1458> GOODBYE
[11:37] <jrr5556> ye
[11:37] <PURD3Y> vale DeMan1458
[11:37] * DeMan1458 (DeMan1458@DeMan1458§f) Quit (§eDeMan1458 left the game.)
[11:37] <TurtleThrower> bye
[11:37] <TurtleThrower> dam
[11:37] <jrr5556> crap
[11:37] <PURD3Y> awww hell no
[11:37] <TurtleThrower> i hate spiders
[11:37] <PURD3Y> i was so afk
[11:38] <TurtleThrower> where were u
[11:38] <PURD3Y> that was cheap
[11:38] <jrr5556> stuff is on ground
[11:38] <PURD3Y> the ip is
[11:38] <TurtleThrower> y do creepers like never drop gunpowder
[11:38] <PURD3Y> you have to kill them
[11:39] <TurtleThrower> ik
[11:39] <PURD3Y> then you're doing it wrong
[11:39] <jrr5556> k see u on
[11:39] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§f) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[11:39] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[11:40] * TurtleThrower (TurtleThrower@TurtleThrower§f) Quit (§eTurtleThrower left the game.)
[11:41] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[11:46] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[11:54] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[11:54] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[11:55] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[11:55] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[11:55] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[11:55] <PURD3Y> hey
[11:55] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[11:55] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[11:56] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[11:56] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[11:57] <_BlooperPooper_> back
[11:58] <_BlooperPooper_> be at the end
[12:00] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[12:01] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[12:01] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[12:01] <Ownenator2011> ello
[12:01] <Ownenator2011> hello*
[12:02] <_BlooperPooper_> im at the end
[12:02] <Ownenator2011> cool
[12:02] <_BlooperPooper_> wanna see?
[12:02] <Ownenator2011> nah im k
[12:02] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[12:08] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§f) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[12:08] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[12:09] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[12:12] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE) has joined #main
[12:12] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[12:13] <BeGGziEE> hi
[12:13] * BeGGziEE was kicked from #main by Server
[12:13] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE§f) Quit (§eBeGGziEE left the game.)
[12:13] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE) has joined #main
[12:13] <_BlooperPooper_> wb
[12:14] <_BlooperPooper_> u want any thing?
[12:15] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE§f) Quit (§eBeGGziEE left the game.)
[12:27] <_BlooperPooper_> can some1 come on now
[12:35] * 4crtcE (4crtcE@4crtcE) has joined #main
[12:35] <4crtcE> hey
[12:35] <_BlooperPooper_> hi man
[12:35] <4crtcE> im a man?
[12:35] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[12:36] <4crtcE> hey pie face
[12:36] <_BlooperPooper_> hi epic
[12:36] <EpicPieface2011> hi
[12:37] <4crtcE> brb
[12:37] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[12:37] <4crtcE> afk
[12:38] <4crtcE> hello
[12:38] <_BlooperPooper_> wb
[12:38] <EpicPieface2011> wb 4cr
[12:38] <4crtcE> i was evil
[12:38] <4crtcE> then turned racist
[12:38] <4crtcE> then got kicked fromm my own village
[12:38] <4crtcE> =)
[12:39] <4crtcE> o
[12:39] <4crtcE> o,o
[12:39] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[12:40] <4crtcE> blooper u made a water fountain too?
[12:40] * _BlooperPooper_ was kicked from #main by Server
[12:40] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[12:40] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[12:40] <4crtcE> wat the
[12:40] <_BlooperPooper_> yes i did
[12:41] <4crtcE> bum
[12:41] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[12:41] <4crtcE> ESAHGUIGORIDUGN
[12:41] <4crtcE> soz caps
[12:42] <4crtcE> soz
[12:42] <_BlooperPooper_> k
[12:42] <4crtcE> soz soz
[12:43] <4crtcE> *Floor
[12:43] <_BlooperPooper_> ok whats that
[12:43] <4crtcE> or u die
[12:43] <4crtcE> its like a disco floor
[12:43] <_BlooperPooper_> cool
[12:43] <4crtcE> with colours and lights it'll be great we need colourd wool
[12:44] <4crtcE> though
[12:44] <_BlooperPooper_> i have heps
[12:44] <4crtcE> like every colour
[12:44] <4crtcE> ?
[12:44] <4crtcE> or green, blue, yellow and pink
[12:44] <_BlooperPooper_> i have like every colour
[12:44] <4crtcE> to make it snazzy
[12:45] <4crtcE> lets goQ
[12:45] <4crtcE> !
[12:45] <_BlooperPooper_> go
[12:45] <4crtcE> make it
[12:45] <_BlooperPooper_> ill get some wool
[12:45] <4crtcE> ok
[12:46] <4crtcE> tp to me to place we make
[12:47] <4crtcE> build here i gtg
[12:47] * 4crtcE (4crtcE@4crtcE§f) Quit (§e4crtcE left the game.)
[12:48] <_BlooperPooper_> hey epic want to help?
[12:48] <_BlooperPooper_> nvm
[12:50] <_BlooperPooper_> epic can i tpa to you?
[12:50] <EpicPieface2011> sorry, in a secret place
[12:50] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[12:51] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[12:51] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[12:54] * Gus_Roughley (Gus_Roughley@Gus_Roughley) has joined #main
[12:55] * Gus_Roughley (Gus_Roughley@Gus_Roughley§f) Quit (§eGus_Roughley left the game.)
[12:58] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[12:58] <jrr5556> sup
[12:58] <jrr5556> Epic?
[12:59] * mancract (mancract@mancract) has joined #main
[12:59] <EpicPieface2011> welcome back
[12:59] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[12:59] <jrr5556> hey
[12:59] <EpicPieface2011> Hi man
[13:00] <jrr5556> epic tpa to me
[13:00] <EpicPieface2011> Sec
[13:00] <mancract> Le wois spainish de yos?
[13:00] <_BlooperPooper_> mancract
[13:00] <mancract> We?
[13:00] <_BlooperPooper_> what
[13:01] <jrr5556> mancract did you mean to make ur name mancraft
[13:01] <mancract> We?
[13:01] <mancract> We
[13:01] <jrr5556> ??
[13:01] <mancract> Spaos de yos
[13:01] <mancract> Le con dur le yos
[13:01] <_BlooperPooper_> ?
[13:01] <jrr5556> qui
[13:02] <jrr5556> what lanuage?
[13:02] <jrr5556> language
[13:02] <jrr5556> eipic tp
[13:02] <jrr5556> epic
[13:02] <jrr5556> :(
[13:03] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§f) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[13:03] <mancract> Skeleton
[13:03] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556) has joined #main
[13:03] <mancract> Woof
[13:03] <jrr5556> epic tp
[13:03] <jrr5556> its my church
[13:03] <_BlooperPooper_> mancract its been a long time
[13:03] <EpicPieface2011> Nice
[13:03] <EpicPieface2011> :D
[13:03] <mancract> Two months
[13:04] <jrr5556> jumping stones
[13:04] <EpicPieface2011> XD
[13:04] <mancract> Random pieces of dirt
[13:04] <jrr5556> noooo
[13:04] <mancract> What planet are you from>
[13:05] <_BlooperPooper_> mars
[13:05] <mancract> ...
[13:05] * jrr5556 (jrr5556@jrr5556§f) Quit (§ejrr5556 left the game.)
[13:05] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[13:06] <mancract> da faq?
[13:06] <mancract> Dumb idiots who breake in
[13:06] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[13:06] <mancract> I should close up this farm
[13:07] <_BlooperPooper_> no
[13:07] <mancract> Yes.
[13:07] <mancract> I'm not coming back on SMP you know
[13:07] <_BlooperPooper_> its a good farm
[13:08] * DeeSparticus (DeeSparticus@DeeSparticus) has joined #main
[13:08] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[13:08] * DeeSparticus (DeeSparticus@DeeSparticus§f) Quit (§eDeeSparticus left the game.)
[13:09] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[13:09] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[13:09] <rightsforppl> hi mancract
[13:09] <mancract> Me
[13:09] <rightsforppl> hi bloop
[13:09] <mancract> Who lives in Shoresbury?
[13:09] <rightsforppl> me
[13:09] <mancract> I'm closing up my farm
[13:09] * DeeSparticus (DeeSparticus@DeeSparticus) has joined #main
[13:10] <_BlooperPooper_> the farm is.. is....
[13:10] <rightsforppl> hi deesparticus
[13:10] <DeeSparticus> hihi
[13:10] <mancract> Blooper but that back
[13:10] <mancract> >:(
[13:10] <_BlooperPooper_> srry
[13:10] <mancract> You can keep it
[13:10] <mancract> But
[13:11] <mancract> Can you please leave the farm
[13:11] <_BlooperPooper_> ok srry
[13:11] <mancract> ..
[13:11] <mancract> Closed
[13:11] <mancract> NOW OFF TO LOS VAGUS
[13:12] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[13:12] * DeeSparticus (DeeSparticus@DeeSparticus§f) Quit (§eDeeSparticus left the game.)
[13:12] <mancract> Bye every one I could come back next year or some how!
[13:13] * mancract (mancract@mancract§f) Quit (§emancract left the game.)
[13:13] <_BlooperPooper_> no
[13:15] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[13:18] * Dreadedclown (Dreadedclown@Dreadedclown§f) has joined #main
[13:18] <Dreadedclown> Hi
[13:19] <Dreadedclown> is there a mod on?
[13:20] * Dreadedclown (Dreadedclown@Dreadedclown§f) Quit (§eDreadedclown left the game.)
[13:21] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[13:22] <_BlooperPooper_> hi purd
[13:22] <PURD3Y> hola
[13:22] <_BlooperPooper_> mancract was just online
[13:22] <PURD3Y> cool, i care?
[13:23] <PURD3Y> wait that sounds mean
[13:23] <PURD3Y> cool, i needed to know?
[13:23] <_BlooperPooper_> he closed the farm
[13:23] <_BlooperPooper_> :(
[13:24] <PURD3Y> and?
[13:24] <_BlooperPooper_> then he left
[13:24] <_BlooperPooper_> :(
[13:26] <_BlooperPooper_> ill be at the end or at hq
[13:28] <_BlooperPooper_> the dog at hq has been there for a long time
[13:28] <_BlooperPooper_> ...
[13:28] <PURD3Y> mmmhm
[13:31] <_BlooperPooper_> im at the end not like u care
[13:31] <PURD3Y> o.o
[13:34] * DeeSparticus (DeeSparticus@DeeSparticus) has joined #main
[13:34] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[13:34] <PURD3Y> hey dee
[13:34] <DeeSparticus> Hiyaaaaaa
[13:34] <PURD3Y> lt;ns
[13:35] * DeeSparticus (DeeSparticus@DeeSparticus§f) Quit (§eDeeSparticus left the game.)
[13:42] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[13:43] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[13:43] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[13:44] <PURD3Y> hey re
[13:45] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[13:45] <Regox> Hey
[13:45] <PURD3Y> hey ep
[13:45] <EpicPieface2011> Hey
[13:53] * _BlooperPooper_ was kicked from #main by Server
[13:53] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[13:53] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[13:53] <PURD3Y> yay my bf3 is done
[13:53] <EpicPieface2011> :D
[13:54] <PURD3Y> bye all
[13:54] <Regox> Bye
[13:54] <EpicPieface2011> b ye purd
[13:54] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[13:54] <_BlooperPooper_> bye
[13:55] <_BlooperPooper_> hi regox
[13:55] <Regox> Hey
[13:56] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[13:57] <_BlooperPooper_> back
[13:57] <Regox> wb
[13:57] <EpicPieface2011> wb
[13:58] <_BlooperPooper_> any1 want end stone?
[13:59] <_BlooperPooper_> 2$ a stack
[14:00] <_BlooperPooper_> $1 a stack
[14:01] <_BlooperPooper_> $0.99 cents a stack
[14:02] <_BlooperPooper_> $0 a stack
[14:03] <EpicPieface2011> deal
[14:03] <_BlooperPooper_> no
[14:03] <EpicPieface2011> why?
[14:03] <_BlooperPooper_> end stone
[14:04] <_BlooperPooper_> ill do it
[14:04] <_BlooperPooper_> the deal
[14:05] <_BlooperPooper_> what?
[14:05] <_BlooperPooper_> $0 a stack of end stone
[14:06] <_BlooperPooper_> epic?
[14:06] <EpicPieface2011> yes?
[14:06] <_BlooperPooper_> u doing the deal?
[14:06] <EpicPieface2011> no thnx
[14:07] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[14:07] <_BlooperPooper_> regox $0 a stack of end stone?
[14:07] <Regox> I have creative
[14:08] <_BlooperPooper_> oh yea
[14:10] <_BlooperPooper_> any1 want to come to the end with me?
[14:11] <_BlooperPooper_> any1
[14:11] <Regox> Nope
[14:13] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[14:14] <_BlooperPooper_> back
[14:15] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[14:16] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[14:16] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:16] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§f) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[14:17] <_BlooperPooper_> bye :(
[14:17] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[14:17] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§f) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[14:17] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:17] <_BlooperPooper_> bye :(
[14:17] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071) has joined #main
[14:17] * Shada0071 (Shada0071@Shada0071§f) Quit (§eShada0071 left the game.)
[14:20] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[14:20] <campiee> bye
[14:20] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:20] * campiee (campiee@campiee§f) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[14:20] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE) has joined #main
[14:20] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:20] <BeGGziEE> hi
[14:22] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow) has joined #main
[14:22] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:22] <CanOfMeow> hello
[14:23] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123) has joined #main
[14:23] <_BlooperPooper_> hi warzac
[14:24] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[14:26] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath) has joined #main
[14:27] <CanOfMeow> yo skullz
[14:27] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:27] <skullzdeath> hai der
[14:28] <_BlooperPooper_> can i tpa to u skullz?
[14:28] <skullzdeath> why?
[14:28] <_BlooperPooper_> for fun
[14:29] <skullzdeath> im building ships
[14:29] <_BlooperPooper_> :(
[14:29] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[14:31] <CanOfMeow> .
[14:31] <_BlooperPooper_> wb
[14:31] * BeGGziEE (BeGGziEE@BeGGziEE§f) Quit (§eBeGGziEE left the game.)
[14:31] <CanOfMeow> thanks
[14:32] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow§f) Quit (§eCanOfMeow left the game.)
[14:33] <_BlooperPooper_> any1 want to come to the nerther with me?
[14:33] <_BlooperPooper_> if so tpa to me
[14:36] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[14:36] <_BlooperPooper_> hi purd
[14:36] <PURD3Y> hey
[14:36] <PURD3Y> who has a dispenser i can borrow?
[14:37] <_BlooperPooper_> not me
[14:37] <_BlooperPooper_> :(
[14:37] <PURD3Y> i need a new graphics card XD
[14:39] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123§f) Quit (§eWarzac123 left the game.)
[14:41] <PURD3Y> i need 125 dillars... /rubs beard
[14:42] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[14:42] <EpicPieface2011> Hi
[14:42] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:49] <_BlooperPooper_> epic u want nerther rack for free?
[14:49] <EpicPieface2011> thanks
[14:49] <EpicPieface2011> No t hanks
[14:49] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus) has joined #main
[14:49] <skullzdeath> HAI TRISE
[14:49] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:50] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath§f) Quit (§eskullzdeath left the game.)
[14:50] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath) has joined #main
[14:50] * Trisemigistus (Trisemigistus@Trisemigistus§f) Quit (§eTrisemigistus left the game.)
[14:51] <_BlooperPooper_> skullz u want 2 stacks of nether rack for free?
[14:51] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
[14:51] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[14:54] <skullzdeath> nah
[14:54] <skullzdeath> igot netherrack
[14:56] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[14:56] <rightsforppl> hi
[14:56] <_BlooperPooper_> hi man
[14:56] <rightsforppl> everyone else is afk?
[14:57] <_BlooperPooper_> idk
[14:57] <rightsforppl> skull and epic are you guys afk?
[14:57] <EpicPieface2011> No
[14:57] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123) has joined #main
[14:57] <rightsforppl> hi zac
[14:57] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[14:57] <rightsforppl> well that shows skull is afk
[14:57] <rightsforppl> but everyone else isn't
[14:58] <rightsforppl> i just got 10000 points in party mode :D
[14:58] <Warzac123> hey
[14:58] <rightsforppl> for fruit ninja kinect
[14:58] <rightsforppl> my highest score :D
[14:59] <rightsforppl> home
[15:00] <rightsforppl> who wants to pvp ?
[15:01] <rightsforppl> no one wants to pVp
[15:01] <rightsforppl> well brb
[15:01] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[15:03] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[15:03] <_BlooperPooper_> wb
[15:03] <rightsforppl> thx
[15:03] <rightsforppl> who wants to mine with me?
[15:03] <EpicPieface2011> im already mining :D
[15:03] <rightsforppl> can i mine with you?
[15:04] <EpicPieface2011> sec
[15:04] <EpicPieface2011> tpa to me
[15:04] <_BlooperPooper_> im making a farm under ground
[15:04] <_BlooperPooper_> :)
[15:04] <rightsforppl> coal
[15:05] <EpicPieface2011> rights
[15:05] <rightsforppl> yes
[15:05] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123§f) Quit (§eWarzac123 left the game.)
[15:05] <EpicPieface2011> u can take anything except gold or diamond, ,we will split
[15:05] <rightsforppl> ok
[15:05] <EpicPieface2011> and replace walls with cobble please
[15:05] <EpicPieface2011> :D
[15:05] <rightsforppl> this is gold level
[15:05] <rightsforppl> but not diamond level
[15:05] <EpicPieface2011> This is level 11
[15:06] <rightsforppl> it's cod is 13
[15:06] <rightsforppl> stone mining
[15:06] <rightsforppl> gold
[15:06] <EpicPieface2011> thanks
[15:06] <EpicPieface2011> do u want some
[15:06] <rightsforppl> how much did you get
[15:06] <EpicPieface2011> 6
[15:06] <rightsforppl> half half
[15:07] <rightsforppl> thx
[15:07] <EpicPieface2011> D:
[15:07] <rightsforppl> my things
[15:07] <rightsforppl> did you get my things?
[15:07] <EpicPieface2011> No sorry :(
[15:07] <rightsforppl> damn
[15:07] <EpicPieface2011> I tried to put the fire out :)
[15:07] <EpicPieface2011> *:(
[15:08] <EpicPieface2011> sec
[15:08] <rightsforppl> well lucky i had some gold
[15:08] <rightsforppl> to make 2 pickaxes
[15:09] <_BlooperPooper_> u want gold rights?
[15:09] <EpicPieface2011> Sorry
[15:09] <rightsforppl> nah
[15:09] <EpicPieface2011> just give me a sec
[15:09] <EpicPieface2011> k tp
[15:10] <rightsforppl> i need iron for this job
[15:10] <rightsforppl> gold isn't good
[15:10] <rightsforppl> thx
[15:10] <skullzdeath> YEES
[15:11] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[15:11] <skullzdeath> Eleutherian Transport ship mk. 1
[15:11] <_BlooperPooper_> ok back
[15:12] <skullzdeath> epic, wanna see?
[15:12] <rightsforppl> iron
[15:12] <EpicPieface2011> um
[15:12] <_BlooperPooper_> i have 21 iron?
[15:12] <skullzdeath> Do you?
[15:13] <_BlooperPooper_> yes
[15:13] <EpicPieface2011> rights
[15:13] <rightsforppl> wow
[15:13] <EpicPieface2011> we have to go lower
[15:13] <rightsforppl> more iron
[15:13] <rightsforppl> we do
[15:13] <EpicPieface2011> rights
[15:13] <EpicPieface2011> lower=more chance of diamonds
[15:13] <rightsforppl> yeash
[15:13] <rightsforppl> *yeah
[15:13] <EpicPieface2011> Blooper
[15:13] <EpicPieface2011> What are you doing
[15:13] <rightsforppl> where there is lava there is diamond
[15:14] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath§f) Quit (§eskullzdeath left the game.)
[15:14] <rightsforppl> diamond
[15:14] <rightsforppl> half half
[15:15] <EpicPieface2011> rights
[15:15] <rightsforppl> sorry
[15:15] <EpicPieface2011> where are you
[15:15] <rightsforppl> here
[15:15] <rightsforppl> no lava :\
[15:15] <rightsforppl> dig lower
[15:15] <EpicPieface2011> lava
[15:16] <rightsforppl> so that means diamonds
[15:16] <_BlooperPooper_> :)
[15:16] <rightsforppl> damn
[15:16] <_BlooperPooper_> epic
[15:16] <EpicPieface2011> yes?
[15:16] <_BlooperPooper_> up here
[15:16] <EpicPieface2011> ok
[15:16] <rightsforppl> i hate my life
[15:16] <rightsforppl> :(
[15:17] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[15:17] <EpicPieface2011> dont worry
[15:17] <EpicPieface2011> i got ur stuff
[15:17] <rightsforppl> great
[15:17] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[15:17] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[15:17] <rightsforppl> hi glac
[15:17] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[15:17] <EpicPieface2011> omg
[15:18] <rightsforppl> what
[15:18] <rightsforppl> ?
[15:18] <EpicPieface2011> half of ur stuff went into lava
[15:18] <Glacian_Princess> what?
[15:18] <EpicPieface2011> ii dont have the diamonds or gold
[15:18] <rightsforppl> damn
[15:18] <EpicPieface2011> sorry
[15:18] <rightsforppl> where did i die?
[15:18] <EpicPieface2011> Right on the lava
[15:18] <Glacian_Princess> i can compensaste you on the diamonds
[15:18] <EpicPieface2011> almost
[15:19] <EpicPieface2011> O_O
[15:19] <rightsforppl> i hate lava
[15:19] <EpicPieface2011> XD
[15:19] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[15:19] <rightsforppl> well at least my stuff is still here
[15:19] <Glacian_Princess> do u want some diamonds to replace some
[15:19] <EpicPieface2011> blooper
[15:19] <Glacian_Princess> or are you ok
[15:19] <rightsforppl> thx
[15:20] <EpicPieface2011> guy
[15:20] <Glacian_Princess> come to me if you want themw
[15:20] <EpicPieface2011> guys
[15:20] <EpicPieface2011> please dont touch gold, diamond or lapis
[15:20] <EpicPieface2011> i will share them
[15:20] <rightsforppl> lava
[15:20] <rightsforppl> help
[15:20] <Glacian_Princess> over here wolfies
[15:20] <Glacian_Princess> good boy
[15:21] <Glacian_Princess> my tooth feels weird
[15:21] <rightsforppl> damn you lava
[15:21] <_BlooperPooper_> damn
[15:21] <EpicPieface2011> dude
[15:21] <rightsforppl> my worst enemy
[15:22] <Glacian_Princess> i love cat's
[15:22] <EpicPieface2011> blooper
[15:22] <_BlooperPooper_> umm...
[15:22] <rightsforppl> i think i'll stick to my mine
[15:22] <EpicPieface2011> how did u get in my mine
[15:22] <Glacian_Princess> but i can't hug every cat
[15:22] <_BlooperPooper_> idk
[15:22] <EpicPieface2011> blooper
[15:22] <EpicPieface2011> how?
[15:22] <Glacian_Princess> i got a new braclet today
[15:22] <Glacian_Princess> i
[15:22] <rightsforppl> he tped to me
[15:22] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[15:23] <rightsforppl> hi rob
[15:23] <Glacian_Princess> it is golc with diamaties in it
[15:23] <_BlooperPooper_> i tpa to right
[15:23] <roberestarkk> hello
[15:23] <Glacian_Princess> heo
[15:23] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[15:24] <_BlooperPooper_> ill give u all the stuff i get
[15:24] <rightsforppl> put your hands up if you hate lava
[15:25] <rightsforppl> i always lose my stuff in lava
[15:25] <EpicPieface2011> lol
[15:25] <roberestarkk> whether*
[15:25] <roberestarkk> and I'm not insane, my mother had me tested
[15:25] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[15:26] <Glacian_Princess> just wondering
[15:26] <EpicPieface2011> blooper
[15:26] <EpicPieface2011> u can keep any ore
[15:26] <EpicPieface2011> except lapis, gold or diamond
[15:26] <_BlooperPooper_> thx
[15:26] <EpicPieface2011> and i will share that with u
[15:26] <Glacian_Princess> blooper
[15:26] <_BlooperPooper_> ye
[15:26] <EpicPieface2011> U can mine anything, just not gold, diamond, or lapis
[15:26] <EpicPieface2011> :)
[15:26] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[15:26] <Glacian_Princess> may i fight you and kill you so i can be queen without marrying you
[15:27] <rightsforppl> no we already arranged your marriage
[15:27] <Glacian_Princess> no you didn't
[15:27] <rightsforppl> we had presents and diamonds
[15:27] <Glacian_Princess> i will kill you
[15:27] <rightsforppl> we also had love potio......... nothing
[15:27] <Glacian_Princess> sigh
[15:28] <Glacian_Princess> i would much rather kill him'
[15:28] <_BlooperPooper_> who?
[15:28] <rightsforppl> what about the diamonds and presents
[15:28] <Glacian_Princess> you blooper
[15:28] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[15:28] <rightsforppl> what about the diamonds and presents again
[15:28] <Glacian_Princess> you probably don't have someone to marry us and nowhere for us to get married
[15:29] <rightsforppl> we do
[15:29] <Glacian_Princess> where and who?
[15:29] <rightsforppl> we can marry you 2 in minecraft
[15:29] <rightsforppl> in the cathdral
[15:29] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[15:29] <Glacian_Princess> and who?
[15:29] <rightsforppl> where purd3y will anounce it
[15:29] <roberestarkk> But Purd3y isn't an ordained priest!
[15:29] <rightsforppl> he made a cathdral
[15:29] <Glacian_Princess> no
[15:29] <rightsforppl> so he is blessed
[15:30] <Glacian_Princess> and it isn't sandstone
[15:30] <roberestarkk> that's not how it works
[15:30] <Glacian_Princess> finnaly someone who kn ows how it works
[15:30] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[15:30] <EpicPieface2011> hey
[15:30] <rightsforppl> hi camp
[15:30] <campiee> hi
[15:30] <Glacian_Princess> my pastor plays minecraft
[15:30] <campiee> pie turn ur server on
[15:31] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[15:31] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[15:31] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[15:31] <campiee> ?
[15:31] <Glacian_Princess> i don't know how to get to the cathedral
[15:31] <rightsforppl> purd3y knows how
[15:31] <EpicPieface2011> go on hamachi
[15:31] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[15:31] <Glacian_Princess> who?
[15:31] <rightsforppl> i already got your diamonds
[15:32] <campiee> and?
[15:32] <Glacian_Princess> we will just say i don't
[15:32] <rightsforppl> we will forget the diamond gifts
[15:32] <Glacian_Princess> so
[15:33] <rightsforppl> think of the diamonds
[15:33] <Glacian_Princess> he hasn't even proposed
[15:33] <rightsforppl> we will skip that
[15:33] <Glacian_Princess> you can't
[15:33] <rightsforppl> we can
[15:33] <Glacian_Princess> and he will not propose or say i do
[15:34] <rightsforppl> bloop you may skip being proposed
[15:34] <_BlooperPooper_> what
[15:34] <Glacian_Princess> stop being stupid
[15:34] <campiee> some sort of mine
[15:34] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[15:35] <roberestarkk> jtadams
[15:35] <rightsforppl> well i will get the bride and grooom skins
[15:35] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[15:35] <campiee> ok
[15:35] <rightsforppl> *groom
[15:35] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[15:35] <rightsforppl> this will be a great online marriage
[15:35] <rightsforppl> wcb
[15:35] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[15:35] <rightsforppl> wcb
[15:35] <_BlooperPooper_> im sorry i hit my modem in anger
[15:36] <Glacian_Princess> you cannot get married in a black dress
[15:36] <rightsforppl> well we will get the bride and room cotumes
[15:36] <Glacian_Princess> i am not changing my skin
[15:36] <rightsforppl> think of the diamonds
[15:36] <_BlooperPooper_> im 8
[15:36] <rightsforppl> and presents
[15:36] <rightsforppl> early marriage
[15:36] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[15:36] * campiee (campiee@campiee§f) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[15:36] <rightsforppl> this was arranged
[15:37] <rightsforppl> and you 1 shall get married
[15:37] <Glacian_Princess> he does not have permission from my parents
[15:37] <rightsforppl> *2
[15:37] <rightsforppl> well i just (dealt) with them
[15:37] <Glacian_Princess> or me
[15:37] <rightsforppl> i (dealt) with them too
[15:37] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[15:38] <rightsforppl> don't worry from the inside she loves you
[15:39] <rightsforppl> she <3's you so much
[15:39] <EpicPieface2011> lets go back
[15:39] <rightsforppl> she is getting deliusonal
[15:39] <rightsforppl> *delusional
[15:40] <_BlooperPooper_> srry i wasnt listening what did u say
[15:40] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[15:40] <rightsforppl> she loves you so much in the inside
[15:40] <rightsforppl> wcb
[15:40] <rightsforppl> we were talking about your marriage
[15:40] <Glacian_Princess> no i don't
[15:40] <rightsforppl> she just hides it on the outside
[15:40] <Glacian_Princess> I love......
[15:40] <Glacian_Princess> CATS!
[15:41] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123) has joined #main
[15:41] <rightsforppl> bloop we will get you a cat skin
[15:41] <Glacian_Princess> i am already married to cats
[15:41] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[15:41] <Warzac123> hey
[15:41] <rightsforppl> hi warzac
[15:41] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[15:41] <rightsforppl> well we will devorce you from them
[15:41] <Glacian_Princess> i don't do divorce
[15:41] <rightsforppl> yeah i will do the 'devorce'
[15:41] <Glacian_Princess> you cannot get divorced from cats
[15:41] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour) has joined #main
[15:42] <Glacian_Princess> helo
[15:42] <rightsforppl> well i will deal with the cats
[15:42] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[15:42] <rightsforppl> wcb milo
[15:42] <Glacian_Princess> help
[15:42] <Milo_Flavour> Hello
[15:42] <rightsforppl> she is getting ready for marriage
[15:42] <rightsforppl> we got the presents
[15:42] <Milo_Flavour> Yup, Hows it going
[15:42] <Glacian_Princess> bad
[15:42] <Glacian_Princess> they won't cancell
[15:43] <Glacian_Princess> i love .......
[15:43] <rightsforppl> ok get bloop a cat skin
[15:43] <Glacian_Princess> Chocolate and cats!
[15:43] <rightsforppl> she will love him even more
[15:43] <_BlooperPooper_> no
[15:43] <roberestarkk> Dark Chocolate?
[15:43] <Glacian_Princess> yuck
[15:43] <rightsforppl> and get glacian chocolate for bloop to present to her'
[15:43] <rightsforppl> now we need to arrange the cathedral
[15:44] <Glacian_Princess> we don't have flowers
[15:44] <rightsforppl> and the 17 diamonds
[15:44] <rightsforppl> oh yeah the flowers
[15:44] <rightsforppl> i'll get the seeds
[15:44] <Glacian_Princess> i already have 27 diamonds
[15:44] <_BlooperPooper_> pls shut up rights
[15:44] <EpicPieface2011> Rights
[15:44] <rightsforppl> and then we need purdey
[15:44] <Glacian_Princess> i might consider 4 diamond blocks
[15:44] <rightsforppl> then the marriage will be perfect
[15:44] <rightsforppl> 4 diamond blocks eh
[15:44] <rightsforppl> twell i got three
[15:44] <rightsforppl> *well
[15:45] <Glacian_Princess> then i might consider
[15:45] <rightsforppl> you mean accept
[15:45] <_BlooperPooper_> i dont accept
[15:45] <Glacian_Princess> consider accpeting
[15:45] <rightsforppl> bloop she wants to be queen
[15:45] <Glacian_Princess> he gets 3 diamond blocks to
[15:45] <rightsforppl> hmm
[15:45] <Glacian_Princess> if i consider
[15:45] <Glacian_Princess> and we can get divorced
[15:46] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123§f) Quit (§eWarzac123 left the game.)
[15:46] <rightsforppl> i know
[15:46] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123) has joined #main
[15:46] <_BlooperPooper_> then she has to kill the king.....
[15:46] <rightsforppl> i have the perfect house for you
[15:46] <Glacian_Princess> we could do contract
[15:46] <rightsforppl> and double beds, perfect for marriage :D
[15:46] <Glacian_Princess> still king and queen unmarried
[15:46] <rightsforppl> no
[15:46] <Glacian_Princess> 2 double beds
[15:46] <rightsforppl> you have to marry then deivorece to do that
[15:46] <Glacian_Princess> seperate
[15:46] <_BlooperPooper_> bro the princess cant marry the king
[15:46] <rightsforppl> *divorce
[15:47] <Milo_Flavour> xD
[15:47] <rightsforppl> she can
[15:47] <roberestarkk> she can
[15:47] <rightsforppl> if the queen is dead
[15:47] <Milo_Flavour> Differant kingdoms
[15:47] <roberestarkk> Royal Bloodlines are rife with incest
[15:47] <_BlooperPooper_> the king has to die for the princess to be queen
[15:47] <rightsforppl> like king henry the 8th
[15:47] <rightsforppl> he married 6 women
[15:47] <rightsforppl> and killed 5
[15:47] <roberestarkk> what a champion
[15:47] <Glacian_Princess> most called katherine
[15:47] <_BlooperPooper_> and besides im not king
[15:47] <Glacian_Princess> yes!
[15:47] <Milo_Flavour> Then you can marry!
[15:47] <rightsforppl> ok
[15:48] <rightsforppl> let us get the queen
[15:48] <rightsforppl> and inset the blood of the queen into you
[15:48] <rightsforppl> to declare you king and queen
[15:48] <_BlooperPooper_> no thx
[15:48] <rightsforppl> then we will kill the queen
[15:49] <Glacian_Princess> i have a shop to run
[15:49] <rightsforppl> i will run iut
[15:49] <rightsforppl> ewysyjkm,.
[15:49] <rightsforppl> damn
[15:49] <EpicPieface2011> Hi
[15:49] <rightsforppl> i have a life
[15:49] <rightsforppl> eminem
[15:49] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[15:49] <rightsforppl> king
[15:49] <rightsforppl> queen
[15:49] <rightsforppl> muted
[15:49] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[15:49] <Milo_Flavour> Hm?
[15:50] <rightsforppl> i was saying random things while i was muted
[15:50] <rightsforppl> i like when that happens
[15:50] <rightsforppl> i can say whatever i want
[15:50] <rightsforppl> when i'm muted
[15:50] <_BlooperPooper_> u already can....
[15:50] <rightsforppl> well i can't say
[15:50] <Glacian_Princess> i am changing my skin as i cvan see you aren't giving up
[15:50] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[15:51] <_BlooperPooper_> good
[15:51] <rightsforppl> pretty much VEVERTHING
[15:51] <rightsforppl> *EVERYTHING
[15:51] <rightsforppl> great
[15:51] <rightsforppl> the marriage goes on
[15:51] <rightsforppl> :D
[15:51] <Milo_Flavour> Were you guys looking for coal?
[15:51] <EpicPieface2011> no
[15:51] <EpicPieface2011> diamond
[15:51] <rightsforppl> diamonds
[15:51] <EpicPieface2011> blooper
[15:51] <rightsforppl> i found 17 today
[15:51] <EpicPieface2011> we got onto the
[15:51] <rightsforppl> my highest score
[15:51] <EpicPieface2011> Path
[15:51] <Milo_Flavour> I just dig large tunnels everywhere
[15:52] <_BlooperPooper_> path?
[15:52] <Milo_Flavour> Most i got in one trip was i think 31
[15:52] <EpicPieface2011> this is the tunnel
[15:52] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[15:52] <_BlooperPooper_> cya
[15:52] <rightsforppl> most likely to find a diamond rightsforppl
[15:53] <rightsforppl> most afk zac
[15:53] <Warzac123> what?
[15:53] <rightsforppl> i think you are the most afk XD
[15:53] <Warzac123> oh ok
[15:53] <rightsforppl> so i'm voting you
[15:53] <Warzac123> do i win
[15:53] <Milo_Flavour> Peppy is more
[15:54] <rightsforppl> peppy is here
[15:54] <rightsforppl> most of the time
[15:54] <Warzac123> ???
[15:54] <Milo_Flavour> And his afk most of that time
[15:54] <rightsforppl> as in the longest time in afk
[15:54] <Warzac123> did that put me up
[15:54] <rightsforppl> by 1 second
[15:54] <Warzac123> yeh but he dont get kiccke
[15:54] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[15:54] <rightsforppl> wcb
[15:54] <Milo_Flavour> Exactly
[15:55] <rightsforppl> same skin
[15:55] <rightsforppl> hmmmm
[15:55] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[15:55] <Glacian_Princess> i changed it
[15:55] <rightsforppl> no you didn't
[15:55] <rightsforppl> it's the same
[15:55] <_BlooperPooper_> restart the browser
[15:55] <Milo_Flavour> Yes she did
[15:55] <Glacian_Princess> i did
[15:55] <rightsforppl> i think it is the same
[15:55] <Milo_Flavour> Its clearly white
[15:56] <Glacian_Princess> and bridey
[15:56] <_BlooperPooper_> y
[15:56] <rightsforppl> but lets have a bride like that anyway
[15:56] <rightsforppl> now for the groom
[15:56] <Milo_Flavour> Well I am going to putmy suit on brb
[15:56] <_BlooperPooper_> derp
[15:56] <rightsforppl> ok bloop
[15:56] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon) has joined #main
[15:56] <Glacian_Princess> it's just in a game
[15:56] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour§f) Quit (§eMilo_Flavour left the game.)
[15:56] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[15:56] <rightsforppl> here is what glac seems to like
[15:56] <Skeletoon> hello
[15:56] <rightsforppl> she likes purple
[15:56] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[15:56] <rightsforppl> and black
[15:56] <rightsforppl> and chocolate
[15:56] <rightsforppl> and cats
[15:56] <rightsforppl> she also likes diamonds
[15:57] <Glacian_Princess> black with purple edges would be good
[15:57] <rightsforppl> and presents
[15:57] <Glacian_Princess> not a cat
[15:57] <rightsforppl> ok
[15:57] <Glacian_Princess> i have already married a cat
[15:57] <_BlooperPooper_> bro im already married
[15:57] <rightsforppl> i killed your wife
[15:57] <Glacian_Princess> to who?
[15:57] <Skeletoon> u r?
[15:57] <rightsforppl> so she doesn't get in the way
[15:57] <_BlooperPooper_> my computr s dead?
[15:57] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour) has joined #main
[15:57] <Glacian_Princess> how old r u?
[15:57] <rightsforppl> 8
[15:57] <_BlooperPooper_> 90
[15:58] <_BlooperPooper_> 8
[15:58] <rightsforppl> 67890-=\
[15:58] <Skeletoon> oh k blooper
[15:58] <_BlooperPooper_> rlly am 8
[15:58] <Skeletoon> im 18
[15:58] <Glacian_Princess> i don't know how to gbet to the cathedral
[15:58] <Glacian_Princess> i am 11
[15:58] <rightsforppl> you are 5 years older than me
[15:58] <Milo_Flavour> Its in Utopia
[15:58] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[15:58] <Warzac123> i am 13
[15:59] <rightsforppl> me too
[15:59] <Skeletoon> i think ima go play mw2
[15:59] <Glacian_Princess> i don't know how to get to utopia
[15:59] <Skeletoon> laters all
[15:59] <rightsforppl> ok
[15:59] <Warzac123> :o
[15:59] <Glacian_Princess> bye
[15:59] <_BlooperPooper_> bye
[15:59] <rightsforppl> perfect for a wedding
[15:59] * Skeletoon (Skeletoon@Skeletoon§f) Quit (§eSkeletoon left the game.)
[15:59] <rightsforppl> now we need pur3y
[15:59] <rightsforppl> *purd3y
[16:00] <rightsforppl> this is going to be the best arranged marriage ever
[16:00] <roberestarkk> assuming they both agree to get married
[16:00] <Milo_Flavour> Big eh?
[16:00] <_BlooperPooper_> itll cost u 5000000000000000 to get me to do it
[16:00] <Glacian_Princess> i don't have any bridesmaids
[16:00] <rightsforppl> they did
[16:00] <_BlooperPooper_> and the mob spawner
[16:01] <roberestarkk> you're not allowed to say they did
[16:01] <roberestarkk> THEY have to say it...
[16:01] <rightsforppl> there
[16:01] <rightsforppl> here is the money
[16:01] <_BlooperPooper_> not 5 cents
[16:01] <Glacian_Princess> i guess i do
[16:01] <rightsforppl> 1 does
[16:01] <_BlooperPooper_> i dont
[16:01] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[16:01] <Milo_Flavour> !!
[16:01] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[16:01] <Glacian_Princess> is not a big ndeal is a game
[16:01] <rightsforppl> now to convince bloop
[16:01] <roberestarkk> well... wedding over
[16:02] <rightsforppl> time to have an 'insperational' talk with bloop
[16:02] <Glacian_Princess> we need a flower girl
[16:02] <roberestarkk> I'm just going to assume you meant 'inspirational' and say "Fine, as long as no bribes or threats
[16:02] <roberestarkk> are involved"
[16:03] <rightsforppl> i was going to say how good susie and hall went together
[16:03] <rightsforppl> and that this may happen to them aswell
[16:03] <roberestarkk> they aren't married though...
[16:03] <Milo_Flavour> At the age of what 13?
[16:03] <rightsforppl> no
[16:03] <rightsforppl> but
[16:03] <rightsforppl> it will show them how it will work out
[16:03] <rightsforppl> and my magic globe says
[16:03] <roberestarkk> no it won't
[16:03] <rightsforppl> perfect
[16:03] <Glacian_Princess> we don't have an organ
[16:04] <rightsforppl> i have a piano
[16:04] <roberestarkk> you'd need to find an example of a couple that met and married on minecraft at age 13
[16:04] <rightsforppl> which has the church organ in it
[16:04] <roberestarkk> otherwise it'll show them squat
[16:04] <rightsforppl> right
[16:04] <rightsforppl> i need to scrap this speech and make another
[16:04] <rightsforppl> people used to get get married at the age of 12
[16:04] <rightsforppl> long ago
[16:05] <roberestarkk> before minecraft, still not relevant
[16:05] <Glacian_Princess> girls were forced to
[16:05] <Glacian_Princess> some girls still are
[16:05] <rightsforppl> so that is perfect
[16:05] <Glacian_Princess> and it is long ago in minecraft
[16:05] <rightsforppl> you gave me an idea
[16:05] <roberestarkk> so long ago, people met in online games and got married in them and lived happily ever after?
[16:05] <roberestarkk> I call bollocks
[16:05] <rightsforppl> now i prepared it
[16:05] <Glacian_Princess> who will walk me down the isle
[16:06] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour§f) Quit (§eMilo_Flavour left the game.)
[16:06] <roberestarkk> aisle*
[16:06] <rightsforppl> the
[16:06] <rightsforppl> bridesmaid
[16:06] <Glacian_Princess> who is that?
[16:06] <rightsforppl> milo
[16:06] <roberestarkk> Milo wears a suit
[16:06] <Glacian_Princess> it is supposed to be the dad
[16:06] <roberestarkk> therefore he cannot be a maid
[16:06] <Glacian_Princess> who walks them down
[16:06] <rightsforppl> well your dad doesn't play minecraft
[16:06] <roberestarkk> mine does ^^
[16:06] <Glacian_Princess> milo can represent him
[16:07] <rightsforppl> cool dad
[16:07] <rightsforppl> yeah
[16:07] <Glacian_Princess> my pastor does
[16:07] <roberestarkk> ThetaSigma!
[16:07] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:07] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[16:07] <rightsforppl> hi cwp
[16:07] <cwp_aus> hi all
[16:07] <Glacian_Princess> did you summon him or something/
[16:07] <rightsforppl> kinda
[16:07] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[16:07] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[16:07] <rightsforppl> my pay
[16:07] <rightsforppl> hi regox
[16:08] <rightsforppl> cwo
[16:08] <Regox> Hey
[16:08] <rightsforppl> *cwp
[16:08] <cwp_aus> yes?
[16:08] <rightsforppl> i mined some diamond
[16:08] <rightsforppl> you have it with you
[16:08] <rightsforppl> can i get paid?
[16:08] <cwp_aus> brb
[16:08] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:08] <rightsforppl> ok
[16:08] <rightsforppl> villagers
[16:08] <rightsforppl> they look weord
[16:08] <rightsforppl> *weird
[16:09] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:09] <Glacian_Princess> they are creepy
[16:09] <rightsforppl> wcb
[16:09] <cwp_aus> back
[16:09] <rightsforppl> the nose
[16:09] <rightsforppl> the hands
[16:09] <rightsforppl> it is just gross
[16:09] <Glacian_Princess> and have very short attention spans
[16:09] <cwp_aus> WTH
[16:09] <cwp_aus> -.-
[16:09] <rightsforppl> rob!!!!!!!!!
[16:09] <cwp_aus> really rob
[16:10] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[16:10] <Glacian_Princess> have we given up on the marriage hyet?
[16:10] <EpicPieface2011> hi!
[16:10] <Glacian_Princess> heo
[16:10] <rightsforppl> hi epic
[16:10] <Glacian_Princess> brb
[16:10] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[16:10] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[16:11] <Warzac123> w
[16:11] <cwp_aus> rob please stop spawning them
[16:11] <rightsforppl> wcb bloop
[16:11] <Warzac123> wb
[16:11] <EpicPieface2011> hi blooper!
[16:11] <rightsforppl> time for my speech
[16:11] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[16:11] <roberestarkk> I have stopped
[16:11] <cwp_aus> long time no see blooper
[16:11] <rightsforppl> people used to get married at the age of 12
[16:11] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[16:11] <roberestarkk> I stopped before you came back on
[16:11] <rightsforppl> so this will be perfect
[16:11] <Glacian_Princess> before who came back on?
[16:11] <_BlooperPooper_> cwp long time
[16:11] <roberestarkk> cwp
[16:11] <rightsforppl> rob
[16:11] <rightsforppl> can you undoall this
[16:11] <cwp_aus> can you rid of them rob its annoying and highly distracting
[16:11] <roberestarkk> yes dear?
[16:11] <Glacian_Princess> did you agree
[16:11] <roberestarkk> they are supposed to be
[16:12] <rightsforppl> and gross
[16:12] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:12] <roberestarkk> your incessant nattering about this marriage rubbish is giving me a headache
[16:12] <Glacian_Princess> where is everybody?
[16:12] <rightsforppl> whatthe heck
[16:12] <roberestarkk> why are there so many villagers?
[16:12] <rightsforppl> over run
[16:12] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:12] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[16:12] <Glacian_Princess> we can stop
[16:12] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[16:12] <EpicPieface2011> wb
[16:12] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[16:12] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[16:12] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§f) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[16:12] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[16:12] <cwp_aus> could you rid of them rob im lagging like hell
[16:12] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:12] <rightsforppl> i lagged out
[16:13] <Glacian_Princess> where is everybody/
[16:13] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[16:13] <rightsforppl> home
[16:13] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:13] <Glacian_Princess> i am not laggy
[16:13] <cwp_aus> rid of them rob...... PLEASE
[16:13] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[16:13] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:13] <Glacian_Princess> can anyone here drive/fly?
[16:14] <rightsforppl> can't fly
[16:14] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:14] <rightsforppl> but i can drive
[16:14] <rightsforppl> lightning storm
[16:14] <Glacian_Princess> i mean someone who can use movecraft
[16:14] <cwp_aus> rob rid of them please
[16:14] <rightsforppl> listen
[16:14] <Glacian_Princess> yes?
[16:15] <rightsforppl> keep listening
[16:15] <Glacian_Princess> i am
[16:15] <rightsforppl> 3
[16:15] <rightsforppl> 2
[16:15] <rightsforppl> 1
[16:15] <rightsforppl> 1
[16:15] <roberestarkk> I'm trying but some moron spawned hostile mobs and they villagers are running away from them
[16:15] <rightsforppl> 1
[16:15] <roberestarkk> and because it's so laggy I can't kill them
[16:15] <rightsforppl> there
[16:15] <rightsforppl> hear it
[16:15] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:15] <Glacian_Princess> no
[16:15] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[16:15] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:15] <rightsforppl> lightning
[16:15] <_BlooperPooper_> wb
[16:16] <cwp_aus> sooooo much lag
[16:16] <Regox> test
[16:16] <Regox> No lag here
[16:16] <Glacian_Princess> we have cancelled haven't we
[16:16] <Glacian_Princess> i have nooooo lag
[16:16] <rightsforppl> lightning
[16:16] <rightsforppl> bloop do you hear it?
[16:16] <_BlooperPooper_> is cool
[16:16] <Glacian_Princess> i don't
[16:17] <_BlooperPooper_> yep
[16:17] <rightsforppl> wait
[16:17] <rightsforppl> hear it
[16:17] <rightsforppl> ?
[16:17] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[16:17] <_BlooperPooper_> yes
[16:17] <rightsforppl> wait again
[16:17] <roberestarkk> right
[16:17] <roberestarkk> all gone now
[16:17] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[16:17] <rightsforppl> iit will take 5 minutes
[16:17] <rightsforppl> for it to come again
[16:18] <rightsforppl> or it might be over
[16:18] <Glacian_Princess> why are you in a suit blloper?
[16:18] <roberestarkk> what are you yammering about now rights?
[16:18] <rightsforppl> but lets wait
[16:18] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[16:18] <rightsforppl> lightninf store
[16:18] <rightsforppl> *storm
[16:18] <roberestarkk> there isn't one
[16:18] <rightsforppl> in shoresbury
[16:18] <roberestarkk> there isn't one
[16:18] <Glacian_Princess> why r u in a suit blloper?
[16:18] <rightsforppl> bloop and glac have seen one
[16:18] <_BlooperPooper_> blloper?
[16:19] <rightsforppl> and i did too
[16:19] <Glacian_Princess> *Blooper
[16:19] <rightsforppl> here it is
[16:19] <rightsforppl> hear it?
[16:19] <_BlooperPooper_> coz i like to troll
[16:19] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[16:19] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[16:19] <rightsforppl> troll face
[16:19] <cwp_aus> crud where is my stufff i cant see it
[16:19] <_BlooperPooper_> itsa derp face
[16:19] <rightsforppl> see
[16:19] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[16:19] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[16:19] <rightsforppl> rob do you see it
[16:19] <roberestarkk> of course I do
[16:20] <roberestarkk> I'm making it
[16:20] <rightsforppl> what?
[16:20] <Glacian_Princess> help
[16:20] <rightsforppl> you made the lightning storm
[16:20] <Regox> Admins get lightning
[16:20] <Glacian_Princess> he went mentall
[16:20] <rightsforppl> bad rob
[16:20] <Glacian_Princess> i like my new gold bracelet
[16:20] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:21] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:21] <rightsforppl> so much lightning
[16:21] <Glacian_Princess> plz stop storm
[16:21] <Glacian_Princess> bo
[16:21] <rightsforppl> i love this storm
[16:21] <cwp_aus> -.- there goes my stuff
[16:21] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[16:21] <roberestarkk> it's not a storm!
[16:21] <rightsforppl> wcb
[16:21] <Glacian_Princess> it is rob
[16:21] <rightsforppl> wekk it is lightning
[16:22] <Glacian_Princess> wcb
[16:22] <rightsforppl> so it is a lightning storm
[16:22] <Warzac123> brb
[16:22] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123§f) Quit (§eWarzac123 left the game.)
[16:22] <roberestarkk> How long must I keep telling you it's me making lightning before you stop calling it a storm?
[16:22] <rightsforppl> it is you
[16:22] <Glacian_Princess> scary
[16:22] <rightsforppl> but i like calling it a storm
[16:22] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§f) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[16:22] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[16:22] <rightsforppl> i'm stupid
[16:23] <_BlooperPooper_> no doubt
[16:23] <cwp_aus> -.- i log on get lagged the hell out of and get killed by rob then lose my stuff as a result.......
[16:23] <rightsforppl> hey i solved a year 12 math qiuestion in 3 hours
[16:23] <rightsforppl> and i'm in year 7
[16:23] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:23] <Glacian_Princess> i solved a year 9 maths question in 30 seconds when i was in yr 3
[16:23] <rightsforppl> what was the question?
[16:24] <Glacian_Princess> my mum is a maths teacher tho
[16:24] <Regox> I solved year 4000 questions in -10seconds when I wasn't even born
[16:24] <_BlooperPooper_> is rights annoying?
[16:24] <Glacian_Princess> i can't remember
[16:24] <_BlooperPooper_> anwser yes
[16:24] <rightsforppl> no just want to get you married
[16:24] <Glacian_Princess> why?
[16:24] <_BlooperPooper_> even un born regox could get that
[16:24] <rightsforppl> becuase you want to become queen
[16:25] <rightsforppl> and i don't want bloop dead
[16:25] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[16:25] <Glacian_Princess> bum
[16:25] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:25] <rightsforppl> wcb
[16:25] <rightsforppl> :D
[16:25] <rightsforppl> he left
[16:25] <Glacian_Princess> let us meet in the community enchanting place to discuss it
[16:25] <_BlooperPooper_> what
[16:26] <cwp_aus> idc
[16:26] <rightsforppl> XD
[16:26] <Glacian_Princess> come into the community enchant'o
[16:26] <_BlooperPooper_> D;
[16:26] <rightsforppl> cwp did you die?
[16:26] <cwp_aus> im pissed off at him right now
[16:26] <rightsforppl> he created a lightning storm
[16:27] <rightsforppl> and 1876543 villagers
[16:27] <Regox> You counted them?
[16:27] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[16:27] <Glacian_Princess> come in young one
[16:27] <rightsforppl> too lag us out
[16:27] <rightsforppl> *to
[16:27] <EpicPieface2011> LO
[16:27] <EpicPieface2011> :O
[16:27] <cwp_aus> and I died and lost valuable stuff as a result
[16:27] <Glacian_Princess> i gtg.....
[16:28] <Glacian_Princess> now!
[16:28] <EpicPieface2011> bye
[16:28] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[16:28] <rightsforppl> you also lost my diamonds
[16:28] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[16:28] <rightsforppl> in the process
[16:28] <_BlooperPooper_> she left coz i had a drawn arrow
[16:28] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[16:28] <rightsforppl> well now i am not getting paid :(
[16:28] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[16:28] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:29] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:29] <cwp_aus> i lost 3 diamond picks
[16:29] <cwp_aus> one of which had fortune 3
[16:30] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:31] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus) has joined #main
[16:31] <rightsforppl> wcb
[16:32] <EpicPieface2011> hey regox
[16:32] <Regox> Hey
[16:32] <cwp_aus> why?
[16:32] <rightsforppl> to not lag out
[16:33] * cwp_aus (cwp_aus@cwp_aus§f) Quit (§ecwp_aus left the game.)
[16:33] <rightsforppl> they see me trollin they hatin
[16:33] <_BlooperPooper_> brb
[16:34] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[16:34] <rightsforppl> wow
[16:34] <rightsforppl> i have a perfect connection to you
[16:35] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[16:36] <rightsforppl> you were in bed?
[16:37] <rightsforppl> ok i need to go
[16:37] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[16:39] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[16:40] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011) has joined #main
[16:43] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[16:43] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[16:43] <EpicPieface2011> wb
[16:43] * _BlooperPooper_ was kicked from #main by Server
[16:43] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[16:44] <Regox> Transferring a design from SSP to SMP
[16:44] <EpicPieface2011> can I see?
[16:44] <Regox> It's not finished
[16:46] * jtadams97 (jtadams97@jtadams97) has joined #main
[16:46] <Regox> Hey
[16:46] <jtadams97> Hey guys! :D
[16:47] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[16:48] <_BlooperPooper_> hi guys
[16:48] <jtadams97> Hey
[16:48] <Regox> Why?
[16:48] <jtadams97> idk really bored
[16:48] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[16:49] <_BlooperPooper_> come look at my skin its awesome for the marrige
[16:49] <jtadams97> lol
[16:49] <_BlooperPooper_> he he he
[16:50] <jtadams97> brb
[16:50] * jtadams97 (jtadams97@jtadams97§f) Quit (§ejtadams97 left the game.)
[16:51] <_BlooperPooper_> come look at my skin awesome for the marrige
[16:51] <EpicPieface2011> he marriage?!
[16:51] <EpicPieface2011> the
[16:51] <_BlooperPooper_> look
[16:52] <EpicPieface2011> yes?
[16:52] <EpicPieface2011> O_O
[16:52] <EpicPieface2011> XD
[16:52] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[16:52] <EpicPieface2011> very amusing
[16:53] <_BlooperPooper_> he he he he
[16:53] <EpicPieface2011> where is this?
[16:53] <_BlooperPooper_> idk
[16:53] <EpicPieface2011> lol
[16:54] <_BlooperPooper_> ?
[16:55] <EpicPieface2011> going to the end
[16:55] <_BlooperPooper_> yes
[16:56] <EpicPieface2011> :p saved
[16:57] <EpicPieface2011> you'll die with out pumpkins
[16:57] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[16:57] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[16:57] <EpicPieface2011> hi rob!
[16:57] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[16:57] <roberestarkk> Hey Pie!
[16:57] <roberestarkk> and Blooper
[16:57] <EpicPieface2011> ima go get a pumpkin blooper
[16:57] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[16:58] <roberestarkk> heh
[16:58] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[16:58] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[16:58] <roberestarkk> I found part of my house that isn't completely trashed!
[16:58] <EpicPieface2011> ?
[16:58] <EpicPieface2011> lol
[16:59] <EpicPieface2011> don't fall into the void XD
[16:59] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[17:00] <EpicPieface2011> I'm going enderman hunting
[17:00] <_BlooperPooper_> me to
[17:00] <EpicPieface2011> g2g soon
[17:00] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[17:00] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[17:00] <EpicPieface2011> hihihihi
[17:00] * campiee (campiee@campiee§f) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[17:01] <EpicPieface2011> bye
[17:01] * EpicPieface2011 (EpicPieface2011@EpicPieface2011§f) Quit (§eEpicPieface2011 left the game.)
[17:01] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006) has joined #main
[17:01] <Peppy2006> Well?!
[17:01] <_BlooperPooper_> hi peppy
[17:01] <Peppy2006> Where's this here weddin' device?!
[17:01] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[17:01] <roberestarkk> lol
[17:01] * campiee (campiee@campiee§f) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[17:02] <Peppy2006> Blooper!
[17:02] <_BlooperPooper_> yea?
[17:03] <Peppy2006> I hear you were almost forced to be wed..ded
[17:03] <_BlooperPooper_> yea
[17:03] <Peppy2006> I intend on putting out a hit on whoever was forcing/agreeing to marry you. >:D
[17:03] <_BlooperPooper_> can u tp me to u?
[17:03] <Peppy2006> Why? Are you being held hostage?!
[17:03] <_BlooperPooper_> yes
[17:04] <Peppy2006> Just as I thought...
[17:04] <_BlooperPooper_> :(
[17:04] <Peppy2006> Wait, how did you get here? XD
[17:04] <_BlooperPooper_> im at the end
[17:04] <Peppy2006> Did they put you here?
[17:04] <Peppy2006> Velcommen home.
[17:05] <_BlooperPooper_> thx
[17:05] <Peppy2006> Now whom was the offending parties?
[17:05] <_BlooperPooper_> yea
[17:06] <_BlooperPooper_> srry froz
[17:06] <Peppy2006> Ah. lol
[17:06] <Peppy2006> Now who did what to you? :P
[17:06] <Peppy2006> Hurry, as I'm getting off.
[17:06] <_BlooperPooper_> idk
[17:06] <Peppy2006> Well you're helpful.
[17:07] <_BlooperPooper_> :)
[17:07] <Peppy2006> Hello, Rawb.
[17:07] <roberestarkk> rightsforppl was trying to force him to marry Glacian_Princess who was agreeing to get married
[17:07] <roberestarkk> because rights had bribed her with diamonds
[17:07] <Peppy2006> Well then they both must die.
[17:07] <roberestarkk> -.-
[17:07] <_BlooperPooper_> ha ha no!!
[17:07] <roberestarkk> isn't that a little extreme?
[17:07] <Peppy2006> >:D
[17:07] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[17:07] <Peppy2006> Well, I'll just mug Glacial.
[17:08] <Peppy2006> And then kill rights, and force him to marry a pig.
[17:08] <Peppy2006> Zombie pigman*
[17:08] <roberestarkk> you'd mug someone who is probably a chick because their name has "princess" in it!?
[17:08] <Peppy2006> I think that sounds twisted enough.
[17:08] <roberestarkk> and yep, sounds good ^^
[17:08] <Peppy2006> Hell yes I would.
[17:08] <roberestarkk> mkay...
[17:08] <_BlooperPooper_> im 8
[17:08] <Peppy2006> Princesses are typically loaded rich.
[17:08] <roberestarkk> I'm 19 ^u^
[17:08] <roberestarkk> and true...
[17:09] <Peppy2006> I'm 95-five
[17:09] <Peppy2006> Or 17. One of the two.
[17:09] <roberestarkk> =P
[17:09] <_BlooperPooper_> im 8 true
[17:09] <roberestarkk> The first one!
[17:09] <Peppy2006> Robbeh wins.
[17:10] <roberestarkk> -.-
[17:10] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[17:10] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_) has joined #main
[17:10] <Peppy2006> lmao
[17:11] <roberestarkk> I'm afraid to move... cos then I'll pick them up =P
[17:11] <Peppy2006> No, you won't.
[17:11] <roberestarkk> oh?
[17:11] <Peppy2006> Yeah. MD is cool like that.
[17:11] <roberestarkk> O.o
[17:11] <roberestarkk> I'm MD'd?
[17:11] <_BlooperPooper_> i gtg in 5 mins :(
[17:11] <roberestarkk> as what?
[17:12] <Peppy2006> Go look. :P
[17:12] <roberestarkk> at?
[17:12] <roberestarkk> ah
[17:12] <_BlooperPooper_> im bored
[17:13] <Peppy2006> I'm druuuunk
[17:13] <roberestarkk> lol
[17:13] <roberestarkk> I see
[17:13] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[17:13] <Peppy2006> Yup. That thar villager feller took a massive sheeeeeeet
[17:13] <Ownenator2011> hello
[17:13] <Peppy2006> Why hello there.
[17:13] <Ownenator2011> I found my town
[17:13] <_BlooperPooper_> any1 want anything but money and a car?
[17:13] <Peppy2006> Gooood
[17:13] <Peppy2006> And no.
[17:13] <Peppy2006> I want money and a car.
[17:13] <Ownenator2011> so what we doing?
[17:14] <Peppy2006> Well
[17:14] <Peppy2006> I'm mugging Glacial_Prince(ss) and forcing rightsforppl to give up his rights as a ppl, and marry a
[17:14] <Peppy2006> zombie pigman
[17:14] <Ownenator2011> hahaha
[17:14] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[17:14] <Peppy2006> As he tried taking away other ppl's rights.
[17:14] <Ownenator2011> BTW I would like a car
[17:15] <Ownenator2011> preferablly a tank
[17:15] <Peppy2006> I build those!!
[17:15] <Ownenator2011> yeah
[17:15] <Ownenator2011> remember when you parked one on my farm?
[17:15] <Peppy2006> Yes. XD
[17:15] <Ownenator2011> thats what I got for trying to protect a town from 001 on my own :/
[17:16] <Peppy2006> Lots of people did that, it's alright. lol
[17:16] <Ownenator2011> lol
[17:16] <Peppy2006> And their farms all got parked on...
[17:16] <Ownenator2011> haha
[17:16] <Peppy2006> Some houses, too..
[17:16] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[17:16] <Ownenator2011> but did they get promoted to corporal?
[17:16] <roberestarkk> I wonder if I can get powertool to say something in chat AND do something
[17:17] <Peppy2006> Then there was the random drilling experiments in people's front yards...
[17:17] <Ownenator2011> haha
[17:17] <Peppy2006> No, you can't, tried it. :\
[17:17] <_BlooperPooper_> lol
[17:17] <Ownenator2011> so I was on of the lucky ones?
[17:17] <roberestarkk> 君臨者よ!血雨の仮面·万象·羽ばたき·ヒトの名を冠す者よ!焦熱と争乱、海隔て逆巻き南へと歩を進めよ!
[17:17] <Ownenator2011> e
[17:17] <Peppy2006> "She Left" and lightning. Would've been great.
[17:17] <Ownenator2011> one*
[17:17] <Peppy2006> Yeah, you were.
[17:17] <Ownenator2011> yay
[17:17] <Peppy2006> Oh rob
[17:17] <_BlooperPooper_> what is that?
[17:17] <Peppy2006> Tonu isn't here right now.
[17:18] <roberestarkk> it's Hado 31
[17:18] <roberestarkk> and Tonu is Vietnamese
[17:18] <Peppy2006> It's Tonu.
[17:18] <roberestarkk> that's Japanese
[17:18] <Peppy2006> ... close enough.
[17:18] <Ownenator2011> haha no it isnt
[17:18] <Ownenator2011> or is it?
[17:18] <Peppy2006> They both use non-latin letters.
[17:18] <Ownenator2011> indeed
[17:18] <Peppy2006> Close enough. :P
[17:18] <Peppy2006> And they're both asian countries. :P
[17:19] <Peppy2006> lol
[17:19] <Peppy2006> AND they're both shorter than me. :D
[17:19] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[17:19] <Peppy2006> YOU
[17:19] <Ownenator2011> hahahaha
[17:19] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[17:19] <rightsforppl> me
[17:19] <Peppy2006> YES YOU
[17:19] <Ownenator2011> so whats with the holy 001'ians, what happened to them>
[17:19] <rightsforppl> thx i guess i'm regognised
[17:19] <rightsforppl> i did
[17:19] <Peppy2006> THEREFORE
[17:19] <rightsforppl> and i succeeded
[17:20] <Ownenator2011> haha as a ppl
[17:20] <rightsforppl> XD
[17:20] <Ownenator2011> its funny because its improper grammar
[17:20] <rightsforppl> hmmm
[17:20] <rightsforppl> well i killed vinnie
[17:20] <_BlooperPooper_> rights look at my skin for the marrige
[17:20] <rightsforppl> what now?
[17:20] <Peppy2006> The hell you did.
[17:21] <Ownenator2011> hi peppy
[17:21] <rightsforppl> yes
[17:21] <Ownenator2011> I lost my armor, again
[17:21] <rightsforppl> perfect
[17:21] <Peppy2006> Cousin Vinnie.
[17:21] <Peppy2006> Now marry him.
[17:21] <rightsforppl> yeah
[17:21] <_BlooperPooper_> rights
[17:21] <rightsforppl> we will have fights
[17:21] <Peppy2006> AND honeymoon.
[17:21] <_BlooperPooper_> what
[17:21] <rightsforppl> hostile
[17:21] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[17:22] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[17:22] <Peppy2006> Hehehehe
[17:22] <Peppy2006> >:@
[17:22] <rightsforppl> now too peppy
[17:22] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[17:22] <_BlooperPooper_> come look at my skin
[17:22] <Ownenator2011> WHAT DID I DO VINNIE>
[17:22] <Glacian_Princess> who?
[17:22] <Peppy2006> You feel dead.
[17:22] <_BlooperPooper_> peppy
[17:22] <Peppy2006> Your stuff is behind you.
[17:23] <Peppy2006> Get it before it zaps away.
[17:23] <rightsforppl> that was awesome
[17:23] <Peppy2006> And don't force any more marriages.
[17:23] <Ownenator2011> i accidently got some
[17:23] <Glacian_Princess> can i see ur skin?
[17:23] <rightsforppl> best marriage ever
[17:23] <Glacian_Princess> is it epic
[17:23] <Peppy2006> Or I really will strip your ppl rights.
[17:23] <Glacian_Princess> what.
[17:23] <_BlooperPooper_> glacian look at my skin
[17:23] <Glacian_Princess> where are you?
[17:23] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[17:23] <_BlooperPooper_> tpa
[17:23] <rightsforppl> hi lea
[17:23] <leauja> Hey
[17:24] <Ownenator2011> uuh peppy, im slightly stuck
[17:24] <rightsforppl> the glitch
[17:24] <Glacian_Princess> sigh
[17:24] <Ownenator2011> faulty railway
[17:24] <rightsforppl> it is a glitch
[17:24] <Ownenator2011> tthanks
[17:24] <rightsforppl> your welcome
[17:25] <Glacian_Princess> why is 1/4 of your head gone?
[17:25] <_BlooperPooper_> omg
[17:25] <rightsforppl> becuase of the zombies
[17:25] <Peppy2006> I can make 1/4 of your head gone too. :D
[17:25] <rightsforppl> he was eateb
[17:25] <rightsforppl> *eaten
[17:25] <Glacian_Princess> no tnx
[17:25] <Peppy2006> GIMME YER DIAMONDS
[17:25] <Ownenator2011> can you make 9.9/10 of my head gone?
[17:25] <rightsforppl> ok
[17:25] <Peppy2006> :@
[17:25] <rightsforppl> where are you
[17:25] <Glacian_Princess> i don't have any
[17:25] <Peppy2006> Yes. lol
[17:25] <rightsforppl> i thought you needed my diamonds
[17:26] <Peppy2006> Well. Blooper is being forced to marry you.
[17:26] <Peppy2006> But...
[17:26] <Peppy2006> He's already married!!
[17:26] <Peppy2006> To....
[17:26] <Glacian_Princess> his computer
[17:26] <_BlooperPooper_> my computer
[17:26] <rightsforppl> i feel it coming
[17:26] <Peppy2006> That guy.
[17:26] <rightsforppl> i knew it
[17:26] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§f) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[17:27] <rightsforppl> silencwe
[17:27] <Peppy2006> So there CAN'T be a wedding.
[17:27] <rightsforppl> *silence
[17:27] <Glacian_Princess> why?
[17:27] <Peppy2006> >:D
[17:27] <rightsforppl> the wedding continue
[17:27] <Glacian_Princess> i am already married to a cat
[17:27] <rightsforppl> *continues
[17:27] <rightsforppl> well i killed it
[17:27] <Peppy2006> Anyhow. Blooper, if you're being forced to be married...
[17:27] <Peppy2006> You can hide at my bunker.
[17:27] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[17:28] <Peppy2006> And I'll just nuke the world
[17:28] <rightsforppl> i put its head in a plastic bag and made it suffocate
[17:28] <_BlooperPooper_> ok
[17:28] <Ownenator2011> waiiit, i need to get to vault 164 1st
[17:28] <Glacian_Princess> it got murdered
[17:28] <Peppy2006> Own will take good care of you.
[17:28] <_BlooperPooper_> >:D
[17:28] <rightsforppl> well
[17:28] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[17:28] <rightsforppl> nuke the world
[17:28] <Peppy2006> And Lennie.
[17:28] <Ownenator2011> errr, theres a villager in my house
[17:28] <Peppy2006> He's good too.
[17:28] <Ownenator2011> gah
[17:28] <rightsforppl> i escaped to the other dimension
[17:28] <Ownenator2011> why a giant in my town?
[17:28] <Peppy2006> It's Lennie!!
[17:29] * GanNing (GanNing@GanNing) has joined #main
[17:29] <Ownenator2011> ooh sorry lennie
[17:29] <_BlooperPooper_> hi
[17:29] <rightsforppl> hi gan
[17:29] <GanNing> HI
[17:29] <_BlooperPooper_> omg
[17:29] <Peppy2006> Front and center, Lennie.
[17:29] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[17:29] <Glacian_Princess> is he dangerous?
[17:29] <Peppy2006> Come on now.
[17:29] <Peppy2006> Nope.
[17:29] <Ownenator2011> why is everyone suddenly at my town?
[17:29] <Glacian_Princess> whoops
[17:29] <Peppy2006> Only if you hit him first...
[17:29] <GanNing> can I tp to you peppy
[17:29] <Peppy2006> Lennie!
[17:29] <_BlooperPooper_> i gtg now bye guys/girl
[17:30] <Peppy2006> Come on.
[17:30] <rightsforppl> cya
[17:30] * _BlooperPooper_ (_BlooperPooper_@_BlooperPooper_§f) Quit (§e_BlooperPooper_ left the game.)
[17:30] <GanNing> gtg
[17:30] <rightsforppl> now we have more time to plan the wedding
[17:30] * GanNing (GanNing@GanNing§f) Quit (§eGanNing left the game.)
[17:30] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[17:30] <Ownenator2011> peppy u gonna nuke the world yet?
[17:30] <Peppy2006> Ain't gonna be no weddin.
[17:30] <rightsforppl> at purd3ys cathedral
[17:30] <Glacian_Princess> do we have flowers?
[17:30] <Peppy2006> Well Own.
[17:30] <rightsforppl> the blessing will protect us
[17:30] <Peppy2006> Wanna declare war on a wedding?
[17:30] <Ownenator2011> sure
[17:30] <Peppy2006> SWEET BABY JESUS
[17:30] <Ownenator2011> let me just sprint into my vault
[17:30] <Glacian_Princess> why?
[17:31] <Glacian_Princess> ur not getting married
[17:31] <Peppy2006> Because it's fun and these Minecraft "weddings" annoy me.
[17:31] <Peppy2006> Plus it's being forced.
[17:31] <rightsforppl> well we will force you to come
[17:31] <rightsforppl> jks
[17:31] <Glacian_Princess> i am not anymore
[17:31] <Glacian_Princess> being forced
[17:31] <rightsforppl> you are just invited
[17:31] <Ownenator2011> k im safe, FIRE
[17:31] <rightsforppl> she agreed
[17:31] <Peppy2006> He didn't!!
[17:32] <Glacian_Princess> where r we/
[17:32] <Peppy2006> Therefore there's no wedding.
[17:32] <rightsforppl> we will find a way
[17:32] <Peppy2006> Hah
[17:32] <Peppy2006> He's with us.
[17:32] <Peppy2006> The 001'ians...
[17:32] <Ownenator2011> did you blow everything up yet?
[17:32] <Glacian_Princess> i am from 001
[17:32] <Peppy2006> Not yet.
[17:32] <Ownenator2011> can I come out?
[17:32] <rightsforppl> let me put him in my contraption
[17:32] <Peppy2006> I'll put you in a contraption and a half.
[17:32] <rightsforppl> he will be forced to marry her
[17:32] <rightsforppl> seriously i made a contraption
[17:32] <rightsforppl> called the
[17:32] <Glacian_Princess> bring out the love potion
[17:33] <rightsforppl> DEATH MACHINE
[17:33] <Peppy2006> I made a nuke.
[17:33] <rightsforppl> yes
[17:33] <Ownenator2011> Welcome to Vault 164, Please not it may not be complete yet
[17:33] <rightsforppl> i forgot about it
[17:33] * campiee (campiee@campiee) has joined #main
[17:33] <campiee> peppy can i join the logging crew
[17:33] <Peppy2006> Yeah.
[17:33] <Glacian_Princess> will you support us in the marriage
[17:33] <Peppy2006> Campiee, join 001 in the war on this forced marriage.
[17:33] <rightsforppl> support us (hypnotism)
[17:34] <Glacian_Princess> support the girl!
[17:34] <Peppy2006> We're against it.
[17:34] * campiee (campiee@campiee§f) Quit (§ecampiee left the game.)
[17:34] <Ownenator2011> support the blowing up of it
[17:34] <Ownenator2011> oh he left
[17:34] <rightsforppl> i was going to bribe him
[17:34] <Glacian_Princess> i am severely outnumbered
[17:34] <rightsforppl> with a real dollar
[17:34] <rightsforppl> for an iphone app
[17:34] <rightsforppl> we will find a way
[17:34] <rightsforppl> we got you milo and me
[17:34] <Glacian_Princess> i feel dizy
[17:35] <Glacian_Princess> like in real life
[17:35] <rightsforppl> that's becuase of 1234567890098765432173 love potions
[17:35] <rightsforppl> oh
[17:35] <Glacian_Princess> all better
[17:35] <rightsforppl> go to sleep
[17:35] <rightsforppl> ok
[17:35] <rightsforppl> we need you in top shape for the wedding
[17:35] <rightsforppl> and your crowning
[17:36] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[17:36] <Glacian_Princess> we need a gold crown
[17:36] <Glacian_Princess> 2 acctually
[17:36] <rightsforppl> we can get a skin for that
[17:36] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[17:37] <rightsforppl> then i can edit the skin
[17:37] <rightsforppl> and make it your favourite colour
[17:37] <Glacian_Princess> if you find one you wear it and i can use minershoes to get it
[17:37] <Glacian_Princess> or tell me where it is
[17:37] <Peppy2006> MILO SHALL JOIN 001
[17:37] <rightsforppl> when i finish it
[17:37] <rightsforppl> milo is with us
[17:37] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[17:37] <Peppy2006> Not for long. >:D
[17:37] <Glacian_Princess> yes he is
[17:37] <rightsforppl> i bribed him real life money
[17:38] <Glacian_Princess> he worked hard to convince me
[17:38] <Peppy2006> That you don't have nor will ever give him. :P
[17:38] <rightsforppl> i do
[17:38] <Peppy2006> We have tanks. He likes driving tanks.
[17:38] <Ownenator2011> peppy hurry up and blow the world up, i need to go
[17:38] <rightsforppl> that is how he joined us
[17:38] <rightsforppl> he can't blow it up yet
[17:38] <Peppy2006> Well now you're just being silly and your "wedding"s economy won't last longer than ours.
[17:38] <rightsforppl> he can't even blow it up
[17:38] <Glacian_Princess> and he lives in my house occasionally
[17:38] <Peppy2006> It'll be a victory like the cold war.
[17:39] <Peppy2006> With the collapse of your USSR
[17:39] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[17:39] <rightsforppl> well all we need to do is convince bloop
[17:39] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[17:39] <rightsforppl> then it will no longer be forced
[17:39] <Peppy2006> Convincing=forcing
[17:39] <rightsforppl> it will be her and his will
[17:39] <Glacian_Princess> choclate?
[17:39] <Ownenator2011> I need to go, blow up the world already :/
[17:39] <rightsforppl> oh yeah we need food for the wedding
[17:40] <rightsforppl> i'll get that sorted
[17:40] <Glacian_Princess> if not we could get someone to pretend...
[17:40] <Ownenator2011> when is this wedding
[17:40] <Ownenator2011> tonight?
[17:40] <rightsforppl> no
[17:40] <Ownenator2011> when
[17:40] <rightsforppl> when we convince bloop
[17:40] <rightsforppl> i am preparing it
[17:40] <Peppy2006> Which'll be never. :P
[17:40] <Ownenator2011> so.. tomorrow?
[17:40] <rightsforppl> purd3y will be the priest
[17:40] <rightsforppl> milo will be the bridesmaid
[17:40] <Glacian_Princess> so you think he will be convinced
[17:40] <Peppy2006> Purd didn't agree to it.
[17:40] <rightsforppl> i know he will be\
[17:40] <Ownenator2011> ill just be back tomorrow.
[17:41] <Peppy2006> See ya then Own. :D
[17:41] <rightsforppl> he will in time
[17:41] <Glacian_Princess> bye
[17:41] <rightsforppl> cya
[17:41] <Peppy2006> Sharpen your blades.
[17:41] <Ownenator2011> cya
[17:41] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§f) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[17:41] <rightsforppl> wait
[17:41] <rightsforppl> in can have 2 jobs
[17:41] <rightsforppl> i need a priest skin
[17:41] <Glacian_Princess> i will find that
[17:41] <rightsforppl> nah
[17:41] <rightsforppl> it will be sorted
[17:42] <Glacian_Princess> i am going to have a quick look now
[17:42] <Glacian_Princess> brb
[17:42] <rightsforppl> ok
[17:42] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[17:42] <rightsforppl> this will work like susie and halls wedding
[17:42] <Peppy2006> Now then. I still find these weddings annoying.
[17:42] <Peppy2006> They never had one here. :P
[17:42] <rightsforppl> bare with us for a while
[17:43] <rightsforppl> they met here
[17:43] <Peppy2006> No, they didn't... lmao
[17:43] <rightsforppl> ok
[17:43] <rightsforppl> so
[17:43] <rightsforppl> ihni
[17:43] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[17:44] <Glacian_Princess> i found an ok one
[17:44] <Glacian_Princess> it needs editing tho
[17:44] <Peppy2006> It'll be a fantastic wedding I'm sure, filled with bloodshed and explosions from above...
[17:44] <rightsforppl> i nearly died
[17:44] * Peppy2006 (Peppy2006@Peppy2006§f) Quit (§ePeppy2006 left the game.)
[17:44] <rightsforppl> then i found a bit of water
[17:44] <rightsforppl> peppy will be wrong
[17:45] <rightsforppl> anyway
[17:45] <rightsforppl> change of plans
[17:45] <rightsforppl> it shall be a private wedding
[17:45] <rightsforppl> that way it shall rain from above the cathedral
[17:45] <rightsforppl> but it is held underground
[17:45] <rightsforppl> i will get the books and food
[17:48] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011) has joined #main
[17:48] <rightsforppl> wcb
[17:48] <Ownenator2011> im back
[17:48] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[17:48] * Ownenator2011 (Ownenator2011@Ownenator2011§f) Quit (§eOwnenator2011 left the game.)
[17:49] <rightsforppl> enough water melons
[17:49] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[17:49] <rightsforppl> wcb
[17:49] <rightsforppl> now the wedding is going to be held underground
[17:49] <Glacian_Princess> why?
[17:50] <rightsforppl> peppy is going to shoot shells of explosions at us
[17:50] <Glacian_Princess> this is the preist skin i edited
[17:50] <rightsforppl> so we need shelters
[17:50] <rightsforppl> where are you
[17:50] <rightsforppl> perfect
[17:50] <Glacian_Princess> jumping
[17:50] <Glacian_Princess> i made it sort of like his current skin
[17:51] <rightsforppl> sell hand
[17:51] <Glacian_Princess> was on miners need cool shoes and edited
[17:51] <rightsforppl> we need wood
[17:51] <rightsforppl> for the buffet
[17:51] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[17:52] <rightsforppl> we are going to make a food place
[17:52] <rightsforppl> but i need 40 wood for it
[17:52] <rightsforppl> the shop is out of stock
[17:52] <Glacian_Princess> they won't be able to send shells because it is PURD3Ys cathedral and he would rage
[17:52] <rightsforppl> he accepted though
[17:52] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[17:52] <rightsforppl> so i will change the plans
[17:52] <Glacian_Princess> has he/
[17:53] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[17:53] <rightsforppl> and making it underground
[17:53] <rightsforppl> he did
[17:53] <Glacian_Princess> i don't know
[17:53] <rightsforppl> if he didn't
[17:53] <Glacian_Princess> why?
[17:53] <rightsforppl> we would need to convince bloop first
[17:53] <Glacian_Princess> i doesn't make sense
[17:53] <rightsforppl> if you both agree
[17:53] <Glacian_Princess> i do
[17:53] <rightsforppl> he wouldn't think something is fishy
[17:53] <rightsforppl> that is the devious plan
[17:54] <Glacian_Princess> what is fishy/
[17:54] <rightsforppl> that 1 is agreeing while the other doesn't
[17:54] <rightsforppl> he will think something doesn't fit in
[17:54] <Glacian_Princess> where does this track go?
[17:54] <Glacian_Princess> we r still trying
[17:54] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour) has joined #main
[17:54] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour§f) Quit (§eMilo_Flavour left the game.)
[17:54] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[17:54] <rightsforppl> robs place
[17:54] <rightsforppl> hi milo
[17:55] <Glacian_Princess> he left again
[17:55] <rightsforppl> we need to ask him something
[17:55] <rightsforppl> this marriage needs to happen as soon as possible
[17:55] <Glacian_Princess> wether he will be bridesmaid/
[17:55] <rightsforppl> while peppy isn't here
[17:55] <Glacian_Princess> or some other time when he isn't here
[17:56] <rightsforppl> we need bloop
[17:56] <rightsforppl> that is our main quest for now
[17:56] <Glacian_Princess> if bloop agrees peppyy shouldn't have a worry
[17:56] <rightsforppl> he will
[17:56] <Glacian_Princess> why?
[17:56] <rightsforppl> he doesn't understand the concept of not forced agree
[17:56] <rightsforppl> *forced (without not)
[17:57] <rightsforppl> well all we need is wood
[17:57] <rightsforppl> for the preperation
[17:57] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[17:57] <martch15> hey
[17:57] <rightsforppl> hi martch
[17:57] <Glacian_Princess> how will we get the skin to thingy/
[17:57] <Glacian_Princess> heo
[17:57] <rightsforppl> what do you mean?
[17:57] <Glacian_Princess> i am changing my skin back brb
[17:57] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[17:58] <rightsforppl> martch do you agree to glacian and blooop getting married on minecraft
[17:58] <rightsforppl> ?
[17:58] <martch15> ummm
[17:58] <martch15> who are they?
[17:58] <rightsforppl> the girl that just left
[17:59] <rightsforppl> and another member
[17:59] <rightsforppl> do you agree to it?
[17:59] <martch15> ahaha i guess its just a game so yeh
[17:59] <rightsforppl> will you remain loyal to your decision?
[18:00] <rightsforppl> do you?
[18:00] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[18:00] <martch15> yes
[18:00] <rightsforppl> hi glac
[18:00] <rightsforppl> ok
[18:00] <Glacian_Princess> i have the skin for futre reference
[18:01] <martch15> ahahaa what was that for?
[18:01] <martch15> thanks
[18:01] <rightsforppl> a prize for remianing loyal to your decision
[18:01] <martch15> ahah thnaks
[18:01] <rightsforppl> we got 4 agreeing people now
[18:01] <rightsforppl> all we need is bloop
[18:01] <Glacian_Princess> what is happening?
[18:01] <Glacian_Princess> igtg
[18:01] <Glacian_Princess> bye
[18:01] <rightsforppl> i got someone to agree
[18:01] <rightsforppl> cya
[18:01] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[18:01] <martch15> cya
[18:02] <rightsforppl> so far everything is going according to plan
[18:02] <martch15> ahahah
[18:04] <martch15> need any eggs
[18:04] <rightsforppl> nah
[18:04] <martch15> my egg farm is getting an egg every seconbd
[18:04] <rightsforppl> do you have wood?
[18:04] <martch15> nahh
[18:04] <rightsforppl> hmm
[18:04] <martch15> i need to go collect some more
[18:07] <rightsforppl> everything is ready
[18:08] <rightsforppl> although it is not civilised
[18:08] <rightsforppl> it will do
[18:08] <rightsforppl> an underground wedding
[18:08] <rightsforppl> perfect
[18:09] <rightsforppl> it would be easy hiding from peppys explosions underground
[18:09] <rightsforppl> ok auf wiedershen (goodbye in german)
[18:10] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[18:11] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[18:12] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow) has joined #main
[18:12] <leauja> Hey Can
[18:12] <CanOfMeow> Hi :D
[18:12] <CanOfMeow> Quiet on here?
[18:13] <leauja> Yea.. there were quite a few people on earlier
[18:13] <CanOfMeow> Oh ok XD
[18:15] <CanOfMeow> My game randomly pauses o_o
[18:15] <leauja> Lag?
[18:15] <CanOfMeow> Probably
[18:17] * martch15 was kicked from #main by Server
[18:17] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[18:18] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow§f) Quit (§eCanOfMeow left the game.)
[18:18] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow) has joined #main
[18:18] <leauja> Welcome back
[18:18] <CanOfMeow> Thanks
[18:18] <CanOfMeow> Using offline one now
[18:18] <CanOfMeow> So far so good
[18:20] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[18:20] <leauja> Hey Regox
[18:20] <CanOfMeow> hi regox
[18:20] <Regox> Hey
[18:24] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[18:24] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[18:24] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[18:25] <CanOfMeow> .
[18:25] <leauja> Welcome back
[18:25] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[18:25] <leauja> Welcome back
[18:25] <CanOfMeow> thanks you too
[18:26] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow§f) Quit (§eCanOfMeow left the game.)
[18:26] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[18:26] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[18:27] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[18:27] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[18:28] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[18:35] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[18:35] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[18:35] <Glacian_Princess> why are you not a girl/
[18:36] <leauja> Hey
[18:36] <leauja> And what?
[18:36] <Glacian_Princess> why are'nt you a gbirl/
[18:36] <Glacian_Princess> *girl?
[18:36] <leauja> Why aren't I a girl....?
[18:36] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[18:36] <leauja> Because I was made a boy
[18:37] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[18:37] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[18:37] <Glacian_Princess> are you from tasmania?
[18:37] <leauja> You'll learn that in later parts of High School
[18:37] <leauja> No
[18:37] <Glacian_Princess> Why not/
[18:37] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[18:38] <leauja> Must I answer that?
[18:38] <Glacian_Princess> there should be more tasmanian girls on this server
[18:38] <Glacian_Princess> or just tasmanians
[18:38] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[18:38] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[18:38] <Glacian_Princess> or just girls
[18:39] <leauja> There are a few girls...
[18:39] <Glacian_Princess> who/
[18:40] <leauja> One of the admins is a girl, Weavybaby
[18:40] <Glacian_Princess> she is never on
[18:40] <Glacian_Princess> or at least i have never seen her
[18:40] <leauja> Must girls don't really like Minecraft or games
[18:40] <leauja> *Most
[18:41] <Glacian_Princess> well most girls are silly aren't they
[18:41] <leauja> Most of the girls also play on Classic
[18:42] <Glacian_Princess> classic is ****
[18:42] <leauja> I wouldn't really know.. I am a Survival player
[18:42] <leauja> Haven't played classic before
[18:42] <Glacian_Princess> i tried earlier
[18:43] <Glacian_Princess> is really bad
[18:43] <Glacian_Princess> why would you play classic when you can play full
[18:45] <Glacian_Princess> are you against the marriage
[18:45] <Glacian_Princess> or for
[18:45] <Glacian_Princess> moo
[18:45] <leauja> What marriage?
[18:45] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[18:45] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[18:45] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[18:46] <Glacian_Princess> don't worry
[18:46] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[18:46] <Glacian_Princess> don't worry about it
[18:46] <leauja> Your marriage?
[18:46] <Glacian_Princess> yes
[18:46] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[18:46] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[18:47] <Glacian_Princess> sorry
[18:47] <Glacian_Princess> it keeps doing that
[18:47] <leauja> I don't have a problem with your marriage
[18:47] <Glacian_Princess> ok
[18:47] <Glacian_Princess> i think it is silly
[18:47] <Glacian_Princess> butt i was sick of them pestering me
[18:48] <leauja> Who are you marrying?
[18:48] <Glacian_Princess> blooper
[18:48] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[18:48] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[18:50] <leauja> If you are not comfortable with the wedding, just say no
[18:50] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[18:51] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[18:51] <Glacian_Princess> i don't mind
[18:51] <Glacian_Princess> i am going to play poptropica
[18:51] <Glacian_Princess> bye
[18:51] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[18:51] <leauja> Bye
[18:53] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[18:53] <leauja> Hey Regox
[18:54] <Regox> Hey
[18:54] * Mixe101 (Mixe101@Mixe101) has joined #main
[18:55] <leauja> Hey
[18:55] <Regox> Hey
[18:55] <Mixe101> hi :)
[18:56] <leauja> Brb
[18:56] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[18:56] <Mixe101> ok
[18:56] <Mixe101> well bye sorry
[18:56] <Regox> Bye
[18:56] <Mixe101> ok bye
[18:56] * Mixe101 (Mixe101@Mixe101§f) Quit (§eMixe101 left the game.)
[19:04] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[19:04] <Regox> Hey
[19:04] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[19:07] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[19:07] <Regox> Hey
[19:07] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[19:07] <PURD3Y> hey hey hey
[19:07] <PURD3Y> so gla looking forward to the marraige?
[19:07] <PURD3Y> looool
[19:07] <Glacian_Princess> nor rlly
[19:07] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[19:07] <PURD3Y> whys that?
[19:07] <PURD3Y> awwww
[19:08] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[19:08] <PURD3Y> hey re do you have a dispenser?
[19:08] <PURD3Y> whys that?
[19:08] <Glacian_Princess> not very interesting
[19:08] <PURD3Y> your husband?
[19:08] <PURD3Y> sorry fiance
[19:08] <Glacian_Princess> can u stop talking about it
[19:08] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[19:08] <PURD3Y> ok
[19:09] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[19:09] <PURD3Y> sawwy
[19:09] <Glacian_Princess> i'm tired
[19:10] <PURD3Y> then sleep
[19:10] <Glacian_Princess> i don't want to
[19:10] <PURD3Y> why?
[19:10] <Glacian_Princess> bacause sleep is boring
[19:10] <PURD3Y> hoe do you know, you're a sleep
[19:11] <Glacian_Princess> it is the process of getting to sleep
[19:11] <Regox> Why not listen to something while you try and sleep then?
[19:11] <PURD3Y> ttrust me, sleep while you're young, you get very little when you're older
[19:11] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[19:11] <Regox> Hey
[19:11] <PURD3Y> hey lea
[19:11] <Glacian_Princess> i do until mum tells me it is midnight and i have to stop
[19:11] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[19:11] <leauja> Hey
[19:12] <PURD3Y> i sleep mostly from 2 till 7ish
[19:12] <Glacian_Princess> i am going to change my skin
[19:12] <PURD3Y> every day
[19:12] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[19:14] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath) has joined #main
[19:14] <Regox> Hey
[19:14] <leauja> Hey Skullz
[19:14] <skullzdeath> hai der
[19:15] <PURD3Y> waht?
[19:15] <skullzdeath> Wanna see my Eleutherian Transport Aircraft?
[19:15] <skullzdeath> what?
[19:16] <Regox> Finished a new hut, and it's 1 block out
[19:16] <PURD3Y> :O
[19:16] <Regox> Which means the entire thing has to be moved back 1 block
[19:16] <PURD3Y> farrrrkkkk
[19:16] <skullzdeath> Regox, wanna see the Eleutherian Transport Aircraft mk.1?
[19:18] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[19:18] <skullzdeath> anyone here gonna get napolenic wars dlc?
[19:18] <Regox> What for?
[19:18] <skullzdeath> mount and blade
[19:18] <Regox> Then no
[19:20] <skullzdeath> its pretty good
[19:22] <skullzdeath> come see the Eleutherian Transport Aircraft mk.1 reg
[19:22] <Regox> Can it beat the Coalition attack craft?
[19:22] <skullzdeath> probaly not
[19:23] <skullzdeath> its mainlyfor dropping off supplies and a few soldiers
[19:23] <Regox> Interesting
[19:23] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess) has joined #main
[19:24] <skullzdeath> whats thecoalition one?
[19:24] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[19:24] <Regox> 1min, will get to it
[19:24] <Regox> Hey
[19:25] <skullzdeath> 18soldiers can fitin this
[19:25] <skullzdeath> with 12chests
[19:25] <Glacian_Princess> fit in what?
[19:25] <Regox> This one is made for combat
[19:25] <Regox> tp
[19:26] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow) has joined #main
[19:26] <skullzdeath> the Eleutherian aircraft
[19:26] <leauja> Hey Can
[19:26] <Regox> Hey
[19:26] <CanOfMeow> Hia
[19:26] <Glacian_Princess> hello
[19:26] <CanOfMeow> Hi
[19:26] <skullzdeath> my aircrafts for supplying
[19:26] <CanOfMeow> Damn gotta go XD Cyas
[19:26] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow§f) Quit (§eCanOfMeow left the game.)
[19:26] <skullzdeath> do you think we canuse mine as quickly dropping off supplies/soldiers?
[19:27] <skullzdeath> what glacian?
[19:27] <Regox> We'll see, not sure how the combat will go
[19:27] <Glacian_Princess> i want to see
[19:27] <skullzdeath> it has 2guns mine
[19:27] <skullzdeath> on the front
[19:27] <Regox> Mine has 4 wing pods that be converted to drop TNT
[19:27] <skullzdeath> Do you think you could help me set up extra guns?
[19:28] <Regox> Got a new project atm
[19:28] <Glacian_Princess> who
[19:28] <Glacian_Princess> oh
[19:28] <skullzdeath> whats that?
[19:28] <Regox> Building the Coalition military HQ
[19:28] <skullzdeath> can i help?
[19:28] <Regox> I'm running at creative speeds
[19:28] <skullzdeath> We are sorta coalition, very close with 001
[19:29] <skullzdeath> give me some things to help build and i will
[19:29] <skullzdeath> Hmm,
[19:29] <Regox> That would involve people seeing a build of mine before completion
[19:29] <Glacian_Princess> so?
[19:29] <skullzdeath> dude idea
[19:30] <Glacian_Princess> ?
[19:30] <skullzdeath> it'd be cool if down low on flagship could open up
[19:30] <skullzdeath> and patrol/attack boats could go out from there
[19:30] <Regox> On my cruiser?
[19:30] <skullzdeath> yes
[19:30] <leauja> I have to go. Bye
[19:30] <Regox> It's an actual ship
[19:30] <Glacian_Princess> cya
[19:30] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[19:30] <Regox> The real ones do not have side panels
[19:31] <skullzdeath> Well, what if connected to the ship?
[19:31] <skullzdeath> to the side of it
[19:31] <Regox> They're currently under construction, but not on that level
[19:32] <skullzdeath> do you mind if i build next to the waters edge, try get a design for small attack boat?
[19:32] <Regox> Please don't, I'll just end up removing it
[19:32] <skullzdeath> Eleutherian area is ice
[19:33] <skullzdeath> i'll just put above water
[19:33] <Regox> If it's in the waters surrounding Brambleshaw, I'm going to remove it
[19:33] <Regox> We're remote for a reason
[19:34] <Glacian_Princess> lava perfectr
[19:34] <Glacian_Princess> yay!
[19:36] <Glacian_Princess> lava!
[19:40] * Glacian_Princess (Glacian_Princess@Glacian_Princess§f) Quit (§eGlacian_Princess left the game.)
[19:40] <skullzdeath> Regox, think you could help with a bit of wiring in a minute?
[19:40] <Regox> I'm not good with redstone
[19:41] <Regox> MNG handles the redstone devices for Brambleshaw
[19:41] <skullzdeath> mng?
[19:41] <Regox> Mr_Nice_Guy
[19:41] <skullzdeath> ok
[19:42] * Geocool00 (Geocool00@Geocool00) has joined #main
[19:42] <Regox> Hey
[19:42] <Geocool00> Hi
[19:43] * Geocool00 (Geocool00@Geocool00§f) Quit (§eGeocool00 left the game.)
[19:43] <skullzdeath> Ok, Regox come see a example of A. how to get on the boat and B. the weapons system
[19:43] <Regox> If it's in Brambleshaw's waters, I'll be removing it
[19:43] <skullzdeath> no
[19:43] <skullzdeath> its at Eleutheria
[19:44] <skullzdeath> above ground
[19:45] <skullzdeath> on the ship, then down a ladder to get on
[19:45] <skullzdeath> make any improvements if you like
[19:46] <skullzdeath> boat?
[19:46] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380) has joined #main
[19:46] <skullzdeath> if you leave it here i will add weapons, ecy
[19:46] <skullzdeath> ect*
[19:46] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour) has joined #main
[19:46] <Regox> Hey
[19:47] <tassam380> I forgot my key word D:
[19:47] <skullzdeath> look at this regox
[19:48] <skullzdeath> good for seeing under water
[19:48] <Regox> I have other vessels for that
[19:48] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[19:48] <martch15> hey
[19:48] <skullzdeath> how do i get in it?
[19:48] <tassam380> Hey
[19:48] <Milo_Flavour> Hey martch
[19:48] <Regox> Designed for water
[19:49] <skullzdeath> may i add weapons?
[19:49] <Regox> No
[19:49] <skullzdeath> just a few
[19:49] <skullzdeath> why take?
[19:49] <Regox> I keep track of every build I've ever done, down to every server
[19:50] <martch15> what should i build?
[19:52] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[19:52] <Regox> Hey
[19:52] <rightsforppl> hi
[19:52] * tassam380 (tassam380@tassam380§f) Quit (§etassam380 left the game.)
[19:52] <martch15> WOAH
[19:52] <Milo_Flavour> w
[19:52] <martch15> hi milo
[19:52] <Milo_Flavour> Hello
[19:52] <martch15> ahahaha
[19:52] <rightsforppl> i was playing halo
[19:52] <rightsforppl> it is hard with a mouse
[19:52] <rightsforppl> *halo 2
[19:52] <rightsforppl> milo
[19:53] <Milo_Flavour> Yes?
[19:53] <rightsforppl> they are going to have an underground wedding
[19:53] <rightsforppl> becuase peppy is going to be bombing us.................
[19:53] <rightsforppl> food check
[19:54] <Regox> Unless you hold it below adminium, nothing is safe from peppy's cannons
[19:54] <rightsforppl> a 3 story house
[19:54] <martch15> why is peppy gonna bomb?
[19:54] <Regox> Because peppy
[19:54] <rightsforppl> and an undeground bunker
[19:54] <Milo_Flavour> Is peppy
[19:54] <rightsforppl> that is my defence
[19:54] <rightsforppl> unless he wants to grief my house (unlikely) he won't do it
[19:54] <Regox> Peppy has a cannon that can blast through about 20 levels in one shot, and is on an autoloaded
[19:55] <rightsforppl> i need an idea
[19:55] <rightsforppl> i have an idea
[19:55] <rightsforppl> it is genius
[19:55] <rightsforppl> explosions are made out of fire
[19:55] <rightsforppl> the enemy of fire is water
[19:56] <rightsforppl> so i'll flood my house
[19:56] <rightsforppl> as a shield
[19:56] <Milo_Flavour> you do that
[19:56] <rightsforppl> for a whi;e
[19:56] <rightsforppl> *for a while
[19:56] <Milo_Flavour> see how that works out
[19:56] <rightsforppl> yeah
[19:56] <rightsforppl> then when the map floods
[19:56] <rightsforppl> i can blame it on peppy
[19:56] <rightsforppl> genius
[19:57] <rightsforppl> if anyone during the wedding feels hungry
[19:57] <rightsforppl> we stock free melons
[19:57] <rightsforppl> :D
[19:58] <Milo_Flavour> Damn my invention doesnt work
[19:58] <rightsforppl> now i need bucket loads of water
[19:58] <Regox> Invention?
[19:58] <rightsforppl> what were you trying to do
[19:58] <rightsforppl> if it involves redstine
[19:58] <rightsforppl> *redstone
[19:58] <Milo_Flavour> Put a furnce cart and a cart onto a circle rail
[19:58] <rightsforppl> i can fix it
[19:58] <Milo_Flavour> and try and ride it
[19:58] <rightsforppl> i can fix that
[19:58] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[19:58] <rightsforppl> i can't fix that though
[19:58] <rightsforppl> hi rob
[19:58] <roberestarkk> hi
[19:59] <skullzdeath> Hai robbeh
[19:59] <Milo_Flavour> Hello rob
[19:59] <roberestarkk> hollaa
[19:59] <rightsforppl> the idea of the furnace and a cart is useless
[19:59] <roberestarkk> no it isn't
[19:59] <rightsforppl> or at least hard to control
[19:59] <Regox> They're good if you can't afford boosters
[19:59] <roberestarkk> just because you can't think of a use, doesn't mean none exist
[20:00] <Milo_Flavour> But booesters cannot bend
[20:00] <roberestarkk> define: booster
[20:00] <martch15> hey
[20:00] <rightsforppl> and furnaces in the end are going to cost you more
[20:00] <rightsforppl> becuase of fuel
[20:00] <rightsforppl> but boosters
[20:01] <rightsforppl> stay in one price
[20:01] <Regox> Booster: (noun) BOOS-TAH. A small, orange egg laid by a rare potato that lays eggs
[20:01] <roberestarkk> oooh
[20:01] * skullzdeath (skullzdeath@skullzdeath§f) Quit (§eskullzdeath left the game.)
[20:01] <rightsforppl> oh
[20:01] <rightsforppl> i never knew that
[20:01] <Milo_Flavour> When you have about 7 stacks of coal you dont really care
[20:01] <roberestarkk> ^
[20:01] <rightsforppl> when they are gone?
[20:01] <roberestarkk> coal is far easier to find and/ or manufacture than redstone
[20:01] <rightsforppl> fossil fuels
[20:02] <rightsforppl> go friendly with boosters
[20:02] <Regox> That's the thing about coal, it's renewable
[20:02] <rightsforppl> lol what?
[20:02] <martch15> are u joking ahaha
[20:02] <Regox> You can make charcoal, useful if you don't find coal
[20:02] <roberestarkk> indeed
[20:02] <rightsforppl> the thing between coal and charcoal is
[20:02] <rightsforppl> coal lasts longer
[20:02] <Milo_Flavour> Charcoal = 5 wood
[20:02] <roberestarkk> there's no difference at all
[20:02] <martch15> no it doesent
[20:03] <Milo_Flavour> Coal burns for i think 6?
[20:03] <rightsforppl> it does
[20:03] <roberestarkk> THERE
[20:03] <rightsforppl> i tested it
[20:03] <roberestarkk> IS
[20:03] <roberestarkk> NO
[20:03] <roberestarkk> DIFFERENCE
[20:03] <roberestarkk> AT
[20:03] <roberestarkk> ALL
[20:03] <martch15> you tell him rob
[20:03] <rightsforppl> well i guess we have our own opinions
[20:03] <roberestarkk> code-wise, charcoal is simply a copy of the coal code, with a slight name change
[20:03] <roberestarkk> my opinion is factual
[20:03] <roberestarkk> yours is based on your interpretations of wildly varying situations
[20:04] <rightsforppl> but let me test it again
[20:04] <martch15> rob... you soo smart
[20:04] <rightsforppl> i have one furnace
[20:04] <martch15> brb
[20:04] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[20:04] <rightsforppl> i need one more
[20:04] <Milo_Flavour> You need 2 for it to be fair
[20:04] <Milo_Flavour> But its already obvious from the code that they are the same
[20:05] <Milo_Flavour> If charcoal lasted less than coal, then it would be useless
[20:05] <roberestarkk> ^
[20:05] <Milo_Flavour> The wood would burn the exact same amount
[20:05] <roberestarkk> both charcoal and coal can each smelt 8 ores
[20:05] <rightsforppl> well i'm testing
[20:06] <roberestarkk> "Stated by Notch in a livestream, charcoal is just a name class edit of coal"
[20:07] <rightsforppl> now
[20:07] <rightsforppl> i got 2 furnaces
[20:07] <rightsforppl> and charcoal in one
[20:07] <rightsforppl> and coal in the other
[20:08] <roberestarkk> put 9 ore in each
[20:08] <roberestarkk> and when they finish
[20:08] <roberestarkk> both will have smelted 8
[20:08] <rightsforppl> i mean which lasts longer
[20:08] <rightsforppl> not which smelts longer
[20:08] <roberestarkk> lasts longer?
[20:08] <rightsforppl> yes
[20:08] <roberestarkk> you're insane
[20:08] <roberestarkk> they both last until you use them -.-
[20:09] <rightsforppl> testing in progress
[20:09] <rightsforppl> silver fish
[20:10] <rightsforppl> well rob
[20:10] <rightsforppl> you were right
[20:10] <rightsforppl> testing proves it
[20:10] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[20:11] <rightsforppl> rob?
[20:11] <roberestarkk> and Notch's statement didn't?
[20:11] <Regox> Hey
[20:11] <martch15> hey
[20:11] <rightsforppl> i said you were right
[20:11] <roberestarkk> heya martch
[20:11] <rightsforppl> wcb
[20:11] <roberestarkk> I already knew I was right...
[20:11] <rightsforppl> i was just expecting an 'in your face'
[20:11] <roberestarkk> but thanks for reminding me
[20:11] <roberestarkk> lol
[20:11] <rightsforppl> thats better
[20:12] <Regox> wut
[20:12] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[20:12] <roberestarkk> "you're an idiot"
[20:12] <Regox> Ah
[20:12] <rightsforppl> fake
[20:12] <rightsforppl> gale is on holidays
[20:13] <Regox> rights, all admins have server access
[20:13] <rightsforppl> not holidays but on a tri[
[20:13] <Milo_Flavour> Gale isnt the only one how can use server
[20:13] <rightsforppl> *trip
[20:13] <rightsforppl> ok
[20:13] <Milo_Flavour> who**
[20:13] <roberestarkk> Gale is in Sydney...
[20:13] <roberestarkk> that's where I live ^u^
[20:13] <Regox> It's a hole
[20:13] <rightsforppl> i live in sydeny too
[20:13] <roberestarkk> YOU'RE A HOLE!
[20:13] <rightsforppl> *sydny
[20:13] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[20:13] <roberestarkk> sydney*
[20:13] <rightsforppl> *sydney
[20:13] <Milo_Flavour> DAMN STOLE MY WORDS
[20:13] <Regox> Are you saying Sydney is not a hole?
[20:13] <rightsforppl> sydney
[20:13] <roberestarkk> I'm saying you're a hole...
[20:13] <rightsforppl> is the best darn place
[20:14] <Regox> Only good things about Sydney are:
[20:14] <Regox> 2nd hand bookshops, Antique shops, and paddy's
[20:14] <rightsforppl> game shops?
[20:14] <Regox> Those can be found anywhere
[20:14] <roberestarkk> don't forget the Ferries!
[20:14] <roberestarkk> they're pretty localised
[20:14] <rightsforppl> yeah
[20:14] <rightsforppl> and the harbour bridge
[20:15] <Milo_Flavour> Ferries can be found in other places?
[20:15] <rightsforppl> and the opera house
[20:15] <Milo_Flavour> And a bridge is a bridge
[20:15] <Regox> Harbour bridge is not unique
[20:15] <roberestarkk> they can, but not Sydney ferries
[20:15] <Regox> They have one identical in the US
[20:15] <rightsforppl> the biggest bridge in the world
[20:15] <Milo_Flavour> And do you really go there to watch opera?
[20:15] <rightsforppl> no
[20:15] <Milo_Flavour> Exactly
[20:15] <roberestarkk> Regox, link it to me
[20:15] <rightsforppl> it is a giant drama theatre
[20:15] <roberestarkk> I've never heard this
[20:15] <Regox> The US bridge?
[20:15] <roberestarkk> aye
[20:16] <rightsforppl> aye king of egypt
[20:16] <Regox> 1min, will find link
[20:16] <rightsforppl> that reminds me of a funny thing
[20:16] <roberestarkk> aye king of egypt?
[20:16] <roberestarkk> tá tú leathcheann
[20:16] <rightsforppl> my history teacher was teaching us about aye when she said aye we thought se said I
[20:16] <rightsforppl> so she said i was alive when totunkamen was alivew
[20:16] <rightsforppl> *alive
[20:17] <rightsforppl> i was a general in the army
[20:17] <rightsforppl> i was a king
[20:17] <rightsforppl> that was what we thought she was saying
[20:17] <rightsforppl> then she wrote his name on the board 'aye
[20:18] <rightsforppl> did anyone get that?
[20:18] <Milo_Flavour> Enthralling tale brethren. Most Amusing
[20:18] <rightsforppl> so you got it
[20:18] <roberestarkk> Hahaha
[20:19] <Milo_Flavour> Yes and it was a terrible joke
[20:19] <rightsforppl> but you should have seen it
[20:19] <roberestarkk> nice one Milo
[20:19] <rightsforppl> if you seen it
[20:19] <Milo_Flavour> But i guess it would have been funny at the time
[20:19] <rightsforppl> yeah ^
[20:19] <roberestarkk> http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/250x250/10765577.jpg
[20:20] <Milo_Flavour> ffff Url too long cbf
[20:20] <rightsforppl> i'll check that out
[20:20] <roberestarkk> damn that won't work
[20:20] <roberestarkk> put a g on the end
[20:20] <roberestarkk> what Milo?
[20:20] <roberestarkk> click it
[20:20] <roberestarkk> then add 'g'
[20:21] <Milo_Flavour> vqvn
[20:21] <Milo_Flavour> Did not know you could do that
[20:21] <rightsforppl> enthralling tale brethren
[20:22] <Milo_Flavour> As i said..
[20:22] <rightsforppl> where did you find that
[20:22] <rightsforppl> *how
[20:22] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[20:22] <Milo_Flavour> While surfing the fierce waters known as the interwebs
[20:23] <rightsforppl> i randomly search things
[20:23] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[20:23] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[20:23] <rightsforppl> that reminds me
[20:23] * martch15 (martch15@martch15) has joined #main
[20:23] <rightsforppl> its time to make a post
[20:23] <martch15> ahah sorry guyys fro this im jst trying to copy something from a singleplayer world
[20:24] <rightsforppl> there
[20:24] <rightsforppl> post succesful
[20:24] <rightsforppl> *successful
[20:24] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[20:24] <rightsforppl> now to wait for another post so i can make my next post......
[20:25] <roberestarkk> sorry guys fro this?
[20:25] <roberestarkk> fro what?
[20:25] <martch15> i keep on logging in and out
[20:25] <rightsforppl> i just posted something
[20:25] <rightsforppl> i'm getting posty :D
[20:26] <rightsforppl> but what is better my new post or my previous post.........
[20:26] <rightsforppl> my previous post
[20:27] <rightsforppl> brb i'm gonna check if the lawsofminecraft windows 7 them is finished
[20:27] * Regox (Regox@Regox) has joined #main
[20:28] <rightsforppl> well no
[20:29] <rightsforppl> hi regox
[20:29] <rightsforppl> lag xray and i see snow underground
[20:31] <rightsforppl> me?
[20:31] <roberestarkk> no, the OTHER guy who was using xray and seeing underground
[20:31] <rightsforppl> when the game lags
[20:31] <rightsforppl> the game makes some unloaded terrain
[20:31] <rightsforppl> then loads it
[20:31] <rightsforppl> that is what i meant
[20:32] <roberestarkk> I guessed what you meant... that's why I didn't ACTUALLY ban you...
[20:32] <rightsforppl> i missunderstood then
[20:32] <rightsforppl> i must be so tired
[20:33] <rightsforppl> but no school tommorow
[20:33] <rightsforppl> so make the best of it
[20:33] <rightsforppl> :D
[20:33] <roberestarkk> I don't have school tomorrow either ^^
[20:33] <roberestarkk> or the day after =D
[20:33] <roberestarkk> or the day after that =D
[20:33] <martch15> itrs sunday tomorrow
[20:33] <rightsforppl> whats on the day after that?
[20:33] <roberestarkk> I know...
[20:33] <roberestarkk> the day after the day after the day after tomorrow?
[20:34] <rightsforppl> some awesome holiday
[20:34] <rightsforppl> yes
[20:34] <martch15> im screwed tomorrow....i have 2 games of hockey then state trials :((
[20:34] <roberestarkk> I have school...
[20:34] <roberestarkk> nawwwww
[20:34] <rightsforppl> i thought we didn't have school on monday
[20:34] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123) has joined #main
[20:34] <Regox> Hey
[20:34] <rightsforppl> hi zac
[20:34] <roberestarkk> I never have school on Monday
[20:34] <roberestarkk> or Tuesday
[20:35] <martch15> why?
[20:35] <roberestarkk> I get 4 day weekends every week
[20:35] <martch15> a=re u at uni?
[20:35] <rightsforppl> i wish i was you
[20:35] <Warzac123> hey
[20:35] <roberestarkk> because I'm clearly awesome and deserve them
[20:35] <roberestarkk> nope, no uni
[20:35] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[20:35] <roberestarkk> next year is uni
[20:35] <rightsforppl> year 12
[20:35] <martch15> study break?
[20:35] <PURD3Y> why so many ppl on
[20:35] <roberestarkk> year 12 was 2010
[20:35] <rightsforppl> the most annoying test
[20:35] <rightsforppl> hsc
[20:35] <PURD3Y> and i am on it yes martcvh
[20:35] <PURD3Y> and hello all
[20:35] <roberestarkk> and I'm not on a study break, because I still go 3 days a week
[20:35] <rightsforppl> hi purd
[20:36] <rightsforppl> i can only wish i was rob
[20:36] <PURD3Y> im a uni noob
[20:36] <roberestarkk> lol
[20:36] <rightsforppl> i'm a maths noob
[20:36] <roberestarkk> see if you can guess what I do Purd
[20:36] <PURD3Y> i love maths
[20:36] <rightsforppl> my worst subject
[20:36] <PURD3Y> TAFE?
[20:36] <rightsforppl> i love history
[20:36] <roberestarkk> I finished year 12 in 2010, and I go to uni next year, and I study 3 days a week
[20:36] <roberestarkk> awww you guessed it!
[20:37] <rightsforppl> Tafe
[20:37] <roberestarkk> owait... I already told you didn't I...? D=
[20:37] <PURD3Y> hells to the yes
[20:37] <rightsforppl> the el cheapo version of uni
[20:37] <rightsforppl> i'm saving up for uni
[20:37] <PURD3Y> just hex debt it
[20:37] <rightsforppl> i'm going to be a psuedo scientist
[20:37] <PURD3Y> sorrty hecs
[20:37] <rightsforppl> XD
[20:37] <roberestarkk> rights... you don't get to talk smack about any form of education until you've at least learned
[20:37] <roberestarkk> to spell
[20:38] <PURD3Y> ^ LOOOOl
[20:38] <rightsforppl> i know how to spell
[20:38] <rightsforppl> but psuedo
[20:38] <roberestarkk> ^blatant lie
[20:38] <rightsforppl> is confusing
[20:38] <roberestarkk> I'm not talking about psuedo
[20:39] <rightsforppl> i'm a good speller i even got a premiers spelling bee award last year
[20:39] <PURD3Y> rights you're 13, you don't need to think of university
[20:39] <roberestarkk> then god help us all
[20:39] <rightsforppl> i can spell long words like hieroglyphics easily
[20:39] <martch15> ahah rob your soo mean
[20:39] <PURD3Y> i got that every year i was at school, as well as the rio tinto big science quiz
[20:39] <rightsforppl> but french-english words are confusing
[20:40] <roberestarkk> Must. Not. Snap.
[20:40] <PURD3Y> hypoglycimic
[20:40] <PURD3Y> ro calm down
[20:41] <rightsforppl> i really think i should be muted
[20:41] <Regox> 'k
[20:41] <PURD3Y> shift glitch
[20:41] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[20:41] <Regox> muted
[20:41] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[20:41] <rightsforppl> wcb
[20:41] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[20:41] <martch15> who was muted?
[20:41] <rightsforppl> me
[20:41] <Regox> rights
[20:42] <martch15> ahah why
[20:42] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[20:42] <martch15> he aksed
[20:42] <PURD3Y> rob i voted for you for best builder <3
[20:42] <PURD3Y> on smp
[20:42] <roberestarkk> Why? =S
[20:42] <PURD3Y> because its true
[20:43] <roberestarkk> how so?
[20:43] <PURD3Y> look at the tea and crumpets
[20:43] <roberestarkk> -.-
[20:43] <roberestarkk> oh yous trollin
[20:43] <Milo_Flavour> It sucked, no green tea
[20:43] <roberestarkk> I see
[20:43] <Regox> I shall confess to being impressed by the adding of tea to the teapot
[20:43] <roberestarkk> STFU ABOUT GREEN TEA!
[20:43] <PURD3Y> no im not
[20:43] <Milo_Flavour> U mad bro?
[20:43] <roberestarkk> I ain't even mad
[20:43] <PURD3Y> i did actually vote for youu
[20:43] <roberestarkk> I'm madly disappointed
[20:44] <rightsforppl> wow
[20:44] <PURD3Y> LOOOOL
[20:44] <Regox> Eh, they stopped making the only nice tea years back
[20:44] <roberestarkk> you've such poor taste in tea...
[20:44] <PURD3Y> that us re?
[20:44] <Milo_Flavour> You have yet to taste REAL green trea
[20:44] <martch15> yehh.. doublechest of eggs :P
[20:44] <Regox> Liptonice was best tea
[20:45] <rightsforppl> muted
[20:45] <PURD3Y> sorry, im a little clumsy
[20:45] <roberestarkk> Shakkahō!
[20:45] * martch15 (martch15@martch15§f) Quit (§emartch15 left the game.)
[20:45] * Warzac123 (Warzac123@Warzac123§f) Quit (§eWarzac123 left the game.)
[20:45] <rightsforppl> i forgot i can say anything i want while muted
[20:45] <rightsforppl> that always happens........
[20:45] <Regox> Yep
[20:46] <Regox> Also, the console still keeps a log of what you say
[20:46] <rightsforppl> i type something expecting to be muted
[20:46] <roberestarkk> Shakkahō!
[20:46] <rightsforppl> then i'm unmuted
[20:46] <PURD3Y> really now
[20:46] <rightsforppl> yes
[20:46] <roberestarkk> Shakkahō!
[20:46] <Milo_Flavour> It does
[20:46] <Milo_Flavour> Also records /msg
[20:46] <rightsforppl> it doesn't
[20:47] <roberestarkk> yes it does
[20:47] <Regox> Actually, it does
[20:47] <Milo_Flavour> ^
[20:47] <rightsforppl> the forum chatlogs only recorded the public messages
[20:47] * FrakMunkie (FrakMunkie@FrakMunkie§f) has joined #main
[20:47] <Regox> Welcome FrakMunkie
[20:47] <rightsforppl> hi frak
[20:47] <roberestarkk> the forum chatlogs aren't the server
[20:47] <Milo_Flavour> Welcome
[20:47] <rightsforppl> oh i see
[20:47] <Milo_Flavour> Server records EVERYTHING
[20:47] <Milo_Flavour> Forum is just for basic use
[20:47] <FrakMunkie> Hello
[20:47] <rightsforppl> ok
[20:47] <roberestarkk> Shakkahō
[20:47] <rightsforppl> you can't build
[20:48] <PURD3Y> aaahhh
[20:48] <rightsforppl> to be able to you need to read the rules
[20:48] <PURD3Y> oi newbie
[20:48] <rightsforppl> there are 21 rules
[20:48] <rightsforppl> counting a and b
[20:48] <roberestarkk> HAHAHA
[20:48] <rightsforppl> type /rules to read them
[20:48] <FrakMunkie> ya mean the rules that are on the forum? Yeah - read them lol
[20:48] <rightsforppl> when you are done with the first page read /rules 2 and /rules 3
[20:48] <Regox> ./rules
[20:49] <Milo_Flavour> There will be a quiz
[20:49] <Regox> We like quizzes
[20:49] <rightsforppl> then when you memorise them ask a mod= for the quiz
[20:49] <Milo_Flavour> Oi
[20:49] <rightsforppl> good luck
[20:49] <roberestarkk> mod= can't promote people
[20:49] <Regox> Yes we can
[20:49] <Milo_Flavour> Mod = can promote
[20:49] <PURD3Y> mods can
[20:49] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[20:49] <FrakMunkie> mo, quiz me.
[20:49] <rightsforppl> hi riding
[20:49] <roberestarkk> sssh, I'm being pedantic
[20:49] <ridingmaster> Hello
[20:49] <roberestarkk> Mods may be able to
[20:49] <roberestarkk> but mod= can't
[20:49] <Milo_Flavour> Anyone one want to quiz or shall i?
[20:50] <Regox> Go for it milo
[20:50] <rightsforppl> say rule 21
[20:50] <ridingmaster> Hey frak
[20:50] <Milo_Flavour> Alright Question 1
[20:50] <ridingmaster> Just say you on classic
[20:50] <rightsforppl> damn
[20:50] <FrakMunkie> There is no rule 21.
[20:50] <FrakMunkie> there are only 18.
[20:50] <roberestarkk> les 3
[20:50] <rightsforppl> is there now
[20:50] <Regox> There are 20
[20:50] <ridingmaster> ^
[20:51] <FrakMunkie> then you should add the other rules to the forum too.
[20:51] <Regox> Forum rules are seperate
[20:51] <ridingmaster> ./rules
[20:51] <FrakMunkie> having them here and not there is dumb.
[20:51] <Regox> ./rules 3
[20:51] <Milo_Flavour> I think there should be a new rule
[20:51] <Milo_Flavour> STOP COPYING MY JOKES
[20:51] <Milo_Flavour> SRS
[20:51] <FrakMunkie> no big ass grinders.
[20:51] <rightsforppl> you know there is 18 a and 18 b
[20:51] <FrakMunkie> 19. Stop doing stuff when told to do so by staff member.
[20:51] <roberestarkk> there aren't any ass's to grind in MC
[20:51] <Regox> Pretty sure I can't see the word "ass" anywhere in rule 20
[20:52] <FrakMunkie> 18B, no compo - sounds like my day job.
[20:52] <PURD3Y> im safe from rob until he tp's
[20:52] <roberestarkk> no you aren't
[20:52] <roberestarkk> ./smite purd
[20:52] <PURD3Y> :(
[20:52] <PURD3Y> thats power abuse
[20:52] <Regox> Darn, admin only
[20:52] <roberestarkk> ./kill purd
[20:52] <Milo_Flavour> xD
[20:52] <roberestarkk> it's only abusing the power if I use it
[20:52] <FrakMunkie> happy?
[20:53] <PURD3Y> cant do that, i'll have your rak
[20:53] <ridingmaster> What's with the caps
[20:53] <ridingmaster> ?
[20:53] <Milo_Flavour> No Overuseage of cps lock
[20:53] <PURD3Y> rank
[20:53] <FrakMunkie> sorry, caps was on. XD
[20:53] <ridingmaster> Can't you see what you're typing?
[20:53] <Milo_Flavour> Well anyways
[20:53] <Regox> Rule 21: No being happy
[20:53] <FrakMunkie> no - stare at the keyboard to type.
[20:53] <roberestarkk> yup, no fun or happiness allowed on this server!
[20:53] <rightsforppl> at all
[20:54] <rightsforppl> we need to fight
[20:54] <FrakMunkie> keep the quiz coming.
[20:54] <PURD3Y> stop rob
[20:54] <Milo_Flavour> Ok new question
[20:54] <roberestarkk> fien D=
[20:54] <PURD3Y> im nearly dead
[20:54] <roberestarkk> liar
[20:54] <PURD3Y> cheater
[20:54] <Regox> The questions continue....
[20:54] <Milo_Flavour> If you were to see a griefer and there are no stafff on, what would you do
[20:54] <Regox> IN OTHER LANGUAGES
[20:54] <rightsforppl> report
[20:55] <FrakMunkie> Private message an admin? XD
[20:55] <ridingmaster> No
[20:55] <roberestarkk> but there aren't any staff on...
[20:55] <ridingmaster> Report him on the forums
[20:55] <FrakMunkie> Forum. LOL
[20:55] <roberestarkk> hypothetically*
[20:55] <rightsforppl> exactly
[20:55] <Regox> If potato tophat a sickle, what sprunkle would you use?
[20:55] <FrakMunkie> that's what i said - private message an admin.
[20:55] <PURD3Y> bacon
[20:55] <ridingmaster> With evidence - screen shots
[20:55] <ridingmaster> No, not private message
[20:55] <PURD3Y> bacon is always the answer
[20:55] <ridingmaster> Report, make a thread in the reports section
[20:55] <roberestarkk> ^
[20:56] <FrakMunkie> okey dokey - that's not in the rules, but ok.
[20:56] <roberestarkk> I shoot pidgeons, carrier hawks are the way to go!
[20:56] <PURD3Y> indeed
[20:56] <Regox> Hmm
[20:56] <Regox> How about
[20:56] <Regox> Carrier dodo's! They're kinda slow...
[20:56] <roberestarkk> and can't fly
[20:56] <roberestarkk> and are all dead
[20:56] <FrakMunkie> dodo is crap 'net provider.
[20:57] <roberestarkk> we're talking about the "bird"
[20:57] <roberestarkk> that can't fly
[20:57] <roberestarkk> and is dead
[20:57] <rightsforppl> can i be unmuted now
[20:57] <FrakMunkie> and I'm stuck with 'em. XD
[20:57] <PURD3Y> i bet i can get gicked for dropping too fast
[20:57] <FrakMunkie> more quiz?
[20:57] <ridingmaster> lol
[20:58] <Milo_Flavour> Erm
[20:58] <PURD3Y> wait ffor it
[20:58] <Milo_Flavour> Idea anyone?
[20:58] <PURD3Y> 3
[20:58] <PURD3Y> 2
[20:58] <PURD3Y> 1
[20:58] * PURD3Y was kicked from #main by Server
[20:58] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[20:58] <roberestarkk> baka
[20:58] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y) has joined #main
[20:58] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[20:58] <roberestarkk> I said NOTHING about you when you weren't here!
[20:58] <roberestarkk> NOTHING
[20:58] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[20:58] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[20:58] <Regox> What's up?
[20:58] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl) has joined #main
[20:58] <roberestarkk> and I don't have any ideas...
[20:58] <rightsforppl> muted
[20:58] <FrakMunkie> up is not down.
[20:58] <Milo_Flavour> Neither do i
[20:59] <Milo_Flavour> Say something amusing Frak
[20:59] <roberestarkk> WOW He can tell the difference between up and down!
[20:59] <roberestarkk> this guy's a keeper!
[20:59] <PURD3Y> i have cheese
[20:59] <ridingmaster> What would you do if mobs were chasing you
[20:59] <FrakMunkie> I have a crap sense of humor. lol
[20:59] <ridingmaster> And there was a locketted house
[20:59] <Regox> What would you do if an admin was chasing you
[20:59] <ridingmaster> Right next to you
[20:59] <FrakMunkie> KEEP RUNNING. lol
[20:59] <PURD3Y> i'd die
[20:59] <PURD3Y> in your arms tonight
[20:59] <ridingmaster> You have 2 hearts left
[21:00] <Milo_Flavour> But you havce no hunger bar left
[21:00] <ridingmaster> And you see food inside the home
[21:00] <roberestarkk> Oh nice song reference Purd!
[21:00] <PURD3Y> but it must've been something you said
[21:00] <Milo_Flavour> You are also carrying diamonds and are lost
[21:00] <FrakMunkie> if admin chases me, no health, no stamina - I die. simple, ain't greifing just to keep running from
[21:00] <Milo_Flavour> so you are unable tor eturn
[21:00] <rightsforppl> muted
[21:00] <ridingmaster> Not if an admin is
[21:00] <ridingmaster> If mobs are
[21:00] <FrakMunkie> an admin who's chasing me for a good reason (in their opinion..);p;
[21:00] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator) has joined #main
[21:00] <roberestarkk> Frak, ignore everyone except Milo... he's the one with the quiz
[21:01] <Regox> If we asked you to hunt down and kill riding, would you do it?
[21:01] <FrakMunkie> if mobs are, bash 'em to death
[21:01] <ridingmaster> Like zombies, creepers, wild dogs
[21:01] <roberestarkk> I would!
[21:01] <ridingmaster> You have 2 hearts left
[21:01] <ridingmaster> No health
[21:01] <FrakMunkie> if it was an admin set course, yes I would hunt him down and kill him.
[21:01] <rightsforppl> i didn't fall into the pit
[21:01] <ridingmaster> *food bar
[21:01] <Mannihalator> What's up ladies?!
[21:01] <ridingmaster> Hey gus
[21:01] <FrakMunkie> only if told to by admin though.
[21:01] <Regox> 'k, do you agree to all the legitimate rules?
[21:01] <ridingmaster> What frak?
[21:01] <PURD3Y> manni dont talk about yourself
[21:01] <rightsforppl> muted
[21:01] <FrakMunkie> I agree, have read and understand all the rules.
[21:01] <Mannihalator> No, I was talking about you Purd ;)
[21:02] <PURD3Y> you wish jellyfish
[21:02] <Mannihalator> You now have to delete that rights
[21:02] <rightsforppl> muted
[21:02] <Milo_Flavour> Meh Was going to rank him anyway
[21:02] <ridingmaster> Still waiting for an answer :/
[21:02] <Regox> Anyway, welcome to the server
[21:03] <roberestarkk> okay riding, I'll hunt you down and kill you in a tic
[21:03] <ridingmaster> Indeed
[21:03] <FrakMunkie> so - do I get land - or just go and find a hole to die in? XD
[21:03] <roberestarkk> the second bit
[21:03] <ridingmaster> :O
[21:03] <Milo_Flavour> Option C!
[21:03] <Mannihalator> Why not me rob? </3
[21:03] <Regox> Either join a continent, or find and found one
[21:03] <rightsforppl> i am muted!
[21:03] <PURD3Y> fran mapchange in 2 to 3 weeks, i advise small house anywere untill them
[21:03] <PURD3Y> hen
[21:03] <FrakMunkie> find and found one it is.
[21:03] <roberestarkk> because Regox put the hit out on riding, not you manni
[21:03] <PURD3Y> frak
[21:03] <Regox> Also, if you see a big 001 in glowstone, it's a bad idea to build there
[21:04] <Mannihalator> Lol, alright then
[21:04] <PURD3Y> frak
[21:04] <PURD3Y> i hate life
[21:04] <Milo_Flavour> Stop being emo already
[21:04] <ridingmaster> :O
[21:04] <ridingmaster> Rob!
[21:04] <roberestarkk> THY DOOM IS AT HAND!
[21:04] <Regox> And remember, everyone here is a serious, mature individual....
[21:04] <PURD3Y> im not emo
[21:04] <roberestarkk> PREPARE TO MEET THY MAKER!
[21:04] <ridingmaster> Hehe :3
[21:04] <Mannihalator> I gotta see this
[21:05] <roberestarkk> disappear while I'm typing eh?
[21:05] <ridingmaster> How
[21:05] <roberestarkk> boo
[21:05] <ridingmaster> Wait purd :s
[21:05] <Mannihalator> I see rob c:
[21:05] <Milo_Flavour> Want a ride frak?
[21:05] <FrakMunkie> um - so, I can build anywhere?
[21:05] <ridingmaster> Help iron golems
[21:05] <ridingmaster> Attack
[21:05] <Mannihalator> XD
[21:06] <ridingmaster> :O
[21:06] <ridingmaster> Who did that
[21:06] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:06] <ridingmaster> Time to be innocent
[21:06] <ridingmaster> help
[21:06] <ridingmaster> An idea :3
[21:06] <Milo_Flavour> xD
[21:06] <ridingmaster> Dang
[21:06] <ridingmaster> Still works
[21:06] <Regox> Frak, if you can find empty space, go for it
[21:06] <FrakMunkie> um - how do I maintina my hunger/stamina? XD
[21:06] <PURD3Y> riding here
[21:06] <roberestarkk> you're lucky I'm afraid of water...
[21:06] <Regox> Magic
[21:07] <Mannihalator> XD
[21:07] <Milo_Flavour> Eat dem foods
[21:07] <ridingmaster> Where is that boat
[21:07] <FrakMunkie> and how do I obtain food? Grow it? Kill it? XD
[21:07] <PURD3Y> riding just drop
[21:07] <ridingmaster> Both of them
[21:07] <Regox> Both
[21:07] <Milo_Flavour> Pretty much
[21:07] <ridingmaster> I need water
[21:07] <ridingmaster> *air
[21:07] <ridingmaster> :O
[21:07] <Milo_Flavour> You murder!
[21:07] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:07] <roberestarkk> LOL
[21:07] <Milo_Flavour> Funny how he was aiming for me xD
[21:07] <roberestarkk> ^
[21:08] <roberestarkk> and I hit you too
[21:08] <Regox> Hang on, small donation from the continent of Brambleshaw
[21:08] <FrakMunkie> was that a freakin' dragon?
[21:08] <Mannihalator> I totally look like milo 0.o
[21:08] <ridingmaster> Go damn it
[21:08] <roberestarkk> Manni must have been on low enough health that the radius killed him
[21:08] <Mannihalator> Yeah
[21:08] <ridingmaster> D:<
[21:08] <Mannihalator> I had like 1/2 a heart
[21:08] <Mannihalator> XD
[21:08] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:09] <ridingmaster> Thanks purd :D
[21:09] <ridingmaster> WHAT
[21:09] <roberestarkk> khufufufufufu
[21:09] <Mannihalator> Milo's using mob disguise XD
[21:09] <rightsforppl> i am muted
[21:09] <Milo_Flavour> Shush
[21:09] <Mannihalator> And flying?
[21:09] <ridingmaster> lol
[21:09] <rightsforppl> i made this thing to show it
[21:09] <Mannihalator> You okay milo?
[21:09] <FrakMunkie> :-|
[21:09] <Regox> Also, watch out for skeletons
[21:09] <roberestarkk> Yaaaaaaaaay
[21:09] <ridingmaster> Gee thanks XD
[21:09] <Milo_Flavour> I am absolutely fine
[21:10] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:10] <rightsforppl> i was building a muted sign
[21:10] <ridingmaster> Mah stuff
[21:10] <Mannihalator> Looks like you're trying to fly a squid
[21:10] <ridingmaster> You took my XP
[21:10] <roberestarkk> sorry =/
[21:10] <ridingmaster> lol
[21:10] <ridingmaster> Milo
[21:10] <ridingmaster> My stuff
[21:10] <Regox> You're not sorry...
[21:10] <ridingmaster> You have them
[21:10] <Mannihalator> LOL rob
[21:10] <Milo_Flavour> -sercet item stealing-
[21:10] <roberestarkk> I am actually...
[21:10] <ridingmaster> Milo
[21:10] <Mannihalator> Just zap him eh?
[21:11] <ridingmaster> ./kill o.o
[21:11] <rightsforppl> ./kill is a great and funny command
[21:11] <rightsforppl> but it starts fights
[21:11] <ridingmaster> Please milo :/
[21:11] <Mannihalator> Rob, you gonna mob disguise?
[21:11] <Milo_Flavour> I dont have you items xD
[21:11] <ridingmaster> Yes you do...
[21:12] <ridingmaster> Then who does?
[21:12] <Milo_Flavour> Rob, Im looking at you
[21:12] <roberestarkk> I am a fish
[21:12] <roberestarkk> whose items?
[21:12] <FrakMunkie> undersea house - like a boss.
[21:12] <PURD3Y> bo schitt
[21:12] <ridingmaster> <---
[21:12] <roberestarkk> I have 1 stick, 1 blaze rod and one wooden axe
[21:12] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:12] <Mannihalator> He's a silverfish
[21:12] <Mannihalator> XD
[21:12] <rightsforppl> rights is not like a boss
[21:12] <roberestarkk> I am a fish
[21:12] <ridingmaster> Then who has it
[21:12] <rightsforppl> he IS a boss
[21:12] <Mannihalator> Lol milo
[21:13] <PURD3Y> kill the chicken i want lunch
[21:13] <Mannihalator> You look like a derpy chicken
[21:13] <roberestarkk> I teleported you to right next to your stuff
[21:13] <rightsforppl> ok cyas it's 11:11 PM
[21:13] <ridingmaster> Milo was standing in my stuff
[21:13] <ridingmaster> In md XD
[21:13] * rightsforppl (rightsforppl@rightsforppl§f) Quit (§erightsforppl left the game.)
[21:13] <Milo_Flavour> Mob disguise removes the ability to pick up objects
[21:13] <roberestarkk> when you're in MD, you don't pick stuff up
[21:13] <roberestarkk> dammit Milow
[21:13] <ridingmaster> Crap
[21:14] <Mannihalator> Lol
[21:14] <Milo_Flavour> Da fuk
[21:14] <Milo_Flavour> Enderdragon pwease?
[21:14] <ridingmaster> i had an enchanted diamond pickaxe and sword :s
[21:14] <Mannihalator> I've lost sight of rob
[21:14] <Mannihalator> :/
[21:14] <roberestarkk> I love how the cat sticks close to other people because he knows I won't shoot them
[21:14] <PURD3Y> and we need light
[21:15] <roberestarkk> Manni, I'm a flying fish
[21:15] <PURD3Y> kill the cat
[21:15] <Milo_Flavour> EVERYONE LOVES TEH CATZ
[21:15] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:15] <Regox> I'm not fond of cats
[21:15] <roberestarkk> CARPET BOMBING!
[21:15] <Milo_Flavour> MEOW MEOWMEWO
[21:15] <Milo_Flavour> MEOW MEOWMEWO
[21:15] <Regox> I prefer dogs
[21:15] <Mannihalator> Lol
[21:15] <Regox> And chickens
[21:15] <PURD3Y> rob type antioch
[21:16] <roberestarkk> I've a better idea
[21:16] <Mannihalator> We got a full lightning storm here
[21:16] <PURD3Y> or /antioch
[21:16] <Regox> Missed
[21:16] <ridingmaster> Again...
[21:16] <roberestarkk> lol
[21:16] <PURD3Y> my shit
[21:16] <FrakMunkie> ya right htere?
[21:16] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:16] <FrakMunkie> there*
[21:16] <Milo_Flavour> Really? I was the only one that survied
[21:16] <Milo_Flavour> and I was the one you were aiming for xD
[21:16] <roberestarkk> oh dear
[21:16] <Mannihalator> ah, nice rob XD
[21:16] <PURD3Y> i need mah sh*t
[21:16] <roberestarkk> actually
[21:16] <ridingmaster> Where the heck
[21:16] <roberestarkk> ./nuke appears to nuke everyone
[21:16] <ridingmaster> Don't tell me
[21:16] <roberestarkk> not just one person
[21:16] <Regox> Except mods
[21:16] <PURD3Y> i lost my sponge
[21:16] <roberestarkk> ah
[21:17] <Milo_Flavour> No, It hit me
[21:17] <ridingmaster> I lost everything
[21:17] <roberestarkk> my bad
[21:17] <Regox> Doesn't kill us though
[21:17] <Milo_Flavour> I was just under water
[21:17] <roberestarkk> I thought it would default to just me if I didn't specify someone
[21:17] <Regox> I have this mental image
[21:17] <PURD3Y> preys
[21:17] <Milo_Flavour> Meow?
[21:17] <Regox> Of /nuke
[21:17] <Regox> Spawning 1000 clones of peppy
[21:17] <roberestarkk> rofl
[21:17] <Regox> That detonate on impact
[21:17] <Mannihalator> XD
[21:18] <PURD3Y> :O
[21:18] <Milo_Flavour> Damn you ug boots
[21:18] <Milo_Flavour> you failed me again
[21:18] <ridingmaster> Rob
[21:18] <Mannihalator> Lol rob
[21:18] <ridingmaster> I kinda need my stuff back
[21:18] <roberestarkk> nothing can avoid /smite
[21:18] <Mannihalator> Just hiding there XD
[21:18] <PURD3Y> rob can i have my sponge back
[21:18] <roberestarkk> I don't have it...
[21:18] <roberestarkk> I keep saying...
[21:19] <ridingmaster> It got exploded
[21:19] <roberestarkk> oh
[21:19] <Mannihalator> i c u rob c:
[21:19] <Milo_Flavour> Eh, so did my things
[21:19] <PURD3Y> you nuked mah shit
[21:19] <roberestarkk> right =(
[21:19] <roberestarkk> sorry =/
[21:19] <PURD3Y> im lagging like hell
[21:19] <ridingmaster> Start collecting food :/
[21:19] <roberestarkk> my head is on fire and won't go out
[21:19] <Milo_Flavour> And that is why the young Admin never touched that agin
[21:20] <PURD3Y> i place sand and it keeps coming back in fire
[21:20] <roberestarkk> everybody stay clear of Milo, he's about to get nuked again
[21:20] <Mannihalator> Alrighty :D
[21:20] <Milo_Flavour> Run to purdey!
[21:20] <roberestarkk> that's not clear enough
[21:20] <PURD3Y> piss off
[21:20] <Milo_Flavour> Sup'
[21:20] <roberestarkk> nowhere near clear enough
[21:20] <Mannihalator> YAY! :D
[21:20] <PURD3Y> -.-
[21:21] <PURD3Y> I. HATE. YOU. MILO
[21:21] <roberestarkk> okay, I'ma give y'all your stuff back now
[21:21] <Mannihalator> I c u rob :D
[21:21] <Milo_Flavour> I Love you too
[21:21] <PURD3Y> :(
[21:21] <Mannihalator> Milo <3
[21:21] <PURD3Y> imma turn this into a deset
[21:21] <PURD3Y> desert
[21:22] <ridingmaster> I had to many things to remember :o
[21:22] <Milo_Flavour> Can the enderdragon poop gifts of items xD?
[21:22] <roberestarkk> it's already a desert
[21:22] <PURD3Y> riding your crops will wtop growing
[21:22] <ridingmaster> What?
[21:22] <ridingmaster> Why?
[21:22] <PURD3Y> my sponge >:D
[21:22] <ridingmaster> ?
[21:23] <PURD3Y> of 1million droughts
[21:23] <ridingmaster> What are you doing
[21:23] <Milo_Flavour> You should do that to the sea
[21:23] <ridingmaster> You do realise you're going to have to replace the water
[21:23] <roberestarkk> ready manni!?
[21:23] <PURD3Y> servers gonna reset might aswel have some fun
[21:23] <roberestarkk> POOPS AWAY!
[21:23] <Mannihalator> YAY!
[21:23] <ridingmaster> On my crops ?
[21:23] <ridingmaster> Do it on your own
[21:23] <PURD3Y> on everyones
[21:23] <Mannihalator> Poop shower :D
[21:24] <PURD3Y> i did it on mine ages ago
[21:24] <ridingmaster> I don't allow you to
[21:24] <ridingmaster> On mine
[21:24] <PURD3Y> fine
[21:24] <roberestarkk> hehe poop
[21:24] <PURD3Y> rob you tnt'd my bucket
[21:24] <Mannihalator> I love my poop c:
[21:24] <roberestarkk> pologies
[21:24] <ridingmaster> He tnt's my everything XD
[21:24] <Regox> Hut 7 finished
[21:24] <ridingmaster> *tnt'd
[21:24] <PURD3Y> i had more
[21:24] <PURD3Y> but eh
[21:24] <roberestarkk> ooh! huts!
[21:25] <PURD3Y> rob my bucket
[21:25] <ridingmaster> I had heaps of expensive things
[21:25] <roberestarkk> I already did
[21:25] <roberestarkk> heh
[21:25] <Milo_Flavour> Stranded in the desert with only poop
[21:25] <PURD3Y> idont have a buckey
[21:25] <PURD3Y> bucket
[21:25] <roberestarkk> I know, I robbed it
[21:25] <ridingmaster> Cocoa beans, great lol
[21:25] <PURD3Y> -.-''
[21:26] <PURD3Y> nothing to sea here
[21:26] <ridingmaster> Stupid iron golems
[21:26] <ridingmaster> Don't attack admins
[21:26] <PURD3Y> and my name was moses
[21:26] <ridingmaster> Might as well kill them
[21:26] <Milo_Flavour> ut them in the sea
[21:27] <Milo_Flavour> Put**
[21:27] <ridingmaster> lol no
[21:27] <roberestarkk> regox, would it not be faster to make 1 hut and get an admin to dupe it?
[21:27] <Regox> Eh
[21:27] <Milo_Flavour> Like the one i did earlier
[21:27] <ridingmaster> I still haven't got the ones you drowned back lol
[21:27] <roberestarkk> lol
[21:27] <Regox> I have no other pressing things to do
[21:27] <Milo_Flavour> These things can swim in lava right?
[21:27] <roberestarkk> fair enough
[21:27] <PURD3Y> riding ill save ur golems
[21:27] <ridingmaster> lol
[21:28] <ridingmaster> Uh
[21:28] <PURD3Y> saf
[21:28] <PURD3Y> safe
[21:28] <ridingmaster> I didn't need you to do that
[21:28] <ridingmaster> Once again
[21:28] <Milo_Flavour> Well it looks like they are going in the sea
[21:28] <ridingmaster> That took me a long time XD
[21:28] <ridingmaster> No
[21:29] <ridingmaster> Milo you should hit it
[21:29] <ridingmaster> lol
[21:29] <ridingmaster> Nothing?
[21:29] <ridingmaster> Odd
[21:29] <Milo_Flavour> Only works on ones spawned in villages
[21:29] <ridingmaster> Aww
[21:29] <ridingmaster> So what's the point of the,?
[21:29] <Milo_Flavour> They attack mobs?
[21:29] <ridingmaster> *them
[21:30] <Milo_Flavour> We should play golem wrestling
[21:30] <Mannihalator> XD
[21:31] <Mannihalator> I go for the Iron Golem
[21:31] <ridingmaster> I go for that one
[21:31] <ridingmaster> The one that's white
[21:31] <ridingmaster> And less damaged
[21:31] <PURD3Y> and now, i, moses shall part the sea
[21:32] <ridingmaster> Loving the natural light XD
[21:32] <PURD3Y> got torches?
[21:32] <ridingmaster> Nope
[21:32] <Milo_Flavour> Nope rob fried them all
[21:32] <ridingmaster> I had a stack of coal on me
[21:32] <ridingmaster> had
[21:33] <PURD3Y> anyone in utopia?
[21:33] <Mannihalator> Robbeh!?
[21:33] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow) has joined #main
[21:33] <ridingmaster> I want my enchanted stuff back :/
[21:33] <Regox> Hey
[21:33] <CanOfMeow> Hello :D
[21:33] <Mannihalator> Sup Can
[21:33] <ridingmaster> And the stack of arrows
[21:33] <Milo_Flavour> Indeed
[21:33] <ridingmaster> And hey can
[21:33] <ridingmaster> Can, you wouldn't happen to work in K-Mart would you?
[21:34] <CanOfMeow> Woolies
[21:34] <Mannihalator> Lol
[21:34] <CanOfMeow> XD
[21:34] <ridingmaster> I saw someone that looked like you in a k-mart store
[21:34] <Mannihalator> I wanted a job there . . :/
[21:34] <CanOfMeow> oh ahaha
[21:34] <PURD3Y> not a bad door
[21:34] <CanOfMeow> thanks
[21:34] <ridingmaster> And he called out 'zane' to another worker
[21:34] <CanOfMeow> o_o
[21:34] <ridingmaster> XD
[21:34] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:34] <CanOfMeow> oh wow
[21:34] <ridingmaster> He was staring at me for some reason o.o
[21:34] <CanOfMeow> Thats weird haha
[21:35] <ridingmaster> Indeed
[21:35] <Regox> Now I want to do that
[21:35] <CanOfMeow> I live in wollongong, near sydney though
[21:35] <Regox> Stare at someone and yell "Zane!"
[21:35] <CanOfMeow> haha
[21:35] <ridingmaster> I live near there
[21:35] <CanOfMeow> whereabouts?
[21:35] <ridingmaster> It was in campbelltown mall
[21:35] <Mannihalator> I live about 2 hours away . . XD
[21:35] <ridingmaster> k-mart
[21:36] <CanOfMeow> oh okay
[21:36] <CanOfMeow> haha
[21:36] <ridingmaster> You know that place right?
[21:36] <Mannihalator> Campbelltown, LOL
[21:36] <CanOfMeow> yeah aha
[21:36] <ridingmaster> I live in Tahmoor, near picton
[21:36] <CanOfMeow> oh nice
[21:36] <Milo_Flavour> Sorry
[21:37] * CanOfMeow (CanOfMeow@CanOfMeow§f) Quit (§eCanOfMeow left the game.)
[21:37] <PURD3Y> anyone got 32 planks?
[21:37] <ridingmaster> I did
[21:37] <ridingmaster> But then boom
[21:38] <Mannihalator> Hmm, who thinks Hyperaxe1 should be admin?
[21:38] <ridingmaster> ME
[21:38] <ridingmaster> You mean smp right?
[21:38] <Milo_Flavour> Stalkingthehorse apparently
[21:38] <Mannihalator> Yeah lol
[21:38] <ridingmaster> And dread
[21:38] <Mannihalator> I have been wondering for ages why he wasn't already
[21:38] <PURD3Y> can anyone give me wood?
[21:38] <FrakMunkie> >.<
[21:38] <Milo_Flavour> xD
[21:38] <PURD3Y> ;D
[21:39] <FrakMunkie> I don'[t think I'm sexy enough bro.
[21:39] <Regox> purd, you may want to rephrase that
[21:39] <Mannihalator> Lol Purd, I sold everything I had when I heard we were changing maps :P
[21:39] <PURD3Y> hey, aint nothing wrin
[21:39] <PURD3Y> IM BLIND
[21:39] <ridingmaster> Hurry up rob >_>
[21:39] <FrakMunkie> LOL, I can see fine
[21:39] <Mannihalator> Robbeh!?
[21:39] <PURD3Y> XRAY
[21:40] <Mannihalator> Xray?!
[21:40] <FrakMunkie> lol, no, high light screen. XD
[21:40] <Mannihalator> WHO'S USING XRAY?!
[21:40] <ridingmaster> Hackx?
[21:40] <Mannihalator> BANHAMMER!?
[21:40] <ridingmaster> *hax
[21:40] <Regox> Why purd?
[21:40] <PURD3Y> i need trees
[21:40] <Regox> I have none
[21:40] <FrakMunkie> he reckons 'cause I can see in the dark i am using XRAY. XD
[21:40] <PURD3Y> im joking
[21:42] <FrakMunkie> anyone got a few coal lumps?
[21:42] <Mannihalator> Lol
[21:42] <ridingmaster> I did
[21:42] <Mannihalator> "lumps" XD
[21:42] <ridingmaster> I had a stack
[21:43] <ridingmaster> And then boom
[21:43] <PURD3Y> someone wanna play jankempo?
[21:43] <Mannihalator> ROBERESTARKK!!
[21:43] <Regox> He's afk
[21:43] <Mannihalator> I know
[21:43] <Mannihalator> I'm trying to contact him in the beyond
[21:43] <ridingmaster> Is there a way to nudge him
[21:43] <Regox> 'k
[21:43] <ridingmaster> Maybe saying his full name
[21:43] <Mannihalator> the beyond of afk XD
[21:43] <ridingmaster> roberestarkk
[21:44] <ridingmaster> Nope
[21:44] <Mannihalator> Surely he gets a signal when someone says his name . .
[21:44] <FrakMunkie> not on minecraft.
[21:44] <ridingmaster> roberestarkk roberestarkk roberestarkk etc
[21:45] <Mannihalator> Starkky!
[21:45] <Milo_Flavour> Robbster!
[21:45] <Mannihalator> Hmm, maybe it only works with his real name . .
[21:45] <Mannihalator> Better not say that XD
[21:45] <PURD3Y> SAM
[21:46] <ridingmaster> [@]!
[21:46] <Mannihalator> [@] roberestarkk !
[21:47] <ridingmaster> That^
[21:47] <ridingmaster> Woah
[21:47] <Mannihalator> He's dead
[21:47] <ridingmaster> How did you get there XD
[21:47] <Milo_Flavour> I was standing infront of you for at least 5 minutes xD
[21:47] <Mannihalator> I saw him :3
[21:48] <Mannihalator> Lol milo
[21:48] <Milo_Flavour> Zzzzzz
[21:48] <Mannihalator> We share the bunk now :3
[21:48] <FrakMunkie> need food...
[21:48] <Mannihalator> ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ
[21:48] <ridingmaster> Need my items....
[21:48] <ridingmaster> XD Milo
[21:48] <ridingmaster> T bag ftw
[21:49] <ridingmaster> -.-
[21:49] <Mannihalator> Have some poop
[21:49] <PURD3Y> I MOSES can mart water with torches now
[21:50] <ridingmaster> Who did that
[21:50] <Milo_Flavour> Did what?
[21:50] <ridingmaster> Brake the sign
[21:51] <ridingmaster> I was writing
[21:51] <Mannihalator> My sign :3
[21:51] <PURD3Y> break?
[21:51] <ridingmaster> Yes *break
[21:51] <ridingmaster> ROB
[21:51] <Milo_Flavour> Rob
[21:51] <Mannihalator> ROBBEH!
[21:51] <roberestarkk> da?
[21:51] <ridingmaster> Welcome back !
[21:51] <PURD3Y> baby
[21:51] <ridingmaster> Meh items please
[21:51] <Mannihalator> We need your sustenance
[21:51] <roberestarkk> I don't know what you had...
[21:52] <ridingmaster> Hehe
[21:52] <ridingmaster> Colour on signs ftw
[21:52] <ridingmaster> No don't break it
[21:52] <roberestarkk> and I'm bored
[21:52] <ridingmaster> Purd ?
[21:52] <roberestarkk> so I'ma go watch more Animu
[21:52] <ridingmaster> Rob can't you at least
[21:52] <Mannihalator> Lol
[21:52] <ridingmaster> Compensate
[21:52] <PURD3Y> i dont have it
[21:52] <Mannihalator> Bye Robere
[21:52] <PURD3Y> by roberestarkk
[21:52] <ridingmaster> For the mass amount of items XD
[21:53] <roberestarkk> how can I compensate when I don't know what you had?
[21:53] <ridingmaster> I had enchanted diamond stuff
[21:53] <ridingmaster> Ask?
[21:53] <roberestarkk> was it worth one stick or 2k diamonds?
[21:53] <ridingmaster> 2k diamonds
[21:53] <ridingmaster> :3
[21:53] <roberestarkk> I thought "I don't know what you had" was plenty invitation to get you to tell me
[21:53] <ridingmaster> I'll tell you what I lost that was expensive
[21:53] <Regox> He was obviously carring a full inventory of mushrooms
[21:53] <Milo_Flavour> Uhm
[21:53] <roberestarkk> lol Regox
[21:54] <Mannihalator> LOL
[21:54] <PURD3Y> i had a stack of TNT
[21:54] <roberestarkk> red or brown?
[21:54] <ridingmaster> A diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking III and Efficiency III
[21:54] <Mannihalator> Look milo
[21:54] <ridingmaster> A diamond sword with Looting II and knockback III
[21:54] <Mannihalator> :P
[21:54] <ridingmaster> And a bow with Power V and fire I
[21:55] <ridingmaster> And 63 arrows
[21:55] <ridingmaster> Is all I care about XD
[21:56] <ridingmaster> Who broke my sign again XD
[21:56] <Milo_Flavour> Im on top ;D
[21:56] <Milo_Flavour> Best pharsing ever
[21:56] <ridingmaster> :O
[21:56] <ridingmaster> Milo come to me
[21:56] <ridingmaster> Damn it
[21:56] <roberestarkk> they're in here riding
[21:56] <ridingmaster> Not night
[21:57] <ridingmaster> Thanks
[21:57] <roberestarkk> buhbyenow!
[21:57] <Mannihalator> I see rob c:
[21:57] <ridingmaster> Did you add the arrows or is that what was already there
[21:57] <Mannihalator> Bye rob
[21:57] <PURD3Y> wait my tnt
[21:57] <Milo_Flavour> Uh
[21:57] <roberestarkk> I just gave you arrows now
[21:57] <roberestarkk> Purd, you had no tnt
[21:57] <Mannihalator> It's robbeh the fish
[21:57] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§f) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)
[21:57] <PURD3Y> D:
[21:57] <ridingmaster> Oh right, thanks
[21:57] <Milo_Flavour> T.T
[21:57] <Milo_Flavour> My items
[21:57] <PURD3Y> you deserver nothing milo u got us killed
[21:58] <Milo_Flavour> Tru Dat
[21:58] <ridingmaster> Don't push it XD
[21:58] <ridingmaster> lol
[21:58] <FrakMunkie> teh fuk? lit caves, and can't mine them?
[21:59] <Regox> Try now
[21:59] <Mannihalator> XD
[21:59] <FrakMunkie> works naow. :3
[21:59] <Mannihalator> Wait dont hit me
[21:59] <Mannihalator> I dont have much health left
[21:59] <FrakMunkie> it's a massive rift under my house.. XD
[21:59] <PURD3Y> ridingmaster found your rape dungeon
[22:00] <FrakMunkie> like no joke - it keeps going and going..
[22:00] <Mannihalator> Wut the hell?
[22:00] <ridingmaster> Who did that?
[22:00] <ridingmaster> And how
[22:00] <PURD3Y> milo
[22:00] <PURD3Y> fist
[22:00] <Milo_Flavour> Hm?
[22:01] <Milo_Flavour> I did nothing of the sort
[22:02] <PURD3Y> who wants me to moses the water
[22:02] <ridingmaster> How is it 12 already
[22:02] <Regox> Magic
[22:02] <ridingmaster> I just got home...
[22:02] <Mannihalator> Ikr
[22:02] <Milo_Flavour> Good morning honey <3
[22:02] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[22:02] <Mannihalator> XD
[22:02] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[22:03] <PURD3Y> manni pass us one
[22:03] <Regox> HEY MILO
[22:03] <Regox> I HEAR RIDING IS THERE
[22:03] <PURD3Y> damn
[22:03] <Milo_Flavour> ORELY
[22:03] <Regox> YEAH
[22:03] <PURD3Y> ri let me out
[22:03] <Mannihalator> I c u milo
[22:03] <Milo_Flavour> MAYBE I SHOULD CHECK IT OUT
[22:03] <Regox> PERHAPS
[22:03] <Milo_Flavour> YES
[22:04] <PURD3Y> party in the rape dungeon
[22:05] <ridingmaster> I'll brb
[22:05] <ridingmaster> I was never here
[22:05] <FrakMunkie> anyone here own a car they consider to be "cool"?
[22:05] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[22:06] <PURD3Y> i did then i crashed it
[22:06] <Milo_Flavour> If you think a lime green mercedes is cool yes
[22:06] <Mannihalator> Everyone, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALLUCINATIVE!
[22:06] <PURD3Y> its 11:35
[22:06] <FrakMunkie> so - anyone else own a cool car? XD
[22:07] <Mannihalator> For my side of the country, it's his birthday,!
[22:07] <PURD3Y> not anymore
[22:07] <Regox> I own a comfy mirage
[22:07] <PURD3Y> lol but his it isnt
[22:07] <Regox> Miss my first car, was badass
[22:07] <FrakMunkie> Mirage's are awesome! :-D
[22:07] <Regox> Learned important lesson with first car
[22:07] <FrakMunkie> what? slow down for corners? lol
[22:08] <PURD3Y> was that car sex is awesome
[22:08] <Regox> "Do not crash a 1988 Daihatsu Handi into a 90's model fairlane with a towbar at 60km/h"
[22:08] <FrakMunkie> LOL
[22:08] <PURD3Y> LOL
[22:08] <Regox> Was a great car, still miss it
[22:08] <FrakMunkie> I like the "Do not run at double brick walls with a tank fairlaine" more.
[22:09] <FrakMunkie> As you gotta pay for a new wall.
[22:09] <Regox> They're solid
[22:09] <FrakMunkie> minimal panel damage to the fairlaine though. XD
[22:09] <Regox> Take it from someone who hit one
[22:09] <FrakMunkie> I was thinking more.. 1973 fairlaine..
[22:10] <PURD3Y> im stealing the ocean
[22:10] <FrakMunkie> ORLY?
[22:10] <PURD3Y> milo give me my sponge
[22:11] <FrakMunkie> I own a 1991 R32 Skyline GTS-T - so that's my current "cool" car.
[22:11] <Mannihalator> Lucky bastard
[22:11] <PURD3Y> i had an 06 vz commodore
[22:11] <FrakMunkie> Got it for 8 grand - that's not lucky. lol
[22:11] <PURD3Y> BAHAHA
[22:11] <FrakMunkie> that's pennies to the XB I got as my first car. :-D
[22:12] <Mannihalator> Lol
[22:12] <PURD3Y> theres an is300 down the road for 5,900 that not too bad
[22:12] * Milo_Flavour (Milo_Flavour@Milo_Flavour§f) Quit (§eMilo_Flavour left the game.)
[22:13] * PURD3Y (PURD3Y@PURD3Y§f) Quit (§ePURD3Y left the game.)
[22:14] * Mannihalator (Mannihalator@Mannihalator§f) Quit (§eMannihalator left the game.)
[22:14] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[22:14] <ridingmaster> Back
[22:15] <FrakMunkie> anyone got wool?
[22:15] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[22:15] <FrakMunkie> mind shooting me 3 pieces?
[22:15] <ridingmaster> Sure
[22:15] <ridingmaster> White right?
[22:15] <FrakMunkie> any will do.
[22:16] <FrakMunkie> making bed. lol
[22:16] * Regox (Regox@Regox§f) Quit (§eRegox left the game.)
[22:16] <ridingmaster> I can give you a free bed
[22:16] <ridingmaster> What's that/
[22:17] <ridingmaster> Here
[22:17] <ridingmaster> It's the wool, I didn't make a bed
[22:17] <FrakMunkie> ty. :-)
[22:17] <ridingmaster> Np
[22:17] <ridingmaster> Do you have a place to stay?
[22:17] <FrakMunkie> that is the most awesome trap door ever.
[22:17] <FrakMunkie> yeah mate, I set home and made a house.
[22:17] <ridingmaster> Ahh cool
[22:17] <ridingmaster> Woah
[22:18] <FrakMunkie> like a boss.
[22:18] <FrakMunkie> XD
[22:18] <ridingmaster> How did you manage that XD
[22:18] <ridingmaster> Oh yes
[22:18] <FrakMunkie> store all your stuff and I'll show ya
[22:18] <ridingmaster> Nah I know XD
[22:18] <FrakMunkie> same caves...
[22:19] <FrakMunkie> wondering who made the glass...
[22:19] <FrakMunkie> we have the hydraulics here don't we? for trap doors, etc?
[22:19] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[22:20] <FrakMunkie> sweet. :3
[22:20] <ridingmaster> Like pistons?
[22:20] <FrakMunkie> yeah, make some invisible doors ftw.
[22:20] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[22:20] <ridingmaster> Hey leauja
[22:20] <FrakMunkie> I hate making huge things underground in servers - then a week later they die. :-|
[22:20] <leauja> Hey
[22:20] <ridingmaster> The server or the build?
[22:20] <FrakMunkie> server
[22:20] <ridingmaster> This server will never die
[22:21] <ridingmaster> i hope
[22:21] <FrakMunkie> I made an egypt 300x300x40 under ground on Redsands - then it died.
[22:21] <FrakMunkie> before we had all this hunger crap. lol
[22:21] <FrakMunkie> 'cause now I gotta go and make all new stuff again. :-|
[22:21] <ridingmaster> Do you need any tools?
[22:22] <ridingmaster> Or food?
[22:22] <FrakMunkie> tools yes, food I'll manage. XD
[22:22] <ridingmaster> Sure you don't need food as well?
[22:22] <ridingmaster> I got too many melons
[22:22] <FrakMunkie> XD
[22:22] <leauja> Same XD
[22:22] <FrakMunkie> two too many? :-P
[22:23] <ridingmaster> No, about 1 large chest full too many
[22:23] <ridingmaster> XD
[22:23] <FrakMunkie> well if ya wanna shoot me some, sure
[22:23] <FrakMunkie> you guys have train lines everywhere...
[22:23] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[22:23] <FrakMunkie> half ain't even complete
[22:23] <FrakMunkie> looks sick as! XD
[22:24] <leauja> Yea.. Spawn was in the middle of the ocean
[22:24] <ridingmaster> It's much better than what it was before
[22:24] <leauja> So we needed rails to connect it to the different towns and settlements
[22:24] <ridingmaster> Just a small island with random chests and rails
[22:24] <FrakMunkie> LOL, NICE!!! I love spawns like that - lets me make a huge Glass ball at spawn
[22:24] <ridingmaster> Here
[22:24] <FrakMunkie> too bad it's gonna be reset huh?
[22:24] <ridingmaster> And pumpkin seeds incase you need them XD
[22:24] <FrakMunkie> yes mother.. lol
[22:25] <FrakMunkie> what's with the gaol cells?
[22:25] <ridingmaster> Peppy's latest idea most likely
[22:26] <leauja> I suggest you don't start making anything too big as we are soon having a map change
[22:26] <FrakMunkie> I know.
[22:27] <leauja> Good, just to warn you incase you didn't know
[22:27] <FrakMunkie> cool, thanks.
[22:28] <FrakMunkie> I heard there is a plan to add gravity to the situation in minecraft.
[22:28] <FrakMunkie> like - if you dig out 3x3x3, you have to support it with one column of something in the centre..
[22:28] <FrakMunkie> anyone else heard that?
[22:29] <FrakMunkie> how long has this server existed?
[22:30] <ridingmaster> Since about Oct 2010
[22:30] <FrakMunkie> :-|
[22:30] <ridingmaster> *Auguest
[22:30] <FrakMunkie> I just found something I KNOW that I built.
[22:30] <ridingmaster> *August
[22:30] <ridingmaster> What is it?
[22:30] <FrakMunkie> random tower that is made of stocks and wool. lol
[22:30] <FrakMunkie> half destroyed, and someone has covered the bottom of it in dirt and built on top.
[22:31] <ridingmaster> Really
[22:31] <FrakMunkie> but it's mine because it has my signature dungeon.
[22:31] <ridingmaster> Is it supposed to be like that?
[22:31] <FrakMunkie> sand traps, and lots of crafting tables. XD
[22:31] <leauja> Well.. Good luck :P
[22:31] <FrakMunkie> moved too far away from it now mate.
[22:31] <ridingmaster> Okay
[22:31] <FrakMunkie> tele'd to me wont show you anything.
[22:32] <FrakMunkie> bar someone's dodgy half-assed rainbow castle. XD
[22:32] <FrakMunkie> haha, I made this cave pathway too. lol
[22:33] <ridingmaster> So you have been on this server before?
[22:33] <FrakMunkie> it would seem so.
[22:33] <FrakMunkie> unless someone builds identical shit to me - then I guess so.
[22:33] <leauja> And when would this have been so?
[22:33] <FrakMunkie> end of last year.
[22:34] <leauja> Hmmm.. I have never seen you on before
[22:34] <FrakMunkie> while I was living in Mt Druitt. lol
[22:34] <FrakMunkie> lolol, pirate land. >.<
[22:35] <FrakMunkie> that is one cool castle.
[22:35] <FrakMunkie> riding, tele to me
[22:35] <FrakMunkie> nice castle.
[22:36] <FrakMunkie> half of it is missing though. lol
[22:36] <ridingmaster> Visiativity made it
[22:36] <FrakMunkie> I saw that.
[22:36] <ridingmaster> Is this what you said you made?
[22:36] <FrakMunkie> no, lol
[22:37] <FrakMunkie> see the wood house?
[22:37] <ridingmaster> Yeah
[22:37] <ridingmaster> Is that it?
[22:37] <FrakMunkie> walk about 450 block in that direction. lol
[22:37] <FrakMunkie> from here.
[22:38] <ridingmaster> Lets see if I can fall into that water
[22:38] <ridingmaster> And survive
[22:38] <leauja> Does anyone want eggs?
[22:38] <ridingmaster> Nope lol
[22:38] <FrakMunkie> :-D
[22:38] <FrakMunkie> dead.
[22:38] <leauja> I have too many of that too.. XD
[22:38] <ridingmaster> Did you fall into the water?
[22:38] <FrakMunkie> see, I'm great as a theory tester - will I survive? Did munkie die? No. lol Good.
[22:38] <ridingmaster> Or grasss?
[22:38] <FrakMunkie> 2 block deep water
[22:38] <ridingmaster> lol
[22:39] <FrakMunkie> made it. :-D
[22:40] <FrakMunkie> anyone thought about wreaking total mayhem until the server is reset seeing as there's no point
[22:40] <FrakMunkie> building anything new?
[22:40] <ridingmaster> Purd is kinda
[22:40] <FrakMunkie> lol
[22:40] <ridingmaster> He has a block of sponge
[22:40] <ridingmaster> + the sea
[22:40] <ridingmaster> = moses
[22:41] <FrakMunkie> he cannot physically drain it all. LOL
[22:41] <leauja> It has been done in quite a few maps actually
[22:41] <ridingmaster> Which he is trying to be like
[22:41] <ridingmaster> Frak did you say the wood building was yours?
[22:41] <FrakMunkie> no.
[22:41] <FrakMunkie> I said walk in that direction
[22:42] <ridingmaster> Then which one?
[22:42] <ridingmaster> Okay
[22:42] <ridingmaster> Ahh I think I see it
[22:42] <FrakMunkie> for 450 or so blocks.
[22:42] <ridingmaster> Is it on water?
[22:42] <FrakMunkie> no, but is close to water.
[22:42] <ridingmaster> Made of stone bricks?
[22:42] <FrakMunkie> stone, wool and wood
[22:43] <FrakMunkie> only a small part of it left too.
[22:43] <FrakMunkie> looks like someone TNT'd the hell out of it.
[22:43] <ridingmaster> Probably rob
[22:43] <ridingmaster> I see it
[22:44] <FrakMunkie> hey rob.
[22:44] <FrakMunkie> I found some of your chests. :-D
[22:44] <ridingmaster> Says rob made it
[22:44] <ridingmaster> Wait
[22:44] <FrakMunkie> did you walk for 40 minutes? LOL
[22:44] <ridingmaster> Most of it says No results found
[22:44] <ridingmaster> 40 minutes ?
[22:45] <FrakMunkie> I never laid claim to it, I just built it - I was invited by a friend, and back then there was a chi
[22:45] <FrakMunkie> chick with the name "Pinkknight" or something
[22:45] <ridingmaster> Last year you mean?
[22:45] <leauja> This map only started this year
[22:45] <ridingmaster> Indeed
[22:46] <FrakMunkie> you said it was up since 2010? lulwhut?
[22:46] <ridingmaster> The server
[22:46] <ridingmaster> Not the map
[22:46] <leauja> We have map resets
[22:46] <ridingmaster> And is this it?
[22:46] <FrakMunkie> ah, ok - then someone must be building stuff almost the same as me - 'cause it sure as shit looks
[22:46] <FrakMunkie> like mine
[22:46] <ridingmaster> This one?
[22:46] <FrakMunkie> no, the wool, wood and brick building I found
[22:47] <ridingmaster> Meh, can't fint it
[22:47] <ridingmaster> *find
[22:47] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[22:47] <FrakMunkie> you're at least 10 min game walk away from it. lol
[22:47] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[22:47] <ridingmaster> Welcome back
[22:48] <FrakMunkie> what's left of a flying pirate ship.. lol
[22:48] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[22:48] * leauja (leauja@leauja) has joined #main
[22:48] <FrakMunkie> everything here has been TNT'd
[22:48] * jaidragon (jaidragon@jaidragon) has joined #main
[22:49] <leauja> Hey Jai
[22:49] <jaidragon> hmm
[22:49] <jaidragon> I wont be long
[22:49] * FrakMunkie (FrakMunkie@FrakMunkie§f) Quit (§eFrakMunkie left the game.)
[22:49] <jaidragon> im paying on diff server just seeing if my minecraft is working
[22:49] <jaidragon> bye
[22:49] * jaidragon (jaidragon@jaidragon§f) Quit (§ejaidragon left the game.)
[22:49] <leauja> Bye
[22:50] * leauja (leauja@leauja§f) Quit (§eleauja left the game.)
[22:58] * ridingmaster was kicked from #main by Server
[22:58] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[23:12] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster) has joined #main
[23:19] * ridingmaster (ridingmaster@ridingmaster§f) Quit (§eridingmaster left the game.)
[23:43] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk) has joined #main
[23:56] * roberestarkk (roberestarkk@roberestarkk§f) Quit (§eroberestarkk left the game.)

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